Privacy Policy

1) Logs
Like most sites, IceTeks logs user activity through a logging system. We will never publicly disclose site logs. Our logs are simply used for statistics and for our own viewing to look at page popularity, high referrers etc...

2) Forum profiles
All information entered in your forum profile is optional, and is viewable by other people. Profiles can not be viewed by guests, however we may not be held liable if information from a profile is passed on to someone by another member. All profile info is optional and may be left blank.

3) Private messages (forum)
While we have the ability to read private messages, we simply don't. Private messages are that, private messages and it is not of our interest to read them. However, when extreme privacy is needed, emails are recommended.

4) Cookies
This site uses cookies to keep track of certain things such as session, these are mostly for your convenience only. Also, some of these cookies are used by some ads, and are harmless.

5) Credit/debit cards and personal info
Since we do not sell any products or services, we will never ask for a credit card number or any other personal numbers. If this occurs, assume that it is a scam and forward the email to us immediately, without responding.

Exception (applies to 1 through 3 only)
1)In any case where legal activity is needed against unauthorized use of our site (ex: hacking) we reserve the right to use information such as logs, profiles and private message to investigate and/or proof the case. Such information may be sent the proper authorities if the site is illegally used in any way. We also reserve the right to publicly post IP addresses and logs of users that abuse the site in any ways (ex: "trolling", posting hateful messages, hacking etc)

2) If the site's stored information is compromised, we may not be held liable for any of the information obtained. However this should never happen as we take serious security measures to avoid this from happening, and information such as site logs is flushed from the server almost daily, and stored on a private server at our headquarters.
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