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Ultima Online Newbie Guide
Making it easier to get started
By Red Squirrel

Starting for the First Time
Now that your UO is patched and you have razor installed, open razor (not UO) and you will see this dialog box:


Where it lets you select a server, you will want to type in the server address which you want to connect to. By default, there are 3 UO Gamerís shards to choose from. Demise (SE/ML), Hybrid (PVP) and Divinity (T2A). For starters, Demise is probably the best choice out of the 3. They state to be an ďOSI CloneĒ meaning they do everything OSI does, however, this is not the case, as there is quite a lot of content missing compared to other free servers out there. What they do have however, is a big population. There can be as much as 300-400 people on at the same time, around the clock and they have the infrastructure to support it quite decently.

The server you choose really depends what you want. Iceteks also runs a free server which is newer, thus smaller, but has very up to date content compared to Demise and adds new content much more frequently. So I encourage you to choose that server. :) More info on it can be found at this website: http://www.uovalor.com. I recommend you configure razor to uosrv.uovalor.com port 1337 and play on Age of Valor.

Before you click anything else, ensure to pick 2D client, and not pick 3D (it has some issues, and is not that much better than 2D). Also ensure patch client encryption is on. Click ok and you will be presented with a login box. If it is your first time playing, simply enter any username and password that you can remember. For OSI I believe you must pre register it online at uo.com, so you would enter those credentials.

Creating Your First Character
Once you are logged in, you will be able to create a character based off preset classes, or go advanced.

New Character

The advantage of picking a preset class is you get a newbie quest to complete. For a starter, I recommend picking Warrior, but itís really up to you. A warrior takes the least amount of resources to play, so it is easier to recover from a death if you loose all your items/resources. If you decide to pick advanced you will be able to pick your starting strength, dexterity, intelligence, as well as 3 of any skills.

New Character (Advanced)

Keep in mind you are limited to 7 skills, assuming they are all at 100 (most typical setup) so for starters you may end up picking silly skills but thatís ok, you can change it later or make a new character. I will talk about skill templates later. After this, you can then choose how your character will look, itís race, gender, and name.

New Character

If you picked advanced, you get to pick the starting town, otherwise you start in a predefined town.

New Char

After this, youíre in! In this case, we are in Britain. You can place your hp bar and other windows (known as gumps in UO) wherever you want. Depending on your screen resolution you should have plenty of black room to put those in. Razor also has an option to increase the game play size if you think it is too small. By default it won't go higher than 800*600. When you first start, you are considered a young player and have several advantages. Monsters will not attack you unless you attack them first. Also, when you die, you are teleported to a healer and can resurrect there, and you will have all your items. After some game time and skill gain you will loose this status. At that point your ghost will remain at your death location and you will need to find a healer, then try to make it back to your body within 7 minutes before it decays. If it decays you will need to buy/find new items. There is an option known as insurance to insure certain items to prevent loosing them. However, this will cost you 600 gold per item and per death. As a new player, that is too expensive. Avoid carrying around anything of value, unless it is marked as blessed (like insured, but will not cost you anything). Gold is usually obtained by killing monsters, or completing certain quests. Some NPCs (non player character) will also ask you to escort them, and give you gold at the end. And speaking of insurance, on most shards you will want to click yourself and choose to auto renew insurance. On Age of Valor this is on by default. This will prevent you from loosing all your items if you die again as the items will not be insured after your first death.

On the next page weíll look at the different UO maps, also known as facets.

Next Page
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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09th 2007 (22:40)
hmm it lets me pick the path when I install, you sure you're not just missing it?
Posted by StrickNine on March 03th 2007 (01:39)
I downloaded the UOGold install. I tell it to install UO to my D drive, but it zzzcensored.gif insists on installing to C, wich doesn't have enough memory, and never will because of the way its partitioned. Anyone know a work around for this, so I don't have to reformat my HD?
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