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Crucial MX100 512GB SSD
Posted by newsbot on June 28th 2014

As technology progresses prices for current and previousgeneration devices keep falling and that has allowed solid state drives(SSDs) to become mainstream quite faster than many of us had hoped for whenwe first started to receive the very first ones to appear in the marketroughly 6 years ago. Of course compared to regular mechanical hard diskdrives (HDDs) the difference in price/capacity ratio is still somewhat largebut at least now one can get an high performance 256GB SSD model for lessthan 0.7$ per GB. Price however is not the only thing that has improved thestanding of SSDs in the market since with the appearance of 1TB models andthe recent announcement of 2TB ones professionals can now have superior read& write speeds at very large capacities (always compared to the past).Crucial just recently announced their own offering for such audiences themid-end MX100 SSD model which is currently available in 128,256 and 512GBcapacities (with us we have the 512GB model).

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