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Pivos XIOS DS Media Play! Network Media Player
Posted by newsbot on September 11th 2012

  When i first start ed testing and reviewing hardware media players roughly 5 year ago Plasma a nd LCD screens were quite simple (just taking their first steps actually) w ithout the plethora of features one can find now even at mid-end, low cost models. Amongst those features are built in hardware media players which i was surprised to see that they are not that bad in reproducing Full HD 1080 p media content with quite good image quality. Of course as always the key players/manufacturers in the industry keep introducing new features so they can make their products more appealing to consumers but we always need to remember that one of their main goals is always to reduce the cost of their products (to increase profit) and so one can never really compare one of t hese low cost internal hardware media players with a retail model like the XIOS DS Media Play! by Pivos which we have here with us today since the dif ferences in specs are quite honestly somewhat vast.=0A =0A  =0AArticl e Link:   http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/media-players/741-pivos-xios-ds-media -play-network-media-player=0A   =0AImage Link:  http://www.nikktech.com/main/images/pics/reviews/pivos/xios_ds/xi os_dsa.jpg=0A =0AA News Post Would Be A ppreciated.Thanks In Advance.=0ASincerelyNik Ka strantas=0ARemember To Send Us Your News At:news@nikktech.comContact Me Personally At:nikk@nikktech.c om(If you are sending us your news and they are not published p lease check with me)=0AThank you all for your support.=0A 

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