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Ultima Online Newbie Guide
Making it easier to get started
By Red Squirrel

Ultima Online has 5 maps, called facets: Trammel, Felucca, Malas, Ilshenar and Tokuno Islands. Trammel and Felucca are nearly identical maps. They have mostly the same cities and layout. However, felucca is where you can PVP (Player vs Player). People can freely attack you and you can freely attack them. When you start a new character, you are considered young and cannot go there. In the case of Age of Valor, Felucca has no town guards, enabling pvp even in the city. This makes things more fun from a pvp point of view, as itís the whole idea behind the facet. Town guards normally instantly kill any aggressors. This is referred to as being guard whacked. If you are in a guarded area and someone or a monster attacks you, you can say ďguards!Ē and they will be killed.

Malas is a facet of good and evil. There are two cities there. Luna, the holy city - land of paladins and Umbra, the unholy city - land of necromancers. Ilshenar is a map with lot of dungeons, and places to get yourself in trouble, or simply put: killed. (though felucca can do that faster in some cases :P). This is probably considered the best place for PVM (Player vs Monster). Any creature there has a chance of spawning as a Paragon. It will be golden, and have the word paragon affixed to itís name. It is much more powerful, but gives a chance of giving you an artifact as a reward for killing it. I will talk about artifacts later.

Finally, Tokuno Islands is a land of samurais and ninjas. There are 3 islands and there too is a good place to pvm. Any creature killed there has a chance of giving an artifact known as a treasure of tokuno. It is the main reason most people go there. On OSI these no longer drop, making it harder for new players to start. Demise makes this even harder as unlike OSI, they do not have the newer OSI items yet to replace the treasures of tokuno.

What makes UO a lot of fun is the unlimited templates you can come up with. You can mix and match any skills together. You donít NEED 7 either, you can go 8 and have one at 60 and one at 40, for example. Few skills will work well this way, but some do. Technically thereís no such thing as Classes in UO, but they are more or less defined by the combinations of skills. For example, a warrior would have a weapon skill (swordsmanship, fencing or mace), tactics (increases your damage) and other skills. Cross bread classes can be made as well. I have a character that is a Necro Paladin Bard. Paladin and Necromancers normally donít mix but in UO the possibilities are endless.

The next page will show skills that require other skills.

Next Page
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Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09th 2007 (22:40)
hmm it lets me pick the path when I install, you sure you're not just missing it?
Posted by StrickNine on March 03th 2007 (01:39)
I downloaded the UOGold install. I tell it to install UO to my D drive, but it zzzcensored.gif insists on installing to C, wich doesn't have enough memory, and never will because of the way its partitioned. Anyone know a work around for this, so I don't have to reformat my HD?
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