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Be Quiet! Pure Power L8 700W Power Supply Unit @ nikktech.com
[Jun-24-14] (0 Comments)

With the rather recent appearance of 80 Plus Titaniumcertified power supply units in the market (some of which rated up to 1500W)hardcore overclockers and enthusiasts alike have found yet another reason toreach deep down their pockets for a brand new and rather costly upgrade. Forgood or bad the ultra-high-end power supplies cost quite a bit and in theend are mostly suited for use with really power hungry systems so casualconsumers have really almost no need for something like that. On the otherhand 80 Plus Bronze and Silver power supplies are far more affordable,feature quality components, come in both low and high power outputs andoffer very good performance levels. For the past 2 days one such solutionhas been lying on our test bench, the Pure Power L8 700W (L8-700W) PSU by bequiet!

MSI Radeon R9 280 OC @ techwarelabs.com
[May-27-14] (0 Comments)

Today TechwareLabs is taking a look at the MSI Radeon R9 280 OC. The Twin Frozr is known to be one of the best coolers available and with a fac tory overclock in the mix as well, this card shows some promise. Read on to see how it stacks up.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 (GV-N750OC-1GI) Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[May-06-14] (0 Comments)

Let’s analyze the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 (GV-N750OC-1GI), a mainstream video card with 1 GiB of GDDR5 memory and a small factory overclock that competes with the AMD Radeon R7 260.

Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti @ technic3d.com
[Apr-07-14] (0 Comments)

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 780 Ti Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. T echnic3D will check the 780 Ti in the following Review with a Resoluti on from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption, l oudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more against other Graphic Cards.

TechwareLabs Monster Build Part 2:The Machine @ techwarelabs.com
[Mar-11-14] (0 Comments)

Today we are going to assemble and show off our monster build. With a sky-high overclock and benchmarks that blow away the competition, this ma chine truly is a beast. Check out what we learned along the way and see wha ts planned for this machine.

Radeon R9 290X overclocked and benchmarked @ tweaktown.com
[Dec-31-13] (0 Comments)

We heavily overclock our amazing SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 290X Tri-X GPUs, and test them again at 4K

ASUS MAXIMUS VI EXTREME Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-17-13] (0 Comments)

Let’s take a look at the most high-end motherboard for socket LGA1150 CPUs from ASUS, the MAXIMUS VI EXTREME. Based on the Intel Z87 chipset, it brings ten SATA-600 ports, eight USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and a very cool overclocking panel.

Cooler Master Nepton 280L Liquid CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-11-13] (0 Comments)

The 280mm closed-loop all-in-one liquid cooling selection is about to grow by one:The Cooler Master (RL-N28L-20PK-R1) Nepton 280L. Sporting new dual 140mm JetFlo fans with POM bearings and a new pump design with LED, the 280L is Cooler Master’s answer to the Kraken X60 and H110. Will an all-new pump, high-flow fans and a 280mm radiator be enough to take on the competition? Benchmark Reviews will find out if the Nepton 280L can handle an overclocked FX platform and see how it stacks up against the competition.

EVGA GTX 780 Classified ACX @ technic3d.com
[Nov-18-13] (0 Comments)

The EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Classified ACX Graphic Card arrived T echnic3D. Technic3D will check the OC Classsified ACX GTX 780 in the f ollowing Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050 , the real Power Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more against other Graphic Cards.

Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor-X Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-15-13] (0 Comments)

The latest AMD Curacao XT-based video cards are poised to supply the market with plenty of graphics power and added value for mainstream gamers – especially as Battlefield 4 readies for launch with realistic DirectX 11 special effects. Sapphire, the leading name in AMD Radeon desktop products, have released their own Radeon R9 270X complete with an exclusive second-generation Vapor-X lightweight vapor-chamber cooling system. Sapphire further improves upon the AMD reference design by incorporating dual UEFI and BIOS firmware support, long-life 5000-hour capacitors, and Black Diamond electronic chokes. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor-X, which sells online for $219 and features a 1100 MHz factory-overclocked UltraHD 4K resolution-ready graphics card with 1280 Stream processors and support for the upcoming DirectX 11.2 API.

HIS Radeon R9 280X IceQ X2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-14-13] (0 Comments)

Since AMD announced their GPU 14 R9 series video cards, AIB partners have been tweaking and tuning their own aftermarket designs. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the HIS Radeon R9 280X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo Boost 3GB video card. As the name suggests, this particular model features the high end IceQ X2 cooler from the HIS labs and slightly faster Core and Memory speeds. I have seen the evolution of this cooler first hand and I know it to be fully capable. Two 89mm dual axial fans and five heatpipes (2 x 8mm and 3 x 6mm) ensure that your temperatures will stay well within safe limits, even during overclocking.

MSI Radeon R9 270X GAMING 2GB Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-10-13] (0 Comments)

When AMD unveiled their latest series of graphics cards, MSI was ready to improve upon their design by adding military-grade components cooled by Twin Frozr dual 10cm propeller fans. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the MSI Radeon R9 270X GAMING 2GB video card. For $199 gamers get a 1120 MHz factory-overclocked UltraHD 4K resolution-ready graphics card with 1280 Stream processors capable of fast frame rates, and support for the upcoming DirectX 11.2 API.

Zalman Reserator 3 MAX Nanofluid AIO Liquid CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Oct-02-13] (0 Comments)

Zalman has always had a unique approach to CPU cooling. Focusing on quiet performance, they’ve once again returned with their distinctive circular design to…wait, what’s this? An all-in-one water cooler with a round radiator?? Well…from a company known for “Cool Innovations,” I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see such a unique contribution to the All-In-One CPU cooler market. When you first see it in person, it isn’t difficult to see why the Zalman Reserator 3 MAX AIO liquid CPU cooler was given the Innovation award from the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of 2013. Complete with an infusion of nanofluids and a claimed 400W of cooling power, does the Reserator 3 MAX have the performance to back up the looks? Benchmark Reviews is ready to place this unique AIO nanofluid cooler on an overclocked FX processor to see what the Reserator 3 MAX is capable of.

ADATA XPG V2 RAM DDR3-2400 8GB Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-26-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the most difficult to answer questions in the enthusiast and high-end gaming PC world have to do with RAM, and more specifically with RAM clock speeds, latency, and timings. What differences do all of these make when it comes to better performance and higher frame rates in games? Typically, the answer is that they do very little when it comes to games. AMD has sought to change that answer with the release of their Richland series APUs, which are designed to take even more advantage of RAM speeds and support up to 2133MHz clock speeds. Intel’s Haswell now supports speeds of up to 1600MHz. Now that more is being done to increase the performance gain from higher RAM speeds, let’s take a look at the results. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have a couple of new high-speed RAM kits to review. In this article, we will be taking a look at the ADATA XPG V2 4GBx2 DDR3-2400 PC19200 AX3U2400W4G11 DRAM Kit.

Gigabyte GTX780 OC WindForce 3X @ technic3d.com
[Sep-19-13] (0 Comments)

The Gigabyte GTX 780 OC WindForce 3X Graphic Card arrived Tech nic3D. Technic3D will check the OC Edition GTX 780 in the following Re view with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more i n Games against other Graphic Cards.

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-2133 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-19-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the most difficult to answer questions in the enthusiast and high-end gaming PC world have to do with RAM, and more specifically with RAM clock speeds, latency, and timings. What differences do all of these make when it comes to better performance and higher frame rates in games? Typically, the answer is that they do very little when it comes to games. AMD has sought to change that answer with the release of their Richland series APUs, which are designed to take even more advantage of RAM speeds and support up to 2133MHz clock speeds. Intel’s Haswell now supports speeds of up to 1600MHz. Now that more is being done to increase the performance gain from higher RAM speeds, let’s take a look at the results. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have a couple of new high-speed RAM kits to review. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Kingston HyperX 8GBx2 DDR3-2133 KHX21C11T3K2/16X kit.

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-2133 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-19-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the most difficult to answer questions in the enthusiast and high-end gaming PC world have to do with RAM, and more specifically with RAM clock speeds, latency, and timings. What differences do all of these make when it comes to better performance and higher frame rates in games? Typically, the answer is that they do very little when it comes to games. AMD has sought to change that answer with the release of their Richland series APUs, which are designed to take even more advantage of RAM speeds and support up to 2133MHz clock speeds. Intel’s Haswell now supports speeds of up to 1600MHz. Now that more is being done to increase the performance gain from higher RAM speeds, let’s take a look at the results. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have a couple of new high-speed RAM kits to review. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Kingston HyperX 8GBx2 DDR3-2133 KHX21C11T3K2/16X kit.

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-2133 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-19-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the most difficult to answer questions in the enthusiast and high-end gaming PC world have to do with RAM, and more specifically with RAM clock speeds, latency, and timings. What differences do all of these make when it comes to better performance and higher frame rates in games? Typically, the answer is that they do very little when it comes to games. AMD has sought to change that answer with the release of their Richland series APUs, which are designed to take even more advantage of RAM speeds and support up to 2133MHz clock speeds. Intel’s Haswell now supports speeds of up to 1600MHz. Now that more is being done to increase the performance gain from higher RAM speeds, let’s take a look at the results. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have a couple of new high-speed RAM kits to review. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Kingston HyperX 8GBx2 DDR3-2133 KHX21C11T3K2/16X kit.

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-2133 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-19-13] (0 Comments)

Some of the most difficult to answer questions in the enthusiast and high-end gaming PC world have to do with RAM, and more specifically with RAM clock speeds, latency, and timings. What differences do all of these make when it comes to better performance and higher frame rates in games? Typically, the answer is that they do very little when it comes to games. AMD has sought to change that answer with the release of their Richland series APUs, which are designed to take even more advantage of RAM speeds and support up to 2133MHz clock speeds. Intel’s Haswell now supports speeds of up to 1600MHz. Now that more is being done to increase the performance gain from higher RAM speeds, let’s take a look at the results. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have a couple of new high-speed RAM kits to review. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Kingston HyperX 8GBx2 DDR3-2133 KHX21C11T3K2/16X kit.

EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard @ ninjalane.com
[Sep-10-13] (0 Comments)

EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard Review When it comes to overclocking we found the X79 Dark to be one of the easiest systems to use and attribute it all to the new UEFI system layout and a little experience on our part.A news posting would be appreciated.ThanksDennis Garciahttp://www.ninjalane.com

Sapphire HD 7730 1GB GDDR5 Video Card @ techwarelabs.com
[Sep-04-13] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at the Sapphire HD 7730 1GB GDDR5. With 384 str eam processors, an 800 MHz core clock, 1GB of GDDR5 memory at 1125 MHz, and a dual slot cooler this card packs a bigger punch than your standard entry -level GPU.

ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Aug-29-13] (0 Comments)

The ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 is an ATX socket LGA1150 motherboard targeted to the hardcore gamer and overclocker, coming with a thermal armor. Let’s check it out.

Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce 3X @ technic3d.com
[Aug-20-13] (0 Comments)

The Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce 3X Graphic Card arrived Technic 3D. Technic3D will check the OC Edition GTX 770 in the following Revie w with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Pow er Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in G ames against other Graphic Cards.

Gainward GeForce GTX 760 Phantom @ technic3d.com
[Aug-11-13] (0 Comments)

The Gainward GTX 760 Phantom Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. T echnic3D will check the Phantom GTX 760 in the following Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consu mption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in Games aga inst other Graphic Cards.

EVGA GTX 780 Classified Video Card @ ninjalane.com
[Aug-08-13] (0 Comments)

Overclocking is a big part of the enthusiast community so we tend to look for special products designed to help us reach our goals without having to resort to extensive board modifications.A news posting would be appreciated.ThanksDennis Garciahttp://www.ninjalane.com

Gigabyte Z87X-OC Motherboard @ technic3d.com
[Jun-24-13] (0 Comments)

The Gigabyte Z87X-OC Mainboard arrived Technic3D. We check the ATX Mainboard for Overclocker with Intel Z87 Express chipset function s and Performance in the following Review with a Intel Core i7 4770K C PU on Windows 7 64 Bit.

PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 Gaming Video Card @ techwarelabs.com
[May-21-13] (0 Comments)

By the grace of TUL Corporation, we have been presented with a Powe rColor PCS+ HD 7870 MYST Edition. PowerColor themselves are a Taiwanese sub set of the previously mentioned TUL corporation, and are licensed producers of the ATI Radeon cards, as well as Nvidia cards, which they release under the Zogis brand name. Since PowerColor has the ability to change the speci fications on the cards they sell, most of their cards are overclocked by de fault, something of a double-edged sword in my opinion, but more on that la ter. Ranging in price from $235 and $263 depending on the retailer, this ca rd, with its great many features is possibly within the higher ends of avai lability for most consumers.

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133MHz Memory Kit @ bigbruin.com
[May-16-13] (0 Comments)

* The Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133MHz DDR3 memory kit was ableto run completely stable with CL10 timings at 2133MHz and 1.6V. For thoselooking to run at lower clock speeds there is an XMP profile onboard to runat 1600MHz with 9-9-9-27-2 timings at 1.5V, and testing also revealed thatit is possible to run this kit at 1866MHz with 9-9-9-24-1 timings at 1.5V.

Cooler Master V Series V1000 1000W Power Supply Overview @ pro-clockers.com
[May-07-13] (0 Comments)

http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png the latest and greatest

Cougar GX-S 500 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-04-13] (0 Comments)

http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png perform? We are going to

NZXT Kraken X60 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-02-13] (0 Comments)

http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png and spacing.

HIS Radeon HD 7950 IceQ =?utf-8?Q?X?= Boost 3 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-29-12] (0 Comments)

The HIS Radeon HD 7950 Ice Q X? Boost comes with a large overclock, which increases its out of the box performance to GTX 670 levels. Thanks to a large dual fan cooler we also see great temperature and massive overclocking potential:+20% real life performance from overclocking.

HIS Radeon HD 7750 IceQ X Turbo 1 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-07-12] (0 Comments)

The HIS HD 7750 IceQ X Turbo is a custom desig n, overclocked HD 7750. A separate 6-pin PCI-Express power connector has been added to the card, which improves power delivery and might have an effect on overclocking potential. In our testing we saw over 25% real l ife performance gain from overclocking.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Ti AMP! Edition 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-12-12] (0 Comments)

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Ti AMP! Edition comes with a large overclock on both GPU and memory. Hav ing 2 GB GDDR5, it also features twice the memory capacity than most oth er GTX 650 Ti cards. Will these improvements provide enough performance and is pricing low enough to make the card competitive?

ASRock Z77 OC Formula Intel LGA 1155 @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-10-12] (0 Comments)

Like a high-priced premium sports car, the ASRock Z77 OC Formula races to the finish line, equipped with XFast speed. Bred with nothing other in mind than breaking clock limits while retaining f ull stability, ASRock has enrolled Nick Shih, to help them design one of the best overclocking-centric products.

ASUS GeForce GTX 650 Ti Direct Cu II 1 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-09-12] (0 Comments)

The new ASUS GeForce GTX 65 0 Ti DirectCu II TOP comes with a 100 MHz clock increase out of the box, which gives the card an extra performance boost. It also features a DC II thermal solution that is ultra-quiet, despite its two fans.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 Ti (GV-N65TOC-2GI) Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Oct-09-12] (0 Comments)

Let’s take a look at the performance of Gigabyte’s GV-N65TOC-2GI version of the new GeForce GTX 650 Ti video card, which comes with factory overclocking, 2 GB of memory, and a better cooling solution.

=?UTF-8?B?S0ZBwrI=?= GeForce GTX 670 EX OC @ technic3d.com
[Sep-21-12] (0 Comments)

The KFA=C2=B2 GeForce GTX 670 EX OC Graphic Card arrived Techn ic3D. Technic3D will check the new GTX 670 EX OC in the following Revi ew with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Po wer Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in Games against other Graphic Cards.

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SuperClocked Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Sep-18-12] (0 Comments)

Let’s take a look at the performance of EVGA’s SuperClocked version of the new GeForce GTX 660 video card.

ASRock Z77 OC Formula (Intel Z77) Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
[Sep-18-12] (0 Comments)

Just coming off its world record run, we check out the ASRock Z77 OC Formula mobo built from the ground up by Taiwanese overclocker, Nick Shih.

XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition Overclocked 1GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Sep-17-12] (0 Comments)

We get our hands on the XFX HD 7770 Black Edition factoryoverclocked 1gb graphics card, but can it keep up?

MSI GeForce GTX 650 Power Edition OC 1 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-17-12] (0 Comments)

The MSI GeForce GTX 650 Power Edition OC is a fully customized, overclocked, GTX 650 design which comes with a unique cooler. Depending on your cooling requirements you can add a sec ond fan in two possible configurations to reduce temperatures.

ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Direct Cu II 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-13-12] (0 Comments)

The ASUS GTX 660 Direct CU II uses the cooling solution which we love most for its low noise in both i dle and load. ASUS has also overclocked their board, which provides enou gh extra performance to match the AMD Radeon HD 7870.

Gigabyte GTX 660 Windforce OC 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-13-12] (0 Comments)

Today NVIDIA launched their new GTX 660. Gigabyte has sent us their overclocked GTX 660 Windforce OC which also comes with a large dual-fan cooler that provides extremely low temperatures in bot h idle and load. The overclock out of the box helps to gain some perform ance on the HD 7870.

MSI GeForce GTX 660 Twin Frozr 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-13-12] (0 Comments)

MSI has equipped their latest GeForce graphics card with its signature Twin Frozr III dual-fan cooler. Despite having two fans the card is quiet in both idle and load and also comes with a n ice performance boost thanks to the overclock out of the box.

Gigabyte GTX 660 Overclock 2GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Sep-13-12] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA want to bring Kepler to every gamer in a balance ofpower, performance and affordability, with the GTX 660.

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 2GB Video Card Overclocked Performance @ tweaktown.com
[Sep-05-12] (0 Comments)

We take a look at the overclocking side of things with the upcoming GTX 660 to see what kind of performance we can expect.

ASRock Z77 OC Formula Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Sep-04-12] (0 Comments)

The ASRock Z77 OC Formula is a motherboard targeted to overclockers. Let’s see what makes this product so special.

GIGABYTE breaks Core i7 3770K OC World Record @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-24-12] (0 Comments)

Earlier on today we were invited to the GIGABYTE headquarters here in Taipei where we were told we would see the Taiwanese motherboard maker and its in-house professional overclocker HiCookie try to set a new world record for the Intel Core i7 3770K processor.Overclocking was done on the upcoming GA-Z77X-UP7 motherboard that is due to be released this coming Monday - GIGABYTE at the time of writing were not prepared to comment on pricing as it is yet to be 100% confirmed. However, you can expect the price to be fairly high as this is a board designed for overclockers and it has plenty of top notch features to help overclockers around the world set new performance records. In the video above I mentioned that the Z77X-UP7 is much like a Formula One car in its design theory. Every little tweak has been included and high-end components such as 32 CPU phases are included to help set said new records.

MSI GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti 2GB Power Edition Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-17-12] (0 Comments)

We overclock our first retail NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti and see just how powerful the Power Edition is from MSI when put to the test.

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Aug-16-12] (0 Comments)

The GeForce GTX 660 Ti is being released today. Let’s see how the SuperClocked model from EVGA fared on our tests.

Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti Phantom @ technic3d.com
[Aug-16-12] (0 Comments)

The Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti Phantom Graphic Card arrived T echnic3D. Technic3D will check the new GTX 660 Ti in the following Rev iew with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real P ower Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in Games against other Graphic Cards.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Vapor-X 3GB Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-15-12] (0 Comments)

Sapphire expands the Vapor-X series by bringing the new GHz Edition based HD 7970 into the scene.

HIS HD 7750 iCooler 1GB @ hardwarelook.com
[Aug-09-12] (0 Comments)

The HIS HD 7750 iCooler 1GB is a low-end budget graphics card whichhas proved to have low wattage, low temperatures and produces a decentoverclock to achieve frame rates not too far away from a HD 7770...

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super Overclock @ technic3d.com
[Aug-07-12] (0 Comments)

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super Overclock ( WindForce 5x) G raphic Card arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the GTX 680 Monste r in the following Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclo cking and many more in new Games against other Graphic Cards.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC Edition Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-07-12] (0 Comments)

We check out the pre-overclocked HD 7850 2GB from Sapphire and see how it performs today.

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti 2GB Reference Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-02-12] (0 Comments)

We overclock the upcoming GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti 2GB to see what kind of performance we can get out of it.

HIS Radeon HD 7970 X IceQ X2 Turbo 3GB Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-30-12] (0 Comments)

HIS bring a beasty new GHz Edition Radeon HD 7970 to the table with the new HD 7970 X IceQ X2 Turbo.

HIS Radeon HD 7850 2GB Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-25-12] (0 Comments)

We overclock the HIS HD 7850 and see how much performance we can get out of the model.

HIS Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-19-12] (0 Comments)

We overclock the HIS Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition and see how much performance we can get out of it.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition TOXIC 6GB Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-14-12] (0 Comments)

We get our first taste of overclocking the new 7970 GHz Edition in retail form with the new 6GB TOXIC monster from Sapphire.

Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3X OC 2GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Jul-13-12] (0 Comments)

The GTX 670 gets the WindForce treatment from Gigabyteincluding a factory overclock.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 OC Vapor-X 1GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Jul-09-12] (0 Comments)

Sapphire have given the budget friendly HD 7770 the Vapor-Xtreatment and increased the clocks, but does it make a difference?

MSI GTX 680 Lightning 2GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Jul-03-12] (0 Comments)

Today sees the MSI GTX 680 getting struck down by lightningfeaturing a factory overclock and custom cooler.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Dual-X fleX 3GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Jul-02-12] (0 Comments)

Sapphire have taken the popular Radeon 7950 and given it anoverclock, Dual-X cooler and fleX treatment all in one. Crazy huh?

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC @ technic3d.com
[Jun-01-12] (0 Comments)

The Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the HD 7950 OC in the following Review with a Re solution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumpt ion, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in new Games ag ainst other Graphic Cards.

HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ 2GB Video Cards in CrossFire Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
[May-28-12] (0 Comments)

We pair two HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ video cards together and proceed to overclock them to find out how they go with the new iTurbo software.

MSI Radeon HD 7850 2GB Power Edition Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[May-24-12] (0 Comments)

MSI expand the Power Edition series with the release of the Radeon HD 7850. We overclock it a lot and see what the model is capable of doing.

From:Date:MIME-Version; bh=UGMfdu0JSHZPchtcTL4q8E91zZCdwXz05vCCBxFsBcY=; @ overclockersonline.net
[May-21-12] (0 Comments)

The HIS 7850 Fan 2GB is another solid offering from HIS. It may not be the iCooler version, but it still maintains quiet operation and keeps temperatures cool. The 7850 Fan offers solid performance to match up with a full feature set that includes support for up to four monitors, PCI-e 3.0 and 2GB of GDDR5. The icing on the cake is solid overclocking room and performance gains.

Coolermaster Silent Pro Hybrid 850W PSU @ rbmods.com
[May-17-12] (0 Comments)

A PSU is always the most important thing in the computer, without a stable PSU you won’t be able to run a stable computer or overclock. Coolermaster is one of the big powersupply manufacturers on the market and today we take a look at one of their new units “Silent Pro Hybrid 850W”. Let’s find out how it performs!

ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
[May-10-12] (0 Comments)

ASUS has taken the great GTX 6 70 and improved it by putting their DirectCU II cooler on it, which prov ides whisper quiet cooling. The card is also overclocked out of the box and uses a custom PCB supporting software voltage control. Overall the c ard received a perfect ten score!

EVGA GeForce GTX 670 SuperClocked Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[May-10-12] (0 Comments)

Let’s check the performance of the EVGA GeForce GTX 670 SuperClocked, which competes with AMD’s Radeon HD 7950.

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 670 2GB Video Card Overclocked Performance P @ tweaktown.com
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Still a couple of days out from the official NVIDIA launch, we look at the upcoming GEFORCE GTX 670 video card in an overclocked state.

HIS Radeon HD 7770 iCooler 1 GB @ techpowerup.com
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The HIS Radeon HD 7770 iCooler is a close to reference implementation of the HD 7770. Comi ng at reference design price and clocks, its biggest innovation is its c ooler, which is exceedingly quiet. It is actually the quietest HD 7770 w e tested so far.

MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK 2GB Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[May-04-12] (0 Comments)

MSI expand the popular HAWK series with the introduction of the popular AMD Radeon HD 7870 to the performance based series of video cards.

VisionTek Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card Overclocked @ tweaktown.com
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With the recent AMD price drops, we check out the VisionTek Radeon HD 7950 and overclock it with the latest Catalyst drivers.

PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 7970 3GB VORTEX II Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
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We check out the brand new PCS+ HD 7970 3GB VORTEX II video card from PowerColor and overclock it to see how it goes.

MSI Radeon HD 7870 2GB TwinFrozr Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
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We check out the Twin Frozr based HD 7870 from MSI and see how it overclocks and performs today.

From:Date:MIME-Version; bh=yRUpMvNyUHepmQjd8KntFc34NWTZmRV7WBb4alupWKI=; @ overclockersonline.net
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The HIS 7770 iCooler GHz edition offers good performance for an easy to swallow price of around $150 US right now. The iCooler is silent and cools well and makes it easy to squeeze some extra performance through overclocking.

Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000 W @ techpowerup.com
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Antec finally released a new flagship PSU:the High Current Pro Platinum 1000W. The previous generation HCP-1200 was the fa vorite PSU of most extreme users and overclockers. Its outstanding perfo rmance helped to breal many records. Now the new HCP-1000 has to carry o n the tradition and prove its worth.

Exceleram Rippler ERB300A 4 GB PC3-12800 CAS 6 1.65 V DDR3 @ techpowerup.com
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Today we take a look at another classi c memory kit on the Intel X79 Express platform, this time from Exceleram . The Rippler ERB300A is built for overclocking with its fast CL6 speeds , but will that still work with the overclocks of today?

ASUS Radeon HD 7870 DirectCU II 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
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The ASUS Radeon HD 7870 Direct CU II is a highly o verclocked custom version of the Radeon HD 7870. Coming at clock speeds of 1100 MHz GPU and 1250 MHz memory, it is a good deal faster than the A MD reference design. Thanks to aggressive pricing, the card retails at $ 360, which means there is no price increase for overclocking.

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
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This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-30-12] (0 Comments)

This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-30-12] (0 Comments)

This Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide is meant to assist and outline aspects of overclocking parameters as well as the experience

Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 OC 2GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
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With the 7800 series now launched, Sapphire have brought afactory overclocked edition to market, but can it keep up in thisfast-paced graphics market?

HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ Turbo Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
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The latest card to get the IceQ treatment from the team over at HIS comes in the form of the HD 7870 IceQ Turbo. When it comes to HIS cards, this is a model that carries our two favorite words.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card tested with Catalyst 12.2 @ tweaktown.com
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At the launch of the new HD 7950 we checked out a pair of pre-overclocked Sapphire cards in CrossFire. Today we check out the other HD 7950 the company is offering and see how it goes with the latest WHQL driver from AMD which is the first official driver for the HD 7900 series.Outside of our normal Catalyst article we expanded upon our testing when we looked at the Diamond HD 7970 where we tested our complete benchmark line up on the latest driver and found some nice improvements.

AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB and HD 7850 2GB Pitcairn @ pcper.com
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Where the Radeon HD 7900 cards were impressive from a pureperformance stand point and the Radeon HD 7700 cards brought newfeatures and performance per watt to the sub $200 market, the HD 7800cards are really the ones we think warrant the most attention fromgamers. For $250, the Radeon HD 7850 offers a significantly bettergaming experience than the GTX 560 Ti from NVIDIA while offeringenough overclocking headroom to reach towards the GTX 570.

Asus DirectCU and DirectCU II for AMD:6850, 6870, 6950, and 6970 @ pcper.com
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The build quality and ability to overclock for all of thesecards is above average. The cooling ability combined with low noiseoperation is another big advantage for all of these cards. Asusoffers a very good warranty, and the included bundles are decent(though not necessarily outstanding). The prices for these cards isabove that of reference boards, but I do believe the unique designsand better cooling performance set these well apart from referencecards. They are certainly worth the extra price.

XFX Radeon HD 7770 Super Overclocked Edition Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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So far, XFX released four different video card models based on the new Radeon HD 7770 GPU. Let’s see how the Super Overclocked Edition version fared in our tests.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 Overclock Edition 1GB Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
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With the release of the Radeon HD 7770 upon us, Sapphirebelieve they have the best around with their

AMD Radeon HD7770 @ technic3d.com
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The AMD HD 7770 1 GHz Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. Technic3 D will check the AMD Radeon HD 7770 Series in the following Review wit h a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Co nsumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in new Ga mes against other Graphic Cards.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC 3GB Overclocked Further @ eteknix.com
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We all know that the 7900 series can be pushed. We put it tothe test to see how far it can be pushed.

Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler @ techwarelabs.com
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Newcomer to the cooling scene, Prolimatech, debuts their Genesis CP U cooler. This behemoth is a hybrid horizontal and vertical cooler that aim s to keep your computer cool. Read on to find out if the Genesis can stand up to the epic overclocks that we send its way.

Asus DirectCU II Roundup:ENGTX560, ENGTX570, and ENGTX580 @ pcper.com
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The ENGTX580 is in a bit of a bind. When viewed by itself oragainst other GTX 580 cards, it really proves its worth once coolingand overclocking abilities are considered. It is on the same level asthe MSI N580GTX Lightning, but it is a slightly larger card in that ittakes up three slots as compared to two. It does not match the MSIN580GTX XE, which is a 3GB card, but it is also significantly cheaper(and actually available) as compared to that other high end card.Where it stumbles is when being compared against the brand new AMD HD7970.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Graphics Card Video @ eteknix.com
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With 7950 graphics cards being released into the market, wetake a look at what Sapphire have to offer with a dual fan and 100MHzoverclock.

Sapphire 7950 Overclocked Edition Video Card @ techwarelabs.com
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With the release of the new Radeon 79xx series cards we may have wi tnessed a change in graphics King. The 7970 is without a doubt currently th e performance king. The problem is priced anywhere from $579 for the standa rd edition 7970 to over $800 for an overclocked version you have a card tha t few but the affluent can afford. Into the Sapphire 7950 Overclock Edition an enthusiast level graphics card more than capable of rendering any game you want to play even in Eyefinity (as we will demonstrate) for a mere $480 or lower. This puts it in a much more affordable and thus more appealing c ategory.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB Super Overclock - Last Hurrah for Fermi @ pcper.com
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This is one of the fastest GTX 580 cards we have ever testedout of the box, though since the release of the AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GBcard in early January the overall single-GPU performance crown hasmoved away from the NVIDIA kingdom. By no means does ths make theGigabyte GTX 580 Super Overclock a bad card (or ANY GTX 580 for thatmatter) but you need to make the judgment based on pricing and budgetmore closely now.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 @ technic3d.com
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The Sapphire HD 7970 Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the AMD Radeon HD 7970 Series in the following Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Con sumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in new Gam es against other Graphic Cards.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel @ eteknix.com
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There are some products that we receive that just put a smileon our face. These are usually something new like the very latestoverclocked graphics card or something that is a bit different and wejust can’t wait to get testing.

EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified:Overclocked @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The EVGA GTX 580 Classified is one of the most powerful single card solutions on the market. With a 14+3 VRM design, a new cooler and the

Sapphire Radeon HD6990 @ technic3d.com
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The Sapphire HD 6990 Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the AMD 6990 Series in the following Review with a Resolut ion from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking and many more in new Games against other Graphic Cards.

ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB Graphics Card @ bigbruin.com
[Sep-23-11] (0 Comments)

The ASUS GTX 560Ti comes with a factory overclock from 822MHz to830MHz, and while this seems to be a key marketing point from ASUS, it is aminor increase. However, ASUS includes an application to overclock the cardmore on your own, and my efforts resulted in almost a 120MHz increase in GPUspeed. This simple overclock provided a nice boost in performance.

Kingwin Stryker 500W Fanless Power Supply @ pcper.com
[Sep-03-11] (0 Comments)

The Stryker 500W Fanless is another very impressive powersupply from Kingwin. It delivered excellent efficiency numbers andeasily met the new 80 PLUS Platinum certification criteria. It alsodelivered very good voltage regulation with clean outputs and caneasily be pushed (overclocked) to 600W with only a slight drop inefficiency.

ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 580 Platinum 1.5GB Graphics Card - Best of @ pcper.com
[Aug-25-11] (0 Comments)

ASUS may have perfected the GeForce GTX 580 with the Republicof Gamers Matrix GTX 580 by combining a customer designed board, powersystem and cooler that sets it above the rest of the cards we havetested in house. The only downside to this card is the slower thanexpected default clock speeds that come dangerously close to thereference cards that may turn off potential buyers. For anyenthusiast looking at a ~$500 GPU though, overclocking, even withbasic tools like the included GPUTweak software, is a must and I thinkthe Matrix GTX 580 offers up one of the best environments to get themost from the Fermi GPU.

How to Overclock Your Computer 101 @ techwarelabs.com
[Aug-09-11] (0 Comments)

Even amongst computer hardware enthusiasts, overclocking is a subje ct that is not always completely understood. At the most basic level, overc locking is merely making hardware such as the CPU or RAM run at clock speed s that are above stock. This allows the user to achieve an increase in perf ormance without spending extra money on faster parts. Follow our guide and learn the basics about overclocking.

Gainward GTX590 @ technic3d.com
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The Gainward GeForce GTX 590 Graphic Card arrived Technic3D. T echnic3D will check the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 590 Series in the following Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 3D Vis ion, the real Power Consumption, loudness, temperature, Overclocking a nd many more in new Games against other Graphic Cards. Better than two GTX 580?

Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit @ eteknix.com
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Recently Corsair announced their Vengeance range of memory including the slightly more appealing Low Profile version allowed for high performance and low clerance, which a lot of users may be faced with due to their hefty coolers needed mainly for overclocking.

EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
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The Superclock is a CPU cooler from EVGA, with a tower heatsink, five heatpipes, and one 120 mm fan. Let’s test it!

Video Perspective:AMD A-series APU Overclocking and Gaming @ pcper.com
[Jul-07-11] (0 Comments)

We tested 3DMark11, Bad Company 2, Lost Planet 2, Left 4 Dead2 and Dirt 3 to give us a quick overall view of performance increases. We ran the games at 1680x1050 resolutions and

MSI P67A-GD80 LGA 1155 ATX Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Jun-07-11] (0 Comments)

MSI continues to impress us with the amount of custom featuresand applications they bundle with their products. The P67A-GD80 provedto be a supreme overclocker with almost unlimited possibilities forenthusiasts who like to tweak with voltages and test the stability oftheir entire system. The addition of

TechwareLabs :Patriot Division2 Viper Xtreme 4GB DDR3 RAM kit @ techwarelabs.com
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Patriot Memory releases a fantastic DDR3 RAM kit, the Patriot Division2 Viper Xtreme with exceptional performance and phenomenal overclocking potential. Just how high will it go? And do you need to bother?

MSI R6970 Lightning :A Supercharged AMD Radeon HD 6970 @ pcper.com
[May-22-11] (0 Comments)

It is a tremendous design from MSI, and I am happy to say thatthey have erased the memory of the disappointing R5870 of yesteryear.It does have a price premium over a standard HD 6970, but in this caseI think the premium is well worth it. It has a good overclock rightout of the box, and the Twin Frozr III cooler is a marvel. Eventhough it does not exhaust the air outside of the case, it was soeffective in cooling the chip that it barely raised the casetemperature in the first place.

HIS 6790 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card @ viperlair.com
[May-16-11] (0 Comments)

This makes it a good base for the HIS 6790 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Ca rd which expands on this with uprated Core and Memory clocks. A default car d comes clocked at 840/1050 while the HIS 6790 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card c omes out-of-the-box at 900/1100. We also managed to squeeze a little extra from the Core and took our sample to 920. Not a particularly large increase , but the memory jumped all the way to 1200MHz without issue. In games, the HIS 6790 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card does very nicely, and would suit a sin gle 1080p monitor well. Despite this, the HIS 6790 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Ca rd does have all the ports and features needed for some Eyefinity action, a lthough I would expect to see a need to run at reduced detail settings for the higher resolution.

How to overclock a graphics card @ eteknix.com
[May-06-11] (0 Comments)

When someone mentions the word

AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition :Last of the Breed @ pcper.com
[May-03-11] (0 Comments)

In the end, this is a simple 100 MHz increase in clockspeedfor AMD for their high end quad core processor. It is not all thatmuch faster than the previous X4 975, but at least it does not consumeall that much more power than the previous model. It is a goodall-around performer, and would make a solid foundation for aproductivity and gaming machine for most users. Invariably though,most eyes are drawn to the horizon and the promise of Llano andBulldozer. Hopefully for AMD these next generation processors willallow them to more adequately compete with Intel when it comes to rawperformance.

Intel Sandy Bridge Overclocking Guide @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Apr-20-11] (0 Comments)

Rules change and we need to be at the top of the technology to understand how new architectures work with our new components.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti OC Graphics Card @ eteknix.com
[Apr-13-11] (0 Comments)

It is a fact that most of us PC hardware enthusiasts are so concerned with what is happening at the high end of the graphics card market, that lower end cards like the GTX550 get forgotten among the more outrageously powerful, and sometimes outrageously expensive, cards out there. However, the lower end cards are what sell the best to the mainstream users who want to game without spending Ł200 on a top end card, but are clever enough not to opt for a console! More importantly though, the lower power found in these cards give manufacturers such as GIGABYTE the ability to do some amazing things with them, such as silent cooling and high overclocks. This is exactly what a buyer is looking for and appears to be exactly what GIGABYTE is offering- we will see how it does this later on.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 1800MHz 4GB Dual Channel Kit @ eteknix.com
[Apr-08-11] (0 Comments)

Kingston are regarded as one of the biggest manufacturers of memory based products today and aim to cater for all types of systems from the likes of AMD and Intel, whether it be for the low-end market, high-end gamers or enthusiast/overclocking markets. They do it all.

MSI HD 6950 Twin Frozr II :Cool, Quiet, and somewhat Beastly @ pcper.com
[Mar-24-11] (0 Comments)

Personally I like the card. I was disappointed I could notmod it successfully to a HD 6970, but even in stock form the card isnot slow. I am doing some =93long term=94 testing on this particularmodel in my main machine, clocked at a much more mundane 900 MHz coreand 1350 MHz memory. This has provided a nice performance boost, allthe while producing less sound than the more aggressive overclock Idid while testing. So far the card has worked flawlessly at thisspeed, and it has handled every application I have thrown at it withaplomb.

ASUS EAH6870 1GB Video Card @ itshootout.com
[Mar-23-11] (0 Comments)

The Radeon HD 6870, contrary to its somewhat confusing name, is not the successor to the Radeon 5870. Instead, it acts as an almost direct replacement for the Radeon 5850, both in terms of performance and in price. Today we are looking at the Asus variant which has some exclusive features including the Voltage Tweak functionality we have come to particularly enjoy when overclocking.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Update - Overclocking Performance @ pcper.com
[Mar-22-11] (0 Comments)

I am glad to see AMD really embracing the overclocking mindsetin both its CPU and GPU divisions as well. AMD has been offeringunlocked processors for quite some time and with previous Radeonreleases and now the new HD 6990 offering, the engineering andmarketing teams continue to strive to beat out the competition inanyway they can. By installing a switch on the card that nowbasically overclocks the clock speeds and moves the power consumptionbeyond approved levels, AMD is enabling consumers that WANT to pushtheir hardware the option to do so, and for that, we at PC Perspectiveare very grateful.

MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone OC Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Mar-16-11] (0 Comments)

NVIDIA is releasing today their latest GPU, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Let’s check the performance of this factory-overclocked model from MSI.

Akasa Venom CPU Cooler @ eteknix.com
[Mar-15-11] (0 Comments)

Currently, one of the most competitive computer markets is the CPU cooling and especially the high-powered and more exclusive heat sinks. There are a lot of advantages to having a good CPU cooler, it can allow for a faster stable over clock, or it can keep your computer cooler and quieter.

Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2X4 GB) PC3-12800 @ rbmods.com
[Mar-11-11] (0 Comments)

Time for another memory review, today we’re taking a look at Corsair Vengeance kits. This one is aimed towards overclockers with its aluminum heatsinks to dissipate heat and a low price which should make an excellent choice for overclockers.

Arctic Freezer 13 Cpu Cooler @ rbmods.com
[Mar-02-11] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at a new CPU cooler from Arctic Cooling, the Freezer 13 arrived recently are today we are going to test it vs a similar sized Zalman CPU cooler both under normal load and also under overclocking.

Bulldozer at ISSCC 2011 - The Future of AMD Processors @ pcper.com
[Feb-24-11] (0 Comments)

All indications so far point to Bulldozer being at the veryleast a competitive design. I believe that Intel will have anadvantage in instructions per clock when handling single threaded andlightly threaded workloads. But AMD certainly looks to counter thatby providing processors which will clock higher than the Intelcounterparts, yet still remain in the same thermal envelope as thecompetition.

Corsair Vengeance 12GB Kit @ technic3d.com
[Feb-21-11] (0 Comments)

The Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory-Kit arrived Te chnic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the G.Skill Trident, Mushkin Ridgeback and Corsair Dominator Memory K its on Windows 7 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You ca n see 1.932MHz (1,65V) with 9-11-11-24 (2T) and more in the following Review.

KFA2 GeForce GTX 470 EX OC @ eteknix.com
[Feb-16-11] (0 Comments)

When NVidia released the 470 back last March, the reference cards were known to have some thermal issues and keeping cool due to the 3 billion transistors that had been embedded onto the GF100 GPU’s. This is where KFA2 have stepped upto the challenge to not only overcome the cooling but to also cool a card that they will supply overclocked as standard. This challenge is right up their street.

AMD HD 6950 1GB vs. NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti Overclocking @ techgage.com
[Feb-03-11] (0 Comments)

AMD and NVIDIA released $250 GPUs last week, and bothproved to deliver a major punch for modest cash. After testing, we foundAMD to have a slight edge in overall performance, so to see if thingschange when OCing is brought into the picture, we pushed both cardshard, and then pit the results against our usual suite.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler @ eteknix.com
[Jan-26-11] (0 Comments)

The Freezer13 will eventually replace the Freezer7 Rev2 as Arctics flagship cooler and on the evidence of these tests consumers wont be left disappointed. The performance is on a par with the already excellent Freezer7 series and does so with a lower noise profile. In fact, with Cool n Quiet enabled the fan is eerily silent and easily able to handle the Phenom II overclocked to 3.8GHz @1.5 Vcore on all four cores. Combine that with the excellent new design, proven reliability from Arctics previous products and a retail price below Ł25 - the Freezer13 truly is the bang for buck king!

MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-26-11] (0 Comments)

The MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC is a factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 560 Ti with a better cooling solution. Let’s check it out.

TechwareLabs :Thermalright HR-02 CPU Heatsink @ TechwareLabs News
[Jan-25-11] (0 Comments)

Thermalright produces a small, but carefully crafted selection of high-quality components, all centered around a single core competency. Today we’ll be looking at one of their larger coolers to date, the HR-02. Aimed at the enthusiast and overclocker crowds, this cooler seems geared to tackle the hottest CPUs on the market. Stick with us as we see just how Right the Thermals are on this beastly cooler.

ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution (Intel P67 Express) Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
[Jan-25-11] (0 Comments)

At CES this year we had the chance to talk to ASUS about some of their visions for the coming year as well as specifically about the P67 and Sandy Bridge. We were not surprised to hear that ASUS was thinking a little ahead of what we had heard from the other guys in terms of positioning their products.Although we have seen other companies streamline their feature sets across an entire product line, what we have not seen is pushing boards in a pre-emptive way to ensure great overclocking. This is what ASUS has done; as we told you before, they are designing all of their new boards to handle a much higher power and thermal envelope from the beginning. This means that you should be able to get some pretty impressive clocks out of even your basic boards. With that in mind, we are cracking open the box on one of our favourite lines of ASUS motherboards. This is the WS line; we have the P8P67 WS Revolution sitting on the test bench all ready to go.

MSI MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2011 - Americas Finals @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-19-11] (0 Comments)

Hardware Secrets attended the overclocking competition sponsored by MSI that took place during CES 2011.

Corsair Dominator 12GB 1600 Kit @ technic3d.com
[Jan-12-11] (0 Comments)

The Corsair Dominator 12GB DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory-Kit arrived Te chnic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the G.Skill Trident, Mushkin Ridgeback and Corsair GT Memory Kits on Windows 7 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1 .900MHz (1,65V) with 9-10-9-24 (2T) and more in the following Review .

From:Date:MIME-Version; bh=7EdlacSkte/Tan0QtkBqRIjS1Dev16axtPsSQ7wAe9k=; @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-06-11] (0 Comments)

The NEC EX231W-BK is compact at only 14.6mm and weights under 10 lbs with the base attached. With such a slim design the NEC EX231W-BK looks great on the desk but makes no compromises when it comes to providing adjustable features like tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment.

EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-21-10] (0 Comments)

Let’s see if this factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 570 from EVGA is worthwhile buying.

MSI N430GT MD1GD3/OC/LP Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-08-10] (0 Comments)

Let’s check the performance of this factory-overclocked card based on the latest entry-level GPU from NVIDIA, the GeForce GT 430.

Nvidia GTX 570 Specs leaked @ eteknix.com
[Dec-01-10] (0 Comments)

Suggesting that the card will come equipped with 480 processing cores running a core clock of 732MHz, 1280Mb of GDDR5 ram with the Memory clock at 1900MHz (giving a combined of DDR3800Mhz).

Cooler Master Elite 430 case @ hardwareoverclock.com
[Nov-24-10] (0 Comments)

The Cooler Master Elite 430 is a case made for modding freaks with asmall purse. There are a lot of nice features for a fast hardwareinstallation. Also the cooling performance was an important theme in themanufacturing.

Corsair Dominator 4GB CL7 Kit @ technic3d.com
[Nov-18-10] (0 Comments)

The Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3 1600 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Tec hnic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Platinum, G.Skill Trident, Mushkin Ridgeback and Corsair GT Me mory Kits on Windows 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. Yo u can see 1.752MHz (1,65V) with 8-8-8-24 (1T) and more in the followin g Review.

AMD Brazos and Zacate Architecture P - Bobcat Explored @ pcper.com
[Nov-11-10] (0 Comments)

Zacate is the full 18 watt TDP part, and it will run at 1.6GHz for the core CPU speed, and 500 MHz for the DX11 GPU portion.That graphics portion is made up of 2 x 80 unit SIMDs, so it has agrand total of 160 stream processors. If these follow the standardlayout, each SIMD unit will also have 4 x texture units attached, soessentially double the texturing power as a AMD 880G integratedchipset, and four times the stream count. It is quite anaccomplishment to have this much stuff, running at those clockspeeds,yet still only have an 18 watt TDP. Ontario has the same basicmakeup, but is rated at 9 watts.

HIS Radeon 6870 Turbo @ viperlair.com
[Nov-09-10] (0 Comments)

Performance wise, the HIS Radeon 6870 Turbo easily beat the NVIDIA GTX 460 1GB, and the 6850 and 6870 cards we compared it with too. In some g ames, the default clocked 6870 and the HIS Radeon 6870 Turbo were too close to tell apart, but in many games it was enough of a difference to be notic eable. Price wise, the HIS Radeon 6870 non-Turbo is $239.99 at Newegg at ti me of writing, while the HIS Radeon 6870 Turbo that we have here is ... wel l, not listed. It should be about $15-$20 extra which is quite reasonable.

Galaxy working on single-slot GeForce GTX 460 @ eteknix.com
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Galaxy are well known for their special graphics card designs and innovations. Latest news from sources report that the company is working on a single-slot GeForce GTX 460 graphics card. The card will feature a GPU clock speed of 675MHz, 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 3600MHz, a 256-bit memory bus and 336 CUDA cores. The card draws power from two 6 pin connectors and offers Dual DVI and HDMI ports.

Sparkle Geforce GTS450 OC 1024MB Video Card @ techwarelabs.com
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The Sparkle GTS450 comes packed with 1GB of RAM and Sparkle has gone ahead and overclocked this card for that little extra kick. If you are looking to upgrade your machine and not break the bank, the Sparkle GTS450 might be for you.

ASUS GeForce GT 430 Overclocking Performance @ benchmarkreviews.com
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When the GT 430 platform was released in desktop cards, Benchmark Reviews brought you a review of the performance of the ASUS ENGT430.

Mushkin Ridgeback 4GB DDR3 @ technic3d.com
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The Mushkin Ridgeback 4GB DDR3 1333 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Tec hnic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Platinum, G.Skill Trident and Corsair GT Memory Kits on Window s 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 2.057MHz (1,65V) with 7-8-10-27 (1T) and more in the following Review.

G.Skill Trident 12GB Kit @ technic3d.com
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The G.Skill Trident 12GB DDR3 1600 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Tech nic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against t he OCZ Platinum and Corsair GT Memory Kits on Windows 64 Bit and the G igabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1.600MHz (1,65V) with 7-8-7 -24 (1T) and more in the following Review.

ASUS Radeon HD 5870 ROG Matrix and V2 Graphics Cards ed @ pcper.com
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For users looking for a new Radeon HD 5870 card today then theV2 makes a great choice that is both low in price compared to the restof the market while offering performance better than the reference GTX470s from NVIDIA provide. The HD 5870 2GB ROG Matrix card isdefinitely for users with a more distinguished taste in graphicssolutions and not only will you get 2GB of memory on this card but youwill also have more overclocking goodies that just about any other GPUavailable.

ASUS EAH5850 TOP Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s see the performance of this overclocked Radeon HD 5850 from ASUS, which comes with a custom cooling solution.

ECS GTX 460 Black Series (NBGTX460-1GPI-F) @ hardwaresecrets.com
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The ECS GTX 460 Black Series (NBGTX460-1GPI-F) comes with 1 GB GDDR5, pre-overclocked, and with a high-end cooling solution from Arctic Cooling. Let’s check it out.

Next-Generation Turbo Boost and Overclocking on Sandy Bridge @ pcper.com
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In fact, what really happens is what the curved line labeledSandy Bridge symbolizes. When the 2.5 GHz CPU is boosted to 2.8 GHz,the frequency and power draw change instantly but the temperature onthe die does not; it rises over a period of time and then settles atthe new level. The next-generation Turbo Boost technology takesadvantage of this knowledge and actually increases frequency moreaggressively during this period of ramp.

Desktop PC Platform - Saved By Overclocking @ benchmarkreviews.com
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The desktop hardware industry was made popular by knowledgeable members of the community willing to share their overclocking experience

Palit GeForce GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum - Rivaling the GTX 470 @ pcper.com
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Palit has done a great job combining the popular and flexibleGeForce GTX 460 GPU with a custom design and highly overclockedsettings to create a mid-range graphics cards that offers next-levelperformance for a price that is much more manageable for the everydaygamer. If you have been looking for an upgrade path in the $250 pricerange then the Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum card is a fantasticoption!

Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler Heatsink @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Not everyone wants to spend a small fortune buying the fastest processor sold, simply for the promise of factory-made speed. Overclockers

Desktop PC Platform:Killed By Overclocking @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Enthusiasts have lost sight of the original purpose behind overclocking, which was made popular because it could make something slow

MSI N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s take a look on the performance of this factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 460 from MSI.

Intel Core i5-655K Processor BX80616I5655K @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Many years ago, overclocking was not limited by Intel/AMD like nowadays. As it is usual, when they see they can make extra money from the

MSI N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s take a look on the performance of this factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 460 from MSI.

MSI H55M-ED55 LGA 1156 Micro ATX Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The H55M-ED55 is a great example of their commitment to qualityboards that are geared toward overclockers and gamers. We saw goodperformance results in both of these categories during testing and wereimpressed with how flexibilty and feature rich the BIOS was. The onlycomplaints we could make about it would be the lack of USB 3.0/SATA3.0support, but most boards at this price point and class do not have thesefeatures standard. The OC Genie button was a great addition and should beused frequently by novice PC builders looking to squeeze a few moremegahertz from their Intel processors.

PowerColor HD5670 PCS+ @ technic3d.com
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The PowerColor AMD-ATI Radeon HD5670 PCS+ arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the overclocked HD 5670 in the following Review w ith a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050 and many more in Games, against other Graphic Cards. Better with more Performance and new Heatsink?

ASUS Maximus III Gene Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
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ASUS Maximus III Gene is a socket 1156 micro-ATX motherboard based on Intel P55 chipset with two PCI Express x16 slots and lots of overclocking features.

Gigabyte X58A-UD7 Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Gigabyte X58A-UD7 is a high-end socket 1366 motherboard, based on Intel X58 chipset, with four PCI Express x16 slots, two SATA-600 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and lots of overclocking options.

MSI Big Bang XPOWER Intel X58 Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The MSI Big Bang XPower will support up to six single slot graphics cards for some hefty multi-monitor use. It also supports the latest Quad-SLI and CrossFireX technology from NVIDIA and ATI. If you are looking to do some extreme overclocking with the new Intel Core I7 980X you will need a board that can supply enough power. Under Extreme overclocking conditions the I7 980X can draw around 480 Watts, which is too much for a single 8pin cpu connector to supply. The MSI Big Bang XPower was designed for such a circumstance! The keen folks over at MSI added a second 8pin CPU connector to the Big Bang XPower! There should be no issues with power when pushing the latest processors to the maximum frequencies. They also decided to add a 6pin PCI-e which will aid when overclocking the graphics cards!

XFX HD 5870 Black Edition - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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TheATI vs Nvidia or Red vs Green battle has been played out for over adecade with many tech enthusiasts strongly camped in one corner or theother. Over past years, the graphics giants have traded blows with thependulum swinging back and forth but the DirectX 11 skirmish would seemto signal a victory for the red corner.At its launch, ATI’s flagship 5 series card – the Radeon HD 5870 – wasduly praised but could never definitely be hailed a success untilNvidia’s response was analysed. Some six months later, the green campfinally had a product fit for launch. The GTX 480 was just that.Unfortunately, whilst performance levels were reasonable, high powerconsumption, high temperatures, high pricing and a noisy stock coolerultimately cost Fermi and Nvidia.So the HD 5870, endorsed by Fermi’s poor showing, is many enthusiastsgraphics card of choice and as expected, the ATI vendors are quick torespond releasing factory overclocked and tweaked versions of theflagship card to heighten performance and lower noise levels andrunning temperatures. Enter the XFX Radeon HD 5870 Black Edition...

Thermaltake Frio Universal Heatsink @ pcper.com
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There were a lot of good qualities about the Frio that I think willappeal to basic users and overclockers alike. The easy of installation andsupport for multiple CPU platforms is a huge plus in a day and age whereconsumers switch between different platforms frequently. The dual-fan designdefinitely helped the Frio score very well in our performance tests, but wewould have liked quieter fans that pushed more air instead of creating morenoise at higher speeds.

EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SuperClocked Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s take a look on the performance of this factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 465 from EVGA, called SuperClocked (SC) edition.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
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ASUS Rampage III Extreme is a high-end socket 1366 motherboard based on Intel X58 chipset, with four PCI Express x16 slots, two SATA-600 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, lots of overclocking features, and more!

Danger Den NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 All Copper Water Block @ legitreviews.com
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Danger Den’s DD-GTX480 all copper water block is one very nice addition to my EVGA GeForce GTX480 video card. Not only did it help cool the card better, but it also managed to eliminate the noise from the horridly loud stock fan. That in and of itself warrants the $135 price tag the all copper version we tested today carries. When it came to performance by water cooling the GeForce GTX 480 we were able to drop stock load temps from 92C to 49C, which is a drop of 47%. Reducing your temperatures by nearly half is amazing and anyone that is thinking about getting a GeForce GTX 480 should consider water cooling as an option as it really is nice. You get lower noise levels, possibly increase the longevity of the video card and are able to overclock it farther than you could on air for even better performance. Danger Den has done a great job on these blocks and you can tell from the second you pick the water block up that it you made a solid investment...

ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard @ techwarelabs.com
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The Crosshair IV Formula includes the AMD 890FX chipset which includes some features which provide up to 4 ATI Radeon HD graphics cards with ATI CrossfireX and other features like SATA 6Gb/s and not to forget the over clocker’s play ground with AMD Overdrive software. The compilation of all the features packed into this board in one platform is brought to you by the Republic of Gamers (ROG).

From; bh=KGLrTuAhXf+ybM4qtjcZhSc/jAR1KJjpRuS96+ksDGQ=; @ overclockersonline.net
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Shattering the mould for typical cases, the Banchetto 101 shines asan open air chassis or tech station. Its performance is nothing short ofstellar, and has been exquisitely crafted. Upon delivery, I knew that thiscase would be stunning.

PowerColor HD5830 PCS+ @ technic3d.com
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The PowerColor AMD-ATI Radeon HD5830 PCS+ arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the overclocked HD 5830 in the following Review w ith a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050 and many more in Games, against other Graphic Cards. Better with more Performance and new Heatsink?

Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit @ rbmods.com
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We are going to look at a tri channel memory kit from Gskill today which we will compare vs a high performing Mushkin and Corsair kit. We are going to see what type of speeds we can expect at stock and also what we can do when it comes to overclocking.

Kingston HyperX LoVo 1866MHz DDR3 4GB Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
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The Kingston HyperX LoVo memory kit was great to review as we learned a number of things during testing the memory kit. The first is that not all motherboards have DDR3 (vDIMM) voltage settings that go low enough to support memory kits like this. This is an easy fix by motherboard manufactures, but it will require a BIOS update in order to support super low voltages like 1.25V. The second thing that we learned is that memory voltages and memory clock frequencies play a serious role in power consumption! To be honest we never looked that close at power consumption at various clock frequencies when keeping the vDIMM and memory timings constant. It was an eye opener to how big of a power consumption difference we were seeing at the wall when going from just 1333MHz with 1.24V to 1600MHz with 1.24V...

ASUS P6X58D Premium @ techgage.com
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Intel may have launched its X58 chipset nearly ayear-and-a-half ago, but board vendors continue to come out with newproduct as technologies improve. This past winter, ASUS released theP6X58D Premium, a high-end offering that boasts support for both SATA3.0 and USB 3.0, and one that just begs to be pushed hard withoverclocking.

Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Message-Id: @ techpowerup.com
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The HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo is a fully customized HD 5870 that uses a non-reference PCB and heatsink. Instead of the standard clocks it comes at frequencies of 765 MHz core and 1125 MHz memory. Another highlight is the included Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 game which is clearly one of the top games of the last months.

Corsair Dominator GT @ technic3d.com
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The Corsair Dominator GT 6GB DDR3 1866 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking again st the OCZ Platinum and G.Skill Trident Memory Kits on Windows 64 Bit and the Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 2.044 MHz (1,65V) with 8-8-8-24 (2T) and more in the following Review.

Enermax Modu87+ 500 Watt @ hardwareoverclock.com
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The new Enermax Modu87+ series is 80PLUSR Gold certified andhas 87 to 93 percent efficiency @ 230V. Also interesting is the Integrated13.9cm fan with patented Twister Bearing Technology ensures efficient andultra silent cooling and long lifetime.

Benchmark Performance SSD Testing:AHCI vs IDE (or perhaps not) @ pcper.com
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The overclocking crowd goes nuts to squeeze every possible bit ofperformance out of their hardware. Those reading the Benchmark Reviewsarticle are likely to waste countless hours going for those few percentagepoints in single-threaded benchmarks, only to find their *real*(multi-threaded) performance has suffered significantly. I urge thosesystem tweakers out there to do some additional research before droppingyour personal systems back down to IDE mode.

Sapphire 5750 and 5750 Vapor X - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Stickingwith the Juniper core that we saw in the Radeon HD 5770,today’s review focuses on its little brother –the HD 5750. Just as the5770 was effectively half the 5870, the 5750 is half the 5850 utilisingthe RV840 core manufactured with a 40nm process. Essentially the ATIRadeon HD 5770 & HD 5750 models fill the mainstream segment of theDirectX 11 GPU market. Clearly nVidia’s launch of the GTX470 and GTX480cards is targeted at the high-end user and so ATI still rules the roostin terms of the mainstream and lower-end areas of the marketplace. So how will the 5750 compare to the 5770? We’ve got two versions to putthrough their paces both courtesy of Sapphire:the reference version ofthe card and a special overclocked Vapor-X model. Let’s delve a littledeeper...

Crucial DDR3 1333 Value Ram Kit @ techwarelabs.com
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Crucial is popular for good reason, the reviews for their RAM have always been on a positive, with good reliability and overclocking ability. We will see if this is the case for their Value Ram kit as well.

Corsair Nova V128 Solid State Drive Test @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers around the world use Corsair memory kits for their high-speed performance. Similarly, Corsair SSD storage products have

6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz DDR3 Memory @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers and PC hardware enthusiasts understand that system memory performs best with low latency and fast speeds, but both seldom

XFX Radeon 5970 Video Card w/ 4GB of Memory @ legitreviews.com
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The XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition video card will be a limited edition card with an estimated hundreds of graphics cards being made. XFX expects to begin selling the cards in about a month for roughly $100 more than a standard Radeon HD 5970, which is $699 to $750 if you can find them. This would make the XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition to be around $799 to $850 based on our assumptions. XFX also stated that they will hand pick each of these cards and that overclockers are going to love them...

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic 1GB Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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Overclocking performance on the Sapphire HD 5850 TOXIC Edition video card was amazing. We were able to take the card from 765MHz core clock and 1125MHz memory clock all the way up to 901MHz core clock and 1200MHz memory clock. This is a 24% increase on the core clock and a 20% increase on the memory clock from a reference design Radeon HD 5850 as a normal ATI Radeon HD 5850 runs at just 700MHz on the core and 1000MHz on the memory. By overclocking the Sapphire HD 5850 TOXIC Edition graphics card it was nearly able to perform on the same level as the Radeon HD 5870!

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.0 Now Available on NGOHQ.com @ ngohq.com
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Unigine Corporation today announced the second versionof its DirectX 11 benchmark Heaven that is based on its proprietaryUnigine engine. The company has already made a name among theoverclockers and gaming enthusiasts for uncovering the realm of trueGPU capabilities with previously released Sanctuary and Tropics demos.Their benchmarking capabilities are coupled with striking visualintegrity of the refined graphic art.Changes:• More tessellation load.• Optimized engine.• Added several new art assets.• Introduced

Intel Core i7 980X CPU @ technic3d.com
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The Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new Gulftown 32nm Six-Core CPU from Intel against th e Intel Core i7 975 Extreme, AMD Phenom II 940/965 and more on Windows 7 and Linux . Overclocking over 4,4 GHz with Air-Cooling and more see you in the following Review.

Patriot Gamer-Series DDR3-1600 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclocking is getting easier than ever, and more and more users are finding that they want to try their hand at what used to be an art

MSI R5770 HAWK Radeon HD 5770 Video Card @ pcper.com
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It is a neat card, it is an excellent price, and it pushes thelimits of design for the highly competitive market that it resides in.While other manufacturers are introducing overclocked cards, many of theseare using the reference design and cooling systems. MSI has taken a bigstep above nearly everyone else and produced a unique and outstandingoffering for the $150 to $199 price range.

ASUS M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 (AMD 890GX) Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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AMD has been having great success with their HD 5xxx line. These GPUs are not only the only DX11 parts on the market at the moment, but have performance that out does just about every offering from NVIDIA. However, they have not been doing overly well in the chipset and CPU market. Here they have been outdone by Intel consistently over the last few years.This has been good for Intel, but bad for the market in general. Of course, AMD has made some great strides in the CPU realm and in fact have produced some good and inexpensive products that have quite a bit of room for overclocking. Now they are moving back to the chipset side and are launching a new chipset today, the 890GX.

Zalman CNPS10X Flex Heatsink @ pcper.com
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The actual performance numbers we saw from the CNPS10X Flex wereabsolutely outstanding and we recommend adding the second 120mm fan for adecent decrease in CPU temps under idle and load conditions. If you can livewithout using your first DIMM slot, we recommend using the dual-fanconfiguration for added performance -- especially for overclockers andhardcore enthusiasts.

Asus EAH5750 Videocard @ rbmods.com
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On todays testbench is a Asus 5750 videocard, this is a 140$ card that seems to really bring some bang for the buck performance wise according to the specifications. We are going to compare it vs some higher performance cards that we have looked at before; and also try to boost performance with some overclocking.

AMD Athlon II X4 635 @ techwarelabs.com
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AMD releases its Athlon II X4 635 processor to the market with some interesting over-clocking capabilities.

AMD Athlon II X2 255 Dual Core 3.1GHz Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The AMD Athlon II X2 255 had a more than solid performance when putting through the paces today. It may not have performed as well as the Quad Core processors did, but keep in mind it is a dual core processor. When I ran the benchmarks on 1 core of each processor I was astonished to see the performance. The AMD Athlon II X2 255 was at or near the top of the list in those benchmarks. It was also able to overclock to 3.95GHz on air cooling, which is impressive for a $75 processor...

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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Today we have the opportunity to look at the Diamond Radeon HD5750 OC video card. There are a few features about this card that break away from the reference design. The first thing I noticed when looking at the card is that it uses a bright red PCB. Possibly the most important feature, though, is the speed of the card. It comes overclocked from the factory. It also uses a third party cooler in order to reduce noise and temperatures...

AMD Phenom II X4 910e 2.6GHz 65W TDP Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The AMD Phenom II 910e is a Quad-core processor that features the Deneb core. The predecessor to the Phenom II 910e was the 905e. The Phenom II 905e has the same bus speed as the Phenom II 910e, but the multiplier was x12.5 while the Phenom II 910e has a x13 multiplier. That small bump in the multiplier is what accounts for the 100MHz difference in the two processors. That means that the AMD Phenom II X4 910e has a final clock frequency of 2.6GHz with 2MB of L2 and 6MB of L3 cache. Not bad specifications for a processor that has a TDP that is nearly half the Wattage used on other popular Phenom II X4 processors!

OCZ plan to go back to their roots @ eteknix.com
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OCZ are a very well established company when it comes to highly overclockable memory with fantastic performance and stability. So lord only knows what they were thinking when they thought they would try something new.

Asus P7P55D Premium Motherboard @ techwarelabs.com
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With the advent of Intel releasing the LGA 1156 socket ASUS has launched nothing short of 17 different socket 1156 motherboards based on the newer P55 chipset. We decided to take this time to look at one of the more elite socket 1156 motherboards from ASUS, the P7P55D featuring SATA III, SLI and Crossfire, a remote for overclocking and a 48 Hybrid Phase cooling design. All together the P7P55D looks to be a mighty board but does it have true substance or is it just another board for ASUS to add to the market? Join me while I investigate and test the new ASUS the P7P55D Premium.

Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor X - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Jan-08-10] (0 Comments)

TheATI 5 series Direct-X 11 capable graphics cards are flooding on tothe market with numerous versions and models spanning a wide range ofprice / performance ratios. The 5700 series (5770 & 5750) havebolstered the budget options but ATI have continued to push ahead withthe top-end performance cards with the 5970 being the front-runner sofar it would seem.The 5870 was the first card to hit the shop shelves and Sapphire hasbeen keen to include it into their Vapor-X range. Featuring a customcooler, the card has a 20MHz boost for the RV870 core and a larger50MHz increase on the memory clock. The tweaked version aims to improveupon the already highly-praised original 5870 released back in theautumn so let’s take it for a spin...

ASUS P7P55D Premium Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-28-09] (0 Comments)

As was the case with the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe, using the ASUS P7P55D Premium was a great experience. We were able to really push the overclocking envelope of our i5 750 CPU. If you plan to watercool, this would be a great motherboard to get your hands on, as it has the capability of pushing any current 1156 CPU past the limits of air-cooling. Coupling this motherboard with an upcoming Intel i3 CPU should result in some impressive clock speeds!

ECS, eVGA, Gigabyte, MSI P55 Motherboard Roundup @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-21-09] (0 Comments)

Present for this review are products from ECS, EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI. ECS represents the budget option with their P55H-A which has a budget price but enthusiast features. MSI steps up the price with their P55-GD65 which sits closer to the average price, quality and feature-set for a P55 motherboard. EVGA bumps the price up into the enthusiast price-range while offering a board geared primarily towards overclocking enthusiasts in the EVGA P55 FTW. Finally, Gigabyte sits on top with price and features and is the only board to feature USB3.0 and SATA-III connectivity with the P55A-UD6 motherboard.

TRENDnet TV-M7 7-Inch Wireless IP Camera Monitor @ tweaktown.com
[Dec-03-09] (0 Comments)

Not too long ago we showed you how you could simply and inexpensively setup a home monitoring network using PoE and IP cameras. So now that you have built a four camera setup, how do you monitor it without the need to have a computer sitting right next to you all the time?TRENDnet has a very good answer for you and one that does not need to always show off what is going on with the cameras. This is the TRENDnet TV-M7. The TV-M7 is a 7-inch Wireless Camera Monitor that also doubles as a digital photo frame, media player, Clock, Calendar and a host of other features. This means that you can place this out in the open and feel safe in the knowledge that it will not be too obtrusive.

Galaxy and Palit GeForce GT 240 - More 40nm from NVIDIA @ pcper.com
[Nov-30-09] (0 Comments)

The difference between the two GT 240 cards is significant though -both in terms of performance, power and price. The Galaxy card was by farthe most efficient and will come in a good $30 less expensive than thePalit card. The Palit card though is far and away the better performer -the difference built on the use of GDDR5 memory (rather than GDDR3) andhigher core and shader clock speeds.

Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 CL8 KHX2000C8D3T1K3/6GX 6GB Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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The HyperX line-up of memory hasn’t always been the first choice by enthusiasts; not to say that the memory is poor in anyway, it’s just that the likes of Corsair, OCZ and G.Skill usually push their memory modules faster and work on a lower quantity at the high-end by vigorously hand picking each memory chip that is put onto a memory module. These memory makers strive for the absolute bleeding edge of memory technology, while Kingston’s HyperX brand sticks to a more moderate level, but they are relatively still fairly high at the top end.Kingston is no slouch here today, though; no, not at all. In our hands we have a Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 triple-channel 6GB memory kit with a cache latency rating of 8-8-8-24 at 1.65 volts and it also comes with Intel XMP support to allow for easier overclocking on Intel X58 Express based motherboards that are teamed up with a Core i7 processor.

Intel Core i7 960 CPU @ technic3d.com
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The Intel Core i7 960 CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new CPU from Intel against the Intel Core i7 975 Extreme, 920 and the AMD Phenom II 940/965 on Windows Vista. Overclocking over 4,1 GHz wit h Water-Cooling and more see you in the following Review.

AMD Radeon HD 5970 2GB - AMDomination @ pcper.com
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The new AMD Radeon HD 5970 graphics card takes PC gaming performanceto a completely new level by combining a pair of Evergreen-based GPUs on asingle PCB, 2GB of GDDR5 memory and plenty of headroom for overclocking.For a single card system, the performance that the HD 5970 provides issimply unmatched but that does not mean the card is without its slightmisgivings.

Asus EAH 4890 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Withthe recent arrival of the new ATI Radeon HD 5 series graphicscards causing a great deal of interest, the previous best performingsingle GPU from ATI – the 4890 – has been left by the way side alittle. Although, on the whole, the ATI DX11 GPU launches have been agreat success for ATI, many users will still be sticking to the 4series, if not older, cards and as ATI seeks to monopolise theDirectX11 Market with nVidia’s Fermi Technology lagging far behind,it’s definitely a good time to be investing in a 4890 or other 4 seriesGPU. To further the lure of the 4890, ASUS have been quick to beef up thecard with a unique cooler allowing for increases to both the memory andcore frequencies. Being part of the “Formula” series is essentiallyequivalent to Sapphire’s Vapor-X or XFX’s XXX Edition cards whereby thestock 4890 is overclocked and tweaked to ultimately create a better,more unique card. Let’s take a look.

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Cpu Cooler @ rbmods.com
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It was a long time ago since we looked at a Zalman product, today though we have their latest cooler on the table. We recieved a sample of their CNPS10 Extreme Cpu cooler that we are going to compare vs a well performing Noctua cooler both under stock speed and overclocking.

MSI P55-GD80 Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s take a look on one of the most overclocking-oriented socket 1156 motherboards from the market, MSI P55-GD80.

Gigabyte GTX 260 Core 216 Super Overclock Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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Today we get our first ever look at a video card from Gigabyte, the GTX 260 Core 216 Super Overclock. That’s a mouthful, but I suppose we have NVIDIA to thank for that! This video card from Gigabyte features the wildly popular GTX 260 core 216 GPU, but does fine screening of the cores to get the very best. These top bin chips are then mated to a PCB that features an extra 2 ounces of copper on the PCB, along with high quality voltage regulators, to bring you the highest clocked GTX 260 core 216 of any manufacturer. The standard core clock of 576MHz has been bumped up to 680MHz, which is an 18% frequency boost over the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 reference design. With clock speeds like this you can expect 3% better performance than standard GTX 275 graphics cards...

APACK ZEROtherm CoolMaxx 2000 VGA Cooler @ tweaktown.com
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I ended up water cooling most of my cards until I disassembled my loop and retired it for a bit. Since then I just clocked things a bit with the stock coolers with no real thoughts or concerns for aftermarket cooling. The last GPU cooler I tested here was sort of a failure and I had no real desire to use it on my own machine. So back to stock air cooling I went.Today ZEROtherm has quite the task on their hands, they get to allow a slightly disgruntled reviewer sample one of their GPU cooling solutions. This in no way means I won’t give them a fair shake, but they are up against a guy who isn’t bothered to run components a little warm on stock cooling. ZEROtherm has sent me the CoolMaxx 2000 GPU cooler to test. Let’s see if they can convert a stock cooler user to want to keep their cooler on one of my dedicated folding cards.

Rbmods Pressrelease List Message @ rbmods.com
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AMD has released several lower end cpu´s on to the market to compete with Intel. We are going to look at the Athlon 2 X2 245 cpu that sells for about 50$ which is one of the cheapest cpu´s on the market. We have decided to compare it in some tests vs a Intel 6300 cpu that has the same cache and clock speed.

DFI LanParty BI G41-T33 Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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Today we have the opportunity to take a look at another board in the LanParty series from DFI. The LanParty series has always been a favorite of mine because of the tweaking options and the overclocking ability that they have. The board we get to look at today, though, was one that most would not think would belong in that series of boards. It is a micro board, uses the older LGA775 socket coupled with DDR3 memory, and has the G41 chipset that sports the GMA X4500 on-board graphics chip...

ASUS EAH5870 Voltage Tweak Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The ASUS EAH5870/2DIS/1GD5 graphics card is equipped with Voltage Tweak technology, as part of the SmartDoctor application and that is what makes this card stand out from the crowd. Without the SmartDoctor application it would be like any other ATI Radeon HD 5870 on the market today, but that is luckily not the case. The ASUS EAH5870 gives consumers the ability to adjust the GPU voltages and to overclock beyond what you can do using just the ATI OverDrive utility. Factor in that you also get a product key for Colin McRae:DiRT 2 and you have a really good value on your hands...

ASUS P7P55D Premium Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Let’s take a look on the most expensive socket 1156 motherboard from ASUS, which features SATA-600 ports, a 32-phase voltage regulator circuit, an overclocking remote control and more.

Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 Q3-2009 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers and performance enthusiasts both share the same desire to cool their processor with the best possible hardware solution, but

Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme LGA 1366 i7 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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This high-end motherboard is intricately designed for extremeoverclockers as its name states, but I think other intermediate PCenthusiasts can also take advantage of a lot of its overclocking and powerfeatures. It might have a harder time competing with the newer LGA 1156platform because of its price point, but the LGA 1366 still has a lot oflife left in it for graphic design professionals, video production studioworkstations, and other users who depend on their CPU to run multi-threadedapplications and programs at the most optimum performance it can.

TweakTown New Content Alert for October 5th 2009 @ tweaktown.com
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In the past ASRock has also been overlooked by the enthusiasts, especially when they were OEM only. However, this has changed over the last two years. ASRock has changed its business model, hoping to attract the overclockers and enthusiasts out there and so far it seems to be working. ASRock boards are actually amongst some of the best overclocking out there and with additional features sometimes packed in such as the first boards to enable four cores on the Phenom tri-core CPU, it’s no wonder we are sitting up and taking notice.

G.Skill RipJaws DDR3 Kit @ technic3d.com
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The G.Skill RipJaws 4GB DDR3 1600 CL7 Memory-Kit arrived Techn ic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against th e CSX Diablo, OCZ and G.Skill Trident Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ult imate 64 Bit and the Foxconn Bloodrage Mainboard. You can see 1.760 MH z (1,65V) with 9-9-9-24 (2T) in the following Review.

NVIDIA Fermi Next Generation GPU Architecture Overview @ pcper.com
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From a gaming angle, which is obviously one of our primary targetsat PC Perspective, we don’t yet know how the Fermi architecture will apply.While I am doubtful that NVIDIA will be sharing any information about newproducts, frequencies, etc during the GPU Tech Conference today, if we findanything out we will be sure to share it. But even if clock rates remainthe same as we currently have on the GT200 the architecture should performdamn well – after all we moved from 240 SPs to 512 SPs and have a new GDDR5memory bus that is 384-bits wide.

Chillblast Fusion Switchblade - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Whilethe majority of readers of sites like this will be builders oftheir own PCs, there are some of you that will always considerpurchasing a pre-built one. The reasons for doing so are multitudinous.Not only do you get a professionally built unit, but you get a nice fatwarranty and in the case of many, a guaranteed functioning overclockwithout the need for all that tweaking and testing.Some would argue this removes the fun from the whole thing and there isof course the cost to consider. With that in mind though, lets see whatChillblast, PC systems and component salesmen have got packaged up intheir Fusion Switchblade platform.

Nanya Elixir DDR3 1600 @ technic3d.com
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The Nanya Elixir 6GB DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory-Kit arrived Technic3 D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the C SX Diablo, OCZ and G.Skill Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 B it and the Foxconn Bloodrage Mainboard. You can see 1.730 MHz (1,5V) w ith 9-9-9-28 (2T) in the following Review.

AMD Radeon HD 5870 Video Card Overclocking @ legitreviews.com
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Wasting no time, we started ratcheting up both the GPU and memory speed. At default voltage, we were able to reach a maximum stable overclock of 935MHz GPU and 1280MHz Memory. This is a gain of 85MHz and 80MHz respectively. We were able to get the card to run at 950MHz but would lock up midway through the second 3DMark Vantage test. With a little more voltage 950-1000MHz should not be a problem on the ATI Radeon HD 5870...

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 3000 System @ legitreviews.com
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Back in November we had our first taste of a pre-built computer from CyberPower, the Gamer Infinity GTX. It featured the new Intel Core i7 965 processor and cost a cool $4000. With today’s launch of Intel’s Lynnfield processor, CyberPower was gracious enough to send us one of their upcoming systems based on the new LGA 1156 platform, the Gamer Xtreme 3000. Packed with an overclocked Intel Core i7 860 processor and an EVGA GTX 295 video card, this system is sure to rock and it costs just $1599.99...

MSI N285GTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX 285 @ pcper.com
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What we can walk away with at the end of the review is that MSI hasproduced a pretty tremendous card. The build quality is excellent, thecooler design works just as it is supposed to, and the NVIDIA GTX 285 is avery good chip that provides a very good gaming and entertainmentexperience. The slight overclock did not affect stability, and the tad ofextra performance was appreciated. Though we have become spoiled by highend cards in the $199 to $249 range, there still exist products above thatwhich can actually deliver more performance.

Technic3D/AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ technic3d.com
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The AMD Athlon II X4 620 CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new Quad-Core CPU from AMD with a low price against the Intel Core i7 920, 965, Core2 Q9650 and the Phenom 9500, Phenom II 940/965 on Wi ndows Vista. Overclocking over 3,6 GHz with Air Cooling and more see y ou in the following Review.

Intel Core i7-860 Lynnfield Processor - Best value in processosrs? @ pcper.com
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While the above table does a very good job of making our argumentsfor us, that the Core i5-750 is the best deal for a Lynnfield processor,there are still some cases where the performance provided by HyperThreadingand the slight boost in clock speed might make the jump to the Core i7-860 aworthwhile decision. Without a doubt moderate-to-heavy transcodingapplications SHOULD be using as much processing power as you can throw atthem, and Handbrake is by far the most popular for that.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 4GB 2133MHz Memory @ legitreviews.com
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if you are into overclocking, the Kingston 2133MHz HyperX T1 memory kit (KHX2133C8D3T1K2/4GX) has got you covered. We were able to reach 2200MHz by just upping the base clock of the system. Reaching 2300MHz was as easy as setting primary timings to 9-9-9. With very little tweaking and minor voltage adjustments, we hit 2400MHz! Getting big numbers from this memory was extremely easy. This is by far, the fastest memory I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Sure, you can get higher bandwidth numbers on a Triple Channel X58 system, but in terms of raw MHz I haven’t had anything else that can touch it!

Swiftech Apogee GTZ Core i7 Waterblock @ legitreviews.com
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Here is Swiftech’s flagship CPU waterblock, the Apogee GTZ i7. Now if you happen already have an Apogee GTZ for your LGA775 system the GTZ i7 is the same block but with the LGA1366 mounting hardware; speaking of which, you can buy the mounting kit, Apogee-GTZ-Ci7-HD, to transplant the waterblock from your LGA775 system to your LGA1366 system. In all I’m rather impressed with the Apogee GTZ Core i7 CPU water block. Combined with the rest of the cooling system this is the coolest the test bench has run when overclocked or otherwise. Granted, the cost of the overall cooling loop is almost double the cost of the Cooler Master V10, but it is actually quieter...

Asus P7P55D Deluxe P - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Theintroduction of a new platform is always a rather secretiveaffair but as the i5 launch date nears, P55 chipset motherboardpreviews are coming through thick and fast. Although whispers of highoverclocks and unrivalled performance are usually rumoured with a newsocket, the i5 series seems to appeal more to the average user as a midrange CPU rather than full out performance for hardcore enthusiaststhat the i7 can provide. Early indications also seemto point towards the LGA1156 motherboards being much more affordablethan the X58’s but we can’t be totally sure as of yet.Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at the ASUS P7P55D Deluxemotherboard from the P7 series of boards. Unlike older ASUSmotherboards, the chipset is now included in the name so as to avoidconfusion with the series so let’s take a quick look.

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Zalman has stepped away from the cooler design it is well known for and

MSI HD 4890 Cyclone SOC 1 GB GDDR5 @ techpowerup.com
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MSI's HD 4890 Cyclone SOC is the fastest model of the Cyclone Series. It comes with clocks of 1000 MHz / 1000 MHz out of the box and uses a huge heatpipe cooler to keep the card cool. As an extra feature a native HDMI connector has been added in case you want to connect the card to your big TV screen.

MSI GeForce GTX 260 Lightning Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It's been a while since we've seen anything from MSI, but they're back with a vengeance today working on the well known and much loved GTX 260. Carrying with it a new Lightning tag that we haven't seen from the company before, we'll see what exactly MSI have going on here. To be completely honest, considering the age of the GTX 260 MSI really have to bring us something special to wow us. Since the launch of the card we've seen many companies attack the model and we've seen some big clocks, fancy coolers and good bundles offered.

ASUS Crosshair III Formula Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The ASUS Crosshair III Formula motherboard essentially takes the 790FX M4A79T-Deluxe PCB and tweaks it a bit while adding additional features and bumping the quality in the components. Like all Republic of Gamer boards the Crosshair III Formula comes with an add-in audio module providing cleaner sound. There is also the LCD Poster which provides diagnostic information and a menu for browsing through the options provided in TweakIt. TweakIt is a hardware supported overclocking feature that lets you adjust all the BIOS settings on the fly. This can help all overclockers push their systems to the edge of stability. Before we dig into the board images and tests here's a list of the features on the board...

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The Element T certainly brings a different package and look than theElement G. The Element T brings a lot of to the table when it comes to storagewith six 3.5

Windows 7 vs. Vista CPU & Memory Performance Comparison @ tweaktown.com
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We've had a good look into the VGA side of things when it comes to Windows 7. However, while for many people that's the most important section, it's not all of it. Today we'll be having a closer look at how some of the other components in our system run under the new operating system due out in just a few months. Today we'll be looking at two core components; the memory and the CPU. We’ll be using a triple channel memory configuration with our Core i7 920 processor clocked at 4GHz. We'll be running our testbed through our standard memory benchmark line-up which does a good job of testing both the memory and CPU.

AMD Phenom II X3 705e and Phenom II X4 905e Processors @ legitreviews.com
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The AMD Phenom II X3 705e and Phenom II X4 905e processors make a great drop-in replacement for those of you running an older and slower processor. We were able to replace the AMD Phenom X4 9350e, which is a quad-core, 2GHz, 65W TDP part from last summer, in our 780G Maui HTPC system and drop in the AMD Phenom II X4 905e after a quick BIOS update. The extra 500MHz boost in performance is noticeable and best of all the power consumption and temperatures on the system actually lowered. The load power consumption was only 8 Watts lower, but that is impressive for a processor that is running 500MHz faster on the core clock and with 4MB more L3 cache!

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHz AM3 Processor @ tweaktown.com
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While it’s not the runaway success, K10 really is a great value product. It’s a quad core processor with an on-die memory controller that not only supports DDR2, but also DDR3. It’s a perfect bridge processor for AM2+ users who want to keep their current boards and memory, but get a new processor. Phenom II gives you the option of a dual channel DD2 memory controller now with the ability to go to a dual channel DDR3 memory controller by simply putting the processor into an AM3 board with DDR3 memory support, something Intel hasn't bothered to do. It’s DDR3 all the way with them. Just recently we had a look at the Black Edition 955 Phenom II processor with unlocked multipliers. Today we have been sent AMD's latest addition to its speed bin. Clocking in at 3.4GHz, this processor is the fastest clocked model to come from AMD, even when including the Athlon X2 line. Let's see how well it does.

World-Exclusive:Powercolor HD 4770 PCS 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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Powercolor's new HD 4770 PCS comes with a cooling solution designed by Artic Cooling and a custom PCB design by Powercolor. This should result in improved thermal performance, less noise and better overclocking. Thanks to decisive product design, Powercolor manages to offer the card at no extra price over other HD 4770 cards.

Day 2 and 3 coverage @ pcper.com
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Overclocker Sami Makinen Macci tweaks a few settings in the BIOSwhile K|ngp|in prepares to add more LN2 to their overclocking rig. Thecurrent world record for AMD's Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU is 7.002GHz. They were easily able to hit 6 GHz early on in the day, but theycontinued to work throughout the evening to break the record.

AMD Phenom 955 II x4 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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AMDfirst launched the 955 Black Edition and 945 CPUs back in April bothbased on the 45nm Phenom II technology. With Intel seemingly forgingahead in terms of performance with its i7 series, AMD’s new productsaim to compete more with Intel’s quad-core range and should offer acheaper upgrade for users with an AM2+ platform as the AM3 CPUs arebackwards compatible with AM2+ sockets.The 955 BE, of which we are taking a look at today, is a Black Editionproduct, which in effect means that the CPU features a unlockedmultiplier; a huge plus for the overclockers. A dual DDR2 and DRR3memory controller is also crammed into the chip.The 900 series of AMD processors are all quad-core CPUs with a 6MB L3cache, 2MB larger than the 800 series and the stock speed of the 955 BEwas the fastest until it was superseded very recently by the 965 BEwhich clocks in at a whopping 3.4GHz. However, today we focus on the955, let's check it out.

World-Exclusive:MSI N275GTX Lightning GTX 275 1792 MB @ techpowerup.com
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MSI's latest addition to their Lightning Series is the N275GTX Lightning with 1792 MB memory and a new Twin Frozr II dual 80 mm fan cooler. Being targeted at overclockers it is overclocked out of the box of course. All this sounds like a noisy card? Nope, on the contrary, the card is actually the quietest card in its performance class, by far.

TechwareLabs s the AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition Quad Core Processor @ techwarelabs.com
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With each new release from AMD they are able to fine tune their processors a bit more than before. We are talking about more than just adding a few exta clock cycles or a bump in speed. There are more subtle changes that result in a product that meets consumers needs much better. AMD has not forgotten that many of their consumers are overclockers and we will be of course taking a look at how the newly announced Phenom II 965 Black Edition does in the overclocking arena but first lets take a look at the shiny new CPU.

Technic3D/AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ technic3d.com
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The AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new fastest CPU from AMD against the Intel Core i7 920, 965, Core2 Q9650 and the Phenom 9500, Phenom II 940 on Windows Vista with AM2 an d AM3 Boards . Overclocking with Air Cooling and more see you in the f ollowing Review.

Kingston HyperX Memory Fan @ legitreviews.com
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Kingston introduced the HyperX memory cooling fan at the beginning of summer to ensure that memory kits are kept nice and cool. Designed with the gamer and PC enthusiast in mind, its dual 60mm fans optimize airflow around the modules to help memory run at peak performance for longer periods of time. Decreasing the temperature of the modules also increases the lifespan of them and how far they can be overclocked. A memory fan is often overlooked when building a gaming PC and it really shouldn't be...

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Processor @ tweaktown.com
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When originally released, Phenom had a nick name of the black death. The TLB bug with the L3 cache caused serious stability and reliability problems and the only work around was to disable the L3 cache in the BIOS, removing any performance benefits the Phenom processor had over the Athlon X2 line. This, however, has thankfully now changed. BE stepping Phenoms removed this problem and since then a second generation Phenom II has emerged, which is one of the most impressive processors we have seen. Today we have on display the Black Edition 955 clocked at 3.2GHz, AMD’s fastest processor to date. Let’s see just how well this baby performs compared to its 810 counterpart as well as Intel’s Core i7.

ASRock X58 Extreme Core i7 Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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Originally ASRock was to help in the entry to mainstream market while ASUS would concentrate on the high-end and enthusiast market. This worked very well at first, but it is becoming more and more a standard to integrate high-performance features and overclocking into even your basic boards. The X58 Extreme is one of these boards; it is meant for the Core i7, features overclocking and also high-performance memory support. It is also a subtle jab at GIGABYTE who has their own X58 Extreme mainboard. The X58 Extreme is a scaled down version of the X58 Supercomputer from ASRock, with a correspondingly scaled price.

Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 Q2-2009 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers and performance enthusiasts share the same desire to cool their processor with the best possible hardware solution.

Inno3D GeForce GTS 250 iChiLL FreezerX 1GB Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It really does seem weird to be looking at models which are considered quite old now. The funny thing is that while the GTS 250 might have been out for a while, it's still a very current model. A few years ago this wouldn't have been much of a surprise, but with the recent releases of so many cards over the past 18 months it just seems funny that the GTS 250 is still a very current model. Today we'll be looking at a card from Inno3D and like most companies they've really been able to mix it up because of the age of the card. The biggest advantage to working with cards that have been around for a while now is that there are plenty of options when it comes to cooling. We also find that a lot of companies know where they’re at when it comes to overclocking, so if they choose to go down that path a good few MHz can be extracted out of the core and memory.

Zotac GTX 285 Infinity - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Thecream of the crop graphics cards now tend to be dual core designssuch as the GTX 295 or, if we are talking ATI, 4870x2s. However, singlecore cards are still very much in the scene and competing right at thetop end of graphics card technology.Today we will be taking a look at a card from Zotac’s GTX 285 range –the Infinity Edition. This particular one features a GPU water blockinstead of the reference air cooling as well as being factoryoverclocked with a core 722MHz.The card certainly makes for nice reading on paper but will it reallyjustify the high price tag attached to it? Let’s take a look...

[News] NZXT Zero 2 Case @ virtual-hideout.net
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Gaming is all about taking it to the extreme. In the pursuit of thebest gaming experience, gamers have stopped at nothing to achieve thisalways-rising goal. Overclocking, adding another GPU/Videocard and upgradingare the typical paths and all of them have the downside of generating extraheat, which is potentially damaging to components and can impedeperformance. To remedy this, a proper case with good airflow is needed.Usually, a full tower provides the best option, since the extra space notonly permits more fans but also provides the proper clearance for airflow aswell. NZXT was thinking exactly this with the Zero 2 case, a steel-chassisfull-tower beast that boasts a capacity for an impressive seven 120mm fans.

MSI AMD 785GM-E65 Motherboard P @ pcper.com
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Perhaps the most interesting little feature about this board is theinclusion of a dipswitch which controls FSB overclocking. There are foursettings which can take the FSB from stock speed, up through 10%, 15%, and20% overclock. While the FSB can be controlled in the BIOS as well, it isinteresting to see a motherboard manufacturer go back to dipswitchoverclocking. I thought we got over that after the K6 and Athlon days?Still, an interesting little wrinkle that could appeal to a certain group ofpeople.

Corsair TR3X6G1600C7 Memory Kit @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at the our first tri channel ddr 3 kit.Corsair was kind enough to send us a 6Gb kit of their 1600MHz memory. Withtimings/latency at 7-7-7-20 we are looking at quite decent timings so it isgoing to be interesting to see what we can do with it when it comes to theoverclocking part of this review.

ASUS P7P55D Deluxe P55 Lynnfield Motherboard P @ pcper.com
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Though we did not have a motherboard here to do extensive hands-ontesting, I did find some interesting overclocking information about theLynnfield CPU and the ASUS motherboards that I thought I would share.First up is in regards to memory speeds:apparently Lynnfield CPUs that runat 2.8 GHz and 2.93 GHz will be able to run memory at 1600 MHz at stocksettings while the 2.66 GHz parts will only be able to push 1333 MHz. Usingthe custom built ASUS DRAM Overclocking Profiles though all the Lynnfieldprocessors will be able to run the DDR3 memory at speeds up to 2133 MHz!

CoolIT Domino ALC Water Cooling @ pcper.com
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Put simply, we'd pay twice the price for a liquid cooling systemthis handy, simple to install, and effective. The Domino A. L. C. is one ofCoolIT Systems' best efforts. Compared to a stock fan, it does wonders forallowing serious overclocking of a Core i7 920. It's nearly silent,super-efficient, and priced right.

Asus Rampage 2 Extreme Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we recieved a real heavy weight board on our test bench! Asussent a sample of their Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard which really seems tobe an overclocker board filled with features so you can boost the crap outof your Core i7 boards. We are going to twist and turn it to see what typeof results we can get from the board.

G.Skill Trident PC3-16000 6GB DDR3 Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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G.Skill was one of the first memory companies to really show up as a competitor in the performance market after companies like Corsair and OCZ and dominated for a number of years. As time goes on we've seen more and more companies enter the market meaning that there's more competition than ever. What this ultimately means for everyone is we get faster, better and cheaper memory. Today we'll be checking out a 6GB PC3-16000 kit from G.Skill that sits in the company’s Trident series. We haven't seen anything from this series before so hopefully it can impress us. Of course PC3-16000 means that our memory is clocked at a whopping 2000MHz which well and truly places it in the high end segment.

Thermaltake ISCG-300 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The ISGC-300 from Thermaltake is the biggest of the five coolersunder this series. The ISGC-300 is based heavily on the commonly used towerdesign. Granted the tower arrangement offers the best cooling to date whenit comes to air and the ISGC-300 should fall in there with this belief. Butwhat else this cooler offer is a new take on fan and fan blades. All new fanmotor and redesign blades is what the ISGC series is all about. And we getto take our first look at one.

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The new Aurora Micro is a lightweight portable version of thePremium. It is ideally meant for someone that does not have room for aregular-sized keyboard or maybe even for a HTPC build that you are planningon. Enermax describes it as the ideal Office keyboard. No matter what youdecide to use it for, you can believe that it is rich with extra features.

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I usually don't go into budget card reviews expecting a whole lot but I

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For many, Coolermaster is the only choice for computer cases andcooling products. I am a big fan as well. Some may not know it, but theyoffer more than desktop components and cooling. They have ventured into theworld of laptop cooling as well. We saw this in the Choiix review we did afew months ago. A perfect fit for netbook cooling. We enjoyed reviewing it,but with the explosion of laptop sales in past few years cooling productsfor portables are becoming an important need. Coolermaster realizes this anddeveloped the NotePal X2 cooling pad. Is it enough to cool the beast that Iwork with everyday? We will see.

Eagletech Arion ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Subwoofer @ pro-clockers.com
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Eagletech is mostly known for their storage enclosures. They put outseveral enclosures to fit various niches, but it seems they have beingventuring into other product lines since we last spoke with them. Taking alook at their web site, you will see they have added speakers, iPOD docks,chassis, power supplies and even speakers to the lineup. Today, we will betaking a look at one of their speaker systems, the Arion AR504. The AR504 isa 2.1 channel audio systems that offers decent lows reproduction and greathighs. If you want evidence to the short claims we have made, then I suggestyou read the rest of the article and you will see just what I mean.

GEIL Ultra Series PC3-14400 6GB Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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PC3-14400 isn't a number we typically see. What we tend to find is most companies promote their higher end PC3-16000 kits or the more standard overclocked modules, the PC3-12800 ones. What PC3-14400 kits offer us over something like a PC3-12800 kit is a bit more performance and a small jump in price while not going to the extreme that PC3-16000 kits tend to carry. Today we'll find out if it's worth spending an extra few dollars moving from PC3-12800 or if you're simply better off just splurging out big on a PC3-16000 kit which carries with it an extra 200MHz.

ASUS Radeon HD EAH4890 HTDI/1GD5 Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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With the EAH4890, ASUS designed their own PCB and installed a custom cooling solution to create a Radeon HD 4890 video card that should push the envelope when it comes to performance and overclocking. Not only should it perform better, but it also looks better since it is no longer a cookie cutter Radeon HD 4890. What's that, my friends? That is a real heatsink. ASUS did not prance around with this one; I believe this heatsink could have handled the notoriously hot ATI Radeon HD 2900XT and asked for a second helping of heat. It has been a while since a

OCZ Blade PC3-16000 CAS 7 6GB Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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As we move up in MHz the one thing that we have to sacrifice is the latency or timings of the modules. At first we saw PC3-16000 kits launch with timings of 9-9-9-24, but as time has gone on we've seen companies improve upon that. The Dominator GT kit we looked at from Corsair just recently carried with it an 8-8-8-24 setup while also still being able to keep to that 1.65V maximum we want to see. OCZ has kicked it up another notch, though. The low latency, low voltage kit we have with us today carries with it the same 2000MHz clock speed but some even more aggressive timings. We can see on the new OCZ Blade series modules that the company is able to offer us a very impressive 7-8-7-20 setup.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ OC Tri-Fan Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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At 12 months old the GTX 260 name would have to be one of the longest lasting models we've seen from NVIDIA in a long time. A company that has a tendency to release new models almost quarterly has kept the GTX 260 around for over 12 months and while it's known as the GTX 260+ these days due to the improvements we saw on the model a bit back, it still follows the same principal. What we also see with models that have been around for a while is that companies know the product and are able to really mix it up. Today we've got the latest incarnation of the GTX 260+ from Galaxy. Not only is it packing a nice little overclock, it's also carrying a pretty mean looking cooler that we'll look into more shortly.

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For those who require fast data transfers, the ExpressCard 34 Ultrais a nice substitute for the usual flash drive. The Card offers tremendousspeeds. In fact, we have never seen speed like this from a flash drive. Howdoes an advertised 115MB/s read and 65MB/s write sound? Not too bad, whenyou need your data in a hurry. The ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD could be theultimate data storage, but what if you don't have a expresscard slot? Thecard comes with a mini USB jack to connect to any PC or MAC. Well, that'senough for an introduction. Lets take a closer look at the Filemate.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 ATOMIC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The ATOMIC series of cards is one that we really do get excited about when it comes to Sapphire products. Unlike a lot of other companies who overclock, Sapphire tend to really mix it up with this particular series. We don't only see some serious clock speeds, but also something fancy in the heatsink department which always helps bring the card to a new level. With the bar set high for the HD 4890 ATOMIC from Sapphire let's not delay any longer and see what exactly is going on with the card and find out if Sapphire is able to impress us with this ATOMIC version like other ones from the series have in the past.

TechwareLabs s the ASUS M4A79 Deluxe AM3 High Performance Motherboard @ techwarelabs.com
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Over-clocking, Tweaking, Optimizing, are just a few terms used by PC users whom TechwareLabs list as Extreme Gamers or those who are not just looking to get the most from their systems, but are the ones who are willing to spend hours tweaking their systems to get every last clock cycle from their system. ASUS has built a motherboard like nothing that has been release to date. The ASUS M4A79 Deluxe is an over-clocker’s dream when it comes to selecting processor, RAM, DRAM, North and South bridge voltages

Koolance CPU-LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Evaporator @ legitreviews.com
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The times are a-changin'. In the past for extreme overclocking cooling solutions your options were rather limited. You could pay an arm and a leg to a machine shop to make a one-off pot or turn to the handful of pot makers and wait till they had another batch complete. With Koolance things have been simplified to directing your browser to Koolance.com and swiping(typing in) your credit card. Within a week you could be up and running, easily pushing your processor beyond what is possible with air, water, or simple phase change cooling systems. Koolance's CPU-LN2 is a nickle plated copper pot designed to be used with dry ice and liquid nitrogen for extreme overclocking...

MSI Wind U100 Netbook Overclocking Guide @ legitreviews.com
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Once the dynamic overclock setting has been enabled you then must pick the percentage of the overclock. You can select a CPU overclock of either 8%, 15% or 24%, for a maximum overclock of 2GHz. Once the percentage picked you just load the operating system like normal and use the Wind U100. When you are ready for a little more processor power you just need to press Fn+F10, and 'Turbo' mode will be enabled. You have to be plugged into AC power for the setting to work and you should see one of the above icons when you enable or disable the feature. Our MSI Wind U100 was unstable with an overclock of 24% due to instability of the memory module. That means the highest overclock that could be reached was 15%, which is still a great overclock on the Intel Atom N270 processor....

ASUS Radeon HD 4890 Voltage Tweak Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The Voltage Tweak model from ASUS is something we've heard about for a while now. The idea behind it is that ASUS gives the user even more control of the card when it comes to overclocking. Not only do you have the ability to overclock the standard clocks like memory and core, but you also have the ability to adjust the voltage. You may be wondering what this exactly means; it gives you the ability to adjust the voltage to higher levels which in turn gives you the ability to run the card at even higher speeds, much like you do with a CPU where adding more voltage gives you the ability to obtain higher clock speeds.

ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 WiFi N Motherboard Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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We all want more for less. That's why enthusiasts overclock, and that's why we build HTPCs. The PlayStation 3 game console has sold

EVGA E761 X58 SLI Classified Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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What is there to say? The EVGA X58 E761 Classified is like an over-the-top blockbuster movie; it wows you on all fronts all the while costing an arm and a leg to produce. Core i7 is a new processor and motherboard and BIOS engineers are still figuring it out, but the team at EVGA has clearly stumbled across something to be able to release a board that pushes these chips past the notorious 220MHz base clock wall. This board reminds me a lot of the Asus LGA775 Rampage Extreme, except the Rampage Extreme came so late in the game...

Coolermaster 212 Plus CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The 212 Plus is the larger brother of the TX3, though there areseveral differences between the two. The 212 Plus is aimed at the individualwho is looking for a little bit more performance, but doesn't want to giveup the bank to do it. Coolermaster accomplished this by giving the 212 Plusmore surface area and four heat pipes to conquer the dreaded enemy namedheat. We know this is enough to outperform the smaller brother, but is itenough to compete against the other big dawgs on the market?

ASRock M3A780GXH/128M Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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Overclocking the ASRock M3A780GXH/128M reminded me of what life was like when I used to overclock budget processors and boards. You are constantly toeing that line of

Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Baram from Thermolab has all the signs of being one of thebetter coolers on the market. It has five heat pipes, support for dual 120mmcooling fans and even the what I believe to be the proper size and weight.The Baram is compatible with current CPU sockets from Intel and AMD, exceptfor socket 1366. What impresses me the most is the build quality of thecooler. Will size and build quality make this a good performer? We will see.

Enermax Phoenix Gaming Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The case is the Phoenix Neo, which is a remake of the older Phoenixreleased about three years ago. The front of the newer model has beenslightly redone to a more modern look. The Neo seems aimed at the gamerlooking for a fresh, new stylish look, while still being functional. Thetotal opposite of gaming cases we have seen from Coolermaster, Antec andSilverstone. Speaking of functionality, one of the key features of the Neois the huge 25cm monster fan on the side panel. Lets take a closer look atthe new Phoenix Neo.

Enermax Aeolus Laptop Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The Aeolus is Enermax's attempt to bring high performance cooling tolaptops. When I say high performance, I refer to the massive 250mm coolingfan the cooler is built around. Yes, you heard it right, 240mm. This has tobe the largest fan on a laptop ever. Besides the fan, the Aeolus shares thesame theme we saw in the Aurora keyboard. Smooth and flowing aluminum is thebinding structure that supports the cooler. When I first read thespecifications on the cooler, I thought it would look grotesque because of aover-sized fan. Yet, the aluminum brings the cooler back down to earth andin a fashionable way.

Zalman CNPS9900 LED CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The CNPS line takes chances in idea and design, especially when itcomes to the new CNPS9900 cooler. Not that I am not a fan of the typicalflower design we have seen from Zalman, but there is a time when one mustmove forward. With the competitive nature of the market, this is mostdefinitely true with cooling technology. The new cooler keeps the usual heatpipes we're accustomed to seeing, but the fins surrounding the pipes are nowsplit in half, resulting in two half coolers with a PWM controller inbetween them. But is this semi-new look enough to be fitted in your plansfor your next rig build? We shall see.

Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today's review sample was originally a pretty good cooler in itsearlier days. The Mugen cooler was a favorite of many reviewers that had thepleasure of reviewing it. Performance was right there with the NoctuaNH-U12P, Tuniq Tower 120 and many others we regarded as very good coolers.However, the new version is not only compatible with the new Intel i7processor, but is heavier, taller and comes with a better performing coolingfan. Is it enough to put it at the top of the list with the likes of theThermalright Ultra-120 Extreme and the new Zalman CNPS 9900 LED? We shallsee.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 275 OC 896MB @ pcper.com
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The Galaxy GTX 275 OC takes the very popular GPU offering and tweaksit slightly with overclocked core, shader and memory speeds and includes ahigher performing custom cooler design that will allow you to push the GPUeven higher if you want to. In fact, if you are paying the premium pricefor this model, I would actually SUGGEST you take advantage of the newcooler to get some additional performance out of the card.

Evercool Transformer 4 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Another company that is not as popular in the U.S. as it is in Asiais allowing us to review their tower design cooler. Evercool is the one ofthe largest cooler manufacturers in Taiwan. Regardless of their lack ofpopularity in the U.S. looking around the net I saw several reviews abouttheir previous and they all performed pretty well. Not in order to make abigger name for themselves here in the U.S. Evercool sent us two of theirnewest coolers, the one we will presenting to you today is the Transformer4. This new cooler is capable of handles all the newest processors from AMDand Intel as well as each's older processors. And with the dual fan setupthe Transformer is looking to be a cool to be wrecking with. And look gooddoing it.

[News] Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case @ virtual-hideout.net
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The Thermaltake V9 Black Edition was designed to be quite awindstorm, but also to be very quiet because no one wants the sound of a boxfan sitting next to them. You'll immediately notice the huge 230mm intakefan located on the left side panel. This is positioned to blow cool airdirectly onto the entire motherboard area, including CPU, memory, graphics,etc. This will be especially crucial when building a high performance dualgraphics rig, and/or overclocking your components. Add to this the same huge230mm exhaust fan located directly above the motherboard/CPU area, butinstead this time it's on top of the chassis. This is designed to suck thehot air being expelled from the red hot CPU/Chipset/Memory area of themotherboard. So cool air in the side, it gets hot and exhausts right out thetop. A potent combination of airflow it is and a must for today's ultra fastgaming rigs.

CyberPower Black Mamba Venom Core i7 975EE Gaming System @ tweaktown.com
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CyberPower has been busy playing with Intel’s gaming development team over the last few weeks. The two have teamed up to design a new series of PC systems that CyberPower will be manufacturing and offering as the Fang Series. The flagship system in the Fang Series family is the Black Mamba which is the system we will be reviewing today. CyberPower will have other systems coming along in the coming weeks that will also follow the snake theme like the Cobra, Viper and Rattler. The true core of the Black Mamba is Intel’s new Core i7 975 Extreme Edition processor. Intel has launched the new 975 EE just yesterday and CyberPower has been working with Intel and GIGABYTE closely for this launch. The new i7 975 EE is the fastest processor currently available on the market with a rated out of the box speed of 3.33 GHz. Intel, GIGABYTE and CyberPower determined that the maximum overclock speed with our sample was 4.15 GHz, or as I referred to it during the testing phase, freaking fast!

AMA Aragon 900 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Theintroduction of the latest Intel i7 processorshave certainly caused something of a shock with a TDP of a whopping130W. Air cooling solutions have been adapted with dual fans, biggerheatsinks, and more heatpipes in order to try and keep the allimportant CPU cool. With Intel now revealing two new additions to thei7 range – the 975 and 950 – which run at 3.33GHz and 3.06GHzrespectively even more emphasis has been placed on cooling.Traditionally, air cooling is the lowest form of cooling followed bywater, then phase changing and all the way up to liquid nitrogen andhelium for extreme overclockers; without a doubt all of this and morewill be put into practise at the Gigabyte Open OverclockingChampionships (GOOC 2009) at Computex to see who can overclock the P45the furthest, 8GHz is the current world record. Anywayfor the majority of users all of these extreme cooling solutions areeither too complicated or too expensive and just not practical.However, water cooling has become more available and easier to use withkits like the one we will be looking at today - the AMA Aragon 900.However, kits like this have a seemingly bad reputation for comprisingof a bunch of lower end components unlike custom builds. So let’s seeif the Aragon 900 can buck the trend...

AMD Athlon II X2 250 and Phenom II X2 550 Processors @ legitreviews.com
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Today, AMD announced two new exciting 45nm dual-core processors that are sure to impress any enthusiast. The overclocking results alone were insane and this was just with moderate air cooling, so who knows what will happen when the temperatures go lower and more voltage is put to these processors. For the tuner/enthusiast these processors should give hours of enjoyment as they are easy overclockers and the choice of motherboards for them are plentiful. The AMD Athlon II X2 250 and AMD Phenom II X2 550 are clock-for-clock slower than the Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, but keep in mind that the E8500 still retails for $189 on the market today. You can easily build a core system for less than that if you really looked around.

[News] Sparkle GTS250 Graphics Card @ virtual-hideout.net
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The GTS250 is a bit of a strange product, in any way that you lookat it. Effectively speaking, it's just a rebranded 9800GTX+ with a few smalltweaks made, and the assurance of G92-B silicon under the hood. Now, whilethis rendition of last generation's champion may very well run much coolerand clock much better, it doesn't change the fact that it comes in at astrange price point. Wedged unhealthily between the 4830 and the 4850, thislovely little card could prove a difficult purchase for users in quite a fewcircumstances.

Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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Our Mid-Range Leaderboard still the Intel Core i7-920 processor, itis a hard value to beat! The slowest part on this system, GeForce 9800 GTX+has been dumped, we have replaced it with an overclocked BFG GTX 260 whichonly brings the system price up by $26. With that extra graphics power, andthe temptation of SLI, it seems best to bump the PSU up a bit and theAnitec TruePower 750W certainly fits that role perfectly.

Orbitsound T3 portable battery powered speaker @ pro-clockers.com
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I'm zigging today when you expected me to zag. Up for review is theOrbitsound T3 portable battery powered personal stereo speaker withairSOUND. Yes, I know. This isn't a power supply or case review. Don't letyourself feel too disheartened. I have a case review waiting in the wings,but I took time off from that once I got my hands on the T3. Orbitsound isan UK-based company and the T3 is just one of their offerings that sportairSOUNDR single-point-stereo technology. Before we can get into the reviewsome explanation is necessary about airSOUND and what it does. What betterplace to find it than Orbitsound's web site.

WL-308 Wireless 300N XR Gigabit Gaming Router @ pro-clockers.com
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Today's Review sample made the trek all the way from Rotterdam to myhome in Tennessee to prove just how much American's are missing out onEuropean innovation. Though not available in the US, Sitecom's WL-308Wireless 300N XR Gigabit Gaming Router is sure to make any red-bloodedAmerican gadget geek's heart pound at its performance, features andaesthetic. Aimed at the hardcore gamer, the WL-308 uses StreamEngine, apropriety technology, to optimize network performance without theinstallation of additional software on your computer. To our viewers acrossthe pond, take note. This could very well be the Holy Grail ofnon-enterprise routers. Let's see what this bad girl can do.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 LHe Overclocking Event @ legitreviews.com
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Last week AMD organized a small overclocking event for a group of overclockers from North America. Hosted at AMD's facility in Austin, Texas, the event was arranged to match competitive overclockers with the best silicon coming out of AMD's fabs in hopes of breaking some records and possibly hitting 7GHz. AMD invited three overclockers, Vince Lucido aka K|ngp|n, Brian McLachlan aka chew*, and Chris Morrell, aka Gomeler. On hand to answer questions and make sure things went smoothly were Peter Hardman and Simon Solotko of AMD. The overclocking went from Wednesday through Friday night with necessary breaks taken to keep the benchers for passing out on their feet.

ECS A790GXM-AD3 790GX AM3 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The ECS A790GXM-AD3 is a great entry-level, budget-minded AM3motherboard that gives end users more than enough features to quench theirthirst for higher performance, easy of use, and stability. The BIOS wasabsolutely fantastic in terms of usability and also had plenty of advancedfeatures for overclocking. Overall, I didn't see too many flaws with thisboard. It was rock solid during our benchmarks and was a decentoverclocker.

Coolermaster Scout @ pro-clockers.com
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Besides looks features is another tough and rough area to conquer andkeep the price decent. The integrated fan LED controller, one/two handcarrying handle and the solid black interior are just a couple of optionsthat users will like for the $100 asking price of the Scout. The Scout doesoffer some cable management features as well but due to the shorter narrowerdesign there isn't a lot of outlets for cables to exit to the rear of thecase. This may not be a large deal breaker due to the fact this is more of aLAN case and I don't see many having to buckling down too many cablesbecause of the lack of components they may use in the case.

Inno3D GeForce GTX 275 OC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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Today we're going to be looking at a GTX 275 from Inno3D which has that lovely overclocked word printed on the front of the box. What we'll do before we have a closer look at the card and its performance is see what Inno3D have done with the package and bundle. Let's not delay any longer and get straight into it and see if Inno3D are able to make a GTX 275 which stands out from the pack. Considering we've seen a few it's going to be a tough fight, but hopefully there's something that helps the card stand out.

Silverstone Element 850 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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But Silverstone is not all about extreme power but moderate power andextreme efficiency while being affordable. The Element series offersexceptionally amounts of efficiency over two 12 volt rails. And if you thinkthat the Element is all about efficiency think again the 850 watt model wehave for review this week is capable of supporting today's GPU in SLI orCrossfire configurations. And all this can be done for about $140.

MSI N260GTX Lightning Black Edition Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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MSI N260GTX Lightning Black Edition is a factory-overclocked video card based on GeForce GTX 260/216 that comes with an overclocking panel to be installed on your case or desk.

Technic3D/OCZ 6GB 1600 CL6 @ technic3d.com
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The OCZ 6GB Kit DDR3 1600 CL6 Platinum Series arrived Technic3 D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the C SX Diablo Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and the Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1.680 MHz (1,65V) with 6-6-6-24 ( 1T) in the following Review.

Coolermaster HAF 922 Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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But some of you are not into the extra large cases as they tend totake up too much room so Coolermaster decided to capitalize on the successof the HAF 932 and develop a smaller version entitled the HAF 922. Even withthe reduction in size the 922 still gives us two massive 200mm fans in thefront and top of the case. And if you think because the unit is smaller youhave to sacrifice drive space. Then you are wrong. The 922 offers five 5.25

MSI Eclipse SLI X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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Overall, this motherboard was exactly what I expected from ahigh-end LGA1366 motherboard. It had a plethora of USB ports, SATA ports,multi-GPU support, and DDR3 triple-channel support. After getting areplacement motherboard, we can safely say this board is definitely a greatoverclocker too. The price point might be a bit high for some to pay, butfor everything that's bundled, it's a decent deal for those who can affordit.

GIGABYTE EX58-UD4P Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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Intel has certainly put a high price premium on the X58 IOH to its partners, which in turn causes the boards produced to be somewhat expensive. Coupled with the higher price of Core i7 processors, this means that we are stuck with a huge bill to build a capable overclocking gaming rig, or are we? GIGABYTE has certainly produced a few good X58 boards for the extreme users, but today we are looking at one aimed for overclockers who want to keep a few extra dollars in their wallets. The EX58-UD4P motherboard comes in at 259.99 U.S. Dollars over at Newegg and comes equipped with quite a few features for a more budget conscious board. Today we are going to see just what GIGABYTE is able to produce when it comes to keeping prices down.

Technic3D/CSX Diablo 6GB 2000 @ technic3d.com
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The CSX Diablo 6GB Kit DDR3 2000 CL9 arrived Technic3D. Techni c3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Platin um 1600 Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and the Gigabyte E X58-Extreme Mainboard. You can see 2.044 MHz (1,7V) with 9-9-9-24 (1T) in the following Review.

Technic3D/XFX X58i @ technic3d.com
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The XFX X58i Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard with O verclocking functions and X58 chipset for all Intel Socket 1366 CPUs. See you in the following Review the Intel Core i7 920 on Windows Vista 64Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks against the Foxconn Bloodrage.

Jetway HZ01 AM2+ Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Jetway has contacted us to see if we would like to take their HZ01and put it on our test bench. Always wanting to do business with a newcompany I would not turn them away. The HZ01 is based on the ATI 790GXboasting all the features we discussed earlier, but also some surprises aswell. The first thing we saw that was unique about the HZ01 is that itutilized SO-DIMMs DDR2 vice standard 240 pin DIMM. Yes, you heard it rightlaptop ram. PC6400 of the 200-pin variation. Another Jetway feature isG.P.I. Just what does this mean? Well, you will have to read on.

MSI N285GTX Videocard SuperPipe OC @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at one of the latest MSI cards on themarket! We got a sample of their N285GTX SuperPipe OC which has a twin fancooler, and thicker heatpipes for better cooling. This card should clock abit better than the others on the market with this new cooler and maybe alsobe a bit more silent although that remains to be seen. Lets have a closerlook!

PowerColor HD 4890 PCS 1 GB @ techpowerup.com
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PowerColor is one of the first board partners to release an overclocked, custom designed HD 4890. Instead of the AMD reference cooler a solution from Zerotherm is used. The clock speeds have also been bumped to 950 MHz core and 1100 MHz memory. Due to their improved PCB, PowerColor has managed to position their HD 4890 PCS at the price that normal reference cards go for:$249.

ATI Radeon HD 4770 Video Card Overclocking Guide @ legitreviews.com
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The ATI Radeon HD 4770 512MB video card is no slouch when it comes to overclocking performance, but the trick is that you will need to use RivaTuner in order to get great overclocks as Catalyst Control Center really limits how high you can reach. The 931MHz overclock that we were able to reach was only stable for 3DMark Vantage overclocking, but the 915MHz clock frequency was 100% stable for all games and benchmarks. We are happy with the overclock as 915MHz/1000MHz sure sounds and performs better than the default clocks of 750MHz/800MHz. The only thing really holding back the ATI Radeon HD 4770 is the number of stream processors and texture units...

AMD Radeon HD 4770 @ techpowerup.com
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Today AMD released the world's first GPU that is produced in a 40 nm process. The HD 4770 is aggressively priced around ~$100 and offers great performance for your hard earned dollars. In our testing realized out that the card performs almost on par with the HD 4850. With the amazing 30%+ memory overclock we got on our sample, the HD 4850 will be surpassed easily.

ASRock X58 SuperComputer Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The ASRock X58 SuperComputer was a fantastic performer, had great overclocking potential, and had a decent bundle. ASRock produced a board that rivals most of the other leading manufacturers out there. The only hold up for the board may be the price once you compare it to some of the other offerings out there...

Razer Arctosa Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we will be taking a look at the Arctosa keyboard. The Arctosais the lower model of the three keyboards that Razer make. Cosmetically itresembles the Lycosa which is Razer middle model keyboard. The Arctosa is aslick black keyboard that is screaming to place on the desktop of everygamer. Programmable macros, media keyboards and customizable profiles areall possible with the Arctosa makes it easier for the gamer in you to adjustthe keyboard just the way they want to have the edge in their next deathmatch.

GOOC 2009 Kicks Off - 13 Overclockers Face Off @ legitreviews.com
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When doing extreme overclocking insulation is the name of the game and it seems every overclocker had their own idea as to what is best. Some overclockers brought their own motherboard stands like Jody '3oh6' Bailey from Canada pictured above. 3oh6 is 29 years only and the only overclocker here from Canada. He got here by being ranked 1st in Canada on hwbot.org in not one, but five hardware configurations....

Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2009 - North America @ legitreviews.com
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Overclocking is nothing new to the enthusiast community, but it seems that it has become increasingly popular as many found out about it and that overclocking can be done on a rather small budget. Last year Gigabyte, one of the world's largest motherboard and video card manufacturers, figured that the time was right to support the overclocking community and hold a world wide event to find out who the best overclockers really are. Today, here at the Pacific Palms Resort in California you will be able to find the thirteen overclockers that will be facing off in the North American Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship...

Vigor Gaming Monsoon III LT CPU Cooling System @ pcper.com
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Vigor's Monsoon III LT definitely delivered during testing and Ithink it could have even handled a mild overclock on our Intel i7-920 CPU. Iwas also a bit surprised at how well it kept up with our Zalman CNPS9900 LEDheatsink. The dual 120mm fans and dual fin arrays seemed to be a winningcombination that should give other third-party heatsinks on the market a runfor their money.

TwinTech GeForce GTS 250 XT OC 1GB Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It's been a bit few and far between seeing cards from TwinTech, but today we've got a new one that sits in with their XT series of overclocked cards. The particular model we're looking at today is the GTS 250 XT OC 1GB. Since the GTS 250 is nothing more than a rebranded 9800 GTX+, companies have been able to attack the

Cogage TRUE Spirit CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermalright's new offspring is Cogage. Cogage is targeted at gamers,mainstream users and moderate overclocker. Cogage opens with two coolers:TRUE Spirit which we are reviewing today and the MST-140. Each of thecoolers are aimed at two different users. The Spirit which looks prettysimilar to the original Ultra-120. And is geared to cool your overclockedCPU while the MST-140 is aimed at the person that is in need of a cooler fortight spaces like HTPC and SFF boxes. Even though the Spirit and theUltra-120 look similar they do have their differences. What are they? Readon and find out.

Technic3D/Mushkin 12GB CL9 @ technic3d.com
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The Mushkin 12GB Kit DDR3 1333 CL9 (EM3-10666) arrived Technic 3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Platinum 1600 Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and the Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1.600 MHz (1,5V) with 9-9 -9-24 in the following Review.

AMD Earnings and Istanbul News @ pcper.com
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The biggest news is that AMD is pulling in their Istanbul launch,which is a native hex-core processor. Products will be shipping toconsumers in June, and AMD will be recording revenue from shipments tomanufacturers as early as next month. Early previews of Istanbul have beenvery positive, and the 45 nm process that AMD is using is surprisinglymature. Initial parts look to be released in power ranges that are verysimilar to current Shanghai processors, and will be very close in overallclock speed.

DimasTech Bench Table Easy V2 @ techpowerup.com
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The DimasTech BenchTable Easy is a metal overclocking/testing station with the possibility to hold large water cooling kits. Unlike some other tables out there, you can stuff this puppy with three optical drives, four hard drives and add double or triple radiators to the rig. On top of that, you can freely choose from a whole array of colors to customize the look of your own Bench Table.

Scythe Kama Angle CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The newest cooler from Scythe is the Kama Angle. A very unique coolerthat is comprised of 90 degree cut fins and a special silent fan to coolthem. According to Scythe the angled fins also takes advantage your casefans for even better cooling performance. Today, we will put the Kama Angleon the test bench just to see how well it does.

Asus 4850 Matrix Videocard @ rbmods.com
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Today we are taking a look at the 4850 Matrix videocard from Asusthat is very similar to the other 4850 cards Asus offers but this one comeswith a lower clock frequency and hopefully a lower price. We are going tosee how this card can handle high resolutions and also share ouroverclocking results from our testsl Lets have a closer look.

Aerocool AVN 1000 Hard Drive Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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To computer performance extremists and fetishists like myself, heatis literally a four letter word. To eek out the most bang for the buck, onehas to keep their rig as chilly as possible. Processors, video cards, powersupplies, chipsets and memory pretty much come with cooling schemes builtin, built on or wrapped around. One of the most overlooked components in amodern computer is the hard drive and yet some models can clock well over a100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is nearly the equivalent of placing a spaceheater inside your computer. Cases usually come equipped with front coolingfans to blow over hard drives to keep temps lows, but for people who want tokeep their hard drives chilly, there is the AeroCool AVN 1000 passive harddrive cooler.

Asrock A780GMH/128M AM2+ @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the past couple of years we have reviewed several of Asrock'smATX motherboards here at Pro-Clockers. Asrock's whole thought processbeyond their smaller line of motherboards is affordability, stability andupgradable. And all three of these aspects is what you will see in our nextreview sample. The A780GMH/128M offers a new twist on an older chipset. Themotherboard is based on the AMD 780G but instead of using the older SB700South Bridge, Asrock took it upon themselves to implement the newer SB710.Why not the SB750 SB?. Well, we did mention that the motherboard offersafford ability. And this was one way to cut cost. What else does the boardhave to offer? You will have to read a little more.

Technic3D/Asus Rampage II Extreme @ technic3d.com
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The Asus Rampage II Extreme Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The M ainboard with Overclocking functions and X58 chipset for all Intel Soc ket 1366 CPUs. See you in the following Review the Intel Core i7 920 o n Windows Vista 64Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks against the Foxconn B loodrage.

Inno3D GeForce GTX 275 OC 896M @ techpowerup.com
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Inno3D's latest graphics card release is the GeForce GTX 275 Overclocked. It is based on NVIDIA's P897 design but comes with considerably increased clocks. This results in a nice performance boost over the reference cards and allows the card to beat the much more expensive GeForce GTX 285.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 275 Overclocked Tri-Fan Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It hasn't taken long for NVIDIA partners to start spicing up the GTX 275. Come launch day we already saw that Gainward had opted for aftermarket cooling. Galaxy has kicked up a notch, though; this not only by including a pretty mean cooling setup on the card, but also taking the time to increase the core and memory clock.While the card was designed to compete directly against the HD 4890, what we're seeing is that in the retail channel the GTX 275 is slightly more expensive. While this might be a bad thing considering the fact that the GTX 275 is designed to compete head to head with the HD 4890, it isn't really, as that little bit of extra cost carries with it that little bit of extra performance.

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The cooler was the Xigmatek Thor's Hammer. The Hammer is one of thosecoolers that when you first see it you could not but think how does thisthing compete with the big boys like the Coolermaster V8 and ThermalrightT.R.U.E. Well that is what I thought anyways. And to think about how wellthe HDT-S1283 has done at a budget price you would think this monster wouldbe a Top Ten cooler killer. The Hammer is based on the Heat pipe DirectTouch, or HDT for short, technology. To explain this in a brief sentence,the heat pipes come in direct contact with the IHS of the processor for moredirect cooling. We will get more into that later in the review. So, you haveto read a little more to see what this cooler and HDT is all about.

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 @ pro-clockers.com
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The ModXStream is geared more at the creative modder's as well asgamers. The ModXStream boasts a few new features like dual 12 volt rails, alarger fan and a Nvidia SLI certified badge. The feature that I really likeis the warranty that backs the ModXStream, a three year PowerSwap guarantee.In brief this means that OCZ with swap out your defective power supply overthree years. With OCZ you won't be getting back a repaired unit that yousent in but a new working replacement. How is that for backing your ownproducts.

NZXT Cryo Laptop Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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This is were the Cryo LX comes in action. The Cryo LX is a new laptopcooler from NZXT that is bigger to allow cold air to flow underneath laptopsas large as nineteen inches. And if this isn't enough the Cryo LX eliminatesone of the many accessories that many notebook user carry around with themand that is a USB hub. That's right the Cryo LX has a built-in four port USBhub. If there anything this cooler has to offer you will have to read more.

Aerocool CoolPanel 3 @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we're taking a look at the AeroCool CoolPanel 3. With a sleekblack design and color LCD display, it should be an attractive addition tojust about any case. The CoolPanel III allows one to monitor temperaturelevels and fan speeds. It also has two USB ports, an eSATA port, HD audiojacks and a 56-in-1 card reader.

Choiix Mini Air-Through Laptop Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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This is where Choiix comes in. Choiix prides themselves on providingthe consumer with a ultra performance laptop product that is aestheticallypleasing at the same time. They have chosen to leave all the techie robotlooking stuff to other companies and produced a product that fits the visualstyle that many of us want. This goes for the new Mini Air-Through notebookcooling pad or C-HL02-WP. The Mini Air is simple in design but at the sametime provides you with more than enough cooling functionality and has theaddition of USB hub. Will the Mini Air remain under my wife's laptop afterthis review? We will soon see.

Technic3D/Mushkin 6GB DDR3 1600 CL7 @ technic3d.com
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The Mushkin 6GB Kit DDR3 1600 CL7 (XP3-12800) arrived Technic3 D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the P atriot Viper 1600 Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and the Biostar TPower X58 Mainboard. You can see 1.671 MHz (1,65V) with 7-8-7 -20 in the following Review.

ECS A790GXM-AD3 Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The ECS A790GXM-AD3 motherboard was a board that was easy to set up and to work with. There was nothing that gave us any issues at all. It was smooth sailing throughout the review, which has been something that rarely happens any more. It seems there is always something that we have to struggle with, but not on this board. It is fast, a great gaming board, and has upgrade options for the end user. Also, overclocking is phenomenal...

Super Talent 16GB Pico C Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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Our next Pico we will be reviewing is the Pico-C Nickel. Which likethe Gold model is plated with the precious metal. The advantage the Nickelhas over the Gold we reviewed is an additional 8 gigs of storage. Not onlyis the storage size a pretty amazing aspect of the Pico but its physicalsize is as well. The Pico weighs in at an incredible 6 grams. At this sizethe drive is a non factor while hanging around your neck on a necklace or onyour key chain.

Thermaltake ToughPower XT 750 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Tough Power XT models are not going to replace the originalsbut to offers some nice features that are not part of the older models. TheXT series boast a single and powerful 12 volt rail. Yes we know this is notrevolutionary but they have also added the neat ability to determine howmuch time after PC shuts down that the fan stop spinning. If that isn'tenough the XT also tells you if anything is ailing it. If all this is notenough then you have to read the rest of the review to see what else the XThas to offer.

G.Skill Triple-Channel 1600 MHz 6 GB Kit @ techpowerup.com
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G.Skill offers a full range of tri-channel memory kits at speeds of up to 2000 MHz. We are taking a look at their red kit rated at 1600 MHz and CL9. Even though this memory is on the lower end of the line-up, it manages to surprise with good overclockablity and the possibility of tighter timings.

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today's review sample is in the same category as the above items asit fits the 'different' list. The SpinQ is a cooler that has a realinteresting design and concept that sets it apart from all the other coolersout there. The heat pipes that make of the cooler is very similar to anyother cooler that uses heat pipes but the huge circular arrangement of finsis what will make many of you stand up and say wow. But is the wow factorworth the money for the SpinQ?

Coolermaster N520 Dual Fan CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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To add to the performance line of cooling, Coolermaster graced uswith a new cooler labeled the Hyper N520. The N520 is designed is based onthe tower and heat pipe technology which is very popular today. One thingthat sets the Hyper N520 from the rest is it built-in dual 92mm coolingfans. This simple addition is something that higher priced coolers tend tocome with. From all this we can see the Hyper N520 is aiming to be one ofthe top of the budget coolers.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 Versus ATI Radeon HD 4890 @ legitreviews.com
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When it comes to the Radeon HD 4890 it is hands down the fastest single-GPU graphics card that AMD has every produced. It performs significantly better than the Radeon HD 4870 1GB and runs cooler and uses less power at idle. There really is not much bad to say about the card as it is also priced lower than the GeForce GTX 275. Add in the fact that it has already proven itself to be an overclocking monster with a core clock frequency of nearly 1GHz with the stock cooler and no voltage adjustments you have a clear winner for all the Radeon fans out there...

Sapphire HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 @ techpowerup.com
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Sapphire's new HD 4890 comes with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and yet unseen clock speeds offering much better performance at a competitive price. Will that be enough to beat NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 275 ?

AMD Radeon HD 4890 RV790 and GeForce GTX 275 @ pcper.com
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The HD 4890 1GB card is not much more than a highly overclockedRV770 design, but that is more than enough to see noticeable performancegains across the board. In fact, we saw nearly uniform 10-15% performancejumps at ALL resolutions from 1600x1200 to 2560x1600 which indicates to methat AMD has really found the bottleneck of its architecture in this RV790product.

PowerColor HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 @ techpowerup.com
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AMD has just announced the availability of their latest HD 4890 graphics card series which is based on the new RV790 GPU. The highlights of RV790 are considerably higher clocks speeds and 1 GB of fast GDDR5 memory on all boards.

Zotac GeForce GTX 275 Amp! Edition @ techpowerup.com
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Today NVIDIA released their GeForce GTX 275 Series. While there are no architectural improvements, the new cards offer substantially improved performance at competitive prices. Zotac's Amp! Edition offers higher clocks out of the box - is that enough to combat ATI's new offerings?

Technic3D/Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme @ technic3d.com
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The Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and X58 chipset for all Intel So cket 1366 CPUs. See you in the following Review the Intel Core i7 920 Water cooled on Windows Vista 64Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks.

Corsair 6GB DDR3-1866 Dominator GT Memory @ legitreviews.com
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For the average consumer the Corsair DDR3-1866 Dominator GTs would be overkill; for the price of this one kit you could purchase 12GB of decent DDR3-1600C7. But those 12GB of DDR3-1600C7 may only overclock to the stock speeds of this Dominator GT kit. This is what you are more or less paying for - the binning process Corsair has undertaken to insure these kits are stable at 1866MHz...

Intel Xeon X5570 and E5520 Gainestown Processors @ legitreviews.com
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Our quick look at the Intel Xeon 5500 series was a very impressive one. The Intel Xeon X5570 that we looked at today operates at 2.93GHz during normal operation, but when Turbo Boost Technology is enabled the operating frequencies increased up to 3.33GHz. With this much clock frequency and all the performance features that the Intel Xeon 5500 series has to offer you end up with a server processor that blows past the competition without looking back...

Technic3D/G.Skill 6GB 1600 CL9 @ technic3d.com
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The G.Skill 6GB Triple Channel Kit DDR3 1600 CL9 (F3-12800CL9T -6GBNQ) arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Ov erclocking against the Corsair Dominator 1600 Memory Kit on Windows Vi sta Ultimate 64 Bit and the Biostar TPower X58 Mainboard. You can see Low-Voltage 1.400 MHz (1,5V) with 9-9-9-24 and Command Rate 1 in the f ollowing Review.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 295 1792MB Video Card @ thetechlounge.com
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=22The GTX 295 is, like ATI's HD 4870 X2, two cards in one. It has two GPU s, connected by an onboard PCI-Express bridge, in SLI fashion. The GPUs ar e modified GTX 260s, architecturally identical, clocked at the same frequen cies, although slightly-cut improved memory bandwidth (the GPUs of the 295 have 589-bit memory interfaces unlike the 260-216s with 448-bit interfaces) . So there are two questions I have about this card:is it worth the pric e hike over two GTX 260s, and who is this card tailored for?=22

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 Processor @ legitreviews.com
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With four processing cores running at 2.66GHz, a total of 6MB of shared L2 cache, a 1333MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) and the fact that the processor is built on the 45nm process are all great reasons to think about getting a Q9400. Add to that a 1.2GHz overclock that was easy to reach and you have yet another winner from Intel. If you don't want to go with an Intel Core i7 series processor, the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9XX's series of processors are good choices as they cost less and can still compete...

Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ OC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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Today we're looking at Galaxy's version of the GTX 260+ and it carries everything you want for a card that has been out for a while; a pretty mean looking cooler and an overclock that is going to give us a bump in performance. Today we’ll be taking the time to see how the GTX 260+ from Galaxy we have here goes up against another Galaxy card, the GTS 250 and the current top single GPU card from ATI, the HD 4870, which is due to be replaced by the HD 4890 very soon.

Technic3D/MSI 790GX Platinum @ technic3d.com
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The MSI DKA790GX Platinum (MS-7550) - AMD 790GX Mainboard arri ved Technic3D. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and AMD 790GX chipset for AMD Phenom II CPUs. See you in the following Review the P henom II X4 940 @3,5 GHz and the Gainward GoldenSample HD 4870 1GB Gra phic Card on Windows Vista 32Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks.

HIS HD 4870 IceQ4+ Turbo 1 GB GDDR5 @ techpowerup.com
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In addition to the long and complicated name, the HIS HD 4870 IceQ4+ Turbo features twice the memory compared to the AMD HD 4870 reference design. The clock speeds have also received a boost, now running at 770 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory out of the box. Last but not least, HIS replaced the AMD cooler with their own IceQ cooling system.

OCZ Behemoth Large Gaming Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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It is, as if the mouse is apart of your arm when fragging along. Whenyou get these types of feelings toward anything computer related OCZunderstands. And when they know that you as a consumer needs something,chances are they are right in the midst producing something to suit yourneeds. And this something would be the new Behemoth gaming mouse. TheBehemoth is aimed at the person that wants a large mouse with all the extraswe find in mice like the Razers, Logitechs and Microsofts. Yeah, you get allthe features of these mice but with the OCZ touch thrown in. Is the Behemoththe right mouse for you when you start your next frag session? Read on.

Coolmax CU-700 700 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The answer is the CU-700. The CU-700B which we will be reviewingtoday is aimed at the individual's that don't want to fork out $100 plus fora power supply. The same individual that do not even need 600 watt but wantsthe insurance when the time to upgrade comes along. The CU-700 fits thisindividual to a tee. The Cu-700 not only boasts 700 watts of power but doesit at a price that any can afford. At $60 the CU-700 will not break thebank. The same individual would also like the fact the low cost unit is 80%efficient.

Coolmax V-600 600 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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From the two models described above you would think that all Coolmaxis making are power supplies for the high end rig that many of us do nothave. Well that is not true. Coolmax realizes there is a need for lowerwattage unit that can provide stable and safe power to an everyday box thatyou would find underneath the desk of an office, in a kid's room or downnear your very own feet. The new model Coolmax is labeled the V-600. If youwere to venture to guess, yes it is a 600 watt power supply. The V-600includes a 140mm cooling fan to keep your system running cool and a singlePCI-E power connector for those that would like to equip their box with amid to high range graphics card.

Neoseeker s the OCZ PC3-16000 Reaper 6GB memory kit @ neoseeker.com
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With Intel's Core i7 slowly but steadily gaining ground, more and morepeople are looking into lightening fast DDR3 memory kits. The latest triplechannel on the market are rated between 1066 MHz for entry level kits andover 2000 MHz in the top-end market. With the latter being theoreticallytwice as fast and carrying an equally impressive price tag, you can be leftwondering whether the investment is worth it or not. Then, there are thosekits clocking at a very reasonable 1600 to 1866 MHz which, thanks toconstant price drops, are actually selling at a somewhat reasonable price.

OCZ 8GB Throttle eSATA Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, I guess we should be asking OCZ that question. It is funny thatthe minds of OCZ could come up with a twist on something so simple andcommon. The OCZ Throttle takes the newest and fastest port on the PC andmakes it usable for small portable storage. You know the port we are talkingabout.eSATA. The Throttle is offered in sizes ranging from 8 gigs up to 32.

PaLiT GeForce GTX 260 55nm Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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Making the jump from 65nm to 55nm has helped tame load power consumption and enabled even more overclocking headroom. Judging from the overclocking results, PaLiT could easily ramp up the clocks another 20 to 30MHz on the core and compete against the top tier 65nm GTX 260s. The only sour moment we had with the PaLiT GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216SP 55nm was the idle power consumption, the lack of 2D and 3D clocks threw off power consumption and tarnished an otherwise satisfactory card. This is due to a vBIOS issue and PaLiT is using a reference NVIDIA board. This means that NVIDIA needs to release a new vBIOS for reference designed cards. Right now the PaLiT GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216 SP video card seems like a rush job that fails to impress us. What is the point of releasing a new card that is basically nothing more than a die shrink only to have a rushed and incomplete vBIOS? If the vBIOS was 100% this 55nm card would have lower temperatures and power consumption numbers when compared to a 65nm card at both idle and load, but that is not the case...

FSP Everest 900 @ pro-clockers.com
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We have taken a few FSP power supplies for a ride here atPro-Clockers. Just recently we took the Everest 700 which was a meaty littlepower supply that had the power to push more high-end systems. But today wewill be taking a look at a more aggressive and powerful unit in the Everest900. The Everest is aimed at the gamer and enthusiast that is going to beputting the best of components into their next build. And anyone fittinginto either of these category's, are most of the time a neat freak when itcomes to the inside of their rigs. So in this case the 900 is a semi-modularPSU, with the main ATX cable permanently attached. Is this blue powerhouseworthy of being placed in your rig? Read the next few pages and find out.

Technic3D/Patriot Viper 6GB 1600 CL8 @ technic3d.com
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The Patriot Viper 6GB Kit DDR3 1600 CL8 (PVT36G1600LLK) arrive d Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking aga inst the Mushkin 1600 Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and the Biostar TPower X58 Mainboard. You can see 1.731 MHz (1,65V) with 9 -9-9-24 and Command Rate 1 in the following Review.

Topower Powerbird 1100 SE Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The Powerbird was initially released in a 900 and 1100 model but alesser wattage 800 watt unit soon followed. Each of the power suppliessports a maximum 87% efficient rating and six 12 volt rails. From all thenumbers and specifications I am throwing your way you can see these powersupplies mean business. So much business that HP selected the 1100watt,which we are reviewing today, to use in the Blackbird gaming system. We willnow take the Powerbird for a spin to see if it is right for your highperformance rig.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The performance of the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor was impressive, and for those wanting to spend under $275 on an LGA775 processor it packs some horsepower under the hood that rivals nearly any other LGA775 processor. With four processing cores running at 2.83GHz, a total of 12MB of shared L2 cache, a 1333MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) and the fact that the processor is built on the 45nm process are the reasons that it does so well in the benchmarks. The Intel Q9550 is also an overclocking monster as we were able to reach an overclock of 1.2GHz with ease. With the Intel Q9550 processor running at a clock frequency of 4GHz it was easily able to compete against the Intel Core i7 series, which shows what a little clock frequency will do to the potential of the Q9550...

Asus P6T Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a new socket 1366 motherboard from Asus. Thisnew board seems to be the new Core i7 badboy from Asus, it is available indifferent versions that come in different prices. This seems to aim itselfvs overclockers mainly and it also has a quite high pricetag of 270$. Letssee how this board will perform and we will also try to boost our Core i7 abit to see what features this board can offer.

Palit GeForce GTS 250 2GB Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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We recently saw Palit announce that they would be offering the GTS 250 in three forms, 512MB, 1GB and the model we have here today, 2GB. I have to say, this amount of memory sounds quite excessive for a graphics card that barely makes it into the higher end spectrum of the market. Today we'll be having a look at the Palit GTS 250 against a number of cards. The main card we want to compare it against is the Galaxy GTS 250, which while carrying a clock speed a few MHz lower than the Palit in both the shader and core department, the main difference is the fact that we see an extra 1GB of memory on the latter card.

Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H AM2+ Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The GA-MA790GP-DS4H is an unusual board in that it works both as an enthusiast overclocking platform and a meek desktop platform. The board has extensive support for overclocking but includes features like an integrated HD3300 GPU and SidePort connected GPU memory to enable HD video playback. Today, we'll test the integrated GPU along with some beefier discrete GPUs and overclock Phenom II further than we have before....

Will the AMD RV790 Architecture be Something Different? @ pcper.com
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I do not think we will see a massive increase in stream units as wesaw going from the RV670 to the RV770. I think we will see an increase to960 stream units (divided into 12 SIMDs), but the amount of RBEs will likelybe unchanged (though AMD would include another texture unit per SIMD, addinganother RBE would sort of upset the orthoganality of the setup).Considering the current texturing and AA performance of the HD 4870, thosechanges are likely not needed in the new chip. Performance increases inpure pixel fillrate and texturing will be improved from the clockspeedincreases as well as further internal optimizations into these units.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 Overclocked Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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Just the other day we looked at the GTS 250 from Galaxy. But today we're looking at something a bit more higher up in the market, NVIDIA’s number two card and the fastest single GPU graphics card on the market; the GTX 285. Galaxy has taken the time to get a bit down and dirty with the card and squeeze some extra MHz out of it. We're going to find out just how these extra MHz effect overall performance when compared to a card that follows the reference clock speeds.

PNY & XFX GeForce GTX 285 Video Card s @ legitreviews.com
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The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 video card proves to be a step in the right direction for NVIDIA in taming power consumption. The 55nm revision has enabled higher efficiency and increased overclocking overhead while still keeping thermals in check. I suspect in the near future we'll see a few GeForce GTX 285s with lighter coolers and 3rd party PCBs to cut costs. The two cards reviewed today, the PNY GeForce GTX 285 and the XFX GeForce GTX 285 Black Edition, both consistently beat the PNY GeForce GTX 280 used for testing...

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
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Thermaltake's new SpinQ CPU cooler delivers good cooling performancewith minimal noise and it looks great. The fit-n-finish is good and theperformance to noise ratio is above average. The cooler is easy to installand features mounts for both Intel and AMD platforms. However overclockersand users interested in maximum performance will likely want to lookelsewhere.

Foxconn Renaissance Mainboard Final @ technic3d.com
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The Foxconn Renaissance X58 Mainboard become the Final Review on Technic3D. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and X58 chipse t for all Intel Socket 1366 CPUs. See you in the following Review the Core i7 920 @4,1 GHz and two XFX GTX 280GTX XT SLI Graphic Cards on Wi ndows Vista 32Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks.

Leadtek WinFast GTX 260 EXTREME+ in SLI @ tweaktown.com
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The GTX 260 has quickly become one of those confusing models. We had the card originally launch in June of 2008 and towards the end of last year word came of an updated model that would carry with it 216 shader processors over the original 192 we saw at launch. Today we're going to be looking at the Leadtek GTX 260 EXTREME+. While the card doesn't carry the new 55nm core, it does carry the upgraded shader processors. Before we get stuck into the performance of the card, though, let's take the time to have a quick look at the package along with a closer look at the card and the clocks it carries. Hopefully the card will warrant the Extreme name tag, so let's not delay and get stuck into it.

Coolermaster ATCS 840 @ pro-clockers.com
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The success of the HAF932 was not a surprise to many of us as itoffered a lot room, a rugged good looks and enough fans and cooling to keepeverything in the case in good cool and solid running fashion. Coolermasterbuilding on the success of the HAF932 decided to take the functions andfeatures of the HAF and employ them in a new ATCS unit. The ATCS 840 willissue in a new class of ATCS (Active Thermal Convention System, yeah I knowI should have mentioned it earlier) with its abundance of room, huge fans,easy assembly and clean looks. If you are a person that like refined casesthis new case may be your next one.

Sapphire HD 4670 GDRR4 @ pro-clockers.com
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Taking a look at the HD 4670, this is not the same HD 4670 wereviewed some months ago. This is a new and improved HD 4670 when has beenpacked with GDDR4, which is a technology jump from the GDDR3 on the oldermodel. What we will be looking at besides the performance increase from thenew memory is the new and quieter dual slot active cooler which sits atopthe 750MHz GPU core. Sit back and read on as we take the new HD 4670 for ahefty round of tests.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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In the $300 price segment, the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850x2 can't be accused of bringing a knife to a gunfight; with 1600 Stream processors, 2GB of GDDR3 memory running at 993MHz, and two GPU's clocked at 625MHz all packed on the massive 11 1/4

Corsair Dominator 1866C8 TEC - Peltier-cooled memories @ nordichardware.com
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Normally you don't even consider theheat coming from the memories. Some have more exclusive heatspreadersthan others, some even come with a fan setup, but overall they tend tojust work. But when you start packing high-density modules, raise thevoltage and start overclocking the effect becomes noticeable. Like withmost overclocking lower temperatures are preferred, thus Corsair'sPeltier cooling solution.

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384 CPU Cooler @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclockers are always looking for the best CPU cooler made, and Benchmark Reviews has taken a new approach to determining this for them

World-Exclusive:Palit GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216 SP 896 MB @ techpowerup.com
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Palit's new GTX 260 Sonic 216 SP is based on NVIDIA's latest GT200b 55 nm graphics processor. Palit has chosen to go with a dual fan design for improved airflow and increased overclocking. Not only the thermal design has been changed but also the PCB design, which features several cost optimizations and comes in an appealing ATI-red.

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Often, when a product is marketed for a certain special feature, itsuffers in other aspects. The ATP EarthDrive is not one of those products.In addition to being the world's first recyclable USB drive, it alsoperforms well. With read speeds just shy of 30 MB/s and write speeds of 10MB/s, the EarthDrive is similar to other USB drives we've reviewed in thepast. Its small size also makes it easy to work with. Also, it's waterproof!

AMD Phenom II 810 & 720 BE Processor Dry Ice Overclocking @ legitreviews.com
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The AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition processor overclocked much better with Dry Ice cooling since the multiplier could be increased and the CPU voltage was able to go up to 1.90V in the BIOS since ASUS allows for higher voltages on the Black Edition processors. After playing around with the HT reference clock frequency and multiplier we managed to reach 4590MHz from the 2800MHz processor. This is 200MHz shy of a 2GHz overclock and is what we expect from Dry Ice cooling...

ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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Using the same ASUS Triton 81 CPU Cooler that I used on the MSI DKA790GX Platinum motherboard the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe motherboard reached an HT clock frequency of 294MHz, which is 1MHz shy of our previous best for this specific AMD Phenom II X4 810 processor. This put the final clock frequency at 3.82GHz, which is an overclock of 1,222MHz. The ASUS M4A79T Deluxe was also able to run 8GB of Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3 memory at 1333MHz with CL9 timings like a champ. Even increasing the memory frequency up to 1600MHz the board would still run four 2GB DDR3 modules with no stability issues, which is a good sign that the BIOS is already pretty solid on this motherboard...

Zotac GeForce GTX 295 1792 MB @ techpowerup.com
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Zotac's GeForce GTX 295 comes with two NVIDIA GT200b GPUs sandwiched together in one graphics card. The card can successfully defeat ATI's HD 4870 X2 in our benchmarks and offers plenty of overclocking headroom beyond that. Thanks to the 55 nm GPU design and clever power saving methods the card even delivers in the performance per Watt segment.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition CPU HDZ940XCGIBOX @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Nearly every enthusiast who has overclocked a computer system has wished that processors weren't restricting them from the hobby they

Intel 32nm Westmere Desktop Processor Roadmap Exposed @ legitreviews.com
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The first Intel 32nm Westmere products will feature both a processor core and an integrated graphics & integrated memory controller on a single processor. What makes this design so interesting is that the processor core is 32nm and that the memory controller and integrated memory controller are on a separate 45nm die. Intel has perfected the 45nm process since they have been doing it so long they have made the gates inside the processor perform better. Since the integrated graphics and memory controller is located on a separate die it is rumored that you can adjust the power settings and clock frequencies better than on one die. Intel took their current 65nm integrated graphics technology and shrunk it down to 45nm and added all the performance tweaks to get even more performance...

AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE & Phenom II X4 810 Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The AMD Phenom II X4 810 is an interesting processor in that it is locked and has a multiplier of 13x with a default HT clock frequency (bus speed) of 200MHz. With multiplier options ending at 13x I figured I'd just see how high I could crank up the bus speed till the processor needed more voltage. Without touching any other option in the BIOS other than the HT clock frequency I managed to hit 3.32GHz! This is a 715MHz overclock for doing nothing more than adjusting a single setting in the BIOS! The AMD Phenom II X4 810socket AM3 processor really comes to life at 3.3GHz...

Thermalright TRUE Copper @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermalright has never been one to be out done by anyone when itcomes to air coolers. One of their newer coolers is not going to be out donewith it comes to weight. The TRUE Copper is the heaviest cooler we have everhad in our labs here at PC. The new TRUE weighs in at a whooping 1900g. Thatis over four pounds of pure copper weighing down on your motherboard.Special precautions should be made in order to use this mammoth on amotherboard standing in a upward position, but this is not what we areconcerned about. What we want to know today is it worth the $100 plus askingprice many retailers are asking.

Coolermaster V10 Hybrid T.E.C. Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The V10 offers many more features than the V8. The first would be theadditional capabilities of cooling your ram while taking care of the CPU.Sitting atop a second set of aluminum fins is a 120mm cooling fan whenplaced properly blows right over your DIMM slots. We saw this in the Geminicooler as well. This kind of cooler eliminates the need to deal with extrafans for ram cooling. Yet the most beneficial feature of the V10, if usedright, is the T.E.C. base. With the right amount of heat to activate thethermal electric plate that is attached to the base of the cooler, the V10is posed to offer a new level of performance and cooling and is capable oftaming the most voltage hungry processor.

Asrock A780FullHD AM2+ @ pro-clockers.com
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Our friends at Asrock have sent us one of their newest micro ATXboards labeled as the A780FullHD. The A780FullHD is the powerhouse that willsit atop your desktop as your everyday rig or can be placed in your HTPCcase and serve as the focal of your entertainment center. The A780FullHD hasall the features of a standard size mainboard but in a small package. Theselist of features are four DIMM slots, six SATA port with raid support anddual video display option. The A780FullHD is looking to be a relief for thebudget minded buyer.

ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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In the world of motherboard makers, they just don't get any bigger than ASUS. Over the past year the company has grown by leaps and bounds. They have always offered a value priced motherboard with a good selection of features and stability, and at the same time they build in overclocking must haves. The last couple of years we've seen a number of enthusiast motherboards, but none have offered more than ASUS. They keep building in more and more features to cater to overclockers. It's to this end that we have the ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm...

OCZ Platinum DDR3-1333 Triple Channel @ pro-clockers.com
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DDR3 has been around for some time, but with the changing of socketsand newer north bridges there is no choice but to get DDR3 if you want toupgrade to the current standards. If you want the onboard memory controllerof the X58 chipset you will want a kit of triple channel DDR3. The firsttriple channel kit we will be testing here at Pro-Clockers will be from ourfriends at OCZ. We received a kit from the Platinum series rated at 1333MHz.

BFG Tech's GeForce GTX 285 OCX graphics card @ bit-tech.net
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*/BFG Tech has ticked most of the boxes on our checklist with its GeForce GTX 285 OCX graphics card - its clock speed increases are impressive, there's still headroom for overclocking, performance is excellent, the after sales service has a proven track record and it's the fastest single GPU graphics card we've ever tested. But all of this comes at a price and sadly that cost is just too much when you look at the wider market in the UK.

ASRock N7AD-SLI Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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This N7AD-SLI motherboard from ASRock certainly had potential to be what it was created to be:an affordable enthusiast board that, while not a top dog, would be a great overclocker, and a board that would allow for upgrades like SLI. Performance on this board was decent, but we were left wondering how much better it would have been if we had not had the limitations that we had in setting our DDR timings...

Cyber E-Sport Orbita Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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The Orbita looks far different from your traditional mouse and movesa lot different. The Orbita is a completely circular mouse that can move themouse pointer simply by twisting the mouse in a circle to get to the top andbottom of your document or web page. The Orbita sits on a ball bearing basethat allows the unit to be rotated continuously forever. This new conceptlooks to be promising when it comes to everyday computing and working aroundgraphic applications like CAD and other production software, but I want toknow how well it works in a game.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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Having used the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard for the last few weeks I have been very impressed with the performance. For anyone looking at a moderate cost, high performance solution it is definitely the way to go. Overclocking is where the Gigabyte EP45-UD3P really shines, I was able to take my retail Q9450 with just an 8x multiplier and crank it up a full 1200MHz without going over 1.3v...

Coolermaster CM Storm Sniper Gaming Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Today in the lab we have Cooler Master's new case the CM StormSniper. Never heard of CM Storm before? Well I am sure you have heard ofCoolermaster, right? Well CM Storm is Coolermaster's new gaming line ofcases. The Sniper is to be considered the best gaming case for the truegamer. Coolermaster realized that gamers want the best in their rigs, soCoolermaster decided to equip the Sniper with large fans that are positionedto cool all areas of the case. To make the building process to go smoothlythe case is almost completely tool-less. This just the start of what theSniper has to offer. If you want to know what else is in this case you willhave to read ahead.

Evo-G MP3 Mousepad @ pro-clockers.com
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Evo-G to review their newestgaming mouse pad the MP3. Evo-G is one of those companies that wantseveryone to get the best from their mice when it come to fragging anddemolishing your enemy's army. They did well with the MP1 and MP2. The MP3is the latest model from them that is produced out of cloth and rubber withsome killer graphics. Is the MP3 worthy of being placed on your desktop? Weplan on answering that question by the end of this review.

ASUS EAH4870 Matrix 512MB Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The Asus Matrix HD 4870 is a most unusual card to overclock. Unlike nearly every other video card I've overclocked, this particular card has been equipped with everything you would need to reach the limits of the components. With Asus' iTracker software, you can increase the GPU and GDDR5 voltages well past what would be useful on air-cooling...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 - VR-Zone @ vr-zone.com
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VR-Zone checks out the GTX 285, a slightly higher clocked version of the

CoolIT Domino A.L.C. CPU Cooler @ techgage.com
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If you want toget rid of that air CPU cooler, but find water-coolingtoo complicated and expensive, CoolIT might have just what you'relooking for. Their Domino A.L.C. is designed to offer greatercooling-abilities over air, while retaining reasonable noise-levels.Best of all, it's inexpensive, at $80, and won't hold back yourimpressive overclocks.

Gigabyte's GA-EX58-UD4P and DS4 mobos @ bit-tech.net
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*/Using both the boards has been an overall positive experience, although I have to say quite frustrating when we were overclocking. Gigabyte has tweaked both with a good software set that works and some nifty features, but they both just need a few loose ends tidying in places like the BIOS.

Silverstone Strider ST60F Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The Strider series is one of Silverstone's best-selling power units.The lineup consists of models ranging from 350 up to a massive 1200 watts.It is obvious that we won't be testing the whole lineup but we will look atthe middle model the ST600F which is 600 watts of stable power aimed at theindividuals that want modest power while providing a high level ofefficiency and remaining quiet. And if you are looking for more reasons toconsider the Strider well it is modular and priced to sell. We will gothrough the usual test to see is Silverstone's repetition be upheld by theStrider ST600F.

Thermaltake Spedo Advance Case @ pro-clockers.com
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This new case that Ramsom was telling me about was the ThermaltakeSpedo Advance. The Spedo offers an interior look that many will think isattractive. What the Spedo has that everybody will agree is on the inside.The case offers nearly unmatched cable management, very easy installation,cooling, and air ventilation that puts in the top tier of great cases. Withall the new stuff the case has, the other parts such as spaciousness,storage, and cooling options were not sacrificed. I will now take you on avisual tour of the Spedo case from Thermaltake.

Running 12GB of DDR3 Triple Channel Memory on Intel Core i7 Platforms @ legitreviews.com
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Armed with two Corsair DOMINATOR 6GB 1866MHz CL9 memory kits with the AIRFLOW fan I set out to see how easy it would be to run 12GB of memory on an Intel Core i7 desktop system. These TR3X6G1866C9DF memory kits retail for $449 each and are fastest Core i7 triple channel memory kit that Corsair has to offer. Since these kits go through the tightest screening and binning at Corsair I figured that a pair of these kits should provide not only the best chance at getting 12GB of memory running, but also the best performance should overclocking be in order...

CES 2009 @ pro-clockers.com
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My trip to the Vegas begun away too early in the A.M. Because for meto change my departure I would have to give up more money that supported bymy wallet I had to leave early on Thursday morning, 7 A.M. in the morning.The flight from San Diego to Vegas is one of the shortest I have evertaking. I get to my hotel just after 9 A.M. to soon for me to actually checkin. So I leave the bags there and hop in a taxi and head over to the LasVegas Convention Center. I previous trips to Vegas that was for CES hasalways resulted in mad traffic in the area and this trip was no different.Fifteen minutes later I felt as if I as home again after entering the SouthHall. I love this time of year.

Cars of CES @ pro-clockers.com
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We know everybody that goes to CES not only want to see the newest inelectronics some are there for the rides. Here are a few that I show while Iwas browsing through the North Hall.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 - Not the Second Coming @ pcper.com
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AMD showed up to the party, but they brought light beer instead ofchampagne. That's not entirely bad though, as some people prefer light beer(though I still question why). That AMD is able to at least poke their headinto the party is probably the most important part of this entire exercise.The Phenom II is a big upgrade from the previous Phenom parts, in terms ofboth IPC and the ability to clock to higher speeds.

Technic3D/AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ technic3d.com
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The AMD Phenom II X4 940 CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new 45nm CPU against the Intel Core i7 920 and the Phenom 9500 on Windows Vista. Overclocking with Air Cooling and more see you in the f ollowing Review.

CoolIT Domino A.L.C. @ pro-clockers.com
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But CoolIT has been in the market of taking the above optionssimplifying them and making it easier to get to the next level without muchmodding, tweaking or research. price on the most part have been decent tohigh on a lot of their products. But their newest cooler is priced at thelevel of higher end coolers but promises to be much better when it comes toperformance. The Domino A.L.C. is an all-in-one water-cooling setup thatcontains a rad, fan, tubing and CPU block. For about $70 you get all thisand Coolit's word of a superior cooler. We took the time to connect thecooler to our new i7 bench for a test spin. Is this cooler all that CoolItsays it is? We will find out.

Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 6GB Triple-Channel Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
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The Corsair Dominator 6GB PC3-12800 DDR3 triple channel memory kit was a fun memory kit to review as it features a revised heat spreader and some Samsung ICs that were friendly to overclocking. The memory performance seen on Intel Core i7 platforms never gets old and is just as impressive today as it was when I saw it for the very first time. It was only a matter of time before Intel moved beyond dual channel technology and it seems that the time was right other than the fact that the country is in a recession....

ECS X58B-A Black Edition Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The ECS X58B-A Black Edition motherboard was incredibly stable through all the testing, something to be expected from a major OEM manufacturer where stability is critical. Overclocking stability was also impressive with a 185MHz base clock achieved when I was expecting no overclock. Add in the inclusion of ICH10R, SLI and CrossFire support, and 6 DIMM slots and you've got a well equipped motherboard...

Antec Sonata Elite @ pro-clockers.com
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Both of these characteristics can be seen in the Performance One andthe Sonata lines. Each has a style that are their own that you cannot say isugly or blingy. And when it comes to quietness you do not have to replaceone single fan in them to maintain absolute peace like you would have to dowith some other cases. Our latest case comes from the Sonata line whichremains elegant and quite but adds some much wanted features to an alreadyvery nice case. The Sonata Elite has a new racy side vent, more cooling,more side dampening and more space.

[News] Zotac 790i Ultra SLI Supreme Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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I guess if I had to put the Zotac 790i Supreme in a category, itwould be an extreme gamer and overclocker's bracket. It offers the samebenefits that any other 790i Ultra SLI, but not quite the price. My sourcesat Zotac put the price about the same price as EVGA's 790i FTW model. That'sbasically about the $270 price range. If that's the case, then retailers andconsumers better take a hard look at offering and picking up thismotherboard. Prices are undoubtedly going to be very competitive given thestate of things.

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ techgage.com
[Dec-29-08] (0 Comments)

Need to upgradeor build a brand-new PC, but are on a very limitedbudget? If you don't mind making some small sacrifices, Intel'sWolfdale-based Pentium Dual-Core E5200 is worthy of seriousconsideration. Despite retailing for only $80, it offers solidperformance and some incredible overclocking headroom.

Asrock AOD790GX/128M @ pro-clockers.com
[Dec-23-08] (0 Comments)

The 790GX brings a lot to the table in form of features andperformance for the dollar. The main feature would definitely be theintegrated Radeon HD 3300 graphic chipset. Sharing up to 512MB of memory anyboard possessing this integrated GPU will be a simple source for moderategaming. And if gaming isn't your cup of tea but visual performance is, thenhow about support for multi-display setup without the use of an additionalvideo card? Yes, the 790GX packs a lot and we will begin our coverage of thechipset with the Asrock AOD790GX/128M.

[Affiliates News] OCZ Special Ops PC3-10666 2x2GB @ aphnetworks.com
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Oh, what a difference two years make. When we reviewed the OCZSpecial Ops Urban Elite PC2-6400 2x1GB in December 2006, DDR2 was justgaining momentum, costs as much as performance DDR3 costs now, and therevolutionary first wave of Core 2 Duos 6-series for desktops and 7-seriesfor mobile were still fresh in the hands of die-hard enthusiasts. I was luckyenough to be an owner of a then-amazing Core 2 Duo T7400 based laptop, and asignificantly overclocked E6300, in which I still have to this day. In thosedays, I was enjoying a relatively care-free life in high school, compared tomy current uber intense engineering schedule. It's kind of funny how I'mstill the Editor-in-Chief at APH Network despite all this -- I guess thisprovides me with some sort of relief and entertainment. Heck, I lived inanother city towards the end of 2006. Do I miss the days? To be honest, Isort of do. As I run the last stretch and my university first term pulls toan end with less than two weeks before finals, and daily prayers of,

[News] ECS GF9300T-A Black Series Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

In the time after the Extreme series, ECS must have found a need fora new product line - since it's been in just recent times that the BlackSeries has come to life. Consisting of very attractive motherboards with arich feature set, though a lacking bundle, ECS' Black series has set out tocapture the heart, and summarily, wallet of the gamer. With a generallypositive experience found on these boards; even if the overclocking has beenuniversally lacking. Now, where the GF7300T-A sets apart from the rest ofthe series is in that it provides the user the paths of both performance andvalue, as well as sporting Hybrid SLI - a feature which could save powerconscious gamers hundreds over the course of a year. The question really is,then - is this board worth it? Let's have a look

Aerocool Hi-Tech 7 Pro @ pro-clockers.com
[Dec-18-08] (0 Comments)

I love large case fans. Coincidentally, today I'm reviewing theAerocool Hi-Tech 7 Pro, which sports a 400 mm side panel fan. Lauded as thelargest in the world, this fan is similar to the fan on the AeroRacer Pro,also from Aerocool. However, the Hi-Tech 7 Pro is a step above the AeroRacerin that it has a few extra features such as a built-in fan controller andthermal monitor. Eager to put this thing to work, I jumped right intobuilding it. Before we get into the review, let's read up on Aerocool.

Diamond HD 4870 1GB CrossFire Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-17-08] (0 Comments)

The Diamond HD 4870 1GB can take today’s latest games and blitz right through them, providing buttery smooth gaming enjoyment. At a price under $300, high end gaming never looked so good and cost so little. In the driver department I have had no problems with ATI’s 8.12’s. The inclusion of the AVIVO video converter for FREE is a welcome sight. I like that I don’t need to install third party applications or a second utility aside from the driver to do basic temperature monitoring, basic overclocking, and tweaking the fan speed...

[News] ECS G45T-M2 Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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Perhaps as a byproduct of their strong OEM division, ECS has beenproducing a number of reasonably priced, fully featured, general-purposeMicro ATX motherboards. Though these boards lack advanced cooling, fantasticoverclocking, or award winning aesthetic, they have always offered oneconsolation - a great value. Though the chipset that today's motherboard isbased on - the G45 - isn't known for fantastic performance, it's featuresheet is fairly comprehensive, and considering the availability of severalSATA ports, as well as HDMI, ECS may have just whipped up a nice little HTPCcontender. With that in mind, let's take a look at what this board can do.

Sapphire HD4830 Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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The ATI-powered HD4830 from Sapphire is showing promise at being oneof the best bangs for the buck cards out there. The HD4830 has the sameamount of ram as the HD4850, but is clocked slightly lower and lacks a fewof the shader units of the bigger sibling. Granted the HD4830 isn't here tosteal any of the HD4850's thunder, but it is targeted at the Nvidia 8800GTand 9800GT line. It is time to put the card to the test and see just whereit stands.

Technic3D/Corsair XMS2 4GB @ technic3d.com
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The Corsair Corsair XMS2 4GB DDR2 6400 Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against other Me mory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and the Asus P5K Mainboard. Yo u can see 1.060 MHz with CL 5 in the following Review.

Neoseeker s the MSI R4830 @ neoseeker.com
[Dec-12-08] (0 Comments)

This is pretty astounding, really. At these clock speeds, using RivaTunerwe were able to get more performance out of our R4830 than a stock HD 4850!To put things into further perspective, the R4830 stock speed is 585 / 900,so the stable 734 / 1121 overclock we obtained is a 28% / 25% increase.Generally, video cards average about a 5% - 8% overclocking average, and 10%- 15% can be considered a nice overclock for a video card. The only othercard in the last one and half years of my tenure here at Neoseeker thatoverclocked nearly as good was the HD 2900 Pro.If you are into overclocking at all, this is the card to get. HD 4850+performance for a damn cheap price. Most impressive.

Aerocool AeroRacer Pro @ pro-clockers.com
[Dec-12-08] (0 Comments)

In the PC industry, companies aren't allowed to sit on their laurelsvery long. Video cards become dinosaurs in a few months time. New processorscome out just about once a month.

EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW, Tested and Burned In @ hothardware.com
[Dec-09-08] (0 Comments)

This is definitely one special board that has a lot to offer. Forstarters, it sports three PCI Express x16 slots for 3-way SLI, and it boastssupport for up to nine SATA 3Gbps drives. Additionally, the mainboardsupports 2,000MHz dual channel DDR3 with EPP and a front side bus up to1,600MHz. The board was designed with enthusiasts in mind though, so you canrest assured that EVGA also includes a plethora of overclocking options inthe BIOS. Continuing the trend, EVGA appeals to enthusiasts even further byoffering a digital PWM circuit, an 8-phase power design, VDroop control,100% solid state capacitors, and onboard clear CMOS, power and resetbuttons.

Technic3D/Foxconn Renaissance X58 @ technic3d.com
[Dec-07-08] (0 Comments)

The Foxconn Renaissance X58 Mainboard arrived Technic3D last w eek. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and X58 chipset for all Intel Socket 1366 CPUs, see you in the following First Look with Core i7 920 @3,8 GHz and two XFX GTX 280GTX XT SLI Graphic Cards on Window s Vista 32Bit SP1 Performance Benchmarks.

Technic3D/ECS P45T-AD3 @ technic3d.com
[Dec-07-08] (0 Comments)

The ECS P45T-AD3 Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard wi th Overclocking functions and P45 chipset for all Intel Socket 775 CPU s, see you in the following Review with Quadcore on Windows Vista 32Bi t SP1 Performance.

USB Super Kid Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
[Dec-03-08] (0 Comments)

Christmas is just around the corner and you've probably been puttingshopping off until the last possible minute. Who can blame you? With theEconomy the way it is, we're all going to be lucky to get anything under thetree. However, you have a techie who expects some sort of computer-relatedgift on or around Dec. 25th. Let me introduce you to the Blue USB Super KidFlash Drive 8 gig version. Courtesy of Brando Workshop, this quirky littleflash drive just might be just worth stuffing into someone's stocking thisyear.

Zotac Nitro VGA Overclocking Controller @ techpowerup.com
[Dec-03-08] (0 Comments)

Zotac's Nitro is a clever little USB gadget that puts the overclocking power of your graphics card right at your finger tips. You can also monitor temperatures and adjust the fan speeds. The best is that all this can be done on the fly, without switching out of your game or benchmark.

Picking The Right Memory Kit For Intel Core i7 Platforms @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-03-08] (0 Comments)

I was hoping that at the end of testing one speed grade would stand out as the obvious choice, but to be honest, since the performance is close to linear that really isn't the case. With the world wide economy in a recession many consumers have a tight budget, so in the end only buy what you can afford. Also keep in mind that with processors like the Intel Core i7-920 and Intel Core i7-940 have a maximum memory speed of 1066MHz that can't be increased unless you overclock the base clock. That means the only consumers to need higher clock speed memory are those lucky enough to purchase an Intel Core i7-965 Extreme processor...

RamORB @ techwarelabs.com
[Dec-02-08] (0 Comments)

Looking to overclock your ram to its full potential but those factory heatsinks just aren't cutting it? Join RTM as he looks at the RamORB by Thermaltake. Part of the ORB lineup, this aftermarket heatsink is sure to stick to the Thermaltake motto:cool all your life. But is the bang really worth the buck?

ASUS Rampage II Extreme - The Definitive Overclocking Board? @ techgage.com
[Dec-01-08] (0 Comments)

ASUS has long supported overclockers with theirmotherboards, but the Rampage II Extreme takes things to the nextlevel. In addition to an even more robust BIOS than what we're used to,we're given the ability to put our multi-meters to good use with thehelp of easy-access board contacts. When all said and done though, isthe RIIE really worth the $400 asking price?

Gigabyte EX58-UD5 @ techgage.com
[Nov-27-08] (0 Comments)

Our X58 motherboard coverage continues with a look atGigabyte's EX58-UD5, an offering that's competing with all the other$300 launch boards out there. Though still expensive, there's a lotbeing offered here, including a plethora of USB and S-ATA ports, soliddesign, support for 3-way GPU configurations and a nice top overclock.

Tuniq Potency 550W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-26-08] (0 Comments)

The Tuniq Potency 550W promises to be a perfect fit for alot of uswith a systems that have just enough components to do just what we need forthem to do. The Potency is the third series of power supplies from Tuniq.The Potency comes in three different power level which would be 550, 650 and750 models. The biggest feature of the Potency is that it has been ranthrough the ringer while being tested to be rated at 80 Plus certification.We will now take a look at the unit up close to see what it is all about.

AMD Phenom II X4 Processor Breaks 6GHz on LN2 @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-21-08] (0 Comments)

AMD had a display set up for the media that showed overclocking performance that included air cooling, TEC/Water Cooling, Phase Change Cooling, and lastly liquid nitrogen cooling for the top end. The overclocking performance ranged from just under 4GHz to over 6GHz on the LN2 system...

AMD shows Phenom II running over 6.0 GHz! @ pcper.com
[Nov-21-08] (0 Comments)

The first leaks were that the Phenom II could hit 4 GHz on aircooling alone, though we obviously wonder how extreme that air cooling is.Well today AMD had some actual demonstrations at their gathering, and thePhenom II was able to hit 5 GHz at 1.6v by using dry ice cooling. Dry iceis CO2, and it goes directly from solid to gas (sublimation) at atemperature of -109.3 F (-78.5C for the rest of the world) at 1 atmosphere.So with some pretty extreme cooling (non-LN) the Phenom II does show that ithas some legs in the clock speed department.

Kingston HyperX 3GB DDR3 2GHz Triple-Channel Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-20-08] (0 Comments)

All said and done, the performance of the Kingston HyperX DDR3 2GHz 3GB triple-channel memory kit was impressive and it was great to see that it was overclocking beyond 2.1GHz with no extra voltage. Another thing that should be pointed out when it comes to performance is that no active cooling is required at 2GHz since the kit uses just 1.65V! I tested the memory inside the ThermalTake Spedo Advance chassis, which has good airflow, and when I touched the modules while playing Far Cry 2 they were just warm to the touch. Not what one would expect for some memory modules that are running at 2000MHz. It makes you wonder how fast these triple-channel kits will become in 2009 now that the Intel Core i7 platform is here.

OCZ SLI Edition DDR3 2000MHz @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-20-08] (0 Comments)

But in the meantime for the enthusiast we have DDR3 that is topping2000MHz at 1.8 volts. To me and many people that are gamers and overclockersis the way to go. Speed, power and the fun factor is just too much to notget excited about. Today we have OCZ's SLI Edition of 2000MHz DDR3. Matchedwith a good 790i motherboard like the EVGA Ultra and some dual Nvidia videocards has the making of being one hell of a rig.

Coolermaster UCP Ultimate 700W @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-19-08] (0 Comments)

Well that something is power supplies. Its not like the Coolermasteris new to power supplies but the new Ultimate line from them is poised to bea big hit with the consumers due to the stability and the efficiency of theunit. But with a name like Ultimate Coolermaster has better offer more thanefficiency and stability but power and looks to make the potential buyer toeven consider it for their new rig. Today we will be taking a look at thesmaller of the line in form of a 700 watt power house.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC3-12800 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Nov-19-08] (0 Comments)

Crucialhave always been one of the more popular high-end memorymanufacturers, with their Crucial Ballistix kits being an overclockersfavourite. However, Crucial do another kit, known as the BallistixTracer sporting black heatspreaders and fancy LED lighting. Let's seeif they're as good as we hope.

XFX GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-18-08] (0 Comments)

Considering how the XFX GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition already has a significant overclock I wasn't expecting much in the way of overclocking headroom. That being said, the results were incredible. I was able to get the core up to 739Mhz, the shaders up to 1557MHz, and the memory up to 1285MHz. This was a 73MHz core overclock, 153MHz shader overclock, and a 286MHz memory overclock.

Scythe Musashi GPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-18-08] (0 Comments)

Scythe is one of those companies like Thermalright that is known formaking some awesome coolers. One of my all time favorites is the Ninja. Acooler that gave the other companies something to worry about. But like theother companies Scythe has decided to try and conquer the GPU coolingmarket. Their attempt comes in the form of the Musashi. The Musashi is a twoheat pipe cooler that is aimed at cooling many of today's mainstream videoadapters like the ATI HD4870 and the Nvidia 9800GTX.

Hardware Leaderboard Update @ pcper.com
[Nov-16-08] (0 Comments)

The Dream Leaderboard gets the Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processorselling for just over $1000 as it comes with fully unlocked overclockingsupport and the top speed of 3.2 GHz stock. I chose the Gigabyte EX58-UD5motherboard for this system mostly due to the fact that it was the ONLYboard showing up when I made this update, though it is still a featurepacked and competent solution. The only other change here was to the memorysystem that gets a bump up from 4GB to 6GB thanks to the triple-channelmemory controller integrated on the CPU.

Intel Core i7 CPU and Platform Value @ bit-tech.net
[Nov-14-08] (0 Comments)

*/Without overclocking we have to say that AMD provides the better value

[News] G.Skill F2-6400CL4D-4GPI-B DDR2 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
[Nov-13-08] (0 Comments)

Though G.Skill's kit managed to melt it's wax wings on the path togreatness, it still managed to impress a fair bit before it plummeted backto the earth. Though it managed only 1,000 MHz, this is still a 25%overclock, so to speak - something which is quite impressive on a kit thatruns for under $90. Even if you don't intend to overclock, these modulespack a fair punch with their low latencies, great build quality, and oddly,lower cost than the rest of the flock. Considering these few graces, as wellas the small tokens inside the package, I'd have to say that I recommendthis kit to anyone looking for a quick fix in terms of a memory upgrade -something that will simply drop in and work - now that's peace of mind.

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[Nov-13-08] (0 Comments)

While Corsair's Flash Voyager Mini isn't going to take a speedcrown, it gets the job done. Its diminutive size hides a decent 8 GB ofdata and the Mini is about a 1/3 the size of your standard drive. Nochance of losing a cap is a definite plus and it is hardly noticeableattached to your keychain. This makes for a handy bit of storage to takewith you wherever you go.

Palit Revolution 700 Deluxe - HD 4870 X2 2048 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-12-08] (0 Comments)

Palit's new Revolution 700 Deluxe is the first graphics card that occupies three slots in your PC. The massive cooling assembly successfully increases overclocking performance, lowers temperature and reduces fan noise. But is that good enough to beat the AMD reference design?

Vidabox Wireless Media Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-11-08] (0 Comments)

The Vidabox Wireless Media Keyboard is a welcome addition to my newentertainment center. The Vidabox eliminates having to get up off the couchmaneuver around a table and whatever else I have on the floor to get a holdof the wired keyboard I was using. And not only is it a keyboard but thereis a laser mouse embedded right in the unit. The Vidabox keyboard is gearingup to be the ultimate input device for anybody running a HTPC.

Thermalright T-Rad2 GPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-10-08] (0 Comments)

The T-Rad2 should be a gamer or even a quiet PC users best friend. Icurrently have numerous cards from Nvidia and ATI and all of them sufferfrom very loud fans that need to be conquered. If Thermalright chose tobuild the T-Rad2 like they do their processor coolers we just may have awinner here. The T-Rad2 is built around six nickel-plated heat-pipes and aseries of aluminum fins that form a platform. The platform can supporteither a single 120mm or dual 92mm fans. We will take the first option andsee how well this new cooler performs.

Palit 9800GTX+ @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

This leads us to today's review sample which is the Palit 9800GTX+.The overall specifications of the 9800GTX+ are very similar to the 9800GTXwith a few differences. The main difference is the reducing of die size.After months of playing second fiddle to AMD when it came down to die sizeNvidia finally got with the program and reduced theirs to 55nm. This meant afew things to the consumer one being less power consumption. And for thosethat really like numbers higher clocks came along for the ride. How does745/1100 sound? I figured you would like that. Palit has a couple morefeatures that will win you over if these first couple don't.

MSI's Master Overclocking Arena starts tomorrow @ bit-tech.net
[Nov-08-08] (0 Comments)

*/So, here I am sat in Hong Kong International Airport waiting for my

Leadtek GeForce GTX 260 Extreme+ 216 Shaders @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-06-08] (0 Comments)

The new Leadtek GeForce GTX 260 Extreme+ comes with an increased shader count of 216 compared to 196 on the regular GTX 260. Leadtek has also overclocked the card for some free extra performance. In our testing the GTX 260 Extreme+ delivers excellent performance per Watt claiming a number one spot in the test group.

ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition Motherboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Nov-06-08] (0 Comments)

ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition is probably one of the most fully loaded socket 1366 motherboards to arrive on the market for the Core i7 processors, based on Intel X58 chipset and featuring a small 2.5” LCD display for overclocking options, SLI support, support for SAS hard disk drives and much more.

Overclocking Intel's Core i7 920 @ bit-tech.net
[Nov-06-08] (0 Comments)

*/In a nutshell, the Core i7 920 is an overclocking monster and it delivers industry leading video encoding, image compressing, thread munching behemoth and a great value CPU. However, it sits in an expensive new platform that sniffles at games, still. Most of us will want to wait this launch out and see what happens as DDR3 kits drop in price and new X58 boards are launched./*

Kingmax Long DIMM DDR3-1600 @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-05-08] (0 Comments)

Our test bench will play host to the Kingmax FLGE85F-B8MF7 or betteryet their Long DIMM DDR3-1600. The Kingmax offering is capable of this whileoperating at 1.9 volts. And to protect the modules the kit wears a set ofblack aluminum heat spreaders that will remind you of the Corsair Dominatorsand the Patriot Viper. But we will see if the Kingmax set can set itselfapart when it comes down to performance and overclocking.

Sapphire HD 4850 X2 @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-05-08] (0 Comments)

In the past few weeks we here at Pro-Clockers have reviewed all thelatest ATI offering so we find it only fitting to review the HD 4850 X2, acard that I feel is

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2048 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

Being priced at reasonable $419, the Sapphire HD 4850 X2 is designed to take some market share from NVIDIA's GTX 280. The card features 2 GB of GDDR3 memory and comes with a custom designed cooling solution. Even though you would expect very little overclocking from a dual-GPU card, we saw an amazing 15% performance increase from overclocking without touching any fan settings.

Overclocking Core i7 at Intel 2008 @ nordichardware.com
[Nov-04-08] (0 Comments)

Our faithful readers are most likely aware that we do things a bit different here. While it is very common for every review site to have at least some information on the overclocking potential in their reviews, we try to take things to another level. For the last two years we have visited Intel for worldunique events where we not only get to test Intel’s latest processor and motherboards, but do it in the way we enjoy most:with sub-zero cooling, actually far below zero.

Sapphire HD 4650 OC Edition 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-03-08] (0 Comments)

Sapphire's HD 4650 Overclocked comes with a solid overclock out of the box. But during our own overclocking tests we saw an amazing untapped overclocking potential resulting in more than 20% real world performance increase. Even without overclocking this card, that's in the $70 price range, is an excellent deal considering price/performance.

Intel Core i7 920, 940 and 965 Processor @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-03-08] (0 Comments)

The performance numbers speak for themselves as the Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition proved itself to be more than 35% faster than the equally clocked Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processor in a number of benchmarks. This is an impressive number and one that may be higher than many expected. When overclocked the Core i7 965 was wickedly fast and ripped through performance tests faster than anything we have ever seen...

Nehalem on OCAU @ overclockers.com.au
[Nov-03-08] (0 Comments)

---The changes we get with Nehalem are similarly radical and as far reaching as the change from Pentium 4 to the “Core” microarchitecture in June 2006. Intel has not only redesigned the microarchitecture but also the system architecture - most importantly the way the processor cores are communicating with each other, the memory subsystem, and peripherals.---

Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 4GB Memory @ modders-inc.com
[Oct-31-08] (0 Comments)

The Extreme Performance Enhanced Latency modules are designed tooperate at 1066MHZ with 5-5-5-15 timings. They utilize Patriots Viper HeatShields with integrated ACC (Aluminum Copper Composite) technology. They aredesigned for maximum performance and stability under extreme overclockingconditions. So let's dig in and find out.

XFX GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition @ techgage.com
[Oct-31-08] (0 Comments)

No matter yourneed for graphics power, the choice of GPUs right now isfantastic. Where high-end gamers are concerned, two popular options arethe HD 4870 1GB and the GTX 260/216. We're taking a look at XFX'slatest release of the latter, which features such an impressive factoryoverclock, it manages to keep up to the GTX 280.

Sapphire HD 4650 Overclocked @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-31-08] (0 Comments)

The Sapphire HD4650 is a low price GPU based on the 55nm fabricateddie that has all the features of the higher priced cards but just not to theextent of the others. Two of the main features of the card is theoverclocked 650MHz core and 320 Stream Processors. This is more than enoughto support your favorite high def video at a resolution of 2560x1600. Andall this can be had for a mere $80.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ 896MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
[Oct-30-08] (0 Comments)

The new KFA2 Galaxy GTX 260+ is showing itself to be formidablecontender in the mainstream performance graphics market. By using the new,upgraded GTX 260+ (aka GTX 270, etc) GPU the KFA2 brand is able to take thata bit further by pushing up the clock rates of the core, shaders and memoryby about 13% producing a much faster than stock graphics card. In mytesting the Galaxy card was able to beat out the highly overclocked EVGAGeForce GTX 260 FTW card and was ALMOST on par with the BFG GTX 280 1GB cardin many cases.

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P @ techgage.com
[Oct-30-08] (0 Comments)

Looking to build a new machine on a budget? Then look nofurther than choosing Gigabyte's EP45-UD3P as your choice formotherboard. It may not offer a lot in the area of bling, but itincludes a solid design, lots of connectivity options (including 8 USBand S-ATA), fantastic overclocking potential and best of all, it comesin at an average price of $115.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 1333MHz @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-29-08] (0 Comments)

Just a few weeks ago Crucial released some new DDR3 modules under theTracer line. The modules came rated at a mere 1333MHz but at a industry low6-6-6-20 timings. One may look upon this as great when it comes to such lowtimings but not so great when it comes to the low speed rating. Well this isa kit from Crucial and you can beat it has plenty in the tank to give somevery respectable numbers in the overclocking department. Read along to seejust how high we got with this new kit.

NZXT Guardian 921 @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-28-08] (0 Comments)

Today we're looking at NZXT's new mid-sized tower, the Guardian 921. NZXTis looking to take a winning formula in the original Guardian and improveupon it, promising gamers a case that offers solid design, construction, andfeatures for a very modest price. Targeted towards the budget conscious PCenthusiast with a futuristic and aggressive design aesthetic, we tackle theGuardian 921 and see if it indeed fits the bill.

AVADirect Custom Overclocked Gaming System @ pcper.com
[Oct-27-08] (0 Comments)

On the other hand, none of the above mentioned system builderswill let you select components with such detail as AVADirect does on theirwebsite. There are MANY different cases that you can choose from, allkinds of memory vendor brands as well as very specific CPU coolers. Ifyou are an experienced enthusiast that is familiar with brands like CoolerMaster, Thermaltake and others, then you have an advantage in being ableto select from these groups for AVADirect to build your computer from.

Sapphire HD 4550 Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-27-08] (0 Comments)

And if you are one of these people that don't need the biggestbaddest video adapter on the market just something that will get you by andplay your videos at a clean crisp rate then the Sapphire HD 4550 may be upyour alley. The HD 4550 is no bottom of the line GPU but a card that boasts512MB of DDR3 memory at 900MHz and a 600MHz core. At $60 you will not haveto settle with just what will get you by as the card supports Crossfire andHDMI with 7.1 audio support. But with all this being said how will the HD4550 stack up on the ladder of other cards offered by Sapphire and ATI.

Corsair Dominator Series 4 GB DDR2 Kit 1066 MHz CL5 @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-24-08] (0 Comments)

The Corsair Dominator Series of 4 GB kits does not only manage to deliver a great overclock but also offers exceptional performance at lower speed settings, making this a kit for almost every scenario. Its attractive price of $125 is a very affordable way to get into the 4 GB club while still being able to run serious overclocks.

EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked @ nvnews.net
[Oct-24-08] (0 Comments)

After having used EVGA's GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked graphics card for the past six weeks, I am excited to have finally completed my report on this fine product. Performance was compared to the more expensive GeForce GTX 280 graphics card under Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Coolermaster V8 @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-24-08] (0 Comments)

I am a fanboy of American automobiles especially the old school oneslike the Mustangs, Chevells, Novas and many others. And one of the reasons Iam so into these cars is because of the big blocks ( V8 for the unknowing)that these cars all had. Pure muscle is where it is all at. And theCoolermaster V8 takes its name from just these types of cars. The V8 is 865gof copper and aluminum so you can say this one is a big block. Today we willsee if the Coolermaster V8 can perform like the cars did back in the 60s and70s.

Cooler Master V8 Heatsink and Fan @ techwarelabs.com
[Oct-23-08] (0 Comments)

We all want the power of a V8, but with gas prices the way they are, most of us are trading our V8 trucks in for puny four cylinder eco-friendly cars. Cooler Master wanted to put that V8 power back in your life without driving you to the gas pumps. We introduce to you the all new Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler. Will this beast give us the power we need to cool our overclocked 140W AMD 9950 Black Edition down to room temperature?

Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-23-08] (0 Comments)

On the test bench today is Sunbeamtech's Core Contact Freezer, which offersHeatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, a newer trend in tower-styleheatsinks, and promises some efficient cooling numbers.

ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition P @ techgage.com
[Oct-22-08] (0 Comments)

Intel's first Core i7 CPUs are set to launch next month,and already, related product is hitting our labs. The most notable isASUS' first mainstream X58 board, the P6T Deluxe. Key features includea 16+2 power phase design, SLI and CrossFireX support (up to threeGPUs), support for SAS hard drives, and an external device to aide inoverclocking.

HSPC TopDeck Tech Station @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-20-08] (0 Comments)

Today we're examining the HSPC Top Deck Tech Station, an open-air case thatfeatures an improved design from the original, in an easy-to-assemblepackage that should prove very enticing to anyone who regularly swapshardware or is searching for a test bench setup.

Gigabyte EP45-EXTREME @ techgage.com
[Oct-20-08] (0 Comments)

Intel's P45chipset proves to be one of the best mainstream offeringsever created, and Gigabyte put it to good use on their EP45-EXTREME.The board offers sweet cooling ability (which the help of a lotof copper), amazing overclocking potential (500MHz stable with a Quad!)and fantastic power efficiency - all at a good price.

Antec Fusion Remote Max HTPC Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-16-08] (0 Comments)

I got on the electronical horn with my Antec rep and quicklyrequested the new Antec Fusion Remote Max. The FRM as I will call itthroughout this review has the demeanor that speaks luxury and class.Besides great looks the FRM does not limit the builder to small mATXmotherboards as this new enclosure can house standard size main boards. Andif that small feature doesn't sell this box then lets try mentioning thelarge cooling fans that are ultra quiet and the four 3.5

Lian Li PC-A7010 case @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-16-08] (0 Comments)

Catering to discerning consumers and demanding enthusiasts withall-aluminum construction, sleek designs, and superb features, Lian Li'snewest PC-A70101 boasts a Hot Swap hard drive system, washable air filters,and a sexy black anodized aluminum exterior. But you're only as good as yourlast success, so let's find out if the A7010 can continue a winning trend.

Palit Radeon HD 4850 Sonic @ bit-tech.net
[Oct-14-08] (0 Comments)

*/We have to say we really like the Palit Radeon HD 4850 Sonic - the cooling solution performs incredibly well and the PCB redesign has enabled Palit to keep the price of this card down at around Ł120 (inc. VAT), which makes it an attractive proposition considering the factory overclock. Of course, it would have been nice of Palit to overclock the memory a big further, but we understand why it hasn't done this - all of the Radeon HD 4850s we've seen have been able to run at clock speeds in excess of 685MHz, but memory is a little harder to guarantee to certain clock speeds without bumping the price up.

OCZ Reaper HPC PC3-10666 @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-13-08] (0 Comments)

Today we'll be looking at a pair of OCZ Reaper DDR3 modules, which arepriced very attractively and sport some very slick spreaders. Good looks,good price..but what about performance? In our world, performance shouldspeak for itself, so today we'll found out if these sticks will bringsshouts or silence.

Coolermaster HAF932 Full Tower @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-13-08] (0 Comments)

The HAF932 is another case from Coolermaster that is sure to be a bighit. The case offers a look that is unique from the masses and looks to bebuilt to the point where it can take a pounding and keep protecting yourprized components. The HAF stands for High Air Flow and it definitely isthat as the unit has four large fans that measure at the minimum 14centimeters up to 23 centimeters. Things have just got cooled in the labs solets get on with the review before I give you all the details in theintroduction.

BIOSTAR TPower N750 AM2+ Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
[Oct-10-08] (0 Comments)

BIOSTAR has a range of Intel and AMD boards catering to budget to mainstream users and today we have been sent a mid-range AMD motherboard designed for the Phenom range of processors, this based on the NVIDIA nForce 750a chipset. Let’s see how the 750a compares to the AMD 780G. Today’s tests involve the nForce 750a based BIOSTAR motherboard along with our resident AMD 780G motherboard from ASUS. We will be testing out the system using the IGP and discrete graphics in both stock and overclocked configurations to see just how well the systems compare.

Xigmatek Red Scorpion @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-09-08] (0 Comments)

On the test bench today is Xigmatek's Red Scorpion S1283, which offersHeatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, a new trend in tower-styleheatsinks. We'll be comparing this to a couple other very capapble coolersto determine its cooling efficiency. The Scorpion sure looks good, butcooling is king, so we'll see if it's regal or reject.

4GB DDR3 1,600MHz to 1,800MHz memory roundup - Part @ bit-tech.net
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The G.SkillF3-12800Cl7D-4GBPI is a solid product with greatperformance potential and overclocking that's good value compared tothe competition. We like the Pi heatspreaders and the lifetime warrantyoffered by G.Skill, although on the whole it's not an extra specialproduct.If you're interested in the super high end and want 2x2GB of memory -keep an eye out of the G.Skill F3-14400CL8D-4GBGT1

InWin Commander 750w - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Inthe past, overclockers had a core set of components they needed tofocus on to guarantee stability and performance:CPU, motherboard,memory and GPU. One often overlooked aspect of the intrepid systembuilder was the PSU. However, as products have become more highpowered, with GPUs especially needing hundreds of watts just on theirown, PSUs have become far more important. With that in mind, InWin havesent over their Commander 750w PSU. Let's see how it holds up.

Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse @ pureoverclock.com
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People rarely like change. But once in awhile you just have to give it ashot and see if something different is worthwhile. Well, today we have a newmouse that is different enough by promising some radical design changes fromwhat we've typically seen around the market. But can the Silverstone RavenGaming Mouse compete with the heavyweights in a market dominated byfamiliarity?

=?windows-1252?Q?Sapphire_Toxic_Radeon_HD4870_512MB_Graphics_Card__ @ bigbruin.com
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In terms of single GPU performance, the Radeon HD4870 set the bar pretty high, and the Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD4870 512MB graphics card had its work cut out for it to do much better. With a factory overclock of 30MHz on the GPU and 100MHz on the memory, the Toxic version generally did perform better, but not always by much.

Video coverage of the GIGABYTE GO OC 2008 event @ tweaktown.com
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GIGABYTE’s GO OC 2008 overclocking championship in Taipei concluded a couple of weeks ago but due to typhoon storms passing through Taiwan and other issues, it’s only now that we can get some coverage of the event online.We were at the event with cameras in hand and managed to put together a six minute video of the event show the good, bad and ugly (look for the dancing in the video!)

Video coverage of the GIGABYTE GO OC 2008 event @ tweaktown.com
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GIGABYTE’s GO OC 2008 overclocking championship in Taipei concluded a couple of weeks ago but due to typhoon storms passing through Taiwan and other issues, it’s only now that we can get some coverage of the event online.We were at the event with cameras in hand and managed to put together a six minute video of the event show the good, bad and ugly (look for the dancing in the video!)

ASUS Rampage Extreme @ techgage.com
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When the time came to design the Rampage Extreme, ASUS'R&D went right to town. The X48-based board proves to be the mostfeature-packed one we've ever come across, and also one of the mostoverclockable. Aside from the robust design, water-cooled Northbridgeand LCD Poster, the board even includes overclocking controls right onthe PCB.

Sapphire HD4670 in Crossfire @ pro-clockers.com
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Our wonderful friends at Sapphire were more than generous to us butnot sending just one of their newest cards but two. The HD4670 is builtaround the RV730 which has a few favorable advantages over the RV770 (4870and X2). Yes, we know that speed isn't one of those advantages but for lessthan $100 what would you expect. Less power consumption, less money and heatbuildup are a few things that will win many of us over.

Sapphire Toxic HD 4870 @ pro-clockers.com
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We got our mitts on the latest card to the Toxic line, the 4870Toxic. And if you are one of those that have had a Toxic card before youhaven't seen anything yet. The last Toxic we had here was the 3870 modelthat had a single slot cooling system based around the Vapor-X coolingsystem. While Sapphire took this Toxic in a whole new direction. This timethe cooler coves the entirety of the card which is like the latest Nvidialineup. I can't give you all the details of the new card in the introductionof the reviews so you must read on to find out more about the Sapphire HD4870 Toxic.

EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 does, without a doubt, improve performance over the original GeForce GTX 260 thanks to the additional 24 shaders that have been added to the graphics card. By increasing the number of shaders from 192 to 216 (a 12.5% increase) performance improvements were seen, but no where near the 12.5% that one might expect and this is on an overclocked version of the card!

Patriot Viper 4GB DDR3 1800 @ pro-clockers.com
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Patriot is one of those companies that are putting several kits ofDDR2 and DDR3 for various users in mind. We have gone through several kitshere at Pro-Clockers. These kits have been some of the best overclockers wehave ever seen. And to satisfy the appetite of the overclocker andenthusiasts Patriot has unleashed the PV34G1800LLKN dual channel kit. Nowthat is a mouthful so we will break it down some to give you some idea ofwhat the kit is about.

MSI P45 Platinum - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Overthe last few years, Intel have completely dominated the enthusiastCPU market, and thanks to recent problems with nVidia chipsets, Intelbased mobos have become common place in the high end enthusiast andgamer system. To cater for this wider audience the Intel boards areappealing to, they have two ranges of boards the Xx8 boards for theoverclockers, and the Px5 boards for the more mid-range enthusiasts.Today MSI have sent over their P45 Platinum board for us to take a lookat. Let's see how it does.

MSI P45 Platinum - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Overthe last few years, Intel have completely dominated the enthusiastCPU market, and thanks to recent problems with nVidia chipsets, Intelbased mobos have become common place in the high end enthusiast andgamer system. To cater for this wider audience the Intel boards areappealing to, they have two ranges of boards the Xx8 boards for theoverclockers, and the Px5 boards for the more mid-range enthusiasts.Today MSI have sent over their P45 Platinum board for us to take a lookat. Let's see how it does.

Zotac GeForce GTX 260 Amp² Edition 216 Shaders @ techpowerup.com
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Today NVIDIA released their updated GeForce GTX 260 GPUs which come with 24 extra shaders, for a total shader count of 216. Zotac has also overclocked their card beyond the GTX 280 clock speeds which results in a card that is just 1% slower than the regular GTX 280, yet costs over $130 less.

Sapphire 4870x2 Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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People across the globe purchasing and building systems based on thehigher-end Intel chipset to utilize dual GPU setups now have a reason tojustify their purchases. For quite some time, people that were dreaming of abetter-than-average gaming rig were forced to go with SLI simply because ofthe pure graphics power the nVidia 8xxx and 9xxx graphic cards offered overATI cards. Things have changed. We'll be looking at our first dual GPU cardat Pro-Clockers courtesy of Sapphire. The Sapphire 4870x2 is based on theATI reference design and its numbers reflect this. Let's take it for a testdrive.

Foxconn Concerto G45 Motherboard P @ tweaktown.com
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Foxconn has been one of the biggest surprises of late for us here at TweakTown. A relatively unknown name to us two years go, Foxconn has not only grown to produce a wider range of motherboards, but also to include some rather impressive designs with overclocking feats that can easily take on the big guns.Intels 4 series chipsets are the big thing right now and every manufacturer has their own niche products coming out with enthusiasts right down to budget users in mind. Foxconn is following suit and today we have been lucky enough to get out hands on a very early beta sample of the Concerto series based on the Intel G45 chipset.

CSX Diablo3 2000 Overclocking Analysis @ nordichardware.com
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What makes CSX different from most other manufacturers is that theyare going against the flow and cut through all of the details that haveno affect on the performance and are at the same time very clear withwhat circuits they are using. You don't have to go through data sheetsor keep track of revisions, CSX prints the original product code righton the memory.

Kingston HyperX XMP-1800 2GB DDR3 Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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Kingston is one of the big wigs when it comes to producing memory modules. Kingston HyperX memory modules have made some impressive strides; the DDR2 modules are amongst the highest quality out there. And with DDR3 showing clock frequencies up to the 2000MHz range now, Kingston is on the front line of clock power.Today Kingston enters the XMP market with the highest clocked XMP kit we have seen thus far, that being 1800MHz. Let’s see how it compares to our OCZ XMP 1600 modules.

Apevia X-Sniper Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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Today's mail saw the arrival of Apevia's X-Sniper G-Type case. Packedwith great features like LCD temp display and fan controllers, the X-Sniperpromises to be a great price/performance case. Let's read up on it before westart the review, shall we?

Technic3D/Chaintech Apogee GT Blazer 4GB DDR3 PC1800 @ technic3d.com
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The Chaintech Apogee GT Blazer 4GB DDR3 PC1800 Kit arrived Tec hnic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Gold 1333 Memory Kit on Windows Vista and the XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLi Mainboard. You can see 1.920 MHz with 8-8-8-24 in the follow ing Review.

HIS HD 4850 IceQ4 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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HIS has just released the IceQ4 version of the AMD Radeon HD 4850. The IceQ4 cooler is a dual-slot solution which ensures low temperatures under both idle and load. Also HIS has overclocked the card which results in a nice performance boost compared to the reference design card.

OCZ Flex II 4GB PC2-9200 DDR2 Memory @ legitreviews.com
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The OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB memory kit steps up the game for 4GB memory kits. No longer does 4GB have to be associated with slow and loose timings. Focusing solely at the performance available, this kit really does give you the flexibility to choose between tight timings or high frequencies with appreciable read, write, and copy bandwidth across the board. Factor in the overclocking, Extended Voltage Protection, and the Xtreme Liquid Convection heatsink and you've got a well rounded memory kit...

Overclocking the NVIDIA GeForce Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Overclocking can take on many forms, and experiments can range from minor product improvements to a total re-engineering project that

Raidmax Iceberg Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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The criteria to get on my desk are rather stringent. A case has to besturdy. After all, it's sitting on top of a desk and is subject to gravity,especially during Battlefield 2142 sessions. It must be rather spaciousinside. I trade out parts frequently and I hate cases that are stingy on thesquare footage. The build quality must be top notch. This goes beyond thebasic toughness. A case has to look nice and be well-built which means alldoors and panels are flush, the buttons work, I/O panels function, and therecan be absolutely no sharp edges. My tetanus shots aren't up to date and I'mnot ready for a booster. To get a case in that soon to be coveted position,a company pretty much has to showcase their ingenuity and dedication toquality.

Leadtek GeForce 9600 GSO 384MB Extreme Video Card @ thetechlounge.com
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It shouldn't take too long to guess that this is the same card as an 8800 GS, right? I mean, same clock speeds, same memory bus, same wonky 384MB of RAM. Yep, it's just a re-badged GS. There aren't any updates or added features, either, not a hint of HybridSLI; it's an attempt by NVIDIA to consolidate their three different video card series. Can you hear my head shaking? It totally is. Given that this is an old, cut down card, can it be worth it? First, yeah, 'course someone's going to like it, and it's one of the cheaper GSOs, too. And Leadtek's is special, with its factory overclock and stylin' custom cooler. But it's results are the real interesting bit:for a budget card, it's future-proof.

Zalman GS1000 Full Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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Zalman is back at it again with a new gaming case called the GS1000.The difference between the GS1000 and the GT1000 are as obvious as day andnight. The GS1000 is a made of a combination of aluminum, steel and a littleplastic. Before we determine what category it falls in we will tell you alittle bit more about the case. The case is full size and boasts incrediblecable management possibilities and impeccable cooling options. Trust methere are several other features that are unique to the GS1000 but you willhave to read on to find out what they are.

Coolmax HD250 Series 2.5 Enclosures @ pro-clockers.com
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One company that we have not reviewed an enclosure from is Coolmax.We all know that Coolmax has an eye for making pretty good power supplies.But there knowledge of enclosures is just as big. That knowledge spreadsover to their latest line of enclosures which is the 250 series. The seriesconsist of three different models:B and L which both have eSATA and USBports and there is a B model that just has a single USB port. We will beconcentrating on the eSATA models which are more future proof.

Antec 1200 Ultimate Gamer Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Antec has been on the forefront of quality case design for some time.While not always the flashiest of cases, Antec's build quality andfunctionally generally ranks toward the top of the charts. However, recentlyAntec has made a momentum shift, and produced a product line to appeal togamers and enthusiast system builders alike. Enter the Antec Twelve HundredCase, that in Antec's own words:

Zalman CNPS9300AT CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the years we have seen the 7000, 8000 and the now current 9000series. What we are going to review today is not the beginning of the 1xxxxseries but a miniature 9xxx called the CNPS9300AT. The little brother boastssome numbers that are more impressive than the bigger brother. Smaller butfaster fan. And on load a little louder. Now that we got the numbers out ofthe way time to see how this little booger does on the test bench.

Asus Maximus II Formula Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we look at another DDR2 solution from Asus, they still keeppushing out motherboards for the DDR2 market since DDR3 still might have notgot the recognintion it should. This new Maximus 2 board is filled withvarious new features that might come in handy when overclocking, playing,and even just surfing the net. No more crap talk lets get this review on theroad.

Technic3D/Zotac Nitro P @ technic3d.com
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The Zotac Nitro arrived Technic3D. The Nitro is based on a VF D display and is connected to the computer via a USB port. The actual benefit of this device however is the fact, that users can change the shader and memory clock of their (Zotac) graphics card by simply press ing some buttons - even while playing a game or using any other applic ation causing a need to the performance of the graphics card increase (or decrease it again later on). Once you reached settings out of the card's limits you can reset it to its defaults with another button. We have check this with a Presample from the Nitro and a Zotac 9800GTX i n the Preview.

EVGA GeForce GTX 260 896MB FTW Video Card @ thetechlounge.com
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The GTX 260 is exceptionally powerful, quiet, even power-miserly. It too has dropped in price--you can find them for around $200 (!) with a rebate, anyway--although EVGA's FTW is... more. However, I believe that the price premium is totally fair with the Step-Up Program, warranty, and ridiculous overclocking potential. If the 280 is a heavyweight, then the 260 is a ninja. And everyone knows that ninjas are cooler.

XFX GeForce 9800 GTX+ Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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When we looked at the 9800 GTX+ for the first time the other week, the ASUS TOP version did impress us to a degree. As mentioned in our review, the 9800 GTX+ is pretty much an overclocked 9800 GTX, while an overclocked 9800 GTX+ is just an extremely overclocked 9800 GTX.While XFX has overclocked the card, there doesn’t seem to be any extra naming for the card like we’ve seen in the past. For example, the 9800 GTX+ XXX Edition or something similar. Today we’ll check out what XFX has done with the card and see if it can stand out from the pack like the ASUS one we looked at just the other week. But before we get into the performance side of things, let’s take the time to have a quick look at the box and what’s inside.

FSP Everest 80Plus 700 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The first of the units we will be taking a close look at is theEverest 80Plus 700. With FSP's newest lines of power supplies their maingoal is not only providing a lot of power but providing efficiency. With theworld in this whole 'Green' thing and people wanting to save as much powerand money this new unit maybe right up your alley. Especially, if you are inthe need of a power supply that can power a dual Nvidia GPU gaming rig.Nvidia has certified the Everest Plus80 as SLI compatible.

Vantec Aeroflow FX 120 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec's new coolers are named after their best selling cooler todate the Aeroflow 2. The new Aeroflow FX 92 and Aeroflow FX 120 are based onthe ever popular tower design which all the top coolers share. Even with thesimilarities of these coolers they also had their differences. Whether it issize, number of heat pipes, number of fins or the number of fans it supportsthey all have characteristics that make them stand out from one another. TheAeroflow models boast the vastly becoming popular Heat-pipe Direct TouchTechnology and a sweet white cooling fan. But is this enough for Vantec tobecome a real player in the air cooling market? We will put it up againstthe several other coolers to see where it ranks.

Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H @ bit-tech.net
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*Essentially, the 790GX will fill the midrange gap where the 790X failed to gain ground - it'll offer more features and better overclocking from the new SB750 southbridge, but depending on what price the few *790FX* and SB750 boards arrive at it or whether ATI pulls its finger out in Hybrid Power, it will be make or break as to whether the 790GX is /ever/ appealing or not. There's just no point to expensive Hybrid CrossFire.

ASUS GeForce GTX 280 TOP Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It was only going to be a matter of time ‘till ASUS strapped some mean clocks onto the GTX 280 and put it under its TOP naming scheme. Well, that day has come and it’s time to see what happens when the GTX 280 gets, for the most part, an unnecessary but much loved speed bump.The tumbling GTX 280 prices over the past few weeks make the card more and more affordable for people wanting to get a top gaming experience. While we all know that for the most part the new AMD HD 4870 X2 is the faster single card on the market, NVIDIA still hold the crown of the fastest single cored card.

Scythe Ninja 2 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Unlike the others Scythe did not add more heat pipes to the cooler toattempt to make it better. The added weight and size as well as an improvedfan to aid in a higher performance capacity in the Ninja 2. There are a fewmore differences we can discuss but we will not be doing it in theintroduction of the review. So sit back, relax and read along as we take theNinja 2 for a little ride.

XFX GTX 280 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Withall the recent fuss over ATI's 4870 X2 card, it's no wonder the greencamp are bristling a little. However, all is not lost if you are annVidia fan boy, they do have one hell of a hefty card that's supposedto be hot on the heels of ATI's top dog. Perhaps with some overclockingwe could coax enough performance out of it to take back the crown?Today I'm testing out XFX's GTX 280 card, and it's a monster.

Asus' Eee PC 1000 40G netbook @ techreport.com
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screen, a cramped keyboard comfortable only for munchkin fingers, limited storage capacity, an underclocked Celeron processor, and average battery life.My, how things have changed.Today's netbook market is littered with much more capable devices powered by Intel's slick new Atom processor. Screens have gotten bigger, too, bringing with them not only higher display resolutions, but enough space for larger keyboards that can easily accommodate adult hands and high-speed typing. Storage capacity has also risen to the occasion, and battery life and connectivity options have expanded. The netbook has quickly grown up before our eyes.I quite liked the first Eee PC, but despite its infectious novelty and honest-to-goodness utility, what is now known as the 700 series is hampered by too many limitations to be a viable notebook replacement for most folks. Asus' new Eee PC 1000 40G, however, is another beast entirely. Perhaps the most mature of this latest crop of netbooks, the 40G sports a 1.6GHz Atom processor, a 10

Intel Reveals More About Nehalem @ techgage.com
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Intelopened up about their Nehalem architecture at this summer's IDF,and while we are unable to talk about performance data, what we cantalk about is of great interest. Read on as we take a brief look atTurbo Mode, HyperThreading, CPU and Memory overclocking, thetriple-channel memory controller and much more.

Asus EAH 4850 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
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The 4850 videocards seem to be the best bang for the buck cards onthe market right now. Asus has released a TOP version which is a factoryoverclocked card and it also has a big Glacier cooler on it to keep thenoise down. We are going to compare it vs some other high performing cardstoday and see if this TOP card really adds some top performance to it.

Corsair 2GB DOMINATOR DDR3 2133MHz Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
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The Corsair TW3X2G2133C9DF memory kit is a very impressive memory kit that was found to be 100% stable at these insane clock frequencies. Running at 2133MHz is no joke and it's still beyond what most platforms today are capable of running. To be honest the nForce 790i SLI is pushed nearly to its limits running memory this fast!

Thermaltake Xaser VI MX Mid Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermaltake may have the largest selection of cases available rightnow. They have been the type of company to not rest or settle with theircurrent collection of cases in their catalog. This is great for the builderthat wants to be able to select from a long list of cases without seeing arepeat of the same case. What I mean is some companies take one case andkeep recycling the same design over and over. All this being external. Yes,Thermaltake will make one case and make it in a small and a larger size.Nothing wrong with that.

Powercolor PCS HD 4850 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Aug-15-08] (0 Comments)

Powercolor's latest HD 4850 PCS graphics card is based on the AMD HD 4850 reference design but comes with an improved cooler and slightly increased core clocks. While the overclock makes only a small performance difference, the cooler substantially improves the product. Even under load the PCS 4850 is barely audible which makes it the quietest graphics card ever tested - of all performance classes.

ECS GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-14-08] (0 Comments)

I’ve seen more 9600 GT cards than I would like to honestly admit. The bottom line is, though, that the card does offer some excellent value for money and if you don’t have the budget to buy new high-end cards like the HD 4870 or GTX 280 and GTX 260, the 9600 GT still remains a very good option.Today we’re going to take the time to check out the latest 9600 GT incarnation from ECS and see what it has to offer over the competition. In a time where bundles and overclocks separate brands, we see if the latest version from ECS can stand out.

Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3-14400 Memory Kit with Intel XMP @ legitreviews.com
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The Kingston HyperX KHX14400D3K2/2GX memory kit is a very nice kit of 1800MHz memory as you can see from the benchmarking results. The Micron ICs that are used on the module can easily reach 2GHz with CL8 timings and are also able to reach tight CL7 timings at 1800MHz with a slight voltage boost. Enthusiasts are looking for modules that allow them to adjust timings and overclock, which is exactly what these HyperX modules have been designed to do...

Asrock X38 TurboTwins-Wifi Socket 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-13-08] (0 Comments)

It has been a short while since we have had an Asrock motherboard onour test bench. Today, we are ending that dwelt with the X38TurboTwins-WiFi.We know that the X38 is almost a thing of the past but for some of us it isthe best priced way to get 16x across two slots when wanting to run aCrossfire setup. So read along as we take the X38TurboTwin for a ride.

NZXT Sentry LX Front Panel Display @ pro-clockers.com
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When I received the invitation to review the Sentry LX I jumped atthe chance. The latest rash of goodies being sent to us from NZXT has beenawesome to write about. There was the Core Contact and the Tempest both nearthe top of their particular category. The Core Contact placed near the topin the air cooling temps. And the NZXT definitely looked up to the claims ofbeing the King of Air Cooling. So why can't the Sentry LX be any different?Why can't it be one of the best looking LCD display panel out? Today, wewill be taking a hard look at the unit and see where it stands.

Thermalright IFX-14 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-11-08] (0 Comments)

This is just what Thermalright did with the IFX-14. The coolerconsists of twin towers linked by a set of heat pipes. Now I am not going togive you all the features here in the introduction. But I will tell you thecooler does come with a little surprise. Something that no other coolercomes with. If you want to know what it is then you will have to continuereading.

Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-08-08] (0 Comments)

I do a lot of case reviews as the junior reviewer at Pro-Clockers. Itdoesn't bother me, because I've got a case fetish of sorts. In its owntwisted way it works out fine for everyone involved. Over the years, I'veowned big cases, small cases, weird cases and modded cases. To be honest, Ichange cases more than some men change shirts. The last few years, I settledin with the Antec Sonata II. It's a great case and did what I needed it todo. However, I changed it for the Aerocool AE Plus last month. Always asucker for big fans, the Aerocool drew me in. After trying out theSunbeamtech Quarterback, I switched again. My main rig is now happily housedin the slightly odd, yet highly functional Quarterback. Read on to see why Ichanged cases.

EVGA GTX 280 Superclocked @ bit-tech.net
[Aug-07-08] (0 Comments)

*As it stands though, the EVGA GeForce GTX 280 Superclocked, while offering a superb warranty and Step-up program, is going to struggle in the already congested market. EVGA can want its brand to carry a premium but at the end of the day the overclock on the card is minor and only translates to a one or two frames per second advantage over a stock card, compared to the four or five frame per second advantage of the higher overclocked cards, which can now be had for less money than EVGA are asking for the superclocked. It's very hard to justify the price of the EVGA.

Technic3D/G.Skill PI PC28800 4GB @ technic3d.com
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The G.Skill DDR2 PI Serie PC2 8800 CL5 4GB Kit arrived Technic 3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against othe r Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and the Asus P5K (P35) Mai nboard. You can see 1.180 MHz with CL5 in the following Review.

Sapphire HD 4850 Toxic 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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Sapphire's new HD 4850 Toxic graphics card comes with a preinstalled Zalman VF-900 GPU cooler that greatly reduces the operating temperature of the card. Also the operating frequencies have been bumped quite a bit, with some additional overclocking potential left in the card.

eVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW @ techgage.com
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Need an SLImotherboard but have less than $200 to spend? No need tostress, as the 750i SLI chipset was designed with you in mind. We aretaking a look at how eVGA put the chipset to good use in the form oftheir 750i SLI FTW board, which offers solid performance andoverclocking-ability, in addition to great board design.

OCZ ReaperX HPC 4GB PC2-6400 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-05-08] (0 Comments)

Big as a whale and about to set sail, Benchmark Reviews brings you a review of OCZ's overclocker grade, heatpipe-equipped ReaperX HPC 4GB

Lian Li A77 Aluminum Full Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we will be dissecting the Lian Li A77 full size case. The puresize of the A77 alone is enough to win over most of us. But for me it's thestyle and other features like the 12 bays, the locations for numerous 120mmfans, removable motherboard tray, top panel and fan controller. You may saythere are many other cases that have these features. There are none that doit the way Lian Li does. So now we will jump into the review and get to knowthis beautiful tower.

Zotac GeForce 9800 GTX+ (Plus) Amp! Edition @ techpowerup.com
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NVIDIA's new GeForce 9800 GTX+ comes with a 55 nm CPU that runs at higher clock speeds, yet consumes less power than the original 65 nm chip. Zotac's Amp! Edition further increases the operating frequencies. Even though the higher clocks make the card faster than the ATI HD 4850, the difference is very small and probably not noticable while gaming.

Intel Atom 230 versus VIA Nano L2100 @ legitreviews.com
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I'm sure a fair number of you expected the VIA Nano L2100 to come out ahead because it operates at 1.8GHz, while the Intel Atom 230 runs at just 1.6Ghz, but there is more to it than the 12.5% difference in clock frequency. The VIA Nano processor is based on superior superscalar out of order architecture, which is why it performs better than the Intel Atom processor. The VIA Nano processor beat the Intel Atom processor in every single performance benchmark we ran and that says a ton for the engineers (Centaur Technologies) who designed the Nano processor...

Advanced Overclocking Championships 2008 @ bit-tech.net
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*The two men feverishly dismantling the high end hardware in the room are Paul and Barry, AKA Sacha35 and BazX, the UK team taking part in this year's Advanced Overclocking Championships (AOCC), now in its second year and held this time in the sprawling high rise of Hong Kong.

Sapphire HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 GPU @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we will be covering the ATI top card in the form of the 4870.The 4870 is based on the long awaited RV770 from AMD. The RV770 core wasmanufacturer from the 55 nanometer technology. This whole technology is whatgave us DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1 and PCIe 2.0 support. The most impressivefeature that we see in the new 4870 GPU is the GDDR5 which is clocked at900MHz in this new AMD card.

Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT Overclocked 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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NVIDIA recently launched the GeForce 9500 GT. This low-end card in the GeForce 9 Series is designed to offer acceptable gaming performance for the small wallet. Galaxy has created an overclocked edition which runs at higher clocks and comes with a quiet heatpipe cooling solution. In our testing we saw amazing overclocking potential of over 35% compared to the reference design clocks.

Zotac GeForce 9800 GT Amp! Edition @ techpowerup.com
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NVIDIA's new GeForce 9800 GT Series is not really new. The performance, specification and GPU are identical to that of the GeForce 8800 GT. Only a few minor features like Purevideo HD and Hybrid Power are present. At least Zotac showed a bit of creativity and added a bright orange PCB and higher clocks out of the box.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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For the power hungry overclocker and the bling-happy enthusiast, Benchmark Reviews brings you a review of Crucial Technology's 4GB

[News] SunbeamTech Core Contact Freezer CPU Cooler @ virtual-hideout.net
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After tabulating the results, CPU temps are kept well within veryreasonable levels across the entire spectrum of testing. While standardsystem use is really good, at a full 1GHz overclock, we start to see thelimitations of copper and heat pipes as is the case with most every aircooler. Above these frequencies, most every cooler starts to suffer simplydue to physics. If you're cranking out the insane frequencies beyond this,you'll naturally want to consider water cooling. The speed and ease of theinstallation coupled with the performance have me considering recommendingthe SunbeamTech Core Contact Freezer as the ideal cooler for those who buildgaming or performance systems.

GIGABYTE 9800 GT Zalman Edition @ tweaktown.com
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It seems like NVIDIA graphics card releases run as clock work with the Catalyst drivers from AMD. With the GTX 280, GTX 260 and 9800 GTX+ released not all that long ago, it comes as no real surprise that NVIDIA has gotten up once again and released not only one new card today, but two.The first card is the 9800 GT which is what we have here with us now. The other is a 9500 GT which of course sits at the lower end of the scale when it comes to performance. Unlike some of the more recent releases, it seems that companies are already prepared to attack the 9800 GT with new cooling methods and overclocks. We see here that GIGABYTE has already strapped a Zalman cooler onto the newly released card and Palit are ready to go with an overclocked model carrying the

Corsair TX750W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Corsair is one of those companies no matter what they venture into itwill be a success. Not only are they one of the most successful memorymanufacturers but last month we took a look at their Voyager 32GB flashdrive and it too was a big hit. Corsair has of lately broaden their range ofproducts to include power supplies. The HX received great awards from aroundthe web. based on the same tech that made the HX a hit the TX series is sureto be a benchmark in the world of power supplies. The unit that we will betaking a look at today is the 750 watt model. According to Corsair the TX isdesigned to give you maximum amount of power with the maximum of protectionbut at a minimum amount of money spent.

XFX GeForce GTX 260 640M XXX Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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GeForce GTX 260 640M XXX is a factory-overclocked model from XFX. How does it compare to the standard GTX 260 and to its main competitors? Check it out.

NZXT Performance Power 800 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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If you haven't guessed by now this unit is an 800 watt model. Thismuch power should be enough to power a decent multi-GPU rig. The PP800 hasthe greatest amount of power output in Performance Power as the other modelsare 500 and 600 watts. Like most power supplies today the PP800 boast four12 volt rails totaling up to 78 amps. A lot of power, a lot of ampere and anSLI certification is enough to warrant a good run on the old test bench.

AMD's Phenom X4 9350e @ bit-tech.net
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There doesn't seem to be too much special with this particularsilicon.For the same price there are too many other processor choices thatoffer better performance in every other area - an Intel Core 2 QuadQ6600 is virtually the same price (and probably less following therecent price cuts) and offers oodles more performance, and many of ourreaders can testify to building a very quiet PCs based on this CPU.We're struggling to think of situations where you'd absolutely needthis CPU - the only one we can come up with is if you wanted aquad-core mini-ITX boardthat's limited to 65W. This would be the only option that would fit, soit wins by default. But then again we fail to understand why you'd buythis over a Phenom X4 9550Essentially, unless it fills a specific application you require, thenthis CPU is not for you. Even if you which is cheaper and you can simply underclock and undervolt it atouch. do decide you need it, you'll need to find a PhenomX4 9350e (it's been a month since launch and they're still notavailable anywhere UK or State-side).

OCZ Reaper HPC PC3 12800 @ pro-clockers.com
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We all know OCZ as the company that never stops. It seems like everyday I am receiving some kind of press release from them. Just recently therewas a P.R. notice to introduce a new line of ram kits under the Fata1tybranding. Yet another line to add to their vast array of memory. That isgood news for some as you can continue that black and red theme you havegoing on. Our test subject today is from a more familiar line know by OCZfans, which is the Reaper series. The Reapers are known by its trademarkblack heat spreaders and copper heat pipes. Today we will take the ReaperPC3 12800 for a ride on our test bench and see what kind of potential theyhave.

Hyper Type M Mk II 780 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Times changes and what was interesting or attractive at one timequickly is forgotten. And we most look for new things to attract ourattention. We know Hiper isn't all about looks but the new Type M is onegreat looker. The unit has a look that is all its own. Exactly what are wetalking about here? You have to turn the page to see. But I will tell youthat the Type M we will be reviewing here today is a whooping 780 watts ofbrut power. The power is backed by a by a three year warranty.

NZXT Tempest Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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We don't have the Khaos on the review table for you today but we dohave another good looking case from NZXT, the Tempest. NZXT has this caselabeled as the Airflow King. At first sight you can see this case may beable to live up to that slogan and if you can't see the reason for thisslogan then let me spell it out for you. This case can hold up to six 120mmcooling fans and the fans are placed in areas where they would blow over themotherboard, video card and hard drives.

Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme @ pro-clockers.com
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So what does it take to beat the Thermalright Ultra-120 when it comesto all out performance? Well an improved Ultra-120 in this case it is calledthe Ultra-120 Extreme. So in order to beat the best you have to make itbetter. Now I think this is Thermalright thinking and we are here today tosee if this is true. Will the two extra heat pipes that were added to theoriginal make enough of a difference to dethrone the king? We will take timeto put the new cooler through some tests and see what happens.

Vantec NexStar MX Raid Edition @ pro-clockers.com
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Earlier in the year we got a chance to review the Vantec 400MX-S2that boasts dual hard drive support but no raid but had JBOD capabilities.This was a pretty cool enclosure, one that is still around today acting as abackup storage device for this site. You can never have enough backups. Buttoday we are going to review Vantec's newest MX enclosure entitled the400MX-SR. I bet you can guess what is different about this one compared tothe last model. Ok, give up? Raid! The new unit has Raid 1/0 as well asJBOD.

EVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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EVGA offers a truly excellent overclocker with an unrivaledwarrantyand support, and in some ways it does offer things outside of thestandard

Super Talent Pico Gold 8GB Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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And if you are to base your conclusion on first impression then aSuper Talent flash drive that just may be what you are looking for. The newPico Gold we received is the smallest of all the flash drives that we havetested including the very small PD18 from Adata. And the Pico Gold hasanother visual feature that may appeal to your bling side. This unit is goldplated. Yeah that's right gold plated. Ultra small and physically appealingare some pretty good traits to have but there is one more to boast about.Into the gold plated casing is 8GB of storage space. Now that we have yourattention lets proceed on with the rest of the article.

Coolmax CUQ 1350 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Coolmax was kind enough to send over one of their more powerful powersupplies. The CUQ1350 is the big dog from Coolmax and guaranteed to powerthe most extreme systems. The CUQ1350 is a small cry from the CUG950 wereviewed a few weeks ago. The CUQ series is not totally modular like the CUGbut still modular. And a stunning brushed aluminum enclosure encloses allthe power the unit has to offer. This is just some of what the new CUG1350has to offer. What else does the CUG has to offer? Lets read the reviewshall we.

Pre-OC Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 and 260 @ bit-tech.net
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*Claiming performance increases of up to 12 percent, we decided to put these warranty covered overclocks to the test, and see just how much extra performance you get by paying extra for that bit more juice.

Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
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The Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DFNV memory kit was found to be a solid performing memory kit that was a joy to work with and overclock as it did nearly everything I wanted it to do. This was my first time trying out the Samsung ICs and I'm very impressed by what they can do when it comes to both frequency and timings. They do seem to like a ton of voltage, which might scare some off, but for others it won't be a big deal...

[News] GIGABYTE GA-X48-DQ6 Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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Gigabyte has truly stepped up to become a serious contender for thetop manufacturer of quality motherboards. Gigabyte has aggressively pursuedways to produce the best choice in quality and enthusiast motherboards.They've brought us features like Dynamic Energy Saver, complete solid statecomputing, and some of the most consistent extreme overclocking to date.These kinds of features have culminated in to two recent Best Choice Awardsat Computex 2008 for the GA-EP45-DQ6 and GA-EP45-DS5 Motherboards. All ofthat and more have been combined once again to bring us the GigabyteGA-X48-DQ6 Motherboard. There's plenty of features and bonuses to be had.

Silverstone Decathlon DA850 @ pro-clockers.com
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Today I'm reviewing the Silverstone. I respect Silverstone. Theirproducts are attractive and perform well, but I'm not going to take it easyon the DA850. For this PSU to garner a good review from me, it will haveto stay stable while providing power to all my hardware.

Gigabyte EP45-DQ6 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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From the very beginning many of us could have figured the P45 chipsetwas going to be the chipset of chance as it is price considerably cheaperthan the older X38 and the X48. And from the early reviews the P45overclockers pretty well. We have seen able forum post and web reviews withfront side buses reaching the 600MHz range on Core2Duo processors. But forthe non-overclockers out there another advantage over the older P35 is thetwo 8x PCIe slots when attempting to using ATI video cards in Crossfiremode. Today, we will take the EP45-DQ6 through a ring of benchmarks and seewhat type of FSB numbers we can achieve.

Zotac GTX 280 1GB AMP! Edition Video Card @ thetechlounge.com
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It's a tough place to be, having six hundred dollars to spend on a single video card. It's rough, and if you're there, may God have pity on your soul. You're about to buy a GTX 280. Some of the glimmer has blown away; this is the fastest single-GPU card of all time, but HD 4000 is a whirlwind. It's all value, though, and the best has and will always require a price premium. NVIDIA people won't be dissuaded, and the GTX 280, despite competitive pressure, is selling well. A lot of work went into making this a new card, not a streamlined or overclocked G80 part. It's beastly, costly, and if you've any doubts about buying this card, they're warranted. Fortunately, you can know this:it's powerful, and there probably won't be anything like it for some time to come.

EagleTech N Series Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
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These types of enclosures are nothing new to many of us so why shouldyou decide on this unit? Well one reason would be due to the software thatis bundled with the unit. The N-Series come with a trial version of DiskDoctors Data Recovery software and Avast AntiVirus software. Both of theseapplications would be useful to any of us. And Eagle Tech gladly provides itwith this unit. Granted the N-Series has more to offer and we will see justwhat that is so read alone.

Intel Announces The Centrino 2 Platform @ legitreviews.com
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Centrino 2 is made of of three major components, the processor, the wireless card and the chipset. Intel Centrino 2 processors are 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad processors with up to 6MB L2 cache and a 1066MHz FSB. Intel is introducing the Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor X9100 is now the highest performing flagship processor for the Centrino 2 platform and operates at 3.06GHz. Just like other Extreme mobile processors the X9100 has 'Overspeed Protection' removed, so consumers will be able to overclock the processor if the notebook allows it. When it comes to TDP ratings the X9100 is mobile friendly at just 44W...

Technic3D/Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 EPP2.0 @ technic3d.com
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The Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 EPP2.0 Kit arrived Technic3D. T echnic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ 1 .800 Memory Kit and the Dominator Series on Windows Vista Ultimate S P1 and the Zotac nForce 790i Mainboard. You can see 1.800 MHz with CL 10 in the following Review.

Gigabyte EP45-DQ6 Intel P45 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Today I will be looking at Gigabyte's latest mainstream LGA775motherboard, the EP45-DQ6. Based on the P45 chipset, and utilizing DDR2memory, this board boasts advanced energy-saving features, something we allhave to think about nowadays. Will this motherboard really save energy? Willit have the overclocking features and capabilities that we enthusiastsrequire? Read on to see...

Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile X9000 on the Dell M1730 @ legitreviews.com
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The Dell XPS M1730 was easy to overclock and it was able to run the Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 all the way up to 3.4GHz with full stability. With the system overclocked we were able to break 10,000 3DMarks in 3DMark 2006 and run faster than many of the desktops on the market today. Intel has done a great job with the Core 2 Extreme X9000 as they were able to deliver a fast part that has room for overclocking and efficient enough to drop power consumption levels...

First Glimpse of AMD's 45nm Phenom @ pcper.com
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Performance seems improved from the current Phenom, and the additionof the extra L3 cache is likely a good thing. We know that AMD's 45 nmdesign works, which is something we were not necessarily quite sure about upuntil this point. We also know that there is some more headroom in terms ofclockspeed, with the sample hitting 2.8 GHz at 1.224 volts and 3.4 GHz at1.588 volts. The information on the lid of the CPUs indicate that they werefabbed in the 16th and 21st weeks of this year.

ZEROtherm Zen ZF120 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we are going to be taking a close look at the Zen ZF120 fromZEROtherm. ZEROtherm made a pretty big splash onto the scene with itsbutterfly themed BTF80/90. This cooler did pretty even with its funkybutterfly design. But ZEROtherm is back with a more traditional towerdesigned cooler in the Zen ZF120. This cooler will be up against some solidcompetition in our testing section. Read on to see how well it does.

Aeneon XTune DDR3 1600 4GB Kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Qimonda was nice enough a few months ago to let us play around with aset of XTune DDR3 PC-1333MHz. They were not too bad of a kit and did prettywell in our round of tests. As things progress and the need for more isthere we asked to review a bigger and faster kit. We were granted permissionto do so and received a set of 4GB of AXH860UD20-16H which is rated at CL9at 1600MHz. We all know there is faster out there but this kit operates atonly 1.5 volts. Not too bad for some one that doesn't want to put anunnecessary load on their system. We will now stop rambling and get on withthe testing.

[News] Kingston 2GB DDR3-1600 HyperX DDR3 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
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Surprisingly, Kingston was a little conservative on the specs. Thememory can operate freely at 8-8-8-24 timings as well as stock. This wasachieved without any extra memory voltage. It's a nice extra bonus not inthe specifications. Overclocking is somewhat limited which isn't surprising.The ICs are pretty much already well tuned and operating at what Kingstonfeels is optimal. Again, the memory in all its 1600 MHz splendor is going tobe enough for power users. Also, if your current motherboard isn't quite upto the 1600 MHz FSB, you can still enjoy great performance at lowerfrequencies and timings.

OCZ Vendetta 2 Heatpipe Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Now we have at our doorstep the Vendetta Dos ok the Vendetta 2. Thisnew and improved Vendetta is bigger and sports a larger cooling fan.Naturally, we would think that a larger version of a similar cooler woulddeem better temps and higher overclocks. Well we are here today to see ifthe theory correct.

Aeneon XTune DDR2-1142 2GB Memory Kit @ tweaktown.com
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XTune is Aeneon's brand of enthusiast level memory modules. While our first encounter with the XTune was less than fantastic, we don’t reject companies from coming back with new products to try out. Today we have the newest addition, being a DDR2 package. That’s right; DDR2 still lives and it’s definitely not going anywhere soon.The kit sent to us is the DDR2-1142MHz overclocked pack with 2x1GB modules for a total of 2GB in Dual Channel; ideal for both Intel and AMD. These modules aren’t rated for Phenom’s 1066MHz memory controller, but that shouldn’t stop it from working with a bit of a boost in memory voltage.

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As a minimalist, I normally prefer function over form. However, theCoolJag Programmable Mini LED Flash fan incorporates both. A great 120mmfan, it comes with the added benefit of showing off your individualitywith your choice of four different messages of up to 16 characters. Fullyclear, the fan allows the text to be emphasized thanks to the blue and redLEDs.

Technic3D/Zotac nForce 790i Supreme Mainboard @ technic3d.com
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The Zotac nForce 790i Supreme Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and 3-way-sli for all Intel Soc ket 775 CPUs. See you in the the following Review over 500 MHz FSB wit h Quadcore on Windows Vista 32Bit SP1.

Diamond HD 4870 512MB ed @ thetechlounge.com
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The 4870 is an excellent card, but for now, all the models are functionally identical, and there are yet to be factory-overclocked cards, let alone custom-cooled models. Variation ranges from changing the sticker to adding spiffy adapters. If you buy Diamond, you're not buying a different card, you're buying better service, only they're not charging extra.

Sapphire HD3870 Ultimate Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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Based off of the RV670 chipset is the Sapphire Ultimate 3870 videocard. This card many not be overclocked like the Toxic we reviewed a fewweeks back. This means it won't perform at the same level of the Toxic did,but the major thing the Ultimate has over the Toxic is silence. Combinedwith 512MB of GDDR4 and Shader 4.1, silence isn't the only feature the cardhas that it can boast about. Just how well does it match up against theToxic mode? Read on to find out.

Point of View GeForce GTX 260 Assassins Creed Edition @ techpowerup.com
[Jul-04-08] (0 Comments)

At this time NVIDIA's new GTX 260 graphics cards are positioned to be quite a bit more expensive than ATI's similar performing HD 4870. However, NVIDIA includes support for CUDA and PhysX. We also saw amazing overclocking potential on our GTX 260 card, even surpassing the $200 more expensive GTX 280.

Sunbeamtech Core Contact @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-02-08] (0 Comments)

Today, Sunbeamtech threatened the cooling industry leaders with itslatest offering, The Core Contact. It is made up of four large diameter heatpipes that make contact with the HIS of the processor, the same speedy heatdissipation technology that a lot of cooler manufacturers have been adoptingrecently. So let's take a look at how it fares against two of our favoritethe Thermalright Ultra-120 and the Noctua U12P.

Type R II 680W Powe Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-01-08] (0 Comments)

Hiper was kind enough to contact us to review the latest in theirType R series offering- The Mark 2 or MK 2. The metal connectors are asurprise omission, I loved them, but the mesh housing stays. New on the MK2units is the increased efficiency rating and power support. The surpriseaddition is USB ports! Keep reading to find out what a power supply and USBhave in common.

Technic3D/Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 @ technic3d.com
[Jun-30-08] (0 Comments)

The Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ Reaper Me mory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit SP1and the Gigabyte X38-DQ6 M ainboard. You can see over 1.100 MHz with 5-5-5-15 in the following Re view.

ASUS EN9600GT TOP Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-27-08] (0 Comments)

The Asus 9600 GT TOP edition is obviously not the fastest card in NVIDIA’s line up but that is not the goal here. As of this writing, the Asus 9600 GT is selling for $129 after a $20 Mail-in-rebate, which is an astounding value! You get a card with a great cooling, low-noise heat sink, and an overclocked card for the same price as a reference model. Though the performance differences weren’t that large compared to the reference card the heat sink easily makes this card the, forgive the pun, TOPS in its class...

Crucial Ballistix PC3-16000 2000MHz @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-27-08] (0 Comments)

Crucial being one of the most realized and a respected name in memoryreproduction has graciously offered a set of Ballistix PC3-16000 forreviewing. With 9-9-9-28 timings being rather high latency can we adjustedwith a little tweaking and voltage. But hitting 2000MHz isn't something manyof us have seen from other own system. But Crucial today will give us thatopportunity.

HIS Radeon HD 4870 CrossFire Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-25-08] (0 Comments)

The Radeon HD 4870 is the first retail graphics card to use GDDR5 memory and the 512MB of memory uses Qimonda branded ICs. GDDR5 introduces features and functions that go beyond previous GDDR standards and enables GDDR5 to operate at data rates up to 6 Gbps, three times the performance of todays high speed GDDR3. The memory ICs feature adaptive power management, error compensation, adaptive interface timings and date eye optimization. The ICs being used are part number IDGV1G-05A1F1C-40X, which are entry level GDDR5 chips and are rated for just 4 Gbps. ATI has them clocked at just 3.6 Gbps, so these should have some overclocking head room left in them...

Asrock P45R2000-WiFi 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-24-08] (0 Comments)

We have yet again received another mainboard from Asrock that isbased on this Intel and improved chipset. The P45R2000-WiFi has the look andfeel of the X48TwinTurbo we reviewed just a week or so ago. Now theP45R2000 has all options stated above and plus some but what will be anadded feature of this board is its price. It should be price well under the$240 asking price of the ASUS P5Q at about $150-$160. Price is one thing butis it worth it in the end? Read on as well put this board on the bench.

XFX GeForce GTX 280 XXX Edition @ tweaktown.com
[Jun-24-08] (0 Comments)

If the GTX 280 AMP! Edition from ZOTAC wasn’t enough MHz for you, we might have the card for you today. XFX is back once again, carrying with it some pretty mean speeds on the new GTX 280 XXX Edition.While the XFX GTX 280 does come in 30MHz lower on the core compared to the ZOTAC offering, it does carry with it a significantly higher 200MHz DDR memory clock. Let’s find out if that makes up for the reduced core speed.

Overclocking The NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-22-08] (0 Comments)

The highest settings we could get stable with the GeForce 9800 GTX+ were 855MHz on the core and 2200MHz on the shaders. That is 55MHz higher on the core and 175MHz higher on the shaders than what we could reach on the old 65nm G92 core. For those that like percentages the overclock is roughly 6% higher on the core and 8% more on the shaders, which is significant, but nothing over the top. Usually with die shrinks overclocking performance stays close to the same, even more so when no major architecture changes are made. It should be noted that the memory overclocked better on the GeForce 9800 GTX+ and it seems NVIDIA has moved over to Hynix branded GDDR3 memory ICs. The GDDR3 memory IC's on the new GeForce 9800 GTX+ card were Hynix H5RS5223CFR-N2C, which are rated 1200 MHz (GDDR3-2400) 0.8NS with 1.5V. These are the same memory IC's that were found on the GeForce GTX 280 cards we reviewed last week...

The new GeForce 9800 GTX+ and PhysX @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-20-08] (0 Comments)

I really don’t know about you, but sometimes I get the impression that nVidia likes to launch one new video card per week. Even for us sometimes it is hard to keep track of all new releases. The new GTX 200 was launched only three days ago and today nVidia launched a “new” card, GeForce 9800 GTX+ (an overclocked 9800 GTX), lowering the price of GeForce 9800 GTX to make it a competitor to the new Radeon HD 4850. Fortunately nVidia provided a handy table comparing which products from AMD competes to which products from nVidia after this price drop and the addition of GT

X-Spice Kira 630 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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But today we are here to discuss X-Spice's new model lineup entitledthe Kira. The Kira is aimed at the gamer and small enclosure user at thesame time. How it is able to do this you may ask. Well, you will have toread more of the article ahead. But, we can already tell you that the unitis cooled by an industry standard 120 cm cooling fan and has fourindependent 12 volt rails. And if that is not enough, how about anadvertised 83 % efficiency rating? Yeah, we figured that would draw yourattention.

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Another one of those quality products is the subject of our nextreview. The ZM1000-HP is one powerful power supply and it is also goodlooking. This six 12-volt rail 1000 watt behemoth is a sterling dark grayglossy finish that is pretty attractive without being flashy. And while Iam on the exterior features of the ZM1000-HP is mostly modular for unlimitedcable management possibilities. This power supply has all that one wouldneed in a unit to power the best of gaming rigs.

Asrock A780FullDisplayport AM2+ Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, the board we will be tackling is the A780FullDisplayPort whichis based on the AMD 780G/SB700 chipset. This new board looks to be competingfor the title of the ultimate mATX motherboard with its integrated graphicsthat will support now and future DirectX 10 titles. And if this doesn'tsupply you with enough video processing power a higher end graphicaccelerator can be added. This is only one thing the A780FullDisplay has tooffer. What are the others..read on.

ECS A770M-A AM2 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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I have finally gotten my chance to review one of their products. Theproduct on the bench here today is the A770-M socket AM2+ motherboard.Before I even received the board I browsed a few online stores to get a goodideal on pricing. In the case of the A770M-A we were able to find it forroughly $65. This is in range of Asrock and some of the board theymanufacture. But is the ECS as stable as the competition? We will find out.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC6400 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Memoryexperts ‘Crucial’ have sent us a number of RAM kits in the past – allof which have proved to overclock very well. A new member of Crucial’svast family is the red Ballistix Tracer. This kit is of the performancerange of Crucial's line up and includes LED’s which

GeForce GTX 280 with QX9650 @ tweaktown.com
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Feeling a little underwhelmed with the initial GTX 280 results, I took the time to make my way over to the IBuyPower Australia bunker to let the card have a bit more breathing room. While our 3GHz test bed is quite modest and a good indication of performance for the everyman or woman, there is of course people out there who are a bit more hardcore and do have a few more dollars to splash about. Since the card has just been released, we thought it was the perfect time to really see what the card was capable of in a very nicely overclocked QX9650 rig carrying with it a 10 x 400MHz FSB combination. At this speed we had a Swiftech water cooling setup attached which caused the CPU to stay below 47c on all four cores. We had found our rig, and now it was time to see what kind of performance increase we get when we move to something that carries with it faster RAM, a faster HDD and of course a faster CPU.

Gigabyte TurboForce 8800GT @ pro-clockers.com
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Gigabyte being no stranger to graphic cards has sent us their variantof the 8800GT. The GV-NX88T512HP takes the 8800GT to a whole new level beingoverclocked from the factory. And to tame all the speed the card has tooffer Gigabyte consulted Zalman for providing the necessary cooling. Whenyou introduce a major player in motherboards and a major player in coolingchances are you will get an awesome product in the end.

Zotac GeForce GTX 280 Amp! Edition @ techpowerup.com
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Today NVIDIA launches their new GTX 280 graphics cards. Zotac as one of NVIDIA's premier partners has engineered a factory overclocked version of the GTX 280 which offers additional performance. Overall the Zotac GTX 280 Amp Edition is the fastest graphics card on the planet today, but also the most expensive.

Coolmax CUG950B 950 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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I recently received the newest Coolmax power supply entitledCUG-950B. The CUG-950B is near the top end of their power supply line nextto the CUQ line. The CUG-950 is aimed at the gamer that want max frame ratefrom their video games. Being compatible of running multi-GPU systems theCUG-950 does it with good cooling and quietness. There isn't much more youcan ask from a power supply except for stability. But it is that stable? Wewill try and find out for you.

Asrock X48TurboTwins-WiFi @ pro-clockers.com
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The Asrock X48TurboTwins-WiFi is the highest price motherboard fromthe company. But is cheaper than others sporting the same chipset. Spending$300 plus on a motherboard may be painless for some but many of us would beill for some time even thinking about spending that much money on amotherboard. So in this class the X48TurboTwins would be considered thevalue board at $240. We will put it thru the test and see if it is worth theasking price.

Asus Eee PC 901 First Impressions @ bit-tech.net
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We like the Eee PC. It's small, it's lightweight, it'sperfectlybalanced - it's perfect for press trips; in other words when we need adinky little notebook to help us bring you the latest news and reviewsfrom events round the world. Also, at the same time, it runs Linux - which can't help but appeal tothe elitist geek in all of us. The nice folks at Asus know that we like the Eee PC as well, which waswhy they took the first possible chance to head down to the new bit-techoffices and show us the brand new model of the insanely popularsub-notebook. The Eee PC 901 is the latest in the Eee PC line and is fundamentallysimilar to the Eee PC 900 we revieweda few weeks ago, but with a handful of new features and software thrownin - including a new 1.6 GHz Atom Processor instead of the older,underclocked Celeron. On top of that swanky, sparkling new 45nm CPUchip, the Eee PC 901 also houses new Bluetooth support and Dolby SoundRoom on the XP versions, but unfortunately not the Linux like we havehere.

OCZ EliteXStream 800W @ pro-clockers.com
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The EliteXStream is the example of what two companies can think upwhen they get together. The EliteXStream is a single 12 volt rail behemoththat is sure to raise some eyebrows. The EliteXStream belongs to the crowdof people that believe all the power should be in one main 12 volt rail.This is a philosophy that we have seen for many years from PC Power andCooling. But if you are a member of the multi-rail power supply club, OCZhas the ProXStream for you. The EliteXStream is available in to varieties,an 800 and 1k models. Each is enough to power the biggest of gaming systems.And today we will be reviewing the 800 watter for you.

Chaintech GeForce 9600 GT 512MB OC ed @ thetechlounge.com
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Everyone recommends the GeForce 9600 GT first, and they should. It's got a price-to-performance ratio unlike any card before. I'm not exaggerating. This card could very well be the best deal NVIDIA has ever put to market. I spent a day with Chaintech's factory- overclocked card... And I found a couple things I didn't like. Deal breakers? Hardly.

Sapphire AM2RX780 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Our first Sapphire motherboard featured on Pro-Clockers isn't thehigh end model just mentioned, but rather one notch lower on the modelscale. The AM2RX780 PURE CrossfireX 770 is based on the AMD 770+ chipsetwhich is aimed at the AM2 and the soon to be released AM2+ processors. Oneof the best features of the CrossfireX is dual X16 PCI-e slots on this wellpriced motherboard. There are a few more bells and whistles this board hasto offer and you can discover those yourself by reading this review.

Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Basically, they took two cooler units and fused them together. Notonly does it cool the processor, but also surrounding components like memoryand chipsets. We know that Thermaltake makes some great coolers, but howdoes this new one stack up against units like the Ultra-120 and ScytheZipang?

Sapphire HD3870 X2 Atomic Watercooled @ techpowerup.com
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Sapphire HD 3870 X2 Atomic Edition comes with pre-filled, pre-sealed and maintenance free watercooling. This allows Sapphire to ship the card with higher clocks, making the card the fastest HD 3870 X2 on the market today. As you would expect from such a premium product the presentation is outstanding, and so is the price.

Lubix NC1 Bluetooth headset @ pro-clockers.com
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The Lubix UBHS-NC1 offers a complete solution for anyone that islooking to remain in stile while chatting on their cell phones or wanting tohave the best quality sound when jamming to their favorite song on theirstereo system or MP3 player. The NC1 looks to be the ultimate solution towhoever has the need for a Bluetooth headset. Despite these obviousbenefits, arguably the best thing about the Lubix headset is the price. Wehave found the set for as low as $69. Come along and take a closer look tofind out why this product is well worth the money.

Palit GeForce 9800 GTX 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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Palit's GeForce 9800 GTX follows the specifications of the NVIDIA reference design to the letter. Even then it is one of the fastest cards out there that you can buy, constantly delivering excellent FPS in games. Our sample allowed up to 16% additional overclocking on the GPU for a final clock speed of 784 MHz.

ECS A780GM-A 780G Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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AMD’s progress of late has been rather slow. With Phenom being initially delayed due to poor clocking, and then being bitten by the TLB bug in its B2 stepping core, AMD’s Phenom has been a late bloomer. Although it has now come out of its shell, it’s still not able to kick Intel off the performance ladder. Today we are testing out ECS’ AMD 780G chipset variant that is designed to replace the 690G chipset which was very popular as a value option. How does ECS’ 780G compare to the ASUS 780G we have already tested? Let’s take a gander.

MSI N9600GT Hybrid Freezer Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It’s always nice to see companies mix it up with new coolers, and the Hybrid Freezer seems to have some pretty cool technology behind it. It makes sense that they’re installing it on the popular 9600GT series of card, and in this case MSI has decided to install it on a card carrying with it 1GB of GDDR3 memory for added appeal. While we’ve looked at so many 9600GTs, you have to admit that we’ve seen such a huge variety of different models; some excellent clocks, some excellent connectivity and some pretty funky aftermarket coolers.

BFG Tech GeForce 9600GT OC2 @ tweaktown.com
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Not too long ago BFG extended upon the OC range by adding the OC2, which was an even higher overclocked model. The company has actually managed to take it yet another step further in some cases, offering an OCX in the 9800 GTX range. What we have here today is BFGs highest clocked 9600GT; the OC2. We’ll see if it’s able to stand out from the huge pack of 9600GTs with something impressive.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 X2 ed @ thetechlounge.com
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So why not just get two 3870s and rub a little CrossFire into your box? There are two reasons, really. For most people, that's just not an option. Dual-PCI-Express can easily tag a Benjamin onto the price of a motherboard, and, in Micro-ATX land, it's a mythical beast that visits overclockers in their dreams. And there's another thing: regular 3870s get the lower-binned GPUs--the faster-clocking chips go into the X2s. But, lastly, the 3870 promises something else:tri- and quad-CrossFireX. But that begs the initial question:now that the release is behind us, how much awesome stuck to the HD 3870 X2, and how much washed away?

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 Ultimate Edition @ tweaktown.com
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While new AMD cards are around the corner, AMD-only partners continue to release new HD 3870 models. One particular AMD partner is Sapphire who has always been pretty much on the ball when it comes to stand-out models. With our passively cooled Ultimate Sapphire HD 3870 in hand, let’s see how the card is fairing against the 9600GT in both stock and overclocked form. If there’s a card to beat at the moment, it’s the 9600GT.

Technic3D/EKL =?UTF-8?B?R3Jvw58tQ2xvY2snbmVy? @ technic3d.com
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The EKL Gro=C3=9F-Clock'ner CPU Heatsink arrived Technic3D. Th e CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan, H.D.T. technology, 4 Copper heat pip es and easy installation. See you in the following Review the EKL comp ared with Standard Boxed Cooling, Xigmatek, OCZ and more.

XFX GeForce 9600GT XXX Alpha Dog Edition @ tweaktown.com
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It has been a while since we’ve seen anything from XFX, but they’re back today with a 9600GT. This particular model we’re looking at isn’t any ordinary 9600GT, it’s the XXX Alpha Dog Edition which sits at the absolute top of the food chain in the world of 9600GTs. We’ve looked at so many 9600GT cards over the months that getting one which stands out from the pack isn’t an easy task these days. We’ll have to see if XFX is just offering a big overclock and nothing more, or if they can actually do something that makes them stand out from the pack that bit more.

Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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Asus has appealed to the budget conscious, feature loving,overclockingenthusiast very well indeed even though some of these features aremutually exclusive in use. It's not perfect but it's evidently a clearthat this is a thorough evolution over previous Asus products, evenprevious P35 boards as a whole. It's raised the bar massivelyfor what mainstream should be compared to the previous generation, yetin almost every area it's still left us wanting more. Its hardwarefeatures are innovative and daring, but we find ourselves rhetoricallyquestioning

NZXT Tempest Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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NZXT has recently been coming out with some great mid tower cases.ThinkComputers got the chance to take a look at the new NZXT Tempest case.This case is probably different than most other cases you've seen because ithas a bottom, rather than top, mounted PSU. It also includes plenty offeatures for overclockers, water coolers, and storage fanatics, while stilldisplaying a sleek design. NZXT calls this the

Overclocked:A History of Violence @ bit-tech.net
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Overclocked is the unfortunate and sad reality of the adventuregame genre today – a genre populated by cheaply produced and reallyquite uninteresting titles made primarily for Nordic and Germanaudiences where they somehow manage to cling to the fringe ofpopularity.There are many problems with Overclocked, not least ofwhich is the off-kilter and often irrelevant dialogue. The interface isalso a little unwieldy at times and there are a whole slew of smallererrors and tweaks that really should have been done to the game asrudimentary courtesy for players. And yet, it retains some level of charm if only on a slightlymasochistic level. There is a strange pull to the story of these fivepeople who were mentally broken from their experiences and thegameplay, while staid, is enough to make the story accessible. Just.At the end of the day though, the cons clearly outweigh the pros andwhile Overclocked will no doubt maintain some appeal with the adventuregame enthusiasts, the majority will want to walk on by and trysomething a little more polished.

APACK ZEROtherm ZEN FZ 120 CPU Cooler @ tweaktown.com
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Today we will be looking at the APACK ZEROtherm ZEN FZ 120; the latest CPU heatsink and fan combination from the company. Once again, from the outside the cooler looks like many others’ designs that have taken over the enthusiast market for the last few years. Let’s have a look and see if the ZEN FZ 120 can surprise us like the Hurricane HC92 Cu8800 VGA cooler did in our MEGA 9-Way VGA Roundup back in April. The ZEROtherm ZEN FZ 120 features a copper base and heatpipe that extends to aluminum heat dissipation fins that stand just a tad over 6 inches tall. The specifications claim that the cooler is capable of cooling up to 150 watts, making the FZ 120 an enthusiast class cooler built for overclocking or cooling Intel and AMD’s flagship processors.

Watercooling Radiator shootout @ bit-tech.net
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Both the Black Ice GTX and the TFC X-Changer series ofradiators arewell designed, but it's clear that there's definitely a difference inperformance for the price increase. Feser's performance starts off witha nice and cool two degree difference at idle on the 120mm radiator,and though the idle difference shrinks as the sizes increase as we'dexpect, the temperature differences at load continues to increase. Looking at either extreme, we have cost vs. performance issues. The TFCX-Changer is almost 50 percent more expensive than the Black Ice at the120mm level, but we start out two degrees cooler at idle. Granted, most people shouldnot attempt to cool an 8800GTX anda Q66600 CPU on just a 120mm radiator, but it quickly sorts the wheatfrom the chaff - the TFC X-Changer wins hands down. At the moment itlooks like you'll be paying quite heavily for that privilege - however,if you're looking at cooling a lot in a small space and you've alreadybought into watercooling, it'll be worth the investment withoutquestion. The 360mm group shows much less differentiation for the same nearly 50percent price increase, and my best guess for the performance is abovein the results section. In order to get the most out of this type ofsetup with either instance, you're really going to need to look at why you need it - If you're not looking at 8800GTX SLI setups witha fairly well overclocked processor all in the same loop (in which caseI ask,

ASUS EN9800GTX Top 512MB Video Card @ thinkcomputers.org
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If you are like me, and have been happy with mid-range cards, spenda few hours at your favorite game played at the highest settings, using AA,and higher resolutions while using an upper end card, and you'll probablyrealize that you've been in denial for all of this time. Today I will belooking at the Asus EN9800GTX Top, a factory overclocked version of nVidia'slatest top-of-the-line single-GPU video card, with 512mb of DDR3 memory.Will this video card finally make me realize that rather than beingpractical when buying mid-range cards, I've just been cheap? Read on andsee!

Palit GeForce 9600GSO Sonic 768MB @ techgage.com
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On a budget andneed the best bang for the buck? NVIDIA's new 9600 GSOmight be the answer, despite not being that different from a 9600 GT.We are taking a look at Palit's Sonic version of the card, which comespre-overclocked, doubles the memory and includes adapters for both HDMIand VGA.

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1600 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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A few months ago I reviewed the Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333 2GB kit fromQimonda. It was an impressive pair of memory modules from a company we'dnever heard of. The kit was very flexible, gaining tighter timings at lowerclockrates, and overclocked reasonably well, all at the PC3 standard of1.5v. Today I will be looking at Aeneon's latest PC3 kit, their DDR3-16002GB kit. It is rated at DDR3-1600, CL9, once again at the standard 1.5v.Will this new kit impress us as well as the earlier kit did? Continuereading to see.

Inno3D GeForce 9600 GT iChiLL Hurricane @ nvnews.net
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Today we are taking a look at Inno3D's GeForce 9600 GT Hurricane, which is based on their iChiLL Series of graphics cards. This particular model features a custom cooling solution from ZEROtherm. What makes this product unique is that the cooling system, which consists of a heatsink, fan, and shroud, is separate from the graphics card and must be installed by the owner. The cooling system supports three types of configurations - overclocking, standard, and silent.

Jetway's JNC62K (GeForce 8200 mini-ITX) motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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At under £90 including VAT, the board is certainly good valuefor its size and niche appeal. A good mini-ITX board can easily set youback £150, and usually an Intel mini-ITX board will need to add thecost of a CPU as well. While this doesn't have the grace of a few otherHTPC-orientated mini-ITX boards we've seen (Albatron's AMD 690G withcomponent outputs was especially nice), unless you can find an AMD 780Gbased one we suspect this could make the smallest possible Blu-raycapable machine you can buy (we'd love to see some mods around this).45W or 65W AMD CPU's are exceptionally inexpensive, and literallyanything you buy now will be HD-capable. Yes, the GeForce 8200 did havea fit at VLC and it used nearly 50 percent CPU, however Elephants Dreamis one probably of the most intensive 1080p DivX videos out there sothere's still plenty of overhead before things become a slideshow.If you're unconcerned with size and are interested in IGP performanceinstead, the GeForce 8200 guns ahead into the distance in our realworld general productivity benchmarks compared to the other IGPs—eventhe AMD 780G on the micro-ATX Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H board. However ifyou're buying for video playback performance then the AMD 780G is stillthe one to buy – it's just simply more consistent and quite frankly,AMD still continues to do video acceleration better with more intuitivedrivers and a more consistent UVD-enabled product list.Specifically, is Jetway’s JNC62K worth buying? Absolutely. While it'snot as inexpensive as a micro-ATX board, it is still great value forits size if you’re looking to build a very small home theatre PC. Allin all, it's a very low power and tiny motherboard with HDMI and DVI(with HDCP) and oodles of other features that vary its application. Iteven has a comprehensive BIOS that really surprised us – you'll rarelyfind this elsewhere on mini-ITX, however you wouldn't really want tooverclock on it because of its 65W limitation.Is it worth it over a VIA C7 EPIA or future Atom mini-ITX boards?Again, yes! Just for the general productivity performance alone,regardless of the fact a premium VIA C7 board like the Jetway J7F5M,which comes complete with a 2.0GHz C7, for £163.33 will be moreexpensive than the JNC62K and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850e 45W CPU, andyou won't even get HDMI or HDCP.The JNC62K is the right balance of efficiency – getting your work donein the minimum amount of time, while using a fraction of the power (andphysical size) a full ATX case labours you with.

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 @ techgage.com
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Building a new machine and want DDR3 support? Then theX48T-DQ6 should be up for consideration. It offers great performance,very stable high overclocks (500MHz) and lots of connectivity,including a full eight USB ports at the back. The layout is not ideal,but the board still proves good overall.

[News] OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-8500 4GB Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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Well one thing is for certain, the OCZ PC2-8500 4GB Dual ChannelReaper HPC Memory is fully compatible with the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P andASUS Blitz Formula Motherboards. The memory is definitely capable ofexceeding it's rated specs. Given the complexities and obstacles associatedwith a 4GB kit, 1066 MHz is a worthy achievement in its own right. The 4GBReaper kit remained completely stable throughout testing as well as passedseveral hours of further scrutiny from our trusty RST PRO 2 provided byUltra-X. If there were any type of weaknesses in the memory, the RST PRO 2would have definitely found them.>From 800 MHz 4-4-4-12 to 1150 MHz 5-5-5-15, you get sweet 2 x 2GB DualChannel memory kit built with quality ICs backed by OCZ's Lifetime Warranty.Performance is top notch with excellent results for the most avid gamer orapplication guru. Vista users will also appreciate the larger capacityallowing their system to stretch its legs fully without worrying aboutsystem resources. This is the largest 4GB overclocking memory kit thus farI've had the pleasure of testing and now understand its hidden benefits. Ihighly recommend this kit the next time your seriously considering a DDR2upgrade.

Lian-Li PC V1010 Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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I liken Lian-Li to the Mercedes-Benz of the chassis design world.The Taiwan-based company designs its chassis with sleek, conservative styleand hand-builds cases out of lightweight, yet durable aluminum. The chassisare generally not flashy, but are very, very conducive for high-performancecooling while overclocking. Lian-Li recently renewed its V series line-upwith five new cases:PC-V2110, PC-V2010, PC-V1110, PC-V1000Z, and the focusof this review, the PC-V1010. ThinkComputers goes inside the Lian-LiPC-V1010 chassis in this review.

BFG Tech GeForce 9800 GTX OCX 512MB graphics card @ bit-tech.net
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To be fair, I’m still in two minds about the GeForce 9800 GTX.And eventhough BFG Tech has gone above and beyond the call of duty here, Istill don’t think it’s enough for me to change my mind about thisparticular card in Nvidia’s line-up. You see, the standard cards are still on the expensive side compared tothe GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GTS 512, while BFG Tech’s GeForce9800 GTX OCX is priced at such a point that it’s no longer competingagainst only products in Nvidia’s line-up, but also against the RadeonHD 3870 X2. And over time, it seems like the 3870 X2’s drivers haveimproved a bit and it’s now becoming a more rounded purchase when youcompare it to something like the card we’ve looked at here today.When the 3870 X2 drags its feet in games that don’t scale so well, theBFG Tech GeForce 9800 GTX OCX is a faster card, but when you get intoscenarios where scaling is there, the Radeon HD 3870 X2 is generally asignificantly faster proposition. And because of that, I think it’s thebetter purchase right now in the £250 price bracket.That’s not to say that BFG Tech’s card is one that you shouldn’tconsider at all – the company has worked to correct the omissions fromits earlier bundles and you can now use the audio over HDMIfunctionality thanks to the included S/PDIF cable. It’s also one of thehighest-clocked GeForce 9800 GTX cards out there—and it’s backed by animpressive warranty term—which makes it one of the best G92-based cardson the market today. It’s also the first G92-based card we’ve seen thatbests the GeForce 8800 GTX in a convincing enough manner for it to beconsidered a replacement.

Hiper Osiris Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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But as of late, Hiper's claim to fame is the Anubis. A 6063 T5 Alloycase that boasts plenty of features that make air ventilation and watercooling an ease to setup. This case saw itself on the front page of a lot ofwell known websites. The Anubis received all kinds of awards for it superbconstruction, its ease to assemble, its roominess and its stealth features.We, here at Pro-Clockers, were not lucky enough to review the Anubis but wewill make up for it today by reviewing the Osiris.

ASUS 8600GT TOP Video Card ed @ thetechlounge.com
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I was a bit surprised that Asus asked us to review their *flagship budget* -- it's weird just writing that -- 8600 GT TOP. It's new SKU for a card closing in on its end of life; the model being about a year old now. Just the same, with a hundred-dollar price tag, it's definitely got an audience, no matter what cards there are competing against it, or what cards have been released since. And it's a pretty highly-regarded card; go on any hardware forum and there's a dozen NVIDIA people extolling the virtues of the 8600 GTs when it comes to budget gaming. Now, I'm not saying that they're all wrong, but it is worth finding out if new drivers and some moderate factory overclocking can put value on an otherwise dated video card.

ASUS 8600GT TOP Video Card ed @ thetechlounge.com
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I was a bit surprised that Asus asked us to review their *flagship budget* -- it's weird just writing that -- 8600 GT TOP. It's new SKU for a card closing in on its end of life; the model being about a year old now. Just the same, with a hundred-dollar price tag, it's definitely got an audience, no matter what cards there are competing against it, or what cards have been released since. And it's a pretty highly-regarded card; go on any hardware forum and there's a dozen NVIDIA people extolling the virtues of the 8600 GTs when it comes to budget gaming. Now, I'm not saying that they're all wrong, but it is worth finding out if new drivers and some moderate factory overclocking can put value on an otherwise dated video card.

Sapphire HD 3650 OC ATi Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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Sapphire has been around long enough to know how to put out a greatvideo card. Just a few weeks ago we took a long look at the Toxic 3870 whichis an overclocked 3870 with a single slot cooling system. Yeah that was agood one. But now we are here to take a look at the budget HD3650 fromSapphire. But this budget card has an added punch to its core and memoryclocks as it is overclocked as well, just like the Toxic 3870.

DFI's LANParty LT X48 T2R motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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For a DDR2 board thegaming performance is very good, outperformingeven the Nvidia nForce 780i SLI board in all of our gaming tests. Itcan't keep up with the DDR3 boards, but buying 4GB of DDR2 is still afraction of the cost of even 2GB of DDR3 – that alone will offersignificant headroom for games as well.It is more expensive than its X38 brethren and you'd be hard pressed totell the two apart if they were standing side by side. However, if youwere concerned about price you'll probably want to wait for the P45launch anyway. It's not power friendly either, but DFI has neverclaimed to even care – it's not about the latest bandwagon, it's aboutbeing true to its core, of which it does in spades. The incrediblenorth bridge heatsink and its simple interchangeability is no greaterexample of this – you're free to replace it with anything you likebecause they are no heatpipes. If you love your DFI boards then you'll be onto a winner with theLANParty LT X48 T2R – everything you need out of Intel's X48 chipset isprovided and there's a lot of fun and time investment to be had withit. After talking to BIOS engineers and others in DFI's QA team, thelimitations we've been finding are essentially chipset level andthere's plenty of beta BIOS out there to try on DFI communities thatonly add to its true, core-enthusiast appeal. However finding theseplaces and knowing who to ask isn't the most obvious thing on earth –DFI should fill its manual with more BIOS details, overclocking tipsand support forum links for new DFI owners can dive into. This

Gigabyte X48 DQ6 Socket 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Gigabyte being a leader in motherboards is making it easy on us tohave the best when new chipsets are released. They have being right there,first to market, when Intel believed it was time for change. This used to bea position held by Asus. Gigabyte is the first to bring us the new X48chipset to our rigs. This honor belongs to the X48-DQ6 and X48T-DQ6, DDR2and DDR3 versions respectively. The DQ6 being the high end model forGigabyte, it has all the bells and whistles. From complex cooling systems tohigh-end capacitors you can't ask for more in a motherboard except forexcellent overclocking. Can the X48-DQ6 accomplish what we achieved withEX-38 just a few weeks ago?

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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The Warboard looks to be the weapon you would like to take intobattle with. Equipped with more keys than shells in a M16. Aimed with moreprogrammable keys then most other keyboards on the market, the Warboard canbe customized to your every command. There are many keyboards that come withcustomizable keys; well, Cyber Snipa did one up and added anti-ghosting aswell as other features that you probably didn't know were possible in akeyboard. Anti-ghosting? You have to read thru the review to find out.

ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @ techgage.com
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X48 is new, butthere are many boards already begging for your dollars.We are taking a look at the most robust of them all, the P5E3 Premium,which includes built-in WiFi, a great board design and fantasticoverclocking abilities. It would almost be a perfect board if itweren't for the $375 price tag.

OCZ ReaperX HPC DDR3-1333 2GB Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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In a few short years, OCZ has really made its mark in the PCenthusiast world. They have branched out into power supplies, CPU coolers,thermal compound, peripherals, flash media, they even have a newphase-change cooler for those extreme overclockers that need sub-zero temps.But, OCZ's forte is still high-performance system memory. Today I will belooking at OCZ's latest offering in the ReaperX series, the ReaperX PC3-1066(DDR3-1333) 2 gig kit. Will the DDR3 ReaperX prove to be the awesomeoverclocker that its DDR2 little brother is? Read on and see...

Vantec NexStar 3i Power Management Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec has added another member to the NexStar 360 lineup. The 3iboasts some things that we have not seen from Vantec in their many ages inthe industry. In the past year or so we have seen motherboards featureenergy efficiency, now we have it in hard drive enclosures. The 3i has anintegrated controller that can regulate power to the drive resulting in lesspower consumption, less noise and longer drive life. Adding the real reasonwhy we buy hard drive enclosures, which is for data storage, the new Vantechousing may be worth taking a look at.

Gigabyte GeForce 8800GT TurboForce 512MB @ aphnetworks.com
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While NVIDIA's 65nm G92 core is an optimized derivative of NVIDIA's original 90nm G80 core to a certain extent, cards based on the G92 like the 8800GT and 8800GTS 512MB is nothing but a success amongst performance enthusiasts -- and there's a good reason why. Our previous review of the Asus 8800GT TOP back in January showed that, in general, the 8800GT is not only a very capable card in terms of 3D performance and comes at a great price depending on the board manufacturer and retailer you are purchasing from, but are also very power efficient for what it offers. Last month, we got another variation of the 8800GT for our review -- this time, from Gigabyte. The Gigabyte GeForce 8800GT TurboForce 512MB is not just about great performance, however. Utilizing a shorter, unique signature Gigabyte-blue non-reference PCB, along with a Zalman copper cooler, combined with Gigabyte's custom overclocking and overvolting software to squeeze the heck out of this card, how does it step up against the rest? Let's check this card out and run it through our set of benchmarks. And of course -- overclocking.

Corsair Voyager 32GB Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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How would you like to have 32 gigs of storage in your front pocket?There was a time when just a one gig flash drive was the 'big drive'. Justenough storage room to transport a few pictures of the loved ones or enoughto hold a few songs to share with your best friend. Times have changed andneeds have increased. Now we have movies, programs and other large forms offiles that would shallow a one gig drive. That's when a drive like theVoyager comes into play. Besides an abundance of space, the Voyager is rigidand durable as well.

Aeneon XTune DDR3-1333 @ pro-clockers.com
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If you are not familiar with Aeneon's DDR3 modules here is a quickrundown. Aeneon makes two different lines of DDR3, the first is their'value' line which has no heat spreaders and a better price point. But thesecond series is the one that many of us would choose as it is meant for theoverclocker and gamer that wants the most out of their rig. XTune is whatthis line is called and sports a very clean set of heat spreaders and prettygood timings. For those that are into numbers, how does 8-8-8-15 at just 1.5volts sound?

GIGABYTE GeForce 9800 GX2 Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The latest 9800 GX2 incarnation to make its way into the labs com es from GIGABYTE and carries with it all the standard goodies that we exp ect out of the 9800 GX2. The latest 9 series of NVIDIA cards have impress ed us, but like we've said all along they haven't offered the revolut ionary jump that we thought the 9 series would offer. With the standard clocks and cooler there isn't going to be a whole lot out of the ordinary, but we will check out the bundle and box to see if there is anything that gets our tails wagging.

Scythe Shuriken Low Low-Profile CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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If you fall into the category of the individual who does not need alot of cooling then Scythe's newest offering may be just what you need. TheShuriken is a whole lot of cooler in a small package. If you were lookingfor a 815 plus gram behemoth like Scythe's other newest coolers, the NinjaCopper and Zipang, don't look any further. Beyond this page is a lightweightof a cooler. At just over 355 grams, the Shuriken is geared at the Intel andAMD stockers. The Shuriken looks a whole lot like the Zipang, but does so ona smaller scale, so how is the cooling? Lets find out what she can do.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz @ techgage.com
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The wait for an affordable 45nm Quad-Core is now over,and the Q9450 promises to become the ultimate choice of the newofferings. It's not much slower than the QX9650, offers 12MB of cacheand as expected, has some fantastic overclocking ability. How does3.44GHz stable sound?

Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT Turbo Force Edition Video Card @ viperlair.com
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Gigabyte customized their Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT Turbo Force Edition by increasing the clock speeds of key areas on the card, but they did not stop there. Ultra Durable2 is a fab process they use to increase the durability and longevity of their products. Ultra Durable2 is featured on both their graphics hardware as well as their motherboards. Lower RDS (on) MOSFET Design, Ferrite core chokes, and Lower ESR Solid Capacitors are the three main components of their design. These components will create less wasted energy, lower power consumption and last longer.

Razer Destructor Mouse Pad @ pro-clockers.com
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Razer is one of the biggest players in keyboards and mice so theywere the first on my list of manufacturers to contact when I started lookingfor the ultimate mouse pad. After contacting Razer, the rep told me theDestructor was the one. Targeted toward everyday PC users to extreme gamersand everyone in-between the Destructor is aiming to fit the bill for anyonetired of the insensitivity of most mouse surfaces and looking for anadvantage at work or at play.

AMD Athlon 4850e & 780G as HTPC Platform @ tweaktown.com
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AMD has for quite some time provided the most power efficient pro cessors on the market. In fact, the ULV versions of the Athlon 64 X2 proc essors have been able to draw as little as 45watts, and at speeds of abov e 2GHz. Now, that's something even the laptops would love to have runni ng in them, yet they are desktop processors. How's that for efficiency? Today we are testing out AMD's latest addition to its 45watt TDP family with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz; that's pretty efficient for such a powe rful processor with Dual Core functions. Rather than just being a CPU rev iew, today we are looking at the new Athlon 4850e processor as a HTPC com ponent in conjunction with the AMD 780G chipset and Radeon HD 3450 graphi cs card.

[News] GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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The Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P Motherboard is an aggressive, extreme, yetefficient platform. It's a shock to see this board do so well and do it evenbetter at more extreme frequencies. It's more affordable than most P35overclocking motherboards and has plenty of the top end features a poweruser could want. There is a large void out there for energy conscious userswho still want real power. This is absolutely the best choice for those on abudget who didn't think they could afford extreme performance.

Cyber Snipa Stringer Gaming Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Stinger from Cyber Snipa shares the weight system of theLogitech G5 and G9. This was enough to make me want to review it. This isnot the only similarities between the two but can Cyber take thesimilarities and take it a step further?

Antec Mini P180 mATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Antec is never stopping with the introduction of new cases. If seemslike every 3 months or so there is a new case to drool over. That new casetoday is the tiny brother case of the P180 which is simply labeled the P180Mini. The Mini carries many of the features of the P180 but in a smallershell. The only thing that is lacking is the spacing of the P180. But thecompartments and cable management systems remain in place. But what the Minihas over the regular size P180 is lighter weight and somewhat portability.It is definitely one for the person that is lacking room to house a biggersize tower but is it one for the LAN goers? This is what we will find out.

OCZ ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 Enhanced Bandwidth 2x1GB DDR3 RAM @ aphnetworks.com
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How much would you pay for roughly 2% performance increase on your latest gaming rig? $100? $200? How about $600? Even the most hardcore computer enthusiasts for the past year have been struggling with this question -- and if you've been following the technology trend, yes, I am talking about DDR3 memory. According to our tests last year, DDR3 memory provided little advantage with original, first generation Core 2 CPUs in combination with Intel's first consumer chipset that supports DDR3, the P35. As DDR2 became mainstream last generation, it is inevitable to all extents that DDR3 will be in the position of DDR2. The question is only whether it'd be sooner or later. Currently, DDR3-1333 RAM is available in the market at press time that it retails for as low as $120. Combined with newer processors and chipsets that takes better advantage of faster memory (Meaning that, it's much more than 2% performance over DDR2 now), more users are becoming more willing to jump the boat. On the other hand, there's also the overclocking crowd that's more interested in DDR3 RAM because the price of most DDR3 sets is now within affordable margins. While the OCZ ReaperX is not $120 right now, what it offers is Micron's latest D9GTS ICs that has gained excellent reputation from enthusiast crowds for excellent overclocking. How does this set of RAM step up against the rest? Let's put it through our tests and we'll see how it goes.

AMD Phenom X3 8750 Triple-Core Processor @ legitreviews.com
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When it comes to performance the AMD Phenom X3 8750 performed muc h faster than the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and actually beat out the AMD Ph enom X4 9600 (Running the TLB Patch) in a number of benchmarks. It was al so able to perform better than the Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 and Core 2 Duo E6750 as seen in the benchmarks. Intel still has the lead when overclocki ng, but AMD hasn't been marketing the Phenom X3 series as enthusiasts par ts. With that said, we still managed to get another 500MHz out of the Phe nom X3 8750 by overclocking just the bus frequency...

AMD's Phenom X3 8750 processor @ bit-tech.net
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AMD’s Phenom X3 8750 is a good processor in isolation and onethatoverclocks incredibly well based on our experiences. However, the sadfact is that the three Phenom cores aren’t fast enough to see off thecompetition from Intel’s higher-clocked (and sometimes cheaper)dual-core processors and the sucker punch for AMD really is the Core 2Quad Q6600. In applications where the triple core Phenom has the potentialto show its muscle, the Core 2 Quad Q6600 waltzes in and mops it up inquite spectacular fashion. It’s a shame, because we were expecting thePhenom X3 8750 to be a good value proposition for the enthusiast.However, if you’re looking to upgrade a current socket AM2 system, we’drecommend spending that little bit more and getting a quad-core Phenom– it’s absolutely worth it.

Interview with Franck Delattre / CPU-Z @ techpowerup.com
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Today we have an interview with one of the key figures in the hardware scene. Franck's CPU-Z and ClockGen applications are legendary and part of every overclocker's toolbox. He explains how he made first contact with computers and what made him write CPU-Z. Also he talks about current projects and his future.

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 - The New Budget Superstar? @ techgage.com
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At 2.53GHz and $133 USD, the E7200 promises to become thenew Dual-Core budget superstar. After taking a hard look at theupcoming offering, we would have to readily agree. Overclocking onlysweetens the deal further, with 3.0GHz on stock voltages being morethan possible. We have a winner!

Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Noctua has gone and improved on an old favorite. The U12P offers someimprovements that were most needed over its predecessor, the NH-U12. Theseimprovements range from better performance to easier mounting. And if thatisn't enough how about a better fan included in the package. If you canrecall, the original cooler was a big hit with enthusiasts all over. Withthese tweaks who knows what the future has for those of us wanting it allfrom the newest CPU. Does the U12P have what it take to beat our reigningking, the Thermalright Ultra-120? Read on to find out.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Voltmodding Article posted @ techpowerup.com
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NVIDIA's Geforce 9600 GT is quite an exceptional midrange card that offers excellent overclocking potential. Since the cards run at a relatively low voltage there is some extra overclocking waiting to be unleashed by raising the card's voltages. The GPU voltage mod we present in this article uses a new method which will not be affected by the card's overvoltage protection. Also we describe an easy to do modification to increase the memory voltage.

Intel Core 2 Quad 9300 Processor @ legitreviews.com
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Intel has a winner on their hands with the Core 2 Quad Q9300 proc essor. At $285.99 shipped to your door it is priced higher than any AMD P henom quad-core processor, but rightly so as our benchmarking showed it o ut performing Phenom in every benchmark except memory bandwidth. Not too shabby for the entry level 45nm quad-core processor! Our top overclock wa s over 1GHz higher than the stock frequency and that pushed the final clo ck frequency to 3.5GHz!

Vantec Hard Drive Dock @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec, a company known for different forms of external storage, isthe next in line to release a pod. The NexStar Hard Drive Dock is anincredible looking device that will take any 2.5 or 3.5 internal drive andmake it external. And all this is done without having to disassembleanything. All you have to do is drop the drive in the top of the dock, givethe drive a second to be recognized by Windows and you are ready to read andwrite all your data. But how is this unit different from the one wepreviously reviewed a few weeks ago? Well, read the next few pages and findout.

Patriot Viper PC3-14400 DDR3 Memory @ rbmods.com
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Another DDR3 kit hits our test bench and this time it is a kit fromPatriot. We got their latest Viper kit that we will put vs some fastperformers from both Corsair and Supertalent. We are going to twist and turnthis ram kit to see how it performs in Superpi and Everest among other testprograms. We are also going to put this kit vs the otheres in a overclockingtest to really see how well it performs so stay tuned.

DDR3 1800MHz Round Up @ pro-clockers.com
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Today is the day where I try something a little different here in thePro-Clocker lab. I will take some of the fastest DDR3 modules on the marketand see how high I can get them to overclock. We are taking four sets of thehighest quality DDR3 that are advertised at least 1800MHz from theirrespective manufacturers. OCZ, Super Talent, Patriot and Kingston were allnice enough to test samples for this mini roundup.

Asus Striker II Formula Motherboard @ rbmods.com
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DDR2 ram doesn't cost anything these days so if you are going for aupgrade maybe you should look at this Striker 2 formula that we are going toreview today and get a good setup of DDR2. Yes todays review will consistof a review on the Striker 2 board that has gotten quite good results inearlier tests. This board is aiming for the overclockers and most feturesrevolve around that theme today. We are going to compare it vs a couple ofwell performing DDR2 board though to see how it performs at stock. Of coursewe will finish this review with some overclocking results to actually see ifthis board lives up to its name.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 GDDR3 512MB @ pcper.com
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When the Radeon HD 3650 card was first released we were a littleunderwhelmed by the specifications as it seemed that nothing had beenimproved upon when compared to the previous, RV600-based HD 2600-series ofcards. And in fact that is the case:performance remains mostly the samewhile power consumption has dropped and thus heat output too. That doesn'tmake the HD 3650 a home run though as NVIDIA's answers to the card continueto stack up and perform better - the 8600 GTS with half the frame buffer waseasily outpacing the Sapphire HD 3650 card with 512MB of GDDR3 memory evenwhen overclocked.

ECS A780GM-A Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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When it comes to general performance the ECS A780GM-A motherboard does great, the layout of the board is very clean and the integrated gra phics was able to overclock by more than 25%, which was enough to boost g aming performance. If one is looking for an integrated board to use in an entry level system then this board is a good choice...

Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 X48 Motherboard @ aphnetworks.com
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The last time we looked at a motherboard was the P5E3-Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n X38 motherboard from Asus roughly half a year ago. At that time, the X38 chipset was Intel's latest flagship chipset chosen to officially replace the tried-and-true 975X from last season. Lately, there's lots of news surrounding Intel's next generation flagship chipset -- the Intel X48. What makes this chipset so interesting, is that while it is not very different from X38 (It's really a cream of the crop X38, optimized with minor modifications such as official 1600MHz FSB support) enthusiasts still watched closely with Intel X48 based motherboards simply for its overclocking potential. Today, we'll take a look at Gigabyte's flagship DDR3 board featuring Intel's flagship X48 chipset, the Gigabyte X48T-DQ6. Gigabyte has been gathering tons of attention ranging from hardcore overclockers to the relatively casual everyday enthusiasts lately -- and with their latest flagship board with one of the best chipsets available on the Intel platform, what can Gigabyte's engineering team put together and run it through the factory to our testing platform? The packaging of a high end board, and tons of enthusiast oriented features -- as I gathered together tons of excitement, as well as nothing less than high expectations from the moment I laid my eyes upon this board, we'll see how the Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 steps up against the rest.

AMD Phenom X4 9850, 9750 and 9550 @ bit-tech.net
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Those into massive multi-tasking or highly threadedapplications willbenefit the most from a quad-core processor, but even with AMD'smassive steps forwards, we still feel the Q6600 is the slightly betterpurchase, regardless of the small £10 price difference. Both can beoverclocked, but the Phenom X4s are much hotter and less tolerant toheat in comparison. At just over 60˚C our Phenom at 2.8GHz was stable,but at just under 70˚C it locked up. If you can keep it cool then it should really work for you, howevereven with an expensive, large and very capable ZeroTherm cooler westill couldn't keep it cool at a quite reasonable 1.45V. Admittedly65nm Core 2 Quads are hot runners at high voltage too, but they seem tobe more tolerant of higher temperatures and the Intel 65nm processseems to leak less current.What AMD is missing is a K10 dual core – its mainstream 65nm parts arebeing revamped, but slowly, and they are still based on the old K8 coreso Intel is leaving them far, far behind. I don't understand it – whypush a new process technology onto the most complex parts first? Whyaren't we seeing new, lower wattage, high clocked dual-core processors?Regardless of that, AMD Enthusiasts should have some fun with thePhenom X4 9850 Black Edition and it’s good to see AMD “back in thegame.” Hopefully with some elaborate watercooling or phase changesetups (pictures in the forums, please!) we should see some prettyawesome overclocking endeavours, and what’s more, for around £150 it'ssomething most of you can afford to enjoy.

Xigmatek HDT- S1283 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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CPUcooling has always been important for the overclocker, but due todual and quad cores it's becoming increasingly important for the casualuser too. Water cooling and phase change are both great ways of coolinga CPU; however the extremes of these methods are both very expensiveand can be rather risky. This is the reason why Air Cooling is stillused today, though don’t label it as boring, air cooling has changeddramatically over the past 3 years.Today I will be looking at the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 which featuresanti-vibration rubber and a 120mm ‘quiet’ fan. So lets take this coolerout for a spin and see how well it performs….

Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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The M9 is a mid-size tower that is filled with cooling inspirations.There are four different versions of the M9 which means there may well beone to suit you. There are models with and without the side panel window.And if you are not looking to use some high powered power supply each of thefore mentioned models can be had with 400 watt power supplies. Thermaltakeis one company that is known to try and provide products that suit allindividuals no matter your budget, taste or needs.

ASUS EN9800GTX 512MB @ techgage.com
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It's not too often that the fastest single-GPU availableis also affordable, but the 9800 GTX is just that. At just over $300,it delivers incredible performance at all resolutions and also turnsout to be amazingly overclockable. It's just too bad that the 8800 GTS512 is not much slower...

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The upcoming Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 looks to be a price versus pe rformance winner from what we can tell from the time spent with our early sample. If the rumored price of $133 is correct and the retail versions overclock like ours did then this will be hands down one of the hottest d ual-core processors this summer. Intel has perfected the 45nm process and every new processor series they release based on it exceeds our expectat ions. The Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 is one of those processors...

Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008 @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews strives to offer the overclocker and hardware enthusiast community solid evidence reflecting the true performance of

BFG GeForce 9800 GTX OCX - G92 @ pcper.com
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Looking past that, the fact is that you can now get the performanceof an 8800 GTX or Ultra card for $330 or so that is more power efficient toboot. BFG took this one step further with their new 9800 GTX OCX card thatoverclocks the core and shader clocks by about 12% to get nearly across theboard performance gains out of the G92.

Gigabyte 9600 GT 512MB @ techgage.com
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If on thelookout for a good GPU at a great price, it's easier thanever. NVIDIA's 9600 GT packs a punch and retails for well under $200.We are taking Gigabyte's stock-clocked solution for a spin to see howit stacks up against our other models. And yes, it overclocks like abeast.

Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 Socket 775 Enthusiast Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Gigabyte was nice enough to send us two motherboards, one based onthe P35 and the other the X38. We wanted to see how much better it really isover the P35 purely based on benchmarks and overclocking. Not to give thewhole review away in the introduction, but I was really surprised with theGA-EX38-DS4 as it took our E8400 to a whole new level.

Logitech diNovo Mini Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard @ aphnetworks.com
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You are sitting in your living room, on that beautiful, comfortable, black leather sofa you picked up just a few years ago. The designer lights on the walls are dimmed as the clock ticks past ten. The 50

EagleTech I-Series JBOD Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
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A new company to us here at Pro-Clockers is Eagle Tech. Browsingaround their site we see they are active in cooling, speakers, powersupplies and storage. Storage is why we are here today as Eagle Tech hassent us their ET-CSIU2J-BK JBOD External Storage Enclosure. This unitutilizes the JBOD standard and a very interesting front bezel. The enclosurehouses two SATA drives and plugs into the PC via the USB port.

Apevia Warlock 750 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Apevia is back at it again, not with a case but with a power supply.And like the rash of power units we have seen over the last few months thisis not your typical 500 watt model. It is a 750 watt mammoth called theWarlock. Boasting a 135mm cooling fan that can change many colors this PSUcould be what many of you modders out there are looking for. What I like isthe Crossfire and SLI support with a boatload of power. But is it worthy ofbeing placed in your system? To find out you will have to keep reading.

[News] Penryn and Bone Trail at InfernaLAN @ virtual-hideout.net
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Now, a little bit on the motherboards using the processors. The twolatest motherboards to support Penryn are the Bone Trail and Skull Trail.The BT is a single socket platform, while the ST is a dual socket. Themotherboards get powerful chipset upgrades including DDR3 and XMP BIOSsupport. So, the boards now fully support DDR3 and 1600MHz Front Side BusXMP profiles for some crazy overclocking. This is good news for users with1333 and 1600MHz DDR3 memory since a simple, quick BIOS setting instantlybrings your system's extra power online.

GIGABYTE X48T-DQ6 DDR3 Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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X38/X48 chipsets are the first chipsets to come out with true spl it PCI Express architecture. This time they are both running a 16/16 conf iguration. Added to this is the fact they are running PCI-E 2.0 specs as well as being XMP memory module ready; we now have a good overall platfor m. X48 adds to the already impressive array of features the X38 has along with much better overclocking support and official support for the 1600M Hz FSB. Today we have GIGABYTE's new X48 based board with DDR3 memory support. Following the naming lines, anything with DDR3 support gets a =93T=94 add ed to the name, so today we have the GIGABYTE X48T-DQ6. This is GIGABYTE' s top of the range high performance board. How will it stack up against o ur already tested MSI X48 Platinum and ASUS' P5E3 Premium WiFi? - Let' s get down to it and find out!

ASUS EN8800GTS TOP 512MB @ techgage.com
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NVIDIA's 9-series might be brand-new, but the 8-seriesshould not be overlooked. Most 8800 GTS 512 cards cost less than the9800 GTX, and can be easily overclocked to overpower it. In the case ofthis pre-overclocked ASUS card, the 9800 GTX doesn't have a fightingchance.

bit-tech :Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB @ bit-tech.net
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At around ÂŁ210-ÂŁ230 including VAT, depending on where your allegiance lies, the GeForce 9800 GTX is on the expensive side... especially when you can pick up a GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB card for as little as ÂŁ165 (inc. VAT) . What's more, you can pick up a factory-overclocked GeForce 8800 GTX for under ÂŁ200 . Why would you opt for the 9800 GTX /right now/?

Bigbruin.com 5th Birthday Party Give Away @ bigbruin.com
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Bigbruin.com turns five years old on April 1st. While it might seem funny, this is not an April fools joke. There are three ways in which to win, and a total of five winners will grab a prize from the following list of items: Patriot Viper Series 2GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory Kit, ASUS EAH3870 TOP 512MB Overclocked Radeon HD3870 Graphics Card, ASUS EAH3850 TOP 256MB Overclocked Radeon HD3850 Graphics Card, CoolIT Prize Pack - USB Beverage Cooler, PCI Cooling Booster, and RAM Fan, and two $25 Best Buy Gift Cards.

High-end graphics card roundup @ nordichardware.com
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The graphics card market is alive and kicking, and the last two years have been quite exciting. The clock frequencies have gone through the roof, more shaders have been implemented, the manufacturing processes have been refined and the power consumption, and thus the heat dissipation, has been going up and down like a sinus wave.

Asus EN9600GT (NVIDIA 9600GT) TOP 512MB @ aphnetworks.com
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It's mostly been like this:This generation's performance graphics cards are next generation's midrange series. For NVIDIA, it has been like that for the NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT, 7600GT, well, and less so for the 8600GT and 8600GTS; and so to say today we'll be looking at the successor to the less than appreciated 8600 series -- the 9600GT. NVIDIA's 9600GT has been launched for more than a couple weeks now, and we've finally gotten our hands on Asus' newly modified version of the 9600GT -- the Asus EN9600GT TOP 512MB with a special cooler. As usual, the 'TOP' suffix from Asus signifies that it's overclocked (Usually pretty aggressively too) out of the box. How well will the 9600GT step up against the ATI Radeon 3870 and NVIDIA's own 8800GT? Better yet, we've even got all the fastest factory overclocked cards to test against each other in our review today. Let's get right to it and see if the 9600GT takes the midrange performance crown and how much bang you get for your buck.

Tuniq Sanctum HDD Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Tuniq, a leader in CPU cooling has sent us over a HDD cooler thatwill do both of the above mentioned solutions. Tuniq is showing they aremore than CPU cooling. The Sanctum is a full enclosure cooler that intendsto cool down that ultra fast hard drive of yours. The cool thing about theSanctum is that it is a passive cooler so it won't add to the noise of thehard drive it is trying to cool. But is it enough to warrant paying $22 fromNewegg? Lets check it out.

Asus 3850 TOP Videocard @ rbmods.com
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We have earlier looked at the 8800GT, 8800GTX and even a 3870X2 card from Asusand today we have another card from them on the test bench. We are going tolook at the 3850 TOP which is a overclocked version of their 3850 card thatis a middle class card that should still be able to perform quite well. Ourtests are going to put it vs the 8800GT card so youget an idea of how it will perform.

Foxconn GeForce 9600GT OC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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While the 9800 series of cards from NVIDIA might be the talk of t he town at the moment, there's no denying that the 9600GT is more in li ne with most people's budgets when it comes to buying a graphics card. The latest 9600GT to make its way into the labs comes in the form of a Fo xconn which manages to carry quite a hefty overclock on its stock cooler. We've seen a lot of 9600GTs come through, and most have managed to sho w us something that has impressed us.

Apevia X-Qboii Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Finding the right case to suit the desires of the lady of the housecan be a difficult process. Well, I know it is when it comes to mine. Whenit comes to looking for a case it is more like hunting for that perfectoutfit to wear to work. Apevia reckon they may just have that perfect outfitfor her next computer build. The X-Qboii is a short case in stature but islarge in style and looks. The great looks begin with a brushed aluminumcovering that is guaranteed to please almost everyone. Is the X-Qboiicapable of knocking us off our feet with other wonderful features? Read on.

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Processor - Long Awaited B3 @ pcper.com
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The new AMD Phenom X4 9850 is a great processor for its segment eventhough it is still not able to dominate in any fashion over the Intelquad-core options. Just as with the initial 2.3 GHz Phenom B2 launch, AMDstill considers the Intel Core 2 Q6600 its primary competition, and Iconsider the Q9450 to be another potential threat as well. This new CPU isdefinitely getting AMD closer to its performance goals and any enthusiast orgamer looking for a ~$240 processor is going to have a fantastic experiencewith the 9850. The added performance and efficiency of the 2000 MHz memorycontroller and system bus add to the benefits of the 2.50 GHz clock rateproducing the best fastest stock speed AMD quad-core CPU to date.

Gigabyte GV-NX98X1GHI-B GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
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It seems like it was just yesterday that I bought my first discrete graphics card to outfit an overclocked Cyrix M2-300 6x86MX-based

Sapphire Toxic HD 3870 ATi Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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Yes you can go out and purchase one of the cards from any of theseveral manufacturers that endorse the ATI brand. The Toxic HD 3870 is anoverclocked version of the ATI 3870 chipset. The Toxic HD 3870 uses a singleslot cooler that would be a godsend for those that are tight on space orhave motherboards with the PCIe slots too close together. This non-referencecooler helps to cool a RV670 clocked to 825MHz from the default 775MHz. Timeto put the Toxic 3870 on the bench and see what performance numbers we canget.

VVIKOO GeForce 9600GT Turbo 512MB @ tweaktown.com
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This is the first card we've seen from VVIKOO, and what a card it is. Expecting nothing more than a reference design I was pleasantly su rprised when I opened the box to discover just how cool this 9600GT is. With the VVIKOO 9600GT in hand and its mammoth clocks, it's time to see how it fairs against the competition in this price bracket. The 8800GT s its slightly more expensive while the HD 3870 sits at around the same pri ce.

OCZ Rally2 Turbo 4GB USB Flash Drive @ aphnetworks.com
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OCZ really knows how to take advantage of the performance market. OCZ is well known for producing legendary overclocking memory, popular power supplies, performance flash memory products, and even more so for improving such products. Many years ago, the original OCZ Rally USB flash drive gained immense popularity amongst enthusiasts and consumers alike. When the OCZ Rally2 came out a couple years ago, it was even faster than its predecessor -- we've already reviewed the original first revision and were quite impressed by the speed (Although a bit less with its access latency due to UT161 controller problems). From what we can see, we are quite glad that OCZ fixed the latency issues with their flash drives in the past year or so. Recently, OCZ released another dual channel flash drive to the Rally performance flash drive family -- the OCZ Rally2 Turbo. The manufacturer claims that it can hit up to 35MB/s in read performance. How is the turbocharged dual channel Rally2 going to perform? That's something we are really interested to find out.

Antec 900 Case @ bleedinedge.com
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Thinking about getting a new case to allow you to overclock your newhardware on air and yet doesn't cost you an arm and a leg? Enter Antec'sNine Hundred Gaming Case that is reviewed at The BleedinEdge.com.

Asus EAH3870 (ATI 3870) TOP 512MB Graphics Card @ aphnetworks.com
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After going through several of the latest and hottest NVIDIA G92 based graphics card in the past few months, it seems that we've been ignoring the other important player in the market -- AMD/ATI graphics cards. While they don't necessarily hold the performance crown in the single GPU market in attaining the highest FPS in games and benchmarks, they are extremely popular for the performance they give at the price you can get them for. After all, it's not always about buying the fastest video card, we all have limited budgets too, right? Nowadays, high-midrange video cards are amazingly powerful and offered at incredible price points. Of which one is the AMD Radeon HD 3870. Today, we'll take a look at the Asus factory-overclocked version of the Radeon HD 3870, and see how it stacks up in value and performance against NVIDIA GPU based boards we've tested. Plus, we can also find out how it stacks up against its previous generation cards, the X1950 series.

EVGA GeForce 9600 GT SSC 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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EVGA's e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC comes at increased clocks compared to the NVIDIA reference design. Also the cooler has been adjusted slightly to match the company's color theme and design. With a price premium of just $10 over the reference card it can can deliver in both performance per Dollar and performance per Watt.

HIS HD 3870 IceQ3 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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The HIS Radeon HD 3870 IceQ3 uses the proven HIS IceQ3 cooling solution. It also comes with higher clocks out of the box which are among the highest we have seen so far from all manufacturers. The recent price drops from AMD make this card a solid choice for the sub-$200 segment.

DFI LanParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Intel LGA775 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Back when Socket A, and later Socket 939, were the preferredplatforms for enthusiasts, one motherboard company emerged as the king ofoverclocking, DFI. DFI's LanParty boards had it all:colorful UV reactivecomponents, excellent BIOS conducive to overclocking, rock-solid stability,and excellent reliability. Today we will be looking at the DFI LanParty UTIFCX3200-T2R/G. It is an LGA775 motherboard powered by the ATI RD600chipset, and featuring ATI CrossFire Xpress 3200 IE. This board has beenaround for some time but is still available, and at an excellent price, Imight add. So rather than spend time comparing it to newer boards with newerchipsets that cost up to triple the price, I am going to attempt to reviewit on its own merits, and look at it more as an economy board rather thanthe upper-end board it was a year ago.

Noctua NT-H1 Heatsink Compound @ pro-clockers.com
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Noctua has been known for serving up one of the best coolers on themarket. I am sure most of us have heard of the NH-U12P. It was one of thetop coolers on every website's list. And coupled with their newest fan theNF-P12 there aren't too many coolers that can come close. Now take thiscooler and fan and throw in the NT-H1 and you have everything you need tocool that new processor. So do we have another compound that is capable oftaking down the old king? We will find out soon.

[News] ASUS 8800 GT 512MB TOP Edition @ virtual-hideout.net
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So, where does the 8800 GT fit in terms of market niche? I'd sayit's still well tuned for users looking for the best bang for buck. I mean,it's still a really, really good buy. The regular 8800 GTS, GTX, and Ultrasare still quite a bit more with the GTX and Ultra still costing the most.The ASUS 8800 GT TOP Edition may cost a little more than the stock frequencyversions, but the card packs a bigger punch thanks to its factoryoverclocked settings and the card is very quiet. And the card is fullywarranted.

Intel E8000 "Wolfdale" Dual-Core Processors @ overclockers.com.au
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----To find out to what extent the changes implemented with Penryn translate into dual-core performance gains, we benchmarked an E8500 engineering sample. The E8500 is the E8000 series top model. In this capacity we compared it with an E6850, the previous top-of-the line product. However, the E8500 is running at 3160 MHz and the E6850 at 3000 MHz. This means that differences between them cannot be entirely attributed to the new features that come with the E8000 series, but at least partially to the 160 MHz higher core frequency. In order to “isolate” the impact of the various changes Intel has implemented with E8000 we run all tests with a multiplier of x9 as well.----

Aerocool iCurve Plus Mid Tower @ pro-clockers.com
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Many of us want a really good looking case that can properly houseour components and keep cool and running well. A lot of time you don't needto pay so much to get this. Aerocool believes this as well. And with thewhole money saving concept upon most of us comes the iCurve Plus. A mid sizecase with a fascinating look and features the average joe would love. Getready to take a look at the iCurve.

Aerocool Horsepower 1020 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Aerocool is widely known for introducing the world to extra largecase fans. I am sure you are familiar with the ExtremEngine case. If youdon't know it by name, maybe by description - it was one of the first tohave a 25cm cooling fan on the side and 14cm at the front as an intake.Well, putting the ExtremEngine to the side, Aerocool is introducing theHorsePower line of PSUs. This power supply comes in two models, 720 wattsfor the modest PC builder and 1020 watt model for the extremist. When youconsider that Crossfire using two 3870X2 cards can be done on a highperformance 620Watt PSU you can see how much further Aerocool is trying topush things. Each unit divides the power between four different rails andboasts an Aerocool trademark a large fan. A 140mm one with blue lights.

Foxconn GeForce 8800GT OC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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It recently saw a price drop to continue competing with the HD 3870 and manufacturers are still making loads of them as they continue to represent great value for money. Foxconn tend to produce a nice little reference card with an overclock and at a decent price. With the 8800GT Standard OC in hand from Foxconn, we thought it was time to see how it faired against the overclocked 9600GT from Galaxy and the ASUS HD 3870 which carries with it stock clocks.

Technic3D/Corsair Dominator DDR3 1800 @ technic3d.com
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The Corsair Dominator Twin3X2048 1800C7DFIN DDR3 2GB Kit arriv ed Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking ag ainst the OCZ 1.800 Memory Kit on Windows Vista Ultimate and the Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi Mainboard. You can see 1.860 MHz with 7-7-7-20 in the following Review.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 X2 Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The latest HD 3870 X2 to make its way into the labs comes in the form of a stock clocked Sapphire. We actually haven't checked out the X 2 on our new test bed in any real detail, so we'll have to see how it g oes here today. If you're looking for a HD 3870 X2 that doesn't do anything but produ ce some good numbers, this could be the card for you. Fortunately, there is only one way to find out so let's get stuck into the card and see wh at we have on our hands today before we get into the benchmarks.

ECS GeForce 9600GT Accelero 512MB @ tweaktown.com
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As the 9600GT cards continue to roll on in, we see lots of varian ts trying to stand out from the pack. The latest card to rock up in the l abs is an offering from ECS that carries with it an Accelero S2 made by A rtic Cooling. We've compared the ECS 9600GT against the Galaxy 9600GT which is slight ly lower on the core and a fair bit lower on the shader clock. The Galaxy memory clock does come in a little higher though.

Powercolor HD 3650 Xtreme 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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AMD's new HD 3650 is basically an improved version of the 2600 XT without any major technological advances other than a smaller die size resulting in cheaper cards. PowerColor's HD 3650 Extreme comes equipped with 512 MB of fast GDDR3 memory and runs at higher clocks than the AMD reference design.

Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 Socket 775 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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The latter of the aforementioned boards was one of first to hit themarket at the launch of the P35 chipset. The GA-P35, in which ever formatyou got it, overclocked like a monster with a tweak here and a tweak there.But now that the world is on the energy saving kick Gigabyte has released anupdated version of the P35 range called the GA-EP35 range. According toGigabyte this new line of boards has a power saving rate of 70% which shouldmake your parents, partner or roomy happy when it comes time to fork overthe money to pay the utility bill. The Dynamic Energy Save or DES for shortwill automatically adjust CPU phase power during idle and load activity.Which means when at idle the power will drop down to dual phase and when aload is poured on up to four or higher dependent on the load.

Intel DX38BT Dilemma @ aselabs.com
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Way back when I heard that Intel was going to be making a bunch of new platform boards, I was skeptical. I knew how successful the Centrino brand on the mobile front was for Intel and it makes sense that they want to capitalize on having platforms. That was the time that Intel started releasing new series of motherboards such as the Essentials and the Extreme series.This type of product placement made sense as now consumers can really see where a product fits just by looking at what series the motherboard is in. The Essentials series contains the base needs and hardly anything more. You get a good motherboard for a cheap price. The Extreme series goes hand in hand with Intel's Extreme Edition processors. These motherboards actually have overclocking features and have performance enhancements to get the most out of your build... or so I thought.

Asus EAH3870X2 Videocard @ rbmods.com
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With the new 9600 GT cards we have a very close competition betweenNvidia and ATI. Today we got one of these contenders on our test bench, tobe more precis we have the 3870 X2 card from Asus to test. We have decidedto run the card vs a 8800GTS 640mb and vs the well performing 8800GTX card.We will push the card through games and various benchmarks before we end upthe review with the mandatory overclocking tests so stay tuned.

VVIKOO GeForce 9600 GT Turbo @ techpowerup.com
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VVIKOO's GeForce 9600 GT Turbo brings many changes over the NVIDIA reference design. You can see one of the first DisplayPort implementations, an HDMI output, two DVIs and optical SPDIF-in. The card also features the Zalman VF-1000 cooler which makes sure the card stays cool at all times. Since the card runs cooler, the card comes overclocked straight from the factory.

Asrock 4Core1600P35-WiFi+ 775 Socket Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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But what if you want a great overclocking experience at a pricecloser to home? A price that won't equal that of mid range Mercedes Benzmonthly payment. What if you only could scrap up the funds to obtain a IntelDual Core 2200 or 6420? Chances are you will want a board that is packedwith all the features you must have like eSATA, voltage selections,Crossfire support and the rest of the features necessary to overclock thehell out of your CPU.

NVIDIAs shady trick to boost the GeForce 9600 GT @ techpowerup.com
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When we first reviewed NVIDIA's new GeForce 9600 GT we noticed a discrepancy between the advertised core speed and the frequency reported by the clock generator. After further investigation we can now answer what causes this.

Complete GeForce 8800 GS/GT/GTS Voltmodding Article posted @ techpowerup.com
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Our latest voltmod article contains detailed instructions how to modify the GeForce 8800 GS/GT/GTS for higher voltages to increase the overclocking potential. Included modifications are GPU Voltage, Memory Voltage, Reverse Memory Voltage and Overcurrent Protection.

Asus EN8800GTS (NVIDIA 8800GTS) TOP 512MB @ aphnetworks.com
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First came the 8800GTS, along comes the 8800GT, and then... the 8800GTS? Welcome to NVIDIA's latest naming scheme. With the original 8800GTS 320MB and 640MB is the 90nm G80 core; the latest wave of 8800 series cards include the 65nm G92 8800GT and 8800GTS -- typically distinguished by its nominal memory configuration of 512MB on board. The NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT was quite a margin faster than the original G80 based 8800GTS -- the Asus factory overclocked 8800GT TOP at 700/1000 is even faster. How about the G92 based 8800GTS, commonly known as the 8800GTS 512MB perform? Or, better yet, how will the Asus 8800GTS TOP, aggressively clocked and pretty much the fastest graphics card in its family at 740/1035, pull out on our benchmark graphs today? Besides that, we'll examine the noise factor as well as power consumption today. Let's jump right into the Asus EN8800GTS TOP 512MB review right now.

Palit GeForce 8800GT Super+1GB @ techgage.com
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We've been fans of NVIDIA's 8800 GT since launch, andPalit helps us remember why. Though utilizing reference clocks, theSuper+1GB doubles the competitions memory, but as we found out, it'sdifficult to see a difference. Overclocking yields far better results,and luckily, this card delivers there as well.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Processor @ legitreviews.com
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The Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 that we specifically looked at in this article did very well in the benchmarks and consistently beat the AMD Ph enom 9600 Black Edition quad-core processor. This goes to show how well t he Wolfdale core has been developed and also how bad of a position AMD is in when it comes to processors. When it came to overclocking, the 45nm W olfdale processors do great and hitting 500MHz FSB is easily possible, wh ich means 2GHz DDR3 memory kits can be finally released and companies lik e Corsair Memory have already launched such products...

VOX V1 750GB eSATA/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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When browsing the shelves of your local B&M you will find there areseveral different sizes and brands to pick from. Some drives are smallenough to fit in the front pocket of your shirt and there are other unitsthat can house numerous drives. These types of unit can be a big as shoe boxor two. Depending on your needs someone will have you covered. Besidesstorage size another major factor would be what brand of drive to buy.Seagate and Maxtor seem to be two of the more popular brands. Personalpreference usually is the deciding factor in this case.

ASUS P5K64 WS Intel P35 DDR3 Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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It's not something that we in the enthusiast world really thinkabout, but there is a market out there for high-end computers that willprobably never do any gaming, be overclocked, water cooled, or any other ofthe cool stuff that geeks do with their rigs. For example, a design engineermight desire a CAD workstation using multiple large screens...as many as sixor eight...at high resolution. Anyone designing animation would like such arig. So, what does someone desiring to build a modern upper-end graphicsworkstation do? Asus has an answer with the P5K64 WS, a workstationmotherboard based on the very successful Intel P35 chipset. Today we will belooking at the P5K64 WS, to see if it has anything that would hold theinterest of the enthusiast. Can it satisfy the geek? Read ahead to see.

Gigabyte's GA-EP35-DS4 motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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All things considered, even though the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4performsvery well and fits well into a price niche we can't really recommend it¨C its only advantage over the significantly cheaper GA-EP35-DS3R isCrossFire, and it screws that up so much with its subpar layout that itbecomes a net feature loss, not a gain. If you really want CrossFire,get the MSI P35 Platinum because it not only keeps up with the DS4 inall areas, it has a better layout and costs around 25 percent less!TheMSI P35 Platinum shows that it can not only match the EP35 power savingefforts, without needing funky software, but it's also been doing sosince June last year. In addition, the Gigabyte solution doesn't adjustthe front side bus and auto-overclock under load, like the Asus EPU. Ithink it's a great effort from Gigabyte ¨C we're always massively infavour of energy efficiency, but the current system needs to be greatlyrefined.Unfortunately the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 doesn't do itfor us, but don't discount the whole EP35 range, because we'd certainlygive the GA-EP35-DS3R some serious attention instead.

ASUS EN8800GT TOP 512MB @ techgage.com
[Feb-25-08] (0 Comments)

If building a new computer or simply upgrading, you likelywant to make sure your GPU decision is a good one, all while makingsure not to break the bank. We are taking a look at the EN8800GT TOPwhich fits the bill. Even better, it's pre-overclocked, to improveperformance even further.

G.SKILL DDR2 PC2 8500 (8 Layers PCB) Memory @ rbmods.com
[Feb-24-08] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a DDR2 kit from Gskill. We got their new 8500kit that seems to perform quite well according to some other reviews I haveseen. We are going to compare this vs our previous DDR2 kits that haveperformed the best. We are also going to try to boost this kit a bit to seehow it performs under heavy overclocking.

Silverstone Kublai KL03 Tower @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-22-08] (0 Comments)

The world is cluttered with the dead and dying remains of poorlydesigned, mass-produced OEM pc cases, but you won't find one at my place. Asa hardware enthusiast I expect more from my cases. There has to be plenty ofspace inside them. They have to be well-made. Cutting edge innovation isn'tnecessary, but I do prefer to see some thought going into the making of acase. To be honest, I'm quite tired of the cookie cutter cases some of theindustry has been churning out over the last few years.

Zotac GeForce 9600 GT Amp! Edition @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-21-08] (0 Comments)

Today NVIDIA announced their new GeForce 9 Series. The first product is the GeForce 9600 GT, based on the new G94 GPU. Zotac's AMP! Edition comes overclocked straight out of the box for a little bit extra performance. This can bring the card very close to the GeForce 8800 GT in performance.

EVGA, Palit and XFX GeForce 9600 GT Video Card @ legitreviews.com
[Feb-21-08] (0 Comments)

The NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT series has proven itself to be a very solid mainstream graphics card with a suggested MSRP between $169-$189. Obviously, many of the board partners will have overclocked versions at h igher price points and the EVGA and Palit cards that we reviewed today ar e examples of this as both are priced over $200. After using these three GeForce 9600 GT video cards it's clear that 512MB is the sweet spot as it is ideal for higher resolutions that require larger frame buffers. All o f the cards did great and it was interesting to see the GeForce 9600 GT 5 12MB cards beat up on the overclocked GeForce 8800 GT 256MB at higher res olutions...

G94:Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT 512MB graphics card @ bit-tech.net
[Feb-21-08] (0 Comments)

Nvidia'sGeForce 9600 GT 512MB is a great performer, as long as it hits theright price point.  If it doesn't, there's even more of a reason to buythe GeForce 8800 GT than there ever was before – it just goes to showhow great that product really was for gamers.  Thankfully, there are afew partners and retailers out there willing to charge what the cardshould ship at instead of what they'd like it to be in order to cash inon the sales rush at launch.Simply put, don't pay any more than £130 for a GeForce 9600 GT –regardless of whether it's a standard card or one with a factoryoverclock.

HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 TurboX 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-20-08] (0 Comments)

The HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 comes with a high end dual slot cooler, 512 MB of fast GDDR3 memory and increased clocks at a price tag of $199. This winning combination gets very close in performance to the much more expensive HD 3870 and can even surpass it when overclocked.

MSI Radeon HD 3870 512MB OC @ tweaktown.com
[Feb-19-08] (0 Comments)

After looking at the new 9600GT just the other day, it became cle ar to us that the HD 3870 really does still have some life in it. It's not dying off anytime soon thanks to the aggressive pricing that has been implemented recently.It did get us thinking though; with an MSI HD 3870 OC sitting around doin g nothing, it was time to see what would happen when we put overclocked p art up against overclocked part. It's really going to come down to how well the HD 3870 is able to make use of the increased clock speeds that M SI have offered.

EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GS 384 MB @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-18-08] (0 Comments)

Even though the EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GS comes with just 96 shaders and 12 ROPs it can easily compete with AMD HD3850 and HD3870. The card offers great price/performance and is very very quiet. With up to 30% overclocking this card is every overclocker's dream being able to surpass the much more expensive 8800 GT when overclocked.

PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS 512MB @ bit-tech.net
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AMD's partnershaven't been afraid to play around with the Radeon HD 3850 to createcards that mix things up a bit – that's exactly what PowerColor hasdone here with its Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS 512MB card. First andforemost, there's the clock speed increase, which takes this card tosomewhere right in between the standard Radeon HD 3850 and Radeon HD3870 cards at a price that's competitive. Not only that, but the cardhave twice as much video memory on-board—something that this class ofcard can definitely benefit from in many scenarios.And then there are the display output options. While they're not to mypersonal tastes as an avid multi-monitor user, they are different andit gives the user a choice on the market. That said, I can't help butfeel PowerColor should have at least indicated that the card featuresnative HDMI (instead of dual DVI) on the box, because from looking atthe packaging alone, one would assume the card comes with dual DVI anda DVI-to-HDMI adapter. Clearly, that isn't the case though.In terms of competition for the PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS512MB, there is currently Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GS 384MB, which hitsroughly the same price point. This provides adequate competition forthe Radeon HD 3850—it's faster in some cases, but quite a bit slower inothers—but for the time being I'd probably opt for the Radeon HD 3850with 512MB of vRAM. Those of you that follow the industry closely willsurely know what's coming soon though, and we'll be answering thatquestion when the time comes.PowerColor's factory-overclocked Radeon HD 3850 is a good buy at under£120 (inc. VAT) if you can live with the different display outputconfiguration but, in saying that, I can't help but feel like I'mrepeating myself over and over at the moment. I guess that's becausethe mid-range has never been as strong as it is today – there are justso many good purchases out there and that means it's a good time to bea PC gamer building a new system.

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition @ techwarelabs.com
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With the release of the Phenom, AMD has introduced the world to n ative quad core computing at a consumer level. We test the Phenom 9600 Bl ack Edition for its performance and overclocking results. Will the Phenom 9600 Black Edition please consumers and provide results as well as overc locking? Read our review to see our

Sapphire HD 3850 1024 MB @ techpowerup.com
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AMD's Radeon HD 3850 Series has been on the market for a while now. Add-in-Board Partners are constantly looking for ways to seperate themselves from the competition and that's why Sapphire has engineered a Radeon HD 3850 with 1024 MB of GDDR3 memory and faster core clock out of the box. But can a card like this really benefit from 1 GB of video memory?

Technic3D/Zerotherm Hurricane HC92 Cu 8800 @ technic3d.com
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The Zerotherm Hurricane HC92 Cu 8800 VGA Heatsink arrived Tech nic3D. HC92 Cu 8800 supports almost all VGA cards including NVDIA Gefo rce 8800 series. (Except ATi Radeon X2900 series). The VGA coolers pro vide 3-in-One function (Fanless mode, Aero-Dynamic mode and Overclocki ng mode). See you in the following Review the Apack Cooler on a XFX 88 00 GTX XXX against Standard CPU Cooling.

VisionTek HD 3870 @ neoseeker.com
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This particular HD 3870 -- the VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 -- is an all aroundsolid product. I particularly appreciated the cooling solution on this card-- it has one of the best coolers that I have seen first-hand from manydifferent examples of the HD 3870 family. This capable cooler led directlyto good experiences in overclocking. Price wise, the HD 3870 sitscompetively against other HD 3870's at around the current price point of$240. Also, although unadvertised on the box, the VisionTek's default clocksare a little bit higher than some other HD 3870's, so this is a nice littlebonus to the HD 3870 as well. Additional compliments to VisionTek can begiven for offering a limited lifetime warranty and toll free tech supportline.

Thermaltake Blac-X Hard Drive Pod @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, Thermaltake has a solution for people like me and maybe someonelike you as well. The Blac X is an external way of linking any SATA drive,2.5 or 3.5, to your computer. But unlike the traditional method of openingup an enclosure, mounting a drive and then closing it all back up, the BlacX doesn't use an enclosure. Confused? Yeah, I would be too. But read thereview and we will clear it all up for you.

CoolIT PURE Silent Liquid CPU Cooler @ techgage.com
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Having the ability to overclock a Quad-Core processorwhile keeping your machine quiet used to be a pipe-dream, untilCoolIT's latest CPU cooler came into the picture. With the PURE, wemanaged a nice 3.67GHz clock on our QX6850, all while being able tohear our hard drives over the cooler.

Zotac GeForce 8800 GT 512MB AMP! Edition @ bit-tech.net
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There is a lot to like about Zotac's GeForce 8800 GT AMP!Edition – theheatsink has some subtle improvements that help to keep the temperaturecomparable with a standard-clocked GeForce 8800 GT at noise levels thatare going to be inaudible in a chassis. It's also the fastest GeForce8800 GT we have tested to date and, from looking around, there doesn'tseem to be any 8800 GTs clocked faster than this – at best, there areequals out on the market. That maybe explains the overclocking problemswe encountered.At these elevated clock speeds, the Zotac GeForce 8800 GT AMP! Editionoften rivals the more fully featured GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB in theperformance stakes—something it manages to do with just a single slotcooling solution. That's an impressive feat in and of itself.CCL Online appears to be the only place selling this card at £182.64(inc. VAT)– a price point that makes it a worthwhile purchase. Other places havebeen asking for between £195 and £200 – at this price, the card is tooexpensive. The problem is that now you can pick up BFGTech's GeForce8800 GTS 512MB OC for under £200 (inc. VAT), it's hard to recommendZotac's GeForce 8800 GT 512MB AMP! Edition if the two are comparablypriced. The reason for this is that the 8800 GTS's superior shader horsepoweris likely to outlast the Zotac 8800 GT AMP! Edition's higher fillratesand slightly higher memory bandwidth. That said, the fact that oneUK-based retailer is selling this card at a competitive price is a goodenough reason to recommend it but on the provision that you don’t paymuch more than CCL's £182.64 asking price for it.Of course, the GeForce 8800 GTS's dual slot cooling solution is no goodif you've got a case—like a Shuttle XPC—that demands a single slotcard. In that scenario, Zotac's GeForce 8800 GT AMP! Edition is a goodchoice at a higher price, but you'll need to make sure your chassis hasenough airflow to keep this card's temperature under control overextended gaming sessions.

The Secrets of PC Memory:Part 4 @ bit-tech.net
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For better signal quality at higher speed grades, DDR3 adopts asocalled “Fly-by” architecture for the commands, addresses and clocksignals. This effectively reduced the number of stubs and signallinglength from the DDR2 T-Branch architecture to a more elegant andstraightforward design. The Fly-by topology generally connects the DRAM chips on the memorymodule in a series, and at the end of the linear connection is agrounded termination point that absorbs residual signals, to preventthem from being reflected back along the bus.We recently asked Aaron Boehm, an Application Engineer at Micron abouthow important the Fly-by topology is to DDR3. He said that the Fly-bydesign was “veryimportant in DDR3. Probably one of the biggest advantages of moving tothe Fly-by topology is that we are able to achieve a much faster slewrate for the signal. This gives us a bigger data-eye, which is veryimportant in DRAM.”

Gigabyte G-Power 2 PRO - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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CPUcooling starts with the stock HSF you get with your new processor, butthese are loud and poor at removing heat from the overclocked siliconbeneath. As a result, the consumer demands more, and the manufacturesprovide; mostly in the form of tower coolers.Today I have the hip-hop Gigabyte G-Power 2 Pro which features‘atmospheric blue LED lighting’ and a 120mm fan. Lets see how itperforms…

The Secrets of PC Memory:Part 3 @ bit-tech.net
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When users overclock their computer memory, they are literallycompressing the size of the Data Eye and changing the waveform atmultiple levels by running at a higher frequency and as a result, moredata can be transmitted over a set period. However, this takes awaypre-established safety margins. It’s a “Dark Art” because overclockers cannot observe or visualise themulti-dimensional factors at play; instead, they are looking for signsin stability, the general “feel” of the system and good old trial anderror as each factor can and will interact and influence countlessothers, settling a new wave equilibrium.Generally, raising DRAM voltage allows for faster memory speed, “but that also depends on the architecture of the chip too” explainsBrett Williams, Senior Marketing Manager in Computing at MicronTechnology. “If the voltage is designed to be regulated, then increasingthe external voltage might not do anything for the chip because youhave got a regulator on the chip that is keeping the core at a specificvoltage. If the chip is unregulated, when you increase the externalvoltage, it goes right into the core and increasing the core voltageallows the part to operate faster.”As enthusiasts, we often enjoy the power of having various DRAMtweaking configurations exposed in the motherboard BIOS. While they maybe useful, average users at home do not have an intimate understandingof most functions in order to establish a basis to make effectiveperformance improvements.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 512MB Atomic @ bit-tech.net
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Sapphire’s Radeon HD 3870 512MB Atomic is a ground breakingproduct inmany respects, but sadly where it falls short at the moment is on theperformance side of things. From what we understand, since the launchof the Radeon HD 3870 X2, the RV670 chips are suffering from evenhigher demand than they were before. This has resulted in the prices ofthe standard cards increasing slightly, and bringing them more intoline with Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT.This is a problem for AMD/ATI, because the chip just isn’t fastenough—even when it’s overclocked like Sapphire’s excellent example wehave here today. Hopefully, we’ll see the price come down again verysoon because that’s ultimately having an effect on the price of thecard we’re reviewing here today. Sapphire says that the card should behitting a £165-170 price point, but retailers are currently askingcustomers to pay up to £200 (inc. VAT), which puts it almost on priceparity with the appreciably faster GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB!The cheapest we’ve found the card for is £188 (inc. VAT) on Dabs,which is on the expensive side, but it sounds easier to stomach thanthe £200 other retailers are expecting customers to pay for thisgraphics card. Sapphire was quick to point out that the card is alimited edition—more of a technology showcase if you will—than a cardit expects everyone to rush out and buy.What we can take away from this though is the fact that there has beensome true innovation here—something that we don’t see all that oftenfrom add-in board partners. The technology that Sapphire has showcasedhere is nothing short of awesome – it not only looks good on paper, butalso works incredibly well in practice as it managed to knock tendegrees off the load temperatures of a reference Radeon HD 3870! What’smore impressive though is the fact that Sapphire’s card is running atmuch higher clock speeds than the reference card.

Scythe Zipang CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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It seems that the success of one good cooler doesn't keep it on topforever, so all companies must try and produce a successor to these units.And Scythe knows this and got on the job of constructing a new cooler. Thatnew cooler came to be the Zipang. I am still on the lookout on what Zipangmeans in plain English but when it comes to coolers it means a large 140mmcooling, six heat pipes and multi-processor support. From the looks of theZipang it just may be a overclocker's best friend. But lets see if the testbacks up our early judgment.

Kingston HyperX PC2-9600 DDR2 2GB @ gideontech.com
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Kingston Technology released the first 1.2Ghz RAM kits to the public last December. I was able to get a set of the KHX9600D2K2/2G for some fast action 2GB of ram for my Core 2 Duo system. Knowing that the 975 chipset in my DFI Infinity 975X/G was going to limit the modules in the basic BIOS setup, I needed to overclock the system to take advantage of the speed.

HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX @ tweaktown.com
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It's been a while since we've seen anything from HIS which is a bit of a shame as their IceQ series of cards have been one of the more stand-out models of ATI based graphics cards.As we mentioned earlier, this particular model not only carries with it a n aftermarket cooler but also increased core and memory clocks.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz - Wolfdale Arrives @ techgage.com
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Intel's 45nm Dual-Cores have finally arrived, so it'sonly fitting that we take one for a spin. Our test subject is the3.0GHz E8400, offering 6MB cache, SSE4 and more. Overclocking isimpressive, with 3.8GHz stable being possible without even raising thevoltage! This chip definitely proves itself a winner.

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr Case @ pro-clockers.com
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When I opened the box to the X-Jupiter g, my girlfriend commentedthat she thought it was very pretty. Looking at it, I had to agree. Of allthe cases I have reviewed, the Jupiter is one of the most striking. How doesit work as a case, though? Let's find out.

TI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The core frequency on the R680 is higher than that on an RV670, w hich is a shocking move. The ATI Radeon HD 3870 has a core clock of 775 M Hz while the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 has been increased up to 825 MHz. This might have been down as the memory clock was decreased from 2.25GHz GDDR 4 to 1.8GHz GDDR3. The ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2's cooling fan operates at 36 dBA, which is just slighting higher than the 34dBA seen on the Radeon HD 3870. The boards peak power usage is also 91W higher than the Radeon HD 3870 at 196W under full load. Having two RV670 cores on one board doubles many things like the frame buffer size and the math processing power, bu t the power consumption does not double.

Sunbeamtech Rheobus Extreme @ pro-clockers.com
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Sunbeamtech, the makers of fine cooling and nice cases, has anothergadget up their sleeve. The new Rheobus Extreme is not only simple and sleekwith its clean looks, and the blue glow of the six knobs goes well withanybody with blue LED lighting, but the best thing the Rheobus Extreme hasto offer is the ability to support up to 30 watts on each control. For thenovice out there, this means simply you can control multiple fans on eachchannel. A must for anybody with large cases with numerous fans.

[News] OCZ 4GB Reaper X HPC PC2-6400 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
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The kit I received was the 4GB kit, or 2x2GB PC2-6400, that runs at800MHz and has a timing rating of 4-4-3-15. The modules will run thosetimings at 1.8v - 2.1v and handle up to 2.2v without voiding the EVP(Extended Voltage Protection) warranty. The 4-4-3-15 timings are really goodfor DDR2. With such tight timings I wouldn't expect high overclocking ratesat the stock timing; but loosened up, the result might be impressive.

Sapphire HD3870 Atomic Edition @ techpowerup.com
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Sapphire's new HD 3870 Atomic Edition is a special version of the Radeon HD 3870 with a single slot cooler. This is only possible because Sapphire uses a new cooling technology called Vapor-X cooling that improves cooling performance considerably while keeping noise down. Another plus of this card is that it comes overclocked out of the box with full warranty.

Thermaltake ToughPower 1000 Modular Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermaltake's latest offering is geared toward such a person thatneed an all out power house. And Thermaltake is fast becoming a name that isassociated with high-end power supplies. But things have changed since theintroduction of the ToughPower line. The 1000 watt ToughPower is not thebiggest baddest of the line but will easily power most of the systems webuild today. Coupling large amounts of power and some modular cabling, youhave a boatload of power and with some easy cable management. And becausethis unit is not the most powerful of the line you don't have to worry aboutspending a lot of money like say the 2000 watt unit we saw at CES in Vegasthis year. So. Lets take a look at the Thermaltake TP1000 Modular.

Enthusiast System Architecture @ pcper.com
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The Performance section of the control panel, that allows you tooverclock your components as well as setup rues and profiles, looks to beincredibly useful. While it still needs some polish in some UI areas that Imentioned on previous pages, the ability to setup custom rules for fanspeeds, clock rates and more in relation to other traits is unique andallows for a very granular control of your system.

MSI Radeon HD 3870 X2 OC Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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So it's easy; we have the HD 3870 X2 in our hands, it's teste d and that's probably all that really matters. We're going to have a quick look at the package that MSI have put together, a look over the spe cifications and then we'll get straight into the benchmarks.As far as features go we've got a pretty good line-up; HDMI support, PC I Express 2.0 (but backwards compatible), Dual GPU with Quad GPU support coming and a pre-overclock.

ATI Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3650 p @ bit-tech.net
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Starting with RV635, AMD has decided that instead of havingseparatePro and XT cards like it did in the Radeon HD 2600 series, it wouldstick with just one model name in the Radeon HD 3650 series. AMD’s IainMcNaughton explained that the company looked at the mainstream segmentand asked itself “what can we do that is different and disruptive toour competitors, while offering more value to our customers?”Despite only offering one model name, there are stilltwo products that fit under this name – both share the same engineclock, which is set at 725MHz (slower than the Radeon HD 2600 XT’sengine clock), and the same number of stream processors as the RadeonHD 2600 series cards (120 stream processors or 24 five-way superscalarshader units) – both also feature a 128-bit memory interface.The number of texture units and raster operators hasn’t changed either,meaning there are still just eight texture units and four rasteroperators (or ROPs). What has changed architecturally now though isthat there is support for DirectX 10.1, PCI-Express 2.0 and ATIPowerPlay at a high level... at a much lower level, I've heard (butstill waiting for confirmation) that AMD has added double precisionsupport at one quarter speed, but it’s not exposed in current 3Dgraphics APIs.RV635 also uses fewer transistors—a total of 378 million—than the RV630chip, which itself featured a pretty massive 390 million of the littleblighters. AMD says that it has made some optimisations during the dieshrink, which should help to improve performance per clock andefficiency a little bit when it’s compared to the ASIC it’s replacingat the same clock speed.

ATI Radeon HD 3450 and Radeon HD 3650 Video Cards @ legitreviews.com
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The ATI Radeon HD 3650 is the direct replacement for the ATI Rade on HD 2600 Pro as you can tell from the chart above. The ATI Radeon HD 36 50 is active cooled with a core clock of 725MHz and a memory clock of 800 MHz and will be available with two kinds of memory ICs - GDDR3 and GDDR2. The slower and older GDDR2 memory chips will be used on the $79 price p oint cards, while the $99 cards will feature faster GDDR3 memory ICs...

Thermalright Ultima-90 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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If you don't have enough room to support their Ultra-120,Thermalright has introduce a new cooler for the space challenged called theUltima-90. The Ultima-90 looks a lot like the Ultra-120 Extreme but in asmaller package. And that is just what it is. Some may be quick to rush tothe conclusion that a smaller heatsink would lead to a large decrease incooling performance. But the guys at Thermalright say different. We aregoing to take it around the block to see for ourselves.

Asus P5K64 WS motherboard @ rbmods.com
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Today we take a look at a fully loaded workstation card from Asus. Werecieved a sample of their P5K64WS that has HDMI, DDR3, etc etc featuresthat we are going to take a closer look at. We decided to run some tests vsthe P5K3 Deluxemotherboard that we reviewed in the past, we had some great luck withperformance and overclocking when it came to that board and we don't expectanything less from this board.

MSI X48 Platinum Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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We have already tested the X48 chipset in its DDR2 variant (that' s right, because it's a direct descendant of the X38 it keeps the dual mode memory controller); the DDR2 version has already managed to produce some better scores than the X38 DDR2 thanks to its increased FSB support. Today we are moving onto X48 in DDR3 form.MSI has graciously provided us with their new X48 Platinum motherboard wh ich is designed to be an ultra overclockable and feature-rich model. How it stacks up is the subject of today's review.

SimpleTech PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz S1024R5NP2QA @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Of all the RAM kits we have reviewed thus far in our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, practically every set has been aimed

BGear b-Envi SFF Case with Touch Sensitive Controls @ pro-clockers.com
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At first glance the new b-Envi from BGear looks to be just your plainand average SFF case. But once this puppy is lit up the controls are out ofthis world. The touch sensitive control are something that no other case hadbefore, but after the introduction of the b-Envi that could change. Besidestouch sensitive controls, the b-Envi also has a removable motherboard traythat will aid greatly in the building process. Yeah, there are a few morethings the b-Envi has to offer but you have to read the rest of the article.

Asus EN8800GT (NVIDIA GeFoce 8800GT) TOP 512MB @ aphnetworks.com
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NVIDIA's release of their G92 based graphics card has so far been nothing but a total success amongst enthusiasts. The die shrink not only permitted cards to run cooler and thus use less electricity, but also improvements have been made for higher efficiency reflected by its incredible performance. The first card rolled out is the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT -- the card that outperformed the previous generation G80 based 8800GTS. Next came the G92 based 8800GTS that outperformed once a flagship graphics card from the company. A lot of times, I find myself looking for an excellent cooler in the market before digging for a video card; not for overclocking but for the silence. When I heard that Arctic Cooling's Accelero S1 that I have sitting on my Radeon X1950 Pro is actually compatible with the 8800GT, it did not take me long enough to realize that I had a truly winning combination for performance enthusiasts and quiet PC enthusiasts alike. Today, we'll take a look at the Asus version of the 8800GT -- the Asus EN8800GT TOP 512MB -- which is not just any 8800GT as it's pre-overclocked, under warranty, straight from the factory. Although factory overclocked cards aren't uncommon nowadays, this one is one of the fastest and most readily available 8800GT on the market today, comes with Company of Heroes:Opposing Fronts game, a plethora of cables, and a really, really big retail box. Let's see how the Asus EN8800GT TOP 512MB (Or what we will refer to as the Asus 8800GT TOP) runs through our tests today.

Scythe Ninja Copper 6 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Ninja, which is simply dubbed as the Ninja Copper orSCNJ-CU1000 for the technical geek, is upon us. The Ninja Cu, as we willcall it, is built identically like the older Ninja but made of Copper.Obviously! About 90% of the cooler is made of copper except the bolts thathold the heat pipes in place and the bottom aluminum thick fins that areattached atop the base. And being made of copper it is obvious this coolerwill be heavy and it is a whooping 1015 grams of copper. We all know theperformance will be there with the Ninja but if you don't act soon you maymiss out on getting one as the Ninja Cu is a limit run anniversary model.And we would like to thank Scythe for sending it over to us. Now lets getwith the reviewing.

Foxconn Blackops Motherboard Prototype @ hardwaresecrets.com
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We took a look on the prototype of Foxconn Blackops motherboard, a socket 775 motherboard based on the forthcoming Intel X48 chipset coming with a water-cooling solution and targeted to extreme overclockers.

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition @ bit-tech.net
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From the results, if you can get 2.6GHz+ from one it shouldscalewonderfully, however given the problems AMD seems to be having withscaling its retail CPUs means it looks like getting a good chip is verymuch luck of the draw. And it could turn out to be an expensive mistakeif you consider that every Intel Core 2-based CPU we've ever used haseasily achieved 3GHz.We'd love to have some solid competition and choice again,especially for us enthusiasts but it unfortunately just doesn't look tobe the case. What we risk is the current price difference between Q6600and Q6700 - more than double for an extra 266MHz. That's only becausethe Phenom 9600 loosely relates to the performance of the Core 2 QuadQ6600 and Intel wants to be super-competitive.With Penryn CPUs literally just weeks away - more specifically, the newdual core Wolfdales, which should be positively bursting withpotential, a wise investment for your hard earned cash would be tostill overclock an Intel processor.

GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB Roundup - Albatron, eVGA and XFX @ legitreviews.com
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The Albatron, EVGA and XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB video cards are all gr eat cards that can play all the current games and overclock like no other . As you saw from the testing the different core clock, memory clock and shader clock frequencies vary from card to card and did impact performanc e. Higher clock frequencies did improve performance as the XFX card took the lead in nearly every single benchmark...

Aerocool M-40 Small Form Factor Case @ pro-clockers.com
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For those that say no, the question may want to take a look at theAerocool's newest cube case titled the M-40. Aerocool is fast becoming knownas a company that is very innovative. That is the ExtremeEngine case. Thiscompany was one of the first to implement a larger than normal fan to acase. A fan that measures a whooping 25cm. The M-40 is just as cutting edgeas it utilizes two halves to assemble the rig. Mixed with a black and redtheme, the M-40 has a sort of dark look to it.

Technic3D/CSX Diablo 1200 DDR2 Memory @ technic3d.com
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The CSX DDR2 PC9600 2GB Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against other Memory Kits on Wi ndows Vista Ultimate. You can see 1.260 MHz in the following Review.

G.Skill 4GB PC6400 - XSs - Corrected Link @ xsreviews.co.uk
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There are several performance memory companies outthere, some more well known than others. Perhaps one of the lesserknown brands when compared to the likes of Corsair or OCZ, is G.Skill.In the past they have put together some of the best overclocking kitsaround and hopefully the one I have with me today will be no exception.

G.Skill 4GB PC6400 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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There are several performance memory companies outthere, some more well known than others. Perhaps one of the lesserknown brands when compared to the likes of Corsair or OCZ, is G.Skill.In the past they have put together some of the best overclocking kitsaround and hopefully the one I have with me today will be no exception.

BGear b-Tarantula 650W power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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If you are not familiar with the BGear name, their newest productmaybe the one to get them noticed. The newly released b- Tarantula powersupply is it. The b-Tarantula is a modular unit with some unique cableextensions and also boasts a large 135mm cooling fan. We will talk moreabout the cable extensions later but another thing to know is that the unitcomes a 550 and 650 watt models. Not everyone needs crazy amount of powerbut is the b-Tarantula deserving to be placed in your rig? Lets see.

XFX nForce 780i SLI @ bit-tech.net
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It may look better, but it also costs £20 more than an XFXnForce 680iSLI and we'd certainly be tempted to sit back and wait to see if thenForce 780i SLI suffers from the same significantly high number ofboard deaths that the nForce 680i SLI had - personally I'd choose acompany with a good RMA service and warranty period, just to be safe.In that respect, XFX's two year warranty is clearly outshone by itsAmerican alternative, EVGA, which offers a fantastic and industryleading ten year warranty.The nForce 780i SLI suffers from stuff that just hasn't been updated;no solid aluminium capacitors, no re-FABed chipsets on a coolerprocess, no updated BIOS flashing utilities, no overclocking safeguards and not even a CMOS button.Even though the XFX nForce 780i SLI performs well, is stable and looksgood, it just simply lacks in features I'd expect an enthusiast boardto have. I can't help but want to look elsewhere to the Tier Onemanufacturers for a quiet solution that is better kitted out.

CES Coverage Super Talent @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring Project X.

CES Coverage Booth Babes @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring babes.

CES Coverage Thermaltake @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-10-08] (0 Comments)

Featuring news, cooling and babes.

CES Coverage Silverstone @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the Sabertooth Laser mouse and the SG04 SFF case.

CES Coverage Zalman @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the GT1000 Case with Built-in Res XT and the FPSGun

CES Coverage Coolermaster CSX @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring the CSX painted cases and new unreleased coolers.

CES Coverage Adata @ pro-clockers.com
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Featuring SSD drives.

Spire Cool Force 3 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Graphicscard cooling is a continually expanding market as more and more peopleare turned on to the fact that better cooling on your GPU not onlymeans improved temperatures and therefore maybe a better overclock, butthey are usually a lot quieter too. With that in mind, Spire sent overtheir Cool Force 3; let's see how it does.

GIGABYTE X48-DQ6 Mobo - DES Arrives! @ tweaktown.com
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Today we have a look at the Intel X48 chipset for the first time. While it has a new name, things haven't changed; in fact, X48 is essen tially an X38 chipset that has been hand picked to run higher clock speed s and to support the 1600MHz FSB CPU when Intel finally releases it somet ime this year.We have our first X48 board in hand from GIGABYTE; dubbed the X48-DQ6 it packs in some mighty features including a new heat and voltage management technology. Let's see how it all comes together.

ASUS C90P Overclockable Gaming Laptop @ hardwaresecrets.com
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We took a look on ASUS C90P, a gaming laptop using regular Intel desktop CPUs featuring overclocking by touching just one button that ASUS will be launching during 2008.

HIS HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB @ insidehw.com
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As usually, after the basic models all made in the same fashion asthe referent one, the first cards with more exotic cooling systems begin toarrive. Not that it is an imperative with such cold weather at the moment,but an overclocker values each degree Celsius. This time, we got a graphicscard from HIS, made in cooperation with ArcticCooling, the (in)famousmanufacturer of different advanced cooling systems for PC components. Thefull name of the graphics card we present you with today is HIS HD 3850 512MB DDR3 IceQ 3 Turbo.

XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition @ nvnews.net
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The hot new graphics cards right now are based on the affordable 8800GT chipset from nVidia. I recently received an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition graphics card for review. This card came in at standard 8800GT clocking with 256MB of DDR3 memory.

Gigabyte HD 2600 Pro 512MB @ thetechlounge.com
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I've said before that the HD 2600 Pro should be passed over in favor of theXT for anyone who wants to play video games, or the HD 2400 XT for peoplejust interested in having a discrete graphics card without all that gamingmalarkey. But then, Gigabyte has put together a compelling package with theHD 2600 Pro. A memory bump to 512MB, a clockspeed bump of 5%, passivecooling, component and S-Video out, and Neverwinter Nights 2-a popularsequel by a big developer.

Thermalright HR-05 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Whileyour CPU is underneath what looks like a chuck of metal scavenged froma battleship hull, your chipset is often left with either a simpleextruded aluminium number or hidden with a spider chain of heatsinksand heatpipes.If your motherboard has the former, and you’re looking for a bit moreoverclocking headroom, you’ll need to search for an upgrade. There areseveral solutions, but today I have Thermalright’s HR-05. Let see howit performs.

Asus EAH3870 TOP @ bit-tech.net
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This is the closest that an AMD/ATI-based graphics card has gottocompeting with Nvidia at the same price point for some time now, butthere are still cases where even this factory overclocked Radeon HD3870 from Asus disappoints me a bit. It pains me to say that becausethe Radeon HD 3870 is a truly fantastic product that we are big fans ofat bit-tech.The penalty for enabling anti-aliasing is the single most disappointingdownside and in particular I’m referring to 4xAA performance comparedto what else is on the market at the same price. We’re now in 2008 andone would hope that a performance mainstream graphics card is able tocope with 4xAA enabled at respectable settings and resolutions in mostgames. Of course, Crysisis an exception to this rule (and probably will be for some time tocome), but there are still times where the performance drop is muchlarger than what we’re used to seeing on ATI-based graphics cards ofdays gone by.On the whole though, the card looks to be a great choice as long asAsus meets its suggested retail price and that you also know about thesometimes extreme AA performance penalty. However, our suggestion wouldbe to look at one of the cheaper Radeon HD 3870s on the market, pocketthe difference and then dabble in a bit of overclocking. We say thisbecause although the Asus EAH3870 TOP gets close to a similarly pricedGeForce 8800 GT, it never really matches it in every scenario.

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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And for those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford such asystem, Tuniq has a new PSU that may be right up your alley. Tuniq is nostranger to constructing highend air-coolers but are also in the business ofproviding high-end power supplies. A couple of weeks ago we bought theMiniplant from them but today we will be showcasing their lastest offering.A 1200 watt mammoth entitled:Ensemble. The number 1200 is not the reallything that makes the Ensemble special but also the fact that is boast anefficient rating of 87%. All these numbers are enough to make you wander, sosince you are wandering lets take a closer look at the Ensemble.

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition and Overclocking Test @ pcper.com
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Performance actually scales pretty nicely with the clock speedincreases, but we have to wonder how much better it would have been if theNB portion was able to be clocked higher than 2 GHz. If I was willing to doa bit of hex editing on the motherboard BIOS, then I would have the abilityto increase that multiplier. However, myself and the vast majority of usersare not exactly comfortable messing around with the BIOS at such a low leveland potentially bricking their motherboard.

Tagan TG700-U88 BZ 700 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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And their latest unit to grace the shelves of your local retailer isthe BZ line. The BZ is not only another power supply to your collection butit offers somethings that are a little out of the norm for power supplies.Tagan threw in the mix of LED lights and other safety precautions to theusual 135mm fan and modular cables. We all know that Tagan makes great powersupplies but this just adds to the goodness. So, lets see if this goodnessis worthy of being put into your rig.

ZOTAC GeForce 8800GT AMP! Edition @ tweaktown.com
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With the card carrying the AMP! naming scheme it is of course ove rclocked out of the box, but the particularly good thing about the AMP! E dition is that it's more than just an overclocked card.With the 8800GT AMP! Edition from ZOTAC in hand we have bought in a stock clocked 8800GT from ASUS along with the Crossfire 3850 setup to see just what such a highly overclocked 8800GT can offer us.

Corsair Twinx3x2048-1600 DDR3 Ram Kit @ rbmods.com
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Today it is time to take a look at one of the DDR3 kits on themarket. So far it has seemed that the ram costs more than it actually gives.The performance has been lacking and users have had to pay alot of money toget these types of kits. Lets see how well it performs and overclocks intonights review.

Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The Asus M3A32MVP Deluxe WiFi motherboard was just awesome to wor k with. The board sets up easy, and has the Asus name to back it, which means absolute quality. Overclocking on this board was certainly easy due to the way that Asus implements its BIOS. There was never a time that w e had to use the Clear CMOS at all. If the overclock fails, all you do i s reboot. This board overclocked to very good levels, and certainly with a little more time and tweaking this board could likely take us even hig her...

ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @ techgage.com
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If you're on thelookout for a DDR3 motherboard, the P5E3 Deluxe provesto be a superb choice. It's one of the most feature-packed offerings onthe market, with it's passive cooling, on-board WiFi, high energyefficiency and even a remote control - all while being a solidoverclocker as well.

Patriot Extreme Performance PC3-10666 DDR3 @ pro-clockers.com
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Take Patriot for example, they were first to release faster DDR2module before others. And with the success they had with their DDR2, lineupsurely will carry over to the DDR3 series as well. We at Pro-Clockers willbe right there to present them to you. But to start off the new line we havewith us today the PDC32G1333LLK from the PC3 Extreme Performance line. Themodules sport the new classic Patriot Aluminum bladed heat shields. Thesleek lined heat spreaders protect a 1333 MHz monster with low timingunderneath. Does this have enough umph to get to you to ditch your old DDR2and move into the 21th century? Read the following pages to find out.

GECUBE Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III @ tweaktown.com
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We had a look at the GECUBE HD 3850 the other week in Crossfire form to see how it went up against the new G92 based 8800GTS 512MB. We promised we would have a closer look at the card in its single form along with checking out the package. With the single 3850 OC Edition from GECUBE in hand we thought we would throw in the stock clocked 8800GT from ASUS, but more importantly the Crossfire configuration using two 3850 OC Editions from GECUBE to see what going to a second card does for us.

Digital Storm Twister Extreme 3-Way SLI System @ pcper.com
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The Digital Storm Twister Extreme system has done nothing butimpress me from day one. The case quality and build quality are among thebest I have seen in custom boutique systems and the prices they offer arenear the lowest we have seen anywhere. The hardware in the DS system wasalso impressive -- but you expect that when you get a build sheet thatincludes 3-Way SLI and an overclocked QX6850 processor.

MSI K9A2 CF motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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The MSI K9A2 CF provides excellent value as the cheapestmulti-GPU, PCI-Express2.0 board you'll find on the market today. The fact it’s not based onthe premium chipset in its range means it isn't faster than a 790FXmotherboard, but it still keeps up with the crowd and overclocks like amonster if you have the CPU to match. For £60, it's an exceptionally capable and very stablemotherboard that also has a solid BIOS at this early stage in the790X’s life. Considering the fact that Phenoms are dropping in pricehand over fist and the Radeon HD 3850s and Radeon HD 3870s are goodbuys already, this board is a perfect addition to an inexpensiveupgrade to quad-core and DirectX 10.

ASUS Radeon EAH3850 TOP Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The 3850 seems to be a bit of a silent card in the sense that we haven't heard too much about it since its release; everyone is so wrapp ed up in the 8800GT that people are beginning to forget what exactly AMD have on offer. This is great news for NVIDIA but not so great for AMD. What we'll have a look at today is the 3850 TOP against a stock clocked 3870 also from ASUS. We'll also throw in a stock clocked 8800GT which comes in at a slightly higher price point.

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Personally, I feel that the only time you should ever have to worryabout Northbridge temperature is while overclocking. I've never had a bigproblem with NB temps while overclocking, but I'm not really into theextreme stuff. Even with the passive heatpipe cooling, you really shouldhave additional active cooling, such as a fan blowing directly on theradiators, if you are pushing your system to its limits. What we need is anactive NB heatpipe cooler that can do the job silently, efficiently, andwith a fan that will last. The guys at Thermaltake have taken care of thisproblem with their new NB cooler, the Extreme Spirit II, an actively cooledheatpipe cooler for your Northbridge. Let's see if it will give me somepeace of mind in the NB department.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 PC11000 Kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Kingston's high end of ram has always been the HyperX. HyperX ram isthe line that can take excessive amounts of voltage and run at tightertimings than the ones advertised. And with the introduction of DDR3,Kingston graciously sent us the good stuff. The KHX11000D3LLK2/2G from theHyperX line is one of the latest sets boasting 7-7-7-20 at 1375MHz. Yes, weknow this is an odd amount of FSB from default DDR3 settings. But Kingstonis pushing the limits on this one.

ASUS GeForce EN8800GT TOP 512MB @ tweaktown.com
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The latest addition to the TOP line-up is the 8800GT and it's a n interesting one because the 8800GT packs some serious punch as it is; i t will be interesting to see how the card fairs against the stock model A SUS 8800GTS. What we have stuck the 8800GT TOP from ASUS against today is a stock cloc ked 8800GT, an overclocked 8800GT which comes with the more common 650MHz /1900MHz DDR setup and the stock clocked 8800GTS 512MB based on the G92 c ore.

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During the last few months of using this monitor, it has truly been aluxury - 22 inches of viewing area, brilliantly vibrant color and ultracrisp images, what is there not to love? Answer, not much besides thelimited tilt capabilities, the SyncMaster 2232GW is a solid monitor.Overall, the SyncMaster 2232GW is a beautifully designed monitor which iscapable of delivering top notch graphics and all at a reasonable price.

Palit GeForce 8800GT Sonic Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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Palit do a good job of impressing us here; they seem to be consis tently one of the cheapest partners on the market but it doesn't seem t o come at the cost of specs or build quality. Going into the arena with our Palit 8800GT Sonic is a stock clocked 8800G T from ASUS and the older HD 2900 XT from MSI which is also stock clocked .

AMD's Phenom processors @ bit-tech.net
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The bottomline is that AMD's Phenom processors are currently tooexpensive and don't perform well enough to offer serious competitionfor Intel's quad-core processors. With the low clock speeds, AMD needsapplications that make use of multiple cores to show off the benefitsbut, as most real consumer applications are single threaded (or maybeoccasionally dual-core optimised), there aren't any real benefits toPhenom in its current state. The situation has completely reversed from back in the day when it wasIntel's Pentium 4 versus AMD's Athlon 64 -- AMD's Phenom processors areoutperformed almost right across the board, and this is especially thecase in gaming and single-threaded tests where the processors lack rawMegaHertz. That said, I almost hope consumers will buy them, just tomake sure that there's still a market left for us enthusiasts in thefuture.

ZOTAC GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 @ tweaktown.com
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ZOTAC are still a relatively new company and we saw their first g raphics card a few months ago in the shape of an 8800GTX AMP! Edition. Th is time around, while we're still looking at an 8800 series card it's a GTS 512MB based on the new G92 core. What we'll do today is put the stock clocked HD 3870 against the stock clocked 8800 GTS 512MB from ZOTAC and check out exactly what's going on with these two top-end cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

Corsair PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews is approaching the conclusion to our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which has featured over one dozen

Technic3D/OCZ XTC Memory Cooler @ technic3d.com
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The OCZ XTC Memory Cooler arrived Technic3D. The XTC (Xtreme T hermal Convection) Cooler attaches to your motherboard's DIMM socket r etention levers. While the fans cool your system memory, glowing LED f ans illuminate your memory subsystem. Cools DDR1 or DDR2 memory module s and Improves overclocking performance on all memory modules? See t hat in the following Review.

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512 @ bit-tech.net
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Despite its horribly confusing naming scheme, Nvidia’s GeForce8800 GTS512 is a good product at face value, as it delivers unprecedentedperformance at the price point Nvidia is trying to hit. However, theproblem Nvidia has is that if it doesn’t manage to hit the price pointit’s given to us and the price edges up towards the £250 mark, itbrings the GeForce 8800 GTX back into play. That said, if the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 hits the ~£220 retail pricewe’ve been given, it will hit a sweetspot that will make it a viablealternative to a stock-clocked GeForce 8800 GT and should make it muchbetter value than most of the pre-overclocked 8800 GTs out there. Wesaid the GeForce 8800 GT delivered performance that rivalled theGeForce 8800 GTX, but the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 manages to take thefight to the GeForce 8800 GTX and in many scenarios it’s actuallyfaster.It’s worth making it clear that the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 is not aGeForce 8800 GTX killer and the GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra will stillcontinue to rule the roost at high resolutions with anti-aliasingenabled. However, what Nvidia has done is made a similar level ofperformance available to those with monitors around 1680x1050 at a muchlower price point – if you're looking at playing games on a 1920x1200(or higher) screen, we'd still recommend the 8800 GTX.Ultimately the decision of whether to buy the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 willcome down to how much retailers want to charge for it. That’s somethingthat Nvidia unfortunately cannot control, but it could easily be boththe making of this product and its downfall too.

BFG GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB @ pcper.com
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Let's see...take an already impressive chip with the 8800 GT, addsome more stream processors and up the clocks a bit...and it's no wonderthat the new 8800 GTS 512MB card is a great performer. The 8800 GT cardsdefinitely hit a sweet spot in the balance of price and performance (if youcan find them that is) and the 8800 GTS based on that same G92 architectureis also a winner, just a slightly higher price point.

Noctua NF-P12 Cooling Fans @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we are going to take a look at a new offering from Noctua. Noit isn't a huge towering cooler but something that makes these coolersefficient. It's their newest 120mm cooling fan label the NF-P12. And sureyou are familiar with their NF-S12 series that we reviewed some time ago.Well, the new series shares the same color scheme, but the difference is inthe blades.

Ultra X3 600 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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I am fast becoming an Ultra fanboi. Over the last few months, I'vehad the chance to review enough Ultra products that I've quickly developedadmiration for their company. One after another, Ultra releases qualitycases, power supplies and hard drive enclosures and many other computerperipherals. From a reviewers point of view, Ultra seems to be dedicated toproviding the computer enthusiast community with the highest qualityproducts money can buy. Not long ago, I had the chance to review the UltraX3 1000 watt power supply and I was blown away. Today, I'm working with hislittle brother, the X3 600 watt. Let's see how he fares in his big brother'sshadow.

Inno3D GeForce 8800GT OC 512MB @ tweaktown.com
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While this time around we're looking at another 8800GT with a s tock cooler, this particular model from Inno3D is an OC model and comes w ith some decent clocks so it was considered worthwhile. Inno3D have gone for a bit of gold writing on the cooler to mention the m odel, brand and the fact that it's overclocked. The card looks great on a whole; there really is only so much you can do with a stock cooler tho ugh.

Noctua NF-P12 Cooling Fans @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we are going to take a look at a new offering from Noctua. Noit isn't a huge towering cooler but something that makes these coolersefficient. It's their newest 120mm cooling fan label the NF-P12. And sureyou are familiar with their NF-S12 series that we reviewed some time ago.Well, the new series shares the same color scheme, but the difference is inthe blades.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 @ bit-tech.net
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As I said during my Radeon HD 3870 architectural review, I’m abig fanof the product and I believe that Sapphire’s implementation is a goodone. While Sapphire hasn’t changed much in terms of card design—it’sessentially a reference card wearing Sapphire-branded make up—thecompany has included a comprehensive bundle in the box. And when youfactor in that most of what’s included in the box is useful, the dealjust sweetens itself a bit.The one thing that’s plaguing both not just AMD’s partners though, butalso Nvidia’s is availability of these newly released graphics cards.Sapphire’s Radeon HD 3870 card is currently unavailable for purchase atany of the major UK online retailers, but it’s on pre-order at a verytempting £140 (inc. VAT). If you consider that Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT is starting at around£170—and in some cases going over and above £200—Sapphire’s card looksto be pretty good value. Once you add in the good overclockingheadroom, the deal almost seems too good to be true. Thankfully it’snot (as long as Sapphire can meet the demand for the product) and, ifyou can find the product in stock, I wholeheartedly recommend thiscard.

Crucial Lanfest 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit @ techpowerup.com
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Crucial's Newegg Lanfest 2K7 Special Edition memory kit is an extreme overclocking kit at its best. With stellar looks and the potential to simply shatter the rated specifications, this kit definitely won't fail to please the overclocking needs of any PC enthusiast and at a great price to boot.

Cooler Master Cosmo 1000 Chassis + HD 3870 3DMark06 Record @ insidehw.com
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All in all, we might have sounded a little too harsh - this case istop-quality nevertheless. The potential issue here is that the target marketis a little too narrow for the case to sell well. In our opinion, the onlyusers that might find interest in this case are:one, hardcore overclockerswith one or more high-end GPUs and likely a water-cooling system, and two,those users who don't think twice about paying a lot for excellent design,which this case really has.

Tuniq TX-2 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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When you decided to buy a new cooler, you forgot theheatpaste didn’t you? You ended up with the stock generic white stuffthat does the job, but hardly excels. Well today I have a product tohelp you lower the all-important CPU temperature for overclockingbliss; the Tuniq TX-2 heatpaste.Made from non-metallic elements, this paste boasts a zero electricalconductivity and low thermal resistance. Let’s see how it performs.

Pro-Clockers Christmas Wish List Motherboard Edition @ pro-clockers.com
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As the Holidays get closer, our wish list keeps getting bigger. Atthe top of most of our lists is upgrade components to rejuvenate our agingrigs. In 2007, we have seen one of the biggest growths in enthusiast partslike no other time in recent years. Without a doubt, this is the time to askyour loved ones for those most coveted components.

XFX GeForce 8800GT 256MB XXX Edition Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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XFX has done a wonderful job with their XXX Edition video card fo r the GeForce 8800 GT 256MB series. Their improved cooler is a nice touch that makes their GeForce 8800 GT video cards stand out from the rest. It 's tough to make a video card stand our from the crowd, but XFX has been finding ways to make it happen. The bundle with the XFX GeForce 8800 GT 2 56MB Alpha Dog XXX Edition was solid and it was nice to see the game Lost Planet included with the bundle. The 650MHz core clock and 1.6GHz memor y clocks on the XXX edition are nice as it's a card you can plug in and j ust run. Users don't have to download third party applications and/or fl ash the BIOS to overclock...

NZXT Alpha Classic Series Steel Mid-tower @ pro-clockers.com
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NZXT is a company that is renowned for producing quality,performance-minded cases with a touch of class. I consider it a privilege toreview their cases. Today, I get the chance with the Alpha Classic SeriesSteel Mid-tower chassis, which from this moment on will be called the Alpha.Let's get to it. Shall we?

Super Talent Project X DDR3-1800 2x1GB RAM @ aphnetworks.com
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When Super Talent announced their Project X series of DDR3 RAM a few months back, it sounded pretty astonishing -- but at this presentation I expected it to arrive at an astonishing price relative to other sets of DDR3 RAM in the market right now. Surprisingly, Super Talent's Project X paired with Micron's excellent D9GTR ICs with sharp aluminum heatsinks is also a sharp combination with a relatively aggressive price -- at least for memory in this market segment. I've seen other DDR2-1600 RAM costing more than the Project X DDR3-1800 -- something that we don't see every day. Super Talent has been highly regarded amongst enthusiast in the past, and combined with overclocking preferred Micron D9GTR ICs, as well as a relatively lower price compared to other DDR3 RAM, I'm sure that it will live up to its reputation. But will this be a winning combination if you are in the market for performance DDR3 RAM? We'll find out today.

Abit IX38 QuadGT @ bit-tech.net
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The Abit IX38 QuadGT is a very solid and stable motherboard that overclocks very well and, as a result, it might appear to be an attractive proposition. Sadly though, it's let down by poor performance, a poor supporting package (which may not be a concern for many) and some of the board's features really polarise my opinion of it.In the end, I find it hard to justify the IX38 QuadGT's asking price, but if you aren't fazed by the below-par performance and occasionally strange choice on the feature list, the board is solid enough to stand up to a barrage of abuse.

GeCube Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III 512 MB @ techpowerup.com
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AMD's new Radeon HD 3850 has been a major upgrade in both performance and efficiency. GeCube has taken the reference design and increased the clock speeds. They also doubled the available memory to 512 MB GDDR3 and use a two slot cooler on the card. But can this yield enough performance to warranty a $30 price premium? We compare it to 17 other video cards.

Adata PD-18 Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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If you haven't paid a visit to Adata's website lately, you may wantto after you finish reading this review. But when you get there you will seethat there are plenty of flash drives to decide from. All ranging in sizesfrom 512mb up to a whooping 16 gigs. Some are themed and some professional,but the one that will almost instantly draw your attention would be thePD-18. The PD-18 is one of the smallest drives that you will see from anycompany offering flash drives. Adata packs up to 4 gigs of storage in thistiny little plastic piece. Is it the one for you?

Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I do a lot of case reviews as the junior reviewer at Pro-Clockers. Itdoesn't bother me, because I've got a case fetish of sorts. In its owntwisted way it works out fine for everyone involved. Over the years, I'veowned big cases, small cases, weird cases and modded cases. To be honest, Ichange cases more than some men change shirts. The last few years, I settledin with the Antec Sonata II. It's a great case and did what I needed it todo. However, I changed it for the Aerocool AE Plus last month. Always asucker for big fans, the Aerocool drew me in. After trying out theSunbeamtech Quarterback, I switched again. My main rig is now happily housedin the slightly odd, yet highly functional Quarterback. Read on to see why Ichanged cases.

NVIDIA G92 Overclocked - GT vs. GTS 512 @ tweaktown.com
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The overclocking ability on products is sometimes one of the most important features. More often than not in the computer world you're g iven the ability to buy a model or two down, and with a BIOS or easy to u se application you can take that said product up to and often above the l evel of the top model.The 8800GTS 512MB is only a little bit ahead of the 8800GT 512MB, but wit h its dual slot cooler and extra shaders on tap we thought that where the card may really shine is in the overclocking department.

Ultra X3 1000 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Anyone familiar with the old fighting game Primal Instinct knows thesignificance of hearing that word. Much like Mortal KombatR, primal instinctused a combo system and the Ultra Combo was the best one. By the time youfinished off the combo, your opponent was so beaten and bruised, yourvictory was all, but assured. I remember jubilantly celebrating when I wouldpull one of those combos off as I finished local rivals. Now, I'm older, butwhen I heard I was given the chance to review the X3 1000 watt power supplyby Ultra, I celebrated like I did of old with a fist pump in the air forgood measure. For the last few months, I've been considering a SLI setupwith dual 8800 GTX's, but I knew my 650 would probably have problems withproviding the needed power. I already have one GTX, but I also have 3 SATAII hard drives, a DVD-RW, CD-RW, 3 USB hard drives, and about 4 other USBdevices plugged into my computer. Another GTX might take it over the edge.Just from reputation, I knew the Ultra X3 1000 has what it takes to handleSLI without breaking a sweat. Not to mention, Ultra is very well known forthe quality of its hardware. I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunityto put this thing through its paces.

EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT KO - Overclocked G92 Goodness @ pcper.com
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The new EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT KO graphics card performed about howwe expected it to:slightly faster than the reference 8800 GT we had testedearlier. In several cases that performance difference was as high as 10-12%on the average frame rate but in other cases the performance gap wassomething like 5-6%. Results obviously depend on the game title and much ofits bottleneck in performance is on the shader units and clock speeds versusthe memory system.

XFX GeForce 8800GT 512MB Alpha Dog Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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When we first sat the XFX GeForce 8800 GT 512MB next to the refer ence NVIDIA card something just didn't look right. XFX implimented a larg er fan and also increased the opening in the cover to let more cool air i n. The slits on the sides of the cover have also been increased to improv e airflow around the capacitors and other heat producing components. The changes to the cooling really paid off as the XFX GeForce 8800 GT was 15C cooler at idle and 8C cooler at load thanks to the increased airflow. No t bad considering the XFX GeForce 8800 GT Alpha Dog is running overclocke d! Our review sample have a core clock frequency of 625MHz and the refere nce cards from NVIDIA run at 600MHz...

Aerocool Silverwind CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, what Aerocool would like for you to take interest in is theircooler for the Core2 processor titled Silverwind. The Silverwind has a styleand shape to it that is kind of unique compared to a lot of current coolerson the block. The extrusion heatsink as Aerocool calls it pulls air downthru the middle of the cooler into an inner set of fins. And then theair...wait you have to click on some more pages before I spill the beans.

NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 Tested @ tweaktown.com
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Getting down to the nitty gritty there are some key details we should make mention of. Based on the new G92 core, we have the standard features to come with it such as PCI Express 2.0, a 65nm die and 1:1 texture addressing units:texture filtering units.These are the features we know to be standard across all of the upcoming 8800GTS G92 based graphics cards, but as far as model specifics go we have in this case 512MB of GDDR3 memory. That 512MB comes clocked in at 1940MHz DDR while the core and shader clocks come in at 650MHz and 1625MHz respectively.

Vantec Nexstar MX Dual HDD Enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
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Vantec has a unit that could easily fit these peoples' needs. Thenewly released Nexstar MX dual drive enclosure. Vantec is no stranger tobuilding enclosures, so when they release a new one it will be good. The newMX holds two Serial ATA drives that connect to your PC simply through theUSB port.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ bigbruin.com
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Going into this review I had no idea of what to expect. I wasn't particularly familiar with Aeneon and honestly didn't expect their memory to be able to outperform similar kits from the likes of Kingston and Crucial. With the ability to run at tight timings and overclock nicely, this kit made a solid impression and is definitely worth keeping your eyes out for.

bit-tech P:Hands on with Intel's X48 chipset @ bit-tech.net
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It's not like 1,600MHz FSB CPUs will be saved for X48either, sinceAsus has already added support on its X38 boards. If Asus can managethis, we have no doubt that everyone else will follow suit too, whichin turn kills any potential hardware leverage the X48 might have had.On the overclocking front, Asus has shown me that it has achieved568MHz FSB with an E6550 on air with a moderate voltage increase,however the team behind that must have a gem of a CPU because I canonly get our QX9770 processor to match the results we got with ourP5E3 Deluxe, which topped out around 500MHz FSB.If you've already bought an X38 then don't stress about X48 - you'realready there, just keep your BIOS up to date. However what worries meis that since X38 is hardly the performance demon what we expected itto be over P35 - where does this leave Intel's mid-to-high end chipsetbusiness?

[News] G.Skill 2x1GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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G.Skill has once again been gracious in sending us one of their moreextreme memory kits. The G.Skill DDR3-1600 2x1GB Dual Channel Memory Kit isaimed at offering the more serious enthusiast some very capable memory thatwill be able to keep up with the most serious of overclocked processors andstill be quite capable when even faster processors arrive. You read correct.Processors will undoubtedly continue to increase in frequency and will soonsurpass the 1333MHz Front Side Bus. Most DDR3 kits to reach the shelves thusfar are 1066MHz and higher. This means Core 2 Duo users with the 1066 or1333 FSB processors finally have memory modules to match. As you'll see,1600MHz DDR3 has a lot to offer faster cores.

Crucial Ballistix 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
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The 1600MHz dual channel memory kit comes rated with 8-8-8-24 at 1.8V and it was able to run either a command rate of 1T or 2T with no issues at this clock frequency. This is due to the fact that Crucial's 1 600MHz memory kits use highly screened Micron ICs that have been found to offer great timings and high clock frequencies. With an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor running at 450MHz Front Side Bus, we were able to reach 1800MHz at 2.20V with 7-7-7-20 1T timings on the 1600MHz Crucial Ballisti x DDR3 memory kit...

ASUS GeForce 8800GT 512MB Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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We've got three 8800GTs on hand at the labs of TweakTown which would probably give us more 8800GTs than any retail shop has seen. To say supply on the 8800GT is pretty poor would be an understatement. Maybe the 8800GT got off to a bit of an unfair start; we did compare an o verclocked card to stock HD 2900 offerings initially. However, it's saf e to say that with the numbers being pulled here today from the stock clo cked ASUS card, our initial judgment of the card being a great performer is well justified.

A-DATA Extreme Edition DDR2 800+ 2x1GB RAM @ aphnetworks.com
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While the memory market is highly saturated, there's always a demand for RAM in the computer industry. Whether you are a computer enthusiast or a casual user, everyone knows what RAM is; and everyone has a rough idea of its importance inside personal computers. In this sense, what separates ideals of the casual user from the enthusiast is that, while the former will typically look at nothing much beyond capacity and price, the latter will demand properties such as overclocking and performance in addition to its price tag. With the A-DATA Extreme Edition DDR2 800+ dual channel kit, A-DATA promises enthusiast performance and features at a somewhat casual user's price. Will it live up to its name, and compete against more prominent brands in this segment such as OCZ and Corsair? We've put this very set to the tests to see if it's a pair of DDR2 that you want to dump some cash on your next upgrade.

OCZ PC2-6400 ReaperX 4GB DDR2 Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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OCZ's newest line of ram sports these new heat shields but that isnot all. Probably the most important factor of the new Reaper X is not thenewest but these kits are a whooping 4 gigs. So, for you Vista users youwill have all the ram you would need for MS's newest OS to run itssmoothest. For the extreme overclocker the new heat spreaders allow you pumpthese modules with up to 2.2 volts of juice without voiding the warranty.And for the individuals that want tight timings? How does 4-4-3-15 sound?Is there more this new ram have to offer? Read the article.

bit-tech Editorial:A Phenomenon in Warsaw @ bit-tech.net
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At the eleventh hour of the Phenom production, AMD found anissue inthe L3 cache transition lookup buffer at very heavy loads whichprevented the company from launching it at 2.4GHz. When AMD announcedthis to the members of press present at the event, there was thathorrible silence where opinion in the room just sank.The company did state that there is a BIOS fix available which userswould be able to turn on or off in AMD Overdrive – the company’s newtweaking utility, which actually looks pretty swanky – as thesituations when end users are likely to encounter this problem are verysmall in number. The penalty for enabling the L3 cache TLB fix all thetime is around a 10 percent performance decrease, which I guess is whyAMD is leaving users with the option to enable or disable the fix asthey see fit. The company’s representatives said that the issue wouldbe fixed soon with a new stepping, which will probably be what thehigher-clocked chips will use when they’re launched early next year.However, I think there’s more to it than this one problem in and ofitself. I got this inkling after asking one question during the eventabout how mature the 65nm process was. See, we’ve still not seen Athlon64 X2 chips based on the new process that are shipping in volume atspeeds higher than 2.6GHz. The answer we got was that the process wastaking longer than expected to mature – part of the reason for this wasthat the company had focused so hard on getting Phenom out of the doorin a respectable amount of time.

OCZ PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz RAM Kit OCZ3P16002GK @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Benchmark Reviews continues on with our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which features over one dozen different DDR3 kits.  Many of the kits we have tested so far have helped achieve extremely uncommon overclock speeds, and even some of the kits not setting speed records managed to impress us with their combination of performance and value.  So far we have reviewed the Patriot PC3-15000, Super Talent PC3-14400, and Mushkin PC3-10666 kits, but today we are especially pleased to test the OCZ PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz 2GB RAM Kit OCZ3P16002GK.

Synology DS-107+ SATA NAS Server @ pro-clockers.com
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As a reviewer, I get my hands on nice equipment from time to time.Many of the products I've reviewed in the past have found permanent homes inmy computer room. As I'm a slave to staying on the bleeding edge, theseproducts will be given away or sold to gather money for upgrades. Every nowand then, a product comes along that I could never dream of parting waysfrom. The Synology DS-107+ arrived at my house a few weeks ago and it willnever leave it again, unless I do. The DS-107+ is a Network Attached Storageunit with many innovative features like Gigabit Ethernet, Windows ADSauthentication, USB printer sharing, dynamic website hosting, and databackup. Synology's website categorizes the DS-107+ as a small businesssolution; but at just over $300, it's affordable enough for most powerusers. Considering everything this unit can do, it is well worth the price.

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard Updates - new life for AMD @ pcper.com
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The Mid Range System gets some changes this month starting with aslower CPU...what?? Actually the new 5000+ Black Edition got the nod forits unlocked multiplier and high overclocking potential, easily getting youthat 200 MHz back. We also made the move to the brand new AMD HD 3850graphics card, replacing the NVIDIA 8600 GTS. You can read my review hereas to why that is, but the short answer much better performance.

ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 r5.0 LGA 775 ATX Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Some motherboard manufacturers specialize in providing products for aspecific group of users or a select audience. While some boards are gearedtoward PC gamers and enthusiasts, others are made to cater to multimediausers and budget-minded consumers' needs. ASRock typically creates uniquemotherboards that are extremely feature-rich, but won't break the bank.Today, we have the ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 ATX motherboard on our testbench. This board sports a host of features including support for 1333 FSB,CrossFire video cards, PCI Express, eSATA, and HDMI to name a few. Thosefeatures are just the tip of the iceberg for this motherboard, so let's moveright into the review.

[News] ECS P35T-A Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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ECS has had some pretty darn decent motherboards since their NForce5 chipsets first arrived. Now that we're on to Intel Core 2 Duo, ECS optedto go for a more feasible LGA 775 motherboard built around the Bearlake P35Chipset. Now, we all know the flagship P35 boards overclock very, very welland offer some excellent performance results. Scaling back the amount offeatures a P35 has to offer isn't a bad thing and often performs just aswell minus top range overclocking, extra e-SATA ports, and elaborate heatpipe cooling.

Noctua's NC-U6 @ bleedinedge.com
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It always seems that cooling and quiet are at odds with computer hardware.Cooling is a priority for those who push their systems hard or overclock.Such cooling usually comes at the price of noise. Today we look at oneproduct that may provide the cooling needed but without sacrificing quietrunning. Come read along as we test one such product.

Tuniq Miniplant 950 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Hmmmm. What is it that I am possibly missing? I know. a powerfulpower supply. Powering a system of this multitude takes a pretty powerfulpower supply. Most people would immediately scream out 850 plus watts. Ifyou want the room and power to spare Tuniq has a new power unit just releaseto the market. The Miniplant is a small power-plant capable of providing amassive 950 watts of power, proving great things can come in small packages.

PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme @ ngohq.com
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Today thanks to PowerColor we have the opportunity to test one of AMD's newest GPU's - The Radeon HD 3850. This version is not a stock HD 3850 card. The card we received from PowerColor is their Xtreme edition with 512MB of GDDR3. The Xtreme edition is a factory-overclocked card, equipped with a ZEROtherm VGA Cooler to offer better cooling performance. The reference Radeon HD 3850 card has 320 stream processors; the core is clocked at 670 MHz and has 256MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 1.66 GHz. The PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme's core is clocked at 720 MHz and has 512MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 1.8 GHz.

Aerocool Easywatch Front Panel Display @ pro-clockers.com
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The new Easywatch is a front panel device that allows you to eyeballtemps from different components inside your computer. It will also give theuser the ability to adjust fan speed with the push of a button. There areseveral different devices like the Easywatch on the market, but, the thingthe Easywatch has over a lot of the others is that it remains pretty sleekand simple. No excessive bling bling.

Ultra m998 Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Perfection comes in many packages. There is the perfect sunset, theperfect moment and then there is the perfect case. Like beauty, perfectionis all in perception. We're all too varied in tastes and experiences to everagree 100% on anything. With that said, the Ultra m998 is about the closestyou can come to a perfect case. During the review process, I found littlemiddling things here and there that can be improved on, but none of themrate enough to knock it off its throne as the best case I've ever reviewed.Read on to find out how a reviewer became a fan boy.

bit-tech :BFGTech GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB @ bit-tech.net
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We continue tobe impressed by Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT and in the grand scheme ofthings, and BFGTech’s overclocked card continues that trend. Admittedly, the BFGTech 8800 GT OC is only a few frames per secondfaster than the reference card in most scenarios, but the benefit ofthe BFGTech card is that it comes with a decent warranty and, fromexperience, good customer services too.At around £182 (inc. VAT) with free delivery for active bit-tech forummembers, it’s not the cheapest GeForce 8800 GT available - but it’swell-placed in the middle of the pricing matrix.  XFX’s Alpha Dog XXXEdition, which comes with 670MHz core and 1950MHz memory clocks is allthe way up at £223 (inc. VAT), while the cheapest stock-clocked GeForce8800 GT we’ve seen is around the £165-mark.Ultimately, it depends what you’re after and, if you don’t mind waitinga few days, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC2 should be available to buy onOverclockers UK for around £195 (inc. VAT).  This card comes clocked at675MHz core, 1674MHz shader and 1950MHz memory – you can achieve thiswith a bit of overclocking on the 8800 GT OC, but is it worth saving£10 to potentially void your warranty?On the whole, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC card delivers and it earns arecommendation from us, but we’d like pricing (on the whole) to settledown to more respectable levels.  At the very least, we’d like theprices to come down to the levels we were told the GeForce 8800 GT wasexpected to hit in the run-up to its launch back on the 29th October. I guess we’re not going to see prices settle down until the demandstarts to drop off a little though, so it's a case of either get onewhen you can, or wait  a while until the demand shrinks – supply isvery short at the moment it would seem, as everywhere we’ve looked, allGeForce 8800 GTs are on backorder.

Antec NeoPower 650 Blue Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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There are names in the computer industry I just trust. Antec is amongthem. Year after year, Antec continues to provide quality products fornearly every budget sector of the computer enthusiast market. Normally, Ieagerly grab them up as they come out. Today I get a chance to put my mittson the NeoPower 650 Blue, Antec's latest offering in power supplies. Let'ssee how it does.

Asus EN8600GT OC Gear 256MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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The ASUS EN8600GT OC Gear really didn't impress us with itsperformance prowess, but it did have a host of other features and optionsthat distracted us enough to make us feel pretty good about this graphicscard. While the card's GPU and memory clocks are much lower than other8600GTs available, gamers definitely have the option and opportunity tooverclock this card past what vendors have achieved.

Asus EN8600GT OC Gear 256MB Graphics Card @ pcper.com
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The ASUS EN8600GT OC Gear really didn't impress us with itsperformance prowess, but it did have a host of other features and optionsthat distracted us enough to make us feel pretty good about this graphicscard. While the card's GPU and memory clocks are much lower than other8600GTs available, gamers definitely have the option and opportunity tooverclock this card past what vendors have achieved.

Crucial Ballistix 12800 DDR3 2gb - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
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Inthe past the Ballistix range from Crucial has stunned us with itsoverclocking ability right from DDR, through to DDR2 and now DDR3.Today we are taking a look at Crucial's new 12800 overclocking pair ofmodules; let see if they live up to the previous generation's sterlingreputations.

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There's no denying the fact that ATP Inc's ToughDrive mini is at thetop of its class. Packaged in a small rubber casing, the look was simple butthe performance packed a heavy punch. As the name implies, if you need adurable drive and want to tough it out through sand, snow and abuse, thisdrive won't let any of that get in its way. This tiny monster has certainlysurpassed my expectations.

[News] EnzoTech Sapphire CPU Water Block @ virtual-hideout.net
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When EnzoTech told us about their newest CPU cooler, it wasn't a bigsurprise since water cooling is still the most cost efficient and aggressiveform of cooling. While phase cooling may be a more extreme form of cooling,it isn't affordable and is really intended for extreme overclockers. Sincewe're partial to what gives you the best cooling performance per cost, wewere honored to receive the EnzoTech Sapphire CPU Water Block. It'sEnzoTech's first premiere launch in to the water cooling market. Andincidentally, they also released the SNBW-SLI (Northbridge) Water Blockwhich looks to further compliment the CPU cooler since most users who go forthat excellent system overclock will also appreciate a well cooledNorthbridge chipset. Unfortunately, that wasn't included in the box. Nonethe less, let's take a look at the Sapphire Water Block.

Gigabyte X38-DQ6 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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If Gigabyte being the respectable motherboard company it is gave theworld one of the first motherboards built on this new socket. The X38-DQ6gives all the bells and whistle needed to be a full featured motherboard.Blessed with firewire, USB 2.0, SATA II and PCIe 2.0, the X38-DQ6 is boundto be a board like no other. And if the features don't attract you thecolorful layout will. The blue, red, orange and yellow are enough tobrighten up any case.

Foxconn X38A Digital Life @ insidehw.com
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If we take for granted the promised price of 170=E2=82=AC for this board, with all the possibilities it has, this is definitely a =E2=80=9CBest Buy=E2=80=9D motherboard in the upper segment. Foxconn obviously found its path in the multimedia-overclocking philosophy, which is a truly promising concept.

OCZ Platinum PC3-12800 Enhanced Bandwidth 2x1GB DDR3 RAM @ aphnetworks.com
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It's been ages since we've last reviewed some RAM. Memory modules are always interesting products to review -- and from that sense we actually have two RAM reviews in addition to this one coming up within the next month or so; in which one is provided by A-DATA and the second one coming from Super Talent. That aside, what's important is that we'll be taking a look at OCZ's Platinum PC3-12800 Enhanced Bandwidth Edition 2x1GB DDR3 memory (Long name, isn't it?). Yes, that's right -- our first spotlight review on next-generation DDR3 RAM. Last month, we compared the DDR3 Asus P5K3-Deluxe against its DDR2 counterpart, the Asus P5K-Deluxe, as well as benchmarks done on this very pair of RAM in our Asus P5E3-Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n motherboard review last week. Needless to say, we've got tons of experience with these OCZ modules -- and today we'll tell you everything we know about it. Hardware attributes, benchmarks, overclocking, you name it!

Zalman CNPS8700-CU LED CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Zalman was one of the first to incorporate an open face fan andheatsink configuration, and the CNPS8700 shows that this company hasn't beenresting on its laurels, but improving on an already proven fan favorite.This low-profile heatsink uses Zalman's popular

bit-tech :Gigabyte X38-DS5 & X38T-DQ6 @ bit-tech.net
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Simply ignore DDR3-based X38 boards for the time being becausethere isliterally no extra performance on offer - this is very likely notunique to Gigabyte though. Even then, as a top of the range DQ6 board,I don't feel the box package and the overclocking capabilities arewhere they should be. There's nothing over and above the DS5 apart fromdifferent capacitors, a few more power phases and a Gigabit Ethernetsocket. The GA-X38T-DQ6 is a good, stable board at stock speeds but I'dstill buy the GA-X38-DS5 which does the same for less, without theextra burden that is the cost of DDR3 memory at the moment.If you feel the overwhelming desire to buy an X38 board over P35, thenthe Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 should certainly be one to consider even ifyou're not that cost concious. It performs very well, has plenty offeatures, is super stable and has the same BIOS options as the DQ6.However, it's not a great overclocker like an X38 should be and offersvirtually no performance advantage over cheaper P35-based boards.

Technic3D/Mushkin XP2-6400 2GB DDR2 @ technic3d.com
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The Mushkin XP2-6400 2GB DDR2 Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-4-3-10 and Overclocking against other Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate. You can see 1080 MHz in the fo llowing Review with 2,1V.

Zalman CNPS7500-CU LED CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Heatsinks have been around since the inception of the CPU, andmanufacturers have feverishly been trying to develop creative ways to coolthe latest and greatest processors that produce an abundant amount of heat.We've seen every type of fin array imaginable, but Zalman's flower styledesign seems to stand out from the rest. Not only were they one of the firstto use copper fins on their heatsinks, but they were also one of the firstto experiment with different fin array configurations to enhance theirheatsinks' performance. Today, we have Zalman's CNPS7500-CU LED CPU cooleron our test bench. This massive 848 gram beast has a low profile design anda flare for craftsmanship that many enthusiasts have come to expect fromZalman.

ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-05-07] (0 Comments)

Micro ATX motherboards have come a long way from just giving usersbasic computer functionality in a small package. This motherboard type hasmade a name for itself as a critical component for Home Theater PCs andother multimedia intensive systems. Today, we have the ASRockALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard on our test bench. With onboardsupport for dual monitors and 720p Blu-ray / HD-DVD playback, this budgetmotherboard is sure to make consumers take a double take when they see it onstore shelves.

PCPer Podcast #15 - RV670, 8800 GT, Asus Eee PC, Crysis Performance, Intel QX9650, more! @ pcper.com
[Nov-03-07] (0 Comments)

This week we talk about our reviews of a Viewsonic VA2226w monitor,PCMark Vantage, Crysis Demo Performance, the Yorkfield QX9650, the Asus EeePC 4G notebook and the Corsair TX750W power supply. We also touch on rumorsabout the AMD RV670 graphics card in comparison to the new NVIDIA 8800 GTcard and how the quietly released Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition mightoverclock. We sum up the tech news with information Nehalem's time framefor launch, how the GPU market increased 20% last quarter and the future AMD790FX motherboards.

Mushkin XP2-6400 (DDR2-800) 2x1GB Memory Kit ed @ thetechlounge.com
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Mushkin has been on the enthusiast scene for over a decade, andconsistently produces memory at better timings and higher clockspeeds thanthe majority of competing memory manufacturers. Their devotion has neverbeen widely heralded; they're predictable in a market that champions flashand innovation, even when that same stuff is, more often than not,ridiculous and temporary. Does Mushkin's consistency ensure anotherabove-average kit?

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal paste @ pro-clockers.com
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The average web-surfing, email-checking net slave doesn't think muchabout thermal paste. Thermal performance probably never enters their minduntil they get a whiff of burning silicon, if then. Now, consider youraverage enthusiast. They probably worry about temps, but not to the extremeof buying branded, high-end thermal paste. Even among the enthusiastcommunity, many are happy with stock cooling. However there is a sub-cultureinside our sub-culture. They crave MHz like an addict craves smack. Everysingle detail of their computer is designed to eek out that little extra fpsor to shave off a millisecond rendering time. They route cables, installfans, mod their PC's and even buy fancy thermal compound to get their CPU'sa degree Celsius cooler. Today, I'm reviewing Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste. Inormally use Arctic Silver 5. Let's see how it stacks up.

Zerotherm BTF92 Overclocker Edition @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-31-07] (0 Comments)

Zerotherm has just announced an new all-copper CPU heatsink based on their classic

OCZ ATV Turbo USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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I don't know anyone nowadays who doesn't own at least one flash drivefor their important documents, financial data, passwords, or family photos -to name a few. The technology has been around for several years now, butmany of them lack from slow data transfer rates to shotty construction thatreduces their life spans. Some users consider their flash drives to be the

ZEROtherm BTF92 OC Edition CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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As we said ZEROtherm has announced a bunch of products this week. OnMonday we took a look at the Nirvana NV120 CPU cooler and today we arechecking out the BTF92 Overclocker Edition CPU cooler. The BTF92 is the bigbrother to the BTF90, which we took a look at a while ago. It is a littlebit bigger than the BTF90 and features manual fan control, but besides thatit is just about the same. Let's check it out and see if it can performbetter than the BTF90.

Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-30-07] (0 Comments)

The Nirvana NV120! This is one that I think will gain even moreacceptance than the BTF90 due mostly to the gun-metal coloring and the moreconservative look. The NV120 does not look like any pretty insects but doessport a more familiar tower design. Lighter weight and a variable fancontrol does offer more in the lines of end users needs. We all know theBTF90 performed pretty well, but will the changes that the NV120 belongalong put it in the class with the big dawgs?

Zotac GeForce 8800 GT @ techpowerup.com
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The Zotac GeForce 8800 GT comes equipped with NVIDIA's latest G92 GPU. Unlike the NVIDIA reference design, Zotac's card is running at a higher clock of 660 MHz which gives this card a nice performance boost. With a price point of only $249 and performance that is close to the 8800 GTX, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT is going to be one of the big sellers this year.

Overclocking at Intel 2007 @ nordichardware.com
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After trying to write the first page of this article six, seven or perhaps even eight times, I came to the conclusion that maybe it's just best to say it like it is. Right now I'm traveling home after having experienced a weekend that will forever be remembered as one of the most exciting events of my life.

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The Antec Quattro 850W is a high end bargain power supply, if theterm even exists, truly a testament of the meaning of value. For the priceof a low end power supply, the Quattro 850W is up to par with power suppliespriced in a much higher price bracket, matching them in performance andfeatures.

OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Edition Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Browsing around the likes of Newegg and other major online retailersthe cheapest you will see a set of DDR3 at two gigs would just under $350.Like all new things, you will pay a premium for it. But with the premiumcomes some incredible bandwidth as well. Most enthusiasts will tell you thatbandwidth is not everything, latencies and timings plays a major role inperformance as well. In the end however, you cannot stop technology. So,DDR3 is in and DDR2 is on its way out the door. One company that is alwaysone of the first to do anything new when it comes to ram is OCZ. OCZ for themost part has dominant the DDR and DDR2 scene. Chances are that they will bethere right in the middle of the DDR3 movement as well. To get the movementstarted OCZ has been cool enough to send us over some DDR3-1333MHz forinitial testing. 1333MHz is the lowly ends of the DDR3 spectrum as well,there are already samples of DDR3-1800 surfacing. For starters let usintroduce you to the OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Edition. 1333MHz speed and somerelaxed timings of 9-9-9-26 is what you get with the new kit.

Asus Blitz Formula Motherboard @ viperlair.com
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Asus have done a great job with the BIOS and it is one of the easiest we have ever used. Even the most inexperienced overclocker should be able to leave pretty much everything on automatic and achieve a very high overclock. Those who know what they are doing will have plenty to play with as the options are extensive to say the least. The BIOS offers options for storing a couple of settings profiles, plus more with a USB Flash drive or other Fat formatted storage device if you so desire, although it's a shame none of this seems to tie in with the Asus software (at least it didn't with Vista).

Intel Core 2 on a Budget @ tweaktown.com
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So far we have already looked at the G33 chipset which contains t he GMA3100 integrated graphics chip and makes itself quite a name in the business sector. Today we are taking a look at the basic end of the Intel Core 2 platform, the G31. Our first G31 candidate is the ECS G31T-M motherboard. ECS has always pro duced the best low-end boards you will ever see, as they tend to add in f eatures whilst keeping their prices down. Their boards usually have some overclocking potential as well, so let's see just how well the G31T-M b ehaves today.

SteelSeries S&S Gaming Surface @ pro-clockers.com
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Now, I've been into computer hardware and gaming culture long enoughnow that I have a good idea out of the gate what I will like and what I willnot. To be honest, when I first heard I would be reviewing the SteelSeriesS&S mousepad, I wasn't too thrilled at the prospect.

OCZ DDR3 PC3-14400 Platinum 2 GB @ techpowerup.com
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OCZ's new DDR3 1800 memory kit is geared towards early adopters, overclockers and enthusiasts that always want to have the latest and the greatest. We tested the 2 GB kit and were surprised how well balanced overclocking is. You are free to run aggressive CL5 timings at lower clocks or go full out, up to 1850 MHz.

Scythe Kamacross CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Overclockers start your engines ! Today we're reviewing the ScytheKama Cross. From its appearance, the Kama Cross looks like it would be moreat home under the hood of a vintage muscle car than on top of a CPU. And,that may we ll be because enthusiasts pay as much attention to theappearance of the coolers as the performance these days. The days of thestandard block shaped cooler seems to be nearing it's zenith. Companies haveheeded the call and are starting to come out with products that not onlydeliver performance, but are also visually striking. There are many greatproducts already on store shelves. It appears as if Scythe were committed tomaking the Kama cross stand out visually, but let's see how it performs.

VVIKOO GeForce 8600 GT Turbo @ techpowerup.com
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VVIKOO is a new videocard manufacturer based in Paris offering both NVIDIA and ATI cards. One of their first products is the GeForce 8600 GT Turbo, which is an overclocked version of NVIDIA's 8600 GT. The card comes equipped with a quiet Zalman cooler and offers great overclocking potential. In our testing we could increase the clocks by more than 40% over NVIDIA's reference clocks.

High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Series @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Now that most manufacturers have tooled up for long-term DDR3 production, there are only a few companies still releasing high-performance system memory for the DDR2 platform. With the

bit-tech :Foxconn Mars @ bit-tech.net
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The Foxconn Mars is a reasonably good board that overclockspretty well, but it's not outstandinglyfast, particularly cheap and the core bundle is a bit off. The Quantumforce is here to stay, and the Foxconn Mars is a solid first effort atan enthusiast board but it's not what it needs to be. Hopefully thecompany will learn from its mistakes and make an

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The DDR3 revolution has only just begun and the performance isalready better than a lot of people figured it would be. The clocks we areseeing from these Micron D9GTR ICs on the Crucial Ballistix modules aresimply incredible and un-matched by anyone else at the moment, much like theMicron D9GMH/GKX of DDR2.

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The DDR3 revolution has only just begun and the performance isalready better than a lot of people figured it would be. The clocks we areseeing from these Micron D9GTR ICs on the Crucial Ballistix modules aresimply incredible and un-matched by anyone else at the moment, much like theMicron D9GMH/GKX of DDR2.

[News] ASUS EN8600GT OC Gear Graphics Card @ virtual-hideout.net
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It's all about DirectX 10 (DX10) isn't it? Well, how about a sub$200 DX10 graphics card? If that pleases you, then how about this:a DX10graphics under $200 with a stand-alone hardware overclocking tool? The ASUS256MB GeForce 8600GT OC GEAR PCI-E SLI graphics card is that sub $200 cardwith external hardware overclocking ability. The added overclocking hardwareallows the end user to overclock the graphics externally. The externaldisplay which has mirror like finish displays the current status of thegraphics card and also displays the frame rate of the current game beingplayed in real-time.

bit-tech Feature:CrossFire Comparison - Intel X38 vs. P35 @ bit-tech.net
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So I'm sure that one question on your mind is whatshould I buy?Well, next generation cards from AMD and Nvidia aren't far away at allif the rumours are to be believed. However, they're likely to command apremium for being new, unless they are particularly competitive withone another. If you've set your mind firmly on buying two cards then at leastbalance this off with an appropriate solution - there are cheapervanilla X38 boards out there if you can't afford an Asus Blitz, and ifyou're already prepared to throw £200/300+ on a pair of graphics cards,investing in a decent board to pair them with should be a necessarything to keep in mind. But remember, simply overclocking or tweakingthe system for more performance will negate some of the advantages ofmore PCI-Express lanes and should provide a better overall performancefor your everyday computing, rather than just gaming.

Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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It's like a media circus whenever Logitech releases any new inputdevices. The reputation that Logitech has when it comes to mice andkeyboards is second to none. Take a look at the G5, one of the most desiredmice around. It had razor fast response and good looks. And when we speakof keyboards, chances are you have heard or even own a G11/G15 keyboard.For an avid gamer this keyboard has all the features necessary to beat anyfirst person shooter, let alone using the macro keys in games . The LCDscreen, weapon shortcuts and media controls, this keyboard basically has itall.

Akasa Evo 120 v2 cooler @ tcmagazine.com
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With a few tweaks and added support for AM2 processors the Evo 120 v2 is a sight for sore eyes and even ears. With three heatpip es and a pretty versatile fan, Akasa=E2=80=99s cooler offers both more th an average cooling and overclocking potential and low noise, depending on everyone=E2=80=99s desires.

Seasonic S12 II 500W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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The above system doesn't require a huge power supply like the ones alot of companies have been pushing on us over the last months. Sometimes350, 400 or 500 watts is just enough. And that is where our next review itemsteps in. Seasonic, one of the more popular choices amongst Quiet computingenthusiasts today realizes that all newer model power supplies do not needto be huge power packing boxes. So, they recently released the S12II series.This line consists of 330, 380, 430 and 500 watt units. Not only are theselow wattage PSUs but they are low noise too. What more would you want in aquiet environment PC? Should one of these units be in your future? Read thearticle and find out.

bit-tech :Inno3D GeForce 8600 GTS iChiLL Xstriker3 @ bit-tech.net
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At the higher price, you only have to look at the GeForce 8800GTS 320MB’s performance and measure that against its £165 asking priceto realise that you’d be a mug to spend £140 on a GeForce 8600 GTS.Thankfully though, Inno3D’s card isn’t as expensive as otherpre-overclocked 8600 GTSes and it actually comes in at a tempting pricepoint if you’re looking for an all-rounder.Where gaming is concerned, the Radeon X1950 Pro will perform as well asInno3D’s iChiLL Xstriker3 and in some cases better than it too – youcan pick one of ATI’s previous generation mid-range cards for around£85 (inc. VAT). Of course, it’s worth remembering that the X1950 Prodoesn’t have DirectX 10 support, but we think that’s a bit of a mootpoint and more of a checkbox feature given the performance penalty forrunning current games in DX10 mode. However, if you are looking at something that has all of the HD videoacceleration features that are available in the current generation’smid-range hardware, you’ll probably take the small performance penaltyin games to compensate for the massively improved performance in HDvideo playback. Therefore we’re not going to make an outrightrecommendation to buy this particular graphics card, but it’s one toconsider if the usage model outlined above fits you.

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Ultra Products is becoming a very regular contest participant andthis month they've teamed up with CoolIT Systems for an even biggergiveaway. This month we have 4 awesome prizes to give away. We will haveone lucky winner to take home everything so this is one contest you do notwant to miss.

Super Talent VIDEGO24T MP4 Series Player @ tweaktown.com
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In the days of new iPods, Zens and Sansas, TweakTown were sent th e latest portable media player from a slightly less well known player in the market, Super Talent. You might be more familiar with Super Talent as a system memory manufacturer and more specifically so for its overclocki ng products. Super Talent also produces a range of SSD drivers, USB drive s, SD and MMC cards, and as it happens MP3 players and PMPs. From our experience, it's always worth going with the slightly better k nown and well established brands when you're picking up something like this, though at times we've been proven wrong but don't get fooled in to buying something just because it's cheap.

Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger @ tweaktown.com
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The latest series to enter the Biostar E Gate family of graphics cards is of course the 8600s from NVIDIA. Their cards have recently becom e more interesting thanks to the implementation of V-Ranger which is what Biostar name their smart voltage and dynamic clock software. The 8600GTS is already a pretty competitive area so it will be interestin g to see if Biostar can do anything that stands out from the pack. Hopefu lly it's more than just another run of the mill 8600GTS offering.

Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad Speakers @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the last few years, consumers have been inundated with coolingsolutions for their notebook PCs. Most are pretty gimmicky, but othersactually have some scientific method that will help cool the hottest laptopsand keep them running more efficiently and hopefully, more quietly. Today,we have the Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad speakers on ourtest bench. This device's mission in life is simple - to give users a bettersound solution than their notebook offers and at the same time raise it upoff the desk to let more cool air flow underneath. We are going to challengethis claim and see if this product's capabilities have any merit

Twintech OC'ed GeForce 8600GT with HDMI @ tweaktown.com
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So you want to go down the HDMI route but you want something that packs a little bit more punch than the HD 2600 which we've looked at f rom Palit. In the home theater department there isn't a single card I c an praise more than this particular model, it's got a bit of power behi nd it, enough for some lower resolution gaming along with pre-overclocked specs. Like Palit, TwinTech have also chosen to go down the overclocking route t o get a bit more power out of the 8600GT core. Can the first card we've seen from TwinTech leave us with a smile on our face or will it just be another video card that gets thrown in the pile of cards that =91could' ve been'.

Asus EN8600 GTS 256MB Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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The Asus EN8600GTS in our possession is 100% reference, coming wi th a GPU clock speed of 675 MHz, 1.45 GHz Shader clock, and 2.0 GHz memor y. The 256 MB of memory rides a bus that is only 128 bits wide, yet is st ill capable of 32 GB/s transfer rate. As you can see in the photo above, we have the =93Stalker=94 sticker attached to the heat sink on the card. The rest of the card is...

Pedal to the Metal:Overclocking the Athlon @ pcper.com
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It would be wise in this case to consider the following:whilesaving $40 upfront by buying the 2.2GHz CPU, you are taking a gamble thatyou'll be able to achieve a slightly more difficult 36% overclock to reach3GHz as opposed to the 15% overclock necessary to hit the same speed withthe 2.6GHz CPU. The question you should ask yourself is:would you be happywith the 2.2GHz CPU if it didn't hit 3GHz, or would you regret not buyingthe 2.6GHz part?

Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, I have the privilege of reviewing the Scythe Ninja Mini, oneof the newest CPU coolers from Scythe. Scythe has been around 5 years now.They're not so long in the tooth as companies like Intel or NVIDIA, butthey're proving to have staying power through innovations and qualityproducts. This particular cooler is built around performance and silentcomputing. Will it live up to the standards Scythe has set for itself? Let'ssee.

bit-tech :Kingston KHX11000D3LLK2/2G and OCZ PC3-10666 Platinum Edition DDR3 memory @ bit-tech.net
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Overall, the Kingston performs better in 2D applications whenit'srunning at 1,333MHz with its default timings, whereas the OCZ seems torun better at 1,066MHz with lower latencies. On average there's acouple of memory heavy situations, like Xvid encoding, where theKingston is just simply faster than the OCZ. This isn't reflected in 3Dwhere the OCZ is the faster memory across all the games we've testedhere.So which one is better? We'd have to say neither of them are in thegrand scheme of things. If you do a lot of intensive 2D work then theKingston is more likely to suit you and if you're a gamer, you mightfind that the OCZ is a better choice.It's hardly surprising that they both overclock virtually identicallyas well, considering they use the same DRAM chips - the Kingston canhandle fractionally lower latencies but the OCZ does 8MHz more at thetop end. ~1,430-1,440MHz from 1,333MHz modules is hardly that much toshout about, but at least both of them are consistent. Compared to the engineeringsample Corsair DHX modules, which managed to achieve 1,520MHz, but thatwas at CAS-9 which negates almost any frequency advantage.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

NZXT Lexa Blackline Mid-Tower ATX PC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Revisions of PC cases usually consist of lessons learned from theprevious version and incorporating user feedback from the enthusiastcommunity. Sometimes manufacturers try to blend

How to overclock Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire @ nordichardware.com
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We've received many e-mails över the last few months regarding how to overclock two Radeon HD 2900 XT in CrossFire mode. Unfortunately we haven't had a good answer for you, but with some help from macci, now a resident of AMD/ATI, we can now present this guide, which shows you how to overclock Radeon HD 2900 XT when you have two of them running in CrossFire mode.

Aerocool AE-Plus Mid Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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When I was a kid, I often dreamed of putting a jet engine on my bike,because I wanted to be the first kid to break the sound barrier on a BMX. Ifyou want to visualize it, just think of the moment of flight on E.T. but onsteroids. Looking at the AE-Plus, I think the engineers at Aerocool knowwhere I was coming from. The first design meeting probably went somethinglike this,

Aeneon Xtune PC2-8500 CL5 1066MHz DDR2 RAM Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
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High speed, reduced latency, excellent graphic performance and cool design – this is what today’s enthusiastic gamers are looking for. Aeneon offers a brand new series of overclocking

Intel X38 and 45nm Yorkfield Overclocking @ legitreviews.com
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The good news is that this 3.87GHz Yorkfield beast is air cooled with a heat sink that is 'normal', which means overclocks like this shoul d be easy to reach with aftermarket cooling. The bad news is that the te st system was only running in single channel mode, which seemed a bit str ange...

2gb kit of OCZ Flex PC2-6400 CL3 Competition - XSs @ Jon \
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Anothermemory competition but this time it's a kit of OCZ PC2-6400 2gbFlex memory. This kit has inbuilt water cooling capabilities and hugeair cooled heatsinks. Designed to be the overclocker's dream, thesemodules are not something to be scoffed at.

Frogpad Inc. Frogpad Bluetooth One-Handed Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
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One wireless solution users have available is the Frogpad Bluetoothone-handed keyboard. This small device takes a different approach than someother keyboards I've seen. The Frogpad crams the functions of a fullkeyboard into a one-handed input device, and gives users a wirelesscapability via Bluetooth technology to connect it to a host of differentproducts.

bit-tech :BFGTech GeForce 8600 GTS OC2 ThermoIntelligence @ bit-tech.net
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BFGTech'sGeForce 8600 GTS OC ThermoIntelligence is a great example ofa GeForce 8600 GTS and it delivers good performance for a gamer runninga 17” or 19” LCD monitor in current titles. In isolation, it’s a goodcard with a cooler that does exactly what it the manufacturer claims itwill do, and then some based on our results.Unfortunately though, BFGTech’s ThermoIntelligence cards come with aprice premium and the 8600 GTS OC2 is no exception to this rule at over£145 (inc. VAT). You can pick up a stock clocked GeForce 8600 GTS foraround £110 (inc. VAT), which isn’t too far behind in the performancestakes. Probably more of a concern is the fact that Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GTS320MB starts at just over £180 (inc. VAT), with BFGTech’s own “OC”model starting at around £186.From the results obtained during this evaluation, both of these optionslook to be significantly better value for money for not that much more.One thing we've not mentioned is the previous generation mid-rangecards that are often perform better than the new generation ofmid-range hardware and are available at more attractive price points.Of course, you won't be able to enable DX10 features on these cards,which we've proven can be enabled on the new mid-range cards in nativeDX10 games like BioShock, but the benefitsat the moment are small.

OCZ Technology 4GB PC2-6400 Platinum Edition RAM Kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the past two months, companies have been scrambling to release4GB RAM kits to consumers, and OCZ Technology was one of the first torelease their

Asus Blitz Formula Intel P35 Motherboard @ pcper.com
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The Asus Blitz Formula truly is a magnificent motherboard specimen;by offering up a great set of features on a P35 motherboard and designing itfor high speed overclocking Asus has set a high bar for all Intel-platformofferings to strive for. Some of the unique features like the optionalwatercooled north bridge heatpipe, Crosslinx multi-GPU improvements and theincluded copy of STALKER:Shadow of Chernobyl really add to the overallpackage of this most recent Republic of Gamers motherboard.

2K Games BioShock PC Game @ pro-clockers.com
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The highly anticipated hybrid first-person shooter BioShock hit storeshelves August 21, and we had to get our hands on one of the first copies.After scratching and clawing my way through all the people and spectators, Iwas able to grab one of the last boxes available. After tending to my woundsand paying the store clerk, I eagerly rushed home to get this game installedand start my evaluation (whereas I prepared early and pre-ordered the gametwo months ago, and the most I received in the way of injuries was a nervoustwitch in my neck from the commute home - lovingly stroking the embossedmetal case the game came in - Ed)

Thermaltake Soprano RS 101Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I am really happy about receiving this case for review. The SopranoRS 101 is a great-looking case from a well-known company with a reputationfor delivering top-notch products. Let's skip my normal preamble and get tothe review.

PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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In today's world of power supplies we have seen units that boastpower way beyond the limits that most of us would need this year or next.The PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW may be just one of those units. Butjust because PC P&C makes one of the best high powered units out there,doesn't mean they have forgotten about the individuals that don't need thismuch energy to power their rigs. So along comes the Silencer 610. TheSilencer 610 may not be able to brag about huge power ratings but if itlives up to PC P&C's reputation, it can at least brag about solid stabilityamongst its rails.

WinFast PX8600 GTS TDH Extreme Video Card @ modders-inc.com
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The new Leadtek/WinFast PX8600 GTS TDH Extreme graphics card withthe GDDR3 memory clocked to 1000(2000)Mhz and the GPU set to 710Mhz it isset to be a real screamer for the money, but can it do it? We put this newcard through some hard testing and it came out without a scratch.

[News] Kingston 2x1GB PC3-8500 DDR3 ValueRam @ virtual-hideout.net
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It's great to see another advancement further prove itself in termsof performance and power consumption. The Kingston KVR1066D3N7K2/2G(PC3-8500) is labeled as Value Ram, but performed better than expected aswell as exceeding my comparable DDR2 modules. The kit affords some decentoverclocking as well which should make any 1066 or 1333 Core 2 Duo usershappy. It might say Value Ram on the packaging, but the results suggest thatthese kits are something greater given the modules available. The last valuekit to cross my test bench wouldn't come anywhere near this kit's bang forbuck level.

Powercolor HD 2400 Pro 256MB PCI-E Video Card @ pro-clockers.com
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To accommodate those mid-range users, Powercolor startedmanufacturing the HD 2400 series video cards. Every card in the HD 2400Series has DirectX 10 support, 1080p, Universal Video Decoding, and HDMIwith surround sound. Today, we have the Powercolor HD2400 Pro on our testbench. This card's $59 MSRP should definitely entice users who are lookingfor a mid-range gaming card with multimedia capabilities. Let's move rightinto our review to see just how the HD 2400 Pro stacks up to the demands ofWindows Vista Ultimate and DirectX 10 gaming.

Antec Sonata III PC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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It's easy to write rave reviews of Antec products. They've been inthe industry long enough to know what PC enthusiasts want and they have areputation for delivering it. Today, I'm excited to review the Sonata III.People might say I'm a little biased toward Antec. Most of the cases I'veowned throughout the years have sported the Antec Logo. We could do a cellphone commercial showing off bars with the different sized Antec cases in myhome. I may give them to friends, but I never throw them away. They'rewell-made and nice to look at. Now how can you trust me to tell you thetruth about the Antec Sonata III? Simple:I expect more out of Antec. Ifthey fail to deliver, I'll be the first to notice it and the first to saysomething about it.

GIGABYTE 8500GT Turbo Force Ultra @ tweaktown.com
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It's been a while since we have seen anything from GIGABYTE. Th e main reason for this isn't because they don't like us; rather the c ompany tends to want to stand out from the pack when it comes to their pr oducts. Anyone can send us a graphics card with stock clocks and stock co oling but GIGABYTE always try to do something a bit different with their lineup of graphics cards. The latest card to get the makeover treatment is the GIGABYTE 8500GT Turb o Force Ultra. The name alone sounds cool and has us so very intrigued, j ust imagine what the card is going to look like.

TweakTown's Intel X38 and AMD RD790 coverage @ tweaktown.com
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Nathan, our man on the scene in Sydney, reported that the system was putting out over 12,000 points in 3DMark06 and we would assume that i s at stock clocked settings. AMD will launch their AMD RD790 chipset, whi ch includes support for their upcoming range of Phenom processors along w ith PCI Express 2.0 support, when the processors are ready and that date is still not really confirmed at this stage.GIGABYTE's particular board pictured below supports a grand total of four PEG slots running at x16 each which supports rumors that AMD shouldn't be too far away from releasing Quad Crossfire to the world before the en d of the year.

Asus P5K3 Premium part 2 @ bit-tech.net
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The performance in 2D testing favours slightly betterin the wayof the Premium, and even at 1,500MHz it doesn't really extend the leadthat much. Also, it's not like you can't just buy some 1,500MHz memoryand drop it in a Deluxe, however it seems to be tailored more topreferring lower latency memory like the 1,066MHz DDR3 at 6-6-6-15instead of 1,333MHz at 7-7-7-20.Overclocking is not outright superb, although it is certainly capableand stability is much the same story. In all it feels like a veryaverage board for Asus and one just not worthy of the price tag:it canbe had for £140 more than an already expensive product combination, itonly comes with a three year warranty on the memory and if just one ofthe 32 chips go the whole board has to be returned. Hats off for theinnovation and having the balls to make a product like this, but Iwonder if Asus will actually sell enough to recoup at least thedevelopment costs? I think this should be chalked down to

GECUBE's Dual GPU Gemini 3 - Sneak Peek! @ tweaktown.com
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Remember the Gemini 3 from GECUBE? If not, let us refresh your me mory. The Gemini 3 is the second dual GPU card from GECUBE, the previous one was the Gemini 2 and it was based on a pair of Radeon X1650 XTs. The Gemini 3 features a pair of Radeon HD 2600 XT GPUs and they're clocked at 800MHz. Each GPU is paired with 256MB of 500MHz DDR2 memory (1GHz effe ctively). This might not sound like anything all too remarkable so far, but it seem s like GECUBE will beat all the other AMD partners that are working on du al GPU cards, this by simply being the first to market. GECUBE is expecti ng the Gemini 3 to be available in retail some time next month, but we we ren't given an exact launch date or a price for that matter.

Transcend T.Sonic 820 2GB MP3 Player @ pro-clockers.com
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One very portable and attractive player is Transcend's T.Sonic 820.This 2GB device is miniature in stature, but makes up for its small sizewith a host of features like voice recording, FM recording, and e-bookreading via text files. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg for thismulti-functional device. Our review will dive into every feature availableon the T.Sonic 820, and also evaluate each one to make sure it will meet theconsumer's demanding expectations.

Palit HD 2600 XT - Speed vs Memory @ tweaktown.com
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In a war that has spanned over decades which has caused tension b etween the enthusiast and the noob, we all ask what's better; more memo ry or more speed. Palit continue to expand the =93Super=94 and =93Sonic=94 line up with each new release from AMD. The latest participants to the e pic battle is the HD 2600 XT, coming standard with 256MB of GDDR3 memory Palit have taken it upon themselves to offer three models.There's the standard model which we don't really care about, because everyone knows that standard is boring. We then have the Sonic which is a n overclocked 256MB GDDR3 card, and in the other corner we have the Super which comes in at stock clocks but carries with it 512MB of GDDR3 memory .

XFX's GeForce 8600 GT 620M XXX Edition @ bit-tech.net
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Despite the lack of HDCP support in the current version, XFX’sGeForce8600 GT XXX Edition is probably one of the best bang for buck mid-rangeDirectX 10 graphics cards out there. From as little as £90 includingVAT,the card delivers performance that is not too far off Nvidia’s GeForce8600 GTS and, with a bit of overclocking, you can achieve practicallythe same performance as the 8600 GTS. The cheapest GeForce 8600 GTS out there today will cost you around £110(inc. VAT),which is another £20 more than the XFX GeForce 8600 GT 620M XXXEdition. First, you have to first ask yourself whether the extra £20that XFX’s card costs over a standard clocked 8600 GT is worthspending, and then you have to ask yourself if it’s worth spendinganother £20 to get an 8600 GTS. Stretching to £90 would be worthwhile,in my opinion, but stretching to £110 will not make as much of adifference.

Leadtek PX8600GTS 256MB PCI-E video card @ pro-clockers.com
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To help gamers gear up for titles like Bio-Shock, Halo3, and UnrealTournament 2007, manufacturers have been frantically working on new videocards that can harness DirectX 10's graphics capabilities. One such card isthe Leadtek PX8600GTS. This 256MB card should be an excellent budgetsolution for those entry-level gamers who just want to be able to game in aDirectX 10 environment, and not burn a huge hole in their pocketbooks.

Asrock Conroe1333-eSATA2 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we will be taking a look at one of Asrock's newest motherboardsbased on Intel 945P chipset. Boasting most of the features of the Conroe1333DVI/H plus more, the Conroe1333-eSATA2 is a full length board built forperformance minded individuals. The board is specifically marketed to thosewho don't have the 'green' to run out and pick up a seriously high-end boardfrom the likes of Asus, Gigabyte, and any of the Nvidia 680i reference boardpartners (e.g. BFG, EVGA etc).

Technic3D with oVerkill.OC Team on Games Convention @ technic3d.com
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Technic3D goes with the German Overclocking Team oVerkill.OC o n Games Convention 2007. You find us in Hall 4/F31 on the Jet-Computer Booth. Every Day extreme Overclocking with -100=B0C and more. A very fast Game-PC on GC 2007 with 1.200W PSUs, BFG 8800 Ultra Cards and Int el QX6850 CPU. We can brake Records from the 3D-Mark 06? You cann see that and many more in the Shows in Leipzig Germany

Overclocking the G0 SLACR Q6600 to 4GHz (Text Fixed!) @ tweaktown.com
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Who doesn't love a highly overclockable CPU? There isn't many of us! Every once in a while we'll hear of a golden CPU from someone, th is has been going on since the good ole' Celeron 300A days when 450MHz wa s a walk in the park. As time has gone on there's been golden Athlons a nd Intel processors. The latest processor to join the ranks of this highly competitive field i s the Q6600 in the G0 form. With a lower stock voltage compared to the B3 stepping, along with a huge test field it seems clear that the G0 is a r eal winner.

Overclocking the G0 SLACR Q6600 to 4GHz @ tweaktown.com
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Who doesn't love a highly overclockable CP U? There isn't many of us! Every once in a while we'll hear of a golden CPU from someone, this has been going on since the good ole' Celeron 300 A days when 450MHz was a walk in the park. As time has gone on there's been golden Athlons and Intel processors. The latest processor to join the ranks of this highly competitive field i s the Q6600 in the G0 form. With a lower stock voltage compared to the B3 stepping, along with a huge test field it seems clear that the G0 is a r eal winner.

CoolJag Falcon 92-CU Universal CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Most air CPU cooling solutions rely on a combination of copperheatpipes and large aluminum or copper fin arrays to pull heat away from the processor. While this is aproven and tested technique, it does leave a lot to be desired in terms ofcreativity, uniqueness, and overall design. CoolJag has taken some of thebest CPU cooling methods available and designed the Falcon 92-CU with alittle twist. This heatsink uses large copper fins on top of a small arrayof aluminum fins to try and increase heat dissipation. Will this techniquehelp us

Zerotherm CF800 and CF900 CPU Coolers @ pro-clockers.com
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The enormous amount of heat produced by today's dual and quad-coreprocessors makes purchasing a third-party CPU cooler almost a necessity forany user building a performance computer system. Most quality heatsinks will cost around $50, butZerotherm's CF800 and CF900 heatsinks won't break the bank at $29.99 a piece, and should provide PCbuilders with a cost-effective solution to cool today's hottest CPUs. The real questions toanswer in this review are if the copper-based CF900 can outperform thealuminum-based CF800, and whether there is a big enough difference betweenthem and the stock Intel cooler to warrant the expense. We'll let theresults speak for themselves.

Apevia X-Telstar Mid Size Case @ pro-clockers.com
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If you look around some of your favorite online retailers you willsee a listing for the Apevia X-Telstar case. The X-Telstar sports a largesee-thru side panel and circular display that gives you all the details onwhat is going on inside the case. The light aluminum construction is a bigbonus as well. Apevia has never been a big fan of the industry standardbeige casing. This is Apevia newest case to market, but will it be aspopular with us as the newest Q-Pack we reviewed a few weeks ago? Read alonewith us and we will tell you.

SilverStone NT06-Lite CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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One of the most critical components any PC enthusiast can drop somecash on is a decent CPU cooler. Whether you pick air or water cooling, a heatsink can make or break yourCPU's performance and longevity. One unique heatsink on the market right nowis Silverstone's NT06-Lite. This CPU cooler is designed to be used in SmallForm Factor systems without a fan. But, users also have the option toinstall any 120mm fan on it for improved performance. Let's see if this allaluminum and copper wonder can fit the bill in our LGA775 system.

Coolit Systems Beverage Chiller, PCI Cooling Booster, and RAM Fan @ pro-clockers.com
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The Coolit RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster both are geared towardcooling PCI cards and systemmemory, while the Beverage Chiller is aimed at folks who want to keep theirdrinks ice cold while working at their computers for hours at a time.Let's take a quick look at these three accessories, and see if they truly doprovide the solutions users are looking for.

[News] ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi-AP Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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The bottom line is very simple. This is an extremely solid performerand offers a great deal all around from the BIOS to the design. Everythingabout the board says performance and stability. Overclockers will definitelyenjoy playing around with the motherboard. It affords a nice array ofsettings, features, and options that are all but guaranteed to show you whatit can do. Just make sure your memory, power supply, and CPU cooler are upto the task. The ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi-AP Edition Motherboard is a perfectlybalanced enthusiast board for any and every type of desktop user.

Biostar TF7050-M2 - Nvidia's GeForce 7050PV chipset @ bit-tech.net
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At the end of the day, for ÂŁ45 this board is inexpensive asopposed tocheap. It's a quality product with a lot going for it, even though itdoesn't have the full package and some socket placements are a bitiffy. If you can live with just 720p or 1080i (providing you aren'tusing an LCD HDTV with the latter) then it can play back both HD DVDand Blu-ray discs as long as you're willing to shell out for theexpensive player on top. The MSI K9AGM2 is more stable and does the fundamental job just aswell, but the Biostar TF7050-M2 has a few more features here and therebut only lasted the eight hours under serious load. The real kicker isNvidia's driver limitation on 1080p support, regardless ofattempted playback or even overclocking the IGP.

PCPer Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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There we moved from a QX6800 (which never really materialized) to aQX6850. That new CPU uses the 1333 MHz FSB and runs at 3.0 GHz clock speed,making it the fastest desktop processor I have ever tested. And the pricesare unfortunately well over the 1k unit pricing of $999 - Newegg is sellingit for $1399!! If money has some importance to you, I might recommendlooking to go down a step or two and save some cash.

MSI P6N-Diamond - XSs @ Jon \
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Inthe past Nvidia have produced some of the best enthusiast chipsetsaround, most notably perhaps their nForce 4 for the old AMD 939systems. Still, times have changed now and for quite a while Intel's965P and 975P based motherboards was the way to go with LGA 775systems. However, in recent times Nvidia have clawed their way back inwith their feature packed 680i boards and we have finally got our handson one. The MSI P6N-Diamond which priomises great overclocking, a chockload of features and excellent cooling to boot, let's see if this allrings true.

CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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For years computer case manufacturers have walked a tight ropebetween decreasing fan noise and increasing air flow. With many cases stillbeing cooled by a plethora of noisy fans, the on-going journey for a

DDR2 to the Max High-end kits Tested @ tweaktown.com
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Today we have DDR2 memory modules topping out at 1200MHz DDR2 or 600MHz clock speeds, and this is using only around 2.4v which is withi n the safe zone. With even more time, cooling and voltage adjustments, mo re can be possible. We have five different memory kits for your viewing pleasure, all of them designed to run at speeds beyond DDR2 800MHz for the Athlon 64 X2s and a lso Intel's P965 and P35 chipsets which have memory support for 800MHz and beyond.

SilverStone SG03 Aluminum Micro ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Finding the right case to transport to a LAN party or fit on a deskwith minimal real estate can sometimes be a daunting task. The dimensionsbetween typical ATX cases and micro ATX cases are sometimes verysignificant, and when space it at a premium, users need to find somethingthat will fit their needs just right. SilverStone has been creating SFFcases for several years now, and the SG03 is their latest version of theSUGO line of cases. This case really goes down a different path fromSilverStone's other previous SFF cases, and really tries to blend thebenefits of a typical ATX case with the compactness of a micro ATX case.

Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Paste @ tweaktown.com
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Of course, when it comes to cooling there is more than just the cooler. Besides the normal considerations of airflow and such, the Thermal Interface Material (TIM) plays a huge role in the overall effectiveness of the cooling solution. This holds especially true for those diehard overclockers where even small variations in temperature can make a difference in terms of processor speed.Enter the above mentioned Arctic Cooling with a new TIM they have dubbed MX-2. While there are not that many players in this market area, the names that are out there have a huge reputation. So relax for a few as we take a look at this newcomer in the TIM market and see if it has what it takes to be a worthy consideration for your next project.

Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2-800 Ultra-Low Latency RAM Kit @ pro-clockers.com
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With DDR2 and DDR3 speeds increasing every quarter, system memorylatencies have also had to keep up in the never-ending race for highermemory performance. Most of today's high-end DDR2 memory kits run at CAS 4and 5, but Kingston has taken us back to ultra low latencies with theirHyperX 2GB DDR2-800 kit that runs at 3-3-3-10! I guess the real question wewill answer in this review is:What matters more - higher bandwidth or lowerlatency?

AMD Analyst Day Coverage @ pcper.com
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This CrossFire slide could be easily overlooked, but enthusiastsshould pay attention! There are four GPUs in the middle there for a reason;quad-GPU configurations are coming, either for graphics, physics or GPGPUcomputing. AMD even took the time to mention the RD790 chipset as well asthe upcoming system utility for the platform to enable overclocking andtweaking.

Overclocking Intel's Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ bit-tech.net
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One comparison that we’ve made in the office over the last weekor sosince we started really tinkering with our Core 2 Quad Q6600 is to theAthlon XP 2500+ for those of you that remember that CPU. At the time,AMD’s flagship processor was the XP 3200+, which was clocked at11x200MHz. The XP 2500+ shared the same multiplier as the 3200+, butused the slower 166MHz front side bus speed. Getting flagship performance out of the XP 2500+ was as simple asincreasing the front side bus from 166MHz to 200MHz – virtually everyprocessor did that on stock volts. I think we’re going to see somethingsimilar with the Core 2 Quad Q6600 – it shares the same multiplier asthe Core 2 Extreme QX6850, but uses a 1066MHz front side bus instead of1333MHz.

[News] Patriot 2x1GB PC2-9200 1150MHz Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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The benefits of buying these high frequency memory kits is that youcan expect the very best memory modules used to build them and they oftenrun at higher stock frequencies without degrading the memory kit. We've seensome insane overclocks and memory performance from various PC2-7200,PC2-8500, and PC2-9200 memory kits. Patriot Memory is currently working tobring some extreme memory kits that will definitely peak your interests. Inthe meantime, one of those kits happens to be their new PC2-9200 ExtremeMemory Kit. Have a look at this kit before you go off buying some withfancier heat sinks.

Kinc and ASUS Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire scores 25,867 points in 3DMark 06 - A new World Record! @ nordichardware.com
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Kinc has been benching for a few days now and been able to beat both Kingpin and Shamino and take first place at the ORB and now holds both the 3Dmark 05 and 06 records. The new record is 25,867 points. The graphics cards are (of course) two ASUS Radeon HD 2900 XT running in a CrossFire configuration alongside of an Intel QX6700 overclocked to 5029MHz.

Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 High End Gaming case @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, a while ago Zalman hit it big with the Fatality case that wehad the great pleasure of reviewing. The case was damn good looking and wasmade as strong as any case I have ever seen before. Today we have one oftheir newest cases based on the Fatality unit but with some much neededimprovements. The Z-Machine GT1000 advertises less and actually gives morethan the Fatality case. If you haven't already done so read the article tosee what we are talking about here.

XFX Fatal1ty Geforce Overclocked 7600 GT Videocard @ tweaknews.net
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At first I wasn't expecting much from a passively cooled and overclocked mainstream videocard. To be honest, I thought it was a recipe for product disaster. Surprisingly, this card held out just fine and in some cases surpassed my expectations by a large margin. This card packs much more punch than I would expect out of a mainstream videocard. It is stable, it is dead silent, and with proper case ventilation and cleaning shouldn't be a concern to use for a long period of time. Plus let's not forget that when placed inside a windowed case it will look great as well..

OCZ 4GB PC2-6400 Platinum Edition @ techgage.com
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Like a fine wine, installing 4GB of RAM requires anacquired taste. Noteveryone likes wine, and not everyone needs 4GB of RAM. However, withVista and the future looking to change that, many are considering amove on up. Today we are taking a look at a kit that's not only pricedright, but has some overclocking headroom as well.

Technic3D/BFG 8600 GTS OC2 @ technic3d.com
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The new BFG 8600 GTS OC2 arrived Technic3D. The BFG Overclocki ng Graphic Card with DirectX 10 and a

Crucial 2GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 memory kit @ pro-clockers.com
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Wow, what a difference a few months makes. In February, you couldn'tpurchase a 2GB DDR2-800 memory kit for less than $250. Nowadays, with theprices of memory decreasing almost every day, you can easily buy a 2GB DDR2kit for almost $200. These price drops shouldn't make consumers think thatthese more

Sunbeamtech Silent Whisper CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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There is something good to be said for a near-silent pc, but I don'thave one. Even as I write this, the steady hum of my computer fans drone on.My friends can't stand my computer room for more than a half an hour. Thesound drives them crazy. It doesn't bother me personally. I used to workwith children for a living and I can ignore pretty much any sound. Not tomention, I've always set performance over comfort when it comes to cooling.However, for the sake of friendship, I decided to look into silent or nearsilent PC cooling. Coincidentally, Sunbeamtech have sent a Silent WhisperCPU cooler for review. The Silent Whisper is a supposedly near silent CPUcooler for the budget minded enthusiast. At $19.99 on some online stores,the Silent Whisper is very affordable, but how does it perform? Let's findout.

[News] ASRock ALiveNF5-eSATA2+ ATX Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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ASRock has been gaining recognition in the motherboard market withquality budget boards that are very stable. A few months back, I reviewedthe ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI which had some decent overclocking ability to it.This time around, I'm going to be reviewing the AliveNF5-eSATA2+ which usesthe nForce520 chipset. The motherboard supports the AM2 line of AMDprocessors from FX, X2, 64, and Sempron, and supports overclocking. Printedright on the motherboard is Dual Core CPU and Dual Channel DDR2-800. Some ofthe other features will be gone over in the review, so sit back and enjoythe ride.

Intel's Core 2 refresh:QX6850, E6850 & E6750 tested @ bit-tech.net
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If you aredead set on an Intel CPU, obviously the question that I’msure is on those people’s minds at the moment is whether you should optfor the Q6600 or the E6850, which are both at similar price points.Personally, I would opt for the quad-core processor every time, butthat’s because I’m quite a heavy multi-tasker and I often find myselfshort of processing time on a dual-core processor. I like to be able tocontinue what I’m doing when I’m running a processor intensive task andsince most applications that you’re likely to use benefit from no morethan two cores.Add this to the fact that there are a slew of games coming out in thefuture that will benefit from quad-cores – Crysis is the first, andfrom what we’ve heard there are plenty more too. In recent times, gameshaven’t really benefited from high processor clock speeds becausethey’re graphics limited rather than CPU limited. This trend is goingto continue, but as games engines get more complex, more will need tobe done at any given point in time – that’s where quad-core processorswill really come into their own.

Panasonic (Mashita) UJ-857 Superdrive for Macbook/Macbook Pro @ pro-clockers.com
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More and more PC and notebook users are performing

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Processor @ pcper.com
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The new Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor is easily the fastestand most powerful consumer processor we have seen here at PC Perspective.It's new 1333 MHz front-side bus, 3.0 GHz clock speed and quad-cores make itthe top end CPU to beat and it will probably remain planted on theperformance crown until the end of the year. Intel's commanding performanceand price cuts are putting more and more pressure on AMD's CPU team and theupcoming Barcelona-core parts are going to need to be fantastic in order tocompete with Intel's current lineup.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Performance Showcase @ hothardware.com
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=93It took a small voltage bump to 1.45V in the BIOS to hit 3.73GHz. Toachieve this, we raised the FSB to 466MHz and dropped the multiplier to X8.Once we hit our highest, stable clock speed, we were surprised how stablethings were even with a relatively low cost standard HSF cooler. We used anArtic Cooling Freezer 7 cooler to achieve these results.=94

Asrock Conroe1333-DVI/H @ pro-clockers.com
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Asrock has kindly sent over the Conroe1333-DVI/H, a board that easilyfits into the categories listed above. Asrock proudly displays the Vistacompatible logo on the box but it has a whole of other extras that make foran outstanding media center rig as well as a reliable workstation.

PNY GeForce 8800 GTX XLR8 Overclocked Edition @ pcper.com
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In our actual testing, the PNY 8800 GTX XLR8 performed just as youwould expect; it took the already impressive numbers that our reference 8800GTX was able to put forth and improved on them. In games like HL2:Episode1, the gains were very impressive while in some titles like Oblivion theextra core speeds were a little less palpable in the real world gamingscenarios we used.

Zotac GeForce 8800 GTX AMP! Edition @ bit-tech.net
[Jul-13-07] (0 Comments)

On the whole, Zotac's first foray into our labs has been apretty goodone. Of course there is very little differentiation, aside fromclockspeeds, from most other board partners out there because Nvidia’shigh-end cards are all built by a third party contractor. However, whatwe have seen is that even a relatively new manufacturer can polishNvidia’s now nine month old GeForce 8800 GTX and create a pretty goodproduct.We’re a little disappointed that Zotac didn’t increase the shader clockspeed, but considering the relatively small performance difference thisisn’t a massive issue. Games are becoming more shader heavy and asproven by the GeForce 8800 Ultra, the higher shader clock results inultimately higher performance even despite a lower “core” clock.

Abit IP35 Pro @ bit-tech.net
[Jul-12-07] (0 Comments)

It's good to know Abit can still make a great board and onethat iscompletely designed with the enthusiast and overclocker in mind. It'sno MAX board, but for Ł120 it's a damn sight cheaper than the IN9-32XMAX and should overclock to at least similar levels. With such atailoring to this niche of user we can forgive Abit for some of theboard's shortcomings, like very few USB ports and PCI-based Ethernetcontrollers. Also, if you consider the attention to detail with designtweaks like the enhanced power regulation, uGuru and large voltageadjustment potential, including the ability to adjust GTL Referencevoltage.

Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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Thermaltake is known for great cooling products. Today we will belooking at one of their newer CPU cooler the V1. The cooler's design is verydifferent from Thermaltake's products, it reminds me more of a Zalmanproduct. It is a very unique design though. Thermaltake says this says thiscooler is both silent and overclocking proof. We will have to see if this istrue. Read on for the review.

Zalman ZM-MFC2 Front Panel Device @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-11-07] (0 Comments)

Well, Zalman has hit us with another great looking product that willadd style and functionality to the front of your case. At the same time thatthe ZM-MFC2 makes your case look hot, it also gives you the control you needto keep everything cool. The ZM-MFC2 is probably the best looking frontpanel fan controller that we at Pro-Clockers have ever seen before. Itwould reminds all of us of a high-end in dash car head unit. We know itlooks good, but performance means a lot to us here so we have to ask - Howwell does it work? Lets take a look at it now.

Aerocool FP01 with Flip-Up Screen @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-10-07] (0 Comments)

Well the good news is that our friends at Aerocool have just sent ustheir latest front panel device. This new component takes the features thatwe have seen on quite a few devices and adds a twist to it. The FP-01 hasthe appearance of a Cdrom with a built-in digital card reader. But when thedoor is opened you get a complete readout of information about your PC. Isit worthy of taking up a 5.25 bay in your tower?..read on dear geeks andfind out.

Dell XPS M1710 Notebook - Overclocked T7600G @ pcper.com
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The big new feature of this particular model is the T7600G CPU whichis the

Intel Pentium E2140/2160 and C2D 6320/6420 @ insidehw.com
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NetBurst is already history, whereas the Core architecture is thevery high-end of CPU offer nowadays, but still Intel decided to resurrectPentium and give it another shot. Pentium E2000 processors have only 1MB ofL2 cache, but when overclocked and compared to newest C2D E6420 processorswith 4MB of L2 cache, they put impressive performance for sub-100USDprocessors. Let's see what Pentium E2140 / E2160 and Core 2 Duo E6320 /E6420 have to offer...

Crucial 2GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 DDR2 Memory Kit @ hardwarexl.com
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Last week I got the chance to play with 2GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracermemory modules, rated at DDR2-1066 on 5-5-5-15 timings. First thing Inoticed was the Heatspreader, black with a thick shiny carved edge aroundit. As if the sixteen led's weren't enough bling-bling:-) Instead ofstarting slow by benchmarking it with the default timings/settings I jumpedstraight to see how it would perform overclocked. Not the best way to reviewbut then again why not go Ballistix:-)

NZXT Hush Silent Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The Hush has some of that elegance the Lexa had, but at the same timeit has a little space-age design in it as well. The thing that the Hush hasover the Lexa and all the other cases from NZXT is that it is aimed at thesilent PC crowd. Granted this is obviously where it gets its name from. Withsilence as one of the main features of this case a few other things onewould look for would be pricing, size and manageability. And the Hush hasall of this and more. Now that I have talked up the Hush lets move on to thereview and some pictures.

Antec P190 Quiet Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The recently released P190 will immediately take its' place at thetop of the hill in the Antec stable. The P190 is an upscale version of theP180 series of cases that we at Pro-Clockers started reviewing many monthsago. What the P190 brings to the table that the P180 did not is a set of twopower supplies and a huge cooling fan. Is there more to this unit? Let's seeif we can find out.

Cooler Master CoolViva Pro @ insidehw.com
[Jul-06-07] (0 Comments)

Overclocking of graphics card is often limited by inadequate coolingsolution provided by manufacturer and there is no other way but to look forDIY solution. Cooler Master's newest graphics card cooler, CoolVivia Pro,has 3 heatpipes for providing optimal cooling and it is clearly aimed atenthusiasts. However, is it better than Zalman's VF900-CU?

PNY XLR8 8800 GTX OC @ hothardware.com
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The PNY XLR8 8800 GTX OC has a list price of $579.99 and it is oneof the more affordable factory overclocked 8800 GTXs currently available.The XL8 has its core, shader, and memory clock frequencies all overclockedat the factory so it's ready to rumble right out of the box. It receives a100MHz (200MHz effective) memory overclock, 108MHz shader overclock and anice 46MHz overclock to its core. While 46MHz doesn't seem like a whole lot,consider that it makes the XLR8 9MHz faster than a stock 8800 Ultra.

OCZ PC2-9600 Reaper FlexXLC Memory @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-05-07] (0 Comments)

Well we all know that OCZ is great at making ram. During the highdays of DDR, they gave us the VX series that with some voltage maintain somepretty tight timing with high FSB. And then there were the VX2 lines thatgraced the DDR2 period. But for the overclockers and water-cooled rigowners, OCZ has given us the likes of the FlexXLC line. With copper/aluminumheatsink, water barbs and 1200MHz operating frequency, OCZ may have giventhe world some of the fastest memory on the planet.

Thermaltake Bach VB8000BNS HTPC Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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The Bach is intended to be an HTPC case. The idea of using a PC asan integral part of a total home entertainment system has been around forquite a while, but only now has it really become practical as the quality ofconsumer sound cards goes up, and the prices of digital HDTVs come down.Looking at the attractive packaging graphics of the Bach, it is obvious thatThermaltake isn't marketing this case towards the gamer, overclocker, ormodder. No dragons, sniper rifles, or plasma rockets here. The person buyingthis case will sip S. Pellegrino rather than guzzle Full Throttle.

Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-03-07] (0 Comments)

Every now and then, the staff here at Pro-Clockers.com gets to reviewa one-of-a-kind product that's truly in a class of its own. At the ConsumersElectronics Show earlier this year in Las Vegas, this product generated alot of buzz with the media and PC enthusiasts as well. The Optimus MiniThree Keyboard designed by Art Lebedev Studios might be considered by someto be just another USB device for your PC. But, if you take a closer look,you'll see why this little device makes people do a double take.

Coolit Systems Freezone CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Making a peltier cooling system from scratch is usually a veryexpensive and time consuming process, but CoolIT Systems has developed twocomplete peltier cooling systems called the Freezone and Eliminator to helpbridge this gap, and give enthusiasts and mainstream users alike a high-endcooling solution for their new dual and quad core computer systems.

Intel's Budget Chipset Evolves ECS G33 @ tweaktown.com
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To this end, new chipsets have come to the air of the Core 2 d esktop platform. First there was the P965, the best chipset Intel has rel eased in ages. It overclocked extremely well and supported DDR2-800 memor y technology. Now with DDR-3 hitting the shelves, Intel has its next gene ration of hybrid chipsets out which are designed to bridge the DDR-2 to D DR-3 platform gap (similar to how i915 supported both DDR and DDR-2 memor y on a single chip, depending on what you want to use).We have looked at the mainstream version of the bridge chipset, the P35 h as proven to be a very powerful performer. Today we are looking at the fi rst of the value chipsets with Intel's latest integrated graphics core, the G33. ECS has provided us with their latest G33 motherboard to test.

My First Day with Apple's iPhone @ thetechlounge.com
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I arrive at the mall here in Las Vegas where the Apple store is locatedaround 10:45 AM on Friday. An eight hour wait would lay ahead of me as Iwaited in line for that once in a lifetime product. A peanut butter andjelly sandwich and a big water bottle later, it was six o'clock and we werecheering (as well as being cheered on by Apple store employees) as the Applestore reopened and ushered in their first customer for the new phone.

Coolink Silentator CPU Cooler @ rbmods.com
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Today I'll be reviewing the latest CPU cooler offering from Coolink-the Silentator CPU Cooler. This is the first time we've had a chance toreview a product from this company so it should be interesting to see how itperforms. This large horizontal cooler has a simple yet attractive design,but will its performance be on par with other CPU coolers? And whatapplication is it better suited for- a silent PC build or agaming/overclocking build? Let's find out.

Core 2 Duo E6750 Overclocking @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-30-07] (0 Comments)

Just to let you guys know that we updated our Core 2 Duo E6750 review in

[News] Crucial 2x1GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
[Jun-28-07] (0 Comments)

For any of you that have read my previous review of the CrucialBallistix Tracer PC2-6400 memory kit, you know just how much I love thismemory. The look, the performance and now the price for DDR2 is justunbeatable. I gave it an easy Editors Choice award back then and I havepretty much been using that kit in my personal rig until a new package fromCrucial arrived recently; the PC2-8500 Ballistix Tracer Kit! Same bling,higher speeds. Other than the higher stock speed rating, there is absolutelyno difference from the PC2-6400 kit I already reviewed. In fact, my guessit's the same exact kit just hand selected to overclock nice and stable at1066...or more

XFX nForce 680i SLI motherboard @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-27-07] (0 Comments)

As far as theXFX nForce 680i SLI goes, it doesn't have the bestwarranty period, but it's still a great board and yet again we havegreat overclocking, super solid stability, great performance and a veryuser friendly BIOS. If you do find it for the right price compared tothe competition, you won't be disappointed.

Mushkin HP2-6400 2x2GB @ eclipseoc.com
[Jun-27-07] (0 Comments)

Has Mushkin succeeded in making a 4GB DDR2 kit that can provide good performance and overclockability without breaking the bank? Join us as we attempt to find out.

CPU Coolers Roundup @ insidehw.com
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Every single one of you, prepared or not, will soon have to come toterms with the fact that the conventional cooling of the CPU needs to bereplaced by a better, more efficient one, or simply stick with the defaultclock of your CPU, thus maybe even question the stability of theaforementioned in the upcoming hot summer days. In order to help you to findbest solution, we tested 9 CPU coolers, courtesy of 5 differentmanufacturers. Lets cool down our CPUs!

Core 2 Duo E6750 @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-25-07] (0 Comments)

Our review of Core 2 Duo E6750, one of the first Intel CPUs with 1,333 MHz external clock rate to reach the market later this summer. Will the new 1,333 MHz FSB improve PC performance? Check it out.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 - 1333 MHz FSB P @ pcper.com
[Jun-25-07] (0 Comments)

My final overclock came in at 3.84 GHz - a full 44% frequencyincrease! I kept our memory speeds lower in order to keep it out of theequation. Obviously we are talking about some serious processing power hererunning these dual core processors at nearly 4 GHz -- something I was nearlyable to reach but the board wouldn't quite make.

Kinc pushes 2900 XT CrossFire to a new 3DMark 05 world record - 34,126 points @ nordichardware.com
[Jun-25-07] (0 Comments)

With the cards overclocked to 880/990MHz (air-cooled) and an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 at 5341MHz, a pair of Corsair 6400C3 and an ASUS P5W64 WS Pro, Kinc managed to reach 34,126 points in 3DMark 05.

PNY 8800GTX 768MX XLR8 Edition @ thetechlounge.com
[Jun-22-07] (0 Comments)

When I played with Asus' 8800GTX, I was disappointed. It wasn't special.Itwas a stock-clocked GTX, with a stock trimmings, a simple bundle, at a pricewell above the competition. It didn't even overclock that well. What wehave here from PNY is a stock-overclocked 8800GTX, part of their

VIZO Master Panel II Multi-Function 5.25" Panel @ pro-clockers.com
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Multi-function panels have really taken off over the past couple ofyears. These handy devices put most of the I/O ports people use on a dailybasis right on the front of your PC. Many of us are used to pulling our rigsout from under our desks to plug our devices into the back of our computers,but VIZO's Master Panel II gives us a break by developing a panel that putsmany of these ports right at our fingertips. The Master Panel II gives usfront panel connections to USB 2.0, fans, firewire, eSATA, RCA, audio, andeven supports many common memory cards used today.

Qimonda @ techpowerup.com
[Jun-20-07] (0 Comments)

You will not find any overclocked DDR2 or DDR3 memory at the Qimonda booth. They have focused on special products like memory embedded on a mainboard or SODIMM to DIMM adapters. DDR memory and the full range of DDR3 memory - including DDR3 SODIMMs can be viewed at their booth

EVGA nForce 650i SLI motherboard @ bit-tech.net
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There's no doubt EVGA is up against it in this market segment.It mayhave a silent board with three very useful PCI slots, but it's anunattractive board. The lack of additional extras, aside from automaticgraphics card overclocking from a variety of just two graphics cardsdoesn't fair well in an extremely competitive mainstream marketplace.What EVGA does do right is the bundle in the box, if that's importantto you:EVGA has certainly got it right that's for sure. The boards itproduces have a great warranty (on the condition you register), priceand super solid, overclocking friendly motherboard. But it's all at thecost of other essential differentiating features and core performance.

eVGA e-GeForce 7900GS KO @ techgage.com
[Jun-18-07] (0 Comments)

If you are not looking for the highest-end GPU on the market but still want one with great performance at an even better price, the 7900 GS might be right up your alley. It fell slightly behind a 7900 GT, but has the overclocking headroom to make up for it.

NH overclocks Radeon HD 2900 XF CrossFire and GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI at DreamHack Summer 2007 @ nordichardware.com
[Jun-16-07] (0 Comments)

Together with processor manufacturer Intel and component manufacturer ASUS we have gathered the latest hardware money can buy, no matter if we look at the processor or graphics card market. With Intel's latest processors and both NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI and AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire multi-GPU systems available you can count on a number of enjoyable displays of raw computer performance.

Leadtek @ techpowerup.com
[Jun-16-07] (0 Comments)

Leadtek is showing off their overclocked and watercooled GeForce 8800 Ultra at Computex. They even have an SLI kit up and running on a single waterblock. The rest of the GeForce 8 series can also be viewed, with many factory overclocked variants and some very unique cooling solutions.

XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra 650M Extreme ed @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-15-07] (0 Comments)

XFX's GeForce 8800 Ultra 650M Extreme is probably theonly 8800 Ultrathat represents reasonable value for money at the moment. Until now,GeForce 8800 Ultras from Nvidia's board partners have been priced wellout of the reach of most hardcore enthusiasts and thus have only been aviable purchase for those with more money than sense. Thankfully, XFXhas delivered a GeForce 8800 Ultra with decent clock speeds and a veryaggressive price and until other board partners follow suit, XFX'sGeForce 8800 Ultra 650M Extreme is the pick of the bunch.

Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-15-07] (0 Comments)

Just from the name you can tell that the Max Orb falls back on theorb design that we are accustomed to seeing from Thermaltake. The Orb iswhat brought Thermaltake to the level at which it is now. The newer Max Orbtakes the design to another level with looks and size, but the questionremains:Have the changes made any real difference in performance? Read mywords and find out.

ASUS 8800GTX 768MB @ thetechlounge.com
[Jun-15-07] (0 Comments)

The 8800GTX, after many months on the market, is still the best of thebest. Sure, there's one card for competition:the 8800 Ultra; but that'ssort of a joke; it's basically a stock-overclocked GTX, with a $150 premium.(The joke is really on the buyer.) ATI has given NVIDIA no reason to worry,since their HD 2000-series doesn't have a card like it. Without anycompetition to speak of, that leaves one question:which 8800GTX is best?That depends on the price, extra features and bundle.

Corsair @ techpowerup.com
[Jun-14-07] (0 Comments)

At Corsair you could see the world's fastest DDR3 memory running at 2000 MHz, that's 1000 MHz real clock. Also several shipping DDR3 products were on display in addition to a static demo of ATI's new RD790 chipset motherboard.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 550W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-14-07] (0 Comments)

Modern power supplies come in a variety of flavors, sizes, andfeatures. Some are designed for raw power, while others target more specificaudiences like gamers and modders. Today, we have Cooler Master's Real PowerPro 550w power supply on our test bench. This power supply combines a rareblend of efficient power and stylish looks. This beast hasn't even beenreleased to the public yet, but Pro-Clockers have been given a uniqueopportunity to review it before anyone else.

Technic3D/Mushkin HP2-6400 4GB @ technic3d.com
[Jun-13-07] (0 Comments)

The Mushkin HP2-6400 DDR2 4GB Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against other Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate and Check the 4GB on 32 Bit Software

MSI P35 Platinum ed @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-13-07] (0 Comments)

The feature set is solid, it looks great and offersenough to keep themajority of people interested. The box could offer a few more extraslike additional USB ports and the board's eSATA solution is inferior toGigabyte's optional bracket. However, if you're a fan of quietcomputing and want something rock solid stable with an enthusiastfriendly BIOS, superb overclocking and a not too stressing price, thenthe MSI P35 Platinum should definitely be one to consider.

[News] Tagan GuardianX 1000W Silver Power Supply @ virtual-hideout.net
[Jun-11-07] (0 Comments)

Overclockers with SLI systems will appreciate the stability andpower as they push their dual and quad core processors to their limits ontop of enjoying exceptional graphics performance. Ultimately, the Tagan Teamhas done a fine job of building a quality, dependable 1000 watt powersupply...

Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-11-07] (0 Comments)

It seems that Thermaltake is at it again with new designs andinnovations. Today they have graced us with their newest cooler, the V1 CPU. The V1carries a design that is very different from most of the CPU coolers we have seenlately. The V1 looks like a pair of Oriental fans attached to one anothervia four copper heatsinks. The aesthetics, size and some of the technicalaspects of the cooler looks to be very promising in performance and style.

elmor overclocks Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire - New 3DMark 05 world record @ nordichardware.com
[Jun-10-07] (0 Comments)

The graphics cards were running at 920/980MHz, while the processor, an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800, was pushed to 5280MHz (440x12) using a mousepot rev3. The motherboard was (a personal favorite of mine), Abit AW9D-MAX, paired with Teamgroup OPB Edition running at 1:1 3-3-3-4 and a Tagan 1100W power supply.

HIS Overclocked Radeon X1300 XT @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-07-07] (0 Comments)

Our review of the overclocked Radeon X1300 XT from HIS, a.k.a. Radeon X1300 XT IceQ Turbo, which comes with a good cooling solution from Arctic Cooling.

Vizo Ares Internal SATA Mobile Rack @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-07-07] (0 Comments)

Internal, hot-swappable hard drive racks enclosures have been aroundfor quite a few years now, but many of them were geared toward

OCZ ModXStream 780 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-06-07] (0 Comments)

Another power supply that was released around the same time as thePowerStream was the ModStream. The ModStream was OCZ's first attempt at amodular power supply. The unit faired pretty well and in the processintroduced many of us to a way to clean up and organize our PC's innards.Last week OCZ sent us their newest modular power unit, the ModXStream, anewer and more powerful modular PSU boasting 780W. Let's take a look at theglory that is the ModXStream.

Antec P182 @ overclockersonline.net
[Jun-05-07] (0 Comments)

Improving on the already popular P180, the P182 should satisfy almosteveryone's needs. The design is visually appealing and also veryutilitarian. To set itself apart from competitors, the case has manyrefinements such as the silicone-grommeted hard drive cage andsound-absorbing panels. Also, with room for five 120mm fans, cooling shouldnot be a problem at all. Special features include the water-cooling grommetsand the fan control switches.

ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @ techgage.com
[Jun-04-07] (0 Comments)

Intel's P35 chipset was only just released, but ASUSalready has sevenmotherboards which utilize it. We are taking a look at one of their topmodels, the P5K3 Deluxe. This board utilizes DDR3 memory and has WiFicapabilities built-in. It also turns out to be a great overclocker.

Tuniq 3 Tower @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-04-07] (0 Comments)

I'm a sucker for a good looking case. Heck, I could write an entirearticle listing all of the cases I've fallen in love with through the years.Yet, I'm fairly picky when it comes to upgrading my cases. A case prettymuch has to have it all before I'll put my components in it:goodaesthetics, great features and plenty of room. Today, I'm reviewing theTuniq 3 from Tuniq, a division of Sunbeamtech. With a 'revolutionary'cooling system, ample room and a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel, theTuniq 3 could very well find a permanent place in my computer room.

EVGA 8800 Ultra Superclocked @ pureoverclock.com
[Jun-02-07] (0 Comments)

The card we're testing is not a basic reference model, it's EVGA'stop of the line part, the 8800 Ultra Superclocked. This is one of thefastest cards on the market, with yet further increases in clock speeds --650MHz on the core, and 2250MHz on the memory, so let's see if these extraclocks are worth the extra cash over the price of a GTX.

MSI Overclocked GeForce 8600 GTS @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-01-07] (0 Comments)

GeForce 8600 GTS is the fastest mid-range video card from the new GeForce 8 series from nVidia. In this review we benchmarked MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E OC, which comes overclocked.

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R mobo @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-01-07] (0 Comments)

It's inexpensive, as fast as other P35 boards and overclockslike abeast. You could certainly do better on the included feature andaccessories front, but that's not like it doesn't give you plenty ofexpandability on-board. If I was looking for an inexpensive, solidperforming, future proof backbone to a new system; the GigabyteGA-P35-DS3R would certainly be high on my list.

EVGA e-GeForce 8800 Ultra Superclocked @ bit-tech.net
[May-31-07] (0 Comments)

Getting back to EVGA's card and bundle, we think that it's agoodproduct, but it's priced out of the grasp of most early adopters,nevermind the enthusiasts that regularly read bit-tech. It just doesn'toffer enough value for money over EVGA's e-GeForce 8800 GTXSuperclocked card, which is over £100 cheaper.This isn't uncommon for products based on Nvidia's GeForce 8800 UltraGPU though, because the initial cards clocked at reference speeds werepriced well out of the market too.At least the price has come down a little bit, but we can't help butfeel it needs to come down further still. The reference clocked GeForce8800 Ultras start at around £470 (inc VAT) now, but we don't believethat the minuscule performance between it and EVGA's Superclocked 8800GTX warrants a £50 price premium - £20 would be more acceptable in ourbook. As for EVGA's heavily overclocked GeForce 8800 Ultra that we'velooked at here, we think that it needs to come down below £500 beforeit's going to be an attractive proposition.The current pricing structure just places it in the bracket for thosewith more money than sense. A shame, because that's about the onlything wrong with this product.

Apevia X-QPack2 @ overclockersonline.net
[May-31-07] (0 Comments)

As good as the case may be, it's not 100% perfect. There's still thelittle QA/QC issue identified with the window that nags in the back of mymind. If you went with the windowless model, then you're home free. Aspectslike the removable motherboard tray, carrying case and multiple storagecapabilities make it a wonderful little case that should be on your list toconsider for mATX machines.

MSI Overclocked GeForce 8600 GT @ hardwaresecrets.com
[May-30-07] (0 Comments)

Our review of the factory-overclocked GeForce 8600 GT from MSI, also known as NX8600GT-T2D256E OC.

Zotac GeForce 8800 GTX OC Edition @ techpowerup.com
[May-30-07] (0 Comments)

Zotac's new GeForce 8800 GTX OC Edition comes factory overclocked with clocks of 630 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory. This is a nice increase over the standard NVIDIA clocks, especially if you consider the small $20 premium and that you don't lose your warranty. For users who are not willing to spend a lot of money for a GeForce 8800 Ultra this card seems to be a viable alternative.

World Exclusive:Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire overclocking @ nordichardware.com
[May-30-07] (0 Comments)

With a completely air-cooled system Kinc managed to score 20,278 points in 3DMark 06. Both the SM2.0 and SM3.0 scores are very good for such a low CPU frequency, 7,989 and 9,449 respectively. We can also tell you that CrossFire scales well, really, really well.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 memory kit – DDR-2 not dead yet @ tweaktown.com
[May-29-07] (0 Comments)

DDR-3 is now coming to the desktop thanks again to Intel. DDR-3 in its early form has been shown to not only outperform DDR-2 at clock for clock speeds (something DDR-2 could not do over DDR-1), but DDR-3 is able to clock higher than DDR-2 could ever dream of, in fact we managed 1500MHz DDR-3 speeds in our recent tests.Today we are stepping back from DDR-3 and looking at some DDR-2 modules from Crucial Technology. While DDR-3 is the future for Intel platforms, DDR-2 is still the mainstream product for Intel as well as the only memory technology currently supported by AMD and its Athlon 64 processors which have memory controllers on the CPU.

CoolingWell V14 Vortex 800W @ overclockersonline.net
[May-29-07] (0 Comments)

CoolingWell's Vortex V14 800W power supply is truly a unique product.It may not boast to be the best of the best or have rock solid rails, butfor the price of $115, this unit truly is an unbeatable buy, especially forthose who need a lot of power but are on a tight budget.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 @ overclockersonline.net
[May-26-07] (0 Comments)

Esthetics and appearance aside, these modules are prettysolid...okay, so they are extremely satisfying. You are basically gettingthe fastest binned memory from the manufacturer who makes the most importantcomponent in any other kit of memory rated at the same speed or higher. I ama bench marker and out-right performance is all that impresses me withmemory. The 3-4-3 overclocking of this memory has me very impressed and Ihave had some good kits at those timings. the bonus with this kit is that itclocks at 5-5-5 as well as some of the PC2-9200 modules out there.

Technic3D/Jetway HD 2900 XT @ technic3d.com
[May-26-07] (0 Comments)

The Jetway Radeon HD 2900 XT arrived Technic3D. See you this G raphic Card with Vista Benchmarks, XP Benchmarks and 860 MHz/ 900 MHz Overclocking with Watercooling in the following Review.

Albatron GeForce 8600 GT 256MB @ thetechlounge.com
[May-25-07] (0 Comments)

Today we have for review an Albatron 8600 GT from Albatron. This is astandard (as opposed to overclocked) version of NVIDIA's 8600 GT. The 8600GT performance is a little under par with the 7900 GS and the X1950 PRO,which can currently be bought for about the same price. This puts the cardin a tight spot. Will it please the hordes of eager gamers looking for anaffordable card?

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 SLi-Ready Memory @ modders-inc.com
[May-24-07] (0 Comments)

The OCZ name is well known when it comes to memory. Offering topnotch performance and outstanding overclocking capabilities, it is hard tobeat. OCZ's PC2-6400 SLi-Ready memory modules are programmed to boot at800MHz DDR2 with timings of 4-4-4 1T.

Biostar TA690G @ overclockersonline.net
[May-22-07] (0 Comments)

The stock performance I got out of the TA690G was certainlyimpressive. The 690G and SB600 leads to a budget multimedia machine orworkstation without cutting any corners. This board should definitely be onyour must-consider list for anyone tight on cash.

Corsair CM2X1024 XMS2 PC5400C4 @ tekbunker.com
[May-21-07] (0 Comments)

These are lower timings than most older DDR500 and DDR2 533mhz, quite good if you ask me. Ok, so I changed the timings back and had a look what I can do at the rated timings, I ended up with 900Mhz that's already an 225mhz overclock on the module.

Intel P35 chipset @ bit-tech.net
[May-21-07] (0 Comments)

The Intel P35 chipset may be an evolution but there's verylittle goingfor it if this first look at the basic performance Asus's P5K Deluxe isanything to go by. A P35 board will provide more chipset straps foroverclocking as well as support for future processors and a couple ofextra goodies, but investing in a P965 should give you very similarperformance and certainly won't short change you.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Edition @ overclockersonline.net
[May-21-07] (0 Comments)

The performance of these Reaper HPCs at 5-5-5 certainly was brightenough to blind me without glasses. I still can't get over how well theyscale above DDR1200 with such small amounts of voltage. Obviously theability for these crazy high clocks to continue rising just isn't there. Isaw with my P5B-Dlx that it simply couldn't handle dual-channel memory pastDDR1280 although the memory seemed more than willing. It appears as thoughthe tortoise has caught up to the hare and is going to pass him...until thenew round of chipsets come out which has already begun.

R600 too hot for LN2 at 1230MHz! @ nordichardware.com
[May-16-07] (0 Comments)

That's exactly what Kinc did with the Radeon HD 2900XT and with the extra cooling the nitrogen provided a new top notch result was noted in core frequency, namely 1230MHz stable enough to run a round of 3DMark 03 which makes it the highest clocked graphics processor in the world so far.

Cooler Master Centurion 534 Contest @ overclockersonline.net
[May-16-07] (0 Comments)

Much like the previous contests held at Overclockers Online, you onlyneed to do one thing to earn your chance of winning it - complete our littleballot and sit tight.

Overclocking @ nordichardware.com
[May-14-07] (0 Comments)

We will publish a full scale review of the HD 2900 XT up ahead, but already today we can present a lot of goodies for those who want to see some overclocking. Marcus has been resting the last couple of months, but now he's back; bigger, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Technic3D/PowerColor Radeon HD 2900 XT @ technic3d.com
[May-14-07] (0 Comments)

The PowerColor Radeon HD 2900 XT arrived Technic3D. The new Gr aphic Card with R600 Chip from AMD better than the NVIDIA High-End Gra phic Cards? Technic3D will see that, with Overclocking, in the followi ng Review.

HIS X1550 IceQ @ overclockersonline.net
[May-14-07] (0 Comments)

HIS has put together another package that triumphs over the other twoX1550s Overclockers Online has looked at in the past. The card balancesgreat performance to price and noise level. The only hurting factor has tobe the fact that HIS does not make dual DVI a standard feature.

XFX 680i LT SLI – Can a graphics card builder make a good motherboard? @ tweaktown.com
[May-13-07] (0 Comments)

Nvidia also only released one chipset in its nForce 500 series for Intel, however, since it was based on the older, poorly overclocking nForce 4 SPP northbridge, Nvidia quickly dumped 500 series for Intel, which gave birth to nForce 600i series chipsets. Today there are four chipsets in the 600i series, 680i SLI, 680i LT SLI, 650i SLI and 650i Ultra in order from high-end to value.nForce 680i SLI while offering the best features and performance also costs an arm and a leg for just the board, leaving little in the budget for a high-end CPU. Nvidia has however come to the rescue with a slightly cut down version of the 680i SLI, the LT SLI series.

SilverStone Olympia 1000W @ overclockersonline.net
[May-11-07] (0 Comments)

For those who truly need such a power supply, the Olympia 1000W's rock solid rails, rugged design and massive size truly communicate that this is no ordinary power supply.

New Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
[May-09-07] (0 Comments)

In reality, the performance differences between the highestoverclocked 8800 GTX cards and the 8800 Ultra card are very slim and as suchwe would probably still go with the 8800 GTX cards just out of principle.But if you want to shell out the dough, the Ultra's fit nicely into theultimate gaming platform.

Mushkin 4GB XP2-8500 @ techgage.com
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Mushkin is the only memory company right now to offer4GB extremeperformance kits, with their top-end offering on our test bench today.Despite the fact that it already has high stock speeds, we weresurprised to find out that it still had a lot of overclocking headroom.

Corsair Dominator 8500C5DF:Overclocking @ nordichardware.com
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Thanks to Micron's memory circuits, there's a lot of headroom for fiddling with memory settings to find a setting that fits the system's configuration, like FSB and CPU speed. If you can access high voltages, there's a lot of potential for overclocking these circuits far beyond their specified speeds.

MSI NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD OC @ nvnews.net
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With prices below $300, the power of the best NVIDIA has to offer is now available for everyone. With the only difference between the two GTS models being the amount of GDDR3 RAM (640MB vs. 320MB) the sub-$300 price is attractive and reasonable. MSI took the reference design and upped the ante by increasing the core and memory clock speeds in their NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD OC offering. The increase in raw speed on the card served as a good reminder that the marketing hype of

OWT VSC-158 @ overclockersonline.net
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Over Way Technology is a new company with big aspirations for cooling products in several markets, judging by this cooler they really need to be putting more effort into the PC cooling department if they want to succeed in the US market.

Gainward 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample SLi @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today we have a treat for you as I will be reviewing the Gainward8800GTS 640mb Bliss Golden sample in SLi, this is one of the latest GeForcechipsets on the market, holding a massive 640mb of RAM on each card. Whichadds up to a total of 1280mb of GFX memory which should be more than enoughto play the latest games on the market, as well as some future titles. Addto that they are also the golden sample editions with a GPU clock speed of550 and 1760 I am expecting great things.

Overclocking at Intel @ nordichardware.com
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When we arrived at Kista and Intel we would unpack our gear and install it in Intel's temperature-controlled laboratory for some really serious overclocking. We weren't sure what kind of hardware Thomas and Intel had waiting for us, but we can assure you that we were pleasantly surprised.

[News] CoolIT Systems PCI Cooling Booster and Ram Fan @ virtual-hideout.net
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Overclockers will find the extra cooling a great benefit especiallyin regards to the memory modules. And extreme overclockers typicallyunderstand that reaching those insane frequencies require a few sacrificesone of which is noise. There is just no way to get around the noise if yoursystem is dependent on good air flow...

Twintech GeForce 8600 GTS @ techpowerup.com
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Twintech's new GeForce 8600 GTS is based on the NVIDIA reference design using the G84 GPU. It comes with 256 MB of fast GDDR3 memory clocked at 1 GHz, the graphics processor runs at 675 MHz. This is the first DirectX 10 card for the midrange segment with its price tag of around $210.

MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard @ viperlair.com
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From a performance, stability and overclocking stand point, some of it depends on the BIOS you use. At time of writing, the latest 1.22 BIOS is still beta, but if you want the most from the board, this is the BIOS revision to use if you are overclocking. Standard performance with the original BIOS is quite good, especially in the memory department. CPU performance does fall slightly behind the likes of the 975x chipset in synthetic tests, but most multimedia applications don't suffer noticeably as a consequence. Gaming performance is excellent.

AMD Internal R600 overclocking tool @ techpowerup.com
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AMD's internal GPU Clock Tool is the first overclocking software that really works with the new Radeon HD 2000 Series. It can manage clocks and monitor temperatures of all ATI/AMD cards, including the upcoming products that will be launched this month.

Foxconn N68S7AA nForce 680i SLI mobo @ bit-tech.net
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Since the nForce 680i LT SLI release, you have to havesomething prettydamn special from a full fat nForce 680i SLI motherboard to justify thecost and Foxconn just doesn't quite have it here. It does havea very stable motherboard which is a somewhat rare commodity thesedays, but from an enthusiast chipset, Foxconn is only half way theresupplying enthusiast performance but not enthusiast overclocking.

OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Damn man! OCZ is at it again with some new memory and a new style ofcooling. For those who need a refresher course on OCZ ram cooling, firstthey hit us with the XTC heat spreaders and then out of nowhere came theFlexXLC. All great memory that added some style and finesse, along withadvanced cooling to ram modules. But just when you figure they could not addanother twist to their lineup OCZ presents us with the Reaper HPC lineup.The specs of the new memory are PC2-8500 with 5-5-5-15. Is this new memoryin your future? Well, for about $300 it could be. But read the article andsee if it is worth it.

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra - The Best Just Got Better @ pcper.com
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=93The raw gaming performance of the GeForce 8800 Ultra is simplyunmatched by any single graphics card on the market today including NVIDIA'sown 8800 GTX.=A0 While the Ultra is in fact just an overclocked version of the8800 GTX core, those gamers that are always looking to see newer, fasterparts are going to fall in love with the 8800 Ultra even if they aren'tgoing to be purchasing one.=94

Samsung 275T @ overclockersonline.net
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Some people say big may not be necessarily better. I guess they haven't had the luxury of working with a 27

APEVIA X-QPACK2 Aluminum Case w/ 3 Windows @ pro-clockers.com
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Well, with the X-QPack2 of course. The new and improve SFF fromAspire sports pretty much everything the older unit does but adds a littlebit more. 'In what way?' you may ask. Well, lets start with a more powerfulpower supply and better cooling. And this is just a start. Is the newversion the SFF case that can replace your tall tower style unit? Check outthe article.

[News] ABIT IN9 32X-MAX 680i-SLI Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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As performance champions go, the 965X has had more success in theoverclocking and price to performance area for many makers. Some 975Xmotherboards like the AW9D-MAX, have helped in regaining and setting somevery good overclocking records among the enthusiasts the past few months.Half of the credit goes to ABIT's ability to release better and better BIOSrevisions while the other half goes to the electronics quality. At somepoint though, a BIOS begins to out pace the motherboard, so it becomesnecessary to update revision or chipset based motherboard. I'd like to thankABIT for sending us one of their newest motherboards that comes prepared forspeed and ready to show off in any windowed computer enclosure. So, whatdoes their IN9 32X-MAX 680i SLI Motherboard have to offer besides good looksand frame rates? You'll just have to read on.

XClio 188 Super Tower @ overclockersonline.net
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The 188 case is very top notch. It is very well built and has solid construction with no creaks or rattles. The minimalistic design gives the case a very attractive aura, and it's cooling performance is excellent. The theme of being simple has been shown throughout this review, with screws being needed everywhere. This does not exactly mean it is going to be harder to install your system, tool-less designs can be sometimes flimsy and can even bring up compatibility problems. This is the first case in a while that has not been provided with thumbscrews (which appears to be a must in almost all cases), but that doesn't put this case off one bit.

[News] 3 Days Left in the SuperTalent Ram Giveaway @ virtual-hideout.net
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Super Talent has teamed up with Virtual-Hideout for the month ofApril in order to giveaway three (3) PC2-6400 DDR2 overclocking memory kits!That's right, 3 chances to win one of these fantastic prizes! You don'tneed to visit the forums, or register or anything to enter. Simply enteryour email into the box below and you're entered!

Zotac GeForce 8500 GT @ techpowerup.com
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Zotac is a new player in the NVIDIA video card business and one of their first new cards is the GeForce 8500 GT which is based on NVIDIA's brand-new G86 graphics processor. Unlike the reference design Zotac's card is factory overclocked to a GPU clock of 700 MHz which gives the card a healthy performance boost for a price increase of about $10.

BFG Tech GeForce 8600GTS OC Graphics Card (Factory Overclocked) @ tweaktown.com
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Maybe it's the great looking box or the fact that they come with a nice little overclock, all these cards seem to have something that shines, fortunately for BFG Tech it has both the box and the overclock and so much more.We had a look at the XFX come launch day and it had a lot going for it, with a huge out of the box overclock it was destined to be king of the 8600GTS cards, unfortunately when it came to overclocking we discovered pretty quickly that the card was at its limit. With BFG Tech in hand we have a chance to see if the cheaper cards on the market are capable of still giving us the modest overclock, taking us up to the level of XFX.

EVGA nForce 650i Ultra Motherboard - nForce on a Budget @ pcper.com
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=93The EVGA nForce 650i Ultra motherboard is a great option forperformance users looking for a feature-filled and overclockable motherboardwithout a $200+ price tag.=A0 The new 650i Ultra chipset won't be able toreplace the 680i motherboards as the top enthusiast platform but for usersthat can't see spending more than $150 on a motherboard, the EVGA nForce650i Ultra motherboard is definitely going to hit the spot.=94

Zotac 8500GT, 8600GT, 8600GTS Roundup @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we will be taking a look at the release of the 8500GT, 8600GTand the 8600GTS. Zotac was nice enough to send over one of each of the cardsfor testing. With the DirectX 10 support and the price point of these cardsit looks like Nvidia as well as Zotac have a real winner on their hands.

[News] SAPPHIRE Pure Innovation HDMI PI-AM2RS690MHD Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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This motherboard is not intended to be a serious overclocker, butinstead to be an asset to the digital home environment. What I mean by thatis it's better suited as a possible HTPC or as a medium to get digitalcontent to a device with a HDMI connection.

Super Talent DDR2 1000 (T1000UX2G4) 2GB @ gideontech.com
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This week I was given a chance to look over a pair of Super Talent Technology Corporation's 2GB (2 x 1GB Dual Channel) DDR2 PC2 8000 T1000UX2G4 overclocked RAM for gamers. The timings for this set of memory is a tight 4-5-4-15 - compared to the common 5-5-5-15 variety. With 20 years under the belt, Super Talent stands behind their product. All ram modules are protected with a lifetime warranty.

MSI 8600 GT OC Edition @ pureoverclock.com
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Its main problem (and that goes for all 8600 GT and GTS cards) isthe X1950 Pro, which offers a very similar package bar DX10 support. Thesecards certainly are not in a dominant position right now, they are merely

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W @ overclockersonline.net
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The Real Power Pro 1000W incorporates all the features one would expect in a high end power supply:excellent performance, a beautiful finish, sleeved wires, and last but not least, quiet operation. This power supply also includes the new 8-pin PCI-Express connector as a native option rather than supplying an adapter.

MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard @ nvnews.net
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The P6N SLI Platinum is a gamer's delight. Exceedingly fast at default clocks and even more so overclocked and running super stable. With my concerns over the voltage reporting and approaching warm weather I will be lowering the clocks for gaming, at least until I can get a better handle on actual voltage being supplied. Of course, the 1333MHz FSB, 3.0GHz, settings that I initially found to be stable is a good cushion to fall back on.

Sapphire X1650XT 256 PCI-E Graphics Card @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Once I had got the stock results from both the 7600gt and theSapphire X1650xt (stock for my 7600gt is 560Mhz Core and 1400Mhz memory asit comes pre overclocked) I decided to see how well the X1650xt over clocks.To do this I used Ati's Overdrive feature from within the Catalyst ControlCentre to auto detect the highest clocks possible. I mean who is going toleave things stock these days when the drivers come with a built inOverclocking tool?

Transcend 2GB DDR2-667 Mac Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Throughout its long and proud history, Apple computer systems havewidely been considered the standard for graphics professionals and webdesigners. But, some programs like Photoshop CS, Illustrator, and even Final Cut Studio have madesystem memory upgrades a critical necessity to have these programs functionat their highest performance levels. Many manufacturers make proprietarymemory for the Mac, but today we have a 2GB DDR2-667 RAM kit from Transcendthat hopefully will turn heads without breaking our pocket books. Thismemory kit should really kick our Macbook into high gear.

Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9 VGA Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
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VGA cooling is important to both gamers and enthusiasts. As a gameryou want the best performance out of your video card and as an enthusiastyou want to keep your graphics card as cool as it can be so you can achievethe best overclock possible. Today we will be looking at the Fatal1ty FC-ZV9which features a pure copper heatsink and two high performance heatpipes.Read on for the review.

Technic3D/aquacomputer aquaduct 360 XT @ technic3d.com
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The new aquacomputer aquaduct 360 XT external Watercooling wit h completely monitoring arrived Technic3D. The handling, low noise and cooling better than other Sets? Technic3D will see that in the follow ing Review with a Intel QX6700 and Overclocking.

Cooler Master GeminII @ overclockersonline.net
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Based on my experience, the use of at least one fan makes the GeminII a top performer. The cooler should not be used passively on any modern processor. It easily beat the Intel stock cooler and also helped cool down the surrounding components on the motherboard due to its ability to accommodate 120mm fans. If two fans were used, performance is likely to be even better, at the expense of your hearing of course; however, if appropriate fans with a good air flow to noise ratio are used, there is no reason why the GeminII can't be a winner.

Gigabyte and XFX – GeForce 8600GT graphics cards go head-to-head @ tweaktown.com
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You find yourself wanting to get into DirectX 10 gaming but with only a 17” or 19” LCD you cannot justify spending excessive dollars on an overpowered card. If you are not a huge detail junky, and technology like AA and AF does not bother you, then even the Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS is probably overkill for you.With users like this in mind, Nvidia has come out with the 8600GT, a mid-range card at about 2/3 the price of a standard 8600GTS. A 1/3 price drop equates to AU$100 (US$80), a significant saving for anyone. Two versions are with us today, a silent passive-cooled offering from Gigabyte and an overclocked XXX version from XFX, a company who pleasantly pleased us with its 8600GTS in an earlier review.

BFG GeForce 8600 GTS - DX10 hits mid-range @ pcper.com
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=93I=A0should note that the G84 and G86 cores are actually new GPUdesigns; not simply G80 cores that have been cut down and sold as lowerpriced parts.=A0 The new 8600 GPUs have only 289 million transistors comparedto the 681 million on the original 8800 GTX core.=A0 Tweaks were also put intoplace on the new 8600 core to enabled improved shader performance per clock=94

Cooler Master April Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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Spring is in the air and Overclockers Online wants to set you upright for some spring time overclocking! With the temperatures on the rise,the only way to cool down your hot processor without breaking the bank iswith some serious air cooling. This month we are giving away one CoolerMaster Real GeminII.

Powercolor X1550 SCS @ overclockersonline.net
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PowerColor has put together an excellent offer for those looking to balance performance, price, and noise level. The X1550 512MB SCS comes with dual DVI connectors, which is very important with the popularity of dual LCD configurations, and a custom cooler that effectively reduces the cards heat without adding an ounce of noise.

XFX GeForce 7600GT Fatal1ty 650MHz in SLI mode @ tweaktown.com
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We have with us today the GeForce 7600GT Fatal1ty from XFX (the version clocked at 650MHz core as opposed to the cheaper 560MHz) which is a bit fancier when compared to our standard run of the mill 7600GT. We’re going to have a look at exactly what the cards are capable of when running in SLI but also by itself.Being a special hyped up version bearing the Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel branding, they are quite a lot more expensive than regular reference style 7600GT’s but it’ll be interesting to see what type of extra performance and features we see by spending some more cash.

Technic3D/OCZ PC 6400 Flex XLC DDR2 @ technic3d.com
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The OCZ PC 6400 Flex XLC DDR2 arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with 3-4-4-15 and Overclocking against other Mem ory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate. You can see 930 MHz in the followi ng Review with Watercooling and 2,4V.

ECS NF650iSLIT-A Motherboard – Much more affordable than 680i @ tweaktown.com
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Today we are looking at nVidia’s mainstream SLI product designed to keep the costs down but give the customer something that is worth the money. Today we are looking at the nVidia nForce 650i SLI chipset in the form of the version 1.0 NF650iSLIT-A motherboard from ECS.Its advantage is that it is cheaper than more expensive 680i SLI and 680i SLI LT motherboards but does that make it a substandard motherboard? Let’s read on and check out the onboard features, performance and overclocking and then try and make a decision.

Scythe Ninja Rev.B @ pureoverclock.com
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This one is no doubt going to be interesting as not only is theNinja Rev.B built specifically for low airflow, low noise usage, but Scytheclaim it is such an efficient heatsink -what with its 12 heatpipes and hugesurface area- that you can fling the fan across the room and go

Technic3D/oVerkill.OC Picture and Video @ technic3d.com
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Technic3D goes with the German Overclocking Team oVerkill.OC o n CeBIT 2007. We brake on the Enermax Booth new German Records with BF G Graphic Cards, Kingston Memory and Enermax PSU. Every Day extreme Ov erclocking with -100=B0C and more. You can see on Technic3D 124 Pictur e and a Video.

Enermax Uber Chakra Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Finding the case to install your dream computer system can be one ofthe most difficult tasks for a computer enthusiast, with all what seems likethousands of choices out there these days. The enthusiast has to weigh hispersonal tastes against material, style, weight, cooling options, and costand last but not least, will all the components of the dream system fit inthe desired chassis. With all the new high-end video cards coming out on themarket that are over sized, fitting them inside most standard cases isgetting to be a problem due to the extra length and Enermax has come up witha solution to this situation with the release of their Uber Chakra EATX.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro @ pureoverclock.com
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=93The first cooler to grace our new review outline is the ArcticCooling Freezer 7 Pro. It's been around a while but it still has a greatdeal to offer. For starters, it's cheap (Ł16 at time of writing), whichmeans it's a no brainer - if it performs admirably you have no choice but toget one!=94

Jetart HCA06 HDD Guard @ overclockersonline.net
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Jetart has really delivered with the simple but elegant HCA06

Bluegears b-flexi 80/120 LED fans @ pro-clockers.com
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A few months ago Bluegears sent over some pretty innovative fanscalled the b-ice and b-cool. This cooling fan gave us the warm and fuzzyfeeling of having something quite different from everyone else. Having wordsblaze across the fan blades as they spin was pretty great. But our friendsare at it again with a new cooling fan series with the b-flexi line. Thesefans have their own uniqueness about them, including some sweet bling. Wantto know more about them? Read on dear reader.

Spire VertiCool IV Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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High speed processors, large capacity hard disc drives, all thesecomponents provide a better and faster computing experience but stillgenerate a lot of heat, therefore perfect cooling is key. Spire is anoutstanding leader in this field of business and a proven name-brand inthermal products. Proudly presenting yet another successful thermal product,the VertiCool IV processor cooler now up for grabs at Overclockers Online!

Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6 Motherboard – nForce 680i done to perfection @ tweaktown.com
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Gigabyte in true form has taken up this new chipset as part of their Dual Quad series. And while the Taiwanese motherboard group has been much slower to release their 680i product, they’ve finally done it and we quite interested to find out if the wait has been worth it or not.Labelled the N680SLI-DQ6, we can only expect the best, as only the best and brightest get the DQ6 naming treatment from Gigabyte. Let’s see if the impressive DQ6 line of motherboards continues as we shoot for the highest ever FSB overclock ever recorded in our labs.

PowerColor X1650 Pro Year of the Pig Edition @ overclockersonline.net
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Like many people around the world, it wasn't too long ago when Icelebrated Chinese New Year. This year marked the year of the pig and thecelebrations were bigger than ever. Many companies capitalize on theseevents by either launching new products and PowerColor has done exactlythat.

Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for the Mac @ pro-clockers.com
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Logitech has long been known as one of the premier manufacturers ofWindows-based input devices, especially keyboards and mice. So, when I heardthat they created their first wireless keyboard/mousecombo that was exclusively designed for the Mac, I had to call them up andrequest a review sample. Luckily, Logitech had one available and theyshipped it over to me. The Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for the Maccombines Logitech's award winning design with the creativity of Mac'sarchitecture and unique operating system features. Let's jump right into this review with both feet,and see if the S 530 matches up to the quality of typical Mac products.

[News] Super Talent April 2007 Ram Giveaway @ virtual-hideout.net
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Super Talent has teamed up with Virtual-Hideout for the month ofApril to giveaway (3) PC2-6400 DDR2 over clocking memory kits valued around$200 each! That's right, 3 prizes and 3 chances to win! Just stop by anddrop your email into the box and click submit to enter! It's that easy!

Cooler Master CoolViva Pro @ overclockersonline.net
[Mar-29-07] (0 Comments)

As expected, Cooler Master has come out with a good product that does what it is supposed to do. The CoolViva Pro's three heatpipes, aluminum fins, copper base, and radial fan design come together to form one great cooler. Performance was impeccable and the noise level was basically nonexistent. Installation was a breeze and the included manual was a boon.

MSI P6N SLI Platinum @ bit-tech.net
[Mar-28-07] (0 Comments)

Depending where you apply value depends on whether this motherboardisright for you to start with. It's certainly not an all rounder. If youjust want great stock performance from a good looking, stable-as-a-rockmotherboard then this should certainly be in the mix to buy. However,if you're looking for a cheap, overclocking fiend, you'll need to checkelsewhere. MSI just didn't display that to us here.

Foxconn 8800GTS 320MB Overclocking Edition @ thetechlounge.com
[Mar-28-07] (0 Comments)

Since the release of NVIDIA's 8800-series, NVIDIA has proven that they are kings of quantity -and- quality. Gone are the days ofspeckled texture processing, along with spiking and dropping framerates. Here are the days of unmatched performance. NVIDIA didgood with their new architecture. But the release wasn't for everybody; only people who could afford the ultra-high orridiculously-ultra-high performance. Only now have they rolled out a potentially mainstream card:the 8800GTS 320MB. At threehundred or so bucks, it's not cheap, but if it's three-quarters as good as its closest brethren, then it's got to be worth themoney.

Inno3D GeForce 7900GS 256MB IChiLL Accelero S1M Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-27-07] (0 Comments)

Inno3D’s 7900GS IChiLL Accelero S1M comes overclocked out of the box quite significantly and it utilizes a heat pipe cooling solution designed by Arctic Cooling – it’s not the best when it comes to VGA overclocking, actually it is usually downright miserable to be completely honest, although did Inno3D manage to surprise us with the first graphics card offering that we have seen from them?It clearly will be a hit or miss product, let’s continue on and see if the new iChiLL series from Inno3D is at all worth considering!

EVGA nForce 680i LT SLI @ bit-tech.net
[Mar-27-07] (0 Comments)

While the EVGA 680i LT SLI doesn't win any awards, that's notto say itisn't a good motherboard. The reference design is still reasonably welllaid out, performs decently and overclocks very well indeed. It'scertainly less noisy than the standard nForce 680i reference design,despite having two chipset fans. Overall, it's essentially an averagerunner.

Seasonic M12 700W Power Supply @ pureoverclock.com
[Mar-25-07] (0 Comments)

This review is a continuation of a recent mini-roundup of a few700W power supplies. I'll be taking a look at the Seasonic M12-700 powersupply to see if it's as good as their reputation suggests.

Thermalright HR-07 @ overclockersonline.net
[Mar-24-07] (0 Comments)

The entire Thermalright High-Riser family has been a huge success. The HR-07, the latest addition to the family, easily outperformed the stock cooler much like the other High Riser products.

Sparkle @ techPowerUp! @ techpowerup.com
[Mar-24-07] (0 Comments)

Sparkle had a number of interesting products at the show. For HTPC builders three GeForce cards with HDMI output are available now. Another new product is the Calibre 8800 GTX which runs at higher clocks than the NVIDIA reference design. Straight from their labs we saw a GeForce card with an integrated LED display that displays current temperatures.

abit AB9 QuadGT – Fully fledged P965 motherboard @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-23-07] (0 Comments)

Now under the Universal abit brand name, the bad ass attitude of ABIT is back with a vengeance. So far we have tested three motherboards under the Universal abit brand - A8N 32X, AB9 Pro and the IN9 32X SLI motherboards and they all performed quite well with the exception of the latter which failed to impressed with very poor overclocking results.Today we have a new motherboard based on Intel’s P965 chipset, the same that was used in the AB9 Pro board, but with a few updates to the design and layout.It is aimed at taking on ASUS and Gigabyte’s Crossfire dual graphics based Intel P965 motherboard - today we test the AB9 QuadGT and see if ABIT are able to produce a motherboard for your Core 2 processor which packs some punch.

World-Exclusive:Sapphire PI-AM2RS690MHD @ techpowerup.com
[Mar-23-07] (0 Comments)

Sapphire's latest motherboard is based on AMD's RS690 chipset which features integrated VGA and HDMI output onboard. The board is an excellent choice for media PC systems since it is MicroATX and supports audio via HDMI. Performance is almost equal to much more expensive RD580 motherboards, the BIOS also has a load of overclocking options.

AMD R600 retail Radeon X2900XTX – better photos immerge! @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-22-07] (0 Comments)

It took a lot of convincing but we have finally been able to secure real photos of AMD’s upcoming Radeon X2900XTX graphics card based on their R600 core and codenamed Dragonshead 2.It will come with 1GB of GDDR-4 memory but other items such as clock speeds have not been confirmed yet – more details here from our previous “AMD roadmap update on R600 - details confirmed!” news story. The only thing we seemed to screw up on was the launch date, which is looking more and more likely to be sometime in May, but nobody seems to be 100% sure at this stage.The folks at AMD and ATI went to great lengths to stop pictures being leaked onto the web but with some angry partners, it was only a matter of time until something solid was discovered.

Spire RocKeteer VI 600W @ overclockersonline.net
[Mar-21-07] (0 Comments)

The Spire RocKeteer SP-600W is a fairly well rounded power supply.While its performance isn't mind boggling or extraordinary, it does holdvery well and performs very, very well. Not only does it perform well, butit also looks great! The silver sleeved wires in rubber tubing, blue molexconnector and black titanium finish complement each other very well.

nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 640MB vs. 1280MB in SLI mode @ tweaktown.com
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We have had a look at the 320MB nVidia GeForce 8800GTS graphic card offering a few times here at TweakTown in the past - we have looked at it in its stock form, overclocked and in SLI. It’s a fantastic card and doesn’t disappoint but in our first article we mainly focused on how it compared against the 640MB in single card configuration. Today we are going to be re-focusing on this situation but when the cards are used together in SLI mode.With in excess of 1.2GB of memory on offer when the 640MB cards are enabled in SLI mode, you have to wonder are we simply at a point of overkill. Are the 640MB cards for non-SLI and the 320MB cards for SLI? These are some of the questions we hope to answer today.

Point of View @ techpowerup.com
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You may know Point Of View as they have been producing graphic cards for quite some time now. Their entire line-up features a lot more. The company booth shows off their complete line-up of cases, a slew of accessories like mouse pads, gaming and bluetooth headsets, speakers and digital picture frames. To top things off, Point Of View is displaying factory overclocked cards under the EXO brand.

XFX GeForce 8800GTS 320MB XXX (Factory Overclocked) @ tweaktown.com
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The particular variant we are looking at is the XXX edition which has the highest core and memory speed - the other OC version from XFX is the Extreme edition which has slightly higher clock speeds than the base model but lower than XXX edition. There is also of course a default (base) model although we have seen the performance of that from the MSI GTS 320MB product offering already.Let’s continue on and see what XFX have for us package wise before we check out the card and then later its performance. It is actually worth spending more on the factory overclocked edition or is it a waste of money?

ASUS P5N-E SLI @ Pro-Clockers @ pro-clockers.com
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One of the first Nvidia 650i enabled motherboards came from ASUS. TheP5N-E SLI offers a low cost solution to the masses that want to build eithera gaming rig or overclocking powerhouse on a tight budget. With the supportof SLI, ample voltage selections and ram adjustment, you get everything youwill find in the P5N32-E SLI except for dual 16x PCI-e bandwidth and superhuge copper cooling sinks.

Lite-On LH-20A1H @ overclockersonline.net
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The Lite-On LH-20A1H really is a Super All Write as it comes packed with features. Not only is this drive the fastest on the market by supporting 20X DVD=B1Rs, Lite-On has made is possible to take regular media and either have them finish their writing process faster or do so with fewer mistakes.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 850W Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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Spring is in the air and Overclockers Online wants to set you up right for some spring time overclocking! When power is needed to jump start your latest computer creation, you don't need to look further than Cooler Master. This month we are giving away one Cooler Master Real Power Pro 850W.

MSI Overclocked GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Our review of the new GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB from MSI, which is sold already overclocked. Check it out.

Titan EZ Sound 2.1 Speaker System @ pro-clockers.com
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They sent us over a set of their new EZ Sound 2.1 speaker systems.There are a variety of companies producing 2.1 setups, so you may ask whatcould make these any different. Well here's the thing, these little speakersare the world's smallest 2.1 capable speakers. So, this means that you willno longer have to carry around a larger mobile setup (despite how good wemight well look with a pimped out ghetto-blaster - Ed) or listen to yourfavorite music through some dinky built-in speakers. But the questionremains, how do they sound? Lets find out how good the EZ Sound 2.1 speakersystem really is.

AMD roadmap update on R600 - details confirmed! @ tweaktown.com
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The big daddy of them all, the Radeon X2900XTX (codenamed Dragons Head 2 in 9.5” size XTX configuration with GDDR4 memory), is due to hit shop shelves on 30th of March 2007 but it’s still unsure if they will actually make that date. Samples were already delivered to AMD’s partners last week and many companies will likely have R600 live demos on display at CeBIT. The Radeon X2900XT (codenamed Cats Eye also measuring 9.5” but with GDDR3 memory and reduced clock speeds about 15% below XTX) will hit shop shelves on 19th of April. Dragons Head 2 is actually already well into production and product will be delivered to AIB’s in just a few days from now. After a grand total of 13 revisions, it seems like AMD have finally got things right and are satisfied with production output – revision A13 it is.

GeForce 8800 Ultra to Launch with the 8600 Series @ ngohq.com
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According to several of NVIDIA's partners, NVIDIA is planning to release their GeForce 8800 Ultra together with the soon to be released GeForce 8600 series. The word in the halls is saying that NVIDIA is planning to release several GPU's on the same day. The 8300 GS, 8400 GS, 8500 GT, 8600 GT, 8600 GTS and the new 'monster', the 8800 Ultra. According to the same sources, the GeForce 8800 Ultra will be an overclocked version of the 8800 GTX aimed to deal with the upcoming threat from ATI's R600. The exact specification and technical details are still unknown at this stage. It is known that many of NVIDIA's partners are preparing for a hard launch.It is also rumored that NVIDIA is planning to end the life of the GeForce 7 line on the 28th of April though none of our sources have agreed to give us the exact release date. According to other reports, it is the 17th of April, but it still unofficial. On another note, some of our sources have told us that they will release an AGP version of the GeForce 7900 GS and 7950 GT to compete with ATI's latest AGP solution - the Radeon X1950 PRO AGP. It seems that you can already find these appearing on the market and available through limited sources.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz Processor @ pcstats.com
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All things considered equalled, enthusiasts like you are no doubt most attracted to the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 because it offers the best mix of cache size and clock speed. The dual-core processor runs on a 1066 MHz FSB, comes clocked at 2.4 GHz and most importantly has a massive 4MB of L2 cache! The E6600 processor is built on Intel's 65 nanometer manufacturing process and comes in the Socket 775 form factor. The chip contains technologies like SSE3, Virtualization Technology (VT) and Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology (EIST) which we'll discuss in detail later in the review.

Technic3D/Crucial Ballistix PC-8000 2GB Kit @ technic3d.com
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The Crucial Ballistix PC-8000 2GB Kit arrived Technic3D. Techn ic3D will see as good they are with 5-5-5-15 and Overclocking against other Memory Kits on Windows Vista Ultimate. You can see 1.160 MHz in the following Review.

CeBIT 2007 coverage from Taiwan (Part 2) – Bearlake, MCP73 and 8800OC @ tweaktown.com
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Yesterday we posted part 1 of our CeBIT 2007 coverage from Taiwan and as promised, we are back today with the second installment. CeBIT is still a full 24 hours away before its doors officially open and we’re back again to give you the scoop from here in Taiwan on some of the interesting products you would see if you travelled all the way to Germany for the trade show.In this part of our CeBIT coverage we include all information that was not in the first installment including things such as Bearlake chipset information and photos, a range of new consumer electronic products from MSI including photos of their upcoming nVidia MCP73 motherboard, ASUS’s new line of interesting graphics related products including XG Station and AiGuru S2 wireless skype phone and Foxconn’s highly overclocked GeForce 8800GTX, just to mention a few.

Ultra Products ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler @ bigbruin.com
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The Ultra Products ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler is the first Peltier cooler I have ever used and I have to admit I am impressed by how well it works! Receiving an almost ten degrees Celsius drop in load temperatures can help to prolong the life of a processor, and can be a great asset while overclocking.

Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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The 4CoreDual-VSTA from Asrock is based on the newest chipset form VIA. The PT880Ultra is low cost way for many end users to retain usage of their older AGPvideo card and upgrade to PCI-e units when time and money permits. And when that time comes you canleave that AGP card in and still integrate your new PCI-e card as well.Leaving the ability to use multiple monitors.

HWzone.co.il broke the world overclocking record for QX6700 on air cooling @ hwzone.co.il
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With Guy's expertise, the QX6700, along with the ASUS R.O.G Commandomotherboard, cooled by nothing but air, reached a maximum (non-stable)frequency of 4241MHz - at this clock speed the system was so unstable thateven taking a screenshot was impossible and we had to take a photo of thescreen with a digital camera.

Sapphire Radeon X1950GT – Testing 256MB vs. 512MB memory @ tweaktown.com
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When we had a look at the Palit Radeon X1950GT 512MB the other week, we noticed that at the higher resolutions, it would put up more of a fight against the higher clocked 256MB graphics cards, such as the Radeon X1950PRO and GeForce 7900GS.With the new Sapphire Radeon X1950GT 256MB in hand, it was clear what we wanted to find out - does the extra memory really come in handy? We saw that the cut back to 320MB on the GeForce 8800GTS had quite the impact on performance and it often mentioned that 512MB can be handy on the right card as long as it had the GPU power to back it up.

XClio Stable Power 460W and 850W @ overclockersonline.net
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XClio has done a great job with these two power supplies. While these two units target vastly different markets, they both perform extremely well!

Technic3D with oVerkill.OC Team on CeBIT @ technic3d.com
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Technic3D goes with the German Overclocking Team oVerkill.OC o n CeBIT 2007. You find us in Hall 20/C42 on the Enermax Booth. Every D ay extreme Overclocking with -100=B0C and more. The fastest Game-PC on CeBIT with Enermax, BFG and Kingston Hardware? You cann see that and many more in Hannover Germany

XFX 7600 GT Fatal1ty Video Card @ modders-inc.com
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XFX recently took the 7600 GT to a new level by introducing thefastest factory clocked 7600 GT video card yet. They teamed up with Fatal1tyto create this XFX 7600 GT Fatal1ty Professional Series card. There areseveral companies that have done this in the past like Abit, Creative, andZalman. The XFX 7600 GT Fatal1ty card comes in with a 650Mhz core clock, anda 1.6 Ghz memory clock straight out of the box.

Foxconn N68S7AA-8EKRS2H nForce 680i Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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Intel has its own very solid P965 and 975X chipsets along with its upcoming Bearlake P35 and X38 series chipsets with DDR-3 memory support among other things and should show up in the May and June time frame. SiS has new ones coming out, VIA even has started to look into Core 2 and even AMD/ATI has chipsets currently on the market and even working on new ones for their competitors processor platform. nVidia though at this time is the biggest player for Core 2, especially for Dual Graphics SLI.Today we are looking at another contender for the Core 2 market using the nVidia nForce 680i chipset being Foxconn with their obscurely named N68S7AA-8EKRS2H motherboard. Foxconn has been known in the past for the more budget conscious boards, not wanting to take on the big boys like MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte and the likes who really push overclocking to its limits but it seems like they mean business now and are ready for the challenge.

Buffalo FSX800D2C-K1G FireStix @ proclockers.com
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The FireStix range in bus speeds from 800MHz up to 1066. This rangetotally covers those that have decided to utilize an AMD or Intel processor.With its flaming red heat spreaders and high capacities, the FireStix issure to please. So, let's now take a set of FSX800D2C-K1G for a test ride.

[News] Corsair Nautilus GPU Water Blocks @ virtual-hideout.net
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The Nautilus helped achieve and maintain the test video card'shighest most stable overclock by keeping the GPU and video memory down to a46 C temperature without any noise. Performance like this is synonymous withCorsair. If you find yourself requiring this particular change of pace, thenthe Corsair Nautilus SLI-VGA Water Blocks is a very easy choice.

OCZ Flex XLC Hybrid Water-Cooled Memory Kit @ hothardware.com
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With the release of their Flex XLC modules, OCZ is offering aproduct which is substantially more flexible than most other enthusiastclass memory modules on the market. They can be air-cooled or water-cooled.They'll run at lower clock speeds with tight timings, or at high clockspeeds with more relaxed timings. The Flex XLC modules are unique,efficient, and from what we've seen thus far, the pricing is in line withother high-end modules.

abit IN9 32X-MAX Wi-Fi Motherboard – Hype Handler? @ tweaktown.com
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Today we are going to put their latest board, the IN9 32X-MAX Wi-Fi, based on the still newish nForce 680i chipset designed to take Core 2 platform to the next level, can it handle this or will it fizzle out under pressure? When we first had a chance to preview this board back a few months ago, we were very excited about the possibilities with claims that the board could reach around 550MHz FSB under the right conditions but now that we have a retail sample in our labs for testing, does it stand up to the hype?It comes with some extra features such as the AirPace Wi-Fi 802.11g wireless kit and revised digital power management but how does it stack up when we overclock?

Buffalo FSX800D2C-K1G FireStix @ proclockers.com
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The FireStix range in bus speeds from 800MHz up to 1066. This rangetotally covers those that have decided to utilize an AMD or Intel processor.With its flaming red heat spreaders and high capacities, the FireStix issure to please. So, let's now take a set of FSX800D2C-K1G for a test ride.

Asus Commando @ bit-tech.net
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In all the Commando is a well-priced and solid motherboard withfantastic overclocking potential.Even if it doesn't provide everything you'd ever wish for fromoverclocking, the board's fantastic stability will more than make upfor it. It's feature rich and, while it's a Republic of Gamersmotherboard, it negates some of the novel extras in order to make theprice more attractive. If you're looking for a solid and very overclockable board, but don'trequire multi-GPU support, you can't go far wrong with the AsusCommando. Whether or not it's the best P965 board out there for yourown needs will come down to personal preference, though.

PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
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In the Dream System, we have moved to further overclocked 8800 GTXcards from EVGA, pushing the gaming performance up even further than ourprevious selections could. The majority of the rest of the components wentdown in price, helping to augment the increase in price of the graphicscards.

In Win F430 @ overclockersonline.net
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The F430 is an excellent case, boasting a bright red finish, andstylish air ducts. The whole case feels very rigid with no creaks orrattles, and it is a very pleasant case to work with because of the drivebay railing as well as the folded edges. The installation is straightforward, and the manual is very clearly laid out. The cooling performance isexcellent. The only thing that separates this case and the truly high endcomputer cases is the lack of a motherboard tray and more space for internalhard drives. All in all, the F430 can pertain to anyone who has a passionfor racing, because every time they would push the

Spire Black Fin Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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A new month signifies one thing at Overclockers Online - time for anew contest! This month we're giving one lucky winner a brand new SpireCooler case! The Black Fin is one of Spire's European inspired cases.

Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT @ hothardware.com
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Sapphire clocks the Radeon X1950 GT at levels which are close to,but slightly lower than the Radeon X1950 Pro. While the Radeon X1950 Profeatured the RV570 GPU clocked at 580MHz with 1.4GHz GDDR-3 memory, theRadeon X1950 GT features the RV570 at 500MHz with 1.2GHz GDDR-3 memory.While a 500MHz GPU clock may seem quite high for a mid-range part, keep inmind that this GPU features 36 pixel shaders, which is 3/4 that of thehigh-end Radeon X1950 XTX.

EPoX Optimus EP-AF590 SLI2 Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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The highest offering from nVidia for AMD Athlon K8 is the nForce 590SLI boasting dual full-speed PCI Express x16 slots, advanced RAID features and overclocking that manages to score really high for the AMD platform. nVidia did announce the upcoming nForce 680a chipset and we are interested to see what that will bring but we have heard anything about motherboards based on this chipset as yet.Today we are looking at the nForce 590SLI chipset in a motherboard from EPoX, one of the biggest AMD supporters since the K7 era. EPoX back in the day made some of the best overclocking motherboards that money could buy but recently fell off the horse a little recently but is it time for them to make a comeback with their fancy Optimus EP-AF590 SLI2 Motherboard?

OCZ Equalizer 2500 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse @ pureoverclock.com
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The popularity of super-high performance mice aimed at gamers andhardware connoisseurs has grown exponentially, and it's Razer who are mostnotably responsible for much of this. So perhaps it's interesting to see oneof the leaders responsible for the birth of overclockable memory, OCZ, havea stab at the buzz peripheral of the moment - the revered 'gaming' mouse.

Samsung 226BW @ overclockersonline.net
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Overall I have been very pleased with the 226BW's performance. Itoffers a great combination of stylish looks and performance that won't beeasily matched by its rivals. The high contrast ratio, static and dynamic,combined with the fast response time to produce a stellar image makes mewant to grab two for my room!

Enzotech Ultra-X CPU Cooler @ proclockers.com
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The first product that we have received from Enzotech is the Ultra-XCPU cooler. I won't go out and say that this new cooler has a unique stylingbut it does look better than some of the ones that it shares this designwith. The cooler has two sets of fins, ones being suspended above the othervia four copper heat pipes. The ultra shiny base, weight and thick heatpipes may prove to be a contender for the top spot in air cooling.

Technic3D/Foxconn 8800 GTS @ technic3d.com
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The Foxconn 8800 GTS Overclocked arrived Technic3D. The Graphi c Card with the 8800 GTX clock from 575 MHz Core and 900 MHz Memory be tter than others OC High-End Graphic Cards? Technic3D will see that, w ith Overclocking, in the following Review.

Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX @ overclockersonline.net
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The quality of the cooler from the first time you hold it in your hands is quite impressive. The performance that the RCX-Z2-EX showed that it was capable of is also something that Rosewill should be proud of. No, it didn't out-perform the other coolers that I compared it to, but the RCX-Z2-EX certainly did handle a hefty overclock on a high strung, overclocked, over-volted E6600.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse @ proclockers.com
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But if you thought that they were keeping it to cooling and videocards and the numerous memory modules they produce you are quite wrong.During the last CES, they announced that they will be giving us even more.And one of those promised products is the OCZ Equalizer. The Equalizer is agaming mouse that is aimed at taking down the likes of Razer and Logitech.The Equalizer boasts some pretty interesting features that many a gamerwould find useful. Will you? Lets check it out.

Intel D975XBX2 @ bit-tech.net
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The overall performance, overclocking capabilities, price andBIOSoptions on Intel's D975XBX2 are nothing special, but it's still adecent board in the grand scale of things. Under stress, stability isjust not as good as other boards, despite the engineering prowessbehind it and this being Intel's flagship performance desktopmotherboard. We've seen boards that cost less run through our torturetest for at least 24 hours straight without issue (and well beyond thatin some cases, too). To only manage 10 hours is a bit of a problem.Thus there is really very little that this motherboard offers theconsumer over what else is available on the market for eitherperformance desktop or entry level workstation. In many cases,competing boards offer more stability, more unique features, or simplycost much less.

Ultra X-Finity 800W APFC and X-Pro 800W power supplies @ proclockers.com
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The review subjects that Ultra have provided us with are the X-Finity800W APFC and the X-Pro 800W power supplies. The units look great and thenumbers sound wonderful, but are they good enough to be your next powersupply? Check the next couple of pages and find out.

Inno3D iChill 7900GS @ nvnews.net
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The latest installment of the GeForce 7900 series card from Inno3D is the iChill 7900GS Arctic Cooling Silencer 6. The iChill 7900GS has a custom Arctic Cooling Silencer 6 heat sink and fan, and that thing is massive. It helps the card stay cool under load and overclock. If you are looking for an entry level GeForce 7900 series video card, this one has everything you need.

Corsair 2GB DOMINATOR XMS2-9136 @ techgage.com
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If you are on the lookout for an extreme overclockingkit but don'twant to make a huge withdrawal at the bank, then the DOMINATOR 9136 kitwill be worth your consideration.

Enermax Infiniti 720W Power Supply @ proclockers.com
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The newest member to the Enermax stable is the Infiniti. This series'first member starts off at 720 watts and a higher than average efficiencyrating. While these are specs that may excite some people, the Infinitibrings a few other features to the table that are beyond just power andratings. Read ahead and see what we are talking about.

Zalman CNPS9500AT @ eclipseoc.com
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*With ever increasing heat output from CPUs as a result of the move towards more cores and more overclocking, heatsink manufacturers are scrambling to find ways to dissipate all the heat without making monstrous contraptions. Zalman's efforts have produced a rather elegant looking heatsink. Let's hope its performance can match the looks.

OCZ ProXStream 1000 watt Power Supply @ tweaktown.com
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Fast forward more than half a decade and you will see that the business plan of OCZ hasn’t changed much. While the pre-overclocked components aren’t their bread and butter anymore, they still create a product line that is specifically aimed toward the enthusiast crowd. They have expanded their lineup to include such items as high-performance memory, flash media, video boards and power supplies, just to name a few of the new items.This brings us to today’s article, the ProXStream 1000 power supply. As the name implies, it is rated at a whopping 1000 watts of power and reportedly has some features that OCZ feels will set it apart from the other guys. So relax a bit as we delve deeper into the latest high-end PSU from OCZ. While past accomplishments are nice, it won’t mean anything for this piece. We’ll run this thing through the gauntlet and see how it performs.

Aerocool Infinite Multi-Functional Front Panel @ proclockers.com
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Today we are going to review the Aerocool Infinite Front Paneldevice. This little panel has the features of most other front panel devicesout there with one small exception. The Infinite boasts a removal 2.5 inchhard drive enclosure. So, not only the ability to read different types offlash medias but can be used as a docking station for a much neededremovable storage medium.

Dell XPS M1710 rev. 2 @ hothardware.com
[Feb-23-07] (0 Comments)

In order to truly appreciate the changes Dell has made to theirflagship notebook, one must look inside the system. Easily, the mostdramatic change is the upgrade to NVIDIA's latest enthusiast mobile GPU, theGeForce Go 7950 GTX. However, there are additional enhancements which havealso been made including the inclusion of 802.11n wireless networking aswell as the ability to overclock the CPU.

EVGA e-GeForce 8800GTX KO ACS3 768MB @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-22-07] (0 Comments)

While most GeForce 8800 GTX cards are all based on the same product, with the exact same specs, EVGA has taken the 8800 GTX a step ahead. They cherry picked cards that can run high GPU and memory speeds and engineered a card that is running at higher clocks right out of the box. In our testing we see about 10% increased performance, especially at high resolutions with demanding games.

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3:Overclocking @ nordichardware.com
[Feb-22-07] (0 Comments)

You look around at several retailers, just to realize that there are more or less only boards with the 965P chipset available. Then it all takes a turn for the worse; which one of all these should you choose? We hope to find out if Gigabyte's competitor, the GA-965P-DS3 is up to the challenge.

OCZ ProXStream 1000W @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-21-07] (0 Comments)

This power supply isn't meant for everybody, it is aimed at those whotruly demand performance at any cost after all, those are the ones who runenough fans that their computer system needs to be chained down. Those whoare willing to sacrifice anything and everything to squeeze out every dropof performance - meet your future power supply.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ @ hothardware.com
[Feb-20-07] (0 Comments)

AMD has been fairly quiet as of late. A few months ago, we took alook at their initial Quad-FX platform and FX-70 series offerings. However,on the mainstream socket AM2 front, AMD hasn't made any real noise since therelease of the Athlon 64 FX-62 way back in May of 2006. That's not to sayAMD hasn't released any products since then. In fact, the company haslaunched a plethora of lower-clocked

Dell's XPS 710 H2C Performance Gaming System - Evaluation @ hothardware.com
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The Dell XPS 710 H2C Edition is billed as a top-of-the-lineultra-performance machine built with the most hardcore of gamers in mind, aniche that Alienware is very familiar with. Not only does the XPS 710 H2Chold the distinction of being Dell's first non-limited edition factoryoverclocked computer, it also uses Dell's first in-house liquid coolingsystem to keep it's quad-core power plant cool. The XPS 710 H2C is the mostheavily performance-specified XPS system yet, with an Intel Core 2 QX6700processor, dual GeForce 8800 GTXs, 4 GB of RAM and two Western DigitalRaptors in a RAID 0 array, as standard equipment. We recently got our handson one and we've been putting it through its paces, as it ripped through thebenchmarks in our labs.

Technic3D/BFG NVIDIA 8800 GTX OC @ technic3d.com
[Feb-19-07] (0 Comments)

The BFG NVIDIA 8800 GTX OC arrived Technic3D. The Graphic Card BFG NVIDIA 8800 GTX OC with 600 MHz Core and 1.400 MHz Shader better than others High-End Graphic Cards? Technic3D will see that, with Over clocking, in the following Review.

Lite-On SH-16A7S @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-19-07] (0 Comments)

The SH-16A7S replaces the large bulky 40-pin flat IDE ribbon with aslim SATA cable and this small but important change helps put Lite-On abovethe rest of its competitors. IDE is slowly disappearing and the way of thefuture is SATA, not only because it's faster, but because cable managerswill love its flexibility and ease of re-configurability.

OCZ XTC Memory Cooler @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-18-07] (0 Comments)

OCZ's XTC Memory Cooler is a plug-on cooling module for your motherboard's memory modules. With people pumping more and more voltage through their memory, temperature becomes a concern and often limits the maximum overclock. In our testing we saw about 20°C decrease in memory temperature and increased overclocking capability.

Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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The good folks at Cooler Master USA have provided to me two Aquagate Viva's for our next contest! Like every contest at Overclockers Online, we like to keep things simple! All you need to do is fill in the ballot and hope you get lucky.

EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked @ pcper.com
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The EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked graphics card takes thereference speeds and just throws them out the window. The clock rates of576 MHz core, 1350 MHz shader and 1700 MHz memory are well beyond whatNVIDIA set out for the original 8800 GTS line up. In many cases thisoverclocked EVGA model is able to outperform the current flagship from ATI,the X1950 XTX, and is also able to put the pressure on its own big brother,the 640MB version of the 8800 GTS.

News@Technic3D /Mushkin XP2-8500 DDR2 Memory @ technic3d.com
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Mushkin offers a Memory PC 8500 DDR2 2 GB Dual Kit. Technic3D will see as good they are with 5-5-4-12 and Overclocking against other Memory Kits. You can see 1.180 MHz in the following Review.

PowerColor X1550 512MB @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-14-07] (0 Comments)

PowerColor has always produced quality video cards at good priceswith all the features that the chipset they are based upon offers. ThePowerColor X1550 512MB is no different in that regard. Despite being more oran entry level, budget orientated solution, the X1550 512MB comes with dualDVI connectors which is so very important with the popularity of the LCDsand the fact that so many people run dual LCDs now. It is nice to see dualDVI connections instead of a 1 and 1 type setup we might see on other X1550brands.

[News] Spire Rocketeer VI 600w SLI Series Power Supply @ virtual-hideout.net
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The Rocketeer VI had plenty of power to give to the Dual Core 680itest system. There was even extra voltage for the 12 volt rails as thesystem was completely pounded under load and overclocked situations. TheRocketeer VI handled a full on 658 watt load test which leaves greatconfidence....

Biostar V7603GS21 GeForce 7600 GS V-Ranger @ techpowerup.com
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The Biostar V7603GS21 V-Ranger is based on NVIDIA's GeForce 7600 GS but comes at a higher memory clock. In addition to that Biostar added some changes to the PCB to allow software to change the GPU and memory voltages, which allows much better overclocking of the card. In our testing we could increase the core clock by 63% and the memory clock by 20% which made the card play in a completely different performance league.

EVGA e-GeForce GTS 320MB Superclocked @ nvnews.net
[Feb-13-07] (0 Comments)

In this review we examine the performance of the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB against the 512MB GeForce 7900 GTX in order to determine the areas where less video memory has an impact on performance. Armed with the freeware utility program VidMemWatcher, we were able to determine the memory requirements in the games we tested. After the results were tallied we found that under certain conditions, the e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked graphics card could be a diamond in the rough.

OCZ ProXStream 1000W PSU @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-12-07] (0 Comments)

The new OCZ ProXStream 1000W PSU utilizes a powerful, server-classcore and merges it with an unparalleled compact form factor to accommodatevirtually all computer cases, a requisite for today's enthusiasts andsystem-builders.

New Details on Intel's Terascale Processing Project @ pcper.com
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Even more impressive, this chip is able to achieve incredibly highclock speeds on modest power usage. Running on a 1.0v current at 110degrees C the tile maximum frequency is 3.13 GHz while at 1.2v the tiles canrun at 4.0 GHz. That brings the peak processing performance with all 80tiles functioning on block matrix operations to 1.0TFLOPS at 1.0v and1.28TFLOPS at 1.2v. Power consumption at these levels is estimated at 98Wand 181W respectively.

Rosewill RCX-Z775-EX @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-10-07] (0 Comments)

I think it is safe to say that Rosewill really does take pride in thequality of their products and this makes one believe their other goal ofcustomer satisfaction is followed through as well. As for how theRCX-Z775-EX performed, I think the thermal testing results outline theabilities of this cooler quite well. The overclock I tested at and thecooler I compared the RCX-Z775-EX with would have made a lot of coolers lookfar inferior but the Rosewill cooler didn't back down.

Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 Rev 3.3 and Mushkin PSU @ tweaktown.com
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One of our first motherboard to come into our labs based on the P965 Express chipset was the Gigabyte P965-DQ6. This board had it all - great overclocking, plenty of features onboard as well as a great look and feel. Gigabyte did have a few issues with this board in terms of stability, a few samples refused to work properly, this produced a 2.0 revision. While this may have been enough, Gigabyte sporting its new Gigabyte United name still wasn’t fully happy and has now brought out a new revision 3.3 model which on paper looks to be fantastic. The newly formed company is quite serious about making their motherboards the highest quality in the industry with improvements such as All-Solid Capacitor designs using the most expensive components from Japan.Today we will explore the revision 3.3 DQ6 motherboard as there have been quite a few changes made to the overall design. We’ll check out those new changes and then compare it to the first DQ6 released and against one of the best P965 motherboards we have tested so far, the ASUS Commando.

XFX GeForce 8800 GTX XXX Edition @ pcper.com
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As of this writing, the XFX 8800 GTX XXX Edition is one of thehighest clocked 8800 GTX cards you can buy. Because of that, theperformance is outstanding as you would expect. It blows away anything thatAMD/ATI have on the market for a single card solution and is able to stridepast the reference speed 8800 GTX cards as well. Gamers looking for anupgrade to their PC should definitely consider a GeForce 8-series card andthe GTX derivative is looking better and better as we test these overclockedmodels.

A-DATA DDR2 1066+ 2 GB Kit @ techpowerup.com
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The A-DATA Vitesta DDR2 1066+ 2 GB memory kit is an excellent choice for overclockers who are looking to maximize their clock rates and performance. Even though it is specified to run at CL5, we had no problems running at CL4 above DDR2-1000 - CL3 is possible as well at reduced clock rates. What makes this versatile memory kit even more attractive is its fair price of $365.

Memory Overclocking Guide @ eclipseoc.com
[Feb-09-07] (0 Comments)

So, it's time to tweak your memory to get maximum performance out of it

HIS Radeon X1650 XT IceQ Turbo and Radeon X1650 XT iSilence II @ hothardware.com
[Feb-08-07] (0 Comments)

Each card comes with its own main selling points. The iSilence II, as itsname suggests, is completely silent and devoid of any moving parts in itsintegrated cooling solution. The IceQ Turbo version, on the other hand,sheds silence for speed, coming in with higher clock speeds on both GPU andRAM and a hefty HSF cooler to keep temperatures in check.

Buffalo FireStix PC2-8000 5-5-5 @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-07-07] (0 Comments)

The performance and the ICs on the pair of modules that I receivedcertainly don't portray the budget end of the enthusiast segment and theresults back that up. Both the AM2 and Intel platform clocked really wellwith these modules and neither gave me a headache to achieve those clocks.

MSI P965 Neo S775 Motherboard @ rbmods.com
[Feb-07-07] (0 Comments)

I got myself an Intel Extreme X6800 processor a month ago and I needed a motherboard that was able to support it also. There were several chipsets to choose from, price and performance are of course the main things I look at, and my choice fell on a Msi P965 Neo motherboard. The 965 chipset is not the fastest but still puts up a good fight vs 975 chipsets on the market. The main thing with this board is that you can get it for under 100$ which is a bargain compared to even older 945 chipset boards. So it's time to test this one out and see what it can do vs a AMD motherboard with a overclocked 4800+ AM2 under the hood.

Moneual Moncaso 932B HTPC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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What makes Moneual one of the premiere HTPC builders as stated above?High quality products like the Moncaso 932B. The 932B is not onlyconstructed of high quality aluminum and has striking good looks, but alsoboasts a full color seven inch LCD touch screen that supports a resolutionof 1024x768. Throw in a remote control and a wireless keyboard and you havethe ultimate HTPC case.

Moneual Moncaso 932B HTPC Case @ pro-clockers.com
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What makes Moneual one of the premiere HTPC builders as stated above?High quality products like the Moncaso 932B. The 932B is not onlyconstructed of high quality aluminum and has striking good looks, but alsoboasts a full color seven inch LCD touch screen that supports a resolutionof 1024x768. Throw in a remote control and a wireless keyboard and you havethe ultimate HTPC case.

News@Technic3D /GelL DDR2 PC 9280 Memory @ technic3d.com
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GeIL offers a Memory PC 9280 DDR2 2 GB Dual Kit with low laten cy timings and 1160 MHz. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-4- 4-12 and Overclocking against other Memory Kits.

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 3.0 @ rbmods.com
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Looking for an easy way to increase the performance of your computer that doesn't involve overclocking or even touching any hardware? Uniblue, makers of a wide range of PC software utilities, has released a new version of their SpeedUpMyPC software package that offers to, well, speed up your computer of course. Will it be as straightforward as its name? Let's find out.

SilverStone Element 500W @ overclockersonline.net
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Overall though, I am very pleased with the SilverStone Element 500W (SCE). The voltage on all of the rails were extremely good, even in a heavily overclocked and power hungry system. There also seemed to be no degradation in voltage regulation throughout the 4 week load testing period. If you are running an m-ATX or HTPC system and would like to easily rid yourself of a cabling nightmare, definitely consider the SilverStone Element 500w (SCE). It is a unique idea and has been implemented very nicely by SilverStone.

Foxconn 7950 GT OC 512MB Video Card @ thetechlounge.com
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What company first comes to mind when you think about NVIDIA video cards? Chances are you're thinking of either BFG, XFX, or EVGA.In today's review we'll be taking a look at an overclocked 7950 GT from an enormous company whom, ironically, you may not be thatfamiliar with, Foxconn. Chances are you own something Foxconn had a part in making. They produce Apple's iPod and Mac Mini,Intel-branded motherboards, components for Dell, Hewlett Packard, and more... The reason Foxconn may not come to mind as a graphicscard vendor is that they didn't enter the market until March of last year. We'll compare their overclocked 7950 GT with a standardLeadtek 7950 GT along with 6 other cards.

Spire Coolers February 2007 Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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Another month, another prize. That's just how it rolls around here atOverclockers Online. We've recently given away a lot of power supplies fromSpire and that's about the change. Today we have for you a Fourier IVSP607B3-C.

[News] G.Skill 2x1GB F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK DDR2 Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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For those who don't feel the need to overclock, as well as for thosewho are looking for RAM that is highly overclockable, these tests are vital.In this case, the H sort of lives up to its Hi-Performance title, as I wasable to get 1012MHz at 2.3v and this was stable while running Prime95 x2

Corsair Dominator Memory - New Heatsinks and Cooling @ pcper.com
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The new Corsair Dominator memory modules are one of the mostunique cooling solutions we have seen for system memory since the firstheat spreaders were added many, many moons ago. The new heatsinktechnology is a step above what anyone else can offer overclockers, andthe memory chips themselves have been hand selected to get greatoverclocking speeds with low timings.

News@Technic3D /Gainward Bliss 8800 GTX @ technic3d.com
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The Gainward Bliss 8800 GTX arrived Technic3D. The Graphic Car d Gainward Bliss 8800 GTX better than others High-End Graphic Cards? T echnic3D will see that, with Overclocking, in the following Review.

Spire Fourier IV CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we are going to take a look at the newest cooler from Spire,the Fourier IV. The Fourier is an awesome looking cooler with a new design.With the cooling fan mounted underneath the copper fins air is designed toblow upwards and across the fins. The look of the Fourier IV is identical tothat of the III but in copper. Will this design succeed in our testing? Letsfind out.

SunbeamTech Freezing Storm @ pro-clockers.com
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Sunbeam has bee offer well made PC accessories for the budget mindedcomputer enthusiast and modders for some time now, offering everything fromcomputer chassis all the way down to case fans and just about everythingin-between. Today we are going t be looking at one of their newer offeringsin their computer chassis line, the Freezing Storm. The Freezing Storm isbased on the same basic chassis design as Sunbeam Techs Silent Storm, butwith a new front bezel design that allows much better air flow through thecase, thus the name

Logitech diNovo Edge @ overclockersonline.net
[Feb-01-07] (0 Comments)

As I furiously type away at my keyboard, I know this review is nowcoming to a close. Over the past several weeks I typed and typed until myfingers couldn't type any more. I switched between a few different modelsand I just kept coming back to the diNovo Edge.

Gainward Bliss 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample – Overclocked! @ tweaktown.com
[Feb-01-07] (0 Comments)

nVidia’s GeForce 8800GTS just got a little bit better thanks to Gainward with their Golden Sample graphics card. We understand that overclocking isn’t a hard task but that’s us. Overclocking isn’t for everybody and if it was companies like Gainward and BFG wouldn’t have much joy selling pre-overclocked cards. It’s nice to know that for a few extra dollars you can open the box, place it in your system, and be slightly faster than your mate down the road with a standard GeForce 8800GTS.The biggest problem that we have really has nothing to do with the card. The package really should have had a little something extra and video cables are really a pretty standard item these days, not choosing to include them was like XFX not choosing to include the PCI Express power adapter in their 8800GTS. While a lot of people might have them, there is still going to be a portion of people who don’t. They should always be included.

ASUS "Republic of Gamers" Commando – P965 to the limits @ tweaktown.com
[Jan-31-07] (0 Comments)

We have seen that with the right combination of overclocking options and motherboard features that the P965 chipset is a power house. ASUS has already done pretty well with the P5B-E Plus we looked at last time; however, this was just a patch board for the Commando to arrive.Commando is the third board to come out in the “Republic of Gamers” series of boards, joining the Striker Extreme and the Crosshair boards. Based on the Intel P965 chipset it looks to have the goods, but how does it stack up and is it really worth the high price tag of over $300 USD?

The Bloatware Co-Processor @ news.digitaltrends.com
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But let me tell you why the multinational Tier 1sbenefit from dual-core processing technology morethan their customers. It's quite simple. They load down their systems withextraneous software that you do not need and onlychew up clock cycles. Microsoft has dubbed thisbloatware =93craplets,=94 and they're worried it's goingto ruin Vista's reception by the public. Thesecraplets of course are revenue streams for the Tier1s. In fact, with the razor thin margins in thisindustry, the kickbacks they get may mean the onlymargin they get! So who's the real customer at thispoint? Back to my point

Team Xtreem Dark 2x1GB PC2-6400 @ overclockersonline.net
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I was a bit caught off guard with the Team Xtreem Dark but with anamazing looking heatspreader, lifetime warranty, impressive overclocking,and a price I can live with, how could I complain? As I have said, some ofthe D9 based 2GB kits I have tested were not able to match the impressiveoverclocking of the Team Xtreem Dark 2GB kit that I reviewed here today.

Cooler Master NotePal S @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-28-07] (0 Comments)

Laptops don't always encourage proper posture and ergonomics but Cooler Master's new notebook accessory hopes to change that. The NotePal S does a great job as a notebook stand. By raising the laptop to eye level, the NotePal S fosters better posture and comfort. No longer will you have a sore neck or back. It is also great in that you can use your laptop like a traditional desktop with the screen acting as the monitor.

Akust Ramsink VI BGA copper ram sink @ aoaforums.com
[Jan-27-07] (0 Comments)

As with any computer enthusiast, I like to push my hardware to its limits. Over clocking allows me to get the most from my hardware. As you know in order to achieve the best over clock possible, it is often necessary to increase the voltage. Unfortunately, the byproduct of this added voltage is excess heat. So I picked up a new water block to take over where the stock cooler was falling short. This cooled the GPU but did nothing for the video ram. So now I was looking for a solution to this new problem.This is why I bought the Akust Ramsink VI BGA ram sinks.

GeCube X1950 Pro Champion Edition @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-27-07] (0 Comments)

The Radeon X1950 Pro series is one of the hottest selling video cards at the moment. It is competitively priced and can run all current games without breaking a sweat. Gecube has engineered a special TEC cooled solution for improved overclocking. In our testing we saw amazing clock increases of 20% on both the core and memory for a final clock of 682 MHz / 816 MHz.

Biostar T-Force N4SLIA9T SLI Socket 939 ATX Motherboard @ rbmods.com
[Jan-26-07] (0 Comments)

Motherboards aren't the most glamorous piece of equipment in a computer build, but choosing a good one can dramatically affect your computer's overall performance and functionality. Biostar, a popular motherboard manufacturer, offers the T-Force N4SLIA9T SLI Socket 939 motherboard that is packed with features and offers some unique overclocking utilities to help in boosting the computer's performance to the next level. But does it deliver where it counts? Read on to find out more.

Super Talent 2x1GB PC2-8000 @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-25-07] (0 Comments)

My main interest with memory is the overclocking and how well the memory runs at a range of timings. The T1000UX2G4 showed a distinct ability to run tight timings ridiculously well. The overclocking results at the timings of 3-3-3-8/3-4-3-8 and 4-4-4-8 are the best I have seen, without a doubt. There isn't much else to say except that the Super Talent T1000UX2G4 are sure to continue to turn heads everywhere they go, as they have here today.

MSI P965 Platinum Motherboard – Great OC without huge price @ tweaktown.com
[Jan-25-07] (0 Comments)

Intel’s P965 chipset has really shown us lately there is really no great point in getting a more expensive 975X chipset based motherboard but why? P965 has native DDR-2 800 memory support, its FSB overclocking potential is usually higher and it supports more peripherals on the ICH8 Southbridge. With Crossfire reorganisation from ATI, it has all the features of the 975X and more.MSI’s second P965 motherboard they have sent us left a much sweeter taste in our mouths. The cheaper P965 Neo that was originally sent to us really should not have been considered, however, we can say that the P965 Platinum has some major pull here and it’s quite a capable product. And it’s really not that much more expensive than the Neo version.

Asus Striker Extreme nForce 680i Intel Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Jan-22-07] (0 Comments)

This is another area that NVIDIA's nForce 680i SLI chipset has donevery well in; both with the EVGA board and this Asus design. Asus is nostranger to overclocking BIOS' and adding advanced features for gamers andenthusiasts to use. The Striker Extreme motherboard takes almost all of thefeatures the NVIDIA reference BIOS had to offer, included them and addedslightly.

Antec EarthWatts 500W @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-22-07] (0 Comments)

Chalk another one up for Antec! The EarthWatts 500W is an excellent power supply unit which combines efficiency, performance, and is almost inaudible despite the single 80mm fan. This power supply was able hold its ground even under absolutely treacherous conditions.

Silent Storm 700W quad 12v PSU @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Jan-22-07] (0 Comments)

To really test the Silent Storm 120 I ran some demanding programs onall parts of the system. The CPU was clocked up to 3.0GHz. 3dMark 05 wasused to stress the GPU while Prime95 was used on both cores to stress themand the memory. At the same time a DVD was written to from the hard disk tostress the file system.

Antazone ASC-1000 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-22-07] (0 Comments)

If you take a new company and throw in a fresh design chances arethat you will come across something really interesting. Today we take a lookat a new cooler from Antazone and ask the question, should you consider itin your buying plans?

DFI LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G ed @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-19-07] (0 Comments)

DFI's LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G is mostly a motherboard forenthusiasts that want to get serious about overclocking. It's for thoseof you that took stuff apart as a child, then played with those bitsforlonger than they had when the toy / remote / Dad's new phone was in onepiece. For around £180 including VAT,the ICFX3200 T2R/G requires some serious investment, especially giventhat the heavily overclockable P965 boards top out at around the £140mark and the promising nForce 650i boards are even cheaper. However,it's still cheaper than most of the problem-free nForce 680i SLI mobosthat are £200+. In that respect, the board falls into a bit of niche, where it's stillan expensive motherboard (even more so considering it's the UT versionthat comes with a meagre bundle), but it's still not as serious of aninvestment as some boards on the market. So yeah, it's just like aFerrari.

Samsung K5JAB @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-17-07] (0 Comments)

The Samsung K5 really delivers in a small package; it is very attractive, comes with excellent earphones, and the speakers are not bad because its size versus quality ratio is above average.

Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-16-07] (0 Comments)

To kick off the year, we're giving away three Notepal P1s. The entry form is really easy so don't miss this opportunity for a nice freebie!

abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X @ nordichardware.com
[Jan-16-07] (0 Comments)

Abit needs no further introduction. Among overclockers and game enthusiasts it has always been a manufacturer you can trust because performance is high on the wish list. Through the years, Abit has manufactured motherboards that manage to deliver an outstanding overclocking.

OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-15-07] (0 Comments)

As mentioned, these modules certainly showed that they are not justall show and no go. The overclocking results on both my AM2 and C2D systemsreally impressed. The DDR1280 achieved on my P5B-Dlx is by far the fastestthat motherboard has ever run memory and I don't expect many kits to matchthat frequency any time soon. For high frequency operation, this isdefinitely one of the kits to have. If you are in the market for memory thatruns tighter timings at lower frequencies, don't run the other way, the OCZPC2-9200 FlexXLCs held their own at 3-3-3-8 and 4-4-4-8 respectively.

Asrock Conroe945G-DVI Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-15-07] (0 Comments)

Well, today we will bring to you the fourth Asrock motherboard to bereviewed here. The Conroe945G-DVI offers a world of options and features fora good dollar value. Boasting a DVI add-on card and support for the marketleading processor, the Intel Core2 Duo, this board is poised to be theultimate HTPC/SFF motherboard out there today.

Thermalright Chill Factor @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-14-07] (0 Comments)

Competing well with Arctic Silver 5, the Chill Factor might be agreat alternative due in part to its great advantages. For one, you get alot of thermal compound for the same price as other premium thermalcompounds. Also, it should appeal to beginners and enthusiasts alike asbeginners can relax due to its electrical non-conductivity and ease ofapplication while enthusiasts will love the performance and value.

News@Technic3D /Sapphire X1950 Pro Ultimate @ technic3d.com
[Jan-12-07] (0 Comments)

The Sapphire X1950 Pro Ultimate arrived Technic3D. As good is the Graphic Card X1950 Pro with Zalman Cooling and more Power really against others Graphic Cards? Technic3D will see that, with Overclocki ng, in the following Review.

Asus Crosshair motherboard ed @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-12-07] (0 Comments)

So in all, for a pure gaming PC it offers a greatperforming, stableoption for people looking for a machine based around socket AM2 withsupport for SLI. For a workstation PC that can take some hardcore I/O,it doesn't fair so good, but then again, it isn't marketed to do that.Some people have complained that the Asus Republic of Gamers seriesboards are just a licence to charge more, and that the cost isexcessive. There's no doubting this board is one of the more expensive socket AM2motherboards based on the same chipset, but you do get a lot more foryour money in terms of quirky features. Despite only slightly betteroverclocking, if those extra features appeal to you than the AsusCrosshair is a good choice.

Patriot Memory Extreme Performance 2GB DDR500 DC Kit @ techniz.co.uk
[Jan-11-07] (0 Comments)

The Patriot Memory Extreme Performance 2GB DDR500 DC Kit is veryoverclockable RAM. Furthermore, it comes with a premium aluminum heatspreader. This pair of DDR PC4000 is able to run at 500MHz with the timingof 3-4-4-8 even at default CPU speed. As for the overclocking performance,with the slightly changed the timing and increase the memory voltage, theRAM was able to hit 252MHz which is equal to DDR504....

Foxconn FV-N88SMBD2-ONOC (GeForce 8800 GTS) video card @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-11-07] (0 Comments)

One problem at the moment is that the card isn't available topurchaseand current pricing estimates indicate that the card will cost around£350 including VAT. At this price, Foxconn's overclocked GeForce 8800GTS sits right in between BFGTech's 8800 GTS (at around £300 includingVAT) and a slew of GeForce 8800 GTX cards that come in for just under£400.This the card's major downfall because unless you don't want tooverclock one of the cheaper 8800 GTS's (like the one from BFGTech) oryou can't afford to spend an extra £50 on a considerably faster videocard, this isn't the card for you.If you're looking for a bargain-basement GeForce 8800 GTS, Palit's cardis available for less than £260 including VAT.While we haven't tested that card (and thus can't make a solidrecommendation to buy it), it does make Foxconn's FV-N88SMBD2-ONOC allthe more expensive.

Arctic Cooling @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-10-07] (0 Comments)

Arctic Cooling has been in the video card aftermarket cooler market for several years. Their products are well known among overclockers and users that are looking to lower the fan noise of their video card. At this year's show they presented two completely fanless passive VGA coolers that can even cool GeForce 7950 and X1950 cards.

Cooler Master NotePal P1 @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-09-07] (0 Comments)

Many laptop users complain about heat issues. This is expected asthere are so many components crammed into a tiny space. Cooler Master's newNotePal P1 tries to alleviate that issue, and succeeds. Not only does itcool my laptop down, it raises it slightly when used on a desk. This allowsme to type in a more ergonomically sound fashion and improves my posture.Also, unlike some other notebook coolers that my friends own, you don't haveto connect it to an external power source; it runs off your laptop's USB andyet, you don't lose a port because the NotePal P1 actually has two USBports:one to power itself and one for your use.

Danger Den Maze 5 GPU waterblock @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-07-07] (0 Comments)

The Danger Den Maze 5 is a waterblock that fits most ATI and NVIDIA video cards. It is engineered for optimum performance and flow rate. Danger Den has years of experience in designing water blocks, which you can see in this product. In our testing we saw an increase of maximum stable GPU clock by over 70 MHz compared to the ATI stock cooler.

Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC2-5300 @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-05-07] (0 Comments)

As I mentioned in the opening, this was our first experience with akit of memory from Crucial here at Overclockers Online and I don't think wecould have had better modules to look at. I had big expectations from thismemory after I saw that the IC's they used were the famous D9GMH and thoselofty expectations were surpassed in all aspects of overclocking.

ASUS P5B-E Plus Motherboard – Fighting to be King of P965 @ tweaktown.com
[Jan-03-07] (0 Comments)

ASUS’s first P965 board we tested, the P5B Deluxe, while able to keep up on the onboard features, it certainly isn’t able to keep up when it comes down to the crunch in the overclocking front. ASUS fall behind by nearly 80MHz in the FSB department, and with the latest BIOS from Gigabyte, there is even more speed coming from the DQ6, as it keeps surprising us.ASUS to this point has decided rather than relinquish the performance/overclocking crown to its partner, they have decided to bring out a board that is designed to overclock from the word go.

Zalman CNPS9700LED CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jan-02-07] (0 Comments)

The new CNPS9700LED shares the same exact appearance as its smallbrother only it's bigger. The fan size jumps from a moderate 92mm to anenormous 110mm. That alone should make the cooler outperform its smallerbrother. But does it have enough performance in it to outperform the likesto the Thermalright Ultra-120 and the Scythe Infinity? Lets see.

OCZ Technology PC2-8500 Platinum SLI-Ready Dual Channel DDR2 2GB Kit @ bigbruin.com
[Jan-02-07] (0 Comments)

Once again it is easy to see why OCZ Technology is one of the top brands in the gaming and enthusiast market. If you are looking for the absolute best performing RAM for your nVIDIA SLI system, you can not go wrong with the new OCZ Technology PC2-8500 Platinum SLI-Ready Dual Channel DDR2 2GB kit. With a modest (and easy) overclock, a performance boost of over 10% was achieved when compared to what was possible with another 2GB kit without EPP or nVIDIA SLI certification.

Ultra X-Pro 600W APFC @ overclockersonline.net
[Jan-02-07] (0 Comments)

Anything short of solid does not do justice to these results. Not only was the power supply loaded up to the brim, but it also was put through quite harsh environments.

Spire January 2007 Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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We're kicking it back and making this one easy contest to participate in. All you need to do is fill in the ballot and hope you get lucky. This contest is now open and will end Jan 15th 2007. It is open to residents of North America only. Only 1 entry per person, cheating results in an automatic disqualification

Noctua NC-U6 @ overclockersonline.net
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I was impressed with the performance and despite a slightly awkward installation process, the Noctua NC-U6 is easily my favorite chipset cooler that I have looked at thus far. The Noctua NC-U6 cools incredibly well without the use of a fan, mounts extremely securely to the chipset, has a relatively small footprint for the its abilities, and is very well priced to boot. Anyone looking to improve cooling and/or eliminate noise from their system should keep the Noctua NC-U6 near the top of their shopping list.

Scythe Andy Samurai Master CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The Andy Samurai Master has an unusual name and a new shape uncommonto fans of Scythe. Honestly, I have no idea where they got the name for. Theonly thing I will say is this cooler is a combination of West meets East. Iguess the Andy is the

Super Talent DDR2 T1000UX2G4 Overclocking Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Super Talent' newest overclocking ram entitled T1000UX2G4 whichboasts 1000 MHz of bandwidth at some pretty impressive timing. And with newmemory comes new heat spreaders. Super Talent changed from their trademarksilver clothing to some sweet blue aluminum threads. So, let's see if thelatest from Super Talent is all show and some go.

TEAM Xtreem 2x1GB PC2-6400 3-3-3-8 Overclocking @ forum.overclockersonline.net
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These PC2-6400 modules are rated for DDR800 3-3-3-8 operation with 2.2v~2.35v but I have managed much more out of them. If you haven't heard of TEAM Group before, you are going to want to have a look.

Mad-Moxx 7900 GTO 512 MB Burstfire @ techpowerup.com
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Mad Moxx has been providing pre-modded cards to their customers for several years now. Their GeForce 7900 GTO Burstfire is a GeForce 7900 GTO, overclocked to 7900 GTX speeds. In our benchmarks we saw that performance is identical to the 7900 GTX, at a much lower price. What makes the Mad Moxx product special is that you retain your warranty and the GTX overclock is tested and guaranteed.

Noctua NC-U6 Heatpipe Chipset Cooler Evaluation @ bigbruin.com
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The Noctua NC-U6 Heatpipe Chipset Cooler is an excellent choice for those looking for a significant upgrade in the chipset cooling department. It provides excellent performance that would make it appealing to overclockers and gamers, while offering absolutely silent operation that anyone could appreciate, especially HTPC users.

Biostar 7600GS (V7603GS21) @ overclockersonline.net
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The Biostar E-Gate 7600GS is a ground breaking video card but notbecause of the hardware, but because of the software that it comes with. TheBiostar V-Ranger software is the first of its kind and we saw from theoverclocking section that the ability to increase memory and core voltagehas its advantages, being able to do it so easily from software is just theicing on the cake.

Noctua NC-U6 Chipset cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Well Noctua is at it again with a different cooler. This time howeverit is for your north bridge and not your processor. The NC-U6 looks like aminiature version of the NH-U12F CPU cooler. Sporting a high toweringstructure, the NC-U6 is bound to take the heat off your chipset. Consistingof twenty-nine aluminum fins and two copper heat pipes will look good doingit. This in turn will aid in a few more megahertz on that new CPU.

Crucial's High-Performance RAM - Ballistix PC2-8000 EPP Tested @ tweaktown.com
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Crucial has been in overclocking for some time now, and the Ballistix modules do show the best of what Crucial has managed to engineer. While it’s not as good as high-end modules from companies like OCZ and Corsair, it is still pretty good and managed to produce quite a decent overclock during our testing.

Cooler Master Hyper TX @ overclockersonline.net
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I normally don't get all giddy and child like when it comes to theconclusion of a review but very seldom am I this pleased with a product. TheCooler Master Hyper TX has literally knocked my socks off and got mespinning in my office chair. When I first received the Hyper TX, I saved itfor last of my Cooler Master cooler reviews because I was expecting theleast out of it. I was certainly wrong in my assessment and then some.

MIME encoded twice @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermaltake has always been at the forefront in their PC chassisdesigns, producing everything from LAN boxes to server chassis andeverything in-between. Today we are going to be looking at one of theirnewest releases, the Mozart TX, which Thermaltake calls their ideal homeentertainment center. The Mozart has a long list of innovative features thatwould make ideal for a HTPC as well as a high-end gamers/enthusiasts chassisto keep their hot running components running cool and quiet.

Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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It's been a fabulous 2006 and Cooler Master will cap it off by donating 4 prizes to give away. Drop your ballot into the hat and wait and see if you're a lucky winner in 2007!

Mid-Range GeForce 7 Series Round-up @ hothardware.com
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Shopping for a GeForce 7 card is akin to stopping at Baskin Robbins thesedays, with so many flavors to choose from. We decided to grab one of thoselittle plastic spoons and do a little of the sampling for you. Up fortoday's taste test are MSI's NX7900GT-VT2D256E-HD, a pre-overclocked 7900 GTalso featuring HDCP support, and two cards from Asus:the EN7900GSTOP/2DHT/256M/A and the EN7950GT/HTDP/512M/A. The former card also comesoverclocked by default, and by a large margin, while the latter card sports512MB of RAM as well as HDCP support.

OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium Series @ pro-clockers.com
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With the industry rapidly growing and changing, OCZ has been one ofthe few companies that have led a charge with the newest forms of DDR2technology. With this being said they were kind enough to send over theirnewest memory from their Titanium series, OCZ2T8002GK. This kit consist oftwo one gig sticks of DDR2 800 rated at 4-4-4-15 at a command rate of 1Twhen using it in a EPP compliant board or 5-4-4-15 at 2T when used in anon-EPP board. Today, we will see how well these DDR2 800 Titanium piecesperform on today's best overclocking Intel based boards.

Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock @ nordichardware.com
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Andreas has namely published his first result in the Percentual Overclocking category and has submitted the second best result in the history of the competition, namely a 178% overclock. Just as last year it's a 1.5GHz Celeron Mobile which is the heart of the system and with a final frequency at 4.17GHz it's a very impressive achievement.

ABIT AW9D-MAX Core 2 Duo Motherboard @ octools.com
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We were able to overclock the system up to 4.35GHz rock solid! That's almost 1.7GHz overclock over stock. We achieved this feat by setting our multiplier to 10x while running our FSB at 435MHz.

Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H @ overclockersonline.net
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I don't have much anything negative to say about the G9657MA-8KS2H and how could I? The specifications and feature list is as long as a full size motherboard, the performance seems to be on par with its older brother the P965x chipset as well as the 975x chipset, and the price is something that will not hurt many people. The G9657MA-8KS2H is almost like a full sized motherboard squeezed into a m-ATX form factor complete with the m-ATX price tag.

Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H @ overclockersonline.net
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I don't have much anything negative to say about the G9657MA-8KS2Hand how could I? The specifications and feature list is as long as a fullsize motherboard, the performance seems to be on par with its older brotherthe P965x chipset as well as the 975x chipset, and the price is somethingthat will not hurt many people. The G9657MA-8KS2H is almost like a fullsized motherboard squeezed into a m-ATX form factor complete with the m-ATXprice tag.

News@Technic3D / Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 Mainboard @ technic3d.com
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The Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The fan less High-End Mainboard for Gamer and Overclocker with nForce5 SLI. A Dream? See you in the following Review on Technic3D

OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Platinum SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel Memory @ rbmods.com
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More demanding games and software forcees the hardware manufacturers to make faster products, of course the ram is an important part of the computer and today we will review one of these memory kits from OCZ. Their memory has performed extremely well in our previous tests and it will be interesting to see if this new PC2-8500 Platinum kit can do the same. We are going to compare it vs another OCZ kit in both normal use and overclocking to see how well this one does.

CoolerMaster Mars @ overclockersonline.net
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Overall I was pleased with the Cooler Master Mars. The size and design of the Mars compliments installation on a number of motherboards and the mounting hardware included with the Mars makes it a snap to install on AMD or Intel. Performance wasn't quite were I was hoping in the AMD testing but the C2D from Intel responded quite well to the Mars.

Zalman ZM600-HP Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Zalman's newest power supply is the ZM600-HP. The ZM600 is the firstPSU in the HP lineup. The ZM600 boasts 600 watts of pure quiet power and iscompletely ATX 2.2 compliant. Those who think that the HP in the name standsfor high powered or high performance (Hotpants? - Ed) would be awfullywrong. The HP stands for heat pipes, as the PSU uses these to aid in thecooling process. And the 120mm Zalman fan doesn't hurt either. Lets see ifthe ZM600-NP has what it takes.

Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC2-5300 @ aselabs.com
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As I am sure most of you know Crucial is a name that you can trust. I have personally used Crucial and Micron memory since I have built computers back when I was much younger than I currently am. It was not until recently that Crucial began to offer chips that had overclocking potential in the brand lines. This started with the new Ballistix line of RAM. In the past, Crucial had a stance that their RAM was for stability and not for overclocking, even though many people used it for both. Crucial RAM is rock solid, if you run it at the rated specs. Remember that overclocking is a variable thing; we shall see how Crucial stands up with their 2GB kit of PC2-5300.

EPoX's Socket AM2 MF570 SLI Motherboard ed @ tweaktown.com
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Its also been some time since we have seen a motherboard in our labs from EPoX. This company really made a name for itself when Socket A was the big thing with boards that packed features and overclocking into a affordable package, proving you don’t have to spend the earth in order to get a good board.Today from EPoX we have our first board in quite some time. Designated the MF570 SLI, it makes use of nVidia’s nForce 570 SLI chipset, how does it stack up? Come find out

HIS X1650 XT IceQ Turbo Dual DVI 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
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After reviewing HIS' X1950 Pro Turbo card just the other day we now take a look at their X1650 XT. You may think that the X1650 XT is just a slightly higher clocked X1650 Pro but you would be wrong. Yes the XT does have a tad increase in clock speed over the Pro version, 5MHz in core speed and 60MHz in memory speed, but the biggest difference is in the physical structure and architecture of the card.

December Spire Contest @ overclockersonline.net
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There may only be 1 month left in 2006, but that doesn't mean we'regoing to coast for the rest of the year and cut back on contests!Overclockers Online is proud to present Spire as a monthly prizecontributor! To kick things off, they've graciously donated a RocKeteer VI- SLI Series SP-600W to you folks. Check us out for easy entry details!

Cooler Master Eclipse @ overclockersonline.net
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The Cooler Master Eclipse isn't just a futuristic off the walldesign, the ability to cool a pretty intense processor is most definitelythere as well. I was able to overclock both the Intel and AMD dual-coreprocessors quite a bit while still maintaining more than acceptabletemperatures with the Eclipse, even on the low fan setting.

FSP FX700-GLN Epsilon & Thermaltake Toughpower 650 @ pureoverclock.com
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600 to 700W units seem to be the sweet spot for high end systems,they offer enough headroom for some serious overclocking, but not so much sothat the extra premium for the unit was an absolute waste of money (1kwunits anyone?). In this review we'll be looking at two popular units - theFSP FX700-GLN Epsilon and the Thermaltake Toughpower 650W. We'll be testingthem under multiple conditions with X1900 CrossFire and a high end Core 2Duo setup (X6800).

ASUS GeForce EN7950GT Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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The 7900GT generally caught onto a lot of bad press thanks to the extremely high failure rate from some companies who simply offered too much of an overclock. Cards died from anywhere between one week to three months but on particular brands the failure rate was consistent enough that you couldn’t put it down to a bit of bad luck. With the bad press it made sense that nVidia would want to do a bit of a rehash with the highly popular card. The 7900GT became discontinued and the 7950GT took its place, it is actually the highest spec card in the GeForce 7 series line up now with both the 7950GX2 and 7900GTX being also discontinued. If you’re after a high-end card and don’t have the bucks to spend on the GeForce 8800 series, this is your only option from nVidia.

Buffalo FireStix 2x512MB PC6400 5-5-5 @ overclockersonline.net
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Throughout the extensive overclocking and testing of these modules, Icould not come up with anything to complain about. They look great, theyperform as they should, and they have plenty of overclocking headroom forthe enthusiasts out there. Again, without a retail price anywhere it is hardto give a very concrete judgment but something tells me that these modulesshould be a part of anyone's buying decision if you're in the market for a1GB memory kit. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a 2GB kit of some hotFireStix.

abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X @ pro-clockers.com
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For the fanboy loyal only to AMD, abit has released the Fatal1ty AN932X motherboard based on the Nvidia 590 SLI chipset. With support for AMD'snewest chip socket, AM2 and DDR2, the Fatal1ty AN9 32X should be a greatplatform to keep you afloat until future releases by AMD regain theperformance crown.

Intel Joins the Overclockers – Bad Axe 2 Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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Today Intel joins overclockers by giving them the option of overclocking on their very own desktop boards and who would have ever thought such a thing? This is definitely a first for the big CPU giant who tried to prevent overclocking by introducing locked multipliers and even removing asynchronous bus clocks in its early PCI Express 915 chips.Today we have Intel’s D975XBX2 or Bad Axe 2 motherboard in our test labs. This board was originally intended to be the flagship board for the Core 2 Quad. While we did have it to use for the Core 2 Quad, we decided to use our trusty Gigabyte DQ6 for our CPU review, as its proven to overclock to the max. This time we are looking at the board which Intel provided and just to see how well it stacks up to the mother of all Core 2 overclocking boards, the Gigabyte P965 DQ6.

News@Technic3D /Super Talent T800UX2GC4 DDR2 800 Memory @ technic3d.com
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Super Talent offers a Memory PC 6400 DDR2 2 GB Dual Kit with g ood Timings. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-4-3-15 and Ove rclocking against other Memory Kits.

How to Overclock Your Video Card @ hardwaresecrets.com
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A step-by-step guide on how to overclock your video card in order to achieve a higher gaming performance, with several tips and tricks.

Gigabyte call on Zalman – Radeon X1950PRO vs. GeForce 7900GS @ tweaktown.com
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We’re looking at two graphics cards today that both utilize the Zalman cooler, both are mid-range cards and both come from different sides - one red and one green. They come in the form of the GeForce 7900GS which has easily become a favorite due to the huge overclock on offer and competitive pricing. The other comes in the shape of the Radeon X1950PRO which sits behind the green team as far as popularity goes.

ASRock ConRoe945G-DVI Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The ASRock 945G-DVI was intended to be a budget board. If you keep this in perspective, then the results here should be very pleasing to the intended target of this board. It performed very well at default speeds against the Gigabyte DS3, which is a proven overclocking monster. With the ability to overclock to around a FSB of 300, you can get some additional speed for you HTPC or office PC by using thE ASRock ConRoe945G-DVI motherboard...

X-Micro Super G Networking @ overclockersonline.net
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X-Micro has put together a very combo to let anyone quickly setup adecent wireless network capable of reasonable speeds and quality of serviceinside ones home. The router has a very simple look that is small enoughto fit anywhere inside your house.

Super Talent MEGA Screen 2GB Mp3 Player @ overclockersonline.net
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The MEGA Screen truly is a quality product, screaming with sound quality, stylish construction, and ergonomic design. This audio player would be a great addition to anyone's pocket to entertain you on your daily commute, in your home, or anywhere else you feel the desire to listen to music.

Intel P965 Shootout Part 2 – Gigabyte, ABIT and Biostar @ tweaktown.com
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The Intel P965 chipset has really impressed us in the fact that it may be classed as the “mainstream chipset” compared to the older and more expensive 975X chipset but its features and performance surpass the enthusiast 975X chipset with DDR2-800 memory support, high FSB overclocking potential and now with Crossfire support, its hard to consider a 975X chipset.We had already planned to do this second part roundup but waiting for all of the motherboards to come into our labs was a bit of a push back affair. After nearly two months of waiting we now have four more boards to put on our chopping blocks – two from Gigabyte, one from ABIT and one from Biostar.

Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champion Series case @ pro-clockers.com
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The Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champion Series case represents the ideals of oneof the ultimate gamers. Trimmed and fitted in thick black aluminum and whiteadvertising the case asks to be paid attention to. These features as well asthe presence of a healthy number of cooling fans leads to a very stylistlooking case but at the same time a very heavy one.

USB Geek USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit @ overclockersonline.net
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Devices such as the USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit with One TouchBackup aim to make life easier due to their convenience. However, there is asmall price to pay, other than the price itself, for the convenience.

[News] Super Talent 2GB PC2-8000 DDR2 Memory Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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Super Talent recently revamped the looks of all their overclockingkits with new blue heatspreaders. And let me tell you these are some beefyheatspreaders. The kit I'll be checking out today is rated for 1000MHzoperation at an aggressive 4-5-4-15 and a respectable voltage of 2.2v.

Kinc sets another world record - 1GHz GPU with GeForce 8800 GTX @ nordichardware.com
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The last time we reported about Kinc's progress he had managed to push our GeForce 8800 GTX card to over 900MHz GPU frequency. A neat increase from the 575MHz, which NVIDIA limits its partners to use, simply because there's a risk of instability at higher frequencies. Kinc has now been able to reach a real milestone, namely over 1GHz clock frequency with the graphics core.

XFX GeForce 7900 GT 470M 256MB VIVO @ modders-inc.com
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The XFX 7900 GT is a mid range card with a mid range price thereare no down real sides to speak of. The card performs exceptionally well forits price range and it has outstanding overclocking abilities.

HIS X1650 Pro IceQ Turbo @ hothardware.com
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ATI's reference design specs the Radeon X1650 Pro's GPU speed at600MHz, a full 100MHz faster than the X1600 Pro which runs at 500MHz.However, HIS took things a step further, and raised the GPU clock anadditional 25MHz, to a default speed of 625MHz.

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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I cannot rave about the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 enough! Starting at $145 from online e-tailers, it is an overclockers dream! It is fast at default settings! But wait until you overclock it! Gigabyte has certainly unleashed a monster with this board! If you are in the market for a moderately priced overclocking monster, this is the one!

News@Technic3D /OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Special Ops Edition Urban Elite @ technic3d.com
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OCZ offers a memory PC 6400 DDR2 Special Ops Edition Urban Eli te 2 GB Dual Kit with a new heatspreader. Technic3D will see as good t hey are with 4-4-3-15 and Overclocking

nVidia nForce 680i SLI Chipset - Core 2 Enthusiasts Dream? @ tweaktown.com
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When nVidia announced its first 500 series chipset for the Intel platform, the market was looking forward to a chipset that could perform, after seeing how well the AMD variants worked. We were all expecting to get our Core 2’s blazing on the 500 series for Intel; unfortunately, nVidia dropped the ball here. While a new MCP was introduced, the Northbridge or SPP as its known from nVidia was the same C19 chip that was used on the nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition, the same woeful memory controller and overclocks followed yet still remained fairly popular due to SLI support.Learning from this mistake, nVidia took its 500 series for Intel and threw them down the toilet and started to work on the 600 series, which would be the first new chipset for Intel platforms using completely new and improved silicon.

Kinc pushes GeForce 8800 GTX over 900MHz GPU! @ nordichardware.com
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Kinc has shown that the card overclocks well and now even that it overclocks really well. As the first person he has managed to push the card over 900MHz GPU, from 575MHz at stock, while the memory was running at 1240MHz up from 900MHz. That GDDR3 would be an disadvantage has proven to be somewhat of an overstatement.

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP Edition Motherboard @ nvnews.net
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The only real negative to this board is that as it came to the game so late, it has been completely overshadowed by the new nForce 680i. The latest and greatest from NVIDIA features the C55 northbridge chip (whereas this board has the older C19) - which should allow for much more reliable and higher overclocking - along with many other features for a price not that far above the P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP.A news post would be appreciated.Regards,Mike ChambersNVNEWS.net------=_NextPart_000_0014_01C70C25.150A7A80Content-Type:text/html; charset=

Powercolor X1650 Pro @ overclockersonline.com
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The X1650PRO isn't a $200 video card or even a $150 card so itshouldn't be expected to do what the more expensive cards can do. TheX1650PRO chipset offers excellent video quality with ATI's AVIVO software aswell, so it is tough not to recommend HTPC users to have a look at theX1650PRO as well as gamers on a budget.

Asrock ALiveNF6G-DVI AM2 motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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One such motherboard that will do very well in a new HTPC/SFF buildis the ALiveNF6G-DVI from Asrock. The board is small and packed full ofmultimedia features that will serve the needs of many. Integrated sound andvideo are a part of the board's arsenal, and for the person who needs alittle more there is an additional PCI-e slot and a couple of PCI slots toexpand on. Now let's take a look at the ALiveNF6G-DVI.

Tekbunker News @ tekbunker.com
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Since the AMD Athlon64 came on the scene they have dominated Intel up until August 2006 with the release of Core2Duo. I myself have recently purchased an E6600 since I was due for an upgrade for quite a while, since I usually upgrade with a new PC setup at least once a year. I thought it only fair to give AMD X2 a try before my complete system overall, so I did a minor upgrade by replacing my single core Opteron 148 which I had running daily @2.86GHz, with an X2 4400 which I of course overclocked to daily run @ 2.67GHz.

Overclockers Online Cooler Master Contest @ overclockersonline.com
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We're kicking it back and making this one easy contest to participate in. All you need to do is fill in the ballot and hope you get lucky. Sounds like a wicked deal to me.

Quad-Core Core 2 Extreme - GeForce 8800 GTX SLI NF680i Ultimate @ hothardware.com
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We know you're out there. Come out from behind the network switch panelnow and fess up. Step away from the stack of Red Bull empties and pull offyour head-set. You're thinking the same thing we were, frankly. What canall this new-found horsepower do for me when we put together the fastest,most capable components money can buy? Take a Core 2 Extreme QX6700, dropit into a bleeding edge nForce 680i motherboard, install 2Gigs of highperformance memory, add not one - but two - GeForce 8800 GTXs in SLI mode,and overclock the stuffing out of everything -- shaken not stirred, thanksvery much. If you've got the coin to belly up to the bar, we've got justthe concoction the doctor ordered. Read on thirsty speed freaks. Thisarticle is for you.

Cooler Master Aquagate Viva @ overclockersonline.com
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The Aquagate Viva is an interesting piece of hardware. The ability tocool a processor or a video card is very unique for an all-in-one watercooling setup of this nature. The built in waterblock/water pump really cutsdown on the footprint inside of a case and the small radiator that can mountin any number of positions really makes the Aquagate Viva a versatileproduct.

Noctua NH-U12F Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The Noctua NH-U12F is an awesome cooler when it comes to size andweight. Weighing in at 790g, the U12F differs from the older U12 in twoareas, one is weight and the second is the U12F comes with Noctua's newNF-12 120mm cooling fan. We will see how the Noctua monster stand up to thetwo baddest coolers we have tested here at Pro-Clockers.

Releasing the Beasts – Overclocking the GeForce 8800's @ tweaktown.com
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The main thing we want to know today; can the 8800 GTS, which sits significantly cheaper, come in and match or even beat GTX performance at stock speeds? And if it does, how much further can the 8800 GTX go to make it worth your while to spend those extra hard earned dollars on it, as opposed to the GTS variant?In this article we’re not going to look at the graphics cards, we’ve already done that. Instead we will have a quick look at our test system setup and what we got with our overclocks. From there it’s straight into the benchmarks as that’s all we really need to see here today.

Scythe Kama-Meter Multi Functional Controller @ pro-clockers.com
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About 4 years ago Scythe started up business basically as a CPUcooler manufacturing company and distributor of PC parts & gaming devices. Istill remember getting my first Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer from them backwhen they were the only people importing them. Scythe has since grown to beone of the most highly regarded companies offering top quality PC coolingcomponents and computer accessories, ranging from CPU and GPU coolingsolutions to PC chassis and everything in-between. This time around we aregoing to be taking a look at one of their 5.25 bay devices, the

Albatron KI51PV-754 @ overclockersonline.com
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If good things come in small packages, this board has it all. Foranyone looking to build a powerful car-computer this is a great alternativeto the usual VIA solutions. The overall system performance is respectablegiven the system configuration. The dual Ethernet solution could easilyturn this into a mini-server or custom router. The GeForce 6150 makes for avery powerful backbone allowing great video playback and dual display outputwith TV-out.

Asrock AM2NF6G-VSTA Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-13-06] (0 Comments)

Asrock realize that not everyone wants to spend $250 on the latestmotherboard, but still want and expect the same kind of quality anddependability. So, a board like the AM2NF6-VSTA is right up most people'salley. Providing decent graphics, quality sound and plenty of room forupgrading, this board is an awesome value.

[News] Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
[Nov-13-06] (0 Comments)

This Crucial Ballistix Tracer is without a doubt the best lookingmemory I've ever seen. It's also some of the best performing memory I'veever used. During testing and overclocking, I had not a single issue withthis memory. It runs great at stock and overclocked speeds. And it does allthis while looking fantastic.

XFX 7900GS Video Card @ gideontech.com
[Nov-12-06] (0 Comments)

This time around on the review scene I was lucky enough to get an XFX brand nVidia 7900GS. This card didn't come to market claiming to beat all previous cards released, but rather as a value-priced offering which can be pushed to impressive speeds through overclocking. It also has the power to hold someone over until the next revision of cards (DX10 for Vista) appear.

ICY DOCK Modiflash 722 Mobile Dock @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-10-06] (0 Comments)

Today, In today's computing world, data security along the ability toeasily transport data from one point to another is becoming more and moreimportant. Icy Dock has been in the business of providing solutions to boththese problems for years with their removable and external hard driveenclosures. Icy Dock has recently introduced a removable hard driveenclosure designed for the computer enthusiast/gamer, the Modiflash 722, andwe are going to be looking at one of these units today to see if it meetsthe high standards of the rest of Icy docks product line.

Ultra X-Finity 500W APFC @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-10-06] (0 Comments)

I think we can safely conclude that this is an excellent powersupply. But, performance isn't the only factor that adds up to a powersupply, it is an overall balance as well. Today, there are countless highquality power supplies within the 500W range so why choose the UltraX-Finity 500W APFC power supply? Well the Ultra X-Finity 500W APFC powersupply excels in not only performance, but aesthetics and functionality.

Kentsfield + 8800GTX SLI + 680i SLI @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-09-06] (0 Comments)

Using the NVIDIA Forceware 96.97 drivers on the pair of XFX GeForce 8800 GTX's was an awesome experience and I can't wait for improved drivers come out to improve performance even more. The test system would run the opening scene from the first game test in 3DMark06 at over 112FPS, which is something you got to see to believe! When it came to power consumption with out system overclocked and running gaming benchmarks we saw the system peak above 600W just once, so the 750W power supply requirement is no joke.

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP – Old new C19 examined @ tweaktown.com
[Nov-09-06] (0 Comments)

In early tests from the OEM’s, this chipset performed less than stellar in the overclocking department but it was too late for companies to pull out of, as their production lines were already making boards based on this chipset. While they have been made, we won’t see them pushed like the nForce 600 series. For companies like ASUS who will create their own nForce 680i motherboard design which takes much more time than purely using the nVidia reference design, it is a good stop gap for them while the newer motherboard is being prepared. That is the exact reason why we are even looking at this motherboard here today.

Overclockers Online Birthday Contest @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-09-06] (0 Comments)

There's one week left to enter in our birthday bash consisting ofover one thousand dollars in prizes. If you haven't entered, you betterhurray as time is ticking!

ABIT nForce 680i SLI mobo on show - IN9 32X-MAX @ tweaktown.com
[Nov-09-06] (0 Comments)

Today ABIT showed us their upcoming IN9 32X-MAX motherboard. It’s the motherboard which ABIT is most excited about and should prove a good selling product for them - especially if we see typical ABIT overclocking prowess. Talking about overclocking during our visit, ABIT mentioned that the board should be able to do around 650MHz FSB (an amazing 2600MHz bus speed) but with extra work in the cooling department, you may see bus speeds around 2800MHz. Keep in mind that none of this is proven yet and only time will tell as ABIT spends the next couple months fine tuning their BIOS for the release of the board sometime in Q1 next year.

GeForce 8800 GTX overclocking p @ nordichardware.com
[Nov-09-06] (0 Comments)

The graphics cards have become more and more advanced over the years and the fact that both transistors and power consumption have gone way past those we've seen for processors is a proof of that. But this generation, by that we mean NVIDIA G80 and ATI's coming R600, will be something really extraordinary.

Antec Nine Hundred @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

The one thing no-one who owns this case can complain about is the ability to cool a hard working set of components. There isn't a noisy and in-efficient 80mm fan in sight, my arch nemesis, and that monster 200mm fan up top is far from a gimmick. It does an incredible job of exhausting hot air from the case. The futuristic and clean appearance of the Nine Hundreds exterior is sure to turn heads and like all Antec enclosures, the Nine Hundred is extremely well put together and the finish is second to none.

ASUS M2R32-MVP vs ECS KA3 MVP Extreme:CrossFire Xpress 3200 @ hothardware.com
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

Looking at the two boards for overall value, the first place tostart is price. Using various price search engines, we found the ASUSM2R32-MVP being offered for anywhere from $144 - 159. The ECS KA3 MVPExtreme weighs in a bit lower, ranging from $135 - 145. Taking this intoaccount, unless overclocking is a serious concern, the ECS KA3 MVP Extremehas a lot more to offer at a slightly lower price point. With far morestorage options, plenty of data cabling and expansion components, the ECSKA3 Extreme strikes a solid balance between features, performance and price.Conversely, if overclocking is a major factor, the ASUS M2R32-MVP is a greatfit, but some might feel its overall retail experience is a bit lacklusterfor the price.

NZXT ADAMAS Classic Series Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

Today, we are going to be looking at NZXT's latest offering, theAdamas Classic Series to see if this new full aluminum chassis might fityour dream systems needs with its classic style and design.

Sunbeamtech Zorro Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-06-06] (0 Comments)

One of those options may be one of their latest offerings, the Zorro.The Zorro offers a lot of interior spacing and a refreshing design. And forthose that are not into doors in the front of the case that opens outwards,this one's door slides up and down for easy access to your drives bays.

ABIT AW9D-MAX @ techPowerUp! @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-06-06] (0 Comments)

Abit has a long history of producing top notch motherboards for overclockers and enthusiasts. Their new AW9D-MAX is designed for Intel's Core 2 platform using the i975X chipset. On the feature list there is everybody you could find useful:Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 8x SATA-II, Firewire and two PCI-Express x16 slots for your video cards. To make your life easier this board includes abit's proprietary UGuru technology. We test the board thoroughly to see if it can live up to the hype, especially when it comes to overclocking.

Coolit Systems Peltier CPU Cooler @ pcper.com
[Nov-03-06] (0 Comments)

If you have deep pockets and need or want a TEC based water-chillerthat can provide sub-ambient cooling then the Freezone CPU Cooler deserves avery close look. The Freezone offers excellent potential for overclockerswho don't mind a little fan noise and if you don't have the luxury ofair-conditioning in a hot climate, the Freezone can handle extremely warmenvironments much better than a traditional HSF or water-cooling systemcan.

Silverstone LC20 @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-03-06] (0 Comments)

Looking back to the key marketing features Silverstone is presentingI'd say the results meet the marketing about half way. Certainly the casedoes have a clean, sophisticated appearance, and it does present manycooling options if you require them; however, given the depth of the case,the storage capacity could be severely hampered with the wrong mix ofcomponents, and you'll have a difficult time keeping this case quiet enoughto be inaudible during quiet sections of movies or games if it's notstationed in a console or cabinet.

Silverstone LC20 @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-03-06] (0 Comments)

marketing about half way. Certainly the case does have a clean,sophisticated appearance, and it does present many cooling options if yourequire them; however, given the depth of the case, the storage capacitycould be severely hampered with the wrong mix of components, and you'll havea difficult time keeping this case quiet enough to be inaudible during quietsections of movies or games if it's not stationed in a console or cabinet.

Antec Nine Hundred Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Nov-02-06] (0 Comments)

With this case we think Antec has outdone themselves again. When theyreleased the P180, I figured that they had one of the best functional andbest looking cases released in the past few years. The clean look and theexternal arrangement was definitely a keeper. But after seeing the NineHundred on the Antec site, it was one I had to get and review for ourreaders. Does the Nine Hundred live up to my self imposed hype? Are we justharping on about an otherwise normal, boring case? Lets check it out.

Noctua NF-S12 120mm Fan @ overclockersonline.com
[Nov-02-06] (0 Comments)

The Noctua NF-S12 fans are nothing short of amazing products.Performance results through testing against similar products only producesrelative results. EMB Papst has specialized, designed and produced fans andblowers for years now and it is quite a feat for a brand new company such asNoctua to be able to match such quality and performance. Not only do thesefans perform extraordinarily well, but Noctua has also included an excellentset of accessories including rubber grommets and a 5V fan adaptor.

Cooler Master Mars and Eclipse CPU Coolers @ bigbruin.com
[Nov-01-06] (0 Comments)

Both of these coolers feature unique designs which definitely grab your attention, as well as providing respectable cooling performance. The Eclipse and Mars coolers performed much better than the stock AMD CPU cooler, and allowed an AMD X2 4200 AM2 processor to be kept cool even while overclocked.

Scythe Ninja Plus Rev. B Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-31-06] (0 Comments)

As many of you will have picked up due to its name, this cooler isnot, strictly speaking, a new cooler by Scythe. It is actually animprovement on a modern day classic. The Ninja Plus B is basically the sameas the Ninja and Ninja Plus updated with support for AMD's recently releasedsocket, the AM2. The Ninja Plus really tamed the AMD socket 939 and socket T(Intel 775) processors so we assume the Plus B wont have any problems withthe much cooler running AM2 processors. Let's see how well it does againstthe top two air-cooling kings of Pro-Clockers!

PowerColor Radeon X1950 Pro 256MB @ bit-tech.net
[Oct-31-06] (0 Comments)

Generally speaking, there were small gameplay advantagesdelivered byPowerColor’s card as a result of the slightly higher default clockspeeds. We also really like the fact that PowerColor has moved awayfrom the norm and included an Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 as thestandard cooling solution, but one has to wonder whether it’s worth theadditional £20 that the card will cost you over Sapphire’s Radeon X1950Pro. That will come down to whether you are planning to overclock ornot.

ATI Radeon X1650 XT CrossFire @ Today, ATI is adding yet another member to the Radeon X1K family of
[Oct-30-06] (0 Comments)

Today, ATI is adding yet another member to the Radeon X1K family ofproducts, the Radeon X1650 XT. While its name suggests the X1650 XT isnothing more than a higher clocked variation on the barely 2-month oldRadeon X1650 Pro, that's actually not the case. The Radeon X1650 Pro isbased on a new GPU, formerly code-named RV560, that is much more powerfulthan anything else in the X16x0 family.

TeamGroup Xtreem DDR2-800 2x1gb Kit @ eclipseoc.com
[Oct-30-06] (0 Comments)

As the popularity of DDR2 hits it's peak, we look at another 2x1GBDDR2-800 kit, this time, from TeamGroup. The overclocking potential isjust slightlymore than impressive. 

Birthday Contest @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-29-06] (0 Comments)

There's about 2 weeks left in our birthday contest consisting of anumber of prize packs tallying up to 1300USD! If you haven't entered, thisis the time to do so!

Thermalright HR-05-SLI @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-27-06] (0 Comments)

The testing results also dictate that the HR-05-SLI can be added to asystem to simply remove a noisy chipset cooling solution with a silentpassive one while retaining all the cooling power if not providing more. Iwas impressed with the HR-05-SLI for both its cooling ability and theflexibility it provides to unique layout issues. Thermalright has alwaysbeen a favorite of mine with a wide range of cooling products. Introducingthe HR-05-SLI after the HR-05 proved to be troublesome in certain setups,shows that Thermalright are dedicated to helping every single user that hascooling needs.

Ultra X-Finity 500W with Active PFC Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-27-06] (0 Comments)

Ultra is back again with a new take on an old power supply. There areno modular cables and a flat black paint job. The newly revamped X-FinityPSU now sports dual 12v rails and is label the DR series. The X-Finity PSUpromises to add power and stability on a new level.

Sapphire Radeon X1300 XT OC Edition @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-27-06] (0 Comments)

The new ATI Radeon X1300 XT is based on the RV530 GPU core which is used on the X1600 series. That alone should bring quite a nice performance boost. On top of that Sapphire has added GDDR3 memory and a healthy clock increase. There is no need to run an overclocking software on your system, the increased clocks are stored in the BIOS. In our testing we saw a huge performance difference to the X1300 and almost no difference to the X1600 series.

[News] Mushkin 2GB HP2-6400 DDR2-800 Memory @ virtual-hideout.net
[Oct-26-06] (0 Comments)

The quality of memory used in this particular HP2-6400 kit isevident by the superb overclocking potential. Obtaining 1000mhz from an800mhz kit is proof these are indeed high performance memory modules. Add tothat the good looking blue aluminum

Intel P965 Showdown - Abit vs. GIGABYTE @ Gigabyte's GA-965P-DQ6 and Abit's AB9 Pro are both aimed squarely at
[Oct-26-06] (0 Comments)

Gigabyte's GA-965P-DQ6 and Abit's AB9 Pro are both aimed squarely atthe enthusiast crowd. These two companies with wildly different pasts arenow vying for the same piece of the enthusiast pie, but from different ends.Gigabyte is coming from the high-end with the DQ6, packed with featuresgalore, while Abit is coming from the budget segment with the AB9 Pro, ano-nonsense overclocker.

Dell 2007WFP vs Samsung SM205BW @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-25-06] (0 Comments)

Over the last year we've seen a steady trend of manufacturersmoving away from the already popular and well established 19

News@Technic3D /BFG GeForce 7950 GT OC @ technic3d.com
[Oct-25-06] (0 Comments)

The BFG GeForce 7950 GT OC Video Card arrived Technic3D. More Speed with more clock! See you the following Review on Technic3D

ECS P965T-A @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-25-06] (0 Comments)

The ECS P965T-A is a solid board on what is now arguably the fastestplatform for near any task, provided you've got the right CPU of course. ECShas given this board a lot to make it appealing to your average user, buthas also left a lot out that would have otherwise made it a real winner forthe enthusiast. The board has been incredibly stable and performs well, butuntil something more is done to this boards BIOS what you see is what youget.

Corsair Hx 620W Power Supply @ rbmods.com
[Oct-24-06] (0 Comments)

Corsair who are mostly known for their high quality ram have now released a new power supply to match up with the ram. Todays high speed ram sticks need a good power supply with stable rails to be able to overclock well and who would know this better than a memory manufacturer? Well this is what we are here testing, we will test this vs other high performing power supplies on the market and share our thoughts with you.

Abit AW9D Max Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-24-06] (0 Comments)

The AW9D-Max is Abit's second motherboard to date that supports theCore 2 Duo. The first was the AB9 which is based on the Intel P965 chipset.But their top dawg is the AW9D-Max. A full feature motherboard that sports agreat color scheme as well as a host of other things that may make this theboard to have.

Powercolor X1650 Pro @ techpowerup.com
[Oct-24-06] (0 Comments)

ATI's Radeon X1650 was introduced with the X1950 XTX and the X1300 XT. Just what is this card? As the name suggests, it is a little step up from the X1600 XT. With the same amount of pipelines, and slightly higher clocks, is there anything to look forward to with the X1650 Pro? No doubt, this card at least runs cooler - insured by a smaller manufacturing process. Does it bring balanced performance at a fair price? How does it fair compared to the X1300 XT? Most importantly, is it worth buying?

Palit 7900GS @ aoaforums.com
[Oct-23-06] (0 Comments)

With a huge variety of high-end cards currently available there has been a bit of a gap in the mid range sector, the 7800GT appeared briefly and was phased out, the X1800XL never had enough grunt to keep up with the Nvidia based solutions and the X1800XT and 7900GT have never been cost effective enough to be classed as budget cards.All this has changed with the release of the 7900GS, as you will see in the following write-up it has plenty of stock power to play all but the most intensive of games with relative ease and has some serious overclocking potential to bring it in line with some much more expensive cards.

Vantec Iceberq6 VGA Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-23-06] (0 Comments)

With all the advancements in computer technology over the years,computer components are running hotter and hotter requiring higherperformance (louder) cooling solutions to keep the heat monster at bay. Thisseems to be more of a problem with today's performance video cards wherevideo card vendors are out fitting their cards with cooling solutions thatwill rival your home vacuum cleaner in the noise department.

Overclockers Online Birthday Contest Update @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-23-06] (0 Comments)

Another phone call, one more email and now we've got some more prizesfor our birthday contest! Fourteen prizes in total with the latest additionbeing a second MP3 Player, a video card and a case complete with a 700Wattpower supply. Hurry and fill in the ballot or guarantee yourself a prize ifwe pick your logo for our site, full details in our contest page.

News@Technic3D /mad-moxx 7900 GTO Burstfire @ technic3d.com
[Oct-19-06] (0 Comments)

The mad-moxx 7900 GTO Burstfire Graphic Card arrived Technic3D . More Speed with 7800 GTX clock? See you the following Review on Tec hnic3D

Foxconn 975X7AB - 8EKRS2H @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-18-06] (0 Comments)

My opinion is somewhat biased because I am an overclocker, first andforemost. The Foxconn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H is not an overclocker's motherboard...right now. I hinted at it in a couple of sections, with some BIOS work, thismotherboard might take off. Currently, however, this motherboard should onlybe thought of as an excellent Intel 975X chipset offering if you're not intooverclocking.

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro CrossFire GPU @ legitreviews.com
[Oct-17-06] (0 Comments)

ATI has clocked the core on the X1950 Pro at 575MHz and the 256MB of GDDR3 memory at 1.38GHz, which are aggressive for a card with a $199 price tag. The core on the X1950 PRO is manufactured on an 80nm fabrication process, and is completely different in almost every way imaginable from the existing Radeon X1950 video cards as we will show you later in this article. ATI has been impressed by the cores made on the 80nm process and told Legit Reviews that the average overclock on the core has been 100MHz from what they have seen and been hearing back from those that are lucky enough to have a card already.

Asrock ConroeXFire-eSATA2 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-17-06] (0 Comments)

Back when Core2 Duo was released the only supported chipsets were theIntel 965 and higher end 975. The sheer thought of any other Intel chipsetsupporting this processor was unheard of. But you can leave it up to Asrockto think of the unthinkable and actually accomplish it. You can pretty muchsay that they are known for doing just this. They took the aged 945 chipsetand made it completely compatible with Conroe and Allendale.

ATI X1950 Pro @ pcper.com
[Oct-17-06] (0 Comments)

=93The Radeon X1950 Pro was definitely the best performing card forunder $200; the majority our gaming tests showed that the X1950 Pro had thepower to out perform the only a few months old NVIDIA 7900 GS card, even inthe overclocked card we had from XFX. In the pair of games where the X1950Pro didn't win out right, the NVIDIA and ATI GPUs were neck and neck inperformance at both 1600x1200 and 1920x1200.=94

Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra Watercooling Kit @ overclockers.com.au
[Oct-17-06] (0 Comments)

----Finally, I got to the point where the system was pretty much solid with opaque, light green liquid, which had lots and lots of air bubbles in suspension. This isn't great, but with a properly setup circuit (reservoir being at the top, remember?), all the air will filter to the top of the reservoir and the coolant in the circuit will slowly be purged of bubbles. You might want to tap and rotate the various components while the pump is running, so that bubbles will dislodge and be carried to the reservoir by the coolant.----

[News] FOXCONN 975X7AB-8EKRS2H (LGA775) Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
[Oct-17-06] (0 Comments)

The board's design and layout are well thought out making it very nice towork with. Configuring the motherboard and its BIOS are simple and easy tounderstand. The more avid over clocker who wants access to every option willfind the current BIOS some what limiting which can easily change with futureupdates.

Foxconn 975X7AB Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-16-06] (0 Comments)

The motherboard that reigns at the top of Foxconn's list for Intelprocessors is the 975X7AB. The board offers all the bells and whistles ofthe 975X chipset for about hundred dollars cheaper than most and offers alot of performance to boot. Well, it's time to see how well the 975X7ABstacks up against the rest.

Enermax Phoenix Mid-Tower Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-16-06] (0 Comments)

I haven't ever owned a single product from Enermax before, so I'mreally looking forward to checking out some of their products. With thatsaid, today we'll be looking at one of their newly released PC mid-towercases, the Phoenix. The Phoenix is based on an extremely popular basechassis that a lot of other case vendors are using, so what sets them apartfrom each other is the front bezel design and feature set included with thecase.

HIS Radeon X1300XT IceQ Turbo 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
[Oct-16-06] (0 Comments)

Just last week we review HIS' new X1650XT graphic card. The X1650XT is a part of a new lineup of cards recently released that also included the X1300XT and X1950XTX. Today we have a second card from this lineup - the HIS X1300XT. This X1300XT features dual DVI outputs along with a overclocked core and memory speeds right out of the box. It comes clocked at 587MHz core and 1.38GHz memory by default with no tweaking needed.

Huge Birthday Contest @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-15-06] (0 Comments)

With a dozen prizes totaling over one thousand dollars currentlyregistered for our latest contest, this is definitely one contest you do notwant to miss. It'll take you two minutes to read the contest page and nomore than 30 seconds to enter! What are you waiting for?

MSI K9N SLI Platinum & Foxconn C51XEM2AA @ pureoverclock.com
[Oct-14-06] (0 Comments)

Not so long ago Nvidia launched the nForce 500 chipset's for AMD'snew DDR2 capable socket AM2. By now you should all be aware of the minimalperformance increases DDR2 has brought to the A64 architecture and it's lowlatency on-die memory controller, but from my perspective the most difficultaspect of the AM2 and nForce 500 launch is leaving behind the oh-so maturemotherboard choices available for s939 in place of brand new 'unproven'boards, so to speak. With that point made, anyone who's eying up AMD'srecent and significant price drops across the board will be asking onequestion - which AM2 board will rock my world?

Evercool Red Scorpion 140mm Fan @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-12-06] (0 Comments)

At first sight, the Red Scorpion is a beauty, with transparent redblades enclosed in a dark-grey outfit. This fan is also a great performerunder the hood. The airflow is up to date with what overclockers need and isalso very quiet for those who want a silent computer.

Titan Amanda TEC Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-12-06] (0 Comments)

There are times when air-cooling is just not enough. At the same timeyou might not want to deal with the financial and maintenance costs ofdealing with a water-cooling setup. What else is there? There is extremecooling which may consist of phase change or chilled water or even LNcooling. All three are great forms of cooling but can be very hazardous toyour equipment. That leaves us with TEC cooling. The method of using athermoelectric plate, or peltier, to cool your processor has being aroundfor ages, and it can be completely safe if done right. Well Titan may havemade it as simple as it can be with their new cooler, the Amanda.

ECS KA3MVP Extreme Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
[Oct-11-06] (0 Comments)

When it comes to high-end, uber-overclocking, record-breaking motherboard manufacturers, you usually do not think about the ECS. ECS has been a huge OEM for many years, and has never really produced anything that would be considered top-dog as far as performance goes. They did have the K7S5A that may bring back a lot of memories (good and bad) for those that have been in the overclocking scene for awhile. I went through a few of those boards myself! Today, we have the ECS KA3MVP Extreme motherboard to look at. ECS touts this board, as the name suggests, as an MVP board and they say it is extreme. Well, let's take a look at the board and see if it is all that!

News @ technic3d.com
[Oct-10-06] (0 Comments)

The 7900GS Graphic Card from EVGA arrived Technic3D. More Over clocking with reference clock? See you the following Review on Technic3D

OCZ EvoStream 600 watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-10-06] (0 Comments)

The EvoStream 600 watt power supply seems to be what a lot of powerusers are wanting, less resistance and a bunch of power from a convenientlymodular power supply. A threeyear warranty and the great rep that OCZ has may make the EvoStream the nextmost wanted power supply. And if that is not enough, this new beast from OCZalso sports quad 12v rails.

Icy Dock MB453SPF Mobile Station @ pro-clockers.com
[Oct-10-06] (0 Comments)

The MB453SPF is an internal removable hard drive enclosure thatcontains three bays for easy relocation of hard drives. The MB453SPF makesit easy to take your data home with you if necessary, provided you have adocking station there. Icy Dock made the MB453SPF both appealing to the eyeand easy to install. And another thing, the MB453 also cools on request.Let's see if the MB453SPF is your future storage solution.

GPU Folding and Upcoming OCZ CPU Coolers @ legitreviews.com
[Oct-09-06] (0 Comments)

Last week Stanford University released a beta version of its Folding@Home client that runs on ATI's Radeon X1900 and X1950 series graphics cards and today Legit Reviews takes a look at the new client. LR covers why to fold, how to fold on your GPU and how to speed up GPU folding by running 3D clock speeds on your video card. To top it all off LR announces a contest that will give out a couple of ATI Radeon X1900 series to a couple lucky people.

HIS X1650Pro IceQ Turbo Dual DVI 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
[Oct-09-06] (0 Comments)

Today in the BFR labs we have our first X1650 video card to review. The X1650Pro, along with the X1300XT and X1950XT, have just recently been released by ATI as a follow up to the orginal X1600, X1300, and X1900 lineup. These new editions are a slightly enhanced version of their respective predecessor featuring higher core and memory speeds. This X1650 Pro features a core speed of 625MHz and memory clock of 1.4GHz effective compared to the X1600 Pro's core/memory speed of 500MHz/800MHz.

Brando 32- in- 1 Card Reader and USB Hub Combo @ overclockersonline.com
[Oct-08-06] (0 Comments)

When it comes to peripherals, for most people, looks are just as important as performance. Brando's 32-in-1 card reader performs very well, but its looks are questionable. This card reader and USB hub combo is speedy, small, and most of all, extremely convenient. For those who are a fan of the appearance, look no further because this card reader is sure to please!

News@Technic3D / G.Skill F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ Memory @ technic3d.com
[Oct-06-06] (0 Comments)

G.Skill offers a memory PC 6400 DDR2 F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ 2 GB Du al Kit with a black heatspreader. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-4-4-12 and Overclocking

OCZ PC2-6400 Special Ops Edition Urban Elite 2GB Kit @ bigbruin.com
[Oct-05-06] (0 Comments)

Before we get to benchmarking, let's see how well the OCZ Special Ops Edition Urban Elite DDR2-800 can be overclocked. I would not consider myself an expert overclocker, and might expect more experienced overclockers to get better results that I did, but things went pretty well, anyway. Everest was reporting the memory operating at 1020MHz DDR2. 220MHz faster than the rated speeds isn't a bad bump, and it equates to a 27.5% increase!

[News] CoolerMaster Mars CPU Cooler @ virtual-hideout.net
[Oct-05-06] (0 Comments)

So you want to try something new that has a bit of originality andcan replace your boring CPU cooler? The CoolerMaster Mars can definitelyfill both of these requirements. While it is not an overclocker's choice,the Mars performs and looks much better than any stock cooler that comeswith most any processor.

Kinc flies by 90,000 with 3DMark 2001 @ nordichardware.com
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The key to the success was a new processor which could be clocked to5.1GHz and another PowerColor X1950XTX which was able to handle thetemperatures of real cooling.

ABIT AW9D-MAX Motherboard – Core 2's new Best Friend? @ tweaktown.com
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ABIT’s choice of power and cooling is a so-so affair. First off you have a 4 phase power regulation system to provide power to the CPU. While this is enough for the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme, the Pentium 4, Pentium D and Pentium Extreme and possibly the upcoming Core 2 Quad processors might find this a bit constricting when it comes to overclocking. ABIT has placed cooling on its Mosfets around the CPU as well as a new Silent OTES 2 cooling solution that covers the Northbridge, Southbridge and the additional voltage regulators. The cooling system is quite effective and looks very attractive but most importantly, it is silent.

Biostar Sigma Gate 7300GT 256MB DDRIII @ overclockersonline.com
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This is the second 7300GT I have reviewed in as many months and since the last was a DDRII model, I was expecting better performance out of the DDRIII model. Not only was the memory faster but the core also comes clocked higher out of the box. Despite this elevated expectation, the Biostar Sigma Gate 7300GT 256MB DDRIII never let me down in the slightest bit.

DFI LANPARTY UT CFX3200-DR @ hothardware.com
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DFI has earned a reputation over the last couple of years forproducing feature-rich, enthusiast friendly motherboards. DFI's decked outLANPARTY family of motherboards in particular has become known to manyaround the world as a family of products that cater to the unique needs ofthe enthusiast and overclocking communities. Today we present to you DFI'sLANPARTY UT CFX3200-DR. Build around the CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset andwith a plethora of BIOS options and integrated peripherals, this board has

Antec TruePower Trio 650 Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Antec has a longtradition of producing some of the finest cases and power supplies. We have seensome timeless classics like the SLK series of cases to the newest Lifestyleand Performance line. Their power supplies have been used by manyoverclockers and games, like myself. Just recently Antec has announcedsomething that speaks well about their power supplies; they have given alltheir new power supplies a five year warranty. This will add assurance to analready great product.

Razer Copperhead High Precision Gaming Mouse Tempest Blue @ overclockersonline.com
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Much like the previous contests held at Overclockers Online, you onlyneed to do one thing to earn your chance of winning it - complete our littleballot and sit tight.

MIME encoded twice @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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I was able to get these modules up above 1100MHz with 5-5-5-15timings and 2.4V, but not much further. Still this is an excellent resultfor modules only rated at 1000MHz, and would give you some more breathingspace if you are overclocking a low multiplier CPU like the Core DuoE6300's.

Inno3D GeForce 7900 GS @ nvnews.net
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The overclocking results were so spectacular that I had to make them the focus of this review. Starting with the stock speed of 450MHz core/1320MHz memory, an optimal speed of 557MHz/1568MHz was achieved with the overclocking applet in the new ForceWare control panel! With RivaTuner, I was able to push the memory up to 1600MHz for a 24% increase on the core and 21% increase in the memory clock speeds!

ABIT Fatal1ty AN9 32X AM2 Motherboard @ octools.com
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Our Athlon64 3800+ X2 which is rated at 2GHz is running at almost 2.7GHz. With this great overclock, we turned our cheap Athlon64 X2 3800+ faster than an Athlon64 X2 5000+ chip. This feat was achieved out of the box.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ bigbruin.com
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Given the no frills appearance of these modules, I had fairly low expectations for overclocking, and pretty much any gain was going to exceed them... Without touching the timings at all, and with only an increase in voltage from 1.80V to 1.85V, this kit was able to climb to DDR2-960 speeds. Although unstable at 1000 MHz, I did get into Windows, and can tell that with a bit of tweaking, and perhaps some more voltage, these modules could handle it. Another thing that might help with overclocking is some sort of cooling. Many may find heatspreaders to be all about presentation, but slapping a set on these memory modules might be worth the money!

Samsung 971P @ overclockersonline.com
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Aside from the esthetics of the 971p, like every Samsung LCD panel,the screen is stunning. The brightness and contrast make images and colorsjump off the page and slap you in the face. The preset options that can bequickly cycled through are perfect for all situations and one couldn't askfor more adjustments through software that is included in the box. TheSamsung 971p has just thrown for an 80 yard touchdown on opening weekendlate in the 4th quarter to win the game and gets my fantasy start next weekregardless of who it is playing.

HIS X1650Pro IceQ Turbo Video Card @ viperlair.com
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The video card itself is dominated by the IceQ cooler, which although big isn't at all heavy in comparison to some other video cards. Cooling was well taken care of with that cooler as well as the ramsinks. This allowed the card to keep cooler than many other cards I've looked at, while still keeping very quiet in overclocked operation. Overclocking wasn't anything to write home about but there was a increase that we were able to find out of this card. 2D quality is something that ATi and its partners can be very proud of, as it is among the best I've ever seen.

Thermaltake Aqua RX R-1 @ techpowerup.com
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Thermaltake's Aqua RX R-1 is a waterblock for memory modules. Overclocking the memory, in most cases, is unavoidable when you want to reach a higher CPU speed. Sometimes, the memory might limit your CPU overclock, and that's when you start thinking about cooling your memory, to achieve even higher clocks. Watercooling memory is still in its infancy, but products capable of cooling the memory well are slowly making their way to the market.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Special Ops Edition Urban Elite Memory @ pro-clockers.com
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Once again we have a new memory product from OCZ. It seems that thesepeople never rest. I guess if they aren't in the forums helping people thatare in the labs cooking up some new products to satisfy our overclockingappetites. Well we were fortunate enough to be sent the latest creation fromOCZ. The SOE Urban Elite Series of DDR2 boast another colorful set of heatspreaders. Camouflage anybody? We all know that looks are one thing but howis the performance.

Sapphire PURE CrossFire PC-AM2RD580 @ bit-tech.net
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Sapphire's PC-AM2RD580 is an incredibly solidmotherboard that deservesrecommendation for those who aren't worried by the lack of expansionoptions on both the I/O panel and on the board itself. There is stillsome work to do on the BIOS before the full potential of this board isunlocked; hopefully Sapphire will address these problems directly andwe should see this board reach another level altogether on theoverclocking front. If the high price isn't an issue and the lack of expansion optionsdoesn't concern you, Sapphire's PURE CrossFire PC-AM2RD580 is wellworth considering at the heart of a Socket AM2/CrossFire system.

OCZ PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 Dual Channel @ rbmods.com
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Manufacturers have now pretty much abandonded the old DDR1 ram sticks and started selling their new faster DDR2 with lower latency and higher mhz count. OCZ are no different they have stayed on the top of the market by producing awesome overclocking ram in the past therefore it will be very interesting to see how their new DDR2 kit named OCZ PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 Dual Channel will perform.

Thermalright Ultra-120 CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Just today Thermalright were friendly enough to send out their newestmodel in coolers, the Ultra-120. The Ultra falls into the same category asthe very popular type of coolers known as towers types. They are both talland fairly heavy and cool better than any previous cooler design of thepast. Today we will see how the Ultra-120 stands up to our reigning champ,pitting it against the Scythe Infinity.

Brando 23- in- 1 Card Reader and USB Hub Combo @ overclockersonline.com
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If you only need to support one or two media formats, considerlooking for alternatives. The list of problems is extensive:poor structuraldesigns, poor performance, questionable price, and so on. The only feature Ienjoyed using was the USB hub and multi-format support, but that itself isnot enough to offset the short comings.

be quiet! Straightpower 700W @ techpowerup.com
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The be Quiet Straightpower 700W is a high-quality power supply for power hungry gamers and overclockers. It sports features like two PCI-Express power connectors and an 8-pin CPU power connector. A temperature controlled fan helps keep the system noise level at a minimum. During testing we found out that this PSU's inside is identical to an OCZ PSU.

ASUS Crosshair "Republic of Gamers" Socket AM2 Motherboard @ tweaktown.com
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ASUS today have provided us with a new motherboard designed to be the ultimate gamer’s motherboard for the AM2 platform; it is part of the new “Republic of Gamers” series from the Taiwan company. Designed with hardcore gamers and overclockers in mind, this board looks more like an amusement park than a board with tubes, pipes and lovely colours.

OCZ Cryo-Z CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Cryo-Z is literally a freezer to refrigerate your CPU, allowing you to achieve a very high overclocking level. It will be released only by the end of October, but we had the chance of taking a look on it.

Ultra 1200 Watt Backup UPS @ overclockersonline.com
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Ultra Products has packaged together very complete product to keepyour system running while the power goes out. For a UPS that'll bear up to1200 Watts, the price you're paying makes it a steal. Anyone looking forsomething more than just a surge protector should grab one of these. Everyso often there's a blip on the grid line that'll knock your system out evenif you had a surge protector. This little puppy will make sure your systemstays online.

Upgrading our VGA Test System – Hello Conroe! @ tweaktown.com
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Why does this upgrade deserve its own article? Well simply put, it’s quite a significant upgrade as our main test system which conducts almost all of our graphics cards reviews moves from our old love AMD and its Athlon X2 processor to the new dreamy eyed Intel and its Core 2 Duo processor - overclocked through the roof.

Sansun Galaxy @ overclockersonline.com
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It's great that Sansun has continued to strive in the computer casemarket. With the debut of the Bat case, many people did not like the themeof the case. The introduction of the Galaxy is bound to attract some ofthose people back. As one of the many who has never paid much attention toSansun, I'm sure that Sansun will continue to produce more and more computerelectronics with nifty and attractive ideas.

Cooler Master Elite 330 - RC-330 Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
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Cooler Master is back with our contest of the month. We'll be seeing plenty more from these folks as we give away the new Elite 330 - RC-330! Take part in this contest by throwing your name in the ballot.

[News] Asetek WaterChill Complete WaterCooling Kit @ virtual-hideout.net
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The Asetek Complete Kit is a very good performer and a verydependable watercooling kit. The positives far outweigh any negatives. Youwill get a great looking kit and Asetek's patented water block design thatmodders will find appealing as well as the overclockers who want temperaturestability.

Vantec Lapcool 3 @ aoaforums.com
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Over-clockers are always looking for a way to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their hardware. This has been going on for years. Today's Video Cards are great candidates for over-clocking. Many have high-end capabilities just waiting to be released.As any over-clocker knows, an increase in voltage can sometimes net a moderate to great increase in the overall over-clock, but there is no guarantee that this mod will offer any increase in your over-clock. With that in mind, we will be showing you how to perform a BIOS volt mod to your 6 or 7 series card.

nVidia Video Card BIOS volt-mod how-to @ aoaforums.com
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Over-clockers are always looking for a way to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their hardware. This has been going on for years. Today's Video Cards are great candidates for over-clocking. Many have high-end capabilities just waiting to be released.As any over-clocker knows, an increase in voltage can sometimes net a mod erate to great increase in the overall over-clock, but there is no guarantee that this mod will offer any increase in your over-clock. With that in mind, we will be showing you how to perform a BIOS volt mod to your 6 or 7 series card.

Cooler Master Mystique 632 @ overclockersonline.com
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The Mystique 632 is stylish, dignified chassis that makes a statement. It is not a flamboyant case, nor is it meant to be. The Mystique 632's allure is in its subtle sense of sophistication. Several areas of this case really shine, including the distinctive front panel, the gorgeous aluminum, ease of use within the tool less interior, the prefabricated holes for water cooling kits, and the outstanding build quality.

Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF @ hothardware.com
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We have to give credit where credit is due, and praise Corsair fordelivering and innovative, high-performance product in the DominatorTWIN2X2048-8888C4DF memory kit. The R&D put in to develop DHX and thetweaked PCB seems to have paid off, as the Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DFmemory kit is the fastest currently available. At almost $600 though, thisis some expensive stuff. We suppose if money is no object, overclockerscan't do much better than the Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF kit, but we knowmany of you are cringing at the idea of spending $600 for 2GB of memory,when slightly lower performing kits are available for half the price.

Corsair XMS2 DOMINATOR PC2-8888 Memory @ legitreviews.com
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The DOMINATOR TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF memory kit that we have reviewed today is by far the fastest production memory available from any company. Corsair has raised the bar when it comes to performance memory. Not only did they increase the frequency of their flagship part they also lowered the timings and temperatures at which the modules operate. To make things better they have room to overclock. Being able to hit 1.2GHz at default voltages with C4 timings is very impressive. If you want to have the ultimate memory kit for your dream machine the answer is simple - Corsair PC2-8888 modules are what you need...

Spire Pininfarina @ overclockersonline.com
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The bottom line is this. If you're looking for one heck of a nice looking case with functionality and a solid layout that maintains excellent noise suppression and decent cooling, the Pininfarina is the first and last stop you should make. It is big enough for any hardware list yet not so large that it can't sit on top of a desk for everyone to see. The Pininfarina is well built and equally as well designed and anyone owning it should be more than pleased with their purchase.

XFX GeForce 7950 GT 570M Extreme Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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When XFX designed the GeForce 7950 GT 570M Extreme they took the NVIDIA reference design and overclocked it just a bit, which is nothing new to the graphics card industry. XFX then went against the flow and used a passive cooling solution on the overclocked card! The end result was music to our ears. The 570M Extreme is a truly silent graphics card that can play all the latest game titles without the roar of a fan. Even though the card is overclocked we found it to consume less energy than other cards in its class and it passed the 'light test' as our ceiling lights didn't dim when the card was being used under full load.

MSI K9N Platinum @ eclipseoc.com
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In the past, MSI has made solid motherboards forthe enthusiast that pack a punch for the cost, and provide plenty ofoverclocking options for the average tweaker. Hopefully MSI can staytrue to their past with their new AM2 boards.

XFX GeForce 7950 GT 570M Extreme @ hothardware.com
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The GeForce 7950 GT we'll be evaluating today comes by way of XFX.In typical XFX fashion, the company has mutliple GeForce 7950 GT offeringsin their product stack, the $299 PV-T71J-YHF9, which is clocked at NVIDIA'sreference specifications of 550MHz / 1.4GHz, and the $329 PV-T71J-YHE9 whichis not only clocked a bit higher at 570MHz / 1.46GHZ, but also sports asilent, passive cooling solution.

HTPC Buildup Using NMediaPC Products @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we bring to you a build up using products from one of theleading HTPC companies in the world. NMediaPC has been making HTPC parts forsome time now. But now they have released a new line of products for yourentertainment needs. The products that we are talking about are the HTPC280enclosure, the Icetank cooler and the MP500 power supply. The mentionedthree products are meant to work pretty much together in making anoutstanding home theater PC.

GeForce Go 7900 GTX vs. GeForce Go 7900 GS:Mobile GPU Battle @ pcper.com
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What separates these two products is when you get to higherresolutions like 1600x1200 or 1920x1200 =96 the GeForce Go 7900 GS just can'tkeep up. The extra RAM and clock speeds definitely give the GeForce Go 7900GTX a big boost in maintaining playable frame rates at higher resolutions.

XFX GeForce 7950GT Extreme – World Exclusive! @ tweaktown.com
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While at first due to the naming scheme you might think that the card is a dual core solution, much like the GeForce 7950GX2, it certainly is not that. It is designed to sit above the older GeForce 7900GT as far as performance goes (which of course means it’s faster then the new 7900GS that was released only last week) and as far as pricing goes, it’s going up directly against ATI’s new Radeon X1900XT 256MB. It comes with 512MB worth of fast GDDR-3 compared to just 256MB on the 7900GT and has its core and memory clock speeds have increased quite a healthy margin.

Super Talent Fireball 2GB Flash Drive @ pro-clockers.com
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With all this being say Super Talent has sent us our one of their newFireball drives. Not only does it have a large amount of storage capacitybut it sports a unique design that will cause a little bit of attentiongetting.

nVidia 7900GS Overclocking Confirmed – Palit rocks the clocks! @ tweaktown.com
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It was only the other day that we had a chance to look at the new GeForce 7900GS GPU and while the stock performance was not all that exciting, when it came to overclocking our XFX review sample, it went like an absolute beast. So we had to wonder – was there something special about the 7900GS from XFX? Was it just one good overclocker out of the batch? Or is this going to be the next “in” graphics card for people on a budget?

Gaming on Windows Vista - ATI versus NVIDIA @ legitreviews.com
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All of the games that we tried playing, over 12 titles in all, were retail games that we purchased with the most recent patches. In case you are wondering about pirated versions working on Vista we don't know because ours were legit. The purpose of this article was to see how the drivers from ATI and NVIDIA are doing and they are coming along. Neither are what we would call shipping-caliber as both companies lack a ton of features. The NVIDIA drivers don't offer overclocking, GPU temperature monitoring, SLI graphics and many other features that I would call required. I'm a gamer and if my games play ~20-30% faster on XP Professional then you wont see me switch operating systems till the DirectX 10 titles come rolling out.

Zogis Overclocked GeForce 7300 GT @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Our review of factory-overclocked GeForce 7300 GT from Zogis, a new player in the VGA market. GeForce 7300 GT is the top entry-level chip from nVidia. Let's see how this model from Zogis performs.

Titan Amanda @ overclockersonline.com
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I was thoroughly surprised when I saw the load temperatures drop by such a significant factor. The only fault is the high price tag Titan can be known for. Cost aside, this cooler will be a good fit for anyone looking for high performance without having to get their foot wet in the water.

[News] Titan Amanda TEC Cooler @ virtual-hideout.net
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With all that said, the Titan Amanda performed well under someextreme situations, and although stock users really won't see much ofdifference, I can certainly recommend this cooler for the over-clocker orpower user.

Scythe Infinity CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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The Infinity is Scythe newest entry on the list of high end coolermarket. Its closely resemble the Ninja but on steroids. Boasting five heatpipes and tons of tiny aluminum fins, the Infinity is screaming to be thebest and the top cooler on that same list.

XFX GeForce 7900GS Extreme – An Overclocking Prince! @ tweaktown.com
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The 7900GS which we have with us today sits at the top of the mid-range or the bottom of the high-end range, which ever way you want to look at it. Designed to compete with the X1900GT in price and performance, it should be an interesting battle. While the 7900GT from nVidia is normally consistently ahead of the Radeon X1900GT, it is also more expensive so both cards offer excellent value but if you’re on a strict budget, you will most likely going to choose the cheaper X1900GT. The new 7900GS is placing nVidia in that low $220 USD ($300 AUD) bracket again.

Abit AW9D-MAX overclocking @ nordichardware.com
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Today we have the honor as one of the absolute first hardware sites to

Mega DDR-2 Memory Roundup – Finding an Overclocking King @ tweaktown.com
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SyncMAX, TwinMOS and A-DATA we also have to give some credit to, as these modules simply performed quite well for their price and performance bracket they fell into. Super Talent did a good job of performance but still wasn’t exactly what we were fully hoping for. Our real disappointment was the Kingston HyperX which we found to be the least performing memory, though we didn’t have Core 2 to test the RAM on at the time, maybe it simply isn’t the right companion for the AM2 platform.

TT Toughpower 700W @ overclockersonline.com
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I think it is safe to say that Thermaltake has done well with thisToughPower 700W power supply. It certainly had no problem with the testingand I must say that I truly tried to make the power supply fail. Hundreds of3DMark runs were made and endless hours of gaming couldn't budge any rail onthis power supply. The compact size also makes this power supply an easychoice for any system build.

NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS GPU @ pcper.com
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Scheduled to be on sale today for $219.99 with a $20 MIR, this 7900GS model is clocked at 480 MHz core and 700 MHz memory speeds, a slightoverclock compared to the stock reference speeds of 450 MHz and 660 MHz,respectively. The card features two dual-link DVI outputs and a singleHDTV/VIVO output for connecting your PC to your television. The slick blackPCB coloring comes standard as well.

HEXUS.eXclusive::Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF memory @ hexus.net
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Recently a plane flew over HEXUS.towers, dropping a packagefor us. We were being dominated, or were we the ones that would bedoing the Dominating? Join us as we give Corsair's fastest evermemory modules a workout, analysing performance, overclocking and ofcourse, the new cooling solution.

Albatron 7300GT 256MB @ overclockersonline.com
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I may just be overly pleased with this card but I think the performance, scalability of SLI, and passive/silent operation is blissful. Newer games will be required to run at low resolutions but for the price, that is more than acceptable, Keep your eyes out for 7300GT cards especially passive ones that perform well like the Albatron 7300 GT DDRII.

News@Technic3D / G.Skill PC 4200 DDR2 F2-4200PHU2-2GBNV 2 GB Kit @ technic3d.com
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G.Skill offers a memory PC 4200 DDR2 F2-4200PHU2-2GBNV 2 GB Du al Kit with a green heatspreader. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-4-4-12 and Overclocking

Samsung YP-U2 @ overclockersonline.com
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Samsung has again put together another awesome product and at a low price too. Like all portable digital audio players, one of the biggest downfalls is the included ear buds, but for such a moderately priced product it is expected. However, the audio quality, button layout, navigation, screen, and the ability to drag and drop both music and files directly into the player easily outweigh the minor design flaws.

Crazy PC Gives Away Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard @ overclockersonline.com
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Like the Eclipse Gaming Keyboard the Eclipse II also features laser etched letters the light up individually. As usual this Saitek keyboard is built solidly and the keys have a great feel. Touch typists and gamers will love this keyboard equally. The keys have a smooth stroke, and excellent tactile feel. The Eclipse II is great for gamers, or anyone that's looking for a high quality lighted keyboard.

[News] Buffalo FireStix PC2-6400 2GB DDR2 @ virtual-hideout.net
[Sep-02-06] (0 Comments)

I don't know what else to say in conclusion other than:GO GET SOMENOW!! The micron modules rock with the AM2 setups and run extremely stable.I highly recommend the Buffalo FireStix to anyone who is into over-clockingand gaming.

Antec Fusion @ overclockersonline.com
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We generally don't find many mATX multimedia cases tailored for an overclocker. These cases are generally cramped resulting in terrible airflow and high temperatures. The Antec Fusion has resolved that issue. Its spacious interior allows for some of the larger heatsinks and the two 120mm tri-speed fans does wonders on reducing the overall system temperature.

[News] Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Overclocking Adventure @ virtual-hideout.net
[Aug-30-06] (0 Comments)

Overclocking the Core 2 Duo is extremely easy in my opinion,especially with a quality motherboard. It's actually dangerously easybecause cranking this E6400 up past 3.2GHz was super easy, but the heatgenerated is the killer here. And if you don't monitor the temperaturesyou're crazy. I used the included AiSuite...

Overclocking Intel Core 2 Processors – How far will they go? @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-29-06] (0 Comments)

Core 2 is simply the answer to all our processor prayers. Not only does Core 2 show a good overclocking curve, even from these early samples we have, but the amount of heat generated per MHz over its default is less than half of what the Pentium 4 generated. Adding to that the reduction in the amount of wattage the processor needs to pull from the PSU to do its job results in a quieter and cooler system.

Biostar TForce 570 U Deluxe @ overclockersonline.com
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With solid performance, a nice package of accessories, and the potential for an overclocking monster in there, I have to be pretty pleased with the Biostar TForce 570 U Deluxe on the whole and think it will fit a nice gap in the AM2 market for those that don't need SLI but still want a motherboard that can compete with only a single video card slot. I look forward to more Biostar motherboards as the TForce 570 U certainly shows signs of brilliance.

Kinc overclocks X1950XTX, sets a new WR with X1900XTX @ nordichardware.com
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An ASUS-made Radeon X1900XTX graphics card got its cooler exchanged for a

content-type; @ madshrimps.be
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Titan offers a compact and competitive priced tower cooler with 92mmfan for S775 and Athlon 64 platforms; we take it for a spin on our testsetup to find out if it can silently cool an overclocked CPU.

nMedia HTPC 280BAV @ overclockersonline.com
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nMedia has done a superb job on this case. It is a gorgeous unit that will be the pride of your entertainment station. With a beautiful face, silent operation, a programmable VFD, and many other neat features, there is a lot to like about the HTPC 280BAV. However, where this case falls short is in what's included. You will be paying ~$225US for this case, and that is more than a decent chunk of change to put down for a case.

ATI Radeon X1950 XTX @ techpowerup.com
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The ATI Radeon X1950 XTX is a refresh of the X1900 series and is the first video card to use GDDR4 memory. Another major change is the new cooling system which was designed to reduce noise while keeping temperatures down. ATI's new flagship card is clocked at 600 MHz GPU and crazy 1000 MHz effective memory clock. Read our review to find out how this card performs.

News@Technic3D / Mushkin Redline XP 2-8000 DDR2 Dual Kit Memory @ technic3d.com
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Mushkin offers a memory XP 2-8000 DDR2 Dual Kit with a red hea tspreader, the Redline. Technic3D will see as good they are with 4-5-4 -11 and Overclocking

:ATI Radeon X1950 XTX 512MiB @ hexus.net
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With the same clock speed as X1900 XTX then, it's down to thenew memory and a tweaked memory controller to give the X1950 XTX theedge. We can expect scenarios where memory bandwidth is gobbled up tosee a gain with the new product. This includes high resolutions andwhere anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering are cranked up, or to putit another way, the kinds of scenarios you'd subject a card like thisto.

Thermalright MST-9775 @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-20-06] (0 Comments)

Another review comes and goes at Overclockers Online and Thermalright has developed a product that isn't marketed at the enthusiast scene. While we're usually keen on seeing high performance high costing coolers from these fine folks, this is a change that will be welcomed by many of us who build and sell computers for customers. We'll often hear, and I paraphrase,

OCZ GameXStream 700W @ techpowerup.com
[Aug-19-06] (0 Comments)

OCZ is well known for their great overclocking memory. But they also had a PSU product a long time ago. Now the power supply line of products gets a refresh with new products. The first of them is the OCZ GameXStream 700W which is designed with gamers in mind. It is SLI Ready and certified by ATI for use with Crossfire.

News@Technic3D /EVGA 7900 GT KO Superclocked @ technic3d.com
[Aug-18-06] (0 Comments)

The 7900GT Graphic Card from EVGA arrived Technic3D. This Card makes EVGA with more clock. Fast and Faster with Overclocking? See yo u in the follow Review on Technic3D

EVGA 7900 GT KO Superclocked @ pureoverclock.com
[Aug-18-06] (0 Comments)

Our US cousins have been enjoying EVGA video cards (andmotherboards) for quite some time now, but in the UK we've been distinctlyvoid of their presence in the market. Luckily for us Brit's, EVGA havefinally decided to have a crack at the UK and certainly aren't in this toplay second fiddle to the likes of BFG and XFX. To lure you away from thecompetition, EVGA offer some heavyweight after sales support, and anyonewho's had a poor RMA experience (me) will know how important this can be.

Cooler Master Centurion 534 Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-18-06] (0 Comments)

This is a case that many websites have reviewed. While we haven't had the chance of reviewing it, there have been many great words said about this box. For one thing, having this for your next AM2 or Conroe rig wouldn't be a bad thing, especially when it's free!

Corsair Twin2X 2048-8500C5 @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-17-06] (0 Comments)

Everything about the Corsair Twin2X 2048-8500 C5 screams power and speed. Right from the on-set with sleek black heatspreaders that seem smaller and thinner than most, these modules are truly evil and dark, producing some staggering frequencies... and I couldn't even top the modules out with a 3GHz processor.

Thermaltake Mini Typhoon Value Pack - Clockers Cooler? @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
[Aug-17-06] (0 Comments)

The Mini Typhoon is a great cooler and sure to be a hit withoverclockers as my CPU was overclocked by 30% and I still got these stunningresults. I think this comes down to the design of the typhoon as it standquite high which keeps the heat away from the CPU but this is just mytheory, whatever the reason the typhoon is sure to be one of the best aircoolers on the market to date. Not everything is great about this packagethough, I am a little disappointed with the satellite fans, this is notbecause they look bad but because of the noise, they produce. It is quiteshocking when you remove the power from them and hear the difference

Asus Crosshair nForce 590 SLI AM2 Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Aug-15-06] (0 Comments)

Based on some new technology from the company, the Crosshairmotherboard offers up a lot of options and little features that really helpthe board stand out. The on-board power, reset and CMOS clearing buttonsare really nice and add to the appeal of the board to tweakers andoverclockers. The LED lights around the expansion components might seemgimmicky at first, but could be useful for frequent LAN gamers and thosethat are often inside their cases moving things around or just doing generaltweaking.

Zalman CNPS8000 @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-15-06] (0 Comments)

With its four heatpipes, numerous fins, and a large 92mm fan, Zalman's CNPS8000 is a full-size cooler disguised as a small one. At less than half the height, its performance matches even the legendary Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro! In the end, the CNPS8000 pulls itself together thanks to its awesome performance, quiet operation, and Zalman's good name.

XClio GREATPOWER X12S4P3-550W Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-15-06] (0 Comments)

XClio is a relatively small branch of the Meridian Technology Groupthat started out making mainly computer enclosures. As with most companies,they soon started expanding their product lines to include PC accessories aswell as power supplies. Although they aren't a big name in the power supplyside of the house, they have offered very reliable and stable units in thepast. XClio has recently released their newest line of power supplies, theGreatPower series, to meet the ever higher demanding requirements of today'spower hungry systems.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-14-06] (0 Comments)

It seems today that it is getting harder and harder to decide whatcomponents to put inside your new rig. It's like what cooler am I going touse? Or which motherboard is going to fit my needs? Or how about this one,did I want to use the new AM2 or Conroe processor. Deciding what to use isbecoming more difficult everyday. But there was a time when power supplieswere the last thing on your mind. Today, things are different. You mustseriously think about your PSU when assembling your next system.

OCZ GameXStream 700W @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-12-06] (0 Comments)

The OCZ GameXStream 700W power supply was not OCZs first power supply offering and likely won't be the last but the GameXStream line did seem to improve on the high quality that their PowerStream and ModStream power supplies toughed despite coming from a different manufacturer this time around. I think OCZ has another winner on its hands with the GameXStream as it has proven to stand up to the abuse and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Overclocking The AMD 4200+ AM2 Processor Part 2 @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-10-06] (0 Comments)

When the dust finally settled we ended up with our test system topping out at 280MHz in the BIOS, which resulted in our test system running at 3071MHz. With the additional cooling help from the Nautilus 500 we were able to increase the voltage to 1.6V on the core and increase the overall frequency of our processor by 70MHz!

Overclocking the AMD A64 4200+ AM2 Processor @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-08-06] (0 Comments)

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ AM2 processor comes set to run at 1.35 Volts and to go higher than 2.76GHz we need to increase the voltage running to the processor. To do this we just need to go to the system voltage menu in the BIOS and increase the voltage from 'auto' to whatever Voltage you like. The BIOS cautions going over 1.65V and that's not a concern since we just to bump it up to 1.55V to reach 3.0GHz on our processor...

ICYDOCK MB122 Docking Station @ pro-clockers.com
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The concept of removable hard drive docks have been around for sometime now. So, when a company approaches stating that they want you to reviewone of these devices it is important that they bring something new to theboard. Well, the company is Icy Dock and the product is a removable harddrive dock. But the difference between this and any other hard driveenclosure is the addition of a few touches to the device that make it morethat a hard drive enclosure. The MB122 provides portability, security andmonitoring and that is just for starters.

Enermax Galaxy 1000 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-07-06] (0 Comments)

Today we are going to review the biggest product that Enermax willprobably put out this year. A thousand watt behemoth that is guaranteed topower your high-end gaming rig, server or anything else that you may throwat it. It seems that the Turbo-Cool Kilowatt now has some company in thebig-boys court. For a long time it seemed like PC P&C was the only majormanufacturer to produce such a power supply, but Enermax, known for makingsome outstanding power supplies of their own, has released the new Galaxy.

Zalman CNPS-9500AT @ overclockersonline.com
[Aug-06-06] (0 Comments)

Much like all the other Zalman products around, what came first was cooling a hot processor quietly, followed by cooling it effectively. The only problem with this cooler and all other Zalman products is the high premium you need to pay. The $63USD may be too much for some to bare, but fine engineering never comes cheap.

Energy Efficient Athlon 64 X2 4600+ & 3800+ @ hothardware.com
[Aug-03-06] (0 Comments)

Both AMD and Intel have made great technological strides when itcomes to power consumption in their current CPU architectures. Both theAthlon 64 X2 and Core 2 Duo processor cores have elaborate clock gatingschemes to allow their cores to ramp down during periods of inactivity orlight workloads. AMD's line of

First Looks from Taiwan – RD600 "CrossFire Xpress 3200 IE" @ tweaktown.com
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That completes our initial first look at ATI’s upcoming RD600 chipset from our top secret location in Taiwan. It is quite clear to see that even before we have had the chance to get our hands on a finely tweaked retail motherboard, the RD600 is going to very popular with gamers and overclockers. Performance is up there with Intel 975X and we overclocking is a dream – perfect for users wanting top notch value for money, which is one of the fundamental reasons overclocking first become popular back in the days of Intel 440BX motherboards and Celeron 300A processors.

First Looks from Taiwan – RD600 "CrossFire Xpress 3200 IE" @ tweaktown.com
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That completes our initial first look at ATI’s upcoming RD600 chipset from our top secret location in Taiwan. It is quite clear to see that even before we have had the chance to get our hands on a finely tweaked retail motherboard, the RD600 is going to very popular with gamers and overclockers. Performance is up there with Intel 975X and we overclocking is a dream – perfect for users wanting top notch value for money, which is one of the fundamental reasons overclocking first become popular back in the days of Intel 440BX motherboards and Celeron 300A processors.

Two Sunbeam Superior Panel Giveaway @ overclockersonline.com
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This month we're giving away two products from Crazy PC. Our lucky winners will take home the Sunbeam 3.5

Thermaltake Mini Typhoon @ overclockersonline.com
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The Mini Typhoon only seems to fall short by a small unit, making it an all-around good performer with one of the easiest installation methods possible. This was not a breakthrough in the cooling market, but still a small step in allowing new enthusiasts to install a third-party CPU cooler with ease and efficiency.

Apack Zerotherm BTF80 and BTF90 CPU Coolers @ pro-clockers.com
[Aug-01-06] (0 Comments)

Today, we have two new coolers from a new company that is geared totake cooling to another level here in the USA. The company name is Apack andthe coolers are the BTF80 and BTF90. The BTF80 is an aluminum cooler thathas a unique design to it that many may feel is very interesting. The BTF90is a copper version of the above which is sure to lead to betterperformance. Apack market these coolers as quiet and provider of killerperformance. Are they? We will see.

Vigor Monsoon II Active TEC CPU Cooling System @ pcper.com
[Jul-31-06] (0 Comments)

It was easy to install and produced very good results =96 actuallycooling the fully loaded A64 3200+ processor more than 3=B0C below the ambientair temperature. The Monsoon II offers better cooling performance than mosthigh-performance HSFs or water-cooling systems that rely on standardconvection cooling, making it well suited for even mild overclocking.

AMD brings DDR-2 support to Athlon CPU platform @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-31-06] (0 Comments)

AM2 is a new socket and hence it does add one new feature to the mix for AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Sempron based on this new socket - that being DDR-2 memory support. Today we are going to pit an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 AM2 against a similarly clocked Socket 939 CPU to see just what, if any, gains come from the new memory interface for AM2 based processors.

A-Data 2 GB Fingerprint Drive @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-30-06] (0 Comments)

The A-Data Fingerprint drive is one of those love it or hate it products. If the features satisfy your needs it is a miracle product, but for the rest who are in need of a conventional USB drive with a touch of security a standard USB drive and software encryption will better suit the role as this is a pretty slow drive.

Asus P5W DH Deluxe Core 2 Ready Motherboard @ pcper.com
[Jul-28-06] (0 Comments)

=93The Asus P5W DH Deluxe is one of the most robust and completemotherboard solutions we have seen in a long time with options for both thehardcore overclocker as well as the digital home enthusiast. If you arelooking to upgrade your system to a new Conroe-based Core 2 Duo or Core 2Extreme processor, then you definitely should be giving the Asus P5W DHDeluxe a look!=94

Titan Eagle Copper VGA Cooler @ viperlair.com
[Jul-27-06] (0 Comments)

Do I really need a new VGA cooler? Overclockers and modders will appreciate the benefits of the Titan Eagle. It's good looking and looks to be a good performer. Our test results show a significant decrease in temperatures from a standard cooler you would find on a basic graphics card.

OCZ Tempest @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-27-06] (0 Comments)

While the CPU cooler does look very nice with the four heatpipes and the shiny fins, its performance was marginally worse than the CNPS-9500. The only real downside to this cooler is the lack of availability. What I did determine was the MSRP, at a whopping $49.99. In my opinion, the premium is a bit high and once this cooler goes global, we'll probably start seeing it at a more reasonable 40 dollar level.

Vizo Sleet Chipset and DDR coolers @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-26-06] (0 Comments)

It seems that Vizo is quickly making a name for itself lastly in thePC accessory market. Seeing them do well is great after we were one of thefirst to give them to you via the web. Well Vizo is back at it with Sleetram coolers that will add flair and cooling to a ram chip near you.

Foxconn C51XEM2AA 8EKRS2H @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-25-06] (0 Comments)

This review was as much about the Foxconn C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H, as it was about the new NVIDIA 590 SLI chipset, and I was a bit disappointed to see very little, if any, advantage of the 590 SLI chipset when compared to the older nForce4. That said, there is very little drawback going to the new 590 chipset as driver availability is there for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and the performance did show some signs of optimism. The most impressive results come in the overclocking section, especially with the memory.

Overclocking the BFG 6800GT OC Edition @ techdomain.com.au
[Jul-24-06] (0 Comments)

Pushing out 123 FPS in Doom3 at 1024x768x32 while also performing quite impressively at mid-to-high resolutions, even with AA and AF enabled, the BFG 6800GT completely left the X800XL (or the supposed GT Killer) in its dust. Not only does this card offer good performance but it also has great potential for overclocking especially considering the reference design cooling.

OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-24-06] (0 Comments)

There was a time awhile back that OCZ was a big name in the coolingarena. Products like the Dominator and the Eliminator sat atop many socket Aand 370 processors and motherboards. OCZ had moved now to dominating thememory market. We could sit and write about OCZ accomplishments in memoryall day long. But it seems that they are gearing themselves to reestablishtheir name in the cooling market again. The Tempest is the first productreleased under the cooling category in this new era. Will it keep up withthe Zalmans and the Scythes of today? Let's see.

Super Talent T1066UX1G5 DDR2 PC8500 @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-20-06] (0 Comments)

Super Talent is no stranger to the world of making high performancecomponents. Being around for the pass twenty plus years they have producedtheir fair share of high overclocking memory. Super Talent also producesmany other things that one may take a liking to like MP3 players, flash drives and digitalmedia. All of the items mentioned in the last sentence are all great and allbut there isn't anything that overclockers like more than great overclockingram. So, Super Talent was generous enough to send over some of their newT1066UX1G5 DDR2 PC8500 ram. Does it meet an overclocker's needs? Let's see.

nMedia Mute Power MP-400 @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-20-06] (0 Comments)

Although only a 400W version, it should be fine for a decent low-endto mid-range system. For the higher-end PCs, nMedia offers the more powerful500W version of the Mute Power. If there is one shortcoming, it would haveto be the fact that the MP-400 is not modular. As people always say:caveatemptor.

Corsair 2GB PC2-6400 C3 DDR2 Memory @ legitreviews.com
[Jul-18-06] (0 Comments)

After reviewing ten enthusiast brand lines from eight companies I feel confident to call Corsair's PC2-6400C3 memory line the ultimate enthusiast memory on the market today. Thanks to ability to run super tight CL3 timings up over 880MHz and CL4 timings well over 1.1GHz these modules will give gamers and overclockers ample room to best optimize their system performance. Corsair made the smart move to use Micron D9 IC's on their PC2-6400C3 modules and thanks to super tight screening they are able to produce these kits in volume...

Buffalo RUF2-S4G-BS USB Drive @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-18-06] (0 Comments)

The numbers speak for themselves; Buffalo has put together an extremely solid product. For the majority of those who would actually benefit from an insanely large drive, performance is a necessity. The Buffalo RUF2-S4G-BS 4GB USB drive delivers just that - no frills, no bells, and no whistles.

OCZ 2GB PC2-8000 Titanium VX2 @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-17-06] (0 Comments)

It seems just when you thought that ram can't get any faster, someonelike OCZ comes alone and show you that they can and will improve on theirpast great feats. One of those past feats that I would like to remind you ofhappened just over a year or so, OCZ introduced a mysterious DDR ram kitthat had every forum in the world trying to guess what type of chips theywere using. This mysterious ram was from the VX series of DDR. The ram lovedvoltage so much that the more you poured into it, the better it performed.Can you say three plus volts into some ram? Well, just recently OCZre-introduced the VX line to the world in form of DDR2. These latest sticksare the OCZ 2GB PC2-8000 Titanium VX2.

Intel's Core 2 Duo E6700 and X6800 on OCAU! @ overclockers.com.au
[Jul-14-06] (0 Comments)

----The E6700 for example has a multiplier range of 6x ~ 10x. Under full processor load the system runs at 10 x 266 MHz = 2.66 GHz. When the system is idling or running with low load the multiplier can be dropped down to 6x and the processor runs only at 1600 MHz. At the same time the CPU voltage is lowered as well. Intel is claiming that thanks to all these measures the Core 2 Duo thermal design power is at least 40% lower than Pentium D.----

Intel Unleashes Conroe:X6800 and E6700 ed @ legitreviews.com
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Five Intel Conroe parts will ship initially:the E6300, E6400, E6600, E6700, and X6800. All of these parts follow Intel's new processor numbering scheme, introduced when the Core Duo mobile processor family arrived earlier this year. The five dual-core Conroe processors are clocked at 1.86, 2.13, 2.40, 2.67GHz and 2.93GHz, respectively, run on a 1066MHz front side bus and contain either 2MB or 4MB of cache shared between the two cores.

Revoltec Lightboard Advance and ThermoEye Temp LCD @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-14-06] (0 Comments)

Today, we will have a two part review from a newcomer to the USAmarket but not new to the game. Revoltec is a German that is being enteredinto our market and computer lives thorough BlueGears. BlueGears is acompany that is also pretty much new as well, but has introduced us to somevery interesting cooling products as well as some Hi-Fi sound cards. We willbe reviewing the Lightboard Aboard keyboard and the ThermoEye Temp LCDdisplay today. And tomorrow showing you two types of HDD cooling devices,the Silencer and Freezer Black Edition.

Integrated vs Budget ATI and Nvidia Video Cards @ legitreviews.com
[Jul-12-06] (0 Comments)

So what we did learn here? That integrated video is slower compared to even the least expensive cards on the market including an add-in board with the same name. The X300 was much faster while the 6200TC was easily capable of doubling the performance of the integrated video in all but one situation. It's really important to point out that the integrated video and the ATI card in this test are using the same GPU, but they are clocked at different speeds and have much different ways of accessing the memory, which is why there is such a difference in our tests. This should illustrate just how much more efficient an add-in board is.

OCZ Technology PC3200 DDR Special Ops Edition 2048MB Kit @ bigbruin.com
[Jul-12-06] (0 Comments)

While running well at base speeds is great, overclocking is what many of us are concerned with. We want to push our equipment as hard as possible (without frying it of course). Your overclocking results will vary depending on your other components and skill, but I was able to pull 225MHz FSB at the default timings, and with slight tweaking I was able to get a 255MHz FSB by only adjusting the CAS from 2.5 to 3.0.

Zalman ZM-STG1 Super Thermal Grease @ bigbruin.com
[Jul-11-06] (0 Comments)

Cooler components are generally happier components, so this type of temperature drop should be welcome by any computer enthusiast. HTPC owners, overclockers, and gamers are just a few types of people I could think of that might be looking to get their processor temperatures as low as possible, and the Zalman ZM-STG1 Super Thermal Grease can do it for them with just a few simple brush strokes.

Brando USB 2.0 to SATA / IDE Cable @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-11-06] (0 Comments)

Convenience is a must for anybody that is constantly building andworking on PC hardware. To instantly be able to take a hard drive or mediaROM drive and retrieve data from them is a godsend. That's why the followingreview product is a great idea. The USB 2.0 to SATA / IDE Cable from Brandois great product to have.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ ngohq.com
[Jul-11-06] (0 Comments)

At Computex 2006, we had the chance to see a new memory module from GeIL. EVO ONE is its name, and it is the enthusiast's wet dream. These days, memory plays an important role in running today's games and applications. However, some motherboards can be a bottleneck when it comes to high performance memory. Most of the motherboard manufacturers today are drawing voltage from the 3.3v rail to power memory modules. Only one manufacturer is using the 5v rail, which allows the user higher overclocking, and that's DFI. Even with DDR2, the voltage is pretty limited on many motherboards.

quoted-printable encoded unnecessarily @ ngohq.com
[Jul-11-06] (0 Comments)

At Computex 2006, we had the chance to see a new memory module from GeIL. EVO ONE is its name, and it is the enthusiast's wet dream. These days, memory plays an important role in running today's games and applications. However, some motherboards can be a bottleneck when it comes to high performance memory. Most of the motherboard manufacturers today are drawing voltage from the 3.3v rail to power memory modules. Only one manufacturer is using the 5v rail, which allows the user higher overclocking, and that's DFI. Even with DDR2, the voltage is pretty limited on many motherboards.

Coolermaster eXtreme Power Duo 650W PSU @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-10-06] (0 Comments)

Coolermaster is known the world over for making some of the greatestcases of all time. With production runs from the ATCS up to the newestStacker 830, there is no denying that Coolermaster is one of the tops whenit comes to cases. Well, today they were cool enough to send over one oftheir newest products for us to test and write up. The Extreme Power Duo 650Watt power supply. The unit boasts all of power and low noisecharacteristics. Is it enough to warrant a place in your case? Lets see.

OCZ DDR2 PC2 7200 Platinum XTC EPP @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-10-06] (0 Comments)

I may not have shown my enthusiasm during the review in order tomaintain a certain level of professionalism but in the conclusion I feel itnecessary to let it be known that I am very impressed with this OCZ DDR2PC2-7200 Platinum XTC SLI-Ready EPP dual channel kit.

Foxconn 975X7AA-8EKRS2H Intel 975X Motherboard @ viperlair.com
[Jul-10-06] (0 Comments)

Although not likely to recommend this board to someone well versed in overclocking I would still whole heartily recommend it to someone looking to get into overclocking and looking for a user friendly, feature packed board. This is Foxconn's first go at the 975 chipset and I feel for the entry level enthusiast it is a solid choice, there's no doubt that future Foxconn boards based on this chipset will pick up where this one left off.

Overclocking the Athlon AMD XP-M chip @ techdomain.com.au
[Jul-08-06] (0 Comments)

Since its origins, overclocking has come a very long way - with vast amounts of time, energy, and money paid into the lofty ideal of pushing a processor to previously unheard of speeds. Today’s enthusiasts use all forms of cooling, from simple heatsink and fan setups to water and even phase-change systems, to combat the age-old enemy of heat. Along with employing better cooling tactics, enthusiasts also spend a lot of time researching their parts (including the batch numbers) and trying all manner of little tricks to get the most out of their system and processor. This article covers my personal experiences of overclocking the AMD Athlon XP-M chip and all of the barriers encountered. While it isn’t a comprehensive guide for beginners, it does cover many important aspects of overclocking.

Galaxy Geforce 7900 GT @ pureoverclock.com
[Jul-07-06] (0 Comments)

Overclocking performance is a major reason for owning a 7900 GT. Atstock it already beats its competition, so when we delve into overclockingit's all about getting GTX-like performance for a lot less money.

Thermalright XP90-C @ techpowerup.com
[Jul-07-06] (0 Comments)

Thermalright is one of the foremost cooling companies in the overclocking community. They have been around for many years providing that extra edge needed to keep your system cool. Although their lineup has changed quite a bit recently, many users out there are still cooling their CPUs with the Thermalright XP-90 and the XP-90C. Today we will take a look at the famous XP-90C and see what it can do in a current S939 setup.

Digital Trends Podcast:YouTube, Microsoft's Bad Week, Dell XCS @ podcasts.digitaltrends.com
[Jul-07-06] (0 Comments)

I predicted an Xbox 360 price drop and a hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-Ray drive last week. Ask and ye she be, um heard? Don't be dissuaded. They will both happen! Also, we will be adding some new features on the show soon, so stay tuned! I also cover the HP Officejet 7410 and TEAC GS-10i. Ceci n'est pas une alarm clock!

Enermax Intelligent Backup enclosure @ pro-clockers.com
[Jul-07-06] (0 Comments)

Enermax is one of those companies that have been around for a longtime and is well aware of what people like us are looking for in differentareas of computing. They are more known when it comes to power supplies andcases, but Enermax knows other peripherals as well. Let's take the Aurorakeyboard for an example, an ultra high class keyboard that seriouslyenhances any user's desk top. Enermax has recently released the Glory, aproduct designed for data backup and storage. The Glory takes a standard IDEhard drive and turns it in a great one touch backup device. Let's see if itworks as advertised.

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wifi @ bit-tech.net
[Jul-06-06] (0 Comments)

Based on our collective experiences with both boards, we believe that the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition represents better value for money on a number of counts and that is not just because it is nearly Ł10 cheaper. The M2N32-SLI Deluxe was fantastically stable, a great overclocker and is generally well laid out, too. Both the Foxconn and ASUS boards were superb for tweakers and novices alike due to the layered nature of the BIOS. However, the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe was a much better overclocker than the Foxconn C51XEM2AA.

Super Talent T800UX2GC4 @ overclockersonline.com
[Jul-06-06] (0 Comments)

Super Talent has made a grand entrance here at Overclockers Online. The T800UX2GC4 entered the ring with high expectations and it didn't disappoint. The free boost up to 1000 MHz is one thing no one will complain about. The one downside, it didn't take long for me to literally kill the sticks.

ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
[Jul-05-06] (0 Comments)

Of all the recent s939 boards that I have had on the test bench, I would have to say that this board ranked right at the top. It certainly has been my favorite ATI chipset board, due to the sheer ease of overclocking. If looks mean anything to you, the black PCB has to catch your eye. Performance is on par with other ATI 3200 boards, as the only real difference these days seems to be the bundle and overclocking ability, of which Asus tops when it comes to overclocking, and only so-so with the bundle. Running in Crossfire was also a breeze on this board, with the included instructions being very clear and thorough...

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 975X ATX Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jul-05-06] (0 Comments)

ASUS is a top manufacturer in the world of computing, chances are you've built a system with an ASUS motherboard or knowsomeone that has. ASUS is known for their quality and reliability but not many people would think of ASUS when they want a high endenthusiast motherboard that has all the features an over clocker might want. Today for review I have the ASUS P5WD2-E Premiummotherboard that is just that really, ASUS kicks it up a notch by making a fully featured motherboard that any over clocker wouldlove to have, and even if you aren't over clocking you can appreciate the many, many features of this motherboard.

Palit GeForce 7900GT "Sonic" 512MB in SLI @ tweaktown.com
[Jul-05-06] (0 Comments)

The particular graphics card we are looking at today is a GeForce 7900GT although not your normal 7900GT - it comes with an overclocked core and 512MB of memory. It’s priced at under $500 AUD (about $375 USD) and is gaining a lot of attention at the moment.

XFX Overclocked GeForce 7900 GT (PV-T71G-UCP7) @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Our review of XFX GeForce 7900 GT 550M XTREME 256 MB with VIVO (PV-T71G-UCP7), which is an overclocked GeForce 7900 GT with video capture function. Check it out.

Diamond Viper X1900XT @ techpowerup.com
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A while ago the Diamond Viper X1900XT was the lowest priced X1900XT card from all manufacturers and is still one of the lowest priced cards available today. Diamond Multimedia has produced modems, sound cards and MP3 players. One of the first consumer MP3 players ever was called the Rio PMP300. They have since sold their MP3 player line, but still offer a range of multimedia products. In this review we'll take a look at this X1900XT offering from Diamond Multimedia along with some basic X1900XT functionality and overclocking tips.

NZXT Apollo Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I am pretty sure that all of you may remember the NZXT Lexa. The casemade everyone stand up and make some kind of comment about it. The Lexa hasa style and look about it that was different than any other case on themarket. The chrome front and laid back design is one for the ages. But, nowNZXT has released another great looking case upon us. The Apollo offers arobotic but sleek look that will draw quite about of attention by gamers andenthusiasts alike.

Digital Trends Podcast:Sidekick 3, Harmony 720, and The Face @ podcasts.digitaltrends.com
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Today's show was done using the Sennheiser PC145 Gaming Headphones. Not too shabby. Remember our usual microphone is a premium mic, and this is meant for TeamSpeak.I've got a Logitech Harmony 720 Remote, and it is the r0X0rZ! Also, did you know that TEAC makes an iPod alarm clock? Neither did I, until now. Also, I briefly wrap up the Sony VAIO UX50, including this utterly dreadful review at CNet, and the Linksys NSLU2. I also mention the Denon 3806, Onkyo TXSR803, and Yamaha RX-V2600, if you're in the market for a great receiver in the $1000 price bracket.

Cooler Master iGreen 500 @ overclockersonline.com
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The iGreen 500 has more than enough juice for any need. I've let my system burn away with both SiSoft Sandra CPU burn in and prime without the voltages budging an inch. The same can even be said after 20 hrs of Memtest on my Super Talent sticks. There's no doubt that what will sell this power supply is the great look it has the reputation company from the box. The mirror like finish rivals the work done by guys like Ultra Products and it'll certainly be a common feature we'll be seeing more of.

XG Magnum 600W External PSU @ pro-clockers.com
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It seems that power and heat is the biggest concerns today when buildthe perfect. It likes everyone is manufacturing products that requirescrapload of power and when purchasing a power supply to support all theseproducts aid in adding more heat to your system. Well, XG has come up with asolution that help to distribute more power and eliminate the heat build upfrom such a large power supply. The Magnum 600 Ex is an externally builtpower supply that promises to be the ideal problem solver to the abovementioned problems.

nMedia Icetank @ overclockersonline.com
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The nMedia Icetank started off well with an easy first mount andended well with solid performance, easily competing with a recognized greatin the world of air cooling. The size of the Icetank is smaller and lighterthan some but it stills requires a little finesse when mounting in somemotherboards. Being Socket 754/939/AM2/478/775 ready out of the box is alsoa nice touch that many cannot achieve, the Icetank does.

GeForce 7950 GX2 retail roundup @ bit-tech.net
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The XFX is undoubtedly the fastest of the five GeForce 7950 GX2's on test, but it is also the most expensive by a considerable margin - at over Ł527 including VAT, it represents very poor value for money, especially when you consider performance over a wide range of games. Indeed, there are occasions where its higher clock frequencies don't result in higher playable image quality settings. Of course, gameplay is slightly smoother and the performance gap will increase at higher resolutions. However, as we have already mentioned, we feel that gaming at 2560x1600 is limited to Quad SLI for the foreseeable future.

Cooljag AMA-P AM2 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Just last week reviewed one of the first Cooljag coolers, the AMA-H,assigned to work on the AMD AM2 platform. It was aimed at totally replacingthe stock OEM unit and adding just a touch more performance. Today, Cooljaghas sent us another cooler that should top the AMA-H, the AMA-P. The AMA-Pis a light heavyweight that is sure to pass up the H version due to it beingcompletely made of copper. Let's see how well it does.

Cooler Master AquaGate Mini R120 @ overclockersonline.com
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This is the last call for your chance in winning the Cooler MasterAquagate Mini R120. Fill in the ballot and find out if you're a winner!

SunbeamTech Silent Storm Case @ pro-clockers.com
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I have had the opportunity to review a lot of great cases and a lotof them have been somewhat pricey. But there is always an inexpensive gem inthe bunch, which gives you a lot of what the other guys' offers. Sunbeamtechaka Tuniq has recently been putting out some great cases for those that havefinancially impaired wallets. Take the Tuniq 2 which was one of the bestcases I have reviewed and cost well under eighty dollars. Now we have achance to review the Silent Storm. Do we like it as much as the Tuniq 2, wewill see.

EPoX EP-9U1697 GLI @ overclockersonline.com
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It is not often that we see a lower-priced product compete with a higher-end product; thanks to EPoX and ULi, we have seen it! The ULi M1697 chipset, paired with EPoX's awesome EP-9U1697 GLI board, performs greatly even against the more expensive nForce4 SLI chipset.

ATI Radeon X1800GTO vs. X1900GT from HIS and GeCube @ tweaktown.com
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The model sent into us for review by HIS is their “Turbo” edition which means you can overclock the card if you need some extra FPS. While not as impressive as other cards we have received from HIS in the past, you are able to boost the clock speed by 20MHz to 520MHz although the memory clock speeds stays the same, 500MHz (or 1GHz DDR). It does seem like the Radeon X1800GTO is already pretty maxed out as far as clock speeds go so don’t expect too much when it comes to overclocking.

Inno3D GeForce 7600 GST @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Review of GeForce 7600 GST, which is a factory-overclocked GeForce 7600 GS from Inno3D, targeted to achieve a performance almost similar to GeForce 7600 GT but costing less.

MSI NX7600GT VT2D256E @ hothardware.com
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Every once in a while a product is released that challenges all others inits class, setting itself apart from the pack. One such product is NVIDIA'sGeForce 7600GT line, which brings major competition to ATI's closestalternative, the Radeon X1600XT. On paper, the two products are very closebut MSI takes NVIDIA's reference GeForce 7600GT and adds a little flair andpanache to its NX7600GT-VT2D256E. With an oversized, premium cooler that isboth cool and quiet, as well as Memory and GPU speeds clocked higher thanreference specification, the NX7600GT-VT2D256E is ready for leading-edgegaming and overclocking.

XFX Overclocked GeForce 7600 GT (PV-T43G-UDD3) @ hardwaresecrets.com
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XFX GeForce 7600GT 256MB DDR3 XXX Edition (PV-T43G-UDD3) review, which is a factory-overclocked GeForce 7600 GT from XFX.

Plextor EX-PH25L NAS @ overclockersonline.com
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We have come to the end and I ask myself, did the Plextor PX-EH25Llive up to the expectations I had for it? It absolutely did in everyoutlined function. Does the Plextor PX-EH25L look stunning in an office, ona shelf or a desk? The answer once again is a resounding absolutely. Theexterior of the PX-EH25L is the cleanest of all network storage devices Ihave seen. It can stand out as the main piece sitting on a shelf or can fadeaway into the background and just work without making much of a peep.

Cooljag AMA-H AM2 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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There are times when people want a little bit better cooling than theoption that comes with the CPU that they recently purchased. And then thatsame person doesn't really want to overclock or seriously stress their PClike others. Our next cooler maybe an ideal solution for that individual.It's the Cooljag AMA-H, aimed at replacing the OEM stock cooler.

Kinc and crotale overclocks Live at DreamHack - 2 World records! @ nordichardware.com
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But there is no doubt who won the struggle as Marcus and Robert haveachieved three new world records using Futuremark's benchmarking programsduring the second day of DreamHack.

Patriot Memory 2GB PC2-5300 @ overclockersonline.com
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Patriot Memory continues to impress with their overclocking and budget friendly memory modules. For most people, hitting just shy of PC2-8000 is more than enough, especially when you're only paying for PC2-5300's. A little more voltage and we probably could have broken it too!

Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Zalman released one of the best coolers in recent history with theCNPS9500 LED. The cooler performed superbly in overall cooling andquietness. The unit cooled 939 socket processors with the best of them. Butnow we have the new AM2 socket. What are people to use when they decide toupgrade? Well, Zalman has you covered with the new CNPS9500 AM2. What is tobe gain from this cooler? Let's see.

Sapphire quietly launches X1800GTO2 @ ngohq.com
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Sapphire is a well-known ATi partner. Their graphic cards and motherboards are popular world-wide. It seems that Sapphire has shipped many X1800GTO2 units to world-wide shops already. Sapphire introduced the GTO2 line with their X800 boards. The GTO2 name is quite popular due to its price, overclocking, and its high potential unlocking extra pipelines.

Corsair XMS2 8500 DDR2 Memory @ pcper.com
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In comparing the XMS2 8500 to the XMS2 8000UL we reviewed not longago, the XMS2 8500 beats the XMS2 8000UL slightly in overclocking. At5-5-5-15, the 8000UL maxed at 997 MHz whereas the 8500 managed 1000 MHz. At3-3-3-9, the XMS2 8500 beat the XMS2 8000UL by a 5 MHz sliver by posting a795 MHz overclock. While the XMS2 8500 isn't a massive step forward in termsof overclocking, it is an improvement nonetheless.

NordicHardware overclocks Conroe and Quad SLI Live @ nordichardware.com
[Jun-16-06] (0 Comments)

We will display not one, but two world premiers in the form of displays

Kensington Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger @ xyzcomputing.com
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Anyone who has ever been to a country outside of North America has probabl y run into the problem of power conversion. Unless you're traveling to see the Maharishi, chances are you'll be bringing some sort of electron ic device, be it a cell phone, an alarm clock, an MP3 player, etc. Nowad ays, many smaller devices that connect in some way to a PC are being charg ed through their USB port. Kensington took this in mind when designing t heir Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger.

Foxconn 975X7AA @ overclockersonline.com
[Jun-13-06] (0 Comments)

Foxconn has once again put together an excellent package using one ofIntel's latest chipsets. While the setup is not perfect, anyone stilllooking to put together a great Smithfield or Presler system could jump onthis board and configure any machine they want. The 975X7AA certainly fitsin with the big leaguers and they have even looked into including the littlethings that you'll want. Items like e-SATA could have easily been left outto cut costs, but Foxconn has included them.

Cooler Master Gives Away Aquagate Mini R120 @ overclockersonline.com
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Much like the previous contests held at Overclockers Online, you onlyneed to do one thing to earn your chance of winning it - complete our littleballot and sit tight.

Corsair TWIN2X1024-8500 PC8500 1GB Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Corsair, you know the name, it needs no introduction. You know that Corsair is some of the finest, best performing memory inthe world. Today for review I will be taking a look at some of Corsair's DDR2 that is PC8500 or 1066MHZ. This stuff really impressedme by its performance and overclocking ability, read on to find out more...

HIS X1600 Pro IceQ3 Turbo Single and CrossFire @ viperlair.com
[Jun-09-06] (0 Comments)

With the X1600Pro series gaining popularity in the mid-range market space, HIS has trumped out most other solutions by not only offering up a superior cooling solution, but one that is overclocked for you as well. Add to that a simplistic evolution to CrossFire mode by simply adding another X1600Pro, and you have a viable alternative to the high end graphics cards at a reduction in cost.

Zalman CNPS8000 Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-08-06] (0 Comments)

Zalman make of one the biggest splashes on the pages of Pro-Clockersthis year with the introduction of the VF900Cu. This was arguably one of themost awaited cooling products this year. Well Zalman is back at it againwith CNPS 8000. This cooler is aimed to please all the people that arerunning SFF and quiet systems.

Mobile Coverage @ pcper.com
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The graphics card is a unique part called the NVIDIA GeForce Go7400VX that Asus has specifically purchased from NVIDIA for this notebook.These 7400s are binned to run faster and will be clocked higher than other7400 Go models you'll see in laptops. The screen is a 15

ATI and Physics Acceleration @ pureoverclock.com
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Make no mistake, physics acceleration is going to be the next bigthing in game visuals, much like when GPU's first arrived, so you may aswell get used to it! ATI appear to mean business with their offering forphysics acceleration and are strutting around rather confidently claimingthey will hold a major performance advantage over the competition. If itdoes turn out to have a performance edge over Nvidia and AGEIA it willsurely boost CrossFire sales. It may be just what ATI needs to get CrossFirein every enthusiasts home

Super Talent DDR2-1066 1GB CL5 Dual Channel Memory Kit @ thinkcomputers.org
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Well I've finally moved over to a platform that supports DDR2 memory, so that means I get to do DDR2 reviews as well! So formy first review the guys over at Super Talent have sent me their brand new 1 Gig kit of DDR2-1066, technically this is PC8528 Ram,and from my tests this stuff over clocks very well, and has some great performance.

nVidia GeForce 7950GX2 overclocked by XFX @ tweaktown.com
[Jun-07-06] (0 Comments)

Only a couple days ago at Computex, nVidia launched GeForce 7950GX2 - we all know about it, we even knew about them before the 7900GX2 was available but just how good is nVidia’s second attempt at SLI on a “single card” going to be? We shouldn’t call the GeForce 7950GX2 an SLI part but that’s pretty much what it is. The 7900GX2 which we looked at last month had some niggling issues but overall wasn’t too bad when gauged as a sign of what’s to come.

Thermalright HR01 Passive Heatsink @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermalright has been one of the greatest cooling manufacturersaround. They have giving us great coolers like the AX, SLK, SI and XP seriesof cooling devices. And if you have never used one of their coolers (youwould be in a small minority) chances you have used a cooler that was a copyof Thermalright's designs. Well, Thermalright has released another coolerthat I am sure is going to perform, the HR01.

SyncMax 533Express DDR2 Memory @ viperlair.com
[Jun-07-06] (0 Comments)

Performance was average, it wasn't faster than the Crucial memory, but wasn't slower than it. This is good as both were running at the same timings. The difference between JEDEC standard SPD timings and the performance of the tighter timings was noticeable in some tests, with at most a 4% increase, but nonexistent in others. The performance of the memory when overclocked was very nice, with a few differences in the 9-10% range.

BFG GeForce 7950 GX2 @ pcper.com
[Jun-06-06] (0 Comments)

The BFG 7950 GX2 simply outperforms every other video card we havetested, period. Without any overclocking over the reference speeds, thiscard is just plain fast and was able to beat both the 7900 GTX and the X1900XTX in every benchmark we threw at it. Coupling two GPUs in multi-GPUrendering with 1GB of total frame buffer memory, the GX2 makes the most ofNVIDIA technology to bring a best-in-class offering to the table. If youwant the fastest single graphics card (

Ultra X2 550W / Ultra X-Finity 500W / Ultra X-Finity 600W @ overclockersonline.com
[Jun-06-06] (0 Comments)

Whether it was running MemTest86 with a 2GB kit of memory at DDR540for 297 hours straight, or dual priming an X2 3800+ at 2.9GHz and an Asetekwater kit for over 48 hours, or finding the maximum 2.5-3-3-5 frequency of atrick TCC5 kit and passing 310HTT 1:1 on chilled water, none of the systemshad a failure, reboot, or random possible power related issue. Voltagealways remained within specification but did drop below 12v on occasionunder heavy loads with a couple of the units but for the most part they allseemed to hold their own.

HIS Radeon X1300 IceQ Turbo 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
[Jun-06-06] (0 Comments)

Just over a week ago we reviewed HIS' X1800GTO and Connect3D's X1800GTO graphic cards. Both cards are priced under $200USD placing them in the high-end of the budget card price spectrum. This week we turn to the other end of the budget spectrum with three X1300 cards from HIS. Today are reviewing their PCI Express based X1300 256MB Turbo with the IceQ cooler. Being a part of HIS' Turbo line means this card has received a default overclocked core speed of 600MHz meaning this card is basically a X1300 Pro in a regular X1300's body.

Contest for Aquagate Mini R120 @ overclockersonline.com
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It's finally June and that means the summer is here for thoseresiding in North America. With the hot weather just around the corner, itonly means your precious PC is going to be running a tiny bit hotter. Inorder to keep things cool, Overclockers Online has teamed up with CoolerMaster so we can give you a chance to win some watercooling!

Intel Core 2 Duel E6800 @ forum.overclockersonline.com
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Some pretty pictures and random benchmarks of a processor clocked upto 3.75Ghz.

Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3500LLPRO 2GB Dual Channel Kit @ hardwarexl.com
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Last week I got the chance to review 2GB TWINX DDR modules from Corsair.For quite some time dual channel modules 2x512MB with low latencies ruled inthe gaming community. More and more games nowadays are getting pretty hungryfor more memory, 2GB is beginning to be standard for high-end systems. Mostmodules come with pretty loose timing, but then again offer a lot ofoverclocking headroom. The 3500LLPRO's has it timings set on andlike Corsair states it could run a freq. of 218Mhz. In our last DDR review Ifocused the review on overclocking, in this review I will focus more onkeeping the timings tight. Lets see how they perform.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum Enhanced Latency XTC @ pro-clockers.com
[Jun-03-06] (0 Comments)

Ok, I am going to read you future, it begins like this. You areplanning to upgrade. Correct? Chances are you will be upgrading to a sweetnice Intel Conroe or an AMD AM2. Correct? Alone with that new processor,there will be a new motherboard to go alone with that, correct? Ok, I am twofor two. Last prediction, you will need some new memory, right? The ram thatyou will be buying will be the new OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum EnhancedLatency XTC. OK, enough of the John Edward want-to-be intro. OCZ was coolenough to send over a set of their newest DDR2 ram. Let's check it out.

Thermaltake Mozart Media LAB @ overclockersonline.com
[Jun-02-06] (0 Comments)

The Thermaltake Mozart Media LAB is a perfect candidate for HTPC useconsidering you can pay the price premium of over $200. I highly recommendthis case, a mid-tower disguised as a HTPC! The case is quiet and pleasingto the ear - no wonder it's named Mozart, it sounds pleasant like the famouscomposer's music!

HIS X1800GTO IceQ3 Turbo Video Card @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jun-01-06] (0 Comments)

Over the past few months we have had the chance to look at a few video car ds from HIS. These have all been solid cards, but the difference from on e to the next was only a matter of change in the GPU. This time HIS has brought around an exciting new cooling solution, the IceQ3, and paired it with a great mid-range GPU. The X1800GTO has created a name for itself w ith enthusiasts. This model has been held in high regard for its great m ix of price and performance as well as solid overclocking abilities. Wit h HIS' new cooling thrown into the mix, this could be a really exciting pr oduct for those who are looking for a PCIe video card.

Thermaltake Symphony Mini @ techpowerup.com
[Jun-01-06] (0 Comments)

The Thermaltake mini is a watercooling system with an interesting new design. The external radiator looks like a speaker and is 80 cm tall, two pumps are integrated there as well. As we know from Thermaltake installation is exceptionally easy. In our testing we check out how well it cools an overclocked Celeron and an Intel Xeon hot head.

Inno3D GeForce 7300GT @ ngohq.com
[May-31-06] (0 Comments)

Back on the 15th of May, NVIDIA shipped 7300GT GPUs to the Asian Pacific region only. However, this time they managed to surprise us. The 7300GT is not based on G72 architecture like its brother, the 7300GS. The 7300GT is based on G73, like the 7600 series, but with eight pipelines. A Few weeks later, many manufacturers launched their products and showed some amazing reference benchmarks of the 7300GT. These made us sit up and take notice. Like other G73/G72/G71 members, it is based on the 90 nanometer process. The original 7300GT design also included DDR2 memory, with the core clocked at 350MHz. However, a few manufacturers replaced it with GDDR3 memory, boosting the core clock speed as well.

Scythe Quiet Drive Internal HDD Silencer @ pro-clockers.com
[May-30-06] (0 Comments)

Just when I thought that Scythe was just about producing processorcoolers and power supplies, James sends me a HDD silencer aimed at keepingthose fast speeding high capacity hard drives at bay. The Quiet Drive isaimed at users that want to have extreme quiet computers, while keeping itcool. Does it work? Lets check it out.

ECS C19-A @ overclockersonline.com
[May-29-06] (0 Comments)

The ECS C19-A motherboard is great motherboard for those looking tobuild a new system without spending too much money. The performance comparedto the 975X is slim, both Intel and nVidia flip flop between first place.What nVidia has accomplished with ECS and all other SLI XE motherboards isan opportunity for people to explore the potentials of a budget orientedhigh powered SLI machine.

Aerocool PowerWatch and PowerPanel and PowerUSB (5v/12v) @ pro-clockers.com
[May-29-06] (0 Comments)

Our friends at Aerocool were super cool to us today by sending us anice box of goodies. Four of the items in the box all pretty much had sometype to relationship with each other, so we will review these all productstogether. The two products that will catch the eye of most you would be thePowerWatch and the PowerPanel. The two are full solutions for digital flashreaders and temp monitoring. The two other products are the 5v and 12vPowerUSB, which provide power to various electrical devices through the USBports of the fore mentioned devices.

HIS X1800 GTO IceQ3 Turbo 256MB VIVO PCI Express Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
[May-27-06] (0 Comments)

After looking at Connect3D's X1800GTO, it's HIS' turn with their new X1800GTO Turbo. This card features HIS' brand new IceQ3 cooling solution and comes overclocked right out of the box. Being a part of HIS' Turbo line this card has received a default overclocked speed of 520MHz core with the memory speed remaining the same. Why the amount of 520MHz was chosen is unknown but it seems like a small enough jump to be a pretty safe overclock without straining the card too much. Plus with the heavy duty IceQ3 cooler, overheating the card is hardly a worry.

HIS Radeon X1800GTO IceQ3 Turbo @ viperlair.com
[May-26-06] (0 Comments)

Overall I think this card and its bundle is fantastic. It sits between the X1800XL and the 7600GT in performance and price, and comes overclocked out of the box. I can't think of any bad points really; the platinum pack is starting to show its age is really the only negative, and thats subjective as to how much it would effect you purchasing this card. It certainly wouldn't stop me. Highly recommended, if you're on the look out for a mid-range card and can spend the little extra over a 7600GT, this card should be on your short list.

More details about the GeForce 7950GX2 @ ngohq.com
[May-25-06] (0 Comments)

You probably remember the Dual GPU solutions from Asus and Gigabyte. A single board with two GPUs like the 3D1 and 7800GT Dual Card. You probably already know that the GeForce 7950GX2 will be a single board with two G71 GPUs clocked at 500MHz, with memory at 1200MHz. Nvidia used their mobile design to reduce the power consumption but that is all old news by now. According to some OEMs, the 7950GX2 is supposed to be the new performance king. Not just for Quad SLI, it can also be a problem due to Nvidia`s SLI chipset licensing. We've learned that the release date was supposed to be earlier then the end of May. Some manufacturers actually uploaded a 7950GX2 manual a month ago.

Samsung 970P @ overclockersonline.com
[May-25-06] (0 Comments)

The 970P is a beautiful monitor that displays a beautiful picture atan amazing amount of angles and positions providing countless possibilities.All that beauty and perfection comes at a price and it isn't a small one.Being as forward and unique also has disadvantages like the lack of aperfect although pretty close, Triple Hinge. I look forward to an improveddesign that would allow a more precise locking ability.

Enermax Aurora Aluminum Keyboard @ pro-clockers.com
[May-24-06] (0 Comments)

Style and class is something that a lot of us look for when lookingto purchase a new computer case, but not until now that style and class canalso apply to other things computer related. I never thought about akeyboard having sleekness, until Enermax was generous enough to send overtheir Aurora Aluminum keyboard.

Super Talent T800UX2GC4 PC2-6400 Memory Kit @ legitreviews.com
[May-23-06] (0 Comments)

Overclocking performance was stellar on the Super Talent T800UX2GC4 memory kit. In my previous article I was able to hit 1054MHz on a 1GB kit of memory and I thought that was impressive till this 2GB Super Talent memory kit beat that by 1MHz with double the memory capacity. I ran the Super Talent memory modules on the Intel 955X and Intel 975X platforms as well as the upcoming nForce 590 SLI chipset with no issues at all. Intel and AMD fans will be able to crank up the volts on these Super Talent modules and have some fun without having to worry about warranties, thanks to the Super Talent lifetime warranty.

Noctua NH-U9 and NH-U12 @ overclockersonline.com
[May-23-06] (0 Comments)

So what is the final verdict? Performance, sound level,compatibility, and installation process are among some of the most importantfactors involved with a heatsink. Both of these vertical style heatsinks byNoctua excelled in these areas, anything short of spectacular would be anunderstatement.

Overclockers Online & Cooler Master May Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
[May-22-06] (0 Comments)

For the month of May, we're giving away Cooler Master's newest powersupply, an iGreen Power 430W. The most important piece of information forevery contest is how to win. At Overclockers Online we like to keep thingssimple. All you need to do is agree to the terms of the contest and fill ina little ballot before May 26th. That's it!

Giganta Lazer 4 mousepad @ pro-clockers.com
[May-22-06] (0 Comments)

A sweet mousepad is a must for any hardcore gamer out there. Andthere are many pads to pick from. Well, today the people of Gamerzstuff inthe UK were nice enough to send me a piece that they think you may want togive a try. The Giganta Lazer looks to be a promising pad. And plus it matchthe orange theme in the Pro-Clockers layout.

Aerocool Dominator Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
[May-19-06] (0 Comments)

There are so many things to consider when constructing a newcomputer. How often have you traveled from forum to forum trying todetermine what motherboard to couple with your new processor? Or what powersupply will give you the juice and stability to maintain a rock steadysystem? Both of these are very commonly asked, but what is probably thenumber thing that comes up is what cooler am I going to use? Not only iskeeping your processor a main concern but if you are using tight timings andhigh frequencies then keeping your ram is just as important. Well the newDominator from Aerocool will do both and much more.

Hardware Leaderboard @ pcper.com
[May-19-06] (0 Comments)

The high-end system configuration also changed video cards, to anewer EVGA 7900 GT KO model that runs at a blistering 580 MHz core clock for$319! That is a lower price than just over a month ago when finding any7900 GT cards for under $350 was a struggle; that is no longer the case. Ifyou don't want an overclocked card, you can find several stock speedversions of the 7900 GT at Newegg for $289 or so. Not a bad deal at all.

SuperTalent 2GB 1GHz DDR2 kit @ bit-tech.net
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We had a play, but we weren't able to get the memory to clock up to 1067MHz, even with a little extra voltage. The memory is rated to 1000MHz, and doesn't appear to want to go any further. It's possible to tighten the timings a little if you want the memory to stay at 800MHz, but you'll get more mileage out of extra speed if your processor can take it. The overclock you can get will also be very reliant on the individual modules.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 VGA Cooler @ bigbruin.com
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I am impressed by the performance of the Arctic Cooling Accelero X1. It outperforms the previous model, the NV Silencer 5, by a few degrees, and cooled the card much better than the default eVGA cooler. The Accelero X1 would be a great choice to keep your graphics card as cool as possible, especially if overclocking.

Sennheiser PC30/PC160 @ pro-clockers.com
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People purchase headsets for numerous reasons, rather it be forconferencing, gaming or listening to music. And Sennheiser has beenproviding all of the above just what they need, great sounding head pieces.Today, they was gracious to send us two of their current PC models, the PC30and the PC160. I am sure one of the two will appeal to our readers. Read on.

HIS X1300 IceQ Turbo and Dual DVI @ overclockersonline.com
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Without a doubt, both cards performed relatively well. The IceQ isalso a card not to overlook if you need a cheap card with ample performance.H.I.S. has once again come up with another diverse family. For anyone on atight budget, H.I.S. has you covered with a high performance budget card tothe fan free model ideal for the home theatre market.

BlueGears b-ice 120mm cooling fan @ pro-clockers.com
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If you remember last week we featured BlueGears' b-cool 80mm fan thatdisplayed the temp and words 'b-cool' in the blades, well BlueGears is at itagain. Today, they have sent us the b-ice 120mm fan. Will this fan be ascool as the b-cool? Let's see.

Foxconn 975X board with overclocking @ bit-tech.net
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Foxconn is not a brand that most would associate with enthusiasts, but the company is trying to make a move into this market sector. It has a long history of being one of the largest manufacturers of computer components, and it is looking to use its expertise to deliver high quality motherboards designed for enthusiasts.The 975X7AA is a good first effort from Foxconn, but there are some issues that would probably turn us away from this particular board. The board overclocked well, but we were unable to get any of the DDR2 memory modules running at or above 800MHz in this board. This is a bit of a shame because there are a lot of very fast overclocking- friendly memory modules coming out on the market from the likes of Corsair, OCZ et al.

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium 975X Motherboard @ viperlair.com
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Asus are well known for high quality and performance, a hard combo to attain, much less maintain on a constant basis. With the P5WD2-E Premium, Asus once again shows us a motherboard thats not only built well, it performs like no other I have tested previously. Overclocking is not just a possibility, it is a requirement with this board; simplistic enablement of Overclocking for the beginner, and advanced controls for those of us that like the outer edge a bit more.

Powercolor X1800GTO @ techpowerup.com
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The X1800 GTO cards use regular X1800XL chips with just 12 rasterizing pipelines instead of 16. Clocks are still at 500 MHz for both memory and core. We tested this card and found it is an overclocker's dream. Even though we could not unlock the extra pipelines, the card still overclocks very well, in our case to over 700 MHz on air cooling.

Spire VertiCool II and DiamondCool II @ overclockersonline.com
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So how do we classify these new coolers from Spire? Considering thatthe cost for either HSF is ~$32 according to PriceWatch, I think that oneword sums it up:balance. Both units run cooler than the stock equipmentwhile producing less noise, which is something that we can all respect. Butin the end, the VertiCool II is the better performer, and thus, the bettercooler.

OCZ GameXStream 700 Watt PSU @ pro-clockers.com
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There was probably no power supply as popular or as trustworthy asthe PowerStream line from OCZ. And with as much respect that power supplyhas gotten over the years, OCZ would be hard pressed to come up with abetter unit. But, they have released the new GameXStream 600 and 700 wattpower boxes. Will it compete with the PowerStream, we will soon see.

X1900 GT face-off @ bit-tech.net
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The GeForce 7900 GT is a very good overclocker, while the Radeon X1900GT looks to be a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. If you're looking to overclock, we feel that the GeForce 7900 GT is the better deal if you find one at a good price. However, if you're planning to run your video card at stock speeds the final decision will depend on the games you're looking to play.

Spire DiamondCool II and VertiCool II @ pro-clockers.com
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We have being reviewing Spire products on PC for a good little while.And during that time we have seen some really sweet products come from them.>From their Italian designed Pininfarina cases to their popular DiamondCoolheatsink. Today, Spire was cool enough to send over their latest coolers,the DiamondCool II and VertiCool II. And let's see how they compare.

Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus @ overclockersonline.com
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It doesn't take much analyzing to conclude that this is an awesomeproduct. The KuFormula VF1 Plus not only performed extraordinarily well,but it was also easy to install, well made, quiet and aestheticallypleasing. It is unbelievable that the KuFormula VF1 Plus can perform 30degrees Celsius colder than the Arctic Cooling Silencer 5 revision 2.

GeCube Radeon X1900XTX Graphics Card @ tweaktown.com
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This brings us to the topic of today’s article, the GeCube X1900XTX. As of this writing, this is the big boy on the block and we plan on putting it through its paces and then overclocking it to see how much extra power we can eke from this behemoth!

2x1GB DDR Memory Roundup:Corsair, Mushkin and OCZ @ pureoverclock.com
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Games such as Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R, Quake 4, and more recentlyOblivion are setting an obvious trend that will only continue. If you're aserious gamer then you really should have 2GB of fast system memory, and ifyou currently have 2GB of ' value' stuff but are looking to upgrade, thenthe kits on test today from Corsair, Mushkin and OCZ are perfectreplacements.

Cooler Master May 2006 Contest @ overclockersonline.com
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This month we're giving away Cooler Master's newest power supply -iGreen Power 430W! Everyone can use a free high efficiency power supply tocurb those rising electricity prices. The most important piece ofinformation for every contest is how to win. At Overclockers Online we liketo keep things simple. All you need to do is agree to the terms of thecontest and fill in a little ballot. That's it!

Aerocool Silver Lightning fans @ pro-clockers.com
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We all know that Aerocool is fast making a name for themselves in theworld of cases and cooling. The success of the ExtremEngine line of casesand front panel devices have been a pretty big success for them. Being nostrangers to cooling fans, Aerocool was nice enough to send over theirentire line of Silver Lightning cooling fans. From sizes ranging from 80mmto 140mm, there is surely one or two to meet your needs.

SilverStone TJ08 @ overclockersonline.com
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The TJ-08 is quiet, cool, and the perfect size to play any role itmay need to take on. Whether it be a home theater system, desktop publishingpowerhouse, or easy to move gaming system; the TJ-08 excels with quietfunction and incredible cooling.

Vizo Gemini cordless optical mouse @ pro-clockers.com
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Small hands, quick access or usage with a laptop or lack of space.These are all reasons why an individual would want to use a smaller mouse.In shopping around for such a mouse would lead you to a lot of chooses topick from. Vizo was kind enough to send me the Gemini in their box ofplenty.

First Looks from Taiwan - ABIT's new identity, AM2 stuff, etc @ tweaktown.com
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ABIT’s upcoming AM2 motherboards are pretty much complete and ready to go. ABIT will release their “Fatal1ty” AN9 32X motherboard in June and boards should be shipping at the same time. On the other hand, ABIT are still working hard on Intel Conroe based motherboards. From what we have learned so far, Intel won’t be releasing any new high-end chipsets till the end of the year and the Conroe processor will use the 975X and 965 chipset. Keep in mind Conroe processors will not work on your current 975X based motherboard due to the power requirement changes of the new CPU which claim to use 40% less power but provide 40% more performance clock for clock.

A-Data Vitesta DDR2-800 @ techpowerup.com
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AData is well-known in the overclocking scene as a high-quality memory brand which offers good overclocking on all their memory modules. We have their Vitesta DDR2-800 kit on the testbench and were impressed that it could be overclocked to DDR2-900 without any problems. Even though the default timings of 5-5-5-15 are a bit slow, they can be tightened down to 3-2-2-4 when running lower clocks. Another plus is that this memory will work great even at stock voltage of 1.8V.

Patriot Memory 2GB PC4000 ELK @ overclockersonline.com
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Another review draws to an end and Patriot Memory has churned up akit that matches the performance of the big leaguers while keeping its priceat a very affordable range. Sticking to the stock timings, we were able topush the kit up to 260 MHz which is respectable for the Samsung UCCC butnothing spectacular for those making the jump from 1GB to 2GB. With AM2 andConroe fast approaching, there's no doubt that DDR2 is the future. DDR1 isslowly fading away and the time to go 2GB to keep your system running in thelong run is now while the supply is high and the price of the PDC2G4000ELKis still nice and low.

MSI K9N SLI Platinum AM2 Motherboard P @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, we have some images of the new MSI K9N SLI Platinum for theupcoming AM2 socket. We know that we are not the first to forward picturesof this board to the internet, but we just want to give the readers a littlebit more insight on what is coming in the near future from MSI.

OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Gold GX @ News-Modders-Inc
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OCZ Technology introduces the EL PC-3500 Gold Gamer eXtreme Seriesas the latest addition to the Gold Series line of Memory sticks. These two512mb DDR 433 duel channel memory sticks come with super tight timings andhigh end performance all under a =93lifetime warranty=94, even if overclocked.

Thermaltake Armor Jr. VC3000BWS Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Thermaltake is a world leader in the production of computerenclosures and cooling accessories. They have demonstrated this time andtime again with excellent products like the Shark case and the Big Typhoonheatsink. Products like these have made Thermaltake the talk of a lot offorums and conversations. Today, Thermaltake was nice enough to send overthat newest PC case titled the Armor Junior. Will this case continueThermaltake's legacy? Read the review and found out for yourself.

OCZ DDR 3700 Platinum XTC 2GB @ rbmods.com
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Today we look at some new memory sticks from OCZ, as we got their new 3700 Platinum XTC kit for testing. They have been able to run this at high speeds with low stock latency. It also has EVP (Extended voltage protection) so you can overclock this kit while running ~3V on the ram without eliminating the lifetime warranty. As we see there are loads of nice features with this ram kit but how does it really perform then?

7900 GT head-to-head @ bit-tech.net
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We overclocked the two GeForce 7900 GTs using NVIDIA's Coolbits registry hack. The BFG Tech card overclocked pretty well considering its stock clock speeds are so low compared to the XFX XXX Edition. We were able to overclock it from its default 475/1360MHz clocks up to a very impressive 570/1780MHz - that's a 20% core overclock and a 30% memory frequency increase.

Thermalright HR-01 @ overclockersonline.com
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The HR-01 is well made, has a striking appearance, is silent, andutilizes a clever design. While I think a 16 degree drop in the CPU duringextended gaming over the stock solution is enough to warrant seriousconsideration, when you add this impressive performance to its silence andthe relative ease of installation you simply can't ignore the HR-01.

PowerColor X1900XTX 512MB @ overclockersonline.com
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It is not often that I get the chance to play with the most powerfulvideo card on the market. It is also not often I get the chance to play withone of the newest video cards on the market. So when I was offered both ofthose luxuries in one small package I couldn't turn the opportunity down andsleep with myself at night. The PowerColor X1900XTX can only be summed up byone word...awesome.

Aerocool XFire Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Aerocool has been doing their thing in the computer cooling for aboutthe last five years or so. And their cases are on another level as well,being one of the first to mount a huge 25cm fan to the side of the case hasgotten great reviews. But it seems that the engineers at Aerocool never takethe time to relax, they are introducing one product after another in the USmarket. Today, we have their latest cooler, dubbed the XFire.

Overclockers Online & Cooler Master April Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
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CoolDrive Lite, designed for HDD cooling, not only increasereliability of hard drive, but also reduce noise and shock during operation.Win one of two this week!

Point of View GeForce 7900GTX 512MB @ techpowerup.com
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Today we take a look at the Point of View 7900 GTX, which is based on the current high end chip from NVIDIA, the G71. The GeForce 7900 Series was introduced during CeBIT this year, and has replaced the old 7800 Series line up. A major change is the increased clock speed of 650 MHz on the core and 1600 MHz on the GDDR3 memory. While the card is not exactly budget at $499 it is still cheaper than most other 7900 GTX cards from the competition.

Jing Ting Force Chipset Cooler @ gideontech.com
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Having the DFI Lanparty UT nForce4 Ultra-D motherboard is a great thing. Not only are you presented with a rock solid motherboard, but it's built for the tweaker in all of us. From the ability to hack the board to allow SLI to the slew of overclocking settings in the BIOS, the Ultra-D has it all.

DFI's RD580 board ed @ bit-tech.net
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The board is solid, well built, reasonably stable and is pretty overclockable too. The BIOS is great and is a tweaker's heaven. We feel that it needs to mature a little to allow for more overclocking headroom. You should start to see more of this board's potential ooze out in the bucket load as more BIOS revisions come out.

DFI RS482 Infinity @ overclockersonline.com
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DFI has once again developed a motherboard that caters to theenthusiasts but also carries riches needed in a fully-fledged multimedia PC.The overclocking potential is simply marvelous with my 3000+ Venice breaking300*9 and even posting at 315*9!

Albatron KM51G-754 mATX Motherboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Is the Socket 754 dead? I don't think so! I believe it is alive and well and still being supported by many manufacturers.One of those manufacturers is Albatron, in January of this year they released a few new socket 754 boards, in this review I will betaking a look at one of them that is based on the NF4 chipset with built in NVIDIA Geforce 6100 graphics engine. The KM51G is aMicro-ATX form factor with lots of great features built into it. I've found that it is a great all around board, and not a badoverclocker either. Let's check it out...

ASUS Silent Square Series Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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I am pretty sure that you are aware of ASUS reputation when if comesto the stability of their motherboards or the speed and high quality when itcomes to their graphic cards, but you may not be aware of their reputationfor making high performance cooling solutions. If you are keen to theircooling products, then one product that may come to mind is the Star Ice. Aproduct that reminds many of a bug or even a Volkswagen Beetle. Today, wehave the privilege of review their newest cooler, the Silent Square. TheSilent Square looks to be a cooler that could put ASUS in the class ofThermalright, Scythe, Zalman and others when it comes to cooling.

Mushkin EM3200 DDR 2x 1GB DC @ 3dfusion.de
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Today, we're introducing a 2 GB dual channel memory kit by Mushkin to you. Mushkin, mostly recognized in the overclocker's scene for high-speed memory modules like the

WinFast NF4SK8AA-8EKRS Motherboard @ legitreviews.com
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The WinFast NF4SK8AA-8EKRS motherboard was really easy to work with and posed no problems with anything that we threw at it. The NF4SK8AA-8EKRS also did very well for itself in the area of overclocking. Being able to run my Opteron 146 at 2.9ghz+ was pretty impressive on this sub-$100 board.

HIS Overclocked Radeon X1600 Pro Turbo @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Review of HIS Radeon X1600 Pro IceQ Turbo, a factory-overclocked Radeon X1600 Pro running at the exact same specs of a Radeon X1600 XT, but costing less.

NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX and GS P @ pcper.com
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Unlike the previous Go 7800 GTX release, NVIDIA is simultaneouslyunveiling a cheaper SKU - the Go 7900 GS. The GS is identical to the GTX butthe GS has less Shader and Geometry processors/pipes, and a lowermemory/clock frequency. However, the GS does have better/lower powerconsumption, so it will be interesting to see how this compares in realityto the Go 7900 GTX and more importantly the competing ATI Radeon MobilityX1600.

The Silverstone Temjin 5 @ News-Modders-Inc
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The Silverstone Temjin 5 is a hybrid combination of form andfunction. Taking a mini-server style steel chassis with aluminum wave stylefaceplate and combining it with a glossy enthusiast finish, Silverstoneoffers up the best of both worlds. Featuring lots of room for expansion, anacrylic side Window, Back lit blue front LCD with fan control, and a toolessdesign. This extended ATX case could be the perfect gaming rig, Overclockingrig or just your clans own mini-server. It's high quality finish and roomyinterior defy you to pin it to a category.

Zalman VF900-Cu @ overclockersonline.com
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Just like its predecessor, the VF900-Cu performs extremely well whilekeeping things silent. Built with impeccable quality and craftsmanship, notto mention innovation, Zalman has once again created one awesome cooler.Unlike other manufacturers, Zalman has made no compromises with the copperbase and not one, but two, heatpipes! Not only that, they have includedmemory heatsinks and even the FanMate 2 fan controller.

BFG 7900 GTX OC @ pcper.com
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The BFG 7900 GTX OC maintains a small, but consistent performancelead over the reference scores we saw from the sample NVIDIA sent us lastmonth. The 670/820 MHz on the core and memory clocks brought with themaround a 3% gain in overall performance. The higher your resolution and themore eye candy you turn on, the better, and we even saw some games like BF2show as much as 11% performance improvement thanks in large part to the 100FPS top out of the engine.

Overclocking The Intel Pentium D Processor 805 @ legitreviews.com
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Legit Reviews was able to go out and purchase the Intel Pentium D Processor 805, a $130 processor, and overclock it to run with the best that Intel has to offer. In terms of overclocking this processor couldn't be any easier to overclock. With no voltage increase required to run 3.8GHz, all that needs really needs to be adjusted is the memory divider and the Front Side Bus (FSB).

BlueGears b-Cool 80mm fan @ pro-clockers.com
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BlueGears has been around for a short little while providing thecomputer world with a great sound card and some brightly colorful case fans.Today, we have provided us with the b-cool case fan. The b-cool offers theuser more than some LED colored lighting. What else does it offer? Read thereview to find out.

Connect3D X1900 XT and XTX @ pureoverclock.com
[Apr-16-06] (0 Comments)

The Connect3D X1900 XT steals the show here. Unless you are verymuch into overclocking the X1900 XT is a wise choice. It offers almost allthe performance the XTX has to offer for less money, with the added bonus ofbeing able to overclock to XTX speeds, stunning.

Swiftech Mcx159-cu chipset cooler @ rbmods.com
[Apr-15-06] (0 Comments)

When overclocking the north and south bridge chipsets on the motherboard usually get quite hot and the stock heatsink or fan is usually not enough to keep them cool and maintain a stable computer. With this problem there are several solutions and Swiftech has released their new chipset cooler to be able to keep the chipsets cooled of. They decided to call this one MCX159-CU which is a copper base heatsink with fins and a small fan to keep it cool. Swiftechs products are high quality and we are here to see if this chipset heatsink will do the same and what type of performance we can expect from this.

Samsung SE-W164 @ overclockersonline.com
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Convenience is priceless and with the SE-W164, I am able to writefiles off any of my PCs and even install software from CDs and DVDs even ifthey don't have an internal optical drive. While the SE-W164 is by no meanssmall, it's not cumbersome and the vertical stand allows you to minimize thedesk space used.

DFI BIOS makes it easy to fake memory results @ forum.overclockersonline.com
[Apr-13-06] (0 Comments)

Just in case some readers here don't have their ear as tightlypressed to the ground as others, I will summarize and let you know what hashappened that can make it very easy to fake memory overclocks...and I don'twant any of our friends here buying bad memory because of this. again, ifyou are reading reviews, buying memory in forums, or on e-bay and usingoverclocking results as a guideline then read on as this may very well saveyou some hassle.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Gold GX XTC 1 GB @ overclockersonline.com
[Apr-12-06] (0 Comments)

As for my experience and recommendation, I have to say this is fineRAM for someone doing some overclocking. Why? Well, out of the packageyou're guaranteed a nice frequency to work your frontside bus up to as youkeep the memory frequency at a 1:1 with your processor and the latency aslow as you can without the system becoming unreliable.

Scythe Mine Heatsink @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-11-06] (0 Comments)

Scythe has made a pretty good transition into the U.S. marketplace.By introducing some well made products like the Ninja and Katana line ofheatsinks, they have made a big hit with people that are into performance orquietness. Our next product from Scythe gives you plenty of both. Utilizinga 100mm fan and a little bit out of the norm construction, the Mine maybe acooler to reckon with.

NVIDIA 7900 GTX Lockup Issue Resolved - Mostly @ pcper.com
[Apr-11-06] (0 Comments)

The short of it is:the GPUs on the cards that were having problemsdidn't have the headroom necessary for the vendor's overclockedspecifications. The two most prominent problem areas were the vertex clock(which remember runs 50 MHz faster than the pixel clock) and the memoryclock. These GPU subsystems were running far enough out of spec that thechips were having physical issues with stability; causing the random

OCZ EB PC4000 2GB Platinum Memory Kit @ xyzcomputing.com
[Apr-10-06] (0 Comments)

There is no doubt that DDR's days in the spotlight are numbered. With t he arrival DDR2-based on Intel's 775 machines months ago and the upcoming use of DDR2 memory on AMD's AM2, DDR has begun to show its age. Despite the fact that the computer industry is pushing consumers to move on, DDR s till offers solid performance and has done very well with AMD's 939 platfo rm. This review will be taking a look at OCZ's EB DDR PC-4000 2x1024MB P latinum Edition Dual Channel Kit. This 2GB memory kit features tight tim ings and a PC4000 (DDR500) speed, so it will not only be good for general use, but should be able to handle a generous overclock as well. Memory l ike this is not the newest kid on the block, but there have been some clea r refinements which can be seen when this memory is compared to older exam ples of DDR memory.

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium 975X Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-10-06] (0 Comments)

Improving on the P5WD2 with the Intel 955X chipset, Asus has releasedthe P5WD2-E Premium based on Intel's newest chipset the 975. Asus is knownthe world over for producing the best Intel based motherboards. Combiningstability with a lot of overclocking features made the older P5WD2 themotherboard to have with the newer Cedar Mills and Pressler processors. Wewill today see if the newer Premium can hold a candle to the older brother.

GeForce 7800GT Voltage BIOS Softmod @ ngohq.com
[Apr-10-06] (0 Comments)

Not everybody knows how to perform a voltage mod. Today we're giving 7800GT users a small gift - this universal 7800GT BIOS image contains a small voltage mod of 0.1v in 3D mode, meaning you will be able to overclock your 7800GT even higher.

ArrowMax PSF-500SP 500W Power Supply @ bigbruin.com
[Apr-10-06] (0 Comments)

If you are building a new system, but not planning on overclocking, running dual video cards, or pushing the system to its maximum, the ArrowMax PSF-500SP is a good choice to help keep the cost down. A Home Theater PC or a family computer would run nicely off this power supply.

Exclusive HEXUS.::Corsair TWIN2X1024-8500 Memory @ hexus.net
[Apr-07-06] (0 Comments)

PC8500 will enhance performance if you're running a CPU with a266MHz FSB. The maddest Intel-based overclockers haven't had a reasonto complain about pure bandwidth for a while now, and Corsair'saddition of the world's first PC8500 DDR2 puts the onus back on Intelto ramp up its CPUs' FSB.

Albatron 7300GS @ overclockersonline.com
[Apr-07-06] (0 Comments)

We can certainly see a card like this being suitable for those whouse their machine seldom for gaming. The simple heatsink fan combinationprovided great cooling with little noise and even allowed us to squeeze abit more out of the card through overclocking.

Silverstone TJ08 mATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-06-06] (0 Comments)

I don't think that there is anything anyone can say negative aboutSilverstone. The class and styling that they put into their cases reign overmost others. From the first case in the Temjin family, the TJ01, to thelatest, the TJ07 all are great pieces of art. Just recently Silverstone hasadded a new member to the family, the TJ08. The TJ08 promises to provide bigthings in a small case.

G.Skill F2-4200PHU2-1GBNT @ techpowerup.com
[Apr-06-06] (0 Comments)

The F2-4200PHU2-1GBNT are G.SKILL's latest budget DDR2 memory kit. Even though they lack heatspreaders they offer excellent overclocking. Our sample would go from the advertised DDR2-4200 up to a blazing DDR2-5800. What makes this kit even more attractive is that you can tighten the timings to 3-3-2-4. All this comes at a very competitive price of only $75 for a 2x512 MB dual channel kit.

Scythe S-Flex 120mm Quiet Fans @ pro-clockers.com
[Apr-05-06] (0 Comments)

There is nothing more important than having enough airflow insideyour computer. Cooling the internal components of your computer; video card,processor and drives are an absolute must. But the real problem is to findcooling fans that will allow you to keep your sanity is a task within itself. Quietness is a want that we all want these days. There are severalcases today that will house several 120mm cooling fans like the CoolermasterStacker and others, so a clever combination of fans has to be researched.Today, Scythe has sent us three of their newest fans from the S-Flex line.

Intel Pentium Processor 965 Extreme Edition @ legitreviews.com
[Apr-05-06] (0 Comments)

The Intel Pentium Processor 965 was a joy to work with. For those who can afford one we highly suggest picking one up as every enthusiast has to see what these are all about. With the 955 moving over to the new stepping there really is no difference between the 955 and the 965 processor. Both are based off the same core and eventually the same stepping once the old 955 processors move off the shelves. Since most of the buyers of the Extreme Edition series are overclockers we'd suggest...

Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 @ overclockersonline.com
[Apr-05-06] (0 Comments)

The Alpine 64 presents some stiff competition, especially when it'sprice is taken into consideration. For a price of approximately $15 USD, theAlpine 64 is an excellent choice for those who want to replace their noisystock cooler with a more efficient and quieter cooling solution.

ECS KA1 MVP Updated @ overclockersonline.com
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The KA1 MVP has turned itself into one very overclocking friendlyboard. While we first struggled to achieve 280HTT, one little BIOS updateskyrocketed us through the 300 barrier. How far did we go? Scroll to theend of the page to find out!

Overclockers Online & Cooler Master Contest! @ overclockersonline.com
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For the month of April, we're giving away two (2) CoolDrive Litescourtesy of CoolerMaster USA! For anyone using those smoking hot WD Raptordrives, you'll definitely want to get in on this contest. Heck, any harddrive can take advantage of this great product!

Thermaltake Silent Boost RX K8 @ pro-clockers.com
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When silent is golden, the options that we have to cool ourprocessors and video cards are becoming more and more numerous. No matterthe performance level there is something out there for you. If you arelooking to overclock the mess out of your CPU have can have the Big Typhoon.If you want to just have a small cooler to use for a HTPC or something likethat you can get our next product up for review, the Silent Boost RX K8 fromThermaltake.

Titan Eagle GPU Coolers @ pro-clockers.com
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Today, video cards are getting faster and more powerful. Because ofthis speed and power there is more heat. The manufacturers of these cardsprovide you with just enough cooling power to get back. So, that is why werely on companies like Titan to give us gamers and overclockers what we needto beat the heat. Titan we generous enough to send us a couple of their newGPU coolers, the Eagles.

SuperTalent PC2-6400 2GB Dual Channel Kit @ viperlair.com
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SuperTalent does a nice job of exceeding my expectations, getting all of the way to 880MHz, while maintaining 4-3-4-8 timings. I did have to juice them to 1.9V but lets be serious here, I put my OCZ modules at 2.0+V frequently (I must note however that the OCZ heat spreaders are much more substantial then those SuperTalent uses, of course there is yet to be proof of any value to overclocking performance, I digress however).

Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 120mm Cooling Fan @ pro-clockers.com
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Remember back during the days of XP mobile processor overclocking,when it was necessary to have a high spinning fan like a Delta orequivalent. Yes, those days are far behind us now. Today we don't have topump loads of voltage in our processors nor do have to resort to using loud80mm case fan. Today, we have larger 120mm, slower spinning, noiseless andhigh CFM fans. Sharkoon was kind enough to send us their latest offeringinto the 120mm cooling fan market, the Silent Eagle.

Antec P150 @ Pro-Clockers @ pro-clockers.com
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Antec is one of the top manufacturers of cases in the entire world.The name is mentioned in any conversion dealing with cases. Taking thatreputation and adding in the words quiet and well built, you get the P150.

ABIT AN8 32X at bit-tech.net @ bit-tech.net
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If overclocking is your number one concern and you're looking for an nForce4 SLI motherboard to cater for all of your needs, we still recommend the DFI LANParty nF4 SLI-DR above just about anything else. However, the ABIT has an arguably better and more excessive feature set, while still maintaining a lot of the overclocking characteristics of DFI's supercharged SLI-DR. Those enthusiasts looking for an excessive feature set to rival the one that comes with the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe should definitely give this motherboard a second look.

Abit AN8 32X Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Over the past several ages Abit has been making history with some oftheir motherboards. The likes of the classic BH-6 help to start theoverclocking movement coupled with an Intel 300A processor. Next, came theNF7 and the AMD mobile 2500+, that a lot of people, believe it or not arestill running this setup. And one of the last great motherboard to come fromthe Abit stable is the IC7 MAX3. Today, we have what could be the next bigboard from Abit, the AN8 32X.

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 XTC Platinum 2GB @ overclockersonline.com
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The performance of the OCZ EL Platinum XTC modules is very good forthe frequencies that it was able to run at. Not only are the primary timingsof 3-3-3-8 very impressive at these speeds but the secondary timings werequite tight providing some very exciting SuperPi times and syntheticbandwidth numbers. Benchmarkers and gamers alike will definitely want tocheck these modules out when shopping for high performance 2GB memory kits.

NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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As an enthusiast and overclocker I have to say that if you were planning to upgrade or building a new system I highly recommend looking long and hard at the 7900 GT. If you were thinking of spending within $75 of its asking price I would still look at the performance of this card and beg, steal, or borrow enough to purchase one. The added value that the 100MHz + overclock gives can't be matched anywhere. A pair of these overclocked in SLI is an enthusiast’s dream of bang for the buck...

ASRock 939SLI32-eSATA2 @ techpowerup.com
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ASRock did it again. The 939SLI32-eSATA is the killer budget board of 2006. It comes with two PCI-Express x16 slots and supports NVIDIA's SLI. Other new features are Gigabit Ethernet and support for eSATA. Also the overclocking has been polished some, the dreaded 275 MHz limit is gone and there are more memory timings options available. With a CPU socket upgrade card this board can even run with AMD's upcoming AM2 CPUs.

G.Skill F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV @ techpowerup.com
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G.SKILL presented their new 2GB F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV DDR memory kit at Cebit. If you are looking for a well overclocking 2GB memory kit you should definitely take a look. Even though it comes with CL3 timings, it will also run at CL2 and CL2.5. It can do all its overclocking magic at only 2.6V so this may also be a good choice for users of budget motherboards which do not offer allow voltage adjustments in the BIOS.

Silentmaxx Fanless 400W ATX PSU @ pro-clockers.com
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Believe it or not there are plenty of computer users that are notinto extreme overclocking or really don't need or want to run high end dualGPU setups. Maybe that computer user just wants a very stable and quietsystem. And one of those components that contribute to stability andquietness is the power supply. In the quest for those two characteristics,Dave of QuietPC was generous enough to send over one of their SilentmaxxFanless 400 watt power supply.

OCZ EL DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum XTC @ techpowerup.com
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OCZ has been a technology leader in the overclocker's memory business for quite a while now. Their new DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum XTC kit comes with stock timings of 4-5-4-15 which we could tighten down to 3-3-2-4 and still get some serious overclocking out of the memory.

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB Dual Channel @ pro-clockers.com
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Today we can honestly put the words value and performance in the samesentence when talking about ram. Value is usually the keyword when someonewas to add more ram to a system to do whatever it is they want toaccomplish. Whether it is to get more frame rates out of their favorite gameor faster rendering times in that resource hungry graphic application. So,we are proud to bring you the OCZ PC-4000 Gold GX XTC.

Intel's 965 Extreme Edition @ bit-tech.net
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The 965 comes clocked at 3.73GHz (14.0 x 267MHz) with a 1066MHz front side bus - this is the same core speed as Intel's fastest single core Extreme Edition processor, the Prescott-based chip that came with 2MB of L2 cache. Since there are two separate 'Cedar Mill' cores on the same package in order to create the Presler chip, Intel is able to benefit from fantastic yields as they're able to collect two 65-nanometre Cedar Mill cores from anywhere on the wafer and install them on the same chip package.

Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS Video Card P @ legitreviews.com
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The NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS is a single slot card that features a 400MHz core clock speed with a GDDR2 memory clock speed of 400MHz (800MHz double data rate). The 7600 GS features 5 Vertex shading units with a total of 12 pixel shader pipelines. This is the same number of shading units and pipelines found on the GeForce 7600 GT, so the only difference on the card is the clock speeds and the memory type used. Thanks to the lower clock speeds NVIDIA has been able to get the peak power consumption down to 32 Watts from the 67 Watts found on the 7600 GT...

PowerColor ATI X1600XT Bravo Edition @ thinkcomputers.org
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ATI is quickly trying to take the top slot in the video card wars; with the release of there newest core comes the releaseof other lower clocked cards. Aimed at those can't quite afford the top of the line technology, but still want to keep playing thenewest games. NVidia does the same thing, they release a high end card and after a bit release the lower clocked siblings for thosewhose pockets aren't as deep. Today for review I have one, what might be considered a mid-range card for review; it is the ATIX1600XT from PowerColor. Not long ago I reviewed the X1300 from PowerColor which would be considered a budget priced card. Let's seehow the X1600XT compares with the X1300 which is about half the price, and let's see if almost twice the money is really worthit...

Mid-range shootout:7600 GT v X1800 GTO @ bit-tech.net
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Our feelings about the Radeon X1800GTO would change somewhat if the price was more competitive and the cooler was considerably better. For now though, the GeForce 7600 GT gets our recommendation in the mid range. BFG Tech's card is slightly overclocked (albeit by not that much), which does provide a slightly better gaming experience than the reference card. If you've got a GeForce 6600 GT and are looking for something a bit faster, this card should provide you with a whole new level of gaming performance.

Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower Case @ overclockersonline.com
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Ultra, however, has managed to design a case that can be both betrusted with my hardware and also stand out at a LAN party. There is a lotto like about the Aluminus. Somewhere between the amazing paint job,flawlessly finished, the super easy and efficient installation, the roomyinterior, the wiring options, the oversized window, and the rubber grommets,greatness ensues.

Cooler Master Real Power 550W @ overclockersonline.com
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The most important piece of information for every contest is how towin. At Overclockers Online we like to keep things simple. All you need todo is agree to the terms of the contest and fill in a little ballot. That'sit!

Day 2 @ techPowerUp! @ techpowerup.com
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Our second day of Cebit coverage includes the companies GeCube, Sparkle, Sirtec, AOpen, Zalman and ABIT. Among the highlights are dual-GPU X1600 from GeCube, quad-12V rail PSUs from Sirtec and overclocking with Crotale at ABIT's booth.

Memory OverClocking Guide @ eclipseoc.com
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So, it's time to tweak your memory to get maximum performance out of it

Enermax Noisetaker 701AX 600 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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With the growing popularity of hardcore systems running Crossfire andSLI setups, comes the problems of providing enough power to the system. Witha lot of companies producing high wattage power supplies, some still lackthe necessary ampere of the 12 volt rails. I have many power supplies in mywork space that provide a max of about 16 to 18 volts. Our newest testsubject provides 22A to each of dual 12 volt rails. The Enermax 701AX packsa lot of power in a small metal box.

Zalman CNPS 9500AT Socket 775 Heatsink @ pro-clockers.com
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The goal of a lot of today's Intel owner is to figure a way to coolthe CPU that they elected to build their system around. And many companieshave tried to aid in this adventure. Some fail and some succeed. Today, wehave a cooler that looks very much like one that you may have seen before.That cooler is the new CNPS 9500AT from Zalman. The cooler that it resembleso much is the CNPS 9500LED. Actually, they are the same cooler minus twosmall differences. The 9500AT has no blue LED and only mounts on the IntelSocket T.

Gigabyte GA-G1975X Motherboard @ pcper.com
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Overall our tests here would seem to imply that the TurboJet doeswhat it's supposed to do:cool your CPU more effectively and help boostoverclocking results. However, you will have to decide if the results areworth it when you factor in the extra noise and the inconveniences of I/Obrackets.

RockeTeer VI Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
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Everything in a computer case these days has some bling factor to it.Whether it is a CPU cooler to case fan grillz. But one of the first items toreceive this treatment was the power supply. Being arguably one of the mostimportant devices in the system, why not add some flair to it. And that justwant Spire did with the Rocketeer VI. The black chrome finish and the blueLED fan add some class to any case. At the same time producing more powerthat most would need.

StarTech.com PEXSATA22 @ overclockersonline.com
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As we saw in the testing section, the StarTech.com PEXSATA22 is avery good performer as far as software RAID controllers go. The PEXSATA22performs on par or better than all of the onboard controllers that weretested and did so using less of the CPU in most instances.

Zalman VF900 Cu GPU Cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Today's graphic cards are getting more and more powerful everygeneration. With all this power; a good cooling system is needed. Even whencompanies sell these cards with good cooling, there are never enough. Thereis when companies like Zalman come to the rescue. Zalman have been producinggreat GPU cooling solutions for years now, take the VF700 for instance. Buteven the VF700 is no match for the likes of the ATI X1900 series. So, nowenters the VF900.

Asetek WaterChill KT12A-12VX @ overclockersonline.com
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Asetek is a leader in high-end cooling with a reputation of outstanding performance from their products and kits. The WaterChill KT12A-12VX certainly didn't disappoint with performance that kept one of the hottest processors I have worked with around the 40C mark. The ability to cool the chipset and video card were impressive to say the least again lowering the operating temperature of my X800GTO to temperatures I thought impossible.

Scythe KATANA 775 (SCKTN-775) Heatsink @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-13-06] (0 Comments)

Keeping an Intel processor is a task within its self. So, finding theright heatsink cooler can also be a task as well. And then finding one thatis not so noisy is definitely a job for the patient. Scythe has flown a newcooler to us, which they say will take care of both. The Katana 775 is herefor reviewing.

ATI Radeon X1800 GTO Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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Though most of our testing showed the X1800 GTO ahead of the overclocked 7600GT, we would only expect that since the ATI card is $50 more expensive. With specifications so close to the X1800XL the GTO performed nearly as well, which is to say it is very fast for a mid-range product. When it comes to Anti-Aliasing results the X1800 GTO will almost always show better performance and scaling due to the 256-bit bus vs. 128-bit on the NVIDIA card...

Antec P180 @ overclockersonline.com
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From the delivery forward it has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. I think the strengths of the P180 outweigh the many weaknesses, but only by a small margin. And when you factor in cost and the need for a power supply with specific cable lengths I think you need to really consider whether this is the case for you. But if you know all of the information going in and are shopping for an attractive, quality case, I think the P180 should be on your short list of high-end enclosures.

NVIDIA's Big Launch Day - 7900, 7600, Quad SLI and Notebook SLI @ pcper.com
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There was some wild speculation from various news sites that the G71would have as many as 48 pixel pipes to compete with the ATI R580 GPU thatdoes have 48 of them, but that did not turn out to be true. NVIDIA saidwhile they had the ability to add more pipes of any kind to their alreadysegmented architecture, they felt they had found a very good balance withthe G70 that provided outstanding performance as well as great performanceper watt and performance per clock results too.

XFX 7900 GTX XXX Edition Video Card @ legitreviews.com
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There is no doubt that the 7900GTX is one fast card, easily the fastest card available from Nvidia. The introduction of the 7900GTX has put Nvidia back in contention for fastest video card available, but according to our testing, can’t quite make the claim of the fastest. Even with the core speed of our XFX card clocked to 700 MHz the 7900GTX just doesn’t have enough to pull it off, but is very close...

Patriot PDC1G4800+XBLK 1024MB DDR-600 PC4800 Dual Channel @ pro-clockers.com
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Since the introduction of their DDR3200 XBLK line of memory, Patriothas been at the top of their game. Combining high FSB and low timings makeit a line of ram worth looking into. If you were to think some time back,you will probably remember that they were the first to release some ultraDDR2 with the PDC22G5600+XBLK. Now they are back at it with the 4800+XBLK.

Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU Coolers (X1/X2) @ pureoverclock.com
[Mar-08-06] (0 Comments)

The X1 and X2 are drastically different from the NV silencer rangethat ruled the earth before it. They have introduced heat pipe technologyinto the equation - a first for GPU cooling. Arctic Cooling claims thisimproves the cooling efficiency over the NV silencer range.

Intel's Merom and Conroe Details @ pcper.com
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With all this new energy efficiency from Intel's new core, it wouldseem that single core processors might again be an option but Intel is notgoing down that path. This slide shows what Intel's sees as the balancebetween power consumption and performance. The center two bars representthe current status of a single core performance normalized and a single corepower usage normalized as well. On the left of that you'll see a typicallyoverclocked processor, as many of our readers are familiar with.

Thermalright HR-01 Passive CPU Cooler @ techniz.co.uk
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This Thermalright HR-01 is an extreme performance passive CPU cooler.This CPU cooler is an ideal choice for those users who wish to have atotally silent environment while the computer system is running. But, itis also suitable for the overclockers to use it together with the 120mmfan duct to produce the best cooling performance for the CPU and also withthe most silent way. This heatsink is design to be light weight;therefore, the entire heatsink is made of aluminum with the nickel platedcopper base....

DFI RS482 Infinity Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Most people would not mention the words mATX and overclocking in thesame sentence. Most people would use a mATX board for SFF and HTPC builds,not for extreme overclocking. But DFi has released the RS482 Infinity thatoffers awesome overclocking and BIOS tweaks in a small form factormotherboard. So, now you can have that kick ass SFF computer.

Gigabyte X1600XT 256 mb PCI-E video card @ rbmods.com
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The new X1600 is supposed to be a middle class card on the video card market, and we recieved a sample from Gigabyte to benchmark. A sample of their new X1600XT card was deleivered to us and we will today share our thoughts with you guys (and girls) out there. This video card is fanless and is cooled off with Gigabytes own heatpipe/heatsink technology so we decided to see how far it would let us overclock also and if we could run games for longer periods of time without overheating it. You will also see some game and benchmark results compared to other middle class cards on the market.

Ultra Aluminus Case @ pro-clockers.com
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The Ultra Aluminus case is a build of the ever popular Chenbrochassis. But Ultra takes the chassis a few steps further by adding a shinycoat, motherboard tray and light weight to the mix. Let's see if theAluminus is the next case for you.

Cooler Master Real Power 550W PSU Give Away @ overclockersonline.com
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The most important piece of information for every contest is how towin. At Overclockers Online we like to keep things simple. All you need todo is agree to the terms of the contest and fill in a little ballot. That'sit!

Vizo Windstorm and Muffle Case Fans @ pro-clockers.com
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Ok, this is the tale of two little fans. The first little fan wasquiet and low spinning, while the second fan was loud and fast. The firstfan would sit in the rear of the case letting hot air escape. The second fanwould take its place on top of an overheating processor. Ok, before I getcarried away with this silly introduction, Vizo has provided me with two80mm cooling cases. Each one fits the descriptions of the tale above. Let'ssee what the Muffle and the Windstorm is all about.

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser @ overclockersonline.com
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All in all, Logitech has added yet another amazing product to theirline-up. The Logitech MX5000 Cordless Desktop Laser is sure to be a hit inthe Bluetooth input device industry, along with Logitech's own diNovo MediaDesktop Laser. It's only a matter of time before we see new Bluetoothkeyboard/mouse combinations from Logitech itself and its competitors.

Crotale display extreme overclocking @ nordichardware.com
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Robert's two convincing Performance Championship titles and his otheroverclocking escapades, some together with our other overclocking guruMarcus

ATI Tech Day Seville:Breaking the world record @ techpowerup.com
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ATI held their european Xpress 3200 launch event at Seville, Spain. While the marketing people were showing off presentations and gave out technical info, Finnish overclockers Macci and Sampsa set out to break the 3DMark05 world record using the new chipset, a pair of X1900XTX and dry ice. We bring you exclusive coverage of the nightly overclocking session.

HyperTransport Link Investigation @ eclipseoc.com
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So how much does the HyperTransport Link's speed really effect anoverclocked system's performance? We aim to find out. Come have a lookas we find out how much life the HT Link's current specification stillhas in it.

Logisys Assembled Red Acrylic Clear Yin Yang Case @ pro-clockers.com
[Mar-02-06] (0 Comments)

If you are an extreme modder or someone that likes to show off theirtoys, our next item up for review may be down your alley. The Logisys YinYang Clear Case is designed for those that like to take their PC case to theextreme level.

Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU Coolers (X1/X2) @ pureoverclock.com
[Feb-28-06] (0 Comments)

The X1 and X2 are drastically different from the NV silencer rangethat ruled the earth before it. They have introduced heat pipe technologyinto the equation - a first for GPU cooling. Arctic Cooling claims thisimproves the cooling efficiency over the NV silencer range.

Corsair DDR2 5400UL and 8000UL Memory @ pcper.com
[Feb-28-06] (0 Comments)

What we see above will obviously be the big draw to the Corsair XMS25400UL and 8000UL dual-channel kits. The overclocking results are a bitsurprising and is likely attributed to the combination of hardware andcooling I used in this review. These Corsair modules have a lot of potentialand should do well in an overclocker's setup. However, as we have seen in the testing, decreasing timings and increasingfrequency alone will not improve performance drastically. So if you'relooking into boosting performance, make sure you upgrade the right part.

Scythe Kamariki-2 550 Watt Quiet Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-27-06] (0 Comments)

There are many people out there that don't really care about modularpower supplies or just don't believe that they provide the stability thatthey need. So that is a reason why companies like OCZ, PC Power and Cooling,Enermax and others non-modular power supplies dominate the market. Anothercompany that is determined to make a name for themselves beside these othercompanies is Scythe. Known for arguably the best heatsink out right now, theNinja, Scythe is introducing the Kamariki-2 to the US market. This is boundto stir up a little something.

Samsung YP-T8Z Digital Audio Player @ overclockersonline.com
[Feb-27-06] (0 Comments)

In today's highly competitive digital media player market dominatedby Apple's iPod Samsung's YP-T8Z does an excellent job holding its ground.Though not the 'iPod slayer', this feature- filled digital audio playerlives up to it's title as the all-in-one digital audio player with text,pictures, videos, games, FM radio, and USB host support. Although Samsung'sYP-T8Z is priced relatively high in comparison to other flash storage basedmedia players the large 1.8

7900 GTX specification confirmed @ pureoverclock.com
[Feb-26-06] (0 Comments)

A source has let us know the specifications for the upcoming 7900GTX. The part will allegedly have the following specification; a core clockof 650 MHz; a memory clock of 2.0 GHz; 24 pixel pipes, not 32 as predictedearly last year

Albatron 6600-512 @ overclockersonline.com
[Feb-25-06] (0 Comments)

The 6600-512 by Albatron was meant to outperform the cards like theGeForce 6800 and even rival the 6600GT. While it may come up a bit short ifthose cards are overclocked, Albatron has provided an alternative solutionthat will certainly cost less while maintaining an average level ofperformance.

Gainward rumour a 7800GTX 512MB 'GLH' in the works @ pureoverclock.com
[Feb-24-06] (0 Comments)

Gainward's GLH version is rumoured to be clocked somewhere around600-650 MHz on the core and a mind blowing 2.2 GHz on the memory. If thisturns out to be more than a rumour it will most likely be faster than a 7900GTX.

XFX Overclocked GeForce 6600 256 MB (PV-T43P-UDS7) @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Feb-24-06] (0 Comments)

Review of XFX GeForce 6600 256 MB (PV-T43P-UDS7 model), which comes factory-overclocked (450 MHz core and 800 MHz memory).

ATI Radeon X1900XTX - Performance and overclocking @ nordichardware.com
[Feb-23-06] (0 Comments)

But nVidia's shrewd moves were over and now it was ATI's turn. ATI ha d inparallel with the R520 also developed a circuit codenamed R580. With amore mature 90nm manufacturing process and multiple enhancements to thecore, it was now time for ATI to perform a castling and get back on theplaying field

Aerocool Zerodba 620 Watt Power Supply @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-21-06] (0 Comments)

This one is for all those that like a PC quiet. Whether you are anowner of a HTPC or a high end gaming powerhouse, our next product up forreview may be what you need. Aerocool has been around long enough to knowwhat people need and want in building of their computers. Heatsinks, casesand cooling fans are just a few of the thing that they are known for. And ifyou don't know them for power supplies, you will now. Aerocool claims theZerodba will remain absolutely quiet and provide you with all the power youneed. Let's check it out!

Thermaltake Tide Water @ overclockersonline.com
[Feb-21-06] (0 Comments)

I demonstrated that the TT Tide Water is a perfect solution forcompletely silent cooling of even the hottest video cards on the markettoday with the option of turning it into an all out performing coolingmonster with the sacrifice of a few decibels. The ease of installation makesit perfect for any and all users and if you are comfortable changing yourCPU heatsink and fan then the TT Tide Water install will be like eating apiece of cake at a 12 year olds birthday party.

ATI X1900 All-in-Wonder @ pcper.com
[Feb-20-06] (0 Comments)

The X1900 All-in-Wonder is definitely a step up beyond the X1800 XLAll-in-Wonder that was released before it. Taking the 48 pixel R580 coreand putting it into a multimedia video card was bound to bring the bestgaming performance in that class of card we have ever seen. That beingsaid, the 500/480 clocked X1900 AIW didn't live up to the X1900 XTX or XT,as expected, but it was able to come out ahead of the X1800 XT in manybenchmarks. The 30% clock deficit it has on both the X1800 and X1900 cardsis surely holding it back, but with a single slot cooling design and theextra complexity of the All-in-Wonder features like the TV tuner and Theater200 logic, the gaming performance is pretty impressive.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro @ overclockersonline.com
[Feb-19-06] (0 Comments)

All in all, I am very pleased with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.Unlike a few products out there, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is acooler that truly deserves its name. After all, how can a product have thewords

Ultra X2 550 Watt Power Supply with Flex Force Cabling @ pro-clockers.com
[Feb-16-06] (0 Comments)

Ultra in the pass four years of their existence have created a namefor them yourself. From overclocking ram to alkaline batteries, Ultra hastheir name in it all. But I would have to say the product that most of uswould know them for is their X-Connect line of power supplies. Been one ofthe first companies to use modular extensions was a great achievement inthis ever changing world of computing. Today, we have their secondgeneration power supply, the X2.

is more always better? @ bit-tech.net
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In BF2, we found that there was a decent minimum frame rate improvement when the memory bus was overclocked to 520MHz. The average frame rate also recieved a small boost too, but it wasn't quite as dramatic as the 3 fps minimum frame rate increase. Both configurations were playable at 1600x1200 2xTSS 8xAF with maximum in- game details. The four 512MB modules performed well too, retaining the same minimum frame rate as the 2x1GB modules at 400MHz. However, the average frame rate dropped by nearly 5 fps.

PowerColor X1300Pro Bravo VIVO @ overclockersonline.com
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The X1300Pro Bravo edition from PowerColor is the perfect choice foran HTPC system as it provides a multitude of features including ATI's AVIVOvideo playback technology, the aforementioned VIVO function for capturingfrom a variety of sources, and gaming performance that is very acceptablefor the average person.

Swiftech H2O-220-Apex Ultra @ overclockersonline.com
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Swiftech has itself another winner here with the H2O-220-Apex Ultra.Ease of setup is of importance to me, and the Swiftech allows this as longas you're patient and don't mind drilling a couple holes into your case.Both waterblocks I tested were excellent performers, but the addedversatility that the Apogee gives you makes it a definite winner. For anyenthusiast looking for a high performing solution or a quiet solution thatdoesn't give up the performance, the H2O-220-Apex Ultra from Swiftech is avery solid choice.

Altec Lansing IM7 Portable Audio System @ xyzcomputing.com
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In addition to having a huge impact on the portable music scene, Apple's i Pod have revolutionized the entire field of electronics accessories. Unl ike any device before it, the design of the iPod has compelled owners to s pend hundreds of extra dollars adding on to their player. Aside from the cost of music, which is a given with any portable music device, iPod owne rs have shown no reservations towards purchasing speakers, headphones, cam eras, radio transmitters, socks, and a whole lot more, in order to get all they can out of this ubiquitous device. A few days ago we took a look a t Altec Lansing's IM5 a small audio system for the iPod. This review tak es a look at the IM7, a device which has the same function, but features m ajor upgrades to the sound equipment. The IM7 increases the size of the speakers from an alarm clock size up to that of a boombox. This one-tric k-pony is simply speaker for your iPod, but this is something which is in high demand, so let's see how it worked out.

Samsung 244T @ overclockersonline.com
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Samsung has once again delivered an exceptional display productthat's far superior than any of the monitors I have worked with to date. Thecolors are exceptionally beautiful and there was no ghosting or blurringeven during the most action packed scenes tested.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU @ monster-hardware.com
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Since these days the Athlon 64 3200+ isn't a just released CPU and AMD seems to have once again forgotten to send me my twenty page PR folder with the pretty graphs and a listing of all the new architectural innovations most sites get , I figured I would focus this review on the areas that I thought most of the readers--as well as myself--would be interested in:price, performance, overclocking, and temperatures.

X1900 group roundup @ bit-tech.net
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We've got Radeon X1900XTX 512MB video cards from Club 3D, Connect3D and Sapphire, along with the Radeon X1900XT 512MB from PowerColor and ATI's All-In-Wonder X1900. The Radeon X1900XTX cards are all clocked at the reference clocks of 650/1550MHz, while PowerColor's Radeon X1900XT is clocked at 625/1450MHz and the All-In-Wonder comes clocked at 500/960MHz with only 256MB of memory.We're sure that many of you are wondering whether the 25MHz difference in core speed, along with the 100MHz difference in memory speed make a fat lot of difference to your gaming experience. We're going to attempt to answer that important question for you today, so lets have a look at the contenders...

ECS KA1 MVP @ overclockersonline.com
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With all of that said I think the ECS KA1 MVP is a very solidmotherboard for a wide range of people. If you are in possession of a pairof ATI CrossFire ready video cards then you will surely want to have a peekat the KA1 MVP because it certainly performs and has rock solid stabilitywith plenty of

Chaintech GeForce 6600 APOGEE VE 256MB DDR2 @ techniz.co.uk
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The Chaintech GeForce 6600 APOGEE VE 256MB DDR2 PCI-Express graphic cardis great mid range graphic card. The default performance for this card hadbeen overclock 10% higher than the normal GeForce 6600. Thats why it iscalled the APOGEE which is means overclock version. The performance ofthis Chaintech GeForce 6600 APOGEE VE 256MB DDR2 PCI-Express graphic cardis very good during our testing in various benchmark and games.....

StarTech.com SV221MICROUA KVM @ overclockersonline.com
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In short, the StarTech.com SV211MICROUA is pretty impressive with thefeatures it offers over the 4 port big brother, the SV411KA, but the lag inmouse and keyboard switching really detracts from the overall appeal. The most important aspect of the SV211MICROUA is the software that it comeswith. When I first saw that there was a CD I almost cringed. I initiallyfigured that if the unit allows for switching without the software that Iwould probably not use it for anything other than testing. Boy was I wrong.

Cooler Master and Overclockers Online Centurion 532 Giveaway! @ overclockersonline.com
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In order to be considered, you must register in our forums and tellus what you want, wish to have or got this Valentines. You will be allowed atotal of three desires.

Epox 5NVA+ SLI @ pcper.com
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As far as Intel SLI motherboards go, EPoX has a well tuned producthere. It overclocks very well and has all the little features to keep pickyusers happy. I just wish availability were better so that you can get yourhands on it.

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB @ overclockersonline.com
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The 2GB PC4000 Gold Edition that was developed with gamer'sdistinctive needs in mind. The kit performs very well as the temperatures ofthe DIMMs are very low and you'll be happy to know the low voltagerequirement makes this kit useable on most any motherboard.

VIZO Muffle and WindStorm Case Fan @ techniz.co.uk
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The VIZO cooling products is design to provide the cooling solution forthe enthusiast that prefers low noise and also good performance. TheMuffle case fan comes in three sizes which is the 80mm, 92mm and 120mm. Ifyou want a quiet environment, then this Muffle case fan will be your bestchoice. While the WindStorm only comes with two size, the 80mm and 92mm.The WindStorm is design for the high air flow which is perfect for theoverclockers and gamers....

Corsair TwinX2048-4000PT @ pro-clockers.com
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Corsair has been around for quite sometime and during that time theyhave come to meet all the enthusiast's need with it comes to highperformance memory. The ram that we have today is no exception. TheTwinX2048-4000PT sports a default high FSB, that surpasses a lot of user'sneeds. And some very decent timings that will keep that AMD64 ticking rightalone.

OCZ Gold PC3700EB @ eclipseoc.com
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OCZ pc3700EB has gone up in the halls of fame for classic overclockingram due to the outstanding performance it gave to users back in it'sprime in 2004. Today, a little less than 2 years later, we clean thedust off the trophies as we look at a 2x512mb kit of EB

XFX GeForce 7800 GS XT AGP @ pcper.com
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To be completely honest with you, I assumed coming into this articlethat the NVIDIA 7800 GS would just run all over the 1+ year old ATI X850 XTPE card. That didn't really happen at all. In some tests like Half-Life 2and FEAR, the ATI card outperformed even the overclocked XFX 7800 GS XT cardand left the NVIDIA reference clocked card well behind. I am a bit curiousas to why NVIDIA would have allowed that to happen.

Diamond Stealth X550 @ techpowerup.com
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Diamond Multimedia expands its offerings and adds the Stealth X550 to their lineup. This card is aimed at casual users surfing the web or building a HTPC system. The Stealth X550 is a cut above the onboard graphics solution and can overclock to X600 speeds. This entry-level card is good news for those on a low budget, so with card in hand let's take a look at the Diamond Stealth X550.

Cooler Master Susurro @ overclockersonline.com
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The final verdict for the Susurro is difficult, while its coolingabilities were not exactly impressive, it was extremely quiet. This lowprofile cooler is an ideal choice for SFF's and rackmounts. In the end, theCooler Master Susurro makes an excellent quiet stock replacement and a greatchoice for those looking for a low profile heatsink.

OCZ Gold 1GB PC2-5400 @ techgage.com
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If you are in the market for a 1GB DDR2 kit, then thiskit proves to be a great choice. Despite being value memory, itoverclocks quite well with the ability to keep stock timings.

Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT @ velocityreviews.com
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Ready for overclocking? or is your ram holding your overclocking ability? Well this is going to make you drool. *Drools on keyboard*

PowerColor X800GTO16 @ overclockersonline.com
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If you're looking for a cheap upgrade and don't have intention onusing either CrossFire or SLI, the X800GTO16 is not a bad investment foranyone in the market not looking for bragging rights.

Zalamn ZM460-APS @ overclockersonline.com
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The Zalman ZM460-APS power supply is quite the unit. It can be adifficult hunt finding the right power supply that offers quality poweroutput that won't cost your system its stability. The Zalman provides thisand is able to do it quietly.

Coolermaster Stacker 830 @ rbmods.com
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The previous Stacker cases from Coolermaster have been very popular with their great size and modding potential. People that overclock, watercool, and just casual users purchase this case for the great space it offers along with the great features. Now as the first Nordic site we are able to give you a review of the new Stacker 830 case that has a completely new design and new features that are upgraded from the older Stacker cases. We will look into this case to see the new features and also the new design they have put out.

PC Perspective 2005 Reader's Choice Awards @ pcper.com
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One area of strong competition in the last year has been in theworld of graphics cards. With most cards going with reference designs,speeds and support, it took a company that move away from all of that to getthings moving in the right way. BFG Technologies won our readers over byproviding great tech support, the first overclocked out-of-the-box videocards and the latest technologies such as their water cooled 7800 GT model.

SilverStone SG01 @ overclockersonline.com
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In our latest review, we get a chance to sample the only chassis inSilverStone's new SUGO series. This soon to be expanding family will carrythe small form factor enclosures without being bundled with a motherboard.This allows you to purcha