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LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station @ nikktech.com
[Jul-15-14] (0 Comments)

When i first heard that scientists had taken the first stepsfor wireless charging od devices a few back i was very intrigued since i dothink that the future holds complete wireless freedom for everything in theelectronics industry. Unfortunately to this day the consumer orienteddevices that feature wireless charging are far from what i had hoped to seeback then so in order to use wireless charging you need to place yoursmartphone on special Qi pads which only work with Qi compatible devices(since factory-ready Qi devices are quite rare Qi cards exist that addcompatibility). Of course i expect

Win an Antec AMP SP1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker from Benchmark s! @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-13-13] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews has partnered with Antec to award one of our loyal Facebook fans a brand new AMP SP1 Bluetooth wireless speaker. We recently tested the Antec AMP SP1, and was so impressed with performance that it earned our Golden Tachometer Award! This could be your chance to own one (as in SP1) for FREE.

Ineo Alienvibes W401 Speaker System @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-30-13] (0 Comments)

Are you looking to hang up the headphones for a while and experience the freedom and openness of your computer audio through a speaker

Antec Kühler H2O 620 v4 @ rbmods.com
[Jan-25-13] (0 Comments)

Liquid coolers have become more and more popular these days. There are many manufacturers who sell service free liquid cooling systems and DIY setups are becoming obsolete. Today we will take a look at Antec’s newest water cooling setup called H2O 620 V4. Let’s see how well it performs.

BlueAnt Commute Handsfree Car Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-28-12] (0 Comments)

BlueAnt Wireless is well known for their Bluetooth-connected headsets, such as the high-quality BlueAnt Q2 and the durable BlueAnt T1

TomTom Hands Free car kit for the iPhone @ rbmods.com
[Oct-17-12] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at a hands free car kit for the iPhone. TomTom has released this new kit just before the iPhone 5 was released so it has now support for 5 at this point.

Win a Fractal Design Define R4 Case for Free! @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Sep-01-12] (0 Comments)

Fractal Design, in partnership with Hardware Secrets, is giving away a free Define R4 case, which received our

Auto Club Revolution Free-to-Play PC @ eteknix.com
[Jul-22-12] (0 Comments)

I take a spin in this free-to-play PC racing title fromEutechnyx.

Arctic Freezer i30 CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jul-13-12] (0 Comments)

The Arctic Freezer i30 is a CPU cooler with a tower heatsink, one 120 mm fan and four 8 mm heatpipes targeted to Intel CPUs. Let’s test it!

War Inc. Battle Zone (F2P) PC @ eteknix.com
[Jul-02-12] (0 Comments)

I take a shot at this free-to-play multiplayer shooter fromOnline Warmongers Group Inc.

Arctic Freezer i30 Cooler @ technic3d.com
[Jun-28-12] (0 Comments)

The Arctic Freezer i30 Heatsink arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review the Freezer with one 120mm PWM Fan and four 8mm H eatpipes compared with many other Cooler on a Intel Core i5 2500k CPU.

Free-to-play PC Gaming Guide @ eteknix.com
[Jun-26-12] (0 Comments)

Just how much fun and gameplay can you get for free?

Super Monday Night Combat - PC @ eteknix.com
[May-28-12] (0 Comments)

I play through this class based online free-to-play thirdperson shooter.

World PC (Free-to-Play) @ eteknix.com
[Apr-08-12] (0 Comments)

We take a spin in the Free-to-Play MMO racer NFS:World.

Arctic Freezer i30 CPU Cooler @ eteknix.com
[Apr-07-12] (0 Comments)

Will our testing show the Freezer i30 as a good option formid-range users with a tight budget?

Blacklight Retribution (Beta) PC @ eteknix.com
[Mar-25-12] (0 Comments)

Battle it out in this Free-to-Play Multiplayer FPS from PerfectWorld.

APB Reloaded (Free-to-Play) PC @ eteknix.com
[Mar-18-12] (0 Comments)

I spend the week with the free-to-play MMO shooter All PointsBulletin - Reloaded

An Introduction to FreeNAS - The Do-It-Yourself NAS OS @ techgage.com
[Mar-02-12] (0 Comments)

Despite the importance of keeping our personal data safe,many forego setting themselves up with a solid solution that can come tothe rescue in the event of a disaster. NAS boxes can be a bit pricy,however, and not to mention restrictive. That problem is solved withFreeNAS, a perfect start to your DIY storage solution.

In-Win XFrame Limited Edition @ hardwarelook.com
[Feb-16-12] (0 Comments)

The In-Win XFrame is a brand new concept and view on what the classicopen frame chassis should look like. The In-Win XFrame is far superior andsuper-exceeds current open frame chassis to date. The XFrame offers extremeamount of freedom and space between cable routing areas and innovates deviceinstallation procedures. The XFrame is a very interesting piece of kit...

World of Tanks Optimized Competition Settings @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Jan-11-12] (0 Comments)

World of Tanks (WoT) is a free-to-play MMO-action video game by Wargaming.net that is loosely based on World War II-era tanks from the

MissingRemote Top 10 from 2011 Year in @ missingremote.com
[Dec-30-11] (0 Comments)

*Another year is about to conclude, and I wanted to take thechance to highlight some of our most popular articles throughout the year.Real life sometimes gets in the way of reading the site, so hopefully thiswill help if you might have missed a certain special review or guide. Feelfree to contribute what YOUR favorite article has been.

Hitachi Touro Desk Pro 3TB HDD @ tweaktown.com
[Dec-21-11] (0 Comments)

The Desk Pro is a stackable external desk drive that uses USB 3.0 technology to connect to your PC or MAC. Three capacity sizes are available; 1TB, 2TB and the drive we are looking at today, 3TB. The Touro Desk Pro ships with two distinct backup platforms. The first is a seemless backup to the external drive and the second is a free cloud service with 3GB of space. The cloud service can be upgraded to 250GB with a paid subscription.We see our fair share of external drives throughout the year, but the Hitachi Touro Desk Pro stands out from the crowd with its cloud backup service. Hitachi calls this two levels of data protection. You get 3GB out of the box for free, but this account can be upgraded to 250GB for a yearly fee. The cloud portion of the backup can be accessed through any IP device like your PC, tablet or smart phone.

World of Tanks NVIDIA 3D Vision Game @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-14-11] (0 Comments)

World of Tanks (WoT) is a free-to-play MMO-action video game loosely based on World War II-era tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, USA,

Deleted File Recovery:Disaster Planning and Avoidance @ techwarelabs.com
[Nov-21-11] (0 Comments)

If data loss is not on your radar right now it should be. We show y ou why data loss is 100% avoidable and what free and low cost options you h ave to ensure the safety of your critical files. TechwareLabs covers everyt hing from online options to physical hardware to backup and protect your da ta.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime Digital Cable Tuner @ missingremote.com
[Aug-24-11] (0 Comments)

* As the long-time leader in network connected digital TVtuners, when SiliconDust announced the threeCableCARDtuner HDHomeRun PRIMElabeling it =93highly-anticipated=94 would be anunderstatement. Offering native support for Window 7 Media Center via itsgigabit Ethernet port, the PRIME is also unique in what is becoming a[welcomely] crowded market for Digital Cable Tuners (DCT) not just becauseof its attractive price point, but also because as a standalone networkdevice it does not require a PC host or drivers to function with otherdevices or software implementing the Digital Receiver Interface(DRI)specification. Explicit network support reaps a more obvious benefit aswell--providing freedom to locate the DCT and home theater PC (HTPC) indiscrete, convenient locations as well as provide a full cable lineup tochassis with limited (or no) internal PCIe expansion.

John Carmack Interview:GPU Race, Intel Graphics, Ray Tracing, Voxels @ pcper.com
[Aug-12-11] (0 Comments)

Carmack still thinks the Intel integrated graphics is onfeature parity with other integrated options and that people are goingto be surprised in the not-too-distant future when the =93free=94 graphicsyou get with your Intel CPU is good enough to play pretty much anygame you want. He admits of course that the software and driverimplementations from Intel need a lot of work and he has =93high hopes=94that with the shared memory potential there Intel will push forwardwith this =93closer to the metal=94 mentality.

PCMark 7 Basic Edition Now Available @ ngohq.com
[May-12-11] (0 Comments)

PCMark 7 is a new Futuremark benchmark offering complete PC performance testing for Windows 7, is now available to download and purchase. PCMark 7 is available in 3 editions: the free Basic Edition offering unlimited runs of the PCMark test suite without registration or expiry, the Advanced Edition which includes all 7 benchmark tests and the Professional Edition which unlocks all features and is the only edition licensed for commercial use. PCMark 7 is the latest benchmark from developer Futuremark and joins existing Windows PC tests PCMark05 for Windows XP and PCMark Vantage for Windows Vista. PCMark 7 provides a set of 7 PC tests for measuring different aspects of PC performance with a high degree of accuracy. Overall system performance is measured by the PCMark test. The Lightweight test measures the capabilities of entry level systems and mobility platforms unable to run the full PCMark test. Common use performance is measured by the Entertainment, Creativity and Productivity tests. Component performance is measured by the Computation and Storage hardware tests. The Storage test is ideal for testing SSDs and external hard drives in addition to the system drive.

Arctic Freezer 13 Pro Cpu Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Apr-24-11] (0 Comments)

Today we will test a CPU cooler designed to bring a massive heat dissipation capacity of 300W. ARCTIC’s Freezer series is undoubtedly a reference mark in the world of CPU coolers.

Arctic Freezer 13 Cpu Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Mar-02-11] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at a new CPU cooler from Arctic Cooling, the Freezer 13 arrived recently are today we are going to test it vs a similar sized Zalman CPU cooler both under normal load and also under overclocking.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-28-11] (0 Comments)

We tested the Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 LP, a low-profile CPU cooler with two heatpipes and a 92 mm fan. Check it out!

Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler @ eteknix.com
[Jan-26-11] (0 Comments)

The Freezer13 will eventually replace the Freezer7 Rev2 as Arctics flagship cooler and on the evidence of these tests consumers wont be left disappointed. The performance is on a par with the already excellent Freezer7 series and does so with a lower noise profile. In fact, with Cool n Quiet enabled the fan is eerily silent and easily able to handle the Phenom II overclocked to 3.8GHz @1.5 Vcore on all four cores. Combine that with the excellent new design, proven reliability from Arctics previous products and a retail price below £25 - the Freezer13 truly is the bang for buck king!

AMD Fusion Mini-ITX P @ eteknix.com
[Jan-25-11] (0 Comments)

However, we are enthusiasts and like to spec and build or own systems. AMD Fusion is ideal for low power applications like HTPCs and NAS systems. Software like Myth, XBMC, Boxee and Windows Media Centre can playback media from your local network or from the Internet to your TV. Building a NAS and using UnRaid, FreeNAS or Windows Home Server allow you to share media over a network and if configured correctly can offer data protection via RAID and automatic backups.

3DMark 11 Advanced Edition Giveaway @ eteknix.com
[Dec-04-10] (0 Comments)

With the run-up to Christmas upon us, we are going giveaway crazy here at eTeknix with yet another competition to win some free stuff.

3DMark 11 Advanced Edition Giveaway @ eteknix.com
[Dec-03-10] (0 Comments)

With the run-up to Christmas upon us, we are going giveaway crazy here at eTeknix with yet another competition to win some free stuff.

OCZ Freeze Thermal Paste/Compound @ techwarelabs.com
[Oct-20-10] (0 Comments)

Thermal paste is quite literally the first line of defense in the WAR on heat. I prefer to think of my thermal compound as Special Forces. It operates best with a small tactical insertion working both separately and in conjunction with the larger forces (Heatsink /cooler) to ensure a successful operation. There are many choices on the market, today we test the OCZ Freeze and find out how well it works.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player Unboxing Video @ eteknix.com
[Sep-24-10] (0 Comments)

Today we are unboxing the Today we are unboxing the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player.

Vizo Muffle and Freezer Fan @ technic3d.com
[Sep-22-10] (0 Comments)

The VIZO MUFFLE and FREEZER Fan Series arrived Technic3D. The silent 140mm Fan with ~19 dB(A) and two 120mm for your Case or CPU-Coo ling can you see in the following Review on Technic3D. The new Fan Ser ies better than the other Fans?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Full HD Screenshots @ ngohq.com
[Sep-15-10] (0 Comments)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is here and will bring digital soccer to the next level. Central to the heart and soul of PES 2011 is the idea of freedom of play. This freedom invigorates the series with the most advanced set of gamplay improvements ever attempted by the Winning Eleven Production team, coupled with the greatest stride in new content. The result will be a game that allows total control over every element of play – even online – to give the most lifelike soccer experience next to actually putting on a uniform and taking the field.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Demo @ ngohq.com
[Sep-15-10] (0 Comments)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is here and will bring digital soccer to the next level. Central to the heart and soul of PES 2011 is the idea of freedom of play. This freedom invigorates the series with the most advanced set of gamplay improvements ever attempted by the Winning Eleven Production team, coupled with the greatest stride in new content. The result will be a game that allows total control over every element of play – even online – to give the most lifelike soccer experience next to actually putting on a uniform and taking the field.

Abbee Commercial-Free FM Radio @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Aug-13-10] (0 Comments)

Review of the Abbee commercial-free music system, a device that records your favorite FM stations and automatically cuts off commercials and D.J. announcements.

Motorcycle stuntman @ rbmods.com
[Aug-03-10] (0 Comments)

Let your imagination to fulfill its thirst of mayhem. Do you love playing motor- bike games? Well this one is different from all other racing games, it is an imaginative game. It gives you a feeling of real life thrill and excitement.

Amacrox Free Earth 88PLUS 600 W Power Supply @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jul-09-10] (0 Comments)

Let’s see if this 80 Plus Silver unit from Amacrox is a good product.

LapWorks Recliner iPad/eReader Accessory @ techwarelabs.com
[Jul-07-10] (0 Comments)

If you are one of the growing population of iPad (Over 3 Million since April 3, 2010) users then you have probably bought or are looking for an iPad case. The next most useful accessory for the iPad is a stand. Likewise eReader users quickly realize the need for an eReader stand making consumption of ebooks much easier. Hands free you can now accomplish multitasking and use of your eReader or iPad at the same time. Today we will take a look at the LapWorks Recliner, a device aimed at improving and easing your use of an iPad or eReader.

Amacrox 550W @ technic3d.com
[May-31-10] (0 Comments)

The Amacrox Free Style AX550-85EP 550W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU with four +12V rails (18A), 120mm Fan, 8x SATA hard disk connectors and 2x PCI-e 6+2-Pin .

Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Message-Id: @ techpowerup.com
[May-14-10] (0 Comments)

The ZM-M215W is the part of the newest line-up of 3D monitors by Zalman. Instead of plucking down hundreds of dollars on NVIDIA shutter glasses and being bound to NVIDIA GPUs, you can pluck down hundreds over a normal 2D monitor of the similar size, but be free from the shackles, allowed to use any GPU of your choice. Is that still worth it? We put on the glasses and take a really close look.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free Trial @ ngohq.com
[May-01-10] (0 Comments)

Photoshop CS5 builds upon a rich history of innovation and leade rship with groundbreaking features and performance gains that boost cr eativity and workflow efficiency. Packing in more technological advanc ements from Adobe Labs than any other release and incorporating enhanc ements to everyday tasks requested by the Photoshop community, the sof tware has greater intelligence and awareness of the content within ima ges, allowing for complex and magical manipulation in just a few click s. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended delivers everything in Photoshop CS5, as well as advanced tools for 3-D which address the unique needs of th e video, Web, medical, manufacturing and engineering industries. Now a native 64-bit application, Photoshop CS5 delivers superior tools and creative control so users can perform advanced image manipulation s and compositing with ease. Revolutionary image intelligence behind Content-Aware Fill magically removes any image detail or object, exam ines the surroundings and seamlessly fills in the space left behind. L ighting, tone and noise of the surrounding area match perfectly, looki ng as if the removed content never existed. New Refine Edge makes near ly-impossible image selections possible. This innovative technology pr ecisely detects and masks the trickiest types of edges, such as hair a nd foliage, while eliminating background color contamination.

Adobe CS5 Master Collection Free Trial @ ngohq.com
[May-01-10] (0 Comments)

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software delivers a c omprehensive toolset for designing across media. Explore exciting enha ncements that include new ways to create interactive content, breakthr ough performance, and integration with new Adobe CS Live online servic es to boost productivity. CS Live services are complimentary for a lim ited time. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection which includes, in a single package, all of Adobe=E2=80=99s renowned Creative Suite tools, such as Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5, Flash Professional CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5.

Amacrox Free Earth 85PLUS 650 W Power Supply @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Mar-30-10] (0 Comments)

Let’s take a look on Free Earth 85PLUS 650 W from the newcomer Amacrox and see if it is a good product. Re-tested!

Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP Foldable Headset @ legitreviews.com
[Mar-23-10] (0 Comments)

We used the Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP foldable headsetfor several VoIP calls and found the sound quality great to clearly hear those on the other end of the call. Using Google Voice and a free Gizmo5 account, we made several VoIP calls and were impressed by the call quality. When there was background noise, there was a light white noise sound that came through, but the call was crystal clear in a quiet setting. The white noise sound was definitely nothing that interfered with the ability to understand anyone, it was just a little observation made when critically listening at the call quality...

Leave the laptop at home! @ techwarelabs.com
[Mar-22-10] (0 Comments)

If you travel and feel the need to take your desktop with you we have wonderful news. Go naked. . . digitally speaking and leave your desktop behind. We discuss an easy, free, option for keeping your settings and preferences and applications with you while on the go.

NAS File System Tests by Thecus Explored @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-04-10] (0 Comments)

A couple of weeks ago my curiosity turned a light working weekend into a full on charge in exploring the ins and outs of NAS server file systems. While testing the Crucial RealSSD C300, we moved away from the ASUS P6T7 WS SuperComputer motherboard that was used to test storage released products and started using the GIGABYTE X58A-UD7. This left me with a free system at a key time to start taking a deep dive into file systems on NAS servers.At first it started out as a harmless test with a single drive on a different file system to see what would happen to performance. Forty-eight hours later has evolved into a nonstop Bawls fueled obsession to see how much improvement we could find just by setting our NAS up differently.

Amacrox Free Earth 85PLUS 650 W Power Supply @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Mar-04-10] (0 Comments)

Let’s take a look on Free Earth 85PLUS 650 W from the newcomer Amacrox and see if it is a good product.

to:content-type; @ testfreaks.com
[Jan-16-10] (0 Comments)

GPS units have come a long way in a short period of time. In the past onlya barebones GPS could not be purchased for less than a couple hundreddollars. Nowadays a decent brand name unit can be bought for less than aC-note. For a few more dollars features such as traffic, voice recognitionand Bluetooth hands free capability can be available.

Win Colin McRae Dirt-2 from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-13-09] (0 Comments)

Win Colin McRae Dirt-2 from Benchmark Reviews. Benchmark Reviews is giving away a free copy of Colin McRae Dirt-2 (Steam/PC) to one lucky

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-10-09] (0 Comments)

Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater+ is one of the most versatile media players on the market. Based on the Realtek 1073 chipset, the guts of the Theater+ are technically the same as the Patriot Box Office. Doing a side-by-side comparison, however, shows the Seagate to be a tad quicker when navigating around menus and playing files. The operating systems for devices featuring the Realtek processor are notoriously clunky or bland. Not so for the Seagate. The OS is actually quite sleek – almost minimalist. Everything you need is there and is easily accessible. In fact, my 5 year old was able to pick up the remote and navigate successfully to The Clone Wars TV Series Blu-ray-rips that I stored locally on the FreeAgent hard drive...

Seagate FreeAgent Go ST910004FAA2E1-RK @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-10-09] (0 Comments)

Mobile storage of music, videos, pictures, files, and pretty much anything else you can think of is rapidly becoming more and more

Amacrox Free Style 650 W Power Supply @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-02-09] (0 Comments)

Amacrox is a new player on the power supply market, with its products being manufactured by FSP. Will their Free Style 650 W unit survive our tests?

Patriot Box Office HD Media Player @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-19-09] (0 Comments)

The performance of the Patriot Box Office HD Media Player was incredible. High definition movies and lossless music played quickly and stutter-free. Even large-format images that we captured in JPG or TFF looked great on our TVs. Overall, we were really pleased with this device and would recommend it over others in this price range mainly because we can use a local hard drive. Unlike the Western Digital where the WDTV Live can “partner” with a USB connected drive externally, the Patriot Box Office solution is sleeker and more functional...

Logitech Squeezbox Boom @ techwarelabs.com
[Nov-10-09] (0 Comments)

Like many people I an internet radio junkie and now I have the ability to listen to internet radio without the need to have my computer running. The Squeezebox Boom severs the ties between me and the computer room giving me the freedom to listen to my stations anywhere I want. Check out why I feel the Squeezebox Boom is an excellent buy and see why we awarded it our Awesome hardware Award.

BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-19-09] (0 Comments)

Cell phone laws are rapidly becoming more and more restrictive. At the time of this writing, 36 states have some sort of cell phone

Win a free NZXT Gaming Case from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-16-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews will randomly draw one winner for his/her pick of either a NZXT M59, NZXT Beta Evo, or NZXT Lexa S gaming case. Members

Bloggers must disclose payments for s @ modders-inc.com
[Oct-06-09] (0 Comments)

The Federal Trade Commission will try to regulate blogging for thefirst time, requiring writers on the Web to clearly disclose any freebies orpayments they get from companies for reviewing their products. Articles URL:http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDArticles&op=Story&ndar_id=937

Olympus Stylus Tough-6000 Digital Camera @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Sep-24-09] (0 Comments)

Review of the new Olympus Stylus Tough-6000, a 10-megapixel digital camera that is shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof.

Free Homebrew VoIP with Google Voice and Intel Atom @ legitreviews.com
[Sep-10-09] (0 Comments)

To satisfy my performance needs, I am now going to put together a low-power server built around an Intel Atom 230 processor in order to install PiaF natively to get the best performance I can out of my homebrew VoIP solution using Google Voice. With a budget of about $225, this article is going to give step-by-step instructions on how to build your Atom-based server, install and configure PBX in a Flash, and finally configure your Linksys SPA-3102 ATA...

Antivirus Suites Block DSEO @ ngohq.com
[Sep-09-09] (0 Comments)

It has come to our attention that several Antivirussuites have listed our Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (DSEO) asa dangerous file. We originally created DSEO to solve the seriousdriver signature enforcement problem that appeared after Microsoftremoved the permanent command line switch that disables driversignature enforcement in Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7. Sadly, theonly way around this is to press F8 upon startup and choose “DisableDriver Signature Enforcement”, which is temporary and unacceptable.Microsoft has left users without an option to disable the featurepermanently.Driver signature enforcement is indeed a good idea, but it is performedbadly. It requires all drivers and system files to be digitally signedwith a certificate or they won’t run. The problem with signing yourfiles is the fact that the certificate costs thousands of dollars. Ofcourse, that money is not a concern for corporations such as Adobe, butfor the majority of developers, which are freeware/open sourcedevelopers that make no profit, this is simply unforgivable.

The Vendor Booths @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-23-09] (0 Comments)

Speaking of Kingston, we ran into our good friends from Kingston who had a late start to their day. Apparently some their luggage got lost. Specifically, their monitors that they were going to use to display some 3D gaming! Luckily, their buddies from Doghouse Systems (Texas), and Vigor Gaming Computers (CA) were on hand to help them out. I had a front row seat as they did their magic and before too long they had crowds 20+ deep around their booths. Of course the free t-shirts didn't hurt either!

Inno3D GeForce GTS 250 iChiLL FreezerX 1GB Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-09-09] (0 Comments)

It really does seem weird to be looking at models which are considered quite old now. The funny thing is that while the GTS 250 might have been out for a while, it's still a very current model. A few years ago this wouldn't have been much of a surprise, but with the recent releases of so many cards over the past 18 months it just seems funny that the GTS 250 is still a very current model. Today we'll be looking at a card from Inno3D and like most companies they've really been able to mix it up because of the age of the card. The biggest advantage to working with cards that have been around for a while now is that there are plenty of options when it comes to cooling. We also find that a lot of companies know where they’re at when it comes to overclocking, so if they choose to go down that path a good few MHz can be extracted out of the core and memory.

TechwareLabs s the Motorola ROKR E8 Cell Phone @ techwarelabs.com
[Jul-29-09] (0 Comments)

With technology ever changing from one day to the next, Motorola aimed to make a phone for the every day person, and give it the full features of an iPod, but for a fraction of the cost. Join Artiom as we take a look at the ROKR E8 to see if this phone is something that we all should have, or just another phone that you should get free with a 2 year contract.

[Affiliates News] NZXT Beta Computer Case @ aphnetworks.com
[Jul-26-09] (0 Comments)

Generally, software has usually not been released in a timelyfashion; some software may take different lengths of time to be officiallyreleased. Take Windows Vista, Half Life 2, or most notably, even Duke NukemForever -- as common examples -- especially where the latter has beeninfamous for indefinite release dates to this very day. One thing that hasbeen common in the software sector is the use of beta testing. Free publicbetas are a good way to get feedback on a piece work in progress; and to getsome

Win a FREE OCZ Agility SSD from Benchmark s @ forum.benchmarkreviews.com
[Jul-24-09] (0 Comments)

Benchmark Reviews is giving away a brand-new OCZ Agility Solid State Drive to one lucky visitor! All that you have to do is visit our

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Stereo Kit @ legitreviews.com
[Jul-17-09] (0 Comments)

The Jabra SP700 has up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 225 hours of standby time, which is more than enough for the average daily driver that commutes locally. When it comes to warranties the SP700 comes backed by a one year warranty that will cover the normal wear and tear. Not bad considering the Jabra SP700 retails for just $37.89 shipped at buy.com when this article was published. In States like California it is illegal not to use a hands free device while driving and the base fine for the FIRST offense is $20 and $50 for subsequent convictions. By the time you add in penalty assessments, the fine can easily be more than triple the base fine amount. Taking that into consideration a Bluetooth Speaker phone like the Jabra SP700 is an ideal hands free car stereo kit that will keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and hopefully more money in your pocket...

Kingston 4GB DataTraveler 101 USB Flash Drive @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-24-09] (0 Comments)

One of the things that makes the DataTraveler 101 interesting is that the Flash drive was built with simplicity in mind, which helps keep the price low. The 4GB version (DT101C/4GB) of the DataTraveler 101 that we are taking a look at today runs just $11.99 shipped, which is more than a fair price as the DataTraveler 101 is backed by a five-year warranty and free tech support. Other companies like Crucial, Transcend, and RiDATA offer just two year warranties, so be sure to keep the warranty length in mind when pricing USB 2.0 Flash Drives.

Roccat Vire - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Jun-20-09] (0 Comments)

Traditionallya headset is basically a large pair of earmuffs which have speakers inthe ears and lots of padding for comfort. Roccat are clearly very goodin this field with their recently released Kave 5.1 which wasdefinitely given the thumbs up.However, a second ‘headset’ was launched by Roccat but it’s not whatyou might think; instead the Roccat Vire is a pair of in-ear headphonesthat you would expect to find accompanying an iPod or other mp3 device.So, I’m guessing you’re thinking well how do I communicate in gamethen? Well, there is a tiny in built microphone on the wires allowingyou to speak freely without a bulky microphone in front of you.But the Vire is not only for use with PCs; similarly it can be used foriPhones, mp3 players and pretty much any sound device that will take a3.5mm jack. Enough said, let’s take a look...

Roccat Vire - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Traditionallya headset is basically a large pair of earmuffs which have speakers inthe ears and lots of padding for comfort. Roccat are clearly very goodin this field with their recently released Kave 5.1 which wasdefinitely given the thumbs up.However, a second ‘headset’ was launched by Roccat but it’s not whatyou might think; instead the Roccat Vire is a pair of in-ear headphonesthat you would expect to find accompanying an iPod or other mp3 device.So, I’m guessing you’re thinking well how do I communicate in gamethen? Well, there is a tiny in built microphone on the wires allowingyou to speak freely without a bulky microphone in front of you.But the Vire is not only for use with PCs; similarly it can be used foriPhones, mp3 players and pretty much any sound device that will take a3.5mm jack. Enough said, let’s take a look...

Computer Power User Magazine Subscription Giveaway @ modders-inc.com
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Free is good...no wait free is AWESOME and a huge thank you goesout to the fine people over at Computer Power User Magazine! CPU Magazine,the best darn magazine about computers, hardware, and case modding. ComputerPower User has made available to Modders-Inc to give away four (4) 1 yearsubscriptions.

QPad CT Grin - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Whenyou’re looking at peripherals and in particular mice, the mousepad often falls by the wayside – mouse pads are just freebies forcompanies to advertise on right? Wrong; the mouse surface is almost asimportant as the mouse itself and a good pad will be smooth,comfortable and allow the mouse to be very high precision – somethingthat is essential for all gamers. So, spare a thought for the humblemouse pad and read this review to see if the QPAD CT Grin can stake aclaim to being the perfect surface. The large areas, high precisioncoating and non-slip backing all make for great reading but can itexcel in real world testing too? Let’s take a look.

DimasTech Bench Table Easy V2 @ techpowerup.com
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The DimasTech BenchTable Easy is a metal overclocking/testing station with the possibility to hold large water cooling kits. Unlike some other tables out there, you can stuff this puppy with three optical drives, four hard drives and add double or triple radiators to the rig. On top of that, you can freely choose from a whole array of colors to customize the look of your own Bench Table.

Seagate Momentus 7200.3 320GB Notebook Hard Drive @ legitreviews.com
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The Seagate Momentus 7200.3 320GB notebook hard drive didn't disappoint and was much faster than the 200GB hard drive from the 7200.2 series. Not only was it faster, the drive is also more resilient as it has a shock tolerance of 350g @ 2ms. This shock tolerance is 17% better than the 300g @ 2ms found on the 7200.2 series. If you are hard on your notebook you might want to search for a drive with G-Force Protection as it will increase your chances of not losing data in the case that your notebook is dropped. This is made possible due to an optional drop sensor that senses when the system is in a free-fall state, moving the heads off the platter and locking them in place—all within three-tenths of a second. This is a pretty neat little feature that not many people know about, so if you are upgrading an old hard drive it is something to look into if you like trying out new things...

HIS HD 4650 iSilence 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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The HIS HD 4650 iSilence with its passive Zalman cooling solution offers a noise free experience, which is especially important when building a quiet media PC system. On top of that you will also receive a full version of the STALKER Clear Sky game.

to:content-type; @ dragonsteelmods.com
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Today I've got the JerkStopper Cable Retention Device for review, it's avery simple and useful product that will protect the AC Adapter on yourlaptop from possible damage when accidentally pulling or tugging on it. TheJerkStopper works by utilizing a free USB, RJ11 or RJ45 port, it's twopieces that clip together to lock your AC adapter cable in place, so if youdo accidentally move your laptop while it's still plugged in the force ofthe action is taken by the JerkStopper instead of your adapter's plug.What's nice it that you can use it for other cables as well like phone, USBor ethernet

ASUS Travelite HS-1000W Wireless Headset @ tweaktown.com
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Hot on the trail of their very impressive new Xonar sound cards, ASUS have just sent me some wireless headphones. Up until this point I was not aware that ASUS were in the headphone business, but with so many users, particularly gamers, needing a personal audio solution and also taking into account the trend towards wireless devices, it makes sense to see an offering in this category by arguably one of the largest manufacturers in the game. Offering an easily accessible retail price and a simple software-free installation, it will be interesting to see what ASUS have come up with in what will be my first ever headphones review for TweakTown.

Gelid Solutions Wing 8 UV Case Fan @ legitreviews.com
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The Wing 8 uses patented nanoflux bearings inside their fan. Nanoflux bearings use a magnetic design and are able to run friction-free, extremely silent and could last for a very long time. The fan comes with a 5 year warranty, but I think that with the use of this technology it could last much longer. The Wing 8 is also UV responsive. Legit Reviews made a 39-second video showing the blue UV properties of our test fan. It does produce a nice blue color as it advertises on the package...

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200S Processor @ legitreviews.com
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Seeing the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor (4MB Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333MHz FSB) trade blows with the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor (8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) was very impressive. Why is that impressive? Back in 2007 when the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor was launched it cost $851 in 1,000 quantities. When the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 was released it was available for just $245 in 1,000 quantities. The actual street price today on an Intel Q8200 is just $169.99, so you are getting a great performing chip at a fraction of what it cost just two years ago. Not to mention that the processor we looked at today was built on a newer 45nm processor, uses less power since it is a 65W TDP part and is even more environmentally friendly thanks to being halide and lead free...

[News] VH Attends PDXLAN 13 @ virtual-hideout.net
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When you go to any PDX event, you'll see vendor booths whichincluded Patriot Memory, Antec, DangerDen, Intel, and usually one gamesponsor who offers a free licensed copy of a decent game title. Last event,everyone received Front Lines:Fuel of War. This time, we all got a copy ofCall of Duty:World at War. (SWEET!) As usual, there were many, many eliteand customized systems for browsing pleasure. Sure, some are proprietary.But, with a little creativity, they look much better. The customized casecontest awarded $1500 to its creator. Only, actual customized cases/systemswere entered in to the event.

GeForce 3D Vision Article @ nvnews.net
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Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) NVIDIA is scheduled to announce GeForce 3D Vision. Using wireless glasses, an IR emitter and driver software, the technology adds a 3D effect to games running on displays that can deliver a 120 Hz refresh rate. The effective refresh rate is basically halved as each eye receives a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is the minimum refresh rate that is usually needed to deliver flicker-free viewing.

Budget Gaming Part 3:Low Cost Options @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Inthe previous parts of this article, we discussed the basics ofgaming on a budget, and where you can get a healthy dose of free gamesto tide you over. However, if you're budget is a little bigger thanzero pounds, there are plenty more options you can also consider.There's several different ways in which you can get plenty of playtime, without busting the bank.

Technic3D/Thermal Compund Roundup @ technic3d.com
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Two new Thermal compounds from GELID and Revoltec arrived Tech nic3D. We will see how good is the High-End compound GC-1 and Freeze a gainst the Collaboratory Metal Pad or Arctic Silver with a Scythe CPU Heatsink.

[Affiliates News] OCZ Special Ops PC3-10666 2x2GB @ aphnetworks.com
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Oh, what a difference two years make. When we reviewed the OCZSpecial Ops Urban Elite PC2-6400 2x1GB in December 2006, DDR2 was justgaining momentum, costs as much as performance DDR3 costs now, and therevolutionary first wave of Core 2 Duos 6-series for desktops and 7-seriesfor mobile were still fresh in the hands of die-hard enthusiasts. I was luckyenough to be an owner of a then-amazing Core 2 Duo T7400 based laptop, and asignificantly overclocked E6300, in which I still have to this day. In thosedays, I was enjoying a relatively care-free life in high school, compared tomy current uber intense engineering schedule. It's kind of funny how I'mstill the Editor-in-Chief at APH Network despite all this -- I guess thisprovides me with some sort of relief and entertainment. Heck, I lived inanother city towards the end of 2006. Do I miss the days? To be honest, Isort of do. As I run the last stretch and my university first term pulls toan end with less than two weeks before finals, and daily prayers of,

Diamond HD 4870 1GB CrossFire Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The Diamond HD 4870 1GB can take today’s latest games and blitz right through them, providing buttery smooth gaming enjoyment. At a price under $300, high end gaming never looked so good and cost so little. In the driver department I have had no problems with ATI’s 8.12’s. The inclusion of the AVIVO video converter for FREE is a welcome sight. I like that I don’t need to install third party applications or a second utility aside from the driver to do basic temperature monitoring, basic overclocking, and tweaking the fan speed...

The Top 10 Useful iPhone Apps of 2008 @ legitreviews.com
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iPhone/iPod Touch apps are all the rage and with their ease of installation, low prices (how does free sound?) and huge selection of choices, it’s no wonder why. There are apps for just about everything you can think of and a bunch more you wouldn’t have ever conceived. Some are extremely useful while others are purely fluff and fun. Many of them are very specialized (German translator anyone?) and appeal to only a small percentage of users. How about useful apps for the average Joe User? Here are my picks for the top 10 useful apps of 2008 in no particular order...

Death of a Gutless Wonder @ jonnyguru.com
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Quite some time ago, I took a look at several cheap-o units aspart of my Bargain Basement roundup in an effort to determine whether or notthese generic units that come free with computer cases are worth trusting.Since then, I've had people hounding me to blow up some more of these units.

Technic3D/Revoltec LightMouse Precision2 @ technic3d.com
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The Revoltec LightMouse Precision 2 Wireless arrived Technic3D .The Revoltec LightMouse Precision II Wireless offers a scanning rate o f up to 1600 dpi. A freely definable key can be defined as a dpi switc h with the help of the software that is provided. The scanning process can be set to either 800 or 1600 dpi. By using Teflon glide feet the Lightmouse Precision 2 reaches a better gliding performance. Due to th e 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology the Revoltec LightMouse Precision 2 Wire less offers a secure wireless connection. More you can see in the foll owing Review on Technic3D.

AMD Announces Stream Computing Will Be Mainstream @ legitreviews.com
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AMD is the top dog when it comes to gaming graphics performance right now and they are now shifting their focus to countering NVIDIA's CUDA technology. By releasing a media converter for free that supports more video formats then Elemental Technologies' $29.99 Badaboom media converter it is a great way to get things going and introduce ATI Stream Technology branding. For nearly a year now AMD has been telling us that they support open standards and that seems like it might start paying off for them come 2009...

ATI Stream Computing:From the desktop to the datacenter @ pcper.com
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AMD claims to have 2 million HD 4000 series GPUs in the marketcreating a pretty large user base for ATI stream compatible applications.As of today, stream applications are NOT enabled with publicly availabledrivers but that will be addressed in the next revision of Catalyst comingin December. Once that update is ready, all 2 million of the Radeon HD4000-series cards should be stream compute ready and will be able todownload the new Avivo Transcoder for free as well.

Fanatec Porsche 911 Racing Wheel @ techwarelabs.com
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Today TechwareLabs takes an in-depth look at the Porsche® 911 Turbo Racing Wheel from Fanatec and distributed by Pacific Media Partners. Licensed by Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel offers gamers latency free wireless USB technology (wheel and pedals), three force feedback motors and smooth belt drive, both of which help to deliver sensational realism, 6+1 speed H-pattern gear stick with realistic shifting feel, and authentic wireless pedals with realistic clutch pedal (with declining resistance) and brake with soft-stop. The wheel itself is covered with fine, automotive grade leather. Its time to shift your game into high gear and read the review.

Leadtek GeForce GTX 260 Extreme+ 216 Shaders @ techpowerup.com
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The new Leadtek GeForce GTX 260 Extreme+ comes with an increased shader count of 216 compared to 196 on the regular GTX 260. Leadtek has also overclocked the card for some free extra performance. In our testing the GTX 260 Extreme+ delivers excellent performance per Watt claiming a number one spot in the test group.

Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer @ pureoverclock.com
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On the test bench today is Sunbeamtech's Core Contact Freezer, which offersHeatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, a newer trend in tower-styleheatsinks, and promises some efficient cooling numbers.

SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth Headset @ legitreviews.com
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With more and more legislation being adopted across the U.S. mandating hands-free driving, it is getting more and more important for users to own some form of wired or wireless headset. At a MSRP of $40, SouthWing and AT&T are specifically targeting those who purchase devices like Apple’s iPhone, which are exclusive to AT&T, and their users who want a feature-rich Bluetooth mobile headset...

Technic3D/Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer @ technic3d.com
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The Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer CPU Heatsink arrived Tech nic3D. The CPU Cooler with 120mm Fan, Fan Controller, 8 Heatpipes, H.D .T. technology and easy installation. See you in the following Revie w the Freezer compared with Standard Boxed Cooling and more.

[Affiliates News] QNAP TS-409 Network Attached Storage System @ aphnetworks.com
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Ever since Junior High computer labs, all the documents we useare stored on network drives alone -- because the students will be using adifferent computer pretty much every time, and Deep Freeze are deployed onevery workstation so smart-arse 15 year olds won't be messing around thecomputers all that much. At home, however, all my documents are stored on mycomputer's local hard disks. I've never really given much thought into analways-on network drive because, well, this type of system never reallycaught my attention in the first place. As time progresses, my local areanetwork became more and more complicated and filled up with an ever expandingcount of computers. The need for a central data storage device due to thisphenomenon became more evident. Almost two years ago, I've reviewed theThermaltake Muse NAS RAID network attached storage device -- which broughtquite a revolutionary change of computer usage habits in my house, at leastfor me. From regular data transfers, data backups, local file hosting, tomedia streaming, I've always wondered how I ever lived without it for allthese years. There was one problem with the Muse NAS RAID though:Theperformance did not meet my expectations. Looking for a high performance,easy to use, loaded with features NAS device, it seems that I've finallyfound a solution -- the QNAP TS-409 Turbo NAS. My major concern:It better befast. So let's see how it goes.

Free Anti-Virus Roundup @ velocityreviews.com
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Although it isn’t possible to fully protect your computer from a huge array of viral, spyware, and other malware threats, a good anti-virus application goes a long way to securing your PC. Now that most computers are permanently connected to the internet, it is more important than ever to ensure you have an up-to-date and reliable anti-virus package on your computer. Some people still don’t have any installed, thinking that because they are careful what they download, they will be safe. Others don’t like the thought of losing even the slightest amount of performance from their PC. However, the importance of getting a good virus scanner cannot be underestimated – and this lesson is often only learned after a virus infection.

Turning your WHS into a Free Proxy Server @ computingondemand.com
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There are more uses for your WHS then you can shake a stick at;whatever that may mean. The latest endeavor is using your Windows HomeServer as an Internet Proxy. I personally use my Windows Home Server as aproxy to be able to view sites that my company blocks access to. Setting upa proxy can also allow you to control web content served in your home. Ifyou have a child, you can block sites or even keywords to keep pages frombeing served.

Windows Home Server as a Free Email Server @ computingondemand.com
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Setting up your Windows Home Server as an Email Server is fast, easy, and best of all;it is totally FREE! The best part about is that you can use your Microsoftgiven WHS hostname as your email address (yourname@xxxx.homeserver.com).There are many commercial packages out there that can accomplish this taskvery well and some of them even offer a free version for those of us withlittle money. However, for easy installation and configuration, I recommendusing hMailServer. hMailServer is very simple to use and offers many of thefeatures that some expensive packages offer at no cost to you. There areeven options for setting up webmail access.

[News] Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2008 @ virtual-hideout.net
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This past weekend, my work schedule changed and freed up some time.On a spur of the moment change, we pillaged the Penny Arcade Expo also knownas PAX 2008 in Seattle, WA at the Convention Center. I must say that theevent seemed to be well organized. With the exception of the CC staff, thePAX crew were on the ball. This was my first time this year and it was actually pretty darninteresting. VH has been known to play a few FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, and0MFGSW33T type games. (Diceman loves games that involve pure destruction andsurrounding mayhem.) We all may not get to play as much as we use to, butthe gaming industry still proves to be the vital force that motivates thelikes of Nvidia, ATI, and Intel to bring us faster Graphics cards whichfurther perpetuates the creation of better video games.If you weren't rubbing elbows with the game makers or testing out a soon tobe released game title, one could walk across to the Free Play area and hopon any one of the 150 Intel sponsored PCs to play a few rounds againstothers in a LAN. In total, there were about 330 players present.

Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer @ techpowerup.com
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Sunbeam's Core Contact Freezer is a cost effective CPU cooler for AMD and Intel CPUs. Its eight heatpipes make direct contact with the processor for optimum cooling. Also included in the package is a fan controller which allows you to optimize the acoustics to your usage scenario.

BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone @ legitreviews.com
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For just under $100, the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone is not only the best speakerphone system we have used, but with the addition of the Text-To-Speech function and ridiculously long battery life, it is one of the most versatile Bluetooth mobile devices we have seen...

Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Youcan see all manner of designs and technology these days on CPU coolersranging from the weird and wonderful, to the more conservative andstylish. But it is the technologies behind the cooling that matters themost to any hardware enthusiast. One technology that has offeredimpressive performance in the past is the HDT design, where theheatpipes actually touch the CPU. This should deliver greater andfaster dissipation due to increased contact between the heat transportcomponents, in this case the heatpipes and the core.One product that has this tech and wishes to use it to create somehopefully great results, is the Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer. Letstake this one for a spin and see how its does.

[News] SunbeamTech Core Contact Freezer CPU Cooler @ virtual-hideout.net
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After tabulating the results, CPU temps are kept well within veryreasonable levels across the entire spectrum of testing. While standardsystem use is really good, at a full 1GHz overclock, we start to see thelimitations of copper and heat pipes as is the case with most every aircooler. Above these frequencies, most every cooler starts to suffer simplydue to physics. If you're cranking out the insane frequencies beyond this,you'll naturally want to consider water cooling. The speed and ease of theinstallation coupled with the performance have me considering recommendingthe SunbeamTech Core Contact Freezer as the ideal cooler for those who buildgaming or performance systems.

Cool IT Systems NV Reference SLI Cooler @ techpowerup.com
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The CoolIT Systems coolers are certainly a unique way to get into liquid cooling. They come pre-assembled and are maintenance free. We are taking a look at their dual card cooler for two GeForce 8800 GTXs, but CoolIT offers a very similar variant for the GTX 260/280 and for AMD cards as well.

upgrading memory voids the warranty @ bit-tech.net
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For those who don't know, even though MSI has left a slot freeformemory upgrades, the problem MSI faces is that it doesn't include aspecific flap for the memory like every other laptop - you literallyhave to take the whole thing apart to get to the free memory slot (orhard drive if you want to do that too). The level of complexity ingetting it back together correctly is far beyond

Top 10 Computer Game NPCs @ bit-tech.net
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*It isn't all about the Master Chief and Gordon Freeman, you know. Sometimes we have to give some love out to the NPCs and supporting characters too -- which is exactly what we've tried to do here.

[News] ECS P45T-A Black Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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In short, this inexpensive motherboard is fast, stable, and featuresa ton of opportunities for expansion. While the lack of firewire is indeed adisappointment, I believe that this can be taken as a non-issue for gamers.Considering the features present, the speeds attained, and the stability ofthe system overall during the testing procedures, I feel that thismotherboard is a good buy if a user is looking to assemble a low cost,reliable gaming machine. It's just a shame that this product doesn't havewhat it takes to break free of just what it was meant to do, but given thefact that it costs just shy of $110 - or rather, is shockingly cheap, Iwould say this is a good candidate for the great value award!

Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer @ bit-tech.net
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*Contact coolers, where the heatpipes are in /direct contact/ with the processor's heat spreader are becoming more and more popular, and today's heatsink review is a prime example of this new approach to heatsink design.

ThermalTake Armor+ MX Case @ modders-inc.com
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The case is virtually a tool free design, in fact with theexception of the screws I used for the PSU installation. Managing the cablesand wiring was a snap and Thermaltake even provided the cable managementsupplies and need space in the chassis. Installation in the ThermaltakeArmor+ MX was simply the easiest I have done in a while.

[News] Kingston 2GB DDR3-1600 HyperX DDR3 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
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Surprisingly, Kingston was a little conservative on the specs. Thememory can operate freely at 8-8-8-24 timings as well as stock. This wasachieved without any extra memory voltage. It's a nice extra bonus not inthe specifications. Overclocking is somewhat limited which isn't surprising.The ICs are pretty much already well tuned and operating at what Kingstonfeels is optimal. Again, the memory in all its 1600 MHz splendor is going tobe enough for power users. Also, if your current motherboard isn't quite upto the 1600 MHz FSB, you can still enjoy great performance at lowerfrequencies and timings.

Top Spin 3 @ bit-tech.net
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It's important to realise that Top Spin 3 is more of a tennissimulator than a tennis game. There are no tennis-themed minigames inthe career mode and no unlockable naked tennis modes either. TopSpin 3 is all about the game, pure and simple.With that in mind, it's also important to realise that it isn't reallypossible to just pick up the game and start playing. It does take timeand perseverance before you'll be winning games consistently. If you'rewilling to put in the time and effort, and play through hours oftournaments, you'll be rewarded with a very in-depth and involving game.Online play is the icing on the cake and its polish and relativelyglitch-free operation could show some other developers how it's doneproperly. The inclusion of seasons in the online leaderboards meansthat there'll still be an incentive to play online tournaments, even inmonths to come.For me, I'm glad to say that my badminton wrists were up to the job,and I have just one final thing to add:move over Federer, there's anew boy on the tennis court.

Cyber Snipa Competition:Only 3 days left - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Wellguys, I know it's been over 6 months since our last competitionand lots has happened since then, but it's time to get comps goingagain. XSR has several in the works, so be prepared for lots offrivolity and merriment at the chance to win free stuff.This month we've teamed up with the lovely folks at Cyber Snipa whohave been kind enough to offer not one, but two prize sets for us.

SilenX iXtrema IXC-120HA2 CPU Cooler @ tweaktown.com
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A few weeks ago we looked at the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer, our first crack at a heatpipe to Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) direct contact CPU heatsink. In retrospect, nothing other than the base was very remarkable; at least nothing that would lead us to believe anything other than the contact point would cause such great performance. The fan used from Sunbeamtech was a silent type that does not push a large amount of air, and this only confirmed that direct heatpipe to CPU technology is more than just a marketing tool.Today we will be looking at another direct contact cooler, this time from SilenX. The SilenX iXtrema IXC-120HA2 is very similar to the SBT CCF; they even share the same mounting hardware. While the two are similar, they are not identical. The SilenX version is more robust, giving us the option of using two 120mm fans (one on each side of the fins). This is a feature that SBT did not include with their offering.

Logitech Squeezebox Duet Network Music System ed @ thetechlounge.com
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This evolution of the Squeezebox should prove to be a winner for its new parent company. All the makings of a good sequel are there; extra goodies, unexpected surprises, a flashy new look and a slimmer and trimmer appearance. Logitech is unapologetically aiming squarely at Sonos with this one. Are the two systems direct competitors? Not exactly, but Logitech is bound to take a bite and woo away a few dollar conscious, tech savvy buyers. The included options and features are almost overwhelming to the average user. Acclimating oneself to all the various settings and streaming music account configurations takes a bit of time but pays out in a multitude of listening options. Once installed, Duet users will rarely need to fire up a browser for streaming music or launch an application to access their digital music reserve. If you are an obsessive hoarder of digital music files looking for a way to set them free, the Squeezebox Duet is tailor-made for your addiction.

MSI's P45 Platinum motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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All in all, the MSI P45 Platinum scores many wins with us, butunfortunately it hits almost as many epic fails. Hopefully some ofthese will change with software updates and BIOS updates, and wegreatly look forward to what can be achieved with UEFI when the freeupdate arrives in the next few months. Until then, we can onlyrecommend you look elsewhere because there are currently better boardson the market.

Cyber Snipa Competition - XSs @ forums.xsreviews.co.uk
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Wellguys, I know it's been over 6 months since our last competitionand lots has happened since then, but it's time to get comps goingagain. XSR has several in the works, so be prepared for lots offrivolity and merriment at the chance to win free stuff.This month we've teamed up with the lovely folks at Cyber Snipa whohave been kind enough to offer not one, but two prize sets for us.

CradlePoint CTR500 3G Cellular Travel Router @ pcper.com
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The CradlePoint CTR500 is really an interesting all-in-one productthat can act as a normal broadband router, accepting a WAN connection fromcable or DSL internet lines and then creating a wireless network for yourhome or office. What really makes the CTR500 unique is its ability to use aUSB or Express Card based 3G wireless modem as the WAN connection, givingmobile users and teams the ability to maintain productivity and freedom frombe tethered to cables and switches.

Sapphire HD3870 X2 Atomic Watercooled @ techpowerup.com
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Sapphire HD 3870 X2 Atomic Edition comes with pre-filled, pre-sealed and maintenance free watercooling. This allows Sapphire to ship the card with higher clocks, making the card the fastest HD 3870 X2 on the market today. As you would expect from such a premium product the presentation is outstanding, and so is the price.

MSI N9600GT Hybrid Freezer Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It’s always nice to see companies mix it up with new coolers, and the Hybrid Freezer seems to have some pretty cool technology behind it. It makes sense that they’re installing it on the popular 9600GT series of card, and in this case MSI has decided to install it on a card carrying with it 1GB of GDDR3 memory for added appeal. While we’ve looked at so many 9600GTs, you have to admit that we’ve seen such a huge variety of different models; some excellent clocks, some excellent connectivity and some pretty funky aftermarket coolers.

Airlive AirView-2000 WiFi Projector Server @ techpowerup.com
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The AirView-2000 can stream your Windows desktop or favorite video to the device through any normal 54 MBit wireless network. So there are no cables to tie you down and you may walk around freely with your tablet PC or notebook during a presentation or at school & university.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP CPU Cooler @ tweaktown.com
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In the past we looked at several small HTPC inspired coolers and walked away from all of them dissatisfied with the performance they achieved. Some of the coolers were outright dangerous for the applications claimed by the manufacturer and we needed to make it clear that such a small cooler was not really intended for flagship, “Extreme” processors. Arctic Cooling has stepped up to the plate to deliver us a silent performer that is made exclusively for the Intel LGA platform, and can apparently cool a 90 watt processor. The new Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP is designed for slim enclosures where limited height is a concern; many slim HTPC systems and home built 2U servers including NAS servers coming to mind.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset @ legitreviews.com
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The comfort level of the Discovery 925 is incredibly nice. After finding the right size to wear, you start to wonder why manufacturers haven’t come up with a similar design yet. A friend of mine who has small ears and has always had problems wearing “in-the-ear” type of headsets was able to fit the Discovery 925 with no problems at all. It doesn’t matter if you are left-ear or a right-ear Bluetooth wearer, you can switch between ears with ease. Some headsets like the Jawbone require you to physically change the hardware for this basic switch. After using the 925 for a few days, there is no way I want to go back to the “ancient” fit of an ear hook like the Jawbone or “deep in the ear canal” of the Gennum. These headsets are great performers, but their fit is not as comfortable, free and versatile as the 925...

Dumbing Up Gaming @ bit-tech.net
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Recently someone tried to make a game out of proteinfolding. The idea was that if you could make an accessible fun game outof it, you could effectively get lots of people to process real datafor free, and contribute towards a worthwhile goal. Great idea, but dowe have to assume the game needs to be massively simple in order tocatch on? I'm sure a lot of biochemists play computer games, why mustwe assume they are incapable of learning a complex game?You can take a lot of great game ideas, and then dumb then down to thelowest common denominator and make them boring and dull, that's agiven. There are some great game ideas though that you just can't dumbdown before they fall apart. Right now that means the game doesn't evenget out of the starting gate.I've heard of games flopping because the marketing sucked, budgetproblems, piracy and poor design but I haven't heard about any biggames failing because they were too highbrow. Yet nobody is even tryingto make those games.In some ways it's all the fault of our old nemesis, the rocketing gamebudget. Rack up a four million dollar wage bill, and you need to sell aLOT of copies to break even. Selling just to biochemists won't cut itany more, you need to aim at the wider audience. But if you avoid thetechnology arms race and do a lower budget game, what kind of gamescould we make?

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB @ rbmods.com
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Flash memory has gotten bigger the past year and we have reviewedsizes up to 32 GB already. Today we are going to look at the Flash VoyagerGT with 16GB of memory and since it is the GT line it's supposed to be a bitfaster than the ordinary Voyager from Corsair. This line of flash memoryhave shown itself to be extremely durable and still has been able to performwell. We have tested the Voyager line before with boiling them, droppingfrom high hights, freezing, and even hitting them with a hammer and theyhave been able to withstand this treatment. Lets see what type ofperformance we can expect from this.

Haze (PS3) @ bit-tech.net
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For a game that's had so much hype surrounding it, Haze shouldhave been the perfect game. The problem is that few games rarely liveup to the hype, and Haze falls firmly into that category.Nectar should have been an important part of the game, but instead itcomes across as just another gimmicky power-up. It makes the openingsections of the game far too easy and appears to disappear in the rebelsections of the game, only to be used as an artefact to drive theplotline forward.The storyline itself is hackneyed and feels lazy in its execution. Thetale of the corporate stooge who joins the rebels to bring down thecorporation has been done before and, more importantly, it's been donefar better. There are a few clever twists and turns to the tale laterin the game, but not enough to drag the story out of mediocrity.Taken as a run-of-the-mill FPS, Haze certainly isn't dire, but on theother hand it never really reaches the heights to which it aspires. Ataround six or seven hours to complete, there's not really enough in thesingle player game to keep you coming back after the first playthrough. You might play it again in co-op mode, but even themultiplayer games aren't enough to get you hooked.Haze could have been so much more, but it falls short on so manylevels. The game feels unfinished, as though it has been pushed out ofthe door six months early. Depressingly, it might be that another fewmonths of spit and polish could have produced the game that the hypepromised.Then again, perhaps not. Maybe every game studio is destined to producea game that they're embarrassed about. If that's true, then Haze willbe hiding at the back of Free Radical's closet for a long time to come.

CoolIT Freezone Elite watercooling kit @ bit-tech.net
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The Freezone Elite will definitely beat anything you can likelybuild to fit in anywhere nearthe same space by a mile - let alone any pre-built kits. But its priceclass puts it in a whole different realm, which is why I built such abig system to compare it to. An enthusiast is going to look at what heor she can build for a similar cost, not just what fits in the samespace.The watercooling system I compared to costs around £200 in the UK (and$320 in the US) – that's about £50 less, and it's quieter and cooler.However, every time I need to make a change, I invest twenty minutes inundoing everything, draining the loop, etc. And that's in a case that'sdesigned for it.It took me all of two minutes to disconnect the Freezone Elite. Ofcourse, then it took another five to get all the pre-applied thermalpaste off, then a hunt for the manual to hook it back up again when Icouldn't remember which unmarked cable goes where. They may seem likeminor niggles, and they are – but for almost £250 of yours or my money,you can damn well bet that I don't want to be talking about littleniggles.With the Freezone Elite, I think CoolIT has a good product...but it hasa better foundation for a great product. There's a lot of potentialhere, but I think it's not yet realised in this particular model. Withthe brilliant MTEC software and controller, the great TEC performanceand the incredible ease of use, it's off to a great start – but it willonly ever get rid of as much heat as that CPU block can absorb.

Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo @ rbmods.com
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With flash memory getting cheaper and capacity getting larger, itmakes more sense than ever to purchase a new card for your gaming system orfor any other device that takes it. What makes these cards special is thatthey feature free downloadable Xploder Lite software, meaning that theyessentially, and I quote, give

Cooler Master Centurion 590 @ techgage.com
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When the budget is tight and you have to have a quality freeflowing case for that next gaming PC you are building, who are yougoing to give your money to? Once again, Cooler Master has a newrelease for under $70 that looks to be jam packed with the features youare looking for.

DFI's LANParty LT X48 T2R motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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For a DDR2 board thegaming performance is very good, outperformingeven the Nvidia nForce 780i SLI board in all of our gaming tests. Itcan't keep up with the DDR3 boards, but buying 4GB of DDR2 is still afraction of the cost of even 2GB of DDR3 – that alone will offersignificant headroom for games as well.It is more expensive than its X38 brethren and you'd be hard pressed totell the two apart if they were standing side by side. However, if youwere concerned about price you'll probably want to wait for the P45launch anyway. It's not power friendly either, but DFI has neverclaimed to even care – it's not about the latest bandwagon, it's aboutbeing true to its core, of which it does in spades. The incrediblenorth bridge heatsink and its simple interchangeability is no greaterexample of this – you're free to replace it with anything you likebecause they are no heatpipes. If you love your DFI boards then you'll be onto a winner with theLANParty LT X48 T2R – everything you need out of Intel's X48 chipset isprovided and there's a lot of fun and time investment to be had withit. After talking to BIOS engineers and others in DFI's QA team, thelimitations we've been finding are essentially chipset level andthere's plenty of beta BIOS out there to try on DFI communities thatonly add to its true, core-enthusiast appeal. However finding theseplaces and knowing who to ask isn't the most obvious thing on earth –DFI should fill its manual with more BIOS details, overclocking tipsand support forum links for new DFI owners can dive into. This

Bad Company interview with Jamie Keen @ bit-tech.net
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BT:You’resick of talking about premium content, I bet. But it was kind of agutsy thing to do, you have to admit.JK:<sigh> Yeah. BT:So, I guess – why did you try to do it? And why with thisgame especially?JK:Yeah, so…I think the thing that people need to remember isthat development costs on games these days are huge. So we always needto look at new revenue streams. It’s not just a question of trying torip people off and it’s not just us trying to put one over on people –we genuinely need to y’know…well, at the end of the day it’s abusiness, right? We have to recoup costs and we have to make money. So, there are those kinds of things happening. You’ll probably see moreof that in the years to come. We’ve got nothing more planned at themoment, we’ve listened to the customers and the community is reallyimportant to us. We really want to maintain that two-way dialogue withour fans. So, we’re not going to be doing anything – I mean, we’re givingConquest away as free downloadable content later on. The weapons arenow going to be free – we just hope that the fans see that we’relistening to them.

Patriot Viper DDR3-1866 2GB Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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Patriot has been one of the newer companies to come on board at T weakTown to supply us with their high performance memory for testing, and so far we have been pretty impressed with their line of high performance memory. Once again they have come on board to send us their new series o f DDR3 modules. Today we have Patriot's Viper Fin DDR3 2GB dual channel memory kit. The sticker on one side of each memory module contains info on the module s. The kit we received was rated for speeds of 1866MHz or 933MHz core spe ed with timings of 8-8-8-24 at a maximum voltage of 1.9v. The modules are all RoHS which means they are manufactured with lead free solder.

Akasa UV SATA - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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SATAcables aren’t the most interesting of products in the computersector and most motherboard manufacturers bundle them as freebies.However, some SATA cables are said to increase airflow, provide bettercable management and offer better transfer speeds, but is any of thistrue? Well today I have a UV blue Akasa Serial ATA cable for review, solet’s find out.

Cooler Master Giveaway @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers has teamed up with Cooler Master to give you anothercontest. They will be providing us with 3 great prizes to give away! We havea Stacker 830 full tower PC Case, Real Power Pro 1000W Power Supply, andSphere CPU Cooler. These are 3 great products and we are giving them awayfor free! Just like the previous contest we will be running this one on theforums. To qualify for any of the prizes you need 35 posts in our forums andNEED to reply to this post. That gives you 1 entry into the contest. We willbe doing Cooler Master trivia all throughout the contest. Check back to thisforum thread for trivia questions. Once they are posted you will have 24hours to answer them. To answer them you will need to send me a message onthe forums with the answer. Each correct answer you submit will give you anextra entry into the contest.

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The B2 Stealth Bomber case is really what you might think it is, acase that looks like the B2 Aircraft. The B2 case, like the aircraft issurely an advanced case. This newly released case comes equipped with twoeSATA ports, auto-sensing mechanical front door, shock-free railing system,dual fan VGA turbo cooling system, water-cooling friendly, and with a designinspired by the B2, this case is surely not something your grandma willunderstand. Read on further and see a video of the mechanical front door inaction.

Nesteq EECS 700w - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Overthe last few years, a lot more attention has been paid to powersupplies, and their ever important role of giving our prizedpossessions the juice they need to run as pain free as possible.However, not only have companies been tempting our wallets withexcellent rail stability and high efficiencies, they’ve also touted thelow noise levels of their units. The PSU I have with me today sports alarge, slow spinning fan and with near silence being one of it’s mainfeatures. I’ll be interested to see how much it can actually reduce myrig’s noise levels by.

CoolIT Systems Pure CPU Cooler @ legitreviews.com
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With the PURE being a sealed system it is ok for the fact that it is maintenance free. The downside is that it is not expandable. Another downside is that air that is trapped in the system is there forever. The unit I tested had some air trapped in it. It took a good 3 days of it sit ting upright to stop gurgling. After that it was good to go, just as long as I didn't bump the case or disturb the cooler in any way...

Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Seagate FreeAgent Pro is among many other current external harddrives. Its sleek design will help keep your desktop clutter free. Availablein 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1000GB capacities and supporting USB, eSATA, anddual FireWire 400 there is quite a number of drives to choose from for yourliking. The touch sensitive power points and included AutoBackup softwarehelp the FreeAgent Pro stick out from the crowd of other devices. Let's takea further look at this external hard drive.

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones @ hardwaresecrets.com
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We tested a Bluetooth headphone set from Logitech targeted to iPod and MP3 players but that can also be used with any audio source, even the PC.

NZXT Giveaway! @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers has teamed up with NZXT to bring you anothergiveaway. NZXT was nice enough to give us one of their newest cases, theTempest. Just released yesterday the Tempest is said to be the airflow kinghaving 2x 120mm intake fans, 2 huge 140mm top exhaust fans, 120mm rearexhaust fan, and a side 120mm exhaust fan! Some other features include abottom mounted PSU, room for up to 8 hard drives, and cable routingfeatures. You can see all of the specs and info about the Tempest on NZXT'swebsite. So how can you win this awesome case? Well just like our lastcontest we are going to be running this contest on our forums. If you arenot a forum member, you can easily register for free. The first thing thatyou are going to want to do is reply to this post (you can do so at thebottom of this page). Not only do you have to reply to this post you have tohave a minimum of 40 posts on the forums.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red PC-6400 4GB kit @ bit-tech.net
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In the past, we’ve found Crucial memory to be a bit moreexpensiveregardless of the type you buy, and even though you get free deliverywhen you buy from Crucial direct, it’s often difficult to find acomparison elsewhere because there are few other stores stocking it.You are paying for the

Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC3-12800 Kit @ aselabs.com
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These modules are rated for operation at DDR3-1600 which is PC3-12800 at 1.8V. The modules have SPD values for lower speeds (DDR3-1066) at JEDEC specs to provide boards the needed initial boot to provide the RAM with the proper voltage and timings. The stock timings at DDR3-1600 are 8-8-8-24. DDR3 latencies are very high compared to DDR2 and should only get better in time. These modules are lead free which helps the environment. Nothing like being green in today's world. I almost forgot that the command rate is 1T which means you get an extra performance boost.

BFGTech GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB @ bit-tech.net
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After some careful analysis of the changes, it doesn’t appearto makemuch sense spending any more than about £120 on a GeForce 9600 GT now,because at that point the stretch to £140 isn’t too far away. BFGTech’sGeForce 9600 GT OC is currently sitting at around £115 includingdelivery (if you take advantage of Scan’s free delivery offer forregular contributors to the bit-tech community) – at that price, it’snot a bad deal but I do have some concerns.For out-and-out gamers, I have no problem recommending BFGTech’sGeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB graphics card – it delivers strong performanceat a good price point for those that cannot afford to stretch to £140for a GeForce 8800 GT. The ten year warranty is also a good peace ofmind if you’re planning to use the card as a family (or even apersonal) hand-me-down, where it makes its way into older systems asand when you upgrade your main machine. However, if you are looking to use the card in a home theatre PC, thebundle is missing both the DVI-to-HDMI converter and S/PDIF cable,which means that you won’t be able to connect the card to your HDTV andcarry audio over the HDMI cable at the same time. Of course, you canacquire the required parts elsewhere, but that’s at an extra cost thatyou can avoid by purchasing another GeForce 9600 GT that doesThat ultimately prevents us from giving the card an outrightrecommendation, but that’s not to say there aren’t users that shouldlap up this card at its current asking price. Just be aware of itslimitations if you were hoping to use it in an HTPC.

Name the Game Contest II @ ngohq.com
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There is nothing better than getting free stuff! Well, this month we are giving away a Radeon HD 3850 Graphics Card. Anyway, we don't like the usual-boring-contest-style; we want it to be fun and challenging. So we have launched this Name the Game Contest II. What do you have to do? Okay, we are going to play some PC game soundtrack in a Flash window below, and you will have to guess the name of the game. Make sure to enable Flash in your browser, and to turn up your speakers. This time we picked something really special, and hard to guess. So to make it easier for you, we've also included a blurry image.

Targus Grove Convertible Messenger/Backpack @ thinkcomputers.org
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Targus' line of backpacks is among the best. ThinkComputers' admiresthe line's durability, solid construction, versatility, and protection ofthe contents of the bag. We got our hands on the Targus Grove ConvertibleMessenger/Backpack. It looks and feels like a World War II rucksackre-imagined in the twenty-first century. The olive color certainlycontributes to it. As part of the Targus EcoSmart green initiative, thiscase is PVC-free and features recyclable plastic accents and nickel-freemetal to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment. Read onfor the review...

Advergaming and Other Horror Stories @ bit-tech.net
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Virtual worlds are also a popular target for advertisers. In SecondLifea number of companies have purchased land within the game to establisha permanent presence. You can buy products from retailers like Nike andAmazon. Apparently Starwoods Hotels and Resorts built a digital replicaof a hotel they were planning to build in real life to see the reactionfrom people. You have to wonder about this logic though – if companiesthink they can garner useful information from people's online choicesthey may be in for a nasty shock, after all, gaming is about escapismand most people frequently do things in games that they would never doin real life.There are all sorts of fantastical predictions about the amount of adspending there will be in future games, but so far despite claims itwill reach $2 billion by 2011 it remains far short of this target.There's a suggestion that this revenue could be worth $1 per game topublishers – which is certainly enough to catch their attention. StillI think I'd be willing to spend an extra $1 on the game to get itwithout advertising. Personally I don't mind advertising when it'sbundled into something free as they have to pay for it somehow but whenyou are already paying a premium price for something it’s cheeky tojust bombard your customers with adverts regardless.

The Curse of Genre @ bit-tech.net
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The thing is, I do really wish we could throw off the genrelimits andrediscover the freeform game design of the early years of gaming.Sometimes when we try, it falls apart terribly (Trespasser), butoften it works wonders. Portal belongs in both the FPS andpuzzle categories and is all the better for it. Spore willhopefully create a whole new category, as did The Sims. When you forget genres and just sit down and think

Hands-on P @ bit-tech.net
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I actually got a chance to speak to some of the marketingpeople recently and I quizzed them about the future of Spore– pressing on whether we could expect to see a slew of new content onshelves soon after release. The reply was a stark awakening to thebrilliant reality of Spore in that I was treated to a kind of “Idon’t know” answer and an explanation of how that wouldn’t work with Spore.You see, in The Sims, new items can’t be easily created and theexpansions can consist mainly of new furniture and so forth. In Sporethat doesn’t hold true and the future of the game seems to be groundedmore in adding new tools to the game through expansions – ways toexport and import creatures to Photoshop or Maya 3D. It’s not enough tosimply give people a new building or two, because those can always bemade by the community. To me, this attitude perfectly expresses how important Spore will be. Frankly though, even if the game doesn’t prove to be as redefining as Ithink it will be, then it’s still shaping up to be a fantastic game andclearly shows how even the most complex of tasks can be accomplishedwith enough persistence. Spore does have flaws in some regards and it’s plainly obviousthat most players aren’t going to enjoy parts of the game. Personally,while I loved everything from the Creature Stage onwards, I did findthe first part of the game—the Cell Stage—to be a little tiresome andpointless. I’ve nothing against simple arcade styled games at all, butthere are titles that do that better than Spore. Spore’s strength though lies in that the game overcomes thepersonal loves and hates of certain people and frees players uptotally. You can do almost anything you want with the tools on offerhere and the game is totally open to let players skip to the parts theywant. If all you want is the micromanagement and sense of control thenCivilisation Stage is there for you from the get-go.

VisionTek HD 3870 @ neoseeker.com
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This particular HD 3870 -- the VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 -- is an all aroundsolid product. I particularly appreciated the cooling solution on this card-- it has one of the best coolers that I have seen first-hand from manydifferent examples of the HD 3870 family. This capable cooler led directlyto good experiences in overclocking. Price wise, the HD 3870 sitscompetively against other HD 3870's at around the current price point of$240. Also, although unadvertised on the box, the VisionTek's default clocksare a little bit higher than some other HD 3870's, so this is a nice littlebonus to the HD 3870 as well. Additional compliments to VisionTek can begiven for offering a limited lifetime warranty and toll free tech supportline.

Gameconnect's Free Gaming, January 2008 @ tcmagazine.com
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No emulation, no oldies, just pure indie gaming goodnessthat’ll leave you wondering why you paid cash for some of the titlesin your collection... and because we're feeling all festive andgenerous still, we've put them all up for downlonad on our servers,fast and lovely without waiting or subscriptions.

ThinkComputers & Thermaltake Giveaway! @ thinkcomputers.org
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ThinkComputers and Thermaltake have teamed up together to give yousome great grear! Up for grabs is a Thermaltake Armor Case a $159.99 value,a Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Power Supply a $259.99 value, and aThermaltake V1 CPU Cooler (review) a $59.99 value. So we are giving outover $450 worth of free gear! So how can you win? Since we have not had acontest in a while we are going to make this simple. The contest will beforum based so all you have to do is be an active member of our forums with10 posts or more to qualify for the V1 CPU Cooler, 20 posts or more toqualify for the Armor Case, and 25 posts or more to qualify for theToughpower 850W power supply. We are really trying to grow our forums andwe feel like giving away free gear is the perfect way to do it!

Freezing Storm Case @ aoaforums.com
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This case is quite a beauty to behold. With clean lines, the front bezel sports louvers from top to bottom. There are 5 external 5 1/4=94 drive bays and 2 external 3 1/2=94 drive bays, all displaying the same louvers as the bezel. The power and reset buttons are nice and clean as well. The rectangular buttons are surrounded by blue light when powered up. The front panel I/O ports consist of a mic, headphone, and 2 USB ports (located on the side of the bezel under a small door).

Staying Independent @ bit-tech.net
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There are a lot of crushed souls in the games industry. A lotof peoplewho set out with the hope of creating fantastic new games that allowthem to express their creativity, whilst simultaneously providing agreat experience for the players. These are the people who were cutdeepest when publisher’s pull the budget on the “risky” titles infavour of the “safe bets”. These are the people who lost a little morehope each time the producer told them that their idea was way too ‘outthere’ for a modern audience. We knew people like this when we set up Introversion and we run intothem now and then in the bars and restaurants surrounding the gamesconferences. When we first set out to write video games we knew the damage thatpublishers could do both to games themselves, and the people writingthem, and we were not willing to let that happen to us. In order toensure our creative freedom, we had to be independent from publishersand license holders, and that independence has become a guiding mantrafor us.Independence from publishers has allowed us ultimate freedom andenabled us to create without compromise, explore without boundaries andlive by a work ethos that isn’t about setting limitations. After sixyears with the sole aim of keeping the company financially afloat, wedid a spot of team building or as industry bods call it, ‘visionalignment’. We wanted to establish in what direction we might all beheading. Despite the fact that we’re a fairly disparate bunch of peoplewith very different motivations, the exercise really proved thatremaining independent was the key shared aspiration at Introversion.

CoolIT Freezone Elite CPU Cooler @ techgage.com
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During CoolIT's CES-presence this month, the FreezoneElite was unveiled. In addition to offering stellar performancecomparable to the original, the new MTEC control center is thrown in aswell. This self-regulating module proved to do a fantastic job, makingthe Elite a superb cooling solution.

CoolIT Water-Cooling Products @ hardwaresecrets.com
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A quick look on current and forthcoming water-cooling products from CoolIT:Pure, Freezone Elite, Reference Series, Boreas and a prototype for rack-mount servers.

Raidmax Aztec Gaming Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Among the first PC cases I reviewed, and the first expensive one (Iconsider mid-towers over $150USD expensive) was the Raidmax Samurai. Thoughthe chassis was your standard steel tool-free case, it was covered with astreamlined polystyrene shell, with a sprayed-on showcar paint job. It wasRaidmax's top of the line gaming case at the time. The shell gave it anall-out modded look, and there wasn't any other pre-modded case on themarket that came close. That was four years ago. The Samurai is stillundoubtedly the most radical case I have owned, and the friend I gave it tostill uses it and still gets favorable comments on it, ranging fromadmiration to awe. It is the last Raidmax product I had my hands on, so I amlooking forward to seeing if the Aztec lives up to my expectations for aRaidmax gaming case, a well-made case that is definitely not boring. I wouldalso hope to see some decent cooling for today's hot CPUs and GPUs. Read onto see if it does.

Sigma Luna WB Case @ techpowerup.com
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The Sigma Luna has a clean look with a brushed aluminum finish. It is light-weight, yet I still found it surprisingly sturdy. The large side panel window, sleek door design, silver accents, and chrome trim highly compliment the black satin finish. Top this off with an all aluminum chassis and tool-free installation, and you get a combination that is a pleasure to work with and look at.

OCZ Vendetta @ bit-tech.net
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For the size, theOCZ Vendetta is exceptionally capable, providing yourun the fan at full speed. If you're anything like us, that'll justdrive you nuts, however it seems that some in our community have agreater tolerance to these things so it could suit them well. Using theincluded 4-pin connector on the fan works well, providing yourmotherboard has the facility to use it – although you can still swap itfor any 92mm of choice and take the performance hit. However, does thecost of an extra 92mm fan on top of this heatsink simply equate to abigger heatsink altogether?The attention to detail, like the rubber fan mounts and pitted fins, isexcellent. In addition to its great build quality and because it'ssmaller than most heatsinks we’ve seen recently, it should easily fitmore restrictive boards as well. It's a great replacement for the stockIntel heatsink but some might not be sure if it's worth £5 more thanthe Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro which, at the same noise level, shouldperform fairly similarly to the Vendetta.

bit-tech's Top 10 Games of 2007 @ bit-tech.net
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Whether you look at The Orange Box as one game, threegames orfive games – whether you’re a newcomer to the series who wants to playit in his living room on a console or a hardened fan who wants the PCexperience, there’s still no faulting The Orange Box. Ifnothing else there’s still just an enormous feeling of value. Half-Life 2:Episode 2 is perhaps the most perfect andappreciable of the Half-Life experience yet. The meaty part ofthe story, Episode 2 picks up directly after Episode 1and sees Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman desperately trying to make it toWhite Forest Base to deliver a message of the utmost importance to theresistance. The story is brilliantly told and the pace is kept fast so that playersare constantly moving, barging through obstacles and knocking foes andtrials aside. There is no pause, no relief save those shared betweencharacters at pivotal moments of the plot.

Logitech V470 Bluetooth Mouse @ techpowerup.com
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The Logitech V470 is a slick Bluetooth mouse for notebooks, so you can enjoy your wireless freedom on the road. It utilizes two AA batteries as a power source and can be had in either blue or white. The V470 is intended for notebooks with built-in Bluetooth and also comes with a pouch for easy transportation.

Corsair 2GB Padlock flash drive @ tcmagazine.com
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For this first try with the keypad/hardware locking system combin ation Corsair has made a lot of compromises which resulted in the drive b eing bigger, slower and more fragile than its older =E2=80=98brothers=E2=80 =99. In the end, all these seem to be the necessary evil that enabled the Padlock to be so easy to use and unique. Still, there=E2=80=99s not much doubt that those looking for intuitive and hassle-free data protection c an simply go for either the 1 or 2GB versions (now found at sub-$40 level s) of the Padlock while those wanting something more tough and fast will have to choose other drives, like the Voyagers.

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If you're after the ultimate performance from an air heatsinktheCooler Master Hyper 212 should certainly fit the bill with its includedhigh performance fan and dual fan option, but you'll need to swap thefan out for a quieter alternative or at least lower the voltage on thecurrent one if pine for a quiet environment.For those looking for an inexpensive but still capable heatsink, theHyper TX2 is a good purchase. With both AMD and Intel support includedit does more than the Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro, but it's worthremembering that the Freezer 7 Pro performs better and has a 4-pinconnector to knock the fan noise down on the many compatiblemotherboards. The Hyper TX2 suffers from the same fate as the Hyper212, in that it's audible but not offensive, and the fan can again beswapped out if need be, unlike the Freezer 7 Pro.

Logitech G9 Laser Mouse @ aphnetworks.com
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It seems just like yesterday when Logitech released the updated flagship G5 laser mouse. The company flagship mouse seems to be short lived, however -- being available in the market for more than a couple months is Logitech's new flagship mouse for computer enthusiasts, the Logitech G9 -- in which can be considered quite a unique and different offering from Logitech's flagship product in its category. Almost all flagship enthusiast Logitech mice for the past few generations uses the shell first implemented with the MX500 -- it continued onto the MX510, MX518, G5, and finally, the G5 V2. The G9, on the other hand, follows none of the previous tradition as a radically new shell is developed along with a unique placement of buttons as well as the famous free-spin wheel first introduced in the Logitech MX Revolution and Logitech VX Revolution. What it really reminds me of is the car enthusiast's long awaited Pontiac G8 on a RWD platform for a full sized sedan at a relatively reasonable price. As juxtaposed to the Logitech G9, is this change a practical improvement over previous mice from the company, or a negative impact among its users? Let's investigate into this as we go over the Logitech G9 today.

Logitech G9 Laser Mouse @ aphnetworks.com
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It seems just like yesterday when Logitech released the updated flagship G5 laser mouse. The company flagship mouse seems to be short lived, however -- being available in the market for more than a couple months is Logitech's new flagship mouse for computer enthusiasts, the Logitech G9 -- in which can be considered quite a unique and different offering from Logitech's flagship product in its category. Almost all flagship enthusiast Logitech mice for the past few generations uses the shell first implemented with the MX500 -- it continued onto the MX510, MX518, G5, and finally, the G5 V2. The G9, on the other hand, follows none of the previous tradition as a radically new shell is developed along with a unique placement of buttons as well as the famous free-spin wheel first introduced in the Logitech MX Revolution and Logitech VX Revolution. What it really reminds me of is the car enthusiast's long awaited Pontiac G8 on a RWD platform for a full sized sedan at a relatively reasonable price. As juxtaposed to the Logitech G9, is this change a practical improvement over previous mice from the company, or a negative impact among its users? Let's investigate into this as we go over the Logitech G9 today.

Xilence Xilent Blade Pro - silent cpu cooler @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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The problems I encountered with this procedure are as follows; First when the top ‘H’ plate was resting on the heatsink base and I was trying to insert and screw in the thumbscrews the processor was free to slide about, this could be corrected when the top ‘H’ plate had been tightened a bit (provided that you had noticed it), but it more than likely will cause the thermal paste underneath to spread unevenly and result in poor thermal performance.

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We continue tobe impressed by Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT and in the grand scheme ofthings, and BFGTech’s overclocked card continues that trend. Admittedly, the BFGTech 8800 GT OC is only a few frames per secondfaster than the reference card in most scenarios, but the benefit ofthe BFGTech card is that it comes with a decent warranty and, fromexperience, good customer services too.At around £182 (inc. VAT) with free delivery for active bit-tech forummembers, it’s not the cheapest GeForce 8800 GT available - but it’swell-placed in the middle of the pricing matrix.  XFX’s Alpha Dog XXXEdition, which comes with 670MHz core and 1950MHz memory clocks is allthe way up at £223 (inc. VAT), while the cheapest stock-clocked GeForce8800 GT we’ve seen is around the £165-mark.Ultimately, it depends what you’re after and, if you don’t mind waitinga few days, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC2 should be available to buy onOverclockers UK for around £195 (inc. VAT).  This card comes clocked at675MHz core, 1674MHz shader and 1950MHz memory – you can achieve thiswith a bit of overclocking on the 8800 GT OC, but is it worth saving£10 to potentially void your warranty?On the whole, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC card delivers and it earns arecommendation from us, but we’d like pricing (on the whole) to settledown to more respectable levels.  At the very least, we’d like theprices to come down to the levels we were told the GeForce 8800 GT wasexpected to hit in the run-up to its launch back on the 29th October. I guess we’re not going to see prices settle down until the demandstarts to drop off a little though, so it's a case of either get onewhen you can, or wait  a while until the demand shrinks – supply isvery short at the moment it would seem, as everywhere we’ve looked, allGeForce 8800 GTs are on backorder.

Thermaltake DH-101 HTPC Case @ techpowerup.com
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The DH-101 is Thermaltake's latest midsize HTPC offering. It features the well known Soundgraph iMON Graphical VFD and a lot of extra controls. It takes a normal ATX mainboard and has space for up to three hard drives, which leaves you free to choose which components you wish to install.

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Kane and Lynch is shaping up to be a fantastic game, with aninnovative (though perhaps a little too streamlined) multiplayer game,fantastic co-op and a talented and passionate team behind it. That muchhad been proved to me for the second time.I do have concerns though. The last level which I played was of suchstark contrast to the previous levels that I had some misgivings aboutthe direction the consistently brilliant story had taken. Knowing thatthis level came at the end of the game didn’t help matters much eitherand made me think the game had an overly Hollywood-ised endings. Interestingly, endings are something that IO Interactive has hadtrouble with in the past too. The original Hitmandrew considerable scorn for changing pace abruptly in the latterstages, forcing Agent 47 to switch from a silent and stealthy figure ofdetached doom into a minigun toting symbol of freedom and self-hatredas he mowed down dozens of clones of himself.However, comparing Hitman and Kane and Lynch shouldn’treflect badly on either and, if anything, reflects well on IO’s new kidon the block. Kane and Lynchmay possibly have a fly in the ointment regarding the latter part ofthe game, but if that’s all there is to worry about then it’s highlypossible that we could have some game of the year material on our handsin the near future.

World exclusive:CoolIT Freezone Elite @ nordichardware.com
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So for those enthusiasts who want to move beyond air cooling but fear the thought of a geyser inside their case, there is another alternative:thermoelectric cooling (TEC). Today we'll be examining a TEC product that isn't your typical liquid cooling unit and claims to offer advanced cooling capabilities:the CoolIT Systems Freezone Elite.

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Now that the flip-chip bump solder points that used to contain lead have been replaced with a copper column and lead-free solder the pro cessors are more environmentally friendly, but this does come at a cost. The melting point of lead-tin is 183C, whereas the melting point of lead- free solders is greater than 220C. This means increased stress on the fli p-chip package and more power consumption since the convection ovens need their baking temperatures increased. To manage the increased stress and survive the higher process temperatures, Intel reengineered many parts of the processor...

OCZ DDR3 PC3-14400 Platinum 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
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OCZ's new DDR3 1800 memory kit is geared towards early adopters, overclockers and enthusiasts that always want to have the latest and the greatest. We tested the 2 GB kit and were surprised how well balanced overclocking is. You are free to run aggressive CL5 timings at lower clocks or go full out, up to 1850 MHz.

Computer Build Guide Part 2 of 2, Assembling the Computer @ rbmods.com
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Once you've chosen and obtained all your computer components, thenext obvious step is to put them together into a working computer. This partof the guide is focused on providing general guidelines for how to put thepieces of your computer together. However, you should always refer to themanufacturer's instructions for specific information regarding yourhardware. Also, feel free to post questions on rbmods.com forums if you havespecific questions.

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Up for grabs in week five of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em a brand new Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB USB/eSATA external hard drive. The Seagate FreeAgent Pro provides 750 glorious gigabytes of storage to let you

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Microsoft's latest mobile mouse has at least one good thing going for it,the wireless connectivity option through Bluetooth. Unlike other wirelessmice that use wireless USB to marry the mouse to the PC, seeing Bluetoothwas a bit surprising, but it didn't take long for us to get used to it.While having Bluetooth is nice and hasslefree, do take note that allnotebooks don't have built-in support for Bluetooth. In that case, you areout of luck unless you purchase a separate Bluetooth dongle to connect thetwo. If you are going to do that, you might as well get a USB wirelessmouse.

Sunbeamtech Freezing Storm Case @ gideontech.com
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These last few weeks I have been working hard on a couple of Sunbeamtech cases. The first one we are going to take a good look at is the Freezing Storm. The case comes with numerous 120mm fans, 10 drive bays, and a pre-cut side window with fan vents to manage anything you throw at it. The Freezing Storm comes in two colors, silver and black. Today, we have the black version on our testing station.

SOYO 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-GW-DYLM24D6 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The SOYO 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-GW-DYLM24D6 incorporates superior TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display technology in a stylish compact design that frees up valuable desk space,

Open Source Alternatives @ aselabs.com
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When you finally take the plunge into alternatives to closed and proprietary software, you may find yourself wondering where you should go first and what programs do I use for certain things. It is true that when people think of an office suite, they think of Microsoft Office. The real question is, how many people actually paid for that piece of software? Many people and companies I know just install the software without thinking of the cost and basically perform copyright infringement. This can cost lots of money in the end, but why do this in the first place? There are good free and open source alternatives to use for nearly every program.

Seagate Freeagent Pro eSATA/USB Storage @ tweaktown.com
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While adding storage devices inside the system is good, there is a limit to the amount of space inside a case, and internal connectors are finite. External storage thanks to USB, Firewire and e.SATA makes perfec t sense, as the amount of devices you can connect is increased as well as moving the storage drive outside the case, in turn providing better PC c ooling.Today we are looking at a full storage solution from Seagate called the F reeagent Pro. How well does this baby stack up? Let's have a look.

Lexar JumpDrive Secure II 4GB - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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USBdrives are so prolific that they are now beginning to be givenaway free promotionally. There are literally thousands of differentmakes, models and capacities; all of which operate at different speeds.Of recent, the focus has been moving away from sheer storage to thespeed at which you can fill the provided space, with people becomingever more impatient.With the 4GB barrier broken a longtime ago, there have been more and more devices falling into thisbracket of size. They are mostly the same and rarely havedifferentiating features, and most come with an encryption program tostop an opportunistic thief running off with your important documents.Today I have the Lexar JD Secure II 4GB which has a nifty littlefeature that separates it from its other 4GB cousins.

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One thing you find after you install iWork '08 is that, when you start,you're offered quick tutorials. If you have time, I'd strongly recommend theinitial tour of iWork '08, as well as the video tutorials on basic featuresand, also, the various features that set the iWork '08 applications apartfrom their competitors. Apple offers a 30 day free trial of iWork on theirwebsite. So how do the new versions of Pages and Keynote compare to their'06 counterparts? How does the suite stack up against Microsoft Office forthe Mac?

BioShock Gameplay @ bit-tech.net
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For all the fancy gameplay elements and attention to detailthough, BioShockis still a game about a story. There’s no multiplayer side which willgive the game extra life either, so the story is doubly important.Talking about the game's story is something made incredibly difficultthanks to the spoiler-free nature of this article, but you don’t needto worry and we won’t give in to the over-whelming urge to tell all.Let it only be said that the game's over-arching plot is full oftwists, turns and emotional grab you by the short and curliesthen yank you out of your chair moments.The story, which is told in first person by an utterly silent narrator,is told not just through cutscenes either. Audio logs litter the ruinsof Rapture, just as in System Shock 2 or the much lessinspiring Doom 3.

SOYO ST-SYLA04 FreeStyler 600 BlueTooth Mono Headset @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Everyday I see more people talking on cell phones with wireless hands-free devices, but the days of having a wire attached to your phone to have a hands free conversation are almost gone.

Sunbeam Freezing Storm PC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Surely you've heard of Sunbeamtech by now. Sunbeam and I go back along ways, over 5 years. My first CCFL was by Sunbeam, which was the productthat got them started. They were by far the best on the market, and stillare. Today, I am reviewing the Sunbeamtech Freezing storm. As you mightimagine by the name, the Freezing Storm is designed for some extremecooling. We'll see during the course of the review what Sunbeamtech has doneto help keep your rig cool.

Gigabyte 8600GTS 256MB Silent Pipe 3 @ techgage.com
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Building a silent PC or on the look-out for a qualitymid-rangegraphics card offering? Gigabyte's 8600GTS includes the best of bothworlds. In addition to including a passive cooler, a free copy ofSupreme Commander can be found here also. Of course the importantquestion is:Does the overall performance warrant your attention?

Custom USB Drive - Project:Enter the USB @ thetechlounge.com
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Once I had successfully freed the USB drive from its lame shell, it wastime to think. Whatever am I going to put this little thing inside? And sothe search began. I thought about doing a better Lego mod - unoriginal;ChapStick - too thin; film canister - too fat; USB cable shell - too short;gutted iPod - too spendy. Hmm... nothing on my desk was really striking meas a great idea. So the search continued. To the closet! As I rummagedthrough piles of miscellaneous electronics, cables, and computeraccessories, I paused as I held an old keyboard in my hand.

Sword of The New World:Granado Espada @ bit-tech.net
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You see, in our minds this isn’t a single game, but is actuallytwo. Onthe one hand, we have the free to play trial version which lets playersget to level 20 and experiment with the majority of what the game hasto offer, but not all. That game is quite good. You can play enough ofthe game to get a taste of it and still have some more to playafterwards.In fact, we’d go so far as to say that with the right approach, thefree version of the game offers just the right amount of gameplay andby the time you’ve seen everything it has to offer the majority ofplayers will already be getting bored with the whole game and will beready to forget about it completely.But, then there’s the other game; the one you have to pay for...

Alienware Aurora m9700 17-inch Notebook @ thetechlounge.com
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When I think laptop, I think portable computing. I want to be able tocheck some mail, sync some music, and basically, go a long time out of thehouse without worrying about where I'm going to find a free outlet. I'malso the sort who uses a laptop for work, not games, and would rather spendmy gaming budget on a capable desktop. But I understand wanting a laptopthat can game, I've done the LAN party deal for posterity. I alsounderstand the appeal of the desktop replacement:a quiet computer thattakes up almost no space is something most everyone agrees with.

Technic3D/Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP @ technic3d.com
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The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP CPU Heatsink with a small Pri ce arrived Technic3D. The new silent Heatsink for Barebones or HTPC? S ee you in the following Review.

Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller and Power Meter @ pcper.com
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The ZM-MFC2 comes with four temperature probes. The cables arecolor coded and terminated onto a single row connector for easyinstallation. The temperature range for the ZM-MFC2 is advertised asmeasuring from -9=B0C to 99=B0C, which is very good and should meet the needs ofmost avid PC enthusiasts, even if you are using some form of active coolingto get temperatures down below ambient (or below freezing:) Surprisingly,the temperature display only reads out in =B0C and can not be switched to readin =B0F.

Writing for the LCD:FPS games @ bit-tech.net
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One thing which is constantly interesting about thefirst-personperspective is how prominent it is in games compared to movies andwritten stories. In games, practically every other title is a FPS gameand almost all of the major releases for the last five years have usedthe FPS template in some way, from Half-Life 2 and Preyto the upcoming Haze and Crysis, yet in cinema thereare hardly any movies which harness a first-person view and the onlyones in recent memory are The Blair Witch Project and Doom,the latter of which doesn't really count in our opinion since it justcopies the game. In books however the first-person perspective is more commonly used,though not a majority, so it seems odd that it's so prevalent in moderngaming culture.The reason for this is most likely that games are an interactive mediumand therefore recognise that the first-person perspective is the mostnatural one to use when presenting an environment from the viewpoint ofa single character. Books and movies meanwhile choose generally toseize a third-person point of view as it frees them from the verydifficulties which Rob pointed out earlier on; a third-personperspective allows the writer of a book or movie the opportunity to cutaway to some off-screen action a lot more fluidly.

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It's always nice when a local company makes a big splash in theworld. CoolIT has done just that. Pretty much every tech blog and magazinearound couldn't get enough of their USB drink cooler. Then when theyreleased their Freezone and Eliminator coolers, they proved that they couldactually deliver a unique and very desirable high end product.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Performance Showcase @ hothardware.com
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=93It took a small voltage bump to 1.45V in the BIOS to hit 3.73GHz. Toachieve this, we raised the FSB to 466MHz and dropped the multiplier to X8.Once we hit our highest, stable clock speed, we were surprised how stablethings were even with a relatively low cost standard HSF cooler. We used anArtic Cooling Freezer 7 cooler to achieve these results.=94

World in Conflict Multiplayer beta impressions @ bit-tech.net
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Well, part of us is very excited. Very excited. The game looks not justawesome, but awesome to the max;the type of game which might make us use words like ‘rowdy’ and‘gnarly’ if we were cool surfer dudes. Instead, being tech geeks wehave to settle with saying that the volumetric smoke effects areawesome and the camera controls are both excellent and intuitive,allowing full and free-roaming control. Gameplay is excellent too, the perfect blend of small squad action,cooperative teamplay and edge-of-seat large scale battles. Units areexcellently priced and balanced so that gameplay never gets too oldand, while the unit selection is quite limited, there’s still plenty ofvariation there to keep us entertained.

Creative Sells ALchemy Audigy Edition @ ngohq.com
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It seems that Creative Labs is now selling ALchemy Audigy Edition for $9.99 (USD). Alchemy is a wrapper that converts DirectSound3D streams into OpenAL under Windows Vista. This project is available freely for Sound Blaster X-Fi owners. For unknown reasons Creative Labs has decided to sell this wrapper to Audigy owners. After some investigation, we have discovered that you do not actually need to buy ALchemy Audigy Edition to restore functions under Windows Vista and the Audigy/Live! Series. You can just download ALchemy for Sound Blaster X-Fi (it's available for free) and manually copy dsound.dll and dsound.ini to a supported title.

Coolit Systems Freezone CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Making a peltier cooling system from scratch is usually a veryexpensive and time consuming process, but CoolIT Systems has developed twocomplete peltier cooling systems called the Freezone and Eliminator to helpbridge this gap, and give enthusiasts and mainstream users alike a high-endcooling solution for their new dual and quad core computer systems.

[News] SunbeamTech Freezing Storm ATX Enclosure @ virtual-hideout.net
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In this review we get the chance to look over a new enclosure fromSunBeam Tech. This enclosure is named the Freezing Storm... Brrrrrr! Theenclosure comes in Silver and Black and has a windowed panel. Some of thefeatures include the Double Core-Fan design and tool free installation. Thisfeature makes install a breeze and speaking of breeze, the internal fansshould keep things on the cool side.

Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer soundcard @ bit-tech.net
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For around £62 (inc. VAT), (or £56 if you are a regularcontributor in our community and qualify for free delivery with Scan)the Creative XtremeGamer is a serious bargain. You might be a bit waryof investing in a PCI card, but the slots should still be around inmotherboards for a few years yet, and it's a small investment comparedto shelling out £150-plus for the top models. It's Vista support isreally very good, although we'd still like Creative to include a taskbar icon like they do in Windows XP.Okay, you don't get the 64MB of X-RAM or I/O connector for expansion,but you still get a very capable card for entertainment, gaming andaudio creation. Some people would argue that on-board sound does thejob just fine, especially since many now offer the same extra Dolby andDTS that discrete cards use, but the sound quality of the XtremeGameris just head and shoulders over anything on-board.

Kingston HyperX KHX9600D2K2/2G DDR2 memory @ bit-tech.net
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For the priceyou simply cannot do better than the Kingston HyperXPC2-9600. So what if they run really hot? They do the job just finewith the right settings and they work perfectly well and even in excessof what they're rated at. You've also got a lifetime warranty and freetechnical support. They don't have EPP or look pimped out and they should ifyou're buying performance memory. But then again, there becomes a pointwhere you just forego all the extras and setting for the pure saving. They maybe not as absolutely fast as the equivalent speed Corsairmemory, but they certainly aren't slow, and for a few hundred notessaving I wouldn't complain. You're still buying a pair of sticks with agood brand, and it's a price we'd certainly pay.

Company of Heroes DirectX 10 comparison & performance @ bit-tech.net
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More importantly, we must give kudos to Relic for taking the time togive Company of Heroesfans a graphical update for free. It's incredibly hard to take aDirectX 9.0 game and successfully port it to DirectX 10 - there areundoubtedly a lot of features that the developers had to turn downbecause they would have required a complete engine overhaul. Given theamount of time we could imagine that taking, it wasn't worth it whenthere is essentially no financial return on the developer's time. Fromwhat we've been told though, there will be some more pronounced DirectX10 effects in the expansion pack which is coming later this year.

Arctic Cooling @ techpowerup.com
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Arctic Cooling is displaying some very unique cooling solutions. There is a new Accelero GPU cooler for today's high end cards like the R600, as well as the new Freezer. Both carry the Xtreme name tag. There are a few mainstream and low profile coolers as well as the first power supply present at the booth with high efficiency rating.

[News] OCZ 1GB 80x Secure Digital Dual Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
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With the OCZ SD Dual connection system, I no longer have to worry ifI have my card reader with me or if the closest computer has the propermedia slots. Instead, I just pop the top cover off and use a free USB porton the closest computer I can get a hold of. It definitely makes my lifeeasier, and it can for you as well

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones @ bluetomorrow.com
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Bluetooth stereo audio is one of the fastest growing Bluetooth applications and the second largest overall application in the Bluetooth arsenal, just behind hands free communication for cellular phones. As a result, Bluetooth stereo headphones and Bluetooth stereo headsets have become extremely popular among manufacturers and users alike.

Bluetooth Headsets @ bluetomorrow.com
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Bluetooth headsets offer a convenient wireless connection to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or computer. This hands-free capability allows users to access their cell phone to answer or make calls while leaving their hands free for driving. It also allows a user to walk freely about their office while dictating to a voice-activated word processing program in their PC. The freedom permitted by Bluetooth technology makes for a safer, more productive world, while still maintaining the pace we?ve become accustomed to.

Apevia X-QPack2 @ overclockersonline.net
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As good as the case may be, it's not 100% perfect. There's still thelittle QA/QC issue identified with the window that nags in the back of mymind. If you went with the windowless model, then you're home free. Aspectslike the removable motherboard tray, carrying case and multiple storagecapabilities make it a wonderful little case that should be on your list toconsider for mATX machines.

Catalyst 7.4 Vista OpenGL Performance Analysis @ ngohq.com
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There is nothing better then getting free performance boosts for our Radeon cards from the monthly Catalyst software updates. Every month we expect to see some new goods from AMD's finest software department. Sometimes our expectations are too high and we are left somewhat disappointed, and sometimes they manage to rock us all. Last month AMD has released Catalyst 7.4 and claimed that they had boosted its OpenGL performance on Windows Vista.With AMD's Catalyst 7.5 around the corner, and the hype around R600, we relaxed, sat back and tested the Catalyst 7.4 suite under Microsoft's new Vista operating system to investigate AMD's claims. Are they telling the truth? And if it's true =96 is it a pure performance improvement? or something we have to pay for by sacrificing image quality?Vista's OpenGL performance wasn't that impressive when compared to Windows XP, same as DirectX, but it's getting better with every software update. Since Windows Vista is the future, and NVIDIA owned the DirectX 10 market; AMD had to pull something out their bag of goods to make this remain interesting.

3RSystem M-Station HT-1000 HTPC Chassis @ viperlair.com
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The case itself is very attractive to the eye, and designed to fit in with your existing A/V gear; something it manages with aplomb. Available in three colours, the silver model we chose fits in perfectly with its surroundings. Hardware installation needs to be thought out a little but there were no real 'gotchas' caused by the case itself. No sharp edges either, allowing for a pain free installation. The HT-1000 supports both ATX and mATX motherboards and has provision for a full ATX PSU, allowing you to build a high powered system, perhaps for some large screen gaming.

Nintendo DS Lite Impressions @ thinkgaming.org
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I know the DS lite has been out for a long while now, but I reallynever had the chance to play one for a long period of time. I'm not a realbig handheld gamer, more or less because I don't really travel that much andI'm not out a lot for me to have free time to play handhelds. Back inNovember I received a Sony PSP to review on ThinkComputers. I really likedit and thought it was really cool. I picked up a few games and it served mewell. Sad thing is I haven't touched it since my trip to Las Vegas inJanuary. Maybe it's the lack of good games, I mean there are a few goodgames (Lumines, GTA, etc), but you can only play those games so much. Soafter thinking about it I went ahead and sold my PSP and went out and got aNintendo DS Lite. I really could not justify having 2 handheld systems, andwith the announcement of Sim City and amazing screenshots from Zelda PhantomHourglass I had to get a DS Lite.

CoolIT Zreezone CPU Cooler @ hi-techreviews.com
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After having used some of the better water cooling systems on themarket it was quite evident that they were not able to handle the hot humiddays of summer. So when we spoke to the nice guys from CoolIT Systems atCES back in January we appeared to have found some devices that might beable to satisfy our summer heat problems. Today we are reviewing the CoolITFreezone CPU Cooler and I have to admit that after using it for about30-days we are totally blown away by the results . Come check them out foryourself.

Bluetooth iPod Adapters @ bluetomorrow.com
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Bluetooth iPod adapters end this reliance on wires for our music players. By connecting your Bluetooth iPod adapter to your player and the auxiliary input, you can receive seamless play and management of your music, wires-free. Depending on the Bluetooth iPod adapter you choose, it can be used in liaison with your iPod alone, with your wireless Bluetooth enabled headset or with your factory car stereo, making it possible to utilize your iPod in just about any setting.

Technic3D/Revoltec Freeze Tower @ technic3d.com
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The Revoltec Freeze Tower CPU Heatsink with a a small Price ar rived Technic3D. See you in the following Review the Freeze Tower agai nst others CPU Cooling.

Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 DDR2 Memory Kit @ bigbruin.com
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The Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 DDR2 Memory Kit performs great at its advertised speed of 1000MHz and fairly relaxed timings. Using more aggressive timings (4-4-4-12) allowed this memory to operated error-free up to 1075MHz, and changing the timings back to the default 5-5-5-15 allowed the memory to run stably at 1200MHz.

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 @ bluetomorrow.com
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Using Bluetooth wireless technology is a liberating experience. Having a mouse that is packed with additional features, adds a whole new level of freedom. The Presenter Mouse 8000?s small size makes it ideal for notebook use, but is also just as comfortable when used with desktop computers.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro @ pureoverclock.com
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=93The first cooler to grace our new review outline is the ArcticCooling Freezer 7 Pro. It's been around a while but it still has a greatdeal to offer. For starters, it's cheap (£16 at time of writing), whichmeans it's a no brainer - if it performs admirably you have no choice but toget one!=94

Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones @ bluetomorrow.com
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Fremont, Calif.-based Logitech Inc. is clearly going after the mobile iPod user with its FreePulse Wireless Headphones, but its Bluetooth-enabled stereo headphones work with any device that has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

HD DVD and Blu-ray Ripping Guide - HDCP free HD content @ tweaktown.com
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It’s really quite amazing how quickly Advanced Access Content System (AACS - HD content protection for HD DVD and Blu-ray discs) got defeated, especially considering how much money the industry and Hollywood movie studios putting into protecting their HD movie content.It might not be a hack like regular DVD decryption DeCSS, but it seems very unlikely that this workaround will ever stop working as it means that all current HD DVD and Blu-ray players would either need a firmware upgrade or become obsolete when it comes to playing newer movies.

Cool IT Systems @ techpowerup.com
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Cool IT Systems is showing off their three TEC based liquid cooling systems. These are pre-assembled, pre-filled, maintenance free & high performance liquid cooling systems. This must be the most interesting cooling solution at CeBIT this year. They have teamed up with Silverstone and are showing up a large TEC based cooler which can handle anything you could throw at it.

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard @ techpowerup.com
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Saitek's Eclipse II keyboard is the successor of the Eclipse. It features three different backlight colors and some very comfortable keys for stress and pain free gaming. The layout looks a bit futuristic, while keeping the size and weight at the same level as normal keyboards. We light it up and try it out with gaming and every day work and let you know how it fares.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ gideontech.com
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Having the fan pull the hot air right off of the back of my video card certainly isn't going to give me the best cooling. If I turned it around 180 degrees, I'd be pulling hot air from the top of the case (remember, hot air rises) and off the PSU. Therefore, I decided to change things around a bit. First I removed the screw holding the mounting bracket tension lock on, and then everything comes apart easily.

[News] GIGABYTE 3D Rocket II CPU Cooler @ virtual-hideout.net
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CPU coolers come and CPU coolers go, but only a select few reallyleave an impression on us. The GIGABYTE 3D Rocket II is one of those bigimpression makers. The Dual Rocket Airflow Design Fan Duct provides betterperformance and a silent environment. The 3D Rocket II may not be the firstto use 2 fans on a CPU cooling device, but it's the first one that I know ofthat uses one of its fans to blow air down over the CPU and surroundingcomponents. The cooler itself consists of 4 heatpipes, a copper base, andlarge aluminum fins, along with a Linear fan speed control that can mount ina free PCI bracket or upfront in a 3.5

EVGA e-GeForce GTS 320MB Superclocked @ nvnews.net
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In this review we examine the performance of the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB against the 512MB GeForce 7900 GTX in order to determine the areas where less video memory has an impact on performance. Armed with the freeware utility program VidMemWatcher, we were able to determine the memory requirements in the games we tested. After the results were tallied we found that under certain conditions, the e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked graphics card could be a diamond in the rough.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro @ gideontech.com
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In the included instructions it says that the surface was milled down specifically to work with their thermal grease for the best performance. Well, I don't know if that's true, but I'm always willing to give things a try, instead of cleaning the goop off the heatsink, I installed it as is. Don't worry though, I still plan to remove it and test again with the benchmark AS5.

SunbeamTech Freezing Storm @ pro-clockers.com
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Sunbeam has bee offer well made PC accessories for the budget mindedcomputer enthusiast and modders for some time now, offering everything fromcomputer chassis all the way down to case fans and just about everythingin-between. Today we are going t be looking at one of their newer offeringsin their computer chassis line, the Freezing Storm. The Freezing Storm isbased on the same basic chassis design as Sunbeam Techs Silent Storm, butwith a new front bezel design that allows much better air flow through thecase, thus the name

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones @ modders-inc.com
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One of the main issues a person will find with an MP3 / iPodRplayer is the cord that always finds a way to get caught on something. Withthe latest headphone from Logitech that is no longer an issue. The LogitechFreePulse Wireless Headphones allow you to have even more flexibility with arange of up to 33 feet and battery life that lasts up to 6 hours.

Linksys iPhone CIT300 Dual-Mode Skype Phone @ thetechlounge.com
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The product we'll be taking a look at today is the iPhone CIT300 from Linksys. This isn't just your simple everyday cordless phonethough, because not only does it support your typical landline connection, but it's also compatible with Skype. If you're notfamiliar with Skype, it's simply a Voice Over IP (VoIP) service that allows you to talk to other Skype users on the computer forfree. The catch is that you both need to be at your computer in order to talk, using a microphone and speaker/headphone combinationor a headset of some sort. While it's great that you can make free PC-to-PC

DFI LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G ed @ bit-tech.net
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DFI's LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G is mostly a motherboard forenthusiasts that want to get serious about overclocking. It's for thoseof you that took stuff apart as a child, then played with those bitsforlonger than they had when the toy / remote / Dad's new phone was in onepiece. For around £180 including VAT,the ICFX3200 T2R/G requires some serious investment, especially giventhat the heavily overclockable P965 boards top out at around the £140mark and the promising nForce 650i boards are even cheaper. However,it's still cheaper than most of the problem-free nForce 680i SLI mobosthat are £200+. In that respect, the board falls into a bit of niche, where it's stillan expensive motherboard (even more so considering it's the UT versionthat comes with a meagre bundle), but it's still not as serious of aninvestment as some boards on the market. So yeah, it's just like aFerrari.

Lunch @ thinkcomputers.org
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Lunch@Piero's is another great press event that takes place during CES. It actually gives us members of the press time torelax and get a free meal too! Piero's restaurant is located right across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center so it isreally convenient for Press to walk right over. It is a really cool environment with half of the restaurant reserved for eating andthe other half is setup with small booth's showing some great new technology from many different companies. So let's see what all wesaw at Luch@Piero's!

Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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To kick off the year, we're giving away three Notepal P1s. The entry form is really easy so don't miss this opportunity for a nice freebie!

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Recently, Niko had a chance to review the CoolIT Freezone CPU cooler and was impressed with its performance but not without some reservations. CoolIT sent us another one of the CPU cooler products, the Eliminator CPU cooler, which has a similar design yet is also geared towards

Data Backup Guide – Online and Hardware Solutions Examined @ tweaktown.com
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After reading a newspaper article recently, we discovered there are plenty of online backup sites which will store your data for you on their servers – some free and some are paid services. There are also more expensive hardware backup solutions, such as the Freedom9 freeStor 4020, which we will be taking a closer look at today in this guide. These types of devices are designed more for SOHO and business users but if your data is important to you, it is money well spent no matter who you are. We’ll also look at some cheaper alternatives if you don’t wish to spend as much money.Let’s change those backup percentage figures – today we’ll give you a rundown of those online backup services, the hardware solutions and generally good practices in preventing data loss through measures such as using RAID arrays with redundancy, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software.

Counterattacking Cold Calls @ hardwaresecrets.com
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I hate cold calls, simply because if I needed something from any company, I would call them. Last Saturday morning I got a call from someone offering me a free checking account at a certain bank. You know what? I would never open an account on a bank that allows their salespeople to annoy me on a Saturday morning. The worst case that happened with me was a few months ago:a lady from the local phone company called me offering their ADSL service SEVEN times on the SAME day. She only stopped after my second phone call to their 800 number threatening to sue them. In fact, I blacklist companies that use telemarketing and never do business with these companies. If everybody did like this, they would stop using this annoying “technique”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? But I have a really terrific (and funny) way to counterattack cold calls.

CoolIT Freezone Liquid CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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When it comes to water-cooling a lot of us are clueless, not knowing what type of pump to get or what size tubing. That iswhy all-in-one systems are great, everything is there all in one piece and it usually is easy to use. Today I will be looking at theCoolIT Freezone all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. This system includes multiple TEC's that provide unique liquid chilling for superiorcooling performance. So let's see how well it performs and how easy it is for a first time water-cooling user like myself.

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC @ pcper.com
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The frame rate doesn't really go down, as the GPU is still renderingthe same number of frames, these freezes are caused by the game waiting onnetworking data from the server -- something the Killer NIC can help with.Even on the faster Core 2 Duo system, these

Our Christmas Wish List @ thinkcomputers.org
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Here at ThinkComputers we do not get everything for free. There are a lot of items that we wish we could get a chance totake a look at and review. So I have asked a few of my staff members to pick 5 items that they would like for Christmas. This mightgive you some ideas for someone on your Christmas list, or yourself! I have also included 5 items that I would like as well. Solet's see what is on our Christmas list's...

[News] CoolIT Freezone Liquid Cooling System @ virtual-hideout.net
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The CoolIT Freezone can cool so much better than any stock watercooling kit on the market. This unit is completely capable of cooling aprocessor, dual video cards, and chipset, AND any other blocks you want tothrow at it.

Holiday Gift Guide:Bluetooth Headsets Under $50 @ bluetomorrow.com
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With the holiday season here, many shoppers are lookingfor the perfect gift for their friends and family. Why not givethe gift of Bluetooth? Paired with a Bluetooth cell phone, aBluetooth headset offers the convenience and freedom ofhands-free communication.

Logitech X-540 Speakers @ xyzcomputing.com
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Chances are that you someone who has a nice computer but uses terrible speakers. You know, those cheap stereo speakers that come free with a purchase or you buy for $15 as an afterthought. Similarly, you probably know even more people who listen to their digital music through the speakers on their laptop. Some of these people don't care about their sound quality, others don't have the room for a speaker system, but too many of them simply think that they can't afford quality sound. Logitech is trying to change all of this with their X-540 speakers. This kit retails for $99 but packs in a considerable amount of features and functionality. This kit is not for audiophiles, but if you want solid sound at a reasonable price Logitech may have the product for you.

Coolit Freezone Watercooling Cpu cooler @ rbmods.com
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For a long time now watercooling has been an effective way of cooling down your computer and many have started using it. The problem is mainly that it's hard to maintain and also the trouble of installing it. Some have even added on Tec=B4s or peltiers as they are called to combine and get even better performance. Coolit has realized this and released their new Freezone cpu cooler that both have a watercooling setup and peltiers built in on the cooler. All you have to do is mount the waterblock on the cpu and mount the power cables and the system already has liquid and cables mounted. We are going to test this vs the well performing air cooler named Zalman CNPS AM2 to see what type of temperature difference we can see.

Hardware Secrets RSS Feed @ hardwaresecrets.com
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We finally implemented RSS Feed on Hardware Secrets, feature that allows you to know whenever we post something new on our website. You can also freely use our RSS Feeds to update your website automatically - i.e. instead of posting our headlines by hand, you can automate this process by creating a script on your website to read our XML file, and your website will be updated as soon as we update ours. We implemented two channels:

Netgear Skype WiFi Phone @ xyzcomputing.com
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The SPH101 Skype WiFi Phone is a basic device- it is a wireless mobile phone that allows you to connect to Skype in order to send and receive calls. In addition to being used as one would a normal phone, it can be used for free Skype communications, which is a like instant messaging though you can talk rather than type.

VoIP USB Skype Call Forward Box @ rbmods.com
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These days phone companies are starting to realize it's time for them to start putting some effort into providing cheap phonecalls through VOIP. The time has ended for having expensive phone lines and paying outrageous per-minute costs to call your relatives or friends. With todays software like Skype and MSN alot of people are able to connect within seconds to their relative or friend and have a free call going. To make it even easier comapanies have started to make VOIP phones and adapters so people can still move around in their house and use the VOIP service and today we are taking a look at a USB SKype call box that forwards the calls to your normal phone. How does it work? Lets check it out.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset @ thinkgaming.org
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Are you tired of that constantly nagging wire hanging from your headset to your wireless controller while playing on XboxLive? If so, Microsoft has an alternative for you with the official Xbox 360 wireless headset. But this wireless freedom comes witha steep price of around $59.99, so read on to find out if this headset is worth the cost.

Akasa integral P2 LAN 3.5" @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-08-06] (0 Comments)

The Akasa Integral P2 LAN is just one of many hard drive enclosures from Akasa. It looks quite sleek and solid, holds the hard drive well and comes with everything needed. Setting up the drive may not be as easy as other variants, but the software is bug free and easy to use. You can even use up to eight of these units to build a RAID setup.

Silverstone EB01 - USB Digital to Analogue Converter @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

The results, though subjective as audio is, are pretty good. TheEB-01 seems to give a warmer sound than the onboard audio. Basically I thinkthis does what it is designed to and that's give the user a good solidquality output to send to a home system. I have doubts those of you withquality aftermarket sound cards would need this, but it ideal for thebudding DJ or amateur music producer that wants a good solid noise freeconnection to output through. There is no audible noise / hiss, no power onthump it just works. Other than that there really isn't anything I can say

Coolit Systems Peltier CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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If you have deep pockets and need or want a TEC based water-chillerthat can provide sub-ambient cooling then the Freezone CPU Cooler deserves avery close look. The Freezone offers excellent potential for overclockerswho don't mind a little fan noise and if you don't have the luxury ofair-conditioning in a hot climate, the Freezone can handle extremely warmenvironments much better than a traditional HSF or water-cooling systemcan.

Samsung's Blu-Ray Gambit @ ukgamer.com
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Sadly it does seem that content will be the problem for early adopters. Most journalists I spoke to were unimpressed with the picture quality and it was clear on most of the titles we saw there was a lot of noise in the picture, visible even from a distance. In some freeze frame shots you clearly see heavy colour compression too. However this wasn't present on all demonstrations and one really showed that if it was done right, the picture quality of Blu-Ray is certainly impressive.

C.O.D. is giving away a bunch of free STUFF! @ forums.computingondemand.com
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It is that time again when we at C.O.D. will give some free stuff.What do we have in store this month? THIS IS AN NOW AN OFFICIAL PRIZEPOSTING. The drawing date IS NOW NOVEMBER 21, 2006

Cooler Master Mystique 631 @ thinkcomputers.org
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Cooler Master is well known in the DIY and enthusiast realms for combining great function with sleek, stylish looks. WhileCooler Master has been selling Power Supplies and other cooling products they seem to be really diving into the case market latelyproviding some really nice looking cases aimed at a more mature crowd and offering them at a great price. Today we will be taking alook at the Cooler Master Mystique 631 which offers some really great features such as a tool free design at a great price.

OCZ Cryo-Z CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Cryo-Z is literally a freezer to refrigerate your CPU, allowing you to achieve a very high overclocking level. It will be released only by the end of October, but we had the chance of taking a look on it.

Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones @ thinkcomputers.org
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Razer is known for making gaming products, more specifically mice, so going into the audio market is a new venture for them.They start off this new venture with 2 products; the AC-1 sound card and the HP-1 gaming headphones. We are going to be taking alook at the HP-1 headphones today. These headphones feature eight discrete audio drivers, a built-in microphone and a 99%oxygen-free cable. Let's see if these headphones can compete with the other popular gaming headphones out there and Razer can make aname for themselves in the audio market.

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 @ gideontech.com
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Since Microsoft was freely giving away Beta 2 copies of Windows Vista a couple of weeks ago, I decided to pick up a copy of the 32bit and 64bit DVDs. They are actually not hard to get. You just needed to answers a few questions from their quiz and wait a week or two for them to ship it.

[NippyChips] Use an .img file for a Hard Drive with Vmware @ nippychips.com
[Sep-03-06] (0 Comments)

Have you ever wanted to ghost your Vmware Image, but didn't want to take the time to ghost it, or didn't even have enough space due to restrictions set on your virtual drive. Well if you have an .img file set as your hard drive you can use a program called DD to copy it to a partition on your physical H.D.D. And best of all there's no need for a ghost program, no lag, and it's all free.

Sansun Galaxy Midi Tower Chassis @ techniz.co.uk
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The Galaxy Chassis from Sansun is a very stylish case and available inblack and silver color. The size of the Galaxy Chassis is a midi towercase. The case itself has a lot of great feature such as the tool freedesign for the PCI slot, the LCD display panel and also the huge 250mmcooling fan. Furthermore, the Galaxy Chassis comes with four case fans,and the left side of chassis is equipped with dual USB2.0, IEEE1394Firewire, audio & speaker ports. Beside that, the side panel is a veryunique shaped of honey comb design...

Cooler Master Centurion 534 Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-18-06] (0 Comments)

This is a case that many websites have reviewed. While we haven't had the chance of reviewing it, there have been many great words said about this box. For one thing, having this for your next AM2 or Conroe rig wouldn't be a bad thing, especially when it's free!

Zalman CNPS8000 @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-15-06] (0 Comments)

With its four heatpipes, numerous fins, and a large 92mm fan, Zalman's CNPS8000 is a full-size cooler disguised as a small one. At less than half the height, its performance matches even the legendary Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro! In the end, the CNPS8000 pulls itself together thanks to its awesome performance, quiet operation, and Zalman's good name.

Revoltec Hard Drive Freezer @ thinkcomputers.org
[Aug-06-06] (0 Comments)

If you've been paying attention you will know that this is the third in a series of four reviews of Revoltec products.Thanks to our friends at Bluegears who are the official US supplier/distributor for sending these products to me for review. Anyway,today for review I have the Revoltec Hard Drive Freezer; I have found that it not only looks really cool it performs pretty nicelytoo!

Cooler Master XCraft @ techpowerup.com
[Jul-29-06] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master enters the external hard drive enclosure market with their X-Craft series. Just like their cases, the X-Craft is very sturdy and once again does not disappoint. Everything from the tool-free design down to the extra USB/Firewire connectors and great looks make it a joy to use. The performance for both Firewire and USB is just as expected and the backup software, albeit very simple, gets the job done.

Bluetooth Car Stereos are a Growing Trend @ bluetomorrow.com
[Jul-20-06] (0 Comments)

By utilizing Bluetooth technology in their car stereos, manufacturersare providing drivers with a convenient, hands-free method to communicate overtheir mobile phones. It also gives drivers the ability to wirelessly streammusic from Bluetooth enabled MP3 players and other audio players

Revoltec Lightboard Advance and ThermoEye Temp LCD @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-14-06] (0 Comments)

Today, we will have a two part review from a newcomer to the USAmarket but not new to the game. Revoltec is a German that is being enteredinto our market and computer lives thorough BlueGears. BlueGears is acompany that is also pretty much new as well, but has introduced us to somevery interesting cooling products as well as some Hi-Fi sound cards. We willbe reviewing the Lightboard Aboard keyboard and the ThermoEye Temp LCDdisplay today. And tomorrow showing you two types of HDD cooling devices,the Silencer and Freezer Black Edition.

World of Warcraft + 60 days free play @ techdomain.com.au
[Jul-12-06] (0 Comments)

TechDomain is pleased to announce our newest giveaway. Thanks to the kindness of one of our members, we have the opportunity to giveaway a copy of the popular mmorpg game World of Warcraft, as well as a 60 day free play card (any subsequent subscription will be at the expense of the winner). World of Warcraft is the most popular mmorpg in the world today, with over 6 million active subscriptions!

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion @ lanaddict.com
[Jul-11-06] (0 Comments)

After spending 80 hours playing through the entire main quest of Oblivion, I have to say that I am very pleased. Not only with the game itself, which I found to be an incredible experience very much on par with Morrowind and its expansions, but also with the Xbox 360 as a gaming platform. I found the control scheme very user friendly and the controller itself quite easy to get used to handling. I did experience a few heat-related freezes after playing for six or eight hours, but nothing that a little break didn\'t solve.

Oblivion on the Xbox 360 @ lanaddict.com
[Jul-10-06] (0 Comments)

After spending 80 hours playing through the entire main quest of Oblivion, I have to say that I am very pleased. Not only with the game itself, which I found to be an incredible experience very much on par with Morrowind and its expansions, but also with the Xbox 360 as a gaming platform. I found the control scheme very user friendly and the controller itself quite easy to get used to handling. I did experience a few heat-related freezes after playing for six or eight hours, but nothing that a little break didn\'t solve.

OCZ Mini-Kart USB Flash Drive Giveaway @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jul-06-06] (0 Comments)

This OCZ Mini-Kart 1GB USB Flash Drive can be yours! This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere, so long as you are a member of the XYZ Computing Forums. Please feel free to stop by, join up, and engage in some lively and fun discussion. Entering just takes a few seconds.

Super Talent T800UX2GC4 @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-06-06] (0 Comments)

Super Talent has made a grand entrance here at Overclockers Online. The T800UX2GC4 entered the ring with high expectations and it didn't disappoint. The free boost up to 1000 MHz is one thing no one will complain about. The one downside, it didn't take long for me to literally kill the sticks.

Brando Skype USB Phone @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jul-05-06] (0 Comments)

Last week we reviewed Brando's optical USB mouse that has two USB ports on its USB input hub and it garnereda lot of attention. Similarly, when we reviewed Brando's SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 conversion cable it was featured on Gizmodo. So in continuing with more interesting product reviews we are taking a look at Brando's USB Skype Phone. This Skype phone can be purchased on Brando's site for $34USD which is about half the price of Linksys' wireless skype phone. This product is very attractive because of Skype's free Skype-out service for the USA and Canada until the end of this year. Unless, of course, you don't live in North America.

Bluetooth Headphones and Audio Adapters from ever-E @ atruereview.com
[Jun-11-06] (0 Comments)

There are many reasons why Bluetooth is a good choice as a mediumfor wireless stereo headphones. The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile(A2DP) of which Bluetooth wireless headphones use, delivers surprisinglygood audio quality. The roaming range of Bluetooth headphones from atransmitter is good (up to ~20 ft). Perhaps most importantly, becauseBluetooth technology has already achieved global acceptance, compatibilitybetween varying adapters and headphones is fairly high. The latter reasonis particularly important because it allows the possibility of portablemedia player manufacturers to incorporate Bluetooth into their devices;therefore, they can connect to any Bluetooth headphones sans an additionalexternal adapter. Such devices are already in the market. Almost all of thelatest cell phones that support Bluetooth as well as media playback(smartphone or not), can be paired with Bluetooth headphones for highfidelity wire-free music enjoyment.

Final Fantasy VII v ES4:Oblivion @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-09-06] (0 Comments)

It is a very linear game but if anything, compared to Oblivion, this linearity seems like FFVII's core strength... Strangely, FFVII's linearity means it coheres brilliantly. It all adds up. All the freedom technology affords a game like Oblivion makes it difficult =96 perhaps impossible =96 for the game to hang together. I liked Oblivion, I really did =96 but I liked it in moments; a cool fight here, a journey across a gorgeous mountain pass there =96 but the open-ended design means it just doesn't gel.

HIS X1300 IceQ Turbo and Dual DVI @ overclockersonline.com
[May-16-06] (0 Comments)

Without a doubt, both cards performed relatively well. The IceQ isalso a card not to overlook if you need a cheap card with ample performance.H.I.S. has once again come up with another diverse family. For anyone on atight budget, H.I.S. has you covered with a high performance budget card tothe fan free model ideal for the home theatre market.

Flicker Free Monitor @ auphanonline.com
[May-09-06] (0 Comments)

If you own a CRT monitor, you should make sure that the refresh rate of your monitor is set up properly so it does not flicker. Save your eyes and this guide will show you how to do it.

Cooler Master May 2006 Contest @ overclockersonline.com
[May-05-06] (0 Comments)

This month we're giving away Cooler Master's newest power supply -iGreen Power 430W! Everyone can use a free high efficiency power supply tocurb those rising electricity prices. The most important piece ofinformation for every contest is how to win. At Overclockers Online we liketo keep things simple. All you need to do is agree to the terms of thecontest and fill in a little ballot. That's it!

Epox 9U1697 GLI Motherboard - SLI Killer? @ pcper.com
[Apr-12-06] (0 Comments)

While the M1697 has not passed NVIDIA's SLI certification, the ULiengineers have gone ahead given the world a patch to enable it anyway. Sowith this patch, many of us hope to run a cheap SLI system, but getting SLIto run properly in the first place is tricky and no where is theinstallation procedure documented ... until now! I found that the order in which you install the software components matters.If done in the wrong sequence, you may encounter one of the followingproblems: no SLI option, have an SLI option but no performance increase, orfreeze on Windows boot-up with a 2nd video card installed.

The Future Of Handheld Gaming:GoForce 5500 @ legitreviews.com
[Apr-08-06] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA had their latest mobile graphics processor, the GoForce 5500, running a number of heavy 3d applications on an ARM11 development platform powered by one of Freescale’s i.MX31 applications processors . NVIDIA was able to run their GoForce 5500 on this platform and got Quake III Arena running between 28-35 frames per second at a VGA resolution of 1024x786. NVIDIA informed us if they ran the demo in XGA that the frames per second would decrease to around ~22FPS...

Alphacool Watercooling Starter Kit @ bit-tech.net
[Mar-30-06] (0 Comments)

The execution is very good albeit not free from flaws, however minor they may be. It is quite evident that the kit is literally assembled out of components available separately, to improve value and remove the confusion of starting to use water (what Radiator, fitting or tubing for example). If you are planning to use it in it's current state then we suggest you take a good look around before investing in it.If you are looking for the barebones for future upgrades then you couldn't go far wrong with the Alphacool Watercooling Starter Kit as its components can be easily interchanged or added to and quality is evident out of the box as soon as you lift the lid.

What if piracy stopped tomorrow? @ bit-tech.net
[Mar-18-06] (0 Comments)

Let's take a fairly typical Windows user who has merrily bypassed all countermeasures to prevent him stealing software - we'll call him Pete the Pirate. Pete runs Windows XP Professional - why bother with XP Home when you're not paying for it, even though 99.9% of private users won't need the extra features? Office 2003 is, of course, the de facto standard - who doesn't use Word and Excel these days? Again, free from the economical constraints of being legal, Pete installs Professional, just on the off chance he might need Access or Publisher (again, unlikely).Adobe Photoshop is no longer only used by graphic artists - millions worldwide use it every day to manage their digital camera photo collections and sites like beta.com have brought photo editing for comical purposes to the mainstream. Those with a conscience might opt for the cheaper, cut-down Photoshop Elements which still has more than enough functionality for most people, but Pete runs the full-fat Photoshop CS2, just because he can.

Cleaning Up Your Windows-Based PC @ hardwaresecrets.com
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A step-by-step guide on how to clean your PC for freeing up hard disk space and improving its performance.

Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case @ bigbruin.com
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The Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case was just reviewed here at Bigbruin.com and here is a chance for you to obtain one for FREE! Cooler Master and Big Bruin are teaming up to bring you a giveaway in March and this is a great opportunity to win this case!

SLI Patch @ NGOHQ @ ngohq.com
[Mar-02-06] (0 Comments)

A while back Asrock published a SLI enabling patch for their ULi chipset based motherboards that have two PCI-Express slots. Various rumors suggested that the patch would also function under other chipsets as well, and allow users with other chipsets to use SLI on their non-SLI motherboards. Unfortunately the original version of the patch installs only on ULi 1695/7 chipsets - you couldn't use it if you didn't have a motherboard with that particular chipset.We've managed to rip the installer and to create a modified version of the SLI patch that allows you to use it with EVERY motherboard. We couldn't do in-depth testing on other chipsets, but if the rumors are true then it should definitely work. Feel free to use it at your own risk, and please post the results in our forums. Remember, this is a modified version and is not supported by Asrock, ULi or Nvidia.

Fury-Tech Releases Newsfeeds - Free News For Your Site @ fury-tech.com
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Want the latest hardware, modding, and tech news on your web site in justtwo minutes? It's simple to add up-to-date hardware and tech news to yourweb site using Fury-Tech News. Our newsfeed takes only one line of code onyour web site, and delivers the latest news from Fury-Tech and our networkof reputable news affiliates.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ techgage.com
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Heat is your computers worst enemy, but luckily enoughthere are many cooling products to make use of. We are taking a look ata new CPU cooler which uses three heat pipes that can handle heat up to200w! Let's jump in and see how it compares to a few other S939 coolerson the market.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ overclockersonline.com
[Feb-19-06] (0 Comments)

All in all, I am very pleased with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.Unlike a few products out there, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is acooler that truly deserves its name. After all, how can a product have thewords

Globalsat BC-337 SiRF Star III GPS Receiver @ thinkcomputers.org
[Feb-15-06] (0 Comments)

Did you know that there are hundreds of satellites up there right now that are able to track your exact position? A lot ofthem are publicly accessible if you have the correct hardware to do it. Today I will be taking a look at a product that does justthat, it can be used for determining you latitude and longitude and also speed. This can be useful for lots of things, the mostobvious is not getting lost, the next would be for navigation, whether it be in your car or in the wilderness. For review today Ihave the BC-337 SiRF III GPS Receiver from GlobalSat, it is a tiny GPS receiver that utilizes any free compact flash slot on youPDA, laptop or even home computer.

i-PHONO mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone @ bluetomorrow.com
[Feb-15-06] (0 Comments)

The Bluetake i-PHONO mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone has set the bar forwireless stereo headphones. Because of its comfort, superb sound quality andthe simple fact that it allows you to listen to stereo music while being ableto move about freely, we feel the i-PHONO mini is a definite hit.

World-exclusive:Thermaltake Eureka @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-07-06] (0 Comments)

Thermaltake is making a variety of products for computer enthusiasts:cases, coolers, power supplies, water cooling and other accessories. The Thermaltake Eureka is their latest full-tower case. It has a solid front door and is made from all aluminum with a brushed metal look. Sliding drive rails and tool free drive cages make installation easy. A removable motherboard tray completes the feature set of this high-end case.

:Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP Widescreen LCD Display @ hexus.net
[Jan-31-06] (0 Comments)

Launched a few days into 2006, The Dell 3007WFP matchesApple's 30-inch, ultra-high resolution display but undercuts theApple's price by around £300. £1471 (yes, it's a lot of money)currently buys you Dell's flagship TFT. We bought (see, reviewwebsites don't all receive free kit) one directly from Dell, to seeif it could displace our 2405FPW as our monitor of choice. Read on tofind out if it does.

Jackson Armor Card @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jan-31-06] (0 Comments)

There seems to be a new virus popping up all the time, sometimes I think that my Anti-Virus software won't be able to keepup. AV software is also sometimes bypassed by viruses, making your system vulnerable to attack. There is a way to protect your selfthat does not involve software; it is through hardware such as what I have today from Jackson Armor. It is called the Armor Card; itis impervious to attack by viruses as it runs outside of your operating system. It easily plugs into a free PCI slot on yourmotherboard and is setup before your OS boots. It also protects CMOS and BIOS settings as well from attack.

Diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1 Sound Card @ pcper.com
[Jan-30-06] (0 Comments)

The major feature of the Xtreme Sound 7.1 with Dolby Digital Live isobviously the DDL 5.1 support. This feature is great for music and movies asthe upsampling of non-5.1 sources is excellent and the use of opticalinterconnects makes wiring a breeze. For gamers with 7.1 speakers shouldprobably use the analog connections and not use DDL as it only supports 5.1channels. So you will lose any effects that would have been produced on yourrear speakers would be lost. If you play games on 5.1 speakers (which is amajority) you should feel free in using them if your speakers support DolbyDigital.

SPAMfighter 4.3.0 @ ngohq.com
[Jan-27-06] (0 Comments)

Without doubt spam is one of the most annoying things associated with the Internet. For some people, say me for example, it has become Internet public enemy #1. Even viruses are being distributed via Email as spam, and avoiding this blight on the Web can be very difficult. I tried many mail server based anti-spam plugins and applications, some of which weren't the most user-friendly, but almost nothing has been able to prevent spam 100%. Today I was desperate and began to try yet another free client spam filter hoping that this may bring some better results.

A look @ techgage.com
[Jan-26-06] (0 Comments)

Do you like the simplicity of Notepad, but want thesecurity ofSteganos? That's where LockNote comes in to play, which protects yourtext with 256-Bit encryption. This is also the very first Steganosproduct to be labeled as freeware, and it's even open source!

Cooler Master Give Away Reminder @ overclockersonline.com
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Our grand prize for the month is a Centurion Micro ATX 541 chassis.All you need to do to enter is fill out a very simple form. After thecontest, we'll draw the winner and someone walks away with a free case!Contest ends at the end of the month!

info and interview @ bit-tech.net
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It's called the 'halo effect':make a lot of noise about a highly desirable, range-topping product and get customers interested. It doesn't matter than 99% of them go home with a lesser model - there is usually a greater profit margin in the low and mid-range products than the top-of-the-range. Capture their hearts with the 2.0 litre turbo Focus RS and they go home with the 1.4 litre and some free floor matts, happy that their new car looks a bit like the one zooming around snow-laden forests in the World Rally Championship.

:Streaming DivX through the Xbox 360 @ gaming.hexus.net
[Jan-18-06] (0 Comments)

This is not a mod solution or an Xbox 360 hack. This workspurely using the extensibility points of Media Center and freelyavailable tools from MS. i.e. no warranties will be voided and, whenVista MCE comes out, we'll be able to radically improve this. Aren'tAPIs wonderful?

ASYS Freedom Case @ techgage.com
[Jan-16-06] (0 Comments)

ASYS is a newcomer in the computer tower market, buttheir Freedom caseis a great way to make a name for themselves. It's packed withfunctionality and very well built. Let's take a look and see if it haswhat it takes to battle with the big boys.

Corsair Flash Voyager 1GB @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-07-06] (0 Comments)

The Corsair FlashVoyager USB Sticks are well known for their ruggedness. During our testing we boil and freeze the USB stick, put it into the dish washer and run over it with a car, more testing happens in the toaster and in the washing machine, and we finally managed to break it. Not only can the stick take a lot of beating but the transfer speeds are also among the fastest.

Corsair TwinX2048-4000PT @ rbmods.com
[Dec-27-05] (0 Comments)

Tonight we have a 2gb memory kit called Twinx2048-4000PT from Corsair. This is a sample from their popular Twinx series and we were able to get a 2gb sample to see how it performs. With todays more demanding games and software people are starting to buy more memory to be able to run a lag free computer. We reviewed a 2gb kit from OCZ a week back and we will compare this to todays Corsair kit both in overclocking and benchmarking.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ techpowerup.com
[Dec-24-05] (0 Comments)

Artic Cooling is famous for their video card coolers, but they offer more. The Freezer 64 Pro is the latest addition to their CPU coolers. Clever routing of airflow cools the motherboard voltage circuitry. Another good idea is that the fan is mounted on rubber posts which absorb any vibration caused by the fan. During our testing we learn that the Freezer 64 Pro can not only deliver solid cooling performance but does so without creating a lot of noise.

ATI's Avivo @ bit-tech.net
[Dec-20-05] (0 Comments)

To enable this, ATI are releasing a free H.264 software decoder module in association with Cyberlink. This module plugs into Windows Media Center to let you play back content through that application. Because of the immense processing power required by H.264 video decoding, the different X1000 cards are only able to process certain resolutions. The X1300 can handle 480p and 576p content - basically, standard definition. The X1600 can manage 720p, which is the wide standard for high definition, and is what European and American HDTV broadcasts use. X1800 can manage the highest of high-definition, 1080p. ATI stressed to us that this isn't an 'artificial / marketing' limitation - the power is directly proportional to the pixel pipelines in each card.

Bigbruin.com : Raidmax Sagitta ATX Gaming Case @ bigbruin.com
[Dec-14-05] (0 Comments)

This case offered one of the easiest installations I have ever comp leted. The unique design of the tool free setup holds drives in place bet ter than any I have seen. The hard drive bay is turned 90 degrees to ease installation, and as seen previously, the motherboard tray comes out of th e case to simplify that step.

Vantec NexStar GX external IDE hard drive enclosure . @ a1-electronics.net
[Dec-13-05] (0 Comments)

And we like the way we can put things on this Vantec NexStar GX like a telephone which helps to keeps our desks clutter free. The metallic grey colour we found also goes well and almost seems to change colour depending on the amount of light hitting it.

Dreamhack 2005 show report @ bit-tech.net
[Dec-13-05] (0 Comments)

The Dremel wasn't out of Micke's hand for long. In fact, he told me he managed to smoke just four cigarettes all weekend - a testament to just how busy he was, since he normally smokes at least a pack a day! Here you can see his Dremel rig that allows him complete freedom when engraving. What you can't see is the intravenous drip in his left arm feeding him Red Bull to keep him going. On the right is a World of Warcraft Tauren.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ pureoverclock.com
[Dec-12-05] (0 Comments)

The results clearly show the Freezer 64 Pro to be one of the bestcoolers on the market for noise/performance. It's impressive to see ithandle the overclock without dipping into unsafe temperatures. I'll also addhere that this is the quietest cooler I've ever used.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 cpu cooler @ rbmods.com
[Dec-06-05] (0 Comments)

We checked Today I'll be taking a look at Arctic Coolings new Freezer 64 Pro, with revisions over the Freezer 64 promising better cooling with even less noise. How will the new version fair up to the much bigger and more expensive CNPS7000 from Zalman. Stick around, let's see exactly how well it fairs.

HardwareHell Christmas Contest @ hardware.gamershell.com
[Dec-04-05] (0 Comments)

It's Christmas time, and we have lots of prizes for you to snag a way from us at HardwareHell! We're giving away:Saitek's A250 Anywhere Sp eaker (Wireless 2.1 speaker system), Saitek X52 Digital Flight Control S ystem, StealthSurfer 2.0, Coolermaster Stacker 810, Ammo 533, RealPower 5 50 and Hyper6 HSF! Moreover, we will announce our RAM and VGA card prizes soon enough, so ma ke sure you come over and get yourself some free gear!

Asys Freedom Tower Series (CK-1022-5) Eiffel Tower @ thinkcomputers.org
[Dec-02-05] (0 Comments)

Today for review I have something I think is very cool, and has now become my favorite case of all time. Asys is a newsponsor to ThinkComputers, this is our first review for them. I received from them what they consider a Super Tower or Entry LevelServer PC Case from their Freedom Tower series called the Eiffel Tower. This case has so many features, and is just so well built Iwas amazed by it, truly amazed at the fact that they are not more popular. The quality of this case can easily be considered thebest of every case that I have reviewed and owned thus far. Let's get into the review and you can see why I am so excited about it.

Das Keyboard @ velocityreviews.com
[Nov-28-05] (0 Comments)

Every computer has a keyboard. Most people choose to use the free one that came with their system. Others are buying keyboards with flashy features, but the Das Keyboard does not try to lure consumers in with those features, extra buttons, or cool lighting. Instead, its main selling point is its lack of a certain feature that everyone has come to expect from their keyboard. This keyboard has no characters printed on its keys.

MIPS RAM Freezer @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-21-05] (0 Comments)

MIPS Computer is a manufacturer of specialized high-performance water cooling solutions for overclockers. Their products offer excellent build quality made in Germany. This time we test the RAM Freezer which is a water cooling device for DDR1/DDR2 memory. We saw great testing results with Winbond UTT, Samsung TCCD and Winbond BH-5 memory - up to 25 MHz faster without any additional fan noise is very impressive.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro @ insanetek.com
[Nov-15-05] (0 Comments)

Arctic Cooling is currently dominating the GPU aircooling category, but how do they hold up in the CPU area? The new Freezer 7 Procomes with some new features and improved performance, with drawbacks of course.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Intel Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-14-05] (0 Comments)

Last week we reviewed the Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC. A goodlittle cooler with some great potential for the AMD platform. Today we haveArctic Cooling's newest cooler for the Intel platform. The Freezer 7 Pro.Equipped with another Arctic Cooling patent pending fan and copper heatpipes. We all know that A. C. is known for quiet and well performing coolingsolutions. Let's see if the Freezer 7 Pro lives up to the reputation.

Data Recovery Myths @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Nov-12-05] (0 Comments)

Have you ever heard about freezing the hard drive, opening it on a bathroom full of steam or swapping its logic board in order to revive a dead hard drive? These are just a few of the several data recovery myths we have debunked in this tutorial.

Thermaltake Venus 12 Athlon64 Heatsink @ frostytech.com
[Nov-10-05] (0 Comments)

The Thermaltake Venus 12 is a high powered AMD Athlon64 heatsink compatible with socket 754/939/940 processors. The heatsink is completely made of copper components, and utilizes 5500RPM Everflow fan which moves upwards of 72CFM at full speed. The 760 gram heatsink is heavy, but its tool-free clip mechanism locks onto all three tabs of the K8 retention frame solidly. The Thermaltake Venus 12 heatsink comes with two different fan speed controllers, one on a PCI slot bracket and the other in an aluminum 3.5

Cooler Master Contest @ insanetek.com
[Nov-03-05] (0 Comments)

Cooler Master has teamed up with InsaneTek to bring another great contest with free goodies. Hurry up on check it out before it'stoo late.

VOIP the latest hype or actually the future? @ rbmods.com
[Oct-19-05] (0 Comments)

We all hear about Voip here and Voip there but what does it really stand for? Voip stands for 'Voice over Internet control' which basically means the phone over the internet. We have seen Skype, MSN, etc. come onto the market with the marketing slogan, 'call free over the internet.' But is it really free?

Corsair Flash Media:40X CF & 60X SD @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-05-05] (0 Comments)

Corsair has certainly done an excellent job in entering the FlashMemory market by offering an abundance of choice. Both products live up totheir expectations and even exceed them. The 40X CF certainly impressed mewith the full 1006 MB capacity, a rare find in most storage products, but itdoes come at a cost slightly more than your typical 40X card. What you doend up buying is a brand many enthusiasts trust. The 60X SD is pricedslightly higher than some other brands, but still well below the brand nameslike Lexar or SanDisk. You could even get a 1 GB 133X SD and a free 128 MBFlash Voyager for less than the cost of comparable Lexar and SanDiskproducts!

The Future of Voice Communication @ bonafidereviews.com
[Sep-27-05] (0 Comments)

Can you see the vision? Johnny walking down the street with his new Skype[ish]-watch built with a tiny mic and speaker/headphone jack. He just bought Halo 6 and wants to tell his friend Billy all about it. So he dials up Billy and while he’s waiting to connect he hears a short ad for the soon to be released Xbox 720. Of course this ad was targeted due to his personal information stating him as a 17 year old male with an interest in electionics and video games. Once the ad is done he is connected to Billy on Billy’s tiny palm-sized Skype[ish] phone talking freely at will with high quality sound and perfect clarity.

Free Cash Giveaway @ aseforums.com
[Sep-24-05] (0 Comments)

First Prize:$100 + TJP Signed CD + Poster Size Safe Mode Frame (Your Choice)Second Prize:$50 + TJP Signed CDThird Prize:TJP Signed CDEntering the contest is as simple as replying to this thread. You will want to read the contest rules to find out how to get more entries thrown in the drawing by posting stuff at ASEville.

Epox 5NVA+ SLI NF4 Intel Edition Motherboard @ pcstats.com
[Sep-15-05] (0 Comments)

Motherboards like the Epox 5NVA+ SLI support Socket 775 Pentium 4/D/Extreme Edition as well as Celeron D processors. The four DIMM slots can accommodate up to 8GB of unbuffered non ECC DDR2 memory running at 400/533/667 MHz, while operating in dual channel mode with 1.8V. Epox also bundles a few on board goodies with the board such as Gigabit LAN, a 7.1 audio controller, IEEE 1394 and my personal favorite a Port 80 diagnostics card. If you need something the motherboard does not support, there are two free PCI Express x1 slots (three if you count the second PCI Express x16 slot when only running one videocard) and two open 32 bit PCI slots for legacy hardware. Of course, we must not overlook the two PCI Express x16 slots which will support SLI set-ups with the appropriate videocards either!

HEXUS.gaming Inteview::Marko Hein, Nintendo @ gaming.hexus.net
[Sep-03-05] (0 Comments)

What is revolutionary about Nintendogs is the controlinterface=85 It really is hands-free, using real voice recognition.When you first choose a dog from all the breeds available, you usethe touch screen to pet it and stroke it, and while you're doingthis, the game prompts you to give your dog a name. You can call itanything and the game will ask you a few times to repeat the name, soit records your voice and the sound to then associate that sound withthe dog's name=85 After while you'll be able to open up the DS, turnthe game on and call your dog, who'll then come over. You caninteract with your dog purely by using your voice without even havingto have the DS in your hands=85

High Power 480w Power Supply Giveaway! @ thinkcomputers.org
[Aug-18-05] (0 Comments)

That's right everyone time for some more free stuff!! This time it'sa High Power 480w Power Supply! All you do is have to is be an activemember of our forums with 5 post and your entered into the giveaway! After 2weeks we will pick a winner, good luck!

ABIT AN8-SLI nForce4-SLI Motherboard @ pcstats.com
[Aug-18-05] (0 Comments)

With no loyalties, we're free to openly jump between platforms and manufacturers, sometimes to the dismay of brand-fans, in search of faster speeds that bring better performance. Before the ABIT AN8-SLI was released, rumors flourished that it would challenge the DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR for top spot, so you can be sure that this review is going to be an exciting one as we try to settle that question. Call it an ABIT vs. DFI battle royal if you will. Based on the nVidia nForce4 SLI chipset, the ABIT AN8-SLI supports AMD Athlon64/FX/X2 processors and includes a Port 80 diagnostics card and of course the ABIT Q-OTES chipset cooling solution.

New at Moditory.com:Dustproof AcoustiFan @ moditory.com
[Aug-07-05] (0 Comments)

When it comes to cooling solutions, most people still use airfor their PC's. Air is cheap (free most places), you can buy silent fansto avoid any overly noisy fans, and you won't spend a ton of money. You'llstill have to deal with dust though. Filters can only help so much. We'veall opened up a case an seen the results of what could've been a nucleardust bunny. After some cleaning, it looks good as new and will stay thatway, at least for a little while. But when looking closely at your fans,the innards are usually exposed by a small space around the core of thefan, allowing for dust and other airborne hoodlums to penetrate into yourfan and accumulate somewhere that you can't clean off. This ingestion ofdust can also shorten the life of the fan as it may interfere withinternal components. This is why Acousti Products created their newDustproof fan. It's even quieter than their normal batch of silent fansand will keep dust from penetrating into the fan, extending it's lifetimeand prolonging replacement. Sound intriguing? Investigate further withus.

Albatron K8SLI Motherboard @ pcstats.com
[Aug-05-05] (0 Comments)

The Albatron K8SLI motherboard is a compact nVidia nForce4 SLI board that packs in quite a bit into a small space. The Albatron K8SLI comes with a basic set of features, such as Gigabit network ethernet, 5.1 channel audio controller (with SPDIF out), two free 32 bit PCI slots as well two PCI Express x1 & PCI Express x16 slots, and the standard assortment of SATA and IDE connectors supported by the nForce 4 SLI chipset.

AcoustiFan No Dust Quiet Fans @ atruereview.com
[Aug-03-05] (0 Comments)

If you are one of those people that hate any little bit of noiseand want your computer as silent as possible, than this review is for you.We all know that dust increases a fan's noise over time. Put that new quietfan in, and a couple of months later it is a little louder than it used tobe. That is why AcoustiFan has developed a dust free fan. It is designed toeliminate that gradual increase in noise over time of a fan. Quiet PC wasnice enough to send us a couple for review.

Session Initiation Protocol Explained @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jul-30-05] (0 Comments)

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP refers specifically to a language that various computers can communicate to one another in so that they can complete voice calls. It has become vitally important in recent years as it plays a central role in VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP Is the rapidly growing technology which has millions of Americans throwing out their local and long-distance telephone bills and replacing them with free calls made over the internet.

OCZ ModStream 520W Power Supply - 1 Week Contest @ insanetek.com
[Jul-21-05] (0 Comments)

InsaneTek is here again with another contest. This time the prize is a great power supply from the excellent memory maker OCZTechnology. The ModStream 520W Power Supply will be up for grabs for only a week. Get in now and get a chance to get a free powersupply!

ASUS P5WD2 Premium @ viperlair.com
[Jun-24-05] (0 Comments)

ASUS put together a fine package in the P5WD2 Premium. Performance was solid and the board was problem free out of the box which is something we don't see enough of these days. We were quite happy with pushing our 3.73 Extreme Edition past 4.5GHz, and although we've had mildly better success with other boards, we'll still take a free ~700MHz boost anyday.

Samsung Experience (6.17.05) Event Coverage at XYZ Computing (corrected title) @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jun-22-05] (0 Comments)

To celebrate the release of their two new digital cameras Samsung had a small event at their posh NYC pad=2E Held on the third floor of the Time Warner Center, this two-hour press event was thrown to celebrate the arrival of Samsung's Digimax Pro815 and the Digimax i5=2E Since the event was held at noon on a Friday it seemed like a great chance to get out of the office, play with some cool new toys, and score a free lunch=2E

Steel Sound 5H Professional Gaming Headset @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jun-22-05] (0 Comments)

To celebrate the release of their two new digital cameras Samsung had a small event at their posh NYC pad=2E Held on the third floor of the Time Warner Center, this two-hour press event was thrown to celebrate the arrival of Samsung's Digimax Pro815 and the Digimax i5=2E Since the event was held at noon on a Friday it seemed like a great chance to get out of the office, play with some cool new toys, and score a free lunch=2E

Samsung DVD-HD841 High Definition DVD Player @ tweaknews.net
[Jun-22-05] (0 Comments)

Overall, my experience with this product has been excellent. This aesthetically pleasing product was problem free, easy to install using a standard video connection and is packed full of features that will have your DVD player future-proofed if you decide to upgrade your TV to a high definition display sometime in the upcoming years. But with the advantages of this product, there are some hang ups.

MCT Cooling Solution @ overclockersonline.com
[Jun-14-05] (0 Comments)

MCT has a very distinct aroma, almost identical to that of antifreeze coolant used in cars. Not only do they have similar smells but they also resemble each other very closely as far as looks; that very distinct green color.

Overclockers Online and Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.com
[Jun-10-05] (0 Comments)

We like to keep things really simple when it comes to freebies andso you'll only need to enter our contest once to be eligible to win oneof the three prizes listed above. There won't be any question answeringor forum posting in this contest, all you need to do is email usselected email address with your name, email address, full shippingaddress and telephone number. By entering, you agree to be added toCooler Masters newsletter list where every so often you'll be sent anemail with some CM news.

ASUS P5LD2 Premium @ t-break
[Jun-06-05] (0 Comments)

With the 945 chipset, Intel allows support for 1066MHz FSB Dual Core CPUs along with PCI-Express, dual channel DDR2 667 and 3Gb SATA with Matrix Storage allowing creation of RAID 0,1,5 and 10. You also get High Definition Audio and eight USB 2.0 ports. While these are pretty good features, ASUS adds quite a few things to it to make it one of the most feature rich boards to hit our labs. Starting off, we’ve already talked about Stack Cool 2 and ASUS puts it to good use by using fanless heatsinks on the North and South bridges to keep the board noise free. For additional storage, a Silicon Image RAID controller is added and ASUS provides one of the SATA connectors on the back panel.

Albatron K8SLI Motherboard Review @ pcstats.com
[Jun-03-05] (0 Comments)

The Albatron K8SLI motherboard being tested over the following pages is a compact nVidia nForce4 SLI board that packs in quite a bit into a small space. Albatron K8SLI comes with a basic set of features, such as Gigabit network ethernet, 5.1 channel audio controller (with SPDIF out), two free 32 bit PCI slots as well two PCI Express x1 & PCI Express x16 slots, and the standard assortment of SATA and IDE connectors supported by the nForce 4 SLI chipset.

Lack of news @ Iceteks
[May-31-05] (0 Comments)

There has been a lack of news lately, but fear not! The news posting will now be done by a bot, which needs lot of tweaking and debugging and once ready, will post all the news that is parsable.

This is part of an operation in order to automate things around the site as much as possible to free up time for stuff that counts - like articles and reviews.

Various News Items
[May-17-05] (0 Comments)

Bigbruin.com Review: Gigabyte G-Power Cooler Pro @ bigbruin.com
Free Lunch is Served! @ futurelooks.com
SWISSMEMORY TM USB Victorinox 1 GB @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
Thermaltake PurePower 460w PSU review @ a1-electronics.net
AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ @ t-break

Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200 Case @ techniz.co.uk
[May-09-05] (0 Comments)

The Nextherm ICS 8200 case from Sytrin is a very stylish case and
available in black color only. The case itself has a lot of great feature
such as the tool free design, the LCD control panel and the power
consumption display. Furthermore, the Nextherm ICS 8200 case comes with a
powerful PC Air Con module, a 460W PSU, and the top of chassis is equipped
with dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 Firewire, audio & speaker ports. The PC Air Con
is is pulling down the temperature inside the case is not simply just a
one, but by "MULTIPLE", which means a one degree of heat respectively from
the motherboard, from the CPU, from the VGA card, from the chipsets, and
etc OVERALL are taken away.

Overclockulator 1.3.6b online! @ pimprig.com
[May-05-05] (0 Comments)

If you are not familiar with the Overclockulator, it is a FREEWARE program that includes some very handy calculation apps including a CPU speed calculator, PSU wattage calculator, Vram Ns/MHz Converter, and a Celcius to Fahrenheit (and vice versa) temperature converter.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 @ Extensive Mods
[Apr-22-05] (0 Comments)

Cooling products, are the mother of all overclockers. Up on the
pedestal (Or shall we say retention bracket) today is Arctic Cooling’s
Freezer 4. Touted as a low noise mid-price range heatsink, this cooler
comes fit with a copper base, heatpipes, and a very interesting fan
design. Lets take a look, shall we? Read the review to find out more!

Revoltec graphic freeze with a Radeon X800XT-PE @ origo3D
[Apr-18-05] (0 Comments)

The manufacturer Revoltec has build the vga heatsink "freezer" for all kind of videocards. We have tested the silent cooler with our X800XT-PE. Temperatures and noise were the most important factors.

Windows XP Tweaking Companion Version 1.05 @ tweakguides.com
[Apr-11-05] (0 Comments)

The latest version of the Windows XP Tweaking Companion (XPTC) has been released at TweakGuides.com, bringing this complete Windows XP and System Optimization guide up to Version 1.05. The changes include a new chapter on CCleaner, correction of some dead links, and refinement of various advice in the guide. I strongly recommend all XPTC users update to this version of the guide, and if you havent yet downloaded this free 170-page PDF guide nows a great time to grab a copy.

Case Gallery Contest @ thinkcomputers.org
[Apr-10-05] (0 Comments)

Well we are having another CONTEST! Up for grabs is a Thermaltake Water Level Indicator, and 3 Sunbeam Silent Anodized LED Fans! All you have to do is submit your case to the Case Gallery! After 2 weeks we will pick the top 2 cases and they will win the prizes! The contest also goes along with our Gmail giveaway so if you submit a case you will get a FREE Gmail Account!

Linux vs. Linux: The Battle for the Desktop @ cooltechzone.com
[Apr-04-05] (0 Comments)

So, you have mastered every aspect of computing (or maybe not), and you are bored with the Internet. What can you do to bring back the thrill that you had the first time you fired up the latest Windows operating system? How about downloading or purchasing Linux? Linux is an open-source operating system that is in the public domain, meaning that it must be offered free and no company or individual can claim it. Even for the most literate users, experimentation into new areas of computing can be a fun and an interesting challenge; therefore, trying out one of the latest Linux distributions is an excellent way to venture into the world of Unix based operating systems.

Voice over IP for Beginners @ The Tech Zone
[Mar-30-05] (0 Comments)

For those who have never heard about the potential of VoIP, be prepared to radically change the way you think about your current long-distance calling plan. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very simply, a method for taking ordinary analog audio signals and turning them into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet.

So what? Well, for those of you who are already paying a monthly fee for an Internet connection, this means that you can use that same connection to place free long distance phone calls. This process works by using already available VoIP software to make phone calls over the Internet, essentially circumventing phone companies and their service charges.

TwinhanDTV Magic Box @ techniz.co.uk
[Mar-22-05] (0 Comments)

TwinhanDTV USB-Ter is the first digital TV box that no needs extra power supply. No matter where users are, only with a notebook and TwinhanDTV USB-Ter could let users enjoy high quality digital entertainment (Free to Air channel). More than your receiver, TwinhanDTV Ter can record you favorite program into your PC and you never miss it.

The XY Factor Case (Xfire and Yahoo) @ ipKonfig.com
[Mar-21-05] (0 Comments)

We had a chance to sit down with Mike Cassidy, CEO of Xfire, and ask him a few questions about the lawsuit, and a few questions about their software, Xfire. A little over a month ago, Yahoo announced it was suing Xfire, a free gaming tool that keeps track of gamers online, alleging it is "willfully infringing on a patent controlled by Yahoo". Xfire has since countersued Yahoo and has given Yahoo a chance to allow Xfire to prove itself by showing its source code to Yahoo, although they haven't taken up the opportunity.

Enermax EG495P-SFMA24P 480W PSU Review @ GruntvillE.com
[Mar-19-05] (0 Comments)

Well, I learned in the past few days the answers to the above questions are wrong, wrong and wrong! You see Enermax taught me a lesson of voltage stability. It is much more important than total output wattage ratings. A little glitch in the voltage output and it relates to a hiccup in your system. In turn that will result in a freeze or a crashed program. Let me assure you not all power supplies are created equal!

Portable apps for USB flash Drives @ TechTastic.ca
[Mar-17-05] (0 Comments)

Today we've gathered together a bunch of applications that you can use directly off your flash drive.
We we're inspired by the release of portable Firefox and portable Thunderbird which was developed by John T. Haller.
Basically what he did was optimize Mozilla's Thunderbird and Firefox to be used on a flash drive. Why would you want
to do that you may ask? Well imagine if you will that you could use your applications such as your browser on any
computer and still have access to your favorites/bookmarks, or your email in the case of Thunderbird.

Through some hunting and searching on the net, we 've narrowed down a few choice useful applications that are small
and will work completely off a flash drive. Most if not all of these are also freeware which is nice bonus.

Beginners Guides: Linux Part 2: Installing a PC @ PCstats.com
[Mar-14-05] (0 Comments)

For the second installment of this PCstats guide, we're looking at something a little more permanent. We're going to take one of the most popular and easy to use free Linux distributions, SUSE Personal 9.1 and explore the process of installing Linux onto your hard drive as a full operating system. We'll look at how to configure your desktop using the KDE desktop manager, get a grasp on your personal files in the Linux file system and connect to the Internet for web browsing and email. We'll also teach you how to make Linux co-exist peacefully with your existing Windows installation, so you can use both. This particular version of Linux was chosen because its small footprint and easy to use configuration tools make it an excellent way to reduce the often-daunting learning curve that the Linux OS can present. We firmly believe that learning to use an operating system productively is the first and most important step in achieving full familiarity and expertise with that system.

The Open Source Project Files @ hi-techreviews.com
[Mar-08-05] (0 Comments)

If I told you I could give you access to software that did nearly the same thing as Photoshop, 3DStudioMax, Dreamweaver MX, MS Office, WS_FTP, WinZip, WinRar, Notepad Professional and a free Anti-Virus software program would you be interested? Would it interest you more if I told you that this was not shareware but software released under the Open Source Initiative and it was free for you to use as long as you like? We have put together a list of eight Open Source programs we think the average computer user cant live without.

A4Tech NB-30 Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse Review @ Tweaknews
[Mar-05-05] (0 Comments)

Well in todays review I will be looking at the A4Tech NB30 wireless and batteryless mouse. This concept was confusing me from the get go, and I couldnt possibly see how this would work well, let alone work. Basically the mouse works by receiving electromagnetic inductive energy, this eliminates any radio frequency interference of a regular wireless mouse, and gives constant power without warranting batteries; though only if the mouse is touching the mousepad. I will bring you to the realm of the batteryless mouse and show you what to know before you spend the money on this new computer peripheral.

Interview with Female Modder JessAlba452 @ Controlled Insanity
[Feb-24-05] (0 Comments)

Every now and then someone comes along into the modding community that really makes you do a double take. Someone that is a breath of fresh air in the dark, dank corners that we build our rigs in. Someone who is free of ego and is open to sit down and discuss their take on themselves, their mods, and the modding community. But best of all...this particular modder is a she, yep thats right a "Chick Modder". In what could be considered a male dominated hobby, along comes JessAlba452. And let me tell you she has made a big splash since the day she arrived. Coming from virtually out of nowhere and getting all of our male hormones revved up, she started on a project called VASH based on the Anime series Trigun. What was about to unfold was one of the best mods I have seen in a long time and the fact that it came from someone so new was astounding.

America's Army Tweak Guide Version 2.3 Update @ TweakGuides.com
[Feb-19-05] (0 Comments)

America's Army has been updated to Version 2.3, and I have updated my America's Army Tweak Guide accordingly. If you haven't seen the guide before, or have thought about trying America's Army for the first time, now is a great time to check out the guide and get acquainted with everything from the basics of where to download this free game, how to create your online soldier and the important rules of the game, descriptions of the in-game settings all the way to advanced performance tweaking for even the most experienced America's Army player.

Lian Li V2000 Tower Review @ GruntVillE
[Feb-17-05] (0 Comments)

"The entire Lian Li V-Series comes standard with billet aluminum wheels. Now if your desk is slanted, this could pose a problem but Lian Li thought of everything. The wheels come with a brake! The brake consists of a billet rectangle attached around the center of the rear axel and a metal plate. When the brake is engaged, the rectangle is pressed against the plate keeping it from spinning. When the brake is disengaged, the plate is slid back and allows the rectangle and axel to spin freely. Yup, there’s a parking brake to ensure your case doesn’t sneak out and try to take a spin when you’re sleeping. What’s that you say? Your desk is slick as glass and it’s slanted?

A Look Inside The Internet 'Grey Areas' @ The Tech Zone
[Feb-15-05] (0 Comments)

The Internet has opened up whole new avenues of freedom for people: freedom of information, thoughts and the ability to achieve anonymity while still being active in a community. This freedom has been latched onto by a large proportion of the Internet user base and has fuelled a desire for even more liberties. This in turn has given rise to the 'Internet Grey Areas', those little things that 'everyone' does but which aren't quite legally correct. A few examples are Abandonware, MP3 downloads, warez and their kind.

Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 @ Viper Lair
[Feb-09-05] (0 Comments)

We were very pleased with the Flash Voyager's speed and more importantly, the durabilty. It survived a free fall onto tiles, a swim in a sink, and a full laundry cycle without missing a beat. The 10 year warranty is great, but unless you stick this into your Thanksgiving turkey and cook it, I doubt you'll ever need to give Corsair's support a call.

Scythe Freezer 64 CPU Cooler @ bigbruin.com
[Feb-08-05] (0 Comments)

The Scythe Freezer 64 does a great job at cooling, and the only negative is also a plus for it. The unique fan design can't be replaced with another fan if it dies, but the design of it is also the reason for it being so quiet and efficient. With a 6-year warranty on the fan this becomes less of an issue. If you are still using the same heat sink after 6 years you will have easily gotten your money worth out of it.

Various News Items
[Feb-03-05] (0 Comments)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 Review at XYZ Computing @ xyzcomputing.com
Thermaltake BigWater Water Cooling Kit Video Review #529 @ 3dgameman.com
Samsung CLP-550 Laser Printer (Review) @ ipkonfig.com
MGE Quantum Case @ A True Review
Scythe FCS-50 Heatlane CPU Cooler reviewed @ hi-techreviews.com

Athlon 64 Overclocking @ AuphanOnline.com
[Jan-18-05] (0 Comments)

Overclocking has always been the persuit of bragging rights and free performance. However, most are afraid of frying or damaging components. In a few easy steps Auphan Online will show you just how easy it is to squeeze a few (hundred) megahertz out of your rig.

Various News Items
[Jan-17-05] (0 Comments)

Startech Mutantmods modding products @ Rbmods
Dual-Layer Standard May Die Soon @ CoolTechZone
ATI Radeon X800 Pro @ Viper Lair
" Gear and Roving in Las Vegas" @ XYZ Computing
BigBruin.Com Review: Sunbeam Tech Samurai ATX Case
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LGA775 P4 Heatpipe Cooler Review @ Tweaknews.net
Always On Wireless WiFlyer @ A True Review
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 @ InsaneTek

Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware (beta) Software Review @ pcstats.com
[Jan-15-05] (0 Comments)

Overall we came away impressed with the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (beta) software, though we felt that some things needed improvement. This application's strong suit right now is its appealing and simple interface, coupled with the real-time protection offered by its 'agents.' This type of protection is something that the major free antispyware applications out there just aren't providing right now, and it gives a compelling reason for using this Microsoft beta product.

BTC Wireless Keyboard Review @ Aftermath
[Jan-10-05] (0 Comments)

Keyboards have to be one of the more important parts of your computer it
is probably the item you probably think least about. You probably give it
a clean every time hell freezes over and if anything ever goes wrong you
tend to just throw it out and just go buy a new one as they are so cheap
these days.

A4Tech NB-30 Battery-Free Optical Mouse @ TechFreaks
[Jan-03-05] (0 Comments)

TechFreaks.org has posted a new review today (January 2nd) on the A4Tech NB-30 Battery-Free Optical Mouse.

Speed Up Firefox Loading Page Time and Startup Time @ Unique Hardware
[Jan-03-05] (0 Comments)

...here are two great tips for Firefox, the free, rock-solid, secure
browser from the Mozilla Foundation. Apply them both to enjoy the time you
save loading Firefox and loading web pages. They really make Firefox

Zalman Reserator 1 @ OCIA.net
[Dec-30-04] (0 Comments)

Moving on to the CPU block, we can see that care was taken to ensure the longevity of the block by making sure that bare metal is not exposed to the elements. In fact this kit doesn’t require antifreeze to be added to protect the components. I would however, still recommend it to keep the algae to a minimum.

SilverStonetek SST-FP54 Review @ Extension Tech
[Dec-28-04] (0 Comments)

You'd perhaps think that this parallel powered VFD was late into the market. And well, perhaps it is...But seeing that you can't buy too many printers these days that use the parallel port anymore, that leaves potential for all those free printer ports doesn't it? This parallel (2x16) character VFD from SilverStone, with its beveled, brushed aluminum front panel, in silver or black, is perhaps the final touch to finish off a mod. Continue on to see what I think...

Various News Items
[Dec-27-04] (0 Comments)

HEXUS.net Review: Aigo MP-P750
I-STAR D-400L 4U Rack Mount Server Chassis @ cluboc.net
Asetek Antarctica Socket 775 @ Rbmods
Ahanix D.Vine 4 @ overclockersonline.com
BigBruin.Com Article: 5 Ways to Block Pop Ups @ bigbruin.com
How to Backup Your Computer Files @ The Tech Zone
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 CPU Cooler @ techniz.co.uk

A4Tech NB-30 Wireless Battery Free Mouse Review @ ASE Labs
[Dec-16-04] (0 Comments)

A4Tech makes the first wireless mouse that happens to be battery free. It uses a
special mousepad that transfers power by induction. Let's see how this new type of
mouse operates...

Vantec Nexstar 2 Giveaway @ Viper Lair
[Dec-09-04] (0 Comments)

VL, in conjunction with our sponsor Overclock.co.uk will be holding a scavenger
hunt. The prize? A Vantec Nexstar 2 5.25" HDD Enclosure.

To enter, simply answer this question:

What item are we bundling free with the Enermax CS-527 Gaming Case this week?

A4Tech's Wireless Battery Free Mouse @ TechTastic.ca
[Dec-02-04] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a new innovative new product from A4tech called NB-30
Wireless optical mouse. The cool thing about this mouse is it requires no batteries to operate! Thus allowing you to save on battery costs and avoiding contributing to battery pollution.

A4Tech NB-30: Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse Review @ CoolTechZone
[Nov-25-04] (0 Comments)

A4Tech has recently announced their "no-battery" mouse, which is the world’s first optical mouse that operates without the use of batteries, at least to some degree. Undoubtedly this makes them unique and certainly attention grabbing, but is the innovation justifiable? As you will later find out, the price to performance ration may not be so desirable to many. While the company enters the market with a nice and innovative product, we do recommend that they consider some aspects of the products such as the price and the mouse pad.

SilverStone Lascala SST-LC03 HTPC Case Review @ The Tech Zone
[Nov-25-04] (0 Comments)

The Silverstone Lascala SST-LC03 is not your average Home Theater PC or HTPC case. The SST-LC03 is one of the very few HTPC cases that offers full 100% ATX compatibility. With many other home theater cases, you have to make do with small form factor motherboards using riser cards and small power supplies. With the Lascala, you're free to use a full size motherboard, no rise cards and you won't have to settle of weak power supply as the SST-LC03 accommodates full size ATX power supplies.

X-Micro WLAN 802.11g Wireless Router @ hi-techreviews.com
[Nov-24-04] (0 Comments)

Having the ability to use your laptop anywhere in your home or office without the need for it to be tethered to a switch or hub with a piece of CAT5 cable is something that some of us can't live without now that we have tried it. One of the keys to having a reliable and trouble free wireless network whether it be at home or at your office is the choosing the right wireless router for your application.

The router we are looking at today is the X-Micro WLAN 802.11g which offers a number of standard features but also offers something called 'Super G'. On paper X-Micro claims this router is capable of speeds up to 11 Mbps using 802.11b increasing up to 54 Mbps for 802.11g and an amazingly fast speed of 108 Mbps using Super G. But that's on paper, what will it do in the real world?

Mercury Elite Case @ 3dvelocity.com
[Nov-24-04] (0 Comments)

When I first heard that we were to review the Mercury Elite, the first thing I did was go and look for a price. My first thoughts when I realised that it was selling for under £30 including the VAT and with a 400 watt passive PFC power supply fitted were that it must be one of the plainest, ugliest and least user-friendly case ever created. I mean lets face it, even a cheap-and-nasty 400watt power supply will cost you £30, and I've no doubt at all that a cheap-and-nasty power supply is pretty much what you get, but that still means the case comes for free!

Tech Station @ OCIA.net
[Nov-23-04] (0 Comments)

The motherboard doesn't actually mount onto the Tech Station. Instead, it simply rests on the lower platform. This is one reason it's so easy to install hardware on the Tech Station. You place this foam pad on the bottom shelf and then put the motherboard on top of it. This protects the bottom of the board, prevents it from sliding around and ensures a static-free motherboard.

Thermaltake Purepower Fanless Power Supply Review @ AuphanOnline.com
[Nov-18-04] (0 Comments)

In the never ending quest for the silent PC, Thermaltake weighs in with their solution to combat the ever noisy power supply. The Thermaltake Purepower 350W Fanless PSU operates absoultely fan free, as the name would suggest, but lets see how it stacks up performance wise...

Skype - Voice over IP / VoIP Communication @ pcstats.com
[Nov-17-04] (0 Comments)

Nothing has yet replaced the ritual of picking up the phone and dialing a number to have a conversation, however the Internet does provide possibilities for making the calling process more flexible, and more affordable. Today we are going to look at Skype, an Internet Phone application currently going through a free beta-test, and generating a lot of buzz. We'll also examine how Internet telephony works, and why you should care. It's been said that Internet based voice calling will replace traditional telephone networks, the only question being how long it will take. Skype could be one of the applications that make this a reality.

A4Tech BatteryFree Mouse @ overclockers.com.au
[Nov-16-04] (0 Comments)

Today we look at a wireless mouse that doesn't require recharging, as a matter of
fact, it doesn't even HAVE batteries. It's the A4Tech BatteryFree mouse and it comes
complete with a "magic" mouse pad - or so the packaging will have us believe. A4Tech
has been releasing value-class mice for many years, but this one is a bit different.
It's clear from looking at the construction of the mouse that it's better than
average quality and nicely finished. A4Tech have a patent on the induction
technology used in this mouse, and on the implementation of RFID in this mouse.

Overclockulator 1.3.4b Online! @ PimpRig
[Nov-14-04] (0 Comments)

An updated version of the Overclockulator is now online for your downloading
pleasure. This new version includes a revised interface with new clock detection
features. In case you passed up the previous releases this utility includes some
handy little apps including a CFM calculator, FSB/Multiplier Calc., a required PSU
Wattage Calc. and more. As always this utility is available for free - NO MEMBER

TCTool: Glonim 1.00 @ tcmagazine.info
[Nov-11-04] (0 Comments)

Glonim is a realtime patch for Windows that adds many "cool" features to the operating system, some probably never seen before. It can:

* Add animations in many styles to when most windows open and close.
* Tile your own bitmap images on the back of windows and application backgrounds.
* Make windows transparent whilst they are being dragged.
* Change the window styles to put shadows behind windows.
* Make the Taskbar partly transparent, adjust it's transparency in realtime, and put a bitmap on it on pre-XP machines.
* Put free memory, the day of the week, or your own custom (short) caption in the Start button.
* Remove the shading behind desktop icon text on Pre-XP systems.

Various News Items
[Nov-05-04] (0 Comments)

The Quickest Guide to AMD Processors...Ever @ short-media.com
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Special Edition Video Review #500 @ 3dgameman.com

Various News Items
[Nov-03-04] (0 Comments)

PimpRig Review // mnpctech's Tsunami Ultra Quiet Custom Case
Ultra 256 MB 8-in-1 MP3 Player @ OCIA.net
Xtrac Mouse Grips @ HardwareHounds.com
RaidMax RX-520XPW Review @ overclockersonline.com
DFI LANParty UT nF3 250Gb Motherboard Review @ overclockers.co.nz
Altec Lansing MX5020 Speakers Review @ CoolTechZone
Plextor PX-712UF External DVD Writer Review @ CoolTechZone
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Logitech LX-501 Cordless Desktop Review @ cluboverclocker.com
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HEXUS.net Review: ASUS K8N-E Deluxe
Thermaltake VA3000SWA Tsunami Dream Aluminium Case @ 3dvelocity.com
SilverStone TJ06 Case Video Review #499 @ 3dgameman.com
Radian Heatsink Turbo Helix Heatsink Review @ Hi-techreviews.com

Various News Items
[Oct-28-04] (0 Comments)

Vantec EZ Swap Removable SATA Hard Drive Rack Video Review #496 @ 3dGameMan.com
Simple Dual Channel PC3200 1GB Kit @ AMDReview.com
2006 HUMMER H3 Preview @ The Tech Zone
Inno3D GeForce 6600 @ 3dvelocity.com
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Shuttle SN95G5 Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware
Sony LocationFree TV LF-X1 Review @ auphanonline.com
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Raidmax Samurai ATX Gaming Case Review @ BigBruin.Com
PimpRig Daily Disturbance // Forum-Flaming Etiquette
Modding stuff giveaway @ Rbmods
PQI Turbo PQI25400-1GDB DDR-2 Memory Review @ pcstats.com
Danger Den Maze4 GPU Waterblock review @ ocmodshop.com

AC Ryan launches a new power supply @ AC Ryan
[Oct-21-04] (0 Comments)

AC Ryan's Ryanpower2 series gets fast and furious! Already the second power supply release within a month!! AC Ryan launches the Ryanpower2 CableFREE + FanFREE. The Ryanpower2 CableFREE + FanFREE is built on the already successful Ryanpower2 CableFREE concept. This new power supply adds on the new technology of FanFREE™ perfectly suited for the HomeTheater PCs, LivingRoom PCs and esp. new Media Centers!. FanFREE makes this power supply unique from the other Ryanpower2! Free of fans, free of noise!..."

HEXUS.net Feature: 3DMark05 - A closer look @ hexus.net
[Oct-14-04] (0 Comments)

Given that 3DMark05 is a benchmark where, ideally, repeatable,
equivalent workloads should be performed providing cards are of equal
capability, it's a shame to see DST acceleration make it into 3DMark05
as a default choice until such time as it's the case that the feature
ships with a majority of hardware. PCF even more so, for visual output
reasons too. Their inclusion in the default benchmark of the free
download version of 05 means that non-equivalent work is being done when
you're comparing cards where one or more of them don't have accelerated
DST capability.

FIC Condor SFF Reviewed @ Techware Labs
[Oct-11-04] (0 Comments)

FIC has introduced a new machine to the market, targeting those in search of a
powerful, upgradeable, and portable small form factor (SFF) machine. The Condor does
all this, in a stylish, tool-free SFF case, which houses an Intel motherboard with
onboard video, an AGP 8x slot, and two PCI slots, for huge potential power from a
portable machine.

Counter-Strike Source Review @ gameconnect.info
[Oct-10-04] (0 Comments)

The first thing one will notice upon launching the game is the huge graphical upgrade from previous iterations of the series. Valve has been
graphically improving its games for some time now; but after the higher-poly models released for Half-Life Deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic, the High-Definition pack released with Blue Shift and the upgraded map geometry and texturing in Condition Zero, the aging Half-Life engine has become a bottleneck. Valve has taken the freedom the Source engine brings and created new maps and models to breathe new life into an old game. The new grenade explosions are fantastic - particularly the flashbang’s blinding and dizzying effects.

Win a Custom Airbrushed and Modded Thermaktake Tsunami by MNPCTech @ Controlled Insanity
[Oct-01-04] (0 Comments)

As part of Controlled-Insanity PC Mods monthly giveaways, we have teamed up with professional modding guru Bill Owen from MNPCTech to give away one of the sexiest cases I have ever seen in my entire life. This case is a Thermaltake Tsunami, custom modded and professionally airbrushed with several representations of our logo, and the detail is phenominal! You can enter to win up until October 29th, and the winner will be chosen on October 30th. Stop by the forums to sign up, registration is quick, painless, and FREE!! Don't miss out on this amazing giveaway!!

Various News Items
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Jetart DT5000 giveaway @ Rbmods
Enermax Noisetaker 470W Review @ insanetek.com
Editorial - Digital Audio @ overclockers.co.nz
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard Review @ pcstats.com
Star Wars Battlefront Tweak Guide @ TweakGuides.com
be-quiet PolarFreezer noiseless vga heatsink @ Dark][Tweaker

HIS Excalibur X600XT Limited Edition PCI Express Videocard Review @ Tweaknews
[Sep-23-04] (0 Comments)

HIS's X600XT proved to be an excellent choice if you looking at a more affordable PCI-E videocard option, but still want an excellent card with some excellent features. In this case, the software bundle was second to none and the additional perks like the ramsinks and large VPU cooler will allow the buyer to squeeze a little more free performance out of this videocard for the dollar. This card is all about the extra value for your hard earned dollar.

Various News Items
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Antec TrueBlue 480watt psu @ Moddingworld.co.uk
Hot news from AC Ryan - AC Ryan launches Ryanpowertt2 - Customizing your way with CableFREE
Artec T1 USB Terrestrial Digital TV Box Review
Scythe Coolers (FCS-50 Heatlane & Kama) Video Review #481 @ @3dgameman.com
OCZ PowerStream 420W Review @ insanetek.com
Albatron PX915G Pro review
Logisys Phantom Case Reviewed @ hi-techreviews.com
PimpRig Review // PolarFLO TT Series 2 Port Waterblock
Article: DOS to DirectX and Beyond @ d-silence.com
VisionTek Xtreme2 GO DRIVE Review @ The Tech Zone
ATI's X700 Reviewed @ pcperspective.com
HEXUS.net Preview: ATI's Radeon X700 XT
Shuttle XP17 @ t-break
Vantec EZ-grip molex connector kit @ Rbmods

CoolerMaster Praetorian Case Review @ OCIA.net
[Sep-20-04] (0 Comments)

The first thing that caught my eye here was the rear 80mm fan; particularly the fan grill, or better yet, lack thereof. I am a big fan of free-flowing air (no Pun intended), and CoolerMaster's choice to not include a rear fan grill on the frame of the case was definitely a good one. Instead, the case fan grill is a simple wire grill, which can be removed should you be inclined to do so. Also, notice that the power supply bracket is removable. This bracket attaches directly to your power supply, which is then slid into the case from the backside and fits nicely into its own "holding station". More on this later. The final thing that stands out with the rear of the case are the thumb screws used to hold the case panels on. These screws are also used to secure the removable motherboard tray.

Shareaza - a better Peer to peer program @ IceTeks
[Sep-13-04] (0 Comments)

With the RIAA terrorists crashing into file sharing, attacking Napster,
Morpheus, KaZaA.... file sharing seems to have collapsed since then. Not to mention
that allot of P2P programs now have spyware in them. Well Shareaza comes to the
rescue and rebuilds the file sharing community! It is a great spyware-free program
that will make P2P stronger.

Various News Items
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AeroCool VM-101 Fanless VGA Cooler @ OCIA.net
Samsung ML-2552W Laser Printer @ TechTastic.ca
PCViper UltraKit - Heatsink Lapping kit @ tiscali.co.uk
Titan TWC-A04 Mods 2 for more cooling performance. @ a1-electronics
AMD Socket A 2500+ Comparison (Barton, Mobile, Sempron) @ hardcoreware.net
Razer eXactMat Gaming Mouse Surface Review @ Ascully.com
Samsung YEPP YP-780V Digital Audio Player Review @ The Tech Zone
Letters of necessity @ dans data
Article: A sequel too far? @ Pyroport
Jetway PT800TWIN @ HEXUS
Overclockulator v1.1.1b Freeware App @ PimpRig
Giveaway // Win a new X-Connect UV PSU! @ PimpRig

Fear and loathing in Redmond @ Bit Tech
[Sep-06-04] (0 Comments)

James' advice to you when you encounter free software from Microsoft is to run and hide – there will always be strings attached.

Opera Tips @ IceTeks
[Aug-22-04] (0 Comments)

Opera is a free browser which is a great, better alternative to old bloody buggy IE. In this article learn how to make it even faster then it already is!

Kazaa adware & spyware removal @ I Am Not A Geek
[Aug-17-04] (0 Comments)

Kazaa is the most popular filesharing application out currrently. Just like
companies like Napster their days are numbered. Being number one in an industry like
this means you'd better have some of the best lawyers that money can buy! This means
you'd better have gobs of cash floating around which means selling your data and
displaying ads. According to them they have no spyware. "No application included
with your KMD installation, or KMD itself, collects personally identifiable
information about users without their consent." and also "Kazaa Media Desktop
contains banner advertising and the option to install other third party applications
in order to remain free to the user." To sum it up, it may have some spyware type
applications that are "optional" PLUS the ads themselves by alot of peoples
definition is in fact spyware.

Gain/Gator/Claria Removal @ IANAG
[Aug-15-04] (0 Comments)

By far the widest spread form of adware. Claria is known by a number of names such
as GAIN and Gator. Claria is the latest name change for a company that is very
widely hated (all adware, spyware and malware companies are hated). Tons of "Free
programs" install some variant of this ad serving software on your system to make
that developer money. This approach to offering free software is NOT something that
I currently or ever will approve of.

LAN Addict and Crucial Radeon 9600XT @ LAN Addict
[Aug-13-04] (0 Comments)

WIN a Crucial® RADEON™ 9600 XT 128MB video card (valued at US$200) simply by making ONE reply to this thread and a total of 25 non-spam posts in our forums – it’s that easy! Time is running out! This contest ends at midnight, Central Daylight Time, on August 21, 2004. The winner will be randomly chosen from among eligible entrants, who can be from any country on Earth that allows us to give you this card for free.

LAN Addict and Crucial Radeon 9600XT Giveaway! @ LAN Addict
[Aug-08-04] (0 Comments)

WIN a Crucial® RADEON™ 9600 XT 128MB video card (valued at US$200) simply by making ONE reply to this thread and a total of 25 non-spam posts in our forums – it’s that easy! This contest runs from now until midnight, Central Daylight Time, on August 21, 2004. The winner will be randomly chosen from among eligible entrants, who can be from any country on Earth that allows us to give you this card for free.

DOOM 3 Giveaway - Round 2 @ Overclocking HQ
[Aug-05-04] (0 Comments)

Still haven't scored your copy of DOOM 3? You've waited this long,
so why not wait 2 more days to see if you can get a free copy just like
vix0n did?

Free Registry Cleaning Programs @ I Am Not A Geek
[Aug-03-04] (0 Comments)

One of the most overlooked and forgotten about parts of system maintenance is of
course cleaning your registry out! Even F1 forgot about it and when I was writing
this article I reminded him :) Today I'm going to put a little spotlight on what is
viewed by many to be the best registry cleaning applications out there. The biggest
requirement is for course that a fully working version is FREE! I believe each and
every one of these programs are at least worth downloading. I'll go a bit more in
depth on them sometime. Today's purposes are just a quick peak at them.

LAN Addict and Crucial Radeon 9600XT Giveaway! @ LAN Addict
[Aug-02-04] (0 Comments)

WIN a Crucial® RADEON™ 9600 XT 128MB video card (valued at US$200) simply by making ONE reply to this thread and a total of 25 non-spam posts in our forums – it’s that easy! This contest runs from now until midnight, Central Daylight Time, on August 21, 2004. The winner will be randomly chosen from among eligible entrants, who can be from anywhere on Earth that allows us to give you this card for free.

Sign up for Boise Fright Fest 04! @ cluboverclocker.com
[Jul-30-04] (0 Comments)

The sign up page is done, the 20,000 square foot room at the mall is reserved, the pizza is ordered, and the prizes are rolling in!!! The only thing left is for you to SIGN UP! We've got about $6000 in prizes on hand right now, with much more on the way, so don't you dare miss out on this one. Be part of the largest LAN Party to ever hit the state of Idaho! Meet face to face with computer hardware and game reps from companies like Micron, Dream Catcher, Rampage, OCZ, and more. Compete in intense tournaments featuring Painkiller, BF Vietnam, Doom 3, Rise of Nations, and more. Take place in drawings for free hardware and games throughout the 3 day long fest. Reserve your seat now!

ATI HDTV Wonder PCI Review @ Ascully.com
[Jul-26-04] (0 Comments)

Times are a changing my friends. Television has just made the first significant leap in technology since the advent of stereo sound some ten years ago. I am talking about HDTV (Hi-Definition Television), something that is being beamed through the air and can be picked up free of charge by anyone with a pair of rabbit ears and a receiver.

Electrical letters! @ dansdata.com
[Jul-15-04] (0 Comments)

This letters column turned out to be the All-Electrical Issue. Odd AC
adapters, LED headlamps, after-market earthing kits for cars, battery
freezing, wiggy wall warts, deodorising light bulbs, and yet more cable

Thermaltake SilverRiver external drive enclosure review. @ A1 Electronics.net.
[Jul-13-04] (0 Comments)

A very well made product that again lives up to the top quality you expect from Thermaltake. If you are looking for mobile date storage this SilverRiver external drive enclosure or any of the other two versions have got to be your choice.
We have to say and hope you see from our pictures that the brushed aluminium finish of the SilverRiver and design really does look smart. And with the choice of either free standing or using the neat support its positioning is easy on your desk.

Samsung ML-2152W @ freenet.co.uk
[Jul-12-04] (0 Comments)

I use this printer all the time to print out notes because it provides the convenience of duplexing in addition to multiple pages on each side and all without a single paper jam.

Solder your own USB power connector cable for LC-Displays @ ocinside
[Jul-04-04] (0 Comments)

I received a lot of questions about how to move the power supply
of the LC displays to the outer part of the case.
Here you have two possibilities - you could lead the 4-pin-plug
of the main power source through a free slot shield out of the case,
or simply follow this little instruction and solder your own adaptor,
which uses the 5 V power supply of the USB port and supplies the LCD.

Gspot 2.5 beta download @ I Am Not A Geek
[Jul-02-04] (0 Comments)

This freeware program can be very handy if you download and use alot of different codecs. It will help you determine which video and audio codecs are used in your movies whether the matching codec is installed or not. It can also help you determine the integrity of the file.

Corsair TwinX 1024-4000 Pro Series RAM Giveaway @ OCIA.net
[Jul-01-04] (0 Comments)

OCIA.net and Corsair have teamed up to bring you FREE RAM for the month of July! You can learn more about it and enter the contest by visiting the OCIA.net forums.

Free 5GB Email Giveaway @ OverclockingHQ.com
[Jun-29-04] (1 Comments)

A news post would be greatly appreciated. We have made some changes to our running contest; the winner now gets 5GB of email space instead of 1GB! We are going to give everyone who registers in our forums for the next month a free 50MB email account. So stop on by and sign up today, the free for all ends July 31st.

I want my MTV (for free!) @ Bit Tech
[Jun-22-04] (0 Comments)

Watch out – the days of free MP3s and movies could soon be over. And that’s not all you might not be able to do with your PC in a few years time...

Win Bonzai Mods Custom Fan Grilles @ Controlled Insanity
[Jun-22-04] (0 Comments)

This months giveaway will be 1 of 3 Custom Hand Sculpted Fan Grilles, sponsored by Bonzai Mods. These custom fan grilles are sure to spice up your case with a unique look and style. Registration is easy, and FREE, so sign up today!

The Tech Zone head to China for a tour of the Abit motherboard making factory: @ The Tech Zone
[Jun-21-04] (0 Comments)

The factory has two plants on either end. There are 12 SMT lines. At the center is the worker's dorm. Unlike America, Chinese factories like Abit have to house their own workers. Employees are given free housing along with free lunch and dinner. They're paid an average of 1,000RMB per month. That works out to about $100US. And here you've been wondering why so many US jobs are being exported.

Orac3 - Part 5 @ Bit Tech
[Jun-14-04] (0 Comments)

Guys and girls... The final installment in the Orac3 'modyssey' is here. We are extremely proud of what we have put together here - what it quite simply the finest case-mod in bit-tech.net's illustrious history. It's been 9 months in the making, but we think you'll agree that the results are worth it! Motherboard stealthing? Check. More chrome-plating than you can shake a stick at? Check. Custom watercooling, mass acrylic fabrication and attention to detail at an unprecedented level? That too. Please feel free to use our image in your news posts, and here's a quote: "I wanted to take the concept of a clear case a step further. It meant modding pretty much every nut, bolt, screw, cover, cable and component in the entire system, 'attention to detail' becoming my mantra. Along the way a use was found for unusual items such as shower-hose and aquarium tubing, and the whole project had to follow a theme: Chrome, neon green perspex, polished stainless steel and clear acrylic. I have faithfully stuck to my original sketches and concepts, modified things along the way and tossed a few ideas out as well. What has resulted? Read on...

SquirrelBBS - new BBS system coming soon @ IceTeks
[Jun-12-04] (0 Comments)

SquirrelBBS will be developed by me on my spare time, however, my main goal is to always keep it free, and make it so everyone can use it how they want. There will be very little restrictions on it's use.

IPB has inspired me to do this project as the direction they are going indicates that they will soon go fee-based, and it is sad to see a good BBS system go in the water like that. However, my plan is not to go against IPB and copy them exactly or rip them off, but simply offer an alternative to those who don't want to pay or see the word TRIAL written all over their own site.

Free 1GB Email Giveaway @ OverclockingHQ.com
[Jun-11-04] (0 Comments)

A news post would be greatly appreciated. As some of you may have known we moved over to our new dedicated server these past two weeks and are now almost completely settled. I couldn’t resist the urge to release a new article or something so I devised this little contest. We are going to give everyone who registers in our forums for the next month a free 50MB email account. One lucky member will receive a 1GB email account. So stop on by and sign up today.

Tracking Down Non-Microsoft Services @ IANAG
[Jun-10-04] (0 Comments)

With our never ending struggle to get every ounce of performance out of our systems we try to do everything we can to free up resources. In our XP performance tweaking guide we instructed you to turn off any services that you don't need. A lot of programs install things as services that you don't know about. I want to show you how to track down non Micrososft services and remove them.

WinDriver Supports Driver Development for Linux on PowerPC Platforms @ Jungo.com
[Jun-09-04] (1 Comments)

WinDriver™ PCI / USB driver development tool now enables PowerPC based driver development for the Linux operating system. The PowerPC support is an enhancement of WinDriver for Linux, which already supports Intel's x86 line of microprocessors.

WinDriver enables development of high performance drivers for USB and PCI peripheral devices that run Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Windows CE .NET, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks, providing cross platform capabilities that enable porting of code across all supported operating systems. WinDriver provides graphical development environments, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), hardware diagnostic utilities and samples to accelerate driver development.

Free full featured, 30 day evaluation versions of Jungo's driver development tools are available for download from the Jungo web site at: http://www.jungo.com/dnload.html. Jungo's products may be purchased from Jungo directly, or via one of Jungo's worldwide resellers.

Antec Aria MicroATX Cube Case @ PimpRig
[Jun-08-04] (0 Comments)

Once the case is free from its confines, I have to say it looks like an Easy Bake Oven. Up front there are two USB ports, one IEEE 1394 port, and a mic and headphone jack. The sides are satin finish aluminum covering plastic, if you tap them I would swear there is noise damping material in there.

Fluid XP @ A True Review
[Jun-07-04] (0 Comments)

You've gone or want to go water cooling but you’re afraid of the effects
that could potentially happen with a broken hose or other leak? Well in
steps Fluid XP that takes the place of water. It cools like water, but
unlike water it does not have the conductive devastation when it contacts
electronic components. When I got this, I wondered what good is it really.
Water is almost free; however, Fluid XP is not.

Free MP3 ripper! Using Windows Media Player @ IANAG
[Jun-05-04] (0 Comments)

Anybody who's been to this site before will know how big a fan I am of free stuff and tweaking software. Today I'm going to show you what I use for ripping my audio CDs to the MP3 format. Since I'm showing you how to do it you know it won't cost ya anything Maybe it's cause I'm cheap.... Maybe it's cause I'm BROKE! This is one of those rare times that we can get away with something without paying and without having to do additional work!

6 Months Web Hosting Giveaway - XtReMoDs @ (specify)
[Jun-01-04] (0 Comments)

Only 15 days left to be qualified to win 6 months of free web hosting courtesy of MatrixHosting.us. Get qualified so one day you could have your very own modding website... Good Luck

Samsung SyncMaster 193P LCD @ IPKonfig
[May-28-04] (0 Comments)

Samsungs latest LCD monitor comes with new features to make life in front of your computer more interesting. The 193P can pivot and is purely software controlled. In our reacent review of the 192T SyncMaster Samsung monitor, we discovered a great deal of value and quality. Now, we have another oppurtunity to review one of Samsungs latest 19" monitors, the Samsung SyncMaster 193P. The 193P is much different from most monitors we're used to seeing on the market. One difference would be the lack of buttons on the front--but with good reason. Front panel adjustments are a thing of the past with this particular model; instead, Samsung has designed the 193P button free due to its controller software. How does this work? Actually, it is quite simple.

Albatron GeForceFX 5700P Turbo Videocard Review @ pcstats
[May-26-04] (0 Comments)

There's good reason for this, namely that Albatron has taken it upon themselves to produce some of the best overclocking videocards we've ever tested. Even their mainstream graphics cards tend to have a higher level of "excitement" than most other brands on the market. I guess it's just the "Albatron" touch... In this review, PCStats is taking the Albatron GeForceFX 5700P Turbo videocard for a spin around the block. We'll be looking to see if this blue 8X AGP card lives up to expectations. Will the FX5700P Turbo blast out pixels and jaw-droping FPS, or just putter along like an old Amiga? Feel free to jump ahead to the benchmarks, or sit back and relax as we take you though the features of this $150USD FX5700-based card

How to: Make A Home Made Wi-Fi Antenna @ TechTastic.ca
[May-25-04] (2 Comments)

Many of you have probably already seen this on The Screensavers, but we wanted to test this out for ourselves.
The whole concept came from this website here: Freeantennas.com The idea is to boost the output from your wireless access point.

NZXT's silver Guardian @ Bit Tech
[May-21-04] (0 Comments)

...Putting the Guardian's aesthetics to one side for a moment, we have a fairly solid, if overpriced, steel ATX mid tower case. In the few weeks that I spent testing this case I must've reinstalled the components into it tens of times, and I have to say I found the almost screw-free approach wonderful...

NVIDIA Platform Technology - A look at the nForce2 Ultra 400 Gb and nForce3 250 Gb @ pcperspective.com
[May-10-04] (0 Comments)

While it offers no performance gains over the original Ultra 400 chipset, the features that the "Gb" offers are a great addition to the Athlon XP line. Serial ATA and RAID are long over due, but the Gigabit Ethernet and Firewall are unique features from NVIDIA that the competition currently has no answer to. And free extras are always a plus when it comes to computer hardware and enthusiasts.

Changing your Windows XP Logon Screen @ IANAG
[May-09-04] (0 Comments)

So many people out there are using programs that you have to pay for to do a task that you can easily do for free. All you have to do is know the proper tools. A while back I showed you how to create your own boot screen. Today I'd like to show you how to change your login screen. I've found a freeware application that handles this aspect of things very well. Download it here. If you don't want to use software I have a registry route at the end of this article.

Mouse Grips Giveaway @ Controlled Insanity
[May-08-04] (0 Comments)

Mouse Grips has sent over 3 sets of Mouse Grips to give away, sign up is free and can be done at the link provided.

How to make or replace your plexi window @ Rbmods
[Apr-20-04] (0 Comments)

I kind of needed to replace the window in my X-Dreamer case because it got messed up (scratched and cracked) from me playing with my dogs in my computer room. So while I was replacing the window, I decided to add another fan to the window to help cool my video card.

Technical museum showing up modded computers article @ Rbmods
[Apr-16-04] (0 Comments)

Ok everyone, this is my first article I’ve ever written, so don’t complain! So this year the Technical museum has an exhibition for modified computers. This exhibit is the first time here in Sweden. And all this is thanks to Nils Olander. So I went there on my holiday a week ago to see everything. It’s a great exhibit even though there were only about thirty computers there.

Gaming Tweak - Quickly stop services .bat file @ IANAG
[Apr-16-04] (0 Comments)

You want to free up as much of your memory as possible for gaming? I will show you how to VERY quickly turn off all the services you don't need for gaming.

Thermaltake's XJOG USB Light with Clip @ TechTastic.ca
[Apr-14-04] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a new product from Thermaltake the XJOG USB light. This little gadget plugs into a free USB
port on your computer and provides a handy little light that can be clipped to you notebook computer or where ever it would
be handy.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Review @ OCC
[Apr-09-04] (0 Comments)

For those of you living in the dark, Splinter Cell is a stealth-action game that puts you in the roll of Sam Fisher, who happens to be an ex-US Navy SEAL as well as an ex-CIA agent. As you find out in the original title, Sam now works for sub-agency of the NSA known as "Third Echelon". The task of "Third Echelon" is to do whatever it takes in order to protect the county, this task is known as the "Fifth Freedom." And of course, should Sam ever become captured or killed, all knowledge of his existence will be denied. Sam Returns to the spy game with a few new tricks and tools. Those of you who played the first game, should be happy to know that the controls for SCPT are almost identical to the original. However, oddly enough, the controls for the multiplayer mode are dramatically different.

Thermaltake's X-ray Cigarette Lighter/Cup Holder @ TechTastic.ca
[Apr-04-04] (0 Comments)

very once in a while you come across a mod that makes you stop and take a second look. Today, it’s the Thermaltake
Xray Cigarette Lighter / Cup Holder. Simply put, if you have a free 5.35 bay, you can now add a cigarette lighter and cup
holder to the front of your computer.

Beginners Guides: Diagnosing Bad Memory @ pcstats.com
[Apr-03-04] (0 Comments)

Faulty memory, or RAM, is often the cause of the dreaded 'flaky PC' syndrome, those hard-to-replicate errors that get you nasty looks from the store technician because "…nothing seems to be wrong with it. Sir." In this short but sweet guide, PCstats will discuss the common symptoms of faulty memory as well as looking at a handful of free memory testing software programs which can help you diagnose your troubles. Seeing as it consists only of a handful of Silicon memory chips (called DRAM) soldered to a small circuit board, computer memory is actually much more resistant to failure than most other computer parts. Having said that, it is also produced and distributed in more volume than any other computer part so it sort of evens out."

Skype Reviewed - Kazaa's Voice over IP Calling @ PCstats
[Mar-29-04] (0 Comments)

It is likely that almost all computer users are familiar with email, and probably instant messaging as well. In a matter of a few years, the Internet has completely changed the way we communicate with each other, with one exception, the Telephone. Today we are going to look at Skype, an Internet Phone application currently going through a free beta-test, and generating a lot of buzz. We'll also examine how Internet telephony works, and why you should care. It's been said that Internet based voice calling will replace traditional telephone networks, the only question being how long it will take. Skype could be one of the applications that make this a reality.

Innovision report from CeBIT @ Swemod
[Mar-20-04] (0 Comments)

Here is our first text-free article from CeBIT.
Innovision gives us all the images for this first article.

If you want to see what Innovision can offer, check out our article!

Corsair TwinX1024-3200LLPro 1Gig DDR400 Dual Channel Memory Kit Review @ Tweak News
[Mar-17-04] (0 Comments)

Being one of the premier performance memory manufacturers in the world, Corsair provided Tweaknews.net with a 1Gig sample of their representative TwinX PC3200LL PRO Dual Channel DDR memory to test. The version of the DDR400 standard boasts low latency timings of 2-6-3-2, but what really separates it from the pack is the inclusion of activity LEDs which would be a great addition to a windowed case. Although this memory is meant to be used in its stock speed, we wouldn't be called tweakers if we didn't try to see what extra free performance we could squeeze out of this unique purchase. As you will see later on in the review, I was able to push this memory to some nice speeds. Onto the review.....

Black Icemat @ Steamed Turtle
[Mar-14-04] (0 Comments)

The Black Icemat is just one of those mouse pads that we dream about getting. I mean first of all it's made of glass, comes with free Teflon tape for "sliding perfection". Let's think about the word perfect for a minute. Perfect... Implying no faults, nothing wrong, simply perfect. Today I had the great honor in reviewing the Black Icemat, and it was a great honor.

Free BSD live Evaluation Cd's @ Slashdot
[Mar-04-04] (1 Comments)

"Now the BSD world has an answer to Knoppix. The FreeSBIE project have released a live FreeBSD based system on CD. There are also plans to develop a suite of programs to be used to create a personalized disk." If it offers a painless BSD install (the way Knoppix makes it easy to install Debian to a hard drive), this should be a popular project. Reader Cronopios links to a related effort called LiveBSD which "has heavily modified FreeSBIE's scripts to allow for apache mysql and many other programs to run."

Duplex DVD Review @ Ascully.com
[Mar-03-04] (0 Comments)

For those of you who scoff at this kind of comedy-of-errors feel free to go watch a documentary about watching paint dry. The rest of us will have a few laughs...

Thermaltake's Xwing Bluetooth Mouse @ TechTastic.ca
[Feb-12-04] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a new product from Thermaltake that gives you more freedom, with their Xwing bluetooth
wireless mouse.

If you were young RAGE DVD Review @ Ascully.com
[Feb-11-04] (0 Comments)

I could be pretentious and boring and talk about the social implications of a group of young men so desperate for freedom that they struggle to buy a simple dump truck in order to break free from the oppressive economic system that controls them. I could be just like other reviewers who mention the long lasting effects of post-WWII reconstruction in Japan and how that meant sucking the life out of the generation who had the burden of rebuilding on their backs. But I wont :)

Steel Gaming Glove Review @ Tweak News
[Feb-09-04] (0 Comments)

The Steel Pad Gaming Glove is an excellent product that does everything that it promises. It makes gaming for hours on end pain-free, reduces friction between the wrist and the mousepad, and gives you the strength of ten men. Okay, I made that last one up, but the glove does everything it promises which makes it a great product that is sure to please even the most finicky gamer.

New Forums @ OCIA.net
[Jan-28-04] (0 Comments)

After a brief stint, the OCIA.net forums are back up and better than ever with a new look and feel. Unfortunately , we lost all of our previous data, so if you were once a member in the past, it will be necessary to re-register. If you were not a previous member, feel free to join the community!

Wingman Cordless Rumblepad @ Bit Tech
[Jan-15-04] (0 Comments)

I was impressed with the Wingman Cordless Rumblepad, it had lag free response, felt good in my hands with natural control placement and for less than £20 you can't go wrong but remember to check if it suits your hands before buying. I like and recommend it...

Last week to enter the Aqua-Tube Contest @ GruntvillE.com
[Jan-14-04] (0 Comments)

GruntvillE.com is handing out one of the hottest looking reservoirs on the market to one lucky reader. The Aqua Computers Aquatube is an awesome addition to any H2O setup but is quite pricey for US and Canadian users to get a hold of. GruntvillE.com is going to make sure it’s flat out free for someone. Swing on by and take a peek at the Contest rules.

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