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Ultima Online Newbie Guide
Making it easier to get started
By Red Squirrel

Some skills only work fully if you have another skill to go with it. This table displays these skills.

Skill Required skill and it's effect
Magery Evaluate Intelligence (increases spell damage/effect)
Weapon Skill Tactics (increases damage)
Healing Anatomy (increases amount healed, and weapon damage)
Neromancy Spirit speak (spell effectiveness + healing method)
Bushido Parry
Animal Taming Animal lore
Veterinary Animal lore
Peacemaking Musicianship
Discordance Musicianship
Provocation Musicianship
Ninjitsu hiding/stealth/tracking

You can still play with these however. Magery can still be useful without eval int, a weapon skill can still be useful without tactics, and so on. In some cases you can’t, such as with peace, disco and provo, you NEED musicianship for those skills to work. Same with bushido/parry and taming/lore.

Skill Gain
To gain skills on Age of Valor, find a bank in any town and say “Bank”. Your bank box will open, you will see a horse statue, you can drag it, and any item to your backpack. Double click it, and you get a mount. On most shards you need to pay for a horse or other mount at the start, and they usually die with you. Your bank is where you can store any items, until you can build yourself a house. Ok now back to skills. You’ll notice a backpack, open it, and there are colored skill deeds. These will help speed up your skill gaining. If you are new I do not recommend using all these up right away, as you will notice some skills are harder to gain then others, so save the deeds for the hard skills. Normal skill gain is done by using the skill. So for a weapon skill, you hit stuff with your weapon, and the skill will go up, as well as “helper” skills such as tactics and anatomy. This is known as leveling up, and can take lot of time at first. Razor can help you since you can make macros and do it afk. Note that some servers do not allow this, though Age of Valor does.

You can use the skills option found on your paperdoll to see your skills. When making a template you will want to point certain skills down, or lock them, as needed. When you hit 700 points, the only way to gain in a skill is for another to be brought down.

Stat gain Stat gain can be a little tricky, however there are a few tricks most people use. This is easier if you are an elf. On most shards you will gain 1 stat (str, dex or int) every 15 minutes. On Age of Valor you gain every minute. This is assuming that you are doing an action that can work that stat. The best way to do this is to double click on a bladed item, and click on a tree. This will produce kindling. Double click the kindling and it will use the camping skill. This skill can raise all 3 stats. For this to be effective you want to be at your 700 point skill cap, and have all skills pointed up (or locked). Camping should be pointed up, but will never gain. You can manually double click the kindling or make a macro and a stat will raise every minute. The reason I said it is easier for an elf, is that humans have 20 in each skill, which is passive. This means you will have 20 camping and have a chance of succeeding at starting a fire. This will consume the kindling so you would have to carry a lot if you want to afk macro it. You also want to be at your 700 skill cap to avoid the skill from gaining, again, to prevent succeeding, so you can simply use 1 piece of kindling. Stat cap is at 225 total and 125 per stat.

UO is an item based game. Items from weapons to armor can have various properties on them which can enhance the performance of your character. These can be crafted by runic kits, or looted off monsters. Some templates even rely on specific properties. Artifacts, which items with predefined properties, are a must in pvp. There are various places to get artifacts such as ilshenar paragons, tokuno islands, doom gauntlet (located in malas – not easy for a new player unless there are other people tanking the bosses) and in the case of Age of Valor, there is felucca artifact drops as well, which are similar to treasures of tokuno, but some of the artifacts are as good, if better then doom gauntlet ones.

When you have a lot of gold in your bank, you can build your own house, from a prebuilt design, or design your own (just like The Sims!). Find an architect NPC in a city and buy a house placement tool. There’s quite a lot of land mass in UO to build. Some places are restricted while some aren’t, so explore and find a nice place for your new home. Some like busy areas while some like it quiet. When you find a nice location double click the house placement tool and choose your house. If you go custom, you must pay for the plot, and pay for the added customizations as well. Choose your plot wisely as the only want to go bigger is to demolish and restart over. On some shards such as Demise it can be quite hard to find a good spot, compared to smaller shards.

To attack creatures/players, you need to be in war mode. This is done by hitting your tab key, or clicking the button on your paperdoll. To attack simply double click them. However, as a mage or any spell caster, you simply need to click the person once after having casted your spell, then you will become aggressed to that creature or person, and for the next spells you can use “last target” which you can set to a hot key via UO’s settings, or in Razor.

UO is a very vast game and has many places and things to explore, and a lot of various things to do. You can even make your own house! You can learn a lot while playing and reading up as well. What is fun about the game is that it can be more laid back than most MMORPGs and is not linear at all. It is also less involved than others such as World of Warcraft. If you get bored, you can make a different character with totally different skills and suddenly have fun again. It is also recommended that you join a guild which is how you’ll make friends, which is really what keeps me coming back to the game.

Useful links
http://www.uovalor.com – Free shard with lot of customs, striving to add OSI content as well. Run by Iceteks.
http://myuonetwork.com/ - Ultima Online Network devoted to free shards
http://www.uo.com – Ultima Online’s official website
http://uo.stratics.com – large resource site on UO. (based on OSI’s servers)
http://www.runuo.com – RunUO Emulator’s official website, you can also download razor from the site. (note: RunUO is to run a server – not needed to simply play)
http://www.google.ca – use this to find the UO client, and other information.
http://www.uoam.net – Map program for UO. Very useful to find your way around.
http://www.easyuo.com – UO scripting program, for more advanced users

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09th 2007 (22:40)
hmm it lets me pick the path when I install, you sure you're not just missing it?
Posted by StrickNine on March 03th 2007 (01:39)
I downloaded the UOGold install. I tell it to install UO to my D drive, but it zzzcensored.gif insists on installing to C, wich doesn't have enough memory, and never will because of the way its partitioned. Anyone know a work around for this, so I don't have to reformat my HD?
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