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How to Disable DirectWrite in Google Chrome @ ngohq.com
[Aug-30-14] (0 Comments)

The latest version (37) of Google Chrome uses DirectWrite for fontrendering on Windows PCs. DirectWrite is a DirectX API made for the purposeof high-quality, resolution-independent text rendering. On paper it soundsgreat, but some people might not like the new fonts appearance (blurry texton some websites). This guide will show you how to disable DirectWrite.

Nexus 5 Smartphone P - the First Week with the New Champion @ tweaktown.com
[Nov-29-13] (0 Comments)

Google refreshes its Nexus smartphone with the Nexus 5, where it is an improvement in nearly all aspects. Here is our preview, ahead of our review.

ASUS CUBE Google TV Media Streamer @ benchmarkreviews.com
[May-03-13] (0 Comments)

Television and streaming multimedia content are staples to modern personal entertainment, allowing online providers such as Netflix,

Nextbook Premium7SE Tablet @ techwarelabs.com
[Mar-08-13] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at the Nextbook Premium7SE tablet which offers the expensive tablet experience at the cheap tablet price. With a 7 inch screen, Micro SD slot, HDMI out, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich with t he Google Play Store, all at a price point of around $130, things are looki ng mighty promising. Read on to see if this little tablet can stand up to t he big boys.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 @ hardwarelook.com
[Feb-17-12] (0 Comments)

The renowned Samsung Chromebook a product packing much more than yourordinary small netbooks - minus the Windows operating system of course - andcan offer you quick and easy access at home or on the go with its fastintegrated Google OS. The Samsung Chromebook is equipped with much betterspecs than your everyday netbooks...

Google Wildcard SSL Certificate Stolen and Publicly Posted @ techtribune.com
[Aug-30-11] (0 Comments)

Hackers have gained access to and made publiclyavailable a digital SSL certificate for any Google website. This meansthat anyone with this certificate could perform a

Google Launches Hotel Finder Search Tool @ techtribune.com
[Jul-30-11] (0 Comments)

Google has launched a new experimental search tool dubbed

Logitech Revue with Google TV @ rbmods.com
[Feb-11-11] (0 Comments)

The concept of viewing content from the internet on your TV is not a new idea. HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) have been around since 1993, but have had limited success due to their cost and complexity to operate. In May of 2010 Google announced their internet-connected television platform, known as Google TV. Billed as “Television, meet search engine” the Google TV platform promises a lot – easy to use internet from your couch. Does it manage to live up to these lofty dreams? Our thoughts after the break.

Google Instant is Going Mobile @ eteknix.com
[Nov-05-10] (0 Comments)

Following the release of Google Instant into the mainstream in September, the internet search giant is now making the search platform available to mobile users.

Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP Foldable Headset @ legitreviews.com
[Mar-23-10] (0 Comments)

We used the Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP foldable headsetfor several VoIP calls and found the sound quality great to clearly hear those on the other end of the call. Using Google Voice and a free Gizmo5 account, we made several VoIP calls and were impressed by the call quality. When there was background noise, there was a light white noise sound that came through, but the call was crystal clear in a quiet setting. The white noise sound was definitely nothing that interfered with the ability to understand anyone, it was just a little observation made when critically listening at the call quality...

Motorola Droid Cell Phone @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Feb-04-10] (0 Comments)

Review of the Motorola Droid cell phone, which is offered by Verizon Wireless in the United States and is based on the Google Android operating system.

Free Homebrew VoIP with Google Voice and Intel Atom @ legitreviews.com
[Sep-10-09] (0 Comments)

To satisfy my performance needs, I am now going to put together a low-power server built around an Intel Atom 230 processor in order to install PiaF natively to get the best performance I can out of my homebrew VoIP solution using Google Voice. With a budget of about $225, this article is going to give step-by-step instructions on how to build your Atom-based server, install and configure PBX in a Flash, and finally configure your Linksys SPA-3102 ATA...

to:content-type; @ testfreaks.com
[May-10-09] (0 Comments)

GPS Devices can be used for many, many things, not just for navigation,though that is probably the most popular use for it. Today for review I'v egot a small GPS unit from Qstarz, the BT-1000X Travel Recorder. Don't letthe name fool you though, it's much more than a travel recorder. It can b eused as a stand alone GPS receiver as well via the Bluetooth connection toyou cellphone or computer. The BT-1000X can also be used to geotag yourphotos and it works with several online services like Google Earth, locr,and flickr to track your way and share your photos and videos with friends.It my time with this product I've found it to be an extremely useful litt legadget.

T-Mobile G1 Smartphone @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-23-08] (0 Comments)

Our review of the T-Mobile G1 cell phone with Google's Android operating system.

[Editorial] Google and Chrome - A Plausible Future @ thetechlounge.com
[Sep-05-08] (0 Comments)

Google wants to change the world. Knowing what they know and not doing anything with it is anathema. Being able to see what people want, how they think, all this is part of their intention to build something different. That isn't a bad thing, they're not out for control in a cravenly sense, and they aren't positioning themselves as a kind of benevolent dictatorship. And Chrome, in its simplicity, telegraphs their plan. Firefox replacement? Hardly. Microsoft replacement? Nothing like that. What Google is working on is an Internet replacement. Or rather, an alternative.

Google's Attempt @ techgage.com
[Sep-03-08] (0 Comments)

Sure, theInternet has no shortage of web browsers, but it's not oftenthat someone comes along and tries something different, and believe itor not, it's Google this time around. We're taking a look at the firstbeta release of their Chrome browser, which happens to be ultra-fast,stable, intuitive and lightweight, all at the same time.

MIME encoded twice @ rbmods.com
[Aug-05-08] (0 Comments)

Geeks provided us with todays review product, we are going to take alook at a Blu-Ray player that also is a dvd burner. If you don't knowwhat Blu-ray is I recommend you Google for it as it is the new format thatwill replace DVD in the near future. Blu-ray players are dropping in priceas the become more mainstream, we are going to compare picture quality todayand also see how loud and how well this product works.

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender @ google.com
[May-10-08] (0 Comments)


content-type:content-transfer-encoding:content-disposition:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Nov-14-07] (0 Comments)

Today I've got a very feature rich Micro ATX motherboard fromGigabyte, it's based off of the Intel G33 Bear Lake chipset, it's gottons of features with full support for the latest CPUs and even HDaudio and video support as well for those who might want to use it fora higher end HTPC setup, or just a nice gaming rig. This motherboardis the GA-G33M-DSR2 model, and it's from Gigabytes' Ultra Durable 2line of motherboards featuring all solid capacitors, ferrite corechokes and low RDS Mosfets to enable longer life and lower overalltemperatures for the board and system. It truly is a very capableboard, from my tests it easily holds it's own up against the latestofferings from Nvidia...

content-type:content-transfer-encoding:content-disposition:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Nov-12-07] (0 Comments)

So, Gears of War is here for the PC.. finally, is it worth it? Yeah Ithink it is... The good news is that you most likely won't have to goout and upgrade your PC to play it, it played fine on my system withan EVGA 8600GTS in there. The bad news of course is that everyone withan Xbox already played it and it's old news now to them so there's notmuch more fun to be had if you already own it and an Xbox, does theextra content warrant owning two versions of it? I think most peoplewon't be running out to get the PC version if they already have theXbox version, or they'll wait till it hits the bargain bin...

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Oct-17-07] (0 Comments)

Today for review I've got a cool little product that makes all the otherbackup systems out there obsolete, it's called the Backup-Pal and it'sextremely easy to use, compatible with pretty much every phone out there andessentially future-proof as well, it'll work with any phone you get just byadding a new connector tip. This also means you can easily transfer yourcontacts from one phone to the next with no hassles or worries, and with theoption of a PC connectivity kit and software you can even edit your contactsas well. So continue on to check out this great new product...

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Oct-05-07] (0 Comments)

XtremeMac has built a strong brand reputation for its selection ofaccessories for Apple's iPod line. With the inception of devices such as th eiPhone and iPod Touch, they are branching out towards these newer products.Today we will look at their silicone case for the iPhone =96 the TuffWrap.This slip resistant case provides protection and piece of mind that theiPhone is shielded from imminent danger. Besides coming with the case,XtremeMac includes a clear plastic film to protect the touch screen. Thisusually does not come with standard cases, so this is definitely a nicebonus. Let's see how the TuffWrap does and whether it is worthy of beingiPhone's bodyguard. Let's get started=85

Future Sonics Atrio Canalphones @ thetechlounge.com
[Oct-04-07] (0 Comments)

If you're in the market for a decent set of earphones (or canalphones) andhave done a bit of research, you have likely heard a thing or two aboutFuture Sonics' Atrio series canalphones. Doing a quick Google search,skimming Future Sonics' website, or even consulting the handy-dandy

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Sep-17-07] (0 Comments)

A couple weeks ago I took a look at the SteelSeries 3H Gaming headphones,well they've just sent me the 4H version for review which is essentially amore improved version of the 3H. In my review of the 3H headphones I foundthem to be a bit lacking in some areas but still overall a great set ofheadphones, the 4H version I have for review today picks up where the 3Hheadset left off. I found them to be an excellent all around set ofheadphones no matter what you are doing, be it FPS or RTS games, or even forlistening to music and watching movies, the 4H headphones are a great allaround pair for whatever you need them for.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Aug-15-07] (0 Comments)

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine... Airsofthas become wildly popular pretty much everywhere in the world, it's almostas popular as paintball. I've got a paintball/airsoft park a few miles fromme actually where they have numerous competitions involving re-enactingvarious battles. It all kinda like cowboys and indians but for us big kids,and it's a whole lot of fun! So HobbyTron has sent me over one awesomeairsoft rifle for review, it's an A&K Special Ops M4 with full autocapabilities, and this thing is fracking sweet! I had tons of fun with it,and I've got loads of pictures and some great movies as well for you, socontinue on...

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Jul-23-07] (0 Comments)

Today for review I've got a gadget that claims to be a multifunctional webcamera, it's got a USB Hub, built in speakers and connections for amicrophone and headset. To be honest it's really not all thatmultifunctional of a gadget. The only redeeming quality is the videos thatit can take, they are very good, but even that has a downside, there is nomicrophone built in. In this day and age how can you have a webcam with nomicrophone? Honestly I was kind of excited about this product, and then Istarted playing with it... Read on to learn more..

Logitech Skype Cordless Internet Handset @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jun-29-07] (0 Comments)

Skype has been on the offensive lately, offering itself as a cheap alternative to a traditional landline. Unlike GoogleTalk, or other chat programs, Skype has the ability to make calls to landlines and vice versa (SkypeOut and SkypeIn respectively). Although these services charge, the cost for a full year is about the same as 1 month’s cell phone bill. As its popularity has increased, so has third party support, with companies like Logitech producing Skype handsets and wireless phones.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Jun-03-07] (0 Comments)

USB thumbdrives are very popular, the main reason is their portability,they make it extremely easy to transport data from one place to anotherwithout having to carry a CD or DVD with you. One of the best things aboutUSB thumbdrives is that they can be re-used over and over again, unlike a CDor DVD, unless of course you get the RW variety, still though Cds/DVDs arebig and bulky to carry with you, as are external hard drives. Capacities forthumbdrives are growing constantly, as is the speed at which they transferdata,now with Vista here, there is even more use for these with ReadyBoost.Today for review I have the fastest USB drive I have tested or owned, it isfrom Super Talent, makers of numerous memory solutions, so read on to checkit out...

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[May-15-07] (0 Comments)

Hard drives are on of the things that most people don't think about whenthey think of cooling their computer, but they need to be kept cool as well.Take it from me, I've had a couple die on me, and while I'm not sure if itwas heat related or not, I can't help but wonder if it was and I had anactive cooling solution on my drive I could have avoided a lot of hassles.So, today for review our friends at Evercool have sent us over their CoolWheel hard drive cooler, the Cool Wheel is a bit different than other HDDcoolers I have seen, this one features dual blowers instead of conventionalfans like others out there today.

Can Apple Last Without Steve Jobs? @ cooltechzone.com
[May-07-07] (0 Comments)

What’s so scary about Apple’s continued success is the intermingling ofApple and Steve Jobs as interconnected brands that need each other todefine the other’s existence. It goes without saying that Jobs has done anexceptional job at leading Apple, and the company is out of control. It’sthe new Google of consumer electronics that has and will continue to takea lot of other companies by surprise; however, you have to wonder how longthe success will last. To be more precise, you have to wonder how longwill Apple keep up its success factor without Jobs.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ dragonsteelmods.com
[May-04-07] (0 Comments)

I don't think this little guy needs much of an introduction, when someonesays R2-D2, we all know exactly what that person means. Today for review Ihave a mimobot, what's a mimobot you say? Well it's a really cool USBThumbdrive, or as mimoco calls them an 'Art Toy USB Flash Drive'. This thingis just plain cool, geeks everywhere should rejoice, mimoco combined twovery geeky things, the USB Thumbdrive and Star Wars to produce a limitededition set of mimobots. The set, Series 1, includes Storm Troopers, DarthVader, Chewbacca and of course R2-D2. So, read on my fellow geeks to checkthis little gadget out, I've got lots of pictures for you, and of course abit of testing in this review...

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ 3dgameman.com
[Mar-21-07] (0 Comments)

Other than the Enermax Uber Chakra Case not being aluminum, it's veryimpressive. The styling on this product is very well done and allows easyaccess to the many drive bays. There is also a very convenient on-topinterface with power button, reset button, 2 USB ports, mic jack, headphonejack, and eSATA port. The included 250mm fan is outstanding since it moves alot of air, but remains extremely quiet. There's even plenty of room to workon the inside. If you're budget conscious but still require a full sizecase, I would highly recommend this product. Watch the video to find outmore and check out the bloopers at the end.

content-type:x-google-sender-auth; @ 3dgameman.com
[Mar-16-07] (2 Comments)

Other than the Enermax Uber Chakra Case not being aluminum, it's veryimpressive. The styling on this product is very well done and allows easyaccess to the many drive bays. There is also a very convenient on-topinterface with power button, reset button, 2 USB ports, mic jack, headphonejack, and eSATA port. The included 250mm fan is outstanding since it moves alot of air, but remains extremely quiet. There's even plenty of room to workon the inside. If you're budget conscious but still require a full sizecase, I would highly recommend this product. Watch the video to find outmore and check out the bloopers at the end.

Improving Your Google Searches @ btxformfactor.com
[Feb-18-07] (0 Comments)

While Google is a great search engine, you've probably noticed that when you do a search, Google usually returns more results that you can comfortably chew. But how can you limit Google's search results?

Hidden gems of the interweb @ bit-tech.net
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

Whilst the world is still trying to get their heads round the scale of Google Maps and its desktop client counterpart, Google Earth, the company has expanded its satellite photography fieldtrip into outer space and come up with Google Mars and Google Moon. These apps, you guessed it, use the Google Maps interface to allow users to view the two stellar bodies in all their mapped photographic glory. In addition to the usual features such as zooming, panning and permalinking (creating hyperlinks to current map views), the spaced out versions also include Elevation, Visible and Infrared views, which show the maps shaded and colour-coded by altitude, as a mosaic of standard visible images and from a perspective of the infrared group in the spectrum.

Google Online Office:Not a Microsoft Killer @ cooltechzone.com
[Oct-12-06] (0 Comments)

Google today enhanced its online office suite with a Spreadsheetsprogram and formed Google Docs & Spreadsheets, a merger of the company’searlier acquisition of Writely Word processor and a Spreadsheetsapplication with a single login for ease of use. Although this mayappear to be a threat that Microsoft should watch out for, it’s reallyunsubstantiated. It’s a perceived threat that should be assessedaccordingly, but Microsoft shouldn’t launch an online office suite ofits own to better compete against Google, even though it has come onestep closer to offering an entire suite of office applications.

SynapseLife @ xyzcomputing.com
[Oct-11-06] (0 Comments)

Where companies like Google and Zoho are trying to help you be productive through office applications, other services are aimed at personal organization. The internet power user has a number of tools which can easily be transferred from the desktop to the

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ johnchow.com
[Sep-27-06] (0 Comments)

The following is a list of the Internet's eight biggest Google AdSensepublishers. The information was compiled from interviews and articles foundon the Internet. Whenever possible, I list the source of the information.This is a list of individual site owners - people just like you and me. Bigcorporate AdSense publishers like AOL are excluded.

Google Office:Will you use it? @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jun-21-06] (0 Comments)

It's no secret Google is on a mission to provide a complete online office suite of tools and because of this I find them in quite a bit of trouble. The fact is that Google is creating office products with a vast majority of features that have been around for decades and not really improving on the user's experience. There is hardly a reason to use their applications unless you have a mission critical need of instant file sharing and collaboration, which again appeals more to the business crowd and less to the average consumer.

Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset @ legitreviews.com
[Mar-06-06] (0 Comments)

For a retail price of $29.95, the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset is popular with users attempting for the first time to use real-time communication in gaming as well as other chat programs such as Skype or Google-Talk. At first glance, this set would seem to have everything a gamer and a grandmother would need.

Google Desktop 3:Convenience vs. Privacy @ bigbruin.com
[Feb-24-06] (0 Comments)

Google recently released an update to its desktop search product, Google Desktop 3. It offers several different features which add both a convenience factor and privacy issues. I am going to be looking into these, seeing how they relate, and if the convenience is out weighted by the privacy issues. If you are using (or are considering using) Google Desktop's newest version I would highly suggest you take some time and read this article before you make the decision for yourself.

"The press is inflating Google". @ ngohq.com
[Oct-29-05] (0 Comments)

Microsoft's Chairman, Bill Gates, is currently touring Israel. According to Gates, the reason for this tour is to learn more about the Israeli market.

Hip Gear S-Video AV System Selector @ hardware.gamershell.com
[Oct-06-05] (0 Comments)

A couple of people out there may be asking:=93What's an AV system sele ctor? And why do I need one?=94 Well we're glad you asked=85because Har dwareHell has no idea, go Google it for us.

Customising Google News @ hexus.net
[Aug-04-05] (0 Comments)

Completely automated, Google News searches the top news sources around the world (HEXUS included) and then presents the latest news stories. It is capable of finding thumbnail images to go with a story, along with grouping together the same story if it is being covered by various websites. You can search Google News for a particular story or subject, or you can choose a category, such as

C3 Expo 2005 Coverage @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jul-02-05] (0 Comments)

The Corporate & Channel Computing Expo is a small gathering of technology-based companies which lasted from June 28-30. It is conveniently (for me) located at the Javits Center in New York City so even though it mainly featured enterprise level hardware and services I figured I would stop by and see if I could dig up anything interesting. Some of the more interesting companies attending were Google, CMS Products, SilverStone, Pepper Pads, and NEC. In addition to the hardware their was lots of software, conferences, and keynote speakers.

How To Search Your PC With Google Desktop @ The Tech Zone
[Dec-03-04] (0 Comments)

The search function integrated to Microsoft Windows is not a big help either. It requires you to know, albeit vaguely, where the file could possibly be located. If your data storage is significant and you made a search on your whole hard disk, it might take ages to get search results and, then again, there is no guarantee that you will find the right file. Frustrating? Thanks to new Google Desktop Search this is about to change!

10 more processes added @ I Am Not A Geek
[Oct-02-04] (0 Comments)


Remove Those Pesky ICQ ads @ Overclocking HQ
[May-02-04] (0 Comments)

Many of you may find the ICQ welcome screen annoying. Maybe those flashy ads at that the top of your buddy list. And have you ever used that google search bar? They even have the nerve to stick a huge banner in every message dialog window...

Manuallly changing the Win XP boot logo @ IANAG
[Apr-04-04] (0 Comments)

After showing you guys how to tweak every last bit of performance out of your installation of windows XP there's some personalization tweaks that you're going to want to do. The first part I'm going to cover is making a custom startup screen. There are a number of shareware applications like StyleXP or bootxp that will do this for you ThemeXP even has a ton for you to download. I don't want to use shareware applications nor did I find anybody else's instructions adequate (That I found sitting atop google at least). What am I going to do if I want a truly custom boot screen AND don't want to use an annoying shareware application?

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