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Win a Set of Alienvibes EP02WT Headphones @ bigbruin.com
[Jul-04-13] (0 Comments)

=A0 We have a set of Alienvibes EP02WT 40mm active noise cancellation

Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-10-13] (0 Comments)

With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft had done its best to accommodate multiple forms of input. Along with the traditional

Hackintosh Performance Hardware Options @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-07-13] (0 Comments)

Recently I described my latest Hackintosh build, a mini-ITX system based on an Intel Core i3-3220 CPU, an ASUS P8H77-i motherboard, and

AMD A10-6800K APU Richland Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-05-13] (0 Comments)

So far, it seems that the early summer of 2013 is destined to be full of Intel Haswell coverage. Rather than consigning themselves to the

240GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-28-13] (0 Comments)

OCZ Technology launched their Vertex 3 solid state drive based on the second-generation LSI-SandForce SF-2281 processor back in early

4TB Seagate Desktop HDD ST4000DM000 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-24-13] (0 Comments)

Seagate has recently re-branded their consumer storage products, formerly named Barracuda, in time for the launch of their

Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-22-13] (0 Comments)

The Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate claims to be an all-inclusive media management system that allows you to transcode and backup

Patriot Supersonic Magnum Flash Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-17-13] (0 Comments)

With the advent of affordable solid state drives and the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, we have seen a drastic increase in the size and

Budget Hackintosh PC Build Project @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-15-13] (0 Comments)

The state of the Hackintosh continues to advance, and building one is now easier than ever. A few years ago, you had to have a high level

120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-10-13] (0 Comments)

OCZ Technology launched their Vertex 3 solid state drive based on the second-generation LSI-SandForce SF-2281 processor back in early

Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-08-13] (0 Comments)

Fractal Design brings simplicity and style together with the Adjust 108 fan controller. This accessory has a beautiful brushed aluminum

ASUS CUBE Google TV Media Streamer @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-03-13] (0 Comments)

Television and streaming multimedia content are staples to modern personal entertainment, allowing online providers such as Netflix,

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400 Wireless Storage @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-01-13] (0 Comments)

While there are plenty of options available as solutions to both of those issues, ADATA has recently released a device that takes care of

Ineo Alienvibes W401 Speaker System @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-30-13] (0 Comments)

Are you looking to hang up the headphones for a while and experience the freedom and openness of your computer audio through a speaker

Lian Li PC-V750WX Compact E-ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-29-13] (0 Comments)

When an enthusiast hears of the new Lian Li PC-V750WX E-ATX case, what comes to mind is a very large and unwieldy case like the NZXT

AZiO Levetron GH808 USB Gaming Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-22-13] (0 Comments)

It is widely believed that gaming headsets provide a much more immersive, captivating gaming experience than a speaker set up. They are

CM Storm Quickfire TK Mechanical Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-19-13] (0 Comments)

For many of our readers, a keyboard is the way they interact with the world whether it is for work or pleasure. In our ever more

AZiO KB577U Levetron MECH5 Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-17-13] (0 Comments)

Nowadays, it seems that the term

Rosewill RSL-113 Solar Infrared LED Lights @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-15-13] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews tests a lot of computer-related hardware, so this item might seem out of place. Performance enthusiasts invest in their

Can Console Gaming Save AMD From Collapse? @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-12-13] (0 Comments)

One year ago Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) company stock was publically trading for $8.20 per share, and since then value has

480GB Crucial M500 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-09-13] (0 Comments)

Micron Technology updates their product family with the new Crucial M500 solid state drive, which arrives in capacities ranging from

INEO I-NA321U PLUS Docking Station @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-08-13] (0 Comments)

Try to imagine what the ideal external hard drive docking station might look like. It should be compact, intuitive to use, and ideally be

Intel 525 SSD mSATA Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-29-13] (0 Comments)

Built from the same technology that made the Intel SSD 335 Series possible, the Intel Solid State Drive 525 Series packages a

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-26-13] (0 Comments)

With the economy on the rebound, gamers are coming out of hibernation with a hunger for modern DirectX11 graphics and realism. Since AMD

Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-21-13] (0 Comments)

In 2009, Razer started working on a mouse with some ambitious goals. It would be a gaming-grade, wireless hybrid mouse. It would be

MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-18-13] (0 Comments)

MyDigitalDiscount.com Inc. was founded in 2001 by Matt Dawson out of his passion for the latest gadgets and has since grown into a

Genius Gila GX Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-15-13] (0 Comments)

For several years, Genius has been manufacturing quality computer peripherals and decided, in 2011, to leverage its years of experience

NZXT Phantom 630 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-13-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the first reviews I wrote for Benchmark Reviews were for NZXT cases. Most of these were lower-end cases priced at $75 and under.

DeepCool N9 Aluminum Notebook Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-08-13] (0 Comments)

From Beijing DeepCool Industries Co. Ltd comes the very attractive DeepCool N9 Notebook Cooler. The clean lines of the aluminum cooling

Rosewill Armor EVO E-ATX Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-06-13] (0 Comments)

Rosewill has a wide range of computer accessories. Anything from tools, fans, cases, external enclosures, keyboards, and printer toner.

DeepCool M3 Notebook Cooling Pad @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-04-13] (0 Comments)

It is a fact that laptops can get very hot and, depending on where it is placed, it can get mighty uncomfortable. The advent of laptop

Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD Smartphone @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-01-13] (0 Comments)

Pervasive computing has taken over as the dominant technology market for consumers. Users who want to stay productive, or merely

OCZ Vector Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-27-13] (0 Comments)

The OCZ Vector 2.5

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Mechanical Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-22-13] (0 Comments)

It is now common to see gaming peripherals in the marketplace that originate from manufacturers that are originally known for producing

RHA SA950i Portable Headphones @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-06-13] (0 Comments)

Following on from the RHA CA-200 Noise isolating headphone review last week, Benchmark Reviews is all set to take a look at the higher

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-05-13] (0 Comments)

Desktop and notebook computers are slowing being dominated by the smartphone, a portable yet capable electronic device that grows more

ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 External Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-04-13] (0 Comments)

The Adata DashDrive Elite HE720 promises a sleek and light weight method of moving hundreds of gigabytes of data from point A to point B.

Arctic USB Charger PRO 4 Rev.2 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-31-13] (0 Comments)

USB has made it convenient to charge mobile devices, since most people also have access to a computer with an available port. But as the

Thermaltake Level 10M Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-28-13] (0 Comments)

A couple of years ago, Thermaltake entered into a design collaboration with auto maker BMW, resulting in the impressive and very

NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-14-13] (0 Comments)

No matter which laptop you have, the expensive or inexpensive one, they pretty much all seem to get very hot in a short period of time.

ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-10-13] (0 Comments)

For those of you out there that are looking for a nice basic but high spec gaming mouse, the ROCCAT KONE Pure - Core Performance Gaming

Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Video Game @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-31-12] (0 Comments)

In their second installment of the popular Guild Wars franchise, ArenaNet has certainly bought out the big guns. In this article,

BlueAnt Commute Handsfree Car Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-28-12] (0 Comments)

BlueAnt Wireless is well known for their Bluetooth-connected headsets, such as the high-quality BlueAnt Q2 and the durable BlueAnt T1

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-21-12] (0 Comments)

Gamers are demanding people to create equipment for, and who can blame them. When you spend hours a day with your hardware, (like many of

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-19-12] (0 Comments)

Ahh, flagship gaming mice. Nothing says

Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 AMD FM2 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-06-12] (0 Comments)

The second generation of AMD A-Series APUs is now among us. Hopefully you have been able to read our articles about the newest AMD

Silverstone FP37 SDXC USB 3.0 Card Reader @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-04-12] (0 Comments)

A media card reader can be a convenient device when it comes to transferring information between cameras, video cameras and a desktop

Use PlayStation3 Gamepad with PC Games @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-30-12] (0 Comments)

Ever considered buying a gamepad for racing, sports, or split-screen PC games? Well, there are quite a few options from Microsoft,

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-28-12] (0 Comments)

After almost dying out, then re-emerging as boutique items for snobs, mechanical keyboards are experiencing a sudden surge in popularity

JVC HA-NC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-26-12] (0 Comments)

Noise cancelling headphones are almost a necessity for frequent travelers. Benchmark Reviews has just complete field trials of the JVC

Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-16-12] (0 Comments)

There are headsets that are nice for listening to music, and then there are headsets specifically designed to enhance the gaming

CM Storm Recon Mouse and Skorpion @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-15-12] (0 Comments)

There are many different aspects to an enjoyable computer experience, and one of the foremost of those is input devices. The right mouse

NETGEAR R6300 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-09-12] (0 Comments)

Next generation wireless routers are now firmly in the marketplace, and Benchmark Reviews has had the opportunity to take a closer look

PNY XLR8 PRO Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-06-12] (0 Comments)

Not many Solid State Drive manufacturers offer a five-year full-replacement product warranty, but PNY does. Built in the USA, the PNY

MSI Z77 MPOWER LGA1155 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-31-12] (0 Comments)

MSI should be well known to most of our readers, and today Benchmark Reviews checks out their new MSI Z77 MPOWER LGA1155 motherboard.

From SSDs to Layoffs @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-28-12] (0 Comments)

Once upon a time between 2004-2006, OCZ was a well-known manufacturer of high-end memory components and power supply units that sold

Is Desktop PC a Dying Breed? Many Think Not! @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-08-12] (0 Comments)

So the desktop PC is a dying breed, you say. Hmmm, are you so sure about that? Since making such a statement infers a comparison, one

AMD A8-5600K APU Trinity Desktop Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-04-12] (0 Comments)

Right on track, well after Ivy Bridge, AMD has released their second generation of Accelerated Processing Units in the form of the

AMD A10-5800K Trinity Desktop Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-03-12] (0 Comments)

Right on track, well after Ivy Bridge, AMD has released their second generation of Accelerated Processing Units in the form of the

CM Storm Scout 2 Gaming PC Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-02-12] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews evaluated the first CM Storm Scout gaming case when it was first released in 2009. Back then, it was a unique

Biostar Hi-Fi Z77X Intel ATX Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-27-12] (0 Comments)

The latest chipset from Intel, the Z77, has been around for a little while now and has certainly spurred a lot of interest by aftermarket

Thecus N5550 NAS Network Storage Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-25-12] (0 Comments)

The Thecus N5550 NAS Server is aimed right at the typical small business owner or advanced home user, by virtue of its size and form

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-20-12] (0 Comments)

For many gamers, the most important piece of hardware in their repertoire (after their computers of course) is their headset. Whether you

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-18-12] (0 Comments)

As more and more features are subsumed onto the motherboard, and graphics cards grow ever more powerful, many enthusiasts are realizing

Thermaltake BlacX 5G SATA/USB Docking Station @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-04-12] (0 Comments)

For our readers in the field of IT, data recovery whether from a dying disk, virus infection, or a dying system is a common occurrence.

Pacific Squadron WWII @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-30-12] (0 Comments)

Aerial warfare first became a major component of combat during the Second World War, amidst a transitional period in motorized flight

Silverstone SUGO SG08 Mini-ITX Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-23-12] (0 Comments)

Does your system contain a single video card and use onboard sound? If so, you might understand the increasing popularity of small form

GeForce GTX 660 Ti vs GTX 670 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-21-12] (0 Comments)

Back in May (2012) NVIDIA released their $400 GeForce GTX 670 video card, securing the number two position in their single-GPU product

ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU-II TOP @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-16-12] (0 Comments)

Many computer hardware enthusiast recall when NVIDIA unleashed their GeForce GTX 580 video card onto the gaming landscape back on

MSI GTX 660-Ti Power Edition Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-16-12] (0 Comments)

The long-awaited mid-range Kepler cards are finally here, with NVIDIA partners releasing their own unique takes on the GTX GeForce 660Ti

NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Network Storage @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-07-12] (0 Comments)

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+ v2 is aimed right at the typical small business owner or advanced home user, by virtue of its size and form

WD TV Live Digital MultiMedia Player @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-20-12] (0 Comments)

Until recently digital multimedia could only be enjoyed on the computer, and with some extra effort it could be shared onto a portable

Corsair Vengeance C70 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-10-12] (0 Comments)

Corsair has been catering for the hardware enthusiasts and gamers for many years now and have gained a lot of praise for their high

Genius Imperator Pro Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-05-12] (0 Comments)

Genius introduced a strong lineup of gaming peripherals this year and today we will take a look at the GX-Gaming Imperator Pro MMORPG/RTS

SilverStone Grandia SST-GD07B HTPC Enclosure @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-03-12] (0 Comments)

Appearance is the strongest suit of the SilverStone Grandia GD07. Nothing fits into a fashionable home theater setup as well as a nicely

Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-28-12] (0 Comments)

Corsair is well known for their wide range of high quality and high performance enthusiast and gaming orientated computer hardware. The

PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX 670 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-26-12] (0 Comments)

Most gamers simply want to play upcoming releases without worrying over hardware requirements or system compatibility, and the GeForce

Patriot Memory PBO Alpine Media Player @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-13-12] (0 Comments)

Watching streaming content or downloaded multimedia files have replaced television broadcasts and movies on disc, especially for college

Rosewill RK-9000BR Mechanical Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-06-12] (0 Comments)

Having used and reviewed quite a few mechanical keyboards in the last year I have now tried out almost every type of Cherry MX switch out

Icron USB Ranger 2211 Range Extender @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-29-12] (0 Comments)

Everything from Rocket Launchers to Dancing Clowns are available as a USB peripheral these days. Most of us keep our USB devices within

G-Cube V-Track 310 Wireless Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-22-12] (0 Comments)

Wireless mice are also becoming the de facto standard along with macro software that further enhances productivity, while at the same

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Tests @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-10-12] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA Have enjoyed the fruits of their labors with the recent launch of Kepler, their latest ultra-efficient desktop GPU architecture.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Laser Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-09-12] (0 Comments)

Back in September 2009, CM Storm released the Sentinel Advance Laser Gaming Mouse. It sported a 5600 DPI laser sensor, which was the

Intel DZ77GA-70K Motherboard Features @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-04-12] (0 Comments)

Intel has tried to sell motherboards into the enthusiast market in the past, with little success. Even though their top-end motherboards

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Benchmark Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-03-12] (0 Comments)

Back on 22 March 2012, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 video card made headlines and became the best-performing single-GPU graphics card on

HIS HD7950 IceQ Turbo 3GB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-30-12] (0 Comments)

We have now seen round three of the AMD HD7000 series video card launch cycle and still NVIDIA have yet to fully show their hand, and

ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe Benchmark Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-27-12] (0 Comments)

The introduction of the first member of the new Cougar Point chipset family, the Z77 Express, happened several weeks before the

ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe LGA1155 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-25-12] (0 Comments)

The introduction of the first member of the new Cougar Point chipset family, the Z77 Express, happened several weeks before the

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-24-12] (0 Comments)

Intel sticks to their

Cooler Master HAF XM Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-24-12] (0 Comments)

At Benchmark Reviews, we have established that the main three items to look for in a computer case are price, functionality, and style.

Corsair Vengeance M90 Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-20-12] (0 Comments)

With fifteen buttons, a 5700 DPI laser sensor, a solid aluminum core, and onboard memory the Corsair Vengeance M90 can be customized to

Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-17-12] (0 Comments)

Having reviewed many keyboards it suprised me how excited I was to review the Corsair Vengeance K90. With its unique design, Cherry MX

Antec P280 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-03-12] (0 Comments)

For many enthusiasts want a quiet system, with room to spare, and a beautiful exterior the Antec P280 is exactly what they are looking

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-30-12] (0 Comments)

This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-30-12] (0 Comments)

This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-30-12] (0 Comments)

This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower Chasis @ rbmods.com
[Mar-25-12] (0 Comments)

Today we will be evaluating the NXT Switch 810, hybrid full tower chassis. Itís marketed as the ultimate PC Enthusiast case. Letís see if it measures up.

Arctic MC001-BD HTPC Media Center @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-21-12] (0 Comments)

Home entertainment is quickly changing, and computer techology has become integrated with the personal space. Data storage and playback

Genius DeathTaker USB Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-20-12] (0 Comments)

Taiwan-based Genius may not be a well known brand when compared with other established companies such as Steelseries and Razer, but they

ASUS Rampage IV Formula X79 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-16-12] (0 Comments)

Within the world of personal computing, there is a group of people referred to as enthusiasts. This generalization can be a little

XBOX720 and PS4 Consoles Revive PC Gaming @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-15-12] (0 Comments)

Electronic video games became a trillion dollar industry once they made the leap from quarter-gobbling cabinets to console and later PC.

ASUS USB-N53 Wireless-N300 USB Adapter @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-07-12] (0 Comments)

Built on the same design slate as the black diamond series, comes the ASUS USB-N53 Dual Band Wireless-N300 USB Adapter. The USB-N53 has

Intel Core i7-3820 Extreme Edition CPU @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-06-12] (0 Comments)

Not quite a year after Intel released Sandy Bridge with the new LGA-1155 platform they upped the performance bar again. This time around,

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-02-12] (0 Comments)

Although mechanical keyboards have been making a comeback in recent years many of the design are quite bulky in comparison to their

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-28-12] (0 Comments)

What features make the best gaming mouse? Laser or Optical? High or low sensitivity? Epic Gear has released a new technology to make it

OCZ Octane SATA 6GB/s Indilinx Everest SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-24-12] (0 Comments)

Nearly one year since acquiring well-know flash controller manufacturer Indilinx, OCZ has debuted their first storage productbased on the

QNAP TS-879U-RP NAS Rack Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-21-12] (0 Comments)

How much is too much? For those who tend to answer

HIS Radeon HD 7750 iCooler Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-15-12] (0 Comments)

If the you have read the reviews of the AMD Radeon HD 79xx series of video cards here at benchmark reviews you will know that owning the

NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-14-12] (0 Comments)

What is it that you should look for in a computer case, exactly? The market is full of many different styles with plenty of different

ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor 3D Vision-2 Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-09-12] (0 Comments)

We live in a three-dimensional world, and display technology is finally catching up to how we see things. Games, movies, multimedia

Intel SSD 520 Series Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-06-12] (0 Comments)

For the past several years, consumers searching through the available selection of Solid State Drive (SSD) storage devices have noticed

Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag @ rwlabs.com
[Feb-02-12] (0 Comments)

Spacious interior for up to a full 24inch LCD screen, 5different compartments, 3 different carrying ways and a very good buildquality which allows you to carry up to 41kg of things are some of thereasons for which people who attend LAN events or people who just want alarge carrying bag for their notebooks should really take a closer look atthe latest Battle Dragon Bag by Tt eSports.

ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor 3D Vision-2 Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-31-12] (0 Comments)

We live in a three-dimensional world, and display technology is finally catching up to how we see things. Games, movies, multimedia

NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Case @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-29-12] (0 Comments)

By retaining its original set of features the latest revisionof the Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Case by NZXT is not only beautiful interms of design, offers superior airflow and has a spacious interior capableof housing even the largest possible hardware components but it now alsofeatures top I/O USB 3.0 connectivity.

Tt eSPORTS THERON Gaming Mouse @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-20-12] (0 Comments)

Largely thanks to its brand new design which gives it amazinggrip and also because of its excellent accuracy, lightning fast speed andlarge number of features the THERON Gaming Mouse by TteSports is withoutdoubt amongst the 5 best all-around units i have used to date.

G.SKILL Ripjaws-Z 16GB DDR3-1600 Memory @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-20-12] (0 Comments)

Although the company was established in 1989, G.SKILL is still not as familiar a name in the memory market as are Corsair, Mushkin,

Thermaltake Frio Advanced CPU Cooler @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-17-12] (0 Comments)

Featuring very good performance levels thanks to its dual130mm PWM fans, universal CPU compatibility and a smaller size than othersimilar performance units the latest Frio Advanced CPU Cooler by Thermaltakehas but a single drawback, quite high noise levels especially at load.

Seagate Momentus XT 750GB SATA III Hybrid Disk Drive @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-14-12] (0 Comments)

By doubling the available onboard SLC NAND Flash memory and byadding 50% more storage space capacity compared to the 1st generation the2nd generation Momentus XT by Seagate is now a powerful mix between a 750GB2.5

Real World Labs And RaidSonic Joint Contest @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-12-12] (0 Comments)

Only 5 more days left before we close the doors of our lastcontest of 2011 through which we are giving away 3 awesome prizes byRaidSonic and so we sincerely hope you can all join us once again.

Belkin Rebranding & In-Win Cases @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-12-12] (0 Comments)

At CES 2012 there seems to be a common, overarching theme amongst many of the exhibitors; connecting all aspects of your life. There are

A.C.Ryan VEOLO Smart Android Hub @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-12-12] (0 Comments)

Featuring an 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, built-in 400MHz GPU,512MB of DDR3 and 4GB of onboard flash memory the VEOLO Smart Android Hub byA.C.Ryan is aimed to be much more than just your average hardware mediaplayer, the only real question is whether or not it succeeds.

World of Tanks Optimized Competition Settings @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-11-12] (0 Comments)

World of Tanks (WoT) is a free-to-play MMO-action video game by Wargaming.net that is loosely based on World War II-era tanks from the

Synology DiskStation DS212+ NAS Server @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-10-12] (0 Comments)

Thanks to a lightning fast 2.0GHz Marvell CPU, 512MB of DDR3RAM and USB 3.0 connectivity the latest DiskStation DS212+ by Synology iscurrently one of the fastest and most feature rich mid to high-end dual bayNAS Server units in the market today.

XFX R7970 Black Edition Double Dissipation @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-09-12] (0 Comments)

AMD might have trouble keeping up with the competition in the CPU arena, but their acquisition of ATI allowed them to become a major

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI-E Storage Solution @ rwlabs.com
[Jan-07-12] (0 Comments)

Aimed mostly towards professionals and enthusiasts the latestRevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI Express Storage Solution by OCZ combines thebreathtaking read/write speeds of the RevoDrive3 PCI-E SandForce based SSDwith the large capacity of a 1TB 2.5inch hard disk drive, all in one veryconvenient package.

SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Wheel @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-05-12] (0 Comments)

Hardcore PC racing simulator enthusiasts would argue that there is no alternative to a force feedback wheel and pedals, and they might be

Batman Arkham City 3D Vision Game @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-28-11] (0 Comments)

Of all the superheroes, Batman is one of the few who does not possess any super-human power. Perhaps that is why so many people cheer for

NZXT Phantom 410 PC Case @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-27-11] (0 Comments)

Amazing design, superior craftsmanship, countless features,space for extra radiator, excellent airflow and a very attractive price tagare the things that make the latest Phantom 410 Mid-Tower Chassis by NZXTone of the best Midi Towers we have ever seen to date.

Enermax Platimax 1200W Power Supply @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-22-11] (0 Comments)

Thanks to excellent build quality and an 80Plus PlatinumCertification the latest Platimax 1200W power supply unit by Enermax is notonly future-proof but it also produces rock solid rail stability, top of theline electrical efficiency and near inaudible noise levels.

Rosewill Ranger Mid-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-20-11] (0 Comments)

A couple of months ago Rosewill sent us a full tower case for review, the THOR v2, and today they have sent Benchmark Reviews their new

Real World Labs And RaidSonic Joint Contest @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-17-11] (0 Comments)

Normally having given away over 60 prizes inside 2011 would bemore than just enough, still with the current state of things we thought itwould be nice to make yet another Christmas present to all of you and so tothat end we teamed up with our friends over at RaidSonic to make 3 moregreat prizes available for grabs.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600W Power Supply @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-16-11] (0 Comments)

The latest Silencer MK III 600W Power Supply by PC Power &Cooling is certain to win you over, if not thanks to its rock solid rails,white/black body and 80Plus Bronze Certification then certainly because ofits very attractive price tag.

Real World Labs And Cooler Master Joint Contest @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-15-11] (0 Comments)

With just less than 24hours before our Joint Contest withCooler Master is officially over you still have enough time to participateand perhaps walk away with either a Sirus True 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset,an Enforcer Midi Gaming Tower or a Spawn Gaming Mouse.

Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra HPTX Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-15-11] (0 Comments)

Desktop comptuters are seen by some pundits as a dying breed, and perhaps they are. Laptop and even tablet computers are now capable of

World of Tanks NVIDIA 3D Vision Game @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-14-11] (0 Comments)

World of Tanks (WoT) is a free-to-play MMO-action video game loosely based on World War II-era tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, USA,

Raidmax Seiran Mid-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-13-11] (0 Comments)

In October, I wrote a review of the Raidmax Blade mid tower ultra budget case. Although it was a functional case and quite inexpensive,

Patriot Pyro SE Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-12-11] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has previously tested the Patriot PyroSE, a second-generation SandForce SF-2281 solid state drive, which is considered

NZXT HALE82 850W Power Supply @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-12-11] (0 Comments)

NZXT has made a strong official entry in the mid-end segmentof the PSU market with their latest HALE82 850W Power Supply featuring verygood rail stability, Japanese made capacitors, low profile modular cablesand an 80Plus Bronze certification.

QNAP TurboNAS TS-419P II NAS Server @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-10-11] (0 Comments)

Thanks to an updated energy-efficient 2.0GHz ARM Processor byMarvell paired with a total of 512MB of DDR3 RAM and available storagecapacity of up to 12TB (currently) the latest TurboNAS TS-419P II NAS serverby QNAP has both the muscle and capacity to even go up against far moreexpensive solutions.

SteelSeries Desmo Digital Eyewear @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-07-11] (0 Comments)

For those of us in the field of technology eyestrain is a constant threat to our ability to work. Whether it is headaches, dry eyes, or

ZAGG ZAGGSparq 2.0 Portable Battery @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-06-11] (0 Comments)

Granted the rather slow charge and recharge times of thelatest ZAGGsparq 2.0 portable battery by ZAGG may fail to impress but its6000mAh Lithium polymer battery, built-in power plug and current price tagare more than enough to turn the tables in its favor.

IOCELL NetDISK 351UNE Network Storage Device @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-06-11] (0 Comments)

The first thing that IOCELL wants you to know about the NetDISK 351UNE is that it is not a NAS. It is a network-direct-attached-storage

SilverStone SST-EC03 USB 3.0 PCI-E Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-05-11] (0 Comments)

Getting access to the gigabytes of data on your external storage devicesis excruciatingly slow as it trickles thru the USB 2.0 port, or

QNAP TS-419P II NAS Network Storage Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-01-11] (0 Comments)

The official category for the QNAP TS-419P II Turbo NAS is

BitFenix Merc Alpha PC Case @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-30-11] (0 Comments)

For people on a very tight budget the Merc Alpha midi tower PCCase by BitFenix may not just be the ideal gift to make to themselves inlight of the upcoming holiday season but also the ideal gift for peoplereally close to them.

Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-29-11] (0 Comments)

Mechanical hard disk technology has been the traditional standard for decades, refined to the point where it can deliver massive storage

EVGA GeForce GTX560Ti FTW 448-Core @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-29-11] (0 Comments)

This holiday season is gearing up to be a big one for computer gamers. A lot of big titles have been or will soon be released.

Kingston HyperX 3.0 128GB 8-Channel USB Flash Drive @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-28-11] (0 Comments)

If you are out to buy a large capacity USB 3.0 compatibleflash drive and you need the highest possible data transfer speeds then lookno further since none is currently faster than the latest and quite amazingHyperX 3.0 8-Channel USB Flash Drive by Kingston.

EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified:Overclocked @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-28-11] (0 Comments)

The EVGA GTX 580 Classified is one of the most powerful single card solutions on the market. With a 14+3 VRM design, a new cooler and the

QNAP TurboNAS TS-219P II NAS Server @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-26-11] (0 Comments)

Sporting an upgraded 2GHz Marvell CPU and the same set offeatures as the excellent TurboNAS TS-219P+ the latest QNAP TurboNAS TS-219PII is really a remarkable Dual-Bay NAS Server capable of satisfying even themost demanding home and office users.

X79 Express Performance Comparison @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-23-11] (0 Comments)

As part of the Sandy Bridge Extreme CPU launch, Benchmark Reviews received several new X79 Express motherboards to test. Each

SteelSeries Sensei Pro Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-21-11] (0 Comments)

Danish company SteelSeries has designed products to compete against the likes of Razer, Logitech, and Microsoft in the competitive gaming

Real World Labs And Cooler Master Joint Contest @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-16-11] (0 Comments)

Today we are launching one of our last giveaways/contests of2011 with our good friends over at Cooler Master USA and with Christmas justaround the corner we thought it would be nice to once again secure not 1 but3 great products as our holiday gifts to you all.

SteelSeries Legendary MMO Gaming Mouse @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-15-11] (0 Comments)

SteelSeries has been manufacturing peripherals such askeyboards, mice, headsets and pads for World Of Warcraft fans for quite sometime now and today we will be taking a thorough look at their latestoffering in that line of products called the Legendary MMO Gaming Mouse.

RAGE the PC Game by id Software @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-11-11] (0 Comments)

At Benchmark reviews, we thought it might be interesting to offer a light hearted article on the new PC version FPS/RPG hybrid game RAGE,

Real World Labs And OWC Joint Contest - 4 Days Left @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-10-11] (0 Comments)

With our OCZ Joint Contest over we now count less than 4 daysbefore we also close the curtain on our joint contest with our friends overat Other World Computing so the real and perhaps only question is whether ornot you have already signed up for a chance to win an amazingly fast MercuryExtreme Pro 6G 240GB Solid State Drive.

Thermaltake BlacX Duet 5G USB 3.0 Docking Station @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-08-11] (0 Comments)

The latest external dual docking station by Thermaltake calledthe BlacX Duet 5G may not carry special features such as RAID0-1 modes butit does serve its purpose by offering blazing fast transfer speeds via USB3.0 connectivity.

NZXT HAVIK 140 CPU Cooler @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-06-11] (0 Comments)

The very first attempt in the CPU Cooling field by NZXT calledthe HAVIK 140 may not be the best of the best amongst similar dual fansolutions but it combines excellent performance with surprisingly low noiselevels making it ideal for people who pretty much want the best of bothworlds.

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCI-E SSD Tests @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-04-11] (0 Comments)

That moment when solid state drive technology can offer the high capacity of large hard disk counterparts is nearly here. OCZ Technology,

SteelSeries Sensei Pro Grade Laser Mouse @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-02-11] (0 Comments)

Featuring a state of the art 32bit ARM CPU and a blazing fast5700CPI/10.8MP laser sensor the latest achievement by SteelSeries called theSensei Pro Grade Laser Mouse can achieve breathtaking speeds of up to11.400DCPI with incredible accuracy thanks to the patented ExactTechtechnologies.

Seagate Barracuda 3TB Hard Drive ST3000DM001 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-01-11] (0 Comments)

Back on March 2011, Seagate debuted their original Barracuda XT 3TB hard drive, model ST33000651AS, which used five platters to supply

Thermalright Archon Rev.A CPU Cooler @ rwlabs.com
[Nov-01-11] (0 Comments)

Take the already excellent award winning Archon CPU Cooler byThermalright, ditch the 140mm PWM fan, replace it with a larger and morepowerful 150mm PWM fan and you get the latest Archon Rev.A.

Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-01-11] (0 Comments)

In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Thermaltake Overseer RX-I, which demands a higher premium but at the same time packs in more

CM Storm Xornet Optical Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-31-11] (0 Comments)

When it comes to PC gaming, precision control begins with the mouse. You can have the best computer and display, but without a durable

Real World Labs And Sandberg Joint Contest @ rwlabs.com
[Oct-27-11] (0 Comments)

With October almost over and the weather starting to getreally cold we thought it would be nice to heat up things by launching yetanother contest so today up for grabs we have three Sandberg StreetBlasterheadsets for three lucky winners so they can listen to their favoriteChristmas tunes even while on the go and not a second too soon.

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-21-11] (0 Comments)

Mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers are starting to take root in the enthusiast market. Keeping pace with this trend, Thermaltake

Microsoft Touch Mouse @ rwlabs.com
[Oct-19-11] (0 Comments)

With most peripheral manufacturers aiming to create thefastest and most accurate gaming mouse Microsoft took an entirely differentpath with their latest Touch Mouse by implementing the ability to performvarious actions by just using different gestures with your fingers.

SilverStone Treasure TS07 USB 3.0 Enclosure @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-17-11] (0 Comments)

The SilverStone Treasure TS07 External 3.5

Hitachi Travelstar 7K750-750 750GB SATA II HDD @ rwlabs.com
[Oct-11-11] (0 Comments)

Although SATA II may not be considered as the latest interfacein terms of technological advancement the latest Travelstar 7K750-750 750GB2.5inch HDD by Hitachi managed to surpass both SATA II and SATA III 2.5inchhard disk drives with relative ease.

EDGE Boost Pro Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-29-11] (0 Comments)

EDGE Tech Corporation has been a manufacturer of peripheral computer hardware for two decades, but only recently have they offered

Mythbusters DVD:Treats for Techies @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-22-11] (0 Comments)

Are you a techie or geek who has every gadget conceivable but still searches for downtime entertainment? Or perhaps you are looking to

HP Touchpad Performance Hacking @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-20-11] (0 Comments)

In our previous guide:Root Hacking the HP Touchpad Tablet PC, Benchmark Reviews showed you how to enable Developer Mode on the HP

Phanteks PH-TC14PE_RD CPU Cooler @ rwlabs.com
[Sep-02-11] (0 Comments)

Although Phanteks is the latest player in the CPU coolingretail market their long experience in the OEM segment has allowed them notonly to create an great looking CPU Air Cooler available in 4 differentcolors but they have also managed to dethrone both the excellent SilverArrow by Thermalright and the amazing NH-D14 by Noctua.

Lian Li PC-90 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-01-11] (0 Comments)

For many enthusiasts, fitting the very best hardware into a computer case comes at a high price. Unfortunately it means having large,

OCZ RevoDrive3 X2 SuperScale PCI-E SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-23-11] (0 Comments)

Solid State Drive storage began as a technology best suited for durable computer devices, then slowly evolved into the notebook and

NZXT Source 210 Elite Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-19-11] (0 Comments)

When buying a case enthusiasts must balance between cost, aesthetics, and build quality. Normally you can only have two of these three

OCZ Virtualized Controller Architecture 2.0 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-15-11] (0 Comments)

Not long ago Benchmark Reviews tested the OCZ RevoDrive and OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCI-Express solid state drive storage devices, both of which

Thecus N2200XXX @ pcreview.co.uk
[Aug-12-11] (0 Comments)

Thecus have been been around for several years, focusing on the production of NAS and other network/storage devices. The N2200XXX is one of their latest offerings ‚Äď a two bay NAS aimed at SOHO/Home users with a need for high performance storage‚Ķ hence the triple-x name, which stands for ‚ÄúeXtreme Power, eXtreme Function and eXtreme Value‚ÄĚ. The NAS is based on the 1.8Ghz dual-core Intel Atom D525 and 1GB of DDR3 RAM, so it has the potential to be a speedy bit of kit. Both 3.5‚ÄĚ and 2.5‚ÄĚ drives fit in to the drive trays, allowing for hot-swappable RAID 1 and 0 configurations (or just JBOD if you want to maximise storage).

Rosewill Thor 2 Full-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-11-11] (0 Comments)

Recently, Rosewill sent to Benchmark Reviews their THOR 2 full tower gamer, enthusiast case for a good thrashing. The THOR 2 is the

BitFenix Shinobi Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-04-11] (0 Comments)

Here at Benchmark Reviews we like to bring you the most up to date hardware reviews, our latest sample is the BitFenix Shinobi Window

Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM Heatsink @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-28-11] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master is a name well known to enthusiasts for their extensive line of enthusiast computer equipment, including cases, CPU

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-26-11] (0 Comments)

The time for monster CPU coolers may be drawing to a close:the latest generation of 32nm CPUs from Intel and AMD produce much less heat

ASUS F1A75-M PRO FM1 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-21-11] (0 Comments)

With the launch of every new motherboard platform, we expect to see a number of different designs from the major motherboard

Patriot Wildfire SF-2281 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-21-11] (0 Comments)

Patriot Memory has been a long-time provider of system components for performance enthusiasts. It was a natural evolution for them to

QNAP TS-219P+ NAS Network Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-08-11] (0 Comments)

Network storage is a concept that many people use without a second thought in corporate environments, but what about at home? In

AMD A8-3850 Lynx APU Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-01-11] (0 Comments)

When AMD merged with ATI in 2006, they immediately began working on combining discrete level graphics onto the die with an x86 CPU, thus

Cooler Master Silencio 550 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-24-11] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has as its subject today one dark and mysterious Cooler Master Silencio 550 Mid-Tower Case. Silencio translates to

Duke Nukem Forever 3D Vision Experience @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-23-11] (0 Comments)

After a 14 year gestation, Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived. Those of us who played the original Duke Nukem games after weaning

OCZ Agility 3 SSD Tests @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-23-11] (0 Comments)

It might not seem like SSDs have been around very long, but OCZ has been a pioneer in the technology for almost four years already.

ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mITX Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-17-11] (0 Comments)

By now we have all heard of the media capabilities of the Intel H67 Chipset. With so much going for it in this aspect, it seems like an

G.Skill Sniper 1866 MHz DDR3 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-14-11] (0 Comments)

RAM is one of the basic building blocks of a computer system, and although the technology has changed over the years the same basic idea

HIS Radeon HD6950 IceQ-X Turbo-X @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-10-11] (0 Comments)

HIS first introduced its IceQ coolers in 2003 to its Radeon 9800PRO series of video cards, eight years later HIS return with the IceQ X

QNAP TS-659 Pro II NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-09-11] (0 Comments)

Network storage is a concept that many people use without a second thought in corporate environments, but what about at home? In

HIS Radeon HD6850 IceQ-X Turbo @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-08-11] (0 Comments)

HIS first introduced its IceQ coolers in 2003 to its Radeon 9800PRO series of video cards, eight years later HIS return with the IceQ X

HIS Radeon HD6870 IceQ-X Turbo-X Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-03-11] (0 Comments)

HIS first introduced its IceQ coolers in 2003 to its Radeon 9800PRO series of video cards, eight years later HIS return with the IceQ X

Corsair Obsidian 650D Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-02-11] (0 Comments)

The Obsidian 650D is Corsairs second attempt at a mid-tower case and the third case in the Obsidian line that started with the 800D

ASUS Crosshair-V Formula 990FX Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-31-11] (0 Comments)

The long-awaited 990FX Chipset is finally here. The manufacturing partners have put together their offerings, each putting their personal

Intel Rapid Storage Technology with SRT Support @ ngohq.com
[May-29-11] (0 Comments)

The Intel Rapid Storage Technology software package provides high-performance SATA AHCI and SATA RAID capabilities for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Intel Rapid Storage Technology provides improved performance and reliability for systems equipped with SATA disks for desktop, mobile, and server platforms. When using one or multiple SATA disks, you can take advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption. This version adds support for Intel Smart Response Technology (SSD caching).

LEVEL8 Products Macbook Air Sleeve @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-26-11] (0 Comments)

While high-end motherboards, video cars, and SSDs are exciting to test and read about, we sometimes overlook the more prosaic products

LEVEL8 Products Macbook Air Sleeve @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-26-11] (0 Comments)

While high-end motherboards, video cars, and SSDs are exciting to test and read about, we sometimes overlook the more prosaic products

OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-25-11] (0 Comments)

No so long ago, Benchmark Reviews tested the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD, which delivered the best transfer speeds and operational performance we

Tt eSports Shock One Gaming Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-20-11] (0 Comments)

It comes as no surprise that Thermaltake is now breaking into the audio market following the successes of its competitors. Their new Tt

In Win BUC Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-18-11] (0 Comments)

Ever dream of a mid tower case that had four hot swap internal SATA drive bays that you could access easily? Of course the case would

Lucid Virtu Graphics Virtualization @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-13-11] (0 Comments)

Lucid (formerly LucidLogix) appeared on the enthusiast horizon with their

Interview with Gabriel Torres of HardwareSecrets @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-10-11] (0 Comments)

In this article, Benchmark Reviews interviews long-time hardware enthusiast and power supply guru Gabriel Torres, who is the founder

Cooler Master Elite 371 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-09-11] (0 Comments)

Not too long ago all custom computer builds where done using beige boxes. Unlike their mass-built cousins, these cases had very few

Antec One Hundred Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-04-11] (0 Comments)

The Antec One Hundred computer case is touted as

AMD Phenom-II X4-980 BE Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-03-11] (0 Comments)

As is common with AMD CPUs, the next in the Phenom-II X4 Black Edition series is being released; the Phenom-II X4-980BE HDZ980FBK4DGM.

Intel Sandy Bridge Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-20-11] (0 Comments)

Rules change and we need to be at the top of the technology to understand how new architectures work with our new components.

ASUS RT-N56U Wireless-N Gigabit Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-18-11] (0 Comments)

Stylish and router are two words that would not normally be put together in a sentence without a negative term preceding them somehow,

MSI 890FXA-GD65 Motherboard :The Hardcore Minimalist @ pcper.com
[Apr-08-11] (0 Comments)

MSI has created a fine board. It certainly appears to havehad a real teething process, but now the BIOS support has caught upand we are seeing a very fast and mature product on the marketplace.The current price makes this one of the more exciting AM3 motherboardout there, especially for the budget enthusiast. MSI has scorednicely with the 890FXA-GD65.

Corsair Enthusiast TX750 V2 and TX850 V2 PSU @ pcper.com
[Apr-06-11] (0 Comments)

Corsair is well known for producing some of the best PC powersupplies on the market today and their new TX750 V2 and TX850 V2 powersupplies continue that trend at an affordable price. Both TX V2 powersupplies delivered clean DC outputs, with good efficiency and verygood voltage regulation. Both power supplies come with a goodassortment of fixed cables that can support the latest CPUs andmultiple, high-end video cards.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case @ pcper.com
[Apr-05-11] (0 Comments)

While we had the pleasure of doing a hands-on review of theoriginal Level 10 case, we were very excited with all the featuresThermaltake emulated from it on the Level 10 GT. We were also highlyimpressed that Thermaltake was daring enough to try and create aconsumer-level case out of the astronomically-priced Level 10 case.The overall design of the Level 10 GT is easily on par with theoriginal Level 10, but Thermaltake included other related featureslike a hinged side panel door and removable hard drive cages.

AMD Ships Llano and Upcoming AM3+ Support @ pcper.com
[Apr-05-11] (0 Comments)

These are certainly exciting times for AMD. The HD 6000series of graphics chips are doing well in the market. They are nowtruly competitive at the high end again. Their CPUs have been holdingtheir own, especially due to the help that Intel gave them with theSandy Bridge issue. They are about to release what looks to be a verypower CPU architecture in Bulldozer, and they will be rewriting thebooks when it comes to integrated graphics performance andcapabilities. Certainly AMD will not overtake Intel, but we asconsumers do need a strong and competitive AMD for the sake of our ownwallets.

Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Hard Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-29-11] (0 Comments)

Everyone knows that SSDs cannot offer the capacity of a hard drive, and HDDs will never deliver solid state response time. Somewhere

Sandy Bridge Mobile Performance @ pcper.com
[Mar-28-11] (0 Comments)

Sandy Bridge was great for desktops, but it may well be evenbetter for laptops. The levels of performance provided by this newquad-core processor are staggering. We may even be reaching a pointwhere a laptop is truly is able to provide performance competitivewith similarly priced desktops. Crazy, I know =96 but modern laptopsbased on mobile Sandy Bridge will be no joke.

MSI HD 6950 Twin Frozr II :Cool, Quiet, and somewhat Beastly @ pcper.com
[Mar-24-11] (0 Comments)

Personally I like the card. I was disappointed I could notmod it successfully to a HD 6970, but even in stock form the card isnot slow. I am doing some =93long term=94 testing on this particularmodel in my main machine, clocked at a much more mundane 900 MHz coreand 1350 MHz memory. This has provided a nice performance boost, allthe while producing less sound than the more aggressive overclock Idid while testing. So far the card has worked flawlessly at thisspeed, and it has handled every application I have thrown at it withaplomb.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Update - Overclocking Performance @ pcper.com
[Mar-22-11] (0 Comments)

I am glad to see AMD really embracing the overclocking mindsetin both its CPU and GPU divisions as well. AMD has been offeringunlocked processors for quite some time and with previous Radeonreleases and now the new HD 6990 offering, the engineering andmarketing teams continue to strive to beat out the competition inanyway they can. By installing a switch on the card that nowbasically overclocks the clock speeds and moves the power consumptionbeyond approved levels, AMD is enabling consumers that WANT to pushtheir hardware the option to do so, and for that, we at PC Perspectiveare very grateful.

Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge 13.3" (2011 Model) @ pcper.com
[Mar-11-11] (0 Comments)

After only a week of use, I am getting more comfortable in theOSX environment and how to perform everyday tasks that I wouldnormally do in Windows 7. Being a PC enthusiast, I have a greatappreciation for devices that are simple to use and provide the userwith a great experience. The 13

Antec Sonata IV Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-11-11] (0 Comments)

Antec has been making computer enclosures for as long as I can remember. When I think of popular computer chassis, one case from Antec

MSI R6870 Hawk Graphics Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-07-11] (0 Comments)

Graphics cards have been improving at breakneck speeds over the last little while. The Radeon HD 5000 series allowed AMD and ATI to beat

Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium AIW5000 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-04-11] (0 Comments)

Now that Blu-Ray and 1080p are well entrenched into the entertainment industry, Diamond has released their latest update to the

Coolit Vantage A.L.C. CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-02-11] (0 Comments)

Sealed, all-in-one water coolers seem to be the fastest-growing segment of the CPU cooler market today. Air coolers are reaching their

Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D Speaker System @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-01-11] (0 Comments)

Antec has dominated the computer chassis market for more than a decade, and with many of their customers slowly converting to portable

Intel Releases 6Gb/sec 510 Series Solid State Drives with Marvell @ pcper.com
[Mar-01-11] (1 Comments)

Intel has chosen to go with the newer Marvell controller fortheir 510 series. They have told us it is loaded with a customfirmware from their own SSD team. We were concerned about the ultimatecapabilities of the 510 when we first heard of this, but from theabove benchmark I can say that things do look promising. We will knowmore once we get some testing logged on this drive.

Lucid Virtu GPU Virtualization Software - Sandy Bridge and @ pcper.com
[Feb-28-11] (0 Comments)

Despite an early hiccup in our testing due to the AMDcompatibility issue, the Lucid Virtu software has impressed me. Theidea for the technology is well founded and solves one of the fewproblems we had with the Intel 2nd Generation Core processor familythat launched in January. The architecture of the purelysoftware-based solution is cleverly intuitive and Lucid seems to thinkthey really have solved it for good.

Thermalright Silver Arrow CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-25-11] (0 Comments)

CPU cooler design (for air coolers, anyway) boils down to a few simple truths:while things like heat pipe technology and base finish are

OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SandForce 2281 240GB SATA 6G SSD @ pcper.com
[Feb-24-11] (0 Comments)

OCZ was the first to get next generation SandForce out thedoor, and with a consumer Vertex 3 following just 1 week after theirPro model, they seem to have closed their lead-time gap considerably.We were happy to see the consumer model not suffer too greatly fromthe reduction in spare area necessary to hand more available storagespace to the user. The only thing left to do is work a few remainingkinks out of the firmware and start shipping.

Bulldozer at ISSCC 2011 - The Future of AMD Processors @ pcper.com
[Feb-24-11] (0 Comments)

All indications so far point to Bulldozer being at the veryleast a competitive design. I believe that Intel will have anadvantage in instructions per clock when handling single threaded andlightly threaded workloads. But AMD certainly looks to counter thatby providing processors which will clock higher than the Intelcounterparts, yet still remain in the same thermal envelope as thecompetition.

AMD Responds to the Sandy Bridge Bug:Marketing ramps up... but new @ pcper.com
[Feb-19-11] (0 Comments)

The biggest potential win for AMD would have been a successfulAM3+ motherboard launch, but they still were not able to move up thatparticular product. If AMD had been able to come out swinging withthis new socket, and new motherboards designed around it, we couldvery well have seen a much more significant boost to AMD. While thereare no Bulldozer nor Llano based chips available, AM3+ boards dosupport current AM3 processors. Releasing the high end 990FX andbudget 970 boards, neither of which utilize the integrated graphics ofLlano, and populating them with current Phenom II and Athlon II CPUscould have provided a nice impetus to AMD and given the company amarketplace more prepared for the new CPUs to arrive later thisSpring.

OCZ Technology Vertex 3 Pro SandForce 2582 200GB SATA 6G SSD @ pcper.com
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OCZ is the first to get next generation SandForce out thedoor. While this was an engineering sample with a few kinks to workout, it is clearly a very capable performer and is bound to make earlyadopters and power users drool with anticipation. Bulk file throughputexceeding half a Gigabyte per second is astonishing. What waspreviously only possible with an SSD RAID or PCIe SSD is now possiblewith a single 2.5

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler CLP0574 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With cars, a frequent trade-off buyers must consider is performance versus mileage. All other things being equal, higher performance cars

VisionTek Killer HD5770 Combo Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The VisionTek Killer HD5770 Combo Video Card combines a Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 NIC and a Radeon HD5770 GPU to offer a complete

Mitsuba DC500T 5MP Digital Camera @ monster-hardware.com
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Mitsuba has chosen to label this camera as being 12MP on several places on the box. While the true optical resolution of the DC500T is only 5MP, the 12MP figure is obtained through interpolation. Since the Mitsuba does this interpolation in the camera I suppose the 12MP figure is technically correct, but its use here is obviously meant to mislead the user into thinking they are getting a much higher end camera.

Zalman ZM-MH200 Dual HDD Docking Station @ pcper.com
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I commend Zalman for packing support for so many storagedevices into this gorgeous docking station, but the lack of USB3/SATA3might make this product less attractive for consumers. The support for3.5

Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker - Corsair enters another market @ pcper.com
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This is something of a niche system. Most users will balk atpaying $250 for a set of 2.1 speakers. Then again, there are thosewho do take audio much more seriously than others. While $250 is alot of money, I feel that Corsair delivers a product worth every cent. I have been following computer audio since the days of those tiny,tinny 2.0 speakers that were battery powered. The jump to the AltecLansing ACS-31s was massive from those terrible speakers. Now as weenter 2011, I can honestly say that these are the most accurate, wellrounded, and best engineered desktop speakers that I have yet heard.

Corsair CA-HS1NA USB Gaming Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It seems in this day and age everybody wants a piece of the PC peripherals market. This time Corsair, famous for manufacturing PC

CM Storm Strike Force SF-19 Laptop Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In recent years when people solicit my opinion about buying a computer they are increasingly asking about laptops as opposed to desktops.

Muskin Callisto Deluxe Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
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SandForce-driven SSDs continue to be the hot ticket for solid state technology into 2011, offering outstanding bandwidth speed and

NVIDIA, ARM, Tegra 3, and Beyond @ pcper.com
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ARM is working on developing a 64 bit processor, and we canonly assume that NVIDIA is also tapping into this resource (as well asproviding its own resources to get these products up and runningASAP). While it is a good couple of years until we see the nextgeneration of gaming consoles hit the market, I do expect all of themto go to the ARM architecture for their CPU needs. It just makessense, especially with the recent explosion of mobile gaming which isoverwhelmingly run on ARM based devices.

MacWorld Expo 2011 Show Coverage @ benchmarkreviews.com
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MacWorld Expo, the annual gathering of the Apple faithful, has been a regular event since the first San Francisco show in January, 1985.

MSI N560GTX-Ti GeForce Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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History always repeats itself, and NVIDIA is hoping for a repeat performance with their new GTX 560 Ti video card. With performance per

Lian Li PC-V2120A Full Tower PC Case @ pcper.com
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Lian Li has also set the bar high and the PC-V2120 truly takesthat standard even higher as they taken on one of the enthusiastcommunities biggest requests -- to have a case that supports HPTXmotherboards (and specifically the EVGA Classified SR-2). I alsocommend Lian Li for not budging on their stance for putting form andfunction before flashy and cheap design techniques. While fancy blueLEDs and large windows may appeal to the masses, true enthusiastsunderstand how optimal airflow management techniques should beconfigured as well as the importance of a silent case.

The Fast Enough Computer (Editorial) @ benchmarkreviews.com
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While I have not yet and may never recover from my addiction to having the Biggest Fastest Most Expensive computer parts I can afford,

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Android takes on the iPad @ pcper.com
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Beyond a bigger screen size, hardware in the Galaxy Tab isextremely similar to the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones. Both theGalaxy S and Galaxy Tab feature the Hummingbird processor core,developed by fabless semiconductor company, Intrinisty. This is aninteresting detail, as the Apple A4 processor, first introduced in theiPad, and the Hummingbird core were both developed by by the samecompany, and are similar. However, since the development of this chip,Apple has purchased Intrinsity.

Zalman Z9 Plus Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Zalman is no stranger to what PC enthusiasts want in a product. The Z9 Plus computer case aims to please with attractive features at an

Mionix Naos 3200 USB Optical Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Here at Benchmark Reviews we know that with the turbulent financial markets the way they are these days having a high quality product

SilverStone Strider Plus 850W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The SilverStone Strider Plus 850W power supply delivers cleanDC outputs with good efficiency and excellent voltage regulation.Under normal operating conditions the Strider Plus 850W PSU is veryquiet. The Strider comes with a good assortment of all-modular cablesthat can support the latest CPUs and multiple, high-end video cardsalong with active PFC and universal AC input.

OCZ exits memory module markets and answers our questions @ pcper.com
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OCZ:In the short term nothing has changed and OCZ iscontinuing to sell and support memory through the wind down process,in the long term the focus of the company is shifting to our fastgrowing SSD solutions but rest assured we are continuing to fullysupport customers that have purchased our DRAM products. What thismeans for consumers is that we will continue to provide service andsupport for these solutions as well as take care of the lifetimewarranties.

SilverStone RV02B-EW Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Silverstone Raven RV02B-EW is the latest product in the very successful Raven line. Continuing with the 90-degree rotation of the

Antec High Current Pro 1200W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Antec continues to raise the bar with the introduction oftheir new High Current Pro series power supplies. The HCP-1200 hasexcellent voltage regulation, very clean DC outputs, and operates veryefficiently and quietly. Antec includes a good compliment of bothfixed and modular cables/connectors and backs the HCP-1200 with a5-year warranty. If you are looking for a high-quality, high-outputPSU, this one will be hard to beat. Highly recommended!

PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 PCS+ Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In the wake of the HD 6900 series debut last month, the Barts GPU and its place in the product line finally makes perfect sense. The

Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The gaming peripheral market is rife with interesting innovations, some more of a gimmick than useful but still very nice to look at.

NVIDIA Tegra 2 Phone and Project Denver Announced @ pcper.com
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NVIDIA does not seem to be stopping there. The aim is tocreate processors which will not only run in consoles and handhelds,but also higher performing tablets, notebooks, desktops and servers.Microsoft will soon announce that Windows will now be developed to runon Arm processors. This opens up a huge world of software andsupport, and opens the way for another major processor developer tocompete with Intel and AMD in the desktop market and above.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Razor 1GB - Single Slot Gaming @ pcper.com
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If you are looking for a single slot graphics card and want toget as much performance as possible in as small a space as possible,the Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 1GB Razor is the only place to look for anair cooled solution. The only two drawbacks are the extended lengthof the PCB that might affect smaller cases and the higher price.Galaxy though continues to push the boundaries of graphics card designand we welcome any and all competition.

AMD Phenom-II X4-840 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The New Year is starting off well for the computer hardware industry. Intel is releasing the long-awaited Sandy Bridge platform and AMD

AMD Phenom-II X4-975 Black Edition @ benchmarkreviews.com
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To start off the new year right, AMD is filling in some more of their Phenom-II lineup. Two AMD CPUs set for release in early January

ASUS P8P67 EVO Sandy Bridge Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The ASUS P8P67 EVO is an EVOlutionary leap over previous motherboards, and introduces several new features such as the long-awaited UEFI

Intel DP67BG P67-Express Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Intel processors are the favorites of many enthusiasts, but their motherboards have typically been relegated to OEM and business use

ASUS P8P67 LGA-1155 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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ASUS introduces several new features on their P8P67 motherboard series, such as the long-awaited UEFI BIOS, DIGI+ VRM digital power

Asus Crosshair IV Extreme:More Lucid for AMD @ pcper.com
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Asus makes a pretty mean board, and by using the Hydracontroller it is allowing multi-GPU with NVIDIA cards on the AMDplatform to continue. Eventually the older NVIDIA 980 and 750 SLIchipsets will go away, and when that happens then it is unlikely thatNVIDIA will grant AMD a SLI license for their chipsets. Asus and MSIare both investing a lot into Hydra, and with an entity the size ofAsus on board, we can expect to see much better driver support andimproved performance over the next several months. We have alreadyseen Lucid increase its driver release rate in the past six monthswith all of the support (and pushing) they are likely getting fromthese large manufacturers.

What to Expect from Desktop Graphics in 2011 @ pcper.com
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2011 may not be nearly as exciting for users as this past 1.5years has been, but it will likely have a few surprises from not justAMD and NVIDIA, but also Intel and their latest integrated graphics inthe upcoming Sandy Bridge series of parts. From all indications, itwill shake up the integrated stronghold that AMD has kept with the880G/890GX parts. We also will see the first Fusion parts from AMDgain a foothold in the market, and hopefully a much more robustdesktop CPU/GPU combination with Llano in a timely manner.

Synology DS211 Network Application Server @ aselabs.com
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While the DS210j was a nice simple server, there are peoplethat require more horsepower from a dedicated storage and applicationserver. Synology has just released the DS211 which doubles the speedand memory from the older, SOHO targeted, unit. The DiskStationManager 3.0 software rounds out the product for a smash hit.

Antec Lanboy Air Open-Frame Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Lanboy Air case is the most recent in a long line of enclosures from Antec. Cases from Antec generally score high points among

ASUS Xonar Essence STX PCI-E Sound Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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People spend†hundreds†on their CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, storage and memory, but dedicated sound is soft considered

SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has tested all sorts of gaming peripherals in the past, today we are taking an in depth look at the SteelSeries 6Gv2

AMD Catalyst Control Center Update:Catalyst 10.12 P @ pcper.com
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There are surely additions and changed that AMD will be makingas the new CCC2 evolves, and AMD is going to be soliciting yourfeedback on the forums of their http://game.amd.com/ website. Therewere also some alterations made to the multi-display / Eyefinitysection we will be diving into in the near future. The changes aremostly aesthetic but the latest iteration of the AMD driver packageimpressed us in our time with it.

Evercool Royal NP-901 Notebook Cooler @ aselabs.com
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Build quality is obviously an important thing to take into account when purchasing a product. Even the best performing piece of hardware is useless if it falls to pieces soon after you buy it. Today, ASE Labs has the Evercool Royal Notebook Cooler which is a product designed to survive the rigors of daily use and look good doing it. But how does this cooler fit for a king really hold up?

8GB G.Skill Ripjaws 2000MHz DDR3 Memory @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The maximum speed officially supported by an Intel Core i3/i5 CPU is 1333MHz, and most will know too well that that even lower priced

NZXT HALE90 850W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The NZXT HALE90 850W PSU delivered very good voltageregulation with clean outputs and excellent efficiency. The HALE90850W PSU is very quiet at low to mid power levels, includes a goodassortment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors, and features awhite gloss paint job for a fresh new look. Overall the HALE90 850WPSU performed very well. This one deserves a very close look.

Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 128GB USB 3 SSD (Toshiba HG2) @ pcper.com
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The cast aluminum enclosure was very well made and does anexcellent job of protecting the internals, as well as dissipating anyheat generated by the Toshiba HG2 controller during sustained writeoperations. Fit and finish was excellent and the drive performed wellin our testing. While the HG2 may not be the fastest SSD controllerout there, it has proven to be a good match for this application.

ASRock Vision 3D Blu-ray MCE HTPC @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has tested several products designed for the Home Theater PC segment, and of them all only ASRock has ever really

RAGE HD First Look - PC gaming goes mobile @ pcper.com
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This game however seems to be more of a proof of concept for abigger, more fleshed out version of mobile RAGE. While it works on thelevels that a rail shooter needs to, there is definitely more to bedesired, especially considering there are only 3 levels in the $1.99(or $1 for the non-HD version) download.

Imation Link Wireless USB AV Extender @ aselabs.com
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The computer has become increasingly more important to entertainment in the home then it ever has before. So much, that itís sparked the coming Internet TV revolution. Consumers want to be able to do everything they love to do on their computers straight from their TV. Imationís Link can act as a bridge to carry us into the highly anticipated Internet TV era. It could provide us with the entrainment flexibility weíve been aching for.

Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Overall the HCG-900 900W PSU proved to be a good performerdelivering excellent AC ripple suppression, quiet operation and goodefficiency at an affordable price. I was a little surprised to findonly one 8-pin EPS12V connector instead of two and only four PCI-Econnectors instead of six on a 900W PSU. I suppose most gamers willmost likely be interested in powering a single CPU system with dualhigh-end graphic adapters so supplying the extra cables might beconsidered overkill. This also helps differentiate the High CurrentGamer series from the High Current Pro series, which does offer morecables/connectors.

Zalman CNPS9900 MAX CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Since Full-Tower coolers started to appear, it seems like all companies followed the trend, obviously with a strong backup thanks to the

Imation Defender F200 Biometric Flash Drive @ aselabs.com
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There are occasions where you need to transport information of a sensitive nature while not worrying if it gets into the wrong hands. For that reason, many companies have created flash drives with a focus squarely being on security. We at ASE Labs have reviewed such products in the past, but the Imation Defender F200 Biometric Flash Drive is the first one we have seen that forgoes using traditional password encryption. Instead, it uses a fingerprint scanner to protect your data.

Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When gamer spends $1000 on new hardware but still uses a basic Microsoft mouse and keyboard they might be holding themselves back when it

OCZ RevoDrive x2 240GB PCIe SSD - bigger and faster! @ pcper.com
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The RevoDrive x2 builds on the excellent performance of theoriginal RevoDrive. It turned in some excellent figures, pushing pastmuch of the competition, and nipping at the heels of enterprise-classSSD gear from Fusion-IO. Cost/GB is a bit higher than the RevoDrive,but given the ~50% gain in performance, it seems to be a fairincrease. If you want even more fire-breathing than the RevoDrive canprovide, go grab yourself a RevoDrive x2!

OCZ Blade ST 2000MHz Low Voltage DDR3 Memory @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The default speed for a 2:10 multiplier on a Core i3/i5 CPU is 1333MHz, and most will know too well that that even lower priced Intel

MSI GeForce GTS 450 Cyclone Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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A lot has been happening lately in the world of video cards. AMD just released the Radeon HD 6870 and NVIDIA replied with the GTX 580.

AMD Brazos and Zacate Architecture P - Bobcat Explored @ pcper.com
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Zacate is the full 18 watt TDP part, and it will run at 1.6GHz for the core CPU speed, and 500 MHz for the DX11 GPU portion.That graphics portion is made up of 2 x 80 unit SIMDs, so it has agrand total of 160 stream processors. If these follow the standardlayout, each SIMD unit will also have 4 x texture units attached, soessentially double the texturing power as a AMD 880G integratedchipset, and four times the stream count. It is quite anaccomplishment to have this much stuff, running at those clockspeeds,yet still only have an 18 watt TDP. Ontario has the same basicmakeup, but is rated at 9 watts.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everyone who waited for NVIDIA to launch their Fermi graphics architecture†felt like they†had held†back once†it was†finally released. The

VIA Nano DC and VN1000 P - Dual Core Nanos Finally in the Pipe @ pcper.com
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VIA really needs to get these products out the door quickly,as the market is about to experience another burst of competition.The main source of worry for the folks at VIA (and possibly Intel aswell) is the upcoming AMD Ontario and Zacate parts. The amazingly lowTDPs of these processors, combined with their unique dual corearchitecture and what looks to be class leading graphics performance,has apparently struck a chord with many manufacturers hoping to getinto higher powered netbooks and tablet products.

PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 v2 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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A little over a year after the initial introduction of the Radeon HD 5770, PowerColor is still tweaking their take on what was then a

HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 HD Media & Blu-ray Player @ missingremote.com
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Providing full Blu-ray (BD) menu support alongside local and network based file playback the HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 is an interesting device that defies easy classification as a simple BD player or media streamer. With an extensive feature set including a BD drive, HDMI 1.3, eight channel analog audio output and connected storage, the device offers flexibility for anyone looking for a =93do anything=94 box. Keep reading to find out if the BD Prime 3.0 can deliver the right mix of value and capability to earn a place in your home theater.

Razer Lachesis V2 5600 dpi Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Razer debuted the original Lachesis 4000 dpi gaming mouse back in 2007. For its day, the Lachesis was one of the most sensitive mice you

ASUS GeForce GT 430 Overclocking Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When the GT 430 platform was released in desktop cards, Benchmark Reviews brought you a review of the performance of the ASUS ENGT430.

AMD Radeon HD 6870 and 6850 - Barts Architecture Refresh @ pcper.com
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AMD was likely losing ground in the $200 segment and becauseof that felt the need to get a reply out sooner than its originalschedule had intended. That is good news for gamers:now we havebetter, lower cost options from AMD and also a forced hand from NVIDIAthat caused a price drop on the GTX 460 lineup. If I was given a $220budget today and asked to pick between the AMD or NVIDIA options, Iwould probably lean towards the AMD HD 6870 if only for the triplemonitor support; other users might value the ability to run some sortof 3D Vision gaming and PhysX titles better on the NVIDIA cards. Itis a cop-out, but all of these cards are good options.

Guide to Properly Calibrating your Display - Part I @ missingremote.com
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Last week, we polled MissingRemote readers regarding the calibration status of their displays and here are the results. While the majority of you have calibrated your displays to some degree or another, roughly 25% have not and approximately 25% of you have either calibrated by viewing content or using settings found online. Almost 40% of you have calibrated with test patterns by eye and about 10% have gone all the way and either hired a pro or used a meter to calibrate. Whether you have calibrated your display or not, please read on where we will guide you step-by-step through the calibration process and explain exactly what it is all those controls in your display do to help you obtain optimal picture quality.

In-Depth Guide to Installing SageTV V7 @ missingremote.com
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If you are new to SageTV getting it installed and everything like ISO playback and HD audio/video playback working can be bit of a challenge; so when I needed to do a V7 install a few days ago I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for everyone to get the server up and running. Please note that this guide should be considered a living document.

Zotac H55ITX-C-E Mini-ITX WiFi Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Zotac International was the first brand to launch a Mini-ITX H55 based motherboard back in January 2010. Other brands such as ECS

ASUS VG236H 3D-Vision Monitor Set @ benchmarkreviews.com
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We live in a three-dimensional world, and yet we settle for a 2D virtual world while sitting in front of computers. The price of

Galaxy GeForce GT 430 1GB - NVIDIA moves Fermi to HTPC @ pcper.com
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The new Galaxy GeForce GT 430 1GB graphics card brings Fermiand the GF108 GPU to the desktop market after an earlier release inthe mobile world. Easily the smallest GPU built around the same basicdesign as the GF100 part seen in the GTX 480, the GT 430 is solidgaming graphics card for the $79 market and offers a host of HTPCfeatures including full 3D video support and bit-stream audio. TheAMD Radeon HD 5570/5550 cards still put up quite a fight about 9months after their release and as such the market is still going to becrowded with no single dominant selection being the obvious choice.

Logitech G930 Wireless Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Anyone wanting the best experience at home for movies knows that a home theater is a must. The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

ASUS Radeon HD 5870 ROG Matrix and V2 Graphics Cards ed @ pcper.com
[Oct-07-10] (0 Comments)

For users looking for a new Radeon HD 5870 card today then theV2 makes a great choice that is both low in price compared to the restof the market while offering performance better than the reference GTX470s from NVIDIA provide. The HD 5870 2GB ROG Matrix card isdefinitely for users with a more distinguished taste in graphicssolutions and not only will you get 2GB of memory on this card but youwill also have more overclocking goodies that just about any other GPUavailable.

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Portable Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Believe it or not, Microsoft has been creating hardware devices for over 25 years. They are no stranger to devices with both form and

ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU TOP Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Last month NVIDIA launched their new midrange video card:the GeForce GTS 250. Benchmark Reviews covered the launch with two articles

Thermaltake Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler @ aselabs.com
[Oct-01-10] (0 Comments)

When it comes to notebook coolers, most manufacturers stick to the smaller sizes of notebooks. They rarely expand their range to support notebooks larger than 15.6 inch models. Those with larger laptops are usually left out in the cold. They are forced to either stick with whatever internal cooling system their laptops have or come up with DIY solutions. Thermaltake sees the market for full-size notebook coolers. The Massive23 LX targets this market.

2500MHz Patriot Viper-II Sector-5 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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As if 2133MHz were not enough for a high-performance kit, there are some brands pushing the limits to the max in the memory section. Just

TDL Podcast Player App for iPhone/iPad @ missingremote.com
[Sep-28-10] (0 Comments)

TDL Podcast Player is a very affordable app that makes listening to your favorite TDL podcasts very easy via your iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to listen and/or download any podcasts from TheDigitalLifestyle.com including the new DigitalLifestyle Show, TDL Mobile and the Custom Integrator show.

MSI N460GTX HAWK GeForce GTX 460 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The slew of NVIDIA GTX 460 video cards that hit the market in the last month was impressive. Everybody wanted as much of the pie as they

Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus External Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-24-10] (0 Comments)

Hard drive capacities are expanding so fast it is easy to think,

Thermaltake Armor A60 @ hardwarelogic.com
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With USB 3.0 proliferation continuing to spread, more and more manufacturers have been scrambling to introduce cases that support the new standard. Thermaltake has heeded the call created by this new standard by introducing several new cases with USB 3.0 support included, and today HardwareLogic has such a case, the Armor A60 mid-tower case, up for review. We really liked the older Armor A90, but will the A60 be able to live up to the standards set by its bigger brother?

Thermaltake Armor A60 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Not much is able to be changed within an enclosure in order to make it innovative. Generic functionality such as more fans, a different

NVIDIA discusses future GPU roadmap, Kepler and Maxwell @ pcper.com
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Kepler is due in 2011 and will be built on a 28nm processtechnology, though whether that is TSMC or GlobalFoundries is yet tobe seen.=A0 Huang said that by the time of release the company will haveinvested about $2 billion in the design.=A0 Little information was givenon performance, but Huang was adamant they there were targetingperformance-per-watt, and that is what the scale on the left hand siderepresents.=A0 Kelper will have apparently have 4x the performance perwatt in terms of double precision GFLOPS.

AMD Phenom-II X6-1075T Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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AMD is introducing several new processors, filling out holes in the low-to-mid-range of their desktop AM3 product line. The 6-core Phenom

AMD Athlon-II X4-645 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With each new release of an Athlon-II processor, AMD reasserts its control on the entry-level market by providing another great quality

AMD Phenom-II X2-560BE Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With the release of the Deneb based quad core processors known as the Phenom II series, AMD started to grab a nice share of the mid-range

DXG DXG-595V 5MP 1080p HD Digital Camera/Camcorder @ monster-hardware.com
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The DXG-595V is somewhat picky about SD/SDHC support. When I first got the DXG-595V I had so many problems with spotty card usage that I actually tried to contact DXG customer service to see if there was a firmware update or at least a SD/SDHC compatibility list available. After several weeks DXG never bothered to respond to my inquiries but between Geeks and myself we determined that the DXG-595V requires SD/SDHC Class 6 media to operate. This means that those of you with older SD/SDHC Class 2, or 4 media laying around may be out of luck and have to purchase newer SD/SDHC Class 6 media.

WowWee Rovio Mobile Webcam @ pcper.com
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It was a one-of-a-kind device that worked very well when itwas used with a high bandwidth connection. The ability to self dockwith the charging station worked most of the time, but a couple timesit had issues finding the station. The addition of a a smartphone appwas forward-thinking and added to the effectiveness of the Rovio too.Overall, the Rovio was ahead of its time in 2008, but we are almost in2011 so WowWee needs to go back to the drawing board and figure outhow to migrate this device to present and future technologies.

AMD Zecate APU Performance P @ pcper.com
[Sep-16-10] (0 Comments)

This time they show Batman:Arkham Asylum running at 1024x768,High Quality settings and found Zecate to be about 45% faster than theCore i5. A DirectCompute benchmark was also shown with a 2.6x betterscore coming from Zecate. So even though the two tests we were goingto demonstrate to you were shown to be inaccurate, the fact is thatZecate remains an impressive chip.

Next-Generation Turbo Boost and Overclocking on Sandy Bridge @ pcper.com
[Sep-15-10] (0 Comments)

In fact, what really happens is what the curved line labeledSandy Bridge symbolizes. When the 2.5 GHz CPU is boosted to 2.8 GHz,the frequency and power draw change instantly but the temperature onthe die does not; it rises over a period of time and then settles atthe new level. The next-generation Turbo Boost technology takesadvantage of this knowledge and actually increases frequency moreaggressively during this period of ramp.

TRENDnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps WiFi-N Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-09-10] (0 Comments)

Wireless-N routers are quickly making its way through the industry, providing a significant speed increase over previous wireless

Synology DS210j NAS - Network Application Server @ aselabs.com
[Sep-07-10] (0 Comments)

A NAS is a NAS, right? Not so with the DS210j from Synology. For the DS210j, NAS means Network Application Server, Move over devices that only give you shared folder support, the DS210j offers all the functionality of a x86 box in a small and neat package. The DiskStation Manager software brings it all together in a tight package.

EVGA GTX 460 SC Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-07-10] (0 Comments)

The NVIDIA GTX 460 is quickly establishing itself as the graphics card to beat in its price segment. The reconfigured Fermi architecture

EVGA GTX 460 SC Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-07-10] (0 Comments)

The NVIDIA GTX 460 is quickly establishing itself as the graphics card to beat in its price segment. The reconfigured Fermi architecture

Case Appeals AVZ Test Bench @ pcper.com
[Sep-05-10] (0 Comments)

It was a center show piece at our hardware workshop andbrought many oohs and aahs from those attendees who could truly seethe craftsmanship and creativity that went into designing our AVZcase.We also received great customer service when we had to get the bottomacrylic case replaced too. Overall, we throughly enjoyed the AVZ caseand would definitely recommend Case Appeals for future show cases oreven a few test benches for our labs!

Desktop PC Platform - Saved By Overclocking @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-31-10] (0 Comments)

The desktop hardware industry was made popular by knowledgeable members of the community willing to share their overclocking experience

Enermax MODU87+ 900W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Aug-28-10] (0 Comments)

The Enermax MODU87+ 900W power supply delivered excellentefficiency with good voltage regulation and clean outputs. Inaddition, the PSU is very quiet during normal operation at low to midpower levels. Throw in support for high-end graphic adapters, modularcables, excellent build quality and attractive styling and Enermax hasanother winner on their hands.

Palit GeForce GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum - Rivaling the GTX 470 @ pcper.com
[Aug-27-10] (0 Comments)

Palit has done a great job combining the popular and flexibleGeForce GTX 460 GPU with a custom design and highly overclockedsettings to create a mid-range graphics cards that offers next-levelperformance for a price that is much more manageable for the everydaygamer. If you have been looking for an upgrade path in the $250 pricerange then the Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum card is a fantasticoption!

Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler Heatsink @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-26-10] (0 Comments)

Not everyone wants to spend a small fortune buying the fastest processor sold, simply for the promise of factory-made speed. Overclockers

Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound S111 @ aselabs.com
[Aug-25-10] (0 Comments)

It sure would be nice to not listening to music with headphones in a hotel room or through the tinny laptop speakers. Arctic Cooling has a solution to the tinny sound present in many thin portable speakers. The Arctic Sound S111 may not win any awards for the size, but the sound quality is certainly superior.

Sentey Arvina GS-6400R Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-25-10] (0 Comments)

A well designed case can be the difference between an easy, well-organized build or a nightmare build that haunts you everytime time you

Patriot Gauntlet PCGT25S Drive Enclosure @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-23-10] (0 Comments)

USB 3.0, aka

Seasonic X Series 400W Fanless Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Aug-20-10] (0 Comments)

The MSRP for the Seasonic X Series 400W Fanless power supplyis $139.99 USD and the unit is scheduled to become available in August2010. If you want a true fanless power supply then the X-400 is theanswer. Keep in mind that for an additional $30 you can buy aSeasonic X Series 650W PSU, which is also capable of running in silentmode (fan turned off) at the lower power levels but will supply anextra 250W of fan-cooled power if you need it.

Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Enthusiast Gaming Case @ hardwarelogic.com
[Aug-19-10] (0 Comments)

The ominous and looming Dark Fleet of cases from Antec have arrived. This new line brings a much different look from previous high-end designs like the Hundred series. The DF-85 is a full size ATX case with plenty of room for cable management and includes some special features. It also has a red and black design which is always a plus.

[RESEND] Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Enthusiast Gaming Case @ hardwarelogic.com
[Aug-19-10] (0 Comments)

The ominous and looming Dark Fleet of cases from Antec have arrived. This new line brings a much different look from previous high-end designs like the Hundred series. The DF-85 is a full size ATX case with plenty of room for cable management and includes some special features. It also has a red and black design which is always a plus.

NZXT Phantom Full-Tower Case PHAN-001BK @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-13-10] (0 Comments)

NZXT took the wraps off its newest Crafted Series case last month and, when it becomes available this September, the NZXT Phantom

Desktop PC Platform:Killed By Overclocking @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-12-10] (0 Comments)

Enthusiasts have lost sight of the original purpose behind overclocking, which was made popular because it could make something slow

MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5/OC Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-11-10] (0 Comments)

There is no doubt that the NVIDIA GTX 460 has created quite a splash since its introduction. The reconfigured Fermi architecture of the

Antec Notebook Cooler Basic @ aselabs.com
[Aug-10-10] (0 Comments)

In the past, notebook coolers have featured a few fans wrapped together in a block of plastic. While relatively effective on paper, not all designs were functional or ideal for all laptops. Today, Antec provides a solution that is aesthetic in appearance, yet simple and functional in design with the passively cooled Notebook Cooler Basic.

Verbatim Titan XS 320GB Portable Hard Drive @ aselabs.com
[Aug-09-10] (0 Comments)

Portable hard drives have come a long way in the last few years. Increases in efficiency and design advancements have allowed them to be viable alternatives to USB flash drives. Verbatim has several portable hard drives on the market. Today, ASE Labs has the Verbatim Titan XS 320GB up for review.

MSI N480GTX M2D15 GeForce GTX 480 @ pcper.com
[Aug-05-10] (0 Comments)

I believe Fermi can be a very successful architecture. Theonly problem is that it did not line up with the 28 nm process thatwill be introduced next year. In many ways the GTX 480 is more inline with the Radeon HD 2800XT than the aforementioned GeForce FX 5800in terms of designing a part a little too aggressive considering theprocess technology at hand. But the significant difference betweenthe GTX 480 and those products is that it actually performs where itshould, and is a class leader in terms of features and functionality.

SilverStone Fortress FT02 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-05-10] (0 Comments)

Some years ago, Intel tried to move beyond the ATX

ASUS GeForce GTX 460 SLI Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-03-10] (0 Comments)

When Benchmark Reviews first tested the video card, we knew that NVIDIA had a winner on their hands. For the mid-range price of $200,

Verbatim Nano Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse @ aselabs.com
[Aug-02-10] (0 Comments)

While Verbatim may not be a brand you think of when discussing mice, they are rapidly making new product lines and inching closer to the market heavyweights like Logitech. Healthy competition is good and we have the newest notebook mouse for review; the Nano Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse.

Video Perspective:NZXT Sentry LXE External Touchscreen Fan @ pcper.com
[Aug-02-10] (0 Comments)

The NZXT Sentry LXE is a niche device to say the least - notmany people are going to want, let along need, an external fancontroller. The interface was nice and installation was easy butafter having been used to capacitive screens for so long on phones,going back to resistive required some forcing. The LXE is far fromthe most expensive unit available coming in at $59.99 MSRP so if youfind the novelty of the external unit appealing, this NZXT model isworth your attention.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 GC 1GB - Can SLI 460s beat the GTX 480? @ pcper.com
[Jul-31-10] (0 Comments)

Here is what we found really interesting today though:thepair of Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 GC 1GB cards in SLI was a significantlybetter gaming configuration than a single GeForce GTX 480 card in allof our testing except Metro 2033. That was the only game where thesingle card was able to overshadow its pair of little brothers;everywhere else we found the GTX 460s to not only provide betterperformance but in some cases by a significant amount.

Intel Core i5-655K Processor BX80616I5655K @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-29-10] (0 Comments)

Many years ago, overclocking was not limited by Intel/AMD like nowadays. As it is usual, when they see they can make extra money from the

ASUS N61Jv Optimus Core i3 16-in Notebook @ pcper.com
[Jul-27-10] (0 Comments)

My overall experience with the ASUS N61Jv was extremely positivethanks to the performance the Core i3 processor and NVIDIA GT325M GPU offer,the large screen and keyboard/touch pad combination. For a 16-in notebookcoming in over 6 lbs, which definitely puts it closer to the desktopreplacement category than the thin and light, getting 2 hours and 23 minutesin our very strenuous battery testing was actually pretty solid makingleaving without your power cord at least an option. The added goodies likeUSB 3.0 support definitely add the value of a notebook that sells for $899which should make it a great option for a summer or fall college-boundconsumer or anyone else on the lookout for this combination.

Antec DF-30 Dark Fleet Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-27-10] (0 Comments)

Antec has been around for a long time. Chances are, if you enjoy building your own computers or even tinkering with them, you have heard

Motorola Droid X on Verizon Wireless - 4.3-in of Power @ pcper.com
[Jul-22-10] (0 Comments)

I personally prefer thetouch sensitive buttons on phones such as the EVO and Incredible, but thephysical buttons on the Droid X work perfectly. In order to keep the phoneas thin as possible, Motorola has developed a design in which there is araised potion of the phone which houses the camera. While this method allowsthe Droid X to sit on a flat surface, unlike the Incredible, it is still notvery aesthetically pleasing and makes the phone look like it has a giantchin.

Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard @ aselabs.com
[Jul-21-10] (0 Comments)

Logitech tries to refresh its product lines every once in awhile. This serves a few purposes. For Logitech, this means a steady stream of revenue. For the consumers, it usually means a better product than before. The G110 is just such a product. It takes over for the G11 that was released about three years ago and bests it in every way.

Kingwin Lazer Gold Series 1,000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Jul-18-10] (0 Comments)

The Kingwin Lazer Gold Series LZG-1000 PSU with Crystal Cube modularcable management delivered good voltage regulation (especially on theimportant +12V rails) with relatively clean outputs and very goodefficiency. The LZG-1000 PSU is quiet at low to mid power levels, includesa good assortment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors, and featuresa blue LED fan for added visual impact. Overall the LZG-1000 performed verywell.

Gigabyte H55N-USB3 HTPC Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-15-10] (0 Comments)

GIGABYTE has grown a lot in the market lately. They mainly produce top-notch quality motherboards and GPUs, and they have even entered

Enthusiast Graphics Card Comparison - NVIDIA and AMD head-to-head @ pcper.com
[Jul-14-10] (0 Comments)

While the GeForce GTX 460 showed power consumption close to that ofthe Radeon HD 5830 while offering better performance, the GeForce GTX 470and 480 use a dramatic amount of additional power to get the performanceresults we showed you above. While the HD 5850 is slower in our testingthan the GTX 470, it does use 33% less power than the NVIDIA option and theHD 5870 uses 44% less power than the GTX 480. These are not small gaps byany stretch and the fact that the HD 5870 uses 25% less power than the GTX470 mainstream option indicates that point further.

Zalman ZM-NC2500 PLUS Notebook Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-13-10] (0 Comments)

Zalman is a name synonomous with cooling in the PC industry and they have enjoyed great success in the CPU and GPU cooling market.

Seasonic SS-300TFX Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Jul-11-10] (0 Comments)

The Seasonic SS-300TFX is an excellent TFX format power supply. ThePSU delivered very good voltage regulation with good efficiency andmaintained clean outputs across a wide range of loads. If you are in themarket for a solid 300W PSU for a Micro ATX Media Center or Home Theater PC,the Seasonic SS-300TFX deserves a very close look!

Antec DF-35 Dark Fleet Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-09-10] (0 Comments)

Antec is one of the premier computer accessory manufacturers, and their cases have garnered a well-earned reputation for quality and

Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-08-10] (0 Comments)

The progress made in the design and implementation of CPU coolers over the last few years has been little short of amazing. While both

G.Skill Phoenix Pro SandForce SSD Test @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-07-10] (0 Comments)

Solid State Drive storage devices have become the hot ticket for high-performance computer enthusiasts. Impartial towards either PC,

Thermaltake BlacX Duet @ aselabs.com
[Jul-06-10] (0 Comments)

A few years ago, Thermaltake released the BlacX. It was one of the first (if not the first) hard drive docking stations for sale. Thermaltake was the company to really push the product to market. Now, Thermaltake is upping the ante by supporting two drives at once.

AMD Athlon-II X4-640 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-06-10] (0 Comments)

In September 2009, AMD unleashed a torrent of personal computing potential by introducing the market to the first sub-$100 quad-core

MSI H55M-ED55 LGA 1156 Micro ATX Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Jul-06-10] (0 Comments)

The H55M-ED55 is a great example of their commitment to qualityboards that are geared toward overclockers and gamers. We saw goodperformance results in both of these categories during testing and wereimpressed with how flexibilty and feature rich the BIOS was. The onlycomplaints we could make about it would be the lack of USB 3.0/SATA3.0support, but most boards at this price point and class do not have thesefeatures standard. The OC Genie button was a great addition and should beused frequently by novice PC builders looking to squeeze a few moremegahertz from their Intel processors.

Pricing Drop Incoming! @ pcper.com
[Jul-01-10] (0 Comments)

Last week I noticed something quite nice. Hopping onto Newegg andchecking prices, I saw that most of the GTX 470 and GTX 480 parts were beingoffered below MSRP with instant rebates, and furthermore most of them had aMIR for another $20 to $30 attached to them. This made some of the GTX 480sas low as $449, while the GTX 470s are now sitting between $294 and $299 forquite a few SKUs.

Xigmatek Utgard Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-30-10] (0 Comments)

Xigmatek have a few cases in their collection now, the latest is the Xigmatek Utgard CPC-T90DB-U01 which is the focus of this review. The

ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-25-10] (0 Comments)

The Intel P55 platform has been with us for a good while now, and it is a real sleeper, having the memory controller integrated with the

EVGA UV Plus+ UV-19 USB Display Hub @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-23-10] (0 Comments)

Computer desktop real estate is something that you can never have too much of. Adding multiple monitors to your system is one of the

Lexar JumpDrive FireFly @ aselabs.com
[Jun-17-10] (0 Comments)

Flash drives are fairly common in today. Lexar has been in the flash field for years. Today, we have the small and sleek Lexar FireFly on the bench at ASE Labs. While Lexar has geared this product towards the youth, anyone will enjoy it just the same.

Installed Memory vs RAM Usable by Windows @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-15-10] (0 Comments)

Most PC users are familiar with the 4GB system memory limitation of 32-bit Windows Operating Systems, which is why 64-bit computing has

ASUS Radeon EAH5870 V2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-14-10] (0 Comments)

The market for Radeon HD 5870 video cards has matured since the launch of this top-tier GPU in September of 2009. Development has

Mionix Naos 5000 USB Gaming Laser Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-11-10] (0 Comments)

Gamers want the best system they can get their hands on. This means a blazing fast CPU, dual video cards, and good ram. However, all this

Thermaltake Frio Universal Heatsink @ pcper.com
[Jun-08-10] (0 Comments)

There were a lot of good qualities about the Frio that I think willappeal to basic users and overclockers alike. The easy of installation andsupport for multiple CPU platforms is a huge plus in a day and age whereconsumers switch between different platforms frequently. The dual-fan designdefinitely helped the Frio score very well in our performance tests, but wewould have liked quieter fans that pushed more air instead of creating morenoise at higher speeds.

AMD Athlon-II X2-260 Regor Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-07-10] (0 Comments)

In early May 2010, AMD released a new series of processors that fills in some of the gaps in their Athlon-II and Phenom-II Dual, Triple,

Synology DS1010+ NAS Network Storage @ hardwarelook.com
[Jun-01-10] (0 Comments)

Entered at the Small and Medium Business platform, the SynologyDS1010+ presents a huge storage potential with five drive bay slots eachcapable of handling up to a 2TB 3.5

OCZ shows low cost PCIe SSD and new HSDL storage connection @ pcper.com
[Jun-01-10] (0 Comments)

OCZ is rating the Revo drive at 540 MB/s read and 530 MB/s writewith a 75k IOPS rating on 4k random writes. It will be available incapacities ranging from 120GB to 480GB and while target pricing is not setyet, the goal is to see it

Corsair ps Graphite 600T case, @ pcper.com
[Jun-01-10] (0 Comments)

This includes the new Graphite Series 600T mid-tower case thatwill be available for around $149 starting in late summer. After theacclamation of both the Obsidian Series 800D and 700D, Corsair has moved onto create an enthusiast-friendly lower priced option.

Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-01-10] (0 Comments)

With the release of the new 6-core Thuban processors, AMD unveiled their latest chipset to go with it; the 890FX/GX. Very similar to the

Intel Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K Unlocked Processor @ pcper.com
[May-28-10] (0 Comments)

Intel is coming out swinging again at what some considered AMD=E2=80=99slast standing enthusiast market base with the release of low-costcompletely unlocked Core i5/i7 processors. They are obviously aimed at the=E2=80=9CBlack Edition

AMD Fusion APUs to be built @ pcper.com
[May-27-10] (0 Comments)

What might be most interesting is not WHAT it is, but WHERE it ismade. We have learned that the Ontario Fusion solution will be built on a40nm process and thus we can conclude this AMD-designed part will not bebuilt by GlobalFoundries, the previously-AMD-owned foundry company, butrather by TSMC on the 40nm G technology.

ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-27-10] (0 Comments)

In April of 2010, AMD introduced the final parts of their

Lian-Li Armorsuit PC-P50R Dragon Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-26-10] (0 Comments)

The Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P50R is a mid-size tower with a sleek black exterior, and some serious red highlights. Taking advantage of the

Thermaltake Toughpower XT Series 775W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[May-20-10] (0 Comments)

The Thermaltake Toughpower XT Series 775W PSU delivered very goodvoltage regulation with excellent efficiency. The XT 775W is relativelyquiet, runs cool during normal operation, and includes a good compliment ofmodular cables/connectors. And Thermaltake (CWT) finally has the AC rippleunder control. Overall, the Toughpower XT 775W is an excellent PSU and thebest unit Thermaltake has brought to market - well done.

Antec ISK 310-150 Mini-ITX Desktop Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-17-10] (0 Comments)

If you¬īre looking for a Mini-ITX computer case for your new

AMD, Laptops Galore, and the Phenom II X4 960T (RIP) @ pcper.com
[May-13-10] (0 Comments)

Single, dual, triple, and quad core processors combined with a

Zotac GeForce GTX-480 Fermi Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-12-10] (0 Comments)

The Zotac GeForce GTX-480 is based on the same reference design that debuted on 26 March 2010, but this retail kit (ZT-40101-10P) differs

G.Skill ECO 4GB DDR3-1333 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-10-10] (0 Comments)

In the industry of technology, brands offering similar products without innovating will not be easily adopted by the enthusiast market.

SteelSeries NP+ Rough Gaming Surface Mouse Pad @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-07-10] (0 Comments)

Most people buying mousepads expect it to be small and light, so when the SteelSeries NP+ came rolled up in a bundle at half a meter

StarTech USB 2.0 DisplayPort KVM Switch @ hardwarelook.com
[May-06-10] (0 Comments)

The introduction of newer video digital interface standards, such asDisplayPort, offer better image quality, resolutions and refresh rates overexisting technologies such as DVI and VGA. The DisplayPort connection is nowbeing implemented into the KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switch:a simplehardware device allowing a user to control multiple computers via a singleset of peripheral devices.

QNAP TS-259 Pro Turbo NAS Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-05-10] (0 Comments)

Network storage is a concept that many people use without a second thought in corporate environments, but what about at home? Count the

BitFenix Interview with Coco Lee @ hardwarelook.com
[May-04-10] (0 Comments)

The launch of BitFenix over the past few weeks has certainly caughtthe eye with a promise to manufacture truly innovative products and to breakthe mould.

Synology DS410j NAS Network Storage Server @ hardwarelook.com
[May-04-10] (0 Comments)

NAS or Network Attached Storage solutions are becoming a much morewidely used device for businesses as well as inside the home. Within thecorporate environment, the slot for a centralised data source has beenfilled in many instances by NAS storage allowing users to remotely accessfiles and data.

Verbatim InSight 320GB Portable Hard Drive @ aselabs.com
[May-03-10] (0 Comments)

Compact but big on storage capacity, the InSight drive is available in a sleek piano-black finish with capacities of 320GB and 500GB and carries a 5-year limited warranty. With an Always On display, the Verbatim InSight hard drive is a plug-and-play external drive that keeps you in the know - even when itís disconnected.

ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-03-10] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews brings to you today, the ASUS RT-N16 Multi-funtional Wireless-N Router, which boasts up to 700% faster wireless

Super Talent SuperCrypt USB 3.0 32GB Thumb Drive @ pcper.com
[Apr-30-10] (0 Comments)

If you have USB 3.0 in your system already, or were thinking aboutthe ASUS U3S6 or ECS add-in cards, then you need a device like this totruly see its potential. You can use it for speedy backups or moving largeamounts of data between USB 3.0-ready systems or just sit there and readand write to it to see how fast it can go. I would like to see priceslowered on them as they are quite high but for getting speed and encryptionfeatures working right off the bat, Super Talent deserves some credit.

SandForce Roundup! Corsair Force F100 vs. OCZ Vertex 2 vs. OCZ @ pcper.com
[Apr-29-10] (0 Comments)

These three new SandForce-1200 based models performed very well inour testing, competing with Intel in IOPS and completely dominating in writeperformance. The only thing really holding these drives back from totalmarket domination is the price. That awesome write performance comes at thecost of heavy over-provisioning, which leads to less flash available for theuser and therefore a higher cost/GB.

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 6-core Thuban Processor @ pcper.com
[Apr-27-10] (0 Comments)

The 1090T does not come anywhere close to the mighty i7-980X inoverall performance, but it also does not come anywhere close in price.$285 is far more palatable than the $999 MSRP that Intel suggests. It doesallow AMD to be more competitive against the quad core i7 and i5 partsthough. The i7-930 is $295 and the i7-950 and i7-870 are over $550. Whencomparing price/performance, the 1090T is very competitive with the 930, andseriously wipes the floor with the 950 and 870 parts.

AMD FirePro V5800 and V3800 - Evergreen completes the sweep @ pcper.com
[Apr-26-10] (0 Comments)

None of the specifications or performance results from the remainingnew Evergreen-based FirePro cards are going to set records but AMD is doingto this market what they did to NVIDIA on the desktop market - setsuper-aggressive price/performance targets that NVIDIA will have troubleeven coming close in matching. The new FirePro V5800 is a bargain at under$470 and the V3800 could set the professional world on fire selling for justabout $100.

Building a Home Theater Part 2:AV Receivers and Source Components @ pcper.com
[Apr-21-10] (0 Comments)

The AVR is the central hub of most home theater systems. The moreadvanced AVRs contain multiple decoders and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)that process both the audio and video streams coming in from varioussources. Add in user controls, a small LCD display, remote controlcapability, updatable firmware and Ethernet connectivity and you have a verysophisticated piece of equipment. And of course with all these featurescome complexity and the challenge to make the system usable for the averageenthusiast.

PowerColor PCS+ AX5870 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-20-10] (0 Comments)

The PowerColor PCS+ AX5870 1GBD5-PPDHG2 graphics card is one of several new HD 5800-series video cards released by ATI AIB partners in

ASUS Designo Series MS238H 23-in LCD Monitor @ pcper.com
[Apr-19-10] (0 Comments)

On more of a technical aspect, the visual fidelity of this displayis quite nice. The MS238H uses a lower-quality Twisted-Nematic (TN) LCDpanel, the main drawback of which is limited viewing angles. However, withthe design of the stand on the MS238H, and the limited angles that it canbe set at, it becomes a non issue. The LED backlighting also helps toproduce a more vibrant image.

AMD Reports a Record Q1 Revenues and Courts New Potential Customers @ pcper.com
[Apr-17-10] (0 Comments)

AMD followed in Intel’s footsteps by having a stronger than usualQ1. They also have a solid product mix of desktop, notebook, and serverchips. The release of the 6 core Istanbul processors last year hascontinued to improve AMD’s bottom line, and the recent release of theMagny-Cours 8 and 12 core products has further cemented them in the valueserver market. Add in AMD’s near dominance of the DirectX 11 market, andwe can see that AMD is in good shape to continue to compete throughout thisyear.

Benchmark Performance SSD Testing:AHCI vs IDE (or perhaps not) @ pcper.com
[Apr-15-10] (0 Comments)

The overclocking crowd goes nuts to squeeze every possible bit ofperformance out of their hardware. Those reading the Benchmark Reviewsarticle are likely to waste countless hours going for those few percentagepoints in single-threaded benchmarks, only to find their *real*(multi-threaded) performance has suffered significantly. I urge thosesystem tweakers out there to do some additional research before droppingyour personal systems back down to IDE mode.

12GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz DDR3 RAM @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-15-10] (0 Comments)

64-Bit Operating Systems allow PCs to utilize more than 4GB of system memory, which is great news for multimedia professionals who need

Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe :The Penultimate HTPC @ pcper.com
[Apr-14-10] (0 Comments)

Asus has produced a very good card that should give those willingto shell out the money nearly every feature they could ask for. From myunderstanding, Asus is working on some more advanced driver level featureswhich should add some more value to the entire Xonar line. This certainlyis not a card for everyone, especially considering the overall impact onthe user experience when compared to a DX11 video card costing near thesame level as this sound card.

NZXT Hades Computer Case HADE-001BK @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-13-10] (0 Comments)

NZXT has been making quality computer cases since 2004. They have become a popular brand among computer enthusiests, and for good reason.

Corsair Obsidian 700D Chassis Video @ pcper.com
[Apr-09-10] (0 Comments)

Corsair heard some of these complaints and decided to release thenew 700D case with the sole purpose to lower the cost. How did they do it?If you are familiar with the 800D already, then imagine that exact designwithout the four hot-swap hard drive bays on the front and without thewindow on the side panel. That adds up to about a $50 price differenceputting the 700D at about $229 or so when it goes on sale later in April.

Corsair Nova V128 Solid State Drive Test @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-08-10] (0 Comments)

Overclockers around the world use Corsair memory kits for their high-speed performance. Similarly, Corsair SSD storage products have

AMD FirePro V8800 - Evergreen and Cypress Go Pro @ pcper.com
[Apr-07-10] (0 Comments)

I conclude this review being very impressed with the new FireProV8800 card from AMD especially when it is pitted against the identicallypriced yet slower NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 card. The inclusion of featureslike support for OpenGL 4.0 and DX11, not to mention support for up to fourdisplays in an Eyefinity configuration, really do make the V8800 stand outfrom the crowd of professional GPUs. I am sure we will be hearing more fromboth AMD and NVIDIA in the coming months when it comes to developer-basedgraphics solutions and software partnerships but for now, AMD has the strongadvantage.

6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz DDR3 Memory @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-07-10] (0 Comments)

Overclockers and PC hardware enthusiasts understand that system memory performs best with low latency and fast speeds, but both seldom

ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO mATX AM3 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-06-10] (0 Comments)

Last year ASUS introduced the 785G chipset, one of their latest chipset with integrated graphics. This comes on the back of other

Building a Home Theater - Part 1:Room and Component Placement @ pcper.com
[Mar-25-10] (0 Comments)

The room should provide a comfortable environment but should also beable to control sound and light. Both direct and ambient light must becontrolled for optimum picture quality and the way sound reflects around theroom will greatly affect sound quality. The room dimensions willsignificantly impact bass sounds and various room treatments may be neededto help control sound reflections (rugs, acoustic ceiling tiles, book cases,sound absorber panels, bass traps, etc). The shape and size of the room,color of the walls, ceiling and floor, furniture, carpet, wall treatments,and lighting all become very important ingredients in a well-designed hometheater.

Plextor PX-128M1S Solid State Drive @ pcper.com
[Mar-25-10] (0 Comments)

These new drives from Plextor offer decent performance at a goodprice. While we would have liked to see the top-tier optical media companycome out swinging with a newer generation controller, not everyone has suchresources at their disposal. The Micron C200 controller, while dated, doesits job well and maintained rock solid read speeds regardless of workload.The older technology, while considerably cheaper, is easily bested by thecompetition.

Video Perspective:ECS U3N2 and S6M2 USB 3.0 and SATA 6G Expansion @ pcper.com
[Mar-24-10] (0 Comments)

The ECS U3N2 and S6M2 add USB 3.0 and SATA 6G respectively, but notboth. They use a single PCIe x1 slot for up to 500 MB/s of bandwidth andutilize the same controllers we have previously seen, used and tested onmotherboards over the last several months. Check out our Video Perspectivebelow and note that this is our first attempt at 1080p video so take a lookat it in full screen and let us know what you think!!

Imation Pro WX 1.5TB Wireless USB @ aselabs.com
[Mar-23-10] (0 Comments)

Remember when Bluetooth came out? No one bothered to care for a long time until an explosion happened a few years ago. We believe that Wireless USB is in the same boat. The technology solves a problem that people need; the ability to connect peripherals to their computer without a wire. It is just that we are suffering on the implementation and faced without market saturation, the Wireless USB field seems to be stagnating. There are glimmers of hope and Imation brings the first Wireless USB enclosure to the table.

QNAP TS-459 Pro NAS Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-23-10] (0 Comments)

Network storage has become the convenient answer to centralized data for corporate enterprise environments. The QNAP TS-459 Pro NAS

Patriot Gamer-Series DDR3-1600 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-18-10] (0 Comments)

Overclocking is getting easier than ever, and more and more users are finding that they want to try their hand at what used to be an art

JMicron JMF612 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-17-10] (0 Comments)

Western Digital depends on the JMicron JMF612 Solid State Drive controller inside their WD SiliconEdge-Blue SSD to produce 250Mbps reads

ProlimaTech Armageddon CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-16-10] (0 Comments)

The aftermarket heatsink industry is very competitive, and manufacturers often release several product designs before finally scoring a

ASUS P6T7 and P7P55 WS Workstation Motherboards @ pcper.com
[Mar-09-10] (0 Comments)

Both the ASUS P6T7 and P7P55 WS motherboards offer a slightlydifferent set of features and specifications than the traditionalmotherboard in the gaming market. The P6T7 definitely is impressive forhigh-end users that are going to want to take advantage of multiplegraphics card or other PCI Express-based accessories as it includes a totalof 7 PCIe x16 slots along with the X58 chipset and support for the latestLGA1366 processors, including the upcoming Gulftown 6-core CPU.

Kingston SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive @ hardwarelogic.com
[Mar-08-10] (0 Comments)

Why would Kingston be coming out with a 30GB SSD boot drive ifthey already have a 40GB for sale? Without providing TRIM or garbagecollection, Kingston scrapped the product and wanted to producesomething the community was asking for. The 30GB boot drive was bornwith a new controller and slightly better specs.

Kingston SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive @ hardwarelogic.com
[Mar-08-10] (0 Comments)

Why would Kingston be coming out with a 30GB SSD boot drive if they already have a 40GB for sale? Without providing TRIM or garbage collection, Kingston scrapped the product and wanted to produce something the community was asking for. The 30GB boot drive was born with a new controller and slightly better specs.

MSI R5770 HAWK Radeon HD 5770 Video Card @ pcper.com
[Mar-06-10] (0 Comments)

It is a neat card, it is an excellent price, and it pushes thelimits of design for the highly competitive market that it resides in.While other manufacturers are introducing overclocked cards, many of theseare using the reference design and cooling systems. MSI has taken a bigstep above nearly everyone else and produced a unique and outstandingoffering for the $150 to $199 price range.

Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale Processor - Low Price Performance @ pcper.com
[Mar-05-10] (0 Comments)

I would even take this a step further and tell our readers that ifyou are looking for a budget gaming system the Core i3-530 would make adecent choice and should at least be considered for the job. I showed youon our gaming performance page that the difference between even the Corei7-975 and the Core i3-530 are minimal when we are comparing real-worldresolutions and image quality settings.

Marvell 88SS9174-BJP2 SSD Controller @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-04-10] (0 Comments)

Just over two years ago there were only five companies involved in Solid State Drive technology, and as of January 2010 there are nearly

Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 128GB SSD @ hardwarelogic.com
[Mar-02-10] (0 Comments)

It is always interesting when a new controller steps into the market for SSDs and today we are looking at the Kingston SSDNow V+ Series with the new Toshiba T6UG1XBG drive controller. Will this new controller be a step up or another JMicron disaster? Read on to find out.

AMD 890GX Chipset - SATA 6G goes native @ pcper.com
[Mar-02-10] (0 Comments)

The addition of native SATA 6G support should have been a giantaddition to the chipset. Unfortunately, my testing has shown initial issueswith this implementation. AMD has been kicked around for a long time fortheir southbridge I/O performance in USB and SATA, and the SB850 continuesthat not-so-proud tradition. I do not know if this is simply a BIOS issue,or new drivers need to be sent along, but when even SATA 1 and 2 performanceare down in the dumps compared to the previous generation, a lot ofquestions should be asked of AMD.

Logitech MX-620 Cordless Laser Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-02-10] (0 Comments)

Since 1981, Logitech has been making a name for themselves in the computer hardware scene. When you think of computer peripherals, you

Roku XR @ aselabs.com
[Mar-01-10] (0 Comments)

Most people should have heard about the ease of use that the Netflix streaming service provides. One of the major components of this ease of use would be the set top boxes that provide the service on TVs. Roku was the original and is still the best way to get streaming Netflix to your TV, right now.

Windows PC-Fax Directly from Adobe Acrobat PDF @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-01-10] (0 Comments)

We here at Benchmark Reviews are probably just like you, when we hear

Zalman CNPS10X Flex Heatsink @ pcper.com
[Feb-27-10] (0 Comments)

The actual performance numbers we saw from the CNPS10X Flex wereabsolutely outstanding and we recommend adding the second 120mm fan for adecent decrease in CPU temps under idle and load conditions. If you can livewithout using your first DIMM slot, we recommend using the dual-fanconfiguration for added performance -- especially for overclockers andhardcore enthusiasts.

AMD Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card - 5870 Eyefinity Edition too! @ pcper.com
[Feb-25-10] (0 Comments)

The Radeon HD 5830 fills the gap between the HD 5770 and the HD5850 pretty well though not without some lingering performance questionsand debate surrounding it. For AMD it means another notch in their DX11belt while we continue to wait for NVIDIA to do ... well anything at thispoint regarding next-generation technology. For users looking for asub-$250 graphics card option going into spring the HD 5830 makes a greatchoice but as is usually the case, make sure you completely understand whatoptions are out there before hitting that buy now button.

ASUS EAH5750 Formula Radeon HD 5750 Video Card @ pcper.com
[Feb-25-10] (0 Comments)

I think I have actually found the perfect use for this card, atleast for myself. This is now in the Home Theater PC. With the fast VectorAdaptive De-Interlacing, bitstreaming audio, and overall quiet operation, itis one of the better HTPC cards around. Throw in solid gaming performanceat 1920 x 1080 resolutions, and it is a shoe-in for any serious HTPC withlots of video playback use and a smattering of hard core gaming.

Roku XR @ aselabs.com
[Feb-24-10] (0 Comments)

Most people should have heard about the ease of use that the Netflix streaming service provides. One of the major components of this ease of use would be the set top boxes that provide the service on TVs. Roku was the original and is still the best way to get streaming Netflix to your TV, right now.

ASUS P7H55D-M EVO Clarksdale Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-24-10] (0 Comments)

Intel-land is becoming a very confusing place of late. An Intel Core i7 processor might be Socket 1366, or it might be Socket 1156. A

ASUS MY-CINEMA PHC3-150 HDTV-Tuner Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-23-10] (0 Comments)

The recent switch from analog to digital television was mainly driven by the benefits of digital technology over its analog predecessor.

Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-22-10] (0 Comments)

High quality gaming peripheral equipment is a speciality of Razer. In this article Razer brings us a new product, a first for its kind,

Apple MacBook Pros likely to implement NVIDIA Optimus technology @ pcper.com
[Feb-20-10] (0 Comments)

If Apple wanted to integrate the new Intel Core i5/Arrandalemobility CPUs in MacBook Pros they would have to revert back to Intelintegrated graphics and a non-OpenCL compatible solution. NVIDIA Optimuswas very obviously built to address this exact issue and it seems plausiblethat Apple has been waiting for it before introducing new Intel CPUtechnology in the MacBook Pro lineup.

Kingston MobileLite G2 @ aselabs.com
[Feb-18-10] (0 Comments)

Most consumer electronic products that use flash memory have moved to SD/SDHC media and with the convergences comes products that can be smaller and portable. Kingston produced an update to the original MobileLite brand of portable card reader known as the MobileLite G2 and this is the focus of the review.

Intel Core i5-661 Clarksdale Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-17-10] (0 Comments)

Intel continues filling out its processor lineup with the introduction of the 2010 Intel Core Processor Family, comprising new versions

OCZ Fatal1ty DDR3-1600 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-16-10] (0 Comments)

OCZ introduced their latest Fatal1ty Edition Memory kit in early 2010. The difference between this DDR3 system memory kit and the

Western Digital SATA 6Gb/sec 1TB Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX) @ pcper.com
[Feb-15-10] (0 Comments)

The WD1002FAEX joins a long line of excellent drives from WesternDigital, and seems to be as good a time as any for bumping up the interfacethroughput. Hopefully the push to SATA 6Gb/sec will help drive adoption ofthis new standard across the rest of the industry. That said, it didlittle to boost performance of this new drive. We may see betterimprovements down the road, but we are currently stuck with third partycontrollers for this speed grade.

LG 47LH30 47" 1080p Widescreen TV @ pcper.com
[Feb-12-10] (0 Comments)

What I was worried about when getting this TV were other potentialissues. Things like input lag, sound sync issues, pixel blur, connectivity,dead pixels, stuck pixels, and a myriad of other playback features were whatkept me up at night after spending my own $679. After using and abusingthis panel for the past week I am quite happy to say that none of thosefears have proven to be true.

AMD Radeon HD 5570 and 5450 - DX11 HTPC GoodnessAMD Radeon HD 5570 @ pcper.com
[Feb-11-10] (0 Comments)

Either way, if you are in the market for a low-end graphics cardfor an upgrade over an integrated graphics solution or for a new HTPC thenthe Radeon HD 5450 and HD 5570 will likely fit the bill pretty nicely. Myfavorite is probably the HD 5450 with its completely silent passive coolingsolution and low power consumption along with the loss-less audio supportand DisplayPort connectivity. This card will very likely find its way intoa new HTPC for the house this winter.

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ 16GB USB Flash @ aselabs.com
[Feb-10-10] (0 Comments)

Tax documents, company memos and even personal files are just some of the things that you might not want others to be able to see. With those security needs in mind, Kingston has created the DataTraveler Locker+, and ASE Labs has the 16GB model up for review.

LiteOn Strong-Page MLC SSD LA-32M1S @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-09-10] (0 Comments)

Hopefully one day soon Solid State Drives will be standard equipment for new computer systems, but first SSDs must become available as an

AZZA Solano 1000R Full-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-05-10] (0 Comments)

AZZA have taken a few steps away from what is considered conventional with the Solano 1000R (model:CSAZ-1000R) and gave it an extreme

Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 LP P/ @ hardwarelogic.com
[Feb-04-10] (0 Comments)

Low profile cards are not the most easy thing to come by especially in the video card area. Sapphire has just released the Radeon HD 5450 and it comes with low profile brackets. This is the card to use in a HTPC once the drivers for GPGPU get settled. Read our preview to get our thoughts.

Nexus RX-5300 530W Modular Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Jan-30-10] (0 Comments)

Its main feature however is how quiet it is - virtually silent. Notonly does it start out quiet it stays that way throughout the power curve.At full output the fan just becomes audible. Throw in modular cables,support for high-end graphic adapters, and a good assortment of peripheralcables and you have an nice PSU for a HTPC or other quiet computingapplication.

Zalman MS1000-HS2 Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pcper.com
[Jan-28-10] (0 Comments)

The case itself is beautifully designed and goes away from manymodern PC case designs that include tons of windows, LED fans, LED lights,and other flashy features. I actually prefer a case like the MS1000-HS2 thatputs performance and functionality over flashy and cheap design elements.The included sound dampening material was definitely a bonus, but it wouldhave been better to have all the interior walls covered in this material tomake the case more silent.

CES 2010 Wrap Up @ aselabs.com
[Jan-25-10] (0 Comments)

The year is 2010 and CES is now over. The exhibitor count was even less than last year, even though attendance was a bit higher. There were some interesting bits, but most of the fancy 3D TVs are just so-so technology. We take out some of the very interesting things seen on the show floor.

SandForce SF1500 Enterprise SSD Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-20-10] (0 Comments)

The SandForce SF1500 SSD processor is an Enterprise-class Solid State Drive technology that powers products such as the OCZ Vertex-2 Pro.

NVIDIA GF100 Architecture P - Fermi brings DX11 to the desktop @ pcper.com
[Jan-19-10] (0 Comments)

This is definitely not a ‚ÄúBridge Too Far‚ÄĚ scenario for NVIDIA, andafter taking my deep dive into the architecture I truly feel that they haveimplemented DirectX 11, compute, and tessellation the right way. Now thebig question will be if they can produce adequate numbers of their initialGF100 product, and if they can include enough performance in the mainstreamand budget categories to take marketshare and mindshare away from AMD. Being this far behind the curve in shipping DX11 products, especially inlight of how popular Windows 7 is becoming, will be another hurdle forNVIDIA.

Intel i7 Extreme 920XM with NVIDIA GTX 280M Performance - Breaking @ pcper.com
[Jan-17-10] (0 Comments)

The i7-920XM CPU is very impressive with results similar to ani5-750 desktop processor, but in some cases faster than the i5-750 thanksto the Hyper-Threading support. The recently announced Intel i5-660 isprobably a closer match in performance (oranges to apples price comparisonof $200 to $700 for the CPU).

Sapphire HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card @ modders-inc.com
[Jan-14-10] (0 Comments)

New to the Sapphire line ofgraphic cards is the HD5670. This card is just below the 5700 series cards butit performs to near the same level. With DirectX 11 capabilities and otherfeatures found on higher end cards this one you will want to try out.

MSI Wind-Top AE2220-25SUS PC @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-04-10] (0 Comments)

MSI has taken their portable Wind-series netbook computer system and combined it with the functionality of a full-featured desktop

Kingwin Lazer Series 1,000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Dec-31-09] (0 Comments)

The Kingwin Lazer Series LZ-1000 PSU with Crystal Cube modularcable management delivered good voltage regulation (especially on theimportant +12V rails) with relatively clean outputs and good efficiency.The LZ-1000 PSU is very quiet at low to mid power levels, includes a goodassortment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors, and features whiteand blue LED lighting for added visual impact. Overall the LZ-1000 id agood job and is available at an affordable price.

LanCool PC-K56W Mid-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-31-09] (0 Comments)

Computer cases with enough features and cooling to please any gamer are rapidly dropping in price. Manufacturers are noticing the demand

Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo Tablets @ pcper.com
[Dec-30-09] (0 Comments)

Both of these products definitely had their pros and cons, but Ithink in the right hands both of them would work beautifully in anyprofessional or consumer-level graphics environment. Overall, theperformance king was definitely the Intuos4, but I have to give an honorablemention to the Bamboo because it definitely had many of the basic features Ithink consumers will be comfortable with.

Razer Imperator Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-29-09] (0 Comments)

The company name Razer is practically synonymous with PC-gaming peripherals. Their wide selection of gaming keyboards, mice, and other

NVIDIA 3D-Vision:Blu-Ray, Cameras, Projectors @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-22-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews tested the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit when it originally launched back in January, 2009. Comprising a set of

Antec CP-1000 Power Supply - The CPX Form Factor @ pcper.com
[Dec-20-09] (0 Comments)

The Antec CP series power supplies occupy a nitch market because oftheir larger form factor and as a result they can only currently be used inonly three Antec cases. Overall the CP-1000 proved to be a good PSU and itsmain strengths are virtual silence at mid to lower power levels at anaffordable price.

Samsung SyncMaster P2350 LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-17-09] (0 Comments)

Desktop PCs have come to a point where your digital experience will be limited to the capability of your monitor. With high end Core 2

Thermaltake Level 10 Chassis - Can BMW change PC @ pcper.com
[Dec-16-09] (0 Comments)

Something that might not be obvious from the pictures:the Level 10is LARGE. It is 12.6 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep, 26.3 inches high, andweighs nearly 50 pounds empty! The handles on the top and the basedefinitely come in handy. While I had no trouble transporting the case fromthe office into my photo studio by myself (the case is well balanced,) theadditional handle in the base was nice to have. If two people are used tocarry the case, this extra handle makes it a breeze.

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition @ aselabs.com
[Dec-15-09] (0 Comments)

Media center setups are now a part of many homes, and with thatcomes the need to have good input devices to handle the functionalityof the setup. Logitech steps forward with the diNovo Edge and reallybrings home what it means to be a major player in the input devicemarket. This product does pretty much everything right.

Win Colin McRae Dirt-2 from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-13-09] (0 Comments)

Win Colin McRae Dirt-2 from Benchmark Reviews. Benchmark Reviews is giving away a free copy of Colin McRae Dirt-2 (Steam/PC) to one lucky

First SATA 6G SSD Arrives:Marvell controller prototype tested! @ pcper.com
[Dec-12-09] (0 Comments)

The burst read rate on the Marvell prototype drive is able toperform at a significantly higher level pulling 90 MB/s MORE data than theIntel drive. That is a 33% increase in performance over one of the fastestSSDs on the market today. The difference is even more dramatic when lookingat the performance of the Marvell drive compared to the standardspindle-based hard drives.

Seagate FreeAgent Go ST910004FAA2E1-RK @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-10-09] (0 Comments)

Mobile storage of music, videos, pictures, files, and pretty much anything else you can think of is rapidly becoming more and more

MSI Big Bang Trinergy P55 3-Way SLI Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Dec-09-09] (0 Comments)

Of course one of the biggest features of the Trinergy is in itsnamesake:triple SLI support. By integrating the NVIDIA nForce 200 chipwith the PCI Express channels coming from the Lynnfield processor MSI bringsus the first motherboard to truly and correctly support 3-Way SLI and 3-WayCrossFireX multi-GPU solutions on the P55 platform.

NZXT Panzerbox Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pcper.com
[Dec-08-09] (0 Comments)

The Panzerbox also has room for custom watercooling solutions withdual radiators as well as enough real estate for a couple 10.5

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-08-09] (0 Comments)

Learning from the past has allowed Cooler Master to improve upon an already successful design. The NotePal X2 is a next generation cooler

Seagate Barracuda XT SATA-6G Hard Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-04-09] (0 Comments)

Somewhere between the speed of Solid State Drive technology and the reliability of value-priced Hard Disk storage is the Seagate

Xigmatek Bifrost VD1065 Video Card Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-03-09] (0 Comments)

Too much attention is paid to the CPU when we discuss aftermarket coolers, maybe because removing the VGA cooler can void the warranty on

Intel Shows 48-core x86 Processor as Single-chip Cloud Computer @ pcper.com
[Dec-03-09] (0 Comments)

First, the

Galaxy and Palit GeForce GT 240 - More 40nm from NVIDIA @ pcper.com
[Nov-30-09] (0 Comments)

The difference between the two GT 240 cards is significant though -both in terms of performance, power and price. The Galaxy card was by farthe most efficient and will come in a good $30 less expensive than thePalit card. The Palit card though is far and away the better performer -the difference built on the use of GDDR5 memory (rather than GDDR3) andhigher core and shader clock speeds.

AVIVO PureVideo HD DXVA GPU Acceleration Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-30-09] (0 Comments)

HTPCs and HD content are growing more and more around the GPU industry. ATI and NVIDIA have been working on technologies to playback and

Podcast With NVIDIA ION Case Mod Contest Winner @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-25-09] (0 Comments)

Modders-Inc sits down and has a talk with Bill Owens of MNPCTech about his

Ultra X4 750W PSU Giveaway @ forum.rbmailing.com
[Nov-25-09] (0 Comments)

We are giving away a Ultra X4 750W PSU. So what do you have to do?

Radeon HD 5770 CrossFireX Performance Scaling @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-25-09] (0 Comments)

This article is all about answering one question:how well does the Radeon HD 5770 scale in CrossFireX performance tests. Benchmark

NZXT Gamma Gaming Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-23-09] (0 Comments)

Whether you just need a computer for surfing the web or if you are on a quest to construct the ultimate gaming machine, it all begins

NZXT M59 Mid-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-21-09] (0 Comments)

I am a case snob. The cases I like are brushed aluminum, have removable motherboard trays, neatly rolled edges, finished interiors, cable

OCZ Colossus 3.5-in Solid State Drive @ pcper.com
[Nov-21-09] (0 Comments)

OCZ has brought a worthy contender with their first 3.5

QNAP TS-419P NAS 4-Bay Network Storage @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-20-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has monitored the network storage industry for several years now, and the same three features have always held the

Antec Notebook Cooler 200 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-19-09] (0 Comments)

Convection is when moving air transfers heat to or from a surface. This is the method used by most laptop coolers to keep your CPU, GPU

AMD Radeon HD 5970 2GB - AMDomination @ pcper.com
[Nov-18-09] (0 Comments)

The new AMD Radeon HD 5970 graphics card takes PC gaming performanceto a completely new level by combining a pair of Evergreen-based GPUs on asingle PCB, 2GB of GDDR5 memory and plenty of headroom for overclocking.For a single card system, the performance that the HD 5970 provides issimply unmatched but that does not mean the card is without its slightmisgivings.

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-16-09] (0 Comments)

Stereo headsets are becoming an essential part of any modern PC and, like keyboard and mice before them, they are finally going wireless.

De-Branded HP Sempron LE-1250 PC @ monster-hardware.com
[Nov-14-09] (0 Comments)

Moving inside the case we find some interesting features. Only one of the side panels is removable (the other is riveted in place), while the CPU socket is located at the bottom of the motherboard. There is no front case fan; case cooling is handled by a single rear bottom case fan in conjunction with a side panel having an ~120mm area above the CPU that is punched full of holes so that it resembles the old wire mesh fan grill covers. Although this is a somewhat unusual arrangement its lack of extra case fans means it is quiet enough to be used as a HTPC IMO and works plenty well enough to cool the 45W Sempron CPU that resides on the ASUS board. The power supply leads on what I believe to be a 250W unit (HP Customer Card model number spec sheet) could be a little longer as things are a little snug but manageable. There are also a few other misc air intake holes spread around seemingly randomly on the De-Branded HP Sempron case.

StarTech Dual-SATA HDD Docking Station @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-13-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has put a plethora of storage enclosures and systems through their paces and all of the predecessors fell neatly into

Xigmatek Midgard-W Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-13-09] (0 Comments)

Xigmatek - A name that needs no introduction, But the first things that come to mind are CPU coolers, Right? A relatively young company,

Thermaltake Element G Case @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-11-09] (0 Comments)

The people over at Thermaltake have unleashed the Element G on themasses. Does the gigantic gaming, glittering, gradational glaciated goodness

Lucid HYDRA 200 Multi-GPU Technology Performance P @ pcper.com
[Nov-11-09] (0 Comments)

Lucid pointed out some newer games that did not yet have any SLI orCrossFire scaling with the latest WHQL drivers from NVIDIA and ATI ‚Äď wehave seen this over the years where it takes time for the GPU vendors torelease updated drivers and profiles to get GPU scaling working. In thosecases, because Lucid‚Äôs software doesn‚Äôt require profiles in that sense, theHYDRA solution provided scaling when native options could not. If Lucid‚Äôssoftware team lives up to its claims it could mean day-of-release scalingfor any PC title on HYDRA-enabled systems.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition - Single slot performance @ pcper.com
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The Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor offers a unique spin the nowclassic graphics card from NVIDIA. Being able to fit the power of the GTX260+ GPU into a single slot air cooler design is definitely an engineeringfeat that should appeal to quite a few gamers out there and maybe even aselect few HTPC builders. Performance for the price was also impressive asit left the Radeon HD 5770 well behind in all of our testing.

Kingston SSDNow V 40GB Boot Drive SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For years, Kingston has sold system memory upgrade kits to help boost personal computer performance. Installing RAM is a simple process,

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 850W - A Second Look @ jonnyguru.com
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Not too long ago, I took my very first look at the ThermaltakeToughpower XT 850W unit and found it wanting. Thermaltake was anxious toimprove on things, and so they did; as I found in my last review when I sawwhat the new and improved 750W Toughpower XT could do.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Rev. C3:Taking Power Down a Notch @ pcper.com
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Taking the X4 965 down to 125 watts TDP is also a big win for AMD. A lot of major OEMs look down on CPUs that are above 125 watts for manydesktop setups. Having to add a lot of cooling to a design to handlehigher TDPs is a simple fact of life, but most manufacturers do not want tospend the time and money doing just that.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 125W CPU Test @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the newly re-vamped AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE desktop processor. For all intent and purpose, the

Thermaltake XT PSU Giveaway! @ jonnyguru.com
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JonnyGURU.com and Thermaltake have teamed up to giveaway 5Thermaltake Toughpower XT Cable Management 750W (W0229RU) power supplies.These units are currently going for roughly $109.98 @ mWave which means weare giving out over $500 worth of Thermaltake goodness. To show that weappreciate all of our readers, we are opening up the contest globally soeveryone has a chance to Win.

Cooler Master Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse @ modders-inc.com
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This technological marvel utilizes the latest innovations incutting-edge technology:5600 DPI twin laser, rapid fire mode, internalSentinel-XT memory and our patented security, Storm GuardT. The SentinelAdvance is designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to search anddestroy. Overpower your enemies with speed and precision beyond theirimagination. Conquest is at your fingertips - Sentinel Advance.

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo AMD and NVIDIA Graphics Performance @ pcper.com
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If you are like most people and have a monitor that runs at1920x1200 or 1920x1080 then obviously you are going to be able to play L4D2without any issue using the lowest end cards tested here that will start atabout $130. If you are one of the lucky few that owns a 30

USB 3.0 and SATA 6G Performance P - ASUS brings the goods @ pcper.com
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To be sure, 150 MB/s is a HUGE gain over current USB 2.0 speeds of35 MB/s or so and anyone that is dependent on external storage or anystreaming data over USB connections is going to love the bandwidth increasewe are seeing today. Keep in mind that the USB 2.0 controller on the P55chipset has had more than 9 years to evolve to where it is at today whilethis is the first publicly available implementation of USB 3.0. We willsurely see more speed as the months and years progress, but for now I haveto say that I am ready for USB 3.0 accessories to hit the shelves.

NZXT M59 Classic Series Mid Tower Gaming Chassis @ modders-inc.com
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Marketed as a gaming mid-tower case the M59 offers up featureslike clearance for 10.5 inch graphics cards, support for water cooling, anda well ventilated design. We will see how well the case handles a budgetsystem.

XFX Radeon HD5750 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The launch of Radeon HD57xx Juniper-GPU series cards is going very smoothly. ATI learned some hard lessons when they launched the HD4850

Dell Studio One Touchscreen Windows 7 PC @ pcper.com
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Overall I have to admit that the idea of getting a touchscreen PCfor the kitchen area is pretty appealing now after having used the DellStudio One for a few days. I would definitely recommend something with morepower than the traditional

BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Cell phone laws are rapidly becoming more and more restrictive. At the time of this writing, 36 states have some sort of cell phone

Refurbished EVGA GeForce GTX 260 896MB @ monster-hardware.com
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Normally I devote a full paragraph to

AMD Radeon HD 5870 Triple CrossFireX Performance Testing @ pcper.com
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Getting past the pure joy of seeing these games run this fast, weneed to decide how valuable all of this scaling is to gamers in terms ofcost, etc. In all of my testing (with one exception) the benefits ofmoving from single Radeon HD 5870 to a pair of cards in CrossFireoutweighed the move from two cards to three in terms of price/performanceresults. In other words, the value of the second card was higher than thethird in terms of increasing the performance of the gaming system as awhole. Take HAWX as an example:at 2560x1600 the 1->2 card scaling wasover 70% while the 2->3 card scaling was about 53%. While that is still anice bump in performance (in many cases seeing 50% scaling on any multi-GPUconfiguration would be good news) obviously the third card follows the lawsof diminishing returns.

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Notebook Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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I have always been a little skeptical about notebook coolers. WhenCooler Master asked if we had anyone that wanted to take a look at a newnotebook cooler they have, the Cooler Master NotePal X2. Having recentlypurchased my first laptop (nothing special) I figured why not. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=294

Win a free NZXT Gaming Case from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews will randomly draw one winner for his/her pick of either a NZXT M59, NZXT Beta Evo, or NZXT Lexa S gaming case. Members

Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1GB Graphics Card @ modders-inc.com
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The Sapphire Radeon 5750 did perform much better than I hadexpected it to. When comparing it against the 4000 series cards we could seethat it was a very nice jump in performance, while others stayed very closeto the new mid-range low end card. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=303

Enermax ECO 80+ 620W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The ECO 80+ 620W power supply delivered very good voltage regulationwith clean outputs and good efficiency. Along with that, the ECO 620W isquiet during normal operation. Throw in support for high-end graphicadapters, a compact chassis that will fit in most any ATX style case, and agood assortment of peripheral connectors and you have an attractive PSU.

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to take a look at a budget minded cooler fromthem, the Kingwin XT-1264 HTC. The XT-1264 HTC falls in the 120mm class ofheatpipe coolers. Will the XT-1264 HTC be able to keep up with the likes ofthe Titan Fenrir or Cooler Master Hyper N620? Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=295

AMD Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Performance Testing @ pcper.com
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This tells us that scaling on Eyefinity is really going to be on acase-by-case basis and that simply assuming a 3x performance drop is bothwrong and foolish. As we said, even with just a single Radeon HD 5870,Batman and HAWX were completely playable at 7680x1600 with 4xAA enabled! That is an impressive feat even though we are talking about frame rates inthe 30s rather than the 60s that I know a lot of our readers will want. Tothat point, AMD is still committed to bringing CrossFire to Eyefinity inthe future, just not soon enough for me.

Message-ID:MIME-Version:Content-Type:X-Mailer:thread-index:Content-Language; @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I will be reviewing the In Win Maelstrom, a full towerchassis. In Win is not the most well known brand, at least amongst UKenthusiasts, however with the ambitions and working ethic that In Win haveset out, I am looking forward to reviewing their latest PC Case.

Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 Q3-2009 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers and performance enthusiasts both share the same desire to cool their processor with the best possible hardware solution, but

Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme LGA 1366 i7 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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This high-end motherboard is intricately designed for extremeoverclockers as its name states, but I think other intermediate PCenthusiasts can also take advantage of a lot of its overclocking and powerfeatures. It might have a harder time competing with the newer LGA 1156platform because of its price point, but the LGA 1366 still has a lot oflife left in it for graphic design professionals, video production studioworkstations, and other users who depend on their CPU to run multi-threadedapplications and programs at the most optimum performance it can.

Buffalo WZR2-G300N Nfiniti Wireless-N Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
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A Wireless router offers flexibility in that you can share your high speed broadband with a mixture of wired and wireless connectivity or

Bloggers must disclose payments for s @ modders-inc.com
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The Federal Trade Commission will try to regulate blogging for thefirst time, requiring writers on the Web to clearly disclose any freebies orpayments they get from companies for reviewing their products. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDArticles&op=Story&ndar_id=937

Enhancing The Windows Media Center Experience @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The proliferation of multimedia audio and video formats, including Blu-Ray, and an increasing array of TV and web based services have

Cooler Master SNA95 Power Supply @ modders-inc.com
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Cooler Master recently released their SNA (Slim Notebook Adapter)95. The SNA 95 is a universal notebook adapter that comes with a total ofnine different connectors that gives you the flexibility to charge a widerange of different devices. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=283

NVIDIA Fermi Next Generation GPU Architecture Overview @ pcper.com
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From a gaming angle, which is obviously one of our primary targetsat PC Perspective, we don‚Äôt yet know how the Fermi architecture will apply.While I am doubtful that NVIDIA will be sharing any information about newproducts, frequencies, etc during the GPU Tech Conference today, if we findanything out we will be sure to share it. But even if clock rates remainthe same as we currently have on the GT200 the architecture should performdamn well ‚Äď after all we moved from 240 SPs to 512 SPs and have a new GDDR5memory bus that is 384-bits wide.

OCZ Agility-EX SLC SSD OCZSSD2-1AGTEX60G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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OCZ has earned the pole position in the race for Solid State Drive consumer supremacy. Most of the OCZ SSD product line is sold at retail

AMD Radeon HD 5850 1GB - Cyprus gets a bit cheaper @ pcper.com
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For a $259 graphics card, the Radeon HD 5850 is a hell of aperformer. In our series of gaming tests the Evergreen GPUs are proving tobe highly competitive and the HD 5850 is no exception. With its pricingschedule it rests between the GTX 275 and the GTX 285 from NVIDIA and itactually fell into that price segment pretty well in terms of overallperformance. In Batman, for example, the GTX 275 was actually slightlyfaster than the Radeon HD 5850 though in Far Cry 2 the HD 5850 was able tobeat even the GTX 285.

Xigmatek HDT-S1284 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Are you looking to extend the life of your older 775 socket CPU?Perhaps you want to take advantage of the deals out right now? Whether youare waiting for the new Processors to come out or building a budget systemyou want a cooler that will give you the best performance at the lowest costpossible. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=300

Professional Mechanical Keyboard Comparison @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There are a lot of keyboards out there. Some keyboards are wireless; others offer lighting effects, programmable displays, and drivers

OCZ Z Series 850W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Since 80 Plus began their certification program to help usconsumers find the most efficient power supplies out there, power supplieshave sought to make the most of the program by making their units more andmore efficient. Before too long, 80 Plus added new classification ratings totheir program (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) to help distinguish between highefficiency units.

Intel Westmere Architecture and Clarkdale Processor P @ pcper.com
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Both Clarkdale and Arrandale (the mobile variant) will have supportfor Turbo Mode for the CPU cores but the Arrandale offering will alsoinclude an interesting twist on the technology, integrating the GPU in themix. With a fixed TDP, the processor will either accelerate the GPU or CPUcores depending on the work load - while gaming the GPU will able to

Corsair P64 SSD RAID Set P64-RAID-PK1 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Enthusiasts are no stranger to RAID arrays. While server administrators depend on the redundancy of RAID-1 and other safe†multi-drive

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Zalman has a great history of dependable after market cooling forboth the CPU and the GPU. The CNPS10X Extreme is designed like the moreconventional upright heatpipe coolers that are dominant right now. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=290

ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB Graphics Card and AMD Eyefinity @ pcper.com
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The new AMD Radeon HD 5870 is the fastest single-GPU graphics cardyou can purchase today and will likely remain that way through at least theend of the year. The new Evergreen core, with its 1600 shader processorsand improved texturing power, is able to best the GT200 core that wasdominating the HD 4800-series cards in every aspect except efficiency. Addto that mix support for DirectX 11 gaming and compute applications with newfeatures like Eyefinity and you have all the makings of a fantastic productlaunch that will dominate the GPU market for months. The one caveat isthat AMD has left the GTX 285 still as a relevant graphics card option...

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 Motherboard:P55 vs X58 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For computer enthusiasts, the last Intel milestone was the Core i7 processor launch that paralleled the X58-Express motherboard chipset

Intel shows Larrabee demo for the first time @ pcper.com
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This ray tracing demo has been seen many times before, from DanielPohl, but not until now have we seen it running on Larrabee. In fact, thisdemo was running fairly smooth (I am guessing a framerate in the 20s) andat a higher resolution (based on the monitor displayed I am guessing1600x1200) that other demonstrations rendering solely on the CPU.

AMD Eyefinity Demonstrations on Batman, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2 and more! @ pcper.com
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This technology shift allowed AMD to create a new class of GPU thatwill support at three displays per graphics card and will eventually add a6-display option to its ranks. Not only does this add to the already welldocumented benefits of multiple displays from a productivity perspective,but AMD has added in something unique for the gamers out there:super-highresolution multi-monitor gaming. Imagine the option of being able tocombine 6 30

Lucid HYDRA Multi-GPU Technology Launches - End of SLI and @ pcper.com
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Lucid and MSI are teaming to announce the

Antec Two Hundred Mid-Tower Computer Case @ bencmarkreviews.com
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PC gaming has never been an inexpensive proposition. The cost of processing power, for both CPU and GPU, may have gone down in cost per

Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gbps SATA-III HDD P @ benchmarkreviews.com
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On†21 September†2009 Seagate Technology will be the first and only manufacturer to offer a SATA-III 6Gbps hard drive product with

Intel DP55KG P55 LGA1156 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews had the opportunity to review and launch two new Lynnfield processors from Intel:the Core i5-750 and the Core i7-870.

MSI N285GTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX 285 @ pcper.com
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What we can walk away with at the end of the review is that MSI hasproduced a pretty tremendous card. The build quality is excellent, thecooler design works just as it is supposed to, and the NVIDIA GTX 285 is avery good chip that provides a very good gaming and entertainmentexperience. The slight overclock did not affect stability, and the tad ofextra performance was appreciated. Though we have become spoiled by highend cards in the $199 to $249 range, there still exist products above thatwhich can actually deliver more performance.

AMD Athlon II X4 620 and X4 630 Quad-core Processors @ pcper.com
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AMD has not reinvented the wheel with the Athlon II X4 series ofchips. They are not disruptive products from a performance standpoint, andthey bring nothing particularly new to the marketplace. Except price ofcourse. When we consider that, then the Athlon II X4s are disruptive. Afast, quad core at $122 will turn a few heads. We can also expect toeventually see more power efficient versions of these chips potentially makeit into the laptop market (as the dual core Athlon II X2s have donerecently).

CM Storm Sentinel Advance Laser Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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If you have ever looked into buying a powerful gaming or performance computer case, you have heard of Cooler Master. They are a

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood ATX Case @ pcper.com
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The HTPC 8000 is a very elegant media center case that should appealto more mature, family-oriented consumers looking for a case that will matchtheir home decor and not look like a typical PC. It still has many of thesame functions a basic computer has, but nMediaPC went a bit further andincluded room for an optical LCD module, the ability to use different typesof flash cards to view movie files, pictures, and other documents. They alsogave the entire case an old-fashioned theme that has a nostalgic feel toit.

MSI Wind Top AE2010 Desktop @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Desktop computers are making a resurgence, and have exploited the compact nature of newer technology to provide the best of both worlds.

Intel Core i7-860 Lynnfield Processor - Best value in processosrs? @ pcper.com
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While the above table does a very good job of making our argumentsfor us, that the Core i5-750 is the best deal for a Lynnfield processor,there are still some cases where the performance provided by HyperThreadingand the slight boost in clock speed might make the jump to the Core i7-860 aworthwhile decision. Without a doubt moderate-to-heavy transcodingapplications SHOULD be using as much processing power as you can throw atthem, and Handbrake is by far the most popular for that.

NORCO RPC-4020 4U Rackmount Server Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In this article, Benchmark Reviews will examine the Norco RPC-4020 4U rack mount server case. This case supports twenty data drives, plus

Gelid Silent Spirit CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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The Gelid Silent Spirit is slightly larger than a stock OEM coolerplus it utilizes four heat pipes. Does the Gelid Silent Spirit have what ittakes to compete with the OEM cooler variants? Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=293

Corsair X256 CMFSSD-256D1 MLC SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The competition among Solid State Drive manufacturers is reminiscent of the video card wars between AMD and NVIDIA a few years ago. The

Cooler Master NotePal A1 @ modders-inc.com
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The NotePal A1 is a notebook cooler from the world leading experton cooling stuff... Cooler Master! A dual fan setup that is designed toefficiently and quietly assist in cooling the notebook. How effective is asecondary cooling device for a notebook? Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=291

Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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If you have ever tried to share vacation pictures or videos with friends and family then you know the 4 square inch screen on your

ECS A785GM-M 785G AM3 Micro ATX Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The main features that will really draw consumer attention to theA785GM-M is the integration of ATI's HD 4200 graphics on the motherboard.While we weren't able to play some of the top FPS games on the market atdecent resolutions, we were able to play games like Quake Live and F.E.A.R.at relatively high resolutions. The addition of HDMI and high-quality audiooptions makes this board ideal for those upgrading their HTPCs to handlehigh-definition content.

Kingston SSDNow V+ SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Early on in their debut, Solid State Drives were planned as included equipment on new computers coming from tier one manufacturers such

Enermax Galaxy EVO 1,250W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The Enermax Galaxy EVO 1,250W PSU delivered good voltage regulation(especially on the important +12V rails) with relatively clean outputs andgood efficiency. The EVO 1,250W PSU is quiet, runs cool during normaloperation, and includes an excellent compliment of both fixed and modularcables/connectors. At 1,250W DC output, this is one of the largest PSUsmost NA users will be able to operate from a standard 120 VAC, 15Aresidential circuit. The Enermax Galaxy EVO 1,250W PSU is currentlyavailable and typically sells for around $300 USD.

Wacom Bamboo Fun Digital Pen Tablet @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The mouse has become the standard method of navigating graphical user interfaces, but it leaves something to be desired when you want

Panasonic UJ-875A Slim Optical Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews recently reviewed the SilverStone SUGO SST-SG06B Case, and supplied with that product was the SST-SOD01 kit. As was

Thor's Hammer HDT-S126384 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Thor's Hammer is signalizing the strength and efficiency of ourcooler for your overheating Core i7 CPU's. With its 4 8mm Heat-pipes on theH.D.T. Base and the 3 6mm Heat-pipes on the 2nd layer, it is launched as a

Antec Earthwatts 750W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Antec comes to us today with the most powerful model in theEarthwatts series, the EA750. Many of my readers have been asking me toreview this unit, and the day has finally arrived. Will this one be a hit ora miss from Antec? Let's find out.

ASUS P7P55D Premium P55 P - SATA 6G returns @ pcper.com
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So, while ASUS has essentially doubled the speed available to theMarvell 9123 chip, they have done so at the cost of additional logic andtraces on the board and without actually meeting the 600 MB/s theoreticalspeed maximum. Still, 500 MB/s is still much better than 250 MB/s and Ithink that users will be able to see a noticeable difference - once weactually get SATA 6G devices out and available.

Cooler Master SNA 95 Universal Power Adapter @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The purpose is simple:offer a universal notebook adapter with widespread compatability with nearly all notebook computers in use today.

ASUS Triton 81 Universal Heatsink @ pcper.com
[Aug-25-09] (0 Comments)

There are lots of pros and cons to purchasing the Triton 81, butoverall it definitely handled our Intel Q8400 quad-core processor with easeand grace. Even during load testing, it kept the CPU well below thethreshold of its thermal limits. Unfortunately, there were a few key issuesthat needs to be addressed in future revisions of this heatsink.

Razer Arctosa USB Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-24-09] (0 Comments)

The Arctosa Gaming Keyboard is one of Razer's entry-level enthusiast peripherals to help gamers get into the world of high-end keyboards.

NZXT Sentry 2 LCD Touchscreen Fan Controller @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-21-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has the pleasure of testing NZXT's newest fan control:the Sentry 2 Touchscreen Fan Controller. A step up from the

Indilinx vs. Samsung vs. Intel (or why size matters) @ pcper.com
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It's great to see added competition in the SSD field. These newunits from PhotoFast, OCZ, Corsair, and Crucial will only help increase SSDadoption by the masses. While the Samsung and Indilinx controllers did notperform as well when equipped with smaller capacities of flash, they stilldid well overall, and will do fine when mated with lower power mobileplatforms such as laptops and netbooks.

Mid-range GPU comparison:Gigabyte GTS 250 1GB and 9600GT 512MB Graphics Cards @ pcper.com
[Aug-20-09] (0 Comments)

After spending more than two weeks with both of these video cards, Ireally can't do much but smile at how much performance is available on themarket at this price point. The 9600GT is an excellent solution for userslooking to build portable, silent gaming rigs and this card evenaccommodates multimedia users looking to for their next HTPC graphicsupgrade. The Gigabyte GTS 250 was also no underdog in our performancetesting. It beat the HD 4770 in several of our gaming benchmarks and alsorecorded most of the highest scores in our GPGPU testing. This card alsohandled gaming at 1920x1200 with some of the most GPU-intensive gamescurrently available.

Cooler Master Sileo 500 RC-500-KKR3-GP @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-19-09] (0 Comments)

Boasting sound-dampening foam, anti-vibration HDD mounts, and two silent-running 800RPM 120mm fans, the Sileo 500 is an interesting break

BFG LS1200 1250W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Aug-18-09] (0 Comments)

Last week, I took a look at one of BFG's latest and greatest,designed exclusively for the Phobos gaming computers. This week, I'mcontinuing my look at the power supplies intended for those rigs by lookingat the LS1200, a 1250W monster of a unit that does everything the LS1000does and then some.

Day 2 and 3 coverage @ pcper.com
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Overclocker Sami Makinen Macci tweaks a few settings in the BIOSwhile K|ngp|in prepares to add more LN2 to their overclocking rig. Thecurrent world record for AMD's Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU is 7.002GHz. They were easily able to hit 6 GHz early on in the day, but theycontinued to work throughout the evening to break the record.

NVIDIA ION Mod Contest @ modders-inc.com
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It was hard to pick the top 30 entries out of the 435 we recievedand I must say that thet all were great. With hard work and a few days to gothrough them we came up with the top 30. Check who made the list.

Crucial M225 Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Until 2009, Solid State Drive (SSD) popularity was only growing in the elite enthusiast circles. Then along comes the Indilinx Barefoot

Day 1 coverage @ pcper.com
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id Software CEO Todd Hollenstead started off Quakecon 2009 bythanking the volunteers, attendees, and sponsors of the event. Hollensteadbriefly discussed Activision's new Wolfenstein game that's due to arrive instores on Aug. 18. Another key issue he talked about was ZeniMax MediaInc., the parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, whorecently acquired id Software. He discussed how this partnership was goingto work as well as some of the benefits of being under the ZeniMax Mediaumbrella.

AMD demos DX11 hardware @ pcper.com
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Inside this system is the Evergreen GPU reference card - though weweren't allowed to open up the case to actually SEE the card. I did take apeek at the back though and it was a dual-slot cooled card with a pair ofDisplayPort outputs and a single DVI output. The rest of the system wasbasic AMD-system components on Windows 7 OS.

Coolermaster CM 690 Competition  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
[Aug-14-09] (0 Comments)

Onlytwo days left for the XSR Coolermaster competition folks, so make sureto get your entries in pronto. We've got a great CM 690 case up forgrabs, and some assorted coolers that are well worth a look in.All you have to do is sign up to the forums and post a couple of times;couldn't be easier.

QNAP TS-239 Pro Turbo NAS @ pcreview.co.uk
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The QNAP TS-239 Pro is a next generation model based on the Intel Atom platform which includes even more features suited to an office environment (such as iSCSI). This NAS includes two drive bays (providing up to 4TB storage) and the unit size has been reduced substantially to a mere 214x175x115mm.This little NAS includes a 1.6Ghz atom CPU, 1GB DDRII memory and two gigabit LAN ports ‚Äď which is much more powerful than many competing devices. Not only does this improve the performance of some elements (such as the PHP/MySQL server), but it ensures that a larger number of clients can use the NAS without performance degradation. Similar to other QNAP variants there are 12 primary functions which the NAS unit can perform.

In Win X-Fighter Mid Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
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Trying to narrow down the right selection will take some research.The main characteristics I look for in a chassis are the overall size andits airflow design. Will the X-Fighter have what it takes to impress me? Wewill have to see.

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood MCE Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Home Theater Personal Computers, or HTPCs as enthusiasts abbreviate them, may soon once again be all the craze. Very recently the

AMD Phenom II X4 965 :Watt's the Problem Here? @ pcper.com
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Still, we must hand it to the folks in Austin and Dresden, theycontinue to compete and they continue to offer faster products atcompetitive prices. This in turn lowers the prices on slower parts, and theconsumer gets a whole lot more performance for their buck. Add into thisthe improved motherboard support and the price of DDR-3 (though spikingrecently) getting closer to DDR-2 levels, and users get another good optionfor their hard earned dollars (or whatever currency fits their needs).

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition AM3 CPU @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Back in April, Benchmark Reviews covered the release of AMD's flagship quad-core processor, the Phenom II X4 955 BE. Nearly four months

Cooler Master Hyper N620 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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The N620's main difference is the use of two 120mm fans instead ofthe dual 92mm fans. It's slightly larger than the little brother, andutilizes one more heatpipe.

Coolermaster CM 690 Competition  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Onlyfive days left for the XSR Coolermaster competition folks, so make sureto get your entries in pronto. We've got a great CM 690 case up forgrabs, and some assorted coolers that are well worth a look in.All you have to do is sign up to the forums and post a couple of times;couldn't be easier.

BFG LS1000 1000W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Not long ago, BFG announced a series of ultimate gaming systemsunder the moniker

Modders-Inc Podcast #10 I Like Apples @ modders-inc.com
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The Modders-Inc crew talks about the NVIDIA ION mod contest,Sheldog23 mods from the past, Social Media and case modding, the moddingcraze overseas, and software.

Patriot Corza NAS PCZ35SNAS2 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have found their way into homes just as they did with the office space years ago. Prices for NAS

OCZ Vertex beta firmware with background 'Garbage Collection' @ pcper.com
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Perhaps the biggest take-home on all of this is the fact thatsequential performance was restored to like-new conditions, on its own, andcompletely independent of any partition being present on the drive. Othercontrollers, like those from Samsung, have resorted to a so called'auto-TRIM' feature, which is only compatible with NTFS partitions atpresent, and cannot work properly when those units are behind a RAID.

ATI Stream vs. NVIDIA CUDA - GPGPU computing battle royale @ pcper.com
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While Stream's transcoding times were slightly better than CUDA inmost of our performance tests, CUDA seemed to produce a higher quality imagethat evened things out a bit. Stream also seemed to be more efficient inusing less of the CPU's resources for transcoding while also producing fasttranscoding times. However, these transcoding times might be lower becauseit is outputting lower-quality video files as our subjective image qualitytests suggest.

In Win Na Hard Drive Enclosure @ modders-inc.com
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Once in a while you may come across an item that makes you take asecond look, not because of what it looks like but more of what it doesn'tlook like. The In Win NA Hard Drive enclosure happens to be one of thoseitems.

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Seashell Netbook Video @ pcper.com
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For the price, the ASUS 1005HA offers a lot of very unique andinteresting features that you won't find on other netbooks including supportfor 802.11n networking and Bluetooth 2.1 + AD2P support for wireless audiostreaming. Not only that, but it has a sexy seashell design (hence the nameof course) and great battery life (though not up to the 10 hours quoted byASUS exactly) for a price under $400. There were a couple of drawbacks,notably the trackpad and overall system performance, but in terms of best inclass netbook devices, this is one of the top.

Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 Q2-2009 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers and performance enthusiasts share the same desire to cool their processor with the best possible hardware solution.

CoolIt Domino ALC CPU Cooler @ jonnyguru.com
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When it comes to water cooling a PC, there is still a number ofusers out there that cringe at the thought of having water in their chassis.Although they are focusing on the negative side of the combination, the useof water cooling in a PC has come a long way over the last few years. Withthe increase in popularity of water cooling, manufactures are creating moreuser friendly water cooling options for those that don't want to dive inhead first. The CoolIT Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) system is justone of the examples available to the public wanting to get their feet wetwith water cooling. The Domino ALC allows a user to cool his/her CPU withwater while taking a lot of the hassles that come with water cooling out ofthe picture. Is the Domino ALC what you're looking for? Read on to find out.

OCZ Vertex Turbo MLC SATA SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With generation 3 guidelines for the 6.0 GBps SATA interface already being used in prototype motherboards for show at the not-so-distant

GMC Noblesse K-2 Ebony Case @ pcper.com
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For what initially looked to be something of a disappointment, theK-2 has turned out to be a very robust and interesting product. I cannotstress that the design is not for everyone, and it certainly would prove tobe a sore thumb if placed in a stereo rack with other standard lookingcomponents. But when put by itself, it certainly has turned into a veryuseful product, and an eye-catching one at that. For those that do not needto have a generic looking HTPC case that will fit effortlessly into saidstack, then this is a very viable alternative.

Using Dual-Monitors to Optimize Productivity @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Historically most people couldn't justify the expense of a dual-monitor setup in spite of the productivity gains multiple screens afford.

MSI AMD 785GM-E65 Motherboard P @ pcper.com
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Perhaps the most interesting little feature about this board is theinclusion of a dipswitch which controls FSB overclocking. There are foursettings which can take the FSB from stock speed, up through 10%, 15%, and20% overclock. While the FSB can be controlled in the BIOS as well, it isinteresting to see a motherboard manufacturer go back to dipswitchoverclocking. I thought we got over that after the K6 and Athlon days?Still, an interesting little wrinkle that could appeal to a certain group ofpeople.

WD VelociRaptor 300GB SATA HDD WD3000HLFS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Considering the state of the global economy, along with local recession and unemployment, performance computer builders have had to make

ASUS P7P55D Deluxe P55 Lynnfield Motherboard P @ pcper.com
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Though we did not have a motherboard here to do extensive hands-ontesting, I did find some interesting overclocking information about theLynnfield CPU and the ASUS motherboards that I thought I would share.First up is in regards to memory speeds:apparently Lynnfield CPUs that runat 2.8 GHz and 2.93 GHz will be able to run memory at 1600 MHz at stocksettings while the 2.66 GHz parts will only be able to push 1333 MHz. Usingthe custom built ASUS DRAM Overclocking Profiles though all the Lynnfieldprocessors will be able to run the DDR3 memory at speeds up to 2133 MHz!

CoolIT Domino ALC Water Cooling @ pcper.com
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Put simply, we'd pay twice the price for a liquid cooling systemthis handy, simple to install, and effective. The Domino A. L. C. is one ofCoolIT Systems' best efforts. Compared to a stock fan, it does wonders forallowing serious overclocking of a Core i7 920. It's nearly silent,super-efficient, and priced right.

Silverstone OP1000-P 1000W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Last year, Silverstone sent me their updated Impervio basedreplacement to the original Olympia 1kW unit, called the OP1000-E. This unitdid pretty well at the time, but carried with it some issues that I feltdetracted from the unit's prospects in the market.

Thermaltake Toughpower XT Series 850W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The Thermaltake Toughpower XT Series 850W PSU delivered excellentvoltage regulation with very good efficiency. The XT 850W is relativelyquiet, runs cool during normal operation, and includes a good compliment ofmodular cables/connectors. The main weakness we found was a relatively highlevel of AC ripple on the +12V DC output when the PSU was subjected to heavyloads.

Win a FREE OCZ Agility SSD from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews is giving away a brand-new OCZ Agility Solid State Drive to one lucky visitor! All that you have to do is visit our

OCZ Agility MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1AGT120G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has seen Solid State Drive products from every angle, and while SSDs have overtaken hard drive products in terms of

Intel X25-M 'G2' 34nm 160GB SSD @ pcper.com
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While the real-world improvements appear only marginal over itspredecessor they *are* improvements. When combined with the drasticreductions in cost, Intel will be giving the competition a real run fortheir money. If the distributors can keep their margins on the slim side,more and more SSD buying decisions will be leaning towards the X25-M G2.Let's hope Intel can keep supply high enough to make sure the prices startlow and stay low.

Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
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Continuing the line of HAF (High Air Flow) cases Cooler Masterintroduces the HAF 922. The HAF 922 is a mid-size case with features anddesign very similar to it's bigger brother the 932

ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Sound Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate the enhanced surround sound effects from Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio found on

Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Last month, we took a look at AMD's new mainstream processor:the Athlon II 250. We were impressed with both performance and cost. Today,

Sunbeam SATA-IDE-USB Adapter @ benchmarkreviews.com
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If you have a lot of spare hard drives laying around that you want to see if they work and what they contain, but dont want to take the

Using TRIM features on SSDs before or without Windows 7 @ pcper.com
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All of that said, although the Indilinx units appear to require moremaintenance to keep their performance up, and even though their TRIM toolhas some growing pains even at present, my current recommendation for userstorn between Indilinx and Samsung is to go Indilinx. You will get a drivethat performs at least decently for the time being, and there is the addedpeace of mind of a known-good firmware upgrade process.

NZXT Sentry LX SEN-001LX Digital Fan Controller @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With multiple core CPUs, multi-GPU video graphics sub-systems and hotter than hot mainboard north and southbridge chipsets it becomes

Coolermaster CM 690 Competition  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Straightoff the back of TakTak and friends winning some fine Noctua prizes,we're back with our next competition, this one with the kind folks overat Coolermaster supplying the prizes.Also, if you all behave yourselves and this goes well, they will beproviding us with prizes for you guys, every single month, for the restof the year. So be good, and get entered.

Intel BOXD945GCLF2D Atom 330 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For years, the focus on computers has been on faster, better performing systems.† Recently, however, with rising energy costs and more

SATA 6G launch delayed to do tech issues on nearly all P55 boards @ pcper.com
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What this essentially says is that the problem on the 88SE9123 chipdidn't lie with the SATA 6G implementation but rather with the legacy PATAsupport they built into the chip. Going back and looking at the spy shotswe have for most of the P55 motherboards we have seen, they ALL do in facthave an IDE channel on them - and since the P55 chipset doesn't offersupport for it, we can assume that all of these motherboard vendors wereusing the Marvell chipset in that fashion. That would explain why all ofthe boards would need to be changed drastically at the last minute.

SATA 6G launch delayed to do tech issues on nearly all P55 boards @ pcper.com
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What's more, ASUS is saying that the chip is being pulled off nearlyALL of their P55 motherboard lineup and only the super-high-end motherboard,the P55 Premium. Why? The only information we have gotten from anyonerevolves around some hardware AND software issues that are preventing theSATA 6G speeds from actually reaching 6.0 Gb/s. Obviously that's animportant part of what customers will want on their boards when the hardwareis finally ready. This is a significant issue if a company like ASUS iswilling to complete redo its motherboard lineup at the last minute before amajor product launch.

Xigmatek NRP-PC502 500W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Not too long ago, I looked at a low powered Xigmatek unit thatdid a pretty good job of being a budget power supply and yet still beingdecent quality, the No Rules Power PC501. Folks, it seems that Xigmatekwasn't entirely happy with the 501, for today I have in my hands the 502. Itpromises to be a more efficient, environmentally friendly version of theolder 501.

NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case @ pcper.com
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What really should make this case sell well is the amount of spacefor multiple hard drives and optical drives, the steel chassis, and extracooling options. The current price also doesn't hurt its selling chanceseither, but that price is without shipping which might make it less of abargain if shipping is expensive because the case weighs over 22 lbs.Overall, the exterior design is top notch and the extra space and coolingoptions are very appealing.

ASUS P7P55D EVO P55 Motherboard Video and Photo P @ pcper.com
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Over the weekend I received our first P55-based motherboard for theupcoming Intel Lynnfield processors, the ASUS P7P55D EVO. A mid-rangeenthusiast motherboard, the EVO model probably won't be the mostfeature-laden motherboard that comes out with the P55 launch in latesummer/early fall, but it also won't be the most expensive. And for a lotof PC builders, I think this type of motherboard will be where the sweetspot falls for price, performance and features.

Raidmax Monster Mid-Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
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Can the Raidmax Monster with it's aggressive design and all blackaluminum chassis live up to such a moniker as MONSTER? I'm not sure, but whydon't we take a look at what Raidmax has to offer us in this new case.

ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 HDTV/FM Tuner @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Those who want to watch over the air TV at all must either purchase a TV with an ATSC tuner installed or purchase one of the conversion

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Universal Heatsink @ pcper.com
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This heatsink exceeded our expectations and its universalcompatibility will make it even more appealing to high-end users and otherPC enthusiasts looking for a strong air cooled heatsink solution. Thelayered fin array and black-pearl nickel plated coated definitely added toits asthetics and overall craftsmanship. The unique fan controller isdefinitely a staple for Zalman and one I'm sure they will continue toproduce in future heatsink products.

ASRock NetTop ION 330 AMCP7A-ION HTPC @ benchmarkreviews.com
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NVIDIA Recently unveiled their ION platform, which combines a GeForce 9400m GPU to the Intel Atom mobile processor. The synergistic

Caustic Graphics and the CausticGL Ray Tracing API @ pcper.com
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The benefits of getting a standard would be astronomical to the enduser and developer - just as with DirectX and OpenGL, processing companieslike NVIDIA, AMD and Intel would then have a very specific instruction setto implement on their hardware allowing them to focus on performance andimplementation. Developers would also be more likely to start implementingthe ray tracing API on a larger scale once the majority of PC hardware (orat least in gamers PCs) properly accelerates the API.

QNAP TS-809 Pro 8-Bay SATA NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Not every enterprise needs a file server to fit their needs; sometimes storage is the primary concern. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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For many years, PC Power & Cooling was perhaps the top name amongconsumers who wanted a power supply that was better than the run of the millunits available from most other companies. Offering industrial grade unitsto the consumer market, PC P&C quickly became known for uncompromisingquality and performance. Relatively recently, the competition has gotten alot tougher for PC P&C. No longer the only option when it comes to servergrade units, they're facing pretty stiff opposition these days in the likesof Corsair, Silverstone, and Antec to name a few.

Modders-Inc Podcast @ modders-inc.com
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During this one we talk about the Corsair TEC Memory Cooler, rantson how nothing seems to change about PC's, Left 4 Dead 2, World of Warcraftis a drug, how to come up with ideas on creating your case mod, the thermalpaste review over at Benchmark Reviews, and the Nipple Case.

Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX HTPC Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews recently called on the Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX HTPC computer case to complete our NVIDIA ION Home Theater PC project.

Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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The Cooler Master Hyper N520 is a compact dual 92mm fan CPU coolerthat utilizes five heatpipes to dissipate the heat through the cooling fins.Will it impress or will it leave us wanting more?

SilverStone ST70EF 700W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The SilverStone Element ST70EF 700W PSU delivered excellent voltageregulation with very good efficiency. The ST70EF is quiet, runs cool duringnormal operation, and includes a good compliment of fixed cables/connectors.The only weakness we found was relatively high levels of AC ripple on the DCoutputs when the PSU was subjected to extreme loads.

Kingwin Mach 1 1000W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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These days, for a power supply company to be competitive, there'sgotta be a 1kW or up model in there somewhere. Kingwin recently joined theparty by bringing in their Mach 1 series of units, which tops out with a1.2kW monster. Today I'm having a look at the second most powerful in theline, the 1000W model. This is the only 80 Plus Bronze certified unit in therange, and it features such cool things as modular cables with illuminatedrings around them when you plug one in.

ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 WiFi N Motherboard Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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We all want more for less. That's why enthusiasts overclock, and that's why we build HTPCs. The PlayStation 3 game console has sold

Some Initial Thoughts on Propus, AMD's Quad-core Athlon @ pcper.com
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The last thing that needs covered here is the potential TDP of theseproducts. Since the Propus core is around 60% of the size of the Phenom II,we can expect the lower 2.4 GHz versions to be around 65 watts TDP, andpotentially as low as 45 watts TDP. The higher 3 GHz version would probablyhit around 89 watts in the worst case scenario. Something else to consideris that with the continual advances on GF's 45 nm process, and the lack oflarge caches on the chip, we may even see TDPs dip into the 75 watt area fora 3 GHz part.

Noctua Cooling Competition, Two Days Left  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Timeto start another round of competitions here on XSR, and this oneis with some nice Noctua cooling products. We've got 3 prizes to giveaway, including a Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU cooler, and two NF-S12B FLXcooling fans.What do you have to do to win? Simply sign up to the forums, and post 5times anywhere you like. That's it.

to:content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Kingston recently introduced the HyperX Fan to compliment their HyperX lineof ram, but it can be purchased separately for use with any ram, and theywere kind enough to send one over for review. Normally this kind of thing isnot very useful really, in my experience with ram coolers they tend not towork very well, but the HyperX Fan is truly an exception. The HyperX Fanworks, and works very well, it's easy to install and the bright blue LEDswill add a bit of color to your case. So read on to check it out and learnjust how well it performs...

OCZ Fatal1ty Champion Series 700W PSU @ pcper.com
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The OCZ Fatal1ty Champion Series 700W PSU delivered excellentvoltage regulation with clean DC outputs and good efficiency. The Fatal1ty700W PSU is quiet during normal operation and includes a good compliment offixed cables/connectors. And let's not forget OCZ backs the Fatal1ty 700WPSU with their 5-year PowerSwap warranty. It was co-developed by a gamerfor gamers and it delivers the goods! Overall, the Fatal1ty 700W is anexcellent PSU that will make most any gamer proud.

Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P AM3 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Along with AMD's launch of the Phenom II and Athlon II processor families this year, we've also witnessed a steady shift in focus from

Noctua Cooling Competition, One week to Go  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Timeto start another round of competitions here on XSR, and this oneis with some nice Noctua cooling products. We've got 3 prizes to giveaway, including a Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU cooler, and two NF-S12B FLXcooling fans.What do you have to do to win? Simply sign up to the forums, and post 5times anywhere you like. That's it.

SLI on Life Support on the AMD Platform:Oh SNAP! @ pcper.com
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Unfortunately for NVIDIA, this decision may in fact hasten them outof the chipset market altogether. While the Intel side has untappedpotential due to its dominance in the marketplace, the upcomingobsolescence of the front side bus based platform that Intel has used fordecades will eventually cut NVIDIA out of the market altogether. Unless ofcourse NVIDIA can acquire the necessary licenses to offer QPI and DMI basedchipsets. We can certainly ask VIA how well that process went for them.

Indilinx based OCZ Vertex and Super Talent UltraDrive ME SSDs ed @ pcper.com
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I've always seen the Indilinx drives as having great potential, andthat continues to be the case. That said, I continue to get the feelingthat they have not yet reached their full potential. If you are willing tojump through all of the necessary hoops to make the TRIM tool work, and runit regularly, you will see some great write performance. If you don't,expect your write performance to drop considerably as you use it.

QNAP TS-119 Gigabit NAS Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
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If you've ever visited Benchmark Reviews in the past, you've probably noticed that we've tested a large collection of NAS products. At

Lilliput EB701Y 7-Inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When putting together a mobile PC, the monitor is a big consideration.† For use in the car, a touchscreen monitor is especially

MSI Eclipse Plus X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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A couple features that really stood out with the MSI Eclipse Pluswas its ability to support quad CrossfireX and SLI video card configurationsand having all three PCI-E slots capable of x16 speeds. This is fairlysignificant because most boards have that third PCI-E slot set at x8 or x4speeds. The onboard OC dial and other buttons were a great addition,especially for those of us who swap out our hardware often. the OC dialseemed to work as advertised, but we did have a problem with stability whenwe tried to push it too far.

Corsair HX850 850W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Jun-14-09] (0 Comments)

It seems an eternity since the last time Corsair released amodular power supply in their high performance HX line of units, and therehas been a good deal of speculation around the net on when Corsair was goingto finally release something in the 750W-850W range to better compete withthe likes of the Seasonic M12D and Antec Signature units at that level.

Cooler Master V10 Hybrid T.E.C. Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to look at the Cooler Master Hybrid TEC coolerwhich combines two types of cooling, the standard air cooling andthermalelectic cooling. Will this combination prove to be a worthy optionfor users? Read on to find out.

NVIDIA CUDA-enabled Applications Roundup @ pcper.com
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Each application used CUDA in various ways, but all of them tookadvantage of the GPU acceleration properties that CUDA has to offer. We alsoliked how some of the apps we reviewed used CUDA for rendering videoeffects, which also helps reduce transcoding times. All in all, each ofthese applications has something for every type of consumer and the price ispretty close to what buyers are looking for in simple video editing andtranscoding software.

ASUS EN9400GT GeForce 9400GT HDMI Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Home Theater Personal Computers have been on the rise in recent years but most HTPC cases have a major flaw that makes them inherently

Noctua Cooling Competition  @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Timeto start another round of competitions here on XSR, and this oneis with some nice Noctua cooling products. We've got 3 prizes to giveaway, including a Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU cooler, and two NF-S12B FLXcooling fans.What do you have to do to win? Simply sign up to the forums, and post 5times anywhere you like. That's it.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 275 OC 896MB @ pcper.com
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The Galaxy GTX 275 OC takes the very popular GPU offering and tweaksit slightly with overclocked core, shader and memory speeds and includes ahigher performing custom cooler design that will allow you to push the GPUeven higher if you want to. In fact, if you are paying the premium pricefor this model, I would actually SUGGEST you take advantage of the newcooler to get some additional performance out of the card.

Silverstone LC10B-E HTPC Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Home Theater PCs continue to gain popularity, particularly as more television networks are pushing their content over the web. They're

Enermax Eco80+ 620W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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In the Eco 80+ 620W, Enermax has basically taken the outstandingplatform I first saw in the Liberty Eco 620W, removed the modular cablingoption as well as a connector or two, and added a gimmicky

Sapphire HD4890 Toxic Vapor-X 11150-01-40R @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Sapphire has four ranges for most top-end products they offer:standard, Vapor-X, Toxic, and Atomic. While each is different in its own

ASUS Eee, motherboards, graphics cards and more! @ pcper.com
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As is usually the case with ASUS at Computex, they had a LOT ondisplay. Simply put, ASUS has gone from a motherboard-centric company toone of the world's premiere consumer electronics companies thanks in largepart to their ability to ride the wave of the Eee PC well into 2009. Whilemost of the vendors we visited at Computex this year only had enough NEWstuff to warrant a news post or two, ASUS gets a four page article. Really,there is that much stuff. Have a look.

Mid-range matchup:ASUS GTS 250 Dark Knight and Sapphire HD 4850 Vapor @ pcper.com
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The market for sub-$150 graphics cards is still just as crowded andconfusing as it was before this article, but if you are considering a GPUin the price range then we do have some final recommendations for you. Easily the best performing card in our testing today was the ASUS GeForceGTS 250 Dark Knight 512MB card though in a couple cases the 1GB model stoodout above it.

Old Computers with a New Purpose @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Frequently, we find that new technological breakthroughs make old hardware that was just fine seem quaint. Be it a race toward higher

HornetTek Travel Lite External Enclosure @ modders-inc.com
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At times I'm looking for space to transfer files from one computer

AMD Athlon II X2 250 AM3 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-04-09] (0 Comments)

Yesterday at Computex, AMD took the wraps off of two highly anticipated processors:the Athlon II X2 250 and the Phenom II X2 550 Black

OCZ Summit MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1SUM120G @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-03-09] (0 Comments)

Samsung makes the DRAM modules found in nearly all popular SSD products today, with Elpida and Qimonda also adding their name to cache

Redeeming AMD's Dual Core Market @ pcper.com
[Jun-02-09] (0 Comments)

The introduction of these two parts, and their significantlylowered TDP, shows that AMD is still actively addressing the verysignificant dual core market. While the Phenom II X2 is the undeniablepowerhouse in this release, the Athlon II X2 is a significant entry forAMD. At 65 watts it competes well against the Core 2 Duo E5x00, E6x00, andE7x00 series of parts from Intel, and its performance is right in line withthe competition. At $87 it is also quite a bit cheaper than itsperformance counterparts from Intel.

AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE AM3 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Today at Computex, AMD took the wraps off of two highly anticipated processors:the Athlon II X2 250 and the Phenom II X2 550 Black

BFG EX1000 1000W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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I've looked at several BFG units in recent months, but none havepiqued my curiosity as much as this week's review subject. The EX1000belongs to a brand new line of units from BFG, bringing the

More on JMicron's new SSD controller @ pcper.com
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JMicron will likely release a lower end JMF611 controller in tandemwith the 612, which will share all of the above features but will belimited to 4 flash channels (and therefore half the throughput). JMicron'sroadmap also includes SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 support in products to bereleased in the first half of 2010. Given that Indilinx can nearlysaturate SATA 2.0 with only 4 channels on their ARM controller, the JMF612should be a vast improvement over the previous generation 601 and 602 /602b controllers.

Thermaltake Speedo Advance Package Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Think excitement - Think Spedo! At least that's Thermaltakes' spin on it. But what's in a name anyway? Well, a lot less than what's

GlobalFoundries shows 45nm Istanbul, 32nm SOI, 28nm bulk @ pcper.com
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After the introduction of the 32nm technology, GlobalFoundries willrelease a 28nm technology tested and ready to go for taking orders in early2010 with full-scale production later in the year. Compared to the 32nmprocess, GF expects to see some significant power and size reductions on28nm that could potentially really spotlight that particular process as thetarget for GPU architectures going forward. 28nm technology will also bethe 3rd generation of immersion lithography and 2nd generation High-K metalgate design.

SilverStone Sugo SST-SG05B Mini ITX Case @ pcper.com
[May-31-09] (0 Comments)

All in all, the SG05 was a joy to use and work with. Creative endusers will love all the possibilities this case brings to the table. Basicusers will be able to install a simple mini-ITX system in less than an hourtoo. Gamers will also be able to customize this case and bring it to theirnext LAN party instead of lugging around that full tower they are used tobringing. This case seems to hit several key target audiences and should bea favorite of the modding community too. We would like to congratulateSilverStone on making a logical, compact, and sleek case that the masseswill appreciate and love. We award it PC Perspective's Gold Award.

Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
[May-30-09] (0 Comments)

Our Mid-Range Leaderboard still the Intel Core i7-920 processor, itis a hard value to beat! The slowest part on this system, GeForce 9800 GTX+has been dumped, we have replaced it with an overclocked BFG GTX 260 whichonly brings the system price up by $26. With that extra graphics power, andthe temptation of SLI, it seems best to bump the PSU up a bit and theAnitec TruePower 750W certainly fits that role perfectly.

Computer Power User Magazine Subscription Giveaway @ modders-inc.com
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Free is good...no wait free is AWESOME and a huge thank you goesout to the fine people over at Computer Power User Magazine! CPU Magazine,the best darn magazine about computers, hardware, and case modding. ComputerPower User has made available to Modders-Inc to give away four (4) 1 yearsubscriptions.

Patriot Torqx MLC SSD PFZ128GS25SSDR @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-29-09] (0 Comments)

Indilinx has been tapped to add their 'Barefoot' controller into the design, and a new generation of Solid State Drives has delivered

Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch LCD HDTV @ benchmarkreviews.com
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HDTVs are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. With such new-found popularity, there are more TVs than ever to choose

CompuLab fit-PC2 P - Nettop PC with Intel Menlow @ pcper.com
[May-27-09] (0 Comments)

Because this system uses the Menlow-based Atom Z-series processorand 'Poulsbo' chipset, rather than the N-series CPU, it has support for HDvideo decode acceleration and CompuLab, the manufacturer, claims it can playback 1080p video with just 20% CPU utilization.

Enermax Liberty ECO 500W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[May-27-09] (0 Comments)

The new Liberty ECO 500W power supply from Enermax delivered verygood voltage regulation with clean outputs and excellent efficiency. On topof that, the Liberty ECO 500W proved to be one of the quietest PC powersupplies we have tested to date in this power range. Throw in support forhigh-end graphic adapters, a compact chassis that will fit in most any ATXstyle case, and plenty of peripheral connectors and you have a veryattractive PSU package! These new power supplies from Enermax should be ofparticular interest to anyone building a HTPC or silent PC.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[May-25-09] (0 Comments)

I've looked at the flagship line of Enermax power supplies twicenow in the Revolution 85+ 1050W unit and the Galaxy Evo 1250W unit. Today,I'm looking at the baby of the series in a unit that promises all theexcellence of its bigger siblings in a package intended for those who don'tneed quite so much power.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 first to implement ION on mobile platform @ pcper.com
[May-25-09] (0 Comments)

That definitely puts the S12 in a great spot in terms of price andperformance but I am bit worried about the length of time between thisproduct announcement and actual product availability. We have already seenthe netbook market beginning to compress slightly, and even though this unitwouldn't fit our technical definition of a netbook, its close enough thatNVIDIA and Lenovo should be wary of missing the wave completely.

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If you'd have asked me what OCZ made, up until a couple of years agoI would have said memory, but they seem to make all sorts of interestingthings and fortunately I've been made aware of this (and even have theprivilege of testing some of their stuff!). Today We are looking at theirBehemoth dual laser gaming mouse

ECS A790GXM-AD3 790GX AM3 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The ECS A790GXM-AD3 is a great entry-level, budget-minded AM3motherboard that gives end users more than enough features to quench theirthirst for higher performance, easy of use, and stability. The BIOS wasabsolutely fantastic in terms of usability and also had plenty of advancedfeatures for overclocking. Overall, I didn't see too many flaws with thisboard. It was rock solid during our benchmarks and was a decentoverclocker.

Sapphire HD 4770 512MB Video Card @ modders-inc.com
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Everyone wants to know how far their money can go these days andthat you want to make sure that you get the most that you can for it.Sapphire and ATI knows this and they have come up with their own

XFX to enter power supply market with bright green 850w model @ pcper.com
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The upcoming XFX 850 Black Edition power supply will apparentlyinclude 105C Japanese capacitors, solid polymer capacitors, a 135mm ballbearing fan that should be relatively quiet and will support both SLI andCrossFire as you would expect from a company known for GPUs. The single 12Vrail will supply all the power to the unit and it will use a DC-to-DCregulator for 3.3V and 5V connections.

Thecus N5200B Network Attached Storage (NAS) @ pcper.com
[May-22-09] (0 Comments)

The Thecus N5200B network attached storage device definitely has alot of features that are appealing to both casual users and enterprisecustomers. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, an integrated printer server, eSATAand USB support and the ability to run RAID 5 and 6 really give the N5200 anedge over most other options on the market. And not many NAS devices offerthe ability to use 5 hard drives; another plus for storage hungry users.

Intel Pine Trail (Next-Gen Atom Platform) & Moblin Updates @ pcper.com
[May-21-09] (0 Comments)

The base microarchitecture of the Pine Trail processor remainsunchanged from the current Atom CPU though (HyperThreading remains as well)today we might see frequency increases when this product is launched.Interestingly, unlike the forth coming 32nm Westmere product, the Pine TrailAtom processor will in fact integrate the CPU cores, memory controller andintegrated graphics on a single 45nm die, not just a single substrate.

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Thermaltake has been making CPU coolers for years and they knowwhat it takes to produce a high quality cooler that is capable of coolingtoday's CPU. The SpinQ is somewhat different in design than most othercoolers on the market today.

Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LP - Low Power, Low Profile @ pcper.com
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The Galaxy 9600 GT LP is not the fastest or the cheapest 9600 GToffering available but its ability to upgrade existing PCs with high-classgaming performance will certainly make it a popular choice. By shrinkingthe PCB down and removing the requirement for a PCI Express power connectionGalaxy has created a card that will work in nearly every big-box PC on themarket, even the smallest ones. If you or someone you know is in need of agaming upgrade and has these restrictions, one of these Galaxy cards willdefinitely do the trick!

Tagan PipeRock II 680W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Last week, I took on a name in power supplies I had neverreviewed before. This week, it's more of the same as I take on yet anothernewcomer to my lab:Tagan. They sent me one of their new PipeRock II unitsat 680W, and are anxious to see how I made out with it. This is an Imperviobuilt unit that looks very promising.

The Dawn of Global Foundries @ pcper.com
[May-19-09] (0 Comments)

The advanced technology partnerships that Global Foundries currentlyenjoys allows their chip partners to introduce faster and more efficientparts into the marketplace with potentially improved yields over what we seecurrently for advanced designs. One of the great questions that everyonehas been asking is if NVIDIA would trust Global Foundries with their chipmaking, even though they are a subsidiary of AMD. I believe the answer tothat is that if Global Foundries delivers on its promises of what their 32nm process (and later 28 nm) can do, then customers will flock to GlobalFoundries.

Seasonic SS-400H1U & SS-460H2U Power Supply @ pcper.com
[May-16-09] (0 Comments)

The Seasonic SS-400H1U and SS-460H2U power supplies proved to beoutstanding performers. Both PSUs delivered excellent voltage regulationwith very good efficiency and relatively clean outputs. And they come with agood compliment of modular cables/connectors. If you are in the market fora rack mount, server style power supply with an output capacity in the 400Wto 460W range, these two units will be hard to beat.

ASUS ENGTX260 Matrix GeForce GTX 260 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-15-09] (0 Comments)

The breakneck pace of product development for graphics cards doesn't always generate bigger, faster, more powerful chips and cards.

Super Talent UltraDrive ME 120GB MLC SSD FTM28GX25H @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-14-09] (0 Comments)

Performance enthusiasts have been keeping notes on SSD technology for a while now, and until recently the price and performance of Solid

Intel Fined $1.45 Billion by EU for Antitrust Violations @ pcper.com
[May-14-09] (0 Comments)

The second violation, one that was likely more difficult to prove,was that Intel made direct payments to computer manufacturers to delay thelaunch of new systems/products containing new AMD x86 processors. When AMDhad a new highly competitive CPU to offer, Intel would basically pay off thesystem vendors to not build new systems using them at launch, if at all.

NZXT Zero 2 Case at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
[May-12-09] (0 Comments)

The Zero 2 is the descendant of the award winning Zero caseengineered by those fanatical enthusiasts over at NZXT. It is an enthusiastcase designed with *lots* of airflow and ease of maintenance.

ASUS M3A78-T 790GX AM2+ Motherboard @ pcper.com
[May-12-09] (0 Comments)

Using this board with the 790GX chipset was an absolute pleasure andAMD has truly made some giant strides in the integrated graphics arena.There are many reasons and uses for onboard graphics as a primary videosolution, and with the integration of HDMI and HD 1080p support, I can seemany HTPC users foaming at the mouth to upgrade their current home theatersetups with this technology.

Zotac IONITX-A-U NVIDIA ION Motherboard @ pcper.com
[May-12-09] (0 Comments)

The Zotac IONITX-A-U motherboard, with the Atom 330 processor andNVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics core is an impressive motherboard for itssize, for its power consumption and for the features it includes. Theproblem with the ION platform is that it can't compete in raw CPU-basedtasks with the likes of the AMD Athlon X2 7750, or even the Intel Celeronprocessor for that matter, simply because the Intel Atom core is so limitedin its computational power. If you were to just look at it from a pricingpoint of view, the AMD system is a much better performer for the money thanZotac's ION platform is.

Hipro HP-D5501EU 550W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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I come to you today bearing a unit from a name I haven't testedbefore and not many of you may be familiar with:Hipro. Some of you may bethinking,

HornetTek Travel Plus 2.5in External Enclosure @ modders-inc.com
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I need more space! Well, why not a small 2.5

MSI Eclipse SLI X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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Overall, this motherboard was exactly what I expected from ahigh-end LGA1366 motherboard. It had a plethora of USB ports, SATA ports,multi-GPU support, and DDR3 triple-channel support. After getting areplacement motherboard, we can safely say this board is definitely a greatoverclocker too. The price point might be a bit high for some to pay, butfor everything that's bundled, it's a decent deal for those who can affordit.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4770 CrossFireX Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-08-09] (0 Comments)

The Sapphire Radeon HD 4770 introduces the 40nm RV740 GPU paired to 512MB of DDR5 video frame buffer memory, and a double-height cooler

Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB :Big Green Gets Meaner! @ pcper.com
[May-07-09] (0 Comments)

I went into this review knowing the RE4 would outperform the CaviarGreen. What I was not expecting was a drive threatening to dethrone theVelociRaptor. This really is a serious piece of storage gear. After seeingthe quality and performance of the RE4 series first hand, I plan to shift mydata onto a set of these just as soon as I can get my hands on them.

Jetway NF94-270-LF Motherboard @ modders-inc.com
[May-06-09] (0 Comments)

Modders-Inc is taking a look at another fine motherboard fromJetway. Currently they are offering some of the best all-in-one mini ITXmotherboards. Jetway is packing all sorts of goodies into a very small formfactor that is highly suitable for a Home Theater PC or for a space savingdesktop.

Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Case @ pcper.com
[May-05-09] (0 Comments)

The Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package full-tower enclosure is wellmade, comes with numerous high-end features, and offers a lot of storagespace and room to work inside the case. The styling is big and bold withoutbeing too gaudy. Six internal and seven external drive bays provide manystorage device and hardware mounting options. While far from silent, theSpedo delivers very good airflow for excellent case cooling.

Thecus N7700 SATA 7-Disk RAID NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-05-09] (0 Comments)

How much data storage is enough to satisfy your enterprise needs? Thecus would like to assure you their N7700 SATA-drive NAS server has

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 850W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[May-05-09] (0 Comments)

It's been some time now since Thermaltake released the Toughpowerseries of units, and since then things have changed in the market. Thecompetition is getting tougher, the power supplies are getting moreefficient, and it's just getting harder for one company's CWT based unit tocompete in a market flooded with similar built units.

DDRdrive hits the ground running - PCI-E RAM-based SSD @ pcper.com
[May-04-09] (0 Comments)

The DDRdrive was purpose built for pure unadulterated random IO, andfrom what I have seen, it absolutely delivers. The only thing holding itback from decimating the competition is the single channel PCI-E bandwidth.Enterprise environments requiring hugely random yet persistent storage (i.e.database transaction logs), may benefit from the X1, provided the storagespace is sufficient and their IOPS requirements fall within the X1'srespective sweet spots.

XtremeComputing have Posted three new s @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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More blue from the front also, all matching as the power and driveLED's are blue also. The whole thing is pretty quiet little more than a lowhum coming from it and looking rather splendid with the blue lights andblack with a splash of silver detailing on it.

XtremeComputing have Posted three new s @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[May-01-09] (0 Comments)

More blue from the front also, all matching as the power and driveLED's are blue also. The whole thing is pretty quiet little more than a lowhum coming from it and looking rather splendid with the blue lights andblack with a splash of silver detailing on it.

Eteknix Competition Faking Update @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
[Apr-29-09] (0 Comments)

Therehas been some recent controversy when it came to light that thereview website Eteknix could be faking their current competition forsome AMD hardware. It was denied by the owner, and the issue was leftas probably a hoax. However, after the finishing of the competition,two winners were picked and I was emailed a database screenshot thatshowed that the winners were infact, the owner in disguise.

Thermaltake Element S Case @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-29-09] (0 Comments)

With the smooth corners, a matte black finish and subtle rededging around the door, it seems that Thermaltake has gone with a moresubdued, stealth-like if you will, appearance package to the first releasein this series.

AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition AM2 Kuma Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-28-09] (0 Comments)

Last week's launch of the Phenom II X4 955 was a big win with the enthusiast crowd. This week, however, it looks like AMD has shifted

AMD Radeon HD 4770 512MB - World's First 40nm GPU @ pcper.com
[Apr-28-09] (0 Comments)

The beauty of the Radeon HD 4770 512MB graphics card is that itbrings another low price, high performance part to the market that will alsopotentially make AMD more money as the ramp up to 40nm technology at TSMCincreases. If prices stay stable (the $99 HD 4850 withstanding) then the HD4770 is the best card you will find under $100.

Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-27-09] (0 Comments)

The Ultimate Gaming Case, Evolved. That's the theme Antec is using to sell it's new and improved version of the Nine Hundred, now simply

Vigor Gaming Monsoon III LT CPU Cooling System @ pcper.com
[Apr-24-09] (0 Comments)

Vigor's Monsoon III LT definitely delivered during testing and Ithink it could have even handled a mild overclock on our Intel i7-920 CPU. Iwas also a bit surprised at how well it kept up with our Zalman CNPS9900 LEDheatsink. The dual 120mm fans and dual fin arrays seemed to be a winningcombination that should give other third-party heatsinks on the market a runfor their money.

Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Apr-24-09] (0 Comments)

Shortly after I completed my review of the Enermax Revolution85+, the folks at Enermax asked me a simple question:would I like to have alook at a 1250W unit from a new line intended to make up for the absence ofa Revolution 85+ 1250W model in the North American market?

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE AM3 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-23-09] (0 Comments)

Following their success in the Athlon 64 era, many were surprised to the see AMD struggle with the Phenom family of processors. With the

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor - AM3 gets serious @ pcper.com
[Apr-23-09] (0 Comments)

While the Phenom II processors are not entirely competitive withthe i7 cores, AMD has certainly been executing at a very high level as oflate. Considering that the Phenom II is actually a larger chip in terms ofdie size and transistor count than the i7, we catch a glimpse of how reallyimpressive the i7 is.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE AM3 Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-23-09] (0 Comments)

Following their success in the Athlon 64 era, many were surprised to the see AMD struggle with the Phenom family of processors. With the

Patriot Extreme Performance Viper DDR3 6GB Kit @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-22-09] (0 Comments)

Patriot sent us over a sample of their Extreme Performance ViperSeries DDR3 PC3-12800 modules. These modules are designed to operate at1600MHz with 8-8-8-24 timings. They are available in either 3GB or 6GB kitsand utilize Patriot's ACC (Aluminum Copper Composite) heatsinks.

Eteknix Could be Faking Competition @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
[Apr-22-09] (0 Comments)

Oneof our eagle eyed users emailed me an MSN transcript between theowner of the Eteknix site, and a 3rd party, discussing the faking oftheir currently running competition. This was apparently posted on theEteknix forums before being pulled by an admin.

AMD Earnings and Istanbul News @ pcper.com
[Apr-22-09] (0 Comments)

The biggest news is that AMD is pulling in their Istanbul launch,which is a native hex-core processor. Products will be shipping toconsumers in June, and AMD will be recording revenue from shipments tomanufacturers as early as next month. Early previews of Istanbul have beenvery positive, and the 45 nm process that AMD is using is surprisinglymature. Initial parts look to be released in power ranges that are verysimilar to current Shanghai processors, and will be very close in overallclock speed.

Caustic Graphics Ray Tracing Acceleration Technology @ pcper.com
[Apr-21-09] (0 Comments)

These new algorithms attempt to find order in what we all see as therandomness of ray tracing and they attempt to drastically increase thememory locality for efficiency reasons and the founders decided thatrequired a custom co-processor. But they seem to have played the gameintelligently by continuing to utilize hardware where it is most efficient:the Caustic card will handle only the operations that modern components areinefficient at yet they still leverage the power of the GPU for pure shadinghorsepower.

The Likely Delay of Intel's Core i5 Processor and Derivatives @ pcper.com
[Apr-17-09] (0 Comments)

While the chipset theory is a good one, I do believe that in the endIntel sees that when compared to Penryn, the Nehalem parts will not benearly as successful as a midrange part from an economic standpoint. It isbetter to keep Penryn chugging along, and at the end of 2009 introduce thefirst series of i5 parts at 45 nm, and quickly migrate to their 32 nmprocess to make the i5 much more successful and economically attractive.The final portion to consider is that AMD is really only now competitivewith their Shanghai core (which is also around 264 mm square) and it isprimarily aimed at the Core 2 Quad products rather than the i7.

Corsair TX850 850W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Apr-16-09] (0 Comments)

Overall, most higher-capacity Channel Well Technology built powersupplies have proven to be excellent but they have a weakness, which ishigher levels of AC ripple on the DC outputs. While still well within spec,the TX850W continues to exhibit relatively high levels of AC ripple,especially at max load. In reality however, the TX850 should perform verywell in real-world operation. I typically wouldn't push an 850W PSU beyondabout 600W (which is approximately 70% of the max rated capacity) and atthat level the TX850 performs very well.

Intel Responds to Fragmentation with New X25-M Firmware @ pcper.com
[Apr-14-09] (0 Comments)

The 8820 firmware has completely renewed my faith in the X25-M. The weak link has been eradicated, and I’m thoroughly impressed with therenewed performance it will bring to all M series drive users. I am alsothoroughly pleased with Intel for being so open to feedback from thereviewers.

Hiper M300 300W Media Center PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Apr-13-09] (0 Comments)

I'm looking at the strange and unusual once more today in theHiper M300, a tiny little 300 watt power supply intended to be used inHiper's Media Center cases. This unit promises plentiful power at betterthan 80% efficiency, all while being crammed into a box barely larger than acouple of stacked 3.5

Thrustmaster Run-N-Drive PC/PS3 Wireless Gamepad @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-13-09] (0 Comments)

Since testing computer hardware products is a PC-centric task, I've never wandered very far from what I know. But after writing my

The Sorry State of Dell's Tech Support @ pcper.com
[Apr-11-09] (0 Comments)

Oddly enough, I did buy this LCD for a reason. There are some newproducts coming out shortly, and I wanted to get some high resolutiontesting done on them. This weekend was to be chock full of testing, but nowI will have to cut some of my results down and make due with the monitors Icurrently have available to me. Yes, yes, cry me a river. But during tougheconomic times, I decided to make a large purchase from Dell.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper case @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-10-09] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master launched a new division geared toward the gamer.That division is CM Storm , the new sub gamingbrand from Cooler Master. Today we will look at the first release from theCooler Master CM Storm line, the CM Storm Sniper, dubbed the World's 1stTrue Gaming Chassis ... Let's take a look.

CM Storm Scout Gaming Case SGC-2000-KKN1-GP @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-09-09] (0 Comments)

What differentiates a serious Gaming PC from all the rest of the PCs in the world? To me, it's all about graphics performance, but I know

Antec P183 Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-08-09] (0 Comments)

Launched in 2005, the original Antec P180 case was immediately welcomed into the industry as one of the best cases of the year. A few

Novatech Zu PC @ driverheaven.net
[Apr-08-09] (0 Comments)

LCD display.Read the review here: http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews.php?reviewid=749-- Allan =93Zardon=94 CampbellDriverheaven/GamingHeaven Editor In ChiefBA/BSc (Honours) Digital Art and TechnologyBA (Honours), Graphic and Media Design (Typo/Graphic Design)www.driverheaven.net | www.gamingheaven.net |This message is intended only for the use of the person(s) (=93The intended recipients)=94 to whom it is addressed). It may contain information which is privileged and confidential within the meaning of applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender as soon as possible. The views or offers expressed in this communication may not necessarily be those held by the company and must be clarified if in doubt.Company Registration Number:4019815VAT Number:GB879288744--Apple-Mail-76-972505695Content-Type:text/html; charset=WINDOWS-1252Content-Transfer-Encoding:quoted-printableNovatech are a well known and reputable supplier of computer hardware and accessories in the UK and they sell a range of gadgets and electronics. They have a large offering of prebuilt desktop and laptop machines in their online store and today we're going to look at the Novatech Zu, a desktop computer containing ATI's fastest single GPU available on the market today accompanied with a Hyundai W240D 24

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 @ pcreview.co.uk
[Apr-07-09] (0 Comments)

The most important component of KIS 2009 is undoubtedly the anti-virus scanner, which is the backbone of protection for any computer. Some of the most comprehensive AV testing is done by a company called AV-Comparatives, which test a variety of scanners against a huge database of viral infections. This is one of the most effective ways of measuring the performance of AV scanners, and provides a much more representative result than personal testing. In the latest test of on-demand AV scanners (Feb 09), Kaspersky is tested alongside 16 other products in their default modes. A 97.1 overall detection rate was achieved, which is roughly a mid-table result ‚Äď however the number of false positives was significantly lower than many other scanners.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-07-09] (0 Comments)

NZXT's Avatar gaming mouse is designed to provide gamers with theultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena ofchoice. Featuring a ambidextrous and smaller form, the Avatar mouse isversatile and ideal for gamers.

Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case @ jonnyguru.com
[Apr-06-09] (0 Comments)

Last week, we saw Antec attempting to reinvent the wheel byintroducing a new power supply form factor called CPX. This week, we'llcontinue our look at this new form factor by examining in detail one of thefew cases on the market to support it, the Twelve Hundred.

Zalman CNPS9900 LED CPU Heatsink @ pcper.com
[Apr-04-09] (0 Comments)

The standard Zalman heatsinks are held to might be a bit unfair,but their history certainly makes them a target for any vendor who wants toknock them off the top spot in the air-cooled heatsink industry. While thedual-heatsink design is sound on paper, I don’t think it worked when itwas executed. I might be making something out of nothing because theresults were very close to the Monsoon III LT, but it just seems that theirheatsinks should stand out from the pack and not just stay even with them.

AMD Radeon HD 4890 RV790 and GeForce GTX 275 @ pcper.com
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The HD 4890 1GB card is not much more than a highly overclockedRV770 design, but that is more than enough to see noticeable performancegains across the board. In fact, we saw nearly uniform 10-15% performancejumps at ALL resolutions from 1600x1200 to 2560x1600 which indicates to methat AMD has really found the bottleneck of its architecture in this RV790product.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 RV790 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Radeon HD 4800-series has been a real success for AMD, and combined with Phenom II Processors they create a synergistic effect called

Synology DS209+ NAS Diskstation @ modders-inc.com
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Being able to host your own website, FTP, Multimedia Server orother web based products meant that you had to rent a dedicated server. Wellthose days may be in the past as you can now buy your very own NAS server todo all this work for you and it is actually simpler than you think.

OCZ Gladiator Max CPU Cooler (OCZTGLADM) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Gone are the dimples that were pressed into the fins in theprevious Vendetta coolers, this time the fins are plain and smooth. Ratherstrangely the aluminium base around the heatpipes has 6 columns that extendup and have three fins attached to them. I can only assume this is to givemore supporting structure to the cooler as I doubt it would make muchdifference in temperatures

Antec CP-850 850W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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The PS/2 form factor has been with us for a long, long time now.And for the most part, our power supplies have conformed to this twenty plusyear old form factor, even as they grew more and more powerful. This has ledto kilowatt power supplies in long, heavy cases that were hard to cool andcramped for their powerful innards.

NZXT ZERO 2 Crafted Series Full Tower Case @ jonnyguru.com
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On occasion, we here at JonnyGURU.com take a step out of ournormal routine of talking about power supplies, and dive into somethingdifferent. Well today is one of those endeavors. We are going to take a lookat a chassis from NZXT, the Zero 2. The overall look of the Zero 2 chassis,closely reassembles the older sibling, the Zero. So let's dig in and see howthe Zero 2 holds up to todays standards.

OCZ Gladiator Max CPU Cooler (OCZTGLADM) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Gone are the dimples that were pressed into the fins in theprevious Vendetta coolers, this time the fins are plain and smooth. Ratherstrangely the aluminium base around the heatpipes has 6 columns that extendup and have three fins attached to them. I can only assume this is to givemore supporting structure to the cooler as I doubt it would make muchdifference in temperatures

AMD and Havok demo OpenCL accelerated physics @ pcper.com
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The power behind this announcement is easy to see - now that Havokcan run its APIs easily on either a CPU or GPU, the ability to acceleratephysics in a way we had hoped would come about with technology like AGEIAPhysX is much more attractive. While currently today PhysX only runs onNVIDIA GPUs, OpenCL products will run on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs as well asIntel and AMD processors enabling heterogeneous computing algorithms acrossboth product lines.

Cooler Master Cosmos-S @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to take a look at the Cosmos-S which is anupdated version of the Cosmos 1000. Cooler Master has made several changesfor the new version while still retaining the awesome design of the originalCosmos.

Windows 7 series:NVIDIA and AMD Graphics and Gaming Performance @ pcper.com
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As I mentioned on the one of the first pages of this article (thatwas a LOONG time ago...) the only fair comparison for looking at pure Vistaversus Windows 7 gaming results is with AMD's graphics cards and theirunified Catalyst 9.3 driver that supports both operating systems. To thatend, the AMD situation showed us that users will likely see very modestperformance gains moving over from a Windows Vista gaming system to aWindows 7-based PC. Considering how early we are into the life of Windows 7(it is still in beta after all), this is a very welcome shift from howthings worked before Windows Vista's release.

Cooler Master UCP 700W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Our last look at Coolermaster's offerings was just over a monthago, when I tested the Silent Pro M600. Today, Coolermaster's back in thespotlight with the Ultimate Circuit Protection series, or UCP for short.

Antec TruePower New Series 750W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Antec has combined quality features from their high-end SignatureSeries with the affordable pricing of the TruePower line with theintroduction of the TruePower New series. The TruePower New 750W PSUdelivered excellent efficiency with good voltage regulation and cleanoutputs. The TP-750 is quiet during normal operation and includes a goodcompliment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors. And let's notforget Antec backs the TruePower New series with their 5-year warranty.

Ultra vs. Modular Unit Retailers @ jonnyguru.com
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Well, friends, it looks like Ultra's at it again; according tosome information that just fell into my inbox. No longer content to just suemanufacturers of modular PSU's, they're going after retailers now. Filed inNew Jersey, the lawsuit names Best Buy, CDW, Fry's, Micro Electronics/MicroCenter, and Staples.

Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider v1.3 @ ngohq.com
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It seems that Microsoft has forgotten end users when itintroduced a very restricted module of driver signature enforcement inWindows Vista and Windows 7. All drivers and system files must bedigitally verified or they cannot run when using both 32-bit and 64-bitversions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. In the past, it was possibleto turn that feature off in Vista, but due to new kernel securityupdates, it is impossible to turn it off without degrading security andstability of your operating system or putting your master boot recordsin risk by using other software alternatives.So what is the problem with digital certificates? Well, the problem is…developers have to pay Microsoft to receive verified certificates, andthat makes many applications inaccessible under Windows Vista andWindows 7. However, it is still possible to turn it off by pressing theF8 function key during system boot up, but pressing F8 every time onboot up can be a serious pain in the butt. Others have foundworkarounds, but most of them are too risky and may trash your masterboot records, at least until now thanks to our latest tool.

Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 - Q1 2009 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Throughout all of 2008, I made it my mission to test every high-performance CPU cooler that Benchmark Reviews received. The Core 2 Duo

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Full-Tower Enclosure @ pcper.com
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The NZXT Whisper full-tower enclosure is a solid case that providesa lot of storage space and accommodates both E-ATX motherboards and largerexpansion cards. Nine internal drive bay locations permit a lot offlexibility with room for up to nine HDDs with active air cooling. Whilenot silent, the included noise dampening features do result in a case thatis whisper quiet.

akasa Elite (ak-cr02-bk) Card and sim reader @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at a new product from possiblyone of the best-known names in the computer hardware business, akasa. Theproduct I will be looking at is the akasa elite, a card reader with adifference as it can also read sim cards and smart cards.

Antec Truepower New 750W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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In the many forums I frequent, I sometimes see people wishingthey could afford one of Antec's high end Signature units and yet not quitewilling to go for one of the Truepower Trio models. Well, Antec's decided tofreshen up the Truepower line once more, and they've just released the brandnew Truepower New series. These are 80 Plus certified units that promise tobring the Truepower name closer in quality to the Signatures while stillkeeping the price affordable.

ASUS VW266H 25.5-in Monitor - Going large on a budget @ pcper.com
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The ASUS VW266H and VK266H offer an outstanding combination offeatures, screen size and price to really put a stamp on the LCD monitormarket. If you are a gamer on a budget or just a PC user looking for adisplay that can also be used for your console gaming or DVR set top box,then definitely give this ASUS monitor a shot!

Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green :Bigger and Quieter! @ pcper.com
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So long as you can get accustomed to having your large, stagnantdata a seperate 'mass storage' drive, the slower access times and rotationalspeeds will have little effect on your daily use. The Caviar Green seriesstarts to make sense when you realize your bulk data does not necessarilyneed to be spinning at 10,000 RPM, and the lower heat output will likelyresult in greater longevity of your storage medium. This is especially trueif you don't have the greatest ventilation in your particular application(i.e. DVR's).

ASRock AOD790GX/128M AM2+ Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everybody knows that if you're number 2, you try harder, What if you're number 3 or 4, what do you do then? You look for Golden

ASRock AOD790GX/128M AM2+ Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everybody knows that if you're number 2, you try harder, What if you're number 3 or 4, what do you do then? You look for Golden

G.Skill Triple-Channel 1600MHz DDR3 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With 64-bit Operating Systems nearing popularity as Windows 7 approaches, the 4GB system memory barrier is going to be a relic of the

Will the AMD RV790 Architecture be Something Different? @ pcper.com
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I do not think we will see a massive increase in stream units as wesaw going from the RV670 to the RV770. I think we will see an increase to960 stream units (divided into 12 SIMDs), but the amount of RBEs will likelybe unchanged (though AMD would include another texture unit per SIMD, addinganother RBE would sort of upset the orthoganality of the setup).Considering the current texturing and AA performance of the HD 4870, thosechanges are likely not needed in the new chip. Performance increases inpure pixel fillrate and texturing will be improved from the clockspeedincreases as well as further internal optimizations into these units.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 1050W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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A couple weeks ago, I took a look at a new line from Enermax, theLiberty Eco series. Today, I've set my sights on something much bigger andbadder, the Revolution 85+ 1050W. This is a unit promising top notchperformance at 80 Plus Silver levels of efficiency. You're going to not wantto miss this one.

to:content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today I've got the JerkStopper Cable Retention Device for review, it's avery simple and useful product that will protect the AC Adapter on yourlaptop from possible damage when accidentally pulling or tugging on it. TheJerkStopper works by utilizing a free USB, RJ11 or RJ45 port, it's twopieces that clip together to lock your AC adapter cable in place, so if youdo accidentally move your laptop while it's still plugged in the force ofthe action is taken by the JerkStopper instead of your adapter's plug.What's nice it that you can use it for other cables as well like phone, USBor ethernet

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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Thermaltake's new SpinQ CPU cooler delivers good cooling performancewith minimal noise and it looks great. The fit-n-finish is good and theperformance to noise ratio is above average. The cooler is easy to installand features mounts for both Intel and AMD platforms. However overclockersand users interested in maximum performance will likely want to lookelsewhere.

GigaTribe Private Peer-2-Peer Software @ techdomain.com.au
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The GigaTribe software is an interesting concept. At first glance it seems to be a mix of P2P software, together with a hint of IM, and a tiny dash of Facebook or any other social networking site thrown in on the side. Find out how GigaTribe Private Peer-2-Peer can work for you!

Thermaltake V14Pro (CL-P0472 ) CPU Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Thermaltake have taken the design of the V1 and tweaked and enlarged it into a monster that is the V14Pro. The added bulk is not in vain though and it works well and temperatures are improved because of it. The fan on full speed is loud, and I wouldnít want to run it like that all the time, but the manual fan speed controller allows you to dial in your own compromise between noise and performance.

Thermaltake V14Pro (CL-P0472 ) CPU Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Thermaltake have taken the design of the V1 and tweaked and enlarged it into a monster that is the V14Pro. The added bulk is not in vain though and it works well and temperatures are improved because of it. The fan on full speed is loud, and I wouldnít want to run it like that all the time, but the manual fan speed controller allows you to dial in your own compromise between noise and performance.

Sandberg 2.5 Fingerprint HDD enclosure @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at a laptop hard drive caddy. However this is a caddy that comes with a bit of extra security in the form of a fingerprint scanner. The caddy in question is from Sandberg, who I must confess I have heard very little about before this review, and the caddy is from their AluGear range.

Sandberg 2.5 Fingerprint HDD enclosure @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at a laptop hard drive caddy. However this is a caddy that comes with a bit of extra security in the form of a fingerprint scanner. The caddy in question is from Sandberg, who I must confess I have heard very little about before this review, and the caddy is from their AluGear range.

Palit GeForce GTS 250 1GB Graphics Card - More G92b @ pcper.com
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Regardless of the politics involved, the GeForce GTS 250 1GB carddoes do one thing:decrease the price of great gaming GPU solutions fromboth NVIDIA and AMD for the consumer. Fan boys on either side will surelycomplain about how the other group is doing it, but it's a win for all ofus. You can now essentially buy a graphics card that will play most oftoday's recent PC titles at resolutions of 1600x1200 and above with top IQsettings for under $150, regardless of which GPU vendor you choose. How'sthat for a way to help get out of the funk of winter?

Hiper S625 625W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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We continue our look at Hiper's brand new energy efficientofferings here today with the 80 Plus Bronze certified S625. You'll recallthat the M1000 came up somewhat short when it came to impressing me, so itwill be interesting to see where the S625 stands when it comes to providinga quality lower powered unit for folks on a budget.

Enermax Revolution85+ 1,050W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Enermax continues to raise the bar with the introduction of theirnew Revolution85+ power supply units. The Revolution85+ 1,050W exhibitedexcellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, with relatively clean DCoutputs and quiet operation. And Enermax includes an excellent complimentof both fixed and modular cables/connectors to distribute over 1,000W ofpower. If you are looking for a top quality PSU in the 1,000+W range, thisone will be hard to beat.

ASUS BC-06B1ST Blu-Ray Disc Optical Combo Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It wasn't more than a few months ago that Benchmark Reviews tested the ASUS BC-1205PT Blu-ray Drive, which was proven to be a

Professional Graphics Roundup:NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro @ pcper.com
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Professional 3D developers are finally getting their hands on thelatest GPU technology from NVIDIA and AMD in the form of updated Quadro andFirePro designs. The price gap between the Quadro FX 4800 and the FireProv8700 might be a little hard to justify for some professionals that don'tspend a lot of time using 3d studio max (where the Quadro really seems toshine) since in some other cases the v8700 will outperform the FX 4800.

MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Case Handles @ modders-inc.com
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So, you've just finished modding a kick butt gaming rig, adding akiller paint job that causes neck snapping double-takes, to take to LANparties? But, it is a pain to carry around, it's heavy for one thing andhaving to clean finger prints etc off the paint is a drag. If only it hadhandles eh?

Hawking HomeRemote Starter Kit @ rbmods.com
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Home control and remote monitoring is a field that has yet to reallycatch on as a mainstream industry, perhaps because setting up the devicesand linking them over a network is complicated and not readily available.Hawking, makers of a wide range of networking products, might have solvedthat problem with their line of home automation products. Today we'll lookat the Hawking HomeRemote Pro Starter Kit, which promises out-of-the-boxhome automation. Will this product prove to make home control andmonitoring easy? Read on to find out.

OCZ 6GB 1600MHz CL7 DDR3 OCZ3P1600LV6GK @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the performance of an top-speed triple-channel product for the Intel Core i7 platform. The OCZ

Enermax Liberty Eco 620W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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The last time we looked at an Enermax unit here at jonnyGURU.comwas way back in mid 2007 when the founder of the site looked at the GalaxyDXX 850W unit. Well, the dry spell is over, for today I'm looking at myfirst Enermax unit, the brand new Liberty Eco series 620W. Let's see ifit'll live up to my high expectations.

Cooler Master UCP 900W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The UCP 900W power supply is another good addition to Cooler Mater'sfull line up of PC switching mode PSUs. The UCP 900W power supply's voltageregulation, line regulation and cross-loading regulation are all good. Theoverall efficiency is excellent and AC ripple noise suppression is good,especially on the +12V outputs. Under normal operating conditions (below600W load) the UCP 900W is very quiet. The PSU comes fitted with a largeassortment of hard-wired cables and connectors that can support multiple,high-end video cards. And let's not forget that industrial look finish,active PFC, and a 5-year warranty.

eDimensional Voice Buddy Software for Gaming @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Strangely, a few days later when I came back to get some screenshots of Voice Buddy, the problem seemed to have magically resolved! Voice Buddy understood every command I threw at it. I think that this could be down to a temporary system fault (or background noise, as it was much quieter in my house on the last time I tried), so I donít think it should be blamed on Voice Buddy.

eDimensional Voice Buddy Software for Gaming @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Strangely, a few days later when I came back to get some screenshots of Voice Buddy, the problem seemed to have magically resolved! Voice Buddy understood every command I threw at it. I think that this could be down to a temporary system fault (or background noise, as it was much quieter in my house on the last time I tried), so I donít think it should be blamed on Voice Buddy.

Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Like most desktop PCs, a typical notebook/laptop nowadays is usingmore power and thus is creating more heat. In response to the heat, manycompanies are starting to offer notebook PC coolers designed to provideadditional cooling capability. Today we'll be looking at the EvercoolHermes Notebook cooler, which has a small footprint and a unique shape.Read on to find out if this cooler brings cool temperatures to yournotebook.

Hiyatek HY-HB-8700 USB-hub @ rbmods.com
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Hiyatek is one of the many manufacturers of USB-peripherals. Theirproducts range includes USB-hubs, USB-mobile racks, notebook coolers,thermal panels and other USB-related products. This time we got anopportunity to have a look at their 7-port USB hub.

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384 CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-19-09] (0 Comments)

Overclockers are always looking for the best CPU cooler made, and Benchmark Reviews has taken a new approach to determining this for them

OCZ Vertex Series 120GB SSD Performance P - Indilinx makes an intro @ pcper.com
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The Indilinx Barefoot controller, based on a custom logic ARMprocessor, is doing nothing dramatically different than JMicron or Samsungor even Intel controllers; but it has proved itself to be a strongcompetitor for a first offering. In my initial preview testing the OCZVertex drive offers read speeds just slightly below that of the Intel X25-M80GB SSD but in most cases has a much faster write speed than the Inteldrive thanks in large part to the addition of 64MB of on-drive cache.

NZXT Sentry LX at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
[Feb-17-09] (0 Comments)

Fan controllers are fairly simplistic by their nature, and as suchcan come off as

FSC Amilo Sa3650 laptop with Graphics Booster @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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As you will know; the primary purpose of laptops are for them to be carried around and used out and about, so they have to be small/light enough to be comfortably carried for long periods of time, and so consequently use a relatively low amount of power to have any chance at a decent runtime on battery. Because of this, they must make sacrifices and compromises when it comes to what calibre of hardware they can use. So for most laptops, gaming at decent resolutions/quality settings is out of the question as they have to use a basic integrated graphics card.

Promolocker Promotional Product @ rbmods.com
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Since I'm running a website I am always looking for good ways tomarket it. Online you can find funky kinds of stuff that you can get yourlogo on. Promolocker is one of these companies that offers various promotionproducts with your print on them. They have some products I have not seenbefore and they seem to also be able to create decent looking logos. Letshave a closer look at a USB flash drive and a wireless presenter from themand see how good they really are.

BFG LS Series Revisited @ jonnyguru.com
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A little while ago, the Wolfster (that's me) took a look at somebrand new offerings from BFG, the LS series power supplies. Well, times havechanged and these units have changed too. A 450W model has been added, whilethe 550W model gets a new OEM in Enhance. Join me and we'll see if thechange was for the better.

OCZ Summit Series 250GB SSD P - New Samsung MLC @ pcper.com
[Feb-16-09] (0 Comments)

The cache on the OCZ Summit drive is really what will help it standout from previous solid state offerings. While having cache on board withstandard hard drives has been the norm for many years, it was long thoughtthat the speed of flash memory negated the need to have dedicate memory ondrives for performance reasons. After all of our experience with JMicroncontroller and the very slow writes they were famous for, we have learnedthat cache is still a technology SSDs can take advantage of.

OCZ 6GB Triple-Channel 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-16-09] (0 Comments)

System memory is one of the most over-looked hardware components in computer systems, and with applications demanding greater memory

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
[Feb-14-09] (0 Comments)

Here is our biggest change this month:the Mid-Range Leaderboard nowsports a shiny new Intel Core i7-920 processor! Along with that come someother changes like the inclusions of the MSI X58 Platinum motherboard and3GB of OCZ DDR3-1333 memory for an unbelievably low price after mail-inrebate. The slowest part on this system might be the GeForce 9800 GTX+graphics card so if you have some extra cash during your build that would becomponent I would look to replace.

SAPPHIRE HD 4670 GDDR4 @ modders-inc.com
[Feb-13-09] (0 Comments)

Sapphire has a track recorded of taking the reference designs fromAMD/ATI and pushing them up a notch or two. The SAPPHIRE HD 4670 512MB GDDR4is another fine example of their hard work.

Long-term performance analysis of Intel Mainstream SSDs @ pcper.com
[Feb-13-09] (0 Comments)

Dozens of different scenarios were played out on our drives. XP /Vista installs, repeated application / game installs, batch copying offiles, and custom IOMeter access patterns were all liberally applied to theX25-M. Various combinations of the above all seemed to point to one commondenominator - all three of our SSDs suffered a drop in performanceregardless of the type of workload applied to them. The next sections willexplore the issues at hand while simultaneously addressing any steps thatcan be done to counter the effects at play.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition CPU HDZ940XCGIBOX @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-11-09] (0 Comments)

Nearly every enthusiast who has overclocked a computer system has wished that processors weren't restricting them from the hobby they

Intel Atom 330 Dual-core Processor @ pcper.com
[Feb-11-09] (0 Comments)

The performance results for the Atom 330 processor are actually veryimpressive - in a lot of our tests the scaling percentages from a singlecore to the dual-core CPU are approaching or over 100%! Of course, it helpswith the applications we are benchmarking with are basically starved forprocessing power with any of derivative of the Atom or Nano processor sothat every additional floating point operation available is quickly gobbledup.

Intel 32nm Westmere CPU and Roadmap Updates @ pcper.com
[Feb-11-09] (0 Comments)

This slide shows the design of the first 32nm Westmere product thatuses two physical chips on a single substrate - the processor cores arebuilt on the 32nm process technology while the graphics and memorycontroller are built on the current 45nm technology. While it might seemodd to see a mix of both 32nm and 45nm products on the same chip, we shouldnote that the graphics chip is actually seeing a drop from 65nm to 45nmprocess.

AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE Black Edition CPU @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-10-09] (0 Comments)

Three is a number not normally associated with processors, although it's actually gaining momentum thanks to Intel's triple-channel

Coolermaster Silent Pro M600 Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[Feb-10-09] (0 Comments)

It's been a little while since we last looked at a Coolermasterunit here at the site, but at long last I'm looking at one today:the SilentPro M600. This is a modular 600W unit that promises 600 watts of good cleanpower while not making a lot of noise in the process. Let's see if it candeliver.

Cooler Master HAF 932 (RC-932) Full Tower @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Feb-09-09] (0 Comments)

ďThere is no doubt the Cooler Master HAF932 is a very good case, it is huge, which makes building in it nice and easy and I believe it would take a substantial water cooling set up internally. Itís built like a tank, it has fairly striking looks without going too far and it has a lot of nice features, like the hole for the fill port and the front mount E-sata connector and of course that cooling which is very quiet but incredibly effective.

Sunbeamtech Mini-ITX Acrylic Case @ rbmods.com
[Feb-09-09] (0 Comments)

Small computers is the word in today's world. Asus EEE series andMSI:s Wind PC are very common in thin-client business. However it's possibleto build your own mini sized computer. Keyparts are mini-itx motherboard andmini-itx case. Today we will take a look at Sunbeamtech's Mini-ITX Acryliccase which is designed for HTPC:s.

Phenom II X4 810 and X3 720 @ pcper.com
[Feb-09-09] (0 Comments)

The X4 810 is a nice part which will make quite a few folks happy.It does not run really hot, it does not pull all that much power, and itcertainly performs well considering the price it is at. In most tests, incomparing to previous results from the Phenom 9950, it was about 5% fasteroverall than its predecessor at that same speed. It does hold 2x the L3cache as the 9950, and the extra internal tweaks are likely to help as well.Currently it is one of only a few chips that will fit in AM3 motherboards,so if a user who is adamant about buying an AM3 platform they have no otherchoice if they want a quad core.

AMD Phenom II X4 810 AM3/AM2+ Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Dragon platform is AMDs last hope for success in a time when financial ruin is destroying every business on the planet. Perhaps the

* XSs Anniversary Competition @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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HappyBirthday XSReviews! To celebrate our 3rd anniversary in thereview game, we've got a shed load of prizes to give away to our forummembers. The rules are simple, just signupfor an account if you haven't done so already, and post 5 timesanywhere on the forums. That's it. We got gaming mice, mats, PSU,router and plenty of other bits. You don't want to miss this one.

NZXT Zero 2 Case @ rbmods.com
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When I choose a computer case, I typically am drawn towards a coupleof things:good looks and cool features that will make building and usingthe computer enjoyable. NZXT, makers of a wide variety of computerproducts, sent us a sample of one of their new cases, the NZXT Zero 2mid-tower computer case, which claims to combine stylish looks with extremecooling capabilities Can their case live up to these lofty claims? Let'sfind out in this case review.

SilverStone Fortress FT01 Case @ modders-inc.com
[Feb-03-09] (0 Comments)

SilverStone is becoming one of the best know manufactures for topof the line cases with their ever so creative and innovative ideas. Thistime SilverStone has come up with a positive air flow case know as theFortress FT01. Designed with the positive air pressure concept, it enablesbetter cooling performance than traditional chassis but also helps toprevent dust from penetrating into the chassis.

Corsair Dominator 6GB DD3 Memory Kit TR3X6G1600C8D @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Today, we at Benchmark Reviews will be presenting our findings for the Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D memory kit which is a 6144 MB kit of 1600

Noctua NH-C12P CPU cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Once it was fitted it was practically silent in operation without either the Low Noise Adapter or the Ultra Low Noise Adapter, with those fitted I couldnít hear the fan on the NH-C12P at all above the other fans in my set up which isnít at all noisy.

Hiper Type M 1000W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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I've looked at several Hiper power supplies in my time here atjonnyGURU.com, and some have been better than others. Today, I'm looking atthe brand new Type M 1000W unit; Hiper's first foray into the kilowattjungle. Let's now find out if this one is a hit or a miss.

Spire SP331CB USB CombiPod Card Reader @ rbmods.com
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Nowadays you can find memorycards almost everywhere. Digital cameras,mp3 players, PDA:s , mobile phones and even some laptops use them as theirstorage device. Having a card reader in your computer can boost datatransferring from the memory card significantly. Spire has provided us theirnewest USB2 card reader which we will have a look.

SilverStone Fortress FT01 Mid-Tower Case @ pcper.com
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The SilverStone Fortress FT01 is a beautiful mid-tower enclosure.The all aluminum build quality is excellent resulting in a light weight, yetsturdy case. The FT01 comes with three high quality case fans that producepositive air pressure and deliver excellent cooling with very little noisewhile helping to keep dust out. For a mid-tower case the FT01 offers a lotof storage space but working inside the enclosure and routing cables canbecome quickly cramped if your build includes multiple graphic adapters andmore than three HDDs. And yes, the Fortress FT01 is relatively expensivebut you get what you pay for.

XSs Competition - 1 week left @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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HappyBirthday XSReviews! To celebrate our 3rd anniversary in thereview game, we've got a shed load of prizes to give away to our forummembers. The rules are simple, just sign up for an account if youhaven't done so already, and post 5 times anywhere on the forums.That's it. We got gaming mice, mats, PSU, router and plenty of otherbits. You don't want to miss this one.

OCZ Apex 120GB SSD OCZSSD2-1APX120G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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OCZ may not have created the Solid State Drive, but they've done more to bring SSD technology mainstream than any other company in the

Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 750W Power Supply @ modders-inc.com
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Today we look at Thermaltakes Toughpower Cable Management 750WPSU. The Toughpower 750w is a modular power supply with simple clean look.It is SLI ready with a large 14cm fan keeping it cool and rated for 80% plusefficiency. Read on as we take this power supply and find out if it has whatit takes to power your system.

OCZ Apex Series 250GB Solid State Drive @ pcper.com
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Probably the most interesting part of the OCZ Apex drive is the factthat it uses not one, but rather a pair, of the JMicron JMF602 controllers.Yes, these controllers are somewhat notorious for performance issuesincluding stuttering and pausing but they are cheap and allow OCZ to offerdrives with larger capacity than what MLC Samsung-based drives andIntel-based drives offer. In order to attempt to address these performancecomplaints the Apex series uses a PAIR of the controllers with an internalRAID-0 configuration.

CoolIT Domino ALC CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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While air cooling solutions continue to progress, liquid coolingstill offers better cooling performance. But most users shy away fromliquid cooling as being too

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P X58 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The GA-EX58-UD4P is the latest high performance X58-Express Series motherboard from GIGABYTE, designed to unleash the awesome power of

Seagate ST3750330AS 750GB HD @ monster-hardware.com
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While making a few preliminary testing observations I noticed that the Seagate ST3750330AS burst rate seemed to be abnormally low. At first I couldn't discern why this was but after a little more poking around I discovered the drive was operating in SATA I mode. To switch it to SATA II mode meant removing the world's smallest jumper that was so tiny and pushed to the back of the block I had completely missed it in my earlier visual drive inspection, but taking the jumper off solved the low burst rate situation.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P DDR2 P45 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There are certain products in every category that somehow manage to attain legendary, if not mythical stature. In the Intel socket based

to:content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today for review I'm taking a look at a new mousepad from XTracPads calledthe Hybrid. What makes this pad special is the fact that it appears to be acloth mousepad, but yet has the slickness and qualities of a plastic surfacethrough a process of blending plastic to the cloth on a molecular level tocreate a very good mousing surface. The Hybrid has the qualities of a clothpad in that it can be rolled and taken with you, and, and mentioned, thequalities of a plastic pad as well, truly a hybrid pad that gives the userthe best of both worlds.

Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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With a market composed of a large variety of CPU coolers,manufactures have to get it right the first time around. If the cooler posesto many issues, or simply fails to meet today's standards, it will likelyfind its lifespan to be short. Today we are going to be taking a look at acooler from a company that knows all about cooling, Cooler Master. Is CoolerMaster really the master when it comes to cooling? Well, we are about tofind out how well the Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler can compare to a few othertop performers on the market.

Cooler Master Sniper CM Storm Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With the start of the new year, comes a new line of gaming cases from one of the most recognized case manufacturers in the industry:

* XSs Competition - 2 Weeks Left @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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HappyBirthday XSReviews! To celebrate our 3rd anniversary in thereview game, we've got a shed load of prizes to give away to our forummembers. The rules are simple, just signupfor an account if you haven't done so already, and post 5 timesanywhere on the forums. That's it. We got gaming mice, mats, PSU,router and plenty of other bits. You don't want to miss this one.

AXP 2.5/3.5 SATA HDD to eSATA/USB 2.0 Combo Dock Station @ rbmods.com
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With todays need of more drive space and easy access to USB ports andmemory readers forces us to have alot of extra devices on the table. AXP hasfound a solution to this by combining 2,5/3,5, USB and a card reader intothe same device. This devices can easily take care of all your media with aquick plugin function and E-SATA interface. Lets have a closer look to seehow this device will perform and how it actually looks like.

ASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini HDTV Tuner @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Come February 17, 2009, most major broadcast stations in the US will make the final switch from analog to digital broadcasts and this has

Intel X25-M SATA 80GB MLC SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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In early September, 2008 Intel released their mainstream series of solid state drives. In its initial offfering Intel brought two drives

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
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Cooler master brings you the HAF 932. A larger full size towercase featuring a unique design set and a High Air Flow structure. This casefeatures a wide range of premium features including tool less components,enhanced motherboard tray for cable routing, rear access to the mother boardfor easy CPU cooler installs and ready made mounts for water cooling just toname a few. If that sounds like a lot of features for one case your right.Is the HAF 932 worthy to be the next home for your hardware?

Inwin Commander 1200W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Two years ago, in late 2006, a weird electronics tech was draftedby jonnyGURU.com to torture innocent power supplies for crimes they did notcommit. This electronics tech promptly began to take his job too seriously,and was then thrown into an imaginary maximum security mental institution.He promptly escaped from this institution into the Saskatchewan wilderness.Today, still hunted by men in white coats, he's up against an InwinCommander 1200W power supply which he plans to try and let the magic smokeout of.

ASUS ENGTX285 TOP GeForce GTX 285 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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NVIDIA Continues to refine the GT200 GPU, and the latest 55nm version offers better efficiency and higher performance. In this article,

Modders-Inc at CES 2009 @ modders-inc.com
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Each year the town that never sleeps and where the lights never gooff is the host for CES (Consumer Electronics

Apple iPod Touch @ rbmods.com
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When you think about digital music players, one name comes to mindimmediately:iPod. Apple has regained its popularity thanks to their lineof iPod mp3 players, including the Nano, iPhone, Shuffle, etc. But arethey worth all the hype? Geeks.com, popular online retailer, sent us thefirst generation, 8GB version of the Apple iPod Touch. Read on to find outour take on the latest incarnation of the popular media player.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 1GB @ pcper.com
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Our short time with the GTX 285 has left me pretty impressed - eventhough the GTX 280 was the top performing single GPU graphics card on themarket, the GTX 285 easily outpaced it by about 10-15% in my tests. Even atreal-world resolutions like 1600x1200 and 2048x1536 the GTX 285 was able torun noticeably faster than the GTX 280 OC.

Antec Signature Series 850W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The Signature 850 has excellent voltage regulation, exceptionallyclean DC outputs, and operates very efficiently. Antec includes a goodcompliment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors and backs theSignature 850 with a 5-year warranty. If you are looking for a top qualityPSU in the 850W range, this one will be hard to beat.

NZXT Whisper Silent System PC Case @ rbmods.com
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In the quest for silencing a computer system, we often focus on noisesources such as CPU coolers and case fans. But what if the case itself canaid in reducing noise? NZXT, makers of a wide range of computer products,has developed a new case, the NZXT Whisper Series Case, which has addedfeatures to reduce computer noise. Will this case live up to its name and beas quiet as a whisper? Let's find out in this review.

GeForce 185.20, ambient occlusion tested @ tcmagazine.com
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Everywhere you turn these days you see people saying that 2009 will be tough, with economic recession, more trouble in the Middle East and the filming of BloodRayne 3. Despite the grim outlook, this year has started on a high note for Nvidia graphics card owners as a new GeForce driver bearing a new feature and the potential of improved performance got trapped in the spider-less world wide web. Also coming with a rather high number jump - from 180.70/87/88 to 185.20, the driver features support for every GeForce desktop card from the 6 series up and adds a new tab in the Nvidia Control Panel that enables Ambient Occlusion, a lighting model that's supposed to bring more realism to 3D games.

Jays C-jays Headphone @ rbmods.com
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We have previously reviewed a few pairs of earphones from Jays buttoday we are going to actually take a look at a real pair of headphones.This is a pair of really light weight headphones and they almost give aflimsy feeling when playing around with them but what will we think in theend?

Palit GeForce 9800 GTX+ Video Card NE/98TX+XT352 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has had the wonderful opportunity to review and critique some of the best and most powerful video cards currently

NVIDIA Ion Platform Design and Benchmarks @ pcper.com
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You can see the company has lofty goals for this product and it islikely a big part of NVIDIA strategy going forward in order to sustaingrowth in a world where super-high-powered GPUs are becoming less relevant.While the netbooks argument is pretty basic, the notebook section above ismore interesting. Essentially, NVIDIA is saying that companies that chooseto use the Intel Atom processor in conjunction with the NVIDIA Ion platformcan save as much as 80% on the CPU cost rather than going with an Intel CoreCPU and still get high quality graphics and computing performance.

GELID Wing9-Wing12 UV Blue Case Fans @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to be taking a look at a set of case fans froma relatively new company called GELID Solutions. With the endless number offans on the market, you can just about get anything you want, if you lookhard enough. We are going to be looking at the GELID Wing9 and Wing12 UVBlue case fans. GELID has done what a few other manufactures have done;offer us something different than the normal case fan.

Silverstone Fanless ST45NF 450W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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We've looked at lots of interesting power supplies here at thesite, some big, some small. But today's unit will be a first for the site,when I take a look at our first totally fanless unit in the SilverstoneNightjar ST45NF.

Evercool Serpent Northbridge Chip Cooler @ rbmods.com
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One of the main problems with various motherboard's northbridgecooler is the small heatsink with little fan at 5000rpm. Fan at such speedmakes high noise making use of computer very uncomfortable, not to mentionthe situation where the fan stops at all making the northbridge to overheatand possibly break due to it. Evercool was kind enough to provide us theirnewest northbridge cooler called Serpent.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 - Not the Second Coming @ pcper.com
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AMD showed up to the party, but they brought light beer instead ofchampagne. That's not entirely bad though, as some people prefer light beer(though I still question why). That AMD is able to at least poke their headinto the party is probably the most important part of this entire exercise.The Phenom II is a big upgrade from the previous Phenom parts, in terms ofboth IPC and the ability to clock to higher speeds.

NVIDIA BFG GeForce GTX 295 @ pcper.com
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The single card performance (though dual GPU of course) of the BFGGeForce GTX 295 1796MB solution was impressive and the new card easily takesthe top spot as the best performing single slot graphics card available.The Radeon HD 4870 X2 has FINALLY been unseated after a full five and halfmonths as the king of the hill. NVIDIA would have liked to haveaccomplished this feat earlier than this but I imagine they were forced towait for their 55nm process move (from the 65nm that the GeForce GTX 280 andoriginal 260 use) to fit inside the power envelope.

NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Technology @ pcper.com
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The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision technology comes at a time when the PCgaming world needs a lift the most and I think any enthusiast (even thosethat are fans of AMD) can appreciate the chance to show off to theirconsole-loving friends a feature that can't be matched by one. The PCgaming world has been floundering around a bit since the days of Doom 3'srelease and we have slowly seen the exclusive titles on the PC migrate to a

NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It was exactly one year ago that I shared my first experiences with stereoscopic gaming in the 2008 CES Technology Highlights article.

Asus VK246H LCD Monitor @ rbmods.com
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Our flat screens keep growing in size all the time and today a 22inch monitor is almost standard for the normal user while the hardcoregamers are even higher up at 24 inch. Todays review will be on a 24 inchmonitor from Asus. This new VK246H seems to be a good monitor on the paperwith HDMI and 2 ms response time. It also has a built in webcam on the topand to finish the package it has a nice glossy black color. The question isthough, how will it perform and will it have any back bleed?

XSs 3rd Year Anniversary @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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HappyBirthday XSReviews! To celebrate our 3rd anniversary in thereview game, we've got a shed load of prizes to give away to our forummembers. The rules are simple, just sign up for an account if youhaven't done so already, and post 5 times anywhere on the forums.That's it. We got gaming mice, mats, PSU, router and plenty of otherbits. You don't want to miss this one.

Thermaltake MaxOrb EX CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to take a look at their latest version, theMaxOrb EX CPU Cooler. The MaxOrb EX utilizes six copper heat pipes that passthrough six different sets of cooling fins. Will the MaxOrb EX have what ittakes to cool your processor?

Xigmatek NRP-PC501 500W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[Jan-05-09] (0 Comments)

Xigmatek is an unfamiliar name for power supplies in these parts.However, the company does have some degree of presence out there in theworld of CPU cooling; and we've gotten more than a few requests to see howgood their watt boxes are. Today I'm finally taking a look at one of them inthe NRP-PC501. This is a 500W value oriented unit boasting a good sized140mm fan and 80 Plus certification.

Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q4 2008 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-05-09] (0 Comments)

From my experience, 2008 has been a very good year for CPU coolers. We've tested the OCZ Vendetta 2 to perform as well or better than

SilverStone Raven (RVM01B) Mouse @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jan-05-09] (0 Comments)

For this review I will be looking at a new product from one of my favourite computer hardware manufacturers, the highly respected SilverStone. The actual product I am looking at is a little bit unusual for SilverStone as the product I will be looking at is a gaming mouse, the Raven RVM01B.

Apple has plans for iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro in 2009 @ pcper.com
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The Tylersburg chipset is essentially that used by the X58motherboards we have reviewed here at PC Perspective and is the ONLY chipsetcurrently for the Core i7 line of CPUs. This new hardware shift would givethe 28

Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router @ rbmods.com
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Still using one of those older 802.11G or even 802.11b routers? Asdemand for networking bandwidth increases, 802.11N is becoming more popular.Today we'll be looking at one such upgrade option offered by well-knownnetworking provider, Hawking Technology:the Hawking HWRN1A Hi-GainWireless-300N Router. Have they finally made wireless routers plug-in-play,or will you need to mess around a bunch of connection settings? We're hereto answer that question in this review.

2008 Computer Hardware Industry Failure @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Every technology starts with a motivation, and throughout the past year Benchmark Reviews has watched the computer hardware industry

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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There weren't really many changes in the leaderboards - something Iexpected after the big change of adding in Intel's Core i7 processors lastmonth. I did upgrade the motherboard on the Dream Leaderboard to the ASUSRampage II Extreme as it is far and away the most impressively feature richmotherboard I have ever laid my hands on. I was almost looking to shift theGPU on the system from the AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 to the GeForce GTX 295 (apart we have already previewed) but its availability timeline pushed intoJanuary and thus we'll have to wait a bit longer for it to be added into themix here.

NZXT College Football Bowl Game Challenge @ bigbruin.com
[Dec-31-08] (0 Comments)

NZXT is teaming up with Bigbruin.com to sponsor a College Football Bowl Game Challenge! Up for grabs are four great items from the NZXT line up, and in order to enter you just need to make your picks for seven of this season's top college football bowl games! The first of the bowl games involved is to be played on January 1st, so there is still time to enter.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-30-08] (0 Comments)

The Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 is the jack of all trades. It contains enough programmable keys to keep the most fervent multi-tasker

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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We've seen a lot of intricate cooling solutions, from largeair-cooled units to liquid coolers to peltiers. Yet despite all thedifferent companies that create these products, one name often comes tomind:Thermaltake. Thermaltake sent us a sample of one of their newest CPUcoolers, the Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler, that has a unique design Willthis translate into better performance? That is the question we're going toanswer in this review.

After the Holidays Giveaway @ modders-inc.com
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You know sometimes the holidays are just not all that they aretalked up to be. Sure sweet ol' Grandmas heart was in the right place whenshe knitted you that sweater, but what is with the third arm? So a few goodfriends of ours have decided to help you get the good stuff you so welldeserve.

World Exclusive! Qpad QH 1339 Headset @ rbmods.com
[Dec-27-08] (0 Comments)

This is the first time the world sees these headphones from Qpad! Themousepad maker has now gotten themselves into the headphone/headsetbusiness. With a pricetag of 400$ USD this might not suit just anyone, willit be worth it and can it really perform well enough to be worth 400$ bothheadset and heatphone wise.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-26-08] (0 Comments)

In this article, Benchmark Reviews sets out to detail the performance differences between SSD products attached to the JMicron JMB322

Intel P45 Motherboard Roundup:MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte @ pcper.com
[Dec-25-08] (0 Comments)

That doesn't mean the MSI and Gigabyte boards are devoid of techiegoodness though - each offers a solid collection of storage and expansionfeatures. eSATA, Firewire and at least six USB 2.0 ports are standard onboth motherboards so your connectivity options are already well laid out.Both the MSI and Gigabyte P45 motherboards support at least six SATAchannels courtesy of Intel's ICH10R south bridge and support RAID 0, 1, 10and even RAID 5. The MSI Platinum motherboard does offer a coupleadditional SATA ports though giving it a slight leg up in terms of storagesupport.

NZXT Whisper Full-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-24-08] (0 Comments)

Finally, a chassis that is designed for the enthusiast that combines noise dampening features with expandability and storage. Introducing

Logisys Two-Color Illuminated Keyboard @ rbmods.com
[Dec-24-08] (0 Comments)

Still hunting and pecking when it comes to typing and having troubleseeing at night? Well, today we might have the answer as we take a look atthe Logisys Two-Color Illuminated keyboard offered by Xoxide.com, popularretailer of a variety of computer parts. Will this new keyboard bringstellar performance to both gaming and everyday applications? That is whatwe're here to find out.

Intel DX58SO Smackover X58 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-23-08] (0 Comments)

The i7 series of processors accompanied by an enthusiast grade motherboard utilizing the X58 chipset were one of the most highly

CoolIT Systems Domino Liquid CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
[Dec-22-08] (0 Comments)

You want to get away from air cooling and those oversized heatpipesetups are adding a lot of unwanted stress on the motherboard, but you don'twant to endure the cost and hassle of converting your system to a watercooled unit. CoolIT Systems Inc may just have what you are looking for withtheir newest liquid cooling setup that goes by the name of Domino A.L.C.(Advanced Liquid Cooling).

ASUS EAH4870 DK TOP 512MB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-22-08] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews is no stranger to the Radeon HD 4870 and today we add one more to the ranks:the ASUS EAH4870 Dark Knight Top. This 'DK

G.SKILL FM-25S2S-64GB SSD Drive @ rbmods.com
[Dec-21-08] (0 Comments)

SSD drives are slowly making it on to the market but the prices stillscare alot of people of. The SSD drive does not have any movable parts whichmakes it completely silent and also more well performing than our currentharddrives. Price and small drives are still the main issue but I have seenover 200GB drives hitting the market already although today we are taking alook at a 64GB SATA 2 drive from Gskill.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 P - Performance King Returns @ pcper.com
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 has definitely taken back the topperformance spot from AMD and the HD 4870 X2 card - a new king has beencrowned. We still have some questions to answer before giving ourunequivocal thumbs up on it including noise and power consumption, but atfirst glance both of those look like they are in check and within reasonablelimits. By combining two 55nm GT200 GPUs into a single graphics card designNVIDIA was able to reassert leadership in the market - a move the companywas in desperate need of.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X2 Atomic ST-6026 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

Featuring a closed-loop liquid cooled system, the Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X2 Atomic ST-6026 brings workstation class cooling to the PC,

AMD Phenom X4 9850BE @ rbmods.com
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

It was awhile ago we tested a processor so today it's time again. AMD sent us their second fastest processor that ison the market right now, X4 9860BE. We are going to put this vs our IntelQX6700 that is a bit outdated compared to the faster i7 processors but youwill also see some results on how the i7 perform so lets get this show onthe road.

Jetway NC92 Series Mini-ITX Motherboard @ modders-inc.com
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

Downsizing PC's are the way of the future and you can start onyour trek today with the Jetway NC92-230-LF ITX Motherboard. ThisMotherboard is an all in one setup with CPU, graphics and other featuresalready on the board making it easy for you to be on your way. Can thisall-in-one do what you want it to do? Let us find out...

Elemental Technologies Badaboom Media Converter v1.1 Update @ pcper.com
[Dec-17-08] (0 Comments)

The release of Badaboom v1.1 is not going to dramatically change thevery early face of the consumer-level - it is a solid upgrade to anapplication that is only a few months old. The new features in thisrevision, including expanding input file support, multi-GPU support, 1080poutput, H.264 Main profile support and some new pre-built output profilesmake the program much more useable and functional for real-world use butthere is still some room for improvement.

Corsair TX850 Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[Dec-17-08] (0 Comments)

Once upon a time, a small company known for memory decided tofollow in the footsteps of another company known for memory and startproducing power supplies. In the months and years since then, Corsair hasgone on to be one of the most highly regarded companies out there when itcomes to releasing good quality units at a good price.

G.Skill FM-25S2S-64GB SATA-II MLC SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-16-08] (0 Comments)

Back in November 2007, after experiencing the SuperComputing Conference SC07, finding Solid State Drives on sale anywhere was a real

Sigma WindStorm Mid Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
[Dec-15-08] (0 Comments)

Sigma is working hard to develop new innovative designs built withhigh quality standards. They have just released a new case for computerenthusiasts with airflow in mind. Today we will take a look at the SigmaWindStorm and see if it is indeed a WindStorm or just a mild breeze!

In-Win Commander 850W PSU @ rbmods.com
[Dec-15-08] (0 Comments)

Today we get a chance to check out a new power supply manufacturer,In-Win, which is a company that makes a wide range of PC products. They sentus a sample of their latest power supply offering, the In-Win Commander 850WPSU, which boost a military paint scheme. Will this power supply be ready tobattle some of the more established brands? Let's find out in this review.

Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME Core i7 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-15-08] (0 Comments)

The GA-EX58-EXTREME is the latest high performance X58-Express Series motherboard from GIGABYTE, designed from the ground up to unleash

Ikonik Vulcan 1200W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[Dec-14-08] (0 Comments)

Ikonik is a brand new name in these parts, bringing a neverbefore seen Channel Well based design to my eager hands in the Vulcan 1200W.We've looked at Channel Well's high powered offerings before in units likethe Corsair HX1000 and Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W and 1200W models. Howwill the new DSR platform compare to those older PUC based units?

NVIDIA Quadro CX and Adobe CS4 GPU Acceleration @ pcper.com
[Dec-12-08] (0 Comments)

While for Photoshop CS4 we showed off 'pretty' videos to demonstratethe changes and enhancements the GPU has made to the work flow, withPremiere CS4 the results are much easier to share and discuss as they aredirectly related to video encoding performance. In my testing with thecurrent revision of the Elemental RapiHD encoder, users will seeapproximately a 2x speed up across their H.264 encoding results versus ahigh-performance quad-core QX9650 processor.

Vizo Armada II RAM Cooler @ rbmods.com
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As computer performance increases, the need to cool the internal components of the computer becomes greater. While we focus a lot of attention on the CPU, video card, and case fan cooling solutions, another cooling product that is starting to become more prominent are RAM/memory coolers. Vizo, makers of a wide range of computer components, as released a new product, the Armada II RAM cooler, which offers a cooling solution for RAM sticks. Read on to find out if it makes a noticeable difference in performance.

Noctua NH-C12P CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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Today we are going to be taking a look at the NH-C12P. The NH-C12Putilizes Noctua's newest fan design, the NF-P12. This time around Noctua hasdecided to use a horizontal design rather than the vertical design like theNH-U12F and NH-U12P.

Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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The Cooler Master CPU cooler did a very good job of keeping thefully loaded CPU cool, especially when you take into consideration how quietthe cooler is. Because of the limited space in the middle of the cooler(designed for a 25mm thick fan), we couldn't test the V8 with some of thelarger, high-speed air turbines we used on some other coolers.

Special Edition Video Game @ rbmods.com
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Tired of singing in the shower and want to show your true rock startalent? Games such as Guitar Hero allow you to become a musician, but noneof them provide the full rock star experience as the video game Rockband.Geeks, popular online retailer, sent us the Wii version of Rockband:SpecialEdition to check out. Will this game rock out? That is what we're going toanswer in this review.

NorthQ Giant Reactor 1000W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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We've looked at lots of NorthQ units here at jonnyGURU.com, somebig and some small. Today though I'm taking a look at the Big Daddy of theirlineup, the 1000W Giant Reactor. Come on in and see how it does.

=?windows-1252?Q?Folding_at_Home_Contest_-_Win_One_of_Two_2GB_Kingston_Memory_Kits_ @ bigbruin.com
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In order to promote the Bigbruin.com Folding at Home (F@H) team, we're giving away a set of Kingston HyperX system memory. The winner will have their choice of either a 2GB 1150MHz DDR2 dual channel kit or a 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 dual channel kit. The contest is simple... In order to win you must first be a registered member of the Bigbruin.com forum. Entrants must then contribute at least 5000 points to the Bigbruin.com F@H team (#13848) between December 07, 2008 and December 30, 2008.

Palit Revolution 700 Radeon HD 4870 X2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Palit is not known for launching cutting-edge products ahead of the competition, as they can be described as the tortoise in a race

Battle of GPU Transcoders:ATI Avivo Converter and NVIDIA Badaboom @ pcper.com
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This first test takes a 1080p Blu-ray HD trailer, already in H.264format, and converts it to the 480x320 resolution of the iPod touch at 780kbps. The CPU-based Xilisoft Converter took 72 seconds to complete theoperation while the GPU-based applications pulled in MUCH better times:23seconds for NVIDIA's Badaboom and 12 seconds for ATI's Avivo Converter.While both GPUs performed well, the ATI application is nearly twice as fastas NVIDIA's program and is 6x faster than the CPU-based encoding process.NVIDIA's Badaboom is 3.1x faster than the CPU encode - still veryimpressive.

FSP Power Mod 700W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
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Choosing a power supply can be a tough choice, with a wide range ofsuppliers and features for each unit. While power output is important, thereare other factors such as efficiency, noise, and even looks that are equallyas important. Today we'll be looking at a 700W power supply from FSP, theFSP Power Mod 700W PSU, which has been designed with performance in mind.Will this power supply prove to be a good balance of all the factors thatmake a good power supply? Let's find out.

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W tested out to be a good power supply.It produced good voltage regulation and delivers excellent efficiency. Inaddition, the ModXStream does its job very quietly, is 80Plus and NVIDIA SLIcertified, and comes backed with OCZ's PowerSwap warranty. On the downside, the DC outputs were not as clean (AC ripple) as we have come to expectfrom OCZ and PC Power & Cooling. And the 3-Year warranty goes along withthe lower price point.

GeForce 180 driver trio tested @ tcmagazine.com
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Going head-to-head today are drivers from both before and the actual Big Bang II era - the GeForce 178.24, which is the last WHQL release of the 178 series, the GeForce 180.43 official beta, the WHQL-certified GeForce 180.48 and the latest leaked driver available, the GeForce 180.70 beta.

Belkin F1DD104L SOHO KVM Switch with Audio and DL DVI @ pcper.com
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The USB emulation also works perfectly - we have not had any issueswith the keyboard or mouse in normal use or while benchmarking - no more USBattach/detach sounds to be heard here. Because emulation begins as soon asthe system is turned on, you don't even have to

Ace KUC500 Slick Touch Keyboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at another Ace product, this time we got akeyboard on the test bench. Will this work well together with the Ace mousewe reviewed a few days ago? How will this keyboard work vs Logitech andMicrosoft keyboards that have been dominating the market for a longerperiod? Let's have a closer look to see what we can come up with.

Silent Computer Article @ rbmods.com
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These days everyone wants a quiet computer, it doesnt matter if its astationary, laptop or HTPC they are all supposed to perform at all timeswith the smallest amount cooling possible.

NZXT Whisper Case at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
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NZXT, a company known for it's unique lineup of gaming hardware,accessories and cases, has added a new case to it's Classic Series. This newcase is the NZXT Whisper, a Silent Steel Full Tower. According to some, itis the big brother or a step from the NZXT Hush Mid Tower case.

Patriot Warp v2 SATA SSD PE128GS25SSDR @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Solid State Drives are rapidly changing the computing landscape, and many enthusiasts are using SSD technology in their primary systems

Holiday Gaming Performance Guide - How to waste your time @ pcper.com
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For our initial performance testing, to judge which of these fivegames meet all the criteria for our benchmarking suite, I threw a pair ofgraphics cards at the games. From NVIDIA we went the new 216 shader GeForceGTX 260 896MB graphics card since it is the most price-conscious high-endGPU and because the previous 192 SP version of the card is EOL. For AMD,the Radeon HD 4870 1GB card was picked as it is the top single-GPU card onthe market from the company and matches up reasonably well with the GTX 260in terms of pricing.

Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.1 @ ngohq.com
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Microsoftdid well releasing Service Pack 1, but somehow they forgot end userswhen they introduced a very restricted module of driver signatureenforcement. In laymen’s terms, all drivers and system files must bedigitally verified or they cannot run when using both 32-bit and 64-bitversions of Vista. In the past, it was possible to turn that featureoff; but due to new kernel security updates, it is impossible to turnit off without degrading security and stability of your operatingsystem or putting your master boot records in risk by using othersoftware alternatives.Pressing F8 every time on boot up can be a serious pain in the ass andfrustrating to those that miss the time window available to press F8during start up. Others have found workarounds, but most of them aretoo risky and may trash your master boot records and some others weretoo complicated for the average end user to perform, at least until now- thanks to our latest tool.

Death of a Gutless Wonder @ jonnyguru.com
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Quite some time ago, I took a look at several cheap-o units aspart of my Bargain Basement roundup in an effort to determine whether or notthese generic units that come free with computer cases are worth trusting.Since then, I've had people hounding me to blow up some more of these units.

Dreamhack Winter 2008 Coverage @ rbmods.com
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Our toughts of Dreamhack, the worlds biggest LAN party with almost10,000 computers connected to each other. See pictures all the way from oddcomputers to new hardware on the market. We have the whole LAN party in ourpicture article.

ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition X58 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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After a very extensive testing phase, Benchmark Reviews will present its findings with regard to the ASUS P6T Deluxe X58 motherboard.

Win one of 3 Sennhieser PC350 Gaming Headsets @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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It is competition time here at Xtreme again (about time too) and we have teamed up with Sennheiser to offer you a chance to win one of 3 Sennhieser PC 350 Gaming headsets that were awarded our platinum award due to their outstanding performance and comfort. This is a Global Competition so entries are welcome from all countries.

NZXT Rogue Small Form Factor Computer Case @ rbmods.com
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Most computer cases nowadays are suffering from a size problem; theyseem to be getting bigger and bigger as people find more stuff to put insidethem. But what if you're looking for a case that is easily portable andtakes up less space under your desk? NZXT, makers of a wide range ofcomputer products, offers such a case, the NZXT Rogue Small Form FactorComputer Case. Will this case steal the show? Read on to find out.

Firehawk WebSuite 1.0 @ ngohq.com
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TheFirehawk WebSuite is an optimized stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Ourgoal is to provide a high performance, easy-to-deploy and stable webserver environment under the Microsoft Windows operation systems. Whilethe original developers are officially supporting Windows, webmastersand web developers have to deal with many problems such as installationissues, poor performance, compatibility and poor stability. FirehawkWebSuite is the solution! Webmasters and web developers can now runheavily loaded websites on Microsoft Windows-based servers.Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows can be a serious pain inthe ass. You have to edit many configuration files and find workaroundsto the known compatibility issues just to get it to work without ahitch or undocumented errors. With Firehawk WebSuite, you can get itall running in only a few seconds without the need of editingconfiguration files or looking for workarounds. In addition, TheFirehawk WebSuite includes Alternative PHP Cache and tweakedconfiguration files for maximum performance and stability.

Sapphire HD 4830 Graphics Card @ modders-inc.com
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I have to say that the card performed above my expectations. Iplayed Call of Duty 4 for roughly 3 hours straight and the card maintained agood frame rate throughout each map. I estimate my frames to average outbetween the mid 90s to the mid 130s, sometimes hitting a lot higherdepending on the location in the map of course.

ASUS Radeon HD 4830 Video Card EAH4830 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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After a rather disappointing HD 3000 series, ATI took the world by surprise with the HD 4000 generation of graphics cards. Since the

Lian Li Maxima Force 750w PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Lian Liís Maxima Force 750W PSU is a very capable powersupply, it was hardly phased by all the load our test rig could generate and kept its voltage output strong and steady. The matt black industrial look is a great finish and didnít have any imperfections that I could see. Lian Li have thrown on some embossed aluminium badges that compliment this look and I think it works well.

Ace Mouse MLUC100 Laser 1600D @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at the Ace MLUC100 mouse from Ace. Thisseems to be a fairly new company on the market but they seem to aim theirmarket on the gamers with high quality products. Lets see what type of mousethey have released for gamers and also check out how it performs.

Silverstone Fortress FT01 Mid-Tower Chassis @ jonnyguru.com
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A couple of years ago Silverstone created a uni-body PC chassis,the Temjin TJ07. The TJ07 case is still one of the best looking cases fromSilverstone to date. In an attempt to expand on that design Silverstone hasdecided to create a new line of chassis, the Fortress series. TheSilverstone Fortress FT01 is the first chassis in that product line, whichutilizes the same uni-body design as the TJ07. It also brings several greatfeatures to the table, so come on in and see what we have to say about it.

OCZ Reaper OCZ2RPR10664GK DDR2 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With DDR3 getting all the attention lately it's easy to overlook DDR2 performance memory. There are many very good reasons to consider

Linksys PLK300 Powerline Networking Kit - End of Ethernet? @ pcper.com
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Installation of the Linksys powerline networking kits could not beany easier - there are no drivers and no software requirements at all. Forprobably 99% of users you will need to simply plug in one device to a poweroutlet near your router and then connect its Ethernet port to your routerand then plug in the second node elsewhere in the house and then plug itsEthernet cable into the PC or switch. Viola, instant network.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB - GTX 280 killer @ pcper.com
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Why would just one board partner be willing to offer such acompelling part? There several factors that likely include the economicslump, the slight drop in prices on the HD 4870 X2 cards and inventoryavailability. Even taking that into consideration I find it very confusingthat AMD seems content to have this graphics card be such a low volumeproduct. With its great price (currently competing with NVIDIA's GTX 280cards) and performance advantages (that you will see in our benchmarks) Ireally think the Radeon HD 4850 X2 could catch on in the enthusiastsegment.

2008 Supplementary PSU Roundup - Part 2 @ jonnyguru.com
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In part one of this roundup, I looked at two lower powered modelsfrom Ultra and FSP designed to supplement one's main PSU in providing powerfor the newer and more watt hungry video cards. In part two, both of thoseunits are in for some

Sennheiser PC350 Gaming headphones @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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With the Gaming industry getting bigger and bigger every year most gamers out there want to get the very best out of equipment to even have the slightest advantage over there enemy and that is where Sennheiser's new headset makes its appearance. The PC 350 brings a new dimension to the gaming headset technology, a claim of never before experience of sound and quality, so letís see what the global leader in electro-acoustics experts have put together in this headset.

MSI Radeon HD R4670 512MB @ viperlair.com
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It's performance is astonishing when you consider the $80 price tag, $65 after rebate . I wish I had an 8800GT to hand, because I wouldn't be surprised to see the MSI R4670 match or beat it right across the board, and consider that the 8800GT's are still twice the price or more, and it's a no brainer. Pretty much everyone is feeling the pinch and counting the pennies, so it's nice to know that if you do have to compromise and get a low priced card for your gaming, your not going to be missing out on much this time around. If you're the casual gamer and used to buying budget priced cards, then the MSI R4670 might just give you an inkling on what you are missing out on with higher end cards.

Lian Li PC-9 Computer Case @ rbmods.com
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We've had the opportunity to review a lot of cases here onrbmods.com, but one manufacturer seems to stand out amongst the crowd interms of quality and reputation:Lian Li. But as the competition getstougher, everyone needs to elevate their new products to new levels. Today,we get a chance to look at one of the newest products from Lian Li, the PC-9computer case. Will this case continue the Lian Li's tradition ofexcellence? Read on to find out in this review.

SilverStone Fortress FT01 Case SST-FT01B-W @ benchmarkreviews.com
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SilverStone has a long history of designing and building fantastic looking products, and the Fortress Series is no exception, especially

Thermaltake V9 Case @ rbmods.com
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Cases and more cases, if you look at the market you will find variouscases from small to big towers and even HTPC cases, but the queston is howare you supposed to know which is right for you. Thermaltake is a big casemanufacturers and have supplied the market with reliable and high qualitycases for a longer period now, we are going to take a look at their V9 casetoday that seems to be a normal sized miditower case but with the extratwist to it.

AMD shows Phenom II running over 6.0 GHz! @ pcper.com
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The first leaks were that the Phenom II could hit 4 GHz on aircooling alone, though we obviously wonder how extreme that air cooling is.Well today AMD had some actual demonstrations at their gathering, and thePhenom II was able to hit 5 GHz at 1.6v by using dry ice cooling. Dry iceis CO2, and it goes directly from solid to gas (sublimation) at atemperature of -109.3 F (-78.5C for the rest of the world) at 1 atmosphere.So with some pretty extreme cooling (non-LN) the Phenom II does show that ithas some legs in the clock speed department.

Lian Li Maxima Force 750 Watt Power Supply @ modders-inc.com
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The growing demand of PC users for high-end products andoutstanding performance has initiated Lian Li to declare a new series ofPower Supply Units (PSU) entitled

Intel Core i7-920 Processor BX80601920 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Today we are releasing the third review in our Core i7 series which focuses on the features and performance of the Intel Core i7-920. The

ASUS EN9800GT Matrix 512MB @ pcper.com
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The 9800 GT does not OFFICIALLY support 3-Way SLI even though thecard sports the necessary SLI connection for it. The answer from ASUS isthat because the 9800 GT Matrix shares some manufacturing options with othercards, the connectors were left on for easy transition. If someone were soinclined, they could likely modify the firmware in such a way to activatethat second SLI connector and perhaps get a set of 9800 GTs workingtogether.

NorthQ Siberian Tiger II Water Cooler @ jonnyguru.com
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Back at the end of April, I took a look at the NorthQ SiberianTiger water cooling kit. Today we are taking a look at the Siberian Tiger II watercooling kit, which is the bigger brother due to its use of a 240mm radiatorcompared to the little brothers 120mm radiator. Will the extra liquidcapacity, increased radiator size, and dual 120mm fans give it the edgeyou're looking for? Well let's jump in and find out.

NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller @ pcper.com
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The NZXT Sentry LX is a great looking fan controller that allowssetting and monitoring the speed of multiple fans and monitoring up to fivechannels of temperature along with displaying the time and date. The unitis easy to install and setup and the accuracy of the displayed fan speedsand temperatures are good for all channels. One potential watch-out is the4W per channel power limitation.

Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad @ rbmods.com
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Every now and then various manufacturers publish strange products.Sometimes those products come with great success. Generally those productsare fun for a week or two, and then they lie around your cabinet after thepurchase. This time we have an opportunity to review Evercool's Boosterwrist cooler.

Sapphire Radeon HD4650 OC Edition 512mb GDDR3 @ modders-inc.com
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Are you looking for a budget graphic card for your HTPC withenough kick to really game with? A graphic card that is energy efficient butalso has enough power to play the latest and greatest games. If that's notenough for you how about you throw in 320 stream processing units, up to 1GBof memory and support for Microsoft DirectXR10.1 games, the ability to watchBlu-Ray movies and play HD content. Well Sapphire Tech has done just thatwith the HD 4650 OC edition graphics card. Not possible you say?

Hardware Leaderboard Update @ pcper.com
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The Dream Leaderboard gets the Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processorselling for just over $1000 as it comes with fully unlocked overclockingsupport and the top speed of 3.2 GHz stock. I chose the Gigabyte EX58-UD5motherboard for this system mostly due to the fact that it was the ONLYboard showing up when I made this update, though it is still a featurepacked and competent solution. The only other change here was to the memorysystem that gets a bump up from 4GB to 6GB thanks to the triple-channelmemory controller integrated on the CPU.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4550 @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-15-08] (0 Comments)

Anybody who knows graphics cards, knows Sapphire. They have been amain player in the ATI graphics card market for what seems like an eternity.Is the HD4550 the benefactor of its higher performing siblings, or is it oneof those

GlacialTech GP-AL 650A Powersupply @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a powersupply from Glacialtech. Theyhave released a new interesting PSU that has a thermal controller which evenstops the fan if possible to reduce noise. It comes at a nice 650W which isquite optimal today and it also seems to have most of the features that isneeded for our current and coming hardware. Lets get this review going andcompare it vs some other well performing PSU=B4s on the market.

ATI Stream Computing:From the desktop to the datacenter @ pcper.com
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AMD claims to have 2 million HD 4000 series GPUs in the marketcreating a pretty large user base for ATI stream compatible applications.As of today, stream applications are NOT enabled with publicly availabledrivers but that will be addressed in the next revision of Catalyst comingin December. Once that update is ready, all 2 million of the Radeon HD4000-series cards should be stream compute ready and will be able todownload the new Avivo Transcoder for free as well.

Antec NeoPower Blue 650W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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I've looked at several Antec power supplies lately, and this timeI'm looking at a new take on a Seasonic based platform introduced with theTruepower Trio line. Only this time, there are blue LEDs and it's modular.

Corsair Flash Voyager - Part 1 (8GB) @ jonnyguru.com
[Nov-13-08] (0 Comments)

Today's review is actually the first part of a two part review.Recently, Corsair released their Voyager 64GB flash drive. 64GB? Good lord!That's 30 times larger than the hard drive I had 10 years ago! It's probablystill larger than the hard drives of some of our readers. Unless you have abig MP3 or porn collection, 64GB is pretty hard to fill up.

Sapphire HD4850 512MB Video Card @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Nov-12-08] (0 Comments)

ATI have done very well with the 4850 and Sapphire has done just as well with the implementation of the card and bundle. Sapphireís 4850 can be found for around £110 online which while not the cheapest 4850 is one of the lower priced 4850ís out there. When combined with the decent bundle of parts and software it makes this good value for money in terms of the 4850ís out there.

Coolmax CUG-950B 950W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
[Nov-11-08] (0 Comments)

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Coolmax's 950W PSU and wereimpressed by the quality and stable voltages. Coolmax also offers a 750WPSU, the Coolmax RM-750B 750W PSU, which they claim has a high level ofperformance with a lower price point. Will the reduced power prove to be toomuch of a sacrifice? Let's find out as we take a closer look at this powersupply.

QNAP TS-209 Pro II NAS @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-10-08] (0 Comments)

QNAP TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS is an all-in-one, high performanceNAS server designed for storage-hungry modern business and SOHO users tosave, back up, manage, and share data. It also satisfies the needs of modernbusiness for centralized data management and brings more value-addedfeatures plus the hardcore home network users.

CrazyPC Red EL Neon Wire Kit @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

Did you know that lighting is one of the most effective ways andprobably the most commonly used ways to draw attention, highlight oraccentuate just about anything imaginable? Yep, even custom street rods andyou guessed it, custom computers .Well, CrazyPC has just what you need to help you accomplish a wide array ofvery easy lighting effects

Icy Box IB-250 2,5" External HDD Enclosure @ rbmods.com
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

Today one of the main things people are looking for is size andperformance/size and when it comes to harddrives the flash drives are slowlycoming onto the market but there are competitors like a 2.5

Zalman GS1000 Professional Full-Tower Enclosure @ pcper.com
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

Overall I like this case. The fit and finish is excellent and theblend of high-gloss (black or Titanium) and brushed aluminum finishes looksgreat. There is plenty of room inside to work along with good cablemanagement. There are also plenty of drive bays along with three hot-swapbays for internal HDDs. The GS1000 has the potential for very good casecooling but you will most likely have to add more fans to take fulladvantage.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 Dual-GPU Graphics @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

Sapphire is best know for taking an ATI product, and making better. It's rare that an AMD partner takes engineering into their own

QNAP TS-509 Pro Gigabit 5-Bay SATA NAS Server @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-07-08] (0 Comments)

When corporate funds are tight, companies find new ways to reduce operating costs wherever they can. As a network administrator for

Cooler Master CM 690 NVIDIA Edition Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-06-08] (0 Comments)

Cooler master is well known for a wide variety of PC accessories. The line-up consists of heatsinks, power supplies, fans, external

ASUS Eee PC 1000H 160GB Netbook @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-05-08] (0 Comments)

Just over a year ago, Asus launched its Eee PC series of notebooks, prompting quick competition and innovation throughout the market.

Asus 901 Eee PC @ rbmods.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

Today=B4s hottest thing is the new ultra portable EEE laptops fromAsus. Alot of companies have started to manufacture similar products butAsus is still leading in the market. What can we expect from this smalllittle

2008 Supplementary PSU Roundup - Part 1 @ jonnyguru.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

Today we're looking at two units in one review. Back when thereally power hungry video cards first started appearing, somebody somewhererealized that these cards were surpassing the ability of the averagecomputer power supply to power. Especially at risk were the

NZXT Cryo LX Notebook Cooler @ modders-inc.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

NZXT, a company more known for it's gaming cases and products, hasentered the notebook cooler arena in a Large way, introducing to thenotebook cooler market, the Cryo LX, which boldly boasts in large letteringon the front of the retail box, ... World's largest full aluminum notebookcooler.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

ATI has learned that being the king of graphics means you must raise the bar for performance with each product release. The Radeon HD

Nehalem on OCAU @ overclockers.com.au
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---The changes we get with Nehalem are similarly radical and as far reaching as the change from Pentium 4 to the ďCoreĒ microarchitecture in June 2006. Intel has not only redesigned the microarchitecture but also the system architecture - most importantly the way the processor cores are communicating with each other, the memory subsystem, and peripherals.---

Nehalem Revolution:Intel's Core i7 Processor Complete @ the fact
[Nov-03-08] (0 Comments)

Intel's new Core i7 series of processors is a modern marvel oftechnology that brings previously inaccessible performance to the consumer.In areas where multi-threaded applications are dominant, heavy multi-taskingis the norm or multimedia encoding is the primary function, the move to aHyperThreaded Core i7 part is a no brainer. But Intel's biggest problemmight not have anything to do with AMD or another outside source:the factis that the Core 2 Quad processors are still fantastic performers, widelyavailable and pretty damn cheap. Anyone that has a quad-core system willlikely not find a compelling performance benefit to upgrade from it to aCore i7 unless they subscribe to one of the usage models mentioned above.Intel has definitely attempted to curb this dilemma with the introduction ofthe $284 Core i7-920 and I think that this CPU will find its way into manyof our reader's machines.

Intel Core i7 CPU & DX58SO X58 Platform @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-03-08] (0 Comments)

We at Benchmark Reviews consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been chosen by Intel as one of those review sites to showcase the

NZXT Cryo LX Notebook Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Nov-01-08] (0 Comments)

Recently, we've had a chance to review a few different products fromNZXT, a manufacturer of a variety of computer and gaming accessories, andmostly have been impressed with their quality and attention to detail. Todaywe'll look at another one of their offerings, the NZXT Cryo LX NotebookCooler. Will this cooler prove to blow away the competition? Let's find outin this review.

A.C.Ryan Udock USB & eSATA docking station @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Nov-01-08] (0 Comments)

For this review I will be taking a look at a product from a company that whilst not totally unknown unless you are into modifying your pcís you may not have heard of as a lot, but not all, of their products are used for modifying pcís. The item I am reviewing is a hard drive docking station the Udock from AC Ryan, yes thatís correct a docking station NOT a caddy, all will be revealed.

Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 4GB Memory @ modders-inc.com
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The Extreme Performance Enhanced Latency modules are designed tooperate at 1066MHZ with 5-5-5-15 timings. They utilize Patriots Viper HeatShields with integrated ACC (Aluminum Copper Composite) technology. They aredesigned for maximum performance and stability under extreme overclockingconditions. So let's dig in and find out.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ 896MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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The new KFA2 Galaxy GTX 260+ is showing itself to be formidablecontender in the mainstream performance graphics market. By using the new,upgraded GTX 260+ (aka GTX 270, etc) GPU the KFA2 brand is able to take thata bit further by pushing up the clock rates of the core, shaders and memoryby about 13% producing a much faster than stock graphics card. In mytesting the Galaxy card was able to beat out the highly overclocked EVGAGeForce GTX 260 FTW card and was ALMOST on par with the BFG GTX 280 1GB cardin many cases.

SilverStone Raven Mouse @ modders-inc.com
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The look, balanced feel and cutting edge ideas shows me thatSilverStone is truly serious about the mouse market. If they take some ofthe feed back that has been put out on the web about the Raven, which hasbeen favorable, and tweak it I think that they will have one heck of mouseand most definitely be a serious contender in this market. A job well doneby SilverStone and thank you for pushing the limits on a mouse.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Over the past few years, gaming on the PC has transformed from a niche hobby to a market in and of itself. More and more gaming-grade

Big Bang II debut GeForce driver comparison @ tcmagazine.com
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After a couple of quickies everyone would agree that we're finally ready for some harder lovin' and with Nvidia pitching in that's about to happen today. Here to help pleasure our dirty minds and dusty graphics cards are two GeForce drivers - Nvidia's last official 178 release, the GeForce 178.24 and the second official Big Bang II package coming straight from Santa Clara, the GeForce 180.43 beta.

Dynamic Forum Signatures @ iceteks.com
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This is a revised version of a past iceteks article on making a dynamic signature. This allows you to make your signature image have dynamic content built in.

Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard @ rbmods.com
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Another day another review and today we got Asus latest 9800GT Matrixcard on the bench with DirectX 10 support and 512 mb DDR3 video memory sothis should be a interesting review as we are going to compare it vs someother high performing cards on the market right now.

AVADirect Custom Overclocked Gaming System @ pcper.com
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On the other hand, none of the above mentioned system builderswill let you select components with such detail as AVADirect does on theirwebsite. There are MANY different cases that you can choose from, allkinds of memory vendor brands as well as very specific CPU coolers. Ifyou are an experienced enthusiast that is familiar with brands like CoolerMaster, Thermaltake and others, then you have an advantage in being ableto select from these groups for AVADirect to build your computer from.

NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway @ modders-inc.com
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NZXT and Modders-Inc has teamed up to giveaway one of their greatnew PC mouse, the Avatar. Winning it is easy so just check out the contestpage for the details.

Alienware Area-51 QX9770 CrossFireX System @ pcper.com
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The Alienware Area-51 system is a pleasure to use, is incrediblyfast and offers consumers that want a high performance gaming PC, but don'thave the desire to build it themselves, the ability to get the best hardwareavailable. Our test system included a top-of-the-line processor,motherboard, graphics cards, sound card, storage devices and more - many ofthese same components can be found in our

ECS P43T-A2 Motherboard @ modders-inc.com
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Not everyone can afford to spend lots of money on a motherboard orneed all the extra fancy stuff you can get. This is where companies likeElitegroup (ECS) come into play with their budget minded boards. Today weare going to be taking a look at one of those products, the ECS P43T-A2V1.0.

NVIDIA Release 180 Drivers:Big Bang II, Far Cry 2, Multi-monitor @ pcper.com
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Overall, I am impressed with the new features that NVIDIA has addedbut still find myself wanting in regards to multi-monitor support. As aperson who is permanently attached to having more than one display, the needfor more robust and friendly options is must. For me, as a user of threemonitors, I still don't find SLI to be a viable option as it requires athird graphics card outside the SLI window and is really a pain. If twomonitors is your bag, you will likely find the 'Big Bang II' release to bethe answer to your multiple monitor woes.

AMD Radeon HD 4830 512MB - Do we need another sub-$150 GPU? @ pcper.com
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The HD 4830 512MB is obviously a strong contender in this area andputs the GeForce 9800 GT on notice becoming the best card you can get forless than $130. In our gaming tests I saw the HD 4830 clearly outpace theGeForce 9800 GT in both Call of Duty 4 and Crysis, two games that areusually quite favorable to NVIDIA's GPUs and drivers. Bioshock alsoperformed well on the HD 4830 but the tests at 2048x1536 indicate to me thatthe cards are about equal in this title.

Thermaltake Ram Orb Memory cooler (+ Gskill DDR3 1800) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Thermaltake have sent us some of their aftermarket RamOrb RAM coolers, but the package that we were sent for this review was rather unusual, in being that Thermaltake have partnered with GSkill and the RamOrbs came installed complete with 2GB DDR3 at 1800Mhz of GSkill memory (which was a very nice realisation when it was discovered).

Raidmax Aura Case at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
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Raidmax has introduced a new member to its Performance SeriesGaming Cases, the Raidmax AURA. A mid-tower computer case.

Asus U6V Laptop @ rbmods.com
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Asus are well known for their high quality products which range allthe way from coolers to laptops. This is the first time we are going to testa laptop from Asus and we got their last super portable U6V model which hasa smaller screen to make it more portable but it still seems to have fastparts inside. At a price around 1500$ this thing better perform well so letstake a closer look.

Antec Signature 650W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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You may recall that the SG-850 received the first 10 out of 10rating I've ever given out for performance, and I have a confession to make:after that product's very impressive showing, I installed it into my maincomputer where it is now running as I type this, displacing a veryimpressive in its own right 1200W unit. Not just any unit can make thatclaim, and you better believe that I want to see how the 650W versionperforms just as much as you all do. Let's get things rolling with a few boxshots.

NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway @ modders-inc.com
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NZXT and Modders-Inc has temed up to giveaway one of their greatnew PC mouse, the Avatar. Winning it is is easy so just check out thecontest page for the details.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse @ rbmods.com
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When you are in the middle of an intense battle in your favorite FPSgame, do you ever wish you could change the sensitivity of the mouse aseasily as changing weapons? The NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse allows you to dojust that with the press of a button and also has a series of lights toindicate what speed has been selected. How does it stand up in both gamingand non-gaming situations? Read on to find out.

HD 4550, HD 4350, Galaxy 9500 GT, S3 Chrome 440 GTX @ pcper.com
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The AMD Radeon HD 4350 was also a strong competitor and with itslower price tag might find its way into your heart if you are looking formultimedia performance more than gaming performance. S3's Chrome 440 GTXwas a disappointment in terms of gaming - there is really no other way tosay it. And at $60 on the S3graphics.com site store, it's actuallycompeting with the HD 4550 and 9500 GT - a battle it can't hope to win.

Honeywell Airlite 900 Bluetooth Speakerphone @ benchmarkreviews.com
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These days it seems that cellular telephones are as commonplace as Starbucks, and motorists are communicating while behind the wheel. It

OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 PC2-8500 4GB @ modders-inc.com
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We will be doing our testing on Vista 64 and also seeing how wellit works with our E8400 test rig. We know that OCZ has shown to offer someoutstanding memory in the past and hope to see the 4GB kit hold up.

NZXT Guardian 921 Case @ rbmods.com
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With the large number of case manufacturers on the market, we here atRbmods.com don't get a chance to review every case on the market. But it'sstill exciting when we get to evaluate a new company's case, especially whenthey offer features that stand out amongst the crowd. Today we get to lookat a case from NZXT, a provider of a wide range of computer and gamingaccessories, called the NZXT Guardian 921 Case. Will this case turn a buildinto a computer rig everyone will want? We will find out in this review.

NVIDIA's GeForce 9400/9300 Chipset :IGP for Intel @ pcper.com
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The introduction of the most recent NVIDIA chipset with integratedgraphics for the Intel platform has been expected for quite some time. Codenamed the MCP7A, news of the chipset goes back to the middle of 2007 when weactually thought we would see it before the end of that year. Obviouslysome delays happened, either on the technical or legal side of things, andthe product was delayed long enough for us to be writing about it officiallyfor the first time in October of 2008. In fact, it is that delay thatactually gave AMD's 780G chipset the IGP edge; but that isn't exactlyrelevant while we are talking about Intel-based platforms today.

MSI Radeon HD 4850 Video Card R4850-512M @ benchmarkreviews.com
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MSI takes what ATI started, and clean up a few rough edges. There's no doubting the performance potential of any Radeon HD 4850, but

R&B and TomTom presents a TomTom GO 930 Giveaway @ forum.rbmods.com
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Today we are starting our next contest together with TomTom. We aregiving away their latest GPS so check in on the forum and follow the simplerules for a chance to win a nice TomTom Go 930.

Palit GeForce 9800 GT Super+ 1GB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It's a great time for those in the market for a new video card, in just a few short months we've seen the debuts of over half a dozen

Silverstone OP1000-E 1kW PSU @ jonnyguru.com
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Back in January of aught seven, the founder of this very sitepitted two of the biggest and baddest against each other to see which ofthem rose to the top. Those two power supplies were the newly releasedSilverstone OP1000 and the PC Power and Cooling Turbocool 1kW.

Sapphire HD 4870 TOXIC Edition @ modders-inc.com
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What we have come to expect from Sapphire is that when a top tiergraphics card has been released a newer and more powerful one will be on theway and branded with the Toxic name. They have done it again with thepowerful HD 4870 by cranking up the numbers and by adding a heat pipecooling system.

Thermaltake Blacx Docking Station N0028USU @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Every once in awhile a product comes along that makes you wonder why someone hadn't thought of it earlier. A product that makes so much

Pioneer Blu Ray / DVDRW (BDC-202BK) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I am going to be looking at another product from a company that doesnít immediately spring to mind when talking about the computer hardware industry. The company in question is Pioneer and the product is one of their new Blu Ray / DVDRW combi drive the BDC-202BK. Coming from a household name like Pioneer I expect nothing less than the best, even though Pioneer isnít generally known for computer hardware.

Reduce Your PC Running Costs @ reviewspring.com
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As world energy costs are on the rise, one really easy way to save some money around the home is to reduce your PC running costs. It is quite common for some people to leave their computer running 24/7, along with the connecting peripherals. If for example you have a high end PC and LCD monitor, you could be using up to 350W under heavy load and 200W when idle. If you have a CRT monitor these figures could be even higher. Assuming that the average load is 275W and you leave your PC on 24/7, the cost per year would be £241 (at £0.10/kWH). This figure doesn’t even include optional extras that may be left on permanently, such as routers.

Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q3 2008 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When it comes down to it, consumers that shop for aftermarket cooling products only want one thing:the very best their money can buy.

Evercool Transformer 6 CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Companies that make CPU coolers try all different tactics todistinguish their products in the marketplace. One of those tactics is togive a product an interesting name. Evercool, makers of a wide range ofcooling solutions for PCs, has a new product, the Evercool Transformer 6 CPUcooler, which promises to show you extreme performance. Will this coolerprove to be more than meets the eye? Let's find out.

GeForce 177 vs 178 quickie @ tcmagazine.com
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Just like an old married couple, after a rather long (four weeks) dry run we're ready for a new quickie to rekindle the love for new graphics drivers. This time, the combatants are Nvidia's last official 177 release, the GeForce 177.92 beta and the first two 178 drives made available - the official and WHQL-certified GeForce 178.13 and the dev-friendly GeForce 178.15.

SilverStone OP1000-E 1,000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The OP1000-E PSU incorporates a single, powerful +12V output thatcan deliver up to 80A (960W) of combined load. Using a single +12V rail isa trend we are seeing in many newer power supplies. Traditionally,manufacturers have created multiple +12V outputs by implementing currentlimiting circuits into their design to conform to the old 240 VA maximumguidelines - no single output should exceed 240 VA (12V x 20A = 240 VA).Having multiple current limited +12V outputs can lead to power distributionproblems, particularly with some power-hungry video cards. Delivering asingle, powerful +12V output is a better approach IMHO.

Olevia/Syntax 242T FHD 42-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With analog broadcasts terminating in February, you can bet HDTVs will be a hot item this holiday season. What was once considered a

Synology DS408 4-Drive SATA RAID Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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As a network administrator for several small and medium businesses, I am used to seeing pedestal servers with expensive Windows Server

Sapphire Radeon HD 3450 LP @ aselabs.com
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When readers come to ASE Labs and see a graphics card review, they expect to find a high speed entry with a bunch of bells and whistles. There is another section of the market that ASE Labs reaches and that is the mainstream builders and entertainment PC builders. These types of buyers have very different requirements than the so-called enthusiast. Speed and performance take a back seat to form factor, noise, and features. Most small cases only support low profile cards and the Sapphire Radeon HD 3450 steps in to provide the video on your entertainment system.

Hiper Osiris Mid-Tower Enclosure @ pcper.com
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The power supply is designed to mount in the bottom of the chassis,which helps keep the case's center of gravity low for better stability.Note the bottom intake air opening directly under the PSU location. Thisallows a power supply with a bottom intake fan to pull cool outside room airdirectly into the PSU and then exhaust it out the back of the case.

Keelog USB Keylogger @ rbmods.com
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Every now and then, the idea of knowing what your friend might typeon his computerpops in mind. Keelog has provided us their newest product Keelogger FlashUSB keylogger, which saves everything you type on your computer to tiny USBflash memory and allows you to read it whenever you want. The currentproduct line includes PS/2 and USB keyloggers with 2MB, 512MB or 2GB ofmemory.

AMD Radeon HD 4670 512MB - Good gets cheaper @ pcper.com
[Oct-04-08] (0 Comments)

The Radeon HD 4670 looks even better when we take that long-debatedquestion of multi-GPU tactics into account. We saw scaling that reachedinto the 80% and above range with our pair of HD 4670s - something that ispossible only because the GPU is most definitely the bottleneck in ourgaming tests. The upgrade potential 3-6 months down the road for a userbuying one of these GPUs today is compelling - $90 (and probably lower thanthat in the future) is a much easier cost to swallow for a sweet increase ingaming performance.

Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB Retail and RAID Testing @ pcper.com
[Sep-22-08] (0 Comments)

After having played with the final, retail versions of theVelociRaptor hard drive, I have no less excitement about the drives than Idid before. While the raw performance of the hard drives might have beenmuted slightly with the release of the Intel X25-M solid state drive, thereare many issues that keep that from getting the typical enthusiast usersattention including capacity and cost. Western Digital's 300GB VelociRaptorremains the best storage solution for users looking for top performance andreasonable capacity.

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo @ rbmods.com
[Sep-21-08] (0 Comments)

If you have ever bought a Logitech product you know that they makelarge variety of diverse products for your computer. I have for a long timebeen impressed with their keyboards and mice and today we got a combo kit toreview from Logitech. We got their latest Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard andMouse combo that really seems to have all the necessary features to make ityour number one choice. Lets have a closer look a the features this kit has.

GMC K2 Ebony Multi Media tower @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-20-08] (0 Comments)

Having previously reviewed the K1 case from GMC I was excited to get hold of their next model; the K2. In my opinion they have made the case even more attractive and the buttons on the front of the case easier to use. On the K1 I didnít like how the bottom USB (etc) cover wasnít spring loaded to lock shut, but on the K2 GMC have sorted that out with a much better cover system.

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
[Sep-18-08] (0 Comments)

The Dream System sees a pretty big shift this month going from anNVIDIA-based GPU system (as it has been for quite some time) to the AMDRadeon HD 4870 X2 2GB card. This of course forced our hand into removingthe EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard from the list so that we could infact enabled CrossFireX support up to 4 GPUs on two of the 4870 X2 cards:welcome the ASUS Rampage Extreme X48 motherboard!

Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks @ rbmods.com
[Sep-18-08] (0 Comments)

Todays review will actually be about a notebook mouse. When it comesto notebooks people tend to want a normal mouse to work with but it might behard to carry around a bulky big mouse with a wire or big signal receiver.Logitech have solved both of these problems by releasing the V550 NanoCordless mouse. There is no cord nor is there a big bulky receiver, how havethey done it then?

Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 500W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[Sep-17-08] (0 Comments)

Not too long ago, I took a look at a new line of Toughpower unitsfrom Thermaltake that boasted a fancy schmancy frameless fan that promisedfantastic performance with not a lot of noise to go with it. Today, I'mlooking at the 500W little brother of that unit, the Toughpower QFan 500W.

Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 Enclosure @ ngohq.com
[Sep-16-08] (0 Comments)

Today we have the chance to look at the Icy Box IB-3218 external enclosure. What makes this enclosure different from so many others? Well his enclosure supports two SATA hard drives across a single USB 2.0 cable unlike many that only have room for one. Our thanks go out to Tagan for providing us with this review sample; they also make some interesting cases and power supplies. The contents consist of the Icy Box enclosure, backup software, driver CD, a USB cable, a small external power supply and a rather limited manual. The CD offers a USB driver for those users still stuck in Windows 98 world along with FNet PCClone EX Lite backup software.Installation was very straight forward we just had to remove two screws from the bottom of the unit so that the internals could slide out and house our SATA hard drive. The unit will support two drives but for our testing we only had one drive available to us. The drive just slides into place and connects to the provided ports for power and data transfer. The image that follows shows a drive in the tray, and where to secure the drive by using two screws on each side of the drive.

Cooler Master UCP 1100W PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-16-08] (0 Comments)

The wattage rating label for the PSU, as you can see on the specifications page, up to 1000W of the 1100W that this PSU can supply can be drawn from the 12v rails. That is a seriously beefy amount of 12v power. The UL number indicates that this PSU has been made by Cooler Master, which means it hasnít been outsourced to another company and just had Cooler Master stickers thrown on it.

Raidmax IceCube SFF Micro ATX Case @ modders-inc.com
[Sep-15-08] (0 Comments)

The Raidmax IceCube is considered to be the mini version of theRaidmax IceBerg. The Raidmax IceCube is a SFF (Small Form Factor) casebasically designed to be a LAN party case.

Dell XPS M1730 Notebook - Intel Core 2 Duo X9000 Powered @ pcper.com
[Sep-14-08] (0 Comments)

Armed with the fastest mobile hardware money can buy; it is nosurprise to find that the Dell XPS M1730 offers blistering performance innearly any game or application. Here, the combination of Intelís latestPenryn processor, NVIDIA SLI graphics, RAID-0 drive configuration, andother flagship components have provided us with the highest mobile scoreswe have ever seen in our benchmarks. Simply put, the Dell XPS M1730 is thefastest notebook we have ever had in our labs.

NVISION 08 Video @ modders-inc.com
[Sep-12-08] (0 Comments)

With NVISION 08 just a few weeks ago Modders-Inc brings you avideo review of the event. Modders-Inc site member Stealth was able tocreate an awesome video that highlights the NVISION event. Four differentvideo sizes are available to view.

Pioneer DVR-116DBK DVD Burner @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-10-08] (0 Comments)

Today I am going to be looking at a product from a company that isnít usually associated with the computer hardware industry. The company is Pioneer and the product is one of their new DVD rewriterís the DVR-116DBK. Coming from a big household name like Pioneer I expect it to be cutting edge, even though Pioneer isnít generally known for computer hardware.

SilverStone Nightjar ST45NF 450W Fan-less PSU @ pcper.com
[Sep-09-08] (0 Comments)

The SilverStone Nightjar ST45NF fan-less power supply is a uniqueproduct designed for a niche market. Under the right conditions it candeliver up to 450W of clean, well-regulated DC power with support for ahigh end video card. However, for this unit to operate successfully(especially at higher loads) you must pay close attention to the type ofcase you use, the amount of case airflow, and meeting the 25įC ambient airrequirements.

Overclocking the NVIDIA GeForce Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-09-08] (0 Comments)

Overclocking can take on many forms, and experiments can range from minor product improvements to a total re-engineering project that

Intel X25-M 80GB Solid State Hard Drive @ pcper.com
[Sep-08-08] (0 Comments)

Intel boasted quite a bit about the performance of its entry intothe solid state drive market and as it turns out all the hype wasjustified - the Intel X25-M 80GB SSD is screaming fast and blows away allof previous best storage options! The benefits of solid state drives,including incredibly low random access times and consistent random andsequential read speeds, are all apparent with Intel's drives but in manyareas the performance of the X25-M was well above even our previouslytested SSDs. Anything that involved reads from the drive, such as burstrates and sustained read tests, saw a big performance advantage forIntel.

Super Talent PICO - C Gold 8 gig - Limited edition @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-08-08] (0 Comments)

Super Talent have created a new line of tiny Flash Drives that not only offer you the best in style but also performance as well. Today we are taking a look at Super Talents new Gold PICO USB Drive. Available from 1GB, right through to an amazing 8GB, in such a tiny space which is really setting a high standard in the small USB market. Super Talent sent me the largest size available in there range of 8GB and I canít wait to get started on this review so letís get started shall we.

Enermax Aurora and Caesar Scissor-switch Keyboards @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-08-08] (0 Comments)

Keyboards are a very personal piece of pheriferal hardware, and the one-size-fits-all approach rarely satisifies everyone involved. As a

WolfKing Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-05-08] (0 Comments)

Today's PC gaming enthusiast is always on the lookout for the edge that will put him or her above other players. A performance gaming

Skullcandy ComTi Multimedia Headphones @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-03-08] (0 Comments)

SkullCandy have in my opinion have a great headset here, not only does it sound good, it comes with the best warranty in the market, come on do you think any of the other brands would replace the unit at 50% of the cost if you jump up like a lunatic to celebrate and snap the cable? I think not, and you just would be silly to ignore that kind of warranty!

NZXT Tempest Crafted Series Mid-Tower Case @ pcper.com
[Sep-03-08] (0 Comments)

The NZXT Tempest mid-tower enclosure is a good looking case thatdelivers excellent airflow with minimal noise. The steel chassis issturdy and provides solid value. Nine interchangeable drive bay locationspermit a lot of flexibility and there is room inside for up to eight HDDswith active air cooling. Overall I like this case a lot and highlyrecommend it to anyone looking for a good balance between excellentfeatures and great value.

CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset @ rbmods.com
[Sep-02-08] (0 Comments)

Using a headset is becoming more of an everyday occurrence, with theincreased popularity of MMOs and VOIP. Why not upgrade the experience with ahigh quality headset? Today we'll be looking at the latest headset fromCyberSnipa, the CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset. We have reviewed products fromthem in the past and have been impressed by their attention to detail andhigh quality product. Read on to find out if this headset continues thattradition.

Lian Li PC7B Plus II Mid-Tower Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-01-08] (0 Comments)

The name Lian Li is synonymous with quality computer cases and computer accessories. They've been in the business for over 20 years and

ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Sep-01-08] (0 Comments)

I currently have a Zaward Gyre CPU cooler fitted so I will be comparing the Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Premium against that. Once I have run the tests on the Zaward Gyre, which is a VERY capable cooler so the Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Premium has some real stiff competition, I will then rerun the tests with the Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Premium cooler fitted. I will also take readings from the PWMIC to see how well the coolers cool the chipset too as the case IS a multimedia case and as such has limited system cooling to keep noise to a minimum.

nMedia HTPCKB Media Center Wireless Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-29-08] (0 Comments)

Setting up an HTPC is the easy part. Making it easy to use on your TV is slightly more difficult. Controlling your HTPC is the hard part.

Asus Maximus II Formula Motherboard @ rbmods.com
[Aug-29-08] (0 Comments)

Today we look at another DDR2 solution from Asus, they still keeppushing out motherboards for the DDR2 market since DDR3 still might have notgot the recognintion it should. This new Maximus 2 board is filled withvarious new features that might come in handy when overclocking, playing,and even just surfing the net. No more crap talk lets get this review on theroad.

Belkin N1 Vision Wireless N Router F5D8232-4 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-28-08] (0 Comments)

If you're in the market for a new router, you will find you have a lot of choices to pick from. There are literally dozens of

Bombshell of NVISION08:SLI goes native on Intel X58 @ pcper.com
[Aug-28-08] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA is going to allow the Intel X58 chipset to natively supportSLI graphics configurations.Let me let that sink in. No need for an nForce 200, no need for any special logic of any kind, noneed for an NVIDIA product but the graphics cards themselves. Obviouslythis is GREAT news for the gamer - now we can finally get high qualitymotherboards that are reasonably priced and will run both NVIDIA SLI and AMDCrossFire GPU configurations. We are very excited about the idea ofunifying our platform selections for the hardware leaderboard, for using asingle motherboard for all our graphics card testing and just excited aboutwhat it means for high-end PC gaming in the big picture.

NVISION08 Summary - Keynote, TWiT UGM, 3D Gaming and GPU Ray Tracing @ pcper.com
[Aug-28-08] (0 Comments)

The note of hardware managed threading and pipeline is counter towhat Intel will be doing with the Larrabee in the near future. Intel'supcoming GPU is completely software managed and the pipeline is nearly 100%programmable with the exception of the texture units. Obviously NVIDIA'sgoal in 2013 will be the same as it is for 2008 - completely merge theability for the GPU to do typical graphics work and general purposecomputational work.

Modders-Inc at NVISION08 @ modders-inc.com
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NVISION08 is underway and Modders-Inc is there. Come take a lookwith us as to what is happening at NVISION08

Inside the Nehalem:Intel's New Core i7 Microarchitecture @ pcper.com
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I mentioned before that Intel is using Nehalem to mark the return ofHyperThreading to its bag of weapons in the CPU battle; the process isnearly identical to that of the older NetBurst processors and allows twothreads to run on a single CPU core. But SMT (simultaneous multi-threading)or HyperThreading is also a key to keeping the 4-wide execution engine fedwith work and tasks to complete. With the larger caches and much highermemory bandwidth that the chip provides this is a very important addition.

TomTom GO 930 @ rbmods.com
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If we look back in time just a few years ago we see that the GPS wasstill quite basic with simple instructions and graphics on how to drive.These days the GPS holds high end graphics, FM transmitters, music players,Bluetooth and video playing functions just to mention a few so we can reallysee that they have gone forward. Today we are going to look at the TomTom GO930 which is one of the latest badboys from TomTom. With a pricetag of 500$this unit better perform extremely well so lets take a look.

Supreme Commander Xbox 360 Competition - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Dearreaders, today marks the launch of our newest competition. To markthe release of Supreme Commander for the Xbox 360, we've beengiven 2 copies of the game to give away. To win all you need to do isbecome a member, and make a few forum posts. What could be simpler?

Thermaltake Power Express 650W VGA PSU @ rbmods.com
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As video card power demand grows, so do power supply outputs;nowadays it's not uncommon to see a 1000W+ power supply being offered. Butwhat if you already have a decent power supply but just want to add a bitmore power for the video cards? Thermaltake, well-known makers of a widerange of computer products, might have the solution in the Thermaltake PowerExpress 650W VGA Power Supply. This dedicated power supply brings seriousamounts of power to your video cards, but is it worth the effort? Read on tofind out more.

IDF Live! Live Blogging from Intel Developer Forum Keynotes and Sessions @ pcper.com
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For the first time at PC Perspective we are going to try a new wayof covering tech events - live. Though I feel somewhat dirty using thetrendy, Web 2.0 term, the best way to describe what we are doing as

Asus EAH 4850 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
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The 4850 videocards seem to be the best bang for the buck cards onthe market right now. Asus has released a TOP version which is a factoryoverclocked card and it also has a big Glacier cooler on it to keep thenoise down. We are going to compare it vs some other high performing cardstoday and see if this TOP card really adds some top performance to it.

HYDRA Engine by Lucid - Multi-GPU Technology with No Strings Attached @ pcper.com
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The distribution engine as it is called is responsible for readingthe information passed from the game or application to DirectX before itgets to the NVIDIA or AMD drivers. There the engine breaks up the variousblocks of information into

Silverstone Zeus ZM1200M 1200W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Last month, I took a look at one of the most powerful unitsSilverstone has to offer, the ZU1200M .Today, I'm checking out the modular version of this unit and am anxious tosee whether or not it performs as good as, better, or worse than its nonmodular brother. I'm sure you're all anxious to find that out as well, solet's delay no more.

Vantec NexStar USB/eSATA Hard Drive Dock @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Vantec product we had the opportunity to look at today is notyour typical external hard drive device. It is the Vantec NexStar Hard DriveDock which supports both 2.5

Gigabyte EP45-DS3L S-Series Intel P45 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today, I will be looking at the EP45-DS3L, Gigabyte's economy-pricedP45 motherboard. This is probably the least expensive newly releasedmotherboard I have seen coming from either of the top two motherboardmanufacturers in a very long time, and obviously marketed towards thosebuyers looking at buying boards from ECS, ASRock, or one of the othermanufacturers that build budget motherboards. Will the EP45-DS3L meet thehigh standards that we have come to expect from a Gigabyte motherboard, withfeatures found on its bigger brothers? Read on to see!

Vantec NexStar MX NST-400MX-SR @ modders-inc.com
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This External enclosure supports JBOD, Individual, Raid 0, andRaid 1 modes for effective storage management .It also has the Ability to accept two drives with a total capacity of 2TB.

Cooler Master Passive Hyper Z600 CPU Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today we are looking at their mammoth Hyper Z600, a Passive capable CPU cooler that weighs over a kilogram(!) and towers over 6Ē high. While my motherboard sweats nervously in a corner, at the thought of supporting this giant cooler, letís take a look at the product packaging.

OCZ Rally2 Turbo 4GB Flash Drive @ tcmagazine.com
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Looking at the drive tested today it’s quite impressive realizing how much one word - Turbo - can make a difference. While it kept the basic design of the Rally2 intact, OCZ has went all-out with the skin/metal casing deep enhancements and made the Turbo drive a lot more attractive by giving it a substantial boost in transfer speed.

ECS P45T-A Intel P45 Chipset Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The stock performance of the board was right were it should be. Eventhough it utilized memory bandwidth that was about 33MHz slower (DDR2-800vs. DDR2-1066), it was not enough to cause more than slight variances inbenchmark numbers. I would have liked to see ECS include support for thefaster FSB and Memory speeds, as the chipset clearly seems to support it onalmost all the other P45 based products. Why ECS choose not to follow suiteremains a mystery to me.

Crucial Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at another DDR3 kit on the market, thistime it comes from Crucial. We got their PC3-10600 kit for review which isthe first DDR3 kit that we look at from Crucial.

Mtron Pro 7500 32GB SATA-II SSD MSP-SATA7525 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Solid State Drives have become a subject of keen familiarity for Benchmark Reviews over the past year. After testing more than a dozen

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB - AMD's Triumph @ pcper.com
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There is little room to debate that the new AMD Radeon HD 4870 X22GB is the best performing graphics card on the market. By combining thepower of a pair of RV770 GPUs along with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, the R700design is able to run away from NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 280 1GB card handily.Our various game tests proved this - Crysis, Call of Duty 4 and GRID showedbig gains for AMD's new card at resolutions 2048x1536 and 2560x1600 thoughthey were minimal at 1600x1200.

6 Way Digital Photo Frame Round up @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today we have got something special for all you readers out there interested in getting a Photo Frame, we have got Six Digital Photo Frames to get your paws into in a round up. Which one will prove itself the best out of the Six in image quality and usability? Youíll have to read on to find out. The Six Photo Frames we have here range from a portable 1.5 inch right the way through to an 8 inch digital display that prints.

Thermaltake Toughpower 1,500W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Why anyone would actually want (let alone need) a 1,500W power supp ly is a very good question, but if you are in the market for a very high ou tput PSU, the Toughpower 1,500W deserves consideration. The Toughpower 1,5 00W PSU exhibited very good voltage regulation along with good efficiency. Active PFC, modular sleeved cables, and a 5-year warranty are all nice-to- have features. On the down side the unit gets quite warm, the fan noise is loud and the AC ripple approaches maximum allowable values at high loads.

QNAP TS-409U Rackmount NAS @ thinkcomputers.org
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QNAP wowed ThinkComputers a while back with its TS-109 Pro NAS, asmall, aluminum-cased, single-drive unit. QNAP has grown quite a bit sincethen, and recently released a larger unit for its small business andcorporate users, the TS-409U. The TS-409U is a quadruple bay rackmount NASwith support for up to 4 TB of space in a variety of storage configurations,including RAID5 and RAID6. Its variety of server software, including a fullLAMP stack and printer server, can provide usefulness and utility to usersat all levels of technical know-how and work goals.

NZXT Sentry LX High Performance Fan Controller @ rbmods.com
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We've seen a lot of fan controller designs here on rbmods.com,everything from simple knobs to more elaborate controllers. Today we get achance to look at a new fan controller from NZXT, the NZXT Sentry LX HighPerformance Fan Controller. Will this product live up to its

Corsair Dominator XMS3 DDR3-1600C9 Memory @ pcper.com
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Most readers would consider memory modules to be moving the way of acommodity item for a gaming or enthusiast PC - we aren't quite there yet butare getting closer. That is why products like the Corsair XMS DDR3-1600C9kits are going to become more and more popular - these are memoryconfigurations that are both fast and easy to install. There islittle-to-no legwork necessary by the end user to reach these speeds andthat is what MOST users want.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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As enthusiasts build high-end computers which require more and morepower for the multiple processors, multiple graphics cards, and multiplehard drives in these rigs, power supply manufacturers, such as CoolerMaster, churn out power supplies with increasingly higher wattage to handlethese power-thirsty devices. Cooler Master sent ThinkComputers the nextgeneration of its Real Power Pro series, the six-12V-railed 1250W monsterwith enough connectors and juice to power just about anything one couldthrow at it.

The Silent Release of the 740G @ pcper.com
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The greatest strength of this platform is likely the powerconsumption. At idle, with 2GB of memory, a 500 GB HD, a BD drive, and a X24050e, the system was pulling a very meager 55 watts from the wall. At fullload it was pulling 91 watts. If we consider that the Atom and Nanoplatforms that Ryan tested last week were around the same idle power, it isimpressive to think that a comparatively fast dual core processor with afairly robust integrated graphics portion is sitting in the same area atidle, and at full bore it is about 20 watts higher than the Nano with itsVIA/S3 Chrome based chipset.

Sapphire HD4870 512MB @ modders-inc.com
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The use of the GDDR5 memory, increased bandwidth, DirectX 10.1 anda 55nm GPU it sounds like it should place this card in the higher end of the

ASUS MK241 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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The last LCD monitor we took a look at from ASUS was the 22-inchPG221. It was one of the most amazing LCD's that I have seen and if you area gamer you would definitely love it. One thing that it did lack was a HDMIport. This time around ASUS has sent us their 24-inch MK241 LCD thatfeatures full 1080p HD playback via an HDMI port. Not only that it features3000:1 contrast ration, integrated webcam, and ASUS's Splendid videotechnology. Let's see how the MK241 measures up.

Corsair Flash Voyager Mini @ rbmods.com
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Wehave in the past reviewed various kinds of Corsairs Voyager series, today wehave their newest creation which is a bit smaller than the older Voyagers.Today we will look into the Voyager Mini that has some of the same features asits older brothers. The Mini is quite a bit smaller which will aim for adifferent market. This is still dent and drop resistant and should survivequite a bit of beating.

Vantec NexStar 3i External Hard Drive Enclosure @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Vantec NexStar 3i External Hard Drive Enclosure incorporatespower saving modes to help save power and prolong the life of hard drives.It operates in three power saving modes:idle, stand by, and power down; allof which are automatic. The USB connectivity provides high data transferrates on hard drives with up to 1TB of data. The small design of the NexStar3i takes up very little desk space and even keeps cool with an aluminumcase. Read on further to see how it performs.

abit IP35P - Intelģ P35/ICH9 Chipset on a Budget? @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today we have the IP35P motherboard from abit, this board is one of the lower entries in the abitís P35 chipset range but still has enough features to make a solid machine from it. In my experience though budget boards tend to fall at the wayside, let us hope the IP35P will change that.

Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME P45 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There are two kinds of computer enthusiasts in this world:those with a personal connection to the system motherboard, and those who

Supermicro X7DWA-N Motherboard @ pcreview.co.uk
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I had the opportunity to spend some time testing and evaluating this motherboard with two sets of CPUs and two types of memory. First using two X5482 Harpertowns (3200/12mb/1600) and 4x2 gig of Transcend DDR2-800 FB-Dimms, and later on using two E5450 Harpertowns(3000/12mb/1333).This EATX board is built using the newest 5400 Seaburg chipset with 1600FSB support built in. The layout is a typical EATX 12x13‚ÄĚ design and like previous versions uses 24, 8 and 4 pin connections to the motherboard. With this new series, a 4 pin Molex connector is added to the board for users with higher power needs. There are 8 Dimm slots for quad channel memory support (up to and including DDR2-800 FB-Dimms) for a maximum of 64 gigs. The board comes boxed with 6 SATA cables, I/O shield, IDE cable, and an excellent manual and Cd with all needed software and drivers.

MIME encoded twice @ rbmods.com
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Geeks provided us with todays review product, we are going to take alook at a Blu-Ray player that also is a dvd burner. If you don't knowwhat Blu-ray is I recommend you Google for it as it is the new format thatwill replace DVD in the near future. Blu-ray players are dropping in priceas the become more mainstream, we are going to compare picture quality todayand also see how loud and how well this product works.

Tagan BZ Series 900W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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I have reviewed Tagan's 2 previous power supplies the GuardianX1000W and the ITZ Series 1300W. Both power supplies performed well, butthere was one problem they were not modular. No one wants a ton of wireslaying around in their case. Tagan has a new series of power supplies, theBZ series which not only are modular, but are very attractive as well. Taganwas nice enough to send us the 900W version of the BZ series, let's check itout!

OCZ ReaperX HPC 4GB PC2-6400 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Big as a whale and about to set sail, Benchmark Reviews brings you a review of OCZ's overclocker grade, heatpipe-equipped ReaperX HPC 4GB

SilverStone SST-TS01B RFID External Drive Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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External HDD Enclosures are plentiful and cheap these days. It's tough for a manufacturer to differentiate its products in the

Intel's Larrabee Architecture Overview @ pcper.com
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=93=A0=A0=A0 Several years back Intel let loose that it was developing a new andunique graphics architecture that is aimed at both the enthusiast 3D market,as well as stream computing.=A0 This announcement brought forth an abundanceof opinions which covered the emotional spectrum from great excitement togreat dread.=A0 The excitement was that a proven and innovative processinggiant was entering the graphics arena, and potentially bringing in acompetitive and potentially high performance part which will providecompetition for both AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA.=A0 The great dread was that aproven and innovative processing giant was entering the graphics arena, andpotentially bringing in a competitive and potentially high performance partwhich will provide competition for both AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA.=A0 All jokingaside, other fears are primarily based around Intel's previous graphicsofferings, namely their poorly supported and poorly performing integratedparts.=94

ASRock P45R2000-WiFi P45 DDR2/DDR3 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Our good friends at ASRock feel your pain. Building practicalsolutions for tough problems into motherboards is what they are best knownfor, and they have just released what may be the answer to your problems, anIntel P45 board capable of running both DDR2 and DDR3 memory. This isn't anew idea, a few companies did the same thing with the P35 last year. Mostattempts were less than awesome, but ASRock's board was clearly the bestattempt. With this experience under their belts, ASRock has released theP45R2000-Wifi. Will it be the solution for those wanting a gradual crossoverfrom DDR2 to DDR3? Keep reading to see!

Noctua NF-P12+NF-B9 Quiet Fans @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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A lot of the time I use my computer in the late evenings when the ambient noise is very quiet in my house, so trying to keep PC noise to a minimum is important so as not to annoy me/disturb others. With testing the Noctua NF-P12+NF-B9 fans today I have been treated to a taste of really quiet computing.

NVIDIA Exiting Chipset Business? We take another look... @ pcper.com
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I think the majority of these concerns about NVIDIA's chipset busin ess started with the confirmation that NVIDIA was either not granted a CSI license by Intel (also known as Quick Path Interconnect, the bus for upcomi ng Nehalem/Bloomfield processors) or decided they weren't going to try to a cquire one to make chipsets for the first round of Nehalem processors. Ins tead, NVIDIA has offered up the nForce 200 bridge chip to potential X58 chi pset motherboard vendors to enable and allow SLI technology on Intel's upco ming platform shift. Many in our space saw this is a white flag from NVIDI A, that they weren't able to cut into Intel's chipset business as they'd ho ped.

Asus EAH 4870 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at one of the top of the line cards atthis time. The card costs a bit more than the others on the market so themain question is does the card really perform so well that it's worthputting the money into it. We are going to compare it vs a few other Asuscards that have proven to perform quite well and we will also see if we cantweak a bit more out of the card even though it's factory tweaked already.

Rosewill Xtreme 630W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Rosewill recently introduced the extreme 630W version of its Xtremeseries of extreme power supply units. The Xtreme 630W version retains thequadruple 12V rails and extreme SLI readiness of its more powerful Xtremesiblings, while adequately powering most mid- to upper-mid-end rigs.ThinkComputers goes man and machine, power extreme, in this review of theRosewill Xtreme 630W.

Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler provides more than just CPUcooling. The dual fan design cools the entirety of the upper portion of themotherboard in addition to the CPU. The DuOrb includes double-sided radiantheatpipes disperse the heat through the extensive number of fins surroundeach fan. The mirror coated copper base provides even better heatdissipation between the contact surface and the CPU over other CPU coolers.Read on further for the full review.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For the power hungry overclocker and the bling-happy enthusiast, Benchmark Reviews brings you a review of Crucial Technology's 4GB

How NVIDIA will Invade and Change the Apple MacBook Line this Year @ pcper.com
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To me, there is no doubt that come fall you will find updatedMacBooks and MacBook Pros with NVIDIA chipsets and GPUs inside. An updated13

Cooler Master CSX Broodling Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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We first got a glimpse at the Cooler Master CSX cases at CES. Theyboasted amazing and very unique paint jobs. CSX stands for

MIME encoded twice @ rbmods.com
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Spire is one of the manufacturers everyone knows. Spires productsrange includes everything from computer cases to computer coolers and fromcard readers to USB hard disk enclosures. This time we will have a look ontheir new SATA to USB enclosure.

Robert 'Razerguy' Krakoff Interview @ hardwarebase.net
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We had a chance to ask Robert Krakoff, also known as Razerguy, a fewquestions regarding Razer's new products, development of budget gaming mouseSalmosa, new Mako audio system, e-sport in general and their vision of PCgaming's future.

Raidmax Iceberg Case @ modders-inc.com
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The Raidmax Iceberg case is a mid range enthusiast case. Itfeatures 3 -120mm blue LED fans and 1 - 120mm black rear exhaust fan. Thecase sports two unique one click easy access side panels and is setup withpre-drilled holes for water cooling. This case has a lot of great featuresgoing for it along with plenty of room for your hardware.

Acer AL2002W 20-Inch WS LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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High resolution LCD monitors are everywhere in today's market. Seems that every PC manufacturer these days includes one with their

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT - Budget Gaming Redux @ pcper.com
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That being said, the new GeForce 9500 GT did perform very well whencompared to AMD's current budget level competition, the Radeon HD 3650. TheGeForce 9500 GT was able to play through some of the latest titles at decentimage quality settings very well. A line up like Call of Duty 4, UnrealTournament 3 and Crysis is nothing to sneeze at - especially when you takeinto account the price point that you'll find this card selling for.

VIA Nano and Intel Atom - Battle of the Tiny CPUs @ pcper.com
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For an incredibly inexpensive and low power part, the VIA Nano L2100CPU was very impressive from a performance perspective. Using just 20 wattsor so of power at load the Isaiah architecture running at 1.8 GHz couldhandle our media encoding, our PCMark05 general purpose tests and even alittle gaming. The numbers aren't going to impress you enough to make thisyour next gaming system of choice but for budget notebooks and PCs I caneasily see VIA's part providing enough power.

QNAP TS-209 Pro II @ pcreview.co.uk
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Many small businesses and advanced home users will use some form of external storage device to backup data or store common files across a network. One of the most convenient methods of doing this is to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, which allows you to access network shares from all other PCs connected to the same network. The QNAP TS-209 Pro II provides space for two SATA hard drives, providing ample storage capacity (for example, 2 x 1TB drives). However this NAS unit isn’t quite as simple as just providing access to storage space, it can do a whole lot more.

Thermalright True Black 120 CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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The True Black 120 CPU cooler features a solid copper base, sixU-shaped heat pipes and a large aluminum fin array. Although there arephysically just six heat pipes, the U-shape configuration results in sixevaporator sections (where the heat pipes contact the base and absorb heatfrom the CPU) and twelve condenser sections (where heat is dissipated intothe aluminum fins). As we will see later, this results in a very efficientheat transfer arrangement!

ASUS P5Q-E Intel P45 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I am looking at the Asus P5Q-E, one of Asus' threebudget-minded P45 motherboards, this one supporting CrossfireX, with two x 8slots, and one x 4 slot (the primary PCI-E slot is x 16 when a single videocard is used). It also sports heatpipe chipset cooling, and other featureswe'd expect only on Asus boards costing much more, all with an energy-savingtheme. How will this board stand up to the requirements of enthusiasts? Readon to see.

Zaward Gyre (ZJ010) CPU heatpipe cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I am going to be looking at a product from a company that, until fairly recently, I knew very little about. That company is Zaward and they are best know for their cooling products so it may come of no surprise that the product in question is the Zaward Gyre ZCJ010 cpu cooler. A ďgyreĒ is a vortex so I am hoping for some decent results.

Thermaltake M9D Computer Case @ rbmods.com
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When I choose a computer case, I am often drawn towards a couple ofthings:good looks and cool features that will make building and using thecomputer enjoyable. Thermaltake, makers of a wide variety of computerproducts, sent us a sample of one of their new cases, the Thermaltake M9Dmid-tower computer case, which from the package seems to combine stylishlooks with a sophisticated design. Can their case live up to these loftygoals? Let's find out in this case review.

Auzentech, Asus, and C-Media:As the CMI-8788 Turns @ pcper.com
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The truth finally came out in June of this year, but very few peopleseemed to notice it. Stephane Bae, President of Auzentech, wrote a littleopen letter concerning this situation, a full year after Auzentech stoppedproducing the X-Meridian. The long and short of it is that Asus hadnegotiated with C-Media for exclusive rights to the CMI-8788 chip after acertain date. This meant that Auzentech would have to purchase asignificant number of chips within a week of the original introduction ofthe X-Meridian to keep that part running for the next few years of itspotential lifespan.

CineRaid Quad-bay SATA/SAS RAID Device @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jul-25-08] (0 Comments)

Every now and then, ThinkComputers gets the opportunity to review apiece of hardware which we'd consider dream hardware. Sometimes it'sattainable, but it's excess to most of us. The CineRaid Quad-bay SAS RAIDdevice is one of these. It's an external RAID device:it connects via aPCI-Express Serial Attached Storage card and adds extremely fast andfailure-tolerant storage to a system. It's meant primarily for professionalgraphic artists, but we gamers can drool and perhaps even purchase one ofour own if we have a burning need for speed. ThinkComputers reviews it.

Qpad Giveaway @ forum.rbmods.com
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This time we are going to give away 3 mousepads from Qpad with someminor accessories. These are 30$ mousepads which are extremely high quality;I know this because I've personally have used mine for 4 years now and thepad is still going strong.

Hardware Leaderboard Update @ pcper.com
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What changes did we implement this time around? First, we bumpedthe Q9300 processor up to a Q9550 and changed from a 780i SLI motherboard toan ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard based on the Intel X48 chipset. Why didwe move away from the NVIDIA chipset? The answer is in our GPU - we wentwith the Radeon HD 4870 512MB cards (a pair in CrossFire to be exact)bringing AMD back into the High End System Leaderboard for the first time inquite some time. We also updated to the VelociRaptor hard drive and XonarD2X PCIe sound card.

BFG LS550 550W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Not long ago, I looked into a new line of units from BFG Tech,the LS series. Today, I'll have a look at the 550W model and see how itperforms compared to the 680W. Efficiency is given as greater than 80%typical, and though they don't mention it, this model is 80 Plus certified.You will recall that big brother didn't quite manage to pull that off, andI'll be interested to see what happens on the load tester with this unit.Come in and join me, won't you?

Razer Mako 2.1 THX Certified Multimedia System @ thinkcomputers.org
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Razer and THX have teamed up together to design the Razer Mako 2.1THX Certified Multimedia System. This sound system offers OmniDirectionalspeakers which fill the entire room with surround sound. The Mako comesequipped with an all-in-one touch sensitive control pod which allows youhave the controls right at your fingertips. The control pod also provides3.5mm headphone jack for quiet listening and a 3.5mm auxiliary input jackfor those looking to hookup their iPod or MP3 player. This system certainlybeats others out there in sound quality, even those Bose MP3 player systemsyou might have.

Vizo Milano MIP-100 HDD Enclosure & Multimedia Player @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jul-23-08] (0 Comments)

The picture quality too is as good as, if not better than, the video recorded from my media pc, though I think it maybe not quite as good as DVD quality but it WAS a rip from a DVD so it would have been compressed and therefore cannot be as good. I played it on all outputs, composite, svideo and component and they all worked fine with component giving the best results, as you would expect.

OCZ Core Series SATA-II SSD OCZSSD2-1C64G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The OCZ Core Series delivers the performance and reliability of the latest SSDs at a price per gigabyte other high speed offerings can't

Griffin Wave iPhone Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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It has been a while since the original iPhone was released and stillthere are products coming out for it. As far as cases go I've seen quite afew. It seemed that they were either really bulky, but provided goodprotection or very stylish and provided little protection. Well the Wavecase from Griffin seems to provide good protection, while still lookinggood. Let's take a look...

Zalman ZM750-HP 750W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Zalman has successfully added another high-quality power supply totheir line up. The ZM750-HP power supply's voltage regulation, lineregulation and cross-loading regulation are all very good. The overallefficiency is excellent and AC ripple noise suppression is very good. Undernormal operating conditions (below 500W load) the ZM750-HP is virtuallysilent. The PSU comes fitted with a good assortment of hard-wired andmodular cables that can support dual core CPUs and multiple video cards.

Speedlink VOIP Mouse @ rbmods.com
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Todays product must be one of the oddest things we have reviewedever- and I've seen alot! We are going to take a look at Speedlinks VOIPmouse, this little mouse is the size of a laptop mouse and it opens up to bea corded Skype Phone. You can either receive calls or just make a callyourself. The small display shows you who is online and it allows you tocall straight from the phone, to me those features don't sound to bad buthow well does it actually works is the question I ask myself.

Seventeam Thundering 1000W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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I continue my journey through the offerings of SeventeamElectronics once more this week with my look at one of the first 1000W unitson the market, the ST-1000E-AD. Silverstone fans will recognize this unitbetter as the basis of the original OP1000. Let's see how kind Father Timehas been to this platform.

Modders-Inc podcast interview with mnpctech.com @ modders-inc.com
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This is our final installment of our interview with Bill Owenowner of mnpctech.com. We talk about modding as a business and his newestproject.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 WebCam @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Digital video and digital photography have become inextricably entangled in the lives of people in the 21st century. Cameras are being

Samsung YP-P2 MP3 Player @ thinkcomputers.org
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Keeping up with our recent fascination with touchscreen devices, theSamsung YP-P2 gets rid of most of its physical controls in favor of a userinterface that relies almost exclusively on its large touchscreen display.While it may not necessarily be able to compete against the iPod touch, theSamsung P2 multimedia player still comes with a very healthy smattering offeatures.

Flip Video Ultra Digital Camcorder @ thinkcomputers.org
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Digital video has become extremely popular with websites likeYouTube. With YouTube anyone can upload a video and make it viewable to theworld in minutes. YouTube makes it easy for you, but most digital cameras donot. For one some digital cameras only let you take 30-second clips and theusually they are in some weird format that only your camera software canread. So you have to have some knowledge and software to convert the video.Pure Digital, makers of the Flip Video decided to make things easier for youwith a standalone digital camcorder that is extremely easy to use. Read onas we check out the Flip Video Ultra!

OCZ EliteXStream 1000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The OCZ EliteXStream 1000W proved to be an excellent power supplyand certainly warrants serious consideration if you are in the market for ahigh-quality, high-capacity PSU. It produced excellent voltage regulationand delivers very clean outputs with good efficiency. As if that weren'tenough, the EliteXStream does its job quietly, is 80Plus and NVIDIA SLIcertified, and comes backed with OCZ's premium PowerSwap 5-Year warranty.All that in a relatively compact chassis that only measures 160mm deep.

Novint Falcon @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a cool gaming device from Novint, namedFalcon. This new device will be gamebreaking if the features and hype aboutit are correct. It is a

Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q2 2008 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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After publishing the first quarterly comparison article of the series, our methodology was adjusted to include test results with both

A-DATA Gaming Series DDR2-800 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at a DDR2 4GB kit marketed towards gamers,the A-DATA Gaming Series DDR2-800 5-5-5-12. A-DATA probably isn't your firstchoice for high-performance memory, but in a mere 7 years, they have becomethe second largest vendor of memory modules in the world. Will the GamingSeries memory impress? Read on to see.

ThermalTake Armor+ MX Case @ modders-inc.com
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The case is virtually a tool free design, in fact with theexception of the screws I used for the PSU installation. Managing the cablesand wiring was a snap and Thermaltake even provided the cable managementsupplies and need space in the chassis. Installation in the ThermaltakeArmor+ MX was simply the easiest I have done in a while.

Intel Centrino 2 Platform Launches - New CPUs and Hybrid Graphics @ pcper.com
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We mentioned switchable graphics above as a new power savingstechnology from Intel, but what exactly is it? Think of it as NVIDIA'sHybrid SLI technology for a notebook rather than a desktop; a notebook thathas both discrete and integrated graphics (as all Centrino 2 systems willhave) can either automatically or manually be switched from operating oneither GPU solution. This way you can see the benefits of an IGP solutionfor battery life concerns when necessary or utilize the performance of adiscrete GPU solution for gaming sessions when battery life isn't an issue.

mStation Orb 2.1 Stereo Speaker System for iPod @ thinkcomputers.org
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Without a doubt the iPod is the most popular MP3 player out there.If someone you know has an MP3 player most likely it is an iPod. With thepopularity of the iPod there are a plethora of accessories made specificallyfor the iPod. None is more popular than iPod speaker systems. Today we willbe taking a look at the Orb 2.1 Stereo Speaker System from mStation. Read onto see why it is called the Orb and if it the perfect iPod speaker systemfor you.

BFG LS680 680W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Things in the power supply department over at BFG have beenlooking up in recent months, thanks in no small part to some new staff hiredon over there, and one of the results is a unit I'm looking at today, the LSseries 680W model. Sourced from an OEM I don't know all that much about,Fore Point, the LS680 promises good performance with a good amount of powerat a good price.

Gigabyte EP45-DQ6 Intel P45 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at Gigabyte's latest mainstream LGA775motherboard, the EP45-DQ6. Based on the P45 chipset, and utilizing DDR2memory, this board boasts advanced energy-saving features, something we allhave to think about nowadays. Will this motherboard really save energy? Willit have the overclocking features and capabilities that we enthusiastsrequire? Read on to see...

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 Video Card 100243L @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When it comes to ATI products Sapphire has always offered the most influential graphics cards available, and the new Radeon HD 4870 is no

AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 1GB P - R700 a bit early @ pcper.com
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While it is hard to get a complete outlook of AMD's new Radeon HD4870 X2 1GB card with three games and some 3DMark Vantage numbers, ourinitial outlook for it is very, very good. If those idle power numbers canbe improved upon with the updated PowerPlay BIOS as AMD claims, it will bevery difficult to find weaknesses in AMD's new flagship product. The onlyexception might be the scalability concerns we mentioned above - that's upto AMD's software team to keep up with the PC titles as they arrive.

Cooler Master CSX Custom Painted Chassis - Limited Edition Red Dragon @ pcper.com
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One of the key selling points for these CSX products is the highquality paint and finish that Cooler Master and Smooth Creations are using.In fact, you will actually get a certificate of authenticity with your nameon it verifying that your case has been

Visiontek Radeon HD 4850 Videocard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a ATI HD 4850 videocard from Visiontek.This card is a middle class card but I have seen stats that show this cardshould perform as well as many other high end cards on the market. We aregoing to put it against the Asus 9800GX2 Top and the Asus 3870 X2 videocardto see what type of performance we can expect from this 4850 from Visiontek.

Modders-Inc Interview with mnpctech.com @ modders-inc.com
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We continue our podcast with Bill Owen of mnpctech.com and creator of some of the best modsout there. If you want the inside scoop on modding you really need tocontinue with this series.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red DDR2-800 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Yes, DDR2 is still a viable platform, and still suits well over halfof the enthusiast community just fine. But to put it bluntly, in the past,the PC industry has had no problem creating a new technology, and making theold obsolete, regardless of how we, the enthusiasts, feel about it. Yet herewe are, over a year into DDR3, and we steadily are seeing new DDR2 memoryand motherboards. Today I will be looking at Crucial's latest DDR2 modules,the Ballistix Tracer DDR2-800 4 gig kit. Besides a capability of 4-4-4-12timings, in a market that has seen DDR2 4GB kits for quite some time, whatcan Crucial do to make a PC2-6400 memory kit interesting enough for us totake notice? Read on to see!

First Glimpse of AMD's 45nm Phenom @ pcper.com
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Performance seems improved from the current Phenom, and the additionof the extra L3 cache is likely a good thing. We know that AMD's 45 nmdesign works, which is something we were not necessarily quite sure about upuntil this point. We also know that there is some more headroom in terms ofclockspeed, with the sample hitting 2.8 GHz at 1.224 volts and 3.4 GHz at1.588 volts. The information on the lid of the CPUs indicate that they werefabbed in the 16th and 21st weeks of this year.

Thermaltake SwordM Water Cooling System - Part 2 @ pcper.com
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The SwordM integrated water cooling system proved easy to setup(most of the components come pre-installed) and will deliver acceptableresults for cooling most modern CPUs. However, there are other watercooling systems available (including DIY) that will deliver higherperformance. And if you are not ready for water cooling, the standardSwordM chassis offers excellent airflow for aggressive air cooling.

BFG GeForce 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX ThermoIntelligence @ pcper.com
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Though they might seem outdated we have to say that both the BFGGeForce 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX ThermoIntelligence graphics cards have somelife left them, just as we proved in our recent 9600 GT roundup article. Itis true that there are a BUNCH of graphics options huddled around the$150-$250 price mark now and that could make your decision a bit moreclouded than we'd like but it really comes down to your exact budget andperformance desires. BFG has put both the 8800 GT and 9600 GT OCX TI cardsin a very good position with pricing but I would definitely lean towards the8800 GT OCX model as being the best value in our comparison; that's a lot ofextra performance for just $10.

Silicon Power 64GB SATA Solid State Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Silicon Power has big dreams, but this a cruel world we live in and being the new name in competitive North American computer industry

Silverstone Zeus ZU1200M 1200W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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The Zeus line is the very pinnacle of the power supply offeringsfrom SilverStone, and at long last the platform has made it to the 1200Wlevel. Was it worth the wait? Well... uh... sort of. Come inside and I'llspill the beans.

Dell Axim X51v @ monster-hardware.com
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As mentioned earlier the Dell Axim X51v is refurbished. That means that inside the standard OEM white stickered cardboard box you will find a stylus pen, battery cover, USB Sync cable, power adapter, and new battery, but you will not find an owner's manual or the Dell companion CD. These are not insurmountable obstacles, since the manual is available from Dell in .PDF format. You do, however, miss out on the Dell companion CD, which as far as I know is not available for download from Dell and contains some extra bonus Pocket PC software.

Thermaltake Armor+ MX PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today we got a chance to look at the Thermaltake Armor+ MX VH8000BWSMid Tower Case. The VH8000 series cases, eight total, come in both silverand black and some also include power supplies and pre-installed watercooling systems. Some handy features of this case include a compact designwith an optimal cooling system for both liquid and air systems. The included23cm fan keeps parts cool while being extremely quiet, despite its hugesize. Read on further to learn more about this case.

Qpad CT Mousepad @ rbmods.com
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A few years ago we looked at a few Qpad mousepads and since thenthese pads have been used by us. I have not been able to find another padthat works as well as these and and because of this we are going to look atthe new CT pad which is available in various sizes and colors. This new CTpad lets you choose between a soft or hard top depending on the thicknessyou choose.

Modders-Inc Podcast with mnpctech.com @ modders-inc.com
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This podcast is with owner Bill Owen of mnpctech.com and creator of some of the best modsout there. His recent mod is the AMD

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Sapphire has always offered the most influential ATI graphics products available, and the new Radeon HD 4850 is no different. Although

Sigma SP-700 700W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers liked Sigma's Shark 635W when we reviewed in inFebruary. It was a decent, affordable unit with a unique exterior design.The quad 12V-railed, 700 watt SP-700 is Sigma's newest model, and it ditchesmost of the qualities which made the Shark so unique. Despite its exterior,the functionality of the unit is still pretty decent. Read on, through, andsee where Sigma could improve the SP-700.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 280 AMP! Edition Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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NVIDIA has recently launched the GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 video cards. Both the GTX 280 and GTX 260 products position themselves at

Headphones @ modders-inc.com
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The Razer Piranha is engineered from the ground up to blendperformance, long hours of comfort and functionality, to deliver realisticin-game audio that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding gamer - You.

Thermaltake XaserVI Mx Case @ rbmods.com
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Today its time for another case review, Thermaltake was kind enoughto send us a sample of their XaserVI Mx case for review. This seems to be anice looking medium tower case if we take a quick overview of it but thequestion is how good is the quality, and what kind of new features does ithave that should give it the edge over its competitors? The main featureseems to be that the case is designed for both air and watercooling so letssee if there is enough space to squeeze in a watercooling setup.

Corsair HX1000W Modular Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Corsair took their time and did it right. The new HX1000W modularpower supply is one of the best 1,000W PC power supplies we have tested todate. The HX1000W PSU provides excellent voltage regulation and deliversclean outputs with very good efficiency. As if that weren't enough, theHX1000W does it's job quietly, is 80Plus and NVIDIA Triple SLI certified,and comes backed with a 5-year warranty and 24/7 support. Highlyrecommended!

Coolmax CUQ-1350B 1350W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Once upon a time, a company by the name of Coolmax sought toimpress me with two of their Green Power branded power supplies, and failed.Now, they've sent their biggest and baddest at me, the Green Power 1350W,looking to rectify the situation.

QNAP TS-209 Pro Gigabit SATA NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Shoppers today are faced with many options when choosing where to store their valuable data:from traditional optical media and hard

SilenX iXtrema IXC-12HA2 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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The SilenX brand is most commonly known for their cool and quietcase fans. SilenX, however, does manufacture heatsinks, power supplies, andother goodies. Today SilenX gave us the opportunity to review the SilenXiXtrema IXC-120HA2 Pro Series Heatsink. This vertical fin stack designoffers plenty one of SilenX's very own case fans, we actually got two totest out. The features include a fan speed controller, exposed copperheatpipes on the base, and an entirely screw-less design making for an easyand tool-less installation.

SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has tested several different monitors over the past year, and even though they all offer nearly the same features there

abit AX78 AM2+ 770 chipset Mobo @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be taking a look at one of the new motherboards Abit are offering, the AX78 Phenom compatible motherboard, which I think is fair to say is aimed more towards the budget end of the market..

Lenovo IdeaPad U110 11.1-inch Laptop @ thinkcomputers.org
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We mainly know Lenovo for their line of ThinkPad notebooks, butconsumers really do not like those laptops because of their plain styling.Luckily for consumers Lenovo has released a new line of notebooks calledtheir IdeaPad series. We first got a look at Lenovo's Ideapad series at CESearlier this year. Out of the 3 new notebooks we were most interested in thevery tiny U110. This small laptop has a lot of very innovative features likea LED backlit screen and facial recognition. At only 2.92lbs it is a perfectnotebook for traveling and mobile users. Will all these features make theU110 worth its price tag? Read on to find out.

Cyber Snipa Competition:Only 3 days left - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Wellguys, I know it's been over 6 months since our last competitionand lots has happened since then, but it's time to get comps goingagain. XSR has several in the works, so be prepared for lots offrivolity and merriment at the chance to win free stuff.This month we've teamed up with the lovely folks at Cyber Snipa whohave been kind enough to offer not one, but two prize sets for us.

GlacialTech Igloo 5710 CPU Coolers @ modders-inc.com
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The 5710 Series cooler is the largest cooler that Glacialtechcurrently offers and the only difference in the two samples we have todayare the fans. One utilizes a silent fan rated at 1600 RPM while the otherutilizes a PWM fan rated at 800 - 2600 RPM.

NVIDIA Forceware 175.16 vs 175.19 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Most people would think that when NVIDIA, who is the world-class leader in graphics technology, releases a new driver to the public that

Fingerprint protected Personal Data Manager @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a USB memory stick from N-trance. Theyhave sent is their latest fingerprint protected USB memory stick which alsohas software that allows you to backup the information you have on thedrive. You can also run Skype and Miranda straight from the drive whichgives it alot of functions in just one single drive.

NVIDIA, PhysX, and the "C" Word @ pcper.com
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I explained the situation as best I could without trying to throw inany questions that could have lead Mark one direction or the other. Once Ifinished explaining best I could, Mark essentially replied,

Crucial Ballistix DDR3-2000 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Yes, you read the title correctly, DDR3-2000. Isn't that incredible,that memory operating speed has climbed that high in such a short time?Think about it, one year ago, we were beginning to see the first DDR2-1066modules being released. Today, all memory manufacturers offer a DDR3-1600module, many offer a DDR3-1800, and over the past month the more prominentof them have released a DDR3-2000 module. Considering PC3 system memory hasonly been out for about a year, I don't think that we've come close toseeing the limits of DDR3.

In Win PowerMan Commander 1200W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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In Win, purveyor of many fine cases which ThinkComputers reviewedthroughout the years, recently burst into the power supply market with itsPowerMan line of high-wattage units. Decorated like military hardware andsupplying 1200 or 1500 watts of sweet, sweet electricity, the PowerManseries is ready to ensure your weapon of newb destruction is solidly juiced.ThinkComputers locks and loads the PowerMan 1200W in this review.

Benchmark s 200K Contest @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
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It wasn't all that long ago that Benchmark Reviews was throwing a contest for when we reached 100,000 unique visitors, but since the

AMD Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850 - Mid-range GPU mix up @ pcper.com
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The darling of all of this might be the $199 HD 4850 card - eventhough it is using GDDR3 memory it has a very strong showing in our testsand is itself able to compete with the HD 3870 X2 card. If it weren't forNVIDIA's recent price drop on the 9800 GTX and 9800 GTX+ cards to $199-229the HD 4850 would have been the run-away victor; NVIDIA obviously caughtwind of the performance of RV770 and made adjustments in pricing to makethemselves competitive again though. In truth the performance of bothoptions is pretty much neck and neck - with a slight edge going to AMD's newRV770-based HD 4850 card.

Razer Destructor Proffessional Gaming Mat @ modders-inc.com
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Razer has a nice line up of great gaming gear designedspecifically to enhance the gaming experience of hardcore gamers out there.The Razer Destructor mouse pad is no different.

Ray Tracing in Games:A Story from The Other Side @ pcper.com
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In contrast to the designers, for the programmers using a ray tracerseemed to make life easier. The most striking difference between a raytracer and a rasterizer is that there are so few special cases. The sameengine renders a 1M scene, including exteriors, for Outbound, and low-polyindoor scenery for Let there be Light. There is no code to limit visibility.All supported features work together effortlessly. And, programmers foundthemselves using rays for everything:testing particle and flare visibility,collision detection, object picking, and so on.

Kira CS 630W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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X-Spice is a newcomer to the shores of North America, and theyhave shared their Kira series 630 watt power supply with me to see how itdoes.

CradlePoint MBR1000 Mobile Broadband Router @ thinkcomputers.org
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EVDO is basically wireless internet access that can be accessed overa cellular network. Almost every cell phone provider offers EVDO service.What's great about it is that anywhere you get a cell signal you getinternet access. No depending on a hotel's internet or a hotspot at a coffeeshop for internet access anymore. I currently use an Express card fromSprint that allows me to connect to the service, but what if I'm on a tripwith friends? Why should they have to pay $9.99 per day or more for internetwhen I already have access? That is where the CradlePoint MBR1000 comes in.

Hiper Osiris HTC-1K514-A1 Mid-Tower Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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High Performance Group (Hiper) is best known for their self-designed power supply units, yet they have recently begun to compete in the

OCZ Vendetta 2 Heatpipe Touch CPU cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jun-23-08] (0 Comments)

OCZ have been known for high performance memory for quite some time. Somewhat recently they have expanded into other areas of computer hardware, such as power supplies and cooling.2 Today we will be taking a look at OCZís new CPU cooler, the OCZ Vendetta 2.

Silenx Ixtrema ICX-HA2 CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Jun-22-08] (0 Comments)

We've seen a number of fan manufacturers branch out into the CPUcooler business, with mixed success. CPU coolers are a lot different thanfans, but if a company pays attention to quality, they typically do well.Acousticpc.com, well-known retailers of silent performance computercomponents, sent us a new cooler from Silenx, the Silenx Ixtrema ICX-HA2 CPUCooler. We've had a chance to review Silenx fans in the past and weregenerally impressed by their silent operations and good airflow. Will thisCPU cooler leave the same impression? That is what we're here to find out.

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB P - G92b @ pcper.com
[Jun-21-08] (0 Comments)

My guess is that the marketing team at Big Green didn't want toone-up the recently released GT200 parts - some people might assume thatsinge it was built on the 65nm process while the new 9800 GTX+ is on the55nm, that the GT200 would be inferior in some way. As we saw in ourperformance review of the GeForce GTX 280/260 cards, that's obviously notthe case but I can see how some readers might make that conclusion.

BlacX and BlacX-SE HDD Docking Stations @ modders-inc.com
[Jun-21-08] (0 Comments)

Hot swapping hard drives through an external dock, Is thatpossible? Yes it is. Check out our review on the Thermaltake BlacX DockingStations.

Dreamhack Summer 2008 Article @ rbmods.com
[Jun-20-08] (0 Comments)

Dreamhack is the biggest LAN Party in the world with up to 10000computers. The summer version that we are going to talk about today is notas big as the winter one. There was plenty to look at though as we went downthere the first day of the LAN alot of people were still arriving to theevent which was nice to see. They also have some companies showing theirlatest gear and this time we saw Asus, Mushkin, Steelseries just to mentiona few.

ASRock K10N750SLI-WiFi nForce 750a Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jun-19-08] (0 Comments)

ASRock is well known for their inexpensive motherboards that oftenhave innovative solutions for expensive problems, or they have big-boychipsets sometimes unavailable in economy boards, and they add onboard WiFito all of their motherboards. Will the K10N750SLI-WiFi, the firstmotherboard on the market sporting nVidia's #2 AMD chipset, make my firstPhenom experience a pleasurable one? Stay tuned to find out!

Zalman VF900-Cu Ultra Quiet Heatpipe VGA Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-19-08] (0 Comments)

The competition between ATI and NVIDIA is fierce; it's definitely a buyers market in video cards these days. New chips are coming out

AMD Radeon HD 4850 512MB P - RV770 Discovered @ pcper.com
[Jun-19-08] (0 Comments)

The AMD Radeon HD 4850 512MB card is a good performing card that isable to match both the GeForce 8800 GT and the 9800 GTX card in our initialpreview of just a couple of major gaming titles. NVIDIA has some moretricks up their sleeve though with a little part called the GeForce 9800GTX+ meant solely to rain on AMD's launch day parade. Whether or not thatwill pan out has yet to be seen.

Antec P182SE Special Edition Mid-Tower Case @ pcper.com
[Jun-19-08] (0 Comments)

The Antec P182SE Special Edition advanced super mid-tower case willcertainly appeal to a niche audience. If you like the clean lines andunique look that the mirror finished stainless steel front and side panelshave to offer then Antec's P182SE Special Edition may be the one of a kindcase for you! The P182SE is a relatively compact mid-tower chassis and yetstill provides 11 storage bays and is a big improvement over the originalP180. The three bundled 120mm Tri-Cool fans can be adjusted to deliver theright balance of airflow to noise thanks to the integrated speed controls.

Successfully Hacking your iPhone or iTouch @ iceteks.com
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Following these steps will allow you to completely secure and completely unlock the iphone device from Apple.

Cyber Snipa Competition - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Wellguys, I know it's been over 6 months since our last competitionand lots has happened since then, but it's time to get comps goingagain. XSR has several in the works, so be prepared for lots offrivolity and merriment at the chance to win free stuff.This month we've teamed up with the lovely folks at Cyber Snipa whohave been kind enough to offer not one, but two prize sets for us.

Sigma Unicorn Mid-Tower Case @ modders-inc.com
[Jun-17-08] (0 Comments)

Overall the Sigma Unicorn Mid Tower ATX case is a decent case forthe budget minded builder who wants a few extras already added, like 2 x120mm fans (1 LED), 2 x 80mm Fans (1 LED), a side panel window and easyopening side panels. The case is well built and has a nice futuristic /brutish look to it.

Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Jun-17-08] (0 Comments)

Today's review is brought to you by the letters W, T, Q, and thenumber 3. W is for Wolf, that's me; T is for Thermaltake, who sent me thereview sample for today; and Q is for QFan, a specially designed fan thatThermaltake believes will decrease fan noise in your standard power supplywhile maintaining efficient cooling. While the Q in QFan could stand formany things, like Quality or Quigley:Down Under, the Q actually stands forQuiet. We'll have to see if this fabled QFan of yore can be heard over theyowling, screaming exhaust fan in the old load tester, won't we?

Asus GTX260 and GTX280 Videocard P @ rbmods.com
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Today the the new videocards from Nvidia went public and we had asneak peak at them earlier last week. This is just a preview to show you thelooks and hopefully we can arrange a review within a few weeks for you.Quote from Nvidia,

NVIDIA GPU Computing & CUDA FAQ @ benchmarkreviews.com
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You are going to see an increased interest in GPU computing very soon. Terms such as

Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Gaming Headset @ thinkcomputers.org
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Cyber Snipa is emerging on the gaming grade market with qualityproducts for a reasonable price. Today I got to a chance to take a look atthe Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. The quality is muchhigher than I could have ever expected for the cost. Connecting through USBand having an in-line audio control the sound quality of the eight totalspeakers which includes a decided sub speaker in each ear. These stylishheadphones provide premium comfort and cooling with soft foam covered withvelour and mesh fabric.

NVIDIA GT200 tackles gaming, Folding, Transcoding @ pcper.com
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NVIDIAís GT200 is a big, powerful processor that is capable ofhanding out the best gaming performances we have seen, ever. The GeForceGTX 280 1GB card is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to pushing thetop gaming titles to super HD resolutions like 2560x1600 and is able tobest both NVIDIAís and AMDís previous flagship dual-GPU cards. Just beprepared to pay top dollar for those bragging rights and performancegains. The GeForce GTX 260 896MB is a much more price conscious card thatis still a fantastic performer when compared to its direct competition inthe market.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Compute Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-16-08] (0 Comments)

Hot on the heels of a rapid-succession GeForce 9800 GX2 and GeForce 9800 GTX launch only two short months ago, NVIDIA now officially

Coolermaster Silent Pro M500, M600 and M700 Power supply @ rbmods.com
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Today the NDA lift for these three different PSU types. The M seriesPSU have the following main features, one 12V rail, flat modular cables andsilence ofcourse.

Acer AL2016WB Widescreen 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jun-16-08] (0 Comments)

Today I will be looking at the Acer AL2016WB 20

Our 5 Favorite iPhone Apps @ thinkcomputers.org
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The iPhone has been out for a while and Apple has just announced thenew iPhone 2.0. Many people are excited about the 2.0 firmware for bothversions of the iPhone because they will be able to download applicationsfor their iPhone for mobile use. Well I'm sure you have heard about peoplejailbreaking their iPhone's. That is the first thing that I did when I gotmy iPhone! Jailbreaking opens up the iPhone so you can put third partyapplications on it. There are a ton of applications out there, but we have alist of 5, which are our favorites.

CradlePoint CTR500 3G Cellular Travel Router @ pcper.com
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The CradlePoint CTR500 is really an interesting all-in-one productthat can act as a normal broadband router, accepting a WAN connection fromcable or DSL internet lines and then creating a wireless network for yourhome or office. What really makes the CTR500 unique is its ability to use aUSB or Express Card based 3G wireless modem as the WAN connection, givingmobile users and teams the ability to maintain productivity and freedom frombe tethered to cables and switches.

Power Supplies, Cooling and Cases @ pcper.com
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This is really an enthusiast chassis that is completely open,allowing for easy component replacement and adjustment. With slide outdrawers on rails that allow you to move the motherboard section and powersupply section out from under the ENORMOUS LED-lit fan, it is afrequent-component-changers dream case.

Raidsonic IB-390StUSD-B HDD Docking Station @ rbmods.com
[Jun-13-08] (0 Comments)

With the need of more harddrive space we need more space to storethem. The latest HDD docking station makes it easy for you to swap drivesand take them with you wherever you might need them. It also looks good andis made out of a high quality casing... the question is; how well does itperform with a USB interface?

Powerdrive Computers Discount - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Powerdrive Computers and XSReviews haveworked together for some timenow, and to help continue this great relationship, the guysover there have been kind enough to offer all forum members a 10%discount.

Thermaltake @ thinkcomputers.org
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Although we were unable to make it out to Taipei for Computex thisyear our friends at Thermaltake were nice enough to give us all theinformation on their new cases, power supplies, and coolers. Although theydid not announce as many products as they did during CES they still had somereally cool new products. Let's take a look and see what Thermaltake has instore for us!

OCZ Rally2 Turbo Flash Drive @ modders-inc.com
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One of OCZs offerings, the OCZ Rally2 Turbo USB 2.0 Flash Driveallows you to transfer large music, picture, videos, and data files to yourlaptop or desktop in record times.

AMD Continues Support and Development with Havok Physics @ pcper.com
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It's this next line that really puzzles me:

Silverstone Kublai KL03B-W Mid-Tower Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Silverstone's third Kublai mid tower chassis is made for aficionados and serious computer enthusiasts that require a high level component

ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf 7-inch Laptop @ thinkcomputers.org
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When the Eee PC was announced many people were excited for it,myself included. The thought of a small 7-inch laptop for under $400 wouldexcite anyone! Now this is a budget notebook so you're not going to beplaying games on it, but for most people they do 2 things on their computer,surf the web and word processing. Having a small notebook that can easily becarried and used for those functions for that price tag is pretty amazing.Now the notebook comes with Linux pre-installed, that might be a barrier forsome people, but we will have to see how we like it. Read on to check outthe ASUS Eee PC!

NorthQ Black Magic Flex 850W PSU @ jonnyguru.com
[Jun-10-08] (0 Comments)

Greetings once more, my good readers. We're continuing our magictheme here at jonnyGURU.com by taking a look at the NorthQ Black Magic 850Wunit. This is my second encounter with NorthQ after reviewing the GiantConnector 850W notlong ago, which you may recall that I gave high marks to. Will the BlackMagic be able to ensorcel me into giving it as good of a score? We shallsee. Meantime, let's all look at the box.

Samsung SC-MX10 Digital Camcorder @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jun-10-08] (0 Comments)

Digital cameras revolutionized the consumer photography scene and itseems that we are currently undergoing a similar revolution in the arena ofdigital videos. Up until now, most digital camcorders have been tooexpensive for the average consumer. With products like the Samsung SC-MX10Flash Memory Camcorder, it just got a heck of a lot easier for Joe Public totransform into the next Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. Oh, I guess youshould have some movie-making talent before you can make that leap.

Vendetta 2 vs TRUE vs HDT-S1283:Best of the Best CPU Coolers @ benchmarkreviews.com
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This article serves only one purpose:test three of the industry's most coveted coolers. Not very long ago Benchmark Reviews published

Thermaltake Max 4 HDD Enclosure @ rbmods.com
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We need more and more harddrive space these days and our cases mightnot be able to handle all the drives so therefore there are external HDDenclosures on the market. Thermaltake is one of the companies that havereleased several different enclosures on the market and today we are goingto look at their Max 4 HDD enclosure with a blue led fan mounted on theside. How well does it perform, and will the drive stay stable even aftergaming?

Zalman Reserator XT External Water Cooling System @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Zalman Reserator XT offers more than your typical external watercooling system. It includes detailed gauges and sensors for the avid watercooler wanting to know what's going on. It also allows, with ease, thesupport for additional water blocks. Don't worry about remembering to refillthis system because it will tell you when it's thirsty. Read on further tosee what other features the Reserator XT has to offer.

Akasa AK965BL socket 775 @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jun-09-08] (0 Comments)

If you have been reading XtremeComputing for a while, you will know that we have already reviewed an AK965 cooler from Akasa, and found it to be very good performance for the money. So what is different about this AK965? Well the last version of the cooler was intended for the OEM/system builder market, and because of demand for the AK965 Akasa has released a slightly updated version (blue leds and fan) straight to retail. This should mean that it will be available to buy in even more places.

Water Cooled Sapphire Radeon HD3870X2 Atomic @ modders-inc.com
[Jun-07-08] (0 Comments)

Leave it to Sapphire to drop the hammer and show us something newwith the Sapphire HD3870 X2 Atomic Water Cooled edition.

Samsung 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor 2220WM-HAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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High-resolution wide screen monitors are very hot right now. As with most computer trends, one will see a new technology start off

VIA and NVIDIA Begin Beautiful Friendship @ pcper.com
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Believe it or not, this simple PCIe slot is that poster child of avast area of contention between VIA's and Intel's take on the mini-ITXdesigns. Intel is trying desperately to control how their Atom-basedplatforms are produced, what features they have and what price they sellfor in an attempt to control their overall product line and keep Atom fromcannibalizing the Celeron parts. That means no PCIe slots, limited DIMMsupport and almost no retail availability for Intel's Atom.VIA is obviously taking the other approach, opening up their mini-ITX 2.0solutions to any and all takers as they simply wanted to see their CPU andplatforms adopted by as many users and customers as possible.

Corsair XMS3 DHX DDR3-1600 EPP 2.0 Certified 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at one of Corsair's latest system memoryproducts, the TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV, a PC3-12800 4 gig kit verified at DDR3-16009-9-9-24 @ 1.8v, and sports nVidia's EPP 2.0 nForce certification, alongwith Corsair's DHX patented heat spreaders. Will the XMS3 prove to be thestrong, stable, trustworthy product that we have come to expect from memorybearing the Corsair sails? Read on to see!

TN GAMES FPS Vest - adding realism to games @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review Iíll be looking at something a little different from a, I assume, relative newcomer to the gaming accessory scene as before receiving the item for review I had never heard of them. The item under review today is the FPS Gaming Vest from TN Games. Itís a rather interesting item that should make compatible FPS games even more realistic by enabling users to ďfeelĒ the game.

G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D DDR3 Memory @ rbmods.com
[Jun-06-08] (0 Comments)

Today we look at the new DDR3 kit from Gskill. The F3-12800CL7D seemsto be a middle class memory kit from Gskill that is supposed to perform verywell, it is also equipped with a new heatsink that is also supposed tooutperform the old design Gskill uses. Check out the rest of the review tosee what speeds we can boost this ram kit to.

Thermaltake Bigwater 760i Liquid Cooling System @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jun-05-08] (0 Comments)

Thermaltake has made water cooling easy with the Bigwater 760i 2UDrive Bay Liquid Cooling System. This system is internal and fits nicelyinto two empty drive bays in your case. This system has everything that youneed to get started, even coolant and tubing. This is the first watercooling system that I have ever built and found it quite easy and fun toinstall. This system provides many nice features even the water cooling guruwould find attractive. Read on further to find out what they are.

QNAP NVR-1012 Wireless Network Surveillance Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-05-08] (0 Comments)

The age old saying of

Foxconn GeForce 9800 GTX OC 512MB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jun-04-08] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA usually pleases the enthusiast community with their product launches, and no launch has been more memorable lately than the

GFXChilla by Coolink @ modders-inc.com
[Jun-03-08] (0 Comments)

The GFXChilla is a new cooling solution for your graphics cardthat uses two fans and a series of heat pipes. It easily dropped thetemperatures of the video card and installing the card is a simple process.

ASUS Eee PC Updates - 901 and 1000 Series @ pcper.com
[Jun-03-08] (0 Comments)

The 1000 is still a bit of mystery when it comes to specifications,but we DO know that it will at least offer some WiMAX connectivity and 3Gcellular network connections. As the model number suggests, the Eee PC 1000has a 10

NVIDIA Tegra 650 Mobile Processor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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NVIDIA has done very well for itself over the past decade. While most of the world can recognize the chip-maker for its popular GeForce

Apevia Warlock Power 900W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Apevia comes to us today with a checkered history among those whoknow about power supplies. Today, I am looking at the Warlock Power 900Wunit, which promises to change people's minds about Apevia; offering plentyof power for today's high end systems. Will it prevail in its quest toimprove Apevia's image? You be the judge.

Zalman Trimon ZM-M220W Monitor @ rbmods.com
[Jun-03-08] (0 Comments)

Zalman is mostly known from their high quality cooling solutions, but during the last months Zalman has expanded their product range to cover also other interesting products. New products are FG1000, their new mice, and couple of innovative monitors. It is true, that display markets are full of products, which differ only a little from each other. Zalmans monitors have some attributes which other manufacturers do not. Zalman provided us ZM-M220W 3d-monitor for test and now we will have a look at it.

Honeywell Arius 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jun-02-08] (0 Comments)

Honeywell is not a name you think of when you think of LCD Monitors,actually they are very new into the market. Recently they partnered withSoyo to produce LCD monitors and televisions. We got a chance to take a lookat one of their latest LCD's the very affordable Topaz S 24-inch LCDmonitor. Now Honeywell has a new LCD that is a more advanced and premiumversion of the Topaz S. Let's take a look at the Arius 22-inch WidescreenLCD Monitor!

Palit GeForce 9600 GT 1GB Sonic @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Palit GeForce 9600 GT Sonic provides users with the best image quality and most flexible visual experience regardless of the output

The Mobile Charge @ pcper.com
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In our line of thinking we often consider the CPU the core of theplatform, but that is beginning to change. In the Tegra line the CPU actsas the conductor of the platform, but most of the performance features thatNVIDIA is pushing are actually accelerated by the graphics portion of theplatform. Consider how video decode and encode has gone from the CPU to theGPU in the past several years. This is merely an extension of that overalltrend, but trimmed down to the very basics.

Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Jun-01-08] (0 Comments)

A while back, we had a chance to check out the latest CPU cooler fromNoctua, a well-known maker of high quality cooling products. Noctua didn'tstop with just one CPU cooler; rather, they made a slightly larger versionthat accommodates 120mm fans. Will the Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler prove thatbigger is better? Let's find out.

AMD Phenom versus Athlon X2:Something Old, Something New... @ pcper.com
[May-31-08] (0 Comments)

We can safely assume that on AMD's current 65 nm process, we willnot see the Phenom go past 2.5 GHz. Going to 2.6 GHz and above would simplyresult in a product with an insanely high TDP and very stiff requirementsfor motherboard manufacturers to support in terms of power delivery. In thedesktop market, this is simply unacceptable. While AMD uses a system ofconstant improvement with their process technology, we are simply nearingthe end of what AMD can do with its 65 nm process.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB and Giveaway! @ illuminandi.com
[May-30-08] (0 Comments)

Apple pulled all the stops for this device, and it shows. Presentation and looks are flawless, though the niche in the market for a device of this complexity and price is shrinking.

ASUS EAH3850 X2 1GB Dual GPU Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-30-08] (0 Comments)

Recently, ASUS was among the first companies to put a pair of ATI HD3850s on a single graphics card, for a more affordable dual-GPU experience.I reviewed a Radeon HD 3850 (single GPU) earlier this year, and was veryimpressed with it.performance just shy of an 8800GT at $100 less. A pair onone card should be an awesome experience. Today I will be looking at theASUS EAH3850 X2 1GB, twin 3850s with 512MB each, one of the few on themarket. Will it meet my dual-3850 expectations? How will it compare to the9800GTX, nVidia's top of the line single-GPU card? Read on and see!

NZXT Tempest Giveaway @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
[May-30-08] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews and NZXT have partnered to bring one very lucky winner a brand new NZXT TEMPEST enthusiast mid-tower computer case.

Codename Isaiah @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-29-08] (0 Comments)

On the 29th of May 2008 VIA announced the Nano CPU, a processor built from Isaiah architecture. Building on the market-leading energy

ASUS Striker II NSE nForce 790i SLI Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-29-08] (0 Comments)

More than anything else, the new NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset is designed for next‚Äźgeneration processor technologies, and

Cyber Snipa Stinger Laser Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-29-08] (0 Comments)

Most people probably haven't heard of the Cyber Snipa brand. Thiswas the first time that I've ever used or even heard of their products.Don't let this fool you. The Cyber Snipa Stinger is quite a powerful mouseand if you ask me, a better mouse than most other high end gaming mice. Itoffers everything you can think of in a gaming mouse:ergonomics,comfortable, weight system, mice feet, and horizontal scroll just to name afew. Read on further to see how good this mouse really is.

VIA Nano Processor P - Isaiah Gets Official @ pcper.com
[May-29-08] (0 Comments)

If all goes as planned, the adoption rate for VIA's new processorshould be swift as the CPU is pin-to-pin compatible with any motherboardplatform built for the VIA C7 processor and uses the same bus technology andchipsets. This is something that Intel's Atom line of processors basedaround Silverthorne definitely cannot offer. Not only that but the VIA NanoProcessor and accompanying platform can support many features that Atomleaves behind like full speed PCI Express buses.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB @ rbmods.com
[May-28-08] (0 Comments)

Flash memory has gotten bigger the past year and we have reviewedsizes up to 32 GB already. Today we are going to look at the Flash VoyagerGT with 16GB of memory and since it is the GT line it's supposed to be a bitfaster than the ordinary Voyager from Corsair. This line of flash memoryhave shown itself to be extremely durable and still has been able to performwell. We have tested the Voyager line before with boiling them, droppingfrom high hights, freezing, and even hitting them with a hammer and theyhave been able to withstand this treatment. Lets see what type ofperformance we can expect from this.

ZEROtherm ZEN FZ 120 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-28-08] (0 Comments)

ZEROtherm has really made a name for themselves over the past year.The last 3 products we reviewed from them scored very high and all of themhave received awards. But there are still people who have not heard of them.Well ZEROtherm has announced a new cooler, the ZEN FZ 120, which they werekind enough to send us. Will it perform up to what we have grown to expectfrom ZEROtherm? Read on to find out...

Vizo Propeller II @ modders-inc.com
[May-28-08] (0 Comments)

Computers of today are used in so many different ways thatgenerate tons of heat. So, for those of us who know more about computersthan just where the power button is, realize that we must do something toalleviate this problem if possible. One such way to do this is by utilizingsystem or case fans.

VIA OpenBook Mini-Note Platform P @ pcper.com
[May-27-08] (0 Comments)

And that is exactly what VIA needs here:speed. The originalNanoBook was first, but only in being announced, and was beat to mainstreamaudiences by the ASUS Eee PC and we can all see how that turned out. VIAneeds to get partners on board with this SOON and get product in the channeljust as quickly. I wouldn't even be opposed to seeing some VIA brandedproduct hit the market if we could see some work done to setup a decentcustomer service outlet in the US. Current pricing estimates I am seeingput the OpenBook in the $400-600 price range depending on your options(HSDPA, etc).

Hiper 880W Double Header Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[May-27-08] (0 Comments)

Recently, I took a look at the Hiper Type M 580W

ECS A780GM-A AMD 780G Motherboard @ pcper.com
[May-27-08] (0 Comments)

The general performance of the ECS A780GM-A was great. It performedon par in all tests with other boards of its class. It would make a greatworkstation or HTPC board. Serious gamers will probably look elsewhere, butthe integrated graphics would suit High Definition media well. The HybridCrossfire, while a great feature set, will only pair with lower end ATIgraphics cards, which defeats the purpose of paring cards for maximum gamingability.

NZXT Tempest Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-26-08] (0 Comments)

NZXT has recently been coming out with some great mid tower cases.ThinkComputers got the chance to take a look at the new NZXT Tempest case.This case is probably different than most other cases you've seen because ithas a bottom, rather than top, mounted PSU. It also includes plenty offeatures for overclockers, water coolers, and storage fanatics, while stilldisplaying a sleek design. NZXT calls this the

Razer Lycosa Keyboard @ rbmods.com
[May-25-08] (0 Comments)

You might have tried several keyboards but none really feels good. If that's the case then take a look attodays review; the Razer Lycosakeyboard. This is the latest gaming keyboard which has non slip rubberbuttons which probably will come in handy when gaming for hours. It alsohave backlight for the keys so you can see what keys you are using in thedark. Lets have a closer look at what we think about the keyboard.

ASUS EN9800GTX Top 512MB Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-23-08] (0 Comments)

If you are like me, and have been happy with mid-range cards, spenda few hours at your favorite game played at the highest settings, using AA,and higher resolutions while using an upper end card, and you'll probablyrealize that you've been in denial for all of this time. Today I will belooking at the Asus EN9800GTX Top, a factory overclocked version of nVidia'slatest top-of-the-line single-GPU video card, with 512mb of DDR3 memory.Will this video card finally make me realize that rather than beingpractical when buying mid-range cards, I've just been cheap? Read on andsee!

Synology Disk Station DS107+ @ modders-inc.com
[May-23-08] (0 Comments)

The DS107+ is a great solution for small businesses or home usersthat are looking for a reliable easy to use NAS setup. Plus being able torun a web server, FTP, Multimedia server and more makes this a must havesolution for your home network.

Saitek Cyborg Laser Gaming Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-23-08] (0 Comments)

The Cyborg Laser Mouse is a part of many other gaming peripherals onthe Cyborg series put out by Saitek. This mouse offers a unique design withmany features. These include pre-installed Hyperglide mouse feet, 10programmable buttons, 3200DPI, and a motorized mouse extension. I've seenmice with adjustable weights and adjustable buttons before, but this is thefirst time that I have seen a mouse with an adjustable length. Read onfurther to see the mouse in action.

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1600 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-21-08] (0 Comments)

A few months ago I reviewed the Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333 2GB kit fromQimonda. It was an impressive pair of memory modules from a company we'dnever heard of. The kit was very flexible, gaining tighter timings at lowerclockrates, and overclocked reasonably well, all at the PC3 standard of1.5v. Today I will be looking at Aeneon's latest PC3 kit, their DDR3-16002GB kit. It is rated at DDR3-1600, CL9, once again at the standard 1.5v.Will this new kit impress us as well as the earlier kit did? Continuereading to see.

ASUS BC-1205PT SATA Blu-ray Disc Optical Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-21-08] (0 Comments)

The HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc format war is finally over. Now that Toshiba and Mircosoft have both jumped ship on HD-DVD, for the first

OCZ Technology 64GB SATA-II Solid State Disk - SSD Update! @ pcper.com
[May-21-08] (0 Comments)

The new OCZ 64GB SATA-II SSD drive improves on the previous OCZmodel's performance quite dramatically in burst speeds, average transferspeeds and especially write speeds that suffered horribly before. While theold drive really only was shining in the random performance tests the newrevision is competing or beating the WD VelociRaptor (the fastest standarddrive available for consumers) across the entire testing array. Even thoughthe burst speed of the OCZ 64GB SATA-II SSD is less than half that of the WDVelociRaptor it is able to average a transfer speed just 18% behind at 95.1MB/s sustained.

Razer Piranha Headset @ rbmods.com
[May-20-08] (0 Comments)

There are a few things you can't be without when you are a gamer andthat is a good mouse and a good headset. Razer can provide you with both andfor tonights review they have provided me with the Piranha headset fromtheir latest headphone lineup. This Piranha headset seems exceptionallysmall and easy to use while it is supposed to have a very clear noisefiltering microphone. We are going to give this headset a go and have a few World of Warcraftplayers have their say when it comes to the microphone quality.

Targus Fandango Tote Women's Laptop Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-20-08] (0 Comments)

When it comes to laptop bags women do not have that much varietywhen it comes to laptop bags. Women usually carry more things than men so itwould be nice if there was a laptop bag that could accommodate them. WellTargus has the answer with the Fandango Tote, which is a laptop bag that notonly accommodates everything that a woman would carry, but looks good too.Let's take a look...

Seventeam Hurricane 1200W Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
[May-20-08] (0 Comments)

In December, we took a look at the flagship of the SeventeamElectronics fleet, the Thundering 1200W. Recently, the folks at Seventeamasked us to take a look at the modular version of this mammoth beast, theHurricane 1200W. Join me on a tour through our torture park as I find outjust what this massive unit is made of and if it performs any differentlyfrom its brother. Will the platform earn a recommendation this time around?

The AMD GAME! Experience - AMD Wants to Standardize PC Gaming @ pcper.com
[May-20-08] (0 Comments)

One question that immediately came to mind while sitting andstarting at this information was:will it actually help? One of keyproblems with the PC gaming market (and that AMD agrees with) is that thevariances in hardware, drivers, vendors and software make compatibility anissue and lead gamers into negative experiences that sour the PC as a gamingplatform. AMD's goal was to try and prevent that issue by creating GAME!that would attempt to set certain standards for PC in order to guarantee aquality gaming experience.

Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center @ thinkcomputers.org
[May-19-08] (0 Comments)

Home theater PC's have become very popular lately. It seems almosteveryone I know has been taking their old computers and turning them intomedia machines. Well what if you want the best media machine money can buy?The Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center could be just that. Alienwareis mainly known for making gaming machines, so it will be interesting to seehow they do on the Hangar18. The Hangar18 is an all-in-one media machinethat can play DVD's or Blu-ray media, watch live TV, watch internet TV,listen to music, and share it all wirelessly. Let's check it out!

Asus EN9800GX2 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
[May-18-08] (0 Comments)

Todays review will be about the new 9800GX2 TOP videocard from Asus.This badboy seems to have pretty much everything when it comes to featuresand speed. You end up paying around 550$ USD for this card so the questionremains, is it really worth it or are there cheaper solutions on the marketthat can give similar performance?

It's a Mod Thing @ modders-inc.com
[May-17-08] (0 Comments)

It's A Mod Thing!! You see, modders are that rare species that cantake any aspect, well of just about anything, and associate it with a mod oreven make a mod out of it, or build a mod into it.

Modders-Inc Mod Your Mouse Contest @ modders-inc.com
[May-17-08] (0 Comments)

Grab that mouse and mod it like there is no tomorrow. Cut it, paintit, put a window in it, do whatever it takes to win theses great prizes fromXTracPads and Logitech.

LaCie Mini Hub 500GB USB 2.0 FireWire External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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Looking for a new external hard drive? Tired of reaching behind yourcomputer to access USB or FireWire ports? Well the mini Hub 500GB USB 2.0FireWire External Hard Drive is perfect for you. It offers the functionalityof an external hard drive while providing 4 USB and 2 FireWire hub ports.This drive is a very sturdy hard drive and provides a unique design whichmakes it stackable with Mac Mini's. Read on further to see what thisexternal hard drive is all about.

Lian Li PC-A09B Classical Series Mid-Tower Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Lian Li is known for well made products when it comes to stylish computer cases and functional chassis. They have been on the market for

ASUS Radeon HD 3850 X2 1GB - Mainstream Dual-GPU Option @ pcper.com
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The ASUS Radeon HD 3850 X2 1GB turned out to be a surprisinglycompetent graphics card that augments the gaping hole between the HD 3870 X2and the HD 3870 in the product stack. ASUS is the only card vendorcurrently selling this product design and its likely they will remain so asthe life span of the RV670 creeps along. But with the aggressive pricingASUS has put on the product (that hopefully becomes MORE aggressive) the9800 GTX from NVIDIA has a new, and very competent, competitor. If ASUS andAMD can get the word about this custom ASUS-built Radeon HD 3850 X2 it mightbreathe new life into AMD's GPUs this spring.

Lian-Li PC V1010 Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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I liken Lian-Li to the Mercedes-Benz of the chassis design world.The Taiwan-based company designs its chassis with sleek, conservative styleand hand-builds cases out of lightweight, yet durable aluminum. The chassisare generally not flashy, but are very, very conducive for high-performancecooling while overclocking. Lian-Li recently renewed its V series line-upwith five new cases:PC-V2110, PC-V2010, PC-V1110, PC-V1000Z, and the focusof this review, the PC-V1010. ThinkComputers goes inside the Lian-LiPC-V1010 chassis in this review.

Vizo Mini Ninja at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
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Overall, the Vizo Mini Ninja is a well made little notebookcooler. It is fairly compact, light weight, and sturdy. Being made of a nicegrade of aluminum, it is going to be structurally durable for an extendedtime.

Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo @ rbmods.com
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With flash memory getting cheaper and capacity getting larger, itmakes more sense than ever to purchase a new card for your gaming system orfor any other device that takes it. What makes these cards special is thatthey feature free downloadable Xploder Lite software, meaning that theyessentially, and I quote, give

OCZ SATA-II 32GB 2.5-Inch SSD OCZSSD2-1S32G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Perhaps Benchmark Reviews like to ride the edge of technology just a little too close, since we've tested more DDR3 and SSD's than almost

Hiper Osiris Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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But as of late, Hiper's claim to fame is the Anubis. A 6063 T5 Alloycase that boasts plenty of features that make air ventilation and watercooling an ease to setup. This case saw itself on the front page of a lot ofwell known websites. The Anubis received all kinds of awards for it superbconstruction, its ease to assemble, its roominess and its stealth features.We, here at Pro-Clockers, were not lucky enough to review the Anubis but wewill make up for it today by reviewing the Osiris.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 1TB External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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Terabyte hard drives are becoming more popular with the need formore hard drive space. If you're looking to expand your hard drive capacityI think the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 1TB External Hard Drive would be greatfor you. This drive includes USB and Dual FireWire interfaces with availablecapacities of 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB. The drive is jam packed withplenty of software to suffice the most avid external storage fanatics, whilebeing easy to use for the everyday individual. Read on further to see whatall this OneTouch drive has to offer.

Sapphire HD 3650 OC ATi Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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Sapphire has been around long enough to know how to put out a greatvideo card. Just a few weeks ago we took a long look at the Toxic 3870 whichis an overclocked 3870 with a single slot cooling system. Yeah that was agood one. But now we are here to take a look at the budget HD3650 fromSapphire. But this budget card has an added punch to its core and memoryclocks as it is overclocked as well, just like the Toxic 3870.

Enermax Modu82+ 625W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The new Modu82+ and Pro82+ power supplies from Enermax were designedto deliver stable outputs with high efficiency and minimal noise. In factthe Modu82+ and Pro82+ power supplies are some of the first to be certifiedunder the new 80 Plus Bronze classification to be at least 82% efficient at20% and 100% of the rated output and at least 85% efficient at 50% of therated output power. And as you will see later on, the Modu82+ 625W unit wehave in for review proved to be the quietest power supply we have tested todate!

Corsair HX1000 Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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Corsair has been taunting and teasing us for months now with theprospect of their very first foray into the 1kW jungle. And now, our waitingis over. Join me as I pit the HX1000 in a battle to the death against my hotbox of doom and a SunMoon ATE.

Sunbeamtech Quarterback Case @ modders-inc.com
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Sunbeamtechs budget case, the Quarterback, is a standard ATX casewith some rather interesting features. It has got a unique cooling optioncalled the Core Fan Design that helps keep temperatures down. The case isalso tool less and has plenty of room inside for today's larger video cards.

System Memory Technology Explained @ benchmarkreviews.com
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These are uncertain financial times we live in today, and the rise and fall of our economy has had direct affect on consumer spending. It

Gigabyte X48 DQ6 Socket 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Gigabyte being a leader in motherboards is making it easy on us tohave the best when new chipsets are released. They have being right there,first to market, when Intel believed it was time for change. This used to bea position held by Asus. Gigabyte is the first to bring us the new X48chipset to our rigs. This honor belongs to the X48-DQ6 and X48T-DQ6, DDR2and DDR3 versions respectively. The DQ6 being the high end model forGigabyte, it has all the bells and whistles. From complex cooling systems tohigh-end capacitors you can't ask for more in a motherboard except forexcellent overclocking. Can the X48-DQ6 accomplish what we achieved withEX-38 just a few weeks ago?

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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The Warboard looks to be the weapon you would like to take intobattle with. Equipped with more keys than shells in a M16. Aimed with moreprogrammable keys then most other keyboards on the market, the Warboard canbe customized to your every command. There are many keyboards that come withcustomizable keys; well, Cyber Snipa did one up and added anti-ghosting aswell as other features that you probably didn't know were possible in akeyboard. Anti-ghosting? You have to read thru the review to find out.

SilverStone TS01B 2.5 sata Enclosure with RFID @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at a new product from the highly respected pc hardware manufacturer SilverStone. The product I will be looking at is a laptop hard drive enclosure, the SilverStone TS01B, but this is an enclosure with a difference it utilises RFID security.

Noctua NH-U9B CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Noctua, makers of some of the best case fans on the market, hasbranched out into the CPU cooler market, which is a move that makes sensesince they already dominate the high-end fan market. They sent us one oftheir new CPU coolers, the Noctua NH-U9B, to test out. Will this be anatural expansion of their product line or will we find growing pains? Readon to find out.

Palit GeForce 9600GT 1GB Sonic Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at the Palit 9600GT 1GB Sonic. The 9600GT isnVidia's latest mid-range GeForce card, and rather than the reference 512gigs of DDR3 memory, Palit has opted to add a full gig of memory, along witha heatpipe cooler, to this card. How will it stand up against the lastgeneration of GeForce mid-range cards? Continue reading to see...

NZXT Cryo LX Notebook Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Laptops are really becoming popular, especially when it comes todesktop replacements. Many laptops now are just as powerful as desktopcomputers if not more powerful. A lot of people now prefer laptops overdesktop because they can easily take the laptop with them and they take upless space on their desk. One thing about laptops is they easily overheat,especially gaming laptops. That is where notebook coolers come in. Today wewill be looking at the Cryo LX notebook cooler from NZXT, which looks like apretty extreme notebook cooler.

Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat is certainly somethinggamers should look into buying. Razer's test showed an increase in trackingof 37% with laser mice and 25% compared to other gaming-grade surfaces. Thissurface is of the highest quality. Razer claims it as the Razer Fractalsurface for high-precision gameplay. Something that you probably haven'tseen with any other gaming-grade mousepad is a protective carrying case,which comes included with the Destructor. Perfect for on-the-go gamers.

Xigmatek Achilles S1284 HDT CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Xigmatek has really made a name for themselves over the past year thanks to the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology that they have

OCZ ReaperX HPC DDR3-1333 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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In a few short years, OCZ has really made its mark in the PCenthusiast world. They have branched out into power supplies, CPU coolers,thermal compound, peripherals, flash media, they even have a newphase-change cooler for those extreme overclockers that need sub-zero temps.But, OCZ's forte is still high-performance system memory. Today I will belooking at OCZ's latest offering in the ReaperX series, the ReaperX PC3-1066(DDR3-1333) 2 gig kit. Will the DDR3 ReaperX prove to be the awesomeoverclocker that its DDR2 little brother is? Read on and see...

ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe - nForce 780a SLI for Phenom Arrives @ pcper.com
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The drawbacks to the Hybrid Power though outweigh the positives inthis current implementation. First, only the 9800 GTX and the 9800 GX2graphics cards are supported with the 780a SLI chipset - that leaves a wholehost of NVIDIA users with 9600 GTs, 8800 GTS and GT cards that probablythink they have the right to Hybrid Power technology since their cores arebased on the same that rests under the hoods of the 9800 GTX and GX2. Also,the REAL KILLER here is that NVIDIA is promoting the nForce 780a SLI chipsetas an enthusiast platform, and pushing Hybrid Power with these high endcards, yet the fact that the motherboard GPU can only output at 1920x1200resolutions is not-so-cleverly hidden.

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Case @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at the InWin stealh bomber case and as the namereveals is inspired from an airplane. Inwin has been in the case market fora long time and they have now started to focus on designed cases which youmight see if you take a quick look at their website. We are going to belooking through this case in tonights review and we will also show you themain feature this case has which is a motorized front door.

Sapphire Hybrid CrossFire 780G Motherboard @ modders-inc.com
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Are you in the market for a small form factor m-ATX motherboardthat can give you blistering performance for your multimedia needs, plus theability to play the latest Direct X 10 games? And as a bonus you can installa second card to gain CrossFireX for your games. Then you have to check outthe Sapphire PURE Hybrid CrossFire 780G Innovation Motherboard.

Zalman ZM850-HP 850W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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A little while ago, ThinkComputers reviewed the Zalman ZM500-HP 500Wpower supply unit. This time around, Zalman, maker of fine cooling productsand power supplies, submitted for review a more powerful, but louder versionof its line of power supply units, the ZM850-HP 850W. This 80PLUS-certifiedunit has lots of connectivity with its modular design, and two heatpipes andan ultra-quiet fan keep the unit virtually silent. The review is here.

Vantec NexStar 3i Power Management Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec has added another member to the NexStar 360 lineup. The 3iboasts some things that we have not seen from Vantec in their many ages inthe industry. In the past year or so we have seen motherboards featureenergy efficiency, now we have it in hard drive enclosures. The 3i has anintegrated controller that can regulate power to the drive resulting in lesspower consumption, less noise and longer drive life. Adding the real reasonwhy we buy hard drive enclosures, which is for data storage, the new Vantechousing may be worth taking a look at.

NZXT Alpha Classical Series Mid-Tower Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Fortunately, since the PC Enclosure market is roughly organized into three segments; entry/OEM level, mid-range and

GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Power Supply @ jonnyguru.com
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We continue our exploration of some of the market's lesser knownpower supplies today with the GP-PS550BP from GlacialTech, a budget unitfeaturing semi-fanless operation, passive PFC, and a promise by the companyof being capable of full power to 45 degrees.

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter @ pcper.com
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I tested the UV Plus+ out for several hours on this configuration aswell as on another desktop system and did not run into any problems. Thesecondary display was always correctly recognized and easily configured.The speed of the display was JUST noticeably slower than the primary displayattached to the video card but even though I could notice it if I tried, itdid not affect my productivity at all. I ran Vista on both test systems,one 32-bit and one 64-bit, without seeing any problems with the Aerointerface that of course requires 3D acceleration. The GPU was more thancapable of handling the necessary processing for both displays.

Corsair Voyager 32GB Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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How would you like to have 32 gigs of storage in your front pocket?There was a time when just a one gig flash drive was the 'big drive'. Justenough storage room to transport a few pictures of the loved ones or enoughto hold a few songs to share with your best friend. Times have changed andneeds have increased. Now we have movies, programs and other large forms offiles that would shallow a one gig drive. That's when a drive like theVoyager comes into play. Besides an abundance of space, the Voyager is rigidand durable as well.

ASRock Penryn 1600SLIX3-WiFi 680i Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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ASRock came on board in 2002, not long after I started building myown rigs. In those six short years, they have come up with some remarkablyinnovative designs for economy motherboards. Today I will be looking at theASRock Penryn 1600SLIX3-WiFi motherboard. ASRock has taken the nVidia 680iSLI chipset, given it the capability of running the new Core 2 Extreme1600mHz FSB processors, added WiFi, and placed that in an economy-mindedboard.

Geeks HP Jornada 728 @ rbmods.com
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Looking for something smaller than a laptop to fulfill your computingneeds? Many have turned to handheld PCs as a substitute, but some lack allthe features/applications needed. Geeks.com, popular online retailer ofcomputer hardware, offers one such device, the HP Jornada 728, which comesloaded with applications in a compact size. Will this device offer thesolution to your portable computing needs? Read on to find out.

Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler @ modders-inc.com
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The NH-U12P is the newer version of the NH-U12. It has the samebasic features as the NH-U12F, but is paired with the new Noctua NF-P12120mm fan. The Noctua NH-U12P has shown that it preforms better than itsolder brother, the Noctua NH-U12F.

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System @ pcper.com
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The Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT is an excellent water coolingsolution capable of handling the latest CPUs and video cards. It deliversvery good cooling to multiple components. The Aquaduct 360 XT exhibitsexcellent build quality and highlights German engineering at its best. Itcomes with Aqua Computers advanced Aquaero controller and Aquasuitesoftware, which allows monitoring and controlling just about every variablein the water cooling system. This feature alone places the Aquaduct 360 XTin a class of its own. And while the cooling performance of the AquagraFX8800 GTX video card cooler was good, the performance of the new Cuplex XTDual Impact CPU waterblock was outstanding.

Aeneon XTune DDR3-1333 @ pro-clockers.com
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If you are not familiar with Aeneon's DDR3 modules here is a quickrundown. Aeneon makes two different lines of DDR3, the first is their'value' line which has no heat spreaders and a better price point. But thesecond series is the one that many of us would choose as it is meant for theoverclocker and gamer that wants the most out of their rig. XTune is whatthis line is called and sports a very clean set of heat spreaders and prettygood timings. For those that are into numbers, how does 8-8-8-15 at just 1.5volts sound?

Spire SP332CB 3.5" Internal Card Reader @ rbmods.com
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Since the early 90s you may have found a cooler made by Spire in yourcomputers. Spire is known of its cheap CPU coolers which are mainly used inlow-end and home user computers. On the other hand, Spire has been wellknown of its USB Hard disk enclosures. This time, we will have a look ofSpires new 3.5

Diamond Radeon HD 3870 1GB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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In a couple of cases, mainly in Bioshock and World in Conflict, theextra frame buffer made a noticeable impact on our gaming experience andallowed us to play much more comfortably at the 1920x1200 settings than onany other single-GPU AMD graphics card. In the rest of the titles we playedthrough the 1GB card offered no benefits over the 512MB versions - and thiswas surprising in cases like Call of Juarez that are heavily dependent onmemory subsystem performance.

NZXT Tempest Giveaway @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews and NZXT have partnered to bring one very lucky winner a brand new NZXT TEMPEST enthusiast mid-tower computer case. All

Targus Travel Power Outlets @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you are traveling you bring a ton of gadgets with you, I know Ido. I have my laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, and digital camera with me atthe very least. All of these gadgets need recharged, but it is sort of hardwith the 1-2 extra outlets that most hotel rooms have. Usually I have tobring a large surge protector, that is a pain since they are huge and takeup a lot of room in my carry-on. Targus has come up with the perfectsolution, the Travel Power Outlets. It is a portable power strip thatprovides 4 outlets in a very small package.

Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator headset is perfect for gamersof all types. This headset is geared towards gamers, but in my mind, isperfect for anyone looking for a quality headset with a quality microphone,especially those who use voice chat on the PC. Most of the headsets that Ihave had have been rather uncomfortable for extended periods of time, butthe Razer Piranha is different; it provides comfort for extended periods ofuse. If you're in the market for a new headset the Piranha is definitelysomething you should consider.

Samsung SyncMaster 245BW Widescreen LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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We have spent a lot of time at Benchmark Reviews talking about video cards recently - and with good reason. The discrete graphics segment

Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock @ modders-inc.com
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Ever found yourself in the need to be able to take a huge amountof computer related files with you on the road or say just over to a friendshouse. Vantec just may have the answer you are looking for with their newNexStar Hard Drive Dock.

Scythe Shuriken Low Low-Profile CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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If you fall into the category of the individual who does not need alot of cooling then Scythe's newest offering may be just what you need. TheShuriken is a whole lot of cooler in a small package. If you were lookingfor a 815 plus gram behemoth like Scythe's other newest coolers, the NinjaCopper and Zipang, don't look any further. Beyond this page is a lightweightof a cooler. At just over 355 grams, the Shuriken is geared at the Intel andAMD stockers. The Shuriken looks a whole lot like the Zipang, but does so ona smaller scale, so how is the cooling? Lets find out what she can do.

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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The High End system also saw a price increase going from $1245 to$1399 - a modest increase I think considering the changes I implemented.First we moved to a new Yorkfield, 45nm Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 processorbut kept the 780i SLI chipset motherboard. I also upgraded graphics card inthis system as well with the new 9800 GTX card - a great single-GPU boardthat offers 8800 Ultra-like performance at a lower price.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers looked at Cooler Master's Real Power Pro series lastyear when I reviewed the 650W version. Cooler Master submitted its bigbrother, the 1000W version, to us for review. This powerhouse (literally) isready to pump juice into a high-end gaming rig, possibly with multiple videocards or multiple processors. ThinkComputers has the review herein.

Modders-Inc Mod Your Mouse Contest @ modders-inc.com
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Grab that mouse and mod it like there is no tomorrow. Cut it, paintit, put a window in it, do whatever it takes to win theses great prizes fromXTracPads and Logitech.

Futuremark 3DMark Vantage Benchmark P @ pcper.com
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For those of you interested in the actual weighting of graphics andCPU tests as well as how the individual game tests and CPU tests all add up.One interesting note is that as we move up from Entry to Extreme the amountthat Futuremark has weighted the CPU score decreases. This is aninteresting side note in the current GPU/CPU debate as Futuremark seems tobe saying that in lower end systems the CPU is much more important than inthe extreme gaming PCs.

Nzxt Tempest Case @ rbmods.com
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The Swedish distributor for Nzxt send us their latests case namedTempest. Nzxt has earlier been well know for their superb designs on thecase but they have lacked a bit when it comes to functionality and quality.Will this case change this? We are going to see what type of features theyhave been able to manage in to this case that they call the

Razer Destructor Mouse Pad @ pro-clockers.com
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Razer is one of the biggest players in keyboards and mice so theywere the first on my list of manufacturers to contact when I started lookingfor the ultimate mouse pad. After contacting Razer, the rep told me theDestructor was the one. Targeted toward everyday PC users to extreme gamersand everyone in-between the Destructor is aiming to fit the bill for anyonetired of the insensitivity of most mouse surfaces and looking for anadvantage at work or at play.

Honeywell 22-Inch LCD Monitor MT-SY-HWLM2216 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Honeywell is brand new to the LCD monitor industry, which is why they called upon the expertise of SOYO. After making giant waves in the

Cooler Master Giveaway @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers has teamed up with Cooler Master to give you anothercontest. They will be providing us with 3 great prizes to give away! We havea Stacker 830 full tower PC Case, Real Power Pro 1000W Power Supply, andSphere CPU Cooler. These are 3 great products and we are giving them awayfor free! Just like the previous contest we will be running this one on theforums. To qualify for any of the prizes you need 35 posts in our forums andNEED to reply to this post. That gives you 1 entry into the contest. We willbe doing Cooler Master trivia all throughout the contest. Check back to thisforum thread for trivia questions. Once they are posted you will have 24hours to answer them. To answer them you will need to send me a message onthe forums with the answer. Each correct answer you submit will give you anextra entry into the contest.

MotorStorm for Playstation 3 @ rbmods.com
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As the best selling Playstation 3 game as of February 2008, there wasalways a lot of hype surrounding this game. A less-than-typical racer, thisgame prefers off-road, muddy fun over serious, tight cornering track-basedaction. But how will it fare, and is its reputation deserved?

OCZ Technology 64GB SATA-I Solid State Disk @ pcper.com
[Apr-26-08] (0 Comments)

I knew coming into this review that the solid state drives weregoing to differ greatly from standard hard drives in terms of performancebut I didn't know exactly how much and in which ways. The very obviousstrong spot for the OCZ 64GB SSD is the pure speed it demonstrated in randomaccess times; with a time of 0.2 ms compared to the 6.9 ms of our fastestplatter-based hard drive the OCZ SSD is 345x faster in get that single bitof data. This can obviously incredible beneficial to applications thatutilize a HUGE amount of random reads as long as those reads are for verysmall bits of data.

Larrabee team member speaks on rasterization @ pcper.com
[Apr-25-08] (0 Comments)

There's no doubt Larrabee is going to be the world's most awesomeraytracer. It's going to be the world's most awesome chip at a lot of heavycomputing tasks - that's the joy of total programmability combined withserious number-crunching power. But that is cool stuff for those that wantto play with wacky tech. We're not assuming everybody in the world will dothis, we're not forcing anyone to do so, and we certainly can't just do itbehind their backs and expect things to work - that would be absurd.Raytracing on Larrabee is a fascinating research project, it's an excitingnew way of thinking about rendering scenes, just like splatting or voxels orany number of neat ideas, but it is absolutely not the focus of Larrabee'sprimary rendering capabilities, and never has been - not even for a moment.

Cyber Snipa Stringer Gaming Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-25-08] (0 Comments)

The new Stinger from Cyber Snipa shares the weight system of theLogitech G5 and G9. This was enough to make me want to review it. This isnot the only similarities between the two but can Cyber take thesimilarities and take it a step further?

Noctua NF-P12 Case Fan @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-25-08] (0 Comments)

Noctua has come up with another uniquely designed fan, the NF-P12.Although some might mistakenly think these are similar to their NF-S12 fansdue to the colors used. They are completely different in design.

NorthQ Siberian Tiger Water Cooler @ jonnyguru.com
[Apr-25-08] (0 Comments)

The Siberian Tiger water cooling system is a sealed CPU watercooling system that takes a lot of the headaches out of water cooling. Youdon't have to worry about filling or draining the system every time you needto pull your rig down.

Antec Mini P180 mATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-24-08] (0 Comments)

Antec is never stopping with the introduction of new cases. If seemslike every 3 months or so there is a new case to drool over. That new casetoday is the tiny brother case of the P180 which is simply labeled the P180Mini. The Mini carries many of the features of the P180 but in a smallershell. The only thing that is lacking is the spacing of the P180. But thecompartments and cable management systems remain in place. But what the Minihas over the regular size P180 is lighter weight and somewhat portability.It is definitely one for the person that is lacking room to house a biggersize tower but is it one for the LAN goers? This is what we will find out.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro II 1TB Rackmount NAS @ thinkcomputers.org
[Apr-24-08] (0 Comments)

Some organizations-or people-need serious storage. Sometimes asimple server running Windows 2003 or Linux might not be sufficient, interms of storage space, redundancy, or cost for all of these. The BuffaloTeraStation Pro II series of network-attached storage devices aims to pleaseusers and administrators who need a large amount of redundant storage,automatic backups to other units, gigabit networking, and the ability toincrease the capacity. ThinkComputers takes a look at the one terabyterackmount version in this review.

ASUS Radeon HD 3850 X2 1GB hits PCPer @ pcper.com
[Apr-24-08] (0 Comments)

The estimated price on the ASUS EAH3850 X2 1GB card is $349 and itshould be available starting sometime next week. That price tag places thecard between the HD 3870 single-GPU cards (some of which have come out with1GB of memory as well) and the dual-GPU HD 3870 X2s. This is indeed an areathat AMD needs to address as they have no other GPU options for gamers inthe $250-$350 range. Hopefully we'll see the the HD 3850 X2 1GB models frommore vendors causing a price drop closer to $300.

Asus 9600 GT TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
[Apr-24-08] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a new videocard from Asus. It this in themiddle class segment on the market but the question is how it actuallyperforms. We are goint to compare it vs the 8800GT and Asus 3850 videocardsto see what type of performance we can expect.

Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider @ ngohq.com
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Microsoft did well bringing the 64-bit architecture to Windows Vista but somehow they screwed up. Apparently they forgot who their target audience was when they introduced a very restricted module of driver signature enforcement. In laymen's terms, all drivers and system files must be digitally verified or they cannot run when using the 64-bit version of Vista. In the past it was possible to turn that feature off; but due to new kernel security updates it is impossible to turn it off without degrading security and stability of your operating system.In order to turn this off it involves uninstalling critical security updates that Microsoft has released to increase system security. Sadly, this feature makes Windows Vista 64-bit into a closed and locked down operation system.So what's the problem with digital certificates? Well, the problem is. developers have to pay Microsoft to receive verified certificates, and that makes many applications inaccessible under Windows Vista 64-bit. This driver signature enforcement can be a serious pain to end-users; however it is still possible to turn it off by disabling it up by pressing the F8 function key during system boot up.Pressing F8 every time on boot up can be a serious pain in the ass and frustrating to those that miss the time window available to press F8 during start up. Others have found workarounds, but most of them are too complicated for the average end user to perform, atleast until now.

Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Noctua have a justified reputation of silent, yet powerful cooling. Partnering with the Austrian Institute of Heat Transmission and Fan Technology(!) allows some serious science behind their products, and as seen in the performance of their NT-H1 thermal paste we reviewed recently it seems to work. So it is with piqued interest that I will be looking at their 120mm-fan based cooler; the NH-U12P.

Xigmatek Red Scorpion S1283 HDT CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Inheriting a design from the HDT-S1283 it is derived from, Xigmatek's Red Scorpion S1283 offers some additional glamour to the already

Tuniq Ensemble 1200W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Tuniq is a performance chassis and power supply purveyor subsidiaryof cooling, lighting, and chassis maker Sunbeamtech. Tuniq is in the

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 @ modders-inc.com
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The GeForce 9800 GX2 combines the two GeForce 9800 GPUs in asingle graphics solution, which offers 256 processor cores and a framebuffer of 1 GB (512 MB per GPU). It also allows a user to take advantage ofthe second-generation Quad SLI technology.

Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard @ rbmods.com
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If you got a HTPC setup at home you know that you need a smallkeyboard/mouse combo to match the rest of your home theather system.Logitech has lately relesed their Dinovo Mini keyboard/mouse combo that weare going to take a look at today. This small keyboard is filled withfeatures that might come in handy when using your HTPC.

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The B2 Stealth Bomber case is really what you might think it is, acase that looks like the B2 Aircraft. The B2 case, like the aircraft issurely an advanced case. This newly released case comes equipped with twoeSATA ports, auto-sensing mechanical front door, shock-free railing system,dual fan VGA turbo cooling system, water-cooling friendly, and with a designinspired by the B2, this case is surely not something your grandma willunderstand. Read on further and see a video of the mechanical front door inaction.

Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Noctua has gone and improved on an old favorite. The U12P offers someimprovements that were most needed over its predecessor, the NH-U12. Theseimprovements range from better performance to easier mounting. And if thatisn't enough how about a better fan included in the package. If you canrecall, the original cooler was a big hit with enthusiasts all over. Withthese tweaks who knows what the future has for those of us wanting it allfrom the newest CPU. Does the U12P have what it take to beat our reigningking, the Thermalright Ultra-120? Read on to find out.

Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB WD3000GLFS - Evolution @ pcper.com
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What can you really say after seeing all of those benchmarks andtests? Without a doubt the new Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB drive isthe fastest hard drive we have ever tested. The upgrade of the Raptor lineto the SATA 3.0 GB/s specification was well overdue and you can clearly seethat at least part of the performance boost was due to that change. Withburst speeds of 247 MB/s and sustained transfers over 110 MB/s theVelociRaptor is the best enthusiast hard drive you'll find for anyapplication we can think of - games, boot times, video encoding, etc.

Best Thermal Paste Application Methods @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Over the past several months, I have read an unreasonable number of discussion forum posts which offer inaccurate and often times

Supertalent 8GB USB Pico Flash Drive @ rbmods.com
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Supertalent is well known for their high quality RAM-modules, andduring the last few years they have expanded production to USB-modules andMP3 players. Their newest invention is Solid State Disk -drives. WithUSB-modules Supertalent has not settled for just traditional USB-modules.They try always invent something new, since on fullbooked USB-flash modulemarkets traditional products will not be distinguished from the mass. Wehad an opportunity to review the worlds smallest USB Flash Drive,Supertalent Pico-A 8GB Flash Drive, which are both water resistant and shockproof. Supertalents USB-module selection includes also Pico-B and Pico-Cmodels, which differ mainly with size, though all being very small.

Vantec Hard Drive Dock @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec, a company known for different forms of external storage, isthe next in line to release a pod. The NexStar Hard Drive Dock is anincredible looking device that will take any 2.5 or 3.5 internal drive andmake it external. And all this is done without having to disassembleanything. All you have to do is drop the drive in the top of the dock, givethe drive a second to be recognized by Windows and you are ready to read andwrite all your data. But how is this unit different from the one wepreviously reviewed a few weeks ago? Well, read the next few pages and findout.

War for Visual Computing:Why AMD Could Have the Best Chance @ pcper.com
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Of the three companies in this debate today, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA,only one is balanced in the vision that both NVIDIA and Intel supposedly seefor the industry. AMD has both a CPU and GPU that are competitive intoday's market; not leaders in any definitive way but right up there nonethe less. Thanks to the acquisition of ATI by AMD nearly two years ago thecombined organization seems poised to capitalize on the shifting dynamics inthe designs of both processing dynamics. And much of what Intel and NVIDIAare doing today is actually validating what AMD has done over the past 24months.

Patriot Viper PC3-14400 DDR3 Memory @ rbmods.com
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Another DDR3 kit hits our test bench and this time it is a kit fromPatriot. We got their latest Viper kit that we will put vs some fastperformers from both Corsair and Supertalent. We are going to twist and turnthis ram kit to see how it performs in Superpi and Everest among other testprograms. We are also going to put this kit vs the otheres in a overclockingtest to really see how well it performs so stay tuned.

Coolink SWiF 1202 Cooling Fan @ modders-inc.com
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With our comparison between the Coolink and Noctua fans, we can seethat the Coolink does have a slight lead in the cooling area, but comes atthe slightly louder noise level.

Mod Your Mouse Contest @ modders-inc.com
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Grab that mouse and mod it like there is no tomorrow. Cut it, paintit, put a window in it, do whatever it takes to win theses great prizes fromXTracPads and Logitech.

Samsung LN-T4081F LED Backlight LCD 40" HDTV @ bonafidereviews.com
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Today in the BFR labs we have a brand new display from Samsung's latest 81 series of LCD HDTV's. The specific model we have is the LN-T4081F, a 40

Kingwin RVT-12025 HDT CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There are times when Benchmark Reviews will test a product that seems very similar to another that we've already reviewed, with only

Zalman CNPS9700 NT vs Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme @ bleedinedge.com
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A quick poll of BleedinEdge.com members, on the subject of air coolers,

DDR3 1800MHz Round Up @ pro-clockers.com
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Today is the day where I try something a little different here in thePro-Clocker lab. I will take some of the fastest DDR3 modules on the marketand see how high I can get them to overclock. We are taking four sets of thehighest quality DDR3 that are advertised at least 1800MHz from theirrespective manufacturers. OCZ, Super Talent, Patriot and Kingston were allnice enough to test samples for this mini roundup.

Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers loves ThermalTake's lines of cooling supplies andcases. The company is known for its

Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition @ benchmarkreviews.com
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If you are in the market for a new steering wheel for your PC racing games, odds are you will be looking to either Logitech or

Terratec 2400 Dual TV tuner @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I will be looking at a product from a manufacturer that I personally donít know a great deal about, you however maybe more familiar with the name of TerraTec. The product I will be reviewing is a digital tv card the Cinergy 2400i DT. This is a dual digital tuner card, nothing special there you may think BUT this card uses a pci express x1 slot which is refreshing as, in my honest opinion, most manufacturers overlook this expansion slot.

Asus Striker II Formula Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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DDR2 ram doesn't cost anything these days so if you are going for aupgrade maybe you should look at this Striker 2 formula that we are going toreview today and get a good setup of DDR2. Yes todays review will consistof a review on the Striker 2 board that has gotten quite good results inearlier tests. This board is aiming for the overclockers and most feturesrevolve around that theme today. We are going to compare it vs a couple ofwell performing DDR2 board though to see how it performs at stock. Of coursewe will finish this review with some overclocking results to actually see ifthis board lives up to its name.

Phil Hester of AMD Resigns from CTO Position @ pcper.com
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AMD is truly at a historic lowpoint, and it seems that it is due toa bad combination of technology, competition, and perhaps some internalcomplacency. Phil was brought in as CTO at AMD's pinnacle, and he haspresided over that position from that point to the low valley we now see thecompany. Is he a fall guy? Was it his decisions that led them on the roadto here? Or were there thoughts of cutting salaries of these uppermanagement individuals, and he simply felt that it was not in his bestinterest to stay and take the cut? Hard to say.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 GDDR3 512MB @ pcper.com
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When the Radeon HD 3650 card was first released we were a littleunderwhelmed by the specifications as it seemed that nothing had beenimproved upon when compared to the previous, RV600-based HD 2600-series ofcards. And in fact that is the case:performance remains mostly the samewhile power consumption has dropped and thus heat output too. That doesn'tmake the HD 3650 a home run though as NVIDIA's answers to the card continueto stack up and perform better - the 8600 GTS with half the frame buffer waseasily outpacing the Sapphire HD 3650 card with 512MB of GDDR3 memory evenwhen overclocked.

Crytek's Cevat Yerli Speaks on Rasterization and Ray Tracing @ pcper.com
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And the fact remains that pretty much everyone we talk to outside ofIntel is confident that rasterization is going to have at least one morededicated generation in gaming. That means that if Intel intends to competein the graphics world in the next 2-3 years that it will have to take onNVIDIA and AMD/ATI on current-model GPU terms - rasterization, DirectX andOpenGL.

Verbatim Desktop Mouse Roundup @ rbmods.com
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Verbatim is well known for their high quality CD and DVD media. Inthe last few years they have decided to expand their product line intovarious computer accessories. For example they have started selling externalHDD, memory cards, USB flash drives, and even mice. For today's test werecieved a couple of Verbatims latest's mice which we will take a closerlook at.

Ultra Stackables @ modders-inc.com
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The Ultra Stackables are a new creation from Ultra offering theability to stack several external devices together with a single powersupply.

OCZ Vendetta 2 HPT CPU Cooler OCZVEND2 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Computer hardware is an ever-evolving industry, and since Moores law only applies to an exponentially growing transistor count then there

Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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The M9 is a mid-size tower that is filled with cooling inspirations.There are four different versions of the M9 which means there may well beone to suit you. There are models with and without the side panel window.And if you are not looking to use some high powered power supply each of thefore mentioned models can be had with 400 watt power supplies. Thermaltakeis one company that is known to try and provide products that suit allindividuals no matter your budget, taste or needs.

Cavalry 500GB External HD @ monster-hardware.com
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The drive seems to be a Western Digital AV GP hard drive, AV being Audio Visual, GP being Green Power. One spec conspicuously absent was drive rotational speed. Since Western Digital seems to have gone out of their way to omit this I would imagine that the drive is spinning at something less than 7200 RPM. Will this have a major impact on performance? The answer to that question is coming up soon in a later section.

NesteQ ASM 620W PSU @ rbmods.com
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Power supplies can be the largest source of noise in a computerbuild, especially with today's supplies that distribute more power than everbefore, thus producing more heat. But is it possible to have a high outputPSU to have a silent mode? AcousticPC.com, well known retailers of quietperformance products, has searched the globe for such a supply and has foundone in the NesteQ ASM 620W PSU. Will this silent power supply deliver thegoods? Read on to find out.

Rosewill RCX-Z775-EX Intel CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Rosewill is one of those companies that is often overlooked byenthusiasts. I have also been guilty of name-dropping, and thinking Rosewillas

Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews strives to offer the overclocker and hardware enthusiast community solid evidence reflecting the true performance of

BFG GeForce 9800 GTX OCX - G92 @ pcper.com
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Looking past that, the fact is that you can now get the performanceof an 8800 GTX or Ultra card for $330 or so that is more power efficient toboot. BFG took this one step further with their new 9800 GTX OCX card thatoverclocks the core and shader clocks by about 12% to get nearly across theboard performance gains out of the G92.

ASUS Eee 8G PC 8GB SSD Notebook @ benchmarkreviews.com
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ASUS has created a huge wave in the sub-notebook & portable Internet device markets with their Eee PC. Sub-notebooks are normally

ASUS Eee PC 4G-X Windows XP - Eee PC for All @ pcper.com
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Our opinion on the ASUS Eee PC has actually gone UP with thisrelease - we are Windows junkies and as much as we are pushed or persuaded,moving to Linux, especially in the form that ASUS installed on the initialEee PC just isn't what I want. In fact, one even has to wonder if the Linuxversion of the Eee PC will continue with the new 9

Corsair TX750 750W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Corsair is best known for its memory products-DIMMs and flash-but ithas a solid line of power supply units, as well. The company sentThinkComputers its TX750, a 750W unit with a single 60A 12V rail-powerfulenough for a GeForce 8800 GTX. While non-modular, the cables are sleeved andhave quick-release connectors. We tested this device with a five-yearwarranty-results within.

Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 Socket 775 Enthusiast Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-07-08] (0 Comments)

Gigabyte was nice enough to send us two motherboards, one based onthe P35 and the other the X38. We wanted to see how much better it really isover the P35 purely based on benchmarks and overclocking. Not to give thewhole review away in the introduction, but I was really surprised with theGA-EX38-DS4 as it took our E8400 to a whole new level.

Xigmatek Red Scorpion, S1283 CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Apr-05-08] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a cooler from the fairly new company namedXigmatek. This new cooler focuses on peformance and silence which actuallycan be quite hard to combine together so it is going to be very interestingto see what this S1283 cooler can do vs a well performing cooler fromCoolermaster. It seems to have the size and the quality but does it perform?

A Pro Modder ... Really? @ modders-inc.com
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I have heard a lot talk about Pro Modders and in my honest opinionI think too much emphasis is put upon such a distinction.

ASUS P5K Pro Intel P35 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at the Asus P5K Pro, a DDR2 P35 board.Though the X38 boards have been out a while, and the X48 boards are finallyhitting the market, the P35 chipset is still very popular, with its maturityand excellent performance. The P5K Pro is an economy-minded board, fillingin the fairly sizable gap between the P5K Deluxe and the stripped down P5KSE. How will the P5K Pro size up against its big brother? Read on to see...

EagleTech I-Series JBOD Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-04-08] (0 Comments)

A new company to us here at Pro-Clockers is Eagle Tech. Browsingaround their site we see they are active in cooling, speakers, powersupplies and storage. Storage is why we are here today as Eagle Tech hassent us their ET-CSIU2J-BK JBOD External Storage Enclosure. This unitutilizes the JBOD standard and a very interesting front bezel. The enclosurehouses two SATA drives and plugs into the PC via the USB port.

BFG Tech ES-800 Power Supply - Frequency Conversion @ pcper.com
[Apr-03-08] (0 Comments)

BFG Tech has invested a lot of time and effort into improving thequality of their PSU offering over the past year and for the most part theyhave succeeded. The new BFG ES-800 is a definite step up from their earlierpower supply models. The overall efficiency is excellent, voltageregulation is very good, and the +12V outputs are very clean. The ES-800packs 800W of DC power into a compact chassis that will fit inside most anyenclosure and it operates quietly under normal operating conditions.

Noctua NF-B9 92mm Case Fan @ rbmods.com
[Apr-03-08] (0 Comments)

Case fans come in a wide variety of sizes, with the most popular onesbeing 80mm and 120mm. But a somewhat less common size is 92mm, which isin-between the two. Today we'll take a look at Noctua's latest fan offering,the Noctua NF-B9 92mm Case Fan. Will this middle child prove to offer thebest of both? Read on to find out.

Mod a Mouse Contest @ modders-inc.com
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Grab that mouse and mod it like there is no tomorrow. Cut it, paintit, put a window in it, do what ever it takes to win theses great prizesfrom XTracPads and Logitech.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W PSU @ tcmagazine.com
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The Silencer 610 EPS12V comes from PC Power & Cooling’s high-performance portfolio and is, almost ironically, also one of the lowest-powered units to have been equipped with the company’s proprietary technologies and also feature SLI certification.

Apevia Warlock 750 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-02-08] (0 Comments)

Apevia is back at it again, not with a case but with a power supply.And like the rash of power units we have seen over the last few months thisis not your typical 500 watt model. It is a 750 watt mammoth called theWarlock. Boasting a 135mm cooling fan that can change many colors this PSUcould be what many of you modders out there are looking for. What I like isthe Crossfire and SLI support with a boatload of power. But is it worthy ofbeing placed in your system? To find out you will have to keep reading.

Yoggie Firestick Pico - Security via USB @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Apr-02-08] (0 Comments)

The Firestick Picoô is a portable USB mini-computer that replaces your software Firewall and protects your computer from malicious attacks before they can reach your PC. The Firestick Pico places a physical barrier between PCs and the Internet to ensure that threats never reach usersí computers. Unlike software firewalls, the Firestick Pico is based on a dedicated hardware platform.

Intel Atom Processor Officially Announced - More from IDF @ pcper.com
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We still have much to learn about Intel's new Atom processors butthe way I see it Intel is serious about this ultra mobility market for thefirst time and is no longer going to sit back and let VIA have their way.The Menlow platform looks to be a great stepping stone for bringingtraditional x86 power to the areas it has not been able to physicallysqueeze into like cell phones. I would also expect faster versions of thesevery inexpensive processors to find their way into all sorts of consumerelectronics devices to enable easy software development and quicker times tomarket.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 OC Edition Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
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Hong Kong-based Sapphire has been in the industry for a while,manufacturing primarily video cards and motherboard chipsets. It's thelargest supplier of ATI-based cards in the world, and was the first torelease a card with an HDMI connector. ThinkComputers got its hands onSapphire's Radeon HD 3650 OC Edition, a faster, more spacious version of themid-range card from the red team. We subject this card to a battery of teststo see how it measures up to one of the best the green team-nVidia-has tooffer.

Sapphire HD 3870 TOXIC Edition @ modders-inc.com
[Apr-01-08] (0 Comments)

Sapphire is always trying to figure out how to out do itself withtheir graphic cards and this holds true with the HD3870. Once they take acard and kick it up a notch or two they brand it with the now familiar Toxiclabel. Does the Sapphire HD3870 Toxic Edition live up to it namesakes?

Kingston DataTraveler 400 2GB Flash Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
[Apr-01-08] (0 Comments)

The technology age is booming, more and more people are starting totravel and use multiple computers. There's got to be a time where you havethought to yourself

ZOTAC GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-01-08] (0 Comments)

On April 1st, 2008 NVIDIA will officially launch the GeForce 9800 GTX. It's been over sixteen months since the GTX series was last

Tuniq Sanctum HDD Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-31-08] (0 Comments)

Tuniq, a leader in CPU cooling has sent us over a HDD cooler thatwill do both of the above mentioned solutions. Tuniq is showing they aremore than CPU cooling. The Sanctum is a full enclosure cooler that intendsto cool down that ultra fast hard drive of yours. The cool thing about theSanctum is that it is a passive cooler so it won't add to the noise of thehard drive it is trying to cool. But is it enough to warrant paying $22 fromNewegg? Lets check it out.

ASUS PG221 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-31-08] (0 Comments)

We have taken a look at a lot of LCD monitors here atThinkComputers. While most of them are adequate for all scenarios, none ofthem have been dubbed as gaming monitors. Well the ASUS PG221 is dubbed as agaming monitor and we can see why just by looking at the specs, a 2000:1contrasts ratio, 2ms response time, and all the connections you want on aLCD. Not only does it have these features it also has a 15W bass speaker,built-in webcam, touch-sensitive controls, and a cool lighting effect. Itseems the PG221 has everything any gamer or consumer alike would want. Let'ssee if we can find anything wrong with it.

Logitech MX5500 Revolution Cordless Desktop @ rbmods.com
[Mar-31-08] (0 Comments)

When it comes to computer upgrades, nothing provides a more visceralimpact than a new keyboard and mouse. These essential input devices havecome along way since the early days, yet still companies are findinginnovative features to add. Logitech, well-known makers of peripheraldevices, has developed a new keyboard/mouse combo, the Logitech MX550Revolution Cordless Desktop. Will this combo live up to its name as arevolutionary product? That is what we're here to find out in this review.

Asus 3850 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
[Mar-29-08] (0 Comments)

We have earlier looked at the 8800GT, 8800GTX and even a 3870X2 card from Asusand today we have another card from them on the test bench. We are going tolook at the 3850 TOP which is a overclocked version of their 3850 card thatis a middle class card that should still be able to perform quite well. Ourtests are going to put it vs the 8800GT card so youget an idea of how it will perform.

Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-29-08] (0 Comments)

The Seagate FreeAgent Pro is among many other current external harddrives. Its sleek design will help keep your desktop clutter free. Availablein 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1000GB capacities and supporting USB, eSATA, anddual FireWire 400 there is quite a number of drives to choose from for yourliking. The touch sensitive power points and included AutoBackup softwarehelp the FreeAgent Pro stick out from the crowd of other devices. Let's takea further look at this external hard drive.

Cooljag Mini LED Flash Fans @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-28-08] (0 Comments)

Case lighting has definitely come a long way. In the early days, anyand all case lighting involved a drill, soldering iron, some knowledge ofelectronics, and an attempt to find something that would work in a case thatwas originally beige. Today, it is pretty hard to find something new andunique, nearly everything one could imagine has already been done, but theguys at CoolJagUSA have come up with a really cool item, programmable LEDmarquee fans. Program a message to be displayed on your case fan.

Apevia X-Qboii Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-27-08] (0 Comments)

Finding the right case to suit the desires of the lady of the housecan be a difficult process. Well, I know it is when it comes to mine. Whenit comes to looking for a case it is more like hunting for that perfectoutfit to wear to work. Apevia reckon they may just have that perfect outfitfor her next computer build. The X-Qboii is a short case in stature but islarge in style and looks. The great looks begin with a brushed aluminumcovering that is guaranteed to please almost everyone. Is the X-Qboiicapable of knocking us off our feet with other wonderful features? Read on.

ASUS WL-520GU Wireless Router @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-27-08] (0 Comments)

ASUS wowed ThinkComputers in January 2007 within its WL-500W, anpre-802.11n router with USB ports for mass storage devices or a printer.ASUS recently released a 125 Mbps 802.11g router with a USB port for aprinter, called the WL-520GU. This router is Vista-ready and features aneasily configurable Bandwidth-On-Demand feature for Quality of Serviceadjustments. ThinkComputers investigates...

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Processor - Long Awaited B3 @ pcper.com
[Mar-27-08] (0 Comments)

The new AMD Phenom X4 9850 is a great processor for its segment eventhough it is still not able to dominate in any fashion over the Intelquad-core options. Just as with the initial 2.3 GHz Phenom B2 launch, AMDstill considers the Intel Core 2 Q6600 its primary competition, and Iconsider the Q9450 to be another potential threat as well. This new CPU isdefinitely getting AMD closer to its performance goals and any enthusiast orgamer looking for a ~$240 processor is going to have a fantastic experiencewith the 9850. The added performance and efficiency of the 2000 MHz memorycontroller and system bus add to the benefits of the 2.50 GHz clock rateproducing the best fastest stock speed AMD quad-core CPU to date.

Ultra m998 Computer Case @ rbmods.com
[Mar-26-08] (0 Comments)

Most ATX cases on the market nowadays come with a fairly standard setof equipment and have similar layouts. It's rare that you find a case thatoffers a variety of unique features. Ultra, makers of a wide range ofcomputer components, has developed a new case, the Ultra m998 Computer Case,which offers a number of unique features. Will the case prove to be awinner? Read on to find out.

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 4GB USB Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-26-08] (0 Comments)

Earlier this year Kingston released the DataTraveler HyperX seriesUSB drives which are available in three different capacities:2GB, 4GB, and8GB. This is by far the fastest USB drive Kingston has produced withtransfer rates of 30mb/s read and 20mb/s write. It not only has fasttransfer rates, but fast access times as well. The HyperX is enhanced forWindows ReadyBoost and comes with a 5 year warranty. Read on further to seehow well this USB drive puts out.

XtracPads Fat Mat @ modders-inc.com
[Mar-26-08] (0 Comments)

X Trac Pads Fat Mat is a Cloth Nanofiber mouse pad that isrelatively large and has a soft 1/4 inch thick foam backing. The large slicksurface and extra thick soft material is invented to provide a morecomfortable and efficient mouse surface.

Gigabyte GV-NX98X1GHI-B GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-26-08] (0 Comments)

It seems like it was just yesterday that I bought my first discrete graphics card to outfit an overclocked Cyrix M2-300 6x86MX-based

Sapphire Toxic HD 3870 ATi Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-26-08] (0 Comments)

Yes you can go out and purchase one of the cards from any of theseveral manufacturers that endorse the ATI brand. The Toxic HD 3870 is anoverclocked version of the ATI 3870 chipset. The Toxic HD 3870 uses a singleslot cooler that would be a godsend for those that are tight on space orhave motherboards with the PCIe slots too close together. This non-referencecooler helps to cool a RV670 clocked to 825MHz from the default 775MHz. Timeto put the Toxic 3870 on the bench and see what performance numbers we canget.

NVIDIA Quad SLI Take Two - 9800 GX2 up to bat @ pcper.com
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NVIDIA has missed the mark with their launch of Quad SLI on the 9800GX2; an incredible single graphics card has been shoved into a technologythat we all wanted to see work but that just is not yet ready for aspotlight. With just a couple of exceptions, performance on the Quad SLIsystem was uninspiring and was frustrating more often than it was fun toplay on. There is potential though! NVIDIA needs to take a tip from AMDand not just address performance scaling across more titles but integrateusability features that will help users deal with multi-GPU issues likemonitor configurations.

Modders-Inc Mod Your Mouse Contest @ modders-inc.com
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Grab that mouse and mod it like there is no tomorrow. Cut it, paintit, put a window in it, do what ever it takes to win theses great prizesfrom XTracPads and Logitech.

Thermaltake SwordM Full-Tower Case - Part 1 @ pcper.com
[Mar-25-08] (0 Comments)

We've said from the start that the SwordM is a large, full towerenclosure so I do not consider that a weakness and yes it is expensive. Mymain concerns are with the basic features that seemed to have beenforgotten; like only three internal 3.5

What is Happening to Modding @ modders-inc.com
[Mar-24-08] (0 Comments)

Strangely enough it seems that lately there has been a decrease inthe Modding community. We see more of the same mods over and over and lessnew stuff. So, why is that? I have an opinion, yeah I know everyone usuallydoes and they usually stink! lol

ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-24-08] (0 Comments)

ASUS is one of the most well-known motherboard manufacturers. Itsboards are known for consistent stability and awesome features, as well asexcellent design. ThinkComputers reviewed the M3A32-MVP Deluxe/Wifi, atop-shelf, Crossfire-capable motherboard using the AMD 790X chipset and anon-board wireless module. This writer's first motherboard review, I loadthis board with everything I could throw at it:a top of the line powersupply and graphics card, oodles of RAM, and three operating systems.

VIZO Luxon Advanced ED HDD caddy @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Mar-24-08] (0 Comments)

Today I am going to be looking at another product from a company that I have only recently been introduced to. The company is Vizo Technology Corp and the item under review is the Luxon Advanced ED hard drive caddy. After the very promising introductory product I have quite high expectations of this little piece of hardware

Raidsonic Icy Box IB-3218StU-B @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a SATA enclosure that has room for upto two SATA drives, this device runs through your USB interface which makesit compatible with most computers out on the market. This product comesfrom Raidsonic which we have not been in contact with before so it's goingto be very interesting to see how this device works and what type of qualitywe can expect from this product.

Antec 900 Case @ bleedinedge.com
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Thinking about getting a new case to allow you to overclock your newhardware on air and yet doesn't cost you an arm and a leg? Enter Antec'sNine Hundred Gaming Case that is reviewed at The BleedinEdge.com.

Lowepro Cirrus TLZ 25 Camera Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
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We have taken a look at quite a few Lowepro bags, but they have beenmostly larger camera / notebook bags. Today we are going to be taking a lookat a smaller bag, it's more of a pouch really. Even though it is apouch-type bag it can stall carry your D-SLR camera and a few accessories.Lowepro makes some of the best camera bags out there so the Cirrus TLZ 25shouldn't be any different. Read on to see how we liked it...

Gigabyte X48-DQ6 Motherboard - DDR2 X48 Solution @ pcper.com
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The Gigabyte X48-DQ6 is a great performing motherboard and the X48chipset again proves that Intel knows how to design a product for theirCPUs. The motherboard implements the DDR2 memory controller rather than theDDR3 one that the X48 offers and while that may limit the memory performancein its most basic functions, the benefits of being able to get much morememory (4GB vs 2GB) at faster speeds for less money should make up for it.

Soyo Topaz S 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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LCD monitors are pretty much common in all homes, it is not oftenyou see someone with a CRT monitor anymore. With LCD's being very common thestandard seems to be 19 and 20-inch displays. If you want something largeryou can go with 22-inch display, but you are still getting the sameresolution so the next step up is a 24-inch display. Soyo who we don't knowfor making LCD's just sent us their newly released Topaz S 24-inchWidescreen LCD monitor. Let's check it out!

NZXT Giveaway! @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers has teamed up with NZXT to bring you anothergiveaway. NZXT was nice enough to give us one of their newest cases, theTempest. Just released yesterday the Tempest is said to be the airflow kinghaving 2x 120mm intake fans, 2 huge 140mm top exhaust fans, 120mm rearexhaust fan, and a side 120mm exhaust fan! Some other features include abottom mounted PSU, room for up to 8 hard drives, and cable routingfeatures. You can see all of the specs and info about the Tempest on NZXT'swebsite. So how can you win this awesome case? Well just like our lastcontest we are going to be running this contest on our forums. If you arenot a forum member, you can easily register for free. The first thing thatyou are going to want to do is reply to this post (you can do so at thebottom of this page). Not only do you have to reply to this post you have tohave a minimum of 40 posts on the forums.

EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI Motherboard and Chipset @ pcper.com
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To be fair, this isn't the most expensive Intel motherboard you canbuy - after all there is the Skulltrail platform. But other than that, thetwo 790i motherboards top the Newegg.com Highest Price list in the IntelMotherboards section. Yes there are other motherboards from companies likeASUS and Gigabyte that are in this same $300+ range and we have hard timerecommending those to anyone but the most hardcore PC enthusiast but wecontinue to want to think of these NVIDIA boards as a good value.

Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Chipset coolers are often overlooked in a computer build, as mostpeople focus on CPU coolers and case fans. But as computer performanceincreases, these chipset temperatures are also rising. Today we'll look at anew chipset cooler, the Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler. Will this chipsetcooler be an improvement over a stock chipset cooler? Read on to find out.

Antec Sonata Plus 550 Case @ modders-inc.com
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Need a stylish case with plenty of power included, but want tomaintain a low noise level? Perhaps the Antec Sonata Plus 550 is the casefor you. We will take a closer look at the Antec Sonata Plus 550 and seejust what Antec has to offer in this stylish case.

DFI LanParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Intel LGA775 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-19-08] (0 Comments)

Back when Socket A, and later Socket 939, were the preferredplatforms for enthusiasts, one motherboard company emerged as the king ofoverclocking, DFI. DFI's LanParty boards had it all:colorful UV reactivecomponents, excellent BIOS conducive to overclocking, rock-solid stability,and excellent reliability. Today we will be looking at the DFI LanParty UTIFCX3200-T2R/G. It is an LGA775 motherboard powered by the ATI RD600chipset, and featuring ATI CrossFire Xpress 3200 IE. This board has beenaround for some time but is still available, and at an excellent price, Imight add. So rather than spend time comparing it to newer boards with newerchipsets that cost up to triple the price, I am going to attempt to reviewit on its own merits, and look at it more as an economy board rather thanthe upper-end board it was a year ago.

Noctua NT-H1 Heatsink Compound @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-19-08] (1 Comments)

Noctua has been known for serving up one of the best coolers on themarket. I am sure most of us have heard of the NH-U12P. It was one of thetop coolers on every website's list. And coupled with their newest fan theNF-P12 there aren't too many coolers that can come close. Now take thiscooler and fan and throw in the NT-H1 and you have everything you need tocool that new processor. So do we have another compound that is capable oftaking down the old king? We will find out soon.

XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 1GB - Dual G92 is Sexy @ pcper.com
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Is the extra performance you get out of the 9800 GX2 in thebenchmarks and gaming results we saw today worth that much extra money?While this is a very personal question between you and your wallet I'd haveto say it is a definite maybe. In talking with XFX I'm reasonably certainthat the prices for these cards will be at the $599 price point but I thinkthat in NVIDIA's complicated board design and cooler design has forced themto raise the price of the car to higher than they or their partners wouldhave liked.

Intel IDF P:Tukwilla, Dunnington, Nehalem and Larrabee @ pcper.com
[Mar-18-08] (0 Comments)

Larrabee didn't change much in this presentation either from what weknew before:no detail on number of cores, speeds, implementations, etc.We did finally seeing the fruits of Intel's software labor with thediscussion on AVX, a new extension for SSE that will start to bring moregraphics functionality to x86 IA architecture for Larrabee's cores. Newinformation on the cache system on Larrabee was interesting but againnothing to get overly excited about since these are problems that we knewIntel was going to have to address in order to even stay competitive withmodern GPUs in current applications.

Intel E8000 "Wolfdale" Dual-Core Processors @ overclockers.com.au
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----To find out to what extent the changes implemented with Penryn translate into dual-core performance gains, we benchmarked an E8500 engineering sample. The E8500 is the E8000 series top model. In this capacity we compared it with an E6850, the previous top-of-the line product. However, the E8500 is running at 3160 MHz and the E6850 at 3000 MHz. This means that differences between them cannot be entirely attributed to the new features that come with the E8000 series, but at least partially to the 160 MHz higher core frequency. In order to ďisolateĒ the impact of the various changes Intel has implemented with E8000 we run all tests with a multiplier of x9 as well.----

Aerocool iCurve Plus Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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Many of us want a really good looking case that can properly houseour components and keep cool and running well. A lot of time you don't needto pay so much to get this. Aerocool believes this as well. And with thewhole money saving concept upon most of us comes the iCurve Plus. A mid sizecase with a fascinating look and features the average joe would love. Getready to take a look at the iCurve.

Xigmatek NRP-MC851 Power Supply @ rbmods.com
[Mar-17-08] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at an interesting looking product from anexciting new company. Xigmatek seems to have been on the market since 2005but it is the first time I see one of their products. We got a sample of theNPR-MC851 PSU which seems to have some very nice features as 4x 12V railsall the wya from 18 to 30 amps. You also have modular cables and a smartsilent fan which should run this product fairly quiet.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-17-08] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master's Cosmos case made waves last year because of itsincredibly silent design, awesome size, and excellent accoutrements. Thisyear, Cooler Master altered the Cosmos design and released a new model:theCosmos S. Whereas the Cosmos case was a silent beast, the Cosmos S isdesigned to keep things inside as cold as possible, sacrificing silence forperformance. After salivating upon seeing this case in Cooler Master's boothat CES, we had to get our hands on it. ThinkComputers blasts off to explorethe unknown regions of this expansive case.

Thermaltake Xaser-VI VG400BWS (LCS) Case @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Mar-16-08] (0 Comments)

The model that I shall be looking at today is the VG400LBWS, or more specifically the ĎXaser VI Super Tower Black with Transparent Side Window With Embedded Liquid Coolingí. Yeah, thatís quite a mouthful; but Thermaltake have made 8 variations of this same model case, so they have to distinguish between them properly somehow!

Vizo mini-Ninja Notebook Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Mar-15-08] (0 Comments)

We've had a chance to review quite a few different Vizo coolerdesigns, each with their own interesting names like the Xena, Ninja, andNinja 2/Sumo to name a few. Vizo's back at the drawing board again, thistime with a smaller version of their notebook cooler, the Vizo mini-NinjaNotebook cooler. Will this little guy prove that good things come in smallpackages? Read on to find out.

Thermaltake M9 Mid-Tower Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-14-08] (0 Comments)

Most enthusiasts that have been building for at least a few yearsmost likely have used something with the Thermaltake logo on it. Thermaltakehas a wide variety of products:cases; fans; CPU, GPU, hard drive, andchipset coolers; liquid cooling; power supplies; storage solutions; andvarious other stuff. Today I will be looking at the Thermaltake M9, amid-tower that appears to take some of its inspiration from the Xaser VI.Will it meet my expectations of a Thermaltake case? Stay tuned to find out.

MemoRight GT MR25.2-064S 2.5-Inch 64GB SATA SSD @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For a little over a year now Benchmark Reviews has anxiously awaited the fabled Solid State Drive that could replace our current list of

Aerocool Horsepower 1020 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-13-08] (0 Comments)

Aerocool is widely known for introducing the world to extra largecase fans. I am sure you are familiar with the ExtremEngine case. If youdon't know it by name, maybe by description - it was one of the first tohave a 25cm cooling fan on the side and 14cm at the front as an intake.Well, putting the ExtremEngine to the side, Aerocool is introducing theHorsePower line of PSUs. This power supply comes in two models, 720 wattsfor the modest PC builder and 1020 watt model for the extremist. When youconsider that Crossfire using two 3870X2 cards can be done on a highperformance 620Watt PSU you can see how much further Aerocool is trying topush things. Each unit divides the power between four different rails andboasts an Aerocool trademark a large fan. A 140mm one with blue lights.

Griffin Elan Form Cork iPhone Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Griffin makes all kinds of products for iPods and the iPhone. AniPhone is quite an investment for most people, usually people do not spendmore than $150 on a phone. I have seen so many people drop phones and havethem break. I'm pretty sure if you bought a brand new $400 iPhone anddropped it you would be very upset, so why not protect your phone with acase. So many iPhone cases are the same but the Elan Form Cork case offerssomething different and unique.

John Carmack on id Tech 6, Ray Tracing, Consoles, Physics and more @ pcper.com
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The first point to analyze is on the discussion about ray tracing;John obviously feels that Intel's current stance on using the traditionalray tracing algorithms for gaming isn't likely to win out for thenext-generation rendering technology. This obviously isn't great news forIntel since even though John isn't the only game programming genius around,his opinions seem to have more weight than just about anyone else in theindustry. John more or less backs Dr. Kirk's view that rasterization hastoo many innate performance benefits to be taken over by ray tracing UNLESSIntel is successful in stretching the Larrabee architecture to incredibleperformance levels.

QNAP TS-409 Pro 4-Drive SATA Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Times are a little tough right now for many small business owners, so any product that offers to save them money while still performing

Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC3-12800 Kit @ aselabs.com
[Mar-12-08] (0 Comments)

These modules are rated for operation at DDR3-1600 which is PC3-12800 at 1.8V. The modules have SPD values for lower speeds (DDR3-1066) at JEDEC specs to provide boards the needed initial boot to provide the RAM with the proper voltage and timings. The stock timings at DDR3-1600 are 8-8-8-24. DDR3 latencies are very high compared to DDR2 and should only get better in time. These modules are lead free which helps the environment. Nothing like being green in today's world. I almost forgot that the command rate is 1T which means you get an extra performance boost.

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1625 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-12-08] (0 Comments)

Kingston is one of the oldest names in the PC world, and they arethe largest manufacturer of system memory purchased by third party buyers. Iremember hearing of Kingston in the late 1980s, a time when most PCs onlyhad a megabyte or two of system memory, and I used their memory in my firstRAM upgrade about a decade later. Recently I reviewed the Kingston HyperXPC3-11000 2 gig kit. Kingston considers it an entry-level enthusiast DDR3HyperX kit. Today I will be looking at the PC3-13000 HyperX 2 gig kit, whichat present, is considered the

Diamond Viper ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews recently reviewed the ZOTAC 8800GT ZT-88TES2P-FSP, NVIDIA's very impressive answer to the HD3800 series. Though the

Alpahcool LC-Display 240x128 Pixel blue neg. black @ rbmods.com
[Mar-12-08] (0 Comments)

It was quite sometime ago I reviewed something from Alpahcool but Iam glad they got in touch with us again and sent us their new LC display toreview. This little display can show you the following features; CPU,CPU-load, Networking Stats, Memory use, Winamp Titles, News-Feeds (i.e.BBC-World), Game Stats, Email details. My question is can you ask forsomething else and does it actually do all this? Well lets check out and seewhat we come up with in the review.

Alpahcool LC-Display 240x128 Pixel blue neg. Black @ rbmods.com
[Mar-12-08] (0 Comments)

It was quite sometime ago I reviewed something from Alpahcool but Iam glad they got in touch with us again and sent us their new LC display toreview. This little display can show you the following features; CPU,CPU-load, Networking Stats, Memory use, Winamp Titles, News-Feeds (i.e.BBC-World), Game Stats, Email details. My question is can you ask forsomething else and does it actually do all this? Well lets check out and seewhat we come up with in the review.

OpenLDAP Installation On Ubuntu Guide @ aselabs.com
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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, LDAP for short, is a 'fork' of the original X.500 specification for Directory Access Protocol. This X.500 was large and heavy. It also required an OSI protocol stack to run. LDAP was made to be leaner and able to run on top of TCP/IP instead of the OSI complete stack. Active Directory, the directory software that many Windows based enterprise networks use, is LDAP at its heart. Directory services can provide many benefits to a home network or a business. With LDAP setup, it is relatively easy to setup a single sign-on on every computer or have a global address book. The first step is the installation which is very easy on Ubuntu.

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W PSU @ pcper.com
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The new PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W power supply was designedfor both industry professionals and high-end gamers who demand the verybest. The 860 demonstrated excellent efficiency, very good voltageregulation, and produced clean outputs. The Turbo-Cool 860 can deliver upto 64A (768W) of +12V continuous power at up to 50=B0C operating temperatureand can support dual, high-end video cards with four PCI-E connectors. Allthis in a small chassis that will fit in virtually any ATX style case.

BFG 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ modders-inc.com
[Mar-11-08] (0 Comments)

It performed the best overall through the testing process and comesin at the same price range of the HD3870.

Honeywell SecuraDrive 80GB USB 1.8-Inch Pocket Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-11-08] (0 Comments)

The Honeywell SecuraDrive portable USB hard drive is perfect for storing MP3 music files, videos files and photos, or for protecting

Alphacool External 240x128 LCD-Display @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The screen editing software has a lot of control over everything that you could possibly want to add, you can modify existing screens or create a new one completely. You can even drop a picture into the background (2 tone pictures work best).

XSs is looking for ers @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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We are looking for 2 x Hardware reviewers to reviewanything from CPUcoolers to - eventually - graphics cards and motherboards. Successfulapplicants must have a high quality of English writing ability, be wellspoken with good communications. Access to a high quality camera andbeing proficient in using it will be a bonus, but is'n't essential tothe role. The workload will initially require one review a fortnight ofbetween 1,000 and 2,000 words with opportunities to expand this in thefuture.

A-Data Vitesta DDR3-1600X CL7 PC3-12800 RAM @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-10-08] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has amassed the largest collection of DDR3 memory modules anywhere, and we are now ready to showcase the thirteenth

Asus 8800GS TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
[Mar-10-08] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a relatively inexpensive videocard from Asus.We recieved a sample of their 8800GS card that cost around 200$. This cardis cheaper than the 8800GT card but can it compete with it at all or will itfall behind in every test we put it through? How does it perform and is itactually worth even looking at this card? Those are a few questions that wewill digg deeper into.

Lian Li PC-A77 Full Tower Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-10-08] (0 Comments)

If you are a computer enthusiast then you have heard of Lian Li.They make some of the best cases out there and have been doing it for years.One of my favorite cases of all time was the Lian Li PC-6089 case, to badyou can't really find it anymore. Today we are looking at a brand new casefrom Lian Li, the PC-A77. It features an all aluminum design, removablemotherboard tray, and so many features that you just won't find on othercases. Let's take a look and see if Lian Li can impress us again.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Full-Tower Case @ pcper.com
[Mar-08-08] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master certainly out did themselves when they redesigned theCosmos full-tower enclosure. The new black and gunmetal gray color schemewith sleek curves and futuristic styling borrows queues from both race carsand starships. The overall size and look is retained from the originalCosmos 1000 but numerous styling changes have been implemented on all sidesand the Cosmos S is noticeably lighter thanks to a new aluminum chassis.

GlacialTech Igloo 5750 PWM CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Mar-08-08] (0 Comments)

A while back, we had a chance to review the GlacialTech Igloo 5750Silent CPU cooler, which we found to be an average-performing cooler withgood sound performance. But what happens if you sacrifice a little noise;will it result in better cooling? We get to chance to test out that theorywhen we look at the similarly designed GlacialTech Igloo 5750 PWM CPUCooler. Let's find out if the sacrifice is worth it.

Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 Socket 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

The latter of the aforementioned boards was one of first to hit themarket at the launch of the P35 chipset. The GA-P35, in which ever formatyou got it, overclocked like a monster with a tweak here and a tweak there.But now that the world is on the energy saving kick Gigabyte has released anupdated version of the P35 range called the GA-EP35 range. According toGigabyte this new line of boards has a power saving rate of 70% which shouldmake your parents, partner or roomy happy when it comes time to fork overthe money to pay the utility bill. The Dynamic Energy Save or DES for shortwill automatically adjust CPU phase power during idle and load activity.Which means when at idle the power will drop down to dual phase and when aload is poured on up to four or higher dependent on the load.

NVIDIA Comments on Ray Tracing and Rasterization Debate @ pcper.com
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

Reality intrudes into the most fantastic ideas and plans. Virtuallyall games and professional applications make use of the modern APIs forgraphics:OpenGL(tm) and DirectX(tm). These APIs use rasterization, not raytracing. So, the present environment is almost entirely rasterization-based.We would be foolish not to build hardware that runs current applicationswell.Ray tracing may be the future of rendering-it's definitely part of thefuture at least. There is an old joke that goes

Chipset Cooler @ modders-inc.com
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

CPU cooled... Check! GPU cooled... Check! Hard drives cooled...Check! Case cooled... Check... Did you cool your chipset?!?! Is your chipsetoverheating? You know your chipset is a very important part of yourmotherboard, so it only make sense to cool it better than stock as well.Coolink has the answer, the ChipChilla will indeed cool your chipset.

Name the Game Contest II @ ngohq.com
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

There is nothing better than getting free stuff! Well, this month we are giving away a Radeon HD 3850 Graphics Card. Anyway, we don't like the usual-boring-contest-style; we want it to be fun and challenging. So we have launched this Name the Game Contest II. What do you have to do? Okay, we are going to play some PC game soundtrack in a Flash window below, and you will have to guess the name of the game. Make sure to enable Flash in your browser, and to turn up your speakers. This time we picked something really special, and hard to guess. So to make it easier for you, we've also included a blurry image.

Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

I have a great appreciation for high quality cover-the-earheadphones. I've used ones that cost under $20, and others that cost over$200. I prefer cover-the-ear, as I'm easily distracted by outside noise.andin gaming, distractions often mean the difference between getting a cleanheadshot and getting pwned. Saitek has been around for nearly 30 years, andhas grown to be the world's second largest manufacturer of gamingperipherals. They design and build a huge array of PC peripherals andspeakers, to enhance the overall PC experience. Will the Cyborg Headsetprove to be as innovative and effective as Saitek's other products? Readahead to see...

Intel DX38BT Dilemma @ aselabs.com
[Mar-07-08] (0 Comments)

Way back when I heard that Intel was going to be making a bunch of new platform boards, I was skeptical. I knew how successful the Centrino brand on the mobile front was for Intel and it makes sense that they want to capitalize on having platforms. That was the time that Intel started releasing new series of motherboards such as the Essentials and the Extreme series.This type of product placement made sense as now consumers can really see where a product fits just by looking at what series the motherboard is in. The Essentials series contains the base needs and hardly anything more. You get a good motherboard for a cheap price. The Extreme series goes hand in hand with Intel's Extreme Edition processors. These motherboards actually have overclocking features and have performance enhancements to get the most out of your build... or so I thought.

Honeywell SecuraDrive 1.8-inch 80GB USB Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-06-08] (0 Comments)

On the run all the time? Transferring large documents through sillyUSB sticks? The Honeywell SecuraDrive has the perfect solution for you.Available in three different capacities:80GB, 120GB, and 160GB, theSecuraDrive offers security and portability for all of your files. Theincluded software allows you to partition the external drive into twodifferent partitions:public and private. Keeping your friends andco-workers away from your

PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard Update @ pcper.com
[Mar-06-08] (0 Comments)

The graphics card selection in the High-End system also stayed withBFG 8800 GTS 512MB card since the price on these continues to fall - at $270or so at this writing. The new NVIDIA 9600 GT did take the coveted spot inthe Mid-Ranger Leaderboard away from AMD's HD 3850 card thanks to itssuperior performance and decent price. Not to mention they are in stockeverywhere! The AMD HD 3870 does make a compelling alternative if you wantto lean towards the underdog.

Asus EAH3870X2 Videocard @ rbmods.com
[Mar-06-08] (0 Comments)

With the new 9600 GT cards we have a very close competition betweenNvidia and ATI. Today we got one of these contenders on our test bench, tobe more precis we have the 3870 X2 card from Asus to test. We have decidedto run the card vs a 8800GTS 640mb and vs the well performing 8800GTX card.We will push the card through games and various benchmarks before we end upthe review with the mandatory overclocking tests so stay tuned.

Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico Security Mini-Computer @ thinkcomputers.org
[Mar-05-08] (0 Comments)

Windows security is a big deal these days. It's hard to keep up withall of the viruses and spam and other malicious things which threatenWindows. Protection software can be expensive, too. On top of that cost, asmuch as 30% of system resources can be devoted to protecting against thesethreats, according to Yoggie, maker of the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico. This tinycomputer plugs into a Windows-based computer, and the driver offloadsnetwork traffic onto the device so it can be scanned for threats. Let'scheck it out...

AMD 780G Chipset P - Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H Evaluated @ pcper.com
[Mar-04-08] (2 Comments)

The AMD 780G chipset is probably the most exciting integratedchipset launch I have covered in my 8+ years of writing about the techindustry. This is the first time that the GPU in the chipset isn't based ona previous generation of technology thus crippling it right from the start.And of course, the ability to stretch that performance even further byadding in a discrete GPU and taking advantage of Hybrid CrossFire reallyallows system builders and DIYers to make a system for themselves or familythat can actually play games for a relatively low price.

Targus Grove Convertible Messenger/Backpack @ thinkcomputers.org
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Targus' line of backpacks is among the best. ThinkComputers' admiresthe line's durability, solid construction, versatility, and protection ofthe contents of the bag. We got our hands on the Targus Grove ConvertibleMessenger/Backpack. It looks and feels like a World War II rucksackre-imagined in the twenty-first century. The olive color certainlycontributes to it. As part of the Targus EcoSmart green initiative, thiscase is PVC-free and features recyclable plastic accents and nickel-freemetal to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment. Read onfor the review...

33-Way Thermal Interface Material Comparison @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has seen a lot of products made for the purpose of delivering better performance. Some of these products exist for

ASUS U2E 11" Ultra-mobile Notebook - In a class of its own @ pcper.com
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The ASUS U2E is perhaps one of the best notebooks to hit theultra-mobile market. Ever. By offering both solid performance for thissegment, a list of features that exceeds machines much larger, size andweight that any road warrior would envy and battery life of nearly 8.5 hoursASUS is able to address nearly every concern for the mobile market; not tomention that it is simultaneously sexy and elegant.

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook @ pcper.com
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With a good sized keyboard and 12.1

Spire Pinifarina Case @ rbmods.com
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Todays review will be about a case, to be more specific it is goingto be about Spire=B4s latest case named Pinifarina that has some functions Ihave not seen before. Apparently you can fold out both sides and it alsoseems to have some great cooling features that we are going to look into.This is a steel case so will weight be an issue?

Princeton VL2018W 20.1-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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Not everyone needs a top of the line LCD monitor with a 2ms responsetime and all of the connections imaginable. Some people just want an LCDmonitor to replace their huge CRT monitor. It is much easier moving around afew thin LCD monitors than a big CRT. Today we are taking a look at theVL2018W from Princeton. The 20.1-inch LCD features a 1680 x 1050 resolutionand 8ms response time. You can get it from Geeks.com for a very decent priceof $179.99. Let's take a look...

Asrock 4Core1600P35-WiFi+ 775 Socket Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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But what if you want a great overclocking experience at a pricecloser to home? A price that won't equal that of mid range Mercedes Benzmonthly payment. What if you only could scrap up the funds to obtain a IntelDual Core 2200 or 6420? Chances are you will want a board that is packedwith all the features you must have like eSATA, voltage selections,Crossfire support and the rest of the features necessary to overclock thehell out of your CPU.

akasa 1000w PowerMax PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Akasa has been around for a while and in the PSU game since we reviewed the Akasa pax power 460W which was a high end PSU back then, since then they have released some solid performers and for the right price too. Now we look at there latest offering the Akasa PowerMax 1000w PSU, will it perform as well as its predecessors, only one way to find out so let us get on with the review.

Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler @ ngohq.com
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Apparently, the masses were very happy with the Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler, so much so, they decided to introduce the same idea for CPU cooling. It's been an awhile since Thermaltake introduced a high-end CPU Cooler. In the last few years, many manufacturers have entered the high-end CPU cooling market making competition now more intense than the past. Thermaltake has been hard at work to make their products more attractive and one of these efforts has appeared as the new DuOrb CPU Cooler.

Vizo Sleet RAM Cooler @ rbmods.com
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When we talk about cooling inside a computer, we are usually lookingat coolers for traditional components such as the CPU, graphics card,Northbridge, etc. Well, what about one of the more expensive componentsinside the motherboard, the RAM? Vizo, makers of a wide range of computercomponents, as released a new product, the Vizo Sleet RAM cooler, whichoffers a cooling solution for RAM sticks. Read on to find out if it makes anoticeable difference in performance.

A-DATA Nobility N702 4GB Flash Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Vista feeling slow? Speed it up with one of the many drives inthe A-DATA Nobility N702 Series. Available in red, blue, or silver, andsizes of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB the N702 should be attractive to mostpeople. This drive supports Windows ReadyBoost as well as having some decenttransfer rates. The Nobility N702 has a couple unique features that youprobably aren't going to find on any other flash drive. Take a further lookinto the review to find out what separates this drive from the rest.

Vizo sata Saturno 2.5Ē hard drive caddy @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Moving onto the end of the Saturno we find all the necessary connections and buttons. There is the usual USB and power connections but this also has a connection for e-sata, as mentioned before, plus this caddy is capable of one touch backup of either certain files or the whole of your boot disk, which would be VERY useful if the worst should happen.

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1,000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The ZM1000-HP 1,000W power supply's voltage regulation, lineregulation and cross-loading regulation are excellent. The overallefficiency is excellent and AC ripple noise suppression is very good. Undernormal operating conditions (below 600W load) the ZM1000-HP is virtuallysilent. The PSU comes fitted with a large assortment of hard-wired andmodular cables that can support multiple, high-end video cards. However,the cables are only 20

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Compound @ rbmods.com
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When we think about achieving better cooling performance, we oftenfocus on hardware solutions. However, the quality of the thermalcompound/paste that interfaces between the chips and the cooler is anothercritical factor in getting better cooling performance from your cooler.Today we'll take a look at a new thermal compound from Tuniq, well-knownmakers of a variety of cooling solutions, known TX-2. Will this productstand up against the incumbents in the market? We will attempt to answerthat question in today's review.

Intel demonstrates ray tracing on ultra-mobile PCs @ pcper.com
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The real strength with this demo at the Game Developer's Conference,as Intel sees it, is that games can be created and easily transported fromform factor to form factor by utilizing the scaling ability of ray tracing:We believe that with Ray-Tracing, developers will have an opportunity todeliver more content in less time, because when you render things in aphysically correct environment, you can achieve high levels of quality veryquickly, and with an engine that is scalable from the Ultra-Mobile to theUltra-Powerful, Ray-Tracing may become a very popular technology in theupcoming years.

Saitek GM2400 Laser Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Saitek GM2400 Laser Mouse certainly has a unique appearance withits grayscale camouflage. In addition to its crazy color scheme there aresome important features to it. It offers three different settings to changeyour DPI and a quick switch button that helps you switch between the 800, to1600, to 2400 DPI modes. The included software will help you customize theperfect gaming experience with the capability to change all of the sixbuttons on the mouse to something more fit for you. Let's take a furtherlook to see what else this gaming mouse has to offer.

Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Solid State Drives are not for everyone. Similar to the evolution towards DDR3 system memory, a gradual replacement of the Hard Disk

Bgears b-Envi Micro Case ay Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
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Bgears has burst onto the case modder/enthusiast scene with somepretty innovative products. With the new b-Envi Small Form Factor (SFF)case, Bgears tosses its hat into the ring and wants to spar with the othermanufacturers in a crowded case market for the SFF crowd. Does this casehave what it takes to make your friends b-Envious? I think you will findthis to be a special case in many ways, so... step on through and learnabout one of the best kept secrets in town!

ATP Petito and ToughDrive mini @ tcmagazine.com
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Seeing the results above the ToughDrive mini and Petito look like the little engines, or better yet, flash drives that could. Not only did they manage to beat their more famous and very speedy rival the Flash Voyager GT in almost every test, but they did it without breaking a sweat.

VOX V1 750GB eSATA/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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When browsing the shelves of your local B&M you will find there areseveral different sizes and brands to pick from. Some drives are smallenough to fit in the front pocket of your shirt and there are other unitsthat can house numerous drives. These types of unit can be a big as shoe boxor two. Depending on your needs someone will have you covered. Besidesstorage size another major factor would be what brand of drive to buy.Seagate and Maxtor seem to be two of the more popular brands. Personalpreference usually is the deciding factor in this case.

Thermaltake BlacX SATA Hard Drive USB Docking Station @ pcper.com
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The usage I have gotten out of this Thermaltake BlacX in just thepast two weeks has made it well worth the meager $35 investment required topurchase one. Any user that finds themselves constantly on the lookout forextra storage, temporary or permanent, or even if you have some extrainternal SATA hard drives sitting around that you'd like to get some use outof, the BlacX makes a perfect fit.

ASUS P5K64 WS Intel P35 DDR3 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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It's not something that we in the enthusiast world really thinkabout, but there is a market out there for high-end computers that willprobably never do any gaming, be overclocked, water cooled, or any other ofthe cool stuff that geeks do with their rigs. For example, a design engineermight desire a CAD workstation using multiple large screens...as many as sixor eight...at high resolution. Anyone designing animation would like such arig. So, what does someone desiring to build a modern upper-end graphicsworkstation do? Asus has an answer with the P5K64 WS, a workstationmotherboard based on the very successful Intel P35 chipset. Today we will belooking at the P5K64 WS, to see if it has anything that would hold theinterest of the enthusiast. Can it satisfy the geek? Read ahead to see.

ZOTAC GeForce 8800 GT 512MB AMP! HDMI Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When you think of discrete graphics, your probably don't think low-end. It's very common, as with most things we can buy, for people to immediatelyshoot for the stars. In the video card world, this usually means discussing only the best money can buy, and this is the start of a bigger mistake.Very recently NVIDIA released their newest addition to the GeForce family:the 9600 GT. While it offers solid performance for the lower mid-range ofdiscrete graphics, NVIDIA's 9th generation of video cards has only one offering thus far. Essentially, the latest is by far not the greatest.

G.SKILL DDR2 PC2 8500 (8 Layers PCB) Memory @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a DDR2 kit from Gskill. We got their new 8500kit that seems to perform quite well according to some other reviews I haveseen. We are going to compare this vs our previous DDR2 kits that haveperformed the best. We are also going to try to boost this kit a bit to seehow it performs under heavy overclocking.

Silverstone Kublai KL03 Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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The world is cluttered with the dead and dying remains of poorlydesigned, mass-produced OEM pc cases, but you won't find one at my place. Asa hardware enthusiast I expect more from my cases. There has to be plenty ofspace inside them. They have to be well-made. Cutting edge innovation isn'tnecessary, but I do prefer to see some thought going into the making of acase. To be honest, I'm quite tired of the cookie cutter cases some of theindustry has been churning out over the last few years.

Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare @ bonafidereviews.com
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War. Huh. Yeah. What is it good for? Well apparently its good for selling tons and tons of videogames to obsessed FPS fans. Say it again now. Unless youíve been living in a foxhole for the past few years you have probably heard of Infinity Wardís Call of Duty series.

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1375 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Kingston's 20 year history is packed with numerous awards from thelikes of Fortune, Inc, and Forbes magazines, and for the last four years,they were ranked the #1 memory module manufacturer for the third-partymemory market. They have been extremely successful at building qualityproducts, and taking care of their employees considering the numerous

Noctua NT-H1 heat paste @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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I seem to be testing a lot of thermal pastes lately, so it will be nice when I have a roundup of the major performers (which after today should be most of them!) The NT-H1 paste from Noctua is a relatively new entry to the thermal paste market, so letís take a look Noctuaís offering to the market.

QNAP TS-109 Pro SATA Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Network Attached Storage (NAS) is slowly emerging as a single storage unit that could be easily attached to your home or business

NVIDIA 9600 GT ed @ pcper.com
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When we compare the 9600 GT to the previous generation from NVIDIA,the 8600 GTS in our case, the difference is simply amazing. While the 8600and 7600 were very similar in terms of performance, with simply the additionof DX10 features as the main differentiator, that isn't a problem in thiscase. I think that many users that currently have 7600-series or8600-series installed on there systems are staring wide eyed at theperformance graphs with their wallets open. The simple fact is that the9600 GT is a return to the days of actual performance gains from generationto generation:and we love it.

Sigma Shark 635W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Sigma's new Shark line of power supply units combines a functional,stable supplier of required electricity with a stylish, finned, dual-fancooling design, resulting in a silent but powerful device. It's also one ofthe most stable devices we've seen in a while. Combine that with a sub$100-price and it looks like we've got quite a nice unit on our hands. Readon for the review.

AMD Quad-CrossFire - CrossFireX Performance P @ pcper.com
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Our initial preview of AMD's CrossFireX technology is very positive.Even though the performance benefits of four GPUs is questionable based onthe performance numbers we saw today, the flexibility that allows users toconfigure three GPUs in CrossFireX mode is much more appealing. In titleslike Call of Duty 4, the benefits of four GPUs can really be seen but inother cases, three seems to do the job just as well. Either way though, AMDhas opened up a whole new world of gaming options for enthusiasts byallowing such a diverse combination of hardware.

Evo-G Mouse Bungee @ modders-inc.com
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Corded mouse users from all over have at one point in time had tohave cursed their corded mouse because the cord was caught on something.Well the Evo-G Mouse Bungee is designed to prevent any unwanted mousemovements that are caused by the longer cords.

content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Arctic Cooling makes some of the best GPU coolers on the market and theyare about to unleash their newest model, fortunately, we were able to getour hands on the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800 Video Card Cooler. Thi scooler is designed to fit the nVIDIA 8800Ultra, GTX, GTS(G80) model graphiccards. Arctic Cooling has garnered a reputation for making excellentproducts that provide superb performance with whisper quiet operation. Let' ssee if they can continue the trend with the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme8800 Video Card Cooler. Let's get started=85.

Benchmark s Grand Opening Mega-Contest Announced @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
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All you have to do is post your prize choices in this thread, you'll be qualified for our random drawing prize. It's as simple as that.

Buffalo LinkStation EZ 500GB Network-Attached Storage Device @ thinkcomputers.org
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Buffalo's routers have always wowed this writer, especially theWHR-G54S. However, this time around, Buffalo sent ThinkComputers a differentkind of networking product:the LinkStation, Buffalo's foray into thenetwork-attached storage device market. Buffalo markets the LinkStation EZto the home user and touts its easy setup and backup software.ThinkComputers investigates.

Bgears b-Tarantula 650 Watt PSU @ modders-inc.com
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Bgears has been hard at work to bring new products to their lineover the last year. Today we are going to take a look at one of their latestpower supplies. The Bgears b-Tarantula 650 Watt.

Alienware m9750 Notebook - SLI, RAID and Gaming on the Go @ pcper.com
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From a pure hardware perspective, the machine has support (thoughyou can build it on their site without it) for SLI graphics, RAID SATA harddrives, and Intel's latest dual-core processors. The screen itself isvibrant and with a resolution of 1920x1200 you'll have more than enoughdesktop space to get your work done when you have to, and game when you wantto. Users fretting over the Macbook Air's single USB port won't have thatproblem here, as the Alienware m9750 has lots of connectivity options:butyou'll need a much larger and stronger envelope.

Asus P5K Pro motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Even though DDR3 is slowly starting to make it on the market the DDR2is still mostly used by consumers. For that reason we still have a DDR2board to review since they perform very well with good ram kits. Asus sentus a sample of their P5K Pro motherboard that we are going to take a look attonight, we are going to twist and turn this card and also try to boost someextreme experience out of the it so stay tuned for tonights review.

OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has been hard at work trying to ride the wave of innovation into the next big technology. While Solid State Disks can

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 DES X48 DDR3 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Motherboards are at the heart of every computer, and their importance is central to stable system operation. No matter if you are a

Lenovo ThinkPad T61p 14.1-inch & 15.4-inch Laptops @ thinkcomputers.org
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Back in September we took a look at the new R-Series ThinkPad theR61, now it is time for the T-Series. As we explained in the R61 review theT-Series is the pricier of the 2 ThinkPad series', as it has a more powerfulprocessor and graphics. With ultraportables being all the rage now it ishard to pack all the power into a notebook that can be easily carriedaround. Lenovo is able to do that with the T61p at only 1.1-inches thick andweighing in at 5lbs, it is smaller than most mobile workstations. It is alsothe first widescreen ThinkPad mobile workstation, no more boring 4:3screens! Lenovo was nice enough to send us both the 14.1 and 15.4-inchversions so let's take a look.

Ideazon Reaper Edge 3200DPI Gaming mouse @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Feb-18-08] (0 Comments)

At times throughout this review I have referred to ďmy old mouseĒ and I think its time to come clean as to what mouse I was referring to, it was a Razer Copperhead. Compared to the Razer Copperhead the Ideazon Reaper Edge is slightly larger and slightly heavier which might put a few people off. But it is still just as accurate and easy to use.

Ultra X2 Extreme Edition 750W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
[Feb-17-08] (0 Comments)

Whenever a company names a product an

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Though the memory manufacturers are still designing and building newDDR2 memory modules, DDR3 memory is here and being used. There are plenty ofmotherboards out there that utilize DDR3 memory, and new modules are beingintroduced monthly. No, you have probably not yet heard of Aeneon. Aeneon isa division of a German company Qimonda, the world's third largestmanufacturer of DRAM, part of Infineon Technologies AG. So, there is reallynothing new about Aeneon but the name.

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pcper.com
[Feb-14-08] (0 Comments)

The overall construction and build quality is good and the simplelines and black anodized finish provide a nice background for highlightingall your internal goodies (visible through the large side window). Thanksto its slightly larger size, the m998 can easily accommodate a large PSU,extended ATX motherboard and it comes with 11 drive bays. The two bundled120mm fans provide good airflow and can be supplemented with an additional80mm fan on the side window if desired. And if you plan to floor mount thisenclosure you will certainly enjoy the optional (included) caster wheels.

SilverStone Decathlon DA800 800W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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SilverStone Technologies, founded in 2003, has in less than fiveyears become one of the industry leaders in PC power supplies. Thoughprobably not as well known as some of the popular companies who haverecently branched out into the power supply field, SilverStone's robust PSUsare well respected by those who are serious about power supplies.SilverStone was one of the first two companies to receive SLI certificationfrom nVidia. The DA800, being a new model, has not received its SLIcertification by nVidia, but both the DA750 750 watt, and the DA850 850 wattmodels of the Decathlon line have been certified for a pair of 8800GTXs, soI can assume that it will receive the same rating.

Thermaltake Armor + Case @ rbmods.com
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Thermaltake=B4s Armor case was a huge success a few years ago and now

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
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The SteelSeries Ikari Series mice, just being released not too longago, are a perfect gaming addition for anyone looking to improve theirgaming. With 15 months of research and development SteelSeries has been ableto closely perfect the art of gaming mice for FPS as well as MMO/RTS gamers.This mouse offers up to 3,200 CPI and manual CPI adjustments for the perfectsensitivity. Wondering what CPI means? Check out the review to this as wellas many other features of the Ikari Laser mouse.

Thermaltake Blac-X Hard Drive Pod @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-13-08] (0 Comments)

Well, Thermaltake has a solution for people like me and maybe someonelike you as well. The Blac X is an external way of linking any SATA drive,2.5 or 3.5, to your computer. But unlike the traditional method of openingup an enclosure, mounting a drive and then closing it all back up, the BlacX doesn't use an enclosure. Confused? Yeah, I would be too. But read thereview and we will clear it all up for you.

Electric Bill's Van-Puter:Computing goes mobile! @ pcper.com
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Yeah I know, laptops can do most of the things that desktops can dobut the tiny keyboard and touch pad just don't do it for me not to mentionthat trying to use one for vehicle navigation can get pretty exciting whenyou hit the brakes or make a quick turn and your $1500 laptop obeys Newton's1st law of motion.

Eternal Sonata @ bonafidereviews.com
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Eternal Sonata is the latest RPG from Tri-Crescendo, starring Ė of all potential heroes Ė Frederic Chopin. Yes, that Chopin Ė the Poet of the Piano, the famous composer who tragically died of tuberculosis aged only 39. The game takes place inside his last dream, as he slips into a coma on his deathbed. Here, he meets a young girl called Polka, who is also affected by a terminal illness. In this imaginary world, people suffering in such a way are able to use magic, and Polka has the power to heal others. However, most people are afraid of catching her illness and avoid her, so she has no real friends.

SOYO 47-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV MT-SYXRT4791AB @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Feb-12-08] (0 Comments)

Don't let anyone have you believe that High Definition Televisions are the future. A more correct statement is that HDTV's are the

GMC K1 Muse MediaCentre Mid Tower @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Feb-12-08] (0 Comments)

The Muse K1 case from GMC is so feature packed that it has made for my longest review yet, and even after this review there are still features of the case left un-shown. Before reviewing this case I wasnít so keen on it. But since I have used it, it has really grown on me. The extensive feature set surprised me time after time, and I was pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion when I would enter a different mode on the software and find a new use for the buttons and display on the front of the case.

VisionTek Radeon HD 3850 @ pcper.com
[Feb-08-08] (0 Comments)

The 3850 simply redefines the midrange at this time. Unlike theprevious X1950 boards, the 3850 is actually released well before thecompeting product from NVIDIA. This gives AMD a very significant lead whenit comes to addressing this very important market, and they have gained alot of traction by releasing it in good numbers before the end of last year.Currently the 3850 series is well represented with product, and VisionTekhas provided a very minimalist yet quality part for its price. Throw in thewarranty and support that VisionTek provides, and it certainly is one of themore attractive offerings out there.

Thermaltake BlacX USB Hard Drive Docking Station @ thinkcomputers.org
[Feb-08-08] (0 Comments)

When you think of Thermaltake you think cases and power supplies,not hard drive enclosures. While they do make hard drive enclosures they arenot known for that, but they soon might be with the BlacX. The BlacX is notreally a hard drive enclosure, it is more of a docking station. Unlike otherhard drive docking stations we have seen the BlacX has a totally differentdesign and since it is made by Thermaltake we know it won't be like thecheap docking stations we have seen. Let's check it out...

Tuniq Tower 120 Ultra Silent CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Feb-08-08] (0 Comments)

One thing that is common with most CPU coolers that use air coolingis that they typically include a fan. We've seen all kinds of fan mounts-either horizontal or vertical, and on all sides of the cooler. But whatabout sticking the fan in the middle of the cooler? Tuniq, makers of a widevariety of computer products, has produced a new cooler, the Tuniq Tower 120CPU cooler, that does just that. Will this unique design result in coolerperformance? Let's find out in this review.

Unifying the Source - Contest @ aphnetworks.com
[Feb-08-08] (0 Comments)

This is just not any regular contest -- this one is meant to be fun.It is quite unique, because you'll have to figure out where and when to start before you are exposed to the rules. And of course, you'll have to find out what the prize is too, but that will be the first thing you'll find out. This one will also require innovation, some skills, as well as creativity to bring you

ABS/Tagan BZ800 800W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Feb-07-08] (0 Comments)

As we mentioned earlier, one unique feature found on the BZ800 powersupply is a small slide-switch on the back panel that can be used to selecteither Normal or Turbo operating mode for the +12V outputs. Tagan claims

Palit GeForce 8600 GT Super+1GB Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
[Feb-07-08] (0 Comments)

I'm sure a lot of you have never head of Palit before. Before wewere approached by them we had never heard of them either. Palit is not anew company, but they have done business almost entirely overseas. Now theyare offering their products here in the United States. They offer both AMDATI video cards as well as Nvidia-based cards. They were nice enough to sendus over their GeForce 8600GT Super+1GB PCI-Express card, let's take alook...

Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Surround Sound Headphones @ thinkcomputers.org
[Feb-06-08] (0 Comments)

Getting yelled at by neighbors or family members while gaming lateat night? Still want that surround sound experience? Zalman has the solutionfor you. The Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Surround Sound Headphones will solve yourproblem. With its easy install USB connection, rather than multiple audiocables, and a compact design for storage and transport, this headset willsure be a good addition to anybody's audio arsenal. Let's take a look to seewhat else these six channels of sound have to offer.

Antec Sonata 550 @ swemod.com
[Feb-06-08] (0 Comments)

SweMOD has today posted yet another review and today they take a look at

NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Anyone who owns a laptop knows how hot they can get. To help remedy that problem manufacturers are now coming out with some well made and

Vizo Ninja 2 Laptop Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Feb-05-08] (0 Comments)

About a year ago, we took a look at the Vizo Ninja Notebook Cooler,where we concluded that it was a decent cooler but was a little undersizedfor many of today's notebook designs. Perhaps Vizo was listening, as theyhave since developed a larger version of this cooler design. Will the VizoNinja 2 Notebook Cooler perform as well as its smaller brother? We willattempt to answer that question in this review.

NVIDIA Buys AGEIA:How it affects you @ pcper.com
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It does not mean that it will stop there. With a robust chipsetdivision, NVIDIA could decide to integrate physics hardware into theirchipsets. We must also consider that NVIDIA could very well leverage GPUphysics on their integrated graphics parts. Last month we were surprised tosee that NVIDIA was using an integrated graphics part for their upcominghigh end AMD and Intel motherboards. If NVIDIA is able to add thatfunctionality to the PhysX engine, then they will likely have a significantinstalled base of products that can leverage those extra features offered bythe physics engine.

Zalman ZM500-HP 500W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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South Korea-based Zalman is most well-known for its coolingproducts, but it makes a line of power supplies, as well. The ZM500-HP isZalman's 500 watt unit. Zalman's main selling points for the series are itshigh efficiency and ultra-quiet heat pipe cooling system. Additionally, it'smodular! Read on for the review.

Gameconnect's Free Gaming, January 2008 @ tcmagazine.com
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No emulation, no oldies, just pure indie gaming goodnessthat’ll leave you wondering why you paid cash for some of the titlesin your collection... and because we're feeling all festive andgenerous still, we've put them all up for downlonad on our servers,fast and lovely without waiting or subscriptions.

Scythe Zipang CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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It seems that the success of one good cooler doesn't keep it on topforever, so all companies must try and produce a successor to these units.And Scythe knows this and got on the job of constructing a new cooler. Thatnew cooler came to be the Zipang. I am still on the lookout on what Zipangmeans in plain English but when it comes to coolers it means a large 140mmcooling, six heat pipes and multi-processor support. From the looks of theZipang it just may be a overclocker's best friend. But lets see if the testbacks up our early judgment.

content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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With the ever increasing popularity of multi-media computers comes anincrease in specialized products aimed at these types of users, specificallythe ones that build Home Theater PCs . One such product is the remotecontrol, there are many types out there that come bundled with some itemsyou can buy, but most aren't that great, in what they can do and theiroverall range. Today for review I've got a remote control from Adesso,called the Vista Remote Control, yes the name Vista is attached but it canwork in Windows XP, and Media Center Editions of Vista and XP as well.

Intel Skulltrail Platform - Eight Cores, SLI and CrossFire @ pcper.com
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Skulltrail is an incredibly interesting product from a technologicalpoint of view and any enthusiast would surely salivate at the idea ofpairing up two of Intel's powerful quad-core processors with SLI orCrossFire graphics. The problem is that same enthusiast is probably asdisappointed as I am in the raw gaming performance numbers that we showcasedtoday and thus a lot of the appeal is tainted. Yes, the Skulltrail platformis an amazingly fast media and rendering powerhouse, and users that do a lotof those tasks, with some gaming on the side, will find the appeal ofSkulltrail strong.

Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB Flash Drive @ rbmods.com
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We have reviewed most of Corsairs flash drives in the past and theyhave performed very well and been able to take a beating in our tests. Todaywe have a 32 GB version, yes a 32 GB version of their popular Flash Voyagerdrive family that we are going to take a look at. Will the bigger memoryslow the drive down, and is it more sensitive to beating than the older 8 GBversions we have looked at?

ThinkComputers & Thermaltake Giveaway! @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers and Thermaltake have teamed up together to give yousome great grear! Up for grabs is a Thermaltake Armor Case a $159.99 value,a Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Power Supply a $259.99 value, and aThermaltake V1 CPU Cooler (review) a $59.99 value. So we are giving outover $450 worth of free gear! So how can you win? Since we have not had acontest in a while we are going to make this simple. The contest will beforum based so all you have to do is be an active member of our forums with10 posts or more to qualify for the V1 CPU Cooler, 20 posts or more toqualify for the Armor Case, and 25 posts or more to qualify for theToughpower 850W power supply. We are really trying to grow our forums andwe feel like giving away free gear is the perfect way to do it!

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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PC Power and cooling have been around since before I was born, and are one of the oldest and best PSU brands around. It was with their reputation ahead of them that I came to testing their new PSU, the silencer 610W EPS12v. Why EPS and not ATX? Well the EPS is a higher classification standard that ATX is heading towards anyway, it basically means it has to have a 24pin motherboard connector and 8pin 12v aux power to the board/CPU. Donít worry though as the Silencer is also ATX 12v compliant, so will work if you only have a 4pin aux 12v on your motherboard. Letís see what treat PCP&C have got for us then.

Intel Skulltrail and Multi-GPU Graphics:Mixed Results @ pcper.com
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Perhaps the most appealing part of Skulltrail is that it wasrevealed it would support NVIDIA SLI technology - the first non-NVIDIAchipset motherboard to do so. That is the power of NVIDIA's nForce 100chips - basically PCI Express bridges with custom NVIDIA logic in them toaccommodate SLI configurations. And with the recent release of NVIDIA's3-Way SLI technology, we were really looking forward to pairing Skulltrail's8-cores of processing power with 3-Way SLI to overcome any potentialbottlenecks for PC gaming. Apparently that will not be an option though.

Otterbox for iPhone Defender Series @ thinkcomputers.org
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For most people the iPhone was an investment. At $400 it is not acheap phone so you want to protect it. With the popularity of the iPhonethere are a ton of cases out there, but what case will really protect youriPhone. We took a look at the Otterbox for iPod Nano a while ago and itprovided ultimate protection, so we were excited when Otterbox announced aniPhone case. The defender case is not as extreme as it is not fullywaterproof, but it does offer much more protection than many other cases outthere.

GeForce 8800 Graphics Performance:GT vs GTS vs GTX @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Despite numerous reviews of every GeForce 8800 graphics card since NVIDIA first launched the series, many consumers are still left

MIME encoded twice @ dragonsteelmods.com
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One thing about being a reviewer is that you get lots of stuff, especiallyCPU Coolers, so I've got quite a few of them on hand and thought I'd compar ethem all together. This isn't just a comparison of results from a bunch ofreviews, this is all new testing done with these coolers specifically forthis article.Where applicable I've even tested these coolers without fans t osee just how well they perform as truly silent cooling solutions. Insideyou'll find sections with the coolers using the fan connected to a Molex,meaning running at full speed, connected to the CPU header, PWM controlledif applicable and of course a section just for coolers without their fans.

Booq Mamba Sling Laptop Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
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It seems so many laptop bags are the same. Booq is out to changethat. Booq is a new company to us so here is some information about them.Booq strives to create high-end laptop bags while providing excellentcustomer service to the next generation of ambitious creative professionals.The Mamba sling is a very attractive sling-type bag that not only looks goodit is comfortable and protects your laptop too. Let's take a look...

AutumnWave OnAir HDTV-GT USB ATSC/NTSC Tuner/Receiver @ thinkcomputers.org
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AutumnWave Solution's OnAir HDTV-GT USB tuner can receive ATSC,NTSC, an unencrypted QAM (commonly known as digital cable) signals and, whencombined with the included software, can turn a Windows-based computer intoa TV and DVR. It's powered via USB and includes a neat remote and antenna totake advantage of digital and analog over-the-air broadcasts. Read on forthe review.

Akasa revo Bubble Pump cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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OK, so what I can understand is that the Revo works by having a mix of coolant in the Ďcooling-loopí. Part of the coolant is liquid and part of it is a liquid that expands to a gas under the heat of the CPU (and cools back to a liquid when it passes through the radiator). There is a mini reservoir in the base of the cooler, and as the coolant gets hot it moves up the big pipe, and the resulting convection system moves it all around the cooler. The coolant that changes to gas creates bubbles in this loop and these help move the liquid round (somehow).

Vista Codecs @ pcreview.co.uk
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The K-Lite Codec pack is the most popular codec pack available at the moment and works flawlessly on Windows Vista. The main benefit of this package is that you can choose the broad type of pack you wish to install (either Basic, Standard or Full). Most users will want to install the standard package, as this should play almost any video file available. If you find a video format that is not supported, it is easy to re-install the full pack at a later date. The full pack is primarily designed for people that need to encode as well as decode (for example, in a movie making package), so is overkill for the vast majority of users.

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr Case @ pro-clockers.com
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When I opened the box to the X-Jupiter g, my girlfriend commentedthat she thought it was very pretty. Looking at it, I had to agree. Of allthe cases I have reviewed, the Jupiter is one of the most striking. How doesit work as a case, though? Let's find out.

NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver 1.16925 for Vista @ ngohq.com
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The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a modified version of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance, image quality and compatibility. The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver can enhance your experience in games, multimedia and general usage. This project is especially suited for enthusiasts and gamers that want to have the best gaming experience. This driver includes NVIDIA's new Control Panel. We've preferred to include the new Control Panel over the old one due to flexibility and stability reasons. The Driver has support for all GeForce/Quadro cards - including mobile series (Go) as well.

Galaxy Tvisto Pro Digital Media Enclosure @ thinkcomputers.org
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Digital media adapters are all the rage these days. More and moreconsumers are realizing the benefits of storing movies, music, and pictureson a computer and then displaying those media on a large monitor ortelevision. The Galaxy Tvisto Pro DMA takes a SATA hard drive and embeddedLinux and can play back a variety of formats from the hard drive or a wiredor wireless network. It outputs in HD via component or VGA cables, but canalso output to composite, as well. ThinkComputers has the review.

Sunbeamtech Rheobus Extreme @ pro-clockers.com
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Sunbeamtech, the makers of fine cooling and nice cases, has anothergadget up their sleeve. The new Rheobus Extreme is not only simple and sleekwith its clean looks, and the blue glow of the six knobs goes well withanybody with blue LED lighting, but the best thing the Rheobus Extreme hasto offer is the ability to support up to 30 watts on each control. For thenovice out there, this means simply you can control multiple fans on eachchannel. A must for anybody with large cases with numerous fans.

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound @ rbmods.com
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When I think of quality cooling fans, typically one name jumps tomind first:Noctua. However, Nocuta isn't just about fans, as they'vestarted to branch out into other peripheral products. Today we get thechance to take a look at one such product, the Noctua NT-H1 ThermalCompound. Will the Noctua product be able to stand up against theestablished incumbents in the thermal compound market? Let's find out.

AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 - AMD R680 Dual GPU Arrives @ pcper.com
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The new AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 is a breath of fresh air for us -competition in the enthusiast level of the marketplace is well overdue andwill lead to better prices and performance for everyone in the long run.AMD's Radeon HD 3870 X2 is an elegant design that shows performance meetingor beating that of NVIDIA's current flagship 8800 Ultra graphics board intoday's most demanding DX9 and DX10 titles. Its dual-GPU design has itsstrengths and its weaknesses as we have dissected above but the end resultis truly what matters:performance.

Thermaltake SwordM Full Tower Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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We first got a glimpse of the SwordM at CES 2007, we were amazed atthe style and that Thermaltake would try such a radical case. Finally thisyear the case was released for sale and you know we had to get one to checkout. Handmade of all aluminum with hydraulic mechanisms for the top and sidepanel it is unlike any other case we have seen before. This is a verylimited case with only 10,000 units world-wide. Let us show you what thisamazing case has to offer.

ZeroTherm Nirvana NV120 @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted a review on the CPU cooler ZeroTherm Nirvana NV120.

Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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Samsung is known for producing some of the most gorgeous LCDmonitors this world has ever seen. Walk into just about any home theaterthat has been equipped with a larger Samsung LCD television and you'll beblown away by the vibrant colors, the crystal-clear resolution, and thecrispness of the contrast. The same can be said about the LCD monitors thatthe company puts out for computers and one of the latest in the long line ofmonitors is the Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW.

Thermaltake ToughPower 1000 Modular Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermaltake's latest offering is geared toward such a person thatneed an all out power house. And Thermaltake is fast becoming a name that isassociated with high-end power supplies. But things have changed since theintroduction of the ToughPower line. The 1000 watt ToughPower is not thebiggest baddest of the line but will easily power most of the systems webuild today. Coupling large amounts of power and some modular cabling, youhave a boatload of power and with some easy cable management. And becausethis unit is not the most powerful of the line you don't have to worry aboutspending a lot of money like say the 2000 watt unit we saw at CES in Vegasthis year. So. Lets take a look at the Thermaltake TP1000 Modular.

Styx Gaming Mouse @ rbmods.com
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Styx gaming mouse they say.... It was quite some time ago that Ireviewed a mouse last, Razer, Logitech and Microsoft have been leading onthat part of the market but today we might have an end to that! We recieveda sample of Speedlinks latest Styx gaming mouse with some nice features asDPI setting with a button and also a ergonimiclly designed shape on themouse. Let's have a closer look at this mouse and compared it vs some otherswe have looked in the past.

Raidmax Sagitta 2 PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Raidmax Sagitta 2, the new second edition of the originalSagitta, offers a number of aesthetical as well as design improvements. Thisstylish case will certainly stick out at the LAN party scene. Gamers alikewill be asking you where you got this pimpin' case. This isn't one of thosecases that are great on the outside, but not so great on the inside. TheSagitta 2 has a number of features that help separate it from the pack. Thisreally isn't your every day gaming case. Let's take a look to see why itisn't your typical gaming case.

GeForce 8800 Graphics Performance:GT vs GTS vs GTX @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Despite numerous reviews of every GeForce 8800 graphics card since NVIDIA first launched the series, many consumers are still left

Enthusiast System Architecture @ pcper.com
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The Performance section of the control panel, that allows you tooverclock your components as well as setup rues and profiles, looks to beincredibly useful. While it still needs some polish in some UI areas that Imentioned on previous pages, the ability to setup custom rules for fanspeeds, clock rates and more in relation to other traits is unique andallows for a very granular control of your system.

VIA Isaiah Processor Architecture P - Low Power CPU @ pcper.com
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The Isaiah is a truly competitive part when compared to currentofferings from AMD and Intel. It is a out-of-order, superscalar designwhich utilizes multiple decode and execution units that take it a big stepabove the previous C7 processor. In fact, many of its design aspects doremind us of Intel's Core 2 Duo, but with a mind towards overall powerconsumption.

Kingwin Mach 1 ABT-800MA1S 800W Modular PSU @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Kingwin has recently decided to join the ranks of other companies which have branched their product line into the power supply unit

Bleach:Shattered Blade @ bonafidereviews.com
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Luckily thereís a game coming to the US in October that will do just that:Bleach:Shattered Blade. Unfortunately, for fan and skeptic alike, this game is also an anime based fighting game. Can Bleach:Shattered Blade live up to or outdo its pseudo predecessor Budokai Tenkaiichi 2?

Thermalright Ultima-90 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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If you don't have enough room to support their Ultra-120,Thermalright has introduce a new cooler for the space challenged called theUltima-90. The Ultima-90 looks a lot like the Ultra-120 Extreme but in asmaller package. And that is just what it is. Some may be quick to rush tothe conclusion that a smaller heatsink would lead to a large decrease incooling performance. But the guys at Thermalright say different. We aregoing to take it around the block to see for ourselves.

Asus P5K64 WS motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a fully loaded workstation card from Asus. Werecieved a sample of their P5K64WS that has HDMI, DDR3, etc etc featuresthat we are going to take a closer look at. We decided to run some tests vsthe P5K3 Deluxemotherboard that we reviewed in the past, we had some great luck withperformance and overclocking when it came to that board and we don't expectanything less from this board.

Geeks 7" Digital Picture Frame @ monster-hardware.com
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The Geeks 7

SimpleTech PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz S1024R5NP2QA @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Of all the RAM kits we have reviewed thus far in our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, practically every set has been aimed

ZeroTherm HC92 CU 8800 @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted yet another review of product from APACK, today

Sands Expo @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Sands Expo and Convention Center is located behind the Venetianand hosts a Mini CES. While the Sands Expo is officially part of CES thecost is far less than being on the LLVC show floor. For this reason we see alot of smaller and start-up companies at the Sands Expo. And sometimes wesee the most innovative and interesting products here. Read on to see thecompanies we talked to at the Sands Expo and what they showed us.

BGear b-Envi SFF Case with Touch Sensitive Controls @ pro-clockers.com
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At first glance the new b-Envi from BGear looks to be just your plainand average SFF case. But once this puppy is lit up the controls are out ofthis world. The touch sensitive control are something that no other case hadbefore, but after the introduction of the b-Envi that could change. Besidestouch sensitive controls, the b-Envi also has a removable motherboard traythat will aid greatly in the building process. Yeah, there are a few morethings the b-Envi has to offer but you have to read the rest of the article.

Lexar 8GB ExpressCard SSD @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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although it didnít operate as fast as the USB drive, the power consumption is where the benefits were and for people on the move that is important. I also used the drive under vista, via vista boost and there was a slight increase in performance when opening and shutting files I was working with, so a performance boost without a huge power hit.

ZeroTherm BTF90 @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted a new review, this time they're testing theZeroTherm BTF90 cpu cooler from APACK. If you want to know how it performs,head over to SweMOD and read their review.

GlacialTech Igloo 5750 Silent CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Upgrading from a stock CPU cooler is one of the easiest and bestmodifications you can make to your computer, and choosing the right one canmake a big difference. GlacialTech, makers of a wide variety of thermalmanagement solutions, sent us one of their latest cooler products, theGlacialTech Igloo 5750 Silent CPU Cooler. This cooler actually has onefeature not seen on many coolers:dual cooling fans. Is two better thanone? We are here to put that theory to the test in this review.

Cooler Master @ thinkcomputers.org
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Cooler Master makes some the most solid, attractive cases on themarket. It also makes some top quality power supplies and cooling products,too. The company's focus on green power supplies and a new hardwaremonitoring architecture garnered it a lot of attention, and we atThinkComputers believe that Cooler Master is doing a lot of cool and goodthings. Read on for coverage.

AMD's 4th Quarter Analyzed @ pcper.com
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AMDís primary focus this quarter in the desktop market is toenable production and distribution of the triple core processors as wellas the 65 watt quad core products. The triple core products shouldaddress a market that is currently empty, and AMD is quite excited topotentially have a unique product to offer consumers. The firstgeneration of these triple core parts will be the standard rev. B2 Phenomwith one core disabled. This gives AMD a bit of flexibility when dealingwith either defective cores, or processors with one core that does not hitthe required speed bin needed.

Scythe Ninja Copper 6 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Ninja, which is simply dubbed as the Ninja Copper orSCNJ-CU1000 for the technical geek, is upon us. The Ninja Cu, as we willcall it, is built identically like the older Ninja but made of Copper.Obviously! About 90% of the cooler is made of copper except the bolts thathold the heat pipes in place and the bottom aluminum thick fins that areattached atop the base. And being made of copper it is obvious this coolerwill be heavy and it is a whooping 1015 grams of copper. We all know theperformance will be there with the Ninja but if you don't act soon you maymiss out on getting one as the Ninja Cu is a limit run anniversary model.And we would like to thank Scythe for sending it over to us. Now lets getwith the reviewing.

PCPer Podcast #20 and Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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The biggest update is the move from the 640MB 8800 GTS to the newer,G92-based 8800 GTS 512MB card from BFG. These are cheaper, perform better,and are just overall better products. Lower prices never hurt either. Ialso decided to move to 4GB of memory on this system as well, if onlybecause we could get it for under $100!

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT:G94 Arrives Early @ pcper.com
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What do we know about the 9600 GT? Not a whole lot yet, but enoughto be dangerous. Based on the as-yet-unseen G94 chip that is built on theG92 design but has fewer stream processors but the same 256-bit memory bus.These cards also feature 512MB of on-board memory though I have heard rumorsof a 256MB version that probably won't see the light of day.

Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 @ rbmods.com
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If you've read some of our past video game reviews, you'll rememberthat we enjoyed one odd game in particular, Rayman Raving Rabbids, for itsunique game play and quirky story. As with most popular games, the gang isback for a sequel. Will Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for the Wii continue thestreak of solid games for this series? That's what we're here to find outin this video game review.

ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi-AP Intel P35 Motherboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Market forecasts predict DDR3 memory poised to replace its predecessor DDR2 as the main volume product for 2008. Already aware of this,

In Win @ thinkcomputers.org
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In Win is a company that is not that well know, but very creative.Back in April they sent us their Alpha 360 case and it was one of the bestcases we reviewed last year. Well at CES they showed us a few of their newcases, a new concept case, and a very interesting hard drive enclosure. Readon to see how In Win is changing how people think about PC cases.

Sony @ thinkcomputers.org
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Sony always makes an impact at CES because of its large booth andflashy products. Sony introduced some new things, but a lot of them areoutside of what ThinkComputers covers. However, there are a few things thatTC simply must mention. Read on for the coverage...

Ray Tracing and Gaming - One Year Later @ pcper.com
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The question may arise, why can't these acceleration structures beused in rasterization? Well, they are, to a certain extent, but at a lowerprecision. Some games have one such coarse-grained structure for renderinggraphics, a different one (at a different resolution) forcollision-detection and yet another one for AI (sometimes created bydifferent third-party infrastructure suppliers). Besides taking up morememory than necessary, one problem in using these three separately computeddata structures is the effort to keep them consistent.

Hiper HPU-5K880 and HPU-5B680 Type R Mk II PSU's @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Fresh from our review of the HPU-4M880/HPU-4M630 Type M Series,Hiper returns with an all new concept for power supply units. By

ASUS @ thinkcomputers.org
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ASUS was one of the hottest names this year at CES. With all thehype from the Eee PC and ASUS's keynote earlier in the week their booth wascrowded, but they took the time to take us through and check out all oftheir new products. They have new notebooks, motherboards, video cards, andother CE products. Read on to see what we saw from ASUS at CES this year.

Aerocool M-40 Small Form Factor Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-16-08] (0 Comments)

For those that say no, the question may want to take a look at theAerocool's newest cube case titled the M-40. Aerocool is fast becoming knownas a company that is very innovative. That is the ExtremeEngine case. Thiscompany was one of the first to implement a larger than normal fan to acase. A fan that measures a whooping 25cm. The M-40 is just as cutting edgeas it utilizes two halves to assemble the rig. Mixed with a black and redtheme, the M-40 has a sort of dark look to it.

Patriot X-Porter XT Boost 32GB USB Pen Drive @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jan-16-08] (0 Comments)

Well 32gb on a small pen drive is a lot, it really also shows how far things have come since we first saw the USB 64mb that we marvelled at, and now we have 32gig ones, with 64gig just around the corner. I have to admit I am very impressed with what I have in my hands, as it has many uses from presentations with full size high res photos, to storing a whole season of your favourite series to take away with you, or if youíre a driver and you have a head unit with USB, well you could fit enough music to listen to on a drive around the world.

Targus @ thinkcomputers.org
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If you have not heard of Targus you should have. They are theleading global provider of notebook carry cases and accessories. We checkedout a few of their bags last year and they were nice enough to invite us tocheck out some of their new products that they will be launching in 2008.Although they did not show us as many products as last year, they did havesome new laptop bags and accessories.

Corsair TX750W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
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About a year ago, we had the chance to review a power supply fromCorsair, who is typically known for their memory and cooling products. Atthat time, we were impressed with their performance and quiet operations.Corsair has continued to develop power products in the meantime and has sentus one of their newer supplies, the Corsair TX750W Power Supply. Will thissupply prove that Corsair is serious about becoming a player in the powersupply market? We will attempt to answer that question in this review.

Dell @ thinkcomputers.org
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Dell was neatly tucked away in a corner of the convention center,and attracted a decent mass with its new displays and and all-in-one PC.While ThinkComputers would have liked to see Dell have a larger presence,what it did bring to the table was pretty neat. Read on for the coverage.Before you do, though, grab a napkin-you may salivate.

Intel @ thinkcomputers.org
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Chip giant Intel made a fanciful showing at CES, but its desktopprocessors were not its top dog this year. No, folks, this year, Intel waspushing WiMax, the next generation wireless standard designed to providebroadband speeds throughout the world. Intel also showed off its mobilecomputing platform and companies who use it. Intel also announced a mobileInternet device platform, as well as a system-on-a-chip platform aimed atset-top boxes. Intel did formally announce its 45 nm process, though.ThinkComputers has the scoop.

2008 International CES Computer Technology Highlights @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The 2008 International CES is now finished, and while exhibitors use the weekend to tear-down booths there are as many writers who will

BGear b-Tarantula 650W power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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If you are not familiar with the BGear name, their newest productmaybe the one to get them noticed. The newly released b- Tarantula powersupply is it. The b-Tarantula is a modular unit with some unique cableextensions and also boasts a large 135mm cooling fan. We will talk moreabout the cable extensions later but another thing to know is that the unitcomes a 550 and 650 watt models. Not everyone needs crazy amount of powerbut is the b-Tarantula deserving to be placed in your rig? Lets see.

Thermaltake @ thinkcomputers.org
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Thermaltake was probably showing the most products at CES this year.They had a huge booth this year that was lined with a ton of new products aswell as current ones. They have new cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, harddrive enclosures, and water-cooling systems. Thermaltake is definitely acompany to watch in 2008 and we have the scoop on all of their new products.Read on to find out more...

Akasa Integral P2NES 2.5 esata/USB enclosure @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at a new product from Akasa, the Akasa Integral P2NES, which is a hard drive enclosure, not for your normal 3ĹĒ drives but a 2ĹĒ laptop drive. It is also comes with eSata and usb2 connectivity so I am expecting some reasonable file transfer speeds.

ViewSonic @ thinkcomputers.org
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ViewSonic had a lot to show us this year at CES. They had an entireballroom to themselves at the Bellagio. After being shown their products Iwas very impressed, they seem to be one of the only companies taking displaytechnology to the next level. They showed us some of their new HDTV's, LCDmonitors, projectors, and their new HDTV/PC display combos. Read on to seewhat new products to expect from ViewSonic in 2008.

Supertalent ProjectX 2GB DDR3-1800 Memory Kit @ rbmods.com
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When things named ProjectX drops down the mailbox or are delivered to

Zune 2 80GB MP3 Player @ bonafidereviews.com
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Zune 80 is one of Microsoftís second generation portable video and audio players; also referred to as ďZune 2.Ē I have been really excited about Zune 2 because of the numerous articles online that praised it, pointing out the new and improved features, and saying that it was a big improvement over the first generation Zune. So, when Microsoft finally announced that they were going to release Zune 2 on November 13, I made up my mind to go and get one.

Antec @ thinkcomputers.org
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This year at CES Antec showed us quite a few of their new products.They invited us up to their suite at the Wynn to show us what they will havefor us this year. We have the scoop on the Mini P180, Twelve Hundred, ThreeHundred, Fusion Max, and the Signature power supply series. Read on to findout more...

Microsoft @ thinkcomputers.org
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Microsoft was a strong presence at CES 2008. Its booth was one ofthe largest, and much of the space was devoted to companies using Microsoftproducts in their own products. While the Redmond, Wa. giant didn't unveilany new technologies or products at CES, it did show off some of its recentreleases. Windows Home Server and the new Zune revision were present, as wasOrigami 2.0, Microsoft's upcoming revision of its UMPC software.

ASUS Xonar D2 Sound Card and U1 USB Audio Station s @ pcper.com
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The Xonar D2 and U1 sound devices give ASUS a great 1-2 punch thatshould challenge Creative as the best third-party sound products on themarket today. I think the main issue is getting consumers to actually lookat these products and their specifications before they go on auto-pilot andpurchase Creative's respective products. Creative has had a hold on thismarket for years now, but I think they finally have some competition thatshould get some publicity.

Nexus Caterpillar Silent System PC Case @ rbmods.com
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In the quest for silencing a computer system, we often focus on noisesources such as CPU coolers and case fans. But what if the case itself canaid in reducing noise? Nexus, makers of a wide range of computer products,has developed a new case, the Nexus Caterpillar Silent System PC Case, whichhas added features to reduce computer noise. Will this caterpillar turninto a butterfly? Let's find out in this review.

The Booth Babes @ thinkcomputers.org
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This year at CES we saw everything from car audio to laptops.Amongst all of the craziness of CES we were able to get some photos of thenice ladies showing off the new products. We even had our own editor AshleyDonaldson pose with some of the models! We know everyone loves booth babesso without further ado I present our CES 2008 Booth Babe Gallery!

Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted a new review, today it is the Antec TruePowerQuattro 1000W power supply. A high performance power supply that should beable to handle the most demanding equipment available for home computing.Head over to SweMOD to find out more!

Benchmark s Experiences 2008 International CES @ benchmarkreviews.com
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This is my short story of a first year visit to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which began in Las Vegas, Nevada on

CES Coverage Super Talent @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring Project X.

CES Coverage Booth Babes @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring babes.

CES Coverage Thermaltake @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring news, cooling and babes.

CES Coverage Silverstone @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the Sabertooth Laser mouse and the SG04 SFF case.

Antec P182 @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted yet another review and this time it is the Antec

Thermaltake T1000 Laptop cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Not only does this heat make using my laptop for long periods of time uncomfortable, it can also damage and shorten the life of computer components. So it is in my (and probably your) best interest to keep your laptop as cool as possible. Laptops don't generally have any way to control the fan speed on its cooling fan(s) so what other way of keeping the laptop cool is there? Well that is where things like Thermaltake's range of laptop coolers come in handy.

Buffalo Technology @ thinkcomputers.org
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This year Buffalo was not exhibiting on the show floor, but theywere nice enough to invite us up to their suite in the Renaissance to seewhat new products they will have for us in 2008. They showed us their newMediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD, TeraStation Pro II Rackmount, LinkStation EZ,and a cool device called the Wi-Fi Gamers.

CES Coverage Zalman @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the GT1000 Case with Built-in Res XT and the FPSGun

CES Coverage Coolermaster CSX @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the CSX painted cases and new unreleased coolers.

CES Coverage Adata @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring SSD drives.

Digital Experience @ thinkcomputers.org
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Digital Experience is like an ultra-slimmed down version of CESwhich focuses primarily on computer-oriented technology. ThinkComputersvisited a number of vendors, some which are well-known, and a few which maybe up-and-coming in the technology world. Here follows ThinkComputers'experience at Digital Experience.

EVGA shows innovative display, video and motherboard @ pcper.com
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What is essentially two 17

NZXT Rogue Crafted Series SFF Gaming Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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As an Enthusiast I have always considered many Small Form Factor cases to host my gaming rig, and I can comfortably state that a large

Ultra Power Partner PSU @ rbmods.com
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As component power demand grows, so do power supply outputs; nowadaysit's not uncommon to see a 1000W+ power supply being offered. But what ifyou already have a decent power supply but just want to add a bit morejuice? Ultra, well-known makers of a wide range of power products, mighthave created the answer to that question with the release of the Ultra PowerPartner Power Supply. This add-on supply provides an additional power sourceto help out your existing power supply. Is adding this supply worth thetrouble? Read on to find out.

Belkin SATA2 w/ eSATA @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted a review on a SATA add-on card with one eSATA port

Unleash the Fury @ techdomain.com.au
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There has been a lot of bad press about the Australian developed online PvP game, Fury, by Auran studios. The unfortunate thing is that most of these reviewers appeared to miss the point of what the game is all about. A brief look on the offical Fury forums is all it takes to realise that the Fury community at large is clearly unhappy with this situation. So, what can we, at TechDomain, do to help? The answer was to write a fair review that accurately reflects the state of the game. We'll be taking a interesting approach to our analysis of this unique title. We thought we would try something different - we invited the Fury community at large to contribute to our latest review, a game which I've come to love as a challenging competitive PvP game in a genre of its own. Ultimately, we asked them to Unleash the Fury.

NVIDIA at CES 2008 @ pcper.com
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Hybrid Power is the second major technology announcement with thenew 700 series of chipsets for AMD (and eventually Intel). Most desktopapplications do not require major graphics power, and even Vista's Aeroglassruns perfectly fine on integrated parts supporting SM 2.0 functionality. Itmakes little sense for a user with 2 high end cards in SLI to run them atfull power when just doing desktop application work or surfing the internet.The only downside to Hybrid Power is that it requires that the discrete cardsupports that functionality, and currently no GeForce card features thatquite yet.

OCZ Technology ATV Turbo USB 2 flash drive @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today OCZ have given us the chance of taking a look at one of there latest Flash drives on the market and that is the ATV Turbo. Available in a number of sizes, ranging from 2GB to 8GB, right though to an amazing 16GB version an probably a 32gb version on the way. Thus giving the consumer more space then ever to store files. And thatís all, the ATV Turbo flash drives main feature is there durable and rubber case housing which OCZ claim to be 100% waterproof and shock proof, so this should be interesting to see how it performs. Today I got my hands on the ATV Turbo 4GB version.

Gameconnect's History of Gaming That Never Was @ tcmagazine.com
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This article takes you on a time machine journey of the last 6 cha nces you had to change gaming into something better, 6 chances you failed , and we tell you exactly where and why you should have played more of th ese games, bought 2 copies of each, and sent love letters to their design ers. We also have a few of them up for download. It=E2=80=99s your chance to learn about redemption, and how to make sure that we don=E2=80=99t ha ve to ever see Pro Street Dance Dance Pokemon Fifa Basketball 2010 on the shelves.

Geeks Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation @ rbmods.com
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When you think about digital music players, one name comes to mindimmediately:iPod. Apple has regained its popularity thanks to their lineof iPods, including the Itouch, Iphone, Shuffle, etc. But are they worthall the hype? Geeks.com, popular online retailer, sent us the thirdgeneration, 8GB version of the Apple iPod Nano. Read on to find out ourtake on the latest incarnation of the popular media player.

Vizo Luxon Advanced @ swemod.com
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SweMOD has today posted a review on the external enclosure Luxon Advanced

CES Unveiled 2008 @ thinkcomputers.org
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Well it is that time of year again, time for CES. With CES just afew days away they hold a press event called CES Unveiled that shows offsome of the latest products and gives you an idea of what to expect at theactual show. Although there was not a whole lot so see (it's the smallestpress event of the show), we were able to talk to companies like Logitech,Netgear, and Sandisk to see what they will have for us in 2008. Read on tosee what they have in store for us!

Minority Report Computing - A Stones throw away? @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Well were do we begin, you probably are reading this article thinking I am either totally mad or have completely lost the plot, but I have not and I intend to show you why. I was inspired when I saw Tom Cruise in the film Minority Report, using his hands in thin air to control on screen information and move and pull objects. It is been quite a while since that film and slowly the technology to make this happen is not far off, by this I mean we could end up seeing this in action by the end of 2008,

Zalman CNPS9700 NT CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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We've seen a lot of intricate CPU coolers, from large air-cooledunits to liquid coolers to peltiers. Yet despite all the different companiesthat create these coolers, one name often comes to mind:Zalman.AcousticPC.com, well-known retailer for a wide variety of quiet performanceproducts, provided us a sample of one of their popular CPU cooler offerings,the Zalman CNPS9700 NT. Will good things come in large packages? That is thequestion we're going to answer in this review

Jeantech Absolute 1000w Modular PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The rails on this PSU look very beefy, and the breakdown shows that most of the power comes from the 12v rails (Certain manufacturers cheat the wattage ratings of their PSUís; by pushing up the 3.3v and 5v rails to amounts that will not be used in modern computers as modern computers need lots of power on the 12v rail. And this power supply has plenty of 12v juice).

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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And for those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford such asystem, Tuniq has a new PSU that may be right up your alley. Tuniq is nostranger to constructing highend air-coolers but are also in the business ofproviding high-end power supplies. A couple of weeks ago we bought theMiniplant from them but today we will be showcasing their lastest offering.A 1200 watt mammoth entitled:Ensemble. The number 1200 is not the reallything that makes the Ensemble special but also the fact that is boast anefficient rating of 87%. All these numbers are enough to make you wander, sosince you are wandering lets take a closer look at the Ensemble.

New Hardware @ rwlabs.com
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E-Power might not be as well known as Thermaltake, Cooler Maste r or PC Power and Cooling but their PSUs can perform with the best of them. Today we look at the E-Power EP-1000P10-T2, a 1kW unit with an 8 0-Plus rating and more power than we can use on the test bench.

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition and Overclocking Test @ pcper.com
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Performance actually scales pretty nicely with the clock speedincreases, but we have to wonder how much better it would have been if theNB portion was able to be clocked higher than 2 GHz. If I was willing to doa bit of hex editing on the motherboard BIOS, then I would have the abilityto increase that multiplier. However, myself and the vast majority of usersare not exactly comfortable messing around with the BIOS at such a low leveland potentially bricking their motherboard.

Tagan TG700-U88 BZ 700 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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And their latest unit to grace the shelves of your local retailer isthe BZ line. The BZ is not only another power supply to your collection butit offers somethings that are a little out of the norm for power supplies.Tagan threw in the mix of LED lights and other safety precautions to theusual 135mm fan and modular cables. We all know that Tagan makes great powersupplies but this just adds to the goodness. So, lets see if this goodnessis worthy of being put into your rig.

Spire Endo Laptop Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
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If you have not heard of Spire they make some great laptopbackpacks, bags, and sleeves. Last year we took a look at their Zoom laptopbag and it received a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award. Thistime they sent us one of their courier bags the Endo, which will fit mostlaptops up to 15.4-inches. The Endo is one of three of Spire's new courierbags. The other 2 in the series are the Viro, which fits laptops smallerthan 15.4-inches and the Mojo, which fits laptops larger than 15.4-inches.All three of these bags are practically the same, just different sizes, soif you don't have a laptop that will fit the Endo it will either fit theViro or Mojo.

Corsair Twinx3x2048-1600 DDR3 Ram Kit @ rbmods.com
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Today it is time to take a look at one of the DDR3 kits on themarket. So far it has seemed that the ram costs more than it actually gives.The performance has been lacking and users have had to pay alot of money toget these types of kits. Lets see how well it performs and overclocks intonights review.

Raidmax Aztec Gaming Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Among the first PC cases I reviewed, and the first expensive one (Iconsider mid-towers over $150USD expensive) was the Raidmax Samurai. Thoughthe chassis was your standard steel tool-free case, it was covered with astreamlined polystyrene shell, with a sprayed-on showcar paint job. It wasRaidmax's top of the line gaming case at the time. The shell gave it anall-out modded look, and there wasn't any other pre-modded case on themarket that came close. That was four years ago. The Samurai is stillundoubtedly the most radical case I have owned, and the friend I gave it tostill uses it and still gets favorable comments on it, ranging fromadmiration to awe. It is the last Raidmax product I had my hands on, so I amlooking forward to seeing if the Aztec lives up to my expectations for aRaidmax gaming case, a well-made case that is definitely not boring. I wouldalso hope to see some decent cooling for today's hot CPUs and GPUs. Read onto see if it does.

Zalman VF1000 LED & RHS88 Coolers for the GeForce 8800 @ pcper.com
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The Zalman VF1000 LED VGA cooler and RHS88 heatsink combination isan excellent cooling solution for NVIDIA 8800 series graphic cards. Itsignificantly lowers the key component temperatures, even when running theintegrated 80mm fan at a relatively low speed for quiet operation. TheVF1000 LED/RHS88 is a compact, single slot cooling solution and iscompatible with SLI configurations. Both coolers come with everythingneeded for installation and the bundled Fan Mate 2 speed controller offersgreat flexibility for finding just the right balance between performance andnoise.

Nexus HXR-5500 RAM Cooler @ rbmods.com
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As computer performance increases, the need to cool the internalcomponents of the computer becomes greater. While we focus a lot ofattention on the CPU, video card, and case fan cooling solutions, anothercooling product that is starting to become more prominent are RAM/memorycoolers. Nexus, makers of a variety of silent PC components, has released anew silent RAM cooler, the Nexus HXR-5500 RAM cooler. Will this solutionprove to be silent yet remain functional? Let's find out.

Saitek Notebook Optical Mouse & Mini Hub @ thinkcomputers.org
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Anyone that owns a laptop usually has a few accessories. One of thefirst accessories people pick up is a mouse, even some laptops come withmice. A lot people prefer mice over the touchpad on their laptop and findthem a lot easier to use. The second is usually a USB hub because a lot oflaptops do not have enough USB ports for all of your accessories. Saitekoffers both notebook mice and USB hubs. They have sent us their NotebookOptical Mouse and Mini UFO hub. These are perfect stocking stuffers, let'ssee if they are worth picking up.

Thermaltake DH102 Media/HTPC case with 7" Touch Screen @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Well in the end it all comes down to choice really, there are quite a few Media/HTPC style cases on the market with built in touch screens so as a consumer we are spoilt for choice. I would like to have seen a better airflow in this case, although itís only a few Celsius difference, with a high end GFX card this could change. I could go on about the over spray inside the chassis as well but that would be nit picking as you canít see it once assembled..

Patriot Extreme Performance PC3-10666 DDR3 @ pro-clockers.com
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Take Patriot for example, they were first to release faster DDR2module before others. And with the success they had with their DDR2, lineupsurely will carry over to the DDR3 series as well. We at Pro-Clockers willbe right there to present them to you. But to start off the new line we havewith us today the PDC32G1333LLK from the PC3 Extreme Performance line. Themodules sport the new classic Patriot Aluminum bladed heat shields. Thesleek lined heat spreaders protect a 1333 MHz monster with low timingunderneath. Does this have enough umph to get to you to ditch your old DDR2and move into the 21th century? Read the following pages to find out.

Kingston KHX13000D3LLK2/2G PC3-13000 DDR3 1625MHz @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Since JEDEC is about to finalize 1600MHz as a standard DDR3 speed, many kits which were once considered High-Speed will now be relegated to standard speed parts.  Perhaps a clairvoyant vision helped with the decision, because Kingston's KHX13000D3LLK2/2G PC3-13000 CL7 DDR3 RAM kit stays ahead of the curve at 1625MHz.

Soundgraph iMon Ultra Bay @ rbmods.com
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Nowadays, computers are replacing home theater components as the mainsource of media content such as music, videos, and movies. However,controlling the computer without a keyboard and a mouse can be cumbersome.Thankfully, companies are now starting to develop products that allow you tocontrol your computer remotely in a much easier fashion. Quiet PC USA,suppliers of a wide variety of quiet computer hardware, sent us one of theirofferings, the Soundgraph iMon Ultra Bay, that offers to provide easycontrol of the media content on the PC. Will it prove to be as easy as itsounds? That's what we're going to find out in today's review.

Digital Storm Twister Extreme 3-Way SLI System @ pcper.com
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The Digital Storm Twister Extreme system has done nothing butimpress me from day one. The case quality and build quality are among thebest I have seen in custom boutique systems and the prices they offer arenear the lowest we have seen anywhere. The hardware in the DS system wasalso impressive -- but you expect that when you get a build sheet thatincludes 3-Way SLI and an overclocked QX6850 processor.

Ultra m998 PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Ultra makes fantastic products. Its cases, power supplies, fans, andsuch are top-notch and quite affordable. The Ultra m998 PC Case is noexception to this. It's one of the company's newest high-end enthusiastcases. It's solidly built and easy to install and modify-Ultra's exclusivePower Bar makes power cable management incredibly easy and simply fantastic.It's also the first case I've seen with a front eSATA port. ThinkComputerstakes a look at the m998 in this review.

PCPer Podcast #18 - G92 GTS, 3-Way SLI, Hybrid CrossFire, Possible delays on Yorkfield, X48 and R700 @ pcper.com
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This week we talk about the G92 8800 GTS card, 3-Way SLI, AMD HybridCrossFire, the AMD 770 and NVIDIA 780i chipset releases, possible delays ofIntel's 45nm CPUs and X48 chipset as well as AMD's R700 GPU technology. Wefinish up with talk about low sales of Crysis and UT3 and unlocked PhenomBlack Edition processors.

Corsair Flash Padlock @ rbmods.com
[Dec-20-07] (0 Comments)

In today's age of identify and data theft, you have to be concernedabout the security of your data, especially when using a flash drive thatcan be easily misplaced or stolen. But what options are available to makeflash drives secure? Corsair, well-known manufacturer of high-quality memoryproducts, might just have the solution with the Corsair Flash Padlock. Howdoes this product compare to other methods of flash drive data security?Let's find out.

Cool Your 8800 GT - The Duorb and HR-03 GT ed @ pcper.com
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

The simple fact is that going from a stock cooler to either of thesereplacements from Thermaltake or Thermalright is going to be a great move.Each option has its strength and weakness; the Thermalright HR-03 GT takesup more valuable case space and doesn't come with a fan for those that wantto use active cooling (which I recommend). It does however provide theoption for passive cooling and also presented the best cooling results oncewe did put a fan on it.

Moneual 932T Home Theater PC Case @ rbmods.com
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

When choosing a computer case, you'll find that the vast majority ofcases are small variations of a common theme, with few major differencesthat allow the case to stand out amongst the crowd. But every now and then,a radically different case comes into play that stretches the limit ofconventional design. Quiet PC USA, well-known resellers of a wide range ofquiet PC components, has graciously sent us a Moneual 932T Home Theater PC(HTPC) case to check out. Will its stunning design prove to berevolutionary? We will attempt to answer that question as we take anin-depth look at this case.

The Puzzling Existence of the AMD 770 Chipset @ pcper.com
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

AMD has a small window of opportunity to bundle a lot of motherboardchipsets with their processors before other competitive parts are releasedfor both AMD and Intel processors. Intel is working on a PCI-E 2.0successor to the P35 and should have it ready in time for release with theupcoming 1600 MHz FSB processors, and NVIDIA will undoubtedly have productssupporting both Intel and AMD in the February/March timeframe. It isprobably already too late for AMD to make a major push, or to convince othermanufacturers to produce a more feature-rich and budget-enthusiast aimedboard.

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M630 Type M PSU's @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

Next generation platforms and high performance graphics cards are essential to modern gamers and hardware enthusiasts, just as much as

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

Personally, I feel that the only time you should ever have to worryabout Northbridge temperature is while overclocking. I've never had a bigproblem with NB temps while overclocking, but I'm not really into theextreme stuff. Even with the passive heatpipe cooling, you really shouldhave additional active cooling, such as a fan blowing directly on theradiators, if you are pushing your system to its limits. What we need is anactive NB heatpipe cooler that can do the job silently, efficiently, andwith a fan that will last. The guys at Thermaltake have taken care of thisproblem with their new NB cooler, the Extreme Spirit II, an actively cooledheatpipe cooler for your Northbridge. Let's see if it will give me somepeace of mind in the NB department.

Phenom 9500, 9700 and 9900 Tested in the Phenom Shootout @ rwlabs.com
[Dec-18-07] (0 Comments)

AMD's first quad-core is now available for mass consumption and faster Phenom 9900 parts will be available starting early in 08. Toda y we look at three speed grades of Phenom, 9500, 9700 and 9900 and com pare them to an Intel QX6700.

Hiper Type R Mk II 880W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Dec-17-07] (0 Comments)

But beauty is more than just skin deep. The Hiper 880W PSU deliversexcellent voltage regulation and the overall efficiency is very good. Undernormal operating conditions (below 600W load) the Hiper 880W is very quiet.The PSU comes fitted with a good assortment of hard-wired cables andconnectors that can support dual, high-end video cards. And let's notforget 8 USB 2.0 ports and one USB-style mobile device charging port foradded connectivity.

Silverstone DA700 PSU 700w @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Dec-17-07] (0 Comments)

For this review I will be looking at a product from highly respected pc hardware manufacturer SilverStone. The product up for review is in fact another power supply, not your ďnormalĒ run of the mill power supply as it is the DA700 a 700 watt power supply from the Decathlon range. With the DA700 coming from a company with a reputation like SilverStone has I am expecting nothing but good results, but I guess only time will tell.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 PC11000 Kit @ pro-clockers.com
[Dec-17-07] (0 Comments)

Kingston's high end of ram has always been the HyperX. HyperX ram isthe line that can take excessive amounts of voltage and run at tightertimings than the ones advertised. And with the introduction of DDR3,Kingston graciously sent us the good stuff. The KHX11000D3LLK2/2G from theHyperX line is one of the latest sets boasting 7-7-7-20 at 1375MHz. Yes, weknow this is an odd amount of FSB from default DDR3 settings. But Kingstonis pushing the limits on this one.

Holiday 2007 Price Is No Object Gift Guide @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Last week we posted our Holiday Wish list, but most things onthat list were reasonable, things that we might actually get for Christmas.Do you know someone who has everything? Or are you a high roller and moneyis not an object? Well for these select people we have compiled the ultimateHoliday Gift Guide for you. These are some of the most unique and highpriced gifts you can buy today, I'm sure the person you are buying these forwill be impressed. So let's see what you can buy when money is not anobject.

Griffin iClear & Headphone Adapter for iPhone @ thinkcomputers.org
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The iPhone is probably the most popular phone out right now, but itwill cost you around $400 so it is something you want to protect. You don'twant to drop it and have your $400 go down the drain. Griffin helps us withthis problem with the iClear, which is a protective case that still showsthe beauty of the iPhone. One other major problem with the iPhone is theheadphone jack. You can only use a few select pairs of headphones with theiPhone. I know people who have spent a lot of money on quality headphones,they don't want to give them up just to use the iPhone. So Griffin has comeup with the Headphone Adapter that allows you to use any set of headphoneswith the iPhone.

In Win Allure case @ rbmods.com
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People say kids are chick magnets, forget them I say. Take this caseand you will get the girls. I have not found a girl that has not liked thiscase yet! What am I talking about then? Well today we are looking at the InWin Allure case that has a very special look, it is a Micro ATX case butstill seems to fit most of the things you need in a computer so lets have acloser look.

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During the last few months of using this monitor, it has truly been aluxury - 22 inches of viewing area, brilliantly vibrant color and ultracrisp images, what is there not to love? Answer, not much besides thelimited tilt capabilities, the SyncMaster 2232GW is a solid monitor.Overall, the SyncMaster 2232GW is a beautifully designed monitor which iscapable of delivering top notch graphics and all at a reasonable price.

AMD Hybrid CrossFire Technology P @ pcper.com
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For hybrid CrossFire to work reliably there are definitely goingto be only certain combinations of GPUs and IGPs that will work together. Since the RS780 chipset will come in a few flavors with different amountsof GPU performance and the RV610-620 will be offered in variousconfigurations as well. Hybrid CrossFire performance is limited to LOWESTperforming card times two, if we could get 100% efficient scaling. Sobuying a discrete card that is more than 1.8x faster than your integratedgraphics card would be overkill and a waste of money.

Asus P53K Deluxe motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a Asus P53K Deluxe motherboard. What isdeluxe about this? Well features like Wifi, and HDMI should make you takeextra time in considering this card. Also, it supports DDR3 and has theperformance features most Asus cards have; or at least that is what theysay. So let's take a closer look at this motherboard and see how it actuallydoes perform.

HT Omega Claro Plus+ AD8620BR Op Amp HD Sound Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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HT Omega, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer authentic high-fidelity sound at a true 24-bit level of performance in their

NVIDIA 3-Way SLI Technology - 8880 Ultra x 3! @ pcper.com
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NVIDIA has just taken its performance lead in the world ofhigh-end consumer graphics and trumped it by introducing 3-Way SLI to theworld. Though we have some minor issues with what cards NVIDIA has setupfor 3-Way SLI compatibility the fact is that the performance results fromour testing are freaking incredible. There are definitely some majorgames that need to be addressed in future, Crysis being the mostprominent, but our initial impressions proved quite pleasing.

OCZ 8GB ATV Flash Drive @ tcmagazine.com
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Overall the bumpy road that the ATV has to permanently run on has turned it into a solid drive and a nice change in attitude for OCZ. Apar t from the low write speeds the 8GB ATV tested today offers pretty much a nything you=E2=80=99ll need from a mainstream flash drive and if this wil l be coupled with a price tag that is reasonably lower than that of the V oyager, OCZ will have a best seller on its hands.

Rosewill 10.4-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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We are definitely in the middle of the digital age. It seems that everything is switching to digital ... TVs, DVDs, and now even picture

Ultra X3 800W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
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A few months ago, we had a chance to review the 600W version of theUltra X3 PSU line and were impressed with its performance and overalldesign. Ultra also offers power supplies with even more power and cables,and they have sent us an Ultra X3 800W power supply to check out. Is itpossible to have too much of a good thing? That's what we're here to findout in this review.

Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Many vendors of cooling systems use the open fan designedimplemented in the Thermaltake DuOrb VGA cooler, however Thermaltake put twosmaller fans and heatsinks on this design in order to spread the coolinglove to the entire surface of the video card, including the RAM. While itdoesn't appear to help much for full-load temperatures, the DuOrb certainlykeeps the idle temperatures down. ThinkComputers has the review.

Corsair PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews is approaching the conclusion to our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which has featured over one dozen

BFG GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB @ pcper.com
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Let's see...take an already impressive chip with the 8800 GT, addsome more stream processors and up the clocks a bit...and it's no wonderthat the new 8800 GTS 512MB card is a great performer. The 8800 GT cardsdefinitely hit a sweet spot in the balance of price and performance (if youcan find them that is) and the 8800 GTS based on that same G92 architectureis also a winner, just a slightly higher price point.

Noctua NF-P12 Cooling Fans @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we are going to take a look at a new offering from Noctua. Noit isn't a huge towering cooler but something that makes these coolersefficient. It's their newest 120mm cooling fan label the NF-P12. And sureyou are familiar with their NF-S12 series that we reviewed some time ago.Well, the new series shares the same color scheme, but the difference is inthe blades.

Rosewill RX81-CW-US Hard Drive Enclosure @ thinkcomputers.org
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With the recent release of the Rosewill RX81 series hard driveenclosures Rosewill was nice enough to supply us with the RX81-CW-US forthis review. This hot-swappable enclosure is one of the first that I've seento be both external and be equipped just for a single hard drive. This slimenclosure certainly is a handy enclosure with its screw-less, quick and easyinstallation. The RX81-CW-US supports both USB and eSATA connections anddon't worry it does come with an eSATA bracket for those of us who aren'tlucky enough to have an eSATA port on their case or motherboard.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Reaper CL3 Edition @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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From OCZ today we have a 2GB 800Mhz memory kit to review. Whatís so special about that you ask? Well this is the Reaper CL3 Edition, the ones with the fancy heatpipe on the top for super cooling goodness, and super tight CL3 latencies for excellent performance, so letís take a look at them shall weÖ

Ultra X3 600 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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I am fast becoming an Ultra fanboi. Over the last few months, I'vehad the chance to review enough Ultra products that I've quickly developedadmiration for their company. One after another, Ultra releases qualitycases, power supplies and hard drive enclosures and many other computerperipherals. From a reviewers point of view, Ultra seems to be dedicated toproviding the computer enthusiast community with the highest qualityproducts money can buy. Not long ago, I had the chance to review the UltraX3 1000 watt power supply and I was blown away. Today, I'm working with hislittle brother, the X3 600 watt. Let's see how he fares in his big brother'sshadow.

Noctua NF-P12 Cooling Fans @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we are going to take a look at a new offering from Noctua. Noit isn't a huge towering cooler but something that makes these coolersefficient. It's their newest 120mm cooling fan label the NF-P12. And sureyou are familiar with their NF-S12 series that we reviewed some time ago.Well, the new series shares the same color scheme, but the difference is inthe blades.

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Case Fan @ rbmods.com
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About a year ago, we had a chance to review a couple of differentNoctua 120mm fans and were impressed by their solid performance and quietoperations. Noctua has been busy designing new products and are back with anew offering in the 120mm fan market, the Noctua NF-P12 120mm fan. Will theybe able to improve on an already near-perfect product? That is what we'rehere to find out in this review.

ThinkComputers Holiday 2007 Wish List @ thinkcomputers.org
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Here at ThinkComputers we get to check out a lot of cool gear, butthere are always things that we would like to have. With Christmas rightaround the corner I asked a few of my staff members to make a wish list ofsome of the tech items that they would like to see Santa bring them thisyear. Hopefully these lists will give you an idea of what you might want forChristmas or what to give someone this year. I will start with my list, itranges from practical items to things that would just be badass to have!

Ultra m998 Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case ULT40069 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Ultra m998 is so named for the exalted m998 HMMWV (better known as the Humvee):a lightweight, high performance, four wheel drive,

Pro-Clockers Christmas Wish List Motherboard Edition @ pro-clockers.com
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As the Holidays get closer, our wish list keeps getting bigger. Atthe top of most of our lists is upgrade components to rejuvenate our agingrigs. In 2007, we have seen one of the biggest growths in enthusiast partslike no other time in recent years. Without a doubt, this is the time to askyour loved ones for those most coveted components.

NZXT Alpha Classic Series Steel Mid-tower @ pro-clockers.com
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NZXT is a company that is renowned for producing quality,performance-minded cases with a touch of class. I consider it a privilege toreview their cases. Today, I get the chance with the Alpha Classic SeriesSteel Mid-tower chassis, which from this moment on will be called the Alpha.Let's get to it. Shall we?

ATP RoughDrive and Petito USB Drive @ rbmods.com
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The problem with most durable usb flash drives is that they are quitebig as they have various steel cases or padding. ATP has released somethingthat might change the market. They sent us a sample of their Roughdrive andPetito drive, they are both waterproof and the Roughdrive is durable as thename states. We are going to put it through some rough testing and see if itwill survive our tests.

Winchip PC3-10666 DDR3 1333MHz 64A0TRHN8G17E @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Winchip Technologies isn't a household name with computer enthusiasts, but we hope to see that soon change. Benchmark Reviews continues

PCPer Podcast #17 - AMD Phenom, G92 GTS Specs, Intel Roadmaps, TLBs and more! @ pcper.com
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This week we talk about AMD's new Phenom processors and the troubleit faces both from a marketing and performance basis, Intel's futureroadmaps including a preview of the Nehalem architecture, the UT3 PhysX mod,new G92 GTS specs and 3-way SLI information, AMD tri-core processors, thePhenom TLB errata and finally why AMD will keep the K8 cores churning out ofits fabs.

Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Out of all of the 1000W+ power supplies that we have checked outthere was one that stood out among all of the rest, the ThermaltakeToughPower 1000W Modular Power Supply. Today we have its big brother theToughPower 1200W. It is basically the same power supply just beefed up with200W more power. We will see if the extra 200W affects the performance ofthe ToughPower or if it will be flawless just like the 1000W. Read on tofind out.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1,250W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Cooler Master has done an excellent job of bringing to market one ofthe best high output power supplies available today. The Real Power Pro1,250W power supply's voltage regulation, line regulation and cross-loadingregulation are all very good. The overall efficiency is excellent and ACripple noise suppression is good, especially on the +12V outputs. Undernormal operating conditions (below 600W load) the Real Power Pro 1,250W isvery quiet.

Adata PD-18 Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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If you haven't paid a visit to Adata's website lately, you may wantto after you finish reading this review. But when you get there you will seethat there are plenty of flash drives to decide from. All ranging in sizesfrom 512mb up to a whooping 16 gigs. Some are themed and some professional,but the one that will almost instantly draw your attention would be thePD-18. The PD-18 is one of the smallest drives that you will see from anycompany offering flash drives. Adata packs up to 4 gigs of storage in thistiny little plastic piece. Is it the one for you?

Silenx Ixtrema 120mm Case Fans @ rbmods.com
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Your typical computer case fan is a cheaply built fan that oftendoesn't last long and can be the loudest source of noise in your computer.However, certain manufacturers do offer high-end case fans that offer highair flow and nearly silent operations, creating the desired combination ofquiet performance. AcousticPC.com, a large retailer of quiet PC computercooling hardware, sent us one such case fan that they highly recommend: theSilenx Quiet Case Fans. Will these fans bring an end to loud fanoperations? That is what we're here to find out in this review..

Samsung CLX-2160N Color Laser Multifunction Printer @ bonafidereviews.com
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Tis' the season for new electronics and while a laser printer might not exactly be as exciting as a new 50

HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ask any gamer how big of monitor is the perfect monitor and you might just get a response of

Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I do a lot of case reviews as the junior reviewer at Pro-Clockers. Itdoesn't bother me, because I've got a case fetish of sorts. In its owntwisted way it works out fine for everyone involved. Over the years, I'veowned big cases, small cases, weird cases and modded cases. To be honest, Ichange cases more than some men change shirts. The last few years, I settledin with the Antec Sonata II. It's a great case and did what I needed it todo. However, I changed it for the Aerocool AE Plus last month. Always asucker for big fans, the Aerocool drew me in. After trying out theSunbeamtech Quarterback, I switched again. My main rig is now happily housedin the slightly odd, yet highly functional Quarterback. Read on to see why Ichanged cases.

Corsair 2GB Padlock flash drive @ tcmagazine.com
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For this first try with the keypad/hardware locking system combin ation Corsair has made a lot of compromises which resulted in the drive b eing bigger, slower and more fragile than its older =E2=80=98brothers=E2=80 =99. In the end, all these seem to be the necessary evil that enabled the Padlock to be so easy to use and unique. Still, there=E2=80=99s not much doubt that those looking for intuitive and hassle-free data protection c an simply go for either the 1 or 2GB versions (now found at sub-$40 level s) of the Padlock while those wanting something more tough and fast will have to choose other drives, like the Voyagers.

Lowero Factor Tote Laptop Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
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About a week ago we checked out the Lowepro Factor Slim laptop bagand it was the perfect bag for someone that did not want to carry a lot ofgear. It has a lot of features and many consumers will enjoy it. But thereis one thing about laptop bags is almost all of them don't appeal to women.Women want a bag that can hold their laptop and accessories, but look goodat the same time and be easy to carry like a purse. Well Lowepro has theanswer to this with the Factor Tote.

Aeneon PC3-10666 DDR3 1333MHz AXH760UD00-13G @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews continues our DDR3 Review Series, and today we focus on the system builder and enthusiast user. Many of the kits we

A Look @ pcper.com
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The New H2O-120 compact kit from Swiftech delivers what it promises:very easy to install, simple design, and excellent cooling abilities withthe option of expanding the system to cool other components. While it is notfor everyone, Swiftech has accomplished a very economical compact watercooled solution that will meet the needs of the average enthusiast whilebeing quite cost effective.

Tuniq 3 Midi tower Case @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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I didnít think to record the running temperatures of the previous case to compare this one too, but in terms of noise, this one is ridiculously quiet. The supplied 120mm fans are rated at 16dbm(!) and the loudest component in the case became the CPU cooler fan. This was a nice result.

Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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In the world of quiet PC builds, you often are faced with thecompromise of either quiet operations or performance. But nowadays,companies are starting to design products that offer what is known as

GMC Noblesse K-1 Muse Multimedia Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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HTPC cases are getting pretty popular. I have one, which is a prettynice case, but the cooling is so limited that I wouldn't consider putting mymain rig in it. As far as features, it is pretty plain Jane, it mainly lookslike it belongs with other home theater components, although there were someoptional multimedia features that it didn't come with. GM Corporation, LTD,from Seoul, Korea, a company that has been specializing in cases for over adecade, has produced an HTPC case called the Noblesse K-1 Muse, advertisedas

Scythe Mugen 5-Heatpipe CPU Cooler SCINF-1000 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ever since Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology was first introduced in exposed copper heatpipe coolers such as the Zaward VIVO,

Ultra X3 1000 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Anyone familiar with the old fighting game Primal Instinct knows thesignificance of hearing that word. Much like Mortal KombatR, primal instinctused a combo system and the Ultra Combo was the best one. By the time youfinished off the combo, your opponent was so beaten and bruised, yourvictory was all, but assured. I remember jubilantly celebrating when I wouldpull one of those combos off as I finished local rivals. Now, I'm older, butwhen I heard I was given the chance to review the X3 1000 watt power supplyby Ultra, I celebrated like I did of old with a fist pump in the air forgood measure. For the last few months, I've been considering a SLI setupwith dual 8800 GTX's, but I knew my 650 would probably have problems withproviding the needed power. I already have one GTX, but I also have 3 SATAII hard drives, a DVD-RW, CD-RW, 3 USB hard drives, and about 4 other USBdevices plugged into my computer. Another GTX might take it over the edge.Just from reputation, I knew the Ultra X3 1000 has what it takes to handleSLI without breaking a sweat. Not to mention, Ultra is very well known forthe quality of its hardware. I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunityto put this thing through its paces.

EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT KO - Overclocked G92 Goodness @ pcper.com
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The new EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT KO graphics card performed about howwe expected it to:slightly faster than the reference 8800 GT we had testedearlier. In several cases that performance difference was as high as 10-12%on the average frame rate but in other cases the performance gap wassomething like 5-6%. Results obviously depend on the game title and much ofits bottleneck in performance is on the shader units and clock speeds versusthe memory system.

Rbmods Present Geeks.com Giveaway @ rbmods.com
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Want to win a LCD or Logitech Keyboard? Easy rules and big chances towin.

Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GTS Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
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Here at ThinkComputers we have not checked out a video card in sometime. Our previous 5 vide card reviews have been ATI cards so it's nice tocheck out something based on an NVIDIA chip. Today we will be taking a lookat the Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GTS Video Card. Let's see how it will performagainst some of those ATI cards we have previously reviewed. Geeks.com wasnice enough to send it over and is a great place to find inexpensive videocards.

Aerocool Silverwind CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, what Aerocool would like for you to take interest in is theircooler for the Core2 processor titled Silverwind. The Silverwind has a styleand shape to it that is kind of unique compared to a lot of current coolerson the block. The extrusion heatsink as Aerocool calls it pulls air downthru the middle of the cooler into an inner set of fins. And then theair...wait you have to click on some more pages before I spill the beans.

Kodak Z710 7.1-Megapixel Digital Camera @ thinkcomputers.org
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With Christmas rolling around people are looking for great deals.I'm sure that most people will need a cheap camera with quality to take someof those family portraits. Geeks.com has Cheap Digital Cameras for yourpurchasing desires. They have provided us today the Kodak EasyShare Z7107.1MP Digital Camera. There is a whole slew of features jam packed into thiscamera. Let's take a closer look to check out some of these kickin'features.

Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX Mod - AGEIA's Savior? @ pcper.com
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The UT3 PhysX mod pack is a big win for AGEIA and their hopes ofgetting PhysX hardware in as many PCs as possible. The two levels thatAGEIA released aren't the most amazing things we have ever seen out of themod community and the performance hit our test system took even with thePhysX card installed definitely raised an eyebrow. Overall though, theadditions to real-world game play were interesting enough to warrant a callto arms for creative level designers.

Vantec Nexstar MX Dual HDD Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-28-07] (0 Comments)

Vantec has a unit that could easily fit these peoples' needs. Thenewly released Nexstar MX dual drive enclosure. Vantec is no stranger tobuilding enclosures, so when they release a new one it will be good. The newMX holds two Serial ATA drives that connect to your PC simply through theUSB port.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 Webcam @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you are looking for webcams there are only a few choices withLogitech leading the way. Now there are other brands like Microsoft andCreative making webcams, but they usually lack the features and quality ofLogitech webcams. Today we will be taking a look at the QuickCam Pro 9000,which features Carl Zeiss optics, RightLight 2 technology, a 2-megapixelsensor, and of course Logitech's QuickCam software. Let's check out the Pro9000 and see if it is the perfect holiday gift for someone special.

Clashing Cultures:Marketing @ pcper.com
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The GPU world is an unforgiving and high profile place, andmarketing has taken center stage in selling products. The simple reason forthis is that whatever the quality of the product is they are selling, theyare absolutely forced to hype it up so that it can sell until the nextversion is ready to go. Considering the major changes that typically occurtwice a year (one high end refresh in one part, and one midrange/low endrefresh in another), marketing often has to go into overdrive to get productto sell.

Antec True Power Quattro 1000 PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I shall be looking at a new product from possibly one of the better-known manufacturers of pc hardware. The manufacturer is Antec and the product in question is their range topping power supply the True Power Quattro 1000. Which delivers a full kilowatt of power.

Synology Cube Station CS407 4-Bay SATA Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Time is money in the SMB and Corporate Enterprise sector, and anything that can cost less while saving time is sure to be a popular

Ultra Stackables @ rbmods.com
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Nowadays, it's not uncommon to have multiple external componentsconnected to your computer, since companies have made external versions ofalmost everything. As your desk gets cluttered with more peripherals andyou run out of power outlets, you might be wondering if there is a productout there to simplify your setup. Ultra, well-known makers of a widevariety of technical products, has released a new product line, the UltraStackables, which may just do the trick. Will they work together or againsteach other? Let's find out in this review.

Thermalright Inferno FX-14 CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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The new Thermalright IFX-14 is a large tower style CPU cooler thatincorporates a secondary, backside cooler for enhanced performance. TheIFX-14 primary heatsink is designed to use one or more 140mm fans (or 120mm)of your choice with several different mounting options. It features a purecopper base, four large heatpipes, and two huge aluminum fin arrays, whichsit on top of the CPU like most other tower style coolers. The IFX-14 maincooler provides approximately twice the heat dissipation surface area asThermalright's popular Ultra-120, the current reigning champ among CPUair-coolers.

Ultra Products X3 600W Modular Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Nov-27-07] (0 Comments)

The X3 600W modular power supply is another excellent addition toUltra's X3 power supply line and should appeal to mainstream enthusiasts whodon't need a 1kW PSU. The build quality appears to be excellent and theoutput voltages were all very stable and clean, even when delivering 600W at40=B0C. And modular FlexForce cables, a black-chrome finish, active PFC, anda lifetime warranty are nice to have also!

Portal @ bonafidereviews.com
[Nov-27-07] (0 Comments)

*Beep Beep Beep* Startup code initiated. Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer Guided Game Reviewing Enrichment Center. You may be wondering where you are, but do not worry. We have provided all necessary basic elements for human survival.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01 Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[Nov-26-07] (0 Comments)

Out of all of the cases I've had, I don't have to stop and thinkwhich one was my favorite. Hands down, the case I liked the most was aSilverstone Temjin TJ-05, the original model. It is big and beautiful, and Iused words in my review like elegant and regal about it. It was the firstlarge case I owned, the first with twin 120mm fans, the first that wouldhold more than three hard drives (it will hold seven), and a few otherfirsts for me. I still like it today as much as I did in 2003 when Ireviewed it. I have had three different rigs in it, and I will undoubtedlyuse it again someday, unlike the other 6 or so unused cases that accompanyit in my shed. So it stands that I feel Silverstone builds a fine case,along with their other fine products, which includes enclosures, powersupplies, and cooling solutions. Will the KL01 live up to my expectationsfor quality and innovation? We'll see.

CoolMax CUQ-1200B Modular 1200W Power Supply Unit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-26-07] (0 Comments)

Whether you're a hardcore gamer with a set SLi or CrossFire video cards or

Creative Gigaworks T40 speaker @ rbmods.com
[Nov-26-07] (0 Comments)

Do you need to get big speakers to be able to listen to music? Do youwant to drag around speakers that are 4 feet tall? If not maybe tonightsreview could be something for you. We got a set of Creatives latest creationnamed T40 to test. They are small speakers that seem to have new featuresthat we are going to look at. Do you need a subwoofer to get a bass out ofyour system? Maybe not, according to Creative these things might do thetrick so stay tuned in tonights review.

CoolMax CUQ-1200B Modular 1200W Power Supply Unit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-26-07] (0 Comments)

Whether you're a hardcore gamer with a set SLi or CrossFire video cards or a hardware enthusiast with several hard disks and an

Lowepro Slim Factor S Laptop Bag @ thinkcomputers.org
[Nov-25-07] (0 Comments)

We have taken a look at a few Lowepro bags in the past. They havebeen combination bags being able to carry a D-SLR camera and a laptop. Weall know Lowepro makes some of the best bags for cameras, but what about forlaptops. The combination bags we checked out really worked well, but canLowepro make a standout laptop bag? The Slim Factor is one of Lowepro'snewest laptop bags, let's see if it can set itself apart from other laptopbags.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ pcper.com
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In regards to the die size of the upcoming Nehalem core, thisdiagram attempts to shed some more light on the subject by comparing dieshots of Penryn and Nehalem. Since both are based on the 45nm process, thedie shots can be compared to make guesses about transistor counts -following the math shows that each new Nehalem core could be around 30Mtransistors with the whole monolithic die coming it at 730M transistors orso.

Transformers for Nintendo Wii @ rbmods.com
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As you've certainly noticed by now, the Transformers franchise hasgotten a lot of press lately with the release of Transformers the Movie andjust recently the DVD. Not surprisingly, the video game industry hascapitalized on the new popularity, releasing video games based on the oldseries. Today we'll take a look at one such title, Transformers:The Gamefor the Nintendo Wii. Will this game be

Synology DS207+ Network-Attached Storage Device @ thinkcomputers.org
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Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a growing market. As the price ofhard drives falls, the affordability of storage for home and small businessusers increases. Manufacturers such as Synology are producing devices thatsupport a variety of protocols and expansion options. Synology's DS207+supports two hard drives in RAID0 or RAID1, with the extensibility of threeUSB and one eSATA port for even more storage. ThinkComputers looks at theSynology DS207+ NAS device in this review.

AMD Phenom, HD 3870 and 3850, 8800 GT, GPU Physics is Dead! @ pcper.com
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This week we talk about the Enthusiast System Architecture, theNVIDIA 8800 GT and AMD HD 3800 series of graphics cards, AMD's new Phenomprocessor and Intel's latest Core 2 CPU. Did we mention that GPU physicsmight finally be dead as well??

OCZ PC2-6400 ReaperX 4GB DDR2 Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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OCZ's newest line of ram sports these new heat shields but that isnot all. Probably the most important factor of the new Reaper X is not thenewest but these kits are a whooping 4 gigs. So, for you Vista users youwill have all the ram you would need for MS's newest OS to run itssmoothest. For the extreme overclocker the new heat spreaders allow you pumpthese modules with up to 2.2 volts of juice without voiding the warranty.And for the individuals that want tight timings? How does 4-4-3-15 sound?Is there more this new ram have to offer? Read the article.

Antec Sonata III Midsize Tower Computer Case @ bonafidereviews.com
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With the 2008 holiday season quickly approaching, computer enthusiasts everywhere will soon have a perfectly good reason (read:excuse) for upgrading their PC. Some may be looking for a couple video cards to run Crysis, others might already have all of their new hardware purchased and are just now looking for a spiffy new case to install it all in. Today's review will be of interest to those folks as we are featuring Antec's Sonata III 500 enclosure. A follow-up to the original Sonata case, the Sonata III has a redesigned look with a couple extra features. Is this case worth your holiday bucks? Read on to find out.

OCZ PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz RAM Kit OCZ3P16002GK @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews continues on with our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which features over one dozen different DDR3 kits.  Many of the kits we have tested so far have helped achieve extremely uncommon overclock speeds, and even some of the kits not setting speed records managed to impress us with their combination of performance and value.  So far we have reviewed the Patriot PC3-15000, Super Talent PC3-14400, and Mushkin PC3-10666 kits, but today we are especially pleased to test the OCZ PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz 2GB RAM Kit OCZ3P16002GK.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 - An Early Performance P @ pcper.com
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What is interesting with these graphs is the improvement in theSiSoft Sandra memory performance; whereas the Athlon X2 processors havecontinually had a HUGE advantage here the new QX9770 with a 1600 MHz FSB and1600 MHz DDR3 memory is able to break into those same performance levels.

NZTX Alpha Classic Series Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Most of the cases on today's market are designed for standardcomponents. Not a whole lot of cases can offer guaranteed support for largeexpansion cards like the 8800GTX, unlike the NXZT Alpha. This is the firstcase that I have seen that offers eSATA as an external port. Its sleekhigh-gloss black paint and custom drive bays will keep your caseaesthetically pleasing. This steel mid-tower case will surely have youimpressed. Let's take a further look to see what all this case has tooffer.

Synology DS-107+ SATA NAS Server @ pro-clockers.com
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As a reviewer, I get my hands on nice equipment from time to time.Many of the products I've reviewed in the past have found permanent homes inmy computer room. As I'm a slave to staying on the bleeding edge, theseproducts will be given away or sold to gather money for upgrades. Every nowand then, a product comes along that I could never dream of parting waysfrom. The Synology DS-107+ arrived at my house a few weeks ago and it willnever leave it again, unless I do. The DS-107+ is a Network Attached Storageunit with many innovative features like Gigabit Ethernet, Windows ADSauthentication, USB printer sharing, dynamic website hosting, and databackup. Synology's website categorizes the DS-107+ as a small businesssolution; but at just over $300, it's affordable enough for most powerusers. Considering everything this unit can do, it is well worth the price.

Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Microsoft is a big name in the computer industry best known for designing computer software and peripherals. There has been fierce

AMD Phenom 9600 and 9900 :Barcelona on the Desktop @ pcper.com
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Under these rules, the new Phenom 9900 is actually a goodperformance boost and proves that even when using multi-threadedapplications the true quad-core design of the Phenom CPUs will exceedperformance of the Athlon product significantly. Considering that AM2motherboard users will likely be able to upgrade to a Phenom without buyinga new board, this is very good news and should help AMD sell quite a few

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard Updates - new life for AMD @ pcper.com
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The Mid Range System gets some changes this month starting with aslower CPU...what?? Actually the new 5000+ Black Edition got the nod forits unlocked multiplier and high overclocking potential, easily getting youthat 200 MHz back. We also made the move to the brand new AMD HD 3850graphics card, replacing the NVIDIA 8600 GTS. You can read my review hereas to why that is, but the short answer much better performance.

Icydock MB663 2.5-inch Internal / External Hard Drive Enclosure @ thinkcomputers.org
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Swappable hard drives are nothing new, we have seen them for over 5years now. One thing that was always a pain was that if I wanted to movesomething from my desktop to laptop I could not with a swappable hard drive,I had to do it with a flash drive or USB hard drive. There are drawbacks toboth of these first the flash drive can only hold so much data and theexternal USB hard drives are usually big and are not fun to carry aroundwith you. Icydock has a solution for this problem the MB663 hard driveenclosure. It is a 2.5-inch external enclosure that comes with a 3.5-inchinternal swappable bay.

ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 r5.0 LGA 775 ATX Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Some motherboard manufacturers specialize in providing products for aspecific group of users or a select audience. While some boards are gearedtoward PC gamers and enthusiasts, others are made to cater to multimediausers and budget-minded consumers' needs. ASRock typically creates uniquemotherboards that are extremely feature-rich, but won't break the bank.Today, we have the ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 ATX motherboard on our testbench. This board sports a host of features including support for 1333 FSB,CrossFire video cards, PCI Express, eSATA, and HDMI to name a few. Thosefeatures are just the tip of the iceberg for this motherboard, so let's moveright into the review.

Cooler Master CM690 Case @ bleedinedge.com
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Today computer cases are more than the beige box of the past. No longer thedrab box sitting on the desktop they have been transformed. People now havea choice of colours as well as styles and can expand the case to suit theirneeds. The form has been addressed but what about function? With somecases function has taken a back seat to form. Today's review focuses on onecase where it appears that function was foremost in the designers mind butwithout loosing site of form. Let's take a look at Cooler Master's CM 690to see how well form and function can work together.

Titan Vanessa L/type @ bleedinedge.com
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Today we take a close look at one of Titan's intriguingly named CPU coolers.This time the Vanessa L/type is put under the microscope

Coolink Silenator @ bleedinedge.com
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With the increasing heat output of the modern cpu, cooling solutions havebeen getting larger, more elaborate, and louder. While some may not mind the50+ dB noise output by the current generation of heatsink/fan units, others,like this reviewer, seek the balance of performance and noise. Today, wepresent a new air cooling solution with this in mind, the Silentator byCoolink.

Xigmatek's XP-S964 @ bleedinedge.com
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Code-named for eXtreme Performance, the XP-S964 is designed to provideoutstanding performance and yet remain quiet. With 4-piece (6 mm diameter)staggered heat-pipes with high-density and light material the design doessuggest that this cooler will provided extremely good cooling along with the92mm PWM fan provided (thermally controlled fan is optional). The rubbermounting method should also minimize any noise created by vibration.

Noctua's NC-U6 @ bleedinedge.com
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It always seems that cooling and quiet are at odds with computer hardware.Cooling is a priority for those who push their systems hard or overclock.Such cooling usually comes at the price of noise. Today we look at oneproduct that may provide the cooling needed but without sacrificing quietrunning. Come read along as we test one such product.

AMD RV670 GPU Revealed:both HD 3850 and HD 3870 Tested @ pcper.com
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The AMD Radeon HD 3800 series of graphics cards is ushering in newlife for AMD GPUs that is desperately needed. The HD 2000 series was moreor less a flop in terms of enthusiast success though no one wants to admitthat in Sunnyvale. The RV670 core revision is turning it around though bylowering power consumption dramatically and increasing AMD's competitivenessin gaming performance. The HD 3850 is the big winner here today as it stomps the GeForce 8600 GTSand HD 2600 XT cards in terms of your gaming experience while offering lowerpower consumption and nearly identical prices.

LG L204WT 20.4-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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Users love screen real estate-the bigger the monitor, the better.LG's L204LT 20.4-inch widescreen LCD display indulges this desire with itsspacious, simple design and very high resolution. The contrast ratio isquite high for an LCD, and the response time is among the fastest we'veseen. ThinkComputers takes a look at the L204WT-one of the best LCD monitorswe've reviewed-in this review.

Tuniq Miniplant 950 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Hmmmm. What is it that I am possibly missing? I know. a powerfulpower supply. Powering a system of this multitude takes a pretty powerfulpower supply. Most people would immediately scream out 850 plus watts. Ifyou want the room and power to spare Tuniq has a new power unit just releaseto the market. The Miniplant is a small power-plant capable of providing amassive 950 watts of power, proving great things can come in small packages.

PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme @ ngohq.com
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Today thanks to PowerColor we have the opportunity to test one of AMD's newest GPU's - The Radeon HD 3850. This version is not a stock HD 3850 card. The card we received from PowerColor is their Xtreme edition with 512MB of GDDR3. The Xtreme edition is a factory-overclocked card, equipped with a ZEROtherm VGA Cooler to offer better cooling performance. The reference Radeon HD 3850 card has 320 stream processors; the core is clocked at 670 MHz and has 256MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 1.66 GHz. The PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme's core is clocked at 720 MHz and has 512MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 1.8 GHz.

Xoxide X-Purity LCD Edition Case @ rbmods.com
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With the large number of case manufacturers on the market, we here atRbmods.com don't get a chance to review every case on the market. But it'sstill exciting when we get to evaluate a new company's case, especially whenthey offer features that stand out amongst the crowd. Today we get to lookat a case from Xoxide, a provider of a wide range of case and coolingaccessories, called the X-Purity LCD Edition Case. Will this case turn outto be pure bliss or pure torture? We will find out in this review.

Xilence Xilent Blade Pro - silent cpu cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The problems I encountered with this procedure are as follows; First when the top ĎHí plate was resting on the heatsink base and I was trying to insert and screw in the thumbscrews the processor was free to slide about, this could be corrected when the top ĎHí plate had been tightened a bit (provided that you had noticed it), but it more than likely will cause the thermal paste underneath to spread unevenly and result in poor thermal performance.

Aerocool Easywatch Front Panel Display @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Easywatch is a front panel device that allows you to eyeballtemps from different components inside your computer. It will also give theuser the ability to adjust fan speed with the push of a button. There areseveral different devices like the Easywatch on the market, but, the thingthe Easywatch has over a lot of the others is that it remains pretty sleekand simple. No excessive bling bling.

content-type:content-transfer-encoding:content-disposition:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today I've got a very feature rich Micro ATX motherboard fromGigabyte, it's based off of the Intel G33 Bear Lake chipset, it's gottons of features with full support for the latest CPUs and even HDaudio and video support as well for those who might want to use it fora higher end HTPC setup, or just a nice gaming rig. This motherboardis the GA-G33M-DSR2 model, and it's from Gigabytes' Ultra Durable 2line of motherboards featuring all solid capacitors, ferrite corechokes and low RDS Mosfets to enable longer life and lower overalltemperatures for the board and system. It truly is a very capableboard, from my tests it easily holds it's own up against the latestofferings from Nvidia...

ABS Tagan ITZ Series 1300W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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However, the high AC ripple on all of the DC outputs leads me tobelieve this platform is being pushed way too hard to obtain its 1,300Wbragging rights. Having the AC ripple running high out of spec on nearlyall of the DC outputs at high loads is unacceptable for a PSU that claimsto be ďguaranteed to outlast and outperform any other PSU in the marketĒ. And lets not forget Taganís 3-year parts, 1-year labor warranty; prettylame IMHO.

Gigabyte Volar CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Gigabyte is mainly known for making motherboards, but if you didn'tknow they make a lot of other products. A while ago we took a look at their3D Rocket II CPU cooler and it did perform well at all. They have justreleased a new cooler the Volar, which is very different from any CPU coolerthat I have seen. And believe me I have seen a bunch of different CPUcoolers! Let's see if this unique design can help the Volar perform betterthan the 3D Rocket II.

Scythe Kama Connect 2 Adapter @ ngohq.com
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So what exactly is this product? The Kama Connect 2 is an IDE and SATA to USB adapter - It is not a USB enclosure. The entire idea is to allow users to connect their IDE or SATA devices (Desktop HDDs, Laptop HDDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc) to the computer externally via the USB port, virtually eliminating the need of opening the case. These of you who had the chance to work as technicians can only imagine how useful this kind of product can be especially with Norton Ghost around.

Ultra m998 Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Perfection comes in many packages. There is the perfect sunset, theperfect moment and then there is the perfect case. Like beauty, perfectionis all in perception. We're all too varied in tastes and experiences to everagree 100% on anything. With that said, the Ultra m998 is about the closestyou can come to a perfect case. During the review process, I found littlemiddling things here and there that can be improved on, but none of themrate enough to knock it off its throne as the best case I've ever reviewed.Read on to find out how a reviewer became a fan boy.

Speedrunning:Chicks dig it (resend) @ bonafidereviews.com
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... In the article you may remember a certain type of gamer I called the challenge gamer. This was the gamer type that looks at a game and instead of seeing the game, sees a whole plethora of opportunities to set new challenges for themselves. There is one example of challenge gaming that sticks out in most peopleís minds, and that is the topic of todayís little chat, speedrunning.

Speedrunning:Chicks dig it @ bonafidereviews.com
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... In the article you may remember a certain type of gamer I called the challenge gamer. This was the gamer type that looks at a game and instead of seeing the game, sees a whole plethora of opportunities to set new challenges for themselves. There is one example of challenge gaming that sticks out in most peopleís minds, and that is the topic of todayís little chat, speedrunning.

Logitech G15 2007 Programmable LCD Gaming Keyboard @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The computer keyboard is the first and longest standing peripheral hardware device to exist in our industry. Very few changes have

QNAP TS-109 Pro All-in-one NAS Server @ thinkcomputers.org
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Network-Attached Storage (NAS) servers are finally making headway inthe consumer market. Enthusiasts with multiple computers have been doingnetwork backups for years, but the expertise and/or time required to setup aNAS operating system has been quite prohibitive for the everyday user. Now,intelligent companies such as QNAP are at the forefront of the home NASserver revolution. ThinkComputers takes a look at the TS109 NAS server, aSATA hard drive enclosure with a network port, two USB host ports, and evenan eSATA host port. This little guy runs Linux, too.

content-type:content-transfer-encoding:content-disposition:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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So, Gears of War is here for the PC.. finally, is it worth it? Yeah Ithink it is... The good news is that you most likely won't have to goout and upgrade your PC to play it, it played fine on my system withan EVGA 8600GTS in there. The bad news of course is that everyone withan Xbox already played it and it's old news now to them so there's notmuch more fun to be had if you already own it and an Xbox, does theextra content warrant owning two versions of it? I think most peoplewon't be running out to get the PC version if they already have theXbox version, or they'll wait till it hits the bargain bin...

Antec NeoPower 650 Blue Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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There are names in the computer industry I just trust. Antec is amongthem. Year after year, Antec continues to provide quality products fornearly every budget sector of the computer enthusiast market. Normally, Ieagerly grab them up as they come out. Today I get a chance to put my mittson the NeoPower 650 Blue, Antec's latest offering in power supplies. Let'ssee how it does.

Asus PG221 LCD Screen @ rbmods.com
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Now a LCD screen is a LCD screen but if you add a good pair ofspeakers and a subwoofer does it make it even better or just very clumsy? Wegot a sample of Asus PG221 LCD screen that we are going to share ourthoughts about it tonight. The LCD comes with a subwoofer, yes I said asubwoofer and a nice pair or speakers. It is also 22 inch and seems to havesome superb screen features. Enough of my talk lets get into this reviewalready.

Asus EN8600GT OC Gear 256MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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The ASUS EN8600GT OC Gear really didn't impress us with itsperformance prowess, but it did have a host of other features and optionsthat distracted us enough to make us feel pretty good about this graphicscard. While the card's GPU and memory clocks are much lower than other8600GTs available, gamers definitely have the option and opportunity tooverclock this card past what vendors have achieved.

Asus EN8600GT OC Gear 256MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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The ASUS EN8600GT OC Gear really didn't impress us with itsperformance prowess, but it did have a host of other features and optionsthat distracted us enough to make us feel pretty good about this graphicscard. While the card's GPU and memory clocks are much lower than other8600GTs available, gamers definitely have the option and opportunity tooverclock this card past what vendors have achieved.

Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews recently had the opportunity to test the Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Meizu M6 Mini Player @ thinkcomputers.org
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I guess that the

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ bigbruin.com
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Maxtor has teamed up with Bigbruin.com for a new give away. Up for grabs is a brand new Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 80GB External Hard Drive! The occasion is to celebrate Maxtor/Seagate hitting the road for the 3rd annual Digital Experience Tour with special appearances by the Frag Dolls.

ViewSonic VA1930WM 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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ViewSonic is definitely a name that comes to mind when thinking ofLCD monitors. They definitely know what they are doing when it comes tomaking a nice display. We recently checked out the VX2255wmb and today wewill be looking at the VA1930WM. It is a 19-inch display that features a 5msresponse time, 1440X900 resolution, and a swivel stand. Geeks.com was niceenough to send us this display out to review, so let's check it out!

Gigabyte X38-DQ6 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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If Gigabyte being the respectable motherboard company it is gave theworld one of the first motherboards built on this new socket. The X38-DQ6gives all the bells and whistle needed to be a full featured motherboard.Blessed with firewire, USB 2.0, SATA II and PCIe 2.0, the X38-DQ6 is boundto be a board like no other. And if the features don't attract you thecolorful layout will. The blue, red, orange and yellow are enough tobrighten up any case.

Zalman CNPS8700-CU LED CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Zalman was one of the first to incorporate an open face fan andheatsink configuration, and the CNPS8700 shows that this company hasn't beenresting on its laurels, but improving on an already proven fan favorite.This low-profile heatsink uses Zalman's popular

Rosewill R5605-BK Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Price, Quality, Services.

Koolance CPU-330 and VID-282 Waterblock @ pcper.com
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Koolance is well known for delivering professionally designed andbuilt liquid cooling systems and components and the CPU-330 and VID-282cooling blocks carry on that tradition. Both waterblocks exhibit excellentbuild quality and the finest materials. The 24k gold plating on the coppercomponents looks awesome on the outside and provides excellent corrosionresistance on the inside. Performance is right up there with the best andboth cooling blocks are relatively easy to install. Just remember topurchase nozzles (tube fittings) to go with your waterblock.

Thermaltake MAX 4 Active Cooling Hard Drive Enclosure @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Thermaltake Max 4 Active Cooling Hard Drive Enclosure isdifferent than other enclosures. It offers cooling with style. The silent80mm fan illuminates the surface around it with blue LED's. While thisenclosure may look cool it still serves its' purpose. This enclosure willkeep your hard drive plenty cool when transferring data through either USBor eSATA. Let's see what else this enclosure has to offer.

XFX GeForce 8800 GT Graphics Card - G92 Revealed @ pcper.com
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It should be pretty obvious by this point that I really like theNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT. It's hard to find ANY fault in a graphics card thatcuts $150 off the price of another GPU that it performs as well as. And ituses less power. And it only takes up a single slot. And it's not a paperlaunch.

Zalman CNPS7500-CU LED CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Heatsinks have been around since the inception of the CPU, andmanufacturers have feverishly been trying to develop creative ways to coolthe latest and greatest processors that produce an abundant amount of heat.We've seen every type of fin array imaginable, but Zalman's flower styledesign seems to stand out from the rest. Not only were they one of the firstto use copper fins on their heatsinks, but they were also one of the firstto experiment with different fin array configurations to enhance theirheatsinks' performance. Today, we have Zalman's CNPS7500-CU LED CPU cooleron our test bench. This massive 848 gram beast has a low profile design anda flare for craftsmanship that many enthusiasts have come to expect fromZalman.

ESA Enthusiast System Architecture - Help or Hype? @ pcper.com
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Using ESA, NVIDIA hopes to see things like cooling devices forliquid systems, power supplies and even chassis themselves have the abilityto report pertinent information and maybe even modify settings in a way tomake the enthusiasts life easier. The slide above gives some examples onwhat the ESA could possibly provide including examples of water temperature,fan speeds, light controls and even PSU voltage monitoring.

GlacialTech Altair A380 HTPC Case @ rbmods.com
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One of the desirable features of home theater PC (HTPC) cases istheir ability to mimic A/V equipment like VCRs, DVD players, etc, instead oflooking like a large desktop computer. When making such a case, the trickis to reduce the size yet allow everything to fit. GlacialTech, well-knownmakers of a variety of computer components, has expanded their product lineto include HTPC cases. In this review, we'll take a look at the GlacialTechAltair A380 HTPC case, which has a slim profile and sleek look. But do thelooks come at a sacrifice in performance? That's what we're going to findout in this review

ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Micro ATX motherboards have come a long way from just giving usersbasic computer functionality in a small package. This motherboard type hasmade a name for itself as a critical component for Home Theater PCs andother multimedia intensive systems. Today, we have the ASRockALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard on our test bench. With onboardsupport for dual monitors and 720p Blu-ray / HD-DVD playback, this budgetmotherboard is sure to make consumers take a double take when they see it onstore shelves.

Sunbeam Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Sunbeam started out producing the best CCFLs on the market, and nowproduces all kinds of modding supplies and gadgets, cases, excellent powersupplies, and other building items. This is the third Sunbeam Case I haveowned, the first one from their Tuniq division. The Tuniq division ofSunbeam consists of some of their more experienced employees, and focuses onadding fashion and high function. Presently, they make Tuniq branded cases,power supplies, CPU coolers, hard drive silencer/coolers, and thermalcompound.

PCPer Podcast #15 - RV670, 8800 GT, Asus Eee PC, Crysis Performance, Intel QX9650, more! @ pcper.com
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This week we talk about our reviews of a Viewsonic VA2226w monitor,PCMark Vantage, Crysis Demo Performance, the Yorkfield QX9650, the Asus EeePC 4G notebook and the Corsair TX750W power supply. We also touch on rumorsabout the AMD RV670 graphics card in comparison to the new NVIDIA 8800 GTcard and how the quietly released Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition mightoverclock. We sum up the tech news with information Nehalem's time framefor launch, how the GPU market increased 20% last quarter and the future AMD790FX motherboards.

Rosewill RD600N 600W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers take a look at the Stallion series RD600N 600W powersupply unit from Silicon Valley-based Rosewill, the computer and electronicsmanufacturer that makes just about every non-essential part of a computer.Rosewill has a reputation for reasonably-priced and quality parts. We putthe blue-illuminated unit through our torture test-see how it fares in thisreview.

Corsair TX750W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Overall, most of the higher-capacity Channel Well Technology builtpower supplies have proven to be excellent but they have a weakness, whichis higher levels of AC ripple on the +12V output. While still well withinspec, the TX750W exhibits a little more AC ripple on the +12V rail than wewould like to see, especially at higher loads. Bottom line; you get whatyou pay for and some trade-offs have to be made when balancing price andperformance.

Thermaltake DH101 VF7001BNC HTPC Case @ rbmods.com
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HTPC computers are getting quite popular these days and today we aretaking a look at a HTPC case from Thermaltake. They sent us one of theirlatest cases named DH 101 with a display and a piano mirror coating on thecase to give it a very nice look. How well does this compare to other brandsHTPC cases? What features does it hold? These are a few things we are goinghave a look at today.

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal paste @ pro-clockers.com
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The average web-surfing, email-checking net slave doesn't think muchabout thermal paste. Thermal performance probably never enters their minduntil they get a whiff of burning silicon, if then. Now, consider youraverage enthusiast. They probably worry about temps, but not to the extremeof buying branded, high-end thermal paste. Even among the enthusiastcommunity, many are happy with stock cooling. However there is a sub-cultureinside our sub-culture. They crave MHz like an addict craves smack. Everysingle detail of their computer is designed to eek out that little extra fpsor to shave off a millisecond rendering time. They route cables, installfans, mod their PC's and even buy fancy thermal compound to get their CPU'sa degree Celsius cooler. Today, I'm reviewing Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste. Inormally use Arctic Silver 5. Let's see how it stacks up.

Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler @ ngohq.com
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It's compatible with some of the latest VGA products on the market from both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA. What is so cool about it? It has two 80mm fans. It's made of copper. It has nice blue LEDS. It provides support for many current graphic cards, and of course, it's shiny!! So today, I will be testing Thermaltake's latest addition to the Orb family - the DuOrb VGA Cooler.

OCZ ATV Turbo USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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I don't know anyone nowadays who doesn't own at least one flash drivefor their important documents, financial data, passwords, or family photos -to name a few. The technology has been around for several years now, butmany of them lack from slow data transfer rates to shotty construction thatreduces their life spans. Some users consider their flash drives to be the

ZEROtherm BTF92 OC Edition CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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As we said ZEROtherm has announced a bunch of products this week. OnMonday we took a look at the Nirvana NV120 CPU cooler and today we arechecking out the BTF92 Overclocker Edition CPU cooler. The BTF92 is the bigbrother to the BTF90, which we took a look at a while ago. It is a littlebit bigger than the BTF90 and features manual fan control, but besides thatit is just about the same. Let's check it out and see if it can performbetter than the BTF90.

Asus Eee PC 701 - Ultramobile Notebook with Linux @ pcper.com
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The boot time is obviously another one of the great features of thesystem and is thanks to the small but fast solid-state 4GB disk drive ituses. The applications take just a few seconds to start up on average, nomore or less time than we would expect to see on a normal system. Becauseof the somewhat underpowered hardware on the laptop though, the delaybetween a click and the result is sometimes noticeable but was never enoughfor me to get frustrated.

Tuniq TX-2 Thermalpaste - The new king on the block? @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The first time I turned my computer on with the TX-2 paste, I noticed that the temperatures were better than they had been with fully Ďburnt iní Arctic Silver 5. So it would appear that the TX-2 needs little or no burn in time to reach peak performance. That is no small feat!

Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The Nirvana NV120! This is one that I think will gain even moreacceptance than the BTF90 due mostly to the gun-metal coloring and the moreconservative look. The NV120 does not look like any pretty insects but doessport a more familiar tower design. Lighter weight and a variable fancontrol does offer more in the lines of end users needs. We all know theBTF90 performed pretty well, but will the changes that the NV120 belongalong put it in the class with the big dawgs?

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Yorkfield Processor @ pcper.com
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Here's where it gets even better:when running under a full loadwith 4 threads on CineBench 10 the QX9650 uses 52 fewer watts than theQX6850 based on the 65nm process technology. Only two processors, thedual-core X6800 and E6750 CPUs, run at lower wattages, but they have HALFthe processing cores. When we bring in the UT3 testing, the QX9650 is againusing 54 fewer watts than the quad-core QX6850 and even less than thedual-core X6800.

AMD RV670 Details Leak Out:55nm, Quad-GPU and DX10.1 @ pcper.com
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Perhaps the most surprising information from AMD about RV670 is thefact that it is going to be the first DX10.1 compliant hardware -- somethingthe upcoming NVIDIA hardware can't claim. Many people have been debatingthe importance of the DX10.1 changes over DX10, and it makes sense that AMDis going to be pushing the differences while it has the edge of the othergreen team in that area.Also interesting, the DX10.1 upgrade apparently isn't coming to Vista usersuntil the SP1 patch.

ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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ZEROtherm is not a name that is really associated with PC cooling,but it soon will be. The last 2 products we have seen from them performedvery well and received our Recommended Award. This week they are releasing aslew of new products and we got our hands on 2 of them. Today we will belooking at the Nirvana NV120 CPU cooler, which features an efficientheatpipe design, 120mm LED fan, and a honeycombed structure design. Let'ssee if it can stand up to the quality of the other ZEROtherm coolers we havelooked at in the past.

PQI Intelligent Drive i810 USB Flash Drive @ rbmods.com
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USB flash drives have become the device of choice for transferringdata between computers and other devices. Nowadays, companies are creatingUSB drives in all different shapes and sizes. PQI, makers of a variety ofmemory products, have created a USB drive, the Intelligent Drive i810, whichis claimed to be the smallest USB drive in the world. Will this drive be anintelligent choice for your computer? Let's find out in today's review.

Crysis Single Player Demo Performance P @ pcper.com
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Which is where the despair comes in. You mean our 8800 GTX cardcouldn't run the game at 1600x1200 with any AA and still be a very enjoyablegaming experience? That's a great system though! All that being said, weknew this was going to be the case and have been preparing for it mentally.Your systems are not obsolete at all; CryEngine 2 does scale very well infact. However, if you are used to just maxing out all the IQ bars turningup AA and running it at your LCD's full resolution, you are going to bedisappointed.

Thermalright IFX-14 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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If you have not heard of Thermalright they make some of the mostunique and powerful CPU coolers on the market today. They really specializein heatsink design, a lot of their coolers perform great without fans. Mostof them don't even ship with fans. Their latest offering is the IFX-14(Inferno Fire eXtinguisher), which features an extremely large surface area(140mm x 120mm), 4 large 8mm heatpipes, and a very unique back-side dualheatpipe heatsink.

OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Edition Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Browsing around the likes of Newegg and other major online retailersthe cheapest you will see a set of DDR3 at two gigs would just under $350.Like all new things, you will pay a premium for it. But with the premiumcomes some incredible bandwidth as well. Most enthusiasts will tell you thatbandwidth is not everything, latencies and timings plays a major role inperformance as well. In the end however, you cannot stop technology. So,DDR3 is in and DDR2 is on its way out the door. One company that is alwaysone of the first to do anything new when it comes to ram is OCZ. OCZ for themost part has dominant the DDR and DDR2 scene. Chances are that they will bethere right in the middle of the DDR3 movement as well. To get the movementstarted OCZ has been cool enough to send us over some DDR3-1333MHz forinitial testing. 1333MHz is the lowly ends of the DDR3 spectrum as well,there are already samples of DDR3-1800 surfacing. For starters let usintroduce you to the OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Edition. 1333MHz speed and somerelaxed timings of 9-9-9-26 is what you get with the new kit.

A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN - ndas storage @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The thing that impresses me the most about the A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN is the manual and the depths it goes into, even a novice to computer hardware could set-up the A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN. With one or two minor exceptions the manual is faultless and the software guides you through the procedures smoothly.

Samsung BD-P1200 Blu-ray Disc Player @ thinkcomputers.org
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One of the bigger buzzwords going around these days is HDTV.Everyone seems to want high-def this and high-def that. Just as weencountered with VHS and Betamax, we are once again amidst a format war ofsorts. On one side of the arena is HD DVD, backed by companies likeMicrosoft. On the other side is Blu-ray, supported by guys like Samsung.Samsung already has a big family of flat panel HDTVs, so they want toprovide you with some HD content as well. The Samsung BD-P1200 is actuallythe company's second generation Blu-ray player and while it looks awfullypretty from the outside (much like Samsung's LCDs), there were severalissues with the performance that need to be improved.

Airborne PC @ tcmagazine.com
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With up-to-date graphics, physics, music, AI and comple x maps, the motivation provided by MOHA can keep even a long-time gamer g lued to the screen and in the end compliment a game series that is alread y 8 years old.

Futuremark PCMark Vantage Benchmark Overview @ pcper.com
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We are starting with a completely new metric here, so the scores arejust starting to filter in. So far, in our first run of the default PCMarkVantage test suite the winners and losers might be a bit surprising. At thetop of the list is the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 with a score of 5413;that's 23% faster than the next competitor. As the only quad-core processorin our testing for this initial article we can see that multi-threadedapplications are a big part of the new testing software.

SteelSeries S&S Gaming Surface @ pro-clockers.com
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Now, I've been into computer hardware and gaming culture long enoughnow that I have a good idea out of the gate what I will like and what I willnot. To be honest, when I first heard I would be reviewing the SteelSeriesS&S mousepad, I wasn't too thrilled at the prospect.

Win an OCZ Technology Prize Pack @ bigbruin.com
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Up for grabs in week eight of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em is a prize pack furnished by OCZ Technology consisting of a 4GB Rally2 Flash Drive, a Vindicator CPU Cooler, and a XL OCZ Technology Pwnage T-Shirt!

Viewsonic VA2226w 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor @ pcper.com
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In all of the tests, I didn't see any kind of concerns that stoodout to me with maybe the minor exception of the solid color fill screenswhere there was an ever-so-faint wash out in the corners. That means thatthe brightness of the color diminished a bit at the corners of the screen --the issue on the VA2226w was very, very faint and I'd be hard pressed to seeit even on a static image such as the Vista background.

PQI S721 microSD Memory Card + Card Reader @ rbmods.com
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Managing all the various types of memory cards, such as CompactFlash, SD, microSD, etc, can leave you with a pile of card readers and aheadache if you lose the one that can read the card you want. PQI, makers ofa wide range of memory products, sent us their latest 1GB microSD productthat offers a couple of extra features that might make your use of microSDcards a little easier. Will those extra features allow the card to stand outin the crowd? Let's find out.

Scythe Kamacross CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Overclockers start your engines ! Today we're reviewing the ScytheKama Cross. From its appearance, the Kama Cross looks like it would be moreat home under the hood of a vintage muscle car than on top of a CPU. And,that may we ll be because enthusiasts pay as much attention to theappearance of the coolers as the performance these days. The days of thestandard block shaped cooler seems to be nearing it's zenith. Companies haveheeded the call and are starting to come out with products that not onlydeliver performance, but are also visually striking. There are many greatproducts already on store shelves. It appears as if Scythe were committed tomaking the Kama cross stand out visually, but let's see how it performs.

Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There's a good reason as to why Lian Li has been at the very top of the computer chassis industry for the past seven years; they have upheld a tradition of producing well designed

High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Series @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Now that most manufacturers have tooled up for long-term DDR3 production, there are only a few companies still releasing high-performance system memory for the DDR2 platform. With the

APEVIA X-Jupiter Jr. G Type Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The APEVIA X-Jupiter Jr. G Type Case, a mid-tower case, is surelynot as manly as its full tower case. or is it? This gaming case has a ton ofoptions that you don't normally see in other gaming cases. If you getannoyed like me whenever using screws for everything you'll love this casebecause practically everything is screw-less! This stylish case surely willimpress you. Let's check out what other kickin' features this case has tooffer.

Computer Build Guide Part 2 of 2, Assembling the Computer @ rbmods.com
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Once you've chosen and obtained all your computer components, thenext obvious step is to put them together into a working computer. This partof the guide is focused on providing general guidelines for how to put thepieces of your computer together. However, you should always refer to themanufacturer's instructions for specific information regarding yourhardware. Also, feel free to post questions on rbmods.com forums if you havespecific questions.

MSI HomePlug kit - Network & power sockets @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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I can remember when I first heard about the homeplug idea of using existing power lines in your house to create a network. This was a very exciting idea for me, but unfortunately the first generation of these products didnít live up to the hype, as they were only able to connect at a maximum of 14Mbit, not very fast at all. Now we have the next generation of these products and this time round they actually deliver.

1000W PSUs, X38 Mobos, G92 and RV670, 3-way SLI and CrossFire X, Valve's Portal @ pcper.com
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This week we talk about some 1000 watt power supplies, new Intel X38motherboards, gaming performance with DX10 and in the new Unreal Tournament3 demo, news about NVIDIA's G92 and AMD's RV670 graphics cards, rumors of3-way SLI and CrossFire X and even some urgings to pick up a copy of Valve'sPortal game.

Computer Building Guide (part 1 of 2): @ rbmods.com
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This is the first of a two part series on how to build a computer. Part one provides general tips forchoosing components for the new computer. Part two goes through the steps ofintegrate these components together into a computer.

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr G Mid Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The Apevia X-Jupiter JR G may not be the king of mid range, mid-tower cases, but is it truly a prince? Read on to find out just what we thought of the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G. The X-JUPITER

Rosewill R6AS5 PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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To those of us computer enthusiasts that are more on the snobbishside, Rosewill is a brand that is often overlooked. You know, in mostaspects of my purchasing life, I buy the generic or the cheapest.but whenbuying computer hardware, I nearly always buy the

Computer Building Guide (part 1 of 2) @ rbmods.com
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This is the first of a two part series on how to build a computer. Part one provides general tips forchoosing components for the new computer. Part two goes through the steps ofintegrate these components together into a computer.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today for review I've got a cool little product that makes all the otherbackup systems out there obsolete, it's called the Backup-Pal and it'sextremely easy to use, compatible with pretty much every phone out there andessentially future-proof as well, it'll work with any phone you get just byadding a new connector tip. This also means you can easily transfer yourcontacts from one phone to the next with no hassles or worries, and with theoption of a PC connectivity kit and software you can even edit your contactsas well. So continue on to check out this great new product...

Envision H190L 19-inch LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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There are lots of LCD monitors out there, and while most gamers optfor widescreen LCDs nowadays, many home and office users opt forstandard-ratio LCD monitors like the Envision H190L 19

Win an ECS Elitegroup AM2 Motherboard @ bigbruin.com
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Up for grabs in week seven of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em is a brand new ECS Elitegroup RS485M-M ATI RS485 Socket AM2 motherboard. RS485M-M supports AMD Socket AM2 Athlon 64 FX/Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core/Athlon 64/Sempron processors with 64-bit architecture. Features 2000 MT/s HyperTransport technology and dual-channel DDR2 800 memory support.

OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-9200 DDR2 1150MHz RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ever since Intel released the 3 series chipset, DDR2 has had the wind taken from its sails so that DDR3 could make waves. This was meant with the best intentions, but as DDR3 was

Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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With ambient temperature somewhere around 26c on both days that we took results from, you can clearly see the Thermaltake clearly exceeds the stock cooler, at first I was worried when I saw the idle temps were almost identical, but under load well a whole 19c difference on the 8800GTX and in my eyes that makes this pretty special.

Antec TruePower Quattro 1,000W Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Oct-15-07] (0 Comments)

The Antec Quattro 1,000W power supply has a lot of very goodfeatures. The voltage regulation is excellent and the overall efficiency isvery good. Under normal operating conditions (below 600W load) the Quattro1kW is quiet and runs relatively cool. The Quattro comes fitted with a goodbalance of hard-wired and modular connectors that can support dual, high-endvideo cards. And let's not forget active PFC and Antec's 5-year AQ5warranty!

Antec P190 PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Antec makes some of the best PC cases and power supplies availabletoday. As far as cases go their Performance One series has been at hit. Wehave seen the P150, P160, P180, and P182 cases. Now it's time for the

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ever since I first laid my hand on the funny pointing device attached to the Apple Mac back in the forth grade, I felt that computers would always seem to be approachable. I think that

Homeland Security Raids on Console Modding @ bonafidereviews.com
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Ok guys when you think of things youíd want to put on your top ten list for problems America has to deal with, what would they be. No not terrorism. NoÖ not education. Not poverty. Not homelessness. Not zombies. In fact, if the actions of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) have anything to say about it, the biggest threat to our American way of life is console modding. Yes console modding.

Rbmods.com and Coolit giveaway! @ rbmods.com
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Want to have a chance to win nice stuff? Dont want to have to doanything about it? Well join in as Rbmods has teamed up with Coolit to giveaway some of their award winning products. As usual the rules are simple,all you have to is to register on the forum and post a message in thecontest thread.

Brando USB Mini Fridge @ thinkcomputers.org
[Oct-14-07] (1 Comments)

When you are working long hours or are doing some serious gamingnothing can keep you going like a nice cold drink. The problem is once youget a drink from the fridge and take it into your office there is no way ofkeeping it cold. Also if you are at a LAN party and you don't have access toa refrigerator there is no way to get a nice cold drink. This is where theBrando USB Mini Fridge comes in. It is powered by USB and can keep yourdrinks cold while you are doing work or gaming.

Targus 15.4-Inch Corporate Traveler Laptop Case CUCT02A @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-12-07] (0 Comments)

In an age of mobile computing there is no room for compromise when it comes to comfort and reliability. The business person on the go knows all to well that cutting corners and saving a

Unreal Tournament 3 Performance Revealed @ pcper.com
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That being said, if you want to blow away your senses and get thetop image quality settings with that super-smooth frame rate we all desire,then NVIDIA's 8800 GTX card is the way to go. Our hours of gaming with itwere sheer joy and I have no problems calling it the best graphics card forUnreal Tournament 3, period. Runners up include AMD's HD 2900 XT andNVIDIA's 8800 GTS cards, both the 640MB and 320MB versions.

Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Over the past few months Evercool has been quiet when it comes toCPU cooling solutions. Well they have recently released the Buffalo CPUCooler onto the market. This new CPU cooler features the popular heatpipedesign with an all copper base and a 100mm fan. Let's see if it can get thejob done against the other AMD CPU coolers we have tested.

Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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It's like a media circus whenever Logitech releases any new inputdevices. The reputation that Logitech has when it comes to mice andkeyboards is second to none. Take a look at the G5, one of the most desiredmice around. It had razor fast response and good looks. And when we speakof keyboards, chances are you have heard or even own a G11/G15 keyboard.For an avid gamer this keyboard has all the features necessary to beat anyfirst person shooter, let alone using the macro keys in games . The LCDscreen, weapon shortcuts and media controls, this keyboard basically has itall.

Akasa Evo 120 v2 cooler @ tcmagazine.com
[Oct-11-07] (0 Comments)

With a few tweaks and added support for AM2 processors the Evo 120 v2 is a sight for sore eyes and even ears. With three heatpip es and a pretty versatile fan, Akasa=E2=80=99s cooler offers both more th an average cooling and overclocking potential and low noise, depending on everyone=E2=80=99s desires.

Geeks 4-Channel Standalone DVR @ rbmods.com
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Digital video recorders (DVRs) have revolutionized the way manypeople watch TV and record video. Their simple interface and small footprintmake them a popular choice for your video recording needs. But how aboutusing them for other applications, such as for video surveillance?Geeks.com, popular online computer hardwareretailer, offers a standalone 4-channel DVR that might do the trick. Willthis DVR make DIY home security easy to achieve? Read on to find out.

Seasonic S12 II 500W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The above system doesn't require a huge power supply like the ones alot of companies have been pushing on us over the last months. Sometimes350, 400 or 500 watts is just enough. And that is where our next review itemsteps in. Seasonic, one of the more popular choices amongst Quiet computingenthusiasts today realizes that all newer model power supplies do not needto be huge power packing boxes. So, they recently released the S12II series.This line consists of 330, 380, 430 and 500 watt units. Not only are theselow wattage PSUs but they are low noise too. What more would you want in aquiet environment PC? Should one of these units be in your future? Read thearticle and find out.

D-Link DWA-652 Xtreme N Notebook Adapter (PCMCIA) @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-11-07] (0 Comments)

Wireless N is the new emerging standard in wireless networking, which provides greater range over a longer distance and extreme speed. Today at Benchmark Reviews we have the new D-Link

OCZ Vendeta heatpipe CPU Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Oct-11-07] (0 Comments)

In case you havenít noticed, something sets this cooler apart from practically every other cooler on the market today. It has its heatpipes exposed which allows them to make direct contact with the CPU. This should lead to very efficient cooling as it has removed the need for a solid copper base as a transition layer between the heatpipes and the CPU.

DX10 Gaming Performance - Catalyst 7.10 @ pcper.com
[Oct-10-07] (0 Comments)

The real magic of AMD's Catalyst 7.10 update comes when you plug ina second HD 2900 XT card -- our CrossFire experiences with this driver wereWORLDS above what we had to deal with on the 7.9 driver revision. In all ofour games we saw notable improvements in the scaling of CrossFire and insome cases turned a negative performance gain into a strong positive one.In Bioshock we saw a 54% gain in CrossFire performance, in Company of Heroeswe saw a 73% gain and in World of Conflict a 93% gain.

NZXT Precise Power 1200W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
[Oct-10-07] (0 Comments)

NZXT is really not known for power supplies. They have made some ofthe best cases we have seen recently in the Lexa Blackline and the Adamasboth of which received our Editor's Choice Award. So we have never tested apower supply from NZXT, but if they put as much quality into their powersupplies as they do into their cases we should be satisfied. Today we arelooking at the Precise Power 1200W, which features six +12V rails, an ActivePFC, and a badass gun metal finish.

Tagan CS-Monolith Mid Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-10-07] (0 Comments)

Everyone acquainted with high-end power supplies has probably heard of the Tagan brand. Trying to build on that reputation with an expanded product line, Tagan has submitted for review

Win a Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB Drive @ bigbruin.com
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Up for grabs in week five of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em a brand new Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB USB/eSATA external hard drive. The Seagate FreeAgent Pro provides 750 glorious gigabytes of storage to let you

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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This month there aren't many component changes on the four systems,though users looking at components in the Dream System will probably want towait another month or two as the field will change dramatically in theNovember/December time frame with 45nm Intel CPUs and AMD's Barcelonaprocessors coming out late in the year. If you are more interested in thelower priced, mid-range parts, the changes won't take place until later in2008 so you don't need to feel gun shy about purchasing upgrades now.

Acer AL2002W 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
[Oct-08-07] (0 Comments)

LCD monitors are becoming ever more popular, especially widescreens.A few years ago it was uncommon to see someone at a LAN party with an LCDmonitor. Now you can find that most people will bring their widescreen LCDmonitor because it's a whole heck of a lot lighter than a CRT and most ofthe time the display is a lot better. Let's take a look to see how the AcerAL2002W widescreen monitor will stand up to the performance expected ofgaming at LAN parties.

ICY BOX IB-351StUS-B USB & eSATA 3.5" Enclosure @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-08-07] (0 Comments)

As with many of the products in the accessories category, such as external enclosures, ill designed and cheap are far more prevalent attributes than well designed and quality made! Here

Logitech Kinetik 15,4 Briefcase @ rbmods.com
[Oct-08-07] (0 Comments)

Now if you are trying to find a laptop bag you will notice it is ajungle out there. I have seen so many types and shapes that that don't evenmake sense at all. I got a bag from Logitech though that we are going totest today. The Kinetik case is available in both briefcase and a backpackso it will aim for both younger and the older market. Otherwise I see thisbag has some potential and this is what we are going to look into when itcomes to todays review.

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[Oct-07-07] (0 Comments)

Ultra Products is becoming a very regular contest participant andthis month they've teamed up with CoolIT Systems for an even biggergiveaway. This month we have 4 awesome prizes to give away. We will haveone lucky winner to take home everything so this is one contest you do notwant to miss.

Silverstone ST1000 Modular 1000w PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Oct-06-07] (0 Comments)

In today's review we will be looking at as the title suggests Silverstoneís Strider modular 1000W PSU, the strider series has already proven itself to us with some solid rails as well as a decent modular system. Now with demands for more power from end users the latest incarnation of the Strider (ST-1000) will suit most needs

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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XtremeMac has built a strong brand reputation for its selection ofaccessories for Apple's iPod line. With the inception of devices such as th eiPhone and iPod Touch, they are branching out towards these newer products.Today we will look at their silicone case for the iPhone =96 the TuffWrap.This slip resistant case provides protection and piece of mind that theiPhone is shielded from imminent danger. Besides coming with the case,XtremeMac includes a clear plastic film to protect the touch screen. Thisusually does not come with standard cases, so this is definitely a nicebonus. Let's see how the TuffWrap does and whether it is worthy of beingiPhone's bodyguard. Let's get started=85

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Anubis is the name of the ancient Egyptian God of Death and the name of the 1st ATX case ever from HIPER. As expected, HIPER does not come up with something usual:the HTC-1K614 is

DirectX 10 Gaming Performance - High End GPUs @ pcper.com
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If the single graphics card performance of the HD 2900 XT madeNVIDIA's 8800 cards look good, then the SLI versus CrossFire comparison putsNVIDIA on cloud 9. NVIDIA has done a great job improving the SLI experienceon Windows Vista and has been able to produce some impressive scalingnumbers. In Call of Juarez adding a second 8800 GTS 640MB card got us an86% improved frame rate and in Lost Planet we saw an 81% improvement. Othertitles like World in Conflict and Bioshock had smaller performanceadvantages in SLI but the fact is that there were improvements across theboard.

Cooler Master Vortex 752 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Cooler Master is not extremely well known for their CPU coolers, butthey should be. They are affordable and can compete in performance withother top brands that cost a lot more. Today we are looking at the Vortex752, which is a smaller CPU cooler, but don't let that fool you it is verypowerful. It features 2 heatpipe design, 92mm fan, and an all copper base.Read on to see how the Vortex 752 stacks up against all of the other coolerswe have tested.

Logitech Quickcam 9000 Pro @ rbmods.com
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Blury picture, slow framrate updates, or no features? That soundslike many webcameras on the market, Logitech has gotten tired of this andmade a new webcam with a Carl Zeiss optics, HD and a 8MP camera. They alsohave their famous rightlight and rightsound technology featured on thiswebcamera.

Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated Keyboard @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Iím torn with this keyboard. To be honest, during general windows use the board frustrates the living daylights out of me. However I know that this is due to how much I rely on keyboard shortcuts for regular windows operation. But on the other hand this keyboard does more than excel at what it was designed for, gaming.

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200W PSU - Exclusive @ pcper.com
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The Turbo-Cool 1200W power supply was not designed to be quiet; andits not. The primary design goals were to deliver stable, clean outputswith high reliability for high-end workstations and servers. To accomplishthat you need good cooling, which in this case, requires a relativelyhigh-speed fan. If you need a 1200W power supply, you will most likely bedealing with noise from numerous other component cooling solutionsdissipating all that power.

Resident Evil 4 Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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Resident Evil 4 is back. For the 4th time. Originally released on the GameCube, then ported to the PlayStation 2 and PC, the question that most Wii owners will be asking themselves is not ďShould I buy Resident Evil 4?Ē but ďWhy should I buy Resident Evil 4 again?Ē Read on for a brief overview of the gameís predecessors, so that newcomers can appreciate just how groundbreaking Resident Evil 4 was when it was first released, and then continue for a detailed comparison of every version of it, so that you can decide if the additions to the Wii Edition make it worth buying again - or which one to buy in the first place.

Starcraft 2 Video Game P for PC @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Many RTS gamers across the world, including the staff at Benchmark Reviews, consider Blizzard's Starcraft as one of the best RTS titles ever created. After almost 10 years, Blizzard's

Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System @ pcper.com
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Connections are made to the back of the Reserator XT by way of twoindustry standard CPC quick-disconnect fittings that incorporate internalcheck valves. Having check valves is convenient as they block off flow assoon as the connection is broken and keeps any spillage to a minimum. Inhigh-flow systems, integrated check valves can create significant flowrestrictions but in a low-flow system like the Reserator XT, that isn't asmuch of a problem and the added convenience is well worth it.

Win a Crucial 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ bigbruin.com
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Up for grabs in week five of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em is a 2GB dual channel memory kit from Crucial. Specifics can not be provided at this point, because Crucial was cool enough to leave it open ended. You won't get stuck with a memory kit you might not be able to use, as they will work with you to select the appropriate DDR or DDR2 kit from their Crucial or Crucial Ballistix product lines.

Hercules Dualpix Exchange 2MP HD Webcam @ benchmarkreviews.com
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There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a webcam, but thanks to Hercules Dualpix Exchange this task has become easier than ever. Hercules packs the Dualpix Exchange with 2

Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad Speakers @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the last few years, consumers have been inundated with coolingsolutions for their notebook PCs. Most are pretty gimmicky, but othersactually have some scientific method that will help cool the hottest laptopsand keep them running more efficiently and hopefully, more quietly. Today,we have the Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad speakers on ourtest bench. This device's mission in life is simple - to give users a bettersound solution than their notebook offers and at the same time raise it upoff the desk to let more cool air flow underneath. We are going to challengethis claim and see if this product's capabilities have any merit

Insignia NS-LCD32 32 Inch 720p HDTV Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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With a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 500 cd/m≤ brightness, the Insignia 32-Inch 720p HDTV lets you view crisp, clear picture quality from your favorite movies and games. The HDMI input

ViewSonic VX2255wmb 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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Back in January at CES we first saw the VX2255wmb and I instantlywanted one. Its sleek design and integrated 1.3-megapixel really made itstand out from other monitors. Also the VX2255wmh version comes in a pearlwhite, which Mac fans will enjoy. Today will are looking at the VX2255wmbversion which is black and features a 1680X1050 native resolution, 5msresponse time, and integrated speakers as well as the integrated1.3-megapixel camera. Let's see if it's the perfect LCD for you!

Thermaltakeís Toughpower 500W Modular PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The bottom of the PSU has a 140mm fan on it, this is big. So the fan can push more air while spinning slower (compared to smaller fans). This means that it is very quiet. And with the included silicon dampener, noise will be at a minimum.

Geeks Century/Centurion CD 200-Pc CD/DVD Organizer Carousel 2-Pack2 @ rbmods.com
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We got another computer

Pedal to the Metal:Overclocking the Athlon @ pcper.com
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It would be wise in this case to consider the following:whilesaving $40 upfront by buying the 2.2GHz CPU, you are taking a gamble thatyou'll be able to achieve a slightly more difficult 36% overclock to reach3GHz as opposed to the 15% overclock necessary to hit the same speed withthe 2.6GHz CPU. The question you should ask yourself is:would you be happywith the 2.2GHz CPU if it didn't hit 3GHz, or would you regret not buyingthe 2.6GHz part?

Ultra X3 600W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Ultra's line of modular power supplies is known for its stabilityand originality, and the X3 series is no exception. The X3 series is up to85% efficient at typical load and has outputs ranging from 600W to amind-boggling 1600W. ThinkComputers got its hands on the 600W version andtests out the robust and easily-routed unit in this review.

OCZ Vendetta Exposed HDT CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Many manufacturers search out designs that will help them develop a product known for extraordinary performance. Benchmark Reviews has already reviewed many of the very best CPU coolers

Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, I have the privilege of reviewing the Scythe Ninja Mini, oneof the newest CPU coolers from Scythe. Scythe has been around 5 years now.They're not so long in the tooth as companies like Intel or NVIDIA, butthey're proving to have staying power through innovations and qualityproducts. This particular cooler is built around performance and silentcomputing. Will it live up to the standards Scythe has set for itself? Let'ssee.

Zaward TwinTowers NB heatpipe @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I am going to be looking at a product from a company that, if I am brutally honest, I know very little about. That company is Zaward and the product in question is the Zaward ZCT004 Twin Towers chipset cooler.

Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player @ thinkcomputers.org
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Did you know that Apple isn't your only option when it comes tochoosing a new MP3 player? Pretty shocking, huh? What's more, many of theofferings from other companies actually boast more features than any iPod onthe market, but is this enough to snag some market share from the Cupertinogiant? Samsung thinks so and they're making a mild attempt at toppling theSteve Jobs-fueled juggernaut with the Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Xigmatek XP-S964 Copper Heatpipe 92mm CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ideally every CPU cooler should perform well, which most do. But in the age of advertising and marketing, consumers are easily mislead into believing a product will perform well just

Coolermaster Notepal Infinite Notebook Cooler @ rbmods.com
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While laptops gets faster they need more cooling to maintain thestability. I have bought myself a new laptop and I have noticed that the newlaptops tend have stabilty problems if not cooled down with a externalcooler. Coolermaster has therefore released a new cooler for this type ofissue and that is what we are going to take a look at tonight. We are goingto see if it actually cools the laptop down or if it is just a waste of yourmoney.

Gameconnet ps Team Fortress 2 @ tcmagazine.com
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It=E2=80=99s a whole new, extremely polished ball game, and today we take a look at the beta run that all Valve Orange Box pre-purchasers h ave been enjoying for the past week. With screenies. And benchmarks.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Panasonic Toughbook W5 Notebook @ xyzcomputing.com
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Panasonic's W5 is one of the few ultraportable notebooks on the market that places an importance on durability and outright strength. Other companies like to say that their notebooks can take abuse, but very few of them actually get close to achieving what you might call

Benchmark s Feedback Contest:Final Week @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews is offering the Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler, Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case, and Hiper HPU-4K530-MS Type R Modular 530W PSU for a few forum

Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 High End Computer Enclosure @ pcper.com
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The Z-Machine is an outstanding case with just the right balance ofclean lines, elegant styling, and functional features that demandingenthusiasts want in a premium enclosure. The materials, constructiontechniques, and build quality are unmatched. The layout of the front panelis near perfect and the included LED cooling fans provide very good airflowand case cooling.

Tagan ITZ Series 1300W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Back in June we took a look at the GuardianX Silver Power 1000Wpower supply from Tagan and it received good scores. Now Tagan has a new1300W power supply from the ITZ series. It has an 80% efficiency, is quadCPU and video card ready, and has an auto turbo mode to combine all six +12Vrails into one. Also the ITZ is covered in a titanium blue mirror-finishcasing. Let's see how it stacks up to the other 1000W plus power supplies wehave tested.

NZXT Lexa Blackline Mid-Tower ATX PC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Revisions of PC cases usually consist of lessons learned from theprevious version and incorporating user feedback from the enthusiastcommunity. Sometimes manufacturers try to blend

Geeks Royal PF70 7'' LCD Digital Frame & MP3 Player (White) @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a Digital Photo frame from Geeks.com a online consumerelectronics reseller. We got one of their latest digital picture frames forreview and we are going to look at the features it holds and also thequality of the product.

Xoxide.com Caffeine Shootout @ thinkcomputers.org
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While most of us may have a hard time getting up for work andstaying awake during the day, others are jumping around at their desks. Howthough? Because they are pumped up on energy products. In this review wewill see a multitude of energy supplements, some that you may have heard ofand some you haven't. Let's take a look to see what sort of productsXoxide.com has provided to me and see how this much caffeine will affect meover a single weekend.

NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver 1.16369 @ ngohq.com
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The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a modified version of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance, image quality and compatibility. The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver can enhance your experience in games, multimedia and general usage. This project is especially suited for enthusiasts and gamers that want to have the best gaming experience.This driver includes NVIDIA's new Control Panel. We've preferred to include the new Control Panel over the old one due to flexibility and stability reasons. The Driver has support for all GeForce/Quadro cards =96 including mobile series (Go) as well. This driver has a special compatibility mode option that provides better stability, and workaround for some known bugs.

Terascale Computing Updates and more @ pcper.com
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The graphs below the die detail shots show the relationships thatIntel's designers have created between power usage and peak performancenumbers. Most interesting is the power that is required to run the chip -at only 0.95v the terascale processor generates only 62 watts of heat and iscapable of 1 teraflop of pure horsepower. To get near the 2 teraflop levelsthe CPU is pushing 1.4v still a reasonable voltage by today's standards.

OCZ ProXStream 1000W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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1000W power supplies are all over the place now so of course wewould see one from OCZ. OCZ power supplies from the ModXStream andGameXStream series have been very popular with consumers. Today we will belooking at a new series from OCZ the ProXStream. The ProXStream has one ofthe smallest form factors of a 1000W power supply that I have seen and hasan industry-leading 3 year warranty. I have never actually checked out anOCZ power supply before so we will see how it stacks up against other 1000Wpower supplies that we have tested.

Zaward VIVO PCJ004 Exposed Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Many manufacturers search out designs that will help them develop a product known for extraordinary performance. Benchmark Reviews has already reviewed many of the very best CPU coolers

Real-time raytracing for PC games almost a reality @ pcper.com
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All of this leads us to one thought:we want this now. Unfortunately, that's not quite possible as the hardware isn't fast enoughto get high resolution and high frame rates at the same time. But itturns out we aren't far from that convergence. The team at Intelestimates that within 2 years or so, the hardware will exist that willallow

Intel Skulltrail Performance Benchmarks @ pcper.com
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Looking at the performance of Intel's Skulltrail platform with itspair of quad-core processors was certainly exciting, but we'll be evenmore impressed when we get it in house and it lives up to the claims theypresented. No matter how you slice it though, Intel is well ahead of AMDin the process technology field and the 45nm ramps on Penryn and Yorkfieldare a testament to it.

Supetalent VIDEGO28 MP4 Series @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a Mp4 player from Supertalent. They justreleased this player and as far as I know I am the first site to review thisproduct so it will be a world first review on Supertalents Video28 mp4player. This new player seems to have some astounding features and it looksa bit like a Iphone without the phone hardware.

Nexus Silent Caterpillar Case @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Once everything was installed I powered up the pc and I had to check the fans were spinning as it is practically silent, especially with the cpu cooler fan turned down to low speed. Just the occasional murmur from the hard drive and thatís it.Nice!

Aerocool AE-Plus Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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When I was a kid, I often dreamed of putting a jet engine on my bike,because I wanted to be the first kid to break the sound barrier on a BMX. Ifyou want to visualize it, just think of the moment of flight on E.T. but onsteroids. Looking at the AE-Plus, I think the engineers at Aerocool knowwhere I was coming from. The first design meeting probably went somethinglike this,

Gaming Culture:Four Stereotypes Examined @ bonafidereviews.com
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Because Hardcore gamers have such a wealth of info on gaming and how games operate, they are keener on figuring out game imbalance. Though this might make new gamers angry when presented with evidence that their favorite character is either

GMC R-2 Toast PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The GMC R-2 Toast PC case has very original (and patented!) conceptfor optical drive placement and loading. Instead of the traditionalhorizontally-positioned, tongue-like tray extension, the Toast, as its nameimplies, orients the drive vertically so that the optical drive tray shootsup like a piece of toast. The hard drive is also mounted vertically, so thecase is very slim. Read on as ThinkComputers sees what pops up with theToast.

Aeneon Xtune PC2-8500 CL5 1066MHz DDR2 RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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High speed, reduced latency, excellent graphic performance and cool design Ė this is what todayís enthusiastic gamers are looking for. Aeneon offers a brand new series of overclocking

IDF Fall 2007 Keynote (Live!) - Penryn, Nehalem, Larrabee @ pcper.com
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The chip architecture is well into development and will be showcasedfor the first time working in 2008 -- though when in 2008 they didn't say.My guess would be about this time next year. Intel plans to make in-roadsat the high performance visual computing space by bringing teraflops of rawprocessing power to the hands of developers.

PCI Express 3.0, Intel's new Interconnect and Skulltrail @ pcper.com
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The system features dual 3.0 GHz Yorkfield processors on theXeon-based Stoakley motherboard platform. This of course means it is usingFB-DIMMs which is a bit of a letdown, but we can deal with it for theperformance the system is able to get. The CPUs are liquid cooled; a setupthat Intel claims will be standard for all Skulltrail systems.

Corsair and Super Talent:Is DDR3 Ready for the Enthusiast? @ pcper.com
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First, we know now that both Corsair's and Super Talent's high speedmemory kits are able to outpace the latest DDR2 memory setups when they arerun at the 1800 MHz+ speeds they are rated at. The deficit that is acceptedby increasing the latencies on the modules to reach these speeds was lessthan we expected and allowed the memory to run at such high speeds. Thelatency results showed that even in the random access cases that the higherspeeds with slower latencies is the highest performing setup for the timebeing.

Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Thermaltake's Orb series has been very popular. We have checked outboth the Ruby Orb, and Golden Orb. Each of them performed well and receivedgood scores. The MaxOrb has a little different design, but still has the

Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-9600 @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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I decided to give the results from the Patriot in both 1200mhz and 1000mhz at 4,4,4,10 on everest due to the scale of memory performance increase and although the read was less at 1000mhz we saw for the first time in Everest a copy exceed 8000 on the score.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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A couple weeks ago I took a look at the SteelSeries 3H Gaming headphones,well they've just sent me the 4H version for review which is essentially amore improved version of the 3H. In my review of the 3H headphones I foundthem to be a bit lacking in some areas but still overall a great set ofheadphones, the 4H version I have for review today picks up where the 3Hheadset left off. I found them to be an excellent all around set ofheadphones no matter what you are doing, be it FPS or RTS games, or even forlistening to music and watching movies, the 4H headphones are a great allaround pair for whatever you need them for.

Geeks Lite-On DVD Recorder @ rbmods.com
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Looking to get rid of that old VCR but still can't find a convenientway to record directly from TV? Much like DVDs have replaced VHS in therental stores, DVDs can also replace them for home recording use as well.Geeks.com, popular online retailers and computer partsseller, sent us a sample of one of their DVD offerings, the Lite-On DVDRecorder. Will this standalone recorder prove to be a worthy replacement ofyour VCR? We will attempt to answer that question in this review.

Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Exposed Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Heatpipes have not been an integrated part of the CPU heatsink for very long now, but the tall design with a fan fixed to the front has already been done several times over. Copper

Benchmark s Feedback Contest @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews is offering the Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler, Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case, and Hiper HPU-4K530-MS Type R Modular 530W PSU for a few forum

Frogpad Inc. Frogpad Bluetooth One-Handed Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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One wireless solution users have available is the Frogpad Bluetoothone-handed keyboard. This small device takes a different approach than someother keyboards I've seen. The Frogpad crams the functions of a fullkeyboard into a one-handed input device, and gives users a wirelesscapability via Bluetooth technology to connect it to a host of differentproducts.

Lite-On SHM-165S6S SATA DVDR @ monster-hardware.com
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The bundled software was IMO a good choice. I am a big fan of Nero burning software and am somewhat disappointed when I buy an Optical drive that doesn't include it. CyberLink PowerDVD 6 is also included for your movie viewing needs.. If I had a complaint here it would be that the usual electronic users manual is of a generic variety and doesn't offer much in the way of Lite-On model specific information. While I guess a paper manual is too much to ask for these days, is a model- specific users manual? I personally think not.

Coolermaster Cosmos Case @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at Coolermasters latest creation namedCosmos. This midi tower case has loads of new features that other caseslack. Apparently Coolermaster has listened to the consumers and tried tomake a case that the consumers request. Lets take a look at this midi towercase to see what conclusion we come to at the end.

OCZ Technology 4GB PC2-6400 Platinum Edition RAM Kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the past two months, companies have been scrambling to release4GB RAM kits to consumers, and OCZ Technology was one of the first torelease their

Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000 Mid-Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Computer enthusiasts are a lot like automobile owners:we all want something different than everyone else while expressing ourselves at the same time. With so many options to choose

Seasonic S12II 500W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Seasonic, the first company to produce an 80 PLUS certified powersupply, has a new line of consumer-level power supplies called

Asus Blitz Formula Intel P35 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The Asus Blitz Formula truly is a magnificent motherboard specimen;by offering up a great set of features on a P35 motherboard and designing itfor high speed overclocking Asus has set a high bar for all Intel-platformofferings to strive for. Some of the unique features like the optionalwatercooled north bridge heatpipe, Crosslinx multi-GPU improvements and theincluded copy of STALKER:Shadow of Chernobyl really add to the overallpackage of this most recent Republic of Gamers motherboard.

OCZ ModXStream 780W Modular Power Supply @ bonafidereviews.com
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Today on the review block is OCZ's ModXStream power supply, a more advanced version of the GameXStream. We previously reviewed their GameXStream and were extremely happy with the performance of the unit, the amount of connections it provided and its price. The ModXStream is the next generation of PSU from OCZ that comes equipped with modular cable capability, the latest trend in power supply units.

(SITE ANNOUNCEMENT) Help Wanted @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has done very well these first six months, and we are now accepting applications for product analysts who†would like to†complete hardware reviews for our site. We really

Gigabyte Triton 180 PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Gigabyte has been around since the mid-1980s, which makes them oneof the founders of the modern custom PC industry. Starting withmotherboards, Gigabyte now also makes video cards, cases, optical drives,storage solutions, most periphials, power supplies, air cooling, liquidcooling, notebooks and notebook cooling, and now home media PCs. Gigabyte iswell known for their high quality products. They generally market theirproducts to the enthusiast willing to pay a little more for that highquality, but desiring products a little less extreme, a little more on theconservative side. So, my expectations for the Triton 180 are that it willbe a well made, high quality case, with attention paid to every detail, butbut somewhat conservative. Let's see if it lives up to that.

OCZ Stealth X Stream 600 Watt PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For this review I will be looking at some hardware from possibly one of the best-known names in the PC hardware industry. That company being OCZ and the hardware in question is the OCZ Stealth X Stream 600watt power supply. Whilst most people associate OCZ with memory, rightly so as their memory is some of the best available, OCZ also manufacture cooling products and power supplies too

Linksys USB Wireless-Ready Print Server @ rbmods.com
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With home networks becoming the norm in most households, linkingdevices such as printers and storage devices to a network would seem to be apopular thing as well. Geeks.com, popular online retailer of variouscomputer parts, is fully aware of the trend and offers a wide range ofnetworking devices. Today we'll look at one of their offerings, the LinksysUSB Wireless-Ready Print Server. Will this device turn out to be easy tosetup and as functional as it sounds? Let's find out.

Thermaltake V1 Universal CPU cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and ID team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and Power Supply for main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications; thus achieve Thermaltake's company motto,

Seasonic S12 II 500W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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Not everyone wants (and very few need) an 800W to 1,200W powersupply. Seasonic designed the S12 II series for mainstream users and 500Wis plenty of power to run the majority of mid-level enthusiast PCs. TheSeasonic S12 II 500W power supply delivers solid voltages with goodregulation and excellent efficiency with minimal noise.

SilverStone ST1000 1000W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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SilverStone is known for making great power supplies. The last 2power supplies we reviewed from them received 10 out of 10 scores, so I washappy when SilverStone said they were sending me another power supply. Withthe emergence of 1000W power supplies on the market it will be interestingto see how SilverStone's ST1000 compares to other 1000W power supplies thatwe have tested. So let's take a look!

SOYO 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-GW-DYLM24D6 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The SOYO 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-GW-DYLM24D6 incorporates superior TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display technology in a stylish compact design that frees up valuable desk space,

Aqua Symmetry @ canonites.com
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This photo came about late one night when nobody else was awake. I decidedto experiment with some water photos that I'd been considering for quitesome time. Of course, I had recently purchased Canon's MR-14EX Macro RingLite and 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens, so I was itching to play with thoseanyways. I wanted to get really close to the water droplets in order to havea very shallow depth of field.

AMD Barcelona Opteron Launch Is Upon Us @ pcper.com
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This smells VERY similar to the recent HD 2900 XT launch thatAMD's GPU division had earlier in the year -- because their productcouldn't meet the performance/watt levels necessary to compete against thehigh end NVIDIA products, they aimed a lower priced product line withtheir top part. They seem to be doing that here with Barcelona aswell...

Antec TruePower Quattro 850W Modular PSU TPQ-850 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Last year the Antec TP3-650 TruePower Trio was still making waves in the market, offering 650W of power for an unbeatable price. This year, Antec has returned with a newly designed and

A4Tech X7 G100 Gaming Keyboard Pro @ thinkcomputers.org
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Have you ever had problems spilling your favorite beverage all overyour keyboard in the middle of a game? Time for a new keyboard, right? Notif you have an A4Tech X7 G100 Professional Gaming Keyboard. The designersover at A4Tech have come up with some unique features for the G100 that alot of other keyboard companies have not designed into their keyboards.Let's take a look to see what sort of features we can expect.

SP-7060B Case @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a very nice looking case from Spire. We got asample of their new BlackFin case which seems to have some superb aircooling features. We are going to look into how it performs and what type ofquality Spire has released this time.

Creative The Zen Stone Plus Mp3 Player @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Overall the looks and styling of the Zen Stone Plus have been really impressive, not only is it compact and sporty to look at but most of all the lightweight ness and pebble like shape of the device makes it a winner in my books so far, so with all that said letís upload some tunes to hear how it sounds.

Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 Black Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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I very seldom find myself in awe of any product design these days, since most manufacturers are more willing to produce a good product that can be mass produced than a truly great product

Akasa Combo Card Reader @ tcmagazine.com
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While the large variety of supported memory formats can easily deem Akasa=E2=80=99s reader as =E2=80=98useful=E2=80=99, and the presence of additional USB ports can boost its importance, one of the dev ice=E2=80=99s best selling points is speed. Transferring data on and off portable players, digital cameras or mobile phones, equipped with the app ropriate memory cards can be excruciating slow, even with the grand advan cements of today=E2=80=99s technology, but all that discomfort can be ad dressed and partially solved by the Akasa reader.

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case - Silent and Cool @ pcper.com
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Reviewing computer enclosures is always a mix of two parts personalpreference, one part design and one part performance. Cases are generallyseen as being all the same but that obviously isn't the case. But it's alsoobvious that the case enclosure isn't as important to your system as say,your processor or motherboard selection. If personal preference isimportant anywhere and relied on during the build of your new PC, the caseis the place to put some style in; and the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 will dojust that with a side of good design along with it.

Ideazon Merc Stealth Keyboard @ rbmods.com
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Looking for an edge when it comes to PC gaming? Well, today we mighthave the answer as we take a look at Ideazon's latest gaming keyboard, theMerc Stealth. Ideazon is the creator of the previously reviewed Zboard andthe original Merc gaming keyboards that we rated highly. Will this newkeyboard bring similar performance to both gaming and everyday applications?That is what we're here to find out.

Open Source Alternatives @ aselabs.com
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When you finally take the plunge into alternatives to closed and proprietary software, you may find yourself wondering where you should go first and what programs do I use for certain things. It is true that when people think of an office suite, they think of Microsoft Office. The real question is, how many people actually paid for that piece of software? Many people and companies I know just install the software without thinking of the cost and basically perform copyright infringement. This can cost lots of money in the end, but why do this in the first place? There are good free and open source alternatives to use for nearly every program.

2K Games BioShock PC Game @ pro-clockers.com
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The highly anticipated hybrid first-person shooter BioShock hit storeshelves August 21, and we had to get our hands on one of the first copies.After scratching and clawing my way through all the people and spectators, Iwas able to grab one of the last boxes available. After tending to my woundsand paying the store clerk, I eagerly rushed home to get this game installedand start my evaluation (whereas I prepared early and pre-ordered the gametwo months ago, and the most I received in the way of injuries was a nervoustwitch in my neck from the commute home - lovingly stroking the embossedmetal case the game came in - Ed)

Wii Cooking Mama @ rbconsoles.com
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Are you a fan of cooking shows yet want a more

SteelSeries Steelkeys 6G Gaming Keyboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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All of the past SteelSeries products that ThinkComputers hasreviewed have all been geared towards the FPS gaming crowd. This time aroundthe audience is different. The Steelkeys 6G Professional Gaming Keyboard wasdesigned for hardcore RTS gamers. This isn't your fancy keyboard with macrosor multimedia keys, but rather a keyboard that will be a near perfectatmosphere with quick keystrokes and limited disturbances for the hardcoregamer. Let's take a further look to see if SteelSeries has kept to theirstandards of professional gaming products.

Metroid Prime 3:Corruption @ bonafidereviews.com
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Most of those articles though make outrageous claims that I can only begin to surmise, were made without actually PLAYING Metroid Prime 3, and with the increasing number of review based scandals out there, it really wouldn't surprise me. I can tell you a good portion of the statements you'll find in random reviews out there are kind of bupkus, myths at best. Luckily there are two people I know who make it their business to prove or disprove myths, Adam and Jamie from the Myth Busters (copyright Discovery Channel). Unnnnfortunatley they were unavailable for comment, so I'll just have to do this review in Mythbusters style in their place.

Thermaltake Soprano RS 101Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I am really happy about receiving this case for review. The SopranoRS 101 is a great-looking case from a well-known company with a reputationfor delivering top-notch products. Let's skip my normal preamble and get tothe review.

Gameconnect's Bioshock @ tcmagazine.com
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its accomplishments easily make it the current pinnacle or gaming , on any platform, of any age

PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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In today's world of power supplies we have seen units that boastpower way beyond the limits that most of us would need this year or next.The PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW may be just one of those units. Butjust because PC P&C makes one of the best high powered units out there,doesn't mean they have forgotten about the individuals that don't need thismuch energy to power their rigs. So along comes the Silencer 610. TheSilencer 610 may not be able to brag about huge power ratings but if itlives up to PC P&C's reputation, it can at least brag about solid stabilityamongst its rails.

Mario Strikers Charged @ bonafidereviews.com
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If there was ever a character that could fit the definition of

Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Exposed Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Heatpipes have not been an integrated part of the CPU heatsink for very long now, but the tall design with a fan fixed to the front has already been done several times over. Copper

Powercolor HD 2400 Pro 256MB PCI-E Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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To accommodate those mid-range users, Powercolor startedmanufacturing the HD 2400 series video cards. Every card in the HD 2400Series has DirectX 10 support, 1080p, Universal Video Decoding, and HDMIwith surround sound. Today, we have the Powercolor HD2400 Pro on our testbench. This card's $59 MSRP should definitely entice users who are lookingfor a mid-range gaming card with multimedia capabilities. Let's move rightinto our review to see just how the HD 2400 Pro stacks up to the demands ofWindows Vista Ultimate and DirectX 10 gaming.

Lenovo ThinkPad R61 14.1-inch Laptop @ thinkcomputers.org
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Earlier in the year Lenovo announced a few new models to theirThinkPad line, the R61 was one of them. R-Series ThinkPad's were consideredmore of a value notebook than anything. People who could not afford thepricey T-Series ThinkPad's would get an R-Series instead. The new R61features a 14.1-inch widescreen display, Core 2 Duo processor, wirelessantenna built into the lid, and a thinner and lighter design weighting in atjust 5.5lbs. Let's see if the R61 can breathe new life into the R-Series.

Antec Sonata III PC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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It's easy to write rave reviews of Antec products. They've been inthe industry long enough to know what PC enthusiasts want and they have areputation for delivering it. Today, I'm excited to review the Sonata III.People might say I'm a little biased toward Antec. Most of the cases I'veowned throughout the years have sported the Antec Logo. We could do a cellphone commercial showing off bars with the different sized Antec cases in myhome. I may give them to friends, but I never throw them away. They'rewell-made and nice to look at. Now how can you trust me to tell you thetruth about the Antec Sonata III? Simple:I expect more out of Antec. Ifthey fail to deliver, I'll be the first to notice it and the first to saysomething about it.

NZXT Lexa Blackline PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Menacing. That's the word NZXT uses to describe its Lexa Blacklineperformance gaming chassis. The massive beast, black skinned and glowingred, is a quiet monstrosity perfect for a water-cooled rig. Its ominousappearance is glossy, yet symmetrically contoured like a stealth jet. Atemperature display crowns the head of the beast, allowing a user to preventthe case from reaching his or her own evil number of degrees. Will the NZXTLexa Blackline measure up to its counterparts, the HUSH and ADAMAS?ThinkComputers bears the meter stick in this review.

Company of Heroes:Opposing Fronts MP Beta P @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Company of Heroes:Opposing Fronts has been anticipated for some time now. Since THQ and Relic have just released the multiplayer public beta, it seemed only fitting that Benchmark

Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro Videocard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at a videocard from Visiontek. I got amail from them where they were offering us a sample of their latest ATI HD2400 Pro card and of course being the nice guy I am I accepted the offer:).This card is from the new 2000 family of ATI cards and it is the slowestcard of the new ones, but if offers one cool feture which is a HDMI port inthe back of the card. This means that you can transmit to your TV with aHDMI cable. How well does the card perform then? Is it worth the 100$ itcosts?

ASUS 8800GTS @ tcmagazine.com
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It=E2=80=99s fast enough to completely saturate a high performance system from yesteryear like the Dell 9150 it was tested on, and it will survive and serve you well far into your next motherboard and CPU upgrade .

Western Digital WD7500AAKS 750GB Hard Drive @ pcper.com
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The new Western Digital WD7500AAKS Caviar SE16 750GB hard drive isone of those rare times when I can clearly say recommending this product isright thing to do. The performance of the new perpendicular-based 188GBplatters makes this model almost as fast as WD's own Raptor 150GB harddrive, a feat we once thought unthinkable during its initial launch. Andyou don't lose the capacity of modern hard drive to get this speed -- 750GBshould enough for the most demanding of users.

Benchmark s Sept '07 Contest @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has been on the web for almost six months, and September is our milestone month of celebration. We are proud to announce our first contest, and would like to reward some

Winchip DDR2 1200MHz PC2-9600 2GB RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ever since Intel released the 3 series chipset, DDR2 has had the wind taken from its sails so that DDR3 could make waves. This was meant with the best intentions, but as DDR3 was

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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ďA lot has changed over the last couple of months with OCZ taking over PC Power & Cooling and them becoming part of the OCZ technology group. I think this was a smart move by OCZ as a lot of enthusiasts and hardware types already have praise for most Power supplies that come from PC Power & Cooling. Today we are looking at the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 quad a Power supply that promises to be a winner straight from the off. Based on and older model from them that was solid in its own right, this version of coarse has the upgraded Graphics connectors.

header @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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ďA lot has changed over the last couple of months with OCZ taking over PC Power & Cooling and them becoming part of the OCZ technology group. I think this was a smart move by OCZ as a lot of enthusiasts and hardware types already have praise for most Power supplies that come from PC Power & Cooling. Today we are looking at the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 quad a Power supply that promises to be a winner straight from the off. Based on and older model from them that was solid in its own right, this version of coarse has the upgraded Graphics connectors.

Bioshock @ bonafidereviews.com
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2kís new FPS Bioshock has been hyped up the wazoo from both fans, magazines, news, and Jack Thompson alike. (Come on, you know that if Thompson is complaining about something it has to be good.) Many are even saying itís the best thing since the sliced breads known as Counter-Strike and Halo.

Apevia X-Telstar Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Today I'm reviewing the Apevia X-Telstar Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case. You might know Apevia from their many other products or particularly their very nice X-Navigator cases. The

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Ultra has been in the business of producing good looking products which are known to perform well, and still not cost a fortune. We recently reviewed the Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU

Ultra X3 600W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
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A few months ago, we took a look at a couple of Ultra's latest powersupplies and were impressed by the quality and stable voltages. Ultra hasrecently released a new 600W PSU, the X3, which they say they

Transcend T.Sonic 820 2GB MP3 Player @ pro-clockers.com
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One very portable and attractive player is Transcend's T.Sonic 820.This 2GB device is miniature in stature, but makes up for its small sizewith a host of features like voice recording, FM recording, and e-bookreading via text files. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg for thismulti-functional device. Our review will dive into every feature availableon the T.Sonic 820, and also evaluate each one to make sure it will meet theconsumer's demanding expectations.

iOne Scorpius P20MT Wireless Keyboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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The iOne Scorpius P20MT 2.4GHz MCE Keyboard with Optical Trackballcertainly lends a helping hand whenever it comes to using your HTPC. Intoday's world HTPCs are becoming more popular than ever. We are starting tosee more companies emerge to help us enhance our home theatre environment.We have seen this from our previous review of the Scorpius N2T. The P20MThas some different features including the capability of easily rechargingthe device, a power button, and an even slimmer design. Let's take a furtherlook to see what the Scorpius P20MT has to offer.

Toshiba R500 Notebook @ xyzcomputing.com
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The R500 received a lot of hype right from the start because of a few important distinctions. First of all, the R500 was (and still is) the slimmest notebook currently available with an optical drive. Its 7mm thick drive allows a total closed system height of just 0.77

Why I'll Never Console Myself with Second Best @ pcper.com
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Complex micromanagement systems don't work on consoles to the degreeyou can manage on a PC. Even when the hardware reaches parity, if it is everallowed to, the controller limits the way the player can interface with thegame. The move at id Software seems to declaim that it doesn't matter howmuch a feature would add to the gaming experience, the deciding factor isthe console controller, and

Samsung HT-TX72 5.1 Channel Home Theater @ bonafidereviews.com
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With all of the hype around HDTV's and the high definition market exploding as much as it is, it only seems natural that the home theater market is tailing along not far behind. Of course home theater systems have been around for years but with people buying up expensive big screen displays, most of which only come with

Samsung SyncMaster 940UX 19-inch LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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There's no denying that you have a lot of options when it comes toselecting an LCD monitor to accompany your computer. Some of these monitorsare designed to attract your attention with their exceptional refresh rates,contrast ratios, or viewing angles, whereas others attempt to grab theirsegment of the market by tossing a mediocre panel into the mostattractive-looking package possible. The Samsung SyncMaster 940UX is a19-inch standard ratio LCD that boasts a feature you probably won't find onmost other monitors:it can connect to your computer using USB.

Eksit Power Inverter @ rbmods.com
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Have you ever been in the situation where you end up in your car andrun out of power in your Psp, Ipod, or laptop? Of course you have, and thereis a solution to it! Eksitdata have developed a Power inverter whichconverts the power from the cars cigarette lighter to normal 220V (in mycase). How well does it work then? That is what we are here to figure out.

Antec TruePower Quattro 850W Modular Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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Enthusiasts looking for a powerful, yet energy efficient and stablepower supply need look no further than the Antec TruePower Quattro 850Wpower supply unit. Antec's latest series, Quattro, offers the quality andperformance users expect from Antec products, with the efficiency requiredby 80 PLUS certification. Units with this certification are 80% efficientand meet the latest Energy Star standards. It can power up to 8 SATA drives,as well as four PCI-Express devices. Read on for the review of this stylishpowerhouse.

Guitar Hero Encore:Rocks the 80's @ bonafidereviews.com
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Guitar Hero II rocked so hard with cult hits like Trogdor and Thunderhorse that fans were BEGGING for more. So Harmonix hopped in their time machine and did some research and lo and behold we have Guitar Hero Encore:Rock the 80's.

XFX nForce 680i SLI Motherboard - 1333 FSB Support @ pcper.com
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The only feature missing is support for DDR3 memory which several ofthe P35 motherboards we have tested use. There is no doubt that DDR3 willbe faster than DDR2 at some point, but for now, the performance differencesaren't very big but the price differences are! DDR3 is still very hard tofind and when you do locate it, be prepared to pay a premium. So, maybehaving the 680i chipset with DDR2 support isn't so bad after all.

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 1500VA 900W LCD UPS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 1500VA 900W LCD UPS, designed for mid to high-end computer systems, features dynamic line conditioning and an Intelligent LCD diagnostic display. Real-time

Leadtek PX8600GTS 256MB PCI-E video card @ pro-clockers.com
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To help gamers gear up for titles like Bio-Shock, Halo3, and UnrealTournament 2007, manufacturers have been frantically working on new videocards that can harness DirectX 10's graphics capabilities. One such card isthe Leadtek PX8600GTS. This 256MB card should be an excellent budgetsolution for those entry-level gamers who just want to be able to game in aDirectX 10 environment, and not burn a huge hole in their pocketbooks.

iOne Scorpius N2T Wireless Keyboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Having difficulties trying to navigate around on your HTPC? Well,the Scorpius-N2T has the solution. This wireless keyboard, brought to youhappily on a 2.4GHz wave, has an all in one solution for operating aroundyour PC. It offers a keyboard, mouse, and HTPC multimedia features all inone device. This keyboard has a lot to offer for any Home Theatre PC systemor even anyone who would like to use their computer far enough away topreserve their eyesight. Let's take a further look to see what the iOneScorpius N2T has to offer.

Asrock Conroe1333-eSATA2 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we will be taking a look at one of Asrock's newest motherboardsbased on Intel 945P chipset. Boasting most of the features of the Conroe1333DVI/H plus more, the Conroe1333-eSATA2 is a full length board built forperformance minded individuals. The board is specifically marketed to thosewho don't have the 'green' to run out and pick up a seriously high-end boardfrom the likes of Asus, Gigabyte, and any of the Nvidia 680i reference boardpartners (e.g. BFG, EVGA etc).

ThinkPad T61p @ xyzcomputing.com
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People who demand more from their notebook than an internet connection, a screen, and a keyboard and who are less concerned about weight can get a surprising amount of power from the right machine. Today's processors and large amounts of RAM can be combined with high resolution displays to make for notebooks that have all the power you would need yet is still able to be moved around. The notebook we will be looking at in this article is the ThinkPad T61p from Lenovo. This is the high performance version of the ThinkPad T61, the first notebook from Lenovo to use Intel's Santa Rosa platform. The T61p is essentially an upgraded version of the T61 with certain options that are mandatory and a number of performance benefits over the rest of the ThinkPad line. This is the most powerful ThinkPad currently available- and ever released- so it's been highly awaited by tech professionals and all sorts of demanding mobile users.

Depths of Peril Game @ techdomain.com.au
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Today we take a look at something that has the potential to be a fresh outlook on the slightly tired RPG scene. Does Depths of Peril live up to its promise, or is it another clone that will end up gathering dust on your HDD? Also, before I get to mention it, we have a demo release available, so you can get your hands on that too!

SOYO ST-SYLA04 FreeStyler 600 BlueTooth Mono Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everyday I see more people talking on cell phones with wireless hands-free devices, but the days of having a wire attached to your phone to have a hands free conversation are almost gone.

MSI K9N4 SLI Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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New sockets and processors are slowly arriving to the motherboardmarket but the Am2 socket is still the most popular one. Today we arelooking at an sample from MSI as they sent us their K9N4 SLI motherboardthat seems to have most of the neat new features that are needed. We aregoing to compare vs an older MSI board to see what upgrades have been done.

Logitech X-240 2.1 Speaker System @ thinkcomputers.org
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A while ago we took a look at the X-540 speaker system fromLogitech. It proved to be a good 5.1 system for a retail price of $99. Todaywe will be looking at Logitech's 2.1 speaker system in the X-series, theX-240. It features a down-firing subwoofer, control pod, and integratedstowaway cradle for your iPod or other MP3 player. The X-240 is alsoreasonably priced at $50. Let's see if it is worth your hard earned money.

Rbmods and Ultra giveaway! @ rbmods.com
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Only 3 days to go, hurry to get in your part in this contest. All youhave to do is to register and post in one thread to win cases, powersuppliesor even a mp3 player from Ultra so hurry!

The Noctua NF-S12 and the NFĖR8 Silent fans @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I shall be taking a look at a product from Noctua that promises to be the answer to those seeking that silent dream. The Noctua NF- S12 and the NF Ė R8. We only got one NF Ė S12 (120mm) as we know most 120mm fans can be run silently, but on the R8 we decided to get 3 of these in to replace a complete set of fans in one rather loud UV acrylic case. Trust me even with the quiet golf ball fan there is still a slight hum of fan noise, so let us see if the Noctuaís can give me even more piece and quiet shall we.

Advanced Warfighter 2 - AGEIA PhysX PPU Update @ pcper.com
[Aug-17-07] (0 Comments)

The AGEIA Island level is a different story as our screenshots anddescriptions above attest to. The level of interactivity with the worldincreased dramatically when the developers could assume that the user wasgoing to have PhysX hardware on their system and didn't have to worry aboutbackwards compatibility. Even though some of the new animations andinteractions were cheesy (like the tree that always breaks in the samelocation), the feel of the level made the game much different and I couldsee how expanding on it could create something truly innovative.

The Most Anticipated Games of Winter 2007 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The summer didn't exactly bring all of the DirectX 10 sizzle we hoped for, but this winter is looking like things will really begin to heat up for gamers. Benchmark Reviews walks though

Akasa cable ties @ tcmagazine.com
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For a price tag that can be as low as =C2£2, the 5-pi ece tie pack can really do wonders in terms of cable management and can o ffer a fresh look for the PC=E2=80=99s back stage which a lot of people a re trying to hide.

Sunbeam Freezing Storm PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
[Aug-17-07] (0 Comments)

Surely you've heard of Sunbeamtech by now. Sunbeam and I go back along ways, over 5 years. My first CCFL was by Sunbeam, which was the productthat got them started. They were by far the best on the market, and stillare. Today, I am reviewing the Sunbeamtech Freezing storm. As you mightimagine by the name, the Freezing Storm is designed for some extremecooling. We'll see during the course of the review what Sunbeamtech has doneto help keep your rig cool.

Cooler Master CoolViva Pro VGA Cooler @ ngohq.com
[Aug-16-07] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master is very well known with their coolers, cases and power supplies; their product line is literally huge. CM also benefits from a huge distribution network, which means you can find their products everywhere. This new cooler is made to be “Universal” so that it can be used on both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards.

CoolJag Falcon 92-CU Universal CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-15-07] (0 Comments)

Most air CPU cooling solutions rely on a combination of copperheatpipes and large aluminum or copper fin arrays to pull heat away from the processor. While this is aproven and tested technique, it does leave a lot to be desired in terms ofcreativity, uniqueness, and overall design. CoolJag has taken some of thebest CPU cooling methods available and designed the Falcon 92-CU with alittle twist. This heatsink uses large copper fins on top of a small arrayof aluminum fins to try and increase heat dissipation. Will this techniquehelp us

In Win Mountain Jade HTPC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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In Win's Mountain Jade microATX case is the Taiwanese manufacturer'simprovement on its BK623 case. The Mountain Jade is well-suited for an HTPC,promising only 30 dB(A) outside the case when combined with a stock Core 2Duo cooler. ThinkComputers investigates this case to see if its fashionablyblack exterior and partitioned interior are as awesome as In Win purportsthem to be.

Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-15-07] (0 Comments)

A thermo-electric cooler (TEC),†also known as a Peltier Cooler, is a solid-state active heat pump capable of transferring heat from one side of the device to the other.†The Ultra ULT33186

QNAP TS-109 Pro Turbo Station @ techpowerup.com
[Aug-15-07] (0 Comments)

Nowadays a lot of people have a dedicated home server for data storage, downloads or both. The TS-109 Pro is the latest fully featured NAS server by QNAP, it allows you to house everything your home-serving heart requires in a little box without making your energy bill go through the roof. Among the included features are Gigabit Ethernet, BitTorrent Downloader, Apache+PHP+MySQL Server, FTP and more. Since the system is based on Linux it can also be customized to suit more advanced users.

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This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine... Airsofthas become wildly popular pretty much everywhere in the world, it's almostas popular as paintball. I've got a paintball/airsoft park a few miles fromme actually where they have numerous competitions involving re-enactingvarious battles. It all kinda like cowboys and indians but for us big kids,and it's a whole lot of fun! So HobbyTron has sent me over one awesomeairsoft rifle for review, it's an A&K Special Ops M4 with full autocapabilities, and this thing is fracking sweet! I had tons of fun with it,and I've got loads of pictures and some great movies as well for you, socontinue on...

Corsair USB Flash Drives:Survivor and Padlock Change the Game @ pcper.com
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Setup of the device is pretty simple:holding down the

Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Compound @ rbmods.com
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When we think about achieving better cooling performance, we oftenfocus on hardware solutions. However, the quality of the thermalcompound/paste that interfaces between the chips and the cooler is anothercritical factor in getting better cooling performance from your cooler.Today we'll take a look at a new thermal compound from Arctic Cooling,well-known makers of a variety of cooling solutions, known simply as MX2.Will this latest generation of thermal compounds live up to itspredecessors? We will attempt to answer that question in today's review.

What are the possibilities? @ bonafidereviews.com
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The new E3 this year was an interesting change of pace from the E3ís of yore. Gone is the gamer paradise we once loved, and replacing it, a business to business summit meant mostly if not solely for industry. As such, E3 had a lot less to offer in terms of playable demos, but a lot MORE to offer in terms of company press conferences. The big 3 got together to show off their current projects and shiny new toys, and Nintendo was certainly no exception. Itís big headliner? The Wii Balance Board.

Crucial Ballistix competition - XSs - Only 3 days ramaining @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Timefor a new competition I think, don't you? This time around it'sCrucial who have been kind enough to offer up the prize and what agreat one it is; 2gb (2x1gb) of Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC6400(4-4-4-12).

Ultra 850VA Power Protection Unit and UPS @ pcper.com
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If you don't already have a surge suppressor and UPS supplying powerto your PC, investing in a quality product like the Ultra 850VA PowerProtection Unit could be one of the best purchases you make. The Ultra850VA UPS is an entry level unit that is well suited for small home systems.It will allow your PC to glide through brief power outages and give you timeto conduct a graceful shutdown for longer outages.

NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver v1.16218 @ ngohq.com
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The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a modified version of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance, image quality and compatibility. The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver can enhance your experience in games, multimedia and general usage. This project is especially suited for enthusiasts and gamers that want to have the best gaming experience.

Zerotherm CF800 and CF900 CPU Coolers @ pro-clockers.com
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The enormous amount of heat produced by today's dual and quad-coreprocessors makes purchasing a third-party CPU cooler almost a necessity forany user building a performance computer system. Most quality heatsinks will cost around $50, butZerotherm's CF800 and CF900 heatsinks won't break the bank at $29.99 a piece, and should provide PCbuilders with a cost-effective solution to cool today's hottest CPUs. The real questions toanswer in this review are if the copper-based CF900 can outperform thealuminum-based CF800, and whether there is a big enough difference betweenthem and the stock Intel cooler to warrant the expense. We'll let theresults speak for themselves.

D-Link DNS-323 SATA RAID Gigabit NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews has been lucky enough to receive the D-Link DNS-323. I won't leave much room for surprise:this SATA RAID Gigabit NAS is one hot little number, with plenty of features

Corsair Flash Survivor GT 8GB Flash Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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Flash drives are nothing new, but finding one that will last issomething that is hard to come by. So many flash drives are cheaply made andbreak easily. I think I went through a total of 5 flash drives while incollege until I got the Corsair Flash Voyager drive. I've had that drive forover a year not and it's about time I upgrade. Corsair was nice enough tosend me one of their new Flash Survivor GT drives. Read on to see if it isan indestructible as the Flash Voyager was.

Apevia X-Telstar Mid Size Case @ pro-clockers.com
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If you look around some of your favorite online retailers you willsee a listing for the Apevia X-Telstar case. The X-Telstar sports a largesee-thru side panel and circular display that gives you all the details onwhat is going on inside the case. The light aluminum construction is a bigbonus as well. Apevia has never been a big fan of the industry standardbeige casing. This is Apevia newest case to market, but will it be aspopular with us as the newest Q-Pack we reviewed a few weeks ago? Read alonewith us and we will tell you.

Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Compound @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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For those of you who donít know what a thermal compound does allow me to explain. Its job is to transfer heat as efficiently as possible between a heatsink and a processor (or any other such similar setup). Without a thermal compound in place CPUs would overheat, as there are far too many micro imperfections in the base of a heatsink (and top of a CPU) to be able to effectively transfer heat (not to mention that air trapped between the two would hinder this already poor performance).

SilverStone NT06-Lite CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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One of the most critical components any PC enthusiast can drop somecash on is a decent CPU cooler. Whether you pick air or water cooling, a heatsink can make or break yourCPU's performance and longevity. One unique heatsink on the market right nowis Silverstone's NT06-Lite. This CPU cooler is designed to be used in SmallForm Factor systems without a fan. But, users also have the option toinstall any 120mm fan on it for improved performance. Let's see if this allaluminum and copper wonder can fit the bill in our LGA775 system.

Alienware Area-51 7500 Desktop System @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you think of hardcore gaming machines Alienware comes to mind.They make some of the best systems for serious gamers who are willing tospend the money to get the best gaming performance possible. Today we willbe looking at Alienware's Area-51 7500 desktop system that features an IntelCore 2 Quad Q6600 CPU, 2 728MB NVIDIA GeFoce 8800 GTX video cards in SLI,and 2GB of memory all inside of a very sleek looking case. Let's take alook...

Techconnect's Forceware 163 comparison @ tcmagazine.com
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Both drives underwhelm, compared to the previous WHQLs, and offer very little in the way of performance increases, or image quality.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Edition @ rbmods.com
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Even though DDR3 is slowly coming along we still decided to put out aDDR2 review as they still perform as well as DDR3 ram. Ocz sent us a sampleof their latest Reaper kit. Other reviews have praised this ram kit andgiven it very good reviews so we look forward to sharing our thoughts withyou readers about the performance here. We will compare the ram vs a Corsairkit and vs a Ocz kit tonight.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Titanium EPP 2x1GB @ eclipseoc.com
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The current DDR2 memory market has some stiff competition. Does OCZ's

Coolit Systems Beverage Chiller, PCI Cooling Booster, and RAM Fan @ pro-clockers.com
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The Coolit RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster both are geared towardcooling PCI cards and systemmemory, while the Beverage Chiller is aimed at folks who want to keep theirdrinks ice cold while working at their computers for hours at a time.Let's take a quick look at these three accessories, and see if they truly doprovide the solutions users are looking for.

Diamond Multimedia Viper HD 2900 XT 1GB GDDR4 @ pcper.com
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The second problem that Diamond faces with the 1GB model is that, inmost of our tests, doubling the amount of memory to 1GB and moving to GDDR4versus GDDR3 modules didn't have a dramatic effect on performance.Certainly it had much less impact than I had initially hoped to see. Thereare still a couple games in our testing suite that did see SOME performanceimprovements such as Supreme Commander and Oblivion.

Big Brain Academy Wii Degree @ bonafidereviews.com
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If there is anything that could be said for

CarPuter/Car Computer Ė Vauxhall/Opel Astra Coupe Install @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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OK where do I start, my Nick is DaveMark and I have been with car PCs since 2000 but back then they were very basic custom made power supplies and bodged wiring and simple MP3 play back. Now in 2007 new products are constantly coming out for in car design, Such as Incar Power supplies, car designed cases & fanless motherboards. All these parts make it much easier to bring computers into cars..

Corsair 8GB Flash Survivor GT @ tcmagazine.com
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With the Flash Survivor, Corsair has yet again managed to make a product that captures the crowd=E2=80=99s attention instantly. Its unique design makes it stand out like no other flash drive before it and it gets one important point across =E2=80=93 that whatever it stores will remain safe no matter what happens.

ECS KN3 SLI2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The ECS KN3-SLI2 is a well rounded, good performing AM2 mainboard.The component color coding stands out in a crowd and will be liked by thoselooking for a little bling effect. The features are loaded with expansivestorage, 8-channel integrated HD audio, and SLI graphics capabilitiesfeaturing full-bandwidth dual PCI-Express GPU support.

What's Wrong With Windows Subscription @ osweekly.com
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I think weíve all worn ourselves out with talking about Vista. You mightthink that itís now time for all of us to take break from talking aboutWindows and focus on items of higher and more relevant importance, butsure enough, just as one thing wears out, another takes its place. Whethergood or bad, Microsoft doesnít want us to stop talking about Windows, andeven though many of us are just now getting used to Vista, Microsoft isalready generating discussion about the next release of Windows which hasa working title of Windows 7. Whatever the final name of the OS ends upbeing is anyoneís guess right now, but no matter what the name is, weírelikely to see some interesting and controversial changes in this nextversion of Windows.

iRiver e10 6GB MP3 Player @ thinkcomputers.org
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Iriver has come up with some innovative designs for a lot of theirMP3 players. The iriver e10 6GB MP3 Player, however, is not one of them.This may be bad for some, but if you're like me you really don't care aboutthe looks of your MP3 player. You may judge the e10 just by its cover, butyou should really take a look inside to see what it has to offer. Let's takea look at some of the features and specifications of this ordinary MP3player to see why it's selling on Geeks.com.

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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There we moved from a QX6800 (which never really materialized) to aQX6850. That new CPU uses the 1333 MHz FSB and runs at 3.0 GHz clock speed,making it the fastest desktop processor I have ever tested. And the pricesare unfortunately well over the 1k unit pricing of $999 - Newegg is sellingit for $1399!! If money has some importance to you, I might recommendlooking to go down a step or two and save some cash.

Rbmods and Ultra giveaway! @ rbmods.com
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Rbmods.com has teamed up with Ultra to give away some products. UltraProducts have decided to give away the follwing products. 1x Grid case, 1xHydra 1GB,

Amaryllo Trip Tracker GPS @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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There must be a plethora of Tony Christie related japes we could drop in here if we really wanted to. Amaryllo (yes, we know, it's spelt differently) is a relatively new company on the GPS scene, founded in late 2005 out of Amsterdam by a small group of professional enthusiasts. The Amaryllo Trip Tracker is, it would seem, targeted at the amateur enthusiast rather than the high-end use, such as walkers, back-packers, mountain bikers, wind surfers and sailors. At just under £90 for the non-Bluetooth version it's comparable in price to other products on the market.

Win Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Soundcard @ tekbunker.com
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Competition is world wide and open to all. Ends on the 21st of August at which point the winner will be picked at random. Admin decision is final.

Logitech Wave Cordless Desktop @ xyzcomputing.com
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This review will be looking at the wireless desktop, what Logitech calls the Cordless Desktop Wave. This package, which retails for about $90, includes the Wave keyboard, a laser mouse, and a USB RF adapter to allow them both to connect to your computer. Logitech, despite being a leader in the input device market, has not released many ergonomically-inspired products so this could potentially be an important offering for them. With an more people than ever using their computer for multiple hours a day, the focus on comfort is an increasingly important trend with input devices. The Wave keyboard's design is not nearly as drastic as some other models available, but the intention is the same- to put a person's hand in a position that is comfortable and ergonomically sound. The does this by slightly turning the outer edges of the main block of keys to prevent the wrists from being at an unnatural angle and by giving a wave contour to the keys so as to match the varying lengths of your fingers. The Wave also uses a padded wrist rest and tilt adjustments that can place the keyboard at three different heights in order to match the user's preference.

Cellphone Emergency Charger by Eksitdata @ rbmods.com
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Have you ever been at that point where you are in the middle ofnowhere and your cellphone dies? Well fear no more as there is a productthat helps you with the issue. Eksitdata sent us a sample of their cellphoneemergency charger. This little device is supposed to give you up to twohours of talktime with a normal AA battery. Does it really work? Lets try itout and see.

SOYO FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB 1.8" SlimEx Platinum @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Do you remember SOYO?† It has been almost ten years†now since†I build my very first computer system from parts ordered over the web.† Back then, it was all about searching Price Watch for

Red Steel for Nintendo Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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Before it came out, many proclaimed that Red Steel would surely become the ultimate showcase for the Wii Remoteís motion-sensing technology:an FPS with a dash of swordplay, a combination of two activities that the Wii Remote could make far more lifelike and accurate than any other controller! And then it was released.

SunbeamTech UV UFO Acrylic Cube @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Well Sunbeamtech have been around for a few years and have offered some great products, from cases, to lights and even lighted feet for your case. Also they are responsible for the Tuniq cooler under the brand of Tuniq, So when I heard they had released a UV version of their cube I decided to drop them a line and get one in for review.

Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 nForce 570 SLI Motherboard @ pcper.com
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Performance wise, the board led in all categories alongside the EPoXboard based on the 570 SLI chipset. In fact the performance of this boardwas on par with most of the 590 SLI chipset based boards I have tested.However if having dual 16X lanes available to the video cards is animportant feature to you, you may want choose a 590 SLI based chipsetsolution instead.

LaCie D2 Extreme 320GB External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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The LaCie D2 is probably the coolest looking external driveenclosure I have seen. It is made of machined aluminum alloy, thensandblasted to look like cast aluminum. The LaCie logo is stamped into eachside. The front cover and baseplate are of cast aluminum. The D2 is asilver/gray color, with a slight sparkle due to the grainy surface. Itdoesn't look painted, but I assume that it is, since the color is uniformthroughout.

Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force Gamepad @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The game controller in your hand can make all the difference, sometimes between liking a game, and loving it, or just for getting the game to do what you intend. Is the controller

Coolermaster Vortex 752 Cpu Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Got a hot computer? Want a universal cpu cooler that will work withmost sockets on the market? Well then you should really read on as we take alook at a Cpu cooler from Coolermaster today.

Mario Party 8 @ bonafidereviews.com
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So youíre chilling at your place, just you and three of your friends, and one has just told an awkward joke that killed the conversation and has opened the gates for the terrible party killer ďThe Awkward Silence.Ē What do you do?

GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W ATX PSU @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Some of the players in the power supply industry have made a big name for themselves with a product line full of sparkle, or ultra glamorous design. Others take a different approach and

AC Ryan AcrylPanelô Mirror 2 @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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today we are looking at some AcrylPanelô Mirror 2 from the modding side of A.C.Ryan, Mirror acrylic I hear you say thatís not new, well you may be wrong, the A.C Ryan mirror 2 is a 2 sided 2 way version which has some benefits as you will see later on.

Puget Systems Liquid Cooled Gaming Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Watercooling is becoming more and more mainstream. With this we areseeing a lot of all-in-one systems for beginners and some really cooladvanced systems. Today we are going to be looking at a case that I wouldsay is in between beginner and advanced water cooling. It is one of PugetSystem's Liquid Cooled Gaming Cases. The case is a modified Antec P180B casewith a Koolance system installed as well as 2 Thermaltake radiators.

CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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For years computer case manufacturers have walked a tight ropebetween decreasing fan noise and increasing air flow. With many cases stillbeing cooled by a plethora of noisy fans, the on-going journey for a

Win Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Soundcard @ tekbunker.com
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Competition is world wide and open to all. Ends on the 21st of August at which point the winner will be picked at random. Admin decision is final.

Corsair VX450W Power Supply - Power on a Budget @ pcper.com
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It's refreshing to see a manufacturer targeting the needs ofmainstream users. Not everyone wants (and very few need) an 800W to 1,200Wpower supply. 450W is plenty of power to run the majority of mid-levelenthusiast PCs. With the introduction of the VX450W, Corsair brings tomarket another excellent power supply. The VX450W delivers solid voltageswith good regulation and excellent efficiency with virtually no noise.

Logitech VX Nano Mouse @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jul-31-07] (0 Comments)

The VX Nano does a few things differently from the VX though. First, and most importantly, it is smaller, so it is that much more portable than the older mouse. Secondly, the Nano has an incredibly small RF dongle. This device is under 0.75

D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Draft N is all the buzz around the WiFi circles, and manufacturers are pushing their early products onto store shelves dispite the constant technical changes to the new unapproved draft.

SilverStone SG03 Aluminum Micro ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Finding the right case to transport to a LAN party or fit on a deskwith minimal real estate can sometimes be a daunting task. The dimensionsbetween typical ATX cases and micro ATX cases are sometimes verysignificant, and when space it at a premium, users need to find somethingthat will fit their needs just right. SilverStone has been creating SFFcases for several years now, and the SG03 is their latest version of theSUGO line of cases. This case really goes down a different path fromSilverStone's other previous SFF cases, and really tries to blend thebenefits of a typical ATX case with the compactness of a micro ATX case.

XCLIO Windtunnel Case @ rbmods.com
[Jul-31-07] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at another case from Xclio. They sent us theirlatest creation named Windtunnel. As the name applys the case is equippedwith loads of fans to be able to keep the even hottest computer cool, solets get on with the review.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad PSU - CrossFire Edition @ pcper.com
[Jul-30-07] (0 Comments)

The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad CrossFire Edition is anexcellent power supply that delivers on all the advertised claims. Itproduces very stable, clean DC outputs efficiently at an affordable price.For most users (operating below 400W DC output with good case cooling), theSilencer 750W Quad CF PSU will be very quiet, but it can become noisy athigh loads with warm case air temperatures.

Akasa AK975cu & AK965 775 coolers ed @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jul-30-07] (0 Comments)

The cooler has two heat-pipes which feed into the heatsink fins atthe top. What is unusual for a cooler with heat-pipes is that the heatsinkalso makes contact with the base copper plate. I suspect that theconnected heat-sink gives it slightly better cooling capabilities than ifit was suspended with only the two heat-pipes .

Acer AL2051W 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jul-30-07] (0 Comments)

LCD displays have exploded over the past year, especiallywidescreens. They started with 17

CoolIT Systems Products @ thinkcomputers.org
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Trying to keep specific things cool is not very easy to come by.This set of CoolIT products demonstrates cooling for a lot of devices thatwe might not ordinarily think about or find. Taking a look into theseprofessional products will surely help many. This innovation of productswill really make you think

Cooler Master's Aquagate S1 @ bleedinedge.com
[Jul-28-07] (0 Comments)

The Cooler Master Aquagate S1 CPU water cooling system offers what Cooler

Wii Mario Party 8 @ rbconsoles.com
[Jul-27-07] (0 Comments)

While most Wii owners are eagerly awaiting the return of Mario inSuper Mario Galaxy set to release this fall, there are currently titlesavailable for the Wii that star the loveable character. Today we'll look atone such title, Mario Party 8 from Nintendo. This game is the latest in theseries of games that pits Mario and his friends in friendly competition in acarnival-type setting. Will this game bring the party atmosphere to yourhouse? Let's find out.

Samsung LN-T4065F 40" 1080p LCD HDTV @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jul-27-07] (0 Comments)

With the high definition market becoming insanely competitive in the past couple years, it has almost become a nightmare for people looking to make the jump into high definition world. Not only is there more terminology than ever floating around but there are now a mind boggling amount of brands and manufacturers out there making high def. displays. How should you know which display to buy?

Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2-800 Ultra-Low Latency RAM Kit @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-27-07] (0 Comments)

With DDR2 and DDR3 speeds increasing every quarter, system memorylatencies have also had to keep up in the never-ending race for highermemory performance. Most of today's high-end DDR2 memory kits run at CAS 4and 5, but Kingston has taken us back to ultra low latencies with theirHyperX 2GB DDR2-800 kit that runs at 3-3-3-10! I guess the real question wewill answer in this review is:What matters more - higher bandwidth or lowerlatency?

AMD Analyst Day Coverage @ pcper.com
[Jul-27-07] (0 Comments)

This CrossFire slide could be easily overlooked, but enthusiastsshould pay attention! There are four GPUs in the middle there for a reason;quad-GPU configurations are coming, either for graphics, physics or GPGPUcomputing. AMD even took the time to mention the RD790 chipset as well asthe upcoming system utility for the platform to enable overclocking andtweaking.

Arctic Cooling Turbo Module VGA Cooler Add-on @ rbmods.com
[Jul-26-07] (0 Comments)

A few months ago, we had a chance to review the Arctic CoolingAccelero S2 video card cooler, which we found to be an innovative andsolidly performing cooler despite its passive nature. We also wondered howit would perform if a fan were added to the mix. Well, thanks to the folksat Arctic Cooling, well-known makers of a wide range of cooling products, weget a chance to answer that question as we take a look at the Arctic CoolingTurbo Module VGA Cooler add-on. This unit is designed to work together withthe Accelero S1 and S2 to deliver even better cooling performance. Is itworth the hassle? Read on to find out.

ECS NF650iSLIT-A - Lost cost performance motherboard @ pcper.com
[Jul-26-07] (0 Comments)

Not only does it offer great performance and features right now, butNVIDIA has been working hard with Intel for some time and has been able toinclude support for all 1333 MHz processors including the upcoming Penryncore processors due out late in the year into the 650i SLI chipset.

Toshiba R500 Notebook @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jul-26-07] (0 Comments)

So what is so special about the R500? For starters, it is the slimmest notebook ever to have an optical drive. That's right- this 12

OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-8500 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jul-25-07] (0 Comments)

We all know OCZ for impressing us with great looking heatspreaderson their memory modules. We have seen them on the Crossfire Edition modules,the Special Ops Urban Elite modules, and the original Special Ops editionmodules. Besides just making modules that look great OCZ has improved thecooling with their new patent-pending cooling solution called Reaper HPC.This solution uses heatpipe technology to dissipate heat. Read on to learnmore about this technology and check out the Reaper HPC modules.

Hiper HPU-4K530-MS Type R Modular 530W PSU @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-25-07] (0 Comments)

Hiper combines show-quality looks with plenty of features in the HPU-4K530-MS Type R Modular 530W PSU. The dual +12V rails offer regulated power distribution, and can power even the

Antec Fusion HTPC M/ATX case @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jul-25-07] (0 Comments)

All in all this is a very smart little case, the lack of fan in the hard drive chamber did have me concerned that the drives would run too hot, but while they were a little warmer than with active cooling it was nothing to be alarmed about. Also excess heat is able to escape through the vents at the bottom of this chamber.

Nine Dream Notebooks @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jul-24-07] (0 Comments)

Now that notebook computers are ubiquitous they have become just another tool in our computing lives. This means that too many of us are stuck using the cheapest one we can find, normally a 6-pound, 15.4

Mvix MV-5000U Multimedia Center @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jul-24-07] (0 Comments)

Every now and then, a little-known company comes out of the etherand delivers a product that is revolutionary. Mvix believes its MV-5000Umedia-playing hard enclosure is a candidate for these laurels. Once theend-user installs a hard drive in the MV-500U, he or she can use it forstorage or, when combined with a television, as a portable media player (onecan even put it in a car!). However, the MV-5000U isn't all it's cracked upto be, but shows promise. Read on to find out why.

RatPadz XT and GS Gaming Surface Mouse Pads @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-24-07] (0 Comments)

RatPadz was one of the early innovators to the mousing surface industry, with product releases dating back to 1999. Now, more than eight years later the market has seen a myriad of

Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller and Power Meter @ pcper.com
[Jul-23-07] (0 Comments)

The ZM-MFC2 comes with four temperature probes. The cables arecolor coded and terminated onto a single row connector for easyinstallation. The temperature range for the ZM-MFC2 is advertised asmeasuring from -9=B0C to 99=B0C, which is very good and should meet the needs ofmost avid PC enthusiasts, even if you are using some form of active coolingto get temperatures down below ambient (or below freezing:) Surprisingly,the temperature display only reads out in =B0C and can not be switched to readin =B0F.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today for review I've got a gadget that claims to be a multifunctional webcamera, it's got a USB Hub, built in speakers and connections for amicrophone and headset. To be honest it's really not all thatmultifunctional of a gadget. The only redeeming quality is the videos thatit can take, they are very good, but even that has a downside, there is nomicrophone built in. In this day and age how can you have a webcam with nomicrophone? Honestly I was kind of excited about this product, and then Istarted playing with it... Read on to learn more..

Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 High End Gaming case @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-23-07] (0 Comments)

Well, a while ago Zalman hit it big with the Fatality case that wehad the great pleasure of reviewing. The case was damn good looking and wasmade as strong as any case I have ever seen before. Today we have one oftheir newest cases based on the Fatality unit but with some much neededimprovements. The Z-Machine GT1000 advertises less and actually gives morethan the Fatality case. If you haven't already done so read the article tosee what we are talking about here.

Samsung SyncMaster 971P 19-inch LCD Monitor @ thinkcomputers.org
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Samsung has really earned a reputation for creating world class LCDpanels, and the 19-inch SyncMaster 971P TFT-LCD monitor is no exception.Available with either a glossy black or a glossy white casing, theSyncMaster 971P has a lot of fantastic features going for it, including178-degree viewing angles and a fairly high 1500:1 contrast ratio. But it'snot without its faults either. Read on to see if this LCD monitor is worthyour hard-earned money.

Geeks Movie World HDD Enclosure @ rbmods.com
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Looking for a simple way to watch movies, view pictures, or listento digital music on your TV without having to connect your PC directly? Wemight have found such a solution to this problem when we take a look at theMovie World HDD Enclosure, offered by Geeks.com, popular online retailer.This product is a hard drive enclosure that can be directly connected to aTV. Sounds too easy? We'll find out if there's any hidden tricks to thisproduct in today's review.

NZXT Lexa Blackline Mid-Tower ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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NZXT has just introduced the NZXT Lexa Blackline just in time for summer, with newly modified design and a menacing Black and Red theme. The Blackline comes equipped with two red 120mm

E3 2007 Major Events Recap @ bonafidereviews.com
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E3 is still a hotspot for the latest info in the games industry, and this year being the second year of the new generation of gaming consoles, the puberty of their life if you will, had a very strong showing of some new and innovative ideas all of which are sure to wet your gaming whistle. Lets take a look at some of them now shall we.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi @ canonites.com
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The Canon EOS 400D, more commonly known as the Canon EOS Rebel XTi in NorthAmerica, is a single-lens reflex digital camera. Canon introduced thisunique looking camera in 2006 as the successor to their EOS 350D. Canonconsiders the Rebel to be the best entry-level DSLR of its kind on themarket. It's priced well below $1,000.00 which makes it affordableespecially when the lens is included. It produces some fine images withpure, sharp colors and it's also very quiet. Canon upgraded the CMOS sensorto an impressive 10.1 megapixels. Among the other added features we get alarger continuous shooting buffer, an integrated image sensor, vibratingcleaning system and a more precise nine point auto focus system. Canondidn't stop there! They even improved the grip of the unit and gave us anice 2.5

Thermaltake iXoft Notebook Cooling Pad @ thinkcomputers.org
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Thermaltake's products are innovative and always receive a lot ofpublicity. ThinkComputers really liked its 1000W power supply and its V1 CPUcooler. Will the iXoft notebook cooling pad, a new, lightweight, fanless,fabric device designed to dissipate heat more efficiently, live up to theThermaltake brand name? ThinkComputers investigates.

Silverstone TJ09 Full Tower Case @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Taking a closer look at the front of the case it is a simplistic design, no bling, just the requisite power and reset buttons and the power and drive led?s and the Silverstone logo. Less is DEFINITELY more in this case (no pun intended).

First Look- ThinkPad T61p @ xyzcomputing.com
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In case you are not very familiar with the ThinkPads, this model is

Tagan A+ Black Pearl PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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PC cases are all basically the same. They are the same shape, theyhave the same inside design, and most features are the same. The things thatset them apart are color and outside design. The Tagan Black Pearl not onlysets it self apart in outside design, but inside it is something that I havenever seen before. It has to be one of the most unique cases I have seen. Solet's take a look...

[FoxyByte] Ideal OS:Part One - Install @ foxybyte.com
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The ideal OS is fast, configurable, simple yet complex. In simple yet

Most Evil Video Game of 2007 for PC/XBox 360 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overlord is an action adventure game, set in a seriously warped fantasy world. Controlling a mysterious figure that has inherited the legacy of the evil, long-dead Overlord, the player

Crucial 2GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 memory kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Wow, what a difference a few months makes. In February, you couldn'tpurchase a 2GB DDR2-800 memory kit for less than $250. Nowadays, with theprices of memory decreasing almost every day, you can easily buy a 2GB DDR2kit for almost $200. These price drops shouldn't make consumers think thatthese more

Can Linux Save the UMPC? @ xyzcomputing.com
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Getting back to the original question- saving the UMPC is a very difficult task. There is no doubt that Linux could work on the UMPC and that it could improve it while still offering a full-fledged operating system, but making it a success is another story altogether. The original idea of the UMPC, a flyweight travel companion that was smaller than your notebook and more affordable is something that has yet to be realized. With the pending release of Intel's MIDs and mobile Ubuntu there is hope for this form factor though. The problem still consists of explaining to people what the UMPC/MID can do and then getting them to understand why it is something that you would carry with you instead of a notebook, not something you buy instead of one.

Coolermaster M1000W Powersupply @ rbmods.com
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The 1000W powersupplies are on the market, do we really need thismuch power? Do they perform so much better than lower wattage Psu=B4s do?These are a few questions we are going to look into today. We gotCoolermasters latest M1000 powersupply to test and we are today going tocompare it vs a few very well performing Psu=B4s with a lower wattage thanthis one to see if there is any difference. This unit comes equipped withsix 12V rails and several 6 pin and 8 pin PCI-E power cables so it surelooks like a winner on paper with its ultra silent performance.

Console Exclusivity @ bonafidereviews.com
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As a gamer, have you ever wondered why Final Fantasy generally comes out on Playstation and no other systems? Or what about things like, why Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were only redone for the Game cube and no other consoles? Ever wonder why Gears of War is on the 360 and hasnít shown its face on the other consoles? Well everyone the answer is simple, and it lies in a little thing called exclusivity.

Planar PX2611W 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Planar offers the very competitive PX2611W - a 26 inch widescreen LCD monitor that is ideal for most PC's, including web browsing, photography work, and especially gaming. It features a

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC28500 (1066 MHz) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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At the top of the ram we have the gap for the activity lights in two rows, these are really just for appearance but as I mentioned earlier those buying these sticks over the regular Ballistix will be purchasing them because of this. Let us move on and see how they fair up in the performance stakes shall we.Link:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/review.php?id=35950x50 thumb:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview359.jpgLarger (256x 256) thumb: http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview359a.jpgAs always a news post is appreciated and thanks in advance?keep your news coming to news@xtremecomputing.co.ukBRRichardOwner/Lead EditorXtremeComputingP.S if we have been having mail server issues of late, please could you also post review news below if you did not receive it already.Title:Genius ErgoMedia 500 Controller Review @ XtremeComputingQuote:

Sunbeamtech Silent Whisper CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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There is something good to be said for a near-silent pc, but I don'thave one. Even as I write this, the steady hum of my computer fans drone on.My friends can't stand my computer room for more than a half an hour. Thesound drives them crazy. It doesn't bother me personally. I used to workwith children for a living and I can ignore pretty much any sound. Not tomention, I've always set performance over comfort when it comes to cooling.However, for the sake of friendship, I decided to look into silent or nearsilent PC cooling. Coincidentally, Sunbeamtech have sent a Silent WhisperCPU cooler for review. The Silent Whisper is a supposedly near silent CPUcooler for the budget minded enthusiast. At $19.99 on some online stores,the Silent Whisper is very affordable, but how does it perform? Let's findout.

How to Streamline Your RSS Reading @ xyzcomputing.com
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Reading your favorite sites or keeping track of topics through RSS is one of the best ways to optimize your online reading. Not only will reading through RSS save time by not having to visit sites but you will no longer need an extensive bookmark list, there will be less loading time, and you won't have to sort through as many advertisements. Even so, RSS has problems of it's own. There are a lot of potential issues, but a big one is how easy it is to add more feeds. This is not a problem in and of itself, but you can easily overwhelm yourself simply by trying to consume too much. Another problem is that it becomes a constant flow of information to you so by the time you what originally intended to new posts are popping up and you can get stuck reading for extended periods of time.

Thermalright SI-128 SE CPU Cooler - Exclusive @ pcper.com
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The Thermalright SI-128 SE CPU cooler did an excellent job ofkeeping the fully loaded CPU cool. This is the first down-draft stylecooler we have seen that offers close to the same level of performance assome of the larger tower style coolers on the market. For example, whencompared to the Thermalright Ultra-120 (both using the same 2,000 rpm fan),the full load CPU temperatures were within 0.2=B0C of each other (well withinthe experimental margin of error).

HEC Zephyr 650W Power Supply @ thinkcomputers.org
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HEC is a Taiwanese company that focuses primarily on the OEM market.However, HEC does have some products for enthusiasts, and the Zephyr 650Wpower supply unit is one of them. HEC claims the Zephyr is very stable, soThinkComputers flies with the Zephyr in this review.

10 Reasons to Buy a Nintendo DS Lite @ xyzcomputing.com
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In the future we can expect a lot from the DS. This is true not only because developers have figured out how to use the stylus and how to better integrate the two screens into the gaming experience, but for other reasons as well. One of the most important is that the success of the DS has meant that a number of highly awaited titles are making their way onto the DS. These are not just portable offshoots but first rate games that would previously have been seen on one of the big three consoles. Also the DS' unique form factor and touchscreen have allowed for a number of games that really lend themselves to the system, like Brain Age and WarioWare.

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA 900W LCD Rackmount UPS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Tripp Lite markets the SMART1500LCD as the rack-ready battery backup solution from their SmartPro Digital UPS line of products. They claim that this 1500VA 900W line-interactive UPS for

Panasonic (Mashita) UJ-857 Superdrive for Macbook/Macbook Pro @ pro-clockers.com
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More and more PC and notebook users are performing

Overlord PC/XBox 360 Video Game by Codemasters @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overlord is an action adventure game, set in a seriously warped fantasy world. Controlling a mysterious figure that has inherited the legacy of the evil, long-dead Overlord, the player

SteelSeries SX Mousepad @ thinkcomputers.org
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SteelSeries has surely created a mousepad that has surpassed all oftheir other mousepad's. It can't be compared to any other professionalgaming surface available today. The newly released Steelseries SX precisiongaming mousepad is composed of fiber polished aluminum with anodized oxidecoating, allowing for an uber smooth gaming surface for precise wrist actionin all of your games. The SteelSeries SX was designed for the hardcoregamers who really want to experience a different feel to communicating withyour computer.

Geeks Wii Remote Charging Dock @ rbmods.com
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If you own a Wii, you've probably noticed that powering the WiiRemote using two AA batteries doesn't last very long. I've gone throughcountless number of batteries, which seem to drain even when the remoteisn't in use. Thankfully, companies have developed rechargeable solutionsmake especially for the Wii. Geeks.com, popularonline computergadget reseller, offers one such a product, the Wii Remote Charging Dock. Weare here to find out if this product is a good way to get around buying aton of batteries for the Wii.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Processor @ pcper.com
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The new Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor is easily the fastestand most powerful consumer processor we have seen here at PC Perspective.It's new 1333 MHz front-side bus, 3.0 GHz clock speed and quad-cores make itthe top end CPU to beat and it will probably remain planted on theperformance crown until the end of the year. Intel's commanding performanceand price cuts are putting more and more pressure on AMD's CPU team and theupcoming Barcelona-core parts are going to need to be fantastic in order tocompete with Intel's current lineup.

Antec P190 Case @ xyzcomputing.com
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As you may have guessed, there is a lot that sets the P190 apart from most other cases. The biggest selling point is the new Neo-Link dual power supply system, which means that the P190 comes with two power supplies that work together to put out 1200W of power. That is a main reason why the case is so expensive (and why it's so heavy), as a single Antec power supply unit (for example the Antec True Power Quattro) will cost upwards of $215. The Neo-Link consists of two separate power supplies, which, instead of being redundant, work in tandem to power the system. Other features include dual 140mm fans on the top and a monster 200mm fan on the left side panel, as well as a special snake light for working inside the case. One of the most important distinctions that sets this case aside from the P182 and Antec's other performance cases is that the P190 can fit an extended ATX motherboard while the others cannot.

Asrock Conroe1333-DVI/H @ pro-clockers.com
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Asrock has kindly sent over the Conroe1333-DVI/H, a board that easilyfits into the categories listed above. Asrock proudly displays the Vistacompatible logo on the box but it has a whole of other extras that make foran outstanding media center rig as well as a reliable workstation.

Saitek GH30 Vibration Headset @ thinkcomputers.org
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Saitek is most well known for its input devices:joysticks,keyboards, chess devices, and mice. The company recently dived into theheadset market with its GH30 Vibration Headset, a USB or battery-powered,stylish set bound to shake up the competition, or will it? ThinkComputersproudly presents the review.

GRAW 2 Competition Results @ tekbunker.com
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The first in a line of competitions has come to a close. Please click the link to find out more.

6-days Left To Enter The July Contest @ hi-techreviews.com
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There are 6-days left for you to enter the Hi-Tech Reviews and OCZTechnology July contest where one lucky winner will have the chance to winthe 1010 watt GameXtreme Power Supply. This power supply has a retail priceof $329.00 and it can be yours if yours if your name is drawn and you answerall five of questions correctly. You can find the questions for the contestin our forum and the answers on the OCZ Technology's web site. The contestis open to US Citizens/Canadians citizens only.

PNY GeForce 8800 GTX XLR8 Overclocked Edition @ pcper.com
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In our actual testing, the PNY 8800 GTX XLR8 performed just as youwould expect; it took the already impressive numbers that our reference 8800GTX was able to put forth and improved on them. In games like HL2:Episode1, the gains were very impressive while in some titles like Oblivion theextra core speeds were a little less palpable in the real world gamingscenarios we used.

Sonic and the Secret Rings for Wii @ bonafidereviews.com
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The most common complaint that critics cited against previous 3D Sonic games, most famously Sonic Adventure, was that the camera often didnít point in the direction that they were going. The game was lambasted for this, and now itís not uncommon to see new games with wonky camera systems to be mockingly compared to Sonicís Dreamcast debut. But was the problem the game, or the critics themselves?

XCLIO 3060Plus Case @ rbmods.com
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We've seen a lot of different case designs over the years, and onestyle that's becoming more popular as computers run hotter is where a largecase fan is provided on the side panel. Today we'll look at an example ofthis case style when we examine the XCLIO 3060Plus Case. Will its integratedside fan design prove to blow away the competition? Let's find out.

Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Apevia has been offering computer chassis solutions long before my LAN party days, but it wasn't until recently that they hit the scene big with their colorful line of gaming cases.

OCZ Interview @ tcmagazine.com
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OCZ. Three letters that manage to summarize a whole co mpany and its ideals. Nothing is =E2=80=98stock=E2=80=99 to them and no m atter that the product, they simply want to squeeze every bit of performa nce available. What started off as a memory manufacturer with a soft spot for PC enthusiasts has now become an important player in almost all the markets it has entered - memory, power supply, flash and cooling. But, as you might have guessed, OCZ is not about to stop here and, as always, it is aiming high.

Genius ErgoMedia 500 Controller @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Clicking on any of the boxes next to 1 through to 11 will bring upthe menu which allows you to edit the key to whichever single key you wantit to be, to record a new macro (a sequence of key presses, more on thislater) or a mouse button. If you choose mouse button and you get the optionto define left, centre or right mouse button.

Win Tom Clancy's GRAW 2 - 1 Day Left @ tekbunker.com
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Ok, to celebrate the lengthy upgrade of the forums as a belated birthday present, Tekbunker will thanks its members with this easy competition.

Apevia X-Qpack 2 Case @ bleedinedge.com
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Today we look at the revised X-Qpack case from Apevia and focus upon the

Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Thermaltake is known for great cooling products. Today we will belooking at one of their newer CPU cooler the V1. The cooler's design is verydifferent from Thermaltake's products, it reminds me more of a Zalmanproduct. It is a very unique design though. Thermaltake says this says thiscooler is both silent and overclocking proof. We will have to see if this istrue. Read on for the review.

Cooler Master's Real Power Pro 750w @ bleedinedge.com
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Continuing on the reputation of the Real Power series of power supplies,

BFG GeForce 8600 GTS OC2 ThermoIntelligence @ pcper.com
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The BFG GeForce 8600 GTS OC2 ThermoIntelligence graphics card takesthis NVIDIA victory another step further by increasing the performance deltabetween itself and AMD's HD 2600 XT card to as much as 75% in Oblivion at1280x960. And while the dominance of the 8600 GTS over the HD 2600 XT wasnever in question, the fact that BFG new card is able to outperform thestock card by as much as 23% (also in Oblivion) is just as impressive.

Evercool Turbo 2 Video Card Cooler @ rbmods.com
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The past few years have seen tremendous gains in the level of videocard performance, as manufacturers push the envelope and develop newtechnologies. Unfortunately, along with those gains typically comes anunwanted byproduct- heat. Evercool, makers of a wide range of coolingproducts, offers a variety of VGA coolers that claim to reduce heatsignificantly without producing any noise. Today we'll look at one of theirofferings, the Turbo 2 Video card cooler. Read on to find out how ithandles the heat.

Super Paper Mario @ bonafidereviews.com
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Super Paper Mario:A solid game that just happened to be released for the Wii console.

Zalman ZM-MFC2 Front Panel Device @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, Zalman has hit us with another great looking product that willadd style and functionality to the front of your case. At the same time thatthe ZM-MFC2 makes your case look hot, it also gives you the control you needto keep everything cool. The ZM-MFC2 is probably the best looking frontpanel fan controller that we at Pro-Clockers have ever seen before. Itwould reminds all of us of a high-end in dash car head unit. We know itlooks good, but performance means a lot to us here so we have to ask - Howwell does it work? Lets take a look at it now.

NZXT HUSH Silent ATX Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Introducing the NZXT HUSH, a chassis designed from grounds up to be quiet while having ample cooling. Game and work without all the noise, thanks to the sound dampening foam that is used

2P Slim-Mouse @ osweekly.com
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A lot of us are fond of the extraordinary desktop mice from Logitech andMicrosoft, to name a couple of top performers, but notebook mice fortraveling are generally a pain to work with considering their small size.Since a lot of us have large enough hands, portable mice are almost alwaysuncomfortable. Of course, you could stick with your notebook's trackpad,but even that's not enough, according to Slim-Mouse. The company's 2PSlim-Mouse is the world's slimmest mouse that's available to consumers,especially road warriors for its comfort, portability factor andergonomics.

Aerocool FP01 with Flip-Up Screen @ pro-clockers.com
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Well the good news is that our friends at Aerocool have just sent ustheir latest front panel device. This new component takes the features thatwe have seen on quite a few devices and adds a twist to it. The FP-01 hasthe appearance of a Cdrom with a built-in digital card reader. But when thedoor is opened you get a complete readout of information about your PC. Isit worthy of taking up a 5.25 bay in your tower?..read on dear geeks andfind out.

Win Tom Clancy's GRAW 2 @ tekbunker.com
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Ok, to celebrate the lengthy upgrade of the forums as a belated birthday present, Tekbunker will thanks its members with this easy competition.

Dell XPS M1710 Notebook - Overclocked T7600G @ pcper.com
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The big new feature of this particular model is the T7600G CPU whichis the

Asus MW201U 20 Inch LCD Display @ xyzcomputing.com
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This review will be taking a look at Asus' MW201U, a twenty inch widescreen LCD display. Judging from your initial impression of the display you can probably already tell that Asus is not reinventing the LCD monitor with the MW201U but is instead trying to offer a solid alternative to big name manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, and Viewsonic. Asus has a pretty big name itself, but when it comes to display sales in the US it's still an underdog. Their monitors are aimed at enthusiasts who like the brand and people looking for a good deal on a performance monitor. With the MW201U currently going for $249 it looks like a lot of monitor for the money.

Ultra Products Summer Give Away @ bigbruin.com
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Ultra Products and Big Bruin are teaming up to bring you a new give away. Up for grabs is a selection of cool items from the current Ultra Products line up, including a 600W X3 Energy Efficient Modular Power Supply, a 2GB Hydra MP3 Player, and a 7 Port USB Buddy Hub.

Crucial PC2-8500 CL5 Ballistix DDR2 RAM @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everyone always wants good stable system memory, but not everyone wants to pay the price. When computer enthusiasts build or upgrade a system, RAM purchases are often relegated to the

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender @ dragonsteelmods.com"
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NZXT Hush Silent Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The Hush has some of that elegance the Lexa had, but at the same timeit has a little space-age design in it as well. The thing that the Hush hasover the Lexa and all the other cases from NZXT is that it is aimed at thesilent PC crowd. Granted this is obviously where it gets its name from. Withsilence as one of the main features of this case a few other things onewould look for would be pricing, size and manageability. And the Hush hasall of this and more. Now that I have talked up the Hush lets move on to thereview and some pictures.

Coolermaster M620 Powersupply @ rbmods.com
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Today it's time to take a look at a brand new power supply fromCoolermaster. We recieved a sample of their latest creation named M620 whichis a 620W powersupply as the name states. Even though it is not a 1000Wpower supply like the ones on the market it still might be able to performwell on the rails, so we will compare it to a few well performing PSU=B4s thatwe have tested in the past.

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender @ dragonsteelmods.com"
[Jul-07-07] (0 Comments)


Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 DDR2 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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The last time we looked at Ballistix tracer memory from Crucial itperformed great and received our Editor's Choice Award. This time we aretaking a look at the faster PC2-8500 memory running at 1066MHz. If youdidn't check out our review of the PC2-6400 Ballistix Tracer memory theactual modules feature two rows of eight

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 (and Turbo Module) @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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It is also worth pointing out that the watercooling loop alsocontained the processor before the graphics card which would have added heatto the loop and raised the GPU's temperatures. Lastly, the fans on theradiator were set to 7v which decreased the watercooling performance, butmade less noise. Wow, I really am trying to defend and justify my expensivewatercooling setup aren't I? (Editors note: ermm it sounds like it after itgot whipped by S1)

Antec P190 Quiet Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The recently released P190 will immediately take its' place at thetop of the hill in the Antec stable. The P190 is an upscale version of theP180 series of cases that we at Pro-Clockers started reviewing many monthsago. What the P190 brings to the table that the P180 did not is a set of twopower supplies and a huge cooling fan. Is there more to this unit? Let's seeif we can find out.

Cross Console Interaction @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jul-05-07] (0 Comments)

We take a look at the past, present, and future state of Cross Console interaction between the Nintendo Wii and DS as well as the Playstation and PSP.

OCZ PC2-9600 Reaper FlexXLC Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Well we all know that OCZ is great at making ram. During the highdays of DDR, they gave us the VX series that with some voltage maintain somepretty tight timing with high FSB. And then there were the VX2 lines thatgraced the DDR2 period. But for the overclockers and water-cooled rigowners, OCZ has given us the likes of the FlexXLC line. With copper/aluminumheatsink, water barbs and 1200MHz operating frequency, OCZ may have giventhe world some of the fastest memory on the planet.

Gameconnect s Overlord (PC) @ gameconnect.info
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It's the cutest game this summer, in spite of the dark atm osphere and wholesale elf slaughter (oh, the sweet sounds of pointy ears dying forever), all thanks to the sweet minions that liven up a very soli d, but otherwise often plodding action adventure. Bring on the mayhem, wi th Gameconnect's exclusive review - pretty pictures inside.

Thermaltake Bach VB8000BNS HTPC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Bach is intended to be an HTPC case. The idea of using a PC asan integral part of a total home entertainment system has been around forquite a while, but only now has it really become practical as the quality ofconsumer sound cards goes up, and the prices of digital HDTVs come down.Looking at the attractive packaging graphics of the Bach, it is obvious thatThermaltake isn't marketing this case towards the gamer, overclocker, ormodder. No dragons, sniper rifles, or plasma rockets here. The person buyingthis case will sip S. Pellegrino rather than guzzle Full Throttle.

Thermaltake Toughpower W0133RU 1200W Modular PSU @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It's difficult to justify the need for a 1200W power supply unit, since every appliance in my entire house would need to be combined just to consume this much electricity. However, if

SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket - 11mm Ear Buds @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Listening to music on the them was Amazing, never in any headsetand one so tiny have I heard lifelike sound and Bass like I did on the FullMetal Jackets. From the first moment you hear your tune your ears areinstantly flooded with outstanding sounds that makes very tune soundcrisper, even better then it did before you had the Full Metal Jackets..

Kaser Radeon x1300 256MB PCI-E Video Card @ rbmods.com
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So metimes it's more important to choose a high-quality product thatsuits your needs rather than choosing the fanciest, more expensive one.Especially when it comes to video cards, wherethe latest models can be the most expensive part of your build. Today, wewill be testing that theory when we examine a budget-friendly video cardthat Geeks.com sent us:Kaser Radeon x1300 256MBPCI-e video card.While this isn't the newest video card on the block, will it prove to be agood value? Read on to find out

Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Every now and then, the staff here at Pro-Clockers.com gets to reviewa one-of-a-kind product that's truly in a class of its own. At the ConsumersElectronics Show earlier this year in Las Vegas, this product generated alot of buzz with the media and PC enthusiasts as well. The Optimus MiniThree Keyboard designed by Art Lebedev Studios might be considered by someto be just another USB device for your PC. But, if you take a closer look,you'll see why this little device makes people do a double take.

Coolit Systems Freezone CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Making a peltier cooling system from scratch is usually a veryexpensive and time consuming process, but CoolIT Systems has developed twocomplete peltier cooling systems called the Freezone and Eliminator to helpbridge this gap, and give enthusiasts and mainstream users alike a high-endcooling solution for their new dual and quad core computer systems.

Altec Lansing iMV712 Portable Audio / Video System @ thinkcomputers.org
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The iPod is the most popular MP3 player on the market. Altec Lansinghas been making portable speaker systems for the iPod for quite some timenow. With the success of the iPod Video Altec Lansing is now offeringconsumers a chance to not only be able to easily listen to media from theiriPod, but watch it too. The Altec Lansing iMV712 is a portable audio systemthat features an 8.5-inch widescreen high resolution display so you caneasily watch movies and other media from your iPod Video.

Coolink Silentator CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Today I'll be reviewing the latest CPU cooler offering from Coolink-the Silentator CPU Cooler. This is the first time we've had a chance toreview a product from this company so it should be interesting to see how itperforms. This large horizontal cooler has a simple yet attractive design,but will its performance be on par with other CPU coolers? And whatapplication is it better suited for- a silent PC build or agaming/overclocking build? Let's find out.

Antec Notebook Power Adapter @ thinkcomputers.org
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If you happen to have 2 notebooks or have lost your power adapterfor your notebook you might want to check out the Antec Notebook PowerAdapter. Now we know Antec for making quality PC cases and power supplies,but can they bring that same quality to a notebook power adapter? Read onand find out in our review of the Antec Notebook Power Supply Adapter.

SilverStone Olympia 750W Power Supply @ pcper.com
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The Olympia 750W PSU incorporates a single +12V output. This is atrend we are seeing in newer power supplies. Some manufacturers are nolonger creating multiple +12V outputs by implementing current limitingcircuits into their design to conform to the 240 VA maximum guidelines - nosingle output should exceed 240 VA (12V x 20A = 240 VA).

Noctua NC-U6 Chipset Cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today I shall be taking a look at a product from a company that,till recently, I had not heard of before. That said I have only heard goodthings about them in the short time I have known about them. Th