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Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset @ aphnetworks.com
[Sep-13-14] (0 Comments)

A headset that from Kingston? We took in the new white versionto see if the company is really up for the game.

SteelSeries RIVAL Optical Gaming Mouse @ nikktech.com
[Jun-07-14] (0 Comments)

If you happen to be a space sim fan like myself you should bewell aware that just a couple of weeks ago David Braben announced the launchof the Elite:Dangerous Premium Beta open only to backers and just yesterdayChris Roberts announced the pre-alpha availability of Squadron 42 (ArenaCommander V0.8) again for backers of the game. Thanks to both Chris Robertsand David Braben these two space sim titles alone may be more than enough tocause a serious ripple effect in the gaming industry not only because bothare solely funded via crowd funding and thus many more will most likelyfollow in the near future but also because fans of both legends will bewilling to spend quite a bit in order to play these games at maximumgraphics (trust me when i say they are more than just worth the investment).Of course joysticks, gaming keyboards and mice will be the primaryperipherals people will look to get and so today we are taking a look at onesuch peripheral the latest RIVAL Optical Gaming Mouse by SteelSeries.

Attitude One Kamaz Wrist rest @ rbmods.com
[Jun-03-13] (0 Comments)

When you game your wrists tend to get tired after awhile, we know there are arm rests for keyboards in general but are there also useful ones for gaming? There is at least one from Attitude One, they have released the Kamaz wrist rest that is aimed towards the gamers; we are going to test this tonight so keep on reading.

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Mouse @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-04-13] (0 Comments)

Named after the mythological Norse god of thunder, the peripheral is a low-cost choice for the gamer who doesn’t care for high-end features. Check out our test.

Cmstorm Sentinel Advance 2 Gaming mouse @ rbmods.com
[Jun-13-12] (0 Comments)

A gaming mouse is the most important thing for gamers; they need to have the right size, button configuration and most importantly sensitivity. Is this new Sentinel 2 Advanced gaming mouse something for the gamers? Let’s take a look and figure our how this new gaming mouse from Cmstorm performs.

ASRock Fatal1ty x79 Professional Intel 2011 Motherboard @ techwarelabs.com
[Apr-04-12] (0 Comments)

With the release of Intels X79 chipset and new 2011 socket it was o nly a matter of time before we saw Motherboards aimed at the gamer.X79 brin gs Quad Channel memory architecture and PCI 3.0 supporting the RAM and Vide o Cards respectively. Finally we get to take a look at the infamous ASRock Fatal1ty Professional Motherboard with the new X79 Chipset. The new X79 chi pset brings PCI3.0 and Quad Channel Ram onto the Intel market. PCI3.0 is ai med squarely at gamers because of its throughput for the latest high end GP Us and this board has 4x of them. Fatal1ty has always been aimed at the pow er-user and gamer and they have (seemingly) not disappointed at first glanc e.All of thisleaves us excited to get our hands on the board. ASRock has gi ven us this boiled down spec sheet which leaveus drooling...

Made For Call of Duty Gaming Keyboard @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-05-12] (0 Comments)

Switching over to the keyboard we are about to be looking at should really be like changing the color of my T-shirt. By this I mean the feel of the keys, the layout and the keyboards functionality are all something I am fully aware of and used to using. This is not to say they are exactly the same, as there are distinct differences between this new sample and the G110 I have been wearing out over the past year with all of these reviews. With most samples there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to the product, or learn the nuances of the software, but since I have used Logitech products of all sorts over the years, the software side is nothing new to me either.Today we are going to be looking at the G105:Made for Call of Duty gaming keyboard. This means that you of course are getting all the basic functionality that the G105 offers as well as having a few cool additions. With my G110 the LED coloration is limited to red, blue and various shades of purple to illuminate the keys. With the COD MW3 version, everything is glowing green to resemble night vision technology, helping to immerse you into the gameplay. There are also two sets of grey keys to help guide your fingers in the dark to the WASD and arrow keys.

What to expect in 2012 @ eteknix.com
[Feb-02-12] (0 Comments)

Taking a look at some of the best games coming to PC in 2012and why we think there the games you should be playing this year.

Roccat Isku Keyboard @ rbmods.com
[Jan-31-12] (0 Comments)

There are many kind of keyboards available on the market nowdays. In addition to the traditional wired basic keyboards there are wireless keyboards, media keyboards, and gaming oriented keyboards. Today we will take a look at the gamer oriented keyboard from Roccat which is called “Isku”. Isku offers some unique features which are meant to help gamers to do tricks which are not possible with other keyboards. Let’s take a look how it performs.

Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-31-12] (0 Comments)

Today we are testing the Gamer Storm Dracula, a huge VGA cooler from Deepcool with six heatpipes that can be used with up to four 120 mm fans.

Video Perspective:AMD A-series APU Overclocking and Gaming @ pcper.com
[Jul-07-11] (0 Comments)

We tested 3DMark11, Bad Company 2, Lost Planet 2, Left 4 Dead2 and Dirt 3 to give us a quick overall view of performance increases. We ran the games at 1680x1050 resolutions and

Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 fleX 1GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Jun-07-11] (0 Comments)

Video Cards are an expensive part of the system building process and/or can be a large expense in the upgrade budget. With E3 2011 going on this weekend a lot of earth shattering titles are being shown and most computer enthusiasts want to be able to play the games in their full technological glory, including AMD’s immersive Eyefinity technology, however the largest part of the video card consumers will simply be ecstatic if they can even get the game to run on their machine.

Dragon Age II Xbox 360 @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-27-11] (0 Comments)

To say that Dragon Age II has had an interesting development cycle would be the same as saying the sky is blue. Ever since the original game, it seemed like BioWare wanted to try something new with Dragon Age to reach a wider audience with it, and as such they have made major changes to what you saw in the original game. However, in many ways these changes make the game better. Dragon Age II feels a lot more structured and streamlined for the console and on this review platform (the Xbox 360) that is a welcome thing, but PC fans do have some reason to be angry as well.Dragon Age II takes place as expected after the Dragon Age Origins Expansion pack. You once again you play as the hero who removed the dark spawn, but instead of being able to customise your characters name, you are appointed Champion Hawke in either a female or male format depending on your preference. What this has allowed BioWare to do is have a more streamlined story, but in many ways they have not taken advantage of the changes as well as they could have.

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse @ techgage.com
[Feb-17-11] (0 Comments)

For the gamer looking to find a great mouse, the choices arelimitless. But how often does one

Angry Birds Iphone App @ rbmods.com
[Aug-23-10] (0 Comments)

The Angry birds iPhone application is the number one most popular paid iPhone app worldwide. It was created by Clickgamer and has managed to once again impress! The game is a stimulating puzzle that can keep you entertained for any great length of time. Most people, in fact, find themselves drawn to the game and play far longer than they ever intended.

Speedlink Pro USB Joystick + 99 best of C64 Classix® @ rbmods.com
[Jun-27-10] (0 Comments)

Remember that old machine you used to play alot on in the mid 80´s to late 80´s? Commondre 64 was the big deal then with alot of famous games with superb gameplay and feeling in the games. Speedlink has taken advantage of this and reawaken the Commondore 64 games by creating a joystick similar to the Tac2 joystick in the past that was the most wanted joystick on the market. Included with this they have bundled 99 Commondore 64 classic games for you to play with this Tac2

The Games I Keep Going Back To @ techgage.com
[Jun-07-10] (0 Comments)

Heading into a summer full of blockbuster titles that seem to all end up as

The Benefits of Multi-Display Gaming @ techgage.com
[May-31-10] (0 Comments)

Think that gaming across three or more displays delivers littlemore than a larger game? Not true, as the wider the resolution, the more ofthe game you see. Not only can multi-display gaming increase the immersionlevel, but it can even give you a competitive advantage online. Yes, wehave many examples to help prove our point.

NZXT Vulcan Case @ hardwaresecrets.com
[May-13-10] (0 Comments)

NZXT has just released Vulcan, a mini-tower case full of cool features for the gamer that wants to build a small PC.

Mount and Blade Warband @ alltern8.com
[Apr-19-10] (0 Comments)

Sincequite a few people were saying that Warband wasn’t much of a changeover the original game, I did my research into the series by playingaround ¾ of a year of Mount & Blade senior, checking out thedifferent features, learning the combat model and just getting a feelfor the franchise. Now I could go completely in depth with this reviewand describe every facet of Mount & Blade Warband and ispredecessor but that would take forever; really it’s a huge game. Soinstead I’ll focus on a few key points of the game, giving some prosand some cons and ultimately conclude it to see whether it’s worth itsprice tag.

RaidSonic Icy Box IB-318 and IB-250 USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures Video @ tweaktown.com
[Feb-26-10] (0 Comments)

It’s been some weeks since I last checked out a USB 3.0 product and that was early on in the game. Fast forward a little and in that time many motherboards have hit the market complete with USB 3.0 and it’s easier to find USB 3.0 PCI Express controller cards on the market, too.Our next USB 3.0 products to be put through the paces come by way of German company RaidSonic. They actually sent us their new Icy Box USB 3.0 products several weeks ago when USB 3.0 was first hitting the market, but with Christmas, New Year, CES, a holiday and Chinese New Year, things have been rather hectic. Today, though, we can tell you about these products for you folks who are interested in getting in touch with the speed advantage of USB 3.0 for your external storage needs.

Aliens Vs Predator PC Game DX11 Performance Benchmarks @ legitreviews.com
[Feb-24-10] (0 Comments)

Gaming enjoyment aside, the performance of all the cards tested was solid. The ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card is the flagship single-GPU video card from AMD and it easily played AvP at 1920x1080 with the image quality cranked up. The Radeon HD 5750 was able to play the game at these settings, but to really enjoy the game and to get silky smooth frame rates we had to spend a little time tweaking the settings on the video card. This is great news as ~$150 mainstream graphics cards like the Sapphire Vapor X Radeon HD 5750 will be able to enjoy DX11 game titles without sacrificing too much image quality...

[News] OCZ Eclipse Double Laser Gaming Mouse @ virtual-hideout.net
[Nov-08-09] (0 Comments)

Having a good gaming PC is more than just about having a good CPU,GPU or motherboard. Having the proper input peripherals is also key to yoursuccess on the gaming battlefield. With keyboards and mice seeminglybecoming commodity products, with some prices in the single digit dollaramounts, this may not seem to be the case, but the increasing market forgaming-oriented peripherals has helped move along what otherwise would be astagnant market. Specifically, the market for gaming mice has had a two-fold effect:Besidespushing along the development of new feature, gaming mice have also keptalive the wired mouse. While many have switched to wireless mice, it seemsthat the gamer audience is not yet convinced. OCZ has been in the market forgamer-oriented peripherals for some time now, and one of their latestproducts, the Eclipse Double-Laser Gaming Mouse, promises to push theenvelope even further. Can it deliver?

NZXT Zero 2 Computer Chassis/Case @ techwarelabs.com
[Oct-28-09] (0 Comments)

Picking out the right gaming case can be a very tough choice with the ever expanding market, new ideas and fantastic looking innovative designs coming out of a large lineup of companies. With the larger more expensive internal parts putting out more heat, a gaming case that allows more airflow will be needed. NZXT hopes the Zero 2 will fill the gap and targets not just the gamer but also the standard home user by offering a case with cooling and expansion. Check out our review to see if the new NZXT Zero 2 is suited for your needs.

OCZ Technology Agility 120GB 2.5-inch Solid State Drive @ tweaktown.com
[Oct-27-09] (0 Comments)

When it comes to solid state drives, most people tend to think of the technology in 2D terms, kind of like a sliding scale. The controllers come from just a few companies; JMicron, Samsung, Indilinx and Intel and the products brought to market from these controllers tend to line the scale in that order. OCZ plays the game differently, thinking in 3D, adding an additional slide to the scale. This 3D approach to the OCZ SSD product line means that you will need to become more involved during your research stage of the buying experience. Luckily OCZ has done a fabulous job of detailing the product information on their website and divided products according to their speed instead of product launch date.Today we are looking at the OCZ Technology Agility Series, OCZ’s mainstream SSD. The Agility is just one of many drives sold by OCZ that uses the Indilinx Barefoot controller. Let’s have a look at the Agility specifications and see what sets this product apart from other Indilinx drives sold by OCZ.

Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 Gaming Headset @ legitreviews.com
[Oct-06-09] (0 Comments)

The latest offering from Turtle Beach for the PlayStation3 is the Ear Force P21 gaming headset. I would not describe myself as an avid gamer, but I’ve recently started playing Killzone2’s online multiplayer via the PlayStation Network (PSN). The play is team oriented and my inability to communicate was proving to be a real disadvantage. I needed a good headset that allowed me to hear the game in stereo while being able to talk to my PSN teammates...

Roccat Valo Keyboard @ rbmods.com
[Oct-01-09] (0 Comments)

Roccat a well known gaming accessory manufacturer sent us their latest keyboard named Valo. This keyboard really aims mainly at the game with 41 macro keys, profiles, and macro recordings that all come in handy for a gamer, lets take a closer look at what we got here.

AMD Eyefinity Demonstrations on Batman, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2 and more! @ pcper.com
[Sep-23-09] (0 Comments)

This technology shift allowed AMD to create a new class of GPU thatwill support at three displays per graphics card and will eventually add a6-display option to its ranks. Not only does this add to the already welldocumented benefits of multiple displays from a productivity perspective,but AMD has added in something unique for the gamers out there:super-highresolution multi-monitor gaming. Imagine the option of being able tocombine 6 30

Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ 120Hz Gaming LCD Monitor @ tweaknews.net
[Sep-18-09] (0 Comments)

Till now, most monitor releases have been carbon copy releases of technology that has been out for over three years. An image quality tweak here, a design tweak there was all the consumer could expect. But this monitor is different in a big way. The technology difference contained within this rather standard monitor screams out loud in a crowd of your average everyday LCD computer monitor. No longer does the gamer have to settle in order to enjoy their games and no longer do they have to wait. The 120hz technology is here and I hope it is here to stay.

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 3000 System @ legitreviews.com
[Sep-17-09] (0 Comments)

Back in November we had our first taste of a pre-built computer from CyberPower, the Gamer Infinity GTX. It featured the new Intel Core i7 965 processor and cost a cool $4000. With today’s launch of Intel’s Lynnfield processor, CyberPower was gracious enough to send us one of their upcoming systems based on the new LGA 1156 platform, the Gamer Xtreme 3000. Packed with an overclocked Intel Core i7 860 processor and an EVGA GTX 295 video card, this system is sure to rock and it costs just $1599.99...

TechwareLabs s the Cooler Master Storm Scout Case @ techwarelabs.com
[Sep-15-09] (0 Comments)

In recent years, a number of PC hardware manufacturers have latched onto the eSports phenomenon. Whether it comes from a desire to connect with the gamer crowd, or the simple economic imperative of

Kingston HyperX Memory Fan @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-12-09] (0 Comments)

Kingston introduced the HyperX memory cooling fan at the beginning of summer to ensure that memory kits are kept nice and cool. Designed with the gamer and PC enthusiast in mind, its dual 60mm fans optimize airflow around the modules to help memory run at peak performance for longer periods of time. Decreasing the temperature of the modules also increases the lifespan of them and how far they can be overclocked. A memory fan is often overlooked when building a gaming PC and it really shouldn't be...

ATI Catalyst 9.7 Vista Driver Analysis @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-27-09] (0 Comments)

I had to check the Game.AMD website the other day to make sure I didn't miss the email about the release of the latest Catalyst drivers. As I expected, when I checked the website there wasn't a new driver. A few days later, however, and that email came through saying a new driver set had been released. While running a bit late this month, the AMD team finally managed to get a new driver out. This month also saw the release of Windows 7 to manufacturers and over the coming months we'll be integrating the new operating system into our benchmark line-up.

Patriot Gamer Series PC3-12800 6GB DDR3 Kit @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-20-09] (0 Comments)

I'm actually quite a fan of PC3-12800 memory. I feel that it's a good speed for people who are hoping to get a bit more power from their memory modules without having to spend the massive amounts of money that PC3-16000 modules tend to carry with them. Priced at just over $100 U.S., the Patriot PC3-12800 6GB kit which sits in the Gamer Series lineup from the company is what we're going to be looking at today. What we intend to find out is if you can still get some serious performance from your RAM without having to spend the massive amounts of money that tends to come with ultra low latency modules or extremely high spec’d 2000MHz kits.

Razer Carcharias Headset @ rbmods.com
[Jul-06-09] (0 Comments)

There are certian elements in gaming that are both critical andnecessary. Sound is one of them. It can provide feedback to the gamer in away that a monitor can't. Razer has been in the audio facet of gaming for awhile now, and today we are going to take a look at their newest headset,the Razer Carcharias. Let's see how it performs.

Changing the Game - A Brief History of CPU's @ techwarelabs.com
[Jun-30-09] (0 Comments)

The history of the modern day CPU is one that we tend to overlook. We now want 2, 4 and even 8 cores for our desktops. Join Tom Gowing as TechwareLabs gives you a brief History of the CPU and what we have to look forward to.

AMD DirectX11 White Paper Released @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-27-09] (0 Comments)

Some of the guys up in Toronto sent us an e-mail this morning and explained that DirectX 11 is important and we should take NVIDIA downplaying it with a grain of salt. It seems they are worried that the tried and true NVIDIA marketing machine will possibly start pumping out a lot of information to deflect and sway consumers. This is likely going to be the case as NVIDIA is rumored to be late to the game with DirectX 11 graphics cards and is going to have a rough time to get them released this calendar year. To help avoid this looming marketing battle, AMD has released a white paper that has been put together by AMD to showcase the importance of DirectX 11 and why it matters. They also gave us quick breakdown explaining that DX 11 is about efficiency...

EVGA E761 X58 SLI Classified Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-25-09] (0 Comments)

What is there to say? The EVGA X58 E761 Classified is like an over-the-top blockbuster movie; it wows you on all fronts all the while costing an arm and a leg to produce. Core i7 is a new processor and motherboard and BIOS engineers are still figuring it out, but the team at EVGA has clearly stumbled across something to be able to release a board that pushes these chips past the notorious 220MHz base clock wall. This board reminds me a lot of the Asus LGA775 Rampage Extreme, except the Rampage Extreme came so late in the game...

Enermax Phoenix Gaming Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-15-09] (0 Comments)

The case is the Phoenix Neo, which is a remake of the older Phoenixreleased about three years ago. The front of the newer model has beenslightly redone to a more modern look. The Neo seems aimed at the gamerlooking for a fresh, new stylish look, while still being functional. Thetotal opposite of gaming cases we have seen from Coolermaster, Antec andSilverstone. Speaking of functionality, one of the key features of the Neois the huge 25cm monster fan on the side panel. Lets take a closer look atthe new Phoenix Neo.

contains G.a.p.p.y-T.e.x.t @ testfreaks.com
[Jun-08-09] (0 Comments)

When you hear the name Tom Clancy, you think of his books first and then avery close second, the games that bear his name. The majority of his games,like the Rainbow Six collection are all about teamwork, stealth and tactics .The game I have for review today veers a bit off from the norm of his games ,it's called H.A.W.X. and it's a flying game, not a flight simulator, mo re ofan arcade style combat flight game. H.A.W.X. is set in the near future wher ecorporations have basically replaced government run military in manycountries, they're mercenaries essentially.

Chieftec Dragon CH-07B-R @ techpowerup.com
[Jun-05-09] (0 Comments)

The Chieftec CH-07B is the newest line-up to the Dragon Series and is aimed at the gamers out there. It can be had in black or red and comes stuffed to the rim with LED equipped fans to keep your hardware cool within the extremly sturdy steel enclosure during those hot fire fights.

Opening Day Coverage @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-04-09] (0 Comments)

It’s that time of year where all the major computer and video game manufacturers to show off their upcoming projects to a slew of industry insiders at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. When most people think of E3, they think of the games (and sometimes the booth babes). For the most part this is correct, but as we attended this year’s event, we found some pretty nice hardware on display...

XTracPads Logic Mat @ rbmods.com
[May-22-09] (0 Comments)

One majorly overlooked, yet crticial element when it comes to agaming rig is a mousepad. It doesnt make the game run smoother or give itcrisper details but it makes gaming alot easier. It improves tactileresponse and allows your movements to have more speed, comfort, andprecision while gaming. Behold! The mousepad! Today, RBMods takes a lookat three new Logic Mats from XTracPads. They come with a reusable adhesivebacking to help prevent them from slipping and sliding on your desktopsurface. Let's take a look at how they work.

Razer Arctosa Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-27-09] (0 Comments)

Today, we will be taking a look at the Arctosa keyboard. The Arctosais the lower model of the three keyboards that Razer make. Cosmetically itresembles the Lycosa which is Razer middle model keyboard. The Arctosa is aslick black keyboard that is screaming to place on the desktop of everygamer. Programmable macros, media keyboards and customizable profiles areall possible with the Arctosa makes it easier for the gamer in you to adjustthe keyboard just the way they want to have the edge in their next deathmatch.

GOOC 2009 Kicks Off - 13 Overclockers Face Off @ legitreviews.com
[Apr-27-09] (0 Comments)

When doing extreme overclocking insulation is the name of the game and it seems every overclocker had their own idea as to what is best. Some overclockers brought their own motherboard stands like Jody '3oh6' Bailey from Canada pictured above. 3oh6 is 29 years only and the only overclocker here from Canada. He got here by being ranked 1st in Canada on hwbot.org in not one, but five hardware configurations....

Caustic Graphics Ray Tracing Acceleration Technology @ pcper.com
[Apr-21-09] (0 Comments)

These new algorithms attempt to find order in what we all see as therandomness of ray tracing and they attempt to drastically increase thememory locality for efficiency reasons and the founders decided thatrequired a custom co-processor. But they seem to have played the gameintelligently by continuing to utilize hardware where it is most efficient:the Caustic card will handle only the operations that modern components areinefficient at yet they still leverage the power of the GPU for pure shadinghorsepower.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper case @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-10-09] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master launched a new division geared toward the gamer.That division is CM Storm , the new sub gamingbrand from Cooler Master. Today we will look at the first release from theCooler Master CM Storm line, the CM Storm Sniper, dubbed the World's 1stTrue Gaming Chassis ... Let's take a look.

Different Brand Video Cards Change What You See in Games @ legitreviews.com
[Apr-03-09] (0 Comments)

After some further research from the community it and on the test bench it appears that when running Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting that the camo mesh is present on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 series graphics cards, but not on ATI Radeon 4000 series graphics cards. If the setting is changed to Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting (DX10) on the ATI Radeon HD 4000 series of cards the camo mesh appears after the game is restarted. This is still interesting as it means that benchmarking ATI versus NVIDIA with the 'Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting' setting doesn't matter much as the cards will be rendering different objects in various parts of the game and this could impact the frame rate as the render path is not identical...

to:content-type; @ testfreaks.com
[Mar-30-09] (0 Comments)

Microsoft has recently released a new product, it's a wireless gaming mo usecalled the SideWinder X8 and it aims to actually be a usable wireless mousefor gaming. It's got the standard features of gaming mice, adjustable DPIsettings, macros management and programmable buttons. It also features anextra button which acts as a quick launch button to the games folder inVista, it also features replaceable feet as well, and includes two extrasets of them. One of the other features I found unique is the ability tocharge while playing, the charging cable clips to the base via a magneticconnection and allows you to continue playing while the mouse is charging.Overall it's a great mouse and in my time with it I've come to like it verymuch, so read on to learn more about a very adept and adequate wirelessgaming mouse.

Unleashing NVIDIAs GTX 295 Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-23-09] (0 Comments)

CPU limitation is something that we always talk about when it comes to high-end graphics cards. When we say this, we mean that the CPU is holding back the frames that the graphics card is capable of putting out. The less intensive the game, or the lower resolution you play at; this increases the chances of hitting that bottle neck.There are ultimately three ways to remove the bottleneck on a high-end graphics card. First, increase the settings in the game; things like turning on AA and AF help. The problem is that this might put you at an unplayable FPS level.

FSP Everest 900 @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-16-09] (0 Comments)

We have taken a few FSP power supplies for a ride here atPro-Clockers. Just recently we took the Everest 700 which was a meaty littlepower supply that had the power to push more high-end systems. But today wewill be taking a look at a more aggressive and powerful unit in the Everest900. The Everest is aimed at the gamer and enthusiast that is going to beputting the best of components into their next build. And anyone fittinginto either of these category's, are most of the time a neat freak when itcomes to the inside of their rigs. So in this case the 900 is a semi-modularPSU, with the main ATX cable permanently attached. Is this blue powerhouseworthy of being placed in your rig? Read the next few pages and find out.

TheGameCade Flash Gaming Site Launched @ thegamecade.com
[Feb-24-09] (0 Comments)

Ina partnership between the owners of XSReviews and Tech-Reviews,we've launched a new flash gaming website, designed to showcase simplythe best games the web has to offer. It features a wide range of genregames, with comment accounts and full search integration allowing youto find exactly the game you want.

ASUS Travelite HS-1000W Wireless Headset @ tweaktown.com
[Feb-20-09] (0 Comments)

Hot on the trail of their very impressive new Xonar sound cards, ASUS have just sent me some wireless headphones. Up until this point I was not aware that ASUS were in the headphone business, but with so many users, particularly gamers, needing a personal audio solution and also taking into account the trend towards wireless devices, it makes sense to see an offering in this category by arguably one of the largest manufacturers in the game. Offering an easily accessible retail price and a simple software-free installation, it will be interesting to see what ASUS have come up with in what will be my first ever headphones review for TweakTown.

Various News Items @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-03-09] (0 Comments)

*/Part platformer, part content creation tool, LittleBigPlanet comes from a group of ex-Lionhead developers who sought to bring their unique sense of humour to the PlayStation 3. While a good part of the game is actually built as a frustratingly difficult 2D platformer, the core part of //LittleBigPlanet is actually a complex series of tools that let players make their own levels and experiments. Think //Garry's Mod for consoles.

[News] FSP Group Power Mod 700w Power Supply @ virtual-hideout.net
[Jan-01-09] (0 Comments)

The PSU offers a performance to cost value which is extremelyhelpful given the current state of the economy. At a $109.99 price tag, it'sone of the more cost effective options currently available. The quad 12Vpower rails provide a decent amperage boost over previous FSP generationswhich cost a bit more making it an even better choice. Otherwise, the PowerMod 700 PSU is a good launch in the gamer and enthusiast market for FSPGroup.

[News] ECS GF9300T-A Black Series Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

In the time after the Extreme series, ECS must have found a need fora new product line - since it's been in just recent times that the BlackSeries has come to life. Consisting of very attractive motherboards with arich feature set, though a lacking bundle, ECS' Black series has set out tocapture the heart, and summarily, wallet of the gamer. With a generallypositive experience found on these boards; even if the overclocking has beenuniversally lacking. Now, where the GF7300T-A sets apart from the rest ofthe series is in that it provides the user the paths of both performance andvalue, as well as sporting Hybrid SLI - a feature which could save powerconscious gamers hundreds over the course of a year. The question really is,then - is this board worth it? Let's have a look

Cryostasis PC Game TechDemo - Physics Benchmarking @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-17-08] (0 Comments)

It was obvious from the second we started benchmarking that the ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB graphics card that the CATALYST 8.12 drivers have not been optimized for Cryostasis. Cryostasis is part of NVIDIA's 'The Way It’s Meant to be Played' program and the game isn't due out for a couple months, so the ATI results don't mean much right now. The NVIDIA performance numbers, on the other hand, should be pretty close to what you'll see when the game hits store shelves and the numbers are solid. Adding a dedicated PhysX card to the system did improve the average frame rate, which is interesting to see considering we were using a GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 graphics card...

Prince of Persia @ bit-tech.net
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*/On the whole though Prince of Persia remains an enticing and intoxicating experience with a dreamy and trance-inducing rhythm to the actual platforming that makes the game feel involving and exciting even when there's little actual involvement required.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC @ bit-tech.net
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*/Rockstar has given us what we'd expect of a PC version of the game,

Holiday Gaming Performance Guide - How to waste your time @ pcper.com
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For our initial performance testing, to judge which of these fivegames meet all the criteria for our benchmarking suite, I threw a pair ofgraphics cards at the games. From NVIDIA we went the new 216 shader GeForceGTX 260 896MB graphics card since it is the most price-conscious high-endGPU and because the previous 192 SP version of the card is EOL. For AMD,the Radeon HD 4870 1GB card was picked as it is the top single-GPU card onthe market from the company and matches up reasonably well with the GTX 260in terms of pricing.

Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia @ bit-tech.net
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*/At times the game can be overwhelming and frustrating, that much is

Ace Mouse MLUC100 Laser 1600D @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at the Ace MLUC100 mouse from Ace. Thisseems to be a fairly new company on the market but they seem to aim theirmarket on the gamers with high quality products. Lets see what type of mousethey have released for gamers and also check out how it performs.

Shaun White Snowboarding @ bit-tech.net
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*/The game doesn't just reward button-mashers either and though the landing criteria are fairly lax for the most part so that you don't need to be perfectly lined up with the ground, you'll still need to have a decent understanding of timings if you want to get some sick scores.

Left 4 Dead @ gameconnect.eu
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General impressions on the demo were overwhelmingly positive, and players the world over have been blowing the heads, arms, legs, projectile intestines, teeth, claws and other assorted bodyparts off the most intelligent zombies this side of nothing you've ever seen before. Now the game's out, and it's time to get to that cursed hospital.

Technic3D/Red Alert3 @ technic3d.com
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Command and Conquer:Red Alert3 PC Game from Electronic Arts a rrived Technic3D. Command and Conquer:Red Alert 3 from EA brings back the fan-favorite real-time strategy game in its latest incarnation wi th new features, powers, technologies, and a different world. Now, you can play not just by yourself but also cooperatively with a friend as you take on the enemy in this glorious, over-the-top romp. In Red Ale rt 3, you have the choice to play as the Allies, the Soviets, or the E mpire of the Rising Sun and has land units, air units, and naval units , all integral parts of the game. For previous fans of Command and Con quer, Red Alert 3 will provide the same light-hearted game play, but w ith more units, more strategies, and more fun? See you in the followin g Review.

MSI N9800GT GeForce 9800 GT 512MB Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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In the time I’ve had to spend with this card, I haven’t really found much to dislike about it. The card has performed well in Folding@Home and in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. Of course, I didn’t try to push the card to ridiculous resolutions, as gamers that own 24” or 30” monitors probably aren’t looking at sub-$120 video card to run them. Even with Crysis Warhead, where I thought the card could stumble and fall, as many higher priced cards did with the original Crysis, the 9800GT from MSI was able to play the game fairly smoothly at 1280x1024.

IDF Fall 2008 Coverage - Nehalem benchmarks, Turbo Boost, SSDs and Widget Channel @ tweaktown.com
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A Core i7 running at 3.2GHz with an ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics card was compared against a current generation QX9770 also running at 3.2GHz with the same graphics card and hard disk drive.The game used was Lost Planet:Colonies and the fly-by benchmark demo showed the Nehalem based system beating out the present day most high-end Intel processor by around 20%. Take a closer look for yourself in the video below.

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XE Gaming PC @ tweaktown.com
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CyberPower understands the real gamer and has made a name for itself catering to the price vs. performance, bang for the buck crowd. I left Quakecon with a real understanding of what CyberPower has accomplished and what they are trying to do for the collage kid looking to actually play games and not worry about a 3DMark score. Today we are going to look at one of CyberPower’s more popular products for gamers that fit the description of a real gamer. The Gamer Xtreme XE provides enough power to play the latest games, including Crysis, with high detail and high frame rates while keeping the price far below what you would expect to spend on such a performer.

Ikonik Vulcan 1200w - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Manyof the PSUs we've reviewed recently have been mid-range units, andI think it's time we upped the game. Thankfully Ikonik have been kindenough to send through their latest Vulcan PSU. It comes with a host ofconnectors, and a large 1200w capacity. Let's see how it compares tothe lesser watted units we've reviewed recently.

Give Me Back My Sandbox - Editorial @ bit-tech.net
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*/Worse was to come though, namely in the form of 'achievements' and 'quests'. In the early days, games had a score and the aim, if any, was to beat your personal best. Nowadays, the games have to congratulate you for every tiny thing you do otherwise you don't feel you're making progress. Well done! You moved the mouse! Have 6,000 platinum points!.

[Affiliates News] Gigabyte GeForce 9800GT 512MB Graphics Card @ aphnetworks.com
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What do you call a company that manufacturers the same carunder 50 different nameplates? Answer:General Motors. So, in that sense,what do you call a company that markets the same graphics card under twomodel numbers that indicate (supposed) separate generation of cards? Answer:NVIDIA. Jokes aside, no one can deny that there are truths to these claims --with the General Motors one having a bit of exaggeration, of course. Theever-so-popular NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT was ever so popular amongst enthusiastsand general consumers alike for its excellent performance; and even more soconsidering the retail prices. That was approximately one year ago. Now,tides have changed and ATI/AMD is returning to the game in the graphics frontwith the performance-to-price leaders such as the 4850 and 4870. How abouttaking the G92 based 8800GT and calling it a new product? Well, here we are,with a 8800GT called a 9800GT. As most would know how the NVIDIA 9-series arebasically are mostly derived off the 8-series and not a completely newgeneration (They are mostly G92's and G94's) -- the 9800GT made it into the9-series with a few minor updates. But trust us, it's practically the samething -- more info on the second page of this review. Therefore, in honor ofNVIDIA's excellent branding job, we based this review off the Gigabyte 8800GTTurboForce review with a few minor changes (We made it as similar aspossible, haha). Good thing Gigabyte made it a little more unique with acustom built unit and an aftermarket Zalman HS/F. Let's see how the 8800GT,er, 9800GT, performs.

Mercenaries 2:World in Flames @ bit-tech.net
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*/It's all undermined however by the under-current of porting and handling issues. The game may be fun to play around in, but that's a novelty that soon wears off and can't be reclaimed thanks to lacklustre vehicles and constant traipsing backwards and forwards. The basic building blocks of the graphics and physics are also a little bit hole-y, so even the visual wow of this all-out action game is a little underpowered.

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The OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB memory kit steps up the game for 4GB memory kits. No longer does 4GB have to be associated with slow and loose timings. Focusing solely at the performance available, this kit really does give you the flexibility to choose between tight timings or high frequencies with appreciable read, write, and copy bandwidth across the board. Factor in the overclocking, Extended Voltage Protection, and the Xtreme Liquid Convection heatsink and you've got a well rounded memory kit...

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This past weekend, my work schedule changed and freed up some time.On a spur of the moment change, we pillaged the Penny Arcade Expo also knownas PAX 2008 in Seattle, WA at the Convention Center. I must say that theevent seemed to be well organized. With the exception of the CC staff, thePAX crew were on the ball. This was my first time this year and it was actually pretty darninteresting. VH has been known to play a few FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, and0MFGSW33T type games. (Diceman loves games that involve pure destruction andsurrounding mayhem.) We all may not get to play as much as we use to, butthe gaming industry still proves to be the vital force that motivates thelikes of Nvidia, ATI, and Intel to bring us faster Graphics cards whichfurther perpetuates the creation of better video games.If you weren't rubbing elbows with the game makers or testing out a soon tobe released game title, one could walk across to the Free Play area and hopon any one of the 150 Intel sponsored PCs to play a few rounds againstothers in a LAN. In total, there were about 330 players present.

Bombshell of NVISION08:SLI goes native on Intel X58 @ pcper.com
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NVIDIA is going to allow the Intel X58 chipset to natively supportSLI graphics configurations.Let me let that sink in. No need for an nForce 200, no need for any special logic of any kind, noneed for an NVIDIA product but the graphics cards themselves. Obviouslythis is GREAT news for the gamer - now we can finally get high qualitymotherboards that are reasonably priced and will run both NVIDIA SLI and AMDCrossFire GPU configurations. We are very excited about the idea ofunifying our platform selections for the hardware leaderboard, for using asingle motherboard for all our graphics card testing and just excited aboutwhat it means for high-end PC gaming in the big picture.

Supreme Commander Xbox 360 Competition - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Dearreaders, today marks the launch of our newest competition. To markthe release of Supreme Commander for the Xbox 360, we've beengiven 2 copies of the game to give away. To win all you need to do isbecome a member, and make a few forum posts. What could be simpler?

HYDRA Engine by Lucid - Multi-GPU Technology with No Strings Attached @ pcper.com
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The distribution engine as it is called is responsible for readingthe information passed from the game or application to DirectX before itgets to the NVIDIA or AMD drivers. There the engine breaks up the variousblocks of information into

Code of Honor 2:Conspiracy Island @ bit-tech.net
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The real problem with Code of Honor 2 isn’t the bad graphics,though those are the first thing anyone will notice. Poor graphics wecan cope with. Not every game has to have huge polygon counts and ProcedurallyGenerated Dynamic Mega-texture-awesomeness – but good games do have tohave something. They have to have a hook that can draw people in and makethem want to play more. Code of Honor 2 doesn’t have that.Utterly boring and bland and far too easy in the singleplayer game, aquarter-baked and shallow experience on the multiplayer side, Code of Honor doesn’t really do anything right and is doomed to soonreside in the bargain bin. There are two type of games to find in bargain bins though. There areold or unappreciated games that are still very much worth playing andthen there’s stuff that just couldn’t survive in a capitalist marketdue to a stunning lack of worth. If you’ve read the review this far andstill can't figure out which one we think Code of Honor 2 is then this is probably the game for you.

Braid @ bit-tech.net
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Braid does have a few problems despite our love for it. Theoblique logic and lateral thinking that you need to learn how to applytoo rapidly scales up from Easy to Murderous, for instance, and thegame doesn’t always do a great job of introducing the new ideas. Worse, the game doesn’t even have a proper help page and there’sliterally no introduction to the rewinding mechanic until you die forthe first time – something you naturally spend your first go throughthe game trying to avoid. The combined ingenuity of the gameplay and the gentle, nostalgicbrilliance of the art and writing do manage to overcome this though andit’s a testament to the pacing of the game that you manage to learn allthese elements without any decent manual or instruction. Cerebral and startlingly playable, Braid is a throwback to the forgotten world of commercialplatformers and proper adventure gameswhere the puzzles were hard, but rewarding. At times it can be toodifficult for its own good, but the bulk of the game isn’t weighed downby this and Braid instead manages to float upwards, toexcellence.

Mercenaries 2:World In Flames P @ bit-tech.net
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*We've yet to have a chance going hands-on with /Mercenaries 2:World in Flames/, so we unfortunately can't speculate on what is likely to be one of the most important aspects of the game -- the controls and balancing. If the PC port ends up suffering from Sloppy Conversion Disorder then it could bring the only game crashing down.

GameShare.co.uk Inteview - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Witha market worth over £25 million a year, the game trade-in industryisn't something to be scoffed at. As valuable as it is, one complaintwith the typical trade in locations, is that the money given to theperson trading in the games is often incredibly low, giving the shopthat takes the old game off their hands, quite a healthy profit whenthey sell it on. One emerging market for these second hand games thatskips the trade in shops though, is the game swapping idea. Naturallythe big shops are against this market, but that doesn't stop these gamesharing companies popping up all over the place. Today I've managed tograb hold of the owner of one of the UK's premier swap sites, Kevinfrom GameShare.co.uk.

Facebreaker Hands-on P @ bit-tech.net
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*Before going in to the preview event and getting some face time with the development team behind the game I was under the impression that /Facebreaker/ was a boxing game. A boxing game with cartoony graphics and lots of sillyness, sure -- but still definitely a boxing game.

Multiwinia Hands-On P @ bit-tech.net
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*/Multiwinia/ is probably best defined by those small moments of joy and horror which, though projected by the player, definitely help make the game interesting. More interesting than most of the rubbish on XBLA.

Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of The Patriots ed @ thetechlounge.com
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Before MGS4 hit the shelves, a flurry of gameplay videos hit the web, and I couldn't help but watch a couple of them. These videos left me deeply worried about the game. Reservedly excited, you might say. The thing that really had me worried was that it seemed the formula might have been modified a bit too much - elements I had loved so much in the previous titles didn't seem to be there anymore. In a way, it just looked a bit like Call of Duty meets Splinter Cell, with some Metal Gear Solid rainbow sprinkles on top. So, after playing the game all the way through (and then some), were my reservations justified?

bit-tech :Battlefield:Bad Company @ bit-tech.net
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*/Battlefield:Bad Company/ is a good game, but like all games > it does have some definite flaws that can hold it back.>> Focusing just on the good stuff, the singleplayer campaign is plenty > long enough and has got a decent, good natured and funny story behind > it which helps keep the plot ticking over nicely and holds the action > together.>> The characters of Sarge, Sweetwater and Haggard aren’t universally > likeable, but they aren’t horribly offensive either and there are > plenty of nice touches which help make them memorable and distinct in > a world full of samey stereotypes.>> The gameplay itself is arguably a little unbalanced, but that’s been > well hidden beneath the near-instant respawns and semi-regular > checkpoints. The multiplayer is a little bland and uninspired, but at > least there’s the promise that the DLC will fix this at some point.> * */> / *>> *Cheers guys!>> Tim Smalley> www.bit-tech.net

bit-tech :Overlord:Raising Hell @ bit-tech.net
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*/Overlord:Raising Hell/ is a surprising game on so many > levels. It's surprising that it hasn't been a bigger hit, given its > simple yet involving gameplay. The basic premise of the game is simple > and yet the difficulty curve is deceptive:at the beginning, throwing > hordes of minions at enemies will get you by, but as the game > progresses strategy becomes more important, and throwing hordes of > minions into a battle will do little other than get those minions killed.>> It's surprising that you get so attached to your minions too. Perhaps > it's just that it's a shame to waste all that armour they've > collected, or perhaps naming them all was a mistake. Of course, you > can create new minions as needed, but it's not quite the same. You'll > never be able to replace young Minion #7.>> It's also surprising that you'll want to keep coming back to play > more. There's at least fifteen or twenty hours of gameplay here, and > once you've done that, there's the option to do it all again on > legendary difficulty. Since you'll often be exploring several > different realms in parallel, if you get stuck there's always another > realm to explore in the meantime.> * */> / *>> *Cheers guys!>> Tim Smalley> www.bit-tech.net

Top Spin 3 @ bit-tech.net
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It's important to realise that Top Spin 3 is more of a tennissimulator than a tennis game. There are no tennis-themed minigames inthe career mode and no unlockable naked tennis modes either. TopSpin 3 is all about the game, pure and simple.With that in mind, it's also important to realise that it isn't reallypossible to just pick up the game and start playing. It does take timeand perseverance before you'll be winning games consistently. If you'rewilling to put in the time and effort, and play through hours oftournaments, you'll be rewarded with a very in-depth and involving game.Online play is the icing on the cake and its polish and relativelyglitch-free operation could show some other developers how it's doneproperly. The inclusion of seasons in the online leaderboards meansthat there'll still be an incentive to play online tournaments, even inmonths to come.For me, I'm glad to say that my badminton wrists were up to the job,and I have just one final thing to add:move over Federer, there's anew boy on the tennis court.

Civilization Revolution @ bit-tech.net
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Still, despite all these minor flaws and control issues,Civilization Revolutionis still pretty good and Firaxis has done well to carry over the sameaddictiveness and educating mechanics as the previous games.There are issues, but there’s also a lot to like in CivilizationRevolutionand even though a lot of the depth has been trimmed out, there’s stilla lot left in in terms of negotiations and deciding what to build next.There’s also a lot to like in terms of the different scenarios andmodes – though there’s only support for up to four players, which islimiting. The game is boiled down, streamlined and basic – but that isn’t all badand one could easily level accusations of needless depth and bloatinessat the original games. To have a lighter option is no bad thing and thedevelopers have done well to adapt the game to a console audience,though there are some obvious failings and concessions that have beenmade.The game could have been made better in some fairly fundamental ways -we'd have loved to see some of the more varied campaign scenarios andthe like from Beyond The Sword, the add-on for the last proper Civilizationgame. Some expanded multiplayer support and better controls would godown a treat as well. Still, Civilizationis a strong brand and an awesome series of games, so these failuresdon't really have that big an effect on the overall outcome. As good asthe PC forefathers? Definitely not, but still better than the nearestcompetitor on a console.

Toshiba Qosmio x305 Gaming Notebook @ legitreviews.com
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The graphics on the Qismio x305 will be powered by the yet to be announced NVIDIAGeForce 9800M GTX graphics card, which has 1GB of video memory. For those that still want to game, but save some hard earned dollars we overheard that consumers can customize the notebook with the less expensive GeForce 9700M GT graphics card rather than the GeForce 9800M GTX. NVIDIA hasn't said much about this un-released graphics card, but they did have the Toshiba Qosmio x305 notebook on display at a Microsoft Corporation event this week called the Games for Windows Presents:The Big Picture...

Alone in the Dark (PC) @ bit-tech.net
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Alone in the Dark is a game we really loathe to not like, butatthe end of the day we do have to admit that we don’t like it and thatthe game isn’t really all that great. It’s a real shame because we cantell that Alone in the Dark is actually a real good gameunderneath. The story in compelling, the presentation is gripping andthe gameplay itself mixes a load of styles together to make a finalproduct that is unique and interesting. Unfortunately, all of that potential is lost underneath a sea ofproblems on the PC version. The controls are unwieldy and awful, thegraphics regularly freak out and break, the game can’t decide what itis or how it wants you to play it and the balancing has got more holesin than the Incredible Hulk’s underwear. Instant-deaths and poor control schemes are really only the tip of theiceberg, but they do reveal the real problem beneath the ocean of minorgripes. Fixed camera angles and checkpoint saves? This is a consolegame, ported poorly to the PC and left to fester. On a console, we can see this game making a lot more sense and having alot more accessibility. This game was built from the ground up to beplayed with analogue sticks and that’s clearly evidenced by the manymini-games and woeful handling. On the PC though, the game is part oil,part water – and that mix just doesn’t work. We want to like it, we really do – especially since we had to go outand buy it – but the reality is that although the game may be good on aconsole, on the PC the experience is more infuriating than fun and issuited only to the survival horror hardcore. You know who you are.

Incredible Hulk PC Issues - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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TheIncredible Hulk movie released just over a week ago, was head andshoulders above the rather odd 2003 film of the same name. However,while the game on the Xbox and PS3 didn't receive the greatest scores,they did at least have something the PC version didn't, next gengraphics. The PC version's visuals, are simply shocking, so much so,that I complained on the Sega forums. Turns out I complained in such alengthy manner I wrote over 1200 words on the topic; and I thought theywould make an interesting basis for a short write up on the game.

C&C Kane's Wrath Producer Interview @ bit-tech.net
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BT:Did you get anyfeedback from the fans on any specific things they wanted to seeimproved from Command and Conquer 3?JV:Yeah, absolutely. What we did find immediately was thatpeople didn’t think that the D-Pad was fast or comfortable enough toreally utilise in an RTS game. That was kind of the first thing wewanted to do – to try and find a new and natural evolution to theradial interface. And that’s kind of what the new interface does. Also, just in terms of the gameplay, a lot of people found TiberiumWarswas pretty tough and was very difficult on Xbox 360. With the newinterface though and with the game in general we think we’ve made iteasier by tuning the campaign a bit more and made it a better balanceof difficulty. Plus, a lot of the new units and the whole idea of just going back intime and looking at Kane and so on – all that was based on playerresponses.

Roogoo (PC) @ bit-tech.net
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Just because the game is tough though, isn’t to say that RooGooisn’t fun. It is fun to play, kind of. Fun in the same kind of way as Peggleor Drug Warsor any other casual game. You don’t actually massively enjoy playingthe game, you just crave the sense of accomplishment and completion andyou get sucked into this trap early on thanks to the pick-up-and-playdesign. There are only two real things that prevent RooGoo frombeing a good game and neither of these are really going to be a hugeproblem to any initiated puzzle fans. The first is that there reallyisn’t much to be had beyond the single game mode and once you’ve playedone level you’ve played them all. The other problem is the way the game presents itself. We’ve jokedabout the bright colours, MeeMoos, King Goos, and Roos of RooGoo, but the reality is that they really are a problem. RooGoois too fast and frantic to be a kids game, so we have to judge it asmore than that and while the game would still have problems if it waspresented as a less immature puzzler, it would be a bit better off.

X-Spice Kira 630 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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But today we are here to discuss X-Spice's new model lineup entitledthe Kira. The Kira is aimed at the gamer and small enclosure user at thesame time. How it is able to do this you may ask. Well, you will have toread more of the article ahead. But, we can already tell you that the unitis cooled by an industry standard 120 cm cooling fan and has fourindependent 12 volt rails. And if that is not enough, how about anadvertised 83 % efficiency rating? Yeah, we figured that would draw yourattention.

Tom Clancy's EndWar 'voice-on' p @ bit-tech.net
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Besides, for every negative we can think of about Endwar wecan also think of one or two positives. The game is obviously a labourof love for many of the developers and it’s clear than an awful lot ofwork has gone into not just perfecting the admirable science behind thevocal recognition software, but also the balancing and technicalitiesof the game itself. There are still a few things which need to be cleared up to satisfy ourcuriosity – is the game part of an entirely new franchise Ubisoft arelaunching and will the game be staying as an Xbox 360 exclusive, forinstance. These are matters on which Ubisoft is keeping understandablya bit quiet on for the moment.Still, whether or not the franchise looks set to spore one thing iscertain for the moment and that’s that Real-time Strategy buffs are infor a definite treat when it comes to Tom Clancy’s Endwar.The game may still look a little bit rough and may be a bit on thesmall-scale side of things, but the game is very fast-paced and has adeceptive level of depth once you’ve got to grips with the voicecontrols and are able to order groups to take cover in buildings orunleash special abilities. Endwar is an interesting looking game and while it obviouslyisn’t going to be the definitive Tom Clancy experience by the look ofthings (that honour still lies with Rainbow Six), it couldcertainly be one of the most interesting console games of this yearregardless.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Graphics Cards by EVGA and PNY @ legitreviews.com
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Overall the GeForce GTX 280 graphics card was a winner in our books and it made a difference while gaming, which is the most important thing. The game we noticed the performance gains the most was actually Age of Conan when we cranked up the image quality at a resolution of 1920x1200 . Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures passed the astounding 'One Million Copies Shipped' milestone in less than three weeks after the game's launch, so that is a huge potential market in the months to come...

Coolmax CUG950B 950 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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I recently received the newest Coolmax power supply entitledCUG-950B. The CUG-950B is near the top end of their power supply line nextto the CUQ line. The CUG-950 is aimed at the gamer that want max frame ratefrom their video games. Being compatible of running multi-GPU systems theCUG-950 does it with good cooling and quietness. There isn't much more youcan ask from a power supply except for stability. But it is that stable? Wewill try and find out for you.

The Incredible Hulk (Xbox 360) @ bit-tech.net
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We expected The Incredible Hulk to be bad from theoffset, notout of some inherent bias but more to do with a realistic reflection ofthe past and the facts of the matter. On this front, TheIncredible Hulk didn’t disappoint us. It’s predictable, samey, bland and as by-the-numbers as any game ofthis type could be. The developers have got a checklist of all theusualerrors made on movie tie-ins and they’ve zipped down and ticked themall expertly. As a game it’s more shallow than a Paris Hilton-wannabeand uglier than the real-deal. But, at the same time, it is kind of fun to mess around with. And no,the Paris Hilton jokes stopped last paragraph thankyouverymuch.Elements of The Hulk’s character are captured very well and it’s quitebizarre to see that Sega has done a better job of capturing the wallclimbing experience than Activision did with Spiderman 3.Also, just because a game is shallow doesn’t mean that it’s bad – everyid Software game ever proves that, just about. Despite all the chinksin the armour and the fuzziness on the lens there is still a sense ofprogression that makes the game involving to play and aspects of theanimation do feel suitably kinetic and powerful. In the end, though Hulk can’t claim to be as good as themajority of the games out on shelves nowadays, he can certainly wipethe floor with Iron Man and the othercomic-movie-adaptation-tie-ins at the moment.

Lego Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures @ bit-tech.net
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Lego Indy is very much a game in the same mould as LegoStar Wars– a fact which is simultaneously both exactly what we wanted and hugelydisappointing. It’s big and it’s funny and it’s going last any playerworth their salt a long, long time.It’s Indy and it’s Lego – both are equal parts awesome, so the endresult of the mix is pretty awesome too. The problem is though that we’re talking in generalities there, becauseonce you get down the specifics of the PC version the game is a bit ofa letdown. The keyboard just isn’t hugely fun to play with and the gamesuffers from fairly basic design flaws that really hammer this home. It’s a shame. The game could be exactly the type of game to pass thetime this summer while the football is on and we geeks have tootherwise occupy ourselves. In fact, it isthat game as far as console gamers are concerned, only on the PC doesit fall down out of a generally lessened accessibility and ease of use.Besides, trying to get two people to share a computer monitor – and akeyboard two unless you have a gamepad going spare - is never as muchfun or as easy to do as it is with a console.

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All in all then, the new Prince of Persia looks like itcould bethe best game in the series yet and if the developers can hold true totheir promises and roll up the best of the Sands trilogy withtheir new highly detailed cel-shaded style and the extra personalityafforded by the redesigned Prince and his companion then this could beyet another title to enter our must-have list for this year. Granted, there’s still a lot of detail to be cleared up in the game andwe’re fuzzy on whether the Prince’s arsenal of moves and swords will beupgradeable or completely open – finding a new sword was something weliked an awful lot in the past games – but these are trivial details atbest and when the soul of the game seems to be glowing this brightlythen we’d be more than willing to accept a dark spot or two.

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It’s always a painful and futile experience to try reviewing anMMO.For instance, there are problems with credit cards and the inevitablefact that we forget to cancel the subscriptions after the review isdone, therefore inadvertently charging a couple of hundred pounds tocompany credit card. Most of all though, the review very quickly runs out of date as thegame is constantly updating and how much anyone enjoys the game ismassively dependent on the calibre of gamers they end up gamingalongside. That means you’re going to have to take any conclusions weoffer with a pinch of salt – ok? Just so we’re clear.That said, Age of Conan is a lot of fun once you get intoit – the proviso mainly being that you do have to make an effort to getinto and jump over the initial few hours of boredom. Game designers seem to be labouring under the impression at the momentthat MMO games as a genre have only one aim; to topple World ofWarcraftas Lord of the Pings. To do this, they seem to think that you need acertain gimmick or hook – PvR gameplay or genre blending MMOFPS actionfor instance. So far, that tactic doesn’t seem to be doing to well – soit’s refreshing to see that Age of Conan bucks the trend andinstead focuses on creating just a solid and persistent world to playin. Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures doesn’t bring anything hugelynew to the table and the only real gimmicks it has going for it are thefranchise behind it all and the fact that you can’t take two stepswithout faceplanting into the second biggest pair of boobs you’re everlikely to see. It’s a fun and accessible RPG though, and on that frontit can’t be faulted.

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For this review I’ll be looking at something a little different from a, I assume, relative newcomer to the gaming accessory scene as before receiving the item for review I had never heard of them. The item under review today is the FPS Gaming Vest from TN Games. It’s a rather interesting item that should make compatible FPS games even more realistic by enabling users to “feel” the game.

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Now admittedly we were a little disappointed that our plan toincinerate the ramshackle huts had failed so early on and that we hadhad to fall back and rely on Warren’s help, but the process actuallyhelped to prove how great Far Cry 2 is when it comes to providing anemergent experience and an arena for players to experiment in andcreate their own stories.This, if anything, would seem to be Far Cry 2's speciality –it just refuses to be consistent in any aspect of the game design.There are a few hard and fast rules which make the game worldconsistent with how we think the world should be – wind that blows,fire that spreads, wood that splinters – but that’s about it. The restof the game is different every time you play it because the details arealways changing. Put simply, when it’s the case that the direction that the wind isblowing in can change your entire approach to a mission then you knowyou’re in for a hugely open and vastly replayable gaming experience. Far Cry 2 may yet have problems we haven’t uncovered and grantedthat a single mission is no basis on which to judge an entireunreleased game – but if we were so foolish as to do judge in that waythen Far Cry 2 is one game that we’d definitely get veryexcited about.

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The Raidmax Iceberg is a sturdy case designed to suit the gamer who is also conscious of style. Coming stock with three 120 mm blue LED fans and a side panel window in addition to being quite sturdily constructed of aluminum, this case is made to please gamers.

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With all that said though, there are a few weak points in BoomBloxwhich perhaps limit how much fun you can have with it. The first andmost damaging flaw is the length of the game because after only a fewhours of gaming weˇ¦d already finished nearly the entire Explore modeand were making a decent dent in the Adventure side of things. The other thing to bear in mind is that, like all puzzle games, BoomBloxwill frustrate you as much as itˇ¦ll keep you entertained. Playingthrough the Chemical Blox campaign in Explore mode was something we didwith ease until about the eighth level, at which point we got stumpedfor more than an hour. Lots of swear words were uttered before weeventually got a gold medal. Still, itˇ¦s all very much a minor chink in the armour of BoomBloxand this is definitely one of the must-have family games in ouropinion. As a party game it may play second fiddle to the likes of Warioware,but if youˇ¦re after something to play on a week night when you donˇ¦tneed a bottle of tequila to have fun then this is definitely the gamefor you. The combination of fluid controls, screaming chickens and hugeexplosions is a sure winner.

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Recently someone tried to make a game out of proteinfolding. The idea was that if you could make an accessible fun game outof it, you could effectively get lots of people to process real datafor free, and contribute towards a worthwhile goal. Great idea, but dowe have to assume the game needs to be massively simple in order tocatch on? I'm sure a lot of biochemists play computer games, why mustwe assume they are incapable of learning a complex game?You can take a lot of great game ideas, and then dumb then down to thelowest common denominator and make them boring and dull, that's agiven. There are some great game ideas though that you just can't dumbdown before they fall apart. Right now that means the game doesn't evenget out of the starting gate.I've heard of games flopping because the marketing sucked, budgetproblems, piracy and poor design but I haven't heard about any biggames failing because they were too highbrow. Yet nobody is even tryingto make those games.In some ways it's all the fault of our old nemesis, the rocketing gamebudget. Rack up a four million dollar wage bill, and you need to sell aLOT of copies to break even. Selling just to biochemists won't cut itany more, you need to aim at the wider audience. But if you avoid thetechnology arms race and do a lower budget game, what kind of gamescould we make?

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Last week during nVidia Editor’s Day Spring 2008 Ubisoft made a gameplay presentation of Far Cry 2. I happened to be there and record the whole presentation, basically the folks from Ubisoft playing the game and showing what’s new – you can watch it below. Funny enough they said that this was the first public presentation of this game, but we could find a few other videos with gameplay presentations of Far Cry 2 on YouTube (but since these other videos were all shot in 2007 we believe our demo was performed with a more updated version of the game). They also provided to the folks present a fact sheet, two high-res screenshots and a technical video presentation, all of which I also included

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Mass Effect was already an awesome game, that much we knew. Itwas so good in fact that it managed to sneak its way in to our Top 10Games of 2007. The question is though, has it got any better since then?The answer to that isn’t easy, but mainly that’s because there aren’tthat many differences between the two versions. There are some positiveenhancements to consider like the new hotkey features and a smootherinterface, but on the other hand these are balanced out by an awfulminigame and the fact that all these changes feel insubstantial andtacked on – where are the new quests and weapons?The deciding factor then, due to a lack of extra content, should bewhether or not the game can win through on the merit of being on the PC– does the actual input of mouse and keyboard make the game better onPC? The answer is yes, but not enough for it to make a big difference.Mass Effect is an utterly absorbing, massive and enthralling game. Assoon as this review is done we’re going to go play it some more and ifyou’re a PC RPG fan who hasn’t got the Xbox 360 version then this isdefinitely a game you’ll want to pick up, but the PC version doesn’t doenough to push ahead of the Xbox 360 original and in the end the twowill have to settle for being equals.

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Overclocked is the unfortunate and sad reality of the adventuregame genre today – a genre populated by cheaply produced and reallyquite uninteresting titles made primarily for Nordic and Germanaudiences where they somehow manage to cling to the fringe ofpopularity.There are many problems with Overclocked, not least ofwhich is the off-kilter and often irrelevant dialogue. The interface isalso a little unwieldy at times and there are a whole slew of smallererrors and tweaks that really should have been done to the game asrudimentary courtesy for players. And yet, it retains some level of charm if only on a slightlymasochistic level. There is a strange pull to the story of these fivepeople who were mentally broken from their experiences and thegameplay, while staid, is enough to make the story accessible. Just.At the end of the day though, the cons clearly outweigh the pros andwhile Overclocked will no doubt maintain some appeal with the adventuregame enthusiasts, the majority will want to walk on by and trysomething a little more polished.

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For a game that's had so much hype surrounding it, Haze shouldhave been the perfect game. The problem is that few games rarely liveup to the hype, and Haze falls firmly into that category.Nectar should have been an important part of the game, but instead itcomes across as just another gimmicky power-up. It makes the openingsections of the game far too easy and appears to disappear in the rebelsections of the game, only to be used as an artefact to drive theplotline forward.The storyline itself is hackneyed and feels lazy in its execution. Thetale of the corporate stooge who joins the rebels to bring down thecorporation has been done before and, more importantly, it's been donefar better. There are a few clever twists and turns to the tale laterin the game, but not enough to drag the story out of mediocrity.Taken as a run-of-the-mill FPS, Haze certainly isn't dire, but on theother hand it never really reaches the heights to which it aspires. Ataround six or seven hours to complete, there's not really enough in thesingle player game to keep you coming back after the first playthrough. You might play it again in co-op mode, but even themultiplayer games aren't enough to get you hooked.Haze could have been so much more, but it falls short on so manylevels. The game feels unfinished, as though it has been pushed out ofthe door six months early. Depressingly, it might be that another fewmonths of spit and polish could have produced the game that the hypepromised.Then again, perhaps not. Maybe every game studio is destined to producea game that they're embarrassed about. If that's true, then Haze willbe hiding at the back of Free Radical's closet for a long time to come.

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Left4Dead was always going to be great, that much we knew. Itwas coming from Valve and it was about zombies, so even before it wasunveiled as a four player co-op we all knew we were going to be in fora good time.Yet still, Left4Dead managed to surprise us in a number ofways,for reasons both good and bad. On the one hand we were utterly shockedto see how effective the AI director is at making the game unique andconstantly replayable. On the other hand though, we have to admit thatthe levels we played through did seem a bit on the small side and it’sgetting to that point where the Source engine might be starting to showits age. The thing is four years old by now and thoughcontinued development and expansion has helped, the cause is startingto flag a little. Not that that matters hugely when you get right down to it – as far as Left4Deadgoes gameplay is God and the multiplayer backbone of Steam means thatthe game will run smoothly from the off. As I mentioned to Chet when I interviewed him, Valve has a reputationamong games developers for testing games absolutely to death. What formany designers would be a case a few weeks at the hands of some tiredhalf-asleep geeks is an on-going process of refinement for Valve andit’s something that really shows in Left4Dead. The game is immediately playable and easy to pick up, but underneaththe hood are some incredibly complex and effective tools to make theexperience unpredictable and constantly replayable. This is Left4Dead’skey strength and it makes the game easily one of our most awaited gamesof this year.

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The average improvement of the Albatron GeForce 9600GT-512X over the ATI Radeon HD 3850 for both the game and synthetic testing is over 40%. There is no way you can spin these results to the ATI Radeon HD 3850's favor! Looks like the Radeon HD 3850 is the Hillary Clinton of this matchup... it held up until the end, but the math is just not there to give it any victory...

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BT:You said“the Battleforge series” just then – does that mean you haveBattleforge 2 planned already?VW:Heh, well since Battleforge is an online game we havea longer life than other games and we’ll continue to work on the gameafter release. We will continuously release new maps, new cardadditions. Depending on the success of the game we may have a very longlifetime or a shorter life time, obviously.That said, we have sequels in mind and our game-plan goes over intoyears. BT:Now, Battleforge is a card-based RTS, but from what I sawearlier it looked very similar to a traditional RTS in that you’recreating units in a normal way and putting them down. How exactly doesBattleforge differ from a standard RTS game then?VW:Ok, so the thing is that the cards can be anything. Avehicle, a room – anything. What it is though is a collectible itemthat you own, ok? A virtual collectible item that you personally own.Having a card lets you then produce those units in a match.You then take twenty of those cards and form a deck that you take intobattle. The deck directly defines any unit, spell or item you take intoa game.Of course, this is a real-time game too. So, as soon as you produce aunit or play a card you have access to these new units which you cancontrol like you’re used to in a normal RTS game. In other words, the cards define your tech tree.

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Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game and although it’s stillvery early in the year, this is obviously going to be a strongcandidate for Game of The Year. It always was, frankly.Yet, there’s still a little niggle of doubt in our ears here –something that says that although Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game,it just isn’t the huge leap forward we all expected it to be. This seedof doubt says that GTA IV is far more an evolution than a revolutionand that that is obviously going to limit the overall impact andimpression of the game.That doubt is true and is utterly justified in what it says when yousit down to really listen to it. Grand Theft Auto is a top-notch game,but it isn’t as mind-blowing and impressive as something like Portal,for example. It’s building on the foundations of previous games in theseries and adding on a few extra features each time – it isn'tcompletely new and fresh itself.That doesn’t make Grand Theft Auto IV any less of a Game of The Yearcandidate and it doesn’t take anything away from the insane amount offun to be had. What it does do though is make the entire experience alittle more predictable; a lot of the time you know what’s comingbeforehand and the first third of everything feels like jumping throughhoops just to meet an old friend.It’s not game-wrecking and it doesn’t detract from how great GTA IV isas a whole, but GTA IV isn’t as original and shockingly good as thefranchise once was. It’s another re-polished and re-tuned iteration ofa proven idea and though the game is definitely a must-buy, it alsoisn’t all that startling.

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I spoke to Richard Huddy, AMD's head of developer relations, on Fridayin an attempt to find out when we can expect to see the pathimplemented again, because I'm sure that owners of Radeon HD3000-series graphics cards aren't too happy that they're missing out ona 20 percent performance increase (when AA is enabled). Huddy said thathe is working hard with his team to get DirectX 10.1 support back intothe title for Radeon HD 3000 graphics card owners.I pressedthis point further on Saturday during a call with Nvidia spokespersonKen Brown, and asked him if Nvidia had requested for DirectX 10.1content to be removed from the game.

Iron Man (Xbox 360) @ bit-tech.net
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There’s nothing wrong with bad graphics in a game. There havebeen plenty of games in the past that have proved you don’t needbillions of polygons to make a best-seller – look at Pac-man or Tetrisfor crying out loud. Likewise, glitches and bugs didn’t completelyspoil games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and might not have proved to be the endof Iron Man.Hell, you don’t even need to have a great new mechanic or fantastic newidea to make a great game. Beat ‘em ups have been spinning the sametricks ever since International Karate +.There is something wrong with a game that combines all of these with atotal lack of shame. This isn’t a game that is even remotely good, thisis a game that someone hoped would make a lot of money and it’s aperfect example of why movies and games just don’t mix for the mostpart – Iron Man:The Game is little more than a bucket of brokenpromises and rust.

Assassin's Creed:Director's Cut @ bit-tech.net
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Viewed from one angle Assassin’s Creed:Director’s Cut ishonestly a little disappointing. The PC version doesn’t really addanything all that new, doesn’t make the most of the platform andcarries over many of the flaws of the original game. The Director’sCut doesn’t offer any new content except for the new investigations,and these aren’t really all that great. But the game is still quite good.The thing we really like about Assassin’s Creedis how good it is for creating player stories. The open sandbox stylemeans that players can make their own tales in a way that makes thegame great to talk about. There was the time I killed the Mad Doctor of Acre by climbing somescaffolding, assassinating an archer, and climbing down in to thecourtyard of the hospital. I leapt from a nearby chandelier and plungeda knife into his throat, escaping through alleyways with the aid ofsome vigilantes and scholars. It’s wonderful and deliciously emergent,going a long way to address complaints of repetitiveness.In a nutshell, the verdict lies in a balance of these two opposingviewpoints. Is Assassin’s Creed good? Undoubtedly – but the Director’s Cutisn’t a massive improvement over the original. You may well love thenew version more than the original, like we do, but the route of thatpreference won’t be because the game is markedly better on PC. It’ll bebecause your PC is markedly better than a console.

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Eight:Try to buy directMost people know that buying direct from the developer earns the dev abigger share than buying from a store, but do you have any idea howmuch difference it can be? In some cases it's a tenfold difference!I've nothing against publishers and retailers, but the whole systemcollapses if the guys making the games don't do well. It makes a hugedifference if you can buy direct, and if your favourite developerdoesn't sell direct, email them and let them know you would buy directif you could. It takes five minutes.

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I say this a lot, but it really is hard to know what to thinkabout Wii Fit.On the one hand it’s obviously great. The hardware has a lot going forit in the future and is just as clever as everything else in the Wii.It’ll help get lard-arses off the couch and on their feet and even ifyou aren’t into fitness then the game itself is still fun for a littlewhile. Yet, on the other hand the balance board is quite expensive, it isstill just another collection of minigames at the most basic level andthe reality is that those lard-arses will play the game every day forabout two weeks at most before going back to exercising their drinkingarm. Sure, that last part is grumpy as hell, but it’s also true. There’sroom for movement, but the vast, vast majority of people willvociferously defend themselves and pledge to play the Wii for hoursevery day – only to let themselves off because they had a hard day atwork. I know. I’m one of those people. Judged on fun and ingenuity, Wii Fit gets top marks. Judged onlongevity and value though, the game suffers horribly at our admittedlygrumpy hands. The decider then goes to the future of the balance board and whetherthe hardware can prove itself useful in upcoming games. If the supportis there then the game and the hardware will flourish – but otherwiseit may end up as ugly and uncomfortable as the Zapper.

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The World Ends With You is both a fantastically imaginative andhugely derivative game as far as DS RPGs go and the whole thing feelslike a teenage version of Contact what with the intriguing artstyle and obsession with stickers and badges as weapons. There’s two ways to look at The World Ends With You, if you askus. You can look at it in terms of Square Enix and say that, as far astheir history goes, The World Ends With You is a good game, buthardly as remarkable as past titles. Final Fantasy VII this isnot. On the other hand though, if you look at this as far as the DS goes,then this is definitely one of the best RPGs the platform has seen.Yeah, it may not be the next Final Fantasy,but it’s still a great game and the art style that runs through thegame is both striking and adorable. The characters are visuallyarresting and some of the more powerful combos and fusion powers arereally quite cool. The best thing about The World Ends With You though isthat the game manages to be both involving and accessible. There’s anawful lot of information to absorb in the first few hours of play, notleast of which is the combat system, which is hugely fun and franticbut also tough to get to grips with. The game never once feelsoverpowering or dull though and instead pulls players in deeper, thanksto characters that players can relate to and excellent dialogue. The World Ends With You may not quite live up the expectationsof those wanting the next Final Fantasy or KingdomHearts – but those people would probably never be satisfied anyway and,as it is, The World Ends With You is still a fantastic gamethat all DS gamers can easily enjoy.

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You should be able to tell by now that we already love howFallout 3is shaping up. It’s grim and visceral, keeping close to the good sourcematerial and barely dealing with the lamentable spin-offs that laterruined the Fallout name. The best thing of all though is that we’ve barely scratched the surfaceof the game – in fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Alphabuild of the game which is growing by the second. The ending, which isdesigned on the same branching model as in the first games, has grownfurther now too so that there are now around 500 endings on offer. You may think that that is too many endings. You may be right. Ifthat’s your line of thinking though then the people you should feelsorry for are the Xbox 360 Gamerscore addicts like Jamie – Pete reckonsit’ll take at least three or four playthroughs to get all theachievements on offer. And yeah, that does sound daunting – but personally I can’t wait togive it a shot.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue @ bit-tech.net
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The game is undeniably beautiful to look are but the car modelsare probably on a par with Forza 2 and PGR4, not reallysurpassingthem as you might hope. There are also a few occasions where thejaggies creep in which, given the alleged complexity of the models,you'd expect not to see.So, is GT5 Prologue worth your money? That depends. Yes,it's half the price of other games, and yes it's the only serious raceravailable on the PS3 for the foreseeable future. But on the downside itdoesn’t ever feel really complete. The lack of progressive difficultyand the limited number of tracks means races can get a littlemonotonous.If you only have a PS3, then I'd recommend you get this game to tideyou over until the full release comes along sometime next year. On theother hand, if you've got an Xbox 360 as well, I'd recommend that youstick with Forza and PGR as they'll give you moresatisfaction in the meantime.As a demo, it's a great way to show us what's to come. The only problemis, it leaves you feeling unsatisfied with what you've got andimpatient to wait for the final release. Should we really be paying fora demo in the first place?

Aeneon X-Tune DDR3 1333 MHz CL8 2GB Kit @ techpowerup.com
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Aeneon is entering the DDR3 market with their X-Tune brand. This series is aimed at the gamers and their first offering is set at 1333 MHz with CL8. It comes with very nice looking black heatspreaders and a unique, blue PCB

bit-tech :Viking:Battle for Asgard @ bit-tech.net
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/Viking:Battle for Asgard/ is, as we’ve said all the way through, a simple and fairly predictable game. The story is enough to keep the gameplay ticking over without ever distracting from the gameplay and the battles themselves are fun and challenging.

bit-tech :Battlefield:Bad Company Beta impressions @ bit-tech.net
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Bearing in mind that /Battlefield:Bad Company/ is just a beta, and we're probably another three months away from release, the game is surprisingly polished. There were a few framerate drops, but only when the action gets really frantic – which it often does thanks to the destructible environments. Likewise, there were a few network dropouts, but EA are still tweaking the servers, so this is to be expected.

XFX and Palit GeForce 9800 GTX Video Cards @ legitreviews.com
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This is by far one of the toughest cards that we have had to draw a conc lusion on since we started reviewing video cards when the site started ba ck in 2002. The GeForce 9800 GTX is not faster across the board than the GeForce 8800 GTX that came out back in 2006 as the benchmarks showed. To many readers this may be a disappointment and we'd be lying if we said it doesn't bother us too. When it comes to just raw gaming performance the GeForce 9800 GTX is more of an evolutionary advancement than revolutionar y. If you are looking to play at high resolutions with high anti-aliasing it seems that the GeForce 8800 GTX is still the best choice in the major ity of the game titles we looked at here today...

No More Heroes @ bit-tech.net
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No More Heroes is a game that really does thrive on surprisingplayers and it’s great to see a completely accessible game like thisthat manages to shock players without ever relying on shock tactics. It’s also one of the funniest and most entertaining games that we’veplayed on the Wii – it goes a long way to addressing the huge gapbetween decent Wii releases. Super Mario Galaxy was a long timeago now, so if you’ve been itching for something worthy to flail yourWiimote at then No More Heroes will certainly fit the bill.No More Heroes isn’t a perfect game at all and it has some veryidentifiable problems which occasionally put players off. Given thatthe appeal of the game lies in blind-siding the player with off-beathumour and wit, it also may not be suitable to everyone. And onceyou’ve got to grips with it then you may find it a tad tiresome ifyou’ve not got the same sense of humour as the writers. No More Heroes is an excellent example of how an eccentriccharacter design and storyline can compensate for some technicalfailings though and the combination of bizarre characters and strikingpresentation really do make the mini-games and such a minor concern atbest. If you’ve been looking for a more adult game to play on your Wiithen No More Heroes should come highly recommended.

Frontlines:Fuel of War @ bit-tech.net
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If I was to say that Frontlines:Fuel of War disappointed methen youˇŻd probably get the wrong idea, so I wonˇŻt say that. But itkind of did. You see, Frontlines isnˇŻt a bad game at all. ItˇŻs actually quite a good game.ThereˇŻs a good balance to everything and the game alwaysmakes it possible to salvage victory from the jaws of defeat if youhave a good understanding of where to put your tanks and helicopters.If you get a group of people working together then it can take on anenjoyably military feel, especially with the inclusion of artillery andairstrikes.However, with the history behind Frontlines of theboy-wonder modders whoˇŻve struck the big time, we have to admit we werehoping for something a little more interesting. Kaos Studios is adeveloper built on a team of amateur modders from outside the industry,so the logical if misplaced hope is that bringing them within theindustry could lead to a few interesting and new ideas. But that hasnˇŻt happened. Instead, the result is that Kaos has usedtheir knowledge of how games are played to create a well-balancedshooter. What they havenˇŻt really done is introduce any fundamentallynew ideas. ThereˇŻs nothing here to set Frontlines apart from any other game like it on the market ¨C infact, it feels very, very similar to Enemy Territory:Quake Warspretty much all the way through. So, while the game itself isnˇŻt flawedin any major way, it doesnˇŻt really do anything to stand out in thecrowd either.

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There are enough keys on the gamepad to provide everything you need to frag your opponent. They enlarged the standard movement keys to help with the cramping you can get in your hand. This new version has changed the color of some of the keys to help you recognize your options.

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Lost Empire:Immortals can't claim innovation and the game isutterly predictable in almost everything it does. Combine this withincredibly long games and huge playing fields and you’re left with agame which is going to leave a sour, tired taste in the mouths ofnearly all gamers. Hardcore strategy fans though may find somethingappealing though, provided they can look past the admittedly roughedges.

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Still, the combinations of poor graphics and an unwieldytargetingsystem that requires all targeting to be pixel-perfect andcamera-relative do seriously detract from the game. The fact that thevast majority of the dialogue is completely ancillary and the narrativeis poorly introduced doesn’t really help much either. The game’s also more than a little repetitive and having to wade intoone fight after another does make things feel a little samey and drearyafter the first hour or two – the game is most assuredly combat focusedfor the most part and there’s only so much sword-swinging anyone can dobefore they want to sit down and solve things peaceably. Basically, it comes down to this; if you’re a big fan of the Strugatskynovels or you just want something a little bit predictable to play thenHard to be a GodIf hacking and slashing isn’t your bag though then you’ll probably wantto look elsewhere for your whinging deities – it’s not that the game isespecially may just be the ticket for you. With presentation this awful it’s alsohighly likely that the game will be dropping in price fairly quicklytoo, so you may be able to snag it cheaply if you wait a little bit. bad,just that it’s like a meal of mediocrity – with a side-salad ofugliness and poor spelling. The basics of the game all work, but neverwow and if the Earth took God seven days to make then this probablytook him less than seven minutes.

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It all comes down to that age old nightmare – game design. AsI've said before, design is hard– it’s certainly the hardest thing about making good games. As an indiedeveloper, I get to do all the jobs, and the design bit is the one Ifind hardest of all, although ironically it's the bit I get praised forin reviews. I'd like to put forward the theory that the difficulty ofdesign is a reason we should love sequels. Let me explain...I worked for three years on Lionhead’s The Movies and Iended up being known as the AI coder even though I actually worked onlots of different parts of the game. Because I was involved more orless from the start of the project I saw the game design evolve overtime, which it did rather dramatically.If you haven't seen The Movies, let me describe it briefly. TheMoviesis a management game where you run a movie studio, with a 3D view ofyour studio lot. You pick the actors, sets, costumes, and (and this wasthe cool bit), you actually got to see the finished movie that youmade, with the option to add subtitles, sound effects and so on.Commercially, The Movies did alright, but notbreathtakingly. I left Lionhead just as it was released so I don't knowthe exact figures, but I know there won't be a sequel. There was anexpansion, but the first add-on pack for a game is always indevelopment before it ships – that's just the logistics of things. Thegame got some good reviews, but it didn't set the world on fire.Now if you’re an investor, a publisher or a money man then yourimmediate thoughts are these: The game did notprovide as good a return on investment as expected. The game did notsell enough. The last thing wewould do is another game like this.Which makes absolutesense. Why throw good money after bad? Would you fund The Movies 2?

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Up until now it’s mostly been pretty good news for Dark Messiah– not fantastic news perhaps, but good enough. However, there are stilla few little problems with Dark Messiah that might prevent itfrom reaching the loftiest of heights. For starters, the game is just a little bit buggy and laggy at times.We never had our Xbox 360 crash, but there were more than a few timeswhen we had clipping bugs and ended up underneath the ground. Theframerate would regularly plunge too, getting stuttery whenever therewas a bit too much going on on-screen – like the first time you face aCyclops. The framerate problems are probably the biggest issue we’d have with DarkMessiah:Elementstoo and framerate drops are something I honestly just can’t tolerate ona console game. When you are aiming for specific hardware then there’sno excuse to let your game get into a framerate dropping scenario.Aside from that, the game’s major fault is that despite the changes andtweaks it doesn’t actually do all that much above and beyond the PCversion – it’s just rebalanced and with a few new levels slapped in.There’s nothing wrong with that at all—Dark Messiah:Elements isperfectly alright—but it was never going to bowl us over, not with theengine starting to show its age.

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Basically, The Club is still, after all, a Marmite game. Evenon the PC, you'll either love it or hate it.So the question is not one of whether the PC version is better or notthan the console version. That's a moot point:apart, perhaps, fromslightly shinier graphics, the console and PC versions are identical.The pertinent question, then, is whether the PC version has a place inour hearts. That's where we get to the problem. You see, The Club is a console game through and through.You keep getting reminders of this when you're asked to press the Abutton to continue. The mouse control should be better than a consolegamepad, but it never feels that way. The game always seems to be afraction of a second behind your mouse, and never quite where you wantit to be.That's the major problem with the PC version of The Club – theone extra, main advantage that the PC platform may afford you has beenlost because the game was clearly designed for Xbox 360 first. TheClub is clearly a port and not a remake for a differentplatform, and that is a bit of shame. Having that extra-precise control could have made us prefer the game onPC over any other platform, but that control system isn't implementedthat well and the PC version doesn't really best the Xbox 360 orPlayStation 3 versions.

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In the end then, it’s purely a matter of judgement – is Lost:Via Domus worth a peek from the type of Lost fanatic who might haveread this far?Personally, I’d say probably not. The new story released here isinteresting enough if you’re really into the Lost franchise – but it isby no means essential to understanding the greater themes of the show.The dialogue between NPCs and the player is dull and minimal too, sodon’t be expecting anything interesting to emerge about them either. What we’re left with then is a mediocre game at best that is filledwith poorly thought-out obstacles, many of which break from the styleof game fiction the series has tried so hard to create. It’s a lamecash-in of the most obvious and derivative sort and it’s that whichgives me the guts to just come out and say that the game was badlydesigned.There was room with the Lost franchise to do something fairlyinteresting in the spin-off game and a lot of what has been put beforeplayers here could have gone towards making a game that would have beenworth playing if you’re a fan of the series. Unfortunately though, thispotential has been forgotten and what is left is a game that’s brokenand mediocre at best.

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There is nothing better than getting free stuff! Well, this month we are giving away a Radeon HD 3850 Graphics Card. Anyway, we don't like the usual-boring-contest-style; we want it to be fun and challenging. So we have launched this Name the Game Contest II. What do you have to do? Okay, we are going to play some PC game soundtrack in a Flash window below, and you will have to guess the name of the game. Make sure to enable Flash in your browser, and to turn up your speakers. This time we picked something really special, and hard to guess. So to make it easier for you, we've also included a blurry image.

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There are some glimmers of hope to be had with Conflict:DeniedOps.If you can get past the graphics, cardboard cut-out story, wonkyphysics (a shotgun blast pokes a tiny hole in plywood, butrifle-butting a door will splinter it out of the frame?!) anddisjointed, confused gameplay then there is an semi-enjoyably mindlessshooter here. Maybe. Crippling Conflict:Denied Ops though is that the competition is composed offar better, cheaper games. It comes down to this. When I was at university Iˇ¦d occasionally dipinto my student loan on a slow week and go trawling the bargain bins atmy local GameStation with a fiver in hand. I knew that the games I wasbuying would most likely turn out to be awful, but Iˇ¦d buy them anywaybecause theyˇ¦d fulfil my need for a cheap, forgettable game to whileaway the time between thinking about starting my dissertation andforgetting to start my dissertation. Conflict:Denied Ops is about on par with those old bargain bingames from three years ago. It ranks next to games like Stolen,Project I.G.I and Aikens Artifact. There are people out there whoˇ¦ll disagree with me and whoˇ¦ll claim adeep love for Denied Ops ˇV but these are the type of people who claim that theoriginal Evil Dead is the best film ever made and they shouldbe discounted completely. Donˇ¦t listen to them; listen to me and waituntil Denied Ops drops into the bargain bins if you must playit at all.

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The unique approach taken to the art design and game premisefor Beautiful Katamariis equally fascinating and entertaining. There’s a real sense that anenormous amount of effort went in to creating this weirdly attractiveand colourful world, as well as making the game as accessible andappealing as possible.Unfortunately, that effort has always been properly targeted and thereis some scar tissue that mars the brilliance ofBeautiful Katamari.Multiplayer and co-op especially are a little lack lustre and, whilemultiplayer suffers mainly from a lack of imagination, co-op gaming isjust an exercise in frustration. Two people controlling one ball justdoesn’t work. There’s also a huge amount of dialogue to wade through, mainly from theKing and having him pop up and dominate the screen in the middle of thegame is just plain stupid and requires players to forego Katamaricontrol to dismiss him. The dialogue itself is witty, peculiar andpleasant enough not to offend, but we question why the text speech isoverlaid with horrible scratching sounds that slowly irritated us morethan needles stuck in our teeth. The lack of autosave is a frankly massive oversight too and one by onewe each fell victim to this omission, abandoning unsaved content bymistake. Beautiful Katamari is a fun game and one that pretty much everyfamily would do well to have in their household as it’ll effortlesslywoo and seduce any and all onlookers into playing it. Small children,parental non-gamers and the hardcore PC-playing master race – all willbe rolled up in Beautiful Katamari’s wake. The game itself isfar from perfect though and there are numerous flaws that, while neverdestroying the fun of the game, so occasionally mar it.

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The real strength with this demo at the Game Developer's Conference,as Intel sees it, is that games can be created and easily transported fromform factor to form factor by utilizing the scaling ability of ray tracing:We believe that with Ray-Tracing, developers will have an opportunity todeliver more content in less time, because when you render things in aphysically correct environment, you can achieve high levels of quality veryquickly, and with an engine that is scalable from the Ultra-Mobile to theUltra-Powerful, Ray-Tracing may become a very popular technology in theupcoming years.

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Stardock and Ironclad are to be congratulated on many levels.Not onlyhave they successfully created a game that merges the best parts of RTSand 4X games, they've also managed to create a game that doesn'trequire you to upgrade your PC to be able to run it. What's more,Stardock should be praised for not including any copy protection withthe game. In their own words, the idea is to

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Virtual worlds are also a popular target for advertisers. In SecondLifea number of companies have purchased land within the game to establisha permanent presence. You can buy products from retailers like Nike andAmazon. Apparently Starwoods Hotels and Resorts built a digital replicaof a hotel they were planning to build in real life to see the reactionfrom people. You have to wonder about this logic though – if companiesthink they can garner useful information from people's online choicesthey may be in for a nasty shock, after all, gaming is about escapismand most people frequently do things in games that they would never doin real life.There are all sorts of fantastical predictions about the amount of adspending there will be in future games, but so far despite claims itwill reach $2 billion by 2011 it remains far short of this target.There's a suggestion that this revenue could be worth $1 per game topublishers – which is certainly enough to catch their attention. StillI think I'd be willing to spend an extra $1 on the game to get itwithout advertising. Personally I don't mind advertising when it'sbundled into something free as they have to pay for it somehow but whenyou are already paying a premium price for something it’s cheeky tojust bombard your customers with adverts regardless.

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Black Plague is a radically different game to Overturein terms of pacing and style, but at the same time in manages toincorporate many of the same themes and plot elements. In truth, Black Plague feels more like a professionally produced game, forboth better and worse. While Overture was a decidedly indieeffort that seemed to thrive on its rough edges and unusual delivery, BlackPlague is a game that has a more shiny, refined and polished feel to itall the way through.It’s clear that Frictional has taken on board some of the majorcomplaints about the games too – Penumbra:Black Plagueintroduces collectable items to extend replayability, more solutions topuzzles along with characters and narrative that are more fully fleshedout and realised.On the down side, like many professional games, the ending feels a bitrushed and those parts that still reek of indie stand out now as beingall the rougher against the polish of the majority. Still, we reckon there’s a good five or six hours of chilling, puzzlinggaming in here and the price isn’t likely to break the bank. With anintriguing mix of ideas and a stunning presentation and design thatdoesn’t at all hint at the diminutive two-man team behind the series, Penumbra:Black Plagueis easily the most impressive break-out game of recent years andbelongs in the catalogue of every hardcore gamer who prides himself onhis cult-games collection. It's not for everyone - hence my hours ofwrestling over whether it's an eight or a nine – but it is superbly puttogether despite the flaws and deserves mentions as another laudableeffort from the diminutive team at Frictional Games.

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Universe at War:Earth Assault isn’t going to be to the likingof all RTS buffs and those who prefer historically themed or moreserious flavours of strategy games will most likely have already foundthe way out. However, Universe at War does have some excellentlybalanced gameplay going for it and the interface is beautifully setout, proving always helpful and never a hindrance. Does the game have problems? Certainly. The graphics in cutscenes are abit lacklustre, the game did prove to be very CPU intensive when wegathered a lot of units together on screen and at times even our newmighty gaming rig had to suffer a bit of slow down and the field ofview is quite limited too. In fact, the FOV is probably the biggestproblem – not being able to zoom out very far really limits thetactical options available to players when the larger robots or HabitatWalkers lumber on-screen.That said though, Universe at War has a lot going for it,so if you can look past the campy B-movie plot and stomach somesemi-awful voice acting then you may be pleasantly surprised at whatyou find beneath the rubble.

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BT:You also worked on The Sims 2, which obviously has amassive appeal with girl gamers. Do you think you’ll get the samesuccess with Spore?TV:Well, we hope so. Evolution is a topic which isn’t reallygender-based or relevant in the way The Sims was. If you think about The Sims then it was veryrelevant in terms of what…well, everyone knows what a bathtub does andwhat a cooker does. With Sporethough, it’s a little harder to make the gameplay relevant to people,but the core ideas behind it would appeal (we think) to female gamerstoo.The idea of customisation, sandbox gameplay – the idea of makingsomething, putting something into a world and then just seeing whathappens. All the social networking tools in the game, the sharing ofcontent is all very much like The Sims, but taken a lot further.It’s hard to say though. We hope it’ll do well, but we’re waiting andseeing. We’re definitely taking into consideration things likedifficulty levels for different markets. Like for the creator systems –it’s likely that a lot of females will just want to make things and noteven play the game. They might enjoy just sharing it with others.

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Condemned 2 is looking like a fantastic looking game which, asyou can see from the screenshots, doesn’t pull any punches when itcomes to trying to creep out players. This is definitely a game foradult audiences only and the game is stuffed to the brim with filthyinsults, blood and brutal, unrestrained fisticuffs. However, it’s also got a cleverly delivered story in there too, both ona character-based and plot-based level. In terms of the seriesstoryline Condemned 2will see a whole lot of the mystery cleared up and Ethan will start topiece together the fragments and figure out what is happening to theworld around him. Meanwhile, players will get deeply involved inEthan’s personal struggles and see him battle against the loss of hissanity and come to terms with his alcoholism. Certain additions to the gamestyle don’t sit too well with us – such ashow the HUD will exclaim your combos, ruining the sense of immersionand horror, but there’s still a lot to like about the game. Justlooking at some of those screenshots is scary enough and the game isdefinitely one of the gutsiest thrillers we’ve ever played – justsitting through the opening cutscene is like having scorpions crawlingup your legs! Clearly horror and thriller fans are going to have atleast one game to look forward to this year.

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I actually got a chance to speak to some of the marketingpeople recently and I quizzed them about the future of Spore– pressing on whether we could expect to see a slew of new content onshelves soon after release. The reply was a stark awakening to thebrilliant reality of Spore in that I was treated to a kind of “Idon’t know” answer and an explanation of how that wouldn’t work with Spore.You see, in The Sims, new items can’t be easily created and theexpansions can consist mainly of new furniture and so forth. In Sporethat doesn’t hold true and the future of the game seems to be groundedmore in adding new tools to the game through expansions – ways toexport and import creatures to Photoshop or Maya 3D. It’s not enough tosimply give people a new building or two, because those can always bemade by the community. To me, this attitude perfectly expresses how important Spore will be. Frankly though, even if the game doesn’t prove to be as redefining as Ithink it will be, then it’s still shaping up to be a fantastic game andclearly shows how even the most complex of tasks can be accomplishedwith enough persistence. Spore does have flaws in some regards and it’s plainly obviousthat most players aren’t going to enjoy parts of the game. Personally,while I loved everything from the Creature Stage onwards, I did findthe first part of the game—the Cell Stage—to be a little tiresome andpointless. I’ve nothing against simple arcade styled games at all, butthere are titles that do that better than Spore. Spore’s strength though lies in that the game overcomes thepersonal loves and hates of certain people and frees players uptotally. You can do almost anything you want with the tools on offerhere and the game is totally open to let players skip to the parts theywant. If all you want is the micromanagement and sense of control thenCivilisation Stage is there for you from the get-go.

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Eternal Sonata is the latest RPG from Tri-Crescendo, starring – of all potential heroes – Frederic Chopin. Yes, that Chopin – the Poet of the Piano, the famous composer who tragically died of tuberculosis aged only 39. The game takes place inside his last dream, as he slips into a coma on his deathbed. Here, he meets a young girl called Polka, who is also affected by a terminal illness. In this imaginary world, people suffering in such a way are able to use magic, and Polka has the power to heal others. However, most people are afraid of catching her illness and avoid her, so she has no real friends.

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All of this makes itpretty damn hard to score.On the one hand there’s a good game. On the other hand there’s anenjoyable movie. Both are passable on their own if you’re into thosetypes of things, but fusing them together has ruined both.Is Devil May Cry 4 fun to play? Yes, it is. I enjoyplaying it. I like cutting my way through baddies and collecting demonblood, expanding my character and waging a one-man war. I’ve even cometo appreciate the anime-styled presentation, floppy hair and big swords– it’s not something I’m proud of, but Castlevania will do thatto a man. Because the cutscenes get in the way of the game and vice versa though,the whole unfortunate mess is bought tumbling down. Boiled down to its core; the stark reality is that no matter what thefanboys say, Devil May Cry 4is just a game of two decent, but unremarkable halves being addedtogether. Sure, there’s a decent romp in there if you want it and thegame has plentiful cleavage and blood – but if you’re after a game inwhich you can invest your time then there’s other titles in this genrethat can deliver more.

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Let’s take Halo 3, and, before I actually say anythingabout Halo 3,I should make a disclaimer digression. I had put up some articles aboutrepetition in games on my blog, and how I felt that repetition issometimes a good thing (more on that later), and may have implied thataspects of the Halo 3 campaign could have benefited from somemore repetition, and I ended up with some comments that went somethinglike this:“Variety is the spice of life. Games with repetition suck. Your gamewill suck and no one will play it.”Now, I think I’ve played through the Halo 3 campaign about halfa dozen times. I love the game—I even pre-ordered it. I enjoy fanboyspeculation about Halo’s association to Marathon.While this does not make me an expert in all things Halo, I think it atleast gives me license to critique and comment. So I say:fanboys,stand down!hat out of the way, the critique goes like this:imagine you areplaying through Halo 3for the first time. You play as the legendary saviour of humanity, whoplays it cool while expertly wielding a massive arsenal to mow downwave after wave of baddies. However you have a somewhat foggy idea ofwhere to go next, what a missile pod does, how all of those crazy newitems work, the feel of a Spartan laser, and so on. So here’s themismatch:in cut scenes, the Master Chief is extremely cool andconfident, but under the control of the first time gamer, the MasterChief is suddenly acting like some bewildered idiot, fumbling withbubble shields and flamethrowers.Games like Marathon and BioShock succeed instorytelling because the main character can be a bewildered idiot. In Marathon,you’re a space marine who lands on a colony ship with very little ideaof what’s going on, when suddenly aliens start attacking and AIs startfighting over you. BioShock is roughly the same story—you landon an underwater city, things start attacking you, and greater powersstart fighting over you via the radio. You’re a dummy with a big gun,and everyone knows and is willing to exploit this fact.

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When it comes to performance the Intel Skulltrail platform is han ds down the fastest platform that we have ever looked at. With the dual 3 .2GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9775 quad-core processors in the system it consist ently outperformed the other test systems in multi-threaded tests that co uld take advantage of the eight cores. The only two areas that the Skullt rail platform didn't shine was in memory bandwidth and gaming. The DDR2-8 00 FB-DIMMs just don't provide the memory bandwidth needed to compete wit h DDR3 memory kits and it shows where memory bandwidth does come into pla y. When it comes to gaming it's not the fact the board is only PCI Expres s 1.0, it is because the games are not optimized to run on eight cores. I n reality many games are designed to run on just three cores as many game s are now written with consoles in mind...

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Don’t be fooled by the guns and the explosion – it’s been madeclear to us over the course of this review that The Club isn’t actuallya third person shooter at all. Really, it’s a very cleverly disguisedbeat-em-up; Tekken with all the regular moves left out and justthe special combos remaining. The whole game feels like Soul Calibur in the twenty-firstcentury and the proof is in the short character biographies, thecombo-centric gameplay and the booming voice that yells “Finn!Fight!” at the start of every round.Unfortunately, like most beat-em-ups, The Club is also alove-it-or-hate-it affair and it doesn’t surprise me to hear that thedevelopers refer to it as ‘The Marmite Game’. The experience playershave with The Club depends more on the gamers themselves thanthe game and, just as some people love Virtua Fighter but hate Deador Alive, so too will players of The Club become divided. Personally, I can see the game isn’t for me – the forced practice andrepetition of levels in order to get high scores and an unequalledlevel of perfection just doesn’t interest me. I can still see theappeal and craftsmanship in the game though and the level of polish onsome of the levels is truly extraordinary.If practice makes perfect is your motto and you love honing your skillsto a razor edge then The Club could be the best investment you make all year. If you’rethe type of gamer to learn all the cool combos in Soul Caliburor you can manual forever in the latest Tony Hawk’sthen this is the game for you – it’s complex, but approachable and agreat proving ground for your skills and memory. On the other hand, ifyou prefer games that you only need play once or with stories thatoccupy more than the head of a matchstick, then you may want to give TheClub a miss. It’s not a bad game by any measure – but it isn’t foreveryone.

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Once you get past the frankly unusable Wii remote controlmethod, NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams is an enjoyable enough game, althoughit doesn't really bring anything new to the table.It will take between five and six hours to complete the game with bothcharacters, and while there's some replay value in trying to unlock thesecret levels, there really isn't enough to keep you coming back. Toomany of the levels follow the same format, and those that deviate areoften boring and tedious, serving mainly to make the game worse, notbetter.Innovations and tweaks that could have made the game that little bitbetter, such as NiGHTS' additional abilities, the Wii control method oronline play, are fumbled and at best seem tacked on. At worst they makethe game unplayable. In reality, the game could probably have done withanother six months development time, to spend some extra time with thelevel design, control and online play.Younger players may enjoy the sometime frenetic pace and brightcolours. Fans of the original may want to indulge in a nostalgia fest.As for everyone else, I'd suggest you rent or borrow the game firstbefore you commit your hard-earned cash – otherwise NiGHTS might just put you to sleep.

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One of the things that makes Rez so remarkable, assuming youignore all the vibro-love and pretty colours, is the way it takes agenre commonly regarded as shallow and staid and turns it intosomething you’ll be begging your friends to play. That alone means it’sworth picking up, especially since it’s only going to set you back 800measly Microsoft points.Does Rez HD have flaws? Yes, of course it does – mainly the difficultycurve,which is unreliable at times and jumps around more than a bunny tied toan electric fence. The brevity of the game may also bother some gamerswho want to get real value for money but who aren’t interested in theScore Attack mode. Still, despite that, Rez is a classic and important pieceof video game history and the remastered HD version clearly belongs inthe collection of any serious gamer. Now, with that said, you’ll haveto excuse me – I’ve got a controller to go wipe clean before I give itback to the original owner.

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One of the biggest changes to the game however has been at amuch morefundamental level – the structure of the levels themselves. In the past, Tomb Raider has been like most games of thegenre – run, gun, puzzle, solution, run, gun. Wash, rinse, and thenrepeat. Levels are structured to be extremely linear and Lara mustovercome puzzles in a specific order. Underworld changes that, harnessing what the developers arecalling a new multi-level approach to the puzzles. The new structure is simple; there are fewer levels—only about eightapparently when we saw the game in action—but those levels are much,much larger and complex. It isn’t like Legend where Lara isalways moving forwards, it’s much more like the St. Francis’ Follylevel in Anniversary.The solutions to puzzles are often more than just a room away andaren’t just limited to grabbing the right coloured key. Puzzles requirethought, understanding and a close attention to the story.

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Pirates of theBurning Sea is an odd kettle of fish. It’s prettyugly and mediocre to look at for the most part, but it does have acertain rugged appeal to the presentation. The control system and styleof combat is difficult to get to grips with and poorly explained, butrewarding nonetheless and worth a look. The quests too are flawed,proving dull for the most part but thrillingly epic if you want to getinto the spirit of it all. So, with how many contradictions, how are we supposed to judge a gameas massive and open as that of The Burning Sea. Reviewing anMMO is a challenge at the best of times and we’ve barelyscratched the surface of what’s on offer on these high seas.The final and ultimate test of any virtual world is the how populatedit is and that’s something that is hard to judge too, confined as weare to the early days of this particular game. However, it has to besaid that even to us the game looked like it had a good number ofplayers onboard. Better, since everybody always wants an excuse todress like a pirate, there were hardly any bright pink trolls runningaround calling each other n00bs. If that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what is. Pirates of the Burning Sea may be a little damaged by some flawsand contradictions in the game design, but the truth of the matter isthat there’s a little piece of eight buried somewhere inside and if youtake the time to uncover it then you may well find yourself an MMOworthy of your attention for at least a few months.

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While the Radeon HD3870 X2 has the potential to become one of, if notthe fastest graphics cards released to date, it’s not something that Ican recommend over Nvidia’s current flagship GeForce 8800 Ultra and8800 GTX cards because it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Sadlyfor AMD’s graphics product group, that means there’s a long road aheadwith driver support for this beast because, even from just looking atcurrent releases, I believe there will be scenarios in the future whereCrossFire isn’t as well supported as it probably should be.There are many ways to look at this and I’m sure the conspiracytheorists are hard at work. Are the developers locking AMD out becausethey’re working closely with Intel’s and Nvidia’s developer relationsteams? Is AMD’s developer relations team helping developers toimplement proper CrossFire support? Or is there something else thatI’ve missed completely? I honestly don’t know what the situation is,but there are developers which I’ve spoken to in confidence that haven’theard from AMD for a while.Ultimately, the long term success of this card is going to come down toAMD’s driver and developer relations teams and how well it getssupported in this year’s crop of new releases. I’m all for fastergraphics cards using multiple GPUs, but there needs to be transparencyfor the gamer to really harness a multi-GPU card’s potential. In thescenarios where the support is there, the Radeon HD 3870 X2 performsvery well and it can be looked upon as a match for Nvidia’s nownine-month old GeForce 8800 Ultra, but in the scenarios where thereisn’t support, you end up with a card that isn’t even as fast assomething that’s nearly half the price.

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The gameplay is simple – each player, of which there can be upto four(though the ideal number is two), grabs a controller and goes for it.Your trigger finger shoots, the A button performs scripted actions suchas defusing bombs and shaking the controller reloads your gun. You can also use the D-Pad to change your firing mode but, to behonest, once you’ve found which mode you prefer then you’ll probablynot have to change it. Personally, I found the default three-roundburst was the most efficient, especially on the lower levels.There are only three levels in Ghost Squad – a tropicalvilla, Air Force One and a jungle encampment. In each level somebaddies have taken some hostages and it’s up to you as members of theGhost Squad to try and rescue them. The game tries to layer some plotand exposition over the top of this basic premise through cutscenes andnarration from the squad commander, but it’s all pretty superfluous.There are bad guys. You have a gun. That is all you need to know.

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There are a lot of crushed souls in the games industry. A lotof peoplewho set out with the hope of creating fantastic new games that allowthem to express their creativity, whilst simultaneously providing agreat experience for the players. These are the people who were cutdeepest when publisher’s pull the budget on the “risky” titles infavour of the “safe bets”. These are the people who lost a little morehope each time the producer told them that their idea was way too ‘outthere’ for a modern audience. We knew people like this when we set up Introversion and we run intothem now and then in the bars and restaurants surrounding the gamesconferences. When we first set out to write video games we knew the damage thatpublishers could do both to games themselves, and the people writingthem, and we were not willing to let that happen to us. In order toensure our creative freedom, we had to be independent from publishersand license holders, and that independence has become a guiding mantrafor us.Independence from publishers has allowed us ultimate freedom andenabled us to create without compromise, explore without boundaries andlive by a work ethos that isn’t about setting limitations. After sixyears with the sole aim of keeping the company financially afloat, wedid a spot of team building or as industry bods call it, ‘visionalignment’. We wanted to establish in what direction we might all beheading. Despite the fact that we’re a fairly disparate bunch of peoplewith very different motivations, the exercise really proved thatremaining independent was the key shared aspiration at Introversion.

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The HIS Radeon 3870 X2 combines the power of two ATI RV670 GPUs into one to reach for the performance throne in single card processing power. Even tough the implementation has some minor limitations the overall product is certainly interesting and can maybe bring AMD back in the game.

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It’s quite hard to know what to make of Cranium Kabookiibecause, while to my mind it is clearly the best third-party party gameavailable for the Wii, it’s not strikingly awesome on its own. The mini games themselves range from inventive and fun to derived anddamningly difficult – though they do mostly edge towards the former,thankfully. Games like Cloodle prove themselves to be fairlyfun and repeatable and Cranium Kabookii is a game with acertain amount of replayability because of that.  However,at the same time, the game is full of wasted potential and gameplaythat’s too simple, often seemingly rewarding players arbitrarily.Despite the colourful, vibrant presentation the game also fails toprovide anything that is suitably engaging visually. The developerswould have done a lot better to simply recreate the board from theboard game rather than to feature coloured tokens. All of the above is forgivable for the most part though – what isn’tthough is the extremely limited scope for play. You can only play CraniumKabookiiif you have four people with you and, even then, you can only play themain game mode. There’s nothing to unlock and the options don’t evenlet you alter the difficulty of the game. The result is a game which,while fun, could quickly get old for many and which seems to jumpbetween too hard and too easy a bit too much. If you’ve got a group of people with a wide range of ages and arelooking for a multiplayer game that kids can manage then CraniumKabookii is just what you’d want to look at buying.If you want something a little more flexible and adult-aimed thoughthen you’d be better off keeping your wallet in your pocket.

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The PC game looked the worst of all, as if it had been washedout andreduced to a blander version of the original. At first we attributedthis to low settings or a dodgy screen, but a little prying when nobodywas looking revealed that everything was maxed out correctly. Theoptions menu boasted per-pixel lighting, HDR, high texture qualitiesand heat haze shaders – all toggled up to the highest settings. Yet, the PC version still looked a bit ropey despite the increasedframerate. In the end, it’s clear that Conflict:Denied Ops is asolid, if uninspired, shooter that has a few problems still holding itback. However, since these flaws mostly centre on the balancing withinthe game’s mechanics, they should prove relatively easy to fix beforethe game is released.Conflict:Denied Ops sets out to be a casual FPS game suitablefor light play and fun-times, not for hardcore appeal and longevity,and in that respect it’s very close to succeeding at what it sets outto do. If a casual FPS game is the type of thing you think you might beinterested in, or if you regularly find yourself having a few beers andflipping on the Xbox for some split screen fun, then Conflict:Denied Ops may well be a game you want to keep an eye on.

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The8 series of nVIDIA cards have been around for over a year and havealmost completely dominated the market in terms of high end support.Now with the 9 series just around the corner, partners are finishing upwith their last set of performance cards before focusing on the nextgeneration. One of these last cards is the 8800GT; near performance ofa GTX with a sub GTS price tag. MSI might be a bit late in the game to release an 8800GT model, butthey've done it none the less and it's here with me today. Let's see ifit lives up to the 8800GT's sterling reputation.

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A question that’s often asked is how much of what we mightexperiencein a real life situation is reflected in those games that claim to beas close to real as possible? Having spent most of my working life in the Armed Forces and spendingmost of my spare time fragging in ‘realistic’ 3D environments, Ibelieve I’m in a position where I am pretty qualified to answer thatquestion. So, bearing this in mind, I thought I’d put metaphoric pen topaper and see if I could come up with an answer. In fact, I plan to explore the blurring of realism in the gaming worldin a series of articles as this particular subject is one that is closeto my heart.The quandary facing the games publishers has only become more apparentas gamers have become more demanding for perfection and more realismthanks to more advanced graphics. Should the publishers make a gamethat is a reflection of fact or one that is based on perceived fact? Toexplain this, we will be talking about one of my favourite genres:theFirst Person Shooter and, more specifically, ones that use history orcurrent events to set the scene for the action.

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The main problem with Sam & Max Season Two:Moai BetterBlues is one of length. No matter what others may tell you, length is everything and with thegame only lasting two or three hours, the fun is over just as you'restarting to get into the game. This was a problem with Season One and it's still a problem with Season Two.I suppose it's not really a criticism as such, more testament to thequality of the game that you don't really want it to end when it does.There's a trade-off to be made between the episodic nature of the gameand length of the game though, and this time the episodic argument won.DespiteTelltale Games having made some changes to the games based on userfeedback, the main niggle still exists:Sam still walks like he shouldbe using a walking stick. While it is possible to make him run, thisdoesn't work on every screen and more often than not, you're lefttwiddling your thumbs while Sam ambles from one side of the screen tothe next.Sam & Max:Moai Better Blues is still an adventure game atheart, and as such doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, butit still shines on so many levels that you're willing to overlook thefew flaws. If you're really bothered about the length then youcould always grab the seasonpack in a few months time. Telltale Games are to be applauded for both showing us at the adventuregame isn't dead and that episodic gaming can be successful. Ultimately,its biggest flaw is also its biggest advantage:the game is shortenough to be enjoyable but not so long that it drags on.

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There has been a lot of bad press about the Australian developed online PvP game, Fury, by Auran studios. The unfortunate thing is that most of these reviewers appeared to miss the point of what the game is all about. A brief look on the offical Fury forums is all it takes to realise that the Fury community at large is clearly unhappy with this situation. So, what can we, at TechDomain, do to help? The answer was to write a fair review that accurately reflects the state of the game. We'll be taking a interesting approach to our analysis of this unique title. We thought we would try something different - we invited the Fury community at large to contribute to our latest review, a game which I've come to love as a challenging competitive PvP game in a genre of its own. Ultimately, we asked them to Unleash the Fury.

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Uncharted:Drake'sFortune has been proclaimed by some as thebest game so far for the PS3. While this is true to some extent, it hasto be judged against the relative paucity of the console's currentgames catalogue. It's a bit like films that come out in January withposters proclaiming themselves the best film of the year.So, while Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune is possibly the best PlayStation 3game to date, that doesn’t have to be taken as seal of perfection. Thankfully the game is still pretty damn good. There’s enough to keepyou coming back for more and the replay value is enhanced by the bonusfeatures. On the first run the game is short enough that it's not agrind to replay on higher levels, but long enough to be enjoyable andentertaining. The frenetic pace sustained throughout Uncharted helps to hide itsflaws, but it's impossible to get round the fact that this game isflawed. The pace of the game is maintained by the fact that there areno loading pauses to speak of. Each chapter flows seamlessly into thenext, and you're never left looking at a stats screen or standing in anelevator.

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We’vebeen privileged enough to review a fair portion of the NZXT case range,with the Lexa Blackline, Rouge, Hush and Duet all receiving solidresults and accolades. Now I have another case from the gamer enclosureconstructors; the NZXT Alpha.Sold under the tag-line of ‘Simple yet powerful’ it slots into thebudget class case segment. Featuring tool-less drive mounting, steelchassis and GTX support, it should make for a good enclosure for yourbuild.

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Unless youplay at a higher level, most Unreal Tournament 3 and Team Fortress 2games are actually quite casual and rarely require use of a microphoneor regular communication – unless you suspect there’s a spy in yourmidst.Frontlines, like Quake Wars, isn’t built like that.Instead, it’s constructed so that players need to communicate if theywant to accomplish complex goals. It’s something to which the leveldesign is a heavily contributing factor as, in Frontlines,there is rarely any set path or route to follow. It’s an open world –players are given helicopters and tanks and told to do somethinghowever they want.The result is that everyone tries to pull in different directions,meaning that communication is essential. This doesn’t mean that Frontlines is a bad game, because I hadfun whilst playing it and, if nothing else that’s a great scale tomeasure a game by. It does mean that the experience (as opposed to thegameplay) isn’t as accessible as some games though – it targets itselfmuch more at someone who wants to really invest themselves in a game,creating clans and organising matches.If that’s the type of thing you find yourself doing often thenFrontlines could be right up your street. However, even then Frontlinesmay not be anything that is especially worth picking up as the game isreally quite generic and derivative. Again, it’s not that it’s thatbad; just that it doesn’t really take great strides forwards or haveanything that really sets it out from the crowd. If the competitionmanages to make even a small step beyond in terms of either technologyor game design then Frontlines could get left behind quite easily. A solid team-based shooter at its core, Frontlines suffersfrom a lack of accessibility and inspiration, but there is still plentyof time to go until release and the open beta is due to start soon.Shove those two ideas together and you realise that there’s still a lotof time for Frontlines to change and become something else – somethingworth shouting about.

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Over thecoming weeks I’m going to be talking a bit about the gamesindustry with a specific focus on design and production. For my firstarticle, though, I’m going to tell you about my first job in the gamesindustry - the often overlooked or undervalued position of a gamestester. Hopefully it should serve as a decent introduction, while alsobeing informative to those who want to get started in the industry ofgame design.

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XFX has done a wonderful job with their XXX Edition video card fo r the GeForce 8800 GT 256MB series. Their improved cooler is a nice touch that makes their GeForce 8800 GT video cards stand out from the rest. It 's tough to make a video card stand our from the crowd, but XFX has been finding ways to make it happen. The bundle with the XFX GeForce 8800 GT 2 56MB Alpha Dog XXX Edition was solid and it was nice to see the game Lost Planet included with the bundle. The 650MHz core clock and 1.6GHz memor y clocks on the XXX edition are nice as it's a card you can plug in and j ust run. Users don't have to download third party applications and/or fl ash the BIOS to overclock...

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Granted, that isn't a problem which immediately detracts fromthe quality of Galaxy,but it is a problem which will bother some of the grumpier gamers outthere (like myself) and will probably be pointed out by some of theXbox 360 and PS3 fanboys who populate the world.I suppose this criticism comes down to my original bite-sizedexplanation of the game; that it is essentially just SuperMario 64 in space. That’s not bad, because both Mario 64 and Galaxyitself are great games, but it is illustrative of a wider issue.Shoving those wider issues aside for a moment though, Super MarioGalaxyis a game which belongs in the collection of any Wii gamer. It’smassive world is one which can be either fully explored, probed andcompleted, or skipped through when the difficulty curve gets too steep.The new transformations and moves available to Mario are fun enough tokeep the game feeling slightly fresh even if it isn’t really that muchof a breakthrough and the levels themselves are complex and interestingenough to entertain anyone.The fact that it’s got the Super Mario name on it may putsome people off the game who think that Mario games are just for kids,but it really shouldn’t. Despite the cartoony and kiddy feel that thegame has on the surface there’s actually a wealth of longevity andreplayability hidden under the crust - Galaxy is a game whichwill keep hardcore and casual gamers entertained for hours and hours.

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It’s difficult not to use superlatives and become all effusivewhen writing about a game like Mass Effect, but in this case it’s welldeserved.I’m not saying that the game is perfect:it’s not, and there are stilla few little spanners in the works. The graphical glitches and awkwardload points aren’t major points, and it’s a testament to the quality ofthe game that I’m essentially forced to nitpick to find something wrongwith the game. Mass Effect is huge too, both in terms of the area the gamecovers and the amount of playing time. There are enough side quests andachievements to keep even the most obsessive gamer happy for a year andBioWare has said that once the main game is finished, it’s stillpossible to travel around the galaxy and visit other planets,completing side quests that you may have missed.Add on top of that the chance to replay the game with differentdialogue decisions and the additional episodic gaming that BioWare haspromised, and Mass Effectgoes from being a huge game to being a mind-cripplingly massive game.It’s the type of game which gives ‘100 percent Complete Perfectionists’nightmares.If BioWare manages to carry on the quality of the storytelling foranother two games, plus the interim episodes, it will have donesomething the likes of which hasn’t been seen in computer gamingbefore. If you are at all interested in video game storytelling orsimply want to play a Shooter/RPG which offers colossal replayabilitywithout becoming a grind-fest then buy Mass Effect. You won’t regret it.

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The new EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT KO graphics card performed about howwe expected it to:slightly faster than the reference 8800 GT we had testedearlier. In several cases that performance difference was as high as 10-12%on the average frame rate but in other cases the performance gap wassomething like 5-6%. Results obviously depend on the game title and much ofits bottleneck in performance is on the shader units and clock speeds versusthe memory system.

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Assassin's Creed could have been so much more:givenbetterenemy AI, more variation in the missions and a more coherent storyline,this could have been a game that lived up to the hype. Unfortunately,what we have is a game with amazing graphics and not much else.The gameplay on its own isn’t really that bad, but it’s far from thehyped up genre defining spectacular we were all lead to expect. Thebrutal reality is that because the game tries to be a jack of alltrades it ends up as a master of none.There are better stealth games out there and better platformers andbetter third-person shooters too. For plot, there are more convincingscience fiction games and more interesting historical games. How exactly the game managed to build so much hype on just a handful ofscreenshots and a trailer or two, I’m not sure. It feels a bit like adevelopers conceit, and the game has been sold on the one thing itlacks:innovation and originality. The game ends up as entirely average.Let's hope Ubisoft can fix things in time for Assassin's Creed 2,a game which is surely on its way given the phenomenal and somewhatbaffling success of the first game.

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Kane and Lynch is one of those odd games which manages to do somany things right, but so many things wrong too. It’s clear from theoffset that the unrelenting pace, complex backstory and coolly violentgameplay will make it an instant cult hit. However, the less than impressive graphics, awkward multiplayer andsamey nature of the gameplay at the most basic level will equally justput some people off. If I were a psychic forced to predict the future of Kane and Lynch,I’d say it’ll probably end up as one of those word-of-mouth games whichis constantly recommended by fans and critics. Somehow though it willnever really take off – like Psychonauts or Beyond Goodand Evil, both of which I heartily and ironically recommend. It’s not that Kane and Lynch is a bad game. Quite the opposite. Kane andLynchpromises an exciting ride filled with vendettas, vices and vengeance.Unfortunately, that isn’t a dish that everyone has a taste for andthose that are after something more basic and hi-res would be betteroff looking elsewhere. A good game on the whole, but one filled with minor flaws and issues, Kane and Lynchhas the potential to spawn a second, even more adult and undergroundfranchise for Eidos and IO. For the moment though, what we’re left withis a well-told tale which does its best to stand out but can neverquite manage to rise above the crowd of other higher-def shootersavailable this year. Worth picking up, but probably worth selling onagain a few weeks later too.

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As you've certainly noticed by now, the Transformers franchise hasgotten a lot of press lately with the release of Transformers the Movie andjust recently the DVD. Not surprisingly, the video game industry hascapitalized on the new popularity, releasing video games based on the oldseries. Today we'll take a look at one such title, Transformers:The Gamefor the Nintendo Wii. Will this game be

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One of the major complaints some of us had about the game toowas thatthe songs seemed a bit poorly chosen and that there were long periodsof inactivity. Sure, there's times when you need a moment to get yourfunk back and rest your hand but for some songs these pauses areincredibly long. You can honestly spend a good 30 to 60 seconds justsat at your TV, waiting for the song to start again.Another thing to take into consideration is the price – the old guitarsare compatible with the new game, but we’d definitely recommend the newwireless model. This naturally drives the price up by a few bobhowever. In the end, it all comes down to the songs and a personal taste. Ifyour musical palette can stand to see the likes of The Who mixing withRage Against The Machine, something my father would have regarded asakin to reputation-buggery, then you’ll be well catered for with GuitarHero III.It may be essentially the same game as Guitar Hero II,just with a few extra tweaks and songs added in, but that knife cutsboth ways so that what may sound like a bad thing is also pretty good.It may not be as innovative as the first games in the series, but it’sstill as fun and series fans will definitely want to pick it up.

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The Nintendo Wii has to be one of the most revolutionary consolegaming systems of all time. It proved that graphics are not always asimportant and it lets anyone play games, not just gamers. The Wii comes withWii Sports, which is tennis, baseball, golf, boxing, and bowling. All ofthese are fun to play with the Wii remote, but Rosewill has a kit thatbrings even more reality to the game. The Wii Sports Kit is a set of add-onparts that connect to the Wii remote.

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There is still some nugget of charm buried deep within PerseusMandatehowever and I was pretty surprised by the reaction of one or two peoplein the office when I got my hands on it. Within moments, two people hadseparately mentioned to me how they wanted to borrow the game when thereview was done so they could try it out. There just seems to besomething about the franchise that gets people coming back no matterhow bad I tell them the game is. The depressing thing is that I knowhow bad the game is, but I’ll still probably give it another fullplaythrough next time I have some time spare. You see, that’s the rub, as they say. Perseus Mandateisn’t a great game and it isn’t even a good-looking game. But if you’veread this review this far then we have to take it that you liked theoriginal F.E.A.R. an awful lot. If that’s true then the chancesare you’re going to pick this game up anyway, purely to experience theextra bits of the story. It’s a shame that you’ll likely waste yourtime on Perseus Mandate, because with the number of great gamescoming out at the moment there’s no excuse to be caught playing PerseusMandate. None at all.

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Mediais the buzz word, with manufacturers gunning for this market withremote controller equiped computers and even whole operating systemsdesigned around providing you with the perfect media platform.Today I have the much anticipated ThermalTake DH 102 which steps intothe game with an included 7” 800x600 LCD touch screen panel on thefront. It comes packaged with the tried-and-tested iMON software suite,including the remote control. You now don’t even need a monitor withyour next PC…

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... In the article you may remember a certain type of gamer I called the challenge gamer. This was the gamer type that looks at a game and instead of seeing the game, sees a whole plethora of opportunities to set new challenges for themselves. There is one example of challenge gaming that sticks out in most people’s minds, and that is the topic of today’s little chat, speedrunning.

Speedrunning:Chicks dig it @ bonafidereviews.com
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... In the article you may remember a certain type of gamer I called the challenge gamer. This was the gamer type that looks at a game and instead of seeing the game, sees a whole plethora of opportunities to set new challenges for themselves. There is one example of challenge gaming that sticks out in most people’s minds, and that is the topic of today’s little chat, speedrunning.

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The Game

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Kane and Lynch is shaping up to be a fantastic game, with aninnovative (though perhaps a little too streamlined) multiplayer game,fantastic co-op and a talented and passionate team behind it. That muchhad been proved to me for the second time.I do have concerns though. The last level which I played was of suchstark contrast to the previous levels that I had some misgivings aboutthe direction the consistently brilliant story had taken. Knowing thatthis level came at the end of the game didn’t help matters much eitherand made me think the game had an overly Hollywood-ised endings. Interestingly, endings are something that IO Interactive has hadtrouble with in the past too. The original Hitmandrew considerable scorn for changing pace abruptly in the latterstages, forcing Agent 47 to switch from a silent and stealthy figure ofdetached doom into a minigun toting symbol of freedom and self-hatredas he mowed down dozens of clones of himself.However, comparing Hitman and Kane and Lynch shouldn’treflect badly on either and, if anything, reflects well on IO’s new kidon the block. Kane and Lynchmay possibly have a fly in the ointment regarding the latter part ofthe game, but if that’s all there is to worry about then it’s highlypossible that we could have some game of the year material on our handsin the near future.

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TimeShift isn’t a great game, an opinion I’ve probably alreadyover-communicated, but it does have some redeeming features. The wholething is pretty easy to pick up and gamers who want some mindlessaction will no doubt get a kick out of it. The environments are welldetailed too, with some nice weather effects doing a good job of hidingsome of the uglier graphics and more poorly designed levels. One thing I did like about the game though was the unlockables section,which lets players unlock extra little videos and snippets whichexplain bits of the story. Sure, it further evidences the fact that thestory is poorly structured and told, but if you really get into it thenit’s a nice way to build in detail slowly. In the end though the game doesn’t do enough to make itself stand outfrom the crowd of truly awesome games this year. TimeShift hascome at a time when it has to compete with the likes of Halo 3,The Orange Boxand a host of other titles headed to the Xbox 360. By that measure thegame ends up falling a little flat and, while it may be good to pick upfrom the bargain bin for a rainy Saturday (as long as you try not totake it too seriously), that may be just about all it’s good for andthe game isn’t really worth the time of most players.

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The Game

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NZXT have been champions of the gamer casemarket for a while now. In order to keep a top position, you need tokeep pumping out interesting cases designed for every user. To fit thisbill, they’ve releases the Rogue.Featuring a box shaped design and LAN carrying strap, it should be ableto keep NZXT at the top of the game.

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When you get right down to it, Hellgate:London isn’tquite the epic RPG re-imagining that it was hyped up to be and justgoes to show that even a team of ex-Blizzard developers don’t alwaysproduce golden games. That said, the game is still enjoyable andplayable and if you’re after a game which tries to do lots of differentthings at once then Hellgate is The Safe Bet. A jack of all trades and a master of none, Hellgate feels likean odd blend of Knights of The Old Republic and Nethack,with a touch of FPS thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, while itkeeps a lot of the good stuff from these games it also retains a few ofthe flaws and we’re left with a game that is probably going toentertain most people for a good twenty or so hours, but which isn’treally going to rock anyone's world.

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Drawing my conclusion on The Witcher has been difficultandwas actually rather painful for me to come to and not because of myongoing problem with RSI either. You see, I want to give TheWitchera high score so very badly and I’d love any excuse to tell you all togo out and buy it, but there are just too many problems in the way.This is a bit of a personal conflict, because I’m a massive RPG fan andThe Witcheris exactly the type of game I love. There’s an adult theme, acomplicated but scalable set of mechanics to master and an epic andinventively delivered narrative – just what gamers like I lust for.There are problems too though. Poor lip syncing, graphics which borderon schizophrenic and frequent crashes and viewpoint problems – theseare noticeable enough to dissuade the majority from playing the game. The Witcher isn’t a bad game though, just an unpolished onewhich could have done with a little bit more thought and design work.The bugs and crashes will hopefully be eliminated in the future, butfor the moment they are a semi-serious problem for the game. Basically it all comes down to the gamer. If you’re a hardcore RPGgamer like myself then you’ll be able to tolerate or cope with theproblems and have yourself a merry old time. If you’re just a RPGfledgling though or aren’t sure the basic delayed-consequence systeminterests you though then you may do better to avoid The Witcherfor a bit. It all depends on whether or not you’re really willing tosit down for a 40-hour game only to play it all over again to getdifferent consequences – discuss the matter in the forums.

Crysis Single Player Demo Performance P @ pcper.com
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Which is where the despair comes in. You mean our 8800 GTX cardcouldn't run the game at 1600x1200 with any AA and still be a very enjoyablegaming experience? That's a great system though! All that being said, weknew this was going to be the case and have been preparing for it mentally.Your systems are not obsolete at all; CryEngine 2 does scale very well infact. However, if you are used to just maxing out all the IQ bars turningup AA and running it at your LCD's full resolution, you are going to bedisappointed.

bit-tech :The Legend Of Zelda:The Phantom Hourglass @ bit-tech.net
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The Phantom Hourglass has run out of time and now we canonlychoke out our parting shots before we’re buried under a veritablemountain of great gameplay. That’s exactly what’s on offer with The Phantom Hourglasstoo – a mountain gameplay which will keep you coming back for more overand over. The game does well to offer a scaled down version of past Zeldatitles and the design team has obviously learned what was good and wasbad about The Wind Waker. More impressively, they’ve managed todesign a game which is perfectly suited to the hardware of the DS. There are a few problems with The Phantom Hourglassthough, such as the titular hourglass which provides Link with a setamount of ‘safe time’ when traversing the game's central dungeon – TheHome of The Ocean King. The dungeon itself relies more on stealthgameplay than puzzles and the hourglass is an obvious and annoyingattempt to add tension to it all by restricting players to a certainamount of time before they die. That said, as a whole The Phantom Hourglass is a fantasticgame which should be considered a must-buy for the Nintendo DS. Forhardcore gamers there aren’t that many must-have games either, and ifyou want to avoid the likes of Nintendogs then you’re prettymuch limited to Mario, Advance Wars and Castlevania– which makes The Phantom Hourglass even more of a feat.

Technic3D/The Settler 6 Rise Of An Empire @ technic3d.com
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The Game

UT3 beta impressions @ bit-tech.net
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In terms of gameplay, the game is fantastic. Smooth, fluid andinvolving, the game is accessible to new players and won’t overly putunfamiliar players at a disadvantage. At the same time, it encouragesplayers to experiment and try and learn more from the game, rapidlygaining skill.Graphically the game is a marvel too; environments appear both lush anddetailed without interfering or distracting from the match at hand.It’s the kind of thing which shows that the game has been playtested todeath. However, there are a few things which could be a problem – mainly thelack of change. Sure, the graphics are enhanced and there are newlevels, but a lot of that could have been accomplished in a smallerupdate. The Necris vehicles could help address our fears, but we can’treally comment since we didn’t get to see much of them.Basically, it’s the same old Unreal Tournament, but with a facelift and boob-job which is wellsimulated in terms of bounce. Yeah, I liked that analogy too. If you liked the past games then you’ll love UT3 and ifyou haven’t played the past games then you’ll probably still love it.If you’re one of those in-between players though who’s looking forsomething a little different or new, or with more of a focus onteamplay, then you may be better off waiting a while before you buy.

bit-tech Feature:Independent Games Festival 2008 @ bit-tech.net
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One of the more accomplished titles to be spotted on the listis thefirst episode in the new series from Frictional Games, titled Penumbra:Overture.In order to quell any nay-sayers we’ve been in contact with FrictionalGames a bit over the last few months and we can promise both that thesecond episode is on its way and that we’ll be getting a good look atit when it does arrive.Penumbra began as one ofthe most popular and most downloadedindie games ever and the original game was a short, self-contained techdemo which can be downloaded here if you want to get a taste for thefull game.The game is the first part of a continuing series which tells the storyof Philip, a physicist who gets a mysterious letter from hislong-absent and supposedly dead father. Philip sets out to investigateand predictably enough gets embroiled in a survival horror situation inan abandoned bunker somewhere in snow-swept Greenland.

bit-tech P:Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare hands on @ bit-tech.net
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The singleplayer is something we can talk about though and fromwhatwe’ve seen it’s shaping up rather excellently. The graphics areincredibly detailed and good-looking, though the smoke effects don’tlook nearly as impressive as they did when Call of Duty 2 came out andthe RPG smoke trails are a little suspect.The action itself is as frantic as ever too, with grenades andtracerscutting through the sky and sending up plumes of dirt whilst your teammates scream and run around taking down the bad guys. There are a fewareas where we think the gameplay could be tightened up but theoverwhelming majority of the game feels crisp and cleanly put together.The key difference between Call of Duty 4 and the other games in the series is, on reflection,not the largely cosmetic differences between World War 2 and ModernWarfare, but the vastly improved cinematic feel. The past Callof Dutygames have often felt grand and beautifully epic, but rarely were theytruly cinematic. They felt distinctly like playing a game rather thanbeing in a movie. This isn’t true of Modern Warfare which, witha new story and more contemporarily gritty feel, manages to feel moreimmersive and polished forever – possibly putting it forward as thebest Call of Duty game yet if the development continues likethis.

ATI Catalyst 7.10 Analysis - XP & Vista @ tweaktown.com
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Performance is the name of the game this month, performance incre ases are what AMD have promised with Catalyst 7.10. Labeled as the =93Sho ot em' Up Driver=94 we have a huge line up of improvements. Unfortunately while we don't test all of the programs there are a numbe r that we do. You want to read this as much as I want to write it so let' s not ramble on and just get straight into it.

bit-tech :Microsoft's Sidewinder gaming mouse @ bit-tech.net
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Technically the Sidewinder is a good mouse and on paper it hasall thefeatures one might look for – on the fly DPI, thumb buttons and anergonomic design which isn’t entirely uncomfortableto use. On top of this it adds a load of features which range frompseudo-useful to the downright annoying, such as the weight system andGame Explorer button. The mouse even performs quite well and I tested it across a number ofgames in the week I had it on my desk, including the awesome Team Fortress 2.However, the mouse isn’t exactly the most comfortable to use and theIntellipoint software hinges on being needlessly elaborate. Some of thefeatures, the Game Explorer button in particular, are entirely stupidand do absolutely nothing for us. The overall look of the mouse is alsoa bit repugnant, which makes the price even more annoying. TheSidewinder costs around £40 in the UK or $65 in the US. At that price, the Sidewinder is starting to put itself out of themarket and for just a little bit more you can get a much better mouse,like the Logitech G5, or you could get a Razer Deathadder for the sameprice.

bit-tech P:Assassin's Creed hands-on p @ bit-tech.net
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In fact the only real problem is the futuristic-bend on thestory. Onits own it would be forgiveable, but it manages to pervade itselfthrough into absolutely every aspect of the game. Flashing clouds ofbinary for loading screens, streaming symbols in the middle of combatand invisible walls dotted with pseudo-scientific emblems – these arethe elements which could ruin the game's otherwise fantastic set-up.A lot of this could of course change dramatically over the next fewmonths. These futuristic elements could be toned down or removed. It’seven possible that they could be so well explained in the full versionthat they turn from weak points to indispensable and innovative gameelements. But I’m sceptical of that possibility and I for one am going to bewatching Assassin’s Creedvery closely as the release date creeps forward out of the shadows.It’d be a horrible shame for this awesome game to stab itself in thethroat by trying to be something it isn’t.

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Stranglehold is a remarkable, enjoyable and appealing game toplay, but there are a few problems. Although the gameplay is very immersive, mission objectives appear veryarbitrary and pointless and once you’ve played around with all thespecial moves, which will take a good few hours, the situations youfind yourself in become rather repetitive. This was especially true forme at the end of the third level. Instead of being sat on the edge ofmy seat in awe of how much I was owning; I noticed my body language hadbeen reduced to slumping in the chair as I mowed down yet another waveof Triads.

bit-tech P:Kane and Lynch:Dead Men @ bit-tech.net
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Of course, bringing our thoughts full circle, this is somethingwhichis deliberately built into the game and is in fitting with thepersonality of the player. Kane, the professional killer, moves slowlythroughout the game, exhibiting great finesse and picking off histargets with as little drama as possible. Lynch on the other hand is often vying for a brawl and can be heardyelling or charging forward into the thick of the battle. This againthrows up more ways in which the gameplay and characters are fusedtogether and players will no doubt start to develop odd opinions aboutKane and Lynch themselves. Not only is there the obvious envy of Lynch being able to chargethoughtlessly into battle, but the added annoyances and problems causedfrom having to pick up the pieces and revive the poorly medicatedmonster.

bit-tech P:Team Fortress 2 beta impressions @ bit-tech.net
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Graphically, as well, the game is just on another level to itscontemporaries. As already mentioned, the game isn't designed to berealistic, but rather uses a mix of cel-shadingand various engine tweaks created by Valve’s dev team to createenvironments and models that are incredibly polished. Even effects likemotion blur are implemented exquisitely, giving the sensation of speedand movement, but without inducing nausea after five minutes of playlike we’ve found with some games recently.Let's not forget though that this is a Beta we're talking about andthat the dev team still has time to iron out the few wrinkles that docrop up from time to time (namely the occasional crash to desktop).TF2 will also be coming down the tubes through Valve’s infamouscontent delivery system, so updates should be quick and seamless.I could continue writing about the marvels of TF2 for days, oreven weeks (perhaps you should start a bit-tech fan club? – Ed.).Instead though, I will confine myself to stating that while Crysismay have left us speechless with its graphical prowess, TF2 seems, tome at least, a refreshing break from the norm of multiplayerfirst-person shooters.I simply can’t wait for the full release and the influx of thousandsmore noobs ready to succumb to my baseball bat of doom. Muwhahaha!!

Resident Evil 4 Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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Resident Evil 4 is back. For the 4th time. Originally released on the GameCube, then ported to the PlayStation 2 and PC, the question that most Wii owners will be asking themselves is not “Should I buy Resident Evil 4?” but “Why should I buy Resident Evil 4 again?” Read on for a brief overview of the game’s predecessors, so that newcomers can appreciate just how groundbreaking Resident Evil 4 was when it was first released, and then continue for a detailed comparison of every version of it, so that you can decide if the additions to the Wii Edition make it worth buying again - or which one to buy in the first place.

bit-tech :Enemy Territory:Quake Wars @ bit-tech.net
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Quake Wars is a great game, but it isn’t without problems andwehad a number of issues with the game before we got to grips with it.The first obstacle was the interface, which feels very cluttered. It’spossible to remove elements or to make them more opaque, but thisdoesn’t really solve the problem and it would have been a better ideato let users resize fonts and remove elements completely. There’s only so many times I need to see “Waiting for respawn or revive from medic” taking up the majority ofthe screen. There’s also a number of elements in the game which don’t quite performas expected – the personalised missions being the first thing that popto mind. Telling a soldier to “Destroy the Psi Radar for 2XP”isn’t a personalised mission to my mind and is incredibly generic,especially when it is listed for each and every Psi Radar on the level.In terms of longevity and variation, the game is also a bit suspect.There are plenty of maps, but only three game modes; Campaign,Objective and Stopwatch. Campaign is the main game and is a three mapstruggle, while Objective is a one map battle and Stopwatch letsplayers alternate between attacking and defending. Not exactlyrevolutionary and it would have been nice if there were some morechoices available.

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Opposing Fronts is an excellent addition to the realm ofWWIIRTS games and the fact that it can be played either with or without theoriginal game is a great boon to genre fans.On top of this the game has undergone a variety of the enhancements andtweaks. Not only is there the two new campaigns and the new teams totoy with, but there’s also day and night cycles and some interestingweather effects which impact on gameplay. Muddy terrain will slow downheavy vehicles, while a burst of sunlight may give a troop of infantrya surge of courage and hope. These new weather effects don’t play a huge part in the game design andit’s probably possible to pass them by without noticing, but theaddition is interesting and unique enough to be noteworthy.

bit-tech :Kingston KHX11000D3LLK2/2G and OCZ PC3-10666 Platinum Edition DDR3 memory @ bit-tech.net
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Overall, the Kingston performs better in 2D applications whenit'srunning at 1,333MHz with its default timings, whereas the OCZ seems torun better at 1,066MHz with lower latencies. On average there's acouple of memory heavy situations, like Xvid encoding, where theKingston is just simply faster than the OCZ. This isn't reflected in 3Dwhere the OCZ is the faster memory across all the games we've testedhere.So which one is better? We'd have to say neither of them are in thegrand scheme of things. If you do a lot of intensive 2D work then theKingston is more likely to suit you and if you're a gamer, you mightfind that the OCZ is a better choice.It's hardly surprising that they both overclock virtually identicallyas well, considering they use the same DRAM chips - the Kingston canhandle fractionally lower latencies but the OCZ does 8MHz more at thetop end. ~1,430-1,440MHz from 1,333MHz modules is hardly that much toshout about, but at least both of them are consistent. Compared to the engineeringsample Corsair DHX modules, which managed to achieve 1,520MHz, but thatwas at CAS-9 which negates almost any frequency advantage.

bit-tech P:Portal - hands-on @ bit-tech.net
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That said, there are a handful of things which concern us. Thefirst isreplayability, which looks like it may be incredibly limited. Afterall, when you ignore the cool factor of the portal gun we’reessentially left with a simple, short puzzle game which some suspectmay have been added on merely to bulk up the value-for-money appeal ofThe Orange Box.The too-frequent loading screens are also a bit of a cause for worryand whether these are due to the pace at which we were progressing (thefirst rooms are deliberately, but ridiculously easy) or an actuallimitation of the engine makes no difference. Of course, none of thatreally matters because the game still plays brilliantly and is a greatexample of how a simple, innovative idea can be incorporated into agame successfully without picking up lots of chaff and game clichésalong the way. Portal has one or two problems, but these are minor at worst anddon’t really detract from the game experience. Easy to pick up,hilarious and deliciously streamlined, Portal could yet proveto be the best weapon in The Orange Box’s arsenal.

bit-tech P:Crysis Multiplayer Beta Impressions @ bit-tech.net
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So, is Crysis the next best thing or a just a very pretty butstill dead fish floating in the vast and ever-changing ocean of PCgames? The chances are you’ve already made up your mind on the issue,but you still came here and read this far in order to hear my thoughtsso you’ll still have to sit down and listen. Or read. Whatever.The problem with Crysis as far as I can see is that it may be perilously close tofalling into the same trap as Far Cry– ending up a gorgeous game with some very interesting gameplayelements, but still marred on a few basic issues. The short ten hourlength of the singleplayer game and the quick movement between thejungle, frozen island and spaceship environments may just be a savinggrace for the singleplayer game if rumours are to be believed.With the multiplayer though, the gameplay still feels a little confusedand broken. Wonky physics and performance issues are easily forgiven ina beta version, but the actual premise and the design of the powerstruggle mode is still something I’d call into question. Even thegamemodes themselves could change as the game moves from beta to goldstatus and if you’re one of the few people who’s genuinely confusedabout whether or not Crysis will live up to the hype then you’re going to have to hold onand wait until you can get a taste of the game.

bit-tech Interview:CliffyB on Life, Design and Gears of War PC @ bit-tech.net
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Bit-tech:Werethe new chapters part of the story that youwanted to have in the Xbox 360, but either didn't have the time or thespace [on the disc] to add them in?CliffyB:I wouldn't say… narratively, some of the plot points asfar as what's going on with this whole train section, that was veryimportant to depict, and a little bit of that did get cut out of the360 version. The Brumak fight, in my heart of hearts, I'd hopedwould've made the 360 version but, six months before the Xbox versionshipped, I knew it wasn't going to make it. We could have forced it in there, but the game wouldn’t have come outlast holiday season and it would not have been as good a product, itwould not have had the level of polish that it did. Development is all about making the appropriate mature trade-offs inwhat you're going to ship in the game, and The Brumak wound up onlyended getting a cameo initially, which thankfully saved him for the PCversion; so now everyone gets have their head stomped on by him.

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Today on the review block is OCZ's ModXStream power supply, a more advanced version of the GameXStream. We previously reviewed their GameXStream and were extremely happy with the performance of the unit, the amount of connections it provided and its price. The ModXStream is the next generation of PSU from OCZ that comes equipped with modular cable capability, the latest trend in power supply units.

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Out of all ofthose great games though there was one which got peoplehooked all over the world - Tetris. The game seemed so verysimple...all you had to do was place every little piece into a wall. Ofcourse, simple doesn't mean easy - blocks dropped quicker and quicker,and the minutes flew by just as quickly. Thousands of colourful hoursin eight bits, double matches trying to be the best in the “hall offame”!The idea of the new Planet Express Klan project arose from these fondmemories. It would be based in a retro style, with very bright colours.It also had to be of huge proportions, as it would need to hold thegaming rigs of each of our clan.

Shuttle SG33G5 Pro SFF XPC - Intel G33 @ tweaktown.com
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It's been a while since we have heard from Shuttle, and for pre tty good reason. Many years ago if you wanted a small form factor PC that could pack a punch your only real option was Shuttle. It came to the poi nt where some of the biggest manufacturers in the world decided to enter the game, Gigabyte had a crack at it along with Epox and ASUS but no one was ever able to stand out like Shuttle.The particular model we are looking at today is the Shuttle SG33G5 Pro us ing the latest onboard graphics chipset from Intel, the G33. Where does S huttle best fit in the market these days? We'll have a look at the SG33 G5 Pro and see where in our house its best suited for.

2K Games BioShock PC Game @ pro-clockers.com
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The highly anticipated hybrid first-person shooter BioShock hit storeshelves August 21, and we had to get our hands on one of the first copies.After scratching and clawing my way through all the people and spectators, Iwas able to grab one of the last boxes available. After tending to my woundsand paying the store clerk, I eagerly rushed home to get this game installedand start my evaluation (whereas I prepared early and pre-ordered the gametwo months ago, and the most I received in the way of injuries was a nervoustwitch in my neck from the commute home - lovingly stroking the embossedmetal case the game came in - Ed)

Gameplay, Graphics & Performance @ bit-tech.net
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With regard to the graphics, we've shown you the differencesthat thereare between the DirectX 9.0 and DirectX 10 versions of the game and itis ultimately up to you whether you want to buy Windows Vista (if youdon't own it already)to play the game with the additional effects which, despite beingsubtle in some cases, do help to make the game feel more realistic. It's not the best-looking game we've playedthis year, but it's certainly up there – one thing that's definitelyworth a special mention is the game's water, which is without doubt thebest we've seen.

Games Convention 2007:Hardware @ techpowerup.com
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The Games Convention 2007 had some very interesting hardware product launches. We have scoured the halls, snapped pictures and collected information on all the interesting new releases at the show.

Technic3D/Revoltec FightPad @ technic3d.com
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The Revoltec FightPad arrived Technic3D. The Gamer Pad with bl ue LED and a small price for Gamer? See you in the following Review th e third Product from the Revoltec Gaming Edition on Technic3D

Kinc and Shamino breaks 27,000 in 3DMark 06 with Mushkin and ASUS HD 2900 XT CrossFire @ nordichardware.com
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This brings Kinc, and Shamino of course, back to the top of the 3DMark 06 Hall of Fame, along with the Radeon HD 2900 XT. The new GPU-pots (rev4) with a thicker base really does wonders for the Radeon HD 2900 XT, and there might even be more coming. The new world record is 27,039 points and it might even get a tweak or two before the Games Convention is over.

BioShock Gameplay @ bit-tech.net
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For all the fancy gameplay elements and attention to detailthough, BioShockis still a game about a story. There’s no multiplayer side which willgive the game extra life either, so the story is doubly important.Talking about the game's story is something made incredibly difficultthanks to the spoiler-free nature of this article, but you don’t needto worry and we won’t give in to the over-whelming urge to tell all.Let it only be said that the game's over-arching plot is full oftwists, turns and emotional grab you by the short and curliesthen yank you out of your chair moments.The story, which is told in first person by an utterly silent narrator,is told not just through cutscenes either. Audio logs litter the ruinsof Rapture, just as in System Shock 2 or the much lessinspiring Doom 3.

Advanced Warfighter 2 - AGEIA PhysX PPU Update @ pcper.com
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The AGEIA Island level is a different story as our screenshots anddescriptions above attest to. The level of interactivity with the worldincreased dramatically when the developers could assume that the user wasgoing to have PhysX hardware on their system and didn't have to worry aboutbackwards compatibility. Even though some of the new animations andinteractions were cheesy (like the tree that always breaks in the samelocation), the feel of the level made the game much different and I couldsee how expanding on it could create something truly innovative.

Blacksite:Area 51 p @ bit-tech.net
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Blacksite:Area 51 is set to be shaping up rather nicely then.There’s the promise of a fully developed and beautifully realised storyhere thanks to the involvement of industry figureheads like HarveySmith and Susan O’Connor and the utterly magnificent UE3 engine whichties it all together into one gorgeous package. More important than any of the additions to the game and theimprovements to the engine though are the things that have been pulledback and ripped out of the original template.

Corsair USB Flash Drives:Survivor and Padlock Change the Game @ pcper.com
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Setup of the device is pretty simple:holding down the

What are the possibilities? @ bonafidereviews.com
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The new E3 this year was an interesting change of pace from the E3’s of yore. Gone is the gamer paradise we once loved, and replacing it, a business to business summit meant mostly if not solely for industry. As such, E3 had a lot less to offer in terms of playable demos, but a lot MORE to offer in terms of company press conferences. The big 3 got together to show off their current projects and shiny new toys, and Nintendo was certainly no exception. It’s big headliner? The Wii Balance Board.

Crysis hands-on p @ bit-tech.net
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One of the major talking points since we first previewed Crysiswas the sheer quality of the graphics. On that front, Crysismost definitely delivers and even though we were merely playing theDirectX 9.0 version of the game, it's easily one of the best lookinggames we've ever played - if not the best outright. The lighting was stunning, especially when you went for a swim - therays of light and reflections from the water on the sea bed werebreathtaking. Of course, lighting on its own is all well and good, butit's never going to deliver a truly immersive experience without somegood shadows. It's lucky, then, that Crysisalso delivers on that front too - the shadows are right up there withthe lighting effects and really helped to make for an immersiveexperience.

A look at Omega Sektor - the UK's largest LAN gaming centre @ bit-tech.net
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I spent a good ten or twenty minutes talking to these potentialcustomers and the one thing that I found most amazing was that they allbelieved the games were running on maximum settings, despite the factthat I later showed them it was default settings and that the PCprevented you from pushing the texture detail to high.Still, I pushed the topic forwards and asked them if they would bewilling to pay for time in the centre. The answer was a unanimous yes,despite the fact that none of them knew how the centre was to bepriced. When I outlined the pricing plan to them, they accepted it asperfectly reasonable given the quality of the hardware and selection ofgames and services. Herded back into the Omega Sektor-mobile and sent back towards thetrain station, I was no longer struggling with my conclusions. OmegaSektor had successfully won me over and it wasn’t because of the fancycars and flowing wine either. Omega Sektor struck a chord with me,making me enthusiastic about competitive gaming again and bringing backthe old adrenaline rush which only LAN gaming can deliver. Couple thatbuzz with the reasonable prices and the backing of companies like Inteland Scan Computers, it’s hard to deny that Omega Sektor is set to bethe hub for professional and competitive gaming in the UK.

gaming on demand @ bit-tech.net
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In terms of interface, support and design however, Metaboli issuperblyexecuted and well put together. The system offers detailed systemrequirements, which is a great advantage. The reader reviews areuniversally useless and Metaboli would do well to mimic Steam byshowing a Metacritic score for the game instead, but the vast majorityof titles will already be familiar to most players so it isn’t animmediate problem. It should also be pointed out that the forums weresomewhat sparsely populated.When you get right down to the core of it, Metaboli is an incrediblywell designed system that comes the closest to rivalling Steam orGametap to date. Whether it can continue to rise in the ranks andimpress gamers remains to be seen as it’s still early days for it, butthere’s no reason we can see why Metaboli won’t be the next ‘bigthing’. Especially when a glance over the Term and Conditions revealsthat it's possible to organise a £1 trial period.

Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force Gamepad @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The game controller in your hand can make all the difference, sometimes between liking a game, and loving it, or just for getting the game to do what you intend. Is the controller

Dynasty Warriors:Gundam Demo Impressions @ thinkgaming.org
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Over the weekend I decided to download the Dynasty Warriors:Gundamdemo. At around 500mb it only took about 20 minutes to download. Aftergetting used to the controls and playing for an hour or so I give you myinitial impressions of the game. Is it just like every other DynastyWarriors game or is it better? Read on to find out!

Sword of The New World:Granado Espada @ bit-tech.net
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You see, in our minds this isn’t a single game, but is actuallytwo. Onthe one hand, we have the free to play trial version which lets playersget to level 20 and experiment with the majority of what the game hasto offer, but not all. That game is quite good. You can play enough ofthe game to get a taste of it and still have some more to playafterwards.In fact, we’d go so far as to say that with the right approach, thefree version of the game offers just the right amount of gameplay andby the time you’ve seen everything it has to offer the majority ofplayers will already be getting bored with the whole game and will beready to forget about it completely.But, then there’s the other game; the one you have to pay for...

Technic3D/Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 @ technic3d.com
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The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Game from Ubisoft arrive d Technic3D. How does the gameplay hold up and what changes have been to the system since the last game? All better than the First Part? See you in the following Review.

Writing for the LCD:FPS games @ bit-tech.net
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One thing which is constantly interesting about thefirst-personperspective is how prominent it is in games compared to movies andwritten stories. In games, practically every other title is a FPS gameand almost all of the major releases for the last five years have usedthe FPS template in some way, from Half-Life 2 and Preyto the upcoming Haze and Crysis, yet in cinema thereare hardly any movies which harness a first-person view and the onlyones in recent memory are The Blair Witch Project and Doom,the latter of which doesn't really count in our opinion since it justcopies the game. In books however the first-person perspective is more commonly used,though not a majority, so it seems odd that it's so prevalent in moderngaming culture.The reason for this is most likely that games are an interactive mediumand therefore recognise that the first-person perspective is the mostnatural one to use when presenting an environment from the viewpoint ofa single character. Books and movies meanwhile choose generally toseize a third-person point of view as it frees them from the verydifficulties which Rob pointed out earlier on; a third-personperspective allows the writer of a book or movie the opportunity to cutaway to some off-screen action a lot more fluidly.

E3 2007 Major Events Recap @ bonafidereviews.com
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E3 is still a hotspot for the latest info in the games industry, and this year being the second year of the new generation of gaming consoles, the puberty of their life if you will, had a very strong showing of some new and innovative ideas all of which are sure to wet your gaming whistle. Lets take a look at some of them now shall we.

The Laws of PhysX @ bit-tech.net
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Maybe Unreal Tournament 3 will be that game which firstcrosses the line between simply providing extra eye candy and providinga fundamentally different game experience with a must-have status, butwe won’t know it until the game is released and this is what reallyillustrates the problem Ageia faces; without a string of must-havegames set up to use the PPU, few gamers will risk investing in a newpiece of hardware, but with few gamers willing to invest in thehardware it still remains to be seen if enough of the big developersare willing to take the plunge and develop games which will require thePhysX hardware.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for PC @ bit-tech.net
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The truth is that GRAW 2 just doesn’t feelsubstantiallydifferent to the first game however and despite a few smaller tweaksthe vast majority of interface and game design is the same, with a lotof the levels painted with the same sandy, Mexican pueblo palette. It’s not so much a flaw in the game, as GRAW 2 is stillfun to play and tactical shooter fans will find just what they needwithin it, but even those avowed fans of the genre and series may endup looking down on GRAW 2. It doesn’t really add to thefeatures taken from the first GRAWand the player is left feeling cheated, wondering what happened to therevolutionary sequel they were promised and where they got the new GRAWmap pack from.

Console Exclusivity @ bonafidereviews.com
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As a gamer, have you ever wondered why Final Fantasy generally comes out on Playstation and no other systems? Or what about things like, why Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were only redone for the Game cube and no other consoles? Ever wonder why Gears of War is on the 360 and hasn’t shown its face on the other consoles? Well everyone the answer is simple, and it lies in a little thing called exclusivity.

World in Conflict Multiplayer beta impressions @ bit-tech.net
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Well, part of us is very excited. Very excited. The game looks not justawesome, but awesome to the max;the type of game which might make us use words like ‘rowdy’ and‘gnarly’ if we were cool surfer dudes. Instead, being tech geeks wehave to settle with saying that the volumetric smoke effects areawesome and the camera controls are both excellent and intuitive,allowing full and free-roaming control. Gameplay is excellent too, the perfect blend of small squad action,cooperative teamplay and edge-of-seat large scale battles. Units areexcellently priced and balanced so that gameplay never gets too oldand, while the unit selection is quite limited, there’s still plenty ofvariation there to keep us entertained.

Sonic and the Secret Rings for Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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The most common complaint that critics cited against previous 3D Sonic games, most famously Sonic Adventure, was that the camera often didn’t point in the direction that they were going. The game was lambasted for this, and now it’s not uncommon to see new games with wonky camera systems to be mockingly compared to Sonic’s Dreamcast debut. But was the problem the game, or the critics themselves?

[News] OCZ ModXStream 780w Power Supply @ virtual-hideout.net
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OCZ has done it again; they've made another great power supply totarget the modular power supply lovers out there. They did this whilekeeping with the signature look of the GameXStream series. The bright 120mmblue LED fan looks great and adds a touch of bling to your system withoutgoing overboard.

Thermaltake Bach VB8000BNS HTPC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Bach is intended to be an HTPC case. The idea of using a PC asan integral part of a total home entertainment system has been around forquite a while, but only now has it really become practical as the quality ofconsumer sound cards goes up, and the prices of digital HDTVs come down.Looking at the attractive packaging graphics of the Bach, it is obvious thatThermaltake isn't marketing this case towards the gamer, overclocker, ormodder. No dragons, sniper rifles, or plasma rockets here. The person buyingthis case will sip S. Pellegrino rather than guzzle Full Throttle.

DDR-3 Gaming Performance Analysis @ tweaktown.com
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DDR-3 makes the decision even harder as it carries an extreme cost at the moment but do those dollars actually translate into extreme gaming performance? Technically speaking, in pure megabytes per second, it is fast, thanks to the attainable speeds 1500MHz double data rate and beyond which can be achieved, without too much effort. However, the big issue with DDR-3 memory right now is the fact that its latency is high, much higher comparatively to more finely tuned DDR-2.What does this all really mean for the gamer, though? Are we going to be pushing an extra 1FPS? Maybe 10? It all remains to be seen.

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC M1 @ techpowerup.com
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The Killer NIC by Bigfoot Networks is a network card specifically designed for the needs of gamers. It comes with a 400 MHz RISC processor onboard that handles all network processing functions, giving the games more CPU time to use. In addition to that the processor can run small applications like a Firewall or BitTorrent client independently from the host system.

Gaming Notebook Roundup @ insidehw.com
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A long time ago mobile computers were simply business machines. Withprices getting lower and lower each day, notebooks are becoming the firstoption when buying a home computer, and that places new obstacles in frontof them:to satisfy the multimedia and gaming needs of the owner. Althoughthey still cannot measure up to the newest desktop solutions, modern mobilecomputers can offer more than decent performance as far as the games areconcerned. That's why we decided to check out the situation on the market.

The Top 5 Most Moddable Games @ bit-tech.net
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A while back, we revisited some of the great games of oldthat could really use a spit-shine and a re-release. Of course, despiteall of our wishes, hopes and dreams, the past is the past. Those games(and others so wonderfully pointed out) will always remain in ourmemories for what they are, but that got me thinking...whatabout the games that we love because of what we're able to make them?

My First Gamefly Experience Not a Good One @ thinkgaming.org
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I'm sure most of you have heard of Gamefly. It is the game rentalservice like Netflix where games are sent through the mail to you and afteryou are done playing them you can send back. And the best thing is thatthere are no return dates so you can rent games for months at a time. Beingthat I wanted to review more games and buying them would cost a fortune Isigned up for Netflix. Well I got my first game in and I was verydisappointed.

Anniversary @ bit-tech.net
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Tomb Raider:Anniversary is a stonker of a game, provingcapableon all fronts and brilliant in a few. It certainly has its problems –mainly involving a sometimes dodgy camera and occasionally frustratingcombat – but for the bulk of it Anniversary not only recapturesthe brilliance of the original Tomb Raider, but distills thatbrilliance and provides a double dose. Plot wise, the game isn't anywhere near as gripping as Legendwas and the lack of supporting characters damages the way in which thestory is told, but in terms of gameplay it's everything its predecessorwas and more. While Anniversary isn't quite the best game in the Tomb Raiderseries, it's certainly close and for those who prefer length orreplayability over story, Anniversarycould well be the best game they buy this year. Heaps of unlockablesand a string of coherent and expansive levels mean that the Lara'slatest exploration has come back with mountains of gaming gold.

Guild or No Guild @ thinkgaming.org
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With any type of game that has online capabilities guilds and clanspopup. These are groups of people that play the game together whether it'sdoing quests together or playing matches against another guild. Today wewill be discussing the pros and cons to being in a guild and how you goabout joining or starting a guild.

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 @ techgage.com
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Although they are one of the most popular motherboardmanufacturers inthe world, Gigabyte is not often referred to for their cases. With the3D Aurora 570, they look to build on the momentum they have with theirother products to make an impact in the gamer chassis market.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Our test of the game-oriented 6-dpi-shift mouse from OCZ that features a triple click button for faster firing action.

Functionality not included OpEd @ bit-tech.net
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Do you remember back when you were in primary school? Ah, thecalculator (and maybe the game boy, depending on age) was the mosttechnological thing in our lives. They were so wondrous, weren't they?I glowed with pride when I could get my solar-power, 8-digit display tosay

DX10 Benchmark Fiasco @ pcper.com
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Both NVIDIA and AMD have a secondary goal though of appealing to thecommunity and at the very least APPEARING to be looking out for the bestinterests of the gamers themselves. While this might be true on somelevels, the cynical beast in all of us should tell us that most of the timecorporations are only doing good by others when it will do good by them. Byhelping game developers and supporting them with these programs bothhardware companies are making the gaming experience better overall byimproving performance, increasing image quality and finding and fixing bugs.All of these are key benefits to the gamer of course, but NVIDIA and AMDboth have the ulterior motives of selling more hardware.

Lost Planet DirectX 10 impressions @ bit-tech.net
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There's no doubt about it, Capcom has come up aces with the PCversion of Lost Planet.This may only be a demo we were playing with, but if the code playsthis well in its un-optimised and unfinished form then we can't wait tosee what the final game will look like. True, the game isn't flawlessat this point; the A.I proved itself to be a foolish beast and therewere a few times when clipping issues ruined otherwise gorgeous scenesof gory Akrid-slaughtering gaming.

Lost Planet DX9 Vrs DX10 Screen Shots @ hothardware.com
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The screenshots above were taken with the DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 versionsof the Lost Planet demo running on GeForce 8800 GTX using the latest WindowsVista drivers available from NVIDIA. The game was configured for aresolution of 1280x720, with 8X anti-aliasing and 16X anisotropic filteringenabled. If you flip through the screenshots and compare the two versions,you'll see that visually they don't differ very much at all. The motionblur effect is more pronounced in the DX10 shots and it gives the game amore realistic look that's not conveyed well over still captures. Otherthan that, those of you with DX9-class video cards really aren't missing outon much, if anything at all with this title.

Halo 3 Beta Impressions @ thinkgaming.org
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Today was the launch of the Halo 3 beta for everyone who was luckyenough to get into it. After about a full day of gaming we wanted to giveyou our thoughts on the game and give you a video of some of the gameplay ifyou were unable to get into the beta. You should have received an e-mailfrom Bungie giving you your download code. I downloaded the beta first thingthis morning. It really did not take long at all. After you download iscomplete you can go ahead and go into your game demos and you will see thebeta. Read on to see our thoughts on the beta and see our gameplay video!

Halo 3 Gallery @ thinkgaming.org
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Bungie has released a ton of artwork for Halo 3. This includesmultiplayer screenshots, Spartan models, and environment screenshots. Wehave all of these! All of the art looks amazing and the game is going tokick ass! Read on to check out all of the screenshots and artwork!

Lord of the Rings Online @ bit-tech.net
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Whether the game is strong enough to defeat the mighty World ofWarcraft remains to be seen, and we are somewhat doubtful that it will.LotRO has a dedicated fanbase and is instantly recognisable as afranchise, but whether it'll attract players away from WoWis another matter altogether. But if there ever was an MMO that couldsnatch the MMORPG crown from Blizzard and claim it for itself, thenthis is it my precious; this is it.

Spider-Man 3 for PC and Wii ed @ bit-tech.net
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Spider-Man 3 isn’t a very good game, to put it bluntly. There’sa lot to be done in the PC version, from collecting tokens to thwartingsuper villains, but a lot of it feels too hamfisted to be enjoyable. The camera issues that plague the PC version aren’t such a big problemfor the Wii, but there are still massive issues hampering the gameplayon either platform.  The two versions offer different pros and cons, soit's only fair tojudge the two versions separately despite the almost identical plot andengine.

How to find a Nintendo Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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If you’re like me, and you just might be, you may have noticed the poll results on the front page these past couple days. With BonaFide Reviews dipping its feet in the gamer pool, so to speak, its important to keep track of where the demand is in the gaming market, and if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past six months, its pretty easy to see that the Wii continues to be the most sought after next generation console.

contains G.a.p.p.y-T.e.x.t @ bit-tech.net
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There’s no doubt that this is a slightly shoddy port of themuch-lovedPC game, and whether the fault lies with Day One or with the challengesset by the exotic PS3 hardware, it’s still hard to recommend aconversion that looks worse than a dated original. Hard, but notimpossible, because what makes F.E.A.R. so compelling has stillsomehow made the transition intact. Once I’d got over the horrors ofthe graphics engine, I found myself completely drawn into the game, andwhile key sections still tested my patience more than my skills – Ipractically feel like I’ve worked at Armacham having spent so much timein its offices and research labs – that hasn’t stopped my enjoyment.

Gamester Race Pac for PS2 & Xbox @ rbmods.com
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While the Xbox and PS2 have become less popular with the release ofthe latest generation of consoles, there are many great titles stillavailable, especially in the racing genre. But how can you breathe new lifethose racing games? Geeks.com, popular on-line retailer, offers a product,the Gamester Race Pac, which might do the trick. This set puts you literallyinto the driver's set while playing your favorite racing titles. Read on tofind out if it makes it to the finish line in style.

XFX GeForce 8600GTS XXX – nVidia's new mainstream DX10 is here! @ tweaktown.com
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New graphics cards are great, especially when they are in the “affordable for most people” range. nVidia’s GeForce 8600 and 8500 series has been a long waited product. Why? Most importantly it’s the first affordable DirectX 10 capable graphics card from any company and nVidia even have Windows Vista drivers ready for the new range of cards at launch time.This product is so good for the market for two reasons - the first is that consumers who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a PC can now buy something that is going to offer support for the next generation of graphics (DX10 / Shader Model 4.0 with games like Crysis, Alan Wake and UT2007 coming). The second is because more people will be able to buy these GeForce 8500 and 8500 cards with it’s much more attractive price tag, game makers will have even more reason to put resources into making DirectX 10 supported games. The latter is something that is seriously lacking at the moment but the games are on their way slowly but surely.

The Burning Crusade @ thinkgaming.org
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It has been a while since we have published a WoW Report. The mainreason was because I was not playing the game that much. Now the expansionThe Burning Crusade is out so it's time to get back into the game! We aregoing to try to make this a once a week feature published every Thursday. Soin this week's WoW report we will show you the new area called Outland andtell you a little about our questing in this area.

World in Conflict p @ bit-tech.net
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The premise of the game is thus:the Cold War is still goingon. TheAmericans are still hating on the Russians, and the Berlin Wall isstill standing. The Nuke hasn't been deployed - yet - but things areheating up. The plotline is crucial to the single player campaign,unlike most RTS titles, and the exact details and the final denouementare being kept heavily under wraps by the developers. When we sat downand played the game, it was only broadly outlined to us, and themission we played didn't impact too heavily on moving it forward.

bit-tech.net Feature:The Ratings Game @ bit-tech.net
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To that effect, it's abroad misconception held by European gamers thatthe US ratings system is its own problem, or that what affects it won'taffect the European markets. Many big publishing houses (and a bulk ofdeveloper studios) reside in the US, and it accounts for a tremendousamount of game sales. Therefore, the cries from Congress for a harsherrating system there, more government oversight, or even chains likeWal-mart flexing moral muscle by refusing to carry certain ratings willalter the games that the industry releases as a whole. When such alarge market ends up closed off to a game, there may be too manydevelopment costs for it to ever be profitable. Add to that the realitythat the legal enforcement idea of the UK simply couldn't beeffectively implemented nationwide in the US (too much land to cover)and you've got a problem desperately needing a solution.

contains G.a.p.p.y-T.e.x.t @ bit-tech.net
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It’s been a long time coming - the game was originallyscheduled for a2003 release - but for the most part it has been worth the wait. Stalkermay not be quite the revolution it was once heralded as and it has itsfair share of problems, but there’s a great deal to like about thegameplay and the wonderfully realised environment in which it is set.

[News] Pertelian X2040 LCD @ virtual-hideout.net
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Do you game and like to chat, but hate how some chat programsoverride the game? Or perhaps you use full screen applications, and forgetto check for that important email because you were concentrating on thatproject. Well, the solution to those issues is here with the PertelianX2040. This little device, about the size of a large pager and has a 4x20character LCD screen, can be set up to display incoming emails, used withvarious chat programs, and so much more. I know this introduction soundsmore like a commercial and not a review, but to a certain extent that'sprecisely what it is.

Name the Game Contest - Only One Day Left! @ ngohq.com
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We've teamed up with PowerColor to bring you a fun new contest. This month, thanks to PowerColor, we're giving away a PowerColor X1650XT Graphic card! This card has some firepower and we don't want it to reach to the wrong hands, so you will have to prove that you deserve it by proving your knowledge in gaming.

What the market will bear - In-game advertising feature @ bit-tech.net
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One game that definitely wouldn't be hurt is the Grand Theft Auto Series.GTA is a perfect place for some great dynamic advertising. The gamethrives on a warped twist of a very real world, making it an excellentcandidate for some real (but twisted) advertising. Some online gamesare also good choices, particularly ones focusing on real-worldimitation like Second Life.On the other hand, games set in either the future or the past aren'treally going to make great advertising laden games, though there havebeen some novel adaptations. For instance, World of Warcraftisn't about to benefit from movie posters - but it could always use thesame Pizza Hut delivery service that the original Everquesthad. Now if only there was a beer delivery service...

Name the Game Contest - Only One Week Left! @ ngohq.com
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We've teamed up with PowerColor to bring you a fun new contest. This month, thanks to PowerColor, we're giving away a PowerColor X1650XT Graphic card! This card has some firepower and we don't want it to reach to the wrong hands, so you will have to prove that you deserve it by proving your knowledge in gaming.

New Battlefield 2142:Northern Strike Screenshots @ thinkgaming.org
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EA was nice enough to send us over 10 screenshots for their upcoming expansion to Battlefield 2142 entitled Northern Strike.The screens showcase some of the vehicles and units in the game.

Name the Game Contest - Only Two Weeks Left! @ ngohq.com
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We've teamed up with PowerColor to bring you a fun new contest. This month, thanks to PowerColor, we're giving away a PowerColor X1650XT Graphic card! This card has some firepower and we don't want it to reach to the wrong hands, so you will have to prove that you deserve it by proving your knowledge in gaming.

EVGA e-GeForce GTS 320MB Superclocked @ nvnews.net
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In this review we examine the performance of the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB against the 512MB GeForce 7900 GTX in order to determine the areas where less video memory has an impact on performance. Armed with the freeware utility program VidMemWatcher, we were able to determine the memory requirements in the games we tested. After the results were tallied we found that under certain conditions, the e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked graphics card could be a diamond in the rough.

Antec Nine Hundred Mid-Tower Case @ thetechlounge.com
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Antec has built their reputation and great following by making conservative cases with outstanding build quality and a mind foracoustics. Even their portable, LAN-centric designs are utile and relatively subtle. The gamer case market is flooded with lessernames and less expensive, if garish, enclosures. What Antec doesn't do often, is change. When some people say timeless, others saydated. Their innovations rarely permeate through to the outsides of their cases, and it's safe to say they're not likely to fixwhat ain't broke. The Nine Hundred is a gamer's case; it's a surprise to see them drive with the body kit, phat pipe and groundlights guys. Will it deliver on the good construction by which Antec has made their name? Is it at all possible for it to managethe kind of silence that they're renowned for?

News@Technic3D /Pro Evolution Soccer 6 @ technic3d.com
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The Game Pro Evolution Soccer 6 from Konami arrived Technic3D. Better than Pro Evolution Soccer 5? See you the Details in the follow ing Review.

Name the Game Contest:Win a PowerColor X1650XT @ ngohq.com
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We've teamed up with PowerColor to bring you a fun new contest. This month, thanks to PowerColor, we're giving away a PowerColor X1650XT Graphic card! This card has some firepower and we don't want it to reach to the wrong hands, so you will have to prove that you deserve it by proving your knowledge in gaming.

[News] CES 2007:Part 3 @ virtual-hideout.net
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The first things everyone noticed this year were the game systemsbuilt within some of their best looking cases you can find. One thing we'veliked about Cooler Master is their willingness to be creative and evenmodify computer systems. This also makes the display booth look very cool.

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC @ pcper.com
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The frame rate doesn't really go down, as the GPU is still renderingthe same number of frames, these freezes are caused by the game waiting onnetworking data from the server -- something the Killer NIC can help with.Even on the faster Core 2 Duo system, these

Nintendo Wii Component Video Cable Accessory @ bonafidereviews.com
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A couple days ago we received our Wii component cable and it was just in time. Based on what we had read about what the cable does for Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess we didn't want to play the game until the cable arrived. Well we finally have it and wanted to share our experiences of it with you. By the way, it enhances Gamecube games as well!

Games to get for the Wii @ thinkgaming.org
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This holiday season Nintendo launched their new video game system, the Wii. Unlike the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 the Wiidid not focus on graphics, rather enjoyment and gameplay. The Wii features a very intuitive controller in which you actually controlthe game with your hand movement rather than just pressing buttons. I was very skeptical at first, especially after seeing thegraphics and not being impressed, but after playing the Wii I was instantly hooked. The gameplay is just so much fun because youactually feel like your playing, where on other systems you are the character playing. So now it is the holiday season and you justpurchased your Wii. We have a list of 5 games worth checking out.

Tekbunker Article. @ tekbunker.com
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Alot of folks would expect frame rates to be higher, but apparently that may not happen until we use DirectX 10 or, a new improved nVidia driver gets released. Even though frame rates were not that high the game was silky smooth, and ran without a hitch or stutter.

Tekbunker News @ tekbunker.com
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Alot of folks would expect frame rates to be higher, but apparently that may not happen until we use DirectX 10 or, a new improved nVidia driver gets released. Even though frame rates were not that high the game was silky smooth, and ran without a hitch or stutter.

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP Edition Motherboard @ nvnews.net
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The only real negative to this board is that as it came to the game so late, it has been completely overshadowed by the new nForce 680i. The latest and greatest from NVIDIA features the C55 northbridge chip (whereas this board has the older C19) - which should allow for much more reliable and higher overclocking - along with many other features for a price not that far above the P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP.A news post would be appreciated.Regards,Mike ChambersNVNEWS.net------=_NextPart_000_0014_01C70C25.150A7A80Content-Type:text/html; charset=

Sony Playstation Portable @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Sony Playstation Portable, or PSP has been out for a while now. The last portable game system I had was the GameboyColor so it has been a while since I've seen what portable devices can do. When the Sony PSP was announced a lot of people were veryexcited for it and everyday I see people with them, getting in some gaming time while waiting in line or on their lunch break. Thisis a refurbished product, but as you know all the refurbished products from Geeks.com that we have received haven't had any problemswith them at all. You can get a refurbished PSP from Geeks.com for $150. So let's see what all the excitement is about.

GeForce 8800 GTX @ pcper.com
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In the games I played where we kept score (i.e. benchmarked) therewasn't a single time in which the ATI X1950 XTX was able to compete with the8800 GTX, though it was the closest of the three competitors. The 7950 GX2card, that essentially is equipped with dual 7900 GT GPUs, was next in linebehind the ATI card in most cases, followed by the 7900 GTX. NVIDIA'sprevious single GPU flagship card simply doesn't stand a chance, andfrequently was seen to be less than half the speed of the 8800 GTX! I don'tknow if that should make new buyers laugh out loud or current 7900 GTXowners to weep.

Intel Core 2 Quad - Kentsfield arrives with Four Cores @ tweaktown.com
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As a matter of fact, we just got out of a meeting with Valve Software today and they indicated to members of the press that soon they will begin to implement multi-core CPU optimisations into the Source engine which will benefit all previous Source based games and new ones including Episode 2. Initially you will see improvements in frame rates but for Valve, that’s just the beginning. They want to leverage the multi-core technology (and we’re not just talking about four cores) and improve AI and the overall realism of the games to levels we’ve never seen before and they seem to be on track for doing it. From a gaming prospective, is it really worth upgrading to Quad Core right now? Probably not! Is it worth waiting a little while and seeing what all the software and gaming developer companies do? Yes! Right now the hardware is ahead of the software – keep an eye out on patches for your favourite games or applications and decide for yourself if you really need four

Medusa ProGamer Surround Headset @ HWzone Press
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The product we're reviewing is Speed-Link's new surround sound headest,the Medusa ProGamer. After we looked at the original Medusa headset we were genuinelyimpressed , so receiving a new surround headset from the german manufacturerwas something we were really looking forward to, since the ProGamer offerssignificant improvements over the previous model, in all parameters. As a 5.1 surround headset, and as its name suggest, the ProGamer headset isaimed first and foremost at the gamers' audience. But the question iswhether this is truly a must-have product for any gamer, a failed productthat nobody will use or a luxurious headset that only the most hardcoregamers would purchase. Also, the main issue in this review is whether theProGamer headset is indeed better than the original Medusa headset - whichwas excellent by itself - or is it just another attempt to mimick theMedusa's success? These questions, and many others, will be answered in our review.

Nintendo hands-on (p)Wiiview @ bit-tech.net
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So what does this really mean? I see it as most comparable to playingcharades at Christmas. We've all been in the situation, it's the holidayseason and the family is round. Everybody has had a few drinks and someonesuggest playing charades. The game quickly degenerates into ridiculousness,everybody having a great time, until finally your Uncle Fred is tasked withmiming the 'Full Monty' and ends up collapsed and naked, sprawled like DaVinci's Vitruvian Man in themiddle of the living room floor. The point I am trying to make is we're allhappy to embarrass ourselves on special occasions, doing silly things andgetting naked - but can Nintendo really convince us to do it on a day to daybasis (not the naked part)? I have my concerns.

Everglide g-1000 Mouse @ ngohq.com
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Today we are testing a new mouse from a new company. If you're a gamer, you might have heard of Everglide because they are targeting gamers mostly. Everglide is known for their mouse skates and mouse pads. Now, however, they have come up with a new mouse. Like the other products, this mouse is being targeted specifically for gamers. It's pretty amazing to see how the gaming market is advancing. In the past manufacturers released a simple mouse, but now it's all optical and laser and being aimed for the gamer's needs.

The Battle For Adult Gaming GPU's @ legitreviews.com
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When the game installs it's set to run default in OpenGL mode and when using NVIDIA based graphics cards the gaming experience was found to be flaccid as the stuttering and jaggies were making Jenna less than attractive. Since the NVIDIA slogan is

Gears of War Gallery @ thinkgaming.org
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With all of the excitement for Gears of War we have put up a gallery of screenshots! Check them out to see what the gameplayis like and what you should expect from the game. Stay tuned for more additions to the gallery in the last weeks before the game isreleased!

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Playstation 2 @ rbconsoles.com
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If you are a fan of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise yet don't own a PSP, you probably were disappointed back in Oct 2005 to hear that their latest offering, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was only available for the PSP. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long before they ported the game to the PS2, which was released 8 months later. Today we'll find out if it was worth the wait, as we take a look at the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories.

Riot Response for Playstation 2 @ rbconsoles.com
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Ever wonder what it's like to be a riot cop in a city in complete chaos? Eidos, makers of such games as Tome Raider and Deus Ex, and Rocksteady attempt to recreate that feeling with the game Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Let's see how the PS2 version looks in today's featured video game review.

Samsung 971P @ overclockersonline.com
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Aside from the esthetics of the 971p, like every Samsung LCD panel,the screen is stunning. The brightness and contrast make images and colorsjump off the page and slap you in the face. The preset options that can bequickly cycled through are perfect for all situations and one couldn't askfor more adjustments through software that is included in the box. TheSamsung 971p has just thrown for an 80 yard touchdown on opening weekendlate in the 4th quarter to win the game and gets my fantasy start next weekregardless of who it is playing.

New Futuremark quad-core ready game engine @ pcper.com
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You can see in this screen shot above that the software is trackingCPU utilization of the four cores of a Kentsfield processor. You can alsosee the frame rate of the game being reported in the center there. The CPUutilization is fairly high on all four cores, indicating a work load that isbeing distributed fairly evenly.

Devil May Cry 4 PS3 Screenshots @ thinkgaming.org
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We have got 10 screenshots from Devil May Cry 4 for PS3. I actually have to say I am excited about the game, we will have tosee how it plays when it comes out, but the screenshots so far look awesome!

Gaming on Windows Vista - ATI versus NVIDIA @ legitreviews.com
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All of the games that we tried playing, over 12 titles in all, were retail games that we purchased with the most recent patches. In case you are wondering about pirated versions working on Vista we don't know because ours were legit. The purpose of this article was to see how the drivers from ATI and NVIDIA are doing and they are coming along. Neither are what we would call shipping-caliber as both companies lack a ton of features. The NVIDIA drivers don't offer overclocking, GPU temperature monitoring, SLI graphics and many other features that I would call required. I'm a gamer and if my games play ~20-30% faster on XP Professional then you wont see me switch operating systems till the DirectX 10 titles come rolling out.

News@Technic3D /The Settler II - The next Generation @ technic3d.com
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The Game

Why would we buy Battlefield 2142? @ ngohq.com
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The developer's support is very important to keep the game running, fixing bugs, and to prevent cheating. That's why many online games are being patched all the time - sometimes the developer is making a mistake that can have a big negative influence over the game. For example, Client & Server stability issues that can lead to a crash. Usually, when a respected developer is making these kinds of mistakes, they release a fix in a timely manner of a few hours or a week. At least, that's what usually happens when a respected developer (like Valve, for example) has a bug in one of their popular games.

Zboard MERC Gaming Keyboard @ techpowerup.com
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The Ideazon MERC Gaming Keyboard is the one thing the gamer can use, but may have never thought of. Many of us buy expensive mice, large and specially made mouse pads but continue playing on ordinary keyboards. The MERC gaming keyboard changes all that and gives gamers the one thing they actually use the most - a butterfly. We take a look at the keyboard and its software, to see if it really makes our gaming lives easier and more efficient.

The Secrets of DaVinci:The Forbidden Manuscript PC Game @ thinkgaming.org
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DaVinci is quite popular lately so we expected a video game didn't we? Well the game I have for review today is nothing likethe movie at all, it actually has nothing to do with the movie. The Secrets of DaVinci:The Forbidden Manuscript is a work incollaboration with the Chateau du Clos Luce, Leonardo DaVinci's last residence; many experts were brought in to bring an extra levelof realism to the game to make sure the graphics/settings were exactly like the time of Leonardo. I have to say the game is verygood graphically, and it is interesting if you are into the point and click style of games.

OCZ GameXStream 700W @ overclockersonline.com
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The OCZ GameXStream 700W power supply was not OCZs first power supply offering and likely won't be the last but the GameXStream line did seem to improve on the high quality that their PowerStream and ModStream power supplies toughed despite coming from a different manufacturer this time around. I think OCZ has another winner on its hands with the GameXStream as it has proven to stand up to the abuse and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

OCZ GameXStream Multi-GPU PSU under the spotlight @ tweaktown.com
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This brings us to today’s piece where we will take a look at the GameXStream 600-watt power supply. This unit is reportedly made with the gamer in mind. While a solid reputation is certainly a good thing, this won’t be a consideration when looking at a new product.

Revoltec Lightboard Advance and ThermoEye Temp LCD @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we will have a two part review from a newcomer to the USAmarket but not new to the game. Revoltec is a German that is being enteredinto our market and computer lives thorough BlueGears. BlueGears is acompany that is also pretty much new as well, but has introduced us to somevery interesting cooling products as well as some Hi-Fi sound cards. We willbe reviewing the Lightboard Aboard keyboard and the ThermoEye Temp LCDdisplay today. And tomorrow showing you two types of HDD cooling devices,the Silencer and Freezer Black Edition.

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion @ lanaddict.com
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After spending 80 hours playing through the entire main quest of Oblivion, I have to say that I am very pleased. Not only with the game itself, which I found to be an incredible experience very much on par with Morrowind and its expansions, but also with the Xbox 360 as a gaming platform. I found the control scheme very user friendly and the controller itself quite easy to get used to handling. I did experience a few heat-related freezes after playing for six or eight hours, but nothing that a little break didn\'t solve.

Who owns your virtual life? @ bit-tech.net
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MMO players play a significant role in creating the game, to the point that the creation of the game could be considered a partnership. Blizzard might provide the polygons and the servers, and script a few missions, but the intrigue, the stories, the emotional involvement, are all made by the players. What contributes more to the game's sense of fun =96 the polygons, interface and horde of AI bad guys you fight, or the fact that using VoIP, you and people from all over the planet can execute a flawless ambush, then have a good chuckle about with your comrades it on the forum?

Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit @ thinkcomputers.org
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With almost every PC game your keyboard and mouse is what you use to control the game. Sometimes your keyboard just doesn'tcut it. You have to reach far just to reload or change weapons. There are not enough keys that are close to program all your keysyou use in the game. Well Saitek has solved this problem with the Pro Gamer Command Unit. The Pro Gamer Command Unit combines thecontrols essential to First Person Shooter and Strategy games in one unit making them fast and easy to reach in the heat of battle.

Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones @ bigbruin.com
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Although I am by no means an Audiophile, I was quite satisfied with the quality of the sound the Everglide Professional Gaming Headphones produced. I decided to test the headphones with a few PC games and a variety of music. In all tests I detected more bass than I've heard from other headphones. I should also add that I detected very little distortion when I cranked up the games and music throughout my tests.

Oblivion on the Xbox 360 @ lanaddict.com
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After spending 80 hours playing through the entire main quest of Oblivion, I have to say that I am very pleased. Not only with the game itself, which I found to be an incredible experience very much on par with Morrowind and its expansions, but also with the Xbox 360 as a gaming platform. I found the control scheme very user friendly and the controller itself quite easy to get used to handling. I did experience a few heat-related freezes after playing for six or eight hours, but nothing that a little break didn\'t solve.

Final Fantasy VII v ES4:Oblivion @ bit-tech.net
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It is a very linear game but if anything, compared to Oblivion, this linearity seems like FFVII's core strength... Strangely, FFVII's linearity means it coheres brilliantly. It all adds up. All the freedom technology affords a game like Oblivion makes it difficult =96 perhaps impossible =96 for the game to hang together. I liked Oblivion, I really did =96 but I liked it in moments; a cool fight here, a journey across a gorgeous mountain pass there =96 but the open-ended design means it just doesn't gel.

[News] Sapphire "Ultimate" x1600 PRO 256MB Graphics Card @ Diceman@VH
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So if you are in the market for a good graphics card and don't wantto break the bank, give the Sapphire Ultimate X1600 PRO a try. It's a goodquality card that will play just about any of the games currently out today.For the traveling LAN goers, I would suggest removing the card before youtravel since this thing weighs A LOT

OCZ Technology GameXStream 700W Power Supply Unit @ bigbruin.com
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OCZ Technology has clearly demonstrated they can make high quality products other than memory... With nice looks, Active PFC, high efficiency, and extremely stable power output, the GameXStream is the power supply to compare all others to. Either model will provide ample power for a SLI or Cross-Fire system, and with either 600W or 700W to choose from you will not be lacking in power.

Liveblogging Half Life 2:episode one @ bit-tech.net
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Erk, this is actually really scary and quite explicit. I'm making my way underground, and I'm taking on Combine zombies with headcrabs attached to them - as Alyx calls them, 'Zombines'. (Yeah, she's hilarious).There is an incredible amount of gore, and you're in pitch black save for your flashlight. The Zombines are pretty suicidal, running at you with grenades.I finally got a gun! Hurrah! Only two hours into the game. I've never been so happy to see a trusty pistol. Despite the horror gameplay, it's very much linear - run through this room, take out these guys, move onto the next room, wait for enemies to attack, take them out, flick switch to go into next room - I'm sticking with it because I'm praying for some storyline progression pretty soon.

Mods for Oblivion and Rome Total War @ bit-tech.net
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Obscuro's Overhaul changes the levels of some NPCs in the game, fixing them at certain levels, meaning that when you are low level the world is a mean and unforgiving place and that when you are high level the place is still mean and unforgiving, but due to some minor adjustments to the spawns you'll still find rats and cute low level monsters to drop kick around the forest. Because it changes NPC levels that are fixed when the game starts up, for Obscuro's mod to work you need to start the game from scratch with it activated.

Comic Book Super-Hero Games @ thinkgaming.org
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With the annual San Diego Comic-Con coming up in just a few months and several huge super-hero movies being released thisyear and under production for the next few years, the gaming industry is itself jumping into the world of super-heroes at thisyear's E3 as well. Although the numbers are small (in comparison to how many FPS games you'll find), the games are just as uniqueand just as well made as many other metacritic-toppers out there. This year's line-up includes Warner Brothers' Justice LeagueHeroes for the Xbox and Playstation 2; EA's Superman Returns for the Xbox 360, Xbox and Playstation 2; and Activision's MarvelUltimate Alliance for all systems, including Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

the E3 p @ bit-tech.net
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We can pull away from our home planet and home star, and now we're actually into interstellar space, and there are several thousand planets and stars here. Each of these stars has planetary nebula, etc. A lot of the worlds here are procedurally generated by the computer, but a lot of them are actually generated by other players, and the system goes and grabs them from the central server. The computer basically looks at how the player has played the game, how he has used this planet and does the same thing. They might be peaceful or warlike. Basically, profiling their personality.

Speedlink Medusa 5.1 ProGamer Headset @ rbmods.com
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With todays demand on better sound Speedlink has developed a new pair of headset for the gamers out there. With this headset you get 5.1 surround sound, detachable mic, in-line remote control, and many other things so it really seems like this new headset should perform quite well. We will be trying out these in both normal daily use, gaming and with VOIP software.

"On-Demand Gaming- The Next Big Thing?" @ xyzcomputing.com
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Game delivery has followed this trend and made a number of advances o in t he past few years. Rather than purchasing games on CD or DVD customers n ow have access to direct downloads from retailers as well as online servic es so that the games can be had without ever leaving their home. All it takes to do this is a broadband connection and a credit card, so for most gamers, things could not be easier. The most successful implementation o f this has been Steam, the service from Valve Software. This system expl oded in popularity because it is the best way to get access to Half Life 2 , as well as play Counter Strike:Source and Day of Defeat:Source online.

UberSoldier PC Game @ thinkcomputers.org
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Games, I love getting them for review, especially first person shooters. I like all sorts of games but FPS games are myfavorite next to strategy games like Act of War etc. It is also nice to get good games for review, and UberSoldier falls into thatcategory, I might actually call it a great game. Before I received this for review I read a couple other reviews and one wasparticularly bad, and I was sort of unhappy about it as I was planning on buying the game. After installing and playing I can'tfigure out what they were talking about and how they gave it such a bad review...

Graphics and Gameplay @ bit-tech.net
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The good news is that this continues with SiN Episodes, which is even missing the recent HDR eye candy Valve added to Source - the only potential snag for gamers with older hardware. We were aiming to run the game at the native 1280x1024 resolution of our ViewSonic 19

SteelPad QcK+ Gaming mousepad @ techpowerup.com
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SteelPad have been around for some time now and have an excellent reputation for producing high quality mouse pads. The SteelSeries SteelPad QcK+ is made with the gamer or graphics designer in mind. This pad offers so much surface area that you will never run out of space when things get hectic. The fabric used ensures high precision in all scenarios, even the highest resolutions on optical mice. Another plus is that this nice pad comes at a bargain price of under $15.

X1900 GT face-off @ bit-tech.net
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The GeForce 7900 GT is a very good overclocker, while the Radeon X1900GT looks to be a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. If you're looking to overclock, we feel that the GeForce 7900 GT is the better deal if you find one at a good price. However, if you're planning to run your video card at stock speeds the final decision will depend on the games you're looking to play.

New article at Laptop Gamers - Being A Game Developer @ laptopgamers.com
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The games industry is now a massive multi billion dollar business anddevelopment teams can number 50 or more. My first game had me as programmer,artist, and beep designer - (well it wasn't proper sound!). I dideverything. Back then games were written in assembler and you had to learn6502 and Z80. Nowadays with a few exceptions games are written in C and C++.The days of back room programmers aren't entirely gone- there is also 'retroremake' and 'indie' scene, e.g. Retrospec but unless you have anexceptionally brilliant idea, you are not likely to get into the mainstreamgame business as a one man outfit writing Blockbuster PC games.

SteelSeries SteelSound 5H USB Headsets @ atruereview.com
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Gaming headsets are all the rage now when it comes to onlinegaming. After all, being able to clearly hear as well as talk to your peersmeans better team coordination and enhanced enjoyment of the game. Like anyother gaming peripheral, having good headsets will allow you to enjoy yourgaming that much more. Luckily, there are plenty of choices in the gamingheadsets market. One of which is the SteelSound 5H from renowned gaminggear company SteelSeries. SteelSeries SteelSound 5H headsets are availablewith or without a USB soundcard. In this review, I will be taking a look atthe headsets with the sound card.

Matrox Triplehead2Go @ bit-tech.net
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The interesting thing is that, playing the game, there really is a competitive advantage to having three monitors. Rather than having to look around with the mouse to see to the side of you, you can just glance across at your other monitor. Enemies to the side of you appear in your peripheral vision giving you a heads up where otherwise you would have no idea.

ABIT back in the game, AN8-32X scrutinised @ tweaktown.com
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nVidia first said that twin PCI Express x8 slots would be enough to keep the SLI dual graphics masses happy but how wrong they were. Users are starting to use higher levels of AA and AF settings and resolutions keep getting higher (even hitting the 2046 x mark now) and to keep that type of resolution and graphics quality level happy, you need some monster hardware and a powerful interface for them to communicate across - and dual PCI Express x16 is the only way it can be done if you are really serious about your gaming.

gameplay and graphics @ bit-tech.net
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The Sapphire Radeon X1900XTX 512MB was the fastest of the three high- end cards we tested. It was able to play the game reasonably smoothly at 1280x1024 at Maximum Detail, including HDR lighting, with 16xHQ AF applied to the scene. The gaming experience was pretty awesome and immersive, especially when you consider how stressful this game is. There were still the texture popping issues, but those are present on any video card unless you manually tweak the configuration files to remove the problem.

Alienware Sentia m3400 Notebook Computer @ xyzcomputing.com
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One problem area for the build-your-own-PC crowd has always been notebook computers. When your hobby or job involves building your own computers i t is very easy to disparage system builders for their high prices, lacklus ter machines, and limited options, but when a notebook computer is needed these people find themselves in an awkward position. Because there is no good way to building a notebook computer the way you would a normal PC, w e find ourselves buying systems from the very companies which we have trie d so hard to avoid. One partial solution to this problem is to get a not ebook computer from a company which is a bit cooler than the normal manufa cturer, one which understands the needs of the enthusiast. Whether you a re a fan of Alienware or not, it can't be denied they have designed their computers to be more appealing to the gamer and hobbyist than the average Dell or HP.

TechConnect Magazine's Exploring the Source @ tcmagazine.info
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....from WWII-based shooters, to fantasy worlds with telekinetic witches, there is a project out there to suit just about every gaming preference, extending the game’s value exponentially, with extra episodes to play in the Half Life 2 universe, or new, fantastic voyages to virgin gaming lands. Let’s jump into the rabbit hole, and see what else we can take our crowbars to.

[News] Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse @ VH Diceman
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The G7 doesn't disappoint and Logitech has delivered anothertop-notch mouse product. With its impressive suite of features, fromon-the-fly sensitivity adjustments to quick-charging batteries, and its highlevel of precision and accuracy, the G7 is a solid product for any consumer,especially the gamer

Gigabyte GV-RX18L256V-B X1800 XL @ viperlair.com
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Performance was pretty good, as this card could play all the games we threw at it at 1024*768 with 4X AA and 16X ansio without a problem. Playing some other newer games (Age of Empires 3, etc.) provided a smooth frame rate at the settings I tried. In numbers this card, when not CPU limited was between 20% and 50% faster than the older x800XL mostly with AA turned on.

Gigabyte's push towards the gamer - G1975X on trial @ tweaktown.com
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The folks have Gigabyte are really concentrating on the gamers and enthusiasts in 2006 and if this motherboard is anything to go by, you all should pay some serious attention. It’s a motherboard which is a total contrast from the Gigabyte motherboards we saw many years ago.

:ATI Radeon X1900 XT and XTX @ hexus.net
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R580, moreso than any modern GPU that meets the D3D9 spec,therefore relies on software to show it off. Even current syntheticbenchmarks designed to show off theoretical rates in 3D hardware canhave a hard time exploiting the tripling in fragment processingability. That's not to say the performance increases at the sameclocks as R520 are invisible. Clearly they're not without increases,especially at the higher resolutions, of up to 30% in the games wetested, clock-for-clock.

MW dynamic shadow rendering issues with ATi RADEON series @ ngohq.com
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It seems that there are a few dynamic shadow rendering issues with the games BattleField 2 v1.12 and Need for Speed:Most Wanted. It is not an isolated incident as we have noticed that many users are complaining about these issues in various forums around the world.

Zalman VF700-Cu LED @ pureoverclock.com
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The build quality is simply first rate. The base is lapped to a finefinish and there simply isn't a rough edge in site. If you like aesthetics,this is the cooler for you. If you think of Arctic Cooling's approach, thisis the opposite. Finesse is the name of the game here.

OCZ 1024-3200 Gold Edition XTC @ overclockersonline.com
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For the suicide-shot overclockers, this is the memory for youbecause nothing will be able to touch it at 250+ with timings of2-2-2-5. The gamers out there with higher end CPUs that also have highermultipliers will fall in love with the tight timings at moderateoverclocks as well. It is hard to say whether the XTC heatspreaders areany better than the standard ones but the theory behind them is solidand they sure look much better in my opinion. Keeping the temperature ofthe modules at 40C with no active cooling and high voltages isdefinitely no luck, these XTC heatspreaders really do their job well.

ATI All-IN-WONDER X800XL PCI-E 256mb @ tech-mods.net
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ATI and their ALL-IN-WONDER series graphic card line up keeps growing and growing, they have offered immeasurable options to view, record, edit or simply watch TV in the past. Now with their X800XL offering they have brought to the table a graphics card that will dazzle the TV enthusiast and catch the attention of the gamer as well. Today we will be looking at the ALL-IN-WONDER X800XL PCI-E 256mb graphics card.

Sapphire Radeon X1300 256MB PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
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After last week's review of the BFG 7800GTX OC we visit the opposite end of the video card spectrum with Sapphire's X1300 Pro. Sapphire seems to have really focused on making their offering of the X1300 extremely affordable by being cheapest X1300 available. At the time of writing this card can be found online for $95. In other words, this video card costs less than 20% of what the 7800GTX is currently selling for. That's quite a statement. However, a graphic card has to perform to provide any real value to someone. A cheap video card that doesn't run the games they want play doesn't do much good either. So is this card worth its $95 price tag or is it a very effective paper weight? That's what we will determine in our review of Sapphire's X1300 Pro video card.

Crucial 2gig 3200 Value kit @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Now I don't know about you but I personally think 2 gig kits arepretty expensive and I believe around 50-60 percent of gamers won't beplanning this sort of upgrade due to the cost involved. So step forwardCrucial's 3200 value 2 gig kit. Priced at $321 dollars (or $289 if youvisit Crucial before Christmas) and Ł219 respectively would it be goodenough to make the gamer used to performance ram with low timings makethe switch to a value 2 gig kit as the price is too high and out ofthere reach for a low latency performance 2 gig set? Well that's what weare here to find outLink:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/review.php?id=220 60x60 thumb:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview220.jpg Larger thumb:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview220a.jpg As always a news post is appreciated and thanks in Advance Regards,Richard

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC Dual Channel @ pro-clockers.com
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Just a week or two ago OCZ announced their new heat spreaders to theworld. There were mixed opinions to the new heat spreaders. Today we havereceived a sample of the OCZ 3200GX Gamer memory with the new heatsink codedXTC for Xtreme Thermal Convection. So we will take a look at the new designfrom OCZ as well as the performance of the 3200GX from the Gamer seriesutilizing the Winbond UTT eprom chips.

Nintendo Revolution will be king @ bonafidereviews.com
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Nintendo will win the next gaming console race. It may take a while after the all three consoles have been launched, but it will happen. The reason why Nintendo will win stems from where the three console makers have come from and their vision of the future of gaming. Nintendo is and always has been a gaming company starting of with the NES and the GameBoy. Games and gaming is their core, it’s what they are all about.

Xbox 360 launch coverage @ bit-tech.net
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Of course, with the lower resolution, jaggies become an issue. Now, each Xbox 360 game is supposed to have 4x Anti-Aliasing applied, thanks to the custom ATI hardware inside. However, on the version we played, this blatantly wasn't happening. There were a good number of jaggies, and we can tell you straight that these weren't being AA'd out. We need to get our hands on a final console and a final copy of the game, but if this AA isn't in there, then there is going to be a significant difference between the media screenshots we've all seen and the actual output on your TV. This would be more than a little disappointing.

The First 15 @ gaming.hexus.net
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The first thing that you'll notice as soon as you get into themeat of Quake 4 is just how similar it looks to Doom 3. On thegraphics front the original Quake was very brown, Quake 2 was brownand grey and now Quake 4 may well end up being known as Doom 3 undera new name. In fact, purely as a first impression, I couldn't helpbut think that Quake 4 is the game Doom 3 should have been!

GameTrak Hardware @ hardware.gamershell.com
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Over the years gaming has been made accessible through a number of succes sful peripherals like joy pads, steering wheels, flight sticks and less s uccessful ones like virtual reality goggles and gloves that control movem ent. In this big sea of gaming accessories, it's difficult to be innova tive, but In2Games has done just that. They have concocted a device that lets you control movement in the game by moving your hands. Now you're probably thinking that this is nothing new, but the way In2Games has impl emented this concept is not like anything you've seen before.

Source First Impressions @ xyzcomputing.com
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On Monday September 26th Day of Defeat:Source was launched. The origin al Day of Defeat was an online, multiplayer Half Life mod which became qui te popular, but always existed in the shadow of Counter Strike. Once Hal f Life 2 was released, with Counter Strike:Source included in the retail kit, it seemed like history was bound to repeat itself. After all, there would be hesitance on the part of the consumer before spending another $1 9.99 on a multiplayer FPS game after they had purchased the HL2 kit, whi ch included Deathmatch and CS:S. In order to create some excitement around the release of this title Valve made a few smart moves. Aside from delaying the release of the game for a few months after HL2 came out, they also added a few exciting features. The most hyped addition was that of high dynamic range (HDR) lighting. To put it simply, this is a technology which provides for a wider range of exposures than standard digital imaging. Ultimately this provides for a more realistic scene, even in direct sunlight or full shadow coverage.

OCZ 2GB PC4000 EL DDR Gold Memory @ pcstats.com
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As a Battlefield 2 junkie myself, I was definitely surprised to be greeted with a bit of choppiness when playing the game on my main rig. After increasing my rigs' memory from 1GB of RAM to 2GB, all the choppiness was solved. Yikes, that's 2GB of RAM! Never one not to capitalize on a new trend in memory, just as consumers are starting to see the peak of the 2GB RAM mountain poking out from behind the mist, a flurry of memory manufacturers are waiting in the winds with 'brand new' 2x1GB dual channel DDR memory kits like the 2GB EL DDR PC4000 Gold Edition memory kit from OCZ.

header @ hardware.gamershell.com
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As promised, Vivendi Universal Games has released the multiplayer demo for F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault and Recon), the game developed by Monolith (thanks:GameSpot). F.E.A.R is scheduled to ship on October 18th.

Altec Lansing AHS602i Gaming Headset @ techgage.com
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If you are a gamer that uses a headset, you know that ithas to be highquality in order to be ahead of the game. You want to know whichdirection enemies are in, and you want it to sound like you are inthe game. We are taking a look at the Altec Lansing AHS602i gamersheadset, which includes many features that may appeal to the hardcoregamer.

Z-2300 @ moditory.com
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Stereo sound systems are a good solution for the office user wholikes music and movies while they work. Or for the gamer on the go. Or ifyou just don't want to deal with the wires or expenses of a 5.1 system. Ofcourse you want to get the best sound from a 2.1 system at the cheapestprice possible. What if we told you that you could get 180 watt subwoofer,2x 40 watt satellites, 400w peak power, THX certified, all for about $150USD? Well with Logitech's Z-2300 speaker system you can. It looks good onpaper but how's it performance on your desk? Read on as we find theanswer.

Cyber Snipa Gaming Peripherals @ viperlair.com
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In use, I found the gamepad to have a slight learning curve or perhaps an adjustment period would be a better way of putting it. I can’t say it improved my game, but having the extra keys within easy reach was certainly nice and if you push the keyboard out of the way you do get a lot more room on your desk for your mouse.

HEXUS.gaming Inteview::Marko Hein, Nintendo @ gaming.hexus.net
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What is revolutionary about Nintendogs is the controlinterface=85 It really is hands-free, using real voice recognition.When you first choose a dog from all the breeds available, you usethe touch screen to pet it and stroke it, and while you're doingthis, the game prompts you to give your dog a name. You can call itanything and the game will ask you a few times to repeat the name, soit records your voice and the sound to then associate that sound withthe dog's name=85 After while you'll be able to open up the DS, turnthe game on and call your dog, who'll then come over. You caninteract with your dog purely by using your voice without even havingto have the DS in your hands=85

Tenth Anniversary @ pcper.com
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On the topic of the new multi core processors in both the Xbox 360and the PS3, John mentioned that the industry might have been better off notgoing to such a revolutionary architecture this early in the game. Gamedevelopers and coders in general working on applications that are not

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 @ viperlair.com
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Performance takes a few forms. If your are a fan of synthetic memory tests than this RAM is significantly better that DDRI and overclocking helps quite a bit. However most of us don't run these tests continuously so we look to the real world results. For the most part there is no significant increase due to DDRII memory. The exceptions are TMPGEnc which shows a 4.5% increase by moving to DDRII, and the game tests which show a 3-5% increase in frame rate (3-4fps) also by moving to DDRII.

ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid Intel/AMD Motherboard @ pcstats.com
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While flexibility is the name of the game in the software world, the computer hardware realm is a lot stricter. AMD and Intel technologies are completely different from each other, so it's impossible to use one product in the other's platform. Or at least that has been the general rule until now... The ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid motherboard is on our test bench for a thorough examination, and in the configuration pictured it works with either a socket 775 Intel Pentium 4 or socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 processor. Intrigued yet?

New content @ techneek.co.uk
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The Zboard came out of nowhere, and with clever marketing and its innovative design, it has become very popular with gamers. It is of course aimed at hard core gamers, and so many of those gamers will own the game, Battlefield 2 (BF2). So if you have both the Zboard and the game, should you fork out to buy the BF2 keyset? We find out!

Battlefield 2 New Patch Released (yet Again...) @ thinkcomputers.org
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BF2, by now you have heard of it and probably played it quite a bit,the demo if not the actual game. And I am sure you have read all the reviewsof the game, so this isn't a review of the game just more of a rant abouthow this was handled and the new trend it seems that we (the consumer) arenow paying to become Beta Testers.

GameConnect's of Area 51 for the PC @ tcmagazine.info
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...production values are unrivalled, with full-screen, full quality cut scenes and lengthy narration, as well as tons of expertise poured in the presentation of the game. Unfortunately, like many of the conspiracy theories it portrays, not everything is as it seems...

X-Raypad Thunder 8 @ thinkcomputers.org
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There are many entries in the Gamer/Professional Mouse padsegment out there. Today we will look at an entry by Xraypad, theThunder 8. Gamer pads range from $15-$75, but sometimes I wonder if itis really worth spending that amount of money on a mouse pad. Afterall, it's just a mouse pad right? A square or rectangular piece ofplastic or cloth that your mouse sits on, what's the big deal? Well theThunder 8 is available for $20 most places online and can easily sellfor a lot more, I was extremely surprised at the quality/cost ratiowith this pad. When I got this pad and checked the price online I wasshocked, I honestly thought it was one of those $75 pads. Today we aregoing to take a closer look at it, and you will see what I mean.

First Serious Sam 2 benchmarks @ bit-tech.net
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The game uses Shader Model 2.0++ with fallback to Shader Models 1.4 and 1.1 on older cards. With 2, there is the full complement of HDR lighting, parallax mapping and all the other fancy effects that you would expect from a bleeding-edge engine.

Beginners Guides:Overclocking the CPU, Motherboard & Memory @ pcstats.com
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Videocard overclocking can hold many benefits for the gamer or benchmarking enthusiast. As with processors and system memory, the faster the videocard's graphics processor and video memory can process information, the better. Smoother frame rates and higher benchmarks might be just around the corner.

Beginners Guides:Overclocking the Videocard @ pcstats.com
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Videocard overclocking can hold many benefits for the gamer or benchmarking enthusiast. As with processors and system memory, the faster the videocard's graphics processor and video memory can process information, the better. Smoother frame rates and higher benchmarks might be just around the corner.

Budget GPU Comparison: TurboCache vs HyperMemory @ pcper.com
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In the other battle we saw here between ATI and NVIDIA, the results were split down the middle in our game tests. NVIDIA's card mopped up on the Doom 3 test while ATI's did the same for the Half-Life 2 test. Both performed solidly (comparatively, at least) in the Far Cry benchmark. The NVIDIA 6200 TC did enable a better overall experience in the game though by not allowing the FPS to drop as far as the ATI HyperMemory card did.

Albatron TC6200Q @ Viper Lair
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The TC6200Q is right in between the performance of the 915G and the PCX5750. It does beat the PCX5750 in our Splinter Cell tests, but in everything else it has a good margin in both directions. It is playable at 800*600 in both UT2004 and Half Life 2, but not really playable at any of the other resolutions/tests. With the actual game tests, this card can play the games we had at 1024*768 with medium to high quality settings.

Mass Confusion Rules the Graphics Market @ cooltechzone.com
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough with the games ATI and NVIDIA are playing with their customers these days. Yes, I am referring to the abundance of X800 series, X850 series and 6800 series products that are flooding the market. I am sure you got a whiff of what I am trying to imply by placing the word flooding in quotes. I have discussed the lack of availability issues in my graphics card evaluations before, so I don’t think I have to go through that again. We all know the poor state of product availability and while it is improving, it’s still far from perfect. The ironic thing is that both companies will bring in new products this year and with availability already scarce with current generation of graphics adapters, it’s needless to say that ATI and NVIDIA will have a lot of catching up to do.

Using The Source SDK for HL2 mapping @ raptor-mods.co.uk
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Look no further... on these pages I'll show you, step by step, how to set up Hammer4 for HL2, how to make a basic one-room "map" and run it in HL2.

To be able to test your map without waiting for HL2 to load when you want to run it you may want to start the game first, go to options/keyboard/advanced and tick the developer mode box and apply... then minimise the game so it's ready to go when you are (Alt+Tab).
This is likely to be dependant on your system specs as a low-end system might choke running HL2 & Hammer4 at the same time... my Athlon64 3500 with 1GB of CorsairXMS handles it fine but you will need to use your discretion when it comes to your own system.

Sansun Silencer LED Keyboard Review @ ap0calypse.com
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One of the things I find most satisfying is playing my favorite game in total darkness with nothing but my headphones on. That way I can fully immerse myself in the games environment. The problem with that though is trying to find my keys if I accidentally slip off. Illuminated keyboards help alleviate that exact problem, and while illuminated keyboards are not new to the market, the use of LEDs to light them is. Today I am going to introduce you to just such a keyboard from newcomer Sansun Industries.

Rugby 2005 Game Review @ NewsTechInfo.com
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Rugby is a sport that is known throughout the world, yet not many people have played it or seen it. EA Sports makes sure that gamers see the challenge of Rugby and show how it differs from Football. The game depicts every aspect of Rugby, which is played in real life and tries to cram it in a game. They have a tutorial available for those who are just getting to know Rugby. Rugby's rules, the understanding of the game, and player positions and controllers are all taught via the tutorial engine. Since they are not all learned in a day, it does take a bit of time to learn everything.

AMD Dual Core Processor Plans @ PC Perspective
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In a more detailed look at the advantages dual core Athlon 64 processors will have over in the digital home and multitasking, there is still nothing mentioned of gaming. That is because the FX line of processors from AMD is going to remain single core for at least all of 2005. With all current games and probably all games in the coming year remaining single threaded, AMD says the gamer will not see a major benefit in the move to dual core processors.

MonsterGecko PistolMouse FPS @ atruereview.com
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Ever since computer games became popular, arguably the most popular genre
is the first person shooter (FPS). Advancements in graphics make each
generation of these games more realistic; thus, enhancing our submersion
into the games. But as good as the graphics are getting, there is still one
element of FPS gaming that is vastly unrealistic, the computer mouse. While
the mouse is the best way to control the onscreen aiming, its design does
nothing to enhance the realism of the games. With this in mind,
MonsterGecko created the PistolMouse FPS. Just what is the PistolMouse FPS
and how will it enhance your FPS gaming experience? Read on and find out.

Mid-Range PCI-Express shootout @ Bit Tech
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Today, were taking a look at 3 mid-range graphics boards that are all hoping for a spot in new PCI-Express system builds. We have a BFG card based on the 6600GT chipset taking on boards from HIS and Club3D based on the X700Pro. We use real-world game testing to benchmark the games in todays top titles to find out the gameplay experience these cards will deliver you.

America's Army Tweak Guide Version 2.3 Update @ TweakGuides.com
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America's Army has been updated to Version 2.3, and I have updated my America's Army Tweak Guide accordingly. If you haven't seen the guide before, or have thought about trying America's Army for the first time, now is a great time to check out the guide and get acquainted with everything from the basics of where to download this free game, how to create your online soldier and the important rules of the game, descriptions of the in-game settings all the way to advanced performance tweaking for even the most experienced America's Army player.

Call of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack @ hexus.net
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The difficulty level has been ramped up a little too, so even on the easiest level, you’ll find yourself dying a few times. This extends the playing time a touch, but not a whole lot and you’ll probably find you’ve finished the game after 6-8 hours of play. That said, this is an expansion pack and not a full game and the price reflects that. As such, it’s well worth the money of anyone who has CoD and wants some more of the same with a few extra bits thrown in.

HIS X700Pro IceQ Turbo VIVO @ Viper Lair
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3D performance was very good in most of the games tested. This card can play any
current game at 1024*768 without any real problems, especially when overclocked.
The DirectX tests showed that this card can play at 1600*1200 with AA and
ansiotropic filtering in older games such as UT 2004.

review: Shuttle XPC SB77G5 @ HEXUS
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Shuttle are aiming the SB77G5 at the gamer, giving them recent P4
processor support in a small form factor, while letting them use
existing AGP graphics and good DDR400 memory. The performance relative
to DFI's excellent 875P-T shows they've succeeded in the performance
endeavour, using that processor. But if you're a gamer, with the money
to spend on SB77G5, why are you using Pentium 4? Shuttle's alternate
SN95G5 is more suited to you.

ATI's Radeon X800 XL @ HEXUS.net
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The USA MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) for X800 XL
is $299, down from the $349 ATI quoted on X850 XT PE's launch.
Undercutting NVIDIA's MSRP for the X800 XL's likely competitor, GeForce
6800 GT, by some $100, X800 XL has price definitely in its favour if the
MSRPs translate well into retail pricing.

So the $50 price cut and full four quad performance at 400MHz seek to
make X800 XL arguably the most attractive PCI Express SKU for the gamer
looking for serious performance punch. Partnered with 1000MHz GDDR3
memory with full 256-bit wide access to the GPU's memory controller, for
around 32GB/sec of theoretical bandwidth, let's take a closer look at
the reference board to see if the on-paper promise is fulfilled.

How To Create Your Own Computer Games @ thetechzone.com
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I’ve always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend’s computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn’t have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I’m a second year software engineering student, so if I weren’t able to code a game without too many dramas there’d be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term ‘memory leak’ conjures up images of their grandfather, ‘pipeline’ is where the water flows, and ‘blitting’ is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don’t even need to learn ‘real’ programming to do so

Chaintech GeForce 6600GT AGP Review @ OCModShop
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I am very impressed with this video card, I didn't think that it would make such a huge improvement. This is the kind of upgrade that makes spending the money worth while. Before the 6600GT I used the 5700 Ultra in my personal system and it simply wasn't cutting it. Many of the games I would play were choppy with good image quality or ran ok but looked unimpressive because of the lacking AA and AF. This card is also very overclockable to give you more than you paid for which is always great. All of the necessary accessories are included to take advantage of everything this card offers and the software bundle is great. If you are looking to upgrade your video card but cant afford a 6800 and don't want to make the jump to PCI-Express this may be exactly what you are looking for.

Dawn of War: Relic Entertainment Q&A @ Bit Tech
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We talk to Relic, developers of Dawn of War, about the graphics technology behind the game and the state of the hardware industry as a whole.

Resident Evil: Outbreak @ HEXUS.net
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In summing up, I have to say that overall, though Outbreak is
fine at what it does, it just doesn’t have that something that makes me
want to go back to it. Sure, there are different characters to play,
little bonuses to unlock and all that, but they don’t feel like real
rewards when you’re fighting the controls for half the game. Perhaps if
things moved a little quicker, or there were more scary bits that
weren’t FMV then I’d go back to it.

A Look At Half-Life 2 @ Steamed Turtle
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Back in November of 1998 a small company founded by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington that was based in Kirkland, Washington put out their debut game entitled Half-Life. Half-Life went on to win over 50 Game Of The Year awards and was even credited "Best Game Ever" by some prestigious magazines. We've now been impatiently waiting for the arrival of Half-Life 2 (the sequel to HL) for five long years. Look on to read some of my thoughts on the game along with a bunch of really cool screen shots.

Half Life 2 Tweak Guide @ TweakGuides.com
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I've just completed my Half Life 2 Tweak Guide, and it's now available for you to
read. In true TweakGuides tradition it contains full descriptions of all the in-game
settings – something Valve neglected to provide – as well as clear descriptions of
the most useful command variables for the game, and how to use them correctly so you
can undertake some serious tweaking. All this is rounded out with Steam
configuration and troubleshooting advice, and a bunch of general tips to ensure you
get the most out of "the greatest PC game ever

How to use an Xbox Controller as a USB PC Gamepad @ ocmodshop.com
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When I bought Tony Hawk Underground 2 the game simply wasn’t playable with a mouse and keyboard so I needed a gamepad. I had a lot of consoles but I like the Xbox controller the most of all, however that is a personal preference. The big plus of an Xbox is that it is in fact an extremely modded pc, well in my eye’s it is. So if you know how to strip and solder a few wires you can get your Xbox controller to work on your pc, here’s how we do it.

Albatron Trinity Geforce PCX5750 PCI Express Videocard Review @ Tweaknews
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The Albatron Trinity PCX 5750 would be the perfect card for someone in need of a videocard which is faster than budget, but not as expensive as mainstream. The card was always completely stable during normal use and oddly during overclocking and I never once had one single artifact throughout my extensive gaming and benchmarking. The card took a licking and kept on ticking. Image quality was always very good, gaming speed was acceptable if you keep out of the games full of eye candy and the card was very easy to install and setup.

Half-Life 2: Performance Testing @ pcperspective.com
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Also unlike what many may have thought, ATI did NOT run away with the best performance on HL2. The GeForce 6800 series of cards does very well in the HL2 engine and only falls behind on very particular parts of the shader code. I am quite confident that NVIDIA will be addressing these issues now that they have access to the game and we should see even newer drivers than the 67.02 improving performance in the short and long term.

Half-Life 2 Graphical Performance Evaluation @ TheTechLounge
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Just over one year ago, on September 30th, 2003, one of the greatest games of all
time was to be released. As you probably know, the game I speak of is Half-Life 2,
and unfortunately it was not released on time. Despite the fact that Valve missed
the deadline by over a year, HL2 still breaks a lot of ground. For five years this
game has been under development, and for good reason. HL2 promises to be a
revolutionary new game that delivers more than any other game ever could. One of the
most exciting things about HL2 is the new physics system which allows you to
interact with everything in the environment. Couple that with some amazing
characters, weapons, and vehicles and you're in for one hell of a good time.

NVIDIA's GeForce 6600GT AGP @ HEXUS.net
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It's fast, doesn't break the bank and hopefully, hopefully, will be available in large numbers in a matter of a week or two. Recommended very highly if you're shopping in the mid-range with just shy of Ł200 to spend. Drop 150 notes on the card, some change on Half Life 2 and enjoy the game, as ATI struggle to bring X700 XT to AGP. 9800 Pro and XT aren't far off in terms of performance, but in terms of features and price, the 6600 GT on AGP beats them off with a very big stick. Until RIALTO is a reality, 6600 GT is the new mid-range card to choose on AGP, bar none.

Quick Readiness for Half-Life 2 (Article) @ ipkonfig.com
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Today, November 16th, is the official release of Valve's greatest game ever,
Half-Life 2. Though we've all been waiting impatiently for the game, the early
release didn't happen like we all had hoped. Well that's life I guess, we can't
expect much, other than we're still breathing and enjoying the sun (for those of us
who do leave our homes). In all, we have some tips for those ready to play the HL2
world adventure that we'd like to share wit-ya all; or you might find yourself like
me in this picture!

NFSU 2 Benchmarks and screenshots @ gameconnect.info
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Our new featured game is Need for Speed Underground 2. We made 53 new in-game screenshots and benchmarked the game with two different systems. Will will have a review of the game very soon!

Halo 2 (XBox) Review @ gameconnect.info
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When I bought my Xbox a couple of years ago, my first game was Halo. I didn’t know much about it but it had some good reviews. On the first level (Pillar of Autumn), I had to get used to the controller and it didn’t go very well, and I didn’t like the game very much at all, so I went back to my PC. The day after I thought: ‘I paid for this game. I have to play it’. I put in the game disk again, and got started on the ‘Halo’ level. I got out of the escape pod, and was actually amazed by the enviroment. It wasn’t some dull spaceship but a big open enviroment with little streams and big waterfalls, though I didn’t have much time to take a good look, as covenant forces were on their way. I ran ahead shooting at some covenant troops, and suddenly I heard human weapons gunfire. Around the corner there was a squad of marines fighting off the alien bad guys.

I helped them out and they started to explain that there were more escape pods crashed in the region. Before I knew it a plane flew by and dropped a warthog (an all terrain futuristic jeep). I climbed in the driver’s seat, and a marine came to sit next to me, and another climbed behind the gun emplacement in the back. Then I drove off and ended up participating in a huge adventure.

Pacific Fighters @ HEXUS.net
[Nov-01-04] (1 Comments)

All in all, this effort from 1C Maddox positively reeks of being
a rushed job. No doubt UbiSoft's thinking is to get the game out before
people go and blow their money on Half Life 2 and Christmas. If Ubi had
an inkling of what their fans for this series is like, they'd know that
the fans will buy this no matter when the game comes out. It would've
been far better to have actually play tested this game and eliminated
enough of the bugs to make it playable than to have released this poor
effort, especially since Ubi thinks they can demand a full game price
for unfinished work. If I were you, I'd wait until the game is patched
to a playable level before investing. Save your pennies for Half Life 2
and make Ubi wait for your cash until they give you something worth the
Ł35 they're asking.

XFX GeForce 6800Ultra @ Bit Tech
[Oct-26-04] (0 Comments)

Today we are evaluating the XFX GeForce 6800Ultra, and pitting against a reference Nvidia board and the X800XT in real-world game scenarios, including Doom 3, Far Cry, Warhammer: Dawn of War, Rome: Total War and Need For Speed: Underground. We look in-depth at image quality and playable framerates to give the lowdown on which card is better for the gamer.

Counter-Strike Source Review @ gameconnect.info
[Oct-10-04] (0 Comments)

The first thing one will notice upon launching the game is the huge graphical upgrade from previous iterations of the series. Valve has been
graphically improving its games for some time now; but after the higher-poly models released for Half-Life Deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic, the High-Definition pack released with Blue Shift and the upgraded map geometry and texturing in Condition Zero, the aging Half-Life engine has become a bottleneck. Valve has taken the freedom the Source engine brings and created new maps and models to breathe new life into an old game. The new grenade explosions are fantastic - particularly the flashbang’s blinding and dizzying effects.

DawG PounD Giveaway, 2 TrackIR 3 Pros @ GruntVillE
[Oct-05-04] (0 Comments)

Natural Point is working hard to get all of the game developers to include support
for the unit and is having quite a bit of success in doing so. We all know what
success means, no not just hot chicks and nice cars, it means more development on
the unit. Who knows, in a few years, it might not be fun to play a First Person
Shooter without one!

Intel's Laptop Art - Extreme Modding! @ Bit Tech
[Sep-28-04] (0 Comments)

We take a look at art projects from students in Amsterdam, based around Centrino notebooks. If modding is swiftly becoming a new art form, these guys and gals are way ahead of the game.

Wildtangent Removal @ I Am Not A Geek
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WildTangent was founded in 1998 by Alex St. John, the principal creator of
Microsoft's DirectX multimedia platform. From the beginning, the company's mission
has been to enable the delivery of the richest interactive content experiences
online using the least amount of bandwidth. To that end, the first version of
WildTangent's technology platform, Web Driver 1.0, was released in September 1999.
Since then over 50 million people have adopted the WildTangent Web Driver® to enrich
their online experience.

This is an online gaming package that is installed by a number of third party
applications and even OEMs, ISPs and AIM. The games aspect of this is really rather
cool. The being installed without you asking for it isn't cool at all.

Doom 3 Review @ NewsTechInfo.com
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After some waiting, Doom 3 finally comes out, and shows why it was delayed. Doom 3 gets five stars for it's remarkable 3D graphics. The gameplay is a little confusing in the beginning, but it gets easier after a while of running around. Doom 3 gives you a good first impression, but after a while you know the real deal.

DoomIII One Gamer's Opinion @ GruntVillE
[Aug-13-04] (0 Comments)

The visuals are simply amazing. That's about all I can say about them, anything
else is just redundant and useless. From the sheen on the organic growths that gives
the impression of a slimy, mucous covered surface to the smoking pits of hell. The
textures and what id has done with them is mesmerizing. Screen shots cannot show it,
but the surfaces of many of the growths in the game are actually moving, either
sliding or pulsating.

Samsung DDR2-533 PC4200 Memory Review @ pcstats.com
[Aug-12-04] (0 Comments)

allows manufacturers to clock the memory needed by today's cutting edge computer
systems much higher than regular DDR, with less heat, and less voltage. So far
this applies to just Intel chipsets (i915p, i925x), but speculation is that AMD
will be getting into the game later in the year. Talk about the best of both
worlds At the moment, if you intend to upgrade your system with DDR2 memory, you
will have to upgrade to an Intel i915p or i925x based socket 775 Pentium 4
motherboard. As Samsung are one of the world's largest memory manufacturers,
it's no surprise that it already has its DDR2 modules in the hands of test labs.
The two 256MB DDR2 modules we are testing in this review make use of Samsung
K4T56083QF-GD5 DDR2 DRAM, which is rated to run at 533 MHz, with timings of
4-4-4 and a voltage of 1.8V.

Joint Operations Tweak Guide @ TweakGuides.com
[Jul-12-04] (0 Comments)

TweakGuides.com has released its new Joint Operations Tweak Guide, filled with a truckload of setting descriptions, advanced config file tweaks, console commands and troubleshooting tips. The guide has been written to make sure you have the knowledge and resources to be able to tweak Joint Operations correctly for maximum efficiency on your machine. The guide refers to the latest version of the game (Version

ATI's Richard Huddy talks about Get In The Game @ HEXUS
[Jul-04-04] (0 Comments)

Richard is a veteran of the 3D graphics industry. Having previously held positions, amongst others, at Rendermorphics (a British company bought by Microsoft due to its impressive 3D graphics technology, and who's staff at the time helped integrate 3D into Windows and create the early DirectX 3D implementations), Criterion (another British 3D company, and who are still around) and NVIDIA, Richard has had 3D graphics developer experience since realtime 3D became feasible on consumer hardware, be that a CPU or GPU

Unreal Tournament 2004 Review @ The Moditory
[Jun-12-04] (0 Comments)

Everyone's heard about the tournament or at least something like
it. The game concept has been around for a long time in the gaming
industry but only a select few have set new standards and expectations for
future generations. Even less have integrated completely new concepts that
have been fun and addictive. Can Unreal Tournament live up to all the hype
it's been given? Damn right it can.

A Hero is born every minute @ Bit Tech
[Jun-08-04] (0 Comments)

Everyone likes killing bad guys, so why stop when you're on a roll? Our latest column deals with addication to online gaming...

...You can’t help yourself, it’s almost as if there’s something physically addictive in the game, indeed Everquest is commonly referred to as Evercrack

: Mouse Grips Review @ Controlled Insanity
[May-08-04] (0 Comments)

Over the last few years, the industry has released some mousing accessories that claim to help enhance your gaming experience, such as the Mouse Bungie, Mouse Skatez, and the numerous optical gaming mousepads. A very new company to the game, Mouse Grips has just released a very interesting product, called Mouse Grips. These claim to revolutionize the way you hold your mouse, so lets check'em out!

GeForce 6800 Launch @ Bit Tech
[Apr-15-04] (0 Comments)

What is extremely interesting is that NV's developer relations team have clearly been working overtime - unlike previous generations of cards, there will actually be titles that support the new features within the 6-month llifecycle of the card! Significantly, there will be patches for both PainKiller and FarCry that will enable them to use Shader Model 3.0 to improve the look of the game.

Perhaps even more significantly, check out the game at the bottom - Vampire: Bloodlines. If you have been following the development of this game, you will know that it is based on the Source engine - the same engine that powers Half Life 2, developed by Valve Software. With Valve Software signing a co-marketing agreement with ATI (and, we presume, not including Shader 3 support to avoid any awkward ATI-support questions) seeing a licensee embrace Nvidia's leadership must be painful for both Valve and ATI.

Chaintech Apogee 5700 Ultra Video Card Review @ GruntvillE.com
[Mar-29-04] (0 Comments)

The new released video games all seem to be heading towards sharper more life-like graphics. This is great news to most of us, but I know there are still a few of you out there clinging to that old GeForce III card. You probably have a sign on your rig that reads, “You can take my old NVidia from me when you pry it from my cold dead system!” Now, while I admire your loyalty to a product that has treated you faithfully, I'm still going to have to shake you back into reality. Halo, Halflife2, Doom3… these are the games of the future, and they all look fantastic thanks to the new DirectX 9 effects. So what does this mean for those of you using older cards? It means that unless you think 15 stuttering frames per second is the cutting edge then it is definitely time to upgrade.

Battlefield Vietnam Review @ overclockersclub.com
[Mar-26-04] (0 Comments)

Battlefield 1942 took the FPS genre to a whole new level. With the game's detail, historical accuracy, vehicles, and focus on team play, it didn't couldn't much better. Soon the great game would be followed up with two expansion packs and a modding community that rivals that of the ancient Half-Life. Mods like Desert Combat, Eve of Destruction, and Galactic Conquest took BF1942 to Operation Desert Storm, Vietnam, and even to a galaxy far, far away. Now EA and Digital Illusions take us to another battlefield, Vietnam. It's not another expansion for BF1942, it's a whole new game with several updates based on their experience with the ever-so-popular Battlefield 1942.

Chaintech Apogee AA5700U Videocard Review @ PCstats
[Mar-20-04] (0 Comments)

Let's be utterly frank for a moment, the AGP slot's days are numbered. That being the case, there are still many millions of AGP motherboards in the world, while virtually no computers in the hands of consumers use PCI express yet. It may be some time before the balance swings in favour of PCI Express, so videocard manufacturers are continuing to produce their products for consumers looking to upgrade older machines. After all, it is all about playing the games we like at the best possible visual quality isn't it? Mainstream graphics cards are often talked about in publications, and while the industry slang is an accurate depiction of the FX57000 videocard, I'm sure most consumers are really only interested in improving the FPS and appearance of their game, for the most economical outlay of cash. In that respect, the nVIDIA GeForceFX 5700 and GeForceFX 5900XT class videocards bode well.

Graphic cards gaming benchmark: Farcry Demo @ Pc Unleash
[Mar-03-04] (0 Comments)

We are going to benchmark video card performance using one of the newest
games, Farcry. Farcry has released its demo version couple weeks ago.
The single-player demo for Crytek's tropical first-person shooter provides a
player with the opportunity in exploring a vast island level on a mission to
attack a mercenary base. This demo version of Cryteck presents a great
artistic detail on the background. The game players will be astonished by
the realistic presentation of the sea shore and islands throughout the game.
The company is releasing this game in the end of March

ATI Radeon 9600XT 128Meg Videocard Review @ Tweak News
[Feb-25-04] (0 Comments)

The 9600XT certainly is the mainstream card to buy. I tested it in many games while I was working on this review, from Vietcong to Morrowind to Need For Speed: Underground and then some. With tweaked-out settings, and the highest texture settings, my testbed never slowed down once, not even in the worst sandstorm in Morrowind. I was floored by its performance and never thought that my All-In-Wonder 9700Pro looked any better. DVD movies were crystal clear, and the output to my television was as good as my AIW.
Another major bonus with this card is the bundled Half-Life 2 coupon. What this means is that you take the retail price tag of $199 and subtract the game price of $50, and now you're only paying $149 for this card... and that, my friends, is how you justify such a purchase to your wife!

Corsair TwinX4400 Memory @ ipkonfig
[Feb-11-04] (0 Comments)

In 2004 we should see a rise in higher performance memory and motherboards on the market. As processor manufactures release higher end central processing units, the demand to keep up with it pushes the I/O market a bit harder. Memory is no exception, and for the most part, has done quite well so far--actually it is ahead of the game right now. Corsair Memory is one company doing that quite well. In fact, we were able to peak out the TwinX4400 at 291Mhz, and found that to be the limiting factor. Was it stable though?

Flexiglow FX Gamepad @ Crazymodders.be
[Feb-01-04] (0 Comments)

The Gamepad is connected to your computer by means of a USB-Cable. The cable has a reasonable length so it's unlikely that it's going to fall out short. The problem however is the fact that, now that everyone has a wireless mouse and keyboard you've still got a frigging mousepad with a wire ...
After plugging the USB-Cable into the computer the LEDs of the Gamepad started to blink for a couple of seconds, when they had stopped blinking I new the mousepad was succesfully installed and ready for use!

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